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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Shawn and I went to his cabin. Again I kinda followed him as it was that ass. I am not usually this turned on by any guy but this had me begging inside for things to go right. I wish I had Jay to get him started for me, but I knew all of Jay's little tricks and so I was going to have to do it myself.

"Well here we are lad what I have to call Home Sweet Home."

"How long have you been working out here Shawn?"

"Well I started working for Evan when I was 14 and I am 16 now so it has been a couple years I guess."

"Without being nosy what do you do for social fun? I mean are there any girls or guys out this way you see once in a while."

"Well I get to see Eron on his days here so I look forward to that, but other than him it's just me. The farm keeps me busy for the most part."

"So as far as sexual..." Jack started.

"Well lad I have my hand and it works pretty good although sometimes it is hard to fantasize about somethi ng I have never experienced."

"Yea I'll bet it would be. Gosh, not to change the subject but are you as tired as I am? My legs are killing me from all the walking."

"Oh, one gets use to it when one does it almost every day but yea I get tired too. I just don't let my self think about it much."

"Are your legs sore like mine now?"

"Oh yes, I guess they are, but like I say I don't let myself think about it much it might get me down."

"You know when we are home Jay will rub our legs and back for us and we are all spoiled he does such a good job." Jack took hold of Shawn's shoulders from the back and rubbed them for him which brought on "Oh lad that feels so good."

"Here Shawn lay down on the bed on your stomach and I will do like Jay does with us for you. I would enjoy doing it for you as I like making people feel good."

Shawn didn't hesitate but lay down on his stomach with his head on the pillow and Jack kept rubbing his shoulders for another minute or so. Jack was real nervous all this looked so easy when Jay did it but it is different when you are doing it yourself to someone else. Jack started down his back and said, "Here let me raise your shirt so you can feel how much better it feels on bare skin." So Shawn saying nothing Jack went under his shirt and pushed his shirt up to his shoulders. Then he went down his back trying to give the best massage he had ever given in his life. Shawn was letting out pleasure moans every now and then which sparked Jack on. "How am I doing Shawn OK?"

"Oh yes, I have never had anyone do anything like this before and it is great. I wish you lived here all the time."

Jack was thinking to himself yea I wish I had you around me all the time too. Jack kept on going down a nd went right on over his butt rubbing it through the pants and kept going on down the leg. He could really squeeze the legs as his hands were strong. Shawn kept moaning and "Oh yeaing" as Jack proceeded down. When he got to the feet he removed Shawn's shoes and socks and started working on his feet. Jack was so hard now he put the feet on his leg right next to his hard on to rub them. This let him feel the rubbing a little through Shawn's feet. He rubbed each foot at least 5 minutes.

"OH Jack, that has got to be the best rub down a guy could ever give."

Jack said, "I'm glad you are enjoying it Shawn." And of course Jack was thinking to himself you ain't seen nothing yet dude. Jack started back up the legs and asked Shawn to spread them. "You know Shawn we usually just have our briefs on when Jay does this as it really does feel a lot better on your bare skin."

With that Shawn said, "Wait a minute." He undid his belt and pants and slid them down with Jack going ahead and taking them clear off.

"Oh that is much better Shawn now I can really do a good job for you."

Jack spread his legs and his eyes hit the ass and he got even harder Wow! he could hardly wait to see that ass in the raw. But if he was going to see it it was up to him to get those under ware off. He continued up and really rubbed softly on the inside of Shawn's thighs making him really moan louder now. Jack had reached the under ware and so he rubbed his butt through the under ware for a minute and got no negative response so he said, "Jack rubs us here and we all like this best." Jack started up and down on the perineum feeling the soft skin under the shorts. But very quickly that soft skin started hardening rapidly. And it wasn't long before Shawn was as hard as a rock.&n bsp; "This usually gives me a hard on but I don't care because it feels so good."

"Yea I got a hard on alright and it is harder than it has ever been I think."

