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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


That evening after Brad had gone Jay put in a call to his partner James to find out his flight schedule for t he next day.

James told Jay that his flight was due in Pocatello at 1:15pm. He said that the cremation ceremony was over and the remains of his dad had been placed in an Urn and had been placed in a building at the cemetery that was for Urns. This was if a person wanted to visit the remains of their loved one they could. He was happy with this arrangement as he didn't want an urn in his house with the remains of someone he loved around all the time.

Jay said, "I can understand that James. I can't tell you how sorry I am about your dad. Gosh, it makes a guy think about mortality doesn't it."

"Yea I guess we have to live every day like it was our last, we never know." said James.

"Well enough of this kinda talk I am looking so forward to seeing you tomorrow James. I love you so much."

"Same here Jay I don't know what I would do without you right now." I woke up tired and anxious. What if James has changed due to the huge amount of money he now had? Would he still want me when he could have anyone he wanted? I was both happy and scared. I went to breakfast as usual but this time I found myself wondering if I would ever work even one day here. I didn't let on to Brad's mother anything was different even though I knew it was vastly different.

I went to the airport scared and nervous. I wanted the plane to get there but yet I was afraid of what might transpire with the only guy close to my age I ever really loved and wanted to spend my life with. I looked up at the clock 1:10pm. Looking at the arrivals board his flight was right on schedule so I went as close to the gate as security would allow and waited anxiously.

I saw the plane touch down and turn off the runway. My heart was going a mile a minute. Then it pulled up to the gate and wouldn't you know it he was almost the last one off. He saw me and waved and smiled. I did the same. My heart was turning flip flops. He came through security and ran up to me and took me in his arms just like always. I was so happy. Then he said, "Hey I didn't eat on the plane where is there a good place to eat?"

"Gosh James I'm new hear too maybe we could ask the taxi driver. Is this your only bag?"

"Yea most of my clothes were old and just work clothes for a feed store so I gave most of them to Good Will before I left."

"Here is a Taxi James let's grab it OK?"

"You bet Jay I'm starved."

Jay asked the cab driver where they could go to have a nice lunch.&nb sp; The cab driver said he knew just the place and drove us there. James grabbed my hand and held it tight the whole way.

The cab pulled up in front of a nice enough looking restaurant and I was thinking gosh I hope it isn't too expensive and then I realized that didn't matter now. "Is this OK with you James?" I asked.

"Yes Jay anything would be alright right now if it is just decent food."

We were shown to a private booth and didn't talk until we had ordered. "Jay you know things have changed a lot since we were last together."

"I know I have been thinking about that James. I have been a little frightened by the whole thing because my feeling toward you hasn't changed and I was wondering if you still feel the same way about me."

"I was afraid you would think that way Jay and it's all because of the money isn't it?"

"Yea I guess so you could hav e anyone on earth now if you wanted them why should you want me?"

"That's what I wanted to tell you Jay. I could have anyone I wanted to buy but, you loved me before I had a dime and I still love you even more now and I still want us to be partners for life if you want that."

"Want that? There isn't anything I want more than that James."

"Jay will you marry me?"

"Yes if only it were possible in our prejudice world."

(Note from author: Remember this story is fiction although it has been in the news recently that this is going to start happening in Massachusetts, it may get voted out or thrown out by the court. For the sake of our story let's say it is happening.)

"Well Jay there is a state that just opened up gay marriages and I want you to go there with me tomorrow and get married. I took it on myself to buy round trip tickets to B oston, Massachusetts, get married, and fly back to Pocatello. I have enough money now that if you said no, I would just discard the tickets as there are no refunds anymore when you buy tickets on line. I want to do this so you know I will never run out on you because you will be my legal spouse."

"Wow! I don't know what to say except Yes, yes, yes." said Jay.

"Good then this afternoon we will buy new suits and new carry on luggage and clothes to wear on the trip. Before this is over we will both have new wardrobes. But we will take it as it comes OK?"

"OK," Tears were now streaming down Jay's face he was so happy. "I don't think I have ever been this happy in my life James."

"Stop it now you have me crying too. I just didn't know how you would feel toward marriage and now I know and now I am the happiest man on earth."

"Well I don't know about th e happiest I might just have you beat. Jay laughed through the tears that were still streaming."

