Poor Little Cripple Boy

****Warning, this story contains many subjects that may be arousing to certain people, read at your own risk. It contains gay sex and love between a man and a boy, as well as diaper use. If this is not the sort of story that you are interested in reading, then please feel free to close this story. If however this sounds good to you, then please feel free to read on, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, I would love to hear from you, hear what your thoughts were on my story, @ erich5748@yahoo.com, but also, no flames please, they are promptly deleted, not that I have ever had any before. Also, if you wish to read the rest of my stories, and do not already have a membership to my site, you are welcome to join and share your stories as well, if they are appropriate to my site of course. You may join at groups.google.ca/group/gay-boy-diaper-stories. Hope to see you there. Now enough with the part that no one really ever reads, and onto the story, and once again, enjoy.****

Liam was wandering around the local Wal-Mart of his city, just looking around, killing time and wishing he could afford to buy all the things that he really wanted to buy. And he wanted lots, he just had to settle mostly for what he needed, only occasionally able to afford some small thing he wanted. Liam is small, dark brown haired, light brown eyes, walks with a noticeable limp in both legs, is not good looking, but nor is he bad looking either, just very plain. He was just heading down one of the food aisles when he saw a mother and her son there, and his heart melted instantly. For what he saw was a cute little boy, sad looking as could be, sitting there in a wheelchair, thin mis formed legs, hands that looked weak and probably as ill functioning as his legs were, wearing a pair of soft cotton shorts that were riding up, exposing his diaper. He had mousy dirty blond hair, green eyes, and a look that showed that he might be mentally handicapped as well. They were wheeling right towards him, and as they got closer, the boy looked up and saw him, and Liam had to smile softly to the boy, for he saw that the boy was not mentally handicapped as he certainly appeared to be physically so. As they drew closer to where he was standing, he had to talk to the boy.

“Hey there handsome, how are you today?” He asked in his trademark slow, almost forced speech.

“I'm good thanks.” The boy said slowly as well, brightening right up and smiling.

“I'm glad to hear that, you looked too sad, and I hate to see kids so sad.”

“Yeah, but no one ever just talks to me like I'm a person, all they see is a poor little cripple boy that needs pity.” The boy said sadly again, a little slowly, stuttering slightly as he did so.

“I know what you mean. I still get that sometimes myself.”

“Why, what do you mean, you look normal to me?”

“Yeah, only because I'm wearing loose baggy clothes that hide my braces, and you can hear how badly I talk, most people think I'm mentally handicapped as well.”

“Oh yeah, same here. What do you wear braces for?”

“My legs. I have really bad legs, couldn't walk until I was about your age, maybe a bit older, and was also stuck in a wheelchair.”

“Yeah, you can see I'm in the same boat, but my doctor says there's no hope I'll ever walk, my brain just doesn't work properly.”

“Yes, I can see that, and I was told the same thing too, but I proved them all wrong. I can also see something else, something that maybe you don't want others to see, although I never care myself.”

“What's that?”

“Your diaper is showing through your shorts.” Liam said, leaning down and whispering to the boy, but loud enough that his mom would be able to hear.

“Oh, yeah I don't care about that too much either, but thanks.” The boy said, reaching his hand down slowly, obviously with some difficulty, but not too bad, and pulled his shorts down to hide the diaper better.

“No problem. I don't care either if people see my diaper, it's none of their business, and I need them, so it's not a big deal.”

“You have to wear diapers too!”

“Yeah, my bladder muscles never developed, and I couldn't train it like I was able to train my legs. I was almost twenty by the time I could control my bowels though.”

“Mine won't either, but I can control my bowels, my mom says she's thankful for that at least, but then again, so am I.” The boy smiled and said slowly.

“Yes, that I am.” His mom said, the first time she had spoken, obviously happy to let her little boy talk to someone like a real person for the first time in a while. She knew how hard it was on him.

“Oh, how rude of me, I'm Liam.” Liam said, sticking out his hand to the mother.

“I'm Jan, nice to meet someone who talks to my son like a person upon first meeting him, but then it sounds as if you know all about what he's going through.”

“Sadly yes I do, and it's good to meet you as well.” Liam said to Jan. “So, that just leaves you and me, I'm Liam.” Liam said, offering his hand to the boy.

“Nice to meet you Liam, I'm Gavin.”

“Likewise Gavin. Hey listen, it's nearing lunch time and I was thinking of heading to the McDonalds in here, would you two care to join me for lunch?” Liam asked.

“Can we mommy?”

“Sure, why not, I haven't treated you to any junk food for a long time.” Jan smiled warmly to her boy.

“Thank you.” He smiled back.

“Great. I don't often get to treat myself either, I don't exactly have a lot of money to spend, but meeting a new friend is always call for celebration.”

“That's nice, and I'm sure Gavin would like to have a friend, but you're more the big brother type, given you're about thirty I suppose.”

“Thirty five to be exact, but that sounds good as well.” Liam smiled.

They walked to the restaurant in the store quietly, because while walking, Liam had to really concentrate or risk falling. He no longer used a cane, but he had to pay very close attention and always be near something to hold onto. He had to explain this to Jan, and she understood, so stopped the conversation she was about to continue. When Liam ordered his food, he grabbed one of the rolling highchairs that the place had, set his tray of food on that, and wheeled his meal to the table that they had chosen, because it was wheelchair accessible. Jan and Gavin were right behind him, their meal tray on Gavin's lap.

“Sorry about having to stop you from talking there, but like I said, I can't concentrate on walking and talking both at the same time, and both are still sometimes hard for me to do.” Liam apologized again.

“That's perfectly okay, believe me, I understand. Gavin has the same problems with talking. He was eight before he could really make any sense, and ten before we could hold a proper conversation.”

“Yeah, but even now I still have troubles, and I stutter a lot.”

“You're a lot further along now than I was at your age. You're what, twelve I figure!”

“Fourteen actually, but that's okay, most people think I'm eight at best.”

“I was the same. Even now most people think I'm younger than I really am. So, what is your actual condition, or have they even bothered trying to determine it?” Liam asked curiously.

“At first they thought it was my nerves weren't working properly, but I feel everything, so now they think it's my brain that's not working properly, not sending the proper signals to my limbs. I can move my legs and arms, but they don't cooperate properly, but at least my hands are a lot better than they used to be. I can feed myself now, but mommy has to cut my food into small bite sized pieces for me, and I still have a hard time feeding myself, but I can, it just takes me an hour to do it. Mommy will have to feed me today though, because we don't want to be here that long today. How about you, what's your condition?”

“Similar to yours actually, but it's my muscles, not my brain. For some reason my muscles just don't retain their strength, so they're very weak. I can't go for long periods of time doing anything before I get tired, I have to do daily muscle building exercises in my pool to keep them as good as I can, but the second I slack off, I lose mobility in my legs. My arms and hands do have the same problem, as does my back, but they're not nearly as bad. My specialist says that it's a very rare condition, and it even has a name, but don't ask me to repeat it, because my mouth doesn't work that well.” Liam grinned.

“That's funny, I would have said the same thing.” Gavin giggled.

“Not even I attempt saying it, and my mouth works just fine.” Jan laughed.

“My parents were the same when they were alive. So, do you go to school Gavin?”

“Yeah, I go to the local high school and I get my own personal helper. Not so sure why I bother though, because I have dys-dys.....”

“Dyslexia baby.” Jan helped.

“Thanks, I have that so bad that I can't read hardly any at all, I can't possibly write, I can't even print my name at all, because I can't even hold a pen properly. They're trying me on a special computer though, and that's going pretty well. All I have to do is talk to it, and it does almost everything for me, it's pretty neat.”

“Wow, we're a lot alike you and I then, because I can't hardly read either, I can just barely print my name, but it's so horrible it makes a doctors writing look like the nicest writing around. I went to an institution though for schooling, but even then I wouldn't have called it schooling, because we learned nothing there at all, pretty much all it was was a daycare for disabled kids.”

“You should have the same computer I have then.”

“I probably already do, or at least I'll probably have the same program, because it was just upgraded.”

“Neat. They're giving me one for at home as well, so that I can use it there, so maybe I'll have to get your email address.” Gavin smiled hopefully.

“I'd like that. So what about you Jan, I know having a disabled child isn't easy, how do you manage?”

“Well, I get a lot of help from the government, because we're alone, but that doesn't give us a lot to live on, because they really don't pay me a lot.”

“I know how that is. I probably get far less than you do, because I am alone and I own my own house.”

“Really, knowing how poorly they pay, how is it you could own your own house?” Jan asked in shock, never even fathoming owning a house on what the government gave her for living expenses.

“It was my parents' house, so when they died, they left it to me. I'd never be able to live on my own otherwise really. What I get barely covers my monthly bills and basic food. I do a few odd jobs that I can do from home to earn a few extra bucks, so that I can buy a few nice things, but it's not a lot. I have enough though, it's not much, but it's mine.”

“Yeah, I know how that is. We live in a low income housing project, it's not wheelchair friendly in the least, but at least it's a roof over our head. That's one good thing with Gavin being so small, his wheelchair is still small enough to fit through the doors. Not sure what we'll do if and when he grows more and we have to upgrade to a larger chair, because this one just barely fits through now. Granted, he is starting to grow a bit again, so maybe that will be soon.”

“My dad was a carpenter, so when they found out that I would be wheelchair bound for life, he almost totally rebuilt the house to accommodate me, so it's perfect for a wheelchair, but now I don't really need it, at least all the time, but I do have my chair for when I need it, but it's an electric one.”

“That was nice of him, at least your dad stuck around. Gavin's dad took off when he heard of the problems we'd face, haven't seen or heard from him since. He was a prick anyways.” Jan said bitterly.

“That's too bad, but my parents were the best. I still miss them even after ten years, and even through all my problems, I never once questioned if they loved me. It had to have been horrible for them, even more so than it appears it is for you, because back then they didn't have the help we have now, and I was in worse condition for the most part, although you do have issues I didn't have Gavin.”

“I hope that Gavin knows the same from me, that my love for him is unwavering, even though we have our rough times. It is hard on me, but I always remind myself how much harder it is on him, and I just smack myself and get on with it. What happened to your parents, if you don't mind my asking that is?”

“Dad apparently had a heart problem that they had no idea about, had a heart attack one night while they were driving, and that was the end. They both died instantly from what I was told, so at least that was good for them. Their life insurance paid for their funeral costs, paid off the last bit of the mortgage, bought me a pool to help exercise in, and that was about all it did. At least it paid the house off, because I couldn't have kept it otherwise.”

“I'm sorry to hear that.” Gavin said quietly after finishing his mouthful of food.

“That's okay, I'm better now and I understand better than most how life can deal you blows like that. I learned long ago that you have to take what you have and just make the best of it. My parents helped me to realize that, and they were the ones that worked almost as hard as I did to prove to the doctors that I would walk. My dad built me my first set of leg braces, because the doctors said it would be a waste of money to even consider it, and we did prove them wrong, but even now it's still hard to do, but I do do it.”

“Yeah, mommy has helped me to see that as well, and we do all we can with what we have and don't complain about it much, because we know it could be far worse.” Gavin said thoughtfully.

“Your dad really built you your first set of leg braces, how?”

“Not sure, but they were made of steel strapping that he welded together. It wasn't pretty, it was big and bulky, but it was strong. I still have them in the shop somewhere, amongst all my dads old tools, he couldn't throw them out. It almost looked like a walker really, but it was perfect. I walked into my doctors office in that rig six months later, and he sat down in his chair as if he fell there, and stared at me for a good ten minutes before he could even say anything. To say he was amazed would be an understatement.”

“I bet. I asked our doctor about ways to possibly get Gavin walking, and he said much the same thing, but sadly, we think that we believe him. With you it's just your muscles can't stay strong, but with Gavin, he just can't always get his limbs, especially his legs, to do what he wants them to. About all he can do is twitch his legs, but even that's erratic at best.” Jan said sadly.

“That's too bad really. The day I took my first real steps all by myself was the happiest day of my life.”

“Oh how I'd love to be able to walk like a normal person.” Gavin said dreamily.

“You know what Gavin, hold that dream, work towards it, and maybe, just maybe some day your dream will come true. Look at me, I never thought I would walk, but I persevered, and look at me now. I don't walk near as good as others do, but I can. I can't run at all, I'd never even attempt such a stupid thing, but that's okay by me, at least I can walk. Sure, maybe you'll never walk, but maybe some day you will.”

“You're very kind, but that's what I keep telling him too. It's hard for him though, he gets so depressed when he sees other kids laughing and running around, playing with their friends, and here they never even talk to him. Almost no one does, especially not like a person. It's like he said earlier, they all treat him like the poor little cripple boy.”

“Believe me, I know all too well exactly what depression he feels, because I went through it myself, just as bad. There were days that were so bad that I just wanted to die, but my parents helped me to keep going.”

“Yeah, I suppose you would know, and as much as Gavin would never admit it, for fear of hurting my feelings, I know he feels the same way some days.”

“Yeah, and Gavin, that's fine too, but just remember to talk to your mom, or even me when you feel like that, okay.”

“I know, I always do, but I'd never kill myself. Mostly because even if I really truly wanted to, I doubt I'd be able to, I can't control my hands well enough to do anything like that.” Gavin smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I was the same, and even told my parents the same thing once.”

“But remember, to the person that has convinced themselves to do it, they'll find a way.” Jan said sadly.

“Too true, but all anyone can do is be there for the person.” Liam said softly.

“Don't worry mommy, no matter how hard it is some days, I'd never do that to you.”


“This is much too sad and serious a conversation for lunch.” Liam said, trying to break the somber mood that had crept upon them.

“Too true.” Jan said.

“So, what are you guys doing after you leave here then?” Liam asked.

“We only came to look around really, buy a few small things that we need, and then we were heading home so that I could clean the house.” Jan answered.

“Nothing much, as usual.” Gavin added sadly.

“Would you like to come over to my house, I could use the company?” Liam asked.

“I'd like to.” Gavin said happily, stumbling over his words a little he said it so fast.

“I really need to go home and clean up, but if you think that you can manage with Gavin, he could probably go with you. I'll just get your phone number and address and I'll come and pick him up in a little while.” Jan said.

“I don't mind, and I'm sure that I can manage just fine. We can talk a lot and Gavin will get to really talk to someone who understands him more than anyone else he could know, because we're the same.”

“Yes, I'm sure that would be nice for him, he needs that. I love him, I know it has to be hard on him at times, but I can't really see and feel what he feels, so while I do understand, I'm sure you understand far better than even I do.” Jan smiled warmly.

“Thanks mommy, you're the best.” Gavin smiled happily to his mom.

“Hey, the one thing that I always wanted for you was to have a normal friendship, and while Liam is considerably older than you are, he can be a good friend to you, I can tell, as well he can be almost a father figure to you, seeing as how you obviously don't have one.”

“I know, but I have you, that's all I need.”

“Thanks baby.”

They continued talking for the next half an hour it took for them to eat, because neither Gavin or Liam could eat very fast, nor could they talk and eat really at the same time, so it took a while for them to finish eating. Jan did copy down all of Liam's information after getting to know each other even better yet, and Jan wrote their information for Liam and passed it over as well.

“How do you get home Liam?” Jan asked as they were getting ready to head out.

“I take the bus, because not only can I not afford to own or run a car, but I couldn't drive one even if I wanted to.”

“We take the bus as well, and while I can drive, we too cannot afford one, so the bus is better, and we get probably the same discounted rate as you do, so it's good and cheap.”

“Yeah, that it is. Well, should we head out then?”

“Okay.” Gavin said almost excitedly.

With some difficulty Liam stood from the chair he was sitting at, grabbed the handle bars to Gavin's wheelchair, and they all walked out together, silent as they were before. They all headed to the bus stop, figuring that they should make it there just in time for the next bus, but only the guys would be taking it, because Jan's bus would be the next one.

“Now Gavin, I want you to behave, and call if you need anything. Oh, here's Gavin's diaper bag as well, there's a change of clothes in there should you need them.”

“Thanks. Hey, would you mind if Gavin went swimming with me?”

“I don't know, we've never done that before. Are you sure that you can do that though, because Gavin will not be able to support himself at all?”

“I'm sure that we'll be just fine. My pool is an above ground pool that's only four feet deep, and I have a special lift so that I can get in and out. He'll love it. The pool is actually in the garage, since I don't use it for anything else anyways, and I keep it nice and warm, so it'll probably feel nice.”

“If you think that you can manage, then go ahead, but please stay safe.”

“I'm always safe. Oh, I don't have any shorts that will fit Gavin though, actually, not even sure I have shorts.”

“Why wouldn't you have shorts if you have a pool?” Gavin asked curiously.

“I don't normally wear any, because I'm usually by myself. I just got used to it that way, because the swim diapers that I used to have I couldn't put shorts over them anyways, so when I stopped wearing the swim diapers, I didn't have shorts to wear.”

“Oh, why would you have swim diapers though?”

“Because I used to have messy accidents sometimes when I relaxed too much, even after I finally got myself trained, but that almost never happens now, only when I'm sick.”

“Well, I'm sure that Gavin won't be shy to be seen by you, and I'm sure that you're not shy, so I suppose you could both just swim naked, but really, the shorts that Gavin is wearing would probably work just fine too. Then again they'd probably fall right off him without a diaper.” Jan laughed.

“That was the reason I had no shorts, because in order for them to fit over my diaper, they were too loose in the waist, so if they fit in the waist they wouldn't go over my diapers.”

