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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The time flew by and before they knew it it was time to leave this Scottish Heaven. Both Jay and James said good bye to Evon and thanked him for a wonderful time. Then they climbed into the van where every th ing had been loaded. Both Shawn and Eron were going with them to the airport as they had become very close friends with all the evenings they got to spend together.

When they arrived at the airport they took in all the birds first and got them checked in. Then they went to the people airport and got their boarding passes. Just before going through security they all gave Shawn and Eron hugs. They were more than just casual hugs but rather hugs of love. Tears were streaming down Eron and Shawn's face. This of course started everyone tearing. James and Jay wiped their eyes, said their final good bye's, and started through security. The boys wiping their eyes also started through security. They were all looking back so they could see Shawn and Eron as long as possible. Oh how they wished they could take them with them, but of course knew that was impossible. This was their world and they wer e heading back to their own world 13 hours apart. They had exchanged addresses and promised to write each other.

They got to their boarding gate and just sat there in silence.


That brought them back to their senses as things were beginning to happen now.


They all waited anxiously and now stood up as they knew they were next.


They boarded and really didn't care where they sat at this point as they were still in the hate to leave state. When they were all seated they looked out the side of the airplane next to the parking lot and there were Shawn and Eron waving their arms frantically. Of course they waved back but were sure with the darkened windows they prob ably couldn't see them. They were all in tears again.


The plane touched down at Pocatello and somehow the airport looked tiny to them after all they had been through. When they got off their first consideration was to get their birds out of the animal area. James went and started the van and turned on the air to cool it down so the birds wouldn't have a hot place to be taken to. Jay and the boys carried the cages out to the van and loaded them in the back. Jay said, "James you stay with the van so someone doesn't run off with it we will get the baggage and be right back."

It wasn't long before they were all loaded and heading for home. At least it was home to Jay, James and Brian. It was a second home for BK, Brad, and Jack.

James pulled up in the driveway and they unloaded the birds first. They took them directly to the mew and fed them each a mouse on the perch as the birds had to be as tired as they were. Jack watched as Rusty downed his mouse. Jack sure loved that bird.

When they got in the house Jay suggested the boys call home and say they would be home in the morning that they all wanted to sleep until they woke up naturally. The different time zones had them all sort of sick with jet lag.

When they had made their phone calls they all had a sandwich and then headed to a bed by themselves. No sex now, all they wanted was sleep.

The next day was a drag. Everyone was so tired from the jet lag one goes through changing 12 hour time zones. So they decided that the only thing they were going to try and do was feed the birds three times and that was all. Jack stayed for the morning feeding and then left with BK and Brad for their homes. "Yea James I better do that now while I'm thinking of it."

"Hello Mom, how's things with you and Karen."

"Well other than Karen cutting her finger pretty bad chopping lettuce last night things are about as usual."

"Is she all right mom."

"Oh yea, I took her to the doctor and he put three stitches in it, but said that she should be just as good as new in a week or so. Say how did your trip to Scotland go."

"Oh Mom it was great. The birds performed at their highest and we came home with 128 rabbits for our freezer. They had to be packed in dry ice to get them home."

"My that does sound like it was exciting ."

"Yes mom and we met the most wonderful people over there at the hawk farm. We thoroughly enjoyed them and visa versa."

"Well I am glad everything went so well. I will be looking forward to your next call son. Remember you are the only son I have. Oh by the way how is James?"

"Oh he is tired as we all are with a 12 hour jet lag but we are going to take it easy and just rest today. So you take care now mom.

"Don't worry we both will and until your next call I will wish you well and say good bye."

"Good bye mom."

"James they are OK. Karen cut her finger but it will heal OK. Gosh, I always feel better after calling them."

James replied, "Yea, I wish I had someone to call. But I have you and that is all I need Jay."

"I'm glad you feel that way James."

"Say Jay I was thinking. School starts a we ek from Monday so really this is our last weekend of summer vacation. What would you think about having the gang over for one last wang bang this weekend. They could come on Saturday and go home on Sunday afternoon.

"Sounds great to me and I am sure it will be fine with them."

So they spent the day planning what they had to buy for the weekend. After making a list they went to the store with Brian in tow, and got all the groceries they would need.

When they got home they asked Brian to make the necessary phone calls to invite everyone. He was pleased to do it as they hadn't seen so many guys for so long it seemed.


Saturday morning Jay, James and Brian had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. They were sitting there chatting about the wild weekend when the doorbell rang. Jay asked Brian again to be the doorman.

When Bria n opened the door of course it was Jack as he was always there to feed Rusty if at all possible. "What's happening Brian," said Jack.

"Well Jack as far as I know everyone said they could come today and spend the weekend since it is the last weekend we can have free without school the next day."

"Yea don't remind me. Are we going to feed the hawks soon?"

Jay broke in and said, "Yes Jack as a matter of fact why don't we let James mind the door while we go out and get the morning feeding out of the way."

"Sounds like a winner," said Jack.

So Jay, Brian, and Jack went out to take care of the birds. On their way to the door the doorbell rang so they waited to see who it might be. It was Brad so they would have a full feeding team. Brad greeted them and said, "I see your headed toward the mew?"

"Yea Brad we are glad to see you made it time to he lp." said Jay.

So they decided to feed rabbits to the three hawks and a mouse to Rusty. So Jack headed to the barn to get the mouse. And the other three headed for the rabbit hutch to get some rabbits.

