Poor Little Rich Kid
Jim Carter

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Poor Little Rich Kid
Part 3 of 3


We pulled into the garage and started in the house. We went in hand in hand. We both knew we didn’t have to hurry. We made it into the bedroom before we started undressing. We both went to undress the other. “You are so beautiful. I have wanted to kiss this perfect neck since the first time I saw you.” He let me kiss all over his chest for a minute then made me let him kiss my chest.

“I love you so much. I love being in your arms.” As he moved in for another kiss. We both reached to take off each other’s shorts. We both stepped out of our shorts. We both moaned when we rubbed our partner’s cock. We started next on our briefs. We were both so gentle getting the waist band over our very hard cocks. We came together with our cocks side by side and kissed passionately. I moved my hands down to Carl’s beautiful butt and started to massage his sweet buns. He did the same to me. “I think we both like butts. I really love having your hands on my butt.”

“You have such a pretty butt. I can’t wait to lick your hot butt, but I want to suck your perfect cock first.” I eased him down to the bed.

“I can’t wait to taste you either. Let’s sixty-nine so we can taste each other.” We moved around and we both just started kissing cock, balls, and running our tongues through pubic bushes. We both are cut and neither of us has heavy veins. His cock was a perfect six and a half inches of beautiful flesh. I tasted his sweet pre-cum. I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. But first I had to have his balls in my mouth. Oh man if I didn’t love him already I would fall in love with him for those orbs hanging below that wonderful cock. I began to lick his cock. And finally took it in my mouth. He had mirrored my moves. I am not sure if one of us were following the other or we were just following each other. He raised his head off my cock. “Jim this is so much better than I imagined. You are going to make me cum soon.” He went back to sucking my cock.

“You are a wonderful lover and I am about to cum too. You taste so good; I want to spend all night between your legs.” I could feel him shake with laughter. I think we both wanted this to last, but he was quickly bringing me to a powerful orgasm. It seemed to start in my toes and made its way up my body. My orgasm was so strong I almost missed the first blast of cum from Carl’s hot cock. He tasted fantastic; I want it all the time. We both licked and sucked every last drop from the cock in front of us. When we came around for a passionate kiss we both had a look of bliss and content. “That was fantastic. I love you so much and I love your body too. It is hard to explain how contented I am.”

“That is the word I was looking for contented describes it perfectly. Of course, it won’t be long until I want some more. I don’t think I will ever get enough of my Jim.” Just then his phone rang. “It is Marty’s ring tone. He is lucky we are in the afterglow of hot sex or I would make him talk to voice mail.” He got his phone out of his shorts. “You are lucky big brother. We just finished our first sixty-nine.”

“You don’t have to tell him everything.”

“ssh.” He put his finger to his lips. “I know he is. I get a boner just looking at him. He is so special.” He moved to lay on top of me. “Yes he is hung and we both want to spend the night between each other’s legs. I love the guy, but he is fantastic in bed too.” He kissed me. “Yes, I know he has a PHD. Yes, I know he wrote a program that hit three lotteries. Oh, I forgot to tell you his screen-ID is xxxxxxxxx. I have played him a few times.” He kissed me again. “Yes I will tell you what he has in his notes about you when I see them. Now hang up, we are going to take a shower and I get to wash my man’s beautiful body for the first time.” He laughed. “Goodbye and if you call back tonight just be prepared to talk to voice mail. Yes, I am very much in love.”

“What was that about?”

“ He looked you up from all the alumni stuff that they have automated. He said you were very cute and if he wasn’t into women would want to be with you too. He said you were a cutie at fourteen, but at eighteen you were a very handsome man.” He kissed me again. “Then he told me all about your degrees and a bunch of honors you forgot to mention.” He kissed me again. “He emailed me a bunch of pictures of you. Oh and another thing you didn’t mention yesterday you played golf in college.” He said from a picture of you at a swim meet he could tell you had a nice package.”

I laughed. “Sounds like your brother really checked me out.”

“Yep. He did. I love you rubbing my butt like this but I really want to take a shower with my hot man.” He grabbed my hand. “Come on and finish playing with my butt in the shower with soap on your hands.”

“I can tell you like taking showers with men.”

“Well, I have never done it before, but yes I have thought about it a lot.” He led us into the shower and adjusted the temperature. We stepped in and we had to kiss before anything else. I opened the shampoo. He had his hands cupped and put some in his hands. I put some in my left hand and put the bottle back on the rack. We started to massage the shampoo into each other’s hair. “You do that good Jim, I will never want to wash my own hair again. You will have to wash it for me from now on.”

“You are doing a fantastic job yourself. I think that is a fair trade. I don’t mind washing a beautiful young man’s hair while he washes mine. I love the way you massage my scalp.”

“Me too, that feels so much better than doing it myself.” After a few minutes we started rinsing the soap out. He grabbed the soap and began to soap me. I tried to take it from him so that I could start on him. “No, let me do you first. I am going to get my hands on every inch of your body.” He got down on his knees to wash me below the waist. He took great pains washing my butt. He worked his finger inside and made sure my crack was squeaky clean. He turned me around and kissed my cock and then started washing everything. I am confident my cock and balls have never been cleaner. He put my cock in his mouth to wash my legs. He didn’t suck it or move just held it there. He then put my balls in his mouth. When he had my feet washed. He stood up and kissed me.

“Now it is my turn to get my hands all over your beautiful body.”

“You have free access to my body anytime you want. It is yours to do with as you wish.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard.

“I love you too my sweet prince. But right now I need to wash my beautiful partner before we run out of hot water.” I started washing his body and got his squeaky clean. Then I went down on my knees and made sure his crack and hole were washed good. When I had him rinsed, I parted his cheeks and started to tongue his crack and hot hole.”

“Oh man Jim; that feels so wonderful. Oh man you are blowing my mind. I never knew anything could feel that good.” After a few minutes I was getting my tongue inside his hole. “I’m going to cum.” I turned him around and got his cock in my mouth just before the first volley hit the back of my mouth. I could tell he was starting to get sensitive. I pulled off his cock and kissed his little pee hole. I went up and kissed him. “That was so awesome, Jim. I have to try that.”

He got down on his knees and started licking my crack and attacked my hole with his tongue. He may have never rimmed anyone before, but he was sure driving me nuts. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. “I’m about to cum.” He turned me around and started in on my cock. I started filling his mouth with cum. When he finished we shared another passionate kiss. “You sure know how to excite me.”

The water started to get cold. “Shit let’s get out of this cold water.” We dried each other and just enjoyed the touching. I started brushing Carl’s hair. I would brush a little and kiss his neck a little. He turned around and kissed me. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m starving. Let’s go try Tom’s meatloaf.” We warmed the meatloaf in the microwave and then put the veggies in to warm. It was good and we kept our legs or something touching the whole time. “We have it bad, we have to be touching all the time.” I grinned.

“Yep, I hope you enjoy my classes tomorrow. I don’t think I can make it without you there.”

“It will probably be worse for me being here all alone. I guess I will have to go fly sometime tomorrow.”

“You are going to have to teach me to do that.”

“You will be a natural. You are so well coordinated and you are very logical. We can get you started as soon as you are ready. Well, we might want to wait until we can go a couple of hours without having to kiss and touch each other.”

“No, that will be too long. I plan for both of us to be in wheelchairs before we are not amorous.” We got the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and started it. “Want to go snuggle on the couch and watch some TV or go to bed and snuggle?”

“Sounds to me like some sweet boy wants to snuggle.” I kissed his nose.

“Tell me you don’t want to snuggle. I know you can’t keep your hands off me.” He giggled. I wrapped my arms around him and played with his butt. “I rest my case. But you are right, I want to snuggle .” We went into the den and I sat on the couch. “Lay on your back.” I laid on my back and put a pillow under my head. Carl laid on top of me with our cocks touching. He adjusted them side by side. “Am I too heavy to lay like this? We can lay on our sides if I am.”

“No this feels great. I can even feel your balls touching me. You feel so wonderful.”

When we found a movie we wanted to watch he said: “Now play with my butt. I love you rubbing my back, but I am in heaven when you play with my butt.” We watched a little TV. Well, It was on, I don’t think either of were paying any attention. We got hard and soft so many times while we were rubbing each other. When we turned off the TV Carl got up and pulled me up with him. “Are you ready to fuck me? I can’t wait to have your hard cock in my ass.”

“Have you been fucked before?”

“No, but I have put big cucumbers and a couple of candles up there.”

“We need to go slow and make sure you are opened up. There will be a little pain the first time anyway. I want to make sure it is as little pain as possible. “ We walked up the stairs holding hands. “Before we forget what time do we need to set the alarm to?”

“Six-thirty should be fine. Wait make it six o’clock and we can shower together.” He gave me his grin.

“That sounds fine to me, but we can’t take as much time as we took this evening or you will be late.” We laughed. “Let’s brush our teeth and get ready for bed so that we can just go to sleep after we both get dicked.”

“You will have to tell me what to do, I have never done it before.”

“It is pretty much sort of automatic once you are inside. You will be a natural.”

“Okay but I want you in my butt first. I wish I could have your babies.” I kissed him. He went and got his toiletries and brought them into our bathroom. As we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, he kissed me with both of us having a mouth full of toothpaste. We both started laughing and got toothpaste all over the mirror. That got us laughing even harder. When we finished brushing. I used a towel to clean the mirror.

“If I leave that for Jerry to clean, he will accuse one of us of shooting cum on the mirror.”

“Maybe we should shoot some up there so he will get a chuckle out of it.”

“No way, that guy loves to tease me. I am sure he would love nothing better than to find something to tease us both about.”

I got the lube and condoms out of the drawer and put them on the bedside table. “Do we have to use condoms? I have tried jacking off with them and they feel awful on my dick.”

“I know you have not had anal sex and are probably safe, but I have and I won’t take a chance with my precious Carl. I will get tested and then we can make the condoms optional if you want. One thing that is nice about using condoms is the clean up afterward. That cum has to come back out, it only makes sense.” We grinned.

“If you get tested, I want to get tested too. You don’t want to risk your precious Carl, and I don’t want to risk my precious Jim. How are we going to do this?”

“After the first time we can try all kinds of positions to see which we like the best, but for your first time I want to make sure you have as little pain as possible. Lay on your stomach. Here put these pillows under your cock so that pretty butt is in the air.” I started kissing his butt and then worked on his crack and hole with my tongue.

“I am going to cum again if you keep licking my hole.”

“Okay, let’s make sure we get you nice and loose and slick.” I worked the lube into his hole and by the time I had three fingers inside his hole he was moaning. I knew he was as ready as he was going to get for his first time. I had him lube my cock and roll the condom on me. He put more lube on my condom covered cock and I was about to shoot again under his wonderful touch. I moved his hand away and gave his hole a few more strokes of my fingers. I moved into position behind him and rubbed my cock head on his slick hole. He groaned when I got the head in a little. “My next push is going to hurt when the head gets past your sphincter muscle. Tell me to stop if I hurt you too much.” I pushed my cock head past his ring. I heard him gasp for breath and I could tell he was in pain. “Are you okay?”
“ It hurts a little but now it is feeling okay. I just feel stuffed now.”

