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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Well everyone woke up by 7 and so since they had just showered before going to bed, they decided to go over t o the cafeteria and have coffee and breakfast. When they were checking out Mrs. Shelly said, "Gosh all I heard last night was that Brad was going to meet you guys this morning. I'll bet he had a hard time going to sleep he was so anxious."

"Well I'm glad he feels that way. I will be happy to see him too." said Jay. "I'm also anxious to introduce him to Brian."

Brian said, "Yea I am really interested in meeting this guy who knows so much about hawks. That is really kewl."

Mrs. Shelly took their money and said, "Well you boys enjoy your breakfast and I'm sure everything will go OK with Brad, he talks about you Jay like he was your brother. He has always wanted an older brother and know it or not I think you are filling those shoes."

"Well I always wanted a brother too, so that makes it two ways." said Jay.

"Well enjoy your breakfa st."

With that out of the way they all went to a table off in a corner so they had considerable privacy so they could talk about real situations easier.

James said, "I will be finding an interior decorator, probably someone that the Realtor recommends. And I know you want to talk to Brad about getting the hawk thing set up so why don't we split up until say 1pm. That way we should both be able to accomplish some things without using up so much time. It makes it easier on us now with two vehicles."

Jay told him he thought that would be a good idea. Since they had a while until 9:30 Jay thought he would take Brian to the library and introduce him to the birds of prey area. When he said this Jay said, "Then I will be off to the Realtors, and see you at 1 OK?"

"Sounds good to me, how about you Brian?"

"Oh yea, I am just glad to be with you guys and will follow along."

With that they all exited the cafeteria and James headed for his van, while Jay and Brian started walking for the library.

When they got inside the library Brain was amazed at how big it was. Jay guessed he probably hadn't been in many libraries except at school and so any library would probably look big to him. They found the birds of prey area and started browsing. Jay picked up a book called building you Mew. And then he found a book on training your falcon. Brian wanted a book about Red Tail Hawks so he asked Jay to check it out for him. Jay took the books to the librarian and showed his student body card and was able to check out all three books.

They took the books back to the dorm and you could have heard a mouse chew it was so quiet while they were reading. It wasn't long until there was a knock at the door. Brad didn't know whether to use the walk in rule or not with Brian there. Jay got up and let him in and immediately found himself in a big hug. Jay took Brad and introduced him to Brian and was amazed at how good looking they were together. Brian was only about an inch taller than Brad so they really were close in age.

Brian spoke first saying, "I hear you know a lot about hawks Brad?"

"Well they have been my hobby for about two years now. I have never actually had one but I watch the nest each year and watch the babies grow up. Once I was there when one of them took his first flight. He flew in a glide straight for the ground where his mother franticly watched over him. With lots of flapping he was able to get to a low branch and then he rested a while and flew to another higher branch and continued doing this until he was back at almost the height of the nest. With his mother sitting on the edge of the nest coa xing him he finally got back up to it and stayed there while I was there anyway."

"The next day I went back and they were all in the trees around the nest and seeming to be able to go up at least a branch or two. The next day they had all flown off somewhere and the nest was empty."

"Wow I would give anything if I could have been with you to see all of that Brad." said Brian.

Jay piped up and said, "Yea I would have liked to have seen that myself."

"Brad we bought a three acre property yesterday. It even has a barn on it. Would you like us to drive out there and show it to you?"

"Oh Yea." Brad answered.

"They drove by the Realtors and found James still there. Jay said I just stopped by James to see if it would be possible to get a key to show Brad the new house."

James said, "Here she has already given me two keys. This one is yours. You might get one made and give it to Brian too."

"Yea that would be a good idea."

"Jay I am suppose to meet the interior decorator at the furniture store downtown at 1pm so I am glad to see you here. Would you meet me there too. I guess the decorator will do everything for us but insist we pick out our own furniture. She will have it put in the house and take care of draperies etc. But she never picks peoples furniture for them as everyone has different taste."

"That makes sense James. Sure we can meet you there at 1. What is the address so we can find it."

James wrote down the name and address and even the telephone number of the furniture store and handed it to James.

"What about eating James?"

"Well would you like to just pick up a hamburger somewhere and I will do the same. This will g ive us more flexibility in our time allotment, what do you think?"

"Sure James that will be fine. We could have a Big Mac attack or something."

"OK then I'll see you at the furniture store at 1 then."

With that Jay and the boys headed back out to Jays car and headed for the house. When they pulled up into the driveway to a three car garage, Brad said, "You gotta be kidding. You guys are gonna live here?"

"Yes Brad since money is no object with James inheritance we decided to get something that will do us for years to come."

"Wow, this is a fucking mansion. I don't think I have ever been in a house like this before."

Brian said, "Before yesterday I hadn't either. Dude wait until you see the pool and the pasture and the barn and the...."

