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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The next morning Jay went out in the hall and called Brad to tell him they were home.

"I hav e a surprise for you Brad that I think you will enjoy. As a matter of fact I am full of surprises. Is there any time tomorrow we can get together for a while. We are going to be fairly busy with stuff that has to get done today."

"Yea, Jay how about I come over at 9:30 as usual tomorrow?"

"That sounds great I am sure looking forward to seeing you bro."

"Yea me too Bro." said Brad.

With that out of the way they decided to go to the Student Union and have breakfast. When they saw Brad's mother she had a question on her mind when she saw Brian. So Jay stepped right in and said, "Brian is going to be staying with his brother, this is James my roommate, since their father died and he has no other place to stay. Besides he and James have always been kinda close and he is happy to be with James. James has some money his father left him so he is going to buy a h ouse for he and his brother to stay in and hopefully have a bedroom I can rent too."

"Oh that is so very nice of him. Isn't Brian about Brad's age?"

"Yes he is 15 just one year older. Hopefully they will hit it off and be good friends too."

"Oh that would be nice. Here is your change. And you boys have a good day now."

Jay felt relieved having gotten that off his chest. She seemed to have take it well too.

They finished their breakfast and James said, "Lets go to the library computer and see what their .com is for houses for sale in this area." So they headed in that direction.

They went to the downtown library rather than the college library as they thought the librarian would have more information on how to find houses there.

James asked the librarian if she knew any Internet URLs for finding for sale houses in P octello.

She answered, "Why yes there is actually a written pamphlet with all of them listed here let me find one of them for you. The local Realtors put this together."

When she found it the pamphlet had about 6 or 8 URLs for them to do a search on.

James entered 5 bedroom with pool into search and pressed enter. He was amazed at how many showed up although some of them were as far away as Blackfoot, Idaho. He wrote down the names of the Realtors involved in each and then went on to the next URL and did the same search trying 5 bedrooms with indoor pool. He didn't get but 3 responses to that one but that is what they really wanted. So he kept doing that with all the URLs and found many duplicate entries. But all in all there were 6 homes that met their desires so they decided to go to the Realtors involved which really only amounted to 3 and take a look at the propertie s.

The first Realtor took them out to look at two properties. While they had indoor pools they were too enclosed to be really what they wanted. They thanked the Realtor and said they would think it over and then went to the next Realtor to see what he had to offer.

This time they hit a lady Realtor. She showed them 2 different houses one of which had a pool that was enclosed with glass, which is exactly what they wanted. Then she showed them the house in general. It had a nice large living room, a formal dinning room, a country style kitchen with a stove and cutting board in the middle of the room which was nice, then she showed them the family room which had a fireplace that was extremely beautiful with brick work of a master brick layer. Next came the bedrooms. They were all up stairs. When they saw the master bedroom it was right over the family room so it shared the same chimney and had a fireplace. Then on down the hall and all the bedrooms were bigger than most. Each of three bedrooms had adjoining baths and there was one master bath in the upstairs hallway. The shower had three nozzles which impressed them all for reasons the Realtor couldn't know.

When they were through James asked about the grounds. She took them out side to a well kept grounds area. And when we went around back she told them that it had 3 acres back to that fence. So they could have animals if they so desired. There was also a small barn well away from the house on the property.

James asked her if he could have a few minutes with Jay. She pulled aside and let them have their privacy. James said, "You know Jay this is exactly what I was hoping for what do you think?"

"It is more house and land than I even dreamed of ever living in James, actually I love it. "

Brian piped up and said, "Gosh, this would be like living in a mansion I sure like it James."

That did it. James asked how long the property had been for sale.

The lady said, "Well to be honest with you almost a year now. Houses of this category are out of most peoples price range."

"How much are they asking for it." James asked.

"Well they are asking $300,000, but since it has been on the market so long they might consider less."

James said, "Draw up an offer of $250,000 cash."

She smiled real big and said let's go back to the office. We all got into her nice car and drove to her office. Jay wrote a check for $10,000 earnest money which he would loose if he pulled out of the offer but get back if they pulled out.

She said, "I should have an answer for you this afternoon."

