Power Plays

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by Len Homber

(Copyrights reserved)

This work is a compilation of several short stories from my list of many storyline notes told to me by Individuals on the internet of their own experiences that have been building in a file waiting my attention to expound on in more detail and write longer, multiple chapters. I decided to go ahead and write the stories in a condensed version out of respect for those who revealed all to me in the hopes I would write their story. Short and sweet, untitled, focusing on the more … well, erotic over storyline guaranteed to get you off. Sorry, no chapter breaks, scroll 36 pages,

Hope you enjoy!


“No way. I’m not sucking your cock!” Jason Miller said to sergeant detective Hank Perkins in the confines of the interview room, the man’s erection exposed from his fly in Jason’s face.

“Fine then … go to juvenile, level two, the fifteen to eighteen year-old wing instead of the twelve to fourteen unit … you’re borderline anyway, where you’ll suck a few dozen cocks your first week there.”

Fourteen year-old punk Jason was arrested for shoplifting, a repeat offender. He was cute with long blond hair, sky blue eyes and rosy red sensual lips. Most boys in trouble obeyed Hank’s offer for clemency from a crime committed.

“No fucking way. I’ll beat the crap out of any fag that comes near me.”

Hank Perkins laughed and said, “Maybe you should spend some time right here in remand first. A pretty boy like you would be appreciated by the men in cell block two. I can delay the transfer for days … even weeks. You won’t be seeing a juvie judge for a while … back log of fuck-ups just like you. You’ll have a sore asshole by the time I get around to shipping you off.”

Jason knew the man was serious. Kids didn’t normally spend time in the remand center with adults. With all the courage he could muster, he took the menacing looking cock in his mouth and later swallowed as he told, the policeman squeezing the last few drops.

It was too late to have Jason transported to juvenile, he would spend the night in a locked room with a cot and toilet. Hank would be back in the morning for another blowjob. He would have loved to fuck the boys he manipulated, however, he was no fool in leaving evidence of penetration and semen should a boy scream that he’d been raped, a doctor would surely detect the kid was telling the truth.

* * *

Thirty-six year-old Hank Perkins liked boys, the younger the better. He adopted eight year-old Chad and taught the boy what was expected the very first night after picking him up at the orphanage. Chad was a quick learner, unlike the other two boys Hank exchanged based on incompatibility, their cocks too small. Chad had a nice cock for a boy his age and what promised to be a nice man-pleaser in time,

Hank wanted something worth sucking and liked boys up his ass at times. Chad would later be instrumental in bringing home boys for daddy to seduce with Chad’s help.

* * *

Peter Ramsay was a security officer at a juvenile detention center. A blind eye was turned when boys raped other boys ... even encouraged by a few staff members, Peter being one. He worked the night shift, had sole control and custody of unit 300, third floor ward, fifty-eight boys aged twelve to seventeen, four to a room.

All newbie’s were subjected to rape their very first night at the facility, from the toughest to the weakest, the boys were outnumbered and forced into oral and anal sex by the dozen or so elite boys first; they ruled the ward, then left to service any peon wanting to partake after, Peter loved watching the rapes. He recorded many and sold them on the net. Peter expanded his illicit trade by renting boys to men, a storage room with a mattress on the floor suited as the venue, after all, men weren’t fussy where they had boys as long as they got to enjoy one’s company for cheap prices. The kids were paid $10, Peter reaped $40, the older elite teens were paid $5 each as enforcers to supply a boy for a one hour session that mostly entailed oral sex. Anal wanted by a man would be an additional $30. Established facility visiting hours were 3pm to 10pm… and Peter’s makeshift brothel was booked full daily, any age desired supplied… mostly the men were regulars having their favorite boy, discretion assured.

* * *

Father Patrick was a good priest and well respected by his congregation. However, he had a fetish for young boys. His altar boys, aged 10 to 13, were forbidden to wear anything under their robes claiming it was normal. He would watch the five boys undress, he, himself stripping naked in the rectory with the boys to adorn his robes showing off his very fit 35 year-old body and long, thick cock. Father could read boys well. He could pick out the ones staring at his genitals longer than most boys would only stealing a curious glance. Boys made the prestige of becoming altar boys depending on it. Father Patrick was sexual with all six boys convinced it was God’s will. He always looked forward to the after-mass orgy in the rectory … he loved watching boys orally coupled, he would masturbate cuming several times. Sometimes he entertained one or two over night and fuck them ,,, anoint them with his seed sanctioned by God.

