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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The next morning Jay and James awoke almost on top of one another. After all they were sleeping in a single b ed really only meant for one person. They hugged and kissed each other good morning and then both headed for the shower. They still liked to wash each other especially the private parts. Jay asked James to be a little careful around his asshole. Seemed it had been getting more use than usual. They dressed in their new clothes meant for the trip to Boston so they looked really nice. They packed their suits for the wedding in their new carry on bags and also the other set of really nice clothes. Then they loaded both bags in their new van. They were both so proud of it. It just glistened in the morning sunshine.

They sat and talked until late morning since they had planned on making breakfast a late lunch as they no longer served food on the airlines. A package of pretzels or peanuts didn't go very far.

When they got to the Student Union Cafeteria they really stac ked their plates with food knowing it had to last a long time. Brad's mom said you boy's must be hungry. They both smiled and paid her. After they had eaten James got up and went out to the van leaving Jay alone to give notice that he would not be working there after all. He told her he had secured other employment and that he would still be seeing her all the time because he would still be eating there. He said give my Hello to Brad. He certainly is a fine young man and he likes falconry just like I do.

She said, "I know Jay that is all he talks about since he met you. You know Jay he has always wanted a big brother and since he has no father image I am so glad he ran into you and he likes your room mate too. Thanks for being so nice to him."

"Well thank you ma'me I think a lot of him as I never had a brother or a father either and maybe that is why we hit it off so good, besides b oth liking hawks and falconry.

"Well you have a good day now Jay."

"Don't worry I think I will."

With that he left and went out to the van. They took their time getting to the airport since the plane didn't leave until afternoon. When they got there James parked the van in the security area parking lot for safety. If indeed there is any safe place to leave a new car today.

When they got inside the airport they went to the ticket counter to see if they would need a boarding pass. She gave them both one and told them the plane was on schedule.

They went to a snack area where they could watch a few planes take off and land. Pocatello isn't exactly what you would call an international airport more of a small city airport.

"Excited Jay," James asked breaking the silence.

"Oh yea. Like this is probably the most important day in my life. One only gets married once if they love each other like I love you."

"I am sure it will be just this once," said James. "You know Jay the reason I wanted to do this so quickly is I want you to feel a part of me and never have even one day to doubt my love for you. Or whether because I became over night rich would in any way change the way I feel about you."

"I know I sure feel a lot more secure now," said Jay.

People were milling around their boarding gate so they walked over and joined the crowd. Many of the people there were talking with that eastern Boston accent so it was obvious they were going home after a trip here to visit or for business.

The announcement went out. WILL ALL PASSENGERS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN OR CHILDREN TRAVELING ALONE PLEASE COME TO THE BOARDING GATE NOW. This was common courtesy to people traveling with youngsters. NOW WILL ALL HANDICAPPED PASS ENGERS COME TO THE BOARDING GATE PLEASE. Jay and James saw things were starting to move and got a little nervous in the stomach themselves. Then WILL ALL PASSENGERS BOARDING FIRST CLASS COME FORWARD. That is us James said, since I have the money why not go first class and be comfortable. So they walked forward and boarded. The seats were up front and only two on each side of the aisle with lots of leg room so they wouldn't be cramped. After the rest of the people boarded the usual seat belt and emergency procedures announcements came on with the stewards and stewardess' taking part demonstrating what the announcement was talking about.

The next thing they felt was the plane being towed backward to the starting area. The engines roared and we started moving on our own power toward the end of the runway. Being a small airport we were cleared for takeoff immediately and found ourselves being hurled down the run way at take off speeds which always sets everyones stomach in a whirl.

Finally we were at cruising altitude. Since we had to change planes in Denver we just closed our eyes and drifted off until we were landing in Denver. We got off and hurried to the next airplane as they always give you just enough time to get from one plane to another in a big airport like Denver. It must have been a mile aided by moving sidewalks but we made it.

We boarded this plane knowing we would be getting off at Boston. What a feeling to be so close to becoming a married man.