“Pretty much Gavin's problem as well. I usually have to custom fit his clothes so that they fit properly. I had to get used to using a sewing machine, but I hate sewing.” Jan said.

“My mom used to do the same for me, but of course now that she's gone, I can't get that done anymore.”

“Well, if you need anything done, I could always do it for you.”

“Thanks, I might just have to take you up on that offer.”

“No problem, but here's your bus, so you have to get going.”

“Yeah, see you later, just call when you're about to leave so that we know to be ready for you.” Liam said.

“Sure thing, will do. Gavin baby, you have fun okay.”

“I will mommy, thanks.” Gavin said, and then she bent down and kissed him.

Liam managed to get Gavin on the bus with ease after the bus driver lowered the ramp for them, and then they found a seat, and headed out to Liam's house, which was the opposite way as Gavin was used to going. The bus ride was only about fifteen minutes from the mall and then they got off.

“Here we are, it's not much, but I like it.” Liam said as they were standing in front of the house, having had to walk a half block to get there after being dropped off.

“It's really nice, and it's big too.”

“Thanks. It's just a nice little rancher style house, just over a thousand square feet, but it has three bedrooms and a bathroom. The garage is actually nearly as large as the house is, but my dad did a lot of work from there, so it had to be big. It's really nice inside too, your wheelchair will have no problems at all. Have you guys ever thought about getting you an electric powered chair so that you can move on your own?”

“Yeah, mommy said that my next chair would be, since I am getting better with my hand control.”

“That's good, you'll love the added freedom to be able to at least move around on your own, even if it is in a chair.”

“The problem though is that she doesn't think that any electric chairs will fit through the doors at our apartment, because they're bigger.”

“Yeah, that might pose a little bit of a problem for sure. I'm sure that something can be figured out though, even if you have to move.”

“We've been on a waiting list for a wheelchair accessible house for over three years already, but I don't think that it's gonna happen any time soon if it hasn't already.”

“Oh, that does make it difficult, but I'm sure that something can be done. Let's go inside and we can sit and talk for a bit.”


Liam pushed Gavin right up to the front door with ease and then they went inside. He headed straight to the living room and maneuvered Gavin so that he was next to a chair, and then helped him from his chair into the soft arm chair.

“Thanks, that's much better, I hate sitting in my wheelchair for a long time like that.”

“I know how you feel. Are you able to move around on the floor any at all, like crawl?”

“Yeah, I can move around a bit, I can crawl, but not very well, my mommy says it looks pretty funny how I scoot around, but I'm happiest when I can do that at least.”

“Once again, I know how you feel, because I was the same.” Liam said, and then took a moment to get over to the couch to sit down as well.

“Oh, your diaper is showing again, not that I mind, mind you.”

“That's okay, I won't bother fixing it.” Gavin grinned.

“When I'm home, I normally don't even bother wearing clothes, just in case my diaper leaks, that way I don't have to worry about getting clothes wet as well. As you can see, all my furniture is good for getting wet. Takes some getting used to sitting on a leather couch almost bare though.”

“I don't normally wear any either, for the same reason, and our floors I don't think anyone would notice if I peed them, the carpets are so stained already.”

“Yeah, my parents put hardwood in because of me, because I peed and stained them a few too many times. Not to mention that it was easier for me to crawl on, I didn't get rug burn on my knees all the time.” Liam grinned.

“Yeah, me too, but they won't change the carpets for me.”

“Actually, you're starting to look a little wet, do you need a change?”

“Probably could use one, but can we try swimming instead, I'd like to try that?”

“Sure, why not. Let me get you back into your chair then, and we'll head right out to the garage.”

So that was what they did. As soon as they made it to the garage, Liam stripped down totally, putting his wet diaper into the trash can for them, and then helped Gavin to get undressed.

As Liam undressed, Gavin was watching in morbid curiosity, because he had never seen another male nude before. As soon as Liam was naked, Gavin sighed a little and his little dick became erect in his diaper. He felt it, he knew that it happened at times, but wasn't entirely certain why it did, or why it only did it when he saw a boy or man he liked.

“Oh wow you're hard.” Liam stated as he pulled off Gavin's diaper, revealing the three and a half inch erection.

“Yeah, it happens a lot, especially lately.”

“You're probably going through puberty.”

“What's that?”

“Hasn't your mom told you anything about what your body is going to be going through?”

“No, all she says about my peepee is that it's normal that it gets hard like that and that I moan in pleasure when she wipes it when it's hard like that.”

“Yeah, it's normal alright. Here, let's get in the pool and I'll tell you all about it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Liam got Gavin situated in the lift, and got him into the pool with ease. He told Gavin to hold onto the edge of the pool, and he was able to on his own easily. So Liam got the lift back down for himself and then got into the pool as well.

“I like this, it's just like a huge bath.” Gavin smiled.

“Yeah, it is.”

For the next half an hour or so, they just played around a little, Liam teaching Gavin how to get around in the pool.

“I love this, it's so nice. I almost feel normal in here, I can move around so easily, almost like other people can.” Gavin said happily at the end of their first half hour.

“Yeah, that's why I love to swim as well.” Liam said, and then they sat down on the bench that Liam had in the pool, and started telling Gavin everything that he would need to know about puberty. His penis got hard at the start of the conversation and stayed that way the entire time. Liam's did too though, and he knew the reason why. He had long ago accepted that he was almost certainly gay, and seeing a cute little erection was more than enough to cause one of his own, even if he had no intentions of doing anything at all with the younger boy.

“So, tell me, what do you know about puberty and your body?” Liam asked.

“Nothing really, only that my peepee gets hard sometimes and that it feels good when touched. I know that I'm supposed to look at girls and get hard, and some of the boys at school even talk about jacking off. I know it has something to do with that stuff, but not what.”

“So the bare basics. Jacking off and touching your penis to make it feel good are one and the same. Jacking yourself requires stroking and playing with your erection though, not just touching it. Most boys are supposed to like girls and vice versa, but not all. Some boys like boys and some girls like girls, some like both. They are called gay or bi. Gay when they only like the same sex, bi if they like both, and when you like the opposite, you're hetero. Soon you'll have hair growing in places, your voice might start changing, you might start growing, and when you do play with yourself, your penis could erupt semen, or cum out of it.”

“Wow, that's a lot of information. Is liking boys bad, because I don't think I like girls?”

“No, it's not bad, although you'll not want to ask most people that question, because there are still those that do not believe that homosexuality, or being gay is good or right. At school you could get teased, although I doubt you would there, because you probably have an adult with you at all times. I however understand, because I think I'm the same way. The way I see it is that if you do nothing to hurt anyone else, anything that you do behind closed doors is no ones business.”

“So, we really are a lot alike then. I already have had a few hairs growing, but my mom shaves them off, she says we don't want them to get smelly and matted up. Do you shave as well, because you don't have any hair?”

“Yeah, I shave for the same reason. I don't really have much hair anywhere anyways, hardly any in my armpits, none on my chest at all, and even though I do shave, I only have to do it once every couple weeks or so, because hair just doesn't grow very fast on me. I also only have to get my hair cut once a year or so.”

“Wow! Mommy says that my hair grows quite fast, so she shaves me every few days. When will my voice change and when will I start erupting?”

“Hard to say really. You might already be able to cum if you were to jack off. Have you ever had any really nice sexy dreams and waken up with your diaper a little more wet and sticky than normal?”

“I've had dreams yeah, but I've never noticed anything weird in my diapers, but I don't usually see in them.”

“You probably have though, you're certainly old enough. As for your voice, it probably is changing already, but if you're anything like me, it won't change all that much. I still have a pretty high voice, but I think that yours is lowering slightly, because you don't sound quite like a little boy.”

“Neat. So how do you jack off then and how does it feel to cum?”

“Each person does it differently, but the basic gist of it is to wrap your hand around your dick and stroke it up and down. When it starts feeling really good, continue, and then when it feels even better than that, continue. Soon enough you'll feel like you're going to explode, your body will tingle, you'll see stars, your muscles will tense up, some people say it feels like they need to pee, but just keep going. Then all of a sudden it'll happen, the feelings will explode in your body and the best possible feeling that you could ever have will flow through you like you couldn't possibly believe. If you're as far along in puberty as I think you are, then you will ejaculate, the technical term for actually spraying your sperm, or cum.”

“Wow, I can't wait to try it now.”

“I very strongly suggest that you wait until you are safe from being caught doing it. Every boy does it, but you will get teased mercilessly for actually being caught doing it, and mothers have to know their sons do it, but they think it's gross. Like it's any less gross for them to be doing it. I suggest you clean up the evidence as well, because girls don't seem to deal with boy messes well.”

“How do I do that?”

“There are a number of ways, but there are two favorites, or just one especially among gays. First is just to use a tissue and wipe up the mess, but the gay guys prefer just to eat it.”

“Really, eat it! Isn't that gross?”

“To some it might be, but to many not at all.”

“Do you eat yours?”

“Well, now that's a personal question that you probably shouldn't ask other people, but considering all that I have already told you, I'll answer it. Yes I do, have since I started cumming at sixteen, finally. With all my problems, I was seriously behind in the sexual development areas, so I had to wait to taste mine. Even many straight guys will eat theirs, but almost all gay guys do from what I understand.”

“Then I'll try mine as well. So, what is sex then?”

“You take everything at your own pace, don't try things just to be like others. As for what is sex, it's the physical act that joins two people together. A straight couple would have sex by the man sticking his erection into the girls vagina and thrusting in and out of her. A gay male couple would do the exact same thing, except they would have to use each others bums instead. I have no idea what a gay female couple does, and quite honestly, I don't care either.”

“Have you ever done that before, and does it hurt, because sometimes mommy has to give me an enema and it hurts a bit, and the hose is nowhere near as large as your peepee?”

“First things first, peepee is a child's term for your penis or dick, or when you're around your mom, although penis is better. Your mom may not like my teaching you all this, but at least I'll tell you the proper stuff. I never got told any of this either, because back then it just wasn't talked about, I had to learn it all on my own the hard way. Now onto your question, no, I have never had sex before, but I have had things inside my bum, sexual toys, but not often, because it's difficult for me to do. As for does it hurt, sure, if you don't prepare properly. It can be very uncomfortable at first, but then it can feel amazing.”

“Thanks for all the information. You told me more in the last hour than I have ever learned before.”

“I know, and I've just told you all of what I have learned over the last nearly twenty years.” Liam smiled.


“Yeah, no kidding. Well, we should probably get out of here, we're both turning into prunes, since we've been in here for more than an hour already. I hate that I can't talk faster like a normal person, but I guess I should be happy that I can talk at all.”

“Yeah, same here. What my mom can say in a few seconds takes me a couple minutes to say, but I still remember how horrible it was not being able to talk at all.”

“Same here. Come on, let's get us out of here and into some dry diapers.”


They worked slowly to get themselves out of the pool, Liam having to get out first, and then having to try and help Gavin from the outside of the pool to get him onto the lift to get him out. As soon as they were both out, Gavin was laid down and dried off and diapered, and then Liam did himself. Because his hands did not work very well, this took quite some time, but he was used to it.

“Are you hungry again, because I am?”

“Yeah, I'm getting hungry again.”

“Good. Now, I don't really cook much, because with how slow I am I have a tendency to burn things, so I hope microwave pizza or something like that is good for you.”

“That's okay with me, I like pizza. Mommy doesn't normally buy that stuff, because she considers it junk food, and I shouldn't have that stuff.”

“I would probably agree, but I buy the healthier stuff to keep me in shape and healthy as well. We're in the same boat there, the junk food is even worse for us than most people, so we should stay well away from it as often as possible.”

“Oh, okay, that sounds good.”

Liam got two frozen pizzas out of the freezer, popped them into the microwave and turned it on, and then got them some drinks, plates, cups, and cutlery ready and on the table.

“Are you able to drink on your own Gavin?”

“If you have a baby bottle or a sippy cup with handles I can.”

“I probably have both around here. With the amount that I drop and spill cups of water or juice, I should probably still use them myself, but I'm sure I still have my old ones around here somewhere.” Liam said. He grabbed one of the cups from the table, put it back, and searched the cupboard for a sippy cup. He found a bottle first, so grabbed that, cleaned it, filled it, and handed it to Gavin to drink.

“There you go. You can get started on that if you'd like.”

“Thanks, I'm thirsty, and it takes me a while, so I should.” Gavin smiled, and then slowly and jerkily moved the bottle to his lips and started sucking from it.

“You're welcome. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes. I'll cut yours up and feed you while I eat mine as well.”

“Okay, thanks.”

A few minutes later the microwave dinged that it was done, so Liam went and got their snack ready. He even cut his up into smaller pieces, let them both cool a minute or two, and then went to the table. Liam would take a bite, and then give Gavin a bite, and silently they went on like this, eating all their small snack.

“Mmm, that was good, thanks. Do you have to eat lots of small meals as well?”

“You're welcome. Yes I do. I can't eat lots at one time, so I have to eat lots of small meals all day long. If I eat too much at once I make myself sick, so I don't do that.”


“So, what would you like to do now?”

“I don't know, what can we do?”

“We could go sit and watch a movie if you'd like!”

“Sure, I'd like that. About the only time I get to watch movies is when they come on TV, and I like to watch movies.”

“Yeah, it's one of the few things that I can do, so I usually buy the cheap movies at the store if there's anything I like, so that I always have a movie to watch. What kind of movies do you like?”

“Comedy, action, drama, I'm not really picky.”

“I like the same ones, so I'll just pick one at random and see what we get.”


Liam went to the cabinet he kept his movies in and just reached in and grabbed. He didn't even look at the case, he just pulled the disk out and put it in the player, and then went and got both himself and Gavin situated on the couch. They sat and watched the movie together for the little over two hours that it took for them to watch it, one on either end of the couch, both silent as can be.

“That was good, thanks.” Gavin smiled.

“You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it.”

“This has been a great day, I'm so happy we met.” Gavin said with a tear leaking down.

“Me too. I get really lonely around here all by myself, so it's been really nice to have you over. About the only time I ever talk to anyone is when I'm at the store or when I have to go to the office to argue for money or equipment.”

“At least I have my mom, so I don't get lonely, but it's nice to be able to talk to another guy, and someone who knows what I'm going through as well.”

Just then the phone rang, and they both knew that it was Jan calling to say she was coming to pick Gavin up. Liam answered the phone and his fears were confirmed, she told him that she would be there in half an hour or so. With that they hung up. The two of them sat and talked, waiting for Jan to arrive, and she did in just a little over thirty minutes.

“Wow, you have a very nice house Liam.” Jan said as she was shown in.

“Thank you, it's nice, but small.”

“Trust me, this is a lot larger than our place is, but it's also so nice and open as well.”

“And you should see his pool in the garage mommy.” Gavin added.

“Yeah, how did you like that, and was it hard to do?”

“I loved it mommy, and no, it was easy, it was nice.”

“That's good, I'm glad you liked it. Well, we should probably get ready to go, the next bus will be in about ten to fifteen minutes, and you're not even dressed.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, I should have had him ready to go for you.”

“That's okay. It's hard for me to dress him, and I have full use of my hands, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for you to do.”

“Pretty difficult, but then diapering isn't easy either and we managed just fine.”

“That's good to hear.” Jan said as she was getting Gavin dressed.

“Mommy, can I come over again some time?”

“You'd have to ask Liam that, it's his house.”

“Yes.” Liam said before Gavin even bothered to ask.

“Yeah, I figured you'd say yes right away as well. I imagine that you get pretty bored here at times, so having someone around who knows what you're going through must be nice as well, just as nice as it must be for Gavin.”

“For sure. Now, I don't know if you'd be happy with me or not for doing it, but Gavin had boy questions, and I answered them.”

“Oh thank goodness. I have no idea what you boys go through, nor have I any idea how to explain it. He's started puberty and I'm sure he had questions, so I'm glad he had someone he could trust and ask.” Jan said, clearly relieved.

“Yeah, I'm the same with girls, not a clue.”

“I bet. Well, we better head out to the bus stop before we miss our bus home.”

“Okay, thanks so much for letting Gavin come over, I really liked having the company. I'd really like it, as I'm sure Gavin would as well, if he could come over again soon.”

“No prob, I'm glad that he was able to as well, and for sure. I'll call you later and we can arrange something.”

“Okay, can't wait to hear from you then.”

“Bye.” Gavin said sadly.

“Bye.” Liam said, also more than a little sadly as well.

“You guys will be fine, we'll work something out soon enough.” Jan smiled warmly at the two of them.

“Thanks. Well you guys have a good night okay.” Liam said.

And soon Liam was by himself once again. He had been used to it before that day, but now that he had had the pleasure of getting to spend time together with someone he liked, he wasn't so sure that he liked being alone any more. He went and made himself some dinner, cleaned the bottle that Gavin had used and used it for himself, ate his dinner, and then played on the internet for a while before going to bed.

When Gavin and Jan got home, Gavin told Jan almost everything that they had done, and then they too sat down for dinner, cuddled up and watched TV, and then they too headed to bed.

Chapter 2

The next couple days went by for them all, and all Gavin and Liam ended up doing was talking on the phone, the one day for well over two hours. They both enjoyed it a lot, and Jan was pleased to see her poor little boy happy. She knew he needed a friend, a mentor, a father figure, and or a big brother, and in Liam he had found all of that. Even though she had never really admitted it, she was also pretty certain about Gavin's sexuality, and she was also pretty certain as to Liam's as well. She did get confirmation though that afternoon after the two of them had talked for a couple hours.