“Is it okay to push in a little more. Push out like you are taking a crap and it will help relax your muscle.”

“Sure, give it to me. I want him in me.”

I started pushing in slowly. All of a sudden and he pushed back against me. I was fully inside him. “Are you okay? I know that must have hurt.”

“I was in a hurry to have you inside me. It feels okay now.”

“Okay, I am going to pull back and then push back in.”

“Fuck me Jim.” I started to work my cock slowly in and out of his hot ass. He was incredibly tight. When I started hitting his prostrate with my strokes he was moaning. “Oh man that feels great. When you hit my prostrate I feel like I am going to cum. Oh shit I’m cuming.” With every ejaculation his ass ring gripped my cock like a vice. I couldn’t hold it any longer I filled the condom with my seed and collapsed on Carl’s back.

“That was amazing Carl, are you okay?”

“I am great. You feel wonderful in my ass. Can we do it again?”

I laughed. “Maybe tomorrow. Since it was your first time, your butt will be sore in the morning. We need to break you in slowly.”

“I made a mess on the pillow. Man, that was great.“ I got up and pulled the condom off and tied it off. I threw it in the trash and got a warm wash cloth to clean up my Carl. I cleaned up Carl’s butt. I licked his cum off his cock and balls. Then when I thought I had it all I used the wash cloth on him.

“Now it is my turn to have my sweet Carl in my butt.” He just grinned and got the lube from the table. I laid on my back and pulled my knees up to my chest. “I want to see my beautiful Carl as he plugs my ass.” He started using his finger to lube my ass. He sucked my cock a few times as he lubed my ass.

“ I have three fingers in you, it that lose enough?”

I put my legs down and reached for the condoms and lube. I lubed his cock and rolled a condom down his cock. I pulled my knees up again and exposed my hole to him. “Fuck me now my sweet lover.” He worked his cock around my hole like an expert and slowly pushed in. When I felt his pubes on my butt. I pulled him down for a kiss. “Now just pump in and out.” I tightened my ass muscle around his cock and he moaned with pleasure. “You are doing wonderfully my sweet lover.”

“Oh man your ass is so hot it is like a furnace around my cock.” He was hitting my prostrate on every stroke. “I can’t hold it any longer. I’m about to cum. Oh shit. That is awesome.”

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum.” Just as I fired my first shot Carl pulled out and wrapped his lips around my cock. When I finished shooting into my lover’s hot mouth, he laid on top of me and kissed me passionately. I could taste my cum. I was almost asleep with him in my arms when I remembered he still had the condom on his cock. “We better get this thing off you before it chafes you.” He giggled and rolled the condom off his cock and tied it off. He came back with a washcloth to clean us up. When we finished, we snuggled under the covers and were soon sound asleep.

I woke up before the alarm sounded happy and content with my Carl spooned in front of me. He looks so peaceful sleeping I don’t want to wake him but the alarm will go off in seventeen minutes. I kissed his cheek and moved hoping he would move on to his back, but he didn’t. I have to give him a gentle pull to get him on his back. His big hard cock looked so inviting lying on his pubic bush. A small drop of pre-cum connected his dick head to his belly. I wanted to wake him in a better fashion than a blaring alarm clock. I licked and suckled his beautiful balls for a couple of minutes before taking his hard cock into my mouth. I was trying to memorize every millimeter of his wonderful cock with my tongue. I didn’t want to wake him too soon, besides I love having his cock in my mouth. I looked over to see it was six minutes until the alarm went off; I started working his cock in earnest. He must be getting close to orgasm because he started fucking my face. His hands grabbed my head. “God Jim, if I am dreaming never wake me up. I’m cumming!” He shouted. After as much as we both came last night, I couldn’t believe how much cum was filling my mouth. When his thrusts and flow finally slowed I got to taste and enjoy my Carl’s nectar. I guess he was becoming too sensitive, because he pulled me off his cock. I did manage to give it a kiss before sliding up to kiss my lover. “I want to wake up every morning like that. I love you so much.” We kissing passionately when the alarm sounded. He slapped the snooze and pushed me over on my back.

“My turn to taste my Jim for the first time today.” I was still excited from sucking his cock that I knew it wouldn’t take me long to give up my love juice. His talented tongue was driving me to the brink of orgasm. The snooze alarm when off and we both slapped at it to turn it off. I felt the most powerful orgasm starting and I took the side of his head in my hands. I couldn’t help myself, I was pumping my cock into his mouth like crazy. I was soon filling his mouth with my hot seed. He swallowed it all and was licking my dick clean when I became too sensitive. I pulled him up for a long loving kiss. Maybe it was because I loved him so much or maybe his was truly that good a lover, but I have never been so satisfied. I am trying to say nothing in my life before this has prepared me for the deep and complete sexual gratification I felt with this boy. “Damn Jim, you sure know how to love a guy. I have wanted a lover and great sex for a long time, but I had no idea it could be this good. I love you Jim Carter, please promise me you will never leave me.”

“I love you so much. I could stop breathing easier than I could stop loving you. I will never leave you. You are a part of me. You are stuck with me like it or not.”

“I like it a lot. I never want to wake up anywhere except in your arms.” When the alarm went off again we turned it off and got up and headed to the bathroom for our morning duties. We greatly enjoyed our shower together again filling our partner with our love juice. When it was time for him to get ready for school he wrapped his arms around me. “I don’t want to go to school. How can I possibly make it through the day without my Jim?”

I kissed him. “The same way I will get through the day without my Carl. By knowing that when you get home we can make up for lost time. Tom and Jerry could come home any minute, so I am going to put on some sweats and go down and make us some breakfast. Do you drink coffee?”

“Yes, with a lot of milk and sugar.” He kissed me and started getting dressed.

Downstairs Tom and Jerry were in the kitchen with breakfast and coffee made. “You guys got here early this morning.”

“Actually we got home last night. We saw a pretty naked butt in your hands on the couch. You guys looked so cute, I wanted to take a picture, but Tom wouldn’t let me.”

“I had no idea that you guys came in last night.”

“With all the moaning and kissing you guys were doing, we could have made all kinds of noise without you knowing we were here. I am very happy for you and Carlton.” He handed me a cup of coffee.

Carlton came down looking very hot in his school uniform. “Wow, you look great in that uniform. “

“Boss, you would think he looks hot in anything and especially nothing.” Jerry teased.

“They came home last night and saw us cuddling on the couch.”

“Pretty butt you have their Carlton.”

“Jim has a pretty butt too.”

“Yeah he does, but we didn’t see it last night.” Jerry was on a roll this morning.

“Don’t you have a house to clean or something? You know it’s not nice to tease your boss.”

“I’ll get right on it boss.” He laughed. I swatted him on the butt. “Isn’t that some sort of employee abuse.”

“It might be if you didn’t enjoy it so much.” We all laughed. “Sit down and eat your breakfast. Do you drink coffee?”

“With a lot of milk and sugar.”

“Load it up how you like it.” Tom sat the milk and sugar in front of Carl.

After breakfast, Carl and I went up to brush our teeth and a long passionate kiss. He grabbed his backpack and headed down stairs. I took the pillowcase from the pillow that had Carl’s cum dried on it and hid it so that Jerry wouldn’t wash it just yet.

I had a chance for one last kiss before his driver pulled up to take him to school. I got dressed and tried to be busy, but I just moped around the house. Jerry came knocked on my office door. “Boss, we seem to be missing a pillowcase.”

“I think you will find it again tomorrow.” I grinned.

“Let me guess. Carlton’s dried cum stain. You boys are so into each other. You seem to be made for each other. I love seeing you so happy. Well, as happy as you were before he had to go to school. Tom and I went through the same thing. After a couple of weeks you get used to it and then it is not so hard to be apart for a few hours.”

“I know, but that guy means so much to me. I know I will get over the separation anxiety eventually, but right now it hurts like crazy.” He slapped me on the back.

“Hang in there boss, he’s worth it.” My cell rang and I looked at the caller-id. It was from Carlton’s school.


“May I speak with Mr. James Carter?”

“I’m Jim Carter.”

“Mr. Carter we understand that Carlton Jackson is living with you while his housekeeper is in Denver visiting a sick sister.”

“Call me Jim please. Yes ma’am he is.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Carter but our calls are monitored and we are not allowed to use given names. This is a very old, very exclusive school. Carlton’s brother Martin said that you should be considered as his full guardian. We need you to come to the school and sign some documents that need to be notarized. Please bring two forms of documentation proving your identity.”

“Is my driver’s license and passport acceptable?”

“Those are ideal.”

“I will be right there, can you give me your address please.”

The GPS in the Hummer took me right to the school, but I had to work to find a parking place. I went to the principal’s office. I was soon taken to meet the principal. He was a stodgy looking old gent, who looked to be in his fifties. “Mr. Carter, I am Mr. Holcombe. I am told that you will give your approval for Mr. Jackson to be advanced to his senior year.”

“I am not sure I have the authority to do that. Carlton is staying with me while his housekeeper is away, but I’m not sure his parents would approve me doing something like that.”

“They have already verbally approved it. I must say they were not delighted that we called them, but we couldn’t proceed without their approval. They didn’t know you, but said that if Martin knew you to give you full guardianship responsibilities if you would accept it. Martin was one of our honor students and he had nothing but high praise for you. So yes, you are approved to grant this approval.”

“You can do that? Give someone guardianship?”

“Generally no, but we have three students that have parents that are rarely available and with them we do have those rights. The parents have granted us power of attorney to authorize guardianship of their children. Of course, we have to have their verbal approval.”

“If his parents approve, I will accept the responsibility of guardianship for Carlton.”

“Good.” He pushed the intercom. “Mrs. Davis will you send Ms. Clark in with her notary stamp please.”

A nice looking woman in her mid thirties came into the room with her notary stamp. “Mr. Carter, may I see two forms of identification.” I showed her my identification. While she was making notations in her note book my phone rang. I saw it was Carlton.

“I’m sorry, I can’t talk at the moment, I am at Carlton’s school signing some papers.”

“Cool, this is the first chance I had to call. I love you.”

“Yes you too. I’ll talk to you later.” I hung up.

The both looked perturbed that I had interrupted the meeting, but it was too late now. “Mr. Carter, please sign here for the guardianship documentation.” I signed, she signed and then affixed her stamp. “Sign here to authorize Carlton’s advancement effective immediately.” We went through the formal signatures process again. “Now I will go make a copy of both for our records and I will bring the originals back to you.”

Mr. Holcombe said: “Mr. Carter, you should be very proud of Carlton. You should know that he could have easily tested out of school completely. He is by far our very best student and is always willing to help anyone. From what Martin told me, I understand you too graduated early and should be addressed as Dr. Carter but prefer to be called mister. I assure I mean no disrespect and am trying to comply with your preferences.”

“Thank you Mr. Holcombe. I actually prefer Jim, but I understand that is against your rules.” I smiled.

He smiled back. “Yes, some of our rules are a little outdated, but this school was started back east a very long time ago and rules and tradition are important to our students and their parents.”

“I understand.” Ms. Clark knocked and came in with the documents. “Thank you Ms. Clark.”