Jay stepped in and said, "Hey leave some for a surprise OK." With that they all got out and went in the front door. The boys were all eyes at the huge living room. Then they went in the kitchen and Jay said, "You could put half our house in the kitchen alone."

"Yes Brad it is big but that is what we wanted."

They walked on in to the formal dinning room and without furniture Jay had to tell Brad what it was. On into the family room which was almost as big as the living room. Brad kicked in again with, "Wow! Look at that fireplace. That is absolutely awesome."

Jay said, "Yes that struck me that way too."

Then Jay took them to the glass enclosed swimming pool room. When they entered it both boys came unglued.

"Can we take off our clothes and swim in it Jay."

Jay answered, "No we will have to have a pool service come and check out the chemical balance first as it has not been used in almost a year and probably needs considerable chemicals to be right and safe to swim in. But don't worry it won't be long."

"This is going to be so awesome, I envy you guys a lot."

"Brad let me tell you something. First Brian is now our adopted son his father kicked him out. Can I tell Brad why Brian?"

"Yea if he promises to keep it to himself."

Brad stepped in and said, "Jay and I have made this promise that whatever takes place between us and that includes you and Jay Brian stays between us OK?"

"OK then I will tell you what happened. My father came home early from work one night and found me and a guy friend of mine naked and having sex. He beat me, kicked me, told me to take whatever I could carry and get on the next freight out of town. Then he threw me out."

"Oh how fucking awful." said Brad.

Brian said, "If it hadn't been for Jay and James stopping to ask if I were OK, as I was crying sitting there on the sidewalk downtown, I would still be out there on the street raiding dumpsters to eat and panhandling to get any money I could. I might even have been forced into prostitution. So I owe a lot to these guys Brad."

"Wow! what a horrible story to have to tell." said Brad.

Jay broke in and said, "Now something I want to tell you is that while we were in Boston James and I were legally married. That is unless the courts change the law somehow. But we still have our marriage certificate which is legal to us and we are both wearing wedding rings even though because of prejudice of people, especially in small cities like Pocatello, make us wear them on our right hands so as not to stir up hatred for us and Brian. I also want to tell you Brad that while I love Brian like a son, I love you like a brother and in my mind it is the same love. So there should never be a reason for one or the other of you to be jealous of the other at all. Both James and I plan on treating you equal. Understood?"

"Yea Jay I see what you mean. And then I can love Brian like a brother too."

"Yea Brad that goes two ways. By the way Brad are you gay or straight."

"Well I'm beginning to think I'm gay after having been taught some things by Jay. I don't think of girls in a sexual way ever."

"Well it looks like the four gay guys ought to get along together just fine." said Jay. "Oh and by the was for the general public, which includes your mother Brad, Jay and I are just room mates. I moved in with James because he had an extra bedroom to rent. And B rian is here because their dad died and he is James brother. You of course are friends with us because of our joint venture in falconry, does that make a good story to keep people off our back hate wise."

"Yea Jay I can keep that straight. And you are right here in Pocatello we couldn't live our lives unbothered if we told the truth. Most or at least a large percentage of the people here in this area are Mormons and they don't go for gay people either. They are probably the nicest people you will ever find anywhere as they are very family oriented and go to church etc. They are a good people to be around. Just don't stick our necks out by telling the truth."

Jay said, "I already had that figured out Brad."

Let's go up stairs and I will show you the bedrooms. Jay showed the master bedroom with the fireplace. He noted that most bedrooms have a private bath. Then as they walked down the hall he showed the master bathroom with the triple shower heads. They all turned on separately so you could have one or three what ever you wanted. Both boys looked at each other and smiled a sexual smile at each other when he said that. They went on down the hall checking out the bedrooms and then they decided to go out side and look at the grounds and the acreage.

"You see that fence way back there Brad, that is where our property ends. That barn over there is on our property too."

Brad said, "Could we go over and look over the barn and see what it consist of."

"Sure Brad, I am just as curious as you are."

Inside the barn were four equal size stalls. The loft was mainly for hay storage. The stalls had been cleaned and straw put down by the x owners before they left. That was good as usually a barn is forgotten when people mov e and it is just left as is.

Brad said, "Wow, this will be so neat a property to train hawks on. I have a friend I haven't told you about that has a Mew and hawks and I could take you over to his place which isn't far from here and show you what he has," said Brad.

"That would be great Brad. We really need all the help we can get. That is for sure."

"Do you want to go by there now and see if he is home Jay?"

"Well let's see it is only 11 O'clock so I guess we have time." said Jay.

"Good I wanted you to see his place anyway. It has been a while since I was over there too."

They locked the house and got in the car. Brad told them the turns to make and it wasn't long they were in front of another pretty nice house. "His name is Mr. Peterson, Jay."

"OK Brad, I'm glad you knew that it makes introducing myself easier." "That would be fine Brad. That makes sense too."