“Mommy, how come every time I talk to Liam I feel funny in my stomach and I feel like I really want to see him?” Gavin asked softly, seriously confused. Jan just smiled warmly.

“It sounds as if you might be falling in love with him baby.”

“But I'm not supposed to love boys, but I think I do.”

“That's not true, you love who you love, and there's no stopping it. The question is, is how do you love him?”

“How do you mean mommy?”

“Well, when you're near him or when you think of him, does your peepee get hard?”

“Yeah.” Gavin said, actually blushing a bit, because they had never talked like this before.

“I sorta thought so. You don't often look much at other people, but when you do, it's usually at the cute boys and men that you do. Do you know what being gay is?”

“Yeah, Liam told me all about it the other day.”

“I sorta figured he might, because I have a sneaking suspicion that he's gay as well. Do you think that you're gay then, or have you decided yet?”

“I don't really know mommy. I don't think of girls, I only think of Liam. Is it bad that I love him, he's way older 'n me?”

“Well, the law is pretty unclear about that now that you're fourteen. From what I understand though, even you two could enjoy a sexual relationship, as long as it's fully mutual. However, with your being partially mentally handicapped, some could argue diminished capacity, therefore you would not have the ability to choose what you want. Liam seems to have that same disability though, so would that come into account, it's hard to say. You and I both know that you can make up your own mind on things, but that would not stop others from thinking otherwise. Your main problem is of course your physical disabilities, but still most people don't see you as all there, which is sad.” Jan said, laying it out on the line, they had both said much the same things about Gavin's disabilities before, so this was nothing new.

“What if he doesn't love me the same way though?”

“Love is a funny thing baby. You just have to wait and see, because no one else can ever tell you that. If he doesn't love you the same way though, you just move on and find the right person. If I had to guess though, I would have to say that he does love you like that, I saw it in his eyes when I picked you up, he was falling for you as well.”

“Can I go over there today, we don't have any stupid appointments today?” Gavin asked, bringing up the reasons that he had not been able to go and visit Liam over the past couple days. They had been called into two different specialist appointments at last minute, but at least one was to fit Gavin for a proper electric wheelchair, of which he was happy to hear.

“I don't see any reason why not. It'll give me a chance to clean the house without you racing around behind me and messing it right back up.” Jan grinned.

“Yeah right, when was the last time I actually made any real mess, other than when my diaper leaked, but that's hardly my fault.”

“Actually this morning when your arm twitched and sent your bowl of cereal flying.” Jan grinned again.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that, but it wasn't really my fault, I can't control it remember.” Gavin said sheepishly.

“I know, I was just teasing you, and besides, that mess was cleaned right up. Go ahead and call and see if it's okay with Liam, and then we'll hop on the next bus and head over.”

“Cool, thanks mommy.” Gavin said too fast and excitedly again, causing his words to stumble, his mom barely understood him, but she got the message anyways.

“Hi Liam, can I come over today for a little while, mommy says I can?” Gavin asked as soon as Liam answered.

“Hi there handsome, sure, I'd love for you to come over for a while.” Liam smiled happily.

“Goody, we'll be there as soon as we can make it then.”

“Bye.” Liam chuckled to the dead air, because Gavin had already hung up in his excitement.

Almost forty minutes later they were knocking on the front door to Liam's house, and Liam went and let them in. He hid behind the door, because he was just in his diaper.

“Hi guys, it's so good to see you again.” Liam said, but Jan could clearly see he was talking mainly to Gavin.

“It's good to see you too, I'm glad I could come today.” Gavin smiled brightly.

“Come on in and have a seat, it'll be at least fifteen minutes before the next bus comes, so you may as well come and visit for a few minutes as well.” Liam offered to Jan, grabbing Gavin's chair and rolling him into the living room.


Once they were all situated, Liam having helped Gavin from his wheelchair to the couch, they talked.

“So, when do you get your new chair Gavin?”

“The guy said it should be ready for me in a day or two, and that was yesterday, so maybe today or tomorrow.” Gavin said happily.

“That's good. So is it going to even fit through the doors in your apartment Jan?”

“It'll fit through the front door, just barely, but no others, so I have to call our social worker and push for a better house immediately, because Gavin is just getting too heavy for me to carry around so much like that. He's finally outgrowing his current chair, so there's no point in keeping that one, and besides, it's getting old, it's already five years old.”

“I was thinking last night, and I think I might have an idea, but I don't know if you'll like it too much.”

“What is it?” Jan and Gavin asked at the same time, but Jan obviously finished first.

“Well, I have three bedrooms here, the house is fully wheelchair accessible, and I get really bored here all alone, so why not move in with me. If we combine our incomes like that, we'll all be able to live a little more comfortably.” Liam offered hopefully, and Gavin looked to his mom with excitement in his eyes, silently pleading with her to say yes.

“I don't know, I'll have to think about it, that's for sure.” Jan said gently, but actually liking the idea as well.

“All I ask is that you do think about it, I don't expect an answer right this minute. I just sorta hope you will.”

“I know, and I can tell that Gavin does as well. Well, I should probably head out to the bus. I'll come back in a few hours to pick up the brat, okay.”

“Okay.” They both said.

Jan gave Gavin his kiss goodbye, and then headed out to catch the bus.

“Can we go swimming again?” Gavin asked as soon as his mom was out the door.

“Okay.” Liam said, hoping that they would be able to, hence the reason he had not done so yet that day.

Liam got Gavin back into his chair, wheeled him to the garage, and then he stripped them both. He got Gavin situated in the pool, and then got in himself. They swam and relaxed in the water for a little while before going and sitting on the bench.

“So, you really want us to move in with you?” Gavin asked curiously.

“Yeah, I miss you when you're not here, I like having the company, and this way we can all have a little more money to work with. Not to mention I bet your mom is a far better cook than I am, and this way I could maybe eat stuff that's not prepacked all the time, I really do hate it.”

“Yeah, she's a great cook, and I miss you too.” Gavin blushed a little.

“Gavin, can I tell you something, something that might freak you out?”

“Sure, you can tell me anything and I won't freak out, I promise.”

“You know I'm gay right!”

“Yeah, so am I, even mommy knows now.”

“Oh. Well, I think I'm falling in love with you, you're all I think about, but the problem is our age difference. I want you near, but I'm afraid that I'll push you into something you're not ready for or don't want.” Liam said softly.

“I think I'm falling in love with you too, at least that's what mommy says. All I know is that I think about you all the time and I miss you lots when you're not near me, and my tummy feels weird when you're near.”

“And your dick's hard too.” Liam giggled.

“I can't help it, but so's yours.” Gavin giggled back.

“Yeah, I can't help it either. There's still the problem about our age difference, I'm old enough to be your daddy, and you're still really young. So even if we fell in love with each other for sure, we can't really be in love, at least not how a couple should be.”

“I don't care about our age, and mommy says that normally we'd be allowed as long as everyone agreed, but what she worries about is that I am a little mentally handicapped and some people might say I can't decide this on my own, but I can, and I want you as well. I say let's not worry about what anyone else thinks and do what we want to. It's not like anyone would ever find out anyways.”

“I'm a little mentally handicapped as well, so maybe that would cancel each other out, who knows, but one thing I know for sure is that I could never take advantage of you, it'd hurt me so much. I'm just not sure we can take the chance though, what if we were caught. Then again it could be years before we ever go as far as that.”

“I certainly don't want to wait that long to get to be with you. I didn't tell you on the phone, because mommy was in the room, but I played with my penis the other night and had the feelings you told me about, and I did cum, and I did eat it too, I liked it. But the entire time I was doing it, I was dreaming that it was you doing it for me.”

“At least I'm not alone in that then, because every time I've jacked off since we met, I've dreamt it was you doing it to me as well.” Liam smiled warmly.

“Cool. Can we do that to each other now?”

“No, I don't think that we should do that, at least not yet. We should get to know each other better first I think, but what I would really like is if I could kiss you.” Liam asked shyly.

“I'd really like that as well.” Gavin whispered back.

Softly they reached into each other and pressed their lips together with a tenderness that neither had ever felt before. At first they touched only their lips, their eyes closed, but Gavin opened his mouth slightly and pressed forth his tongue. Liam followed suit, and within only a few minutes of starting, they were enjoying their first kiss of true love. Together they kissed in the pool, both naked and hard beyond belief for more than ten minutes, holding onto each other gently. Almost forcing themselves to do so, they pushed apart, looking into each others eyes, both of them seeing the love bursting forth from their new lover.

“Wow, that was nice, far nicer than I ever imagined it could be.” Liam sighed.

“Yeah, it was.” Gavin also sighed out.

“I think that we'd better get out of the pool and get diapered, before we go too far.”

“Yeah, I suppose we better, because I really want to.” Gavin admitted.

“You're not the only one, but we can't.”

“I know.”

As soon as they got out of the pool, Liam got them both dried off and diapered, and then they headed back into the house and to the kitchen to get some lunch, which they had agreed upon as their next stop. Liam grabbed them each a frozen dinner from the freezer and threw them in the microwave, and when they were ready, he took them to the table and fed both of them. Today they were both drinking their drinks from bottles. As they ate, they were both understandably silent, both thinking a lot about what they had discovered and what they had done as well. Neither felt bad about it in any way, quite the opposite in fact, they felt simply amazing from what they felt, and it showed as well.

“So, what should we do now?” Liam asked once lunch was done.

“Can we just go curl up and watch a movie again? I'd like to lay my head on your lap as well if I could.”

“I'd really like that.” Liam smiled softly, and they headed into the living room to do just that.

Gavin was sat on the couch first and then Liam went and randomly picked another movie and put it in, and then he went and sat down on the couch as well. He pulled Gavin down so that his head was laying in his lap, and while the movie played, Liam softly played with Gavin's hair, and Gavin lightly tickled Liam's lower leg, where his hand was positioned. It was a very relaxing position for the both of them, very loving, so much so that they both fell asleep before the movie ended. They were awaken almost an hour after the movie had ended to the sound of the doorbell going off. Liam got up and slowly made his way to the door to let Jan in.

“Hi Jan, sorry if you had to ring a few times, we fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie.” Liam explained after she stepped in and the door was closed.

“That's okay. I had thought that maybe you were in the pool or something, so I just rang a few times. I was almost going to just come in.”

“You should have, it probably would have been easier.”

“I'll remember that for the next time. So, where's my brat now then?”

“Still on the couch, probably still wiping the sleep from his eyes.”

“Okay. Can we go in and talk for a few minutes then before we leave?”

“Sure, come on in.” Liam gestured towards the living room.

“Thanks.” She said and they headed in.

As soon as Liam sat back down, Gavin slowly scooted over and cuddled into Liam, something Jan noticed right away. She also noticed the looks on both their faces, the look of contentment, the look of love, and she knew the truth.

“You two look different, you kissed, didn't you?” Jan asked softly. Liam's face fell instantly and he went totally white.

“Yes we did mommy, and it was so nice, the best thing I've ever felt before in my life.”

“I know baby, it is the nicest feeling there is, your very first kiss. I'm happy for you both. Now Liam, I know that you did nothing to push Gavin, he wanted it as much as, if not more than you did, so don't feel bad that I know.”

“Thanks.” Liam whispered.

“Now, instead of going home, I went and sat down at a coffee shop and drank coffee and thought out a few things.”

“What were you thinking about mommy?”

“About moving here mostly, but I also wondered if you two would profess your love for each other. I'm not sure which one of you did first, but I know that one of you did, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was you Gavin.”

“No, it was me first.” Liam inserted.

“Oh, well I'm sure he told you back right away then. Anyways, I knew you two were falling for each other, it was hard not to see it. So, because I think that it could work all around to be better for us all, I think that I will accept and we will move in with you. We can work out how to pay for everything later, but you're right, it will make things a lot easier. I would also like to go and get a part time job somewhere, just so that I can get out of the house and do other things, as well as make a little extra money. That is if you think that you could watch over my baby while I'm gone.”

“That's great, and sure, you can do that for sure, Gavin and I will be just fine.” Liam said happily. Gavin was just too excited to be able to say anything at all.

“Good. Once I have enough money saved up, I think that I'll request a car or a van that we can use. I'll have to pay for some of it myself, not to mention the insurance and gas, so it'll have to wait a while, but we can all benefit from it. Gavin also tells me that because of your disability that you cannot cook much, so I will do most of the cooking, but you can always help as well.” Jan offered.

“That would be so nice, both the car and the cooking. Because I do make a little extra money as well, I can chip in some as well. Now that I have something to really look forward to, maybe I can do a little more work during the days to make even more money as well.” Liam smiled.

“And I can help too.” Gavin offered.

“No, you just concentrate on school and try and get the best education that you can get, so that maybe you can go on and do something spectacular.” Liam said softly.

“Thanks, I've been trying to tell him that for the past few years, but he feels that with his mental disabilities that he will not be able to do anything.”

“I used to feel the same way, and while it has been hard on me, I have been doing better. Maybe if I had have applied myself more at school, and they had better programs to help me then, I would be even better off now. You have it a lot easier than I did when I was your age, they had almost nothing for me to do, saying that I couldn't really learn anything, so why bother. We know differently now, so it's even harder for me now, but I can do it. I still can't really read all that well, but with the computer helping me, I can do a lot more than I ever could before. Just keep trying, and you never know. Maybe you won't become a doctor or something like that, but then again, maybe you will. You certainly wouldn't be the first mentally and or physically disabled person to beat all the odds and go on to lead a great life.” Liam told Gavin softly.

“Yeah, but it's just so hard to learn it all, I can't remember everything all the time like I should be able to, like the other kids do. I just feel so stupid most days being there with the other far smarter kids.”

“I used to feel the same way too remember, and I'm going to tell you the same thing my mother told me. You forget that word, stupid is not a word that you need or want, it only makes you feel bad and unworthy, but you're not. So what if you can't remember things as fast or as good as the other kids do, you just learn differently. They don't have the problems that we have to live with, but that doesn't mean at all that we're stupid, it just means that we have to try harder and work longer to do the same things that they do. Who cares how long it takes for us to complete our tasks really, just as long as we work at them.” Liam said softly again.

“That's very good advice Liam.” Jan smiled warmly.

“Thanks. I'll try, really I will, but it's still hard.”

“Who said that life's easy. Believe you me, it's not, we're proof of that. So what if those other kids learn faster or easier, it only means that their problems are elsewhere. Everyone has to deal with some sort of crap in their lives, granted most are nowhere near as hard as we do every day, but everyone has something. Just remember, life isn't worth living if you've lost all hope, and hope is all we have, well hope and dreams I guess are really all we have. For you I hope and dream that one day you break free of your chair and walk down the aisle to collect a proper diploma at university. Maybe it's only ever going to be a dream, but it's certainly a dream worthy of working hard to reach.” Liam said, a few tears leaking out. Jan even had to tear up a little from that.

“Thanks. I'll do my best.”

“You've had a long time to dream of that sort of thing, haven't you Liam?” Jan asked softly.

“Yeah. Sadly my hopes and dreams were dashed, but maybe Gavin can do it for me instead. Sadly I just didn't learn enough when I was younger, and now that I'm older it's even more difficult to learn. I do all that I can to learn all that I can, but there's only so much you can do on your own with a computer. At least I did get my one dream to walk, so that's enough for me.”

“Have you ever thought about going back to school and seeing if there's anything that you can do? There's an excellent adult education program here, and I bet the government will pay for you to do it.” Jan asked curiously.

“No, actually I had no idea there was such a place.”

“Maybe you should check it out then. Like you said, maybe there's nothing more you can do, but then again, maybe there is. It never hurts to try.”

“Very true. So, if you go back to work part time, what will you do?”

“I used to be a chef, so I'll probably find a kitchen somewhere that wants and needs a good cook.”

“Told you she was a really good cook. She used to work in a five star restaurant as head chef. She was the first female head chef the restaurant had ever had, and she did very well, but she had to quit when she had me and found out my problems.” Gavin said proudly.

“And it was worth it too, and I'd quit all over again in a heartbeat to be with you to help you out.” Jan smiled to her little boy.

“Can you go back to the same restaurant?” Liam asked.

“Possibly, but I'm not sure that I want the pressure of a five star restaurant any more. It's been too many years and I'm not quite as young as I used to be. It took more than a few years to work up to head chef, it's a lot of hard work. I wouldn't go back to that, not now, and especially not if I'm only going part time. No, I think I'll just find a nice little diner or cafe that wants a good cook.”

“Oh, that makes sense then. So, when would you guys be able to move in then?”

“Probably in a few days or so. I'll have to call our social worker and arrange everything. She'll also be able to give me all the information that we'll need.”


“I can't wait.” Gavin said happily.

“Yeah, but you just want to be able to cuddle Liam any time you want.” Jan smirked.

“Yeah, so what!” Gavin grinned.

“Well, we should probably head home baby.”

“Aw, do we havta?”


“Okay. You better get me dressed then.”

“Nah, I think I'll just take you on the bus like this.”

“I'd rather you don't, but if you really want to, I won't be able to stop you.”

“I'd never do that to you, don't worry.” Jan smiled warmly.


Jan quickly got Gavin into his clothes and chair, and then with goodbyes all around, they headed off. Instantly Liam was lonely and sad again, but now he had something to work towards, he'd soon have someone there with him, his new boyfriend. At least that's how he thought of Gavin, he just hoped the boy wanted the same, but he was pretty sure that he did.

