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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


When they got to Jay and James bedroom everyone was naked. They had all put their under ware in a special place so they would know theirs from everyone else's. Even James was in on this one.

Jay said, "OK now this is a SPECIAL GO ROUND, that means if at any time you don't like the next part you may sit out. No one has ever, or will ever, be forced to do anything that they don't want to. Don't feel intimidated if you sit out everyone will understand. Now the first part of this involves rimming. Is there anyone who wants to sit out. Remember everyone has just come from the pool a short time ago so you are all real clean."

There were no sit outs. So Jay continued, "OK seeing no sit outs then will everyone lay across the bed with your knees on the floor. This will open up your butt for rimming pretty well. Now will everyone go one person to their right and start rimming." James had gotten on the end so Jay got on the front. That put Jay rimming the boy to his right who happened to be Jimmy and Jack going one to his right and he was rimming James. Everyone else rimmed the boy to his right also. Before starting Jay said, "Now everyone listen up. At about every 3 or 4 minutes you will hear me yell change. When I do everyone go one to your right. The one on the end takes the one on the front when this happens OK?"

Everyone agreed with a head shake and Jay told everyone to start. Jay put his tongue on Jimmy's ass hole and started licking. He loved Jimmy's ass hole as it was totally hairless and pink as a rabbits ear. Jay told Jimmy to push out and hold it except when he had to take a breath. Jimmy grunted and Jay folded his tongue and started pushing in and out getting a little farther up in Jimmy with each thrust. Oh how Jay loved this. He was getting far enough in to taste boy and that is what he loved. After three minutes Jay hollered, "OK, Change."

This shifted everyone to his right and brought James to the far left where he now had Jimmy. Jay moved on to Brad and continued. He told Brad to push out and hold it. Jay's tongue went right in as the guy before him had him already lubed up. Jay could really get inside of Brad causing Brad to moan really loud. James was in seventh heaven as following Jay meant he would be able to really get up into the next guy each time. After 3 minutes Jay said Change and that shifted everyone again. Now Jay had Brian, and James had Brad. This brought Jack to Jimmy and he was loving this. Jack following both Jay and James had it easy. His tongue slid all the way in without hardly having to try. He loved this taste as Jack had always been anal in his fantasies anyway.

Jay yelled change until everyone had done everyone and now the ass holes were wet and slimy and ready for a good fuck.

Jay said, "OK, now will everyone g et the guy to his right really wet on the dick by giving him sloppy head. Anyone wanting to sit out just do so."

Again no one sat out. After about two minutes of sloppy head Jay said for ever one to go back to their original positions and just stand there. Now the guy to everyones right kneel in the same position you were in for rimming. "You will be fucking the guy to your right who is now kneeling unless he wants to sit this one out." Seeing no one leave to sit out Jay said, "OK now go easy on this first one. Go slow as he hasn't been fucked today yet. After three minutes I will yell change and everyone move one to the right. Try not to cum but if you do cum just take a down position and you will be fucked each time until we are all through."

So again Jay started by fucking Jimmy first. Jimmy being so small in the ass hole department, Jay was real gentle and just went pas t his sphincter and waited a minute. Then seeing Jimmy nod he went on in all the way. Jimmy was so slippery from all the spit that he started right in fucking him fast. Jimmy was loving it and making every pleasure sound in the book which was hard to hear over the pleasure sounds coming from all the way down the line. When Jay called change this put him fucking Brad and James came to fuck Jimmy. Jay realized that with 9 participants there was always one extra. So he said, "Whoever ends up as the extra just sit one out and then get in the next one leaving another guy the extra."

The FUCK GO ROUND lasted a good 45 minutes before everyone had cum and was down. Jay said "Did everyone get to cum at least once."

And everyone agreed at least once many had cum twice as they became a down after cumming the first time and had cum while being fucked in another round.

Jay said, "OK let's all go in the kitchen and get a drink and rest a while OK?"