They went up to the door and since there was a doorbell Jay used it.

When the door opened a man in his 50's with graying hair answered. Brad quickly said, "Mr. Peterson, do you remember me, my name is Brad and I have been over here before about a year ago."

"Why yes Brad, you are the young men that has an interest in hawks. Red Tail Hawks to be specific right?"

"Yes sir that's me. I want to introduce my friends this is Jay, who has the same interest a I do, and this is Brian who came along for the ride but also has a similar interest. We stopped by to see if you would have time to show us your hawks and the place you keep it?"

"Well I am not doing anything at the moment come with me around back. Here we have my Mews. A Mew is a place one keeps a hawk. Unless of course someone goes to the expense of building an aviary which is no more than a large cage a bird can be let loose in. I prefer to keep my birds here at the Mew."

He was showing us a place that had a cover and was sheltered on three sides from the weather. The front had a drop down canvas I guess in case of very bad weather.

"Just what is your interest in birds at this time may I ask?"

"Yes sir, I have a nest spotted about two miles up in a canyon. The birds will be flying age in probably about three weeks and since Jay has three acres where he and his friend live we wanted to ask you how to build a place to put the hawks and maybe a little about the training technique you use."

"Well that is a big mouthful Brad. First of all I build Mews at a reasonable cost and then train the people h ow to train their birds by an hourly cost."

Jay said, "Well it looks like we came to the right place all right. When would you have time to build a Mew for us. And of course we would want the training after we attain the birds. There are three Red Tails in this one nest."

"My that is highly unusual as usually almost always a Red Tail will have one or two offspring a year."

"Yes that is what Brad here has told us." said Jay.

"Well when would you want the Mew built Jay?"

"Well we should have control of the property James just bought in a few days. And then as soon as you have time as of course it would have to be ready by the time the hawks are ready."

"Yes and then my friend Sam, the game Warden, would have to inspect the Mew, which since I built it is just a matter of stopping by as he knows my work. He wouldn't have any trouble approving you since you are taking lessons from me on the care and feeding of your birds."

"Sounds great then what is the next step Mr. Peterson?" asked Jay.

"Well I will give you my phone number and you can call me as soon as you have control of the property and escrow is finished. Then I can start right away. I am not working at anything else at this time so I have plenty of time to help you out."

"That sounds great, then all we need from you now is your phone number." said Jay.

The man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a card. On it was his name and Peterson Mews and his phone number.

"Well that should take care of us until we have control of the property."

They exchanged good byes and then Jay and the boys headed for a hamburger spot. After they finished eating they headed for the furniture store and got there at 12:55 ju st in time.

James was pulling up across the street so he came over to Jay's car and asked him, "How are things going Jay?"

"Better than I ever expected James. Brad introduced us to a Mr. Peterson, who has several hawks, and he is not only going to build a Mew for us, that is what they call what you keep a hawk in, but he is going to guarantee that it will pass inspection and train us how to train our hawks to boot. Of course all of this comes at a price but he really doesn't charge that much for what he does and guarantees."

"Wow! You really hit a jackpot there."

"Yes, are you ready to go into the furniture store now?"

"Yes I expect the lady, Mrs. Van Aron will be along shortly. We can start looking at furniture though and be one step ahead of her."

They all got out and went into the large furniture store. A salesman approached them and they told him they were waiting for an interior decorator name Van Aron. He understood immediately and told them to have fun looking around. They started looking at living room furniture and decided to do it in colonial. In fact they wanted to go maple and colonial throughout because of the style of house they had bought. By the time Mrs. Van Aron arrived they pretty well had decided on a living room couch, chairs and even coffee and end tables. She was pleased with our choices and helped us in picking furniture suitable to go along with colonial style furnishings. She said she would be responsible to fit drapes and curtains to go with anything they picked out.

Finally about an hour later they were through and had shown the salesman the items they had chosen. James paid the bill and the furniture store salesman said they would deliver as soon as we told them. James told them that escrow was closing toda y and that he could deliver them tomorrow.

With that over they decided to take a coke break and fill each other in on all the details of the day. When they finished it was like 3pm and so Jay suggested they all go back to the dorm and rest.

So they got in both cars and headed for the dorm. Wishing of course they were going home to their new house.

When they got to the dorm Brad yelled out, "SHOWER GO ROUND". Jay laughed a little and said hey this isn't the new house it would be a real smashed mess if all 4 of us got in that shower together. He suggested that He take James with him and they would get wet. Then the boys could strip and take turns soaping them down. This went over real big as that is really what Brad wanted to do. Brian was happy with that too as he was dying to see Brad in the raw. So James and Jay got in and got wet and Brad st arted on Jay. He soaped him down and jacked on his dick until he had a raging hard on. He turned him around and did his ass hole getting it good and soapy before pushing two fingers to the hilt. He finger fucked him several times and then said, "We can take care of the rest of this with lotion when you get out OK Jay?"

