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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Lunch and mutton sandwiches were getting old. But no one complained. After all they were the guest and would eat what they were served.

After lunch Jack got to feed Rusty again first. He really liked every one watching Rusty do his thing. It made him so proud of Rusty after all he was considered Rusty's trainer so anything Rusty did he got indirect credit for.

"We will try field four this afternoon lads. This field is like three it has it's obstacles but that is what makes a good hunt."

"Since you are used to working with partners you now, why don't we continue the same groups for the afternoon hunt."

Everyone shook their head in approval so off they went to field four.

When they got there they split up in three groups once again and Brad and Eron took off to the left. They had only walked 50 feet or so when the dog had a rabbit on the run. Brad made his sound and released his bird. The rabbit was running a zig zag pattern to avoid being ca ught and it was beautiful to watch the hawk flying a zig zag pattern in the air. But in the end they heard the dying squeal and knew the hawk had won. They all ran to find the hawk and rabbit and took care of their jobs with the rabbit.

Jay and Evan were walking quite a little bit when finally a rabbit took to the ground running. Jay made his sound and released his bird the bird went beelining for the rabbit who was also zigging and zagging but the dying squeal told them it was all over. When they got there Jay got the hawk under control even after he had taken a bite or two out of the rabbits neck. Evan gutted and bagged the rabbit and told Jay we wouldn't feed him this time as he had already eaten part of the neck and we wanted to keep him sharp set.

Brian and Shawn with Jack following had their dog jump a rabbit and Brian made his sound and released the hawk. The hawk was  ; right after the rabbit and just as he was about to nail him the rabbit dodged into a hole. Shawn said, "Sound your call and retrieve your bird Brian." The bird came back and landed on Brian's gauntlet. Brad gave him his reinforcement. Shawn in the mean time had put the ferret down the hole and they all stood there waiting to see what was going to come out of the hole. After a minute or so the rabbit came flying out a lot faster than it went in and Brian made his sound, released his hawk and it wasn't long before they heard the dying scream from the rabbit. Another successful hunt.

When they all returned to the mew later in the afternoon they had a total count of 24 rabbits. Not bad for a day's work.

Evan told everyone that they would start again in the morning at 9:30 and he would see them at 5:30 for dinner.

Everyone went back to their cabin and showed and collapsed . A day of hunting called for rest. Jack was thinking of tonight with Eron. He thought he would bring Brad with him over there as Brad was more Eran's age and he might feel more comfortable around him. SO he told Brad what he had planned and Brad was all for it and could hardly wait.

Another wonderful mutton dinner. It was like, hadn't these people ever heard of beef or chicken or even fish. Oh well it was food and what went with the mutton changed at least with every meal.

After dinner Shawn asked Jack if he thought he and Brad could come over tonight and you know....

Jack said, "Yes Shawn that he and Brad would be over around 7 if that was OK?"

"OK, that is awesome. And Jack you are going to help me you know...."

"Yes Shawn we will do our best to get him into you know...."

Brad said, "What's you know....?"

Jack l ooked at him smiling that smile and said, "You know..."

"Oh, that." Brad said.

When they got back to the cabin it was already 6 so they didn't have to wait long for you know...

At about 6:55 Jack asked Brad if he wanted to leave with him to go over to Shawn's.

Brad had been anxiously waiting because he knew how cute Eron was and couldn't wait to try and get into his pants.

They knocked on Shawn's door and Shawn let them in with a big smile. Brad went right over and said, "What's happening Eron?"

Eron said, "Nothing much really life around here is the same every day except sometimes the hunts go different."

Shawn and Jack had gone over to the other side of the cabin to try and let Brad have some privacy to work with.

"Eron I have a friend in the States that likes to give me a thrill by well here let me show you. Lay on your bac k on the bed." Eron did. "OK now what he does I kinda like, he pushes on my stomach like this." Taking his four fingers straight down he pushed Eron's stomach in to almost his backbone. Then he released it all at once giving Eron a strange feeling.

"Oh that was weird." said Eron.

"I thought you would think so. Then this guy goes a little lower below my belly button, do you mind if I lift your shirt?"

"No I'm kinda enjoying you doing this."

"Yea I always like it when he does it to me too. Brad pushed all the way in again and suddenly released it."

"Oh wow! that gives such a strange feeling."

