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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Before turning in for the night Jay took his Polaroid and took pictures of the injuries Brian had received f rom his fathers beating the afternoon he was kicked out. There was a large bruise on his left buttocks from the kick. This bruise was not only the normal black and blue but the kick had also caused the purple to show above the bruise. Nasty looking thing and very sore although one wouldn't know it when he was having fun with us a little earlier. The kick had knocked him against the wall causing a normal bruise on his other side which Jay also photographed. Then the bruise from the backhand to the face was much lighter but still showed up very well on film.

When they awoke in the morning they had a big day ahead of them. First there was the ever so popular "shower go round" as they called it this let everyone wash at least one other person. Brian got to do both of them because he loved to soap their ass and have them sit back on his finger which drove it all the way to the hilt. He loved the feeli ng of the rectum and what he could feel of the beginning of the colon. It was like velvet he thought. They all got out and dried.

Next James asked Brian if he would consider living in Pocatello, Idaho, and join them in their quest for getting into falconry with red tail hawks. Brian really liked this idea as it would get him far away from the father he now hated.

"Brian you have to understand that we cannot just take you as social services would have a fit when they finally caught up with us. I am going to see a lawyer this morning after breakfast and see what the prospects of us adopting you would be. I have to ask you Brian this is a big step for you would you be willing to be adopted by a gay soon to be married couple?"

Brian thought for a second and then said, "Yes James I think that would be great especially since I am gay too or at least I think I am. It would also give me another chance at life since life on the street isn't my cup of tea."

"OK then Brian I will ask the waiter that brings up the breakfast we order to also bring a yellow pages directory so we can contact a lawyer and make an appointment to see him later this morning. And Brian what happened last night never happened as far as any one else goes, as this would be considered illegal and could get Jay and I in trouble with the law.

"Oh you don't have to worry about me mentioning that to anyone. Look how much trouble my being gay has already caused. I don't need any more."

"OK then I will order breakfast brought up. Write down what you want so I can make a quick phone call with no waiting for decisions."

James called the order down and asked for a yellow pages phone book to be sent up with breakfast. The operator at the desk said we should find a ye llow pages book in the same table the telephone sits on in the bottom drawer but she would send one up also.

James went right to the table and indeed found what he was looking for. He opened to attorneys and of course found probably 50 pages of them listed. So he looked for the subtitle adoptions and found several there. He took the largest ad as money was unimportant in something like this. He called and made an appointment for 11 am.

After breakfast they all took a cab to the attorney they had the appointment with. On the way James asked the cab to stop while in went into one of the branches of his bank. James got a thousand dollar bill as he knew this was the language of attorneys. When they got to the attorneys office it was quite attractive. It should be with the money they charge. The three of them walked in and Jay and Brian took a seat in the waiting room while Jam es went up to the receptionist and said, "I'm James Parr and I have an appointment to see Mr. Chambers at 11.

The receptionist said, "Oh yes Mr. Parr, Mr. Chambers is expecting you. She then hit the intercom and was given instructions to send Mr. Parr right in. James went nervously into the office which was very spacious and beautifully furnished.

Mr. Chambers stood shook James hand and said, "Yes Mr. Parr what can I do for you today."

"Well first of all I am from Pocatello, Idaho. I have my partner with me and we intend on being married Tuesday since Boston has opened the way for gay marriages."

"Well let me be the first to congratulate you then. There is such a stink going on about gay marriages it's still not all settled but they are going ahead and marrying gay couples at least at this time. I hope it continues as it is so ridiculous to deny marriage t o two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together."

"Yes that is why we flew here right away hoping to get married before someone does change anything. Mr. Chambers my father just died last week and left me sole heir of his fortune so money is no problem. I have brought a thousand dollars with me today to give you as a retainer if that is your procedure. Jay and I stumbled onto a young man 15 years of age sitting on the sidewalk crying. I asked him if anything was wrong and he really wasn't in a talkative mood. So I asked him if at least he would let us buy him a hamburger and a coke. He hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours so he took us right up on it. During the meal he came clean with us. His father had come home early and caught he and one of his boy friends in a sexual situation. His father went into a rage hit him across the face with hi s backhand and then kicked him on his bare buttocks knocking him into a wall causing another bruise where he hit the wall. After dinner we invited him to sleep on the couch in our suite at the Hilton as he was scared to death of the streets. When he showered he showed us the bruises that his father had left and I got the camera and took pictures of them. Here are those pictures.