* * *

Middle school gym teacher and coach of the junior football team, Brad Simpson, was thirty years-old. He had been employed at the school for five years and was well liked by the faculty and students. Brad was a butch kind of guy, no one would have suspected he was a boy-lover except the many boys he seduced over the years.

Brad insisted his classes and team showered together at a time when the school board sadly deemed it a personal choice. He would stand at the entrance - exit of the long tiled noisy echo chamber and hand out towels to leaving boys. He could describe in detail all his 122 boys’ genitalia. They were aged 12 to 14 in various states of arousal. Brad would often shower with his twenty football players after games or practice.

Brad liked the butch boys, the aggressive ones who other boys … and girls, looked up to. He liked decent size-cocks and nuts, boys that were  capable of wet orgasms that he savored in his mouth, all tasting so exquisite and unique. The teacher would invite boys to his home, feed them only enough liquor to make them pleasantly drunk. He would talk about girls and if the boy ever got lucky.

Most didn’t at that age. Brad would talk a boy into taking a hot-tub in his gazebo, bathing suits unnecessary between guys who’ve seen each other naked many times. Brad had a large screen TV in his gazebo, the DVD player pre-loaded with a bisexual porn flick, the actors actresses not looking a day over sixteen. Brad would comment on bisexuality, and not being a stranger to it. After the initial shock and able to read boys, he used the power of persuasion to engage in mutual masturbation.

Brad would tell a boy to sit on the edge of the tub and go down on him. All boys crave a blowjob, it’s all they think about … and Brad was a master at it. He would then take them to bed, the sixty-nine position ... all that was needed to reciprocate oral sex more willingly.

Brad liked getting fucked and the boys were more than willing to prove they were still masculine … it had some kind of physiological healing after sucking cock. Some of the boys allowed Brad to fuck them, a few were regulars in his bed … boys you would never suspect being bisexual.

* * *

Twenty-five year old Tony Adams was a scout leader. 139th troop, 41 boys aged 10 to 12 years-old. He married early at nineteen that would certainly stop him from thinking about guys. He had a few experiences with buddies, but those years were behind him … or so he thought.

Tony began looking at young boys wondering what it would be like to have sex with one. Many of the kids in his scout troop fueled fantasy when fucking his wife.

Maybe it was that Maria refused to give head, and Tony was missing it from his younger days. He also admitted to himself that he enjoyed giving blowjobs, to a few friends … no one ever taking it as gay, only messing around, though Tony didn’t mind a load in his mouth. He craved to do so again.

Boy Scout camps were held twice a year at Lord Baden Powell camp. Over 700 boys attended sleeping four boys to a tent, the maximum according to the rule book in order to control the boys from horsing around all night said to happen if there were any more in close confines.

One particular boy, Chris Everett, Tony was horny for and the fantasy of many orgasms. Dirty-blond curly hair and deep blue-eyes. tall for his age of twelve, Chris reeked sexuality.

There was always a displacement of boys after tent arrangements were made. Tony was coy and arranged it that Chris would bunk in with him for the long weekend.

Tony would figure out a way to get into Chris Everett’s shorts come hell or high water.

The camp had a large mess hall to feed all the scouts, a large washroom including public showers that Tony loved frequenting to see naked older guys 15 to seventeen who weren’t shy, the younger boys seldom used the showers, instead, the lake served as their hygiene needs and the leaders left it at that.

Late night skinny-dipping in the lake was common at the scout camp; encouraged by some leaders that Tony was sure shared the same secret boy-fetish as he. It was dark and he could barely see the nudity of his troop and others, even the leaders stripped and partook in the late night swim. Only when the boys picked up their clothes and ran back to the bonfire to dress was there but only momentary viewing.

Tony never did dressed after the swim, simply wrapped a towel around his waist …a  good reason to be naked in front of Chris when they retired to the tent for the night.

What Tony didn’t expect was that he was so horny that he had an erection by the time he and Chris made their way and entered their tent. Chris stripped down to his underwear, Tony let the towel fall from his hips prolonging Chris’ close view of his semi-erection by fussing in his suitcase for no real reason.

Tony was proud of his body. He worked out a few nights a week and although he was no muscle man, he was well toned and blessed with impressive, masculine genitals. He knew that he turned heads at the gym’s steam room and shower … and he knew he had Chris’ attention, the Coleman lantern casting a warm glow over the tent.

