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Post-"Abduction" Therapy

Personal notes and transcriptions of Dr. Courtney Aurora, PhD

Madison Ashley is the young boy making headlines for a seemingly genuine "alien abduction".

Madison was gone for weeks without a trace, only to return happily  in a glowing light on a rural cornfield - thousands of miles from home. Rape kits identified hundreds of unique sperm contributions all over his body but particularly on his face, in his rectum and in his mouth.

Despite abundant evidence of sexual abuse, no suspects have been named and no DNA matches have been found. The media stories proliferate, claiming the boy is either a fraud, a sex crime victim, or a lucky pioneer into the unknown.

Reports indicate that Madison's mental condition has been deteriorating as of late, most notably in the form of delusional disorder and hyper-sexuality.

Madison is of average, perhaps even above average intelligence for his age and has an outgoing personality. Middle child of 3, Madison is raised by a single mother in her mid fifties.

Be advised that the extreme media sexualization of the Madison Ashley case should not be brought to his attention at this time. 
It is also important for psychologists and psychiatrists to maintain professional objectivity with regards to their clients. Prior cases of male sexual contact with the patient were highly inappropriate and reflect poorly on psychiatric practitioners.

As a female researcher, I was brought onto Dr. Belamy's case in the hopes that Madison would be more willing to discuss additional details of his absence and re-integration that he appears to withhold from male colleagues.

(begin audiotape)


Maddie: [inaudible]

Dr.:  So Maddie, tell me more about these alien abduction fantasies.


Maddie:  Well, they anal probed me. 


Dr.:  Anal probed?

Maddie:  Yeah. It was... pretty awesome actually. I woke up blindfolded and I felt it moving in me, injecting me with their DNA chemicals.

Dr.:  This sounds a lot like speculation, Maddie. Ridiculous, even.

Maddie:  It's not. I know it. There are... ways... that I'm different now. I look different. I don't have baby fat anymore. And, and my hair is softer. So is my skin. All my scars are gone and even my elbows barely wrinkle. 

I was was the strongest kid in my grade and I was big on sports before but now I can't gain muscle. My French teacher says I'm "svelte" now, which means slim and tight. Like... like a girl. I can't grow hair on my body either, and I was just starting to have some. My little brother even beats me in wrestling. I'm shorter than him too, now. I look like I'm a freaking 11 or 12 year old!


Dr.:  That's not much of a leap from your real age. And your brother may just be having an earlier growth spurt.

Maddie:  I'm just different now. Even my brain is different. 

Dr.:  My job is to help you with that. 

Maddie:  You can't tell anyone. I need to tell someone but you can't tell anyone.

Dr.:  I'm professionally bound not to. 

Maddie:  It's weird. I wasn't like this before, only after I was abducted.

Dr.:  I can do weird. Just take your time.

[long pause]

Maddie:  There are sometimes where all I want to eat is... cum. 

Dr.:  You mean, ejaculate?

Maddie:  Yeah, cum. I can't stop thinking about cum oozing out of cocks, I want to suck on them and it's happening every freaking day and it's driving me crazy. I wasn't like this before but now it's like I'm addicted to the taste. And that slippery slimy feel of it.

Dr.:  Only cum? Nothing else? Maybe you could describe these cravings with some more detail."

Maddie:  Maybe not just cum... I mean, I- I think about cum all the time, but I want to eat things that are juicy, you know? I wanna eat things that I'd slurp and lap up and swallow... I like things that drip from my mouth. 

[Maddie licks his lips]

Dr.:  I noticed they look very soft. Your lips, that is. Are you using any cosmetics? Most boys aren't brave enough for lip balm.

Maddie:  Noo! [Giggles. He is blushing and looks flattered.] I told you, those a-aliens... people always think I wear make-up now. I look a little girlier than I used to, my eyelashes are longer and it's just... those aliens changed me. And it makes sense. I'm remembering more every day. I'm getting an idea of how I became so different. 

Dr.:  How different? 

