Poor Little Rich Kid
Jim Carter

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Poor Little Rich Kid
Part 2

We talked about poker on the way to his house. It turns out we remember playing each other in a sit and go. When we got to his house he started loading his clothes in a Pullman and duffle bag. He hung 3 uniforms and shirts into a garment bag. “Don’t forget a swim suit. We have a pool, and I am sure there will be swimming and skiing tomorrow.”

“So we are going definitely?” He had a big grin.

“Did you ever doubt we would?”

“Yes, I thought you might not go, just to teach me a lesson.”

“No, you acknowledged getting busted for trying to push me into it and your apology won me over really quick.”

“Cool. So which swim suit should I take?” He had three skimpy Speedo type bathing suits. None of them looked big enough to cover his ample package. He also had four of the baggy suits that are popular now days.

“You better not take those skimpy little things. Your package on display will have all those gay guys drooling all over themselves.”

“Well, I will bring a couple. I might wear one under the baggy ones so that my boner won’t show. If they are half as good looking as you, I will be hard most of the time.” He laughed. “Besides I can wear them when it is just me and you in the pool. I won’t lie, I want you to drool. You make me drool.” He cut his big eyes at me and gave me that gotcha grin.

I notice he put several pairs of briefs into his duffle. “I thought kids now days wore boxers all the time.”

“Not me. I like being in briefs, I like that they make my stuff feel wrapped up and protected. Besides it helps to hide a boner sometimes.” He grinned. “You are not much older than me and you wear briefs. Why do you like them?”

“I guess the same as you. I never really thought of it that way, but they do seem to make me feel protected down there. I sat on my nuts one time wearing boxers and that convinced me briefs were my underwear of choice. I like wearing a jock sometimes too.”

“Me too.” He pulled one out of his bag. “Crap, I loaded up my toiletry bag but almost left it in the bathroom.” He came back with his shaving kit, but I am pretty sure he doesn’t need to shave yet.

“Do you shave?” The save cream was on top when he opened the bag.

He laughed. “Only my pubes. I have to shave them or they show over the Speedo. Of course, it would be more fun if you shaved them for me.”

“I might just shave them off completely.” I teased.

“I would let you, if you wanted to, but I would make you shave them every day. If I’m going to listen to all the jokes and name calling in the locker room, you are going to have to do your part. I don’t think you can shave me every day without wanting to do more.” He gave me a sly grin.

“You are probably right. Would not be a good idea to be shaving boy pubes.” I laughed.

“I can guarantee the boy would love the attention.”

“Okay we need to change the subject. Are you about ready horn dog”

“Yep, I think I have everything.” He handed me his backpack and duffle bag. “Here make yourself useful dude.”

We got his stuff into the bedroom next to mine. I helped him hang his uniforms so they would be nice for Monday. We put all his clothes in the dresser and closet. His toiletries we all neatly arranged. “It looks like I live here. I like that.” I showed him where all the towels and stuff was. I showed him where extra quilts were if he got cold. “If I get cold, I can always just climb in bed with you to warm me up.”

“You have a one track mind bro.”

“Not really, I just keep trying and hoping that you will just give in one day.”

“I need to take a shower. I always feel weird to take a shower then put on dirty clothes.”

“Yep, me too. Although I wouldn’t miss getting to shower with you for anything. Can we shower together tonight?” The little shit was still pushing.

“We can shower at the same time you in your shower and me in mine.” I swatted his butt. “Now get going and quit trying to temp the old man.”

“Old my ass. Okay I will get my shower by my poor little homeless self.” He had that sly grin going. “Can I watch TV in my sleep shorts or do I have to put on more clothes?”

“I guess your sleep shorts should be fine.” We left to take our showers. I couldn’t help myself, I had to jerk off in the shower. As hard as tried to push It out of my mind Carl was the center of my thoughts. This kid is so sexy, but he is also fun to be around. It just occurred to me that I just met this kid today and I am already thinking of him as a life long friend. I must be nuts.

Carlton must be spanking the monkey too. I made it in the den before him. I flipped through the channels and found a movie that was starting shortly. I laid on the couch just as Carl was coming down the stairs. His shorts were so loose and short his cock and balls were easily seen. “Boy, those shorts don’t leave much to the imagination.”

He giggled. “Nobody ever gets to see these but you. They are comfortable to sleep in, but I would rather sleep naked with you.” I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick and balls.