"Shawn has anyone ever massaged your prostate gland for you?"

"I'm not sure. Where is it?"

"Well let me show you. I will have to pull your shorts down a little to reach it." And with that without saying another word Jack had the shorts down past his butt and was staring at the most wonderful sight he had ever seen on any guy. He spread his ass and looked at his ass hole and it was pink with absolutely no hair on it at all. Jack quickly soaked his two fingers and started rubbing them back and forth across Shawn's ass hole.

"Oh MY GOD, no one has ever touched me there before. I had no idea how good that would feel."

"Well Shawn you don't know what good is until I start on your prost ate."

"Well do it then."

Jack pushed his middle finger in after wetting it again. He pushed straight for the area toward where the dick would end, it indeed it was in there, as that is where the prostate gland is located. He started making "come here" signs with his finger which stroked the prostate.

"Oh Jack does this ever make a guy cum?"

"Yea it has me a few times. I'll tell you what just in case roll over on your side facing me."

Shawn did an immediate roll on his side looked at Jack and his raging hard on and grinned. "That is fine Shawn and exactly as I expected since I have been through this many time with lots of the guys."

Before Shawn had a chance to answer Jack had taken his dick all the way in his mouth and down his throat. Shawn had never felt anything like this it felt so good he got even harder. "Oh Jack, that feels so good." & lt;P> Jack came back up on his dick so he could get with some real sucking and as he sucked he went up and down fast. His finger in Shawn's ass wasn't holding still either. He was rubbing Shawn's prostate really hard now making Shawn go crazy. Finally Jack wanted him to cum more than ever so he wet both fingers, and while sucking him up and down clear to his throat, he launched the two finger directly onto the prostate HARD. Shawn yelled, "Oh MY GOD ... I"M cum Jack you better move." Of course move was the last thing on Jack's mind and Shawn started shooting harder than he had ever cum in his whole life. He came and came and came and finally exhausted went limp.

Jack knew just when to come off his dick and reached up and told Shawn to put out his tongue. When he did Jack was sucking on it like a lolly pop and Shawn caught on and started sucking back tasting his own cum for the first t ime ever.

When they broke the kiss they both just lay there in each others arms and stayed that way until they caught their breath.

"OH man lad that was awesome. I didn't know a man could do that to another man and it be so enjoyable. Here let me rub your back now Jack."

That was music to Jack's ears as he really didn't expect it. So Jack took off his shirt and pants and lay down on the bunk bed where Shawn had been. It was now kinda damp as Shawn had certainly sweat through all of this.

Shawn started on Jack's shoulders just as Jack had started with him. "You know Jack I don't know whether the world would think this is right me rubbing you, but when you haven't touched someone for so long like me, it is a real pleasure to just touch someone that wants to be touched."

"What about Eron, the guy that comes here several days a week. Don't you ever touch eac h other."

"No, you see Jack I am not brave like you and I am afraid to start something touching with him. He is a real cute boy. I mean real cute. But, you know I have never even tried being with a girl so I really don't know what I like."

"I can understand that Shawn. However, you can't just go on through life not ever touching or being touched. Didn't you know that the sense of touch is a sense that humans need as badly as they need to see, or hear or other senses. It is a real need of the human race. Sure some go without it but some people spend their life herding sheep too."

"Yea, Jack I see what you mean. Do you...I mean...well...would you.. how do I say it?"

"Are you trying to ask me if I would help you get together with Eron by getting him started?"

"Yea Jack that is exactly what I was trying to say."

"We ll sure Shawn I will even bring Brian or Brad over with me and I am sure one of them would be glad to help."

"Oh I sure do appreciate that Jack, you are really some man ya know."

Shawn had reached Jack under ware and so Jack made it easy for him he reached down and pulled them down and off. Shawn took some real deep breaths and then spread Jack's butt open wide. "You sure have a mighty fine ass Jack."