The next couple days went by slowly for them all, not really able to go anywhere or do anything. Liam always found it very hard and tiring to go out too often, so he did not do so very often at all. Jan and Gavin were not able to go out too much either, because they did not have a lot of money. The past couple days though they did not get much chance to go out, because their social worker was supposed to be coming around. She never made it the following day, but she had said that that might be tight, but she did make it the day after. She and Jan sat and talked over everything, and the social worker said that that was perfectly fine. Jan asked all the questions that she could think to ask, even about getting a vehicle, and the social worker told her everything that she would need to know. She was even going to get them started on getting a good van, but said that it could take up to a few months to get that ready for them. Jan and Gavin were both very happy. The social worker even said that she would arrange a moving company to come in and pack them up and into their new house, but that she would have to call with the times. Later that same afternoon she called back and told Jan that the movers would be there the following morning.

So now that brings us to that day, moving day. Jan had already called Liam and arranged to bring Gavin over first thing in the morning so that he was not in the way of the movers in the tiny little apartment, but then again, he was perfectly happy to be going to Liam's, and knowing that he would not have to leave made it even better.

“Good morning.” Liam said happily when Jan and Gavin walked in that morning.

“Good morning. You excited about finally having someone living with you again?” Jan asked.

“Oh yeah.” Liam grinned giddily.

“I bet. And I bet that it has nothing to do with the fact that your young boyfriend will be moving in with you does it?”

“Well, only a little bit.” Liam blushed.

“Mommy.” Gavin said, also blushing.

“Well, it's the truth. You may not have admitted it yet, but I've heard your conversations over the past couple days when you talked to each other over the phone, and I hate to tell you this, but you two are boyfriends, you're in love with each other, it's as simple as that.” Jan smiled warmly to them both.

“Thanks.” Liam said, still blushing a little.

“So, are we boyfriends then?” Gavin quietly asked Liam.

“I'd really like it if we were.” Liam smiled tenderly to his little love.

“Then we're boyfriends!” Gavin proclaimed as exuberantly as he could.

“I'll leave you two now so that you can seal that properly with a kiss.” Jan grinned to them, and they both blushed even more. She didn't give them the time to try and respond, she just left.

She headed back home on the next bus and waited for the movers to arrive. It would only take them a few hours at most to pack up and load everything into their truck, because quite simply, Jan and Gavin had very little. There was only their meager living and dining room furniture, their bedroom furniture, and what little they had in their kitchen, so Jan figured it would be a quick job.

The movers arrived a little over half an hour after Jan got home, they talked for a few minutes to know what all they were required to do, and then they got to work. Dismantling and packing up all the furniture took the longest at nearly two hours, and then a little more than an hour later they were loaded into the large truck, it still looked nearly empty. Jan called to let the guys know that they were on their way, the movers being gracious enough to lend her a seat in their truck so that she could get there faster.

In the four hours that Liam and Gavin had been alone, they only sat on the couch and talked and talked. They did seal their newfound boyfriend status with a nice long and tender kiss, and then a few more kisses every so often, but mostly they just talked. Both were very excited to finally be moving in together.

The two guys were almost startled by the ringing of the phone when Jan called to tell them they were on their way, but they were happy to hear it as well. Jan and the movers arrived a few minutes later and they started moving everything to the correct rooms. The living and dining furniture was just being put in the back of the garage for now, seeing as how it would not be used, and Jan and Gavin each picked their rooms, Gavin of course took the one next to Liam's. The movers moved everything to their new proper homes and unpacked it or set it up, but moving it into place was to be Jan's job. This chore took even less time, just under three hours total, and then the movers were off and running.

“Wow, I can't believe how fast they were able to do all that. If I had to have done that, it would have taken me at least three weeks with how slowly I move.” Liam laughed when they left.

“Hell, it would have taken me at least a few days just to pack it up and unpack it, each, but there's no way I could have moved it all. Well, I would have taken a lot of trips on the bus, and how I'd get a couch on, I have no idea.” Jan grinned.

“No kidding.” Both Liam and Gavin said.

“So, all the utilities are taken care of at the apartment then, they know to no longer bill you?” Liam confirmed.

“Didn't really need to do anything. The apartment had included heat, hot water, electricity and basic cable in the rent, so none of it was in my name anyways. The manager knew we were moving though, and I gave him our keys, and he said he'd have someone moved in in just a few days more than likely.”

“Oh, that was good then. I only have the basic cable here as well, never needed more than that. So, are you happy to have moved in as well?”

“Absolutely. I think that this'll benefit us all. It'll benefit me so that I can get out and do things from time to time on my own, something I miss doing every so often. It'll benefit you because you'll have company and someone to help with the bills, which I will also now have. And Gavin will benefit the most by having someone else who loves him, someone he can respect, someone who knows what he's going through, as well as have another man in his life. I see it as great all around.” Jan smiled warmly.

“And it really doesn't bother you that Gavin and I are gay and that we're boyfriends?” Liam asked, having to be certain.

“Absolutely not. I know that in life love doesn't always come in the way everyone expects. I also know that in life all you really have is your love, so you had best be damned certain you're with who you want to be with for the rest of your life, and that they are right for you as well, because if it breaks up, it's miserable. I can see that you two are right for each other, the same way you both feel that you belong together. I'm happy for the both of you, you deserve to have each other. As for your both being gay, that doesn't bother me in the least. I've had more than a few gay friends, both male and female. Back in my younger days, back when I used to have more money to spend than I knew what to do with, my gay guy friends were the best to go shopping with, they were great. And if you needed someone to go to the bar with you and stick up for you, who else could a girl take but their gay girl friends. They were less intimidating to other guys when you're there to pick up guys, but man were they critical. The gay guys were good too though, because man could they pick out the hunks.” Jan grinned. Both Gavin and Liam's mouths were hanging open, both blushing furiously.

“Boy, you two need to learn to lighten up.” Jan laughed.

“And here I thought you were a little uptight when I first met you!” Liam laughed.

“No, that was because it was getting a little rough with Gavin being so depressed. I'm so far from uptight though, it's not even funny. Although it's been many many years since I last got out to party, I used to party 'til the cows came home, and could out drink anyone at any time. Family comes first though, and I grew up, a lot, I had to. Couldn't even tell you the last time I had a drink, then again I couldn't afford to now, even if I did want one. When Gavin's father left me, now that was a real blow, and for the reasons that he did, that made me so mad, I vowed off of men for the rest of my life. I always knew I was bi anyways, so that's easier. Gavin, your father was bi as well, by the way, we both knew about each other, and we had a few parties, but you were his, we knew that for sure. So, as you can see, I'm certainly not uptight.” Jan grinned.

“Wow.” Gavin breathed out.

“Yeah.” Liam agreed.

“Yeah, well we all have our little secrets, don't we. As a mother though, I can tell you that we all dream of the day our babies finds the one they love, and I'm open minded enough to accept that my baby has found his love in another man, and at the tender age of fourteen. So what if his boyfriend is considerably older than he is. All I ask is that you two take it slow and easy, and if either of you have any questions, just ask me. I actually know a considerable amount about gay sex and how it works, and as you can tell, I'm not exactly shy about it either.”

“I've read enough about the subject that I think I know all I need to know, thanks anyways.” Liam blushed even more.

“You embarrass far too easily for someone who's not afraid to be seen either naked or in only a diaper.” Jan pointed out.

“It's always been like that for me though, same as it was for Gavin I suppose, so that's normal. However, talking like this I'm certainly not used to. My parents never talked to me about sex, heck, I didn't really even know anything about the subject until well after they died and I got my first computer.”

“Good grief, that's pretty bad. I was actually going to be giving Gavin the talk soon anyways, even though I really don't know much of what his body is going through, but thanks to you, I don't need to any more.”

“How can you know things about gay sex, but not about what a boy goes through during puberty?” Liam asked curiously.

“Because I've witnessed one first hand, helped even, but I've never experienced puberty from a boys perspective. I'm sure much of it's the exact same, but not all.”

“Oh.” Liam said, more blush creeping up onto both his and Gavin's cheeks.

“So, who's ready for dinner, I'm cooking?” Jan asked, all upbeat, trying to break the discomfort of the two boys.

“Me!” Both boys exclaimed happily.

“Good. It'll be nice to cook in a real kitchen again. You have a great kitchen here, especially when compared to what we had in the apartment. Nothing like a huge kitchen, but it's nice.”

“Thanks. My mom loved to cook and bake, so when they built the house originally, she had the kitchen built to suit her. Then not long before they died, she rebuilt the kitchen and upgraded all the appliances. Dad also made it more disabled friendly, so that mom could teach me how to cook, not that she hadn't already been trying to, but the old kitchen was difficult for me to navigate, because I can't bend down or reach up high very well. I still can't cook, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I don't know how to, I just move too slowly and I burn most things.”

“Well, you're more than welcome to join me in cooking any time you want to then, but I've got it all tonight, you boys just go and cuddle up and relax. Feel free to strip back down to your diapers as well if you want to. Actually, I can see that you're both quite wet, so why not go get changed.”

“Okay, I'm getting wet, and Gavin and I both changed at the same time earlier, so if I'm wet, then Gavin probably is as well.”

“Yep.” Gavin confirmed.

Liam helped Gavin into his chair and then took him to the bedroom, laid him on the bed and undressed him. He went and grabbed the diaper supplies and came back and changed his little boyfriend. Once Gavin was all set, Liam laid down and changed himself as well.

“I wish that I could change you as well.” Gavin said softly.

“Maybe you can. You can sorta crawl right, and you can use your hands fairly well, almost as good as I can, so maybe we'll give it a shot the next time we need to be changed. What's the worst that could happen right!” Liam smiled warmly.

“Well, the worst that could happen is I have a bad muscle spasm and bash you in the balls. It happens to me sometimes, but usually only when I'm really relaxed, but for some reason not when I sleep.”

“I get the same thing sometimes, but it's gotten a lot better as I got older. As for why it doesn't happen much in your sleep, I have no idea. Then there is what if you did accidentally bash me in the balls, oh well, I'd know it was an accident.”

“Thanks, I'd like to try then.” Gavin smiled warmly.

“Would you like me to put you on the floor so that you can crawl out to the living room on your own?”

“Yes please. I haven't done that much lately, so I probably should. Not to mention it's about the only freedom I have.”

“Actually, that brings up something. I thought you were supposed to have your electric wheelchair already, but you haven't, so what's up with that?”

“Oh, I thought I told you. The guy who was fitting my chair for me fell and broke his arm and is out for a few weeks or so, but he told me that he gave everything to a friend of his to do, but he's backed up right now, so I could be another couple days or so in my old chair.”

“Oh, that's too bad for him, but I'm sure you'll get your chair sooner or later.”

“Yeah, I hope I get it soon, it'll be so much nicer.”

“I bet, but there you go.” Liam said after getting Gavin situated on the floor.

Liam followed Gavin from the bedroom to the living room, and while he could crawl in a fashion, it was not a normal crawl, nor was it fast. It was however movement, and it was about as fast as Liam walked anyways, so he was good. Once Gavin made it there, he just rolled over onto his back and laid there, so Liam got down and laid next to him, and they cuddled up to each other.

Jan saw them enter, saw them both lay down, and then saw them cuddling together, and thought that it was such a sweet picture of innocence. She really was very happy for the two of them, it was not just a front that she was putting on for them. She watched them a little as she was cooking dinner, and once Gavin reached up for a bit of a kiss, and tenderly they kissed, but only for a few seconds, both with very happy contented smiles upon their faces. Jan caught herself from saying aw, because she did not want to ruin the special moment for the two of them, but she sure thought it. It was almost an hour later that dinner was cooked and ready to eat, and the boys had laid there the entire time cuddling, not speaking one word, but they smelled the food, and it smelled great.

“Okay you two, come and eat.” Jan called softly out to them.

“Okay.” They both said back softly as well.

Liam got up and Gavin just rolled over and crawled there himself. He really liked the hardwood floors, because they did not scuff his knees like the old scruffy carpet did. Yes, it was hard, but he was used to that anyways. Liam helped him up and into the chair at the table, and then Jan dished up for everyone. Their dinner for the night was spaghetti and garlic toast. None of them spoke a word, because they were enjoying the meal just too much to speak. Gavin was feeding himself tonight, and doing pretty well of it. He was doing better in that regard, now that his hands were working a little better lately.

“Jan, that was the best dinner I have had in so long, thanks so much.” Liam said sincerely.

“You're welcome. It's nice to be able to cook in a decent kitchen again. Being talented only takes you so far, you have to have really good equipment to really make good food as well, and that's good equipment.”

“You always did great at the apartment mommy.”

“Yeah, I did not too bad there, but it wasn't easy, especially when you're used to ovens and stoves that are calibrated to the exact centigrade.”

“I don't imagine that this stuff is that good though!” Liam said.

“Actually, it's pretty damn close. That equipment that your mom chose was about as close to professional stuff that you can get without actually being massive and expensive beyond belief.” Jan smiled.

“Oh, I didn't know that.”

“Yeah, that's a very expensive range, about five thousand dollars or so, it even has a high end infrared grill in it, and that's not a standard piece of equipment for consumer stuff, usually only the professionals get that, because they're the best, but they're expensive. Then it's a great convection oven and a gas range with perfect settings.”

“Oh, I knew my mom loved to cook, but not that much. Mind you, she had talked a lot about doing catering, so maybe that's why she did that, maybe she had finally decided to go for it. I guess I'll never know now.”

“Oh, now there's a great idea. I could do that so easy in this kitchen. It would be great part time work, and I could pick and choose my stuff.” Jan said, her eyes brightening right up.”

“Why not. You'll have everything here that you could probably need. My mom had tonnes of serving stuff as well, but it's all in the garage now. She had collected it all over the years, because she loved to do parties and stuff, as well I imagine that she was building up to the day that she could start her own catering business.”

“Wow, can I see it please?” Jan asked excitedly.

“Sure. You go get Gavin's chair and get him into it, and by the time you make it out there, I should be there as well.” Liam said, making light of the fact that he was really that slow.

“Okay.” Jan said, and she did just that.

Liam was right too, by the time that he made it to the garage and the area that the serving equipment was stored, Jan and Gavin had made it out there.

“Wow, would you look at all this. She had lots of restaurant trays, chafing dishes, serving utensils, dishes, eating utensils, and even a tonne of glasses, and from the looks of it, damn near literally.” Jan smiled so widely her face looked as if it might split. It was easily the happiest that Gavin had ever seen his mom before. She really loved to cook, it was her second passion, her first of course being her son.

“Well, it's all yours then, do with it as you please, because it really deserves to be used by someone who loves it clearly as much as she did.”

“Thanks so much Liam, I really can't thank you enough.”

“Sure you can, you just did.” Liam smiled softly.

They headed back into the house then, and Jan got down to cleaning up the kitchen while the other two were in the living room watching TV. Jan joined them a little while later, and they all watched together until bedtime.

Chapter 3

“Jan, it's for you.” Liam called out a couple days later, after having answered the phone.

“Thanks.” Jan said and took the phone. “Hello.” She said.

“Oh, that's great, thanks, we'll be there as soon as we can.” Jan said few minutes later and hung up.

“Your new chair is ready Gavin, and as you heard, I said that we'd be there as soon as we could get there, so if you two would go get each other ready, that'd be great.”

“Goody, okay.” Gavin said, and he and Liam headed to his bedroom.

They changed each others diapers on the floor, Gavin doing pretty good at it. They had tried it their very next diaper change, and while he did have a tough time of it, he did not too bad, and he got better with each change. Liam still had to dress them both though for the most part, because Gavin still had a hard time doing it. Gavin did help Liam with his socks and shoes though, because he still had a hard time doing those, whereas Gavin was able to do it for him easier. Jan had also went to her room and got changed, because she was still in her night clothes as well.

They all met by the door a short while later and headed out to the bus stop, Liam pushing Gavin. Jan was carrying the supplies bag with both their diapers and changes of clothes for just such an emergency. They only had to wait about ten minutes for the next bus to get there, so they got on and headed to the shop where the new wheelchair was awaiting them. They got there in a short time and went in. The owner of the shop was there, broken arm and all.

“Hello Gavin, good to see you again. Sorry I couldn't get you your new chair sooner, but accidents happen.” He smiled, holding up his casted arm.

“That's okay sir, it happens, but you were able to get it for me still, so that's all that's important.” Gavin smiled warmly.

“Thanks. I figured that you would at least be one to understand. Another of my customers was not quite so forgiving though, but oh well, that's his problem, not mine.”

“I'm so slow anyways, there's no point in trying to expect other things to be fast.”

“Well, I dare say that you might be a tad bit faster now. This chair can actually move pretty quickly when you push it, but normal speed is about the same as the average person walking.”

“Nah, I'll never even go that fast, because Liam can't walk that fast, so I'll just keep up to him.”

“Yes, I noticed, and I recognize you as well Liam, it's been a while since you needed my services. I'm happy to see that your walking has improved, if not still a bit slow.”

“Thanks, it's good to see you as well sir.”

“So, it's nice to see that a couple guys that have much the same situations got to know each other, that way maybe you can share with each other some of your trials and tribulations. Gavin, I'm sure that Liam will be able to teach you lots, because he went through so much, more than even you have.”