The waiter walked up to deliver the food and asked, "Is there anything wrong?"

James said, "No just the opposite every things right."

The waiter said, "Well if those are tears of happiness then I am happy for you."

He sat the food and drinks on the table and left smiling at us. If he only knew.

That afternoon was busy. Jay and James got two sets of daily clothes and each bought a new suit for the wedding. "Jay turn this way and let me look at you in that suit. Oh Jay you have got to be the most handsome man in the whole world."

"You took the words right out of my mouth James I was going to say that about you." They both laughed. They put on what they had been wearing all day and took the other clothes and went to a store that sold luggage.&n bsp; They both got a carry on bag on wheels that would hold their clothes for the trip and then called a cab and went back to the room.

James said, "Quite a place you got here. Jay would you object in me buying a house on the edge of town. I want a place where we can have several bedrooms. You and I both like boys and I always want to have plenty of room for us to expand or whatever. I have decided to go to college right along with you and we can live in our new home together and go to and from school from there. I really don't want you to have to work either. It just isn't necessary now."

"Gosh I guess you are right James, I will give notice that I won't be starting Monday, in the morning when we have breakfast at the Student Union Cafeteria."

"Sounds good Jay. The plane leaves here for Boston, Massachusetts, at 11:45 tomorrow. So we better have a big late breakfast. "

"Sounds like a winner." said Jay.

"Jay there is someone I need to tell you about. I met a 14 year old Adonis at the library and he was looking in the same section as I was. We found out that we both liked falconry and liked reading books on birds of prey. One thing led to another until he took me up in a canyon and showed me a nest with three baby red tail hawks in it that will be ready to fly in about a month. Would you have any objection to my having a hawk to train for falconry."

"I didn't know birds interested you Jay, small world, I have always liked birds of all kinds although I never thought of falcons. That sounds great to me Jay. I think it would be fun it could be our hobby."

"And something else that falcons draw is boys who like to look at them and help with them," said Jay.

"I take it you are more than friends with the 14 yea r old Adonis, Jay?"

"Yea you might say that." Jay smiled as James smiled back at him the same kind of smile.

"You know Jay I think we are going to have one happy marriage."

"Yea I was thinking the same thing James."

"I wasn't sure I wanted to tell you Jay but Mrs. Jackson had me watch Carl one evening after you had left."


"Well Jay you know how sexual he is. It ended up we both sucked each other and he asked me to fuck him. I was a little Leary about fucking him as you know the size of my dick but he insisted and said he would stop me if it hurt too bad. So I went real easy and he loved it. I ended up fucking him hard for about 15 minutes and then he came and that set me off and I filled him up."

"Wow! I sure haven't gotten that far with Brad yet. He is new to sex as he is an only child and doesn't know jack shit about anything. I have taught him how to do the perineum thing and we have sucked each other off twice. He is a little anxious that it might all end when you get here but I told him not to worry that you liked sex too."

"Gosh, I'm getting a hard on just thinking about it Jay."

"If you have no objections I could go and call Brad and see if he can meet us at the room so he can meet you James. He has been dying to meet you."

"Come on Jay did you really think I would object to meeting an Adonis?"

"No but I wouldn't do it without first asking my husband to be."

They both smiled at that and Jay got up and went to a pay phone in the entrance way. "Hello Brad."

"Jay! Oh I'm so glad you called. I have been dying to know what is happening."

"Well I can fill you in on it all if you can come over to my room for a while."

"Y ea Mom has to work until 8pm and that gives us 4 hours."

"Well James and I will be leaving the restaurant in about 10 minutes so why don't we meet at my room in a half hour. OK?"

"You bet Jay. I can't wait to see my big brother." And then he laughed.

"See you then Bro."

Jay went back to the table and told James what had transpired and James was happy to hear that he was going to be able to meet Brad.

They called for a cab and waited for it outside. "Jay this not having wheels is getting to me. We simply have to get a car or some wheels of some kind."

"Why don't we pick up Brad and then go to look for wheels then. I think we might consider one set of wheel being a van especially if we are going to be transporting falcons or I should say hawks since they really are two different types of birds." said Jay.

"Sounds like a winner how about a Ford Van."