He just came over to the couch and plopped down and snuggled into a spoon position in front of me. “Are you comfortable? Just plop down and block my view.” I teased him. He scooted down a little and just looked back and grinned. I had my arm resting on my side. He reached back and brought it down over his chest. I chuckled. “Are you building a nest?”

“Don’t give me any shit. We both admitted that we liked being hugged and didn’t get enough. It feels great touching. I know you like it too, so shut up and watch the movie.” He kissed my hand when said it to let me know he didn’t want to argue anymore. I couldn’t help it his skin against mine was so amazing I managed to will myself not to get an erection. He cute pert butt was snuggled up against my crotch and I know he would know if I got hard. After a few minutes, I couldn’t help myself. I kissed his shoulder. “Thanks Jim. That means a lot to me.”

“You are welcome little bro. This has been a fantastic day. If someone told me yesterday I could spend the day with a fourteen year old boy and end up thinking of him as my best friend. I would have told them they were crazy. I very glad to be your friend.”

He kissed my hand again. “I already told you that you were my best friend. I just hope that one day you will be able ignore my age. You know I wanted to wiggle my butt into your crotch to make you hard, but I was afraid you would make me get up. I feel so warm and content I gave up a chance to feel your dick with my butt to stay in your arms.”

“it’s not that I don’t want to do everything that you do. You are the most sexy person I have known, and you can tell I like being around you very much. If you were a couple of years older I would be all over your sweet butt. The law is there for a reason, but the real reason is that I can’t help but feel in my heart that it is wrong. If my conscience tells me it is wrong, I can’t justify ignoring it. That would just be wrong.”

Carl turned around and looked me in the eye. “I think I understand where you are coming from. It does make me wish I was older. I can’t help my age and I can’t help my desires. I guess there is not much doubt that you turn me on like nobody ever has. But like now, I just want to be held and feel so close to you. It is so strange. I didn’t know I was missing something until I felt how good it was to be hugged and know you were doing it because you wanted to hug me as much as I wanted to hug you. I love how our skin feels when it is touching.”

“I like it too. Our movie is over I need to go to bed.” He hugged me and I hugged him back. I rubbed his back. “Sleep good and we will have fun at the lake tomorrow and might even catch some fish.”

“Really, I have never been fishing. What kind of fish are we going to catch?”

“If you have never been fishing before, we will save that for another day. It will take a little practice to get you casting. We would be too rushed tomorrow if you haven’t been before. Have you been water skiing before?”

“Yep a friend of Marty’s used to take us. I’m not very good, but it is great fun.”

“Okay, let me up so I can get to bed. I am really tired.”

He got up and then pulled me up. He hugged me tight. “Good night my best friend.” I was rubbing his back. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing his butt and giving it a good squeeze.

“Good night my best friend. I will see you in the morning.” He let me go and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. He came back in for another kiss. “Let’s not start something we can’t finish. I pecked him on the lips. I swatted his butt. “Get to bed.”

I tossed and turned for two or three hours I couldn’t get to sleep. Of course, it was the boy that was on my mind keeping me awake. I don’t drink much, but I decided to go down to the kitchen and get a beer to help put me to sleep. Carl’s bedroom door was open, so I looked in to see if he was having trouble sleeping as well. He still had his bedside light on. Maybe he is still scared of the dark. He was sleeping on his stomach. Those short loose shorts were showing his balls and the head of his cock head underneath almost if he was naked on the bed. The way he had his right leg drawn up toward his chest, his pert little butt was looked fantastic in those shorts. I realized I was rock hard looking at this almost naked boy asleep on the bed. How sick is that? Well the beer was the last thing on my mind at the moment. I rushed back to my bedroom and within two minutes I had cum all over my chest. The image of the boy asleep on his bed had given me the biggest cum I can ever remember. I was asleep even before I had a chance to clean up.

I felt the bed shift and opened my eyes. Carl had just set on the side of my bed. “Sorry, but your door was open and I couldn’t resist getting a closer look at your naked body. “ He picked a piece of dried crusty cum from my chest. “Looks like someone had some fun last night.” He gave me that sly grin. “I hope you were thinking about me when you did this.”

I got up and started for the bathroom. “You better go get ready. We will go get some breakfast as soon as I get cleaned up and dressed.” He was giggling like crazy.