“Thank you Mr. Carter. May I speak to you as I walk you out?”

“Of course.”

As we were walking down the hall she said: “Mr. Carter, I have never seen Carlton as happy as he was this morning when came in to choose his senior classes. I can only assume that you are responsible for that.”

“Carlton is a great kid. I haven’t known him long, but I really like the kid.”

“Good, Carlton is one of my favorites, but he always seems so depressed before today. You are a great influence on him.” The bell rang and the hall immediately filled with students. They were very well behaved. Just then, I was goosed.

“Buck behave yourself.”

“Hey Jim, I have Carlton in two of my classes I told you he was too brainy. I have to book or I will be late for class. Unless you want to give me a pass Ms. Clark?”

“Get to class Buxton.”

“Seeya Buck.”

“He doesn’t let anyone call him Buck, you must be a special friend.”

“I think that must be part of his school bravado. I have known him for a couple of years, we have some mutual friends and we have always called him Buck.” We were at the front door.

“Thank you again Mr. Carter. Take care of that boy.”

“Don’t worry I plan to do just that.” We shook hands and I started toward home we more resolve than ever that Carlton and I were meant to be together.”

Just as I got home my phone rang again. It was Carlton again. “Hello.” I didn’t want to give too much away if someone had taken his phone away. I saw a couple of big signs at the school that cell phones were not allowed.

“Hey lover, did you finally get out of the hole’s office?”

I laughed. “Yes Mr. Holcombe had nothing but good things to say about you.”

“Everyone knows that Holcombe pervs on all the boys. He can’t help but stare at our crotches, but he is harmless. I have never heard of him actually trying to get in a boy’s pants. Anyway, thanks for signing that stuff and for being my official guardian. I didn’t know they could do that, but when they asked if I wanted you set up as a legal guardian, I jumped at the chance.”

“I’m glad you did. How are you able to call? I saw signs saying cell phones were not permitted.”

“It stays off during school and in my backpack. I just finished lunch and am hiding in a bathroom at the moment. I have to go soon. Can you pick me up at school at 3:00? I want to get a haircut.”

“Of course, I will pick you up.”

“Cool, I have to go. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Bye.” He had to hang up before I could say more.

Tom had a light lunch prepared. My phone rang again, but this time it was the default ringtone. I looked and saw that it was Martin Jackson. “Hello.”

“Hi Jim. This is Marty, Carlton’s brother. I sent him a text message asking for it. I thought it important that we be able to contact each other in case of emergency or we just want to talk.”

“Yes, I intended to ask Carl for you number for just that reason, but it slipped my mind.”

“Yes, I can only imagine what distracted you.” He laughed and I had to chuckle too.

“Your brother has a way of demanding and holding my attention.”

“My brother has been miserable for at least the last four years, maybe longer. It is like night and day since he met you. You have taken a lot of worry away for me. I can’t wait to meet you.”

“I want to meet you too. If it is a matter of money, I will be happy to buy you a round trip ticket.”

“It’s not that. You know our parents don’t spend time with us, but are more than happy to spend their money to keep us out of their hair. I have plenty of money. Right now, I don’t have a lot of time. Between Marcy and school, my time is pretty booked.” I heard someone in the background, but couldn’t tell what they were saying. “Actually, I can fly in Saturday morning and leave Sunday evening if you guys are not too busy this weekend.”

“As far as I know we are only planning on playing golf so far for the weekend, but we can easily cancel that. We would rather spend the time with you.”

“No, a golf weekend will be perfect. I still have clubs there. I am sure one of my friends will want to play, so we can make up a little friendly competition. We can be the queue.” He trailed off. “Well, just plan on getting your butts kicked.”

I could tell he caught himself before he said something. “What were you afraid to say?” I laughed.

“What almost made it out of my mouth was very not PC. It sounded funny when I first thought of it, but stupid afterward.”

“Go ahead and tell me, I won’t hold it against you, I promise.”

“I almost said we could call it the queers against the steers.” He took a breath. “I love my brother and I’m learning to love his partner. I know it sounds bad, but I didn’t mean it in an insulting way. Carlton likes to refer to himself as the queer Jackson that wears more than one glove. I am so sorry if I have offended you.”

“You didn’t offend me. I think ‘politically correct’ isn’t always how we should live our lives. What I am really trying to say is you can be ‘politically correct’ and still not be respectful to our fellow man. I think queer is a great word and I don’t mind being called queer if I know it is not meant in a insulting way. I think the queers are going to kick some steer ass.”

“Cool, we just have to figure out the bets. Well, it depends on who I get as my partner how confident I am. My little brother plays a little better than I do, but not by a lot. I really can’t wait to meet you. I will call later with my flight times. Make sure you tell Carlton, this is not the time in your relationship to surprise him with a visit from big brother.” He laughed.

“I will tell him. I agree about the surprises. I am sure he will be excited to have you come stay with us.”

“I was planning on staying at the house.”

“Nonsense, unless it will freak you out that your brother and I are sleeping together down the hall we insist you stay with us.”

“Unless you guys make so much noise I can’t sleep, I won’t freak out.”

“We will put you a couple of bedrooms down the hall to make sure we have a noise buffer.”

“Great, I am really excited about this weekend.”

“Me too and Marty, feel free to call anytime. I am growing very fond of my partner’s brother.”

“You can call me anytime too. My phone is off in class, so don’t worry about calling at the wrong time. Oh and by the way, you need to enable messaging on your phone. I tried to send you a message and it said you couldn’t receive messages.”

I laughed. “I hate messages. I am too used to a keyboard to try to figure out how many times to push a number to make a letter. Every time I have tried, I send scrambled letters.”

“Get a keyboard phone. Little brother will go nuts when he finds out that he can’t message you. That kid can send a message behind his back and never miss a letter. He is so smart that even tough classes bore him. He only needs to look at the phone to read a message not to send one.”

“Okay, I am sure I will. In case you haven’t guessed, I can’t refuse him anything.”

“I noticed. I have to be going now.”

“Me too, in fact it is time for me to go pick up your brother.”

“Don’t let him con you into driving him to school and back. He rides in a limo with three other kids.”

“I know, but he wanted me to pick him up today so that he could get his haircut.”

“You have to be kidding. He just got his haircut last week. He can’t be over the limit already. He never goes until they tell him he has to.”

“I don’t know, he just called and asked me to pick him up for a haircut.”

“Tell him to call me after nine your time tonight. I have to hear this one.” He was laughing. “I will send my flight times to Carlton’s email. You need to send me yours. He will give you mine.”

“Later bro.”

“Later” we broke the connection.

I picked Carl up and told him what Marty and I discussed he was excited. He went through scenarios about who Marty might get as his partner. He directed me to the same hair salon that I use. I burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Guess where I get my haircut.”

“If you tell me Steve is your stylist, I’m going to freak.”

“Go ahead and start the freaking. This is totally freaky.”

We were a little early for the appointment Carlton had made. Steve came out when he saw us at the desk. “Jim, I don’t have you down for an appointment until.” He looked through his book. “Friday it looks like. I can probably squeeze you in if it is important.”

“I actually just brought Carlton in today.”

“Hey Steve, can you work us both in during my appointment? That way we can have the same schedule and we will schedule properly from now on.”

“I can do that, which one of you wants to go first?”

“Take Jim, I want my hair styled exactly like his.”

“You know with that style, you need to come in every other week or it looks sloppy. You usually go a month or more between cuts.”

“I know, but it looks so good on Jim, I want to at least try it.”

“I’ll send Cindy to wash your hair so that you will be ready as soon as I finish Jim.” He took me back to the shampoo area and began washing my hair. “Congratulations you sly devil.”

“What are you congratulating me for?”

“I saw the way you two look at each other. I am going to congratulate him too. You guys are two of the hottest guys I work on.”

“Steve he is only fourteen, I can’t be anything but friends with him.”

“Okay, I won’t push it. You lucky bastard.” He laughed.

It didn’t take long to cut my hair. I have had the same style for years, so it is only a trim and blow out for me. As I was getting up from the chair Cindy brought Carlton to the chair. I started toward the front. “Sit here Jim.” Carlton pointed to the extra chair in Steve’s cubical.

“Are you sure you want all this pretty hair cut off? You know it will make you look older, don’t you?”

“Yes and yes, I am sure I want my hair to look like Jim’s.”


“Thanks, but what for?”

“I see the way you too look together. You are two of the hottest guys I work on.” I started to say something but Carlton beat me too it.

“I’m only fourteen. Jim and I can’t be anything but friends.”

“You two are good. I think you are two lucky bastages.”

“You got that right.” We both said in unison. It was kind of hard watching all of Carl’s pretty hair being cut, but I knew he was doing it to look older. The kid loves me, there is no doubt. When Steve was finished with Carl’s hair it was amazing. “That hairstyle never looked that good on me.” We stood side by side in front of the mirror.

“It looks to me, we are both equally hot. What do you think Steve?”

“I wouldn’t kick either one of you out of the bed for eating crackers. I am surprised that this style looks like the perfect style on you both. I almost can’t believe how natural it looks on you both.” He put his hands together. “I must be a genius.” We all laughed. We started to leave and as we were walking out the door. “Carlton you are leaving your uniform jacket and tie again.” I went and got them for him. “He does that all the time. I think he does it on purpose.”

“I do, just so I can come back and see you Steve.” He roared with laughter. The hair salon is in a small mall. Carl grabbed me by the arm and pulled me farther into the mall. I followed him to the restroom. We went in and looked around. It was empty. He put my back against the door. “Nothing dangerous, but I can’t wait another second for this.” He kissed me. We were both starting to get hard. Someone pushed the door into me. We left and it just liked we were trying to leave and the guy opened the door into us as we were leaving. We had a good laugh as we made our way to the car. We held hands all the way home. In the garage, we fell into another passionate kiss. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were groping each other’s hard cock. “Let’s go to our bedroom and sixty-nine. I have wanted you all day long.”

“I can’t wait to suck your beautiful cock. This has been a very long day without my Carl to keep me company.” We walked through the kitchen holding hands. Tom gave a wolf whistle.

“Damn Carlton, the hair looks good.”

“Thanks Tom, I appreciate the compliment, but right now I am so horny for my man. I couldn’t do anything all day except fantasize about sucking my Jim’s cock. I’m now going to do something about it.”

“Tom, tell Jerry to remind me to talk to him about a houseguest for this weekend. Right now I have a horny young man wanting to be naked with me. I must go suck dick.” We laughed. We quickly got naked and I laid on the bed with him on top of me. We ground our hard cocks together. I had him in my arms with one rubbing his back the other playing with his beautiful butt. Between kisses I said: “I missed you so much today. How was your day?”