The attorney took the pictures and said, "This is a certain case of child abuse and the man should be arrested."

"I realize that but I was wondering since we can certainly afford him a bedroom in our home that I will be buying as soon as I get back to Pocatello if it would be possible to have us made legal guardian or even adoptive parents since we will be married. Incidentally his fathers last statement to the boy was get all the things you can carry and catch the next freight out of town."

"Hmmm, I can see where maybe this might be possible by just having the man turn over custody to you either as guardian or as adoptive parent. He may go for the guardianship quicker than an adoption. My plan is to present the man with these pictures and the threat of spending the next few years in prison and getting him to agree that way."

James said, "I was thinking along the same lines."

"Well certainly you wouldn't want to go to the house alone, that could be dangerous, so I will have to accompany you and do all the talking."

"That sounds so good to me as I wasn't sure what to say to him. But I certainly couldn't leave this child on the street as he has no experience on the street and would end up either dead or if lucky found by social services and placed in the first of probably many foster homes."

"Yes James unfortunately that is what usually happens in our social services department. It isn't there fault it is just that there are only so many houses that will accept foster children and many of them just for the extra money."

"Is Brian here now?"

"Yes he and my partner to be are in the waiting room now."

He hit the squawk box and asked the secretary to show them in.

Brian came in obviously scared and he was followed by an anxious Jay.

"Brian my name is Mr. Chambers. We have been talking about the unfortunate circumstances that have fallen your way. First I want to know if you would want Jay and James as either guardians or adoptive parents?"

"Oh yes sir. They have been so nice to me. I would still be out on the street if it hadn't been for them. And since I am gay I know they understand my feelings toward other boys and I wouldn't have any problems that way either."

"And that means you wouldn't mind livin g in Pocatello, Idaho."

"Sir I would live anywhere if I could be with Jay and James."

"OK then we have that cleared up. I will have all the necessary papers for adoption and also for custodianship drawn up this afternoon. Now I need to ask you Brian when would I be able to find your father at home?"

"He gets home from work about 5. I wouldn't have to go with you would I? I am really afraid of him."

"No that wouldn't be necessary and I will only take James with me Jay as telling him you are a gay couple might just rub salt in the wounds."

Jay said, "I understand fully."

"James what do you say you come here at 4:30 and we will go to the house together.

"What about your retainer?"

"Well to keep it business like why don't you get a receipt from my secretary for the $1000. It won't be that much and we will just cut you a check for your change. Is that OK with you James?"

"Yes as a matter of fact that was kinda what I had been planning on doing."

"Fine then James I will see you then at 4:30. Oh yes Brian will you give your address to me and explain how to get there if you can."

Brian gave him the address and instructions on how to get there and the attorney said he knew just where it was.

With that they all left feeling much relieved. It was great having one of the leading adoption attorneys on their side. James was not looking forward to 4:30 but Jay and Brian felt relieved that they got left out of it.

They all went to a cafe and had dough nuts and a drink. After they finished James told Jay and Brian to take a cab back to the hotel and to wish him luck with Mr. Chambers. They both willingly agreed to go back to the hotel and were relieved they didn't h ave to go through what James was facing.

James went in to Mr. Chambers office right at 4:30. His secretary hit the squawk box and notified him that Mr. Parr was here.

Before he could sit down Mr. Parr came out and told him they could go in his car which was parked out in back of the office. They climbed into a sleek new Lincoln. It was a really nice car.

Mr Chambers told James that he would try for the adoption first, noting that the papers had been dated after the wedding but that he wouldn't bring that up unless Mr. Cook did.

"Oh thank you Mr. Chambers I would have never thought of that."

"That is why you have hired an attorney James." He chuckled.

They pulled up in front of a low class home. It was ample but that was all. They went to the door and Mr. Cook answered.

