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The following morning they all woke up in almost the same position they fell asleep in they had been so tire d. Jay gave James a kiss good morning and sleepy head Brian began to stir. Jay got up to use the bathroom and just went ahead and got in the shower. Pretty soon he was joined by James and then a short time later in stepped Brian with a hard on. They just washed one other person as they were all hungry and anxious for this day to get started.

They dried themselves and went into the bedroom and got dressed in casual clothes. The ones they planned on wearing back to Pocatello. After they were dressed they packed what few things they had in their bags putting the dirty clothes in a separate compartment. Then they all went down to breakfast and ate as much as they could because they knew that other than a snack at the airport that would be their last chance for nourishment until they got off at Pocatello.

After breakfast they went up and checked the room to make sure they were not leav ing anything and then rolled their own bags to the front of the hotel and took a cab to the airport. They got to the airport as planned around 9. They went to the ticket machine and had to wait in a short line to enter their code and get their tickets. After that they went to a much longer line to get through security. That took a good half hour. When through security they went to the little snack bar and had a dough nut and a drink while they waited. They still had about 45 minutes to wait until their airplane would be calling for passengers.

Brian said, "Gosh I have never been up in an airplane before. I am a little scared."

Jay spoke up and said, "That is very normal for a first flight passenger and some people never get over being scared of an airplane. But they say flying is much safer than driving. Most people question that in their mind but statistics have proved it."

"Can I have a window seat," Brian asked.

"Sure Brian but except for take off and landing there really isn't a whole lot to see except for the tops of clouds. The plane will be flying around 37,000 feet or better which is really up there."

"Wow! We are going to be that high. Doing some quick math in his head Brian said gosh, that is between 7 and 8 miles high."

Jay said, "Yes but you don't realize it because the cabin is pressurized and feels just like we still are on the ground. The only thing that might scare you a little is when they raise and lower the wheels as they make a clunk sound. Also when they change the settings on the tabs on the back of the wings to slow down or loose altitude they make a weird sound too. Something that might scare you is when we land they reverse the engines to slow us down real fast and that makes quit e a loud noise when they do that. They say fear is just the unknown. Now you know what to expect it shouldn't be so bad for you."

"Thanks Jay for explaining it all to me. I feel better already. I'm really kinda excited inside." said Brian.

They finished their dough nuts and decided to go out and wait in the boarding area since it was only about 15 minutes to boarding. The area was really filling up. Jay checked his ticket and saw why. They would be stopping in Chicago and Denver and then on to Pocatello. This would indeed be a long flight.

"James did you notice we have two stops on the way, Chicago and Denver,"

"No I hadn't noticed but now I see why there are so many people here. It should be a full plane at least to start out. Do we change airlines?"

Jay looked and said,"That they changed to another airline in Denver, but the y stayed on this plane in Chicago."

"Oh that's good" said James.

"Why do we have to change airplanes Jay?" said Brian.

"Well Brian it is too expensive for the airlines to all fly to the same places so they change people around to other airlines to keep down the expense. Also this airline may not even fly into Pocatello ever, as Pocatello isn't what you would call a major city."

"Oh I see." said Brian.


Jay said,"Well here we go."

Brian said, "It's too bad I'm not under 12."


Jay told Brian, "We will be next dude."

FIRST CLASS PASSENGERS CAN BOARD NOW. "That's us Brian let's go get on." said James.

T hey all got up took their bags and got on. Jay put the bags up over head and closed the compartment. Brian was all eyes trying to see everything at once.

"OK Brian now pick the window seat this aisle is ours two seats on one side of the aisle and one seat next to the aisle on the other side of the aisle."

James said, Brian who do you want to sit by you first. We can change off now and then so we both get to be by you at times."

"Flip a coin Jay. Jay did so and Brian said if it comes up heads it's you Jay. If it comes up tails it's you James OK?"

It came up heads so Jay sat down next to Brian and James sat right across the aisle from Jay. They waited for what seemed forever for everyone to load in the back of the plane. But finally everyone was on and the stewards and stewardesses took their positions for the announcements.

Brian was all eyes and e ars. They went through the fasten your seat belts and how to do it so Brian fastened his seat belt along with Jay and James. Then they pointed out the emergency exits and explained what to do if the cabin were to suddenly loose pressure etc.

When they finished Brian said, "Do they loose pressure often Jay?"

"No dude they rarely if ever loose pressure. Something would have to hit the airplane and make a hole in it to have that happen and then I think we would have more to worry about than breathing but you know what happens if the air drops down."

"Yea I guess I feel better now."

The tow pulled us backwards to the platform.

"Why are we going backward Jay?" said Brian.

"Well Brian planes can't back up so they pull them back and then they start the engines and roll forward to get in line to take off. Sometimes it takes quite a while to get to the end of the runway and receive clearance from the tower to take off."

"OH" said Brian.

After waiting in about a ten minute line for take off the plane turned onto the active runway and Jay told Brian they were next.

He had hardly gotten the words out of his mouth than the plane lurched forward and started rolling down the runway. Jay looked over at Brian's eyes and they were like saucers. The plane got rolling faster and faster and Brian looked more scared all the time so Jay put his hand on his leg a squeezed to give him support.