When we got to Boston James had made reservations for at least one night at the Hilton and so we looked for the bus that said Hilton Hotel on it and got on. It must have taken a half hour before we pulled up and got out at the Hilton downtown Boston. It certainly had the feeling of an eastern city. Older building s and listening to people talk made it sound like we were in a foreign country. The Bell Hop took our bags and put them on his cart and took us to the main desk where we were given two keys and then escorted to our room. I had no idea that James had ordered the bridal suite so when he opened the door I was flabbergasted. What a beautiful room with a separate living room and bedroom. The bath was off the bedroom. On a table in the middle of the room was an ice bucket with champagne sticking out of it courtesy of the house. James tipped the Bell Hop well and we opened the champagne and sat down and with a view of Boston we drank our champagne. Neither of them were used to alcoholic beverages so we both got a little tipsy.

James called the main desk and asked about getting our marriage license and the man told him he would have to go to the court house which was only a few blocks away. He said we c ould make it in the morning because of eastern time it was already closed. So they both just decided to go down to dinner since they were both hungry and found it was after 7pm here already. They ate at the Hilton since money was no big deal anymore. James ordered steak and lobster so Jay did too. It was a wonderful dinner and topped off a wonderful day.

The next morning they were down at the court house shortly after 8am. There was a line of men waiting to get their marriage licenses since this was a new thing. But their turn finally came. They were told there was a mandatory three day waiting period before they could get married. One of the other male couples told us a good place to go out tonight that was a gay only nightclub. They also told us they were getting married at a chapel Called Chapel in the moonlight. They added that not all chapels were marrying gay couples yet as there w as so much controversy over the whole idea of gays marrying. We ended up having lunch with them. Their names were Bill and Andy. We told them we were going right over to that chapel and make arrangements. They gave us the address and told us any cab would take us there. They said maybe we will see you tonight at the club. James said, "Yea that sounds like fun good bye for now." and we left to get a cab.

There were cabs right out front so we just got into one and told him where we were going. He took us there and we paid and tipped him then went in. We found out that we could get married after the full three day waiting period. So we set it up to get married on Tuesday morning at 10 am. Then we went to the library and used their computer to go on line and make arrangements for the flight back to Pocatello. There was a flight leaving at 2pm which we were sure we could make so James put in his credit card number and paid our way home. We could pick up our tickets at the airport where they had machines you entered your code number in and got your ticket. Luckily James hadn't bought a round trip ticket in the first place because he didn't know just how long everything would take.

That night we went to the night club that Bill and Andy told us about and ran into them. They sat at the same table with us and we were able to dance together for the first time. Since gay couples always had to kinda hide in a regular night club. It was such a fun evening. Finally we went back to the room.

The next day we took a tourist bus to show us the Boston area. We were taken by, The Bean Town Trolley, Historic Plimoth Plantation, The bus stopped at a place that was famous for whale watching although we didn't see any whales, Harvard University and Harvard Square which really impressed us, Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox, And then we spent several hours at six flags amusement center. We rode upside down roller coasters and every thing you can name that would turn your stomach upside down. We all met at the bus at the prescribed time and were back at our hotel by dinner time.

After dinner we got in a cab and asked him to take us to the gay bar district. He gave us a one of those looks and drove us there not bothering to get out and open the door for us. James paid him over the seat and forgot the tip.

It seemed strange to be walking among other people who were all probably gay or lesbian. We took in a strip show at one of the bars and boy there were some good looking 18 year olds taking it all off. Then we decided to just bar hop and have a drink or even a coke in several bars.

I asked James, "Do you suppose all these boys out along the streets are pros titutes?"

James said, "You know I really don't know they are making eye contact."

Jay saw one boy who didn't look more than 15 sitting there with a sad look on his face not really panhandling or even looking at the guys walking by. Jay said, "Are you all right?"

"Not really." and the boy began to have tears run down his face.

This was too much for James and Jay so Jay asked, "Would you like to talk about it lad."

"I would but no one really cares anyway."

"I'll tell you what let us treat you to a coke and a hamburger at least. And then if you feel you want to tell us anything you can. If not at least you will have a meal for free."

"I guess I could stand to eat something. It has been since last night that I last ate."

This really got to both Jay and James. So Jay reached down and said "Come on let's go f ind a place to have a hamburger OK?"

"Yea thanks mister."

"No need for Mister here lad my name is Jay and this is James. We came to Boston to get married."

"Oh good then your gay?"