"Well thank you Shawn. Say Shawn take the lubrication tube there and put some on your first three fingers. Now take your middle finger and put it all the way up my ass."

"Oh I have never done this before, Now I won't be hurting you will I?"

"If I were new at this it might hurt a little but no I have had it done many times to me so go ahead you won't hurt me."

Shawn put his finger there and hesitated and then he pushed in about an inch and when Jack didn't say anything he pushed his finger slowly in all the way. "It is so smooth in here Jack, and very warm almost hot. I like the way it feels."

"Good Shawn now take two fingers at the same time and do the same thing. When you are through take three fingers and do the same thing and then fuck me with your three fingers for a while OK?"

"OK Jack, this is getting to be fun."

Shawn did as he was told and after fucking Jack for 5 minutes or so he was sweating on his red face from nervousness. Jack spoke up and said, "Now Shawn is your dick hard?"

"Ha is it hard Jack it is harder than it has ever been I think."

"OK Now put lubrication all over your dick and jack off with it for a minute to get it all over evenly."

When Shawn did this he had no idea Jack was going to have him fuck him. So he was starting to get control of his nerves.

"OK now Shawn let me turn on my back and raise my legs. Now get up in between my legs Shawn." When he did as Jack had directed Jack said, "Now put your dick all the way up my ass."

"You really want me to fuck you Jack. I mean won't I hurt you?"

"No Shawn once you have three finger fucked someone for 5 minutes or so their ass is use to having something big in there so it doesn't hurt much at all. Now go ahead and fuck me."

Shawn pushed forward and his dick slid right into Jack and he was so excited he almost came right away. But he managed to hold off and get his dick all the way in Jack. "OK Shawn let's see what kind of man you are fuck me fast and hard as you can. Just like a rabbit fucks."

This really excited Shawn and he started pumping fast right away. By about 5 minutes he was going so fast he could hardly breath. He was hitting on Jack's prostate and Jack r eally didn't want to cum as he was going to try fucking Shawn he wanted his cherry. Finally dripping wet Shawn exploded in spasms yelling "Oh God, Oh God, This feels so great Jack, Oh God."

He finally collapsed on Jack's stomach and Jack just hugged him as tightly as he could without hurting him. Jack knew how he needed this hug so he held it tight. When Shawn finally caught his breath in about 5 minutes he looked up at Jack and Jack stuck out his tongue. Seeing this Shawn was on it instantly sucking it and they went into a long French kiss.

Finally Jack broke the kiss and said, "Shawn I have something else I think you will like. Roll over on you stomach and spread your lets.

When he did Jack saw that ass again. He was instantly hard. What was it about Shawn's ass that made him unable to control himself. He went down on Shawn's ass hole and started eating him ou t. He pushed with his tongue and forced as much spit in the hole as he could. He told Shawn who was moaning like crazy to push out and hold the push until he needed to take a breath and then take a breath and push again the same way. Shawn grunted and Jack's tongue was in, all the way in, his ass. Jack never enjoyed anything so much. He went ape shit tonguing his ass. Finally after about 10 minutes of heaven to both Shawn and Jack, Jack put lube on his fingers and one, two, three fingered Shawn.

Shawn said, "Ooooo I can feel the three fingers a lot Jack."

Jack answered, "Yes Shawn you will feel it for a minute or so and then your ass will get used to it and it will start to feel good. I want you to tell me when it starts feeling good OK?"

"OK Jack." And after three or four minutes Shawn said, "It's feeling real good now Jack keep it up."

Jack sa id, "Shawn are you ready to become a man."

"You mean you want to fuck me?"

"That is what I mean Shawn but only if you want me too. It will feel good after a minute or so is all I can tell you."

"OK Jack I don't think I would let anyone else do it but I want you to be my first."

Jack took a pillow off the other bed and placed it under his penis area to raise his butt. He thought for the first time he would do him on his stomach. Jack lubricated well and pushed it in past the sphincter muscle. "How we doing Shawn?"