“It was interesting. My first day as a senior. I think it pissed Buck off a little that I was going to graduate with him. It got all over the school that you called him Buck. All the girls and some of the guys that saw you wanted to fuck your brains out. Buck took me under his wing this morning and I became an instant member of the in-crowd. He just flat told them, that we had a mutual friend with a houseboat and a ski boat. We had a great time skiing and that if I was cool enough to hang with his mutual friend, I was more than cool enough to hang with him. Someone said something about me being gay and he said. So the fuck what? If he is not hitting on you, it’s none of your business. Someone else said something and he countered with: You must be angry because he isn’t hitting on you. The rest of the day everyone was really nice to me. I have two classes with Buck and he sat beside me in both of them.” He kissed me. “He told me I was a very lucky boy. He said you are hot and a super guy. He said I must be a great kid, cause he can see the love in your eyes for me.” We kissed again. “You need to enable messages on your cell account. I have to be able to tell you I love you during the day when I can’t call. I can message you in my pocket.”

“Marty said you would demand me get messaging. I told him I couldn’t stand the screwing with making letters using the numbers. He said to get a phone to make it easier. “

“So listen to him. Get it done tomorrow. I need to message my man.” With his tongue in my mouth I would do anything for him. I had both his buns in my hands and was excite just holding those wonderful globes. “Enough catching up for awhile. Let’s suck dick.” He grinned, and turned around on his knees. He had a knee on either side of my shoulders. His hot hole was on full display in front of my face. Those lovely hanging balls were begging to be suckled. I couldn’t wait any longer. I took one orb into my mouth and then the other. I couldn’t resist licking and suckling that lovely area between his nuts and that hot hole. His slightly funky smell was driving me nuts. I could taste his slightly salty lightly sweaty skin and it was quite an aphrodisiac. His hole was so hot. I could spend days loving that sweet hole. “Suck my dick, I’m close.” He gasped from around my cock.

I slid farther down on the bed and that gave me better access to his cock. I rolled us on to our sides so that I could suck his cock without bending it so much. I love his cock in my mouth. He was doing a real number on my cock. I am trying my best to hold out. I want this wonderful loving to last longer. As much as I wanted this to last, I was fast approaching the point of no return. I knew I was about to cum. I wanted my sweet Carl to cum at the same time. I slid my index finger in my mouth beside his cock. Once I thought it was slick enough I started rubbing it around his hole, I eased it into that inferno of his ass. I knew I was getting very close. I started bumping his hot button as I worked his cock with my mouth. I was fighting hard to time my cum to him shooting his load into my mouth. When I felt that first jerk of his body in the early stages of orgasm, I begin pumping my cum into his sweet mouth. I was rewarded with the wonderful taste of my Carl. We both became sensitive. We snuggled into each other’s arms and kissed tenderly. “I love you Jim Carter.”

“I love you Carlton Jackson. I was so lost round this house today with you away at school. Even going to your school didn’t help make the day pass any faster.”

“I was miserable without you too. We are going to have to find a way to satisfy our lover emptiness.”

“Maybe we need to get matching rings, necklaces, or something so that we can touch it and instantly think of our partner.”

“Yeah, that sounds cool. I would say matching rings if I were older, but right now we can’t advertise that we are a couple.”

“I just want to keep you in my arms like this all the time.”

“Me too, they need to let me take classes from home then we could snuggle all the time. I told Buck today that I was going nuts missing you. He just laughed and told me that in a couple of weeks, we will settle down and not be so engrossed in each other. Not that we will love each other any less, but we won’t have to have our hands on each other constantly.”

“Oh before I forget, Marty wants you to call him about nine our time tonight. He is going to email you his flight times for this weekend. He told me to tell you to give me his email address and I have to send him mine.”

“We haven’t even done that yet. Email has been the last thing on our minds.” We kissed for a few minutes. “Let’s go do the email thing right now before we forget again.” He headed out the door naked.

“Are you planning on giving Tom and Jerry a show? Let’s throw on some shorts.”

We went into my office. I gave him my password to unlock my desktop. “My laptop is the same password.” He plugged in his laptop to charge the battery. “We need to play poker again soon.”

“They won’t let us play the same game from the same internet connection.”

“Actually we can. We couldn’t if we were both on Ethernet or both on wireless, but if one is Ethernet and one is wireless. We can play.

“Check out all these pictures of you Marty sent. You were such a cute little geek at fourteen.” I wrapped my arms around him.

“Almost as cute as this little fourteen year old geek. Well, except you don’t look like a geek.”

“You picture doesn’t make me think geek either, but what else to you call a fourteen year old college student?” He laughed. “I don’t care what we call each other as long as we do it in each other’s arms. You look exactly like your eighteen year old picture. What is the address of the printer? I want to print this schedule out.”

“Open your available printers. Okay this one is the one in the corner. It is a fast color printer. This one is the one over here. It is better for black and white. And the last one is a photo printer. It prints professional quality prints.”

“Before I forget call your cell provider and order messages and a new phone. I want to message my boy friend.” I did as he requested. They said I could pick up the new phone after 7:00, but they close at 9:30. “Cool. That is in our mall. We can go to our bathroom and celebrate our first meeting.”

“We can only piss though. Now that I have you in my life, I damn sure don’t want to risk having you ripped out of it.”

“I agree, besides it is much more fun playing in the bed.”

I was sending an Email to Marty so that he would have my email address. The next thing I know Carl is between my legs with my shorts down sucking my cock. Tom came to the door. “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Oh shit, someone already has a wiener in his mouth. He must not be hungry.”

Carl raised his head. “I am just trying to get some special sauce. I am not sharing either.” Tom left laughing. He went back to my cock. I felt his finger enter me and he started working my love button. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I gave up my juice to my lover. When my cock got sensitive, I pulled him up for a kiss.

I traded places with him but I pulled his shorts off him. He was already excited and I knew he wouldn’t take long. When I started working his love button as well as encouraging him to fuck my face. He filled my mouth with his cum. He pulled me up and we were in a passionate when I heard Tom down the hall shout. “It’s ready if you guys are finished making special sauce.” We walked to the table arm in arm kissing. “Jerry, I think the love birds might have time to eat now before they need more special sauce.” They both laughed.

“I can remember when we missed a few meals because special sauce was a lot more important to us than eating. I also remember you got fired and I almost got expelled because we couldn’t bother to go to work or school. They have done a much better job so far than we did. I don’t think teasing them is going to help much.”

We began to eat. “Thanks for the warning guys, but I think we both realize that no matter how much we don’t want to be separated, we will have to be for several hours a day. Carlton and I are going to get matching necklaces so that all we have to do is touch the necklace to know we are touching our partner. We are hoping this will get us past these early days of our partnership and then just be a comforting influence from then on.”

“Just goes to prove they are smarter than we are.”

“I wouldn’t say that, but we almost made our dicks sore last night. Jim was smart enough to save my ass from being too sore this morning. My brother helped a little too. He told me that he would support us if I promised not to skip school. I think he has been there too over a girl.”

After dinner we dressed and went to the mall. We found a nice jewelry store and we found necklaces with just simple round medallions. We didn’t have them engraved. We decided to visit our restroom before going to the phone store. “When I get older mine will be engraved with Jim and yours with Carl. I wish we could now, but we can’t risk it. I love you so much; I want the world to know. Sucks that the laws say that I am too young to govern my own body.” There was the janitor’s cart with the infamous sign. Carl put on the door handle and once inside we made sure no one was inside. He then locked the door. “Now that I have you, I don’t want to suck my partner’s cock in this smelly place, but I do want to do this.” He opened one of the necklace boxes and kissed the medallion. “I love you Jim Carter. When you touch this you are touching me and we are sharing our love.”

I took the other jewelry box and kissed the medallion. “I love you Carlton Jackson. When you touch this you are touching me and we are sharing our love.” We kissed a long tender kiss. “Believe it or not, I need to piss.”

“Me too.” We stepped up to the urinals and unzipped. We held each other’s cocks while we emptied our bladder. Of course, we got hard quickly and cut our relief short. “Let’s hurry and get that phone, I still need to piss and we are going to have to use special sauce to get these dicks to corporate.”

We both laughed and started washing our hands. “This restroom is going to get us in trouble yet.” We walked down the hall laughing as the janitor approached the restroom. “It’s good that he wasn’t a couple of minutes earlier.”

“I think I have learned my lesson now. It sucks being fourteen and in love with an old man.” He took off running up the hall so that I couldn’t swat him. Once he was out in the mall he stopped and I was just biding my time. As soon as he thought he was safe from retaliation and dropped his guard. I pinched his ass. He squealed and he saw every eye in the place on him. I wasn’t close enough to him to look suspicious and I was looking at him like everyone else. “There must be a pin in these shorts. Sir, will you do me a favor and see if you can see anything.” He stuck his butt out at me. I pretended to look for something on his butt. I couldn’t resist touching his butt. I then I held up an imaginary pin for him to see. “Thank you sir.”

By now people were going about their business and no one was paying attention to us. “Lesson number 2 is that it sometimes hurts when you make old man jokes.” He laughed.

“Just be glad I learn quickly and love the old man very much.” He said as we entered the phone store. Knowing that I couldn’t tease back. The salesman took my phone and put the new phone facing it. He pushed some buttons on both phones and in a few seconds handed me the new phone.

“All your personal information, games, songs, ringtones, pictures, phone book, reminders and alarms are transferred to the new phone.” He showed me how to use it and all the features. Good thing I have a photographic memory, this thing had a ton of features. Not all were obvious.

“Is this how the camera works?” I took a picture of Carl.

“Exactly. You can associate that picture with his name in your phone book and when he calls you his picture will be displayed on the screen. Even if the top is slid down over the keyboard.” This was a pretty neat phone, the keyboard was easy enough to use, which I liked. I then got a text message that read: Told you I could message blind.

I looked at Carl and he had his hands in his pocket and he laughed. Then he said: “can I see that phone?” He looked it over carefully. “It looks like you can still message with the numbers with it still closed.” He was fingering the number keys like crazy then pulled his phone out of his pocket. He showed me his phone. “Cool, it works. Sir do you have another one of these phones ready? I think I will upgrade mine too.”

“I did put another one on the charger when Mr. Carter called. We try to have one of each ready, so when we sell one, we put another on the charger, but it will take the tech a few minutes to transfer your number.” Carl gave him his phone number and debit card. Since the charge connection was different from our old phones we picked up a couple of DC chargers.

The salesman was really nice. “You don’t need those. AC and DC chargers are included in the box. If you have a pool or are often around water, I would recommend these.” He showed us a couple of cases. “These float and protect your phone from water. You both have replacement coverage, but it is still it’s a pain to be without a phone until it can be replaced.”

“Sounds like a good idea, I’ll take one.” Carl winked at me. “My parents have a pool and I go to the lake sometimes.” I understood that he was trying to make sure the guy didn’t think we were anything but friends.

“Me too, and I was even at the lake Sunday. Let me have two, I want to keep one by the pool and the other I can take when I go to the lake. That way, one will always be by the pool.”

“Good idea, I will take another as well.” The salesman was pleased. It might not be much, but I am sure he would be getting a little more commission.

The tech brought the new phone out and said: “May I have your old phone.” Carl gave him the phone. When he transferred all the information. He gave Carl the new phone and started to explain the features.

“I saw the features when you showed Jim. I have a photographic memory. No need to explain again. May I have my old phone back too?”

“It will no longer work. We can’t handle two phones with the same number.”

“I understand, but I don’t want my information floating around.” Okay, we can erase everything. He pushed several keys.