“Just so you know, I had my biggest cum ever thinking about you last night.” I guess he knew I was embarrassed to be caught naked with dried cum all over me, because he didn’t push it any farther. He just headed for the door. He ran back and hugged me and gave me a quick kiss. My cock got instantly rock hard. He giggled and said: “Me too.” I looked down and his cock was sticking out of the leg of those short shorts and pointing straight up. He kissed me again and ran out the door. “I will be ready before you are.” He shouted down the hall. I think he realized that I wouldn’t be able to resist him this morning and he took away the temptation. This kid is smart enough to realize that it isn’t right for me to take advantage of his age.

I couldn’t help myself; I had to jerk off another load in the shower. I smiled at myself. This boy has really done a number on me. I finished my shower and dressed. I but my bathing suit and several towels into a small gym bag. I knocked on Carl’s door. “Come in.” He shouted. I opened the door and there he was in all his naked glory. He had his clothes on the bed and looked at me and smiled. “Should I take my bathing suits with me and change there or wear them under my clothes and just bring some underwear to wear home.”

“Which every way you want to do it. Put what you want to take in this gym bag.” I opened the bag and he looked in.

“ Towels, sunscreen, jockstrap and bathing suit. Looks like we will be changing there. Cool.” He made no effort to get dressed. He folded his bathing suit and put it in. Next the jock strap went in. “I think I will take these too.” He said holding up a yellow Speedo. “They actually hold me tighter than a jock does, but I will probably wear the jock so that we can be twins.” He giggled. I did notice that he had a bathing suit almost exactly like mine in the bag. “I was waiting to see what you brought so that I could make sure we didn’t clash. Don’t want Tom to think I have lost my fashion sense.” He giggled. And hugged me.

I rubbed his back and before I knew it had my hands on his firm butt. When I realized what I just did. I swatted his butt and said: “Now get dressed you little horn dog and let’s go get some breakfast.”

“Me the horn dog. I loved your hand on my ass, but don’t think for an instant I missed that grope.” He giggled. He started dressing. “If you are not going to take care of this for me, I hope it goes down before we get to the restaurant.” He said as he shook his hard cock through his briefs. He put his keys, wallet and cell phone in his pocket. He pulled his keys out of his pocket. “I don’t guess I need to take these.” He said as he put them on the bedside table.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a key. “Here put this on your key ring. It will open any door. Your alarm code is 1414. If you don’t like that I can make it anything you want.”

He hugged me. “Thanks, 1414 is fine. Thanks for trusting me with your house.”

For two people that haven’t had many hugs for a long time, we seem to be making up for lost time. “If you can’t trust your best friend who can you trust.” I kissed his cheek. “Come on let’s get moving. He put his keys back in his pocket. “You can put your keys in the bag if you want. That is where I will dump mine as soon as we get to the lake.” He grinned and put his keys in the bag. I started to zip it up. He stopped my hand.

“Wait, I need to do something.” He pulled my jockstrap out of the bag and kissed the inside of the pouch. “Until you let me kiss the real thing I want you to know that I am kissing your cock the only way I can.” He grinned at me.

I pulled out his jockstrap and did the same thing to his. “Two can play that game.” I smiled.

“What if I decide to wear the Speedo?” I kissed the inside of the Speedo. “I may never wash the one I don’t wear at the lake ever again. I can put it on and think of you kissing my cock.”

I zipped up the gym bag and put my arm around his shoulder. “Come on bud, I am hungry. “

“I’m starved. I thought you would never get ready.” He grinned and kissed me quickly on the lips. The kid is getting good a quick kisses before I can react.

We both ordered a big breakfast at the restaurant. He slipped his right foot from his sandals and rested it on top of my left foot, so I did the same. We both enjoyed the contact all through the meal. When we finished, I felt him remove his foot. He grabbed the bill and said: “You get the tip and I will pay the bill.” He rushed to the cashier and paid the bill.

We chatted and laughed all the way to the lake. We were about ten minutes away and I pulled out my phone and handed it to Carl. “Call Tom and tell him we are about ten minutes away. He is speed dial three.”