“Fuck, I’m horny.” Tony said flopping down on his sleeping bag, his hand fondling himself. It was a spontaneous brash move however, Chris certainly appeared interested in his genitalia and Tony dared to test the waters at great risk. Red-faced Chris, laughed. He never rolled over to ignore the man’s bizarre antics, a good sign seen by Tony. “I’m so horny I could suck your cock, Chris.

Chris blushed a deeper red, but never commented. Tony was fully erect by then.

“Ya ever had a blowjob, Chris?”

“um, no.”

“Buddy, they’re the best feeling a guy could ever have … and when I was your age, us guys used to help each other out.” Tony was beyond his senses by then, and said, “I’ll show you.”

Not waiting for a response, Chris’ sleeping bag was yanked away, Tony very pleased to find the boy erect and not trying to stop him from removing his underwear.

Tony was in seventh-heaven. How long he’d dreamt about that moment. Chris was a rewarding image of a ballpark frank in size, Tony was impressed. He was hairless still, his balls hung beautifully in a pink sack that rolled between Tony’s fingers. that  He was compelled to taste them after going down on the cut boy-cock. Tony had seriously gambled, and won. Chris was easily coerced into sucking Tony’s cock adding to the surreal excitement and a weekend of bliss followed up later in his car or again motel rooms.

 * * *

Forty year-old Graham White rented a room from Kathy Albert’s. The struggling mother of two boys, 9 and 11, needed the extra income to subsidize her bartender job. The man quickly befriended her sons and was kind enough to watch the youngsters instead of Kathy paying a sitter. What she didn’t know was that Graham was a convicted paedophile partial to young boys.

Graham started with 9 year-old Kenny. Graham was not known to seduce boys; he would simply make a late night visit and molest them in their beds. He let himself into Kenny’s room careful to close the door behind him. Kenny was reading a book he was rather shocked the man was standing over him dressed in a robe that he let fall from his shoulders, Kenny’s eyes wide at the man’s nudity.

“Shhh, just relax, buddy.” he said pulling the covers back and crawling into bed with Kenny. Next, the man’s hand was inside his PJ bottoms. “It’s okay. Men and boys do this stuff all the time … if you had a dad you’d know.”

At the onset, Graham’s nightly visits consisted of mutual masturbation. Kenny admitted he liked the feeling of Graham’s hand on his privates and he was fascinated with the big cock and how it squirted the white stuff all over the man’s body learning it was the same stuff that made babies.

Graham encouraged Kenny to taste it, scooping a wad off his chest into his mouth. Kenny thought it gross at first but really didn’t mind the taste. He didn’t particularly like licking it all off Graham’s torso, but he cooperated with as the man was insistent.

Oral sex followed, Kenny again liking the feeling of his cock in Graham’s mouth however, he wasn’t keen on sucking Graham which became the primary sex act with Kenny between his legs every night until Graham began visiting eleven year old Kyle’s bedroom at night. Anal sex was high on the agenda with this older boy.

* * *

Donald Simms was retired and drove the school bus as more of something to do with his free time and needing the additional income. He had a friendly little lad, seven year old Todd Fisher who was first on the route to be picked up, and last to be dropped off

Don listened as Todd usually rambled on about something or other seated in the first seat. Don humoured the kid, actually finding him fun to be around.

“Do you want a blowjob, Mr. Simms?” the boy asked out of the blue one afternoon alone on the bus.

Donald Simms thought he misunderstood what Todd said, “What did you say, boy?”

“I’ll give you a blowjob … I know men like that and I’m pretty good at it.” Todd said with a gleaming smile, rather proudly.

Donald couldn’t believe what he heard a second time from out of the kid’s mouth.

His first reaction was to advise the school board that a student was most certainly being sexually abused by someone. He asked, “So, how would you know about that kind of stuff, Todd?”

“I’m not allowed to tell … it’s a secret.”

“You shouldn’t be asking men that … it’s dirty, Todd!”

“No it’s not …not if ya like the man … and I like you, Mr. Simms.”

Donald was beside himself on what to do. “Let’s just forget we had this

conversation, Todd.”

“Okay, Mr Simms.” Todd said sounding disappointed.

Donald dropped Todd off at his house and waved him goodbye. He decided not to tell the bus dispatcher or his manager of the incident. He needed time to think. He parked his bus and punched out.

Donald had lost his wife to cancer five years ago. He lived a lonely life in his large house. His daughter lived out of town and he seldom saw his grandchildren, 3 and 5 years-old.