"Yes would that make any difference to you?"

"No it's just that being gay is what caused all my troubles."

"Here is a restaurant lets go have a bite," said Jay.

After they got seated and ordered Jay said, "How could being gay cause you any trouble?"

"Well everything was OK until my father caught me and my friend messing around. He came home early and didn't make any noise just walked into my room and caught us both naked."

"Did he get mad because you were messing around?"

"Mad isn't the word for it Jay he backhanded me across the face and then kicked me in the ass and told me to get what ever shit I could carry and go fin d a freight train and get on it he never wanted to see me again. By this time my mom came in and tried to defend me but he hit her too. So she shut up and I was out just like that."

James said, "Where are you staying at night?"

"I try and hide at night because it is so dangerous and then I find a place that has a lot of tourist and hide somewhere and sleep in the daytime. Of course I have only been doing this one night and one day. I don't know what to do tonight. I am so scared." And with that he really started sobbing.

James looked at Jay and they were both thinking the same thing. "Well don't worry about tonight we are staying at the Hilton and you will be our guest. There is plenty of room there for several people in our room."

"Are you sure that's alright, I mean you are getting married and all and I doubt you want some street kid hanging around." "Well if it is alright with you sure I'll stay."

The waiter brought the meal and drinks and left. The boy started eating like there was no tomorrow. He must have been starving. "You know you haven't even told us your name?"

"Oh I'm sorry it's Brian, Brian Cook."

After dinner they took a cab and went right back to the Hilton. They walked in like they owned the place went over and got on the elevator and went to the top floor suite. When they walked in Brian said, "Oh my God this is beautiful. You must be rich or something."

"Well lets just say money isn't a problem for me." said James.

Jay said, "I don't know about you guys but I could use a shower."

James said, "Yea me too. Hey I g ot an idea let's have a shower party after all your gay too Brian."

Brian's eyes lit up and he started smiling then he said, "I'm all for a shower party I'd love to see what you guys look like naked. You are so good looking with clothes on."

"Well Brian I don't know whether anyone ever told you or not but you have got a body supreme on the bottom of a beautiful face. It may be dirty but it is really good looking."

"That's what all my teachers say."

"Well lets go in the bedroom where we can get ready then." said Jay.

When Brian saw them stripping he started doing the same himself uncovering a gorgeous muscular body. He had the body of a wrestler with a good chest and an oh so smooth hairless stomach. He had a patch of brown pubes that were on top of a beautiful cut dick that must have been 5 inches soft. When he turned around he had a perfect bubble type butt that went right along with his body. Both Jay and James noticed right away and started getting hard. Brian noticed this and started getting hard himself.

"I'll get the shower going James and you and Brian can join me."

When Brian got in he had Jay washing his front and James washing his hair all at once. Then James went on down his body and noticed the bruise where his father had kicked him. "I want to take a picture of that bruise and the one on your face before you get dressed Brian. You can cover your privates with a towel for the picture." said James.

"What ever you want to do is fine with me," said Brian.

By now James had his finger soaping his ass hole and heard the pleasure sounds coming from Brian. He loved it. James hearing this pushed his finger in about two inches to see what reaction he would get. Brian sat back on his finger and forced it all the way up in him. Then Brian said, "Oh that feels so fucking good, James." Brian pulled up and sat back down several times enjoying every second of it.

James said, "You really like someone playing with your ass hole don't you."

"Oh yea. My friend was fucking me just before my dad walked in. I am glad he got out of me before my father saw it or I might be dead now."

They finished washing Brian and then let him wash each of them separately as he was enjoying himself so much. His hard on had to be 6 inches or better which was reasonable for some 15 year olds. Jay couldn't resist jacking on it a few times with soap.

Then they all got out and dried each other. When they were all dry Jay said lets do a circle suck here lay down on the bed on your side everyone facing in. Jay took Brains dick into his throat and Brian took James as far down as he could get him, James was on Jay. They all three sucked for about 5 minutes and before someone gave up and had to cum Jay said, "OK lets change up one. So they moved on to the next dick and kept sucking. Jay said about two or three minutes later, "Anyone want to fuck?"

Everyone sat up and looked at each other and said "Who fucks who."

Brian your first you say who you want to fuck and then go at it." said James.