All of a sudden we were airborne and the plane climbed very steeply so I grabbed Brian's leg even harder. "You OK Brian?"

"Gulp, yea I guess so but I am scared a little."

"That is normal Brian we are a little nervous ourselves. Everyone on the plane is the same way. It is just a common fear people have until the plane levels off and everything seems to be OK."

Finally the plane leveled off and started cruising at altitude. Jay could see Brian relax a little when this happened. Because we were first class the stewardess came through about 10 minutes later and offered us a drink or a pop. We all three took a Coke which is what they were serving. She poured it in a plastic glass with a little ice in it and we put down our trays and sat it there.

After a while she came back and picked up the empty glasses and we put our trays up.

Brian reached over and took Jays hand and put it on his crotch. Jay looked over at James and got a smile. Jay squeezed his already hardening boner and that got his mind off flying for the minute. The seats were so high and offered so much privacy the only person that could possible see them was James as no one was in the seat next to him.

Jay continued play ing with Brian and even moved down and played with his balls. Then Brian took his light jacket and covered his lap and unzipped his pants. Jay reached right in and started rubbing his hard on through the underwear. Brian said, "Under Please Jay."

Jay slipped his hand to the waist band and felt his perfectly smooth stomach and slid down over is pubs and took his hard on and started rubbing the precum all around the top of it. Brian just moaned. Then Jay started jacking him a little. He really didn't want him to cum because he would get his underwear all wet. Across the aisle came a hand and Jay saw it contained a handkerchief. So Jay took it and prepared to use it if necessary. Brian put his feet up on the back of the seat so his butt hole would be exposed. So Jay wet his finger and pushed in. He could tell Brian was pushing out for all he was worth. He pushed harder and Brian slid into his finger until he had the whole thing inside him. Jay started finger fucking him like mad. Brian kept pushing hard against his finger. Jay reached over with his other hand and started jacking him. It wasn't long before Brian was filling the handkerchief with that special juice that Jay loved so much.

After cumming Brian sat up and said, "Thanks Jay I love you guys so much."

Jay put the handkerchief to his nose and even tasted it it was so sweet. Then Jay handed the handkerchief to James and James did like wise even licking it several times. James knew that on the next leg of the flight James would have a chance to please Brian.


Brian said, "Now we get to hear the engines go backward huh?"

"Yes Brian but not until the wheels are firmly on the ground. Pretty soon you will hear the wheels go clunk under us and then you will hear the flaps go down to slow the airspeed."

"Oh yea I'm glad you told me that Jay. Even though you told me before it's nice to hear it again."

Soon all that Jay had said happened and the wheels touched ground in Chicago and the engines went into reverse thrust throwing us a little forward in our seats. Jay took Brian's hand and squeezed and Brian squeezed back. Finally the plane slowed to taxi speed and Brian relaxed.


That sounded great to all three of them. They could touch mother earth again and get to stretch their legs. And Brian said, "We can say we were in Chicago."

They all laughed at Brian's statement and exited the plane. They didn't want to go out of the secure area and have to be researched, so they just looked around at the shops that were available to them. James bought a T-Shirt and a sweat shirt that said Chicago on them, one for Brian and one for Brad.

"Who's Brad?"

"Well Brian he is a young man 14, just a year younger than you are. He is also gay like yourself and hangs around a lot as he and I have a common interest in falconry. Mainly red tail hawks. He has spotted three of them in a nest about 2 miles up in a canyon and we went and climbed the cliff and saw them while the mother was gone looking for food."

"Wow, that's neat an instant friend and gay too."

"Yes Brian he and I call each other blood brothers," said Jay. "And now I not only have a brother but a son as well. I love y ou Brian and you know that."

"Yea I love you two too."

"Jay when we get back on the plane it will be James' turn to sit by me right?"

James said, "You got that right dude."

"Well would you sit by the window for me. I have a plan."

"Sure Brian it really doesn't matter to me."

They also bought Chicago sweatshirts for James and Jay as well. Now they could all match.

When they finally got back to the waiting area the squawk box went off.


So they went to the front and the lady let them past to go and claim their seats.

Then the other announcements went off but they could barely hear them as they were already on the plane and through the long passageway.

It wasn't long before they were once again airborne and had been served their Cokes. When they finished the Cokes and peanuts the stewardess picked up all the trash and headed for her cubby hole.

Now Brian was ready to put his plan into action. He took his light jacket and put it on James lap. Then reached under it and started squeezing up a hard on, on James. Of course this was fine with James. Jay just wished it were him. Then Brian unzipped his pants and rubbed his dick through his under ware. James reached over and slipped his hand down the front of Brian's pants. But that wasn't what Brian had planned so Brian pulled his dick out of his under ware and brought it out in the open under the coat. Brian said to Jay, "Say my name if anyone starts to come buy will you Jay?"

"Sure but I think you are safe until we start down in Denver." said Jay.

With that James had to take his hand out because Brian leaned over and put his head under the coat and took his dick in his mouth. He started up and down on it and James thought to himself isn't it funny how much better this feels when you are in a place you shouldn't be doing it.