"Yea sometimes he keeps this up for half hour. But I don't care as he is a friend of mine and I don't mind him doing it. You tell me if you want me to stop. And with that Brad pushed his four fingers all the way in to his back bone at the belt line and released suddenly.

"Oh that feels so weird."

"Here I will do like he does and go down a little farther. I'll just loosen your belt so I can reach." So Brad loosened his belt and opened his button and pulled down the fly about two inches. Next he pushed right under the waist band of Eron's under ware. Eron again acted like he liked it. Brad could see what he wanted was beginning to work as Eron was getting half hard. So Brad said, "Now he does this." And he pulled his under shorts down to where his pubic hair was fully showing. This of course put his right hand right over his dick. He took his left hand and started pushing in right at the pubic bone and rested his hand down on Eron's dick. This time instead of releasing all at once he went up and down on his stomach forcing his right hand to to the same and Eron got a full blown hard on. So Brad said, "I see you are enjoying this just like I do. It makes me hard every time he does it. Then he rubs my perineum for me."

"Eron was ready for anything now and said what is your perineum Brad?"

"Well it is the area here between your legs." And with that he unzipped Eron entirely and scooted his pants down to his thigh. Then he put his finger on the perineum and as he rubbed with his middle finger he started rubbing his dick with the palm of his hand at the same time. "Does that feel good to you Eron?"

"Oh yea no one has ever touched me like this before."

Brad kept rubbing as he knew once a guy has a hard on you can do anything you want usually without much resistance. As he kept rubbing he said, "Has anyone ever rubbed your prostate for you Eron the guy that does this to me always does that too."

"I feel stupid Brad but what is a prostate?" < P> "Well the best way to tell you is to show you. Roll over on your stomach." When he did Brad pulled his under ware down off his butt and was amazed at how fantastic these Scottish butts were. They were enough to make a guy cum just looking at them. Brad spread his cheeks wide and wet his finger and started massaging his anus getting it all wet. He smelled his finger and then wet it again and again, getting him really lubed up.

"Oh God Brad that feels so good is that my prostate?"

Brad said, "No that is your anus. Your prostate is just inside and I wanted to get you well lubricated before I pressed on it for you." And after saying that he let his finger go in directly to the back side of his penis where his prostate was and he started stroking it with his finger making the "come here" sign with his finger and pushing harder and harder.

"OH MY GOD Brad that is the most awesome feeling I ha ve ever had I think if you keep that up I'm going to cum."

"Well here before you do that let me show you what my friend does before I cum. Roll over on your side facing me." When he did Brad went right onto his 6 inch dick and took it all the way down. He started bobbing up and down on it as he finger fucked his ass at the same time.

"Oh Brad you could do that all night I have never felt anything so good."

Brad was in seventh heaven himself and hard as a rock. He didn't want him to cum so he was careful how he sucked and made sure he didn't cause him to cum. Brad kept sucking for about ten minutes with Eron making every sexual pleasure sound in the book. Then Brad was getting tired and decided it was time and besides he wanted to taste this Scottish cum so bad. So he wet his two fingers real good and then went down on him till he had him in his throat. Then he plung ed the two fingers all the way into the colon and could feel the juices in there which really turned him on. Meanwhile it was all she wrote for Eron and he shouted, "I...Oooooo....I....ammmmmm...cummming...."

The flood of cum that came out of that six inch dick was a flood. But Brad kept up with it ending up with a gob in his mouth that he wanted to keep there a minute.

"Now Eron he does this. And Brad stuck his tongue on Erons mouth in a prying way causing him to open his mouth and Brad went right in letting him taste his own cum probably for the first time. Brad started sucking on his tongue which started Eron doing the same. It turned into a French kiss royal. Brad didn't want it to ever end so he kept right on with it for about 15 minutes. Shawn walked in catching Eron with his pants down and kissing Brad.

This of course embarrassed Eron and he broke the kiss and just stared at Shawn. Shawn broke the ice by saying, "Oh I see you guys are messing around like Jack and I do."

"" said Eron.

"Oh yea we like to give each other pleasure like this. He could see Brad needed rescuing so he opened Brad's pants and pulled them down too. He then went down on Brad and started giving him head for real. Brad couldn't last long as he was so hot from all he had done to Eron all of a sudden Brad shouted, "Oh Oh...I'm ....cuming..Shawn.