“Hey Tom, it’s me Carlton. Jim said to tell you we are about ten minutes from the marina.” He giggled. “No we were partners and we took eighty apiece from the guys we played.” He laughed. “Yep that is what Jake and Mel said, but he putted fantastic yesterday.” He got a serious look on his face. “Yes, we brought Outback home, how did you know we would?” He looked at me. “It’s my favorite too. In fact we both wanted exactly the same thing. I told Jim we were twins.” He winked at me. “Yep, we will eat your meatloaf tonight. Okay see you in a few.” He closed the phone. “I think Tom thinks we are a couple now. Please don’t throw me out because you are afraid of what he thinks.”

I squeezed his neck gently. “I would never throw you out, but we will have to set Tom straight.”

He laughed. “I think it is way too late for Tom to be straight.”

“I will talk to them when they come to pick us up. Don’t worry, I couldn’t throw you out even if I wanted to. Best friends wouldn’t do that.” He grinned. We were quiet the rest of the way to the marina. We parked the car and Carl grabbed our bag. He unzipped it and held it open for me. I put my wallet keys and cell into the bag. He put his cell and wallet in too. “Here they come.” I pointed to their boat.

“Nice boat. “ We walked toward where they moored. “I don’t see Tom.”

“It looks like Alex and Andy came to pick us up.” We approached the boat. “Carlton, these guys are Alex and Andy Thomas. Guys this is Carlton.”

“We have heard a lot about Carlton. Tom really likes you and Jerry is pissed that he didn’t get to meet you.”

“Thanks, I think.” Carlton looked so lost.

“He is a great kid and we have become great friends. His parents are in Europe and his housekeeper had a family emergency, so he will be staying with us this week.” The twins looked at each other and just shrugged their shoulders.

“We have another few minutes to wait. Joe and Buck are almost here too.”

“Cool, that way Carlton doesn’t have to put up with all old folks. Joe is sixteen, I don’t know how old Buck is but he is about that age too.”

“He is almost eighteen I think.” Alex said.

The boys came running down the dock in their swim suits carrying rolled towels. They were almost to us when Carlton said. “Oh, shit.” We all looked at him, but before we could say anything the boys hopped into the boat. “Buxton, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here either twerp.”

“Wait just a minute here. We won’t have any name calling here Buck. Now, you owe Carlton an apology.”

“Sorry, Carlton, I guess it is a force of habit. I guess you have figured out by now that I give you a hard time because I don’t want the rest of our school to suspect that I might be gay. You were easy to give a hard time, because it doesn’t seem to bother you. You are always so self-confident and sure of yourself. I have been worried for as long as I remember I have been afraid people would know I’m gay.”

“Don’t worry about it. You were never really mean about it. Since I have been the youngest in my class for a long time, I figured out a long time ago I couldn’t let the things people said to me bother me or I would be miserable. I guess I developed thick skin.”

“I have been there I was the youngest in my classes too. I know kids can be cruel and it is so sad that kids have to make themselves at other’s expense.”

Buck hung his head. “You’re right Jim, it is wrong and stupid. I will try to do better and for the record Carlton, I have always thought you were cute and I had fantasies about you until Joe came along.”

Carlton grinned. “I kind of figured that out. When you were calling me names you went out of your way to touch me. That is one reason what you said didn’t faze me much. I almost told you I knew once, but then someone came by and I couldn’t without be overheard. Never had a chance to tell you after that.”
They shook hands. “Consider me your friend from now on.”

“I do already.”

“Hi, I’m Joe, this big dumb lug’s boyfriend.” Joe said shaking Carlton’s hand.

“Nice to meet you Joe. Take care of the big lug he is my friend.” We all laughed and the situation took on a much brighter mood.

“Come on let’s head back to the houseboat.” Andy suggested.

“Hey can we ski back?” Joe asked. He had his own sly smile. I hadn’t noticed before. I guess Carl’s gotcha grin has me noticing others using expressions to get their way.

“Sure as soon as we get out of the no wake zone.” Buck and Joe began getting the ropes and ski’s ready.

As soon as we were outside the no wake zone, Alex put the prop in neutral. Joe and Buck sat on the side of the boat and put their lead foot in the boot. Once in the water they swam to the ropes and then slipped their back feet into the boot. Both motioned they were ready and Alex slowly let the boat move forward taking up the slack. When the rope was taunt, the boys screamed: “Hit it!” at the same time.