"Mr. Cook I am hear regarding the child abuse charges that will probably be filed on you for the beating of one Brian Cook yesterday. I have here pictures of the injury for the court to see the damages you inflicted on this poor child."

"Hey I did what any father would do if he found out his son was a fagot. He got what he deserved and should have gotten more."

"Well I'm afraid sir that the jury isn't going to think in those terms. The crime of child abuse here in this state can put you in prison for many years."

"Well I didn't know that, but you will have to admit that he got what he deserved."

"No sir I don't have to admit that because I think like the general public thinks when someone takes advantage of a child. Now I am prepared to keep you out of the justice system if you will sign papers giving legal adoption to Mr. Parr here who doesn't care if your son is gay or not.  ; Should you refuse to sign these papers I will go to my car and get on my cell phone and have the police here within 5 minutes."

"Where do I sign. I don't want any more to do with that fagot kid or any of his fagot friends and I sure as hell don't want to go to prison for feeling the way I do about fagots."

"I think you are doing the wisest thing Mr. Cook if you indeed don't want the boy at least give him a decent place to stay. Can we go to your table and sign a few papers then?"

A very nervous Mr. Cook said, "Sure come on in. Could I get you coffee or anything."

"No that won't be necessary let's just get down to business and we will be out of your hair and so will Brian."

Mr. Cook didn't even look at the papers he just signed everywhere he was told. Now could I get Mrs. Cook to sign on the line under your name."

"Betty get your ass in here."

She came in the room obviously afraid of her husband and said yes Don.

"We are getting rid of that fagot son of ours for good. Come over here and sign these papers." She wasn't sure about this you could tell but she did as ordered by her husband and signed where ever Mr. Chambers pointed.

"Thank you Mrs. Cook you just did your son a big favor. He will now be in a good home with Mr. Parr here."

Before anymore could be said since they got what they were after they disappeared and got back in the Lincoln.

"Boy you sure handled that smooth. He signed the adoption papers didn't he?"

"That is right and right after the marriage you will become the legal adoptive parents of one Brian Cook. If he wants to change his last name he can but really that is up to him."

"I can't thank you enough Mr. Chambers." &l t;P> "Now I will drop you at your hotel and then you can stop by and pick up all the papers in a nice packet that makes you the legal adoptive parents. Remember these are dated the day after your marriage so I would keep this under your hat until then.

"You bet I sure will."

The Lincoln pulled up in front of the Hilton and James got out. He could hardly wait to tell Jay and Brian what had happened.

When James entered the room it was silent. They both sat in silence waiting for James to speak. "Well Brian you are now our son. You can start calling us dad or by our first names however you would feel most comfortable. Your dad signed the adoption papers which will be come legal and in force when we say I do tomorrow."

Brian let out a war hoop and said, "Thanks Dad."

Jay was beside himself he was so happy. Not for himself so much as for Brian who would ha ve had one hell of a life without James and him.

They decided to go out and get some new clothes for their son since their was a department store down the block. Brian was so happy picking out two new outfits. And also new dress shoes and new tennis shoes. James told him there would be a lot more clothes coming after they got back to Pocatello and had a home to move into.

Next they all went back to the room and let Brian change into a nice new outfit and then took him to dinner at the Hilton. James asked him if he liked lobster and steak and he said, "Wow you bet I do." So when the waiter came that is what was ordered in triple. They all said how they wanted their meat cooked and then had a wonderful first dinner as a family. Jay and James were as happy about what transpired as Brian was.

The next day was wedding day. Jay and James dressed in their suits tha t were bought for the occasion. Brian put on his nicest outfit. They were going to let him be ring boy if indeed that job was needed. Jay and James had purchased gold bands and carried them in their suit coats until the wedding. They didn't want to wear them until after they were married. They all went down to brunch and were scheduled to be married at 11am. They ate a good breakfast and then took a cab to the chapel that was to do the ceremony. There were several gay couples waiting around kinda like for their turn. They found out they couldn't enter the chapel until 10:55 as they spaced weddings by only 5 minutes they were so busy.

At 10:55 they all went in a went to the receptionist and paid the fee. After that they were escorted to an altar room and told that they were to proceed to the altar when they heard the wedding march start. They asked about the ring boy and that would be fine he was to join them at the altar holding the rings in his hand.