“See check for yourself.” He checked and smiled. “Would you like me to erase yours also?” He looked at me.

“Sure, it only makes sense that it should be done.”

“We agree and it is standard procedure. We would have erased everything before it ever left the counter. Believe it or not, we could be sued if someone got any information from your phone and it could be proved that is where it came from. We are very careful with our customer’s private information.”

“That is good to know. Thank you very much.” I looked at his name tag. “James”

“Mr. Jackson, your phone isn’t fully charged. We recommend that you let it charge overnight before using it.”

“Not a problem.” The left the store and started home. “Drive a little faster Jim, I need to piss like crazy.”

I laughed. “Me too. Too bad we can’t pee together without getting hard.” I parked and Carl was out of the car and on his way to the bathroom before I got out of the car. I did get our packages before I took off to the bathroom too. I put the stuff on the table and started unzipping the bathroom next to the kitchen was closest. Carl was already pissing and had the look of relief all over his face. I started pissing beside him and it was almost as good as an orgasm so powerful was the relief I was experiencing. When we were both had our bladders empty, we kissed. We zipped up and left the bathroom. “What are you two looking at? Have you never seen guys needing to piss before?”

We all laughed. “We didn’t have a clue what was happening. We figured it out when were heard you guys moaning and the sound of two very strong piss streams.”

We put both phones on charge and called Marty from the land line. “I almost didn’t answer when it was the default ring. Good think I looked at the caller-id. I take it you got the schedule?”

“We have you on speaker and yes we got it. I’m really excited about seeing my big brother. It seems like forever since I saw you.”

“Me too, it’s been almost a year. I’m sorry Carlton. I just couldn’t face you. I’m so happy with Marcy and you were so all alone. Mom and dad ignoring us both. I knew I couldn’t hide my happiness and I was afraid it would hurt you too much.”

“Idiot, don’t you think it hurt me more not getting to see my brother?”

“Boys, quit fighting. You both are happy now. Enjoy being happy together.”

“Sorry bro, I love you.”

“Me too, now who is the other steer that you are going to try to beat us with?”

“I see Jim told you the team names I came up with. I think Sam is the only one of my friends in town this weekend that gives us a chance to beat you.”

“Sam is a good golfer, but we queers are going to kick your ass. By the way we will put you at the end of the hall so that you won’t get to perv on our love making.”

“I am just glad that you are so happy and it is evident that Jim is too. I have to go, Marcy says hello.”

“Hi Marcy.” We both said.

“She can’t hear you, but I will tell her. Goodbye my brothers, I’ll see you Saturday.”

He hung up. We both were a little misty eyed from his brothers comment. We kissed. We went to our bedroom hand in hand. It was a little early to go to bed, but we had no intent to go to sleep just yet. We undressed and I eased him onto the bed. I kissed him passionately. I moved to his ear and nipped at each ear for a few minutes. I started nuzzling his neck and he was moaning like crazy. I started licking and sucking his fingers on his left hand. He tried to rise up and kiss me. I pushed him back on his back. “This is my time to worship your body. You can do this to me another time.” I kissed up his arm to his shoulder. I then worked on his right side. When I got to that shoulder, I started kissing him and moved his hands above his head and his hands under his head. When I started to me the other one he moved it for me.

I kissed all over his chest. I worked each nipple for several minutes. His nipples were rock hard with his little nubbins had to be sensitive from all my nips and kisses. I moved to this right arm pit and started licking and kissing every inch. He was pumping his hips, I could tell he was wanting to cum very badly. I moved to the other pit and repeated the process.

I move to his belly and tried to love on every millimeter of his rippled belly. His bellybutton got special attention and he was wild and bouncing all over the bed. I got as close as I could to his pubic bush without touching his dick. He groaned when I move to his feet and started sucking his toes. This kid’s feet were extremely sexy. I started up his leg being careful not to get to his balls. I did lick and kiss his hip. I repeated the process on the other leg. I think he was thinking he would finally get his cock sucked. He was causing it to bounce off his belly. I rolled him over onto his stomach. “Damn Jim, I need to cum. Please let me cum. It’s great but I need to cum.”

“In due time my sweet lover, in due time. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you that you can.”

“Please hurry. My nuts hurt they need to blow a load so badly.” I worked on the back of his arms, his shoulders and back. I skipped his butt and started on his feet again. I went up the legs and when both were to his butt. I spread his legs a little further. I kissed and licked those beautiful globes. He let out a moan when I started licking his crack. I skipped over his little hole and started licking between his hole and his balls. I tried to not lick his scrotum too much. I then started working on his hot hole. He was bucking like crazy on the bed and I was trying to hold him down. “Jim, I can’t help it. You’re going to make me cum.”

Just wait. I will let you cool down some. I went back to kissing his butt cheeks. When he had settled a little I turned him over. I liked his pubic bush but except where his cock was. The little shit kept trying to wiggle his cock over to where I would lick it. I held it with one finger so that I wouldn’t stimulate him too much. I liked the part of his pubic I missed. I sat his cock back to his belly. I worked on his balls. I love the feel of his nuts in my mouth. If I could get both in my mouth without hurting him I would love to do that. I knew he was really needing to cum badly. I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off as long as I wanted him to. I would love to hold his cock in my mouth for hours. I licked his shaft for awhile then moved to the head. He was bouncing off the bed. “I have to cum Jim.”

“No, you have to hold it until I tell you, that you can cum.” I knew he couldn’t take it much longer no matter how hard he tried. I sucked him very gently and slowly. His moans were starting to sound painful. “Cum for me baby.” I sucked him hard and fast. He came hard and strong. I had to swallow often to keep up with his hot load. I licked him clean. I knew he would be sensitive, I quickly left his cock and kissed him passionately.

“That was awesome. It hurt so much having to hold it, but damn it felt awesome when I got to cum. I have never had an orgasm that strong. I love you so much and you make me feel so good.” He got on top of me. “Now it is my turn.”

“I can’t hold it. I am so excited from loving you. No way I can last through that.”

“I am not sure I can do it either. That wore me out. I do have to have some of your special sauce though.” He started licking and suckling my balls. “Damn you are covered in pre-cum. I think you MUST be excited.” He moved to my cock and it was impossible for me to hold out for more than three or four minutes. I was dying to cum. I started pumping my seed into his mouth. He kissed me. “That is the most you have cum so far. You sure taste good.” We kissed very gently and lovingly.

“I love you my sweet Carl.” We were both almost asleep. “We better take a leak and take our necklaces off. They might get torn off in our sleep.”

“Yep, It will be better having you next to me in school. Even if it is gold Jim.” We both smiled and went to pee and brush our teeth. We were asleep almost as soon as we snuggled into each other’s arms.

Neither of us awoke before the alarm. Of course, we had morning wood, but we both needed to piss like crazy. We were both too hard to get a flow going. “I usually brush my teeth and shave before my shower. I’m going to try that.”

“I need to take a dump. Will it bother you if I do?”

“The honeymoon must be over.” He looked at me funny. “They say you know the honeymoon is over when your partner comes in and takes a shit while you are brushing your teeth.” We both laughed. “Go ahead. I’m sure it won’t smell like roses, but it won’t be the first time we have been in the bathroom together for that.”

“It is the first time you are brushing your teeth at that same time though.” He giggled. “Neither one of us are florist when it comes to visiting the poop fairy.” I cracked up laughing. I started brushing my teeth and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around started suckling my neck and played with my dick.

“I am never going down with your hand around my dick.”

“I can’t keep my hands off you, especially when you’re hard.”

“Don’t give me a hickey; you little turkey.”

“I just want to mark you as mine, but I guess that isn’t such a good idea, is it?” He got down on his knees. “Keep brushing your teeth and just ignore me.”

He started sucking on the side of my butt crack. “How am I supposed to ignore that?”

“I’m marking you where only I can see it, but I know its there.” He was sucking for long enough that I’m sure I had a very dark love bite on my butt. “I am so glad you love me. I love you so much.” He stopped our hug and sat on the toilet.

“I’m glad you love me too. I have never known love could be so strong.” I turned and smiled at him.

“Get to shaving. I don’t want you watching me while I am planting a rose garden.” We both laughed. We soon traded places. Me on the pot and him at the sink brushing his teeth. In the shower we spent a lot of time kissing as well as washing. We gave each other a fantastic blow job to make the shower official. “I never want to shower alone again. You have to come to school and shower with me after third period PE.” He giggled. “I sure wish you could.”

“Wouldn’t that be something. Might cause a riot at your school.”

“I would have to ditch fourth period that is for sure. No quickie shower for us.”

“By the way, when do you have swim meets and golf matches? I want to come watch you.”

“I’m not on either team anymore. That is the reason I didn’t take the grade skip when it was initially offered. In order to do it, I would have to give up the sports extracurricular activities. Since I am so much younger, I wasn’t all that competitive swimming anyway. Golf is a different story. The golf coach was pissed that his best golfer couldn’t compete. He said he would fight it for me, but I told him not to. I told him I planned to get all the golf I needed with my boyfriend.” I must have had a worried look on my face. He laughed. “Don’t worry I didn’t say boyfriend. I just told him that I would be playing regularly at the club. He knows that is a much harder course than most of the places we play.” He kissed me. “He said that didn’t help win a city or state championship. In the end, he knew my mind was made up.”

He called me twice and messaged me four times. He didn’t have anything to say except he loved me. I was careful not to be specific when I messaged him back, just in case someone else saw his phone. When he got home he came running in shouting: “Honey! I’m home!”

“Hey sweet cheeks. How was your day?”



“Same old shit different day.” I laughed. He kissed me passionately. “My Jim necklace helped, but now I need to suck your dick.” He started pulling me upstairs to our bedroom. I was only wearing shorts and a tee shirt, so he had me naked quickly. It took me a little longer to get him naked. He started sucking me and moved around with his beautiful cock in my face. It didn’t take a lot of thought to know what he was wanting. I probably wanted his lovely cock in my mouth more than the want to be sucked. We were both moaning with pleasure, both giving and getting. After we both recovered, we settled into a nice loving cuddle. “I love this. I wish I could stay in your arms forever.”

“You are going to have to work to get rid of me. I love being in your arms too.” He had a little homework to do before dinner. We settled into a routine we had sex in the morning, as soon as he got home from school and then at bedtime. Tom made plenty of food for us while he and Jerry were off Thursday and Friday. Jerry had Marty’s room already for him complete with a couple of framed pictures of Carlton.

By Friday he was down to one call and one message while he was in school. Not that he didn’t want to call or message more, but just finding enough private time was dictating how much he could call. Friday evening we went to his house to pick up Marty’s golf clubs and couldn’t find them.

He called his brother and Marcy answered his phone. She said Marty was in the shower but went and asked him about his clubs. She said his clubs and shoes were at the club. Marty smiled and put his hand over the phone. “He may be out of practice his clubs are at the club.” He asked Marcy if he never played while he was at MIT. She said he plays all the time, but he has a set there too. “I should have known.”