"It hurts a lot but I will get used to it I know I will."

Jack waited about a minute and then started going in slowly. It felt so good to Jack to have his dick up the best looking ass he had ever fucked. He went all the way in and waited. "Tell me when to start Shawn?"

A minute or two passed and then  ; Shawn said, "OK let's see what you can put out Jack. It isn't hurting now it is feeling good."

He didn't know what he had just turned loose on his ass. Jack was one of the all time fast fuckers. And he started in and was going full speed within a minute. Shawn was groaning, moaning and making every sexual sound a human can make as his ass was getting a real pounding. Jack was sweating so hard he was dripping all over Shawn. Shawn's face turned beat red and he also was sweating up a storm. Jack was able to hold off for about 15 minutes and then all of a sudden he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He told Shawn, "I'm going to cum dude but just as he said it Shawn went into full spasms himself and was soaking the pillow under him. Jack kept going for at least 8 shots and then collapsed on Shawn's back with one hand on his ass and the other on his neck. Then he reached up with both h ands and gave Shawn the hug he knew he needed.

After catching their breath Jack suggested they both take a shower together and Shawn was all for that. After the shower they both got into the bottom bunk and fell asleep in each others arms. Shawn had a smile on his face when he fell asleep.

Morning came and Shawn got up rather slowly. He could tell he had been fucked and fucked good. He walked even kinda funny for a while. Jack got up and felt fine. He was used to being fucked now so it didn't bother him so much. They got dressed and headed for the kitchen in Shawn's small apt. They had scrambled eggs and sausage links with toast and coffee. They waited and talked until time to go and meet the gang at 9:30.

When they went out everyone was arriving at the house about the same time. Evan came right out and said, "Well lads what ya say we go right on out to the mew. " When they got out to the mew there was a new boy out there all ready cleaning up the area from cast etc.

Evan spoke right up and introduced Eron to the crowd. Eron just smiled and said Hi. He was the younger boy looking to be about 14 maybe 15. He had reddish blond hair which seemed to be fairly common here in Scotland. It was a beautiful color non the less. The boys looked him over and he was about normal for a boy his age and had a winning smile that warmed everyone. His face had a few freckles on it and other than his head he had no hair on is arms or legs. He was wearing shorts that is how the boys could see. Since Shawn was uncut Jack thought he probably would be the same and Jack loved to suck uncut dicks.

Evan said, "Shawn I want you and Eron to go and get a ferret each and bring one dog a piece with you too." They left to go and get them. & lt;P> When they returned they had a dog and a ferret a piece. The boys stood back as the ferrets looked kinda like weasels and they knew weasels could be really mean. Shawn said, "Don't ya worry lads the ferrets are as tame as house cats and are only ferocious when placed in battle with a rabbit or other small game. They have a body odor that is a musky smell and some people find it unpleasant but we are used to it."

With that he told each boy to handle one of the ferrets to get used to it. The boys now had a different opinion of ferrets but they sure didn't want to cuddle them up to their noses. They stunk.

Evan said, "Now today we will be hunting in field 3 which is has a lot more obstacles than field one did. There is some brush and also quite a few rabbit holes in three, making it a real challenge to get our game so we have to use the dogs to get them out of the brush, and the ferrets to get them out of the holes. Be sure you don't release your hawks if a ferret comes out of the hole first as the hawk just might attack the ferret and we want to protect the ferrets as much as we can."

"When you let a ferret go down in a hole how do you ever get it back?" said BK.

"Well lad the ferrets are conditioned just like your hawks to come to a sound. We use the kissing sound as we can all make that and the ferret will come to anyone who makes it. The key thing is he gets a morsel of liver or food when he comes to the call. Here I will show you." He turned a ferret loose into some under brush and the ferret quickly disappeared. He then made the kissing sound and the ferret couldn't get to him fast enough to get his morsel of liver.