There was no argument to that. They all headed to the kitchen. Jay asked them to go to a bathroom and shit out the cum and put on their under ware before they sat on the furniture.

It took a little time to hit the commode and get under ware on but finally they were all in the living room and exhausted. So Jay put on a really good movie he had rented and they all gladly watched it many of them with their arms around another boy. Some with their heads on another's lap causing in most cases a hard on to appear on the guy they were laying on. But no one even seemed to care. This was about the closest group of boys one could ever imagine. Jay thought to himself it could have never happened without the hawks. And that was so true. To get a group of boys together like this there had to be some common interest. And they all loved to w atch the hawks and to use the traps etc.

After the movie Jay let everyone choose a partner to sleep with. This for some reason left Brian out so Jay and James said "That is quite OK son you will sleep with us OK?"

"You bet, I would rather sleep with you guys or with my dad's anyway."

Everyone ended up in a bedroom and you could tell by the lack of silence and the types of sounds going through the hall that the sex certainly wasn't over in any of the rooms. This made Jay and James so happy.

Jay, James, and Brian spent at least 45 minutes messing around including each sucking, rimming and getting fucked at least once during the time. But finally all went quiet and everyone was asleep.

In the morning Jay and Jack got up first and cooked a breakfast of pancakes, and eggs, with bacon and sausage as meats. They put every thing in the oven on warm so the boys could eat as they came down as some of them slept later than others. By 9 everyone was at least eating and some were through waiting for the morning feeding.

When everyone finished Jay led the pack and they got three more rabbits which would now feed everyone. And Jack went and got another sparrow. Jack decided to give the sparrow a chance to live. No line was used just a free flying sparrow. As Brad released Rusty on the call Jack waited until he was over half way and flying high to go into wait on when he threw the sparrow out in front of him. Rusty stooped and hit the sparrow so hard it was dead instantly. Feathers flew everywhere. Rusty brought the sparrow to the ground and started feeding. The boys all wanted to see him do it again. That was so awesome they all thought. Jack was so proud of Rusty he had tears in his eyes and football players don't cry.

Jack wiped his e yes turned away from the crowd and then brought Rusty back to the perch. No one could have been prouder as all the positive comments came in. He could hardly wait for the afternoon feeding when Mr. Peterson would be there to watch.

Everyone went back in and Jay yelled "SHOWER GO ROUND". Then he announced for everyone to get dressed real nice and proper as the cook and Mr. Peterson would be coming in an hour or so. So they all headed for the showers. They didn't even try to all get in one so they split into two shower groups and washed each other thoroughly. At least the would be clean and smell clean after this. They all got dressed and came back and met in the living room. Where all the talk about school starting etc. went on.

Jay put in another movie to hold them until the parties arrived. The cook was first and a little early. She knew she had quite a job to feed 10 hungry men. 10 counting Mr. Peterson.

She went right to the kitchen and started pealing potatoes. Jay saw this and recruited three boys to help her peal potatoes. Then he showed her where the rabbits were. It looked like a pile of rabbits. She decided to cook them in the oven in a sauce she knew how to make for rabbits. Luckily she had brought along her big crock dishes and Jay and James had a couple so she would have plenty.

Jay told the boys to come back in the living room when they finished the potatoes. And then he went in to watch TV with the rest of them. The doorbell rang and Brian answered it and it was Mr. Peterson.

He said, "Well hello how are the Scottish travelers. I hear you really cleaned up on rabbits while you were there."

Jay said, "Yes Mr. Peterson we did. The boys all had a ball and so did James and I. It was sure different than feeding here at home. They even had dogs and ferrets to help us out. They were included in the fee we paid along with room and board."

"Well it sounds like I should be jealous. I have always wanted to go on a real falconry hunt but have never had a chance."

Jay told him to join the rest of them as a movie had started not too long ago and we could all use it as entertainment until dinner was ready.