"I really don't care what kind, just so it is a van. If you want to buy a car later we can have two vehicles. After all there are two of us." said Jay.

"Yea your right. We will have to look into that when we get back from Boston."

The cab pulled up and took us to my dorm. We went in and waited a few minutes and Brad, as usual, came by early. Jay introduced him to James after hugging him and James stuck out his hand to shake and then went right on by the hand into a hug also. Brad was all smiles at this.

"Well Brad James and I decided we need a van to haul our prospective hawks around so we are going van shopping and would like you to come with us."

"Really, how super." Brad answered.

They called a cab and took it to the Ford agency. Two young guys with a boy didn't grab much attention from the sa lesman. So they looked around the lot at the different vans until they found a two tone blue one with blue leather upholstery that they liked. They checked and found out the seats in the back folded down into a bed if they went into the wilderness and wanted to spend the night.

Since no salesman thought it worth his trouble to come and help them Brad asked to see the Manager. "Well the manager might be busy could I help you."

"No it is obvious the salesman only help rich old people. I want to buy directly from the manager. The salesman with a stunned look on his face went to a back room. In a minute an older gray haired man walked out and said, "Can I help you boys."

"Yes sir, Do you see the two tone blue van in the second row on the lot. I want to buy it."

"Well certainly sir, but first I will have to do a credit check on you."

"I am paying cash sir so we won't be needing a credit check."

You could have knocked the gray headed man over with a feather. When he finally got his mouth to close he said, "Why that will be fine young man come on out and I can show you the features on the van."

They all followed him out and he explained what it came with. It even had a DVD player that showed on screens in the back seats. It had a CD stereo and all the whistles and bells. The manager said, "This is the most fully equipped van on the lot. It comes to 48,000."

"Fine let's go inside and I will write the check."

The manager led them back into the building and into his office. James said, "Now you have shown us the sticker price what is your price for cash."

"Well we don't usually give any discounts for cash."

"Fine where is the nearest Ford agency I will go there then." "It depends on the price you quote and if I think I can beat it."

The manager swallowed kind of hard and then said, "Well you drive a hard bargain."

"To keep from beating around the bush I will write you a check for 45,000 right now and drive it off the lot. You can call my bank and verify that the check is good."

The manager who was sweating now said, you play a hard game,but it's a deal cash on the barrel head."

James was writing the check now. When he finished he said, "You will find the banks number on the check please verify it now. We want to take our van home now."

The bank manager dialed the number and gave the person the number on the bottom of the check and said will it cover 45,000. The person said indeed it would and much more.

The bank manager said, "Let me shake your hand you are the proud new owner of the best van on the lot."

James thanked him and signed a bunch of papers. He would have to go to DMV within the next 30 days to register it in his name etc. It would have a dealers license on it until he did that. The manager gave him the keys and escorted him to his new van to explain some of the things needed to know to drive it safely. He told him how to dim the lights, start the engine, lock all the doors at once from the drivers control panel and many other nice things to know. How to run the DVD and CD players etc. Then after about 10 minutes of explaining James turned on the air conditioning and drove it off the lot. It only took about 5 minutes to cool right down in there. The smell of the new leather seats was strong but just gave that new car smell to the van.&n bsp; James drove it to the dorm and parked it in the lot. Then all three of them went in.

"Wow, Brad said that is some van."

"Yes it sure is and I am sure James will be taking us lots of places in it. Brad you know I told you I was gay and that James my partner was gay. Well now there is a state where we can get married and make it a legal union. We are leaving tomorrow for Boston, Massachusetts, to get legally married. This will give us many privileges afforded a man and a woman when they get married. We will be back in a couple of days. I wanted you to know so we wouldn't just disappear on you."

"Gee thanks for telling me. And Jay I will not say a word about you being gay or married or anything like that like you asked me not to. OK?"

"You are a real gem Brad. Yes this has to be our secret as most people don't realize that gay people grow up that way and have nothing to do with it any more than we can change the color of our skin or our nationality."

"Yea Jay I understand that now. You know I am not sure I am not going to be gay myself. Since you taught me how to jack off I can't cum thinking of girls. I have to think of you Jay."

"Well if it turns out your gay you certainly have great support here Brad."

"Yea I know and it is so nice to know that."