At exactly 11:00 the wedding march started and they went slowly down the aisle to the minister who was standing at the end by the altar. The minister motioned the wedding boy to stand to the right side and he did. The minister did the usual wedding ceremony without all the speeches just the ceremony which took only about five minutes. They each were given a ring by the ring boy when prompted in the ceremony and put it on their left third finger. Then they were told they could kiss. They kissed for about 10 seconds. And then the wedding was over.

On the way out the receptionist finished their paper work and now they were legally married. Brian looked as happy as they did.

They took the cab back to the Hilton where Brian was asked to leave them to themselves until 5pm. And then he was to join them in the dinning room for dinner.

Jay and James had one sexual afternoon. They both sucked and fucked each other. And even did some rimming. They were so happy now that it was over. Jay said, "Won't it be good to get back to Pocatello tomorrow and have all this travel out of our system for a while."

James totally agreed with him. It was almost dinner time so they dressed in regular nice clothes for dinner since they were nude at the time. They of course took a quick shower first and then got ready.

When they got to the dining room Brian was sitting there waiting anxiously for them. They all went in and picked different things from a very expensive menu and had a great meal. When they all were full they decided to go out and take a walk on the streets of Boston as this was their last night. James had used the computer room at the hotel and ma de reservations for three on a plane that left in the morning at 11am. So they would have to get with it to be at the airport by 9 to get their tickets out of the machine and then wait in the line to be taken through security. So they returned to the hotel about 9pm and decided to watch a movie and then turn in. There had been enough sex to satisfy both James and Jay all day but Brian was a little disappointed. So they decided to give Brian what he wanted.

"Brian come lay on the bed on your stomach," said Jay.

James said, "Who do you want to fuck you this time Brian."

Brian said, "Well since you fucked me last time James let Jay do it I want to feel what he feels like OK?"

Jay was glad to hear this as he really wanted to fuck Brian ever since he met him. Jay said, "Spread you legs."

When he did Jay decided to use rimming and spit instead of V aseline to show him how to do it. So Jay got down and started in with his tongue. He told Brian, "Push out Brian and keep Pushing as much as you can."

Brian started pushing and you could tell by the sounds he was making and the redness of his face that he was continuing to push.

Jay started licking and getting as much saliva as he could to go in the hole. He poked his tongue repeatedly in the hole until he was getting all the way inside him and loving every minute of it.

"Oh God Jay that feels better than anything, I love it."

James said, "Here give me a turn Jay."

James had a longer and stronger tongue and he got way up in him with it and tongue fucked him until his tongue got so tired he couldn't do it any more. Jay said, "Now wet my dick real good James."

James loved sucking on Jay anyway and so he had a ball getting him good and we t. This of course made Jay hard as a rock.

"OK Brian turn on your back now."

Jay put his legs on his shoulders as he wanted inside this kid as far as he could get. He put his dick on the hole and said, "Push out hard Brian."

When he heard the grunt sound he was up in him all the way in a matter of two seconds. He held still until a signal from Brian.

Brian said, "I'm ready Jay fuck me hard and fuck me fast."

Jay started pounding him as hard and as fast as he could. He was grunting and so was Brian. James wanted in on this and started sucking Brian off at the same time. after about 8 minutes or so Brian couldn't take the sucking and tongue rolling of James any more and started cumming hard into James mouth. Jay felt the spasms on his dick from inside and let go pushing as hard as he could to try and get the cum he deposited as deep as possible.

Brain shouted, "OH MY GOD.. that was so fucking awesome getting it from both ends at the same time. Thank you guys. I love you both so much. You are so fucking good to me, you didn't have to do this you just wanted me to have fun too on your wedding day."

With that they lay in each others arms huffing and puffing sweat pouring off Brian and Jay. Then after about 5 minutes James cried out, "Shower go Round."

He didn't have to say anymore everyone headed for the bathroom. Again they took turns washing two people each so the shower lasted until they almost depleted the hot water. For sure they were clean.

Now after drying they all collapsed on one another in the same bed. They were all asleep within minutes. Morning would come early..

(To be continued)


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