Brian kept going and when he reached the gag point he forced himself to pass it and each time down he went further until he had James gasping for air. James realized that the position he was in let his ass be up in the air and wet his finger and put in down the back of Brian's pants and stuck his finger all the way up in Brian. Brian loved this so much he sat back on the finger trying to get it in further. But James was ahead of him now and finger fucking him to beat the devil. Brian was having a harder time getting air now too. But Brian being as determined as he was kept going down further until he had James entire long dick down his throat. He kept it there and went up and down on it with it clear in hi s stomach, he thought anyway, until James gave it up and at the same time he started cumming he pushed harder and harder up Brian's ass causing Brian to loose it too. Now they were both cumming and puffing at the same time. Brian came back up to get the head of the dick in his mouth to collect sperm because he loved the taste of either Jay or James sperm so much. James kept right on finger fucking until the spasms stopped. He could feel them on his finger he was so far up in Brian. Then they both sat up sweat pouring down their faces and Brian was beat red from having to hold his breath for so long. James handed the handkerchief to Brian to reach under his under ware and dry his puddle up. When Brian pulled the handkerchief out James reached across and took it from him and started smelling it and ended up licking all the puddles up from it that he could. He wanted to just put the whole handkerchief in his mouth an d chew on it it tasted so good.

James said, "I like your plan Brian. Do you want your window back now?"

Brian said, "Yes please I would like to see us land in Denver."

So they changed places and Jay reached over and took James hand and said, "Was it a good job?"

James said, "Oh Yea!"


When the plane landed in Denver they had to change planes so when the plain stopped rolling Jay got the bags down and we exited the plane first from the front of the plane.

Then we followed the signs to our next airlines and gate 57 and ended up riding the moving walkway most of the way. We would get off one walkway and almost immediately there would be another to get on all the way or at least most of the way .

Finally at gate 57 James took the tickets to the desk and checked in since we were on a different airline. Then we had to wait a half hour so we took advantage of the time and had a coke and a snack while we waited. Both James and Brian were still wet from sweating so much during their ordeal.

Finally the call came to board first class passengers and they got on a smaller airplane and took their seats as numbered on their tickets and Brian again took the window seat. Jay sat next to him this time.

This was a shorter flight and after only an hour or so they landed in Pocatello. The airport looked tiny compared with the huge ones they had been at. They took their luggage and went out to the van.

Brian said, "Wow is this our van?"

Jay said, "Yes Brian James and I bought it just before we left as we were tired of taking cabs everywhere and needed wheel s of our own."

"It won't be long until we get another vehicle for Jay," said James.

Jay was happy to hear this as it hadn't really been discussed that much. After all they were married now and should both have a vehicle.

They drove straight to the dorm for now that was home for all three of them. They went upstairs and opened the door and even though it was a dorm it was the only home that Jay had known for a while now. And even James felt home too. They opened the windows to freshen the air after having been closed up for so long.

Brian said, "I don't care what it looks like it is so much better than the home I had to live in with a prejudice father."

James said, "OK now lets all sit and talk for a minute. We are going to be living in a very small community that undoubtedly has every prejudice that your father has for the most part, Brian. So we are not going to parade around as a married couple. That information will be passed out on a NEED TO KNOW basis only. I am wondering if we should even trust Brad with this information."

Jay stepped in and reminded James, "You know James he has been trusted with information that could put you and I in prison were it ever found out I think we need to extend the trust to him only."

"Yea I guess you are right at that Jay. But he will be the only one told the true story. To everyone else you and I are roommates going to college, and you are living with me in my (house to be) along with my brother Brian who has come to live with me since my fathers death. How does that sound Jay?"

"I like it. But what about our wedding rings. Do we have to give them up too?"

James said, "No we will just wear them on our right hands which really signifies nothing. If someone does notice that they match we can te ll them that we bought them in high school to signify our friendship for each other. But I doubt very much that will happen Jay. I doubt anyone even notices them."

Brian said, "Then I am not to call you dad but by your first names then?"

"That is the way it will have to be Brian. It is a shame we have to live in a world where everyone else's business becomes the worlds, but that is the way our society is and we can't stop it we can just try and survive it."

Brian said, "You know something, that really sucks big time James."

"I agree with you Brian but we don't make the rules. It's just like us having sex with you and Brad is certainly something you both want as much as we do but yet society says we go to prison for trying to make you happy. Make any sense to you?"

"No it doesn't and I would be real unhappy if you cut me off from the thing I enjoy the mo st and that is sex. You don't have to worry about me ever telling anyone anything about that, my lips are sealed forever."

"Well believe me Jay and I have always trusted you that way since the first night you spent with us."

James went on , "Now tomorrow we will go to find a some real estate offices and see what they have to offer in a house with at least 4 bedrooms and I want an indoor pool. Preferable one that is in an outside room so it gets sun in the summer and winter."

"That sounds awesome James," said Jay.

"We are also going to get you a car tomorrow Jay, so be thinking in terms of what you want OK?"

"Oh so much all at once. Sometimes I wonder if there are any families any happier than we are and we are the odd balls of society."

They all laughed.

(To be continued)

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