Maddie:  The real difference I guess would be... my body just feels everything sexually. Like even my clothes feel... erotic... on my skin. My little brother tickled my feet the first night I came back and it made me cum all over my shorts. And he tickled my ribs after that too, and I came again. And he kept tickling me and I kept cumming, and cumming and cumming. When he went for my nipples, I passed out. I don't think he knew exactly what he was doing... but if he did, then he pretty much masturbated me to unconsciousness. Maybe more - I woke up with more cum on my sheets than I remember, and I swear my bum was moist.

Dr.:  So you can experience multiple ejaculatory orgasms? 

Maddie:  Yeah. And the weird thing is that I'm not getting used to it... at all. I can't tell if the aliens wired my brain to be this way, but it's hard being on a simmer all the time. I think my mouth is one of my most sensitive parts now, too. It drives me crazy when I'm eating.

Dr.:  And when you're kissing?

Maddie:  Yeah, when I'm kissing. And even more when I'm... you know.

[Maddie fidgets in his seat, biting his lower lip. He's trying to relive an experience. Probably a sexual one, by his suggestion.]

Maddie:  Even if I just put my lips against someone's cheek, it makes my mouth and my body all start to feel hot. Really sensitive and tingly. I never even noticed my lips before, you know? But now it's like I always want something to suck on and keep them moist. Maybe someone to lick them. Or bite them.

Dr.:  People call that an oral fixation, Maddie. Are you sure you haven't felt this way before?

Maddie:  No, I told you already! It was... the aliens. I hated gum and popsicles and stuff all my life, but now [laughs] I go through a *lot* of lollipops when I'm by myself.


Maddie:  It's because... because when I was on the space ship, all I ever had for food was cum. 

Dr.:  For the entire two weeks you went missing, you're saying all you ate was human semen?

Maddie:  I don't know... some of it was from animals, I think. I was in that weird funk though, and everything was so cloudy. For a long time all I thought about was sucking all those cocks that came in front of me. 

Dr.:  Were you scared?

Maddie:  Not scared. I was in that funk, you know? All I thought about was what was in my mouth. And there were always a lot of cocks in my face. I was blindfolded but I was always getting poked by at least three of them. When I sucked one of them off, there would always be a fresh one to replace it.

Dr.:  Were you instructed to perform oral sex by your abductors?

Maddie:  No... I couldn't hear anything through the headphones. It just played sounds of me, moaning. I don't know how they got that in recording but it was trippy. I sound hot, too... it really turned me on.

Dr.:  The aliens made you wear headphones?

Maddie:  It was real! It happened I swear. I kept hearing myself moaning and my head was so overloaded. 

Dr.:  So, how did you know to give blowjobs? Especially without prior sexual experience?

Maddie:  It was instinct, I guess. I thought it would be like nipples. I wasn't really sure what I was doing at first, but after a while I got really good at getting the milk. I mean you learn really fast when you're hungry.

Dr.:  I see. [pause] You must have been extremely malnourished. I can't imagine that the semen of a few men alone would be enough to feed a growing boy. 

Maddie:  It wasn't like that actually! There were so many. Once I got good at sucking, I was always full. Eventually I couldn't even swallow it all and it would just spill out my mouth. It was always one cock after another, and there was always soo much cum. It felt gross at first, knowing that all I'd eaten was the stuff coming from these penises... I ... but after a bit I thought it was really fucking hot.

Dr.:  You enjoyed it?

Maddie:  Totally. 

Dr.:  And you say this has affected you now.

Maddie:  Yeah. 

Dr.:  Well, please go on. There's no need to be shy, remember?

Maddie:  It's like I told you yesterday... I'm kind of a slut now. Like, a huge huge sissy slut. During lunch, I go under the tables and suck off my classmates. [licks his lips] 

Dr.:  How many?

Maddie:  I don't know, as many as I can. I can usually get two or three tables. I like the older boys because they cum a lot more, even if they're big and make my mouth more tired. Sometimes the boys in my year can't cum. Even if I do that special trick with their balls.

Also! A lot of the older boys are getting mean now. They like to pull out and cum on my face, and I have to try and catch it in my mouth. And even worse is when a boy on the side of me will jerk off just so it'll land in my hair. 