"You want a back rub Brad, James gives real good ones too?"

"Gosh I was hoping you would say that Jay. Can I say I think he is as cute as you are."

"Of course he is my husband to be goof ball and so I think so too."

With that Brad took off his shirt and pants and even his under ware and lay down before James waiting."

James could see now that Jay wasn't lying this was a true one in a thousand Adonis . James started working on his shoulders bringing out a loud moan from Brad. Then James went right on down and rubbed his butt getting an even louder moan.

"James can you do the butt hole thing like Jay does?"

He didn't have to ask twice as James wet his two fingers and inserted his long middle finger which went in deeper than Jay ever had.

Brad said, "Wow! It feels like you can reach all the way into my stomach with your finger."

"Yes, Brad my fingers are a bit longer than Jay's does it feel OK to you?"

"Oh yes, I love it."

With that James put his second finger in and heard Brad groan like it hurt a little so he stopped pushing and waited. In a minute or so Brad told him to go ahead now. So James pushed slowly all the way in. When he got in he twisted and turned his fingers to really loosen Brad up.

"Oh that kinda hurts but it hurts real good James."

Jay said, "I'm going to show you something new."

This excited Brad as he was always for something new.

Jay told him he was going to push a dildo into his butt that was about the same size as his dick. He then explained that when two guys get really close to each other like they were as brothers sometimes one wanted the other to put his dick in his butt.

"Oh that would be so awesome if I could take it. I want you in me bad Jay."

Jay lubricated the dildo really well and then put it on is anus saying push out real hard now. When he did Jay pushed real hard as he wanted to seat that dildo as quickly as possible and get the pain over with as soon as possible. When it went past the sphincter muscle he stopped.

"OUCH that really hurts Jay please don't go any further for a minute or so."

Jay told him it always hurt the first time with everyone. But that once he conquered this he could take Jay's dick much easier.

"Oh if that is what it means go ahead and push it in." Brad said.

Jay slowly pushed it to the hilt as once it was past the opening it didn't get any bigger just longer and Brad was use to that with the fingers. When it was all the way in Jay turned on the vibrator.

"Oh that makes the hurt so much better, fuck me with it with the vibrator on."

Jay started slow fucking him with it. James was rubbing his dick now he had taken it out of his pants and was jacking it. He couldn't stand what he was looking at without jacking.

Jay said, "Well now you know what it feels like to have my dick inside you Brad."

"OK then do it. I want it so bad. Jay fuck me please."

Jay was harder than he had been in a long time . He lubricated his dick really well and placed it on his anus and said push. When he did Jay started it in just with the head. "Tell me when you are ready for me to go further as I don't want to hurt you Bro."

Brad said, "I'm really ready now Jay go ahead on in slow please."

Jay pushed his dick until it hit balls to balls. Then Jay kinda flexed his dick without moving it because it felt so good in this warm velvety tube. Meanwhile James lost it and squirted cum all over him self. It was a good thing he had taken off his shirt.

"OK Jay I'm ready, go for it."

Jay started in and out long fucking him pulling all the way to the head and then back in. Now Brad was definitely moaning sounds of pleasure. So he speeded up soon he was going pretty fast.

"OK Jay fuck me harder and faster I'm really ready now."

With that Jay started goin g so fast he could hardly breath. He fucked faster and faster until about 10 minutes later he felt Brad loose it and the spasm on his dick set him off too. They came at the same time which is always the best.

"Oh Jay that was so awesome. Can we do this every day now that I am use to it?"

Jay said, "Any time you want it Bro you got it OK?"


James said, "I lost it too Brad. That was so sexy I just couldn't hold it back. You have got one fine butt Brad. One of the best I have seen.

Brad said, "Thank you James I am looking forward to you fucking me too. But not right now I am a little sore. That is quite a workout."

James said, "Yes it is Brad and I still remember my first time. It was with Jay too."

"Really how awesome. We both lost our Cherry's to the same guy, that is so kewl."

Brad sat up and got dressed as it was getting a little late and he had to meet his mother at 8pm. After they all finished a Pepsi Brad took off in a hurry so as not to be late.

James said, "Leave it to you Jay to find a true Adonis on your first night here. ha ha."

"OH James it just happened that way.

"Uh huh."

(To be continued)


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