The boys were good and it was easy to tell they knew each other’s moves. When they would cross, they always knew who needed to raise up and who needed to duck under. On one cross Buck ducked down low just as Joe hit the wake as fast as he could generate speed. When he flew over Buck’s rope and then pulled out to the other side and then started pulling on the rope to generate enough speed to jump back over to his side. Carlton shouted to be heard over the noise: “They are very good. I am not sure I want anyone to see how lame I am on water skis.”

Andy shouted. “Don’t worry about it Carlton. They make us all look like beginners. Just have fun, they are going to show off, but the rest of us just have a good time. Watch this.” He said something to his brother that we couldn’t hear. All of a sudden Alex cut the engine. As the boys slowed and sank into the water they began grabbing rope. “Shit they figured out what we were trying to do.” When Alex hit the throttle, the boys were ready and popped out of the water and slowly let out the excess rope.
When we got close to the houseboat, Alex made a pass close enough the boys could let go of the ropes and ski right up to the boat. Buck even had enough speed to turn around and sit on the back step. Carlton and I pulled in the ropes and Alex slowly brought us up to the houseboat.

As we got out and on the houseboat, Carlton said: “Dang you guys are good. I don’t think I want everyone to see what a beginner I am.”

“Don’t worry about it Carlton, Joe and I will teach you. We have had a lot of practice.”

“Yeah, your boyfriend is pretty good too. He and Buck taught me how to ski.” Joe said.

“I wish Jim was my boyfriend, but we are just friends. I do get to stay with him this week; my housekeeper had to go to Denver for her sick sister.”

“Your parents are still in France right?”

“I’m not sure which country right now, but they are in Europe.”

I introduced Carl to Alex and Andy’s boyfriends and the other people that were on the boat. We looked out of place everyone but us were in swim suits. “Andy we look out of place, where do we change into our suits.”

“Use the bedroom on the right. I think the others probably smell like brothels.” He laughed.

We took our bag and went into the bedroom. I heard Carl click the lock on the door. He kissed me on the cheek. “You know Joe and Buxton.” He laughed. “I mean Buck thought we were boyfriends. I told them I wished but that we were just friends.”

“Yeah, I heard.” We smiled at each other. We were both staring at each other’s naked bodies and we were both starting to get hard. “Here we go again.” We both laughed and pulled on our jocks.

“I will probably stay hard knowing your lips have been where my cock is.” We both had to laugh again.

“Let’s get our suits on and get out there before they start looking for us and making assumptions about what we are doing in here.”

“Okay, but one thing first.” He kissed me on the lips and made a bee line for the door.

Joe grabbed Carlton and started talking to him about water skiing. I saw Tom and Jerry and asked them to follow me into the bedroom. “Guys I need to talk to you for a minute. Last night when we were eating dinner, Carlton got a call from his housekeeper. She has to go to Denver to be with her sister that is in the hospital. His parents are in Europe. They don’t spend any time with him and told the housekeeper to tell him they would put extra money in his account to cover extra meals out. They live in that big house with the brick walls around the property over on Cypress. I couldn’t send the kid to that big empty house by himself. So we went and got some of his clothes and school uniforms. He will be staying in that room next to mine until his housekeeper gets back. I want to assure you guys that nothing has or will happen between us, we are just friends.”

“Jim, I don’t want to piss you off, but I have to tell you that you are full of shit. Nothing may have happened yet, but don’t fool yourself. You love that kid and he loves you too. It is written all over your face. You guys might be fighting it, but I think you and Carlton are made for each other. Yesterday when you walked into the house, I knew immediately that something had changed about you. You just reeked of happiness. I have never seen you so at ease and happy. Then I saw Carlton and the way he looked at you. I think it was love at first sight.”

“He is only fourteen and I can’t let anything sexually happen. I admit he makes me happy and I like being around him, I just can’t let anything but friendship happen.”

“Horse shit. I just met the dude and I see it too. You know I was only thirteen when Tom and I first got together. He was your age. He fought it too, probably not as much as you are, but he did try to resist my charms. When he gave in I was over at his house with my mouth around his cock every chance I got.
I was fourteen when my old man kicked me out when he found out I was gay. Tom too me in and now seven years later we are still as in love as we were the day met.”

I looked at Tom. “You didn’t feel it was wrong to be physical with a kid when you were grown?”

“Yes, I felt guilty and just knew I was going to jail for it. I was afraid he would hate when he got older, but when I gave in to his charms, I knew I could never stop. It wasn’t just lust and passion. I loved him, just like I see the love you two have for each other. You might as well admit it, you love the kid.”

