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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Gosh I was feeling really bad for my partner James loosing his father so suddenly. Funny his father hadn't ev en been sick or anything to warn James of such a happening. Even though I hated what had happened at least now James and I would be together again. Without money troubles too. That part seemed unreal. So much money 57 million. Gosh we could do anything we wanted to now. But I still wanted to get a degree and not depend on riding James coat tails through life.

I was really bored without even a small television set, so I decided to go out and see what was beyond the campus for myself. I would still let Brad show me around tomorrow but I had a couple hours before bedtime and I may as well go out and look around.

I got on a bus that said downtown on the front. I went to the back of the bus and just watched out the window. Soon I noticed we were downtown. That didn't take long so I got out and started walking around. It sure wasn't a big city environment but big enough to be comfortable in. I saw an adult book store and wondered. Should I... I ended up going in just out of curiosity. It was a little smaller than the one back home and mostly heterosexual. They had one short wall of gay films on the far back wall so I went back to take a peek. No one else was there so I didn't spend much time there then I noticed they had booths in the back. I walked back a several of them were running. I looked into the small window in the door and there were mostly older men in them but one booth had a guy in his 20's. He saw me looking in at him and opened the door and said, "Want to join me?" I thought why not after all James and I had agreed on an open relationship mostly because we both liked kids so I stepped in and said, "HI." He said, "This is a gay film if that bothers you."

I said no it didn't that I was gay. With that he reached for my dick which had already gotten a little hard just from the circumstances. He unzipped my pants and went down on me. Now this guy had done this before. I don't think anyone had ever had my dick in their mouth with a lot of talent like this guy. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees and then he started working on my ass. He had a tube of Vaseline in his pocket and put some on his finger and before I knew it he was all the way up in me. I moaned a pleasure moan which seemed to please him. He took out a condom and put it on my dick. Then he used some water base liquid to make it slippery. He stood up and turned around and bent forward and put his hands on the side of the booth. Then he said fuck me will you. I didn't hesitate I pushed my dick right in him and I knew immediately that he was indeed experienced. He worked with me pushing back when I went forward and I was all the way up in him. Then I started pumping hard and found myself fucking faster than I had in a while. It felt so good and here I was doing it with a total stranger. After about 15 minutes I felt it coming and pushed hard into him and released my load, seven shots in all. Wow! That felt so good. Since he had his pants down I pulled off the condom and went down on him. What a dick. It was bigger than I had ever messed with. It must have been an inch longer than James and quite a bit fatter. I sucked him for about five minutes and he pulled out another condom. He put it on and lubricated it. I couldn't very well tell him no after having done him but the size of that dick scared me. He said, "Turn around." Kind of like a command so I did.

"Take it easy I have never had anyone fuck me that was as big as you." I told him.

He lubricated me with two then three fingers and his hands were eve n big. I grunted pushing out to help but it still hurt some. Then he put his dick head against my hole and I pushed out and in he went. He stopped as I said, "Wait there for a minute it really hurts." Then he started on in slowly. God it felt so big I wasn't sure I could take it. It burned and hurt. When he got all eight inches in me he stopped and grabbed me around my middle and hugged me to him. That felt good when he did that. The pain was subsiding so I said, "OK I'm ready but please go slow at first."

He said, "I will."

That made me feel better knowing he wasn't going to fuck me fast right away. He started in and out slowly but rapidly speeded up. When he got to full speed I knew I had never seen anyone fuck that fast. He was going like a house on fire. The hurt was gone now and I said, "Fuck me..fuck me.." Boy did he. T his went on for about 30 minutes or so. Anyway I knew I was ready for him to cum. Then he started hitting my prostate every push and I let go again man did that feel good. This set him off and he came and came and came. He must have shot and spasmed in my ass 8 times. Then he pulled out of me. He turned me toward him and said, "Thanks." He gave me a big hug and then opened the door and walked out leaving me there alone. Now I knew what it was like to fuck and run. I really didn't like the feeling it gave me. I felt like a two bit whore. I wouldn't let that happen again.

I walked a little downtown as the lights were on. I was so sore from my pounding that I had a hard time walking so I took the next bus toward the University and went home for the night.

The next morning I got up and found I was still sore around the ass hole as I waddled toward the toilet. I w as looking forward to seeing Brad today. I sure liked that kid.

I went to the Student Union cafeteria for breakfast and said hi to Brad's mother. She said she had heard all about the trip to see the birds. I thought to myself, no you didn't hear all about yesterday. I thanked her when she handed me my change and went to sit down and eat. I was still a little tender as the chairs in there were not padded. I also wondered if I should tell James about what happened with the guy in the booth for our agreement was really about young guys and sex and not about someone older than myself. I decided it would be best to keep it to myself.