Tom had a big breakfast for us Saturday morning. We had really worn each other out last night and again this morning, so we were both eating more than we normally did. We arrived at the airport a half hour before Marty’s flight was due to arrive. His flight was fifteen minutes late, but we had plenty of time. Marty hugged Carlton tightly and kissed him on the cheek. He held Carlton at arm’s length. “My little brother has a clean cut grown up looking hair cut. Jim how did you get him to cut his hair?” He didn’t wait for an answer, he hugged me and said: “I finally have a big brother.” He kissed me on the cheek.

“I am proud to have you as my little brother. Carl, our brother looks like a older version of you. Good thing I saw you first or I would be chasing a straight boy.” I teased.

“I call bullshit on that one. I will always be better looking.” He teased. He spoke softly so only the three of us could hear. “I have no doubt how much you love me. I could be pig ugly and you would still be kissing all over me.”

“I think he has my number.”

“It is pretty evident he has your heart too. You two have it bad for each other. I am so happy for you guys.” We got in the Hummer and left the airport. “Let me call Sam and tell him to meet us at the club and will have lunch before out tee time.” He called Sam and Sam said he was leaving to meet us. Lunch was very enjoyable. We headed to the locker room. We located our gym bag and golf shoes and took them to where Marty and Sam were changing. Carl and I had both worn tight boxer briefs to keep our cocks under control.

“Carlton, I watched you win the junior championship in July. I couldn’t believe the little squirt had grown up. The last time I saw you, you were about nine or ten. Congratulations by the way.” He put his fist out for Carlton to bang it. “Marty and I decided we didn’t want to risk you two humiliating us, so we thought it best to just play stroke play and everyone is everyone’s partner. That way everyone gets to play with everyone.”

“Sounds good” We all agreed.

Carlton had called club on Thursday and told them Marty and Sam would be using his mother’s cart and he and I would be using his dad’s. Marty’s couldn’t help but burst up laughing. When he saw his clubs on the back of that bright pink cart he said: “You little shit. I should have known you would do something like this.” He swatted at Carlton with his cap. We had a great time; we were laughing and congratulating each other all around the course. We were all playing really well. With Carlton’s help with my putting I was having the best round I can remember.

Back at the pro shop we were trying to figure out all the bets. It was a pain with everyone being partners with everyone else on each hole it was funny listening to us reliving the holes and joking about someone being a hero with one partner and a anchor for another on the same hole. When all was said and done, the final calculations had me winning one bet from Carlton and two from Sam and Marty each. Carlton won two each from Sam and Marty and Sam won one bet from Marty.

“I came all this way to be abused by you three. Bob, you need to check Jim’s handicap. He has a four handicap and shoots five under. That is nine strokes better than his handicap. You let all these Sandbaggers get away with murder.” Marty teased.

“Did you get your butt kicked Marty?”

“How did you guess?”

“Don’t blame me. Blame your brother. Jim can play with anyone tee to green, but can’t putt for squat. Your brother has changed all that. If he keeps playing with your brother, he will be playing scratch as soon as he gets enough games in the system.”

“I think he will be playing with my brother a lot.” Carl and I couldn’t help but laugh at his choice of words. Poor Sam looked at us like we were nuts. Marty realized what he had said and laughed too. “Ignore them Sam. They get along so well because they both are silly most of the time.”

“Carlton always seemed so quiet and dark, that sounds weird. I used to think the Goth fad was made just for Carlton. No offense Carlton, but you never smiled around be before today.”

“No offense taken Sam. I was all down and depressed all the time. Meeting this guy change all that. Most people would think that our age would prevent us from being friends, but we seem to make each other laugh. It’s kind of weird; we don’t even have to say anything at times. We seem to know what the other is thinking and we start laughing and we can’t even explain what we are laughing about.”

“I have a neighbor like that. He is thirty-four. Except for Marty here, we are best friends. It made people stare at us when I was younger. We have been friends for ten years. We were only friends around the house either his or my folks’, but when I got to be older we would go fishing and other places my dad never wanted to go to. When I got old enough to drive we didn’t get to spend as much time together, but we still do some. His wife said I was the son they never had.”

Bob came over and sat down at the table with us. “You know Marty, if you had let me hook you up with a golf scholarship at one of our state schools with a decent sports program instead of the brainy MIT, you wouldn’t get beat by these guys.” He laughed.

“Jim was the winner and he graduated from MIT.” Marty countered.

“You’re kidding; he doesn’t look old enough to be a college graduate.”

“Nope, in fact he is really Dr. Carter. He has a PHD from MIT.”

“I call bullshit on that. He doesn’t look a day over twenty. How old are you Jim?”

“I’m twenty-three.”

It finally sunk in that Carl and Marty had both graduated early. “So he is brainy like you two.”

“He is even brainier. He graduated high school at fourteen. He has several other degrees and he just finished his PHD.”

“I’ll be kiss my ass. I would have bet money he was just about your age,” Bob got up and helped another member.

We agreed to play again the next day, so we just left our clubs and shoes to be cleaned and ready for us tomorrow. Since Tom was planning a nice dinner, we decided to shower at home instead of here at the club. Carl and I couldn’t help but have shit eating grins on our face, knowing that we would be showering together. On the way home Marty said: “I almost screwed up with that playing with each other comment. I wonder if Sam and his man friend were ever more than just friends.”

“If you had asked me a week ago if a boy and a grown man could actually be friend without being sexual I would have said no. I think I would have just jumped to the conclusion that the grown man only wanted one thing from the boy. I don’t know how we would have met, but if Carl wasn’t gay, I think I would still be able to be friends with him. I love his laugh, his pranks he plays on me. I do consider him my best friend.”

“I would never give up sex with Jim, but I love him as my best friend too. I feel lost when he isn’t around. I can relate to him, but I have trouble with kids my age. I have trouble relating to adults too, but Jim and I seem to know what the other is thinking. It’s hard to explain, but it boils down to we get along and we are connected a lot of way, in the bedroom is only a small part.”

“I have seen so many changes in you little bro. Clean cut, laughing all the time and very much in love. You have surprised me in a very good way.”

When we got home Marty complimented us on the house and was impressed with our relationship with Tom and Jerry. He burst up laughing when Jerry said: “Tom said dinner would be ready in about an hour. You two will have to cut your shower short and had better get started now.” We all laughed but there was truth to the statement. Tom asked how Marty wanted his steak cooked and sent Jerry out to get the grill ready.

Marty jumped right in to teasing Carl and me when he grabbed his bag and said: “I better get in the shower before lover boys run all the hot water out.” He got upstairs and realized he didn’t know where he was sleeping. We were on his heels.

“You can be in any room but ours, but Jim had Jerry get the one on the end ready for you, since you were afraid we would keep you awake doing the nasty.”

He laughed. “Little brother, I know you are doing the nasty. You two look good together and I know you make each other happy. I love you both. I am extremely glad that you don’t have to stay in that ugly old house with just and May there. I assume that you aren’t going back even after May gets back.”

“I’m never going back there.”

“You will need to check in with May a couple times a week so that she can say she has seen you if by chance our great parents ask her. She will be cool, if she knows your happy. I have had May keep a lot of secrets for me from them. She has been so worried about you. She isn’t really up on gay happenings, but she has tried just so she could help you. Almost every time I talk to her she tells me she hopes you find a good boyfriend.”

“I am not exactly a boyfriend. I am a man friend. She might have more trouble with that.”

“Probably not. I told her one time that you were so smart and know so much that most boys your age don’t have a clue about. That means kids your age wouldn’t make very good companions.”

“She said herself that it would take someone at least my age to relate to you. I think that says she can handle your relationship. Just be careful and don’t piss her off by trying to pull something over on her.”

“Thanks for the advice bro. It’s true; she told me once that I should ask you to fix me up with one of your friends.”

“I’ll talk to her first. Once she knows that I have seen you and really like Jim, she will probably be bugging you to let her meet him.” We all smiled. “If what the boys say is true, you two will have to come to the dinner table with soap all over you, if you don’t get moving.” Marty teased.

“It’s the way Jim washes my hair. I can’t help it he gets me all excited when he washes my hair.”

“He must wash your hair twenty-four hours a day.” He ducked into his bedroom. “Go on get your hair washed while you poor old brother has to wash his own.”

“Use your left hand and it might feel like Marcy.”

We did go get our shower. We didn’t take as long as we usually took. We did manage to suck each other to take the edge off. Dinner was excellent. Tom was elated at the praise that Marty gave his hard work. We all sat around in sweats watching a movie. Carl and I cuddled a bit, but not as loving as we usually are. We were all laughing our asses off the movie was so funny. “That movie was the funniest I have seen in a long time. You two are funny two. You started to touch each other then remember I am here and stop. I know it is out of respect for me. I want you to know that I appreciate it and I love you both. I think I am going to call it a night. Oh and by the way, I’m bushed, I think it is safe to say I will be sleeping very soundly, so have some fun.”

I put my hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. “We will. Next time little brother, you will have to bring Marcy.”

“She wanted to come this time, but her study group was planning an all weekend session. It was a perfect time for me to come; I would have been alone anyway. I think it was best to have this bonding time just the three of us. I actually feel like I have a family now.“ He noticed the dampness in my eyes. “Don’t get all misty on me”

“It’s just that I was thinking the same thing.” Carl joined us and we had a three way hug.

“We are a family and when Marcy joins us, we will be a great happy family. Next time big brother you have to bring her.” We all went to bed, Carl and I had a little fun before going to sleep, but it wasn’t a wild night of unbounded sex as Marty might have imagined we were having down the hall. We mostly just basked in the love that we felt.

Sunday’s golf game was much closer. They made Carlton promise to not help me with my putts. He had already made a great impact on my confidence and although not quite as good as Saturday, I putted very well. I shot even par for the day. No one lost more than one bet and no one won more than one bet. Carlton and I both were the winners. On the way to the airport, Marty told us that Sam had been more than just a friend with his neighbor and now that Sam was eighteen, they were a couple. The man’s wife left him of course, but Sam’s parents were getting used to their relationship. He said that he didn’t tell Sam about us, but Sam said he thought we had the hots for each other even if we didn’t know it yet. Marty said that we might want to talk to them. They would probably be an asset as friends that understood first hand our relationship. He said that Sam was quite relieved to be able to confide in him just how much he felt for his Dan. Dan was Sam’s neighbor’s name.

Marcy called when Marty got to the airport. She said that he was driving and couldn’t talk, but said he had a fantastic time, but she was afraid that when they got home she was in for a full night. She also said that she was proud to be considered a part of the family and was looking forward to seeing us soon. That really did make us feel good.

Carl made his usual call and lunch and we talked until someone came into the restroom he was calling from. His code to let me know he couldn’t say anything else was flushing the toilet. His second message said ‘SOS May back’. Without hearing anymore, I was a nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers when he came in from school with his usual. “Honey! I’m home!” We kissed. “I called Marty and he is supposed to call May. I am going over there now so that she won’t think I’m ignoring her. I just had to come home for some fortification before going.”

“I’ll drive you over. Let me get my keys.”