Dr.:  They're actually bullying you, by not letting you swallow?

Maddie:  Yeah! [pouts] If I don't get anything I have to spend a whole five minutes to make them feed me again. But I guess I like that too. I like making them go hard again in my mouth, because the second time around they're still leaking a bunch of cum from the first. 

Dr.:  Why is it so important that you eat so much of their semen? Does it matter when you can just eat regular food?

Maddie:  It's just what I want. It's like, a hunger, you know? Eating regular food doesn't make me cum. 

Dr.:  You experience climax just from providing oral sex to others?

Maddie:  [grins] Told you I was sensitive. 

Dr.:  And, physiologically you weren't like this before.

Maddie:  Nope. It was the aliens. And you know, I told you. It's not just my mouth they changed. They fucked with my whole body. Whenever someone just touches me, all the hairs on my body start standing up. Goosebumps just from a hug, you know? And when it's a grown-up who really *wants* to make me feel that way? They make me squeal so bad.

Dr.:  You've been touched by adults? Sexually?

Maddie:  Yeah. All the boys are like, my food source, but it's just one grown-up that really... uses me, you know? It's my teacher Mr. Lynde. 

Dr.:  Go on.

Maddie:  Mr. Lynde caught me blowing Peter Yana after school a while ago. By the way, I like sucking Peter the most because he always cums right when I want him to, and he cums a lot. And his cock is like, perfect. And he's soo cute. And he has a really nice ass. I like to sneak a finger in when he cums, it makes him whimper. And he's like the perfect boy. But yeah, I was busted with a finger in his heinie, and he was cumming in my mouth. Peter was going to hyperventilate or something, he couldn't even back away because he just got more of my wiggly finger [devilish look]. But Mr. Lynde only took me back to the classroom.

Dr.:  I assume it was empty with school out... What happened next?

Maddie:  Well, he put me in his lap and asked me a lot about what I did with the Peter and other boys. One of his hands kind of hovered around my chest, rubbing me over my shirt, you know? And I'm telling him about the blowjobs I give... I'm already horny as fuck all the time, but he was the first person to ever really touch me like that, all over. 

Dr.:  So you enjoyed this contact.

Maddie:  Oh, hell yeah. He asked me when I started being like this. And [moan] he did this thing where he ran his fingers across my lips... real slow, and I swear it totally blew my mind. It's like he was touching me, but almost wasn't. And I felt so sensitive, I was breathing so hard against those fingers. I wanted to suck on them, but he wouldn't let me. He'd just tease my lips like that. And when his other hand got under my shirt, I freaked.

Dr.:  You ran away?

Maddie:  No, I mean I had like a sex seizure. he did this thing with my nipples... apparently they're a total sweet spot for me now. My belly button too. God, he was so slow and careful with me. He kept telling me I was a real slut now, that I was made this way. 

Dr.:  And you agree with him. 

Maddie:  Well, yeah. He didn't give me any room to fool myself. He'd go through every inch of skin, you know? And he'd tell me exactly what he was gonna do with it, and exactly how it was going to feel. He even sucked on my toes, licked my feet and stuff. He was so gentle and always kept me right at the point from cumming... Mr. Lynde said he wouldn't always turn out to be right unless I really was "the ultimate little bottom boy". [sighs huskily] He even nibbled at that secret part of my ass, you know?

Dr.:  You mean...

Maddie:  You know... [gestures towards his anal region] that super private area. And he kept touching my thighs and teasing my dick, always teasing. He said he was going to teach me about sex and show me what everything was for. My foreskin, my frenulum, all my "erogenous zones". He teased me a whole week after school and in class. He gave me "no cumming" pills and wouldn't let me climax at all. I wanted him to cum in my mouth too, but he said he was only going to take me with his cock, not feed me. 

Dr.:  And did he fuck you?

Maddie:  Yeah. Finally. Two days ago.

Dr.:  What was it like for you? Being penetrated by someone in power?