Of course Jack went first as he loved Rusty so much and always loved to watch him wait on.

After Jack the other three went in turn and a different person gutted each rabbit and fed the entrails to the bird.

When they all got back in the house they all headed for the kitchen sink to wash off all the blood and rinse the rabbits they had skinned out in the barn. James said, "Don't bother freezing the rabbits just put them in the refrigerator as we are going to have a rabbit feed tomorrow afternoon before everyone leaves. We will see if Mr. Peterson can come and join us as we promised him a rabbit feed quite a while ago.

James went to the phone and called the cook that worked for them once in a while and asked if she could cook up the rabbits and mashed potatoes and anything else she could think of to go with rabbit. She graciously accepted and said she would be over at 1pm tomorrow to start the meal.

The doorbell kept ringing and now Jimmy, and BK were there too.

Everyone was so happy to see one another there was a lot of hugging going on. Jay suggested they all go to the pool and have some fun while we waited for the others to show.

So to the pool they all went taking their clothes off on the way they were so anxious to get naked and get in the pool again.

The doorbell again and it was Gary Spellman and John both together as after all they belonged to the same football team with Jack. They wanted to know if they were the first to arrive and James told them that no, the others were already in the pool. So stripping as they went the y joined everyone in a big naked pool party.

James didn't want to get left out of this as he already had half a hard on just thinking of all the nude boys just out at the pool. So he went out and got naked with all the rest. Of course King of the hill was one of the favorite games with some pretty good horses to ride what with three football players and Jay and James all capable of carrying a winner.

Jack and John loved this game as they loved the feeling of another guys balls on their neck and of course with that was usually a hard on that was poking their neck in one way or another.

Jack and John had Brad and Bk on their shoulders respectively. It was a real battle with lots of on lookers cheering for their favorite. Finally Brad took BK down off his horse John. Then Jay and James were the next horses. Jimmy got on Jay, and Gary got on James. Again it was quite a battle with Gary getti ng the best of Jimmy pulling him down.

This went on for about an hour until everyone was exhausted and decided to get out for a while. James told everyone to put on their undershorts in the house as one never knew who might pop by. So they did which still left them all vulnerable for horse play.

After lunch which consisted of sandwiches which tasted so good after all the mutton Jay suggested they use the Matt trap and take it down to the zoo park and see if they could get some small non-song bird type birds for Rusty to practice with. Everyone thought that sounded exciting and so they all put on their clothes and James backed out the van. Brad brought out the matt trap getting caught twice before he finally got it in the van.

James drove down to the zoo park and they set the trap where they saw a bunch of birds eating on the ground as they drove up. Jay had brought some wild bird seed he had in the barn and sprinkled it all over the mat just far enough in on the mat that a bird would have to step on the matt to eat it. Then they all backed up and went back sort of behind a big tree and all of them stretched out on the grass and just waited patiently for the birds to come back.

After about 15 minutes the birds started arriving two or three at a time. They seemed to eat all around the trap first but finally two birds got on the trap, both sparrows, and before you know it they were both flapping their wings like mad, they were caught. So Jay told everyone to stay put and quickly went out released the two and put them in a gunny sack then went back to the waiting area.

They kept this up for about three hours because each time they caught a bird it would take forever for the rest to come back. Finally about 4 or so they had 7 birds, all sparrows, and decided to get the trap a nd call it a successful afternoon.

James swung by the hardware store and got the lightest fishing line they had a #1. It was just about the same stuff Evon had used in Scotland. This would serve as a line for the sparrow so he couldn't escape Rusty.

They were all anxious to try it so James called for three large pizzas and then they all went out to the feeding area where they used three more rabbits toward the dinner tomorrow and of course one sparrow. Jay had put the other sparrows in a cage box so they wouldn't suffer with some food and water.

James ran a line from the spool that would reach about 75 feet. Then he tied the line to the sparrow's leg. He handed the sparrow to Jack who hid it in his gauntlet kinda behind his back. He had Brad hold Rusty to release when he made the call. When Jack got in place he made the call and rusty expecting a mouse way up in th e air went high and Jack released the sparrow throwing it forward to give Rusty a chance. When Rusty saw the sparrow he went real high and again went into his stoop which can reach speeds in excess of 100 MPH. Rusty hit the sparrow with his talons so hard that feathers flew in all directions and the sparrow was dead on impact. Rusty took him to the ground and started feasting. It was awesome to watch and all the boys were in awe after watching it. Jack walked back to the mew so proud of Rusty his buttons were busting.

The other guys had their hawk kill another rabbit each and they gutted it for the hawks reward, and then after putting the hawk back on his perch took the rabbits to the barn and skinned them. They were getting pretty fast at skinning after all the experience in Scotland and at home. They then went in the kitchen and washed the rabbits put them in refrigerator bags and let them join the other three already in there. Since there would be eight people eating at the feed James thought that with the next feeding they would have three more rabbits and that should be plenty.

Just about then the pizza boy came. Jay gave him a big tip and took the pizza to the table. He told all the boys to get what they wanted to drink and then take a seat.

After everyone ate all they could hold, they all ended up in the living room watching the TV and messing around with each other. Almost everyone had a hard on. Jay came in the room and said anyone for a SPECIAL GO ROUND. Everyone said, "Yes." all at once. Jay told them to follow him to the big bedroom.

(to be continued)

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