“Thanks sir, it has been very nice. We've all moved in together so that I have someone who can look after me a bit while my mom works, so that I have someone there who knows what I'm going through, and so that Liam has someone with him as well so that he's not so bored all the time.”

“Oh, that's really good to hear then. It's good for you too Gavin because you were not certain that the new chair would even fit in your apartment, but I know that Liam's parents had retrofitted their house to be wheelchair accessible before they died, so it should be perfect for you.”

“Yeah, it'll be great for all of us. Even mommy can get out now and do some cooking again, because she's missed it a great deal. She's even gonna start her own catering business.” Gavin said happily.

“Oh really now! I didn't know you were a cook Jan. Have you got any experience, because as it just so happens, my daughters wedding is next week and her caterer pulled on her, and we're scrambling trying to figure something out on such short notice, but no one's available?”

“Yeah, I was classically trained in both French and Italian cuisine, but I'm more modern in my presentation. I cooked in a five star restaurant and worked my way up to head chef in only ten years. I am also really good at other cooking methods, including pastries, and I can cook almost anything that anyone could ask of me.” Jan bragged just a little, really selling her possible first job.

“Wow, a little overkill for what we were looking for, but you might just be perfect if you can do the job. How much do you charge?”

“Well, that would depend entirely on all the specifics I suppose. How many people will there be, what style of dinner it is to be, how many courses or is it buffet style, am I responsible for desserts as well, and how about beverages.”

“Understandable. It's going to be a buffet style, we wanted beef and poultry, and an assortment of sides to go with it. Wedding cake is taken care of, but other desserts and snack foods for later on would be great. Beverages are also taken care of, so no worries there. There's going to be somewhere between one hundred and twenty and one hundred and fifty people there, depending on how many decide to show up.”

“Okay, and what was the last person charging, because it's been a while, and honestly, I don't even remember what the going rates are, we only just figured all this out, so I haven't even done any research yet?”

“Oh, that makes sense. He was charging us twenty a head for the projected amount that were to show up, so twenty times one fifty for a total of three thousand dollars, plus two percent for gratuities.”

“That sounds about right for the amount, but I'll do it for the three without the tip, I don't need it. So, as soon as we finish the business with Gavin's chair, why don't we sit down and work out the details.”

“Oh, yes of course, let's do that, we have a young impatient man who would probably love to move all on his own.” He blushed.

“No worries, but I have no doubt about that either.” Jan grinned.

“Well Gavin, it's right here, and it has been all set up just for you. If you'd let me switch you over, you can give it a shot and see how you like it.”

“Please.” Gavin said happily.

The man deftly unbuckled Gavin from his old chair, lifted him and set him into his new chair, adjusted the new buckles, it was a newer five point harness for safety, and then he buckled him in nicely.

“Okay, here's your control system. It's pretty easy to use, but you have this key which you turn to either the off or on position, and then this joystick looking thing controls your direction and speed. Go ahead and give it a go and call if you need me for anything. I think that your mother and I can go and talk business for a few minutes while you do that.”

“Thanks.” Gavin said nearly giddily and took off.

Jan, Liam and the store owner stood and watched him go for a couple minutes, just making sure that he got used to the controls all right, and when they were sure that he had them all good, Jan and the owner went to his office and sat down to talk business. Liam stayed out in the main store area and watched Gavin having his fun. Gavin would stop every few minutes and talk happily with Liam. Not even fifteen minutes later Jan and the owner came back out, both with happy smiles on their faces. They all said bye to the owner and headed out.

“So, how does it feel to have your first job?” Liam asked as they were leaving.

“Great, except for one minor problem, how do I get the stuff from home to the hall where the reception is?” Jan asked all of a sudden, realizing that she was really in trouble now.

“Oh, that does pose a bit of a problem, doesn't it. When did your social worker say the van would probably be ready for you?”

“She said it could be a few weeks at least, but possibly a few months, because they are custom made to each customers specifications, so it depends entirely on how busy the shop doing the work is.”

“Oh. So how are you paying for it anyways?” Liam asked curiously.

“Well, with the money we're saving living with you, I figured we'd be able to pay for it, but it'll be tight until some extra money starts rolling in.”

“Well, you know I'll kick in some of the operating costs, because I'll get to use the van as well. So that still leaves how do we transport all the food!”

“I just don't know. I suppose I could rent a van for a couple days, but I really don't have the money for that, nor do I even have a credit card to use as the collateral they need.” Jan sighed.

“I do have a credit card, not sure if it's still any good, but I got one for just in case I needed it. I'll call as soon as we get home, that way we can rent a van at least. But what about food, do you have the money to buy the food?”

“Yeah, he gave me half up front, and the other half I'll get the day of the wedding, so I at least have the money for the food.”

“That's good. As soon as we get home then I'll call and then we'll go and rent a van right away, because with only a week to prepare, I imagine that you'll need to get started right away, which means we have to go shopping.”

“Yeah, that I do. Thanks so much Liam, you're a life saver.” Jan said, clearly relieved.

“I'm so happy for you mommy, I bet they just love your cooking.”

“No thanks to you baby. It's a little sooner than I had been planning on, because it's going to be tight, but I've done more in less time before. So, how are you liking your new chair baby?”

“It's awesome mommy.”

“I bet. I bet it's so nice to be able to move on your own without having to depend on someone else to do it for you.” Jan smiled warmly.

“It is.” Gavin said happily.

“Oh, we better hurry, the next bus 'll be here in just a few minutes.”

“I'm going as fast as I can.” Liam grunted.

“Don't push yourself Liam, you'll only hurt yourself. If we miss the bus, it's not a big deal, there'll be another in fifteen minutes anyways.”

“I'm okay, don't worry about me. If I need to slow down, I have no problem in doing so.”


“I've learned not to ignore my body, when it tells me that's it, I have to listen, because it'll just start doing things I don't want it to, and that's never good. I did that enough when I was younger to know not to anymore.”

“At least you learned from your mistakes, some don't.”

“I had no choice really. Whew, we made it though.” Liam sighed, actually managing to hold somewhat of a conversation as they walked, but that was only because he was holding onto the back of Gavin's chair, so he was sort of being pulled along.

“Yeah, and there's the bus too.” Jan sighed as well and they waited for the bus to arrive.

As soon as it did, they hopped on, Gavin navigating the ramp that was lowered for him perfectly. As soon as they made their home stop, they got off and headed back to the house, where Liam called his credit card company right away. They told him that it was still active for another month, and that if he wanted another that they would send him one, but that to do a rental would be perfectly fine. So after a diaper change for both of the wearers, all three of them took off again.

“I think that now would be a good time to ask Jan, but you've probably not driven in so long, do you still have a valid drivers license?” Liam asked as they were walking back to the bus stop.

“Actually, yes I do. I've kept it valid so that I always had it in case I needed it. How are you doing though, you're not used to doing this much walking are you?”

“I'm getting quite tired, but I'll be fine for a little longer. The bus rides are usually enough for me to rest up a bit.”

“Okay, make sure and tell me if you need to rest longer then, okay.”

“Will do.”

“And how about you baby?”

“I'm doing great mommy.”

“That's good.”

They made it back to the bus stop in decent enough time, waited the five minutes for the next bus, and headed to the nearest van rental place. They had to walk three blocks though to reach the rental place from the bus stop, and Liam knew he was not going to make it without a good long rest, so they decided to hit a cafe that was near to where they were. They each had a small bite to eat, lots to drink, and they chatted happily as they sat there resting.

Eventually they made it to the rental place and put in their order for what they were looking for. As luck would have it, they had one van in stock that would suit their needs, thankfully. Liam paid for the rental on it, signed for everything, put Jan as the driver of course, and before too long, they were off.

“Wow, it's been so long since I drove last, it feels weird.” Jan said as they were driving along.

“I bet. So, what store are we going to then?”

“Well, I was thinking that to get all the food in the quantities that we'll need, that the Costco would have to be it. We might need to make another stop or two to get everything, but I think that that will be the main one.”

“Okay. I'm not so sure how much more walking that I'm going to be able to do today, so could you please swing back by the house and grab my chair for me as well please?”

“Sure thing, no prob.”

“Thanks. I just hope the battery is still good in it, because I haven't actually used it in a couple years at least.”

“We could always stop by the store and grab a new one for it, your medical will cover it anyways. He told me that every year we got a new one free of charge with ours through Gavin's medical insurance.”

“That's probably not such a bad idea.”

“Thanks. We have to go down that way anyways, because my bank is practically right next door, and I have to go there as well.”

“Oh, that's good then. Get it all done at the same time then.”


So that was what they did. They headed home first and Jan grabbed Liam's chair and loaded it into the van, and then they headed back to the medical supply store. Gavin and Liam headed into there while Jan headed to the bank. The store owner went out to the van with Liam, gathered the old battery, grabbed a new one to fit, took it back out with him, and then installed it. Liam was thankfully told that it was fully charged and ready to go. Jan met them there a few minutes later, saying how packed the bloody bank was and how she couldn't believe that it took so long there. Before too long though they were back on their way. They had to drive for thirty minutes to get to the large store to do their shopping, and Liam fell asleep, because he had done an awful lot of walking, and he was not used to it.

“Wake up Liam, we're here.” Jan said, shaking him gently.

“Huh, oh we're here!” Liam grumbled when he finally woke up.

“Yeah. You passed right out, so I guess you were a lot more tired than you thought you were.”

“Yeah, I think I might have been. I rarely fall asleep during the day. Now, can you get my chair out and set up, because I can't quite do it?” Liam asked softly, ashamedly almost.

“Sure, that's not even a minor problem, don't feel bad.” Jan said softly.

She quickly got both chairs out and set up, and then got Gavin into his while Liam climbed out and into his. Liam's chair was much the same as Gavin's was, just older and larger, but not by much, because Liam really was not all that big. They headed into the store, and their first stop was the customer service to get a membership. Jan had them put Liam as the second on the account, not that either of them ever figured that Liam would be there without her, but that way they had a backup if she forgot her card or something like that. As soon as their account was all set up, they hit the main shopping area, Jan pushing one of the large carts, and they shopped. She grabbed two large beef roasts, two large turkeys, one massive ham, and a large package of ground beef. That was all she grabbed for meat, but then was the rest of the groceries that she needed. She grabbed all the dairy, breads, and other staples that she needed. Other than that, they just looked around the store, having a good time. Liam was glad to have thought to grab his chair, because he never would have made it he thought. Soon though they were headed to the checkout and Jan paid for all the food, and almost half the money she had just gotten was gone. She still needed to buy a few things, but that was the produce that she would need, and that had to wait until the day before so that it was nice and fresh.

“Wow, that was a big shopping trip.” Liam said as they were leaving the tills.

“That's nothing. I used to spend more than that every day at the restaurant.”

“Yeah, but that's a restaurant.”

“Not much different really. The only difference with catering is that it's all expected pretty much all at the same time. In the restaurant though we could see triple the numbers during the entire day.”


“Yeah, it was a busy place.”

Soon they made it out to the van and Jan got everything all loaded up, while Liam got Gavin into his seat in the van, and then got himself in as well. He left the chairs for Jan to do with what needed to be done, because he really couldn't.

As soon as Jan had everything loaded into the van, she hopped in and took off. When they made it home, Jan sent the two boys into the house to get changed and to lay back and relax for a little while. So that was what they did. They changed each others diapers, staying in only their diapers, and then crawled up into Liam's bed, kissed for a few minutes, and then fell asleep. It had been a long and exciting day for the both of them, and they were tired. It showed, hence the reason that Jan had sent them in to rest.

The next several days went by amazingly fast for the three of them. Jan was working nearly non stop in the kitchen, getting things ready that she was able to to get ready for the wedding reception. The boys both helped her wherever they were able to, which was not exactly a lot, but it was appreciated. Before they were really ready for it, the day of the reception was upon them, and Jan ran nearly all day long, getting all the last minute preparations done, and then got it all loaded into the van to go.

“Are you two sure that you'll be fine for the night? I'll probably be home pretty late.” Jan asked for probably the hundredth time since they had decided that Liam and Gavin would have to stay home.

“We'll be just fine mommy, you go and don't worry about us, go and blow their diapers off with the great food, just like you always do for us.” Gavin grinned.

“Somehow I doubt many of them will be wearing diapers, but thanks for the vote of confidence none the less. Well, I guess I should be going then, I'll see you two in the morning.”

“Night night mommy, love you.” Gavin smiled warmly and reached up for a hug and kiss.

“Love you too baby, you make sure and behave.”

“When have I not behaved?” Gavin asked truthfully.

“Never, so don't start with the misbehaving now.” Jan grinned.

“I won't.”

“Have a good night Jan, you deserve this, you'll do just fine.” Liam said gently.

“Thanks. You guys have a good night as well okay, and remember to call if you need anything. The halls number is on the fridge, and I'll be in the kitchen all night.”

“We will, don't you worry.” Liam said.

With a final hug and kiss for Gavin, Jan headed out, and the two guys were all alone for their first night together.

“I know I told mommy that I would behave, but I want to be a bit of a naughty boy.” Gavin grinned.

“Oh really, and what exactly did you have in mind?” Liam said, going painfully hard in his diaper almost immediately from that comment, because he was certain he knew exactly what Gavin was going to say. They had talked about doing more than just kissing for a few days now, and he knew that Gavin was really wanting to try it.

“Can we go lay down in bed and kiss and cuddle, and I'd really like to play with each others dicks, and maybe even suck them.” Gavin said softly, blushing slightly.

“I'm not sure I'm ready to suck yet, but maybe we can play for a bit for sure. We should probably have dinner first though. Your mom left us some food that we just had to reheat, so we can eat quickly.”

“I guess we should, but can I get a kiss first?”

“Sure.” Liam smiled brightly and bent down to give his young boyfriend a tender kiss. The kiss lasted for only a few minutes, but it left both them wanting to say to hell with dinner, let's go to bed, but they both knew they couldn't say it, or they would not end up eating at all, and they both knew that they had to.

They headed to the kitchen and Liam heated up their dinner to eat, and then they sat down to eat, both totally silent, both eating as fast as they could without choking. They did both smile at each other a lot though, both excited, painfully so, about what games they might play after dinner. Having taken far too long in their opinion, they finally finished eating, and leaving the mess until later, they headed back to Liam's bedroom, it had the larger bed. They were both only in their diapers, so that made it easier, but for now they left them on.

Liam lifted Gavin out of his chair and laid him in the center of the bed, and then crawled in to join him. They joined together in another soft gentle kiss, kissing deeply, sharing their love for each other. Their eyes were closed, their hands were moving all over each others soft smooth skin slowly and gently. It was love making in all its glory. For more than ten minutes they carried on softly kissing and stroking each other in this fashion, neither one really wanting to give it up any time soon. As they kissed though, their hands were working their way down each others bodies, until they were stroking the diapered bum of their boyfriend.

As they had been kissing and stroking each other, their soft moans and sighs could be heard throughout the room. As soon as they reached each others backsides though, the moans and sighs increased. Gavin was the first of them to reach inside the others diaper that night and started softly caressing Liam's naked bum. Liam followed suit as fast as he could do it, and their moaning increased even further.

“Liam, my dick is so hard, it's never hurt so much before, I need you to help me out.” Gavin broke from their by then almost thirty minute long kiss.

“I'm the same Gavin. Why don't I swing around and we can face each other and play with each other at the same time!”

“Okay. We'll have to take off our diapers first though.”

“Or we can take each others off.” Liam whispered.

“That sounds even better.” Gavin smiled.

Liam swung around so that their diapers were within inches of each others faces, and then with shaky hands, they both reached forwards at the same time and slowly removed the others diaper. Of course they had seen each other naked, many times, of course they had seen each other hard, almost as many times, but never had they been about to pleasure each other, so they were nervous. Both of them grunted as their erections were freed and smacked into their abdomens.

“It's so beautiful.” Gavin sighed, gently taking a hold of Liam in his warm hand.

“Oh yeah, that's nice, but so's yours.” Liam sighed, also taking Gavin into his hand, causing him to sigh out as well.

Very slowly they started stroking each other. Not only were they unable to go fast, because their hands would not do anything fast, but they didn't really want to go to fast either, so for once they were happy that they could not go fast at all.

For more than ten minutes they stroked each other like that. Both of them climbed slowly towards their very peaks of orgasm, both of them holding it back as long as they could manage to do so.

“Oh, it's happening, I can't hold it any more!” Gavin started out in a gasp, but ended in more a squeal as his orgasm approached.

“Unh, me too.” Liam grunted.

And then without further ado, they exploded in both their most powerful orgasms ever. Granted neither one of them fired much, or very far, but it was enough that given how close they were to each other at the time, that they painted each others faces with their meager loads of cum. Gavin only managed three shots and two more dribbles, whereas Liam managed four shots and three dribbles. For the both of them though, it was the most that they had ever shot at one time. With their orgasms over, they both slumped down, yet they were still holding onto each other, and they were both still mostly hard.

“Hey, you taste pretty good.” Gavin sighed a few minutes later, licking the mess from around his mouth.

“Thanks, you do to.” Liam said, also licking off what he could. “You're sweeter than I am for sure.”

“Yeah, but yours still tastes really good too. Can I try sucking you now please? I really want to, I've already tasted you, you're still hard, and I know you want to do me as well.” Gavin whispered.

“Yeah, as long as we can suck each other at the same time.”

“Okay.” Gavin smiled happily.

Neither of them waited for anything else, they just moved forward the few centimeters that they needed to and sucked each others half hard dicks into their mouths, firstly licking off any last cum that was still there, and then starting to suck and lick.