Jay certainly agreed to that.

Then Brad gave the soap to Brian and said, "Your turn to do James."

Brian got right to work and soaped James from head to foot. Then he jacked him hard and turned him around and soaped his ass hole. He stuck two finger in James ass and James did as he had done and sat back on his fingers with all his weight. Then he stood up and sat back again. This really tickled Brian as he loved every minute of ass play.

Jay said, "OK now you boys get wet it is our turn."

James started on Brad and soaped ev ery inch of him. Then he jacked him hard as a rock and turned him and said, "Sit back." When Brad sat back he found two fingers all the way up his ass. He just sat there for a minute before getting up and sitting back down. He said, "Hey this is something new to me."

Jay then took the soap and did the same thing to Brian. When it came to sitting on his fingers Brian was ahead of him and sat all the way down hard and moaned. Then he got up and sat hard down again and again. Then Jay said, "Let's leave the rest for the lotion you are going to make yourself sore doing this." So the boys rinsed off and got out and every body dried everybody.

When they got to the bedroom Brian said, "Brad would you have any objection to me putting lotion in your butt with my dick?"

Brad thought for a second and said, "Well I am kinda new at this kinda thing would you do it easy ?"

"You bet Brad, I'll make it so easy you won't even know you've been had." and then he laughed a little.

"Well OK Brian I guess I'll trust you not to hurt me."

Brian took one, two and then three fingers full of lotion and prepared him for insertion. OK Brad, "You know the push out thing so do it now." When he grunted Brian put just the head in and said, "Is that hurting you Brad?"

"A little but I'll be OK in a minute."

"Just tell me when dude, I really don't want this to hurt very bad."

"OK Brian go slow, I'm ready I think."

Brian wasn't real thick but he was long so he started pushing slowly but steadily right on in until he was balls to balls. "I'm all the way in how do you feel?"

"You really want to know. Like I have to take a giant crap. But I know it gets easier start slowly fucking me Brian."

Brian d id as requested and started slowly pulling all the way out to the head and then going slowly all the way back in. He did this several times and then said, "Are you ready for me to speed up some yet Brad?"

"Not really but go ahead I'll make it."

Brian started long stoking him a little faster and then went into short stroking him quite a bit faster.

"OK Brian fuck me I'm ready."

With that Brian turned into the fucking machine that Jay knew he could be. He was going so fast that sweat was pouring off him and Brad was sweating just as hard. Finally Brad said, "OOoooo...GOddddd ...I'mmm....cumming." When he started cuming Brian felt it from inside him and it set him off too. He also Yelled out, "Ohhh..Myyy... Godddd..." and started shooting like he felt he had never shot before. Because he had wanted to fuck Brad since he first saw him, and now his horniness had come to p ass.

Brian collapsed on Brad's back and they both lay their panting.

Jay and James were almost panting from the show themselves.

After they caught their breath James said, "Turn over on your back Brian I want to put lotion in your butt for you the same way."

Brian looked a little scared but rolled onto his back. Jay one, two, three, fingered him and then stuck his long dick all the way to the hilt getting Brian to say, "Oh ouch ouch...take it easy."

James knowing he was being a bit over horny backed out to the head and went in real slow this time.

"That's better James. I am ready now."

Brad was all eyes and hard as a rock watching this show.

James started pumping fairly fast and after about 5 minutes he went into over drive. He fucked faster than Jay could remember seeing him fuck. If dicks could smoke his would be. It only took 10 or 12 minutes until James let go. "Ohhh I can't hold it any longer...I'm cumming..." He started shooting hot sperm well into Brains ass and Brian couldn't believe he was cumming again. He came and came and came. James collapsed on his front and began French kissing Brian. Brian went right into this as he loved it. But neither one of them could keep it up long they needed some life giving air. They were both panting like a billy goat.

Brad said, "Do you think I could fuck you front ways Jay?"

"Sure dude it is your turn alright."

So Brad lubricated him properly and was all the way in him in a matter of a minute or so. He said,"Are you ready for me to get with it Jay?"

"Yea let it rip Brad."

With that Brad didn't think he had much left in him but he was going really fast in nothing flat. Oh how he loved fucking his blood brother. Oh how he loved Jay for that matter. He had never had a friend as nice as Jay had been to him. He had learned so much in a relatively short time, all because of Jay. He finally let out the war hoop and said, "Ooooo ...I'm... cumming Jay..."

When he finished cumming he collapsed on Jay hugging him. He waited a minute to catch his breath and let Jay catch his breath and then went into a French Kiss with Jay. Jay loved every minute of it.

Everybody agreed it was time to rinse off and James suggested taking them all out to dinner after such a long a trying day.

(To be continued)


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