“Not this time. Just in case she blows a gasket, I don’t want to chance her getting your license number. Besides it is only three minutes walk.” He was gone almost an hour when my phone rang. “Come get me, May wants to meet you, but she is happy for us.” When I got to the house, Carl opened the door and hugged and kissed me before I could get three feet into the house. He led me to the kitchen. “Jim, I would like you to meet May. May this is my Jim.” I stuck my hand out to shake hers, but she just side stepped it and hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s nice to meet you Jim. I must admit I am a little surprised. From the way Marty and Carlton talked about you, I expected you to look a little older because all the degrees you have and be about ten foot tall. My boys both think you hung the moon. I must admit, I think you are magic too. I have never seen Carlton so happy. Thank you for making him so happy.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that. I didn’t know I could be so happy as he makes me. Before I met him, I didn’t know what love really was. Carl is my life now, there is no other way to describe it.”

“He lets you call him Carl? He has always been adamant that everyone call him Carlton and wouldn’t answer to Carl.”

“Only Jim May, I love it when he calls me Carl, but I will never let anyone else call me Carl. Ask Marty, he tried it this weekend. It hurt his feelings a little, but when I explained that I wanted it to be a special name that only Jim used, he understood. Or at least he said he did.”

I think May was a little hurt too, but had accepted his explanation and respected his wishes. “Boys, I want to help you all I can. Your parents won’t really be a problem most of the time. If you drop by occasionally I can honestly tell them that things that they will not question if you are here or not. It will be lonely in this big old house by myself though.”

“May don’t you have a friend that you often visit overnight at times? What not invite him to come stay with you. You might as well be happy too.”

“it is a she and if you don’t mind, I think I will. We have a lot in common Carlton; I loved her when I was a young woman. She was older and I was forced to move with my parents when we were caught. She got married and moved away. I only found her a couple of years ago. We are still very much in love. I would have left and made a life with her, but I thought you boys needed me. Your parents are so stupid to ignore you boys. Now we can be together and I can help give you cover until you are of age. I love you boys very much.”

“Thanks May, that means a lot to me. Let me know if you ever need anything from me.”

“From either of us. We both owe you for helping us be together. I don’t think either of us would be able to be separated now that we have found each other.”

“Jim, I know you will but take care of Carlton it makes me so happy and relieved that he is so happy. I love the kid.”

“I will always take care of Carlton. But truth be known, I think we will take care of each other. We are both committed to being partners for life.”

“I may not be able to have Jim’s baby, but I’m going to keep trying every chance I get.”

“So you are the bottom. I figured you for a top.” She grinned at being able to relate to Carlton.

“To be honest, I like it better to be on bottom, but Jim likes it too, so we trade off. “ He kissed me deeply.

“I didn’t know you didn’t enjoy being on top. I don’t think either of us are into anal sex all that much. Promise me you will tell me if we you had rather not do something we are doing.”

“I love doing everything with you. I just had rather have you in me. It’s not that I mind being on top. And you’re right we both seem to be oral first and foremost. I love you so much Jim.”

“I love you too Carl. More than I love life itself. I don’t know how I made it without you in my life.”

“Me too.”

“Okay boys, you are giving me way too much information.” She laughed. “Now go home and take care of each other. I think I will see if I can get my June over here tonight. You boys have made me horny.”

“No way. May and June are lovers? That is so bazaar that you are both months and consecutive months at that.”

“Yes, no one ever believed that is our real names. But we always considered it almost cosmic.”

We said our goodbyes and went home. We had been gone so long that Tom and Jerry were walking the floors with worry. They were relieved to find out that we were even better than safe with May. Carl asked me to follow him and he went into the room he had that first night he stayed in this house. He took his bag out of the closet and pulled a box out of the bag.

“Jim, I told you that I kept cashing out my weekly allowance. Since I am not worried about having to run away any longer, will you keep this cash for me?” I looked in the box and there was hundred dollar bills on one end and twenties on the other. Hundreds of them.

“Carl baby, you need to put this in the bank. How much is here anyway?”

“I don’t know there was nearly fifty thousand the last time I kept track. I would have put it in the bank, but I don’t want my parents to find it.”

“We will open you an account tomorrow with my address.” I fanned through the bills. “I will take some and deposit in my account every other day and then write you a check every couple of weeks. You can deposit two or three thousand ever week into your new account. Hopefully the bank won’t get curious and check into such cash deposits. Since nine eleven, they are tracking cash much closer than before. It will take some time, but we need to get this cash deposited.”

“Okay, anything you say.”

The next day after school I started to take him to bank close to the house when I remembered that Andy worked at the same bank but the main bank. His folks basically own the bank. He is the president. Alex is employed by the bank too, but I am not sure where he is located. His secretary said he was in the bank but unavailable. She couldn’t tell me when he would be available. I thanked her for her time and dialed his cell. He came rushing out and scolded his secretary for not telling him we were there. “Andy I am sure you told her you were busy and didn’t want visitors. If that’s the case, you owe her an apology.”

“He is right, I’m sorry Mary. She knows that I was just hiding the fact that I didn’t want to be bothered.”

She blushed a little and mouthed ‘thank you’ where only I could see.

I told Andy the truth about all the cash and asked him for his advice. “Jim they make us document any suspicious cash transactions. Even if you strung it out like you were thinking there is a good chance that it would be investigated by Homeland Security. The best thing to do is for you to deposit it all in your name. I know you normally use the branch by your house.” He wrote a name on the back of his card. Hang on a second let me call him now. He had his secretary get him on the phone. When she said he was on line 3, Andy pushed the button as he picked up the headset. “Aaron.” He had a big grin. “No you are not in trouble.” He paused. “Well, maybe I should call more often. I don’t like to see branch managers nervous about talking to the president.” He paused again. “The reason I called is one of your customers has a large cache of cash that he has been keeping for gambling purposes, but he now has accounts at the casinos he plays at, so he has been sitting on a lot of cash that he now wants to deposit.” He paused. “His name is James Carter. You should be able to find him easily. He is a VIP customer.” He laughed. “He says you are probably keeping way too much money in your checking account.” I shrugged my shoulders. “You can talk to him about that in the morning. He will be bringing the cash to you tomorrow. No he doesn’t have an exact amount with him. Just leave the amount blank on all the documentation and complete it tomorrow. Thanks bud, make Jim buy you lunch for all the paper work he is putting you through.” He laughed. “I know it is our job, and he does too. He knows we would kiss his ass to keep his account. Just take my word for it, take him to lunch and try to buy his lunch. You are new to that branch and you need to meet him anyway. I think you will like him. I’ll talk to you later. Tell Tad I said hello.”

He hung up and I asked. “Is Tad his boyfriend?”

“Yes, he is family.” We all three laughed. “Even with the documentation, Homeland Security might investigate, but you can easily afford them investigating you. Carlton on the other hand would draw great suspicion just by his age. Wait three weeks or so and then break it up into three or four chunks and write him checks. Make sure it doesn’t add up to the exact amount. Always buy something collectable. A coin, stamp, trading card, something like that. They can’t tell you how much to pay for a collectable.”

“This won’t get you into trouble will it?”

“The only way I could get into trouble is if you back off the gambling cache story. As long as you stick to that the bank is totally safe. You will be signing something that documents that tomorrow, so you could get into trouble for falsifying legal documents if you back off that story.”

“I am an awful liar. I am going to win that money from Carlton tonight just so that I can truthfully say it is a gambling cache.”

“Smart thinking. I remember when you tried to lie to Alex and tell him he looked good in that god awful green bathing suit. Everyone else pulled it off, but he knew immediately that you were lying. We all learned not to make you keep a secret because you were such a bad liar.”

“It’s not a bad thing. I like the fact that Jim can’t lie.”

He didn’t say anything, but I knew Andy was thinking that I might be in trouble trying to hide Carlton and my relationship. “So far I have been able to avoid having to tell a bold face lie about my relationship with Carlton. If it comes right down to it and I can’t tell a half truth. I will bold face lie, I won’t lose my Carlton.”

“I forgot about that. I will lie my ass off and tell them you have never touched me. I don’t have a problem lying to protect us.”

I knew it was time for us to leave. I stood up and said: “Thanks so much for you help Andy. I will take Aaron to lunch tomorrow and apologize for all the paperwork.”

“Once he sees you, he won’t be thinking about paperwork. Your welcome and just have the account manager down stairs to open Carlton the account with the two thousand he brought.”

It took less than fifteen minutes total to open the account. They took his picture and make his debit card on the spot. They had him go out to the ATM and activate the card and set up his pin. On the way home, He said: “I am not going carry this card; I am leaving it at home. I don’t need to carry two.” He took my hand in his and interlocked fingers. I hope you don’t get in trouble helping me.” He squeezed my hand. “Speaking of gambling. I have too much money in my online account. If I change my address to our house, can they just mail a check or do I need to do something else. I have been afraid they would find out I am not twenty-one.”

“How much do you have in your account?”

“I have something around forty-two or forty-three.”

“What stakes do you usually play?”

“Lately I have been playing the Five-Seventy Sit and Go’s, but I started out playing the sixteen dollar ones. I have only been playing for about six months.”

“I usually leave six thousand in my account and I play the five seventy S&G’s. I don’t know why but I like to have at least ten times what I’m playing, so I suggest you wait until you get over six to withdraw funds from your account.”

He laughed. “You must have thought I meant hundreds. I meant thousands. I agree that ten times your playing amount should be a good number to leave in the account.”

“Nice job accumulating over forty thousand in less than six months. What did you start with?”

“Marty gave me two hundred to start, well I have him the cash but you know what I mean.”

“I didn’t do that well when I started. I think I had to go back add funds to my account two or three additional times. I kept trying to play like I do at the casinos. Since you can’t read people’s expressions or body language, you have to adjust your game some. Also, at levels below a hundred, you have those idiots that watched TV and thought they can play. It’s hard to play those people. When you play live people face to face, they tend to play a little smarter. Online they can’t hear the whole table snicker when they make a bonehead play.”

“I can’t wait until I am old enough to go to the casinos with you. I think I can play at eighteen in the Caribbean and on cruise ships.” He squeezed my hand. We pulled into the garage. “Let’s play a quick S&G. I know it’s cheating, but just once let’s play in the same one.”

We entered the same five-fifty-five S&G I had notes on two of the players and so did Carl. My note on him said: ‘good player, smart, let’s aggressive players bet for him.’ His note on me said: ‘very good player. Aggressive but cagey aggressive.’ “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know exactly what I meant with that. My best guess is that I probably treated you as aggressive then you surprised me and tricked me into thinking I had the best hand when I didn’t. My notes mean something at the time I write them, but then when I come back to them sometimes they are not clear.”

“Me too. Like this guy. His note is very clear. ‘Over bets aces.’

“I have the exact same note on him.” We didn’t cheat too much, it was against both our nature. We did cheat by not having to guess what the other had, so we didn’t have to bet against each other. When it got down to three we did gang up on the third guy. When we got to heads up we moved so that our computers were back to back and we could no longer see the others hand. I didn’t really want to beat Carl and I am sure he didn’t want to beat me either, but neither wanted the other to just give up. “When Marty and I end up the final two, we both just go all in on every hand and luck decide.” He went all in.