Once again they went very slowly, and once again the moaning and sighing started all over again. As they sucked each other softly, they were rubbing each others naked bums gently, both of them very much enjoying what they were doing. Neither of them lasted very long at all, not even ten minutes more and they were gone. They each sprayed another small load into each others mouths, both of them getting to taste their delicious treat straight from the source this time. As they came down, they once again collapsed, the others now softening tools slipping from their mouths, disappointing both of them in doing so.

“Wow, I've never felt better in my entire life.” Gavin sighed out a few minutes later.

“Me neither.” Liam said, and then swung around again so that they could kiss.

“I love you so much Liam, I hope you know that, because I don't know what I'd do without you now.” Gavin whispered while cuddling up to his man.

“And I love you so much Gavin that it hurts when we're not together. My life was an empty shell before we met, I had nothing, I had no one to love, and I never thought that I would ever have anyone, especially not someone so perfect for me as you are. So what if I am old enough to be your dad almost, it doesn't matter, it doesn't change how I feel about you, how I'll always feel about you.” Liam said with happy tears flowing down his cheeks.

Gavin didn't say anything further, he didn't need to, he only leaned in again and restarted their tender kisses. They kissed for a while longer, and at some time, neither of them realizing it was done, but the blankets were pulled up, and as they kissed and cuddled, they fell asleep, both of them forgetting to get diapered. The light was still on even.

And that was how Jan found them early the next morning, wrapped up, all in love in Liam's bed, both naked and smelling of pee, and lots of it she thought. She figured that there was no point now in waking them to get them diapered. In the light she could even still see the cum streaks on both their faces, and had she not have known earlier, she would have known then what they had been up to, and she was happy for them. She covered them up again, because they had become a little uncovered, turned off the light, and then headed to bed. She had already brought everything in from the van and put it away before checking on the boys, so she was very ready for bed. She had not worked so hard in such a short period of time in a long time, and she was far from used to it, but it had gone off without a hitch, and everyone was ecstatic about her food.

Chapter 4

“Oh no, we forgot to get diapered last night, we're soaked.” Liam groaned as they woke up, both at almost the same time.

“Oh yuck, I hate waking up in a wet bed.”

“Yeah, me too. It's been a long time since I forgot to diaper myself before bed though and woke up wet like this. We better go hop in the bath then and get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, but can we both fit in there?”

“I think we can.” Liam said.

It was nice that Liam had one of the walk in baths with a seat and a shower so that he could have a bath easier. With how skinny they both were though, he was certain that they would both easily fit in the seat and be able to bath together. Liam got out of bed first with great difficulty, mornings were always the hardest on him, and then he got Gavin into his chair so that he could get to the bathroom on his own, because there was no way Liam would be able to carry him that far, even if it was only across the hall. Gavin was sat on the toilet to get his bowel movement out of the way, and while he was doing that, Liam brushed his teeth, and then they traded places. Finally they hopped into the tub, closed the door and started the water, nice and hot, just the way they both liked it. The bubbles and jets were both started once the bath water was high enough, and Liam washed them both. Neither of them talked, they just relaxed in the soothing bath. Just as Liam was about to drain the bath water, Jan walked in, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Oh, good morning boys, I didn't realize you were in here.”

“Oh, no prob Jan, not like you don't see us naked at least a couple times a day anyways. I'm surprised you're up so early given how hard and long you worked yesterday.”

“Actually, it's not me up early, it's you two up late. It's already after ten, so you two wore yourselves out real good last night as well. I would have gotten you two diapered this morning when I came in, but by then it was already too late. So I take it that it was a good night for you two?” Jan smiled warmly at them.

“Oh yeah, it was so nice and loving.” Gavin sighed lovingly, cuddling even more into Liam.

“That's nice to hear, I'm happy for the two of you.”

“So how did it go last night for you then?” Liam asked, trying to change the subject before he got even more embarrassed.

“Nice change of subject there Liam!” Jan grinned. “It went really well though, everyone loved the food, and I was asked for my business card from no less than ten people. I had to tell them that I had none yet, but gave them the phone number instead. So I could get a few more jobs before too long, I just hope that none of them are at such last minute again, that was a lot of work.”

“That's really good Jan, we're happy for you.” Liam smiled, ignoring the little comment though.

“Thanks. Well, I'll leave you two to the rest of your bath then, and I'll get your bedding in the wash right away for you.”

“Thanks Jan, that would be appreciated.”

Jan headed out right then and the two of them finished up in their bath, as they had been about to do. As soon as the tub was drained enough, the door was opened and Liam hopped out. He dried first himself off and then got Gavin out and dried him off as well. He followed Gavin to his room and got him diapered, and then laid down so that Gavin could get him into a nice thick diaper.

“Ah, much better, thanks baby.” Liam sighed.

“You like diapers just like I do, don't you?” Gavin smiled.

“Not so sure if it's like so much as not sure I could live without them any more. I do really love how they feel though, and I can certainly appreciate how those that do not need them could want to wear them anyways.” Liam said truthfully.

“Yeah, that makes sense, I'm the same too I guess. So what are we gonna do today then?”

“Not too sure. I think that we have to get the van back to the rental place, but after that I have no idea.”

“We'll have to ask mommy then.”

“Ask me what baby?” Jan asked, she was just walking in to check on them.

“What we're gonna do today.”

“Oh, other than return the van, not too sure really. You two must be starving by about now, so would you like some breakfast?”

“Yeah, I am, so yes please.” Liam said.

“Me too please.” Gavin also said.

“Okay, it'll be ready in a few minutes then, so meet me in the kitchen.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

Since Gavin was already down on the floor, he decided to just crawl, and Liam followed him as slowly. They made it to the kitchen, got themselves seated, found their bottles ready and waiting, so they started on them, and then Jan delivered their breakfast shortly after. After that the only sounds to be heard were the sounds of three people enjoying their breakfast.

“Mmm, that was really good mommy.”

“Yeah, there was a lot of leftover food last night, so I cooked up some of it for breakfast this morning. I figured that we'd all like it.”

“For sure.” Liam nodded his approval.

“Would you two like to help clean up the kitchen please?” Jan asked them.

“Sure, we'll help as much as we can anyways.” Liam said.

So they headed into the kitchen and got to work. Gavin was in his chair positioned at the dishwasher, so as Liam got a dish scraped off and ready, he passed it to Gavin, who got it into the dishwasher. While the boys were doing this, Jan was busy getting everything else all put away and cleaned up. A lot of the dishes from the night before were still piled on the counter, and while they were clean, she still had to put them away, but there was a lot of leftovers in the fridge. They wouldn't have to go shopping for a few days at least she figured. Jan also figured that she would have to make some stuff and freeze or can it to help it to last longer, which would also be good for the guys for quick easy, healthy meals that they did not have to cook for when she was not at home. It took them more than an hour to get the kitchen back into a presentable condition, which is to mean spotless, because both Jan and Liam were clean freaks, especially in the kitchen. Jan from being a chef, and Liam because his mother just taught him that way.

“Okay, so now I guess we have to go get dressed and then get the van back. You know, I'm going to miss having it to use, it's been very nice.” Jan sighed.

“Yeah, it has been, but you'll get your new van sooner or later, hopefully sooner though.”

“True, but now that I've tasted the freedom again, I want it now, but one thing I've learned after all these years is patience. After that I think that we need to get to the bank so that I can deposit the check and withdraw the money to give to you to put onto your credit card, that way you're not paying a lot of interest.”

“Okay, that sounds good. So how much did it end up costing you, do you figure, to actually do all that?”

“Not even a thousand total, so I cleared a little more than two grand. Not bad, but it was a lot of work, but that's mostly due to the timing. If I had have had more time to plan it properly, it wouldn't have been quite so bad. We ended up with a lot of leftovers though, so I bought far too much. It's going to take me some time to remember all the numbers and whatnot, but I'll get it, and this way we really don't have to worry about a lot of food for a little while anyways.”

“Oh, that's really good then. If you were to get one or two jobs like that a month, you'd be set.” Liam smiled.

“Exactly. I won't do more than four in a month though, probably only two or three, so that I can have some rest, because it is a lot of work, even if you two did help as much as you could.”

“And you can count on our help as much as we can give it mommy.”

“And I sent in for a few more things that I can do from home that are nice and easy, but will give me an extra hundred or two a month each to work with. I think that from here on out, our money concerns will be behind us.” Liam smiled brightly.

It was amazing how having a nice life made things easier they all thought.

“That's really good. That envelope stuffing one you do is really cool. All you have to do is stuff a bunch of envelopes and they pay you for it. What else are you going to do?” Jan asked.

“Well, there's another couple envelope stuffing ones, and the other is just cutting out simple patterns. It doesn't pay much, but it's easy work, and while I won't be able to do it for too long each day, I'll still be able to get a bunch done.”

“That's really good baby.” Gavin said proudly.

“Baby!” Jan grinned. Both boys blushed.

“Well....” Gavin stuttered.

“It's cute, and I was only teasing. You two use your pet names for each other around me, don't worry, however I would strongly suggest you not do so out in public.” Jan smiled to them.

“Thanks.” They both said quietly, their blushes starting to recede a bit.

After that they headed back to their bedrooms to get themselves presentable to go outside, and once they were all ready to go, they headed out to the van and got on their way. Since they still had use of the van, they decided that they may as well do any running around that they needed to do first, so their first stop was the bank. It was fortunate enough that both Jan and Liam banked at the same branch, so that made it easier. Jan cashed the check that she had received the previous night, put a good portion of it into her bank account, but gave Liam more than enough to cover his credit card bill. He asked what the exact total was on his account, was told, and then he paid it off entirely. After that they headed back to the wheelchair shop to have Gavin's chair adjusted slightly, because when he told the chair to go straight, it always veered to the right ever so slightly, it was only a very minor fix and they were gone again in a few minutes. From there they headed to the mall to look around for a bit, Liam had his chair with them, so he wasn't worried about how long it took them. After that they felt that they should head to the rental place to drop off the van, so that's where they headed last before home. Jan paid off the last bit of their bill, and then they headed to the bus stop to head home.

“Well, it was certainly expensive to have rented the van, but I guess it was worth it.” Jan said after they found a couple seats that they could use.

“Yeah, it was definitely expensive all right, but hopefully we won't have to do that again, hopefully you get your new van before too long.” Liam agreed.

“Yeah, hopefully soon.” Jan agreed.

The next few days went by slowly for them all, they didn't go out or do anything in particular. Jan spent a lot of time in the kitchen getting all the leftover food prepared for storage. Liam and Gavin spent a lot of time cuddled up and kissing, swimming, and they even gave each other a hand a couple more times. Jan found that the two of them were sleeping together almost every night now, instead of in their separate beds. Ever since that first night of sleeping together, they found that they really enjoyed it. Four days after returning the van, the phone rang and Jan went and answered it. The guys were in the pool, so they didn't know until Jan came into the garage all smiles.

“Guys, the van's ready to go, they say we can come and pick it up today.” Jan called out as soon as she entered, actually scaring both of them quite a bit, causing them both to scream shrilly.

“Oops, sorry.” Jan giggled.

“Well, at least I'm not hard any more.” Gavin whispered to Liam.

“Me neither.” Liam whispered back with a grin. They had been gently stroking each other as they sat there.

“That's great Jan. I just finished my strengthening exercises and we were just resting, so we'll get out now and get ready to go, and then we can all go.”

“Okay, I'll get Gavin ready so that it's faster.”

“Thanks. If you'd help him out of the pool first please, that would make it faster and easier as well.”

“Okay.” Jan said, and then did that.

Half an hour later and they were off and running. Jan had already been ready to go, so it took that long just for the boys to get dried, diapered and dressed. They had to wait almost the full fifteen minutes for the next bus to come that was going where they needed to go, and it took half an hour just to get to the shop.

“Hello, my name is Jan, you called saying our van was ready to go.” Jan said as they all entered, Liam was also in his chair, because they all figured that they would go out and do something afterwards.

“Hello Jan, that was me that called, and yes, it's all ready to go. I didn't know that you had two people though in chairs, is that normal?”

“Liam requires his chair only part time, but it will be with us in the van almost all the time. Why do you ask?”

“Just that the van was designed only for one chair, however I can make one very quick modification and you can fit both chairs in easily.”

“Oh, that would be great, it'll make our lives a lot easier.”

“It'll take me only a few minutes, but you're welcome to come out to the shop with me as I do it.”

“Thanks, we'd like that.”

They followed him out to the shop, and saw their new van. It was a pretty standard looking mini van, nothing special looking from the outside, but as the side door was opened, they found the fold up ramp that was in the raised position. Just inside the door the guy pressed a button and the entire ramp folded itself out and then lowered to the ground.

“As you can see, it's nice and easy to put the ramp down. I had left one of the passenger chairs in the middle, and left the whole back bench in for you, but they both come out easily. I'll just take the extra captains chair out, bolt in two new anchors to anchor the chair to, and that's it.”

“Oh, that's really nice. Does the rear seat come out as easily, because I'm starting a catering business, and it'll only be in the way?”

“Yes, you just unhitch it from two points and pull it right out. It's pretty heavy, but if you're used to lifting electric chairs in and out of things, then it'll be no problem at all.”

“Oh, that's good. My son is heavier than the chair, and I lift him all the time, so no, it'll be no problem at all.”

“That's good. So, you say you're starting a catering business eh, any experience yet?”

“Yeah, just a few days ago I had my first actual catering job and I received very high praise from it. However before my son was born, I was a five star chef, so I have a lot of experience in cooking.”

“Very nice. I'm thinking of throwing a staff appreciation party, picnic sort of thing, and maybe you'd be able to cater it for us. How much would something like that cost?”

“It depends really. When is it, how many people would there be, and how much and what type of food would you like?”

“Well, including myself I have ten people working here, but it would be for all our families as well, so about fifty to sixty people at most. I'd want mostly picnic style foods and desserts, could be hot or cold, or both, whichever you like really, and you'd need to arrange drinks as well, and I was thinking in two weeks on the Sunday of the long weekend. It's supposed to be really nice outside, and I was thinking that we could do it at the lake.”

“Oh, that sounds easy enough, plenty of preparation time for such a small job, so I'd be able to do it for a thousand easily for up to sixty people.”

“Excellent, consider it done then. How do you work payment then?”

“Standard rule is half up front and the rest when the job is done.”

“Okay, I can write you a check for that right away then. Before that though, I think that we should teach you all the features of your new van and how to use them.” He said after just finishing up putting in the new anchors, it really was that fast and easy to do.

“Please, that would be great.”

So for the next half an hour the guy showed Jan, Liam and Gavin all around the van, showing them all the features. He even had a remote system for it that not only started the engine for them to warm it up, but it also had a button that would open the side door and lower the ramp for them all at the touch of one button, they all loved that feature. Another button did it in reverse. Both Liam and Gavin were loaded into the van and Jan was taught how and where to anchor them in their chairs, but Liam said he would just get out of his chair and climb in the front seat most of the time, although he found that he sat in the back with his baby more often than not.

As soon as the business with the van was finished, Jan and the owner of the shop went about setting up all the details of the company picnic. Together they decided upon a mix of cold and hot foods, drinks, and desserts, and he wrote the first payment check out right away for them.

“Well, you guys enjoy your new van, and just return my dealer plates for me after you get your insurance on it all straightened out.” He said, they had talked about this earlier, how they would have to go and get the insurance, but that he would happily lend them his plates for the shop.

“Thanks, we will, on both accounts.” Jan smiled happily.

Their first stop was the insurance office, they headed in and Jan put the proper business insurance on it, but because it was also a handicapped equipped vehicle, she had to get special things for that, but was happy to hear that she did qualify for a discount as well for that. It was not enough though, because the insurance would certainly hurt if she did not start making some money, and soon. As soon as the insurance was all straightened out, Jan went and returned the plates back to the shop.

“Well guys, what should we do now?”

“Well Jan, you need a business license, business cards, fliers or other advertising, and by the sounds of it, more food, so I think that maybe we should do that.” Liam offered slowly as normal as Jan was already driving off.

“You know Liam, I never even thought of a business license, so I'm glad that you brought it up. I wonder where the hell I'd go to get something like that anyways!”

“Try the city hall, that's where I'd suspect that they'd have them.” Liam reasoned.

“Good idea, we'll head there first.” Jan said, and that was where they aimed.

It took nearly two hours for her to get her business license all set up, but it was done, so now Jan was a full fledged caterer. Next they headed to a printing place to get some things printed up.

“Hi there, how may I help you folks today?” They were asked as they walked or rolled in.

“Well, my name's Jan, and I'm starting a catering business, so naturally I need your help with a few things.”

“Well, I can help you with virtually any business printing needs that you could possibly have; from cards, to fliers, to business letterhead, and even to car decals, either magnetic or stick on. So what can I help you with for today?”

“Oh, car signs, I never even thought of that!”

“It's a good idea, because if you make payments on your vehicle, if it is signed for your business, it then becomes a business tax write off, not to mention that it drums up extra business from the extra advertising.”

“Excellent points. There's so much to think of that I keep forgetting some of it. Well, to start with I need some business cards, and I think that I would like three signs made for the van, one for the back, and one for each side. I say stick on, because those magnetic ones don't look safe, and I could actually see some stupid kid coming along and taking them off your vehicle.”