Then in walked Jack and he said, "It looks like I'm missing out on all the fun so he pulled Shawn's pants down and got on his dick and started in. He wet his fingers and two fingered Shawn making Shawn moan so loud. He gave Shawn the best head he was capable of and thought he was going to cum himself with his fingers up that fantastic ass. After about 5 minutes Jack started finger fucking Shawn for real hitting on his prostate hard. This of course caused Shawn to give it up and he said, "OH GOD THIS IS SO WONDERFUL I'm cumming...."

Eron knowing Jack hadn't been sucked decided to join the crowd and went for Jacks pants. He had them open and down in about 10 seconds and then he was on Jacks huge dick instantly. He gagged as soon as Jack hit the back of his mouth and Jack instructed him on how to get past that. And after a few tries he went right on down on Jack's eight inches. He started bobbing and sucking and then thought "when in Rome" so he wet his fingers and pushed them up Jack's ass. Jack was so turned on by this little Scottish angel that as soon as Eron hit his prostate about twice it was all she wrote and he came in Eron's mouth. Eron was also going to do like everyone else and swallow the whole load which was hard with his littler mouth. A little dribbled down his chin but he got 99% of it. Then he went to Jack's mouth and they went into a French kiss that lasted about 10 minutes.

When they finally broke Jack said, "Time out. Do you have anything to drink Shawn?"

Shawn said, "Sure Jack come on guys lets go to the table."

Shawn got everyone a Coke and they all sat there chatting about how much fun they had while they drank their Cokes.

Jack wanted Eron and Brad wanted Shawn so Jack suggested, "Eron would you like to take me to your bed and I'll show you a few new things, while Brad shows some things to Shawn?"

Eron said, "You bet Jack."

So Eron led Jack to his bed. Jack said, "Take off your pants and shirt and so will I." So they both got nude. Then Jack said "Lay on your stomach Eron and I'll show you something that feels real good." When Eron got on his stomach Jack looked at that Scottish ass and got so hard he just wanted to fuck it but he knew he couldn't without properly preparing him so he spread him wide open and licked his anus.

"Oh my God Jack I didn't know people ever did that. It feels so good."

Jack said, "Just lay there and enjoy it Eron. And push out and hold it that way until you have to take a breath OK?"

"OK Jack what ever you say."

So Jack felt him really pushing out and grunting so he folded his tongue and went inside him as far as he could push. Then he started tongue fucking him like crazy hearing moans of pleasure getting louder and louder. Jack wet his three fingers and starting with one finger started finger fucking him while he kept licking around his hole. Then after a while he started two fingering him and brought on more loud moans partly pleasure, partly pain. So he pulled out his fingers and told him to push out and hold again. He put his tongue in easily now and started sucking and tonguing his ass hole getting it sloppy wet. Then the two fingers went in easily and he finger fucked him with them twisting and turning his fingers to stretch him as good as he could. "Now Eron this is going to hurt for a minute but just grit your teeth and bare it and it will start feeling good again." Jack pushed in three fingers all the way.

"OH OUCH Jack that hurts like crazy."

"I told you it would but it has to be done to stretch your ass enough so that someone someday can put their penis inside you."

"Do guys really do that Jack?"

"Yes Eron all the time but it should always be with someone you really like."

Jack then continued wetting and three fingering him until all moans were pleasure moans once again. He twisted and turned his fingers as he knew he was going to be inside him soon. "How you doing buddy?"

"It's like you said Jack it quit hu rting and now it feels good. Jack since I ....I are... well what I am trying to say Jack is I consider you a real good friend. Does that mean you would consider putting your penis in my butt? Do you like me enough to do that?"

"If that is what you want I like you a lot and would be glad to be the one to take your cherry."

"What's my cherry Jack?"

"Well that is just the way we say it in the United States the first time someone gets fucked."

"Oh then yes, I want you to take my cherry Jack please."

Jack said, "Put your knees on the floor and lean over your bunk." Jack knew that would make his ass hole exactly the perfect height.

"Like this Jack?"

"Yes that is fine now spread your legs so I can get between them."

Jack wet his dick as much as he could and put it against his hole. "Now again push out real ha rd and keep pushing out and it won't hurt as much OK?

"OK Jack, I'm a little scared."