In a little over an hour the cook announced that dinner was ready. The TV and VCR were turned off and everyone joined around the huge table. With all of them they just about filled it. She served in dishes so everyone could just help themselves to what they wanted. There was rabbit kinda like stewed, mashed potatoes, peas, and corn on the cob. Quite a meal fit for a king. Then she brought in home made biscuits to go with it all.

In about half an hour everyone was filled to the gills.

Jay suggested they all go out and feed the hawks to stretch for a while. Mr. Peterson was all for this. He especially wanted to see Rusty work for Jack.

Jay decided to go first and since they fed rabbit this morning they would all feed mice this afternoon. He made his call and everyone watched as the hawk was released to his call and started flying toward Jay. Jay threw the mouse way out in front of him and the mouse must have seen his fate coming because he darted out to run for his life. But unfortunately for him the hawk was airborne and could not be out run. The hawk had him easily.

Next went Brian and the same procedure was gone through until his hawk had been fed also.

Brad fed the third hawk in the same manner and returned him to his perch.

Then what Mr. Peterson had been waiting for and really didn't expect Jack was going to fly a free sparrow for Rusty again. He didn't tell MR. Peterson this though, he thought he would surprise him. Jack took position with a sparrow hidden in his gauntlet kinda behind his back. He made Rusty's sound with the horn and Rusty was airborne. Rusty took off and flew high not knowing what to expect. Jack though he would wait this time until Rusty went into wait on and then throw the sparrow. When he threw the sparrow out in front of him the sparrow saw the hawk and tried to get away but the stoop ended his life quickly. Feathers again flew in all directions and the sparrow was dead on impact.

Mr. Peterson was astounded. He had never seen anything quite that good in falconry before. He congratulated Jack and told him he had a magnificent bird. Jack was so proud and so were all the boys because all the hawks had flown beau tifully for Mr. Peterson.

They all went back in the house and watched the rest of the movie and then it was time to call it a weekend. There were hugs everywhere and a few kisses. And the one by one the boys left and Mr. Peterson also went out the door leaving Brian with Jay and James. Oh yes there was the cook still cleaning up. She was just finishing up. James paid her almost twice what she expected and thanked her for the wonderful dinner. Then she was gone and the house was relatively quiet. School would be registering tomorrow and starting next Monday. So everyone got in a school mood and didn't do much of anything the rest of the night. School days were here again.


When both James and Jay graduated and got their undergraduate degree it was time to go off in different directions for a while. But they were lucky enough to find a city large enough to have a college for medical students and also one for education majors for Jay to work on his masters and then his masters in ed administration.

They sold the house and all the hawks for a good price since they were highly trained now. James being a good businessman came out smelling like a rose as he got a lot more for the house than he paid for it.

The frozen rabbits were donated to a place that distribtes food to the hungry.

James called a meeting of all the boys as they were getting ready to go into the world after their senior year. James told them he would give them all scholarships to the college of their choice and even pay for their room and board. This of course made him the big hero.

Brian of course stayed with James and Jay and went to the same college as Jay to get a degree in business.

Brad wanted to go for a business degree too. But he stayed at ISU in Pocatello as he wanted to live at home.

Jack, BK, and John were undecided on a major as yet so just started taking the regular 101 courses also at ISU in Pocatello.

Both Gary Spellman and Jimmy decided to go for a four year degree in nursing and become male nurses.

That was how it was when Jay and James took off for their new schools in a totally different city. After 8 years things had changed.

James, now Dr. Parr, Pediatrician, and Jay now had an education administrator degree, had a dream. They were building a 15 bedroom facility attached to an office for Dr. Parr, to help the underprivileged children. They especially wanted to open their doors to those boys that were either gay, bi, or undecided.

James had bought a piece of property near a large industrial city on a lake that was one line of thei r property. He also wanted an indoor pool and a master bedroom for he and James attached to this central building. There would be outside exits to both their bedroom and Dr. Parr's office. A lot of planning went into this facility while James was serving his two year internship at a major hospital. So now it was ready as his internship was coming to a close.



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