"Wow! That is really awesome," said BK. Actually all the boys were smiling as they were all surprised to see the animal that well trained.

Jack said, "How long did it take you to train the ferrets to come like that Evan?"

"Well how long did it take you to get your hawk to jump to your hand when you were training it?"

"Well about the second time." said Jack.

"Well that is about all it takes for a ferret as you always train any animal when it is sharp set. Because if they are not hungry they would simply ignore you. That is how they train dolphins at Sea World they have to be hungry to want to cooperate in training."

"That's why they always give the dolphin a fish when he comes to them."

"That is right indeed lad." said Evan.

"Now if you will all follow me we will go to field three."

Field three indeed had more obstacles than one had. They broke up into three groups this time as there were three farm workers and they all had dogs and ferrets. Eron had gone and gotten a dog and ferret before they left.

Brad and Eron took off to the left. Jay and Evan took off to the right. And Brian and Shawn followed by Jack took off down the middle of the field.

Shawn told them to keep their eyes open things happen fast in this field. All of a sudden a rabbit took off on the run chased our by the dog and Brian sounded his call and sent the hawk after the rabbit the rabbit headed for a hole but just before he could make it the hawk hit him hard with his talons. A dying squeal filled the air. It is like nothing you have ever heard before as it is an animal in it's last breath of life making it. Jack went right with Brian and while Brian controlled the hawk Jack opened up the rabbit and gutted him right on the spot. He cut a small piece of the liver off filled it with hair and gave it to Brian. Brian immediately fed it to the h awk.

Meanwhile Brad was following Eron and his eyes were not only on the field ahead but he kept glancing at Eron's ass. Why was it these guys from Scotland had just good asses. Again a rabbit was outed by the dog and took off running. Brad made his sound and the hawk was airborne and after the rabbit. This time though the rabbit disappeared down one of the holes. The hawk not knowing what to do flew up. Eron said make your call Brad. When Brad made his call the hawk turned in mid air and came to his gauntlet where Brad gave him a small piece of liver. Eron put the ferret in the hole and told Brad that either the ferret would come out empty handed or the rabbit would come out on the fly. It was the rabbit so Brad again made the call and threw his bird toward the rabbit by moving his arm in that direction. The hawk knew it's job and wasn't going to let this rabbit get away again. H e nailed it and the dying squeal could be heard all over. The two boys ran up on the scene Brad taking hold of the jess and getting the hawk on his gauntlet while Eron quickly and professionally gutted the rabbit and cut a good chunk of the liver off for Brad to feed. Brad's heart was going a mile a minute. This hunting was sure fun. So much more exciting than anything they had ever done before.

Jay and Evan were together and the dog had a rabbit on the run right away. Jay released his hawk with the sound and the hawk was after the rabbit immediately. The rabbit made it successfully to a hole and the hawk shot up and landed in a tree sending Jay's heart into his throat. Evan said, "Never you worry lad you are in control. If you sounded your sound that bird would come right to you. But just let it sit there and wait. He put the ferret down the hole and it wasn't two minutes before the r abbit shot out and the hawk instinctively took to the air and nailed him fast. The dying squeal was really loud this time but only lasted about three seconds and the rabbit lay dead. Evan took his knife and gutted the rabbit giving Jay a piece of hairy liver to feed his bird. Then he finished the rabbit quickly and put him in the sack.

The hunt continued until lunch time and then they all knew to meet at the house to eat lunch. Both Eron and Shawn had done this so many times they knew exactly what to do. So they headed in and met at the house.

When Evan got there he asked for the count of rabbits killed. Brad had 6, Jay had 8, and Brian smiled as he also had 8. All in all the morning produced 22 rabbits not bad.

The chatter around the lunch table was nothing but excitement. With stories of rabbits making it to the holes and being chased out by the ferrets etc.

(To Be Continued)

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