Maddie:  It was... well, he *really* fucked me. Like fucked me until I seriously turned an even bigger mess than the aliens made me. Wow, you know? I can't get it out of my head, when he had my legs so spread wide apart and feeling like he was so freaking huge and deep inside me. All the way to the hilt, that deep inside me. He was thick as hell but the aliens made it so sex didn't hurt I guess... but I couldn't get over how buried he was in my virginity. I'll just never get over that. Mnh... Feeling at first like he'd never run out of cock to push inside me, then he just does it over... and over... and ohhhh... He was so deep inside me. All of him.

Dr.:  The penetration is important to you. That's how this side of you was born, after all. Being penetrated by that "alien probe". 

Maddie:  Yeah, yeah yeah! You're right. God, ohhhh godd I can't believe how many times he made me cum like that. I didn't even squeal so much on the ship, you know? He really went for all the combos, I was like a game to him... how many parts of me can he exploit at once? It's almost like all of that, the ship, was all a setup for me to completely implode at his touch. I mean, just knowing that all of him was inside me...

[The boy leans forward, shuddering. He is grinding his bum against my chair. I suspect he is feeling hopelessly aroused and empty.]

Maddie:  I just feel like I was meant to be dominated like this, you know? I guess the aliens messed with my brain, but they couldve kept me in their ship all they wanted. They changed me, and brought me back to Earth like this. I guess... I guess I'm a man's boy, and the boys' toy. That's why I play play with the boys but get fucked by a man. 

Dr.:  These aren't your words, I suspect.

Maddie:  It's what Mr. Lynde said to me. While he was [wavering] ... while he was fucking me.

Dr.:  What about Peter Yana? You seem to have quite a crush on him. 

Maddie:  Mr. Lynde said... uoohhhh [moaning heavily] that... only *he* was the real man!  That he knew P-peter wanted to fuck me but that Peter was a little boy like me. And that tomorrow... mmnnhh... he'd fuck me in front of Peter and then [labored] he said he'd f-fuck Peter! [moaning louder] Fuck Peter! I-in f-front of m- ohhhh... nnNNggHH!! [orgasm]

[note:  Maddie's fitted cloth pants are stained noticeably at this juncture. It is likely that his recent sexual trauma, coupled with psychological conditioning by his teacher, are putting him in a state where the pre-conditioned mental stimuli alone are sufficient to achieve orgasm.]

Dr.:  You just came.

Maddie: [ashamed] I'm s-so sorry, oh my god. I couldn't help it. I just want to know how this is happening to me.

Dr.:  Obviously the thought of your adored friend being dominated alongside you, is a scenario that brings you great pleasure. 

Maddie:  I don't want Mr. Lynde to do what he says he will... He says he's going to humiliate Peter. He says... he's going to make Peter scream and not let him cum until he begs to be fucked every day in school. He says he's going to make Peter want to be fucked by his own daddy. That he's going to make Peter a slut like me forever. And I really like Peter and I don't want that to happen to him... but it... [reluctant moaning smile] it turns me on something rotten when I think about it.


Dr.: I believe your strongest desire is to be dominated by a powerful male figure. 

Maddie:  Dominated... by Mr. Lynde. 

Dr.:  For now. You aren't fundamentally turned on by Mr. Lynde himself, only his power. His role as your teacher and his physical advantage is a part of that power. Your submissive consciousness wishes that he would use that power, and I'm sure he does indeed use it. 

Maddie:  [his cummy pants are tented again] Mr. Lynde calls me his "teacher's pet" and makes me read the textbook out loud on... on his lap. He makes me scold... all the classmates who don't do their homework. Mnnnhh... He's fucking me behind the desk, and the whole class just looks at me while I have to be tough. And I have to be strong when Mr. Lynde has so many inches of meat inside me, proving it only takes a little thrust to make me a whimpering little priss. How funny, me trying to have authority over any of my classmates when lunchtime is all it takes for me to beg for their cream. And yes, I always always crack, I always always cum - because Mr. Lynne is so big and deep it all feels too good... Every time I cum I think Peter and the class can tell. Mr. Lynde even whispers that they know, because I say sex words instead of what I mean to say, and I'm really really loud. 

Dr.:  And these experiences are even more arousing because of your shame.