“I do love the kid. I have tried hard not to, but he is all I think about and I love him more than I have ever felt love before.”

“I love you too.” Carl came around the door frame. He jumped into my arms and kissed me passionately. “I know it was wrong of me to ease drop, but I love you so much I just had to make sure that Tom and Jerry didn’t want me gone.”

“Hell Carlton, you are the best thing to happen to the boss. We want you around.”

“Yep, but I don’t think you guy’s first time should be here on this boat. I’m willing to bet that once you get started you will be at it for hours. Now go out there and ski a little bit and then make your excuses and go home and make each other happy.”

We laughed and had another quick kiss. “We better go before these jocks can’t hold our erections down.” We all laughed. Joe and Buck said they would drive the boat for us if we would drive the boat for them. We were about to leave when I remembered the sunscreen. “Wait a second, I forgot the sunscreen it’s still in the bag.”

“Don’t worry about it. We have plenty.” He threw me the bottle. “We are already greased up.” He laughed. “With sunscreen too.” We all laughed. I squirted some into Carl hands and some into mine. We greased our face, arms and legs.

Carl grabbed the bottle and got some on his hands and started rubbing the sunscreen into my back. God it felt good having his hands rubbing me. When he finished I did the same to him. I could spend all day rubbing his back. When I finished, Buck said: “I know you said you were just friends, but you better re-think that. I see two love birds there.”

“Keep a lid on it Buck, I think I almost have him talked into being my boyfriend but my age scares the shit out him. You will ruin all my hard work if you keep rattling your mouth.”

“Don’t worry guys, I think it’s cool. I think it is a stupid law anyway. I knew what I wanted at fourteen. I hate it that adults think that kids can’t think for themselves. Besides you are both hot and look good together.”

“Yeah, Buck could have gotten in trouble when we started messing around. It just started out us being horny and sucking was a lot more fun and jerking off. Loving each other just sort of snuck up on us. We almost got caught once though when I was still fourteen and I just lied my ass off and said we never did anything. I told them I wanted to but Buck wouldn’t let me suck him. When I was talking sucking and jerking, my mother got real nervous. Every time I said cock she got more and more nervous. Soon she just didn’t want to ask any more questions let alone me answer them. So your secret is safe with us.”

Carlton proved to be a lot better skier than he acted like. I was proud of the boy; he had no fear on skies and had nothing to be ashamed of. I caused us to take a fall when we came together for a kiss and I lost my concentration. We both went rolling on top of the water. We both came up spitting water and laughing hard I guess we weren’t hurt. “I’m sorry Carl, that was my fault. That kiss was so good, I lost my concentration.”

“No, it was my fault I slipped when I tried to feel your butt in the middle of the kiss.” We both were still laughing our asses off when they brought the boat around.

“I guess they are not hurt. Unless it is their sides hurting from laughing so hard.”

“Okay you two, in the boat it’s our turn. You have been skiing for hours. Oh, and just for the record, you guys have to be really careful trying to kiss on skis. Jim skis goofy footed which makes it easy to cross skis and crash.” They were laughing hard when we climbed in the boat.

They were sitting on the side of the boat with their feet outside the boat adjusting the skis. The boat was idling and I bumped the throttle sending flying into the water. I heard “Asshole.” from both of them.

“Sorry guys, I bumped the throttle.”

“We are sure you did, but I am also sure you did it on purpose.” They were both laughing by now. “Let Carlton drive, he doesn’t know all your tricks to fuck with us while we’re skiing.”

“Yeah, let me drive. I bet I can find some new tricks to fuck with them.”

“On second thought you drive Jim, Carlton is too smart he is already a junior.”

“That is where you are wrong. Jim is smarter, he graduated high school when he was my age.”

“You’re shit’n me.”

“I wouldn’t shit you, you are my favorite turd.”

“Did you really graduate high school at fourteen, Jim?” Joe asked.

“Guilty, I’m afraid.”

“When did you graduate from college?”

“Last year.”

“Don’t let him bullshit you. He did graduate last year but it was his PHD. He graduated from MIT at eighteen.”

“It took you the full four years?”

“Well, yes, but I miss a couple of semesters.”

“Why did you miss them?” I guess Buck could tell it was bothering me thinking about it. “It’s okay you don’t have to tell us.”