“The forgetting things is the very reason I mention most of what we can do to help business customers, because especially the new business owners quite often forget that stuff. As for your comment about the magnetic ones, you are certainly correct there. The magnetic ones are actually cheaper, but everyone does the nicer stick on ones after their first set are swiped, even though I do warn people about that very thing.” He grinned.

“I bet, but I bet I know why most still take the cheaper ones, because I have a sneaking suspicion that this stuff is not cheap.” Jan grinned back.

“Very true, but the way I see it, is that it's cheaper in the long run, and good signs make all the difference to a business.”

“Yeah, but you're just saying that because you need to make money too!” Jan grinned.

“While that may in fact be true, because no one's in business to lose money, I'd actually rather see satisfied customers. As for your analysis of the cost, you are correct. The cards are relatively inexpensive, but a good set of graphic signs for the average van could set you back a few grand, depending on how large and extravagant that you go. I'm sure you've seen a few of the vehicles around that I've done, there's the one flower shop that her entire car is all flowers and advertising, it turned out very nice, even if I do say so myself.”

“Yes, we've seen that one before, and it is really nice.”

“Thanks. Well, that cost her nearly ten thousand dollars to do, but she says that business has increased nearly thirty percent since, so it was a wise move. Because you are a new business owner though, I would certainly not suggest that you go quite that high end or large, but go nice and big so that people can easily see it. We can go over a number of things and decide from there if you'd like.”

“Yeah, I figured that a job like that had to have been terribly expensive, and I would have no way to pay for something like that for sure. So, if you'd like to go over some ideas with us, we'd be happy to see them.”

“No, most start up businesses really don't have the cash for something like that, even if advertising is the best thing that you can do for your business.”

“I actually don't really want all that much for advertising anyways, mostly just word of mouth, because I actually don't want to get to be too big and too busy, because I have a handicapped son and room mate to help out, and I want to keep this to only one or two people, plus these two as much as they can help.”

“Oh, well word of mouth advertising is certainly the best, as long as you're good that is.” He laughed.

“Well, so far everyone has been quite happy.”

“Okay, so what was your business name then, and I'll take a few minutes to come up with something to see if you like it?”

“Jan's Catering for All Occasions” Jan answered, they had had to come up with the name at the city hall, and that was what they had all decided on.

“Great, give me a few minutes here to come up with a nice simple eye catching design for you guys. Normally this can take days to do, but I have a few simple ideas that should look really nice and will be pretty cost effective for you.”

“Thanks, take all the time you need.” Jan offered.

For a good fifteen minutes he played around on his computer, designing the signs for the van. As soon as he finished, he looked up and smiled at them, turned the monitor so that they would all be able to see it, and then started talking again.

“So, as you can see, it's nice and simple, will work beautifully with the color of your van, and as you can also see I made the matching business cards as well.”

“Wow, that was fast, and it looks great as well. You're a true artist.” Jan smiled.

“Thanks, but I've just been doing this for a long time and know what works well and what does not.”

“It shows. So, how much would something like that cost to do on the van and to get a few hundred cards made up, and when could the decals be installed?”

“Because it's pretty simple and small, I could print it all today and have it ready to do tomorrow for you, and the cost would be a thousand dollars for everything, plus taxes of course.”

“But of course, but that sounds really good to me. So you do the decal installation yourself as well then?”

“Yes, I have my son here helping as well, but because he is also wheelchair bound, he can only do the smaller jobs, so he'll be doing yours for you guys.”

“Oh, that's nice to hear. Always happy to help someone with a disability.” Jan smiled.

“As am I, hence the reason that this is about fifty percent off my normal fees.” He smiled back.

“Thanks so much. Well, let's get it paid for then, because that looks perfect.” Jan said happily, because she was well aware that he was giving her a good deal, but she was not about to argue the point.

They got the payment details all ironed out, made the appointment for first thing the next morning as soon as they opened, and then Jan and the guys left.

“That guy was real nice mommy. I'm glad that we're going to be using him.” Gavin said happily as he was being buckled in.

“Me too. So where to next then guys? Lunch!”

“Yes please.” Both Liam and Gavin said at the same time.

“Thought so.” Jan smiled warmly and they headed off.

They found a nice small diner nearby that appeared to be wheelchair friendly and went in, sat down, and ordered their meal. As they sat waiting for their meal, they chatted about nothing much, but when the food came, it became obviously quite quiet.

“So, now that lunch is all done with, I guess that it's about time we went grocery shopping.” Jan said as soon as they were all finished their lunch.

“Okay mommy.” Gavin smiled warmly.

They headed off to the store to get all that Jan would need, both Liam and Gavin in their chairs for this trip. It was not nearly so expensive as the last one was, because Jan was not going to be feeding nearly so many people, but it was still big. After that they headed home and got everything put away.

“You boys go ahead and go for your swim while I get dinner going okay.”

“Thanks Jan, I was just about to ask if you minded if we did that.” Gavin grinned.

“I know.” She said in that all knowing motherly tone that all males hate, because none of us can figure out how the hell they do that.

Gavin and Liam both just grinned and headed out to the garage. Liam got them both stripped and Gavin into the pool, and then got in himself.

“Liam, do you think we have time to give each other a hand, I'm really hard and I want to cum?” Gavin asked as soon as Liam joined him in the water.

“Well, we don't have all that much time before dinner, and I really should do my exercises. So do you think that you can wait until bedtime so that we can really enjoy it without having to rush?”

“Well, if I have to, I guess I could.” Gavin pouted a little.

“You're cute when you pout, you know that right!”

“Am not.” He tried to pout more, but failed miserably by grinning.

“Yeah, you are, but you're even cuter when you smile. Now, I know you want me to take care of that hot looking little boner for you, but I really do need to do my exercises. You should try and do some of them as well, they'll still help you, even if not in the same way.”

“How can I do your exercises though? I can't really do anything if I can't hold onto the wall.”

“True, but you can still do some of them, and you can do what I do as well, just differently maybe. Give it a try at least, what's the worst that can happen!”

“I could drown!” Gavin pointed out.

“Well obviously you'd want to stay holding onto something at all times silly.” Liam grinned.

“Okay, I'll try.”

“Good, just follow what I do as best you can then.”

For the next almost half an hour the two of them did what they could do, and Gavin found that he was able to do almost everything that Liam showed him with ease, and a couple were just a little difficult, but that was good too. As soon as they were finished, they both slumped onto the bench, and were just about to cuddle and kiss a bit, and maybe even talk, when the door opened and Jan came out.

“Hi guys, dinner will be ready in just a few minutes, so go ahead and get out and diapered, and by the time that you're there, so will dinner.” Jan called out to them.

“Okay.” Liam called back.

“Ah nuts.” Gavin said as soon as his mom left. “I was hoping to get a few kisses and cuddles in before we had to get out.”

“You'll survive baby, don't worry.” Liam smiled warmly, but did reach down to give his little boyfriend a quick tender kiss. Gavin nearly melted from it, and he sighed deeply.

“Thanks, I needed that.”

“Me too. Now come on, let's get out of here and go eat, because I'm starving.” Liam said as he pushed Gavin away gently so that he could stand up.

“Yeah, we better, because I'm starving too.”

A few minutes later they were out of the pool, Liam was drying them off, and then they diapered each other up nice and thick and snug, just the way a diaper should be. They headed into the house and to the dining table, and were sitting down just as Jan was setting the last of their delicious looking meal in front of them. She said dig in, so they did.

“Mmm, dinner was great as usual Jan, thanks so much.” Liam sighed and patted his belly when he was finally finished.

“Yeah, it was mommy, thanks.” Gavin added.

“Thanks boys. Let me just get this all cleaned up, and then we can go sit down and watch a movie, okay!”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” Liam said first, and Gavin nodded his agreement.

Jan got up and started cleaning, while Liam got up and got Gavin onto the floor to crawl to the living room, and then he followed at the same snails pace. Liam went and picked out a movie, it was a good comedy, and he put it in and got it ready. By the time that the previews were finishing, Liam always liked to watch them, Jan was just walking in to join them. Gavin was already seated in the center of the couch, Jan had sat to his left, and when Liam was finished, he took Gavin's right side. As soon as Liam sat down, Gavin fell over into his lap, laying his head there and getting comfortable. Jan pulled his legs up onto her lap and started tickling his legs gently as Liam was playing with his hair, and they all watched the movie.

Gavin had never felt so loved and relaxed than he did during that movie, he did not even remember one minute of the movie, he was enjoying the gentle petting so much that he was not paying attention to it at all. It was also so relaxing that he fell asleep long before the movie ended. Both Jan and Liam knew that Gavin had fallen asleep on them, but they just kept up their gentle stroking of his soft skin or hair, because they were enjoying it as well. When the movie ended, Liam got up and shut everything down, while Jan picked Gavin up and carried him to Liam's bedroom. Gavin was just waking up as his mom was setting him down on the bed.

“I fell asleep huh!”

“Yeah, you were so relaxed, I'm not surprised that you'd fall fast asleep. Do you want me to change your diaper for you, or will you and Liam take care of that after your play time?”

“What makes you think we're gonna play?” Gavin blushed.

“I didn't, until you blushed, but it was a good guess. Don't worry, it's okay, really it is, I'm happy for you two, and you deserve to get to play around. So, I guess that I'll leave the diapering for now, you two have a good night, love you.”

“Thanks, love you too mommy.” Gavin smiled softly to his mom.

Liam had walked in just as Gavin was finishing up, and he heard enough to get a pretty good understanding of what Jan had said. When Jan turned around and said have a good night, not meaning anything about what they may or may not get up to once the door was closed, he blushed and stuttered. Jan just grinned and closed the door on her way out, chuckling about how shy the two of them were about sex. She thought it was cute.

As soon as the door was closed though, both boys locked eyes on each other and smiled brightly to their boyfriends. Liam started working his way towards the bed, and Gavin moved towards the center of the bed as best he could, to make room for his lover.

“You're not too tired are you?” Liam whispered.

“No, I had a nice nap, so now I'm ready to play.” Gavin grinned coyly.

“Good, because so am I.”

Liam laid down on the bed, cuddling right up to his baby, and they attached themselves almost instantly by the lips and kissed so softly and tenderly, so lovingly that it would have melted even the most cold heart. For more than ten minutes they laid there in their tender embrace, kissing only as true lovers can do. As they kissed, they stroked the backs and diapered bums of their lover, not in a sexual way, not yet, just in a very loving and tender way.

“Oh, that still feels so good, so right.” Gavin sighed out when they finally broke their kiss.

“Yeah.” Liam said dreamily.

“Can we turn around now and suck each other again, I really like that?”

“Okay, or let's just suck each other one at a time this time, really take our time. I find it hard to concentrate sucking on you while you're sucking me, so maybe this'll be better.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me too, because I'm the same way.”

Liam was the first to start working his way down, so Gavin rolled over onto his back, ready and waiting for anything Liam cared to do to and for him. As soon as Liam got down to the level he wanted and needed to be at, he kissed the front of Gavin's soggy tented diaper, and rubbed the little bulge for a few minutes. Gavin sighed and moaned lowly from this, truly enjoying what Liam was doing to him.

Soon though Liam opened both sides of the wet diaper, pulled the front down, and released the small beast from within. Gavin's erect dick stood as tall and proud as it was able to, it was vibrating and leaking, and Liam just knew he had to act fast.

Reaching in, Liam slowly engulfed all of Gavin's erection right to the base, and started slowly sucking his love. Gavin moaned even more with this simple act, and he went even closer to orgasm than he already was. In fact he was so close that no matter how slowly Liam went, he was going to explode, and soon.

And soon it was as well, far too soon for either of their liking, but Liam sure did enjoy the small tasty treat.

Just as Liam was about to pull off, Gavin gasped out, “Don't pull off, keep going, I'm close again.”

So what did Liam do, but keep right on going and kept sucking his horny little lover. It took a few minutes longer this time for Gavin to erupt, but it was still fast. Liam still enjoyed the small tasty treat, although it was smaller than the last one was.

“Wow, that was so good.” Gavin sighed out a minute later.

Liam was still down at Gavin's groin, just licking and kissing the entire area, but Gavin was almost totally soft now. That is not to say that he was not completely enjoying the situation though, because of course he was, but he was just too drained now to react any more. He was not the normal teen in that way, two times was his limit, and then he was done. Liam slowly worked his way back up and kissed Gavin tenderly once again, and for another ten minutes they kissed.

Gavin gently pushed Liam away, silently urging him to roll onto his back, so he did. As soon as Liam was in position, Gavin worked himself so that he was laying on top of his lover, and started the kiss again. He only let them kiss for just barely a minute though, he knew that Liam would be close to bursting, and he wanted Liam to burst in his mouth. So he started sliding down with no small amount of difficulty, but he managed just fine. He too kissed and nuzzled the nice bulge that was hiding behind the soggy tented diaper.

Liam moaned lowly from what his young lover was doing, but then he groaned more as Gavin released the tapes to his diaper, and engulfed him in one long slow motion.

Gavin was not wishing to waste any more time than was absolutely necessary, so as fast as he was able to, he sucked Liam right to the root. Because Liam was not overly large, and Gavin had already somewhat gotten used to sucking all of Liam in, he did not gag, but the instinct was still there, he just pushed it back. Starting a nice slow suction and bobbing, Gavin started working his boyfriend. Liam lasted even less time than Gavin had for his first time though, and within barely two minutes, Gavin was enjoying the first of the tasty treats that he was going to suck from his baby.

Liam rose fast and furious to his peak, and with a strangled cry, he exploded, and Gavin sucked down the very tasty treat. Before Liam could even ask Gavin to continue though, Gavin just started right back up the suction, but this time moving even slower than before, trying to enjoy himself even more, as well as trying to make it feel even better to Liam.

This time Liam lasted nearly ten minutes before he exploded. With the main tension released, they were now able to fully enjoy themselves, not that they had not earlier, but now they could take their time. Just as Gavin was starting to think that he would have to pull off and finish by hand, because his neck and mouth were both getting very sore, Liam started cumming again. They both slumped down, Liam started going soft, and they were both happy.

“Mmm, I can't believe how good you taste.” Gavin sighed a few moments later.

“You taste even better than I do though. Thanks for that though, it was wonderful. I love you so much. Now, as much as I'd love to kiss and cuddle with you more baby, we really need to get ready for bed, because I'm really tired now.”

“It was wonderful for me too baby, and I love you so much, but I agree, I'm really tired too. I'd offer to go get our diapers, but you know I can't, so can you do it please, or do you need another couple minutes?”

“I better try now, because I don't think I have another couple minutes in me.” Liam sighed out and managed to work his way from the bed and to the dresser where their diaper supplies were.

He grabbed everything that they would need and went back to the bed. He diapered Gavin first, and then laid down so that he could be diapered as well. Gavin though was getting very tired, and his arms did not work very well when he was tired, so they were misbehaving some, and he had three arm twitches during that time, once almost bashing Liam in the balls. Fortunately enough he missed though, and he managed to finish up, even though Liam asked if he wanted help.

“Good night baby, I love you.” Gavin whispered once they were all curled up. All he received though was the soft snoring of his lover, saying that he had already fallen asleep. Gavin smiled warmly, closed his eyes, and he too passed out right away.

Chapter 5

It was now a few days later and Jan and the boys were getting everything ready to go for the picnic by the lake that she was catering. It had been decided that Liam and Gavin would both come with her this time, since it was an afternoon affair, and they thought that they would be able to help out some. Once everything was all loaded up, they headed out. They were there nearly an hour earlier than everyone else would be arriving, so that they could set up. It was a good thing that Liam's parents had had a number of folding tables for this, because Jan needed them all, so had brought them all. That was her first chore, to get all the tables out and set up. There was a covered area for them to set up under, so that the heat of the direct sunlight would not melt all the ice too soon, so that was where she set everything up. The boys both would grab something that they could easily manage and set it on their laps and bring it over for Jan, so as soon as she had a place for something, she set it on a table. Once the tables were set up to her liking, she started helping the boys to bring everything over as well.

Once Liam and Gavin ran out of things that they could carry, they started getting all the plates, cups, and utensils unpacked and set up. Gavin unfortunately found the plates too difficult to do, because he ended up dropping and breaking one, so he switched to the utensils, because he was safe at not breaking them. He had looked mildly upset at first, but both Jan and Liam comforted him and told him not to worry about it at all.

They took nearly every minute of the hour that they had allotted to them to unpack and sort everything out, because as soon as they finished, the first of the picnic guests arrived, and it was the owner and his family.

“Hello again Jan, this looks simply amazing, you did a wonderful job.”

“Thanks, I appreciate the compliment, but wait until you taste it.” She smiled warmly.

“Trust me, we can't wait. The rest of my people should be arriving soon, and we will be telling them to go ahead and start eating right away, so that everything is still the proper temperature, and you and your helpers are welcome to join us, as well as to stay and enjoy the fun afterwards as well.”

“Thank you, we would appreciate that a great deal. Once all the eating is done with though, we will clean up first, and then we might just take you up on the offer to join in on some of the fun. Sadly though we will not be able to stay for too long, maybe an hour afterwards. This was and will be a very long day for the boys here, so they will start to get very tired soon after we clean up.”

“I understand completely. I still remember those days when I got very tired from doing very little. I had a problem with my body when I was younger and had to deal with that all too often as well, but fortunately a risky brain surgery fixed me right up. I'm still not perfect granted, but I no longer have to be in a wheelchair like I was until I was twenty. I could walk, sort of, but I got very tired very quickly. It is a genetic issue that I would have almost certainly passed onto any children I had, so I swore I would never do that to any child what I had to go through, so I adopted. My wife thankfully was understanding of my wish to never father children in the normal way, so agreed to adoption. That is the main reason that I do what I do for a living, because I want to help out those who need a good vehicle that is suited to their needs.”