Maddie:  ... yessss... he even made me do it on open school day... in front of the parents...

Dr.:  I also feel a big part of you wishes that you were being fucked by Peter instead of Mr. Lynde. I believe you've been having a crush on Peter for several years now? 

Maddie:  [blushes] Yeah. So you're saying my ideal sex god is a super-Peter? Like if he were 17 and super old?

Dr.:  [laughs] More or less. You wish that Peter could dominate you, but you know Mr. Lynde is a more powerful male than Peter and is even about to use that to his advantage. 

Maddie:  Yeah... mmnhh... Mr. Lynde is going to fuck Peter silly! All because I like him so much. Mr. Lynde says, he's been grooming Peter for the whole week and he's gonna make us play "Strip Fucker". 

Dr.:  "Strip Fucker"?

Maddie:  [gulps] Mr. Linde says it's where he fucks us one by one with all of our clothes on. And then Mr. Lynde takes off one piece of our clothing each time we cum. He says he's going to fuck me first, then Peter, then me, then Peter again, until we're both completely naked and cummy. And then he's going to do it until Peter loves cocks as much as I do, and until he's cum another time on each piece of clothing he's removed.

[Maddie is distressed, but also extremely aroused. His face and chest are flushed red and his young erection is straining against his shorts. The young boy appears to be on the verge of another orgasm.]

Dr.:  This - all of this - arouses you because by tearing down Peter, your teacher is dominating you on another level. He's mocking, corrupting your love and crushing his competition in one swoop. He's cementing his master role even further. After your return from the "alien" experience, you're still a fledgling mind. And your teacher is making sure you imprint on him alone.

Maddie:  [confused] Imprint? Like when a baby bird hatches and sees its mother?

Dr.:  Yes. You've been born into this new you. You yourself know how momentous it felt to be penetrated. 

Maddie:  I-it's what the aliens found me for.

Dr.:  And Mr. Lynde is the first human who ever fucked you. You imprinted on his cock, on his presence and his power the moment he planted himself all that way inside you.

Maddie:  And... he taped it.

Dr.:  Taped it.

Maddie:  I've seen what I looked like when he blew my mind, you know? Mr. Lynde showed me. I was glowing pink, a slender beauty, he said. It was heady and frightening to even witness the extent of my own pleasure - knowing it was real. And Mr. Lynde was fucking me yet again while I watched my televised cherry pop... and filmed me yet again too. 

Dr.:  How was the quality?

Maddie:  Perfect. He uses like four cameras, I even came on one of the lenses. Yeah. I can't even believe it. He's the first human who actually fucked me. And he says he's going to be the only one who ever will, until I'm ready.

Dr.:  Ready for what?

Maddie:  [blushing] I dunno. Maybe for movies. 

Dr.:  Ahh... I see. The media has taken a real interest in your story after all. It wouldn't be unexpected for Hollywood to do the same.

Maddie:  He'd be the first man to fuck me on screen, too. 

Dr.:  You're very focused on his standing as your "first".

Maddie:  Mr. Lynde says he'll make me a star. That he's a cinematographer and an artist and everything, and he'll bring the world the raunchy true story they all want. I mean, do you know what it felt like? To be normal all your life... and then to suddenly be hooked on cum, and cocks, have your body rebuilt for men?

Dr.:  I couldn't imagine. 

Maddie:  Mr. Lynde sees me like I really am.

Dr.:  But are you ready to accept that kind of submission for yourself?

Maddie:  I think so. People... they say I'm the most beautiful boy they've ever seen. Mr. Lynde tells me I'm the country's secret pin-up boy. When all those journalists found me naked in that cornfield, every man in sight wanted to fuck me. And my sister says the women wanted to dress me up like a doll, and fuck me just the same. 

Dr.:  Your sister is... insightful. Did she say anything else?

Maddie:  Well, she promised me I'd be seeing more aliens because... [shy smile]

Dr.:  Because what?

Maddie:  Because those aliens want to fuck me too!





(end audiotape)


Post Notes: Attempt hypnotherapy for further examination of the details of Madison's abduction.










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