I went back to my room and waited for Brad to come at 9:30. I assumed he would be prompt as he was early yesterday. Sure enough at 9:27 he knocked on my door. When he came in I gave him a hug and told him that instead of knocking when he came i f the door was open just walk right in. A knock on a door brought unwanted attention from others.

Brad said, "Well are you ready to tour Pocatello." I didn't want to tell him I rode the bus in last night so I just answered in the affirmative.

We took the bus and while on our ride I told him about James. I said I had known James for quite a while and he was coming over here to live in Pocatello while I was in school. Brad asked, "Is James interested in hawks too?"

"To be very honest with you the subject never came up Brad since there are no birds of prey that I know of where I lived before."

Brad said, "It might be a little personal but does he like to mess around like we did know?"

"Yes Brad we have messed around and he is gay just like me."

"You never really told me you were gay Jay." said Brad.

"Does it make any difference to you Brad that I am gay. I don't tell people except real close friends like you."

"No I kinda like it to be honest with you. I like boys better than girls myself. I just haven't had a chance to have sex before. I guess I am to chicken to bring it up." said Brad.

"Well it does take some doing to bring it up. I will be showing you things that will help you start things rolling with your friends, especially in sleep over situations." said Jay.

"Oh good, gosh you really are a good friend. I like you more every day."

"Thanks Brad, I like you a lot too. Something I should tell you is that James and I have decided to be partners which means we want to spend the rest of our lives together. But we both like boys like you and so we agreed to still be sexual with young friends that want to be sexual."

"Wow, you mean almost l ike being married but to a guy, is that what partners means Jay?"

"You got it Brad. There is something else I want to tell you that I just found out about when I called home. James father had a heart attack and died. He left James a rich man. This is all new to me because we have always had to work for everything we got."

"Gee that will make it easier for you while your in college too."

"Yes Brad but James and I haven't really had time to discuss our future plans yet since this just happened. I only talked to him once. He will be flying in to Pocatello tomorrow and I will meet him at the airport when I find out what time he will get here."

"We need to get off at the next stop pull the chain Jay."

Jay pulled the wire to signal the driver someone wanted off.

"Well this is main street downtown. What do you want to do window shop?"

"Yea that will be fine. I just mainly wanted to see what downtown was like. I was suppose to look at the job market for James but obviously now that won't be necessary."

"Yea I guess not he won't need to worry about a job right away now huh Jay."

"You got it little brother."

"I love it when you call me that Jay."

"That's why I do it. Because I do love you like a brother Brad."

After several hours of walking around window shopping and of course Jay was people watching, they decided to take the bus back to the campus. Brad was anxious to get back to Jay's room. He couldn't wait for another lesson on that sex stuff.

When they got back to Jay's room Jay got them both a Pepsi and they sat down to drink it. Jay opened a window as it was a little warm inside the room.

"Jay do think maybe you could show me s ome more of that stuff you showed me yesterday?"

Jay said, "Sure I'd love to help you out. You sure won't wonder what everyone is talking about this year at school you can even join in on their conversations. Of course not saying anything about anyone you have had sex with. By then you may have messed around with one of your boy friends.

"Gosh Jay do you think so. I wouldn't even know how to go about it to get him started."

"Well Brad it is usually in a sleep over situation like I told you before. When it is time to go to bed you can say something like I usually sleep in the raw but since your here I will go ahead and wear my briefs. Is that how you usually sleep, I mean in your briefs?"

"I see Jay that leaves it open for him to say he usually sleeps in the raw too or he usually sleeps in his under ware."

"You got it Brad. Now it really d oesn't matter for what you are going to do first has nothing to do with how he is dressed really. In a command type voice, but not sounding bossy, tell him to roll over on his stomach and you will massage his shoulders for him. Most guys will do this without much trouble as it certainly doesn't sound sexual. Why don't I demonstrate. Here lay on the bed in just your briefs Brad."

Brad did as instructed. Jay started rubbing his shoulders and of course Brad loved that. Then Jay went right on down his back. When he got to the briefs waist band he skipped over the butt area and went right on down the legs. He rubbed Brads feet for about 5 minutes each and then started back up the legs but this time rubbing the inner leg. "Now here Brad you ask him to spread his legs a little so you can reach better. He usually will with no complaints."

Jay then continued rubbing right on up until he got to the lower portion of the under ware and said, "Now you are to the point that might make him nervous so you simply say, One of my friends rubs my perineum area since that isn't considered sexual at all, and I really like it. See how it feels for you?"

With that Jay put his middle finger in an up and down position and started rubbing the area behind the balls and in front of the ass hole. "Now when you start doing this Brad the area may be about the same as it felt when you rubbed the rest of him but very quickly things will change."

"I know Jay I am starting to get really hard."

"Yes and that will happen to anyone when you rub them here. After this area is really hard as a rock, feel back here where I am rubbing, see how hard it feels?"

"Wow! It is hard all right."