He was still sexual at sixty-seven, occasionally used hookers for quick blowjobs in his car … always a big fan of getting head that his late wife would never agree to in their forty-two years of marriage, so he sought it elsewhere.

Donald couldn’t get young Todd out of his mind trying to sleep that night. He became erect and masturbated thinking he was long overdue to be serviced by one of the young ladies off the hooker stroll. His thoughts leading up to orgasm were of the ladies however, little Todd kept appearing as a fantasy in his mind that he quickly dismissed.

Why had he not immediately reported such a serious matter for the authorities to deal with? Why was the boy popping into his mind while jerking off? Todd Fisher seemed eager to … no, he was just a confused kid who didn’t really know what a blowjob was, he must have heard the word in the schoolyard and thought it meant something entirely different. Donald laughed at his conclusion. However, the boy’s words echoed in his head, “I’m really good at it … it’s a secret …It’s not dirty if you like the man.” Those words kept echoing in his head. He did something he hasn’t done in many years … got erect and beat his cock again.

The next morning he picked up Todd as usual, the always smiling boy was telling a story about his dog eating his mother’s shoes. Donald thought how cute the kid was. Longish black hair, bright hazel eyes … and large lips that were made for sucking cock.

“ … It was moms fault, we all know that Kelsey likes chewing shoes and to put them in the closet.”

Donald barely heard a word. He was trying to stave off an erection under his thin grey trousers that he was sure Todd would notice by the angle he was seated against the window. Donald was thankful seeing the Cooper girls waiting for him.

That afternoon on the trip home Donald justified taking Todd up on his offer believing the boy was sexually active with a man … or men and liked it. Dropping of the last kid on his route he parked the bus on a side road.

He was taking an awful chance that Todd knew what a blowjob was. He rose from the driver seat and stood before the kid unfastening his belt, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling down his fly. He exposed his cock over top of the waistband of his underwear and presented a seven-inch erection so stiff it hurt, the likes of which not seen since he was a kid. It was the moment of truth. Either he was making a serious, life threatening error, or Todd would prove true to his word.

The boy smiled up at Donald, took the cock in his warm hand, and said, “You got a big one, Mr. Simms.”

Donald was relieved then that the kid knew exactly what to do, he leaned in and took Donald’s cock half-way into his mouth, bobbed his head and used his hand to then masturbate the remaining shaft. Donald pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees that were trembling so badly he thought he might fall down and when he came within minutes much to his disappointment of a short fuse, he dropped down in the seat beside Todd who never missed a beat continuing to drain Donald’s balls.

Guilt? Plenty of it that night. Donald couldn't believe he had succumbed to such pederast perversion never having desire for homo sex let alone with a seven year old boy. He booked off the next day unable to face Todd, even thought about requesting a change in route. The last thing the boy said getting off the bus was, “You can fuck me too, if ya want, Mr. Simms.”

And fuck him Donald did. Todd draped over the bench seat backrest by his underarms, perfect height for Donald to stand behind and work his cock into the willing boy and fuck him madly.

* * *

Thirteen year-old Paul and his 35 year-old Uncle Teddy went on a road trip in a rented motor home with one objective in mind … find and fuck their brains out.

Teddy had been having sex with Paul since the boy was five, oral sex until he was old enough to get fucked, aged seven. Both liked boys and women and looked forward to their summer vacation of sun, beach, and sex.

Paul was a looker in his white Speedo that Ted cut the lining out of. Short of being naked, Paul turned the heads of women as well as men, his long thick shaft and mushroom head exposed as if cryovaced in the tight see-through nylon. It was amazing how many older women were turned on by young teen boys that if their husbands weren’t around and would leave their kids alone on the beach in order to suck Paul’s cock and fuck him, Uncle Ted graciously gave Paul the freedom and privacy of the bedroom, until then the boy hadn’t experienced women. Ted was pleased and proud about it.

Teddy liked guys, as did Paul admitting he was bisexual. He befriended a twelve year-old on a beach. The boys hit it off well playing frisbee and using the ropes tied to tree branches to swing over and splash into the water. Brandon often peaked at Paul’s translucent display, clad in a pair of loose red trunks that revealed a promising bulge, Paul noticed on more than one occasion. The two boys rested on a floating log. Paul sensed that Brandon could easily be had. He invited the boy to the motor home for a soda. Teddy had gone to town shopping for groceries and Paul wanted to surprise the man with their first boy-toy.