“I’m okay, but it is still hard for me to remember that stuff. To make a long story short a couple of things happened. During my second semester a guy in my dorm drank himself to death. My roommate was one of my few friends and we became a little more than just friends if you know what I mean. Someone caught us in the same bed and because of my age he was expelled. He was nineteen and I was fourteen and they tried to call the police in. I told them he never touched me, I was just scared and he was comforting me. They didn’t believe me but couldn’t do anything but expel him. He was hounded by the press and everything. He couldn’t take it and overdosed. He sent me a letter so I knew it was intentional, but it was listed as an accidental overdose. To this day, I will not be around any kind of drugs. I am sure you guys know that Andy and Alex know that if I am going to be around, there will be no drugs on the premises.”

“Yes we knew that. We didn’t know why, but we knew that no one questioned the rule just made sure they abided by it. Sorry about your friend. Now can we get to skiing, I am turning into a prune treading water.”

“You two better get ready fast.” Carlton shouted. Sure enough he timed the slack just right and jerked them out of the water as soon as they grabbed the handle.

“You weren’t kidding.” I shouted over the noise.

“I thought they might just let go instead of hanging on. I was going to call them pussies. I guess they won that round.”

I kissed his cheek. “Don’t screw with them too badly. Sounds like you and Buck have some history, but I have known them for a couple of years and they are really good kids and I think they are a lot of fun.”

“Okay, I won’t do anything. I was just doing it because it was almost like a challenge.”

“Maybe next time. Let’s let them have some fun then we can go home.”

“Look who is the horn dog now.” He grabbed my cock. “I like the way you think.”

I removed his hand. “Not until we get home and then I am all yours. I love you Carlton Jackson.”

“I love you Jim Carter.” He kissed me and the boat made a lurch. We looked back and both boys were giving us the finger and laughing their asses off. We couldn’t keep from kissing but we made the brief so that we could pay attention to the boys. We pulled them around for another thirty minutes or so and they dropped the ropes. I guess they were finally tired.

We pulled the ropes in as the boys climbed into the boat. “That was fun, even when you two were playing tonsil hockey. You did almost dump us there. I knew you wouldn’t try to play tricks on us like Jim does.”

“You got lucky, Jim told me not to this time. I think he wants me to wait and then scare the shit out of you both.” We all laughed. “oh, by the way, I think we are going to head out as soon as we get back to the boat and changed.”

Buck grabbed Carl and hugged him. They were whispering something but I couldn’t hear. Joe grabbed me and hugged me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. “We will ski more next time.”

He whispered in my ear. “Take care of him, he is something pretty special from what I have seen and he loves you like crazy. You make a great couple.”

Carlton and Buck were laughing. Buck said: “We all like to hug, but don’t you dare try it at school. And especially don’t do this.” He kissed Carl.

“Oh, yeah, I think we should do that in the middle of assembly.” He hurried away before Buck could swat his butt. Buck hugged me and Joe hugged Carl. “It was great meeting you Joe. Good to know the block head has a cute better half.” He teased and kissed Joe.

Buck kissed me and said: “He is cute, smart, funny and sexy. What can you possibly see in that little twerp.” We all laughed knowing he was teasing. He whispered: “You guys look perfect together you seem very happy and I’ll be honest, I didn’t know Carlton could smile. The guy really did act miserable. Take care of each other.”

“We plan on taking care of each other. He has made me very happy and he has also caused me considerable excitement in my pants.”

“He told me the exact same thing. I think you are both just a couple of horn dogs.” We couldn’t help but laugh at his choice of terms.

When we got back to the houseboat a couple was ready to leave and glad we got back. “Can you give us a couple of minutes to change, we need to go too.”

“Sure we can wait that long.” We had people hugging us goodbye and telling us they were glad to meet us (in Carl’s case) or happy to see us again in my case.

Carl locked the door again. We stripped in a hurry. I pulled out a wet bag for our wet clothes. We had our first naked passionate kiss. I felt so good with his naked body next to mine. He held my cock. “I know we don’t have time but I want him so much.” I grabbed his butt and played with his crack as I rubbed our cocks together.

“Me too, let’s get dressed and get home. I want to love you from head to toe.” We kissed again and scampered into our clothes. Our shirt tails covered enough of our erections that we weren’t obvious. We came out and I put my arms around the twins. “Thanks for inviting us guys. This boat is fantastic.”