"OK now you could say something like does this feel good? Almost 100% of the time he w ill answer something like just plain yes or more likely something like Oh yea or awesome."

"Yea Jay to me it is awesome."

"Now Brad you move your area of interest to his anus, still rubbing the perineum area, but just coming further and going over the anus. Then say something like has anyone ever rubbed your prostate for you?"

"Now chances are he is going to say no. So say that your friend does it for you and you think it is awesome. Then say, Here let me show you. Wet your finger really well and put it under his under ware and on his anus and start massaging it. Then say you see what I mean it feels so good when he does this to me. Does it feel good to you? If you get anything but a yea or yes I would be amazed they almost always say oh yea or something like that."

"I know it feels good to me and I am even harder and my dick is getting wet on the end ."

"That is from your pre-cum. Remember we talked about that yesterday?"

Brad laughed and said, "Yea and you licked it off."

"Yea I guess I did. Now tell him you are going to pull his briefs down a little so you can reach his prostate better. He should be very cooperative like you are being, because remember he also has a raging hard on. Now that I have your under ware out of the way I wet my finger again every time I get a chance as the wetter the better. Then start rubbing and pushing like I am doing now."

"Oh God since I know what is going to happen I can't wait."

"I understand Brad. So now tell him to push out like he has to shit. When you hear him grunt like you are doing now. Push your finger about two inches in and stop to see what reaction you are going to get. If he says nothing push your finger all the way in and thenask him, How does that feel? Again he should answer something in the positive. Then slowly start finger fucking him looking for the little lump that is his prostate. When you feel that believe me he will too. Here is yours I am going to start rubbing it."

"Oh God that is going to make me cum Jay."

"If he says that have him roll onto his side and then lick his dick, like I did yesterday."

"Yea I remember." And with that Brad rolled on his side.

Jay could stand no more and went down and licked the pre-cum all around his dick area and the took him into his mouth and throat and started sucking him like crazy. He then wet both fingers but held back as he wanted to suck him a little longer before he made him cum. Jay listened to him moan and make all the sexual pleasure sounds and then after about 3 minutes he knew Brad would cum soon so he re wet his fingers and shoved the m hard all the way up his ass.

"Oh...Oh...Oh God.. Jay I'm cumming."

Brad released his load and about 6 or 7 shots of the best tasting cum Jay had ever experienced, at least since yesterday, was in his mouth. Jay reached up and kissed Brad and this time Brad knew what to do and opened his mouth and took half of his load from Jays mouth while they French kissed for at least 10 minutes.

They lay there arm in arm for another 5 minutes or so catching their breath when Jay sat up and said, "Time for another Pepsi, don't you think?"

"Oh yea, that was so awesome. Jay I didn't tell you but I jacked off last night and made myself cum. It felt real good but nothing like what you just made me do."

"Yea I told you Brad that is why it takes two to tango. That is an old saying."

They drank their pop and then Brad wanted to practice on Jay.

Jay certainly was not unhappy with that so he got on the bed with just him briefs on but on purpose he laid on his back to see if Brad would give him the command.

Brad said, "Why don't you let me rub your shoulders Jay. Why don't you roll over on your stomach."

Jay spoke up and said, "I'm proud of you dude that is exactly how you should get started."

Brad went through the whole routine and when he got to the perineum he could feel it get harder and harder as he rubbed it. He knew now Jay was hard as a rock. So he said, "Has anyone ever rubbed your prostate for you Jay?"

Jay went right along with him and said, "No I don't think so."

"Well one of my friends showed me this and I thought it was awesome." Brad had wet his finger and slid it under he briefs and started massaging Jays still sore hole. Then Brad said, "How does that feel Jay?"

Jay wanted to say it hurts because he was sore but he played the role, "That feels great man."

Of course that triggered Brad to pull down the under ware saying the things he was suppose to say in doing it and then he wet his finger and pushed it in about two inches and waited. Hearing nothing he went on in all the way. Brad loved to finger fuck Jay so he started right in. Then he asked Jay to roll on his side facing him and went down for his pre-cum cocktail. Brad loved the taste of Jay and soon had his dick in his mouth and down his throat. He started sucking like crazy making Jay forget the soreness in his ass. Then came the next step the two fingers crammed up his ass all at once and Jay shot load after load of cum into Brad's mouth. As soon as the orgasm stopped Brad was kissing Jay again and they went at the French kiss until they couldn't breath any more.

Brad sat u p and said, "How did I do Jay?"

"Fantastic Brad. You are getting to be an expert. Do you have many friends at school you are close with."

"Oh yea I am pretty popular being in all the sports and everything."

"Well when school starts you are going to have some fun. If you want I will even help you get them started."

"Wow! Jay that would be awesome. But what about James will he be in the way."

"No I think you will find James as much of a helper as I am."


(To be continued)


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