Inside the motorhome, Paul stripped off his Speedo drying himself with a towel. It was obvious that Brandon liked what he saw, but was being shyly impassive. Paul didn't waste any more effort playing the game, he walked over to Brandon sitting on the sofa stroking his semi alive that within thirty seconds was at full glory.

“I know ya want it, Bran … go for it, I’m game.

Brandon appeared perplexed; he rolled his eyes and frowned. Paul had seen the same reaction many times with boys … they didn’t want to admit their curiosity of another dude’s privates.

“It’s okay, dude. It isn’t gay … just two horny guys helping each other out. Lotsa guys do it.” Paul said, knowing he was convincing Brandon. “Let’s jerk each other off … you do jerk off, right? If not, I’ll show you?”

“I, I, can’t make the white stuff yet.’ he said meekly.

“That’s okay … maybe I can show you how?” Paul offered understanding. “Dude, I was your age not too long ago beating my meat raw with no results. It was my friends who helped me.”

Brandon reached over and took Paul’s cock in his fist lightly not moving it, only staring at it.

“Take off you suit, Brandon.” Paul requested in a stern voice. “Let’s get it on together … you won’t be sorry.”

Brandon pulled open the string-tie, looped his thumbs under the waistband, hesitated for a moment before he lifted his rear and pulled his suit down to his knees; Paul then hauled them off the boy and tossed his suit it aside.

“Nice.” Paul said, Brandon’s very near full erection that Paul watched grow to about four-inches and surprisingly thick. Brandon was cut with a nice mushroom cap. His balls were taut, the pink casing clearly exposing cherry size orbs. Paul led Brandon by the hand to the bedroom where they had oral sex, Brandon shy at first, but led by example, soon was into it.

Ted came back from shopping noticing the two bathing suits on the floor.

Obviously the pair he didn’t recognize certainly didn’t belong to a woman. Paul had a guy in the bedroom with him, judging by the size of the trunks, it was a younger boy. Teddy didn’t need an invite, Paul had scored for both of them, he stripped off his clothes and entered the bedroom pleased to see what was between his nephew’s legs.

Paul had told Brandon a man would be joining them. He was nervous about that, but Paul assured him his uncle was a nice man. On Paul’s instructions, Brandon phoned home on his cell phone and told his mom he was staying the night with a friend.

Teddy got in bed with the boys, looked at Paul, and said, “Fuck, you scored well, my man.” Ted then went down on Brandon while Paul fucked the boy’s face. Things were going to get rougher that night.

After they’d fucked Brandon raw, stoned on cocaine rubbed over his rectum, they laid him on the beach and hightailed it out of the campground putting miles behind them crossing state lines before they stopped at another beach, Paul set about finding another playmate, scoring a woman in the process who later innocently left her ten year-old son with Paul, Lukas complaining he didn’t want to go back to camp, Paul intervening saying he would look after the kid. The mother’s cunt was probably still leaking the thirteen year-old boy’s cum had agreed.

Paul took the boy to the same bed he had had the kid’s mother in, he and Ted raped the cute boy who was bleeding from his cocaine laced rectum when Paul and Teddy left him on the beach and motored off, the two high-fiving each other on another good score.

* * *

Phil Campbell was fifty-two when he got involved with the Big Brothers Association. A close friend told him that it was a dating service for paedophiles.

Craig warned him that he could only choose the boy , not the looks of a boy. Phil couldn’t care less if the kid was adonis or not, he only wanted to have sex with a boy.

He lucked out, 13 year-old Sky was an average looking boy, brunette, brown eyes. Son of a single fat mom on welfare, only an older sister sibling Craig told him would be prime meat for the taking.

Phil built up a short but close relationship with the boy over time and took him camping one weekend in his truck camper, Sky would be bunking with him in the larger upper berth.

They enjoyed roasting weenies over the fire as a midnight snack. After which, Phil was rather insistent that the two go for a swim in the warm lake.

“Sure.” said Sky, “I’ll go inside and change into my bathing suit.”

“Hey … no need for that, it’s just us two guys.” That said, Paul ran toward the shore stripping off his clothes en route. Sky followed his lead.

Paul only got a glimpse of Sky’s dick before the boy finished stripping and ran into the water. Horse play ensued that led to both feeling each other up, a mutual masturbation session began, Paul knew then that he had the kid, seduction would be easy now.