“I'm glad that you were able to be helped. The doctor told us of a surgery that may or may not help Gavin, but the risks were far too high, so I decided not to do it. Gavin will have the right to do so when he is older if he so decides, but he knows the risks just as well as I do, and we both decided they just were not worth it.”

“I had probably the same risks, but after my parents died when I was eighteen, I figured that it was either that or have no life at all, because I needed them to live.”

“Yes, I can see why you would have made the choice then.”

“I probably would have made the same choice myself had there have been any surgical options for me, but sadly there is nothing that can be done for my condition, at least not yet, mostly because they have no idea what's causing it.” Liam added.

“And I doubt I'd go for the surgery unless I had no other choice. If I were to get worse I might do it though, but I am getting better, and I can manage, I just need help.” Gavin said.

“I was the same, but I needed a lot of help. Well, here's a few more of the guys and their families, so I will let you guys finish the setting up and we'll come and get this wonderful smelling food as soon as we are all here.”

“Okay.” Jan said, and then she started by unwrapping everything, the boys helping where they could.

Almost an hour later almost all the food was gone, Jan and the boys had enjoyed some of it as well, but the others all enjoyed it a great deal, every one of the people complimenting her a great deal, and many of them taking her business card. Another hour later and they had everything all packed up and back in the back of the van. So once that was all taken care of, Jan, Gavin, and Liam went and joined in on the games that everyone was playing. Because a couple of the families had children or adults in wheelchairs, all the games that they played were wheelchair friendly. They ended up staying for another two hours, and left when pretty much all the families did, because they had had so much fun.

“Well Jan, I thank you so much for the wonderful meal, it really was great. I know that all I owe you is five hundred, however I feel that for all that you did, you deserve this, so thanks again.” He said and handed over a check for seven hundred dollars.

“Thank you very much Sir, you are much too kind.” Jan smiled brightly, but accepted the check.

“And you are much too good to be charging so little. There is no doubt that you once were, and could once again be a very high paid five star chef.”

“Thank you for the compliment, and yes, you are correct, I was very high paid. Well, we really should be going, I need to get these two home and into the bath, because they need it.”

“Yes, same for my brats too, and have no fear, the next time I need a caterer, you will be called. Actually, you know what, I want to book you right now for my annual Christmas party. There'll be about the same amount of people, but I'll have to work out the rest of the details, and I'll pay you two thousand, because we'll want more food for that.”

“That sounds fine to me, and you have my card, so call me as soon as you have the details worked out, and I will do it for you.” Jan smiled.

“Will do, bye now.”

And with that, they all left and headed towards their homes. As soon as they arrived, Jan ushered Gavin and Liam into the house and to the bathroom so that they could have a nice long hot soothing bath. They did so happily, both agreeing that the jets in the tub would feel really good on their tired and sore bodies. While they were having a bath, Jan went out and started bringing in all the leftovers and dishes. She decided to just leave the tables in the van, they were secured to the side of the van anyways, and were not really in the way, and that way it would be less moving around, because many jobs she would need them for anyways.

Once Jan was finished and had a load of dishes in the dishwasher, she went to check on the boys to see how they were doing. She had not heard a peep from them since she dropped them off in the bathroom. She knocked softly to alert them, in case they were in the middle of something, but she received no answer, so went in. What she found when she entered was that both of them were passed out, leaning up against each other.

“Come on you two, wake up.” Jan said gently, shaking them as she did so.

“Huh, oh what!” Liam mumbled.

“You two fell asleep in the bath tub. Did you even get washed up before doing so?”

“Um, I don't think so. We were just relaxing in the nice hot water first, and then we would have washed up, that's usually what we do anyways. I don't remember washing, do you baby?” Gavin asked.

“No, actually I don't remember either, so we probably didn't.”

“I knew you two would be tired, but I didn't figure that you'd be that tired. Here, let me wash you two up.” Jan offered with a warm smile on her face.

Liam was closest, so she washed him first. He actually blushed when she washed his groin and he popped wood. He had not had a woman wash him in quite some time, so he was not really used to it. Of course she had seen him hard a few times, but she had never touched him before, so it was a little embarrassing. Neither of them said anything though. As soon as she was finished washing Liam's body, she maneuvered Gavin closer to her and started washing him as well. Once he too was clean, she washed both of their hair, and then Liam pulled the plug. Jan grabbed the hand shower and rinsed them both off as the water was draining out.

“Thanks Jan.” Liam nearly whispered.

“You're welcome Liam.” Jan smiled warmly again.

Jan dried both of them off as well, and then got them both into their diapers. For the rest of the day they sat on the couch and watched TV. Jan only got up for a little bit to get them some dinner, but as soon as it was warmed up, she brought it to the living room for them to eat while they continued watching. They went to bed not too much later, and all slept well until morning.

The very next day Jan received a call from a potential client to cater a large gathering that someone was having, so she left the boys at home and went for a meeting. When she came home she was all smiles, and told them that she had received a job to cater a dinner for five hundred people, and would pay nearly six thousand dollars. She said that her only problem was that she had only two weeks in which to get it all arranged, but claimed that she would get it done.

With that said, they all headed out to do the shopping that they would once again need to do. Jan bought so much stuff that Liam gasped and peed himself when the total came up. Gavin didn't see the total, or he would have as well. The next two weeks was a flurry of activity again as Jan tried her damnedest to plan and get everything done. As she was doing all that, Gavin and Liam would help out as much as possible, but Liam also did as much of his work as he could do, so that he could get some more money.

Finally it was the date of the party, and Jan was rushing around like mad. The boys stayed well out of her way, so that she did not accidentally trip over them, but before too long she was gone to the hall where the party was being held, and the boys were once again left to themselves. They had just finished eating dinner, and were looking for something to do.

“Liam, I want you to make love to me please?”

“Oh baby, we can't do that yet, I'll hurt you.”

“No you won't. I like it when you stick your fingers in me now, and you said that once you could get three in that I'd be able to take you. Well, it still hurt a little bit last night, but you got three fingers inside me as you were sucking me, I know you did.”

Gavin was pointing out the fact that not even a week ago He had asked Liam to start preparing him, because he wanted to be made love to. Liam agreed, but made Gavin promise to do the same as well. He was of course only too happy with that arrangement, so they started that very night. At first one finger inside Gavin's hot little hole was uncomfortable, but he got used to that very quickly, and found that he rather enjoyed it, a great deal in fact, especially when Liam played with his little boy joy button. Liam also enjoyed it once it was his turn. Over the past week Liam had been slowly working his way up in size, and the previous night Gavin had taken all three fingers, although it still hurt a bit as the boy pointed out, but that would be fine, he would adapt as quickly as he had for two fingers.

“Yes baby, I did get three fingers inside you, and it was tight, but my dick is smaller around than three fingers, so I should fit. It'll still hurt a bit, but should start to feel really good as well pretty quick. I want you to make love to me first though, okay.”

“Okay. I'll have to lay on my back and you'll have to do most of it, because I don't know if I'll be able to do it any other way.”

They had talked about the various positions that there were, and the ones that they would likely be able to do. Because of their disabilities it really did limit the ways in which they would be able to make love, but they both felt that it would be fine anyways.

“Okay, and for our first time it might be best anyways, and that's how I want you to be for when I make love to you as well, that way you can control it a bit better.” Liam smiled warmly.

Gavin just smiled brightly in answer. Liam and Gavin headed to their room, both of them more than a little hard inside their soggy diapers. When they got there, Gavin wheeled up to the bed and worked himself onto the bed, proud that he was able to do it for the first time on his very own. He had been trying for the past week, and he finally made it on his own. Liam was still right there to help should Gavin ask for it though. They both figured that the extra horniness was a contributing factor to him being able to do it on his own though. As soon as Gavin was on the bed, he laid in the center on his back, a silly grin plastered on his face and a boner tenting his diaper seductively.

Liam saw the grin and the tent and was even more horny from the sights. He crawled onto the bed, and starting at Gavin's feet, he kissed and licked his way upwards. Gavin though groaned in frustration when the fantastic mouth work that Liam was doing to his body skipped right passed his diaper covered crotch and continued his way upwards. Liam wanted Gavin nice and hot though, he knew what he was doing, and furthermore he wanted to do it right. He wanted their first time to be something so special that they would both cherish it for the rest of their lives. Slowly he made his way to Gavin's face, he kissed him all over for a bit before attaching themselves at the mouth, and they kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

“Now baby, I know that neither one of us is going to last long, we're both way too horny for that, so I'm going to remove our diapers and I'm going to feed you my dick, you get to suck me off first, and then I'll suck you next. I just hope that we'll have enough energy after that to make love to each other, because normally we can only last for two shots each.”

“I think for this we'll be fine, but go ahead and feed me baby, I want my baby milk.” Gavin grinned even more.

“Okay.” Liam smiled brightly.

He got up onto his knees and removed his diaper, and then while holding on, he scooted forward on his knees and aimed his hard dick right at Gavin's waiting mouth. They connected, and before Liam even had himself all the way in, Gavin was sucking him to put a vacuum to shame. Liam's breath came out in a hiss, he tried to say something, but it just would not come out. Something else though was going to come out, and very soon Liam knew, Gavin knew it too though, so he worked harder to get it.

Not even a minutes worth of sucking was all it took for Gavin to receive the baby milk he so sought, and as it sprayed into his mouth, he savored every last drop of his lovers liquid.

“Wow, that was nice, thanks baby, now let me take care of you too.” Liam sighed out a few moments later.

“Okay.” Gavin said happily.

Liam worked his way down until he was laying in between Gavin's outstretched legs, and then nearly dove into his groin and inhaled all that Gavin had to offer him. Gavin though was even hotter and closer than Liam had been, because no sooner than Liam had him all the way inside, when he started his orgasm. With squeaks and squeals aplenty, Gavin came copiously.

“Oh god that tasted good baby, but you were real hot tonight, weren't you.” Liam got up, grinning and licking his lips.

“Oh yeah, but now I want to be inside your other hole please?” Gavin asked huskily, his orgasm hardly even finished yet.

“Okay. You never even gave me time to lube my hole. I was going to do it while sucking you, but oh well.” Liam said.

He grabbed the lube though and lubed his hole quickly, and then added a little to Gavin's still pulsing young member. Once again Liam got up onto his knees and worked his way upwards, this time stopping half way up Gavin's body. As soon as he was in position, Liam grasped onto Gavin's boner and aligned it with his hole, and then sat down upon it. They both moaned ever so lowly from how it felt.

“Oh my god, I've never felt anything so nice in my life.” Gavin sighed out as Liam hit bottom and he was fully engulfed inside the hot wet cavern.

“Me neither. You feel way better than any toy has ever felt before.”

With that Liam started a nice soft slow motion, barely lifting up at all before he moved back down again. He was rocking his hips at the same time, and Gavin was moaning and sighing a long cadence of loving sounds. It was lucky that Liam had made sure to release the large pressure buildup first, because now they were able to truly enjoy their first time, although it still was not long enough for them. They wanted it to last far longer than the mere five minutes that they got to experience, but it just felt too good, to both of them, and at almost the exact same time, they both exploded again.

“Wow....................I never knew....................I never guessed..................that was the most incredible feeling ever.” Gavin panted out while still coming down from his massive cum some three or four minutes later.

“Me....................neither.” Liam also panted out.

“I'm tired, but I'm good to trade places if you are. Lay down baby and let me ride you now please?” Gavin asked softly.

“Okay. I'm getting tired as well, I just hope that we can stay awake afterwards though, because I don't really want to wet the bed again.”

“We'll be fine. Now lay down baby and let me do all the work.”

Liam did not answer, just rolled over and onto his back. He was still almost completely hard and ready for what Gavin wanted more than anything, but Liam had to admit that so did he.

“I need you to lube my bum for me please baby, I can't do it myself yrt?” Gavin asked softly, turning and offering him his ass and the lube.

“Of course baby. You may as well lube me up at the same time as well.”

“Okay.” Gavin said, taking the lube back after Liam had gotten enough.

They started lubing each other, thus bringing Liam back to full hardness. It took only two minutes for Liam to work three fingers back into Gavin and get him fully lubed up. As soon as he felt the third finger go in, and felt that it went easier with less pain, Gavin pulled himself away to change positions. Liam had to help him to crawl onto his body, but as soon as he did, Gavin grabbed onto Liam's erection and aimed it at his hole.

Gavin moved himself backwards as well as he could, he had a hard time doing this with one hand behind himself, but he managed just fine. He felt the small head of Liam's dick press against his virgin little hole, he felt it stretching to accommodate the intruder, and then he felt it give way and the intruder gained the access he wanted to give it.

Once again they both moaned lowly from this, but this time Gavin's moan was partially from pain. It would take some time before he would be able to have a pain free initial insertion, but he was willing to accept that. Anything that felt as good as this did was worth a little discomfort, because after barely a minute of sitting and waiting, the really good feelings started to flow through him.

Gavin started moving himself as best he could, making love to his baby, and they both moaned from it even more, but this time it was all pleasure, all around. Gavin was of course not able to move a lot, and with two gigantic cums already out of the way, or gigantic for them anyways, they were able to last a while longer this time. It took almost ten minutes for them to both cum, and the entire time it took for them to climb that high, they panted and moaned as Gavin slowly moved and they made love. Luckily enough neither one passed out outright as soon as they came, but they were both very close to it. It also took quite a few minutes for them to both come down from their cum, but they managed to stay awake.

“Wow, your dick felt way better up my bum than even your fingers did, and I loved them. Thanks so much baby, I love you so much. I think that you better get me diapered though, because I'm not going to be able to stay awake much longer?”

“Yeah, that felt so good, and I love you so much too baby. I'm almost falling asleep as well, but I'll try and get up and get our diapers.” Liam said.

It took him a few minutes to do so, but he managed to get up and grab their diapers and supplies. He grabbed the wipes, because they would both need a good wiping, and he grabbed the cream as well, so as to remove a little of the discomfort that they would both feel. He made it back to the bed and lovingly cleaned his baby, happy to once again see no blood, he slipped a nice thick diaper underneath, creamed Gavin up heavily, and then pulled up and taped the diaper closed. It was his turn next, so he laid down in the middle of the bed, handing the supplies to Gavin,who took them happily and repaid the favor immediately.

“Night night baby, love you.” Liam whispered after they were cuddled up and the blankets pulled up.

“Love you too baby, thank you so much for tonight.”

“You're very welcome, and thank you as well.”

And with that, they went right to sleep. Once again Jan came in and checked on the boys as soon as she came home. She smelled the smell in the room, so knew that they had played around again. Then she saw the lube on the floor where it had fallen, so had her suspicions as to what they had gotten up to. She slipped a finger inside Gavin's diaper, felt his hole, felt how open and sloppy it still was inside, and knew she was correct. She was happy for the boys, she knew they loved each other with a passion so deep that few ever got to feel it. She went to bed happy with life and slept until late the next morning, but still she was the first awake.

“Mmm, good morning boys, you sure look bright and chipper this morning.” Jan greeted them when they entered the kitchen the next morning.

“Oh, good morning Jan, so do you, but I didn't expect you to be up yet. Oh wait, we're up really late.” Liam greeted, then looked at the clock.

“Yes, making full love to each other last night must have really worn you boys out. How do you feel this morning?”

“Oh wonderful mommy. How did you know?”

“A mommy always knows baby. That and I could smell it when I walked into your bedroom this morning, I could see the lube on the floor where it fell, and when I suspected what you had done, I checked your little bum to find out for sure, and it was still sloppy. I'm really happy for you two.” She smiled warmly at them, but they both blushed cutely again.

“You're not upset are you?” Liam asked nervously.

“Of course not, like I said, I'm very happy for the two of you. Most never get a chance to find the love that you two have. You would have to blind not to see that you two are madly deeply in love with each other. I knew from the beginning that you would eventually move in the direction of anal sex, and to tell you quite honestly, I didn't expect it to take you so long. I'm glad you did though, because that just makes it that much more special. It'll truly be something that you both remember for the rest of your lives.” Jan smiled warmly to them both.

For almost twenty years more the three of them lived in that cute cozy little house together. Liam had lasted a good fifteen to twenty years longer than any doctor ever suspected he would, and Jan had been warned that the odds of Gavin making it to the age of twenty was slim to none, but they both beat those odds, and they both said it was the love of their lives that kept them going. Not too surprising though that not even days after Liam passed away, that Jan had to also bury his lover, her son. It was a hard few days for Jan and her girlfriend, who had lived with them for nearly fifteen years, but she was also so very happy for her little boy. He had had such a difficult life, but he had a love that few ever knew, so he was one of the luckiest people on the planet because of that. Gavin managed to finish high school, and even took a couple courses at the local college and got a business degree in accounting. Liam had taken a few courses over the years at the adult education facility and got somewhat up to par in his reading and writing. He actually wrote a book about his life, and the trials and tribulations of the disabled. It was a beautifully heart rending tale, and while it did not sell overly well, it sold a considerable amount more than even he ever suspected. No one should ever have to deal with all that those two had to deal with, but all too often, people do, and not all of them truly are poor little cripple boys, some of them have more, all of them deserve more.