“Sounds good to me.” I called. “Just don’t laugh at my cards.” I had a seven and duce of spades. He had jack of hearts and ten of spades. The flop was ten of hearts duce of hearts and seven of clubs. Turn was king of hearts. The river was the seven of hearts. I won on a hand I wouldn’t have played under most circumstances. “I’m sorry for the bad beat partner.”

“That means you have to fuck me all night long.”

I laughed. “I hate to put a damper in your plans but we have a ton of cash to bundle and you still have school tomorrow. Let’s go count some money.” We decided that we would rather be safe than sorry and I would count and put in stacks of one thousand. Carl would recount and then bundle them in ten thousand bundles. When all was said and done he had sixty eight thousand four hundred dollars. He decided to keep the four hundred as available cash just in case. He said he wouldn’t accumulate more than a thousand before depositing it. I took him to the safe and showed him the combination. “This is our safest place to keep valuables.”

He put the four hundred in there and said: “Shit, what are you doing with that stack of cash?”

“Habit I guess, but I keep it for peace of mind. I feel guilty not having it earning interest, but I have plenty that is. I just couldn’t help but keep it.”

“How much is in there?”

“A hundred thousand. I also have all my important information in there. My will is in there too, but I am having it revised. I have someone very special in my life now and my will needs to reflect that.” He kissed me.

“I hope I go first. I can’t live without you Jim. I just can’t.” He took the four hundred back out of the safe. “I will keep this in the dresser so it will be easy to get to.”

“Let’s not talk about that. I can’t stand to even think about losing you. Now let’s withdraw those funds so that we will have all this banking stuff out of the way.” He had forty-six thousand seven hundred sixty-six and some change in his account. We requested a check for forty thousand and it should be mailed within a few days.

“I’ll keep this in the bedroom that had my clothes and stuff. It might even add to the illusion that this is my bedroom. I know I resisted, but it is smart to have a bedroom for me just in case, at least until I am eighteen.

We were both horny and headed to the bedroom playing with our partner’s butt all the way. We didn’t say a word, just kissed passionately and fell into an intense sixty-nine. We both seemed on a mission to taste our partner as quickly as possible. We were both working our fingers in and out of our partner flicking the love button on every stroke. As badly as we wanted to taste our partner we wanted it to last too. We had an epic failure in making it last. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was snuggling into a sweet tender kiss. We had our usual morning routine of washing and sucking in the shower.

At eleven I headed to the bank. I was hoping that Aaron had the paperwork basically done so that this wouldn’t take too long. They had to put all the bills through their counting machines, but we were finished within a half hour. Aaron invited me to lunch and I had to give him an out. “Aaron, I know Andy put you up to asking me to lunch it is not necessary.”

“Andy might have initiated it, but I really want to take you to lunch.” He handed me the deposit slip when the clerk brought it to him. “I am ready if you are.” We went to a little Italian restaurant that had excellent food. “Since you are special to Andy, can I assume you are gay?”

“Yes, I understand that you are family too. I heard Andy tell you to say hi to Tad for him. I assume Tad is your better half.”

“He is very special to me, but we can’t be a couple just yet. I shouldn’t be telling you this but Tad is only seventeen and I’m twenty-eight. I hope I don’t offend you or cause you to think badly of me.”

I laughed. “I’m guessing that’s the reason Andy wanted us to talk. My partner isn’t legal either. How long have you and Tad been together?”

“For three years. When he was fourteen he cut my lawn. After a couple of times he started spending more and more time and then when he knew he had me hooked he basically raped me. It is possible to rape the willing. His parents finally figured out our little secret, but he finally convinced them that he forced himself on me. Over a few days they finally accepted that their son and I were in love, that it wasn’t just a sexual relationship. Now they are very supportive and we all have a good relationship. So tell me about your partner.”

“Fourteen must be the magic age. Carlton is fourteen; however, he is a senior in high school. He is very athletic and I can’t imagine my life without him. I never saw this side of him, but according to his brother and housekeeper he was pretty depressed and gloomy kid. His parents are in Europe and don’t have much contact with him or his straight older brother. His brother is at MIT and engaged to be married. I hate that his parents are so neglectful, but very grateful at the same time. If they ever decide to stay in town, I don’t know how either of us will make it.

“Maybe we can get together and have dinner or something. I would like to meet Carlton and for you to meet Tad.”

“I agree we should do that soon.” We finished our lunch and he finally convinced me that he should pay for lunch since Andy will be expecting to see it on his expense report.

We settled into a life together that was far from routine, but comfortable. Every day we grew closer. Marty and Marcy came to visit us a couple of times. In February for his fifteenth birthday I gave him a watch with I love you engraved on the back. I also gave him a ticket to see his brother. That was hard on us both. Although it was only two days and one night, it seemed like forever. We were calling each other constantly. He made me promise never to send him away again without coming with him. I assured him I wouldn’t. His plane arrived that Sunday evening I was there to meet him. With everyone around it was so hard to just get a quick hug. He had to go use the restroom, but we couldn’t even grab a quick kiss. The restroom was full of people. I called Jerry and told him we were ready for pickup. He was driving so that we could make out in the back seat. The dark tint on the windows in back made it safe for us to make out. It felt so good to have him safely back in my arms.

In March for my birthday he gave me the same watch with the same engraving on the back. Also in March we went to Marty and Marcy’s wedding. His parents didn’t bother to show up, but we did. Carlton was his best man and I was a groomsman. It was a grand affair and we had a great time.

In May, Carlton graduated Valedictorian. Marcy and Marty came to see him graduate. We celebrated his success without his parents. They didn’t even call or send a card. It’s a good thing I didn’t have their number or I would have called and gave them more than a little piece of my mind. He tried to act like it didn’t bother him, but I knew better. He did breakdown and cry for a few minutes when we were in bed that night. “I am so glad I have you, Marty and Marcy in my life. I didn’t really expect my parents to show up, but they could have called or something. Can you believe they didn’t even show up for Marty’s wedding? They can be such assholes.”

“You and Marty have both grown up to be fine young men. Maybe absentee parents made you that way. I won’t hazard a guess, but I hope you know that I love you with all my being.”

“I know and I don’t need my parents. I have something much more important to me. I have a partner. I love you so much Jim.”

A couple of weeks later on Wednesday, we had just come home from the golf course and had our shower and were about to sit down to dinner when the doorbell rang. We were planning on going out to a movie later that evening so we were dressed better than we usually do lounging around the house. Because we were eating, Jerry answered the door. “Jim, Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson would like a word with you.” I knew immediately it was Carl’s parents. My heart sank and thought I was going to have a heart attack on the spot.

“What the fuck are you doing here? You have no business here.” Carlton had venom in his voice.

“Easy Carl.” I pulled him aside and whispered. “They are not here to have me arrested or a cop would be with them. Don’t give them any other reason to be pissed at us. Cool it for just a minute.” I talked Carl into calming down. “Tom, please set a couple more places at the table. Please join us we have just started dinner.”

“No, we don’t want to be any trouble.”

“No trouble at all. We have plenty we won’t take no for an answer.” I smiled and they did the same.

Once they were seated and began eating. Carl got a little more at ease and continued eating. We were careful about touching, but Carl had to rest his leg against mine the whole time. As Tom brought in dessert, Carl said: “You still haven’t told us why you are here.”

Mr. Jackson said: “Carl, I know you think that we don’t love you.”

“It’s Carlton, only Jim can call me Carl.”

“We do love you son. We know we are terrible parents. We have never been able to put our son’s above our own wants, needs and pleasure. We know we should change, we have told each other that we would, but we never do. We intended to be at Marty’s wedding but we didn’t make it. The same with your graduation. Just because we are bad parents doesn’t mean we don’t love you boys. I am truly sorry and I would tell you that we are going to change, but we both know that is probably not going to happen. We just found out that you are not going to MIT in the fall, you didn’t even apply, why is that?”

“I am attending UCSD, I have been accepted and will start this fall. I don’t need a diploma to know I am smart. I also don’t plan on being in the family business, so I don’t need some high priced education to stroke your ego.”

“Just what do you plan on doing with your life?”

“I don’t know exactly. I may play poker for a living; I might join the pro bass circuit. I might chose to do a lot of things, but I can tell you it won’t be something I don’t enjoy.”

“Carlton that is such a waste of your mind and your abilities.”

“How is it a waste mother? A waste is doing something I hate just to keep up appearances. You have never given a rat’s ass about my life before now, why are you sticking your nose in it now?”

“Son, when we found out that you were living with this man.”

Carlton didn’t let them finish. “This man’s name is Jim or Mr. Carter, not this man. He means everything to me. If you can’t respect him, go back to Europe and leave me to take care of myself as you have for the last fifteen years.”

“I’m sorry. Jim, I didn’t mean any disrespect. In fact I have great respect for you. I know all about the trials and tribulations you have overcome. I know that are one of the brightest humans on the planet. I also know that you love my son. If I were not full of respect for you, I would have come with an army of police. I also know that my son is one of the brightest humans on the planet and I don’t think you could take advantage of him even if you wished. Actually we are glad you are in Carlton’s life. Carlton, being happy in what they do with their lives is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. However, you can enjoy that luxury. I know that I can’t tell you what to do. From being absentee parents for so long we don’t have that right. We did have to see for ourselves that you are happy.”

“Father, I didn’t know what love and happiness was until I met Jim. I forced my way on him and he finally gave in to my charms, but he loved me long before we had any sexual contact.”

“Will you at least re-consider going to a prestigious school?”

“Jim and I have discussed it at length. We know we can’t be separated. We found that out when I went to visit Marty for my birthday. He said he would move to anywhere in the world I wanted to go to school. Truth is, I don’t really want to go to school, but Jim convinced me that I would probably regret not having some of the college experience. With his help I realized that until I become an adult, I can’t really do the things I want to do anyway. UCSD is a fine school. Just because it doesn’t have the snob factor that MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton do doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“You two have more brain power than we can even imagine. It would be foolish of us to try to tell you that you were making a mistake. When the investigator we hired sent pictures of the two of you together, we had trouble believing this was our son in the pictures. His clean cut appearance and happy smiles were something we had never seen before.”

“So you are not going to try to break us up or make me move back home?”

“We do want to talk to you about that.” Carl started to object. “Hear me out first son. We are going to sell this house and our compound in Florida will be our primary residence. Seeing how happy you are with Jim, we determined that our only choice was to support your relationship with Jim. If it is what you and Jim want, we will make it permanent. I know that Jim has the simple guardianship that we gave the school permission for, but the one our attorneys have drawn up is complete and unquestionable. We all need to sign the documents tomorrow. I’m assuming you two lovers want this to happen.” He actually smiled when he called us lovers. “I know it is too late to try and be the parents we should have, but we want to make an effort to try and get back into your brother’s and your lives. Jim you are an impressive young man. I want to welcome you to the family. I want to thank you for making my son so very happy. You even brought my sons together. I know you still can’t let your relationship be public until Carlton gets older, but I want you to feel free to show affection around us. We are not that affectionate ourselves, but from some of the photos on the golf course we know you can’t keep your hands off each other.“ Again we couldn’t help but smile with them.

With that we began our life together with the blessings from Carlton’s parents, we had one less worry about our relationship until Carlton got older. We celebrated as we do best, In bed making sweet passionate love.

The End


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