"Don't worry I will go easy on you. Now push. When he did Jack pushed the head in past the sphincter and stopped."

"OUCH oh that does feel bigger all right. Please hold it there for a minute it hurts and burns Jack."

"Jack in a real soothing tone said, "Don't worry Eron I am not into hurting people. I will wait until you tell me to push before I go farther in."

"Oh thanks Jack....OK I think you can go a little farther now."

Jack knew once past the sphincter it was nothing but gravy so he pushed it on in slowly all the way to the eight inch hilt. He was clear up in Eron's colon. "How's that Eron?"

"I feel real full like I had to take a king size shit Jack."

"That is normal but it will kinda go away in a minute. Are you in pain now?"

"No the pain has stopped I guess you can do what ever you do now."

Eron didn't even know he was going to get fucked yet. So Jack started short stroking him and then speeded up. Then he long stoked him slowly and listened to him moan and groan. Then he started getting faster and faster until he was rabbit fucking him and sweating up a storm. He looked at Eron's face ahead of him and it was beat red like he was holding his breath. He was sweating profusely also. Jack was like a steam engine gone wild now. He had wanted this beautiful ass since he first saw it and now it was his for the taking. And boy was he taking. He started pounding on Eron's prostate on purpose now as it had been a good 20 minutes and he didn't want to overdue it on his first fuck. His hitting the prostate did exactly as he knew it would Eron shouted out, "I'm cummmming Jack."

W hen the first spasm hit Jack's dick it made Jack let go in a flood of cum going right into Eron's colon. He pushed in harder each spurt as it felt so good and so hot. Finally he collapsed on Eron's back and they both lay there with their knees on the floor fighting to get a breath of air. Jack hugged the little guy for giving him his ass. He really liked this kid. They panted for about 5 minutes and then they were able to crawl up on the bed and Jack French kissed Eron for at least 10 minutes. Then he said, "Eron I want you to fuck me now. will you?

"Gosh I've never even thought of doing that to someone but sure I will Jack if that is what you want."

"I want it more than anything Eron. Instead of spit for lubrication we have some Vaseline in a tube in my pants let me get it for you." Jack went to his pants pocket and got a full tube and handed it to Eron. Now use you finge r first just like I did. And then put some of this all over your dick and then you will be ready.

Eron had a smirk on his face as he squirted some on his fingers and then started on Jacks ass hole. He was having a ball. He had never felt the inside of someone before and found it very pleasant, smooth, and warm. He finally three fingered him and Jack lay over on his back and raised his legs back so He could get farther up in him with his six inch dick. It was hard as a rock again and he lubricated it well and put it to Jack's hole. "Ready Jack?"

"I'm ready Eron and you can start right in fucking me because I am used to it and have been stretched many times."

So with that Eron was all the way in. He stopped just to feel what it felt like so soft and hot. Then he started fucking and talk about rabbit fucking this kid had seen rabbits fuck. He was going so fast he couldn't eve n breath sweat rolling off him onto Jack who was heating up fast as well. He kept this up since he had just cum for about 30 minutes until exhausted he said, "I'm cumming Jack."

When Jack felt the hot liquid hit him inside it set him off too. He spurted about 8 ropes all over himself and even on Eron. Eron was so exhausted he just fell forward and Jack put his arms around him and wished he could just keep him forever. He really liked this boy.

Meanwhile Brad and Shawn hadn't been chatting they too had fucked each other and Brad was fully inside Shawn when the other team finished. Shawn was making so much pleasure noise the boys could hear him all the way across the room. It was sure obvious what was going on over there too. Then a loud I'm cumming was heard twice and then silence. It was over all the way around. They were all exhausted and decided to sleep right where they were. Brad and Shawn snuggled in one bed and Jack and Eron totally in each others arms in the other bed all of them butt naked. They all slept that way without moving until morning.

In the morning they all met at 9:30 after having breakfast in the two different cabins. Jay said, "We missed you guys last night but we were sure you were OK in the capable hands of Shawn and Eron."

Jack said, "I don't know who was taking care of who but we had a fun evening."

Shawn and Eron quickly agreed both verbally and by shaking their heads in the affirmative.

The hunt went well and 27 more rabbits were brought in that night. It certainly was worth the trip to come here and get this experience.

(To Be Continued)


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