"We are in a situatio n where we have not established phone service yet as we are new here so I will call you say around 2."

"She said that would be fine."

Then James took Jay and went car hunting. They went to a bunch of agencies so he could really look around. He liked the Toyota Corolla the best. So James took him back to the agency made an offer under the asking price cash. The manager said yes and Jay had a car. It was four door, and a bright red, like fire engine red. It had air conditioning and all the whistles and bells including a fantastic CD player and radio. After the papers were singed and the cash given the manager had to check out with the bank, they put temporary license in the back window. Jay was so happy he could hardly contain himself. He took Brian and told James he would meet them back at the dorm. When they got to the dorm they decided to go to the DMV and take care of all the legalities there, including getting an Idaho driving license.

After the DMV where they got everything accomplished including their short driving exam and driving test, it was almost 3 in the afternoon. So instead of calling the Realtor they stopped by. They had both vehicles with them but that really didn't matter as they were all there.

"She welcomed them with a big smile. She said that the owner would not go for the $250,000 but came back with a counter offer of $260,000. James said that would be acceptable and asked what the next step would be.

She said, "Well since it was a cash offer he would give her a check for the amount and she would put it in escrow."

"James wrote the largest check he had ever written in his life and handed it to her."

She said, "That as soon as it cleared escrow they could start moving in and that sho uldn't take long as they are not very busy this time of year, what with school about to start, and all."

James thanked her and all of them returned to the dorm happier than they had been since they said I DO at the wedding in Boston and also when they found out Brian was their's. Things were going so great they couldn't believe it.

They all decided to take Jay's car to Blackfoot, Idaho, which was only some twenty some odd miles away, and look around to see what kind of country they were moving into.

The drive was mostly flat and the ground cover was mainly sage brush but it had a clean fresh smell to it. They of course were in air conditioning and couldn't smell that much. When they got to Blackfoot they drove around town and decided on a little restaurant to eat at.

The waitress was really nice and had lived in Idaho all her life, most of it in the Black foot area. She told us about the bridge in Idaho falls and the big fish at a bridge further up north a ways and also recommended that we take in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where there was a ski chair and a tram that one could ride summer or winter.

After eating we thanked her for all the tips. She also told us about Greys lake, on the Blackfoot Reservation, that few take time to see, that is directly east of Blackfoot on an unimproved road about 10 or 15 miles inland. She said it was beautiful and very private because not a whole lot of people knew about it.

James said, "Thank you for your information and we know where we will eat whenever we are in Blackfoot from now on." He left her a big tip and we left.

We decided to head back for the dorm as it was already 5:30 and it was almost a half hour drive back to the dorm.

When we got back Jay parked his bright red car be hind the Van and they all got out and looked at their pride and joys. They were beautiful sitting together, one bright red and the other a beautiful two tone blue. Both shinning in their new glory. James had insured them both to the hilt when he bought them so even if someone walked off with one of them it was insured.

They went back into the dorm. Wishing they were going into their new house. Then it struck James. We still have to furnish a 5 bedroom house.

Jay said, "I have an idea why don't we hire an interior decorator and let them do it. It would take us a month what they can do in a few days."

James agreed as money was no object and time was. They would be registering for school in just two weeks and then they would be busy with their studies etc.

Jay said, "Yes and I have to get together with Brad and find out about building a Mew (a place protected from the weather where one keeps birds of prey) and having it inspected so we could have our hawks."

This excited Brian as all teenage boys seem to be interested in wild life, especially something as exciting as falconry.

Jay said, "Brad is coming over in the morning and for sure he knows a lot more about all this than I do. I will just ask him about it."

Now they settled down on one of the beds and of course Brian couldn't keep his hand to himself and had both Jay and James hard in a matter of minutes. They decided to get him hard too so James took the front and Jay worked on his ass through his pants.

"This was too much for them so someone shouted out SHOWER GO ROUND, which seemed like a good idea to all of them as they had been in and out of the hot sun all day long. So they all stripped off and headed for the not too big shower. But they managed to all get inside. It was a little tight washing each other but they managed anyway. They got out and dried and stayed nude. They ended up on the bed in a three way suck a thon and every four or five minutes Jay would yell CHANGE and they would move up. Jay started finger fucking the guy ahead of him which started a chain reaction and soon everyone had two fingers in their ass. CHANGE, now they had all sucked each other so James came up with a new idea.