“Thanks Jim we hope you and Carlton come back soon.”

“We will be home a little later boss.”

“Why don’t you guys stay another night? That way you can drive back fresh.”

“Okay boss, thanks that sounds like a good idea.” Then he whispered. “You guys don’t wear each other out tonight. Remember he has school tomorrow.”

“Gotcha, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Andy drove us to the marina. We all took longer than either Carlton or I wanted saying goodbye. We were finally able to go to the car. We both got our phones, wallets and keys out of the bag. As we pulled out of the parking lot, Carl heard his phone beep. He opened it and said it was Marty that called. He listened to the message. He turned down the radio and dialed his brother. “Hey big brother, how are you today?” He was smiling big. “Yep I went with a friend to the lake and we had a ball skiing.” His grin got bigger. “That is because I am happy.” He winked at me. “You are right, I like him a lot.” He squeezed my leg. “No, you don’t know him, but you will the next time you come to town.” He grinned. “Yes, I love him.” He got a serious look on his face. “Are you sure?”

He held the phone up to my ear. “Hello.”

“I have never heard my little brother sound so happy. I hope you don’t break his heart. “

“I love Carl with all my heart and soul. I will never intentionally break his heart.

“If he lets you call him Carl, he must love you. He has never let anyone call him Carl. I can’t wait to meet you.”

“I want to meet you too. Here is Carl back.” That was Carl’s signal to take the phone away from my ear.

“He is just as sexy as he sounds.” He grinned again. “I can’t honestly answer that. We have not had any form of sex at all yet.” He moved his hand up higher on my leg. “To be honest, I tried to pick him up in the bathroom at the mall. He refused my advances, but managed to make me promise to never do that again. I knew he liked me when he cared enough to make sure I didn’t do that again. At lunch we decided to go play golf. Then when May called and said I was on my own for the week, he agreed to let me stay with him.” He frowned. “No dummy, he made me sleep in an extra bedroom and wouldn’t let me talk him into having sex. I think his friends. Well our friends now. Oh by the way Buxton is one of our friends now. And yes we were right he was making up for being gay.” He laughed. “Yes, I was going to say I think his friends convinced him that he needed to follow his heart and not his head.” He squeezed my leg. “It is a little more complicated than that. He was skipped some grades too. He graduated high school at fourteen. Anyway he went away to MIT by the way and he and his roommate became more than friends. Since his roommate was older they had to keep their relationship a secret, but one night they were caught in the same bed and his friend was kicked out of school. He wasn’t arrested because Jim refused to admit they ever had sex. His friend was still hounded by the press and his friends and ended up taking an overdose of drugs and killed himself. You can see why he resisted so much, but now I think I have him. You heard him he loves me.” He looked serious again. “No I haven’t told him yet, but I will. Goodbye big brother. “ He hung up the phone.

“I think Marty loves his little brother.”

“Yes, we have become a lot closer since he left for college. Until then we didn’t get along so well. He wanted me to tell you about his drug problem. He overdosed when I was ten. It scared him into his senses. He went into the twelve steps and is a leader now. He is engaged to a girl that is a leader too. She didn’t have to hit bottom, but she is a great chick. He slipped once during his first month out of rehab, but got to his leader after only one joint.”

“Please don’t ever do drugs of any kind. I love you so much.”

“I hate drugs too. I was the one that found Marty and I thought he was dead. When the EMT’s told me he was still alive I vowed to fight against drugs. I have spoken out against drugs at my school and a bunch of others. I am so glad we are both so adamant about drugs. When you said that you refused to be around drugs all I could think was my perfect man. I love you Jim Carter, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am not moving home when May comes back. I may make her think I am, but you are not getting rid of me.”

He took my right hand in this left hand and we locked our fingers together. I squeezed his hand. “We have to be careful. It is amazing we just met yesterday and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. If someone told me yesterday morning I would be totally and madly in love with a fourteen year old boy I would have laughed at them. I love you so much my sweet fourteen year old boy.”

“Well, at least you know firsthand that it is possible for a fourteen year old to fall in love.”

“I do, that is for sure, but the part that bothers me most is that I am not really sure it was love or lust and needing someone. I didn’t feel anything for Josh that I feel for you. I thought at the time is was love, but I know now that it was nothing compared to my love for you.”


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