Brian said would you both stand up and turn around slowly so I can make a decision?"

Both Jay and James smiling at each other turned around slowly.

Brian said, "It's a tie you are both so gorgeous. I'll have to flip a coin. Heads or tails Jay. If it comes up what you call your it."

Jay said, "Heads"

"Heads it is, your it Jay."

James handed him a tu be of Vaseline and told him, "We always lubricate one, then two, then three, fingers before we stick someone with our dick."

Brian's face showed he really liked this idea and started with his middle finger. He finger fucked Jay for a minute or so and then went to two fingers. "You alright Jay?"

"Oh yea Brian I'm experienced go ahead with three."

Brian like this and went in with three finger as far as he could reach and even twisted and turned his hand like a pro. Then Brian put Vaseline on his dick and put it against Jay and said, "Ready Jay?"

"Yea I'm pushing out go for it."

Brian was all the way in him in a flash. While he wasn't real thick he was long. He started fucking Jay slow at first but it wasn't long before he was going faster than either Jay or James had ever seen. A 15 year old athlete can really fuck. Jay couldn't take it for long as it felt so good he finally gave up the ship and came all over himself. Of course Brian when he felt the spasms of Jay's orgasm let go pushing all the way in like he wanted to shoot it out Jay's mouth.

Sweating and panting they just lay with Brian laying on top of Jay.

After a couple minutes Brian caught his breath and said, "Wow was that good. I think that is the best fuck I have ever given."

Jay said, "I know it was the fastest I have ever been fucked and it felt good too. You are really good at what you do Brian."

Brian then said, "If you guys don't mind I want you to fuck me James. Your dick is bigger than I have ever been around and I want to see if I can take it all in me.

James wasn't going to argue with that so he said, "OK on your stomach or your back?"

"You can get that thing in me farther if I lay on my back can't you ?"

"Your right there," said James.

"On my back then." He lay down on his back and raised his legs.

James gave the Vaseline to Jay and said "Would you do the honors Jay."

Jay took the Vaseline and started lubricating Brian one, two, and boy did he get moans when he went in with the three. "Is that hurting you too much Brian."

"Yea but I can take it keep going."

Jay thought what a brave little guy this is. And he is going to have that huge rod of James in him next, ouch.

Jay lubricated James and then James was ready. He put Brian's legs on his shoulders and his dick on his hole and said, "OK you asked for this push out."

Brian pushed out and in went James just with the head. Brian turned beat red holding his breath rather than yelling out and James could tell he was hurting him bad so he just waited. Final ly Brian took a breath and said, "Go ahead."

James pushed slowly all the way in and Brian said, "God that thing is in my stomach, I swear it is. But I know it will feel good in a minute so just wait a second OK James."

"You just tell me when."

After about a minute or so Brian said, "WHEN!"

James started slow long fucking him and getting all kinds of moans and groans. Then he speeded up and got faster.

"OK James I'm ready go for it fuck me hard as you can."

James turned on like a locomotive and starting going so fast you would expect to see smoke rise. It felt so good to James he didn't want it to ever stop. All of a sudden Brian shouted, "OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M CUMMING." and as he shot his wad Jay was on his dick in an instant drinking down all the boy cum he could recover. James of course went off to and was filling up Brian but good. He must have pumped 8 or 9 times it was indeed a good fuck.

Jay took Brian's cum and shared it in a French kiss with James. Then about a minute later he said, "Brian come here. Stick out your tongue." When he did Jay started sucking on his tongue and that set Brian off sucking on his and then they went into a full French kiss giving Brian another hard on.

When that broke up James spotted his hard on as hard as it had been before. Oh the beauty of early teen years.

"Brian do you think you could cum again if I sucked you off." said James.

"I know I could." said Brian.

With that James went down on him and found he was long enough to hit his gag point and go by it. He knew how to control it so he deep throated Brian and worked back up and did a tongue dance around the head and back to the throat. When he was coming back to his mouth he stuck two fingers a ll the way up into Brian all at once bam. That did it Brian was cumming and cumming and cumming.

"Oh God you guys know how to have and give fun." Brian said.

"Brian," James said, "Have you ever heard of Pocatello, Idaho."

Jay looked at James and smiled.

(To be continued)


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