"Guys we all just showered and are as clean as we can get. So lets do a rim go round. They formed another circle and started licking each others ass hole. James was the strongest tongue wise so he had his tongue up Brian's ass really fast. Brian was letting out the loudest pleasure moans ever. Jay was enjoying the tongue up his ass and when he looked he saw it was Brian. Brian was giving it all he could wit h his not so strong tongue but was getting in past the sphincter anyway making Jay moan too. Jay was fucking James with his tongue and doing and all right job with it. They kept at this until everyone was sloppy wet.

Brian said, "Suck my dick and get it wet I want to go up in Jay."

So James got him good and wet and he put his dick against Jay's ass hole and pushed. Jay being experienced pushed out and in went Brian all the way to the hilt. Jay thought to himself he might not be fat around that dick but it is plenty long as long as himself he thought. Brian really got into it and soon was sweating profusely along with Jay. He rolled Jay on his back as he wanted to get in further and of course this made James really happy because he was on Jays dick like a fly on fly paper. Jay was trying to decide which was better the sucking or the fucking, but finally gave way to the t wo and filled James mouth with the cum he loved so much. Brian's dick getting squeezed with the spasms from Jay going off let loose and pushed hard into Jay and tried his darnest to get the sperm to shoot clear into Jays belly. When he was through with his orgasm he collapsed on Jays chest hugging him as he did it. Jay put his arms around Brian which gave Brian a great deal of pleasure, and they laid this way for about five minutes with James laying almost on top of them both.

They all sat up and Brian said, "Could we do the bead thing to James and get him off that way?"

James didn't complain but rolled on his back and pulled his knees to his chest. Brian started tongue fucking him while Jay went for the beads. When Jay got back James was good and lubricated by Brian's saliva so Jay put one bead in, and then Brian put the next one in, and they continued alternating until they wer e left with just the string on the end of the beads.

"Who's first," James said.

Jay said, "Me this time." So Jay went down on him and started giving him the best head he had given in a long time. James was moaning like he wasn't going to last long which Brian didn't like the sound of, so Brian said, "It's my turn Jay."

Jay said, "Go ahead Brian have at it."

James was really turned on now knowing Brian was on him, and doing a good job at that, so it didn't take long until James yelled out... "I'M CUMMING..."

With that Brian brought his dick out of his throat and into his mouth, as he wanted the sperm in his mouth, and at each spasm Jay pulled one bead out getting a pleasure sound out of James each time. Finally they were down to only one bead left but James had run out of cum and so Jay just went ahead and pulled it out anyway.

Brian now with a mouth full of James sperm went for Jay and shared his treasure with Jay. Jay got enough in his mouth that he broke away and went to James and Frenched him, giving him a taste of himself. James loved this as he loved Jay and they kissed for another 5 minutes or so and then they all lay still with body parts scattered all around legs over body's, arm all over grabbing on to what ever was nearest, and they lay there like this in a happy bliss until they almost fell asleep.

Jay then said, "Don't you think we ought to just rinse off in the shower and then turn in. I have had a really full day and I'm sure I could sleep."

So they all got up and went and got into the shower and just soaked up the hot water. Brian ask James to soap his ass hole and when he did Brian again sat all his weight down on his finger. When he got up before he could start down again Jay had replaced his finger for James' and he sat down hard on Jay's finger. Jay gave him two fingers and he sat down hard on them then James gave him three fingers and he sat down on them saying, "Oh that's all that kinda hurts." So he got up rinsed off and they all got out to dry.

When they had dried Jay asked Brian to lay on his stomach and he finger fucked him with lotion so he wouldn't be sore from all the soap up his ass tomorrow. Both Brian and Jay loved doing this so it lasted about 5 minutes. Brian thanked Jay for being so thoughtful and then they all decided that Brian could use the other bed that two in one of these small beds was really one to many. No arguments as everyone was tired and so they fell asleep with Brian in the other bed. When the lights went out they were asleep within minutes.

It had been a long day...

(To be continued)


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