* * *

Thirty-three year old Mel Magnus had a thing for boy-cock. He coached a community hockey team, boys aged 13 and fourteen.. He was a certified sports medicine therapist by trade and no kid ever questioned his random precautionary hernia examinations. Twenty-two boys, handpicked for the team he had felt up at some point or other. He sucked off more than a few during his personal examinations that required direct genital contact. He knew the G-spots all boys had. A little young for prostate exams, he successfully had boys convinced it was necessary.

“You must like this.” he would say, “Why else would you pop a boner?” No boy could argue the logic, and allowed him to masturbate and perform oral sex on them. Mel knew one thing, boys didn’t tell!

* * *

Craig and Josh, sixteen, had been having sex with each other since they were eleven years-old. They often discussed a mutual interest in younger boys and what it would be like to fuck one.

Craig owned a beaten van where the boys usually got it on together. One night the topic of young boys came up again.

“Charlie Simpson …fuck, would I like to get into his pants.” said Josh.

“Yeah, but we can’t snatch a kid who knows us.” replied Craig. “I think we should go to another county and find one.”

Days later they were checking out boys at an arcade in Millerville. They agreed on a red-head around eleven however, that was vetoed when a teenager came on the scene, obviously a brother judging by the red-hair.

Disappointed, the teens decided to call it a night, stay in town and try again the next day. Both boys were exceptionally horny that night. They were as close to raping a boy as they would ever get. Craig was a bottom, he loved Josh’s big cock up him. Sometimes they found a playmate from school. They didn’t consider themselves gay, only helping each other out sexually during their famine period of no girlfriends.

Lately, they had been traveling to the city to earn money, Craig blowing old men in cars, Josh would wait in the van listening to the blaring stereo then count Craig’s hard earned money.

Quite by chance having breakfast at McDonalds, they spotted a boy of about twelve who appeared to be alone. Josh went over to the kid and sat down. “Mind if we share your table to eat our food?” It wasn’t as if there was ample space around them. Brett was his name. The next thing Craig new, the three were headed to the van.

They hadn’t even left the parking lot when Josh and Craig stripped the boy naked. He put up a fight, but overtaken by the older boys who also took off their clothes. Josh told Craig to blow the kid and forced his erection in the kid’s mouth.

“You dare bite it, I’ll beat the snot out of you.” Josh warned.

Brett was nearly thirteen, blond with green eyes. He had pubic hair barely showing on his crotch. His cut cock was small but would later sprout nicely once he settled down somewhat when they parked at the river.

Josh had cum in Brett’s mouth back at the McDonalds parking lot and while

Craig drove searching for a remote place, Josh was getting another blowjob. Craig was well aware of Josh’s stamina, Craig’s jaw would ache, each time he came, the longer it was between orgasms … Brett was also going to learn about Josh’ perpetual boners and insatiable appetite for sex.

“Fuck him, Craig.” Josh demanded.

Craig was more than willing to comply. He kept a shoplifted bottle of lubricant in the van for when Josh was in the mood … he stole it after the first spit and push fuck that caused him to bleed. Josh held Brett down while Craig took him on top. Brett screamed continuously.

“Please, take it out … you’re hurting me …”

“Fuck him harder, Craig”

If Craig had any compassion, it was soon lost. He pounded the boy like a mad man, Josh egging him on. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know the pain, Josh sometimes got carried away and was rough … he endured it, Brett would also. Josh and Craig tired of Brett, dropped him off on the highway and headed elsewhere to find other boys.

* * *

Supreme Court Judge Harry Rosen was attending a party that night and very much looking forward to it as it had been a while since he last met with the guys. His wife knew not to expect him home over the weekend, powerful men deserved their own space sometimes … and her Harry needed a rest every other month.

Twenty or so men gathered at the Ritz Carlton and rented two floors of suites which included a meeting room where the men would gather the first night, liquor flowing freely … awaiting the rent boys.

Whatever age preference, the men of high esteem and power and prestige were granted a boy of their choice picked from an internet site and delivered to the hotel by a trusted boy-runner.

The boys aged 8 to fourteen would strip naked, serve the men cocktails and pass out hors d’ouvers. Cocaine was plentiful that boys as young as eight freely snorted rounds off a mound on a coffee table. The pretty boys were mostly ignored, perhaps the odd fondle or grope in thanks for a drink, while the men talked business. After their meeting, the men stripped and the boys performed oral sex on them before they retired to their suite with the boy they ordered. Judge Harry Rosen preferred blonds (as did many men), aged 10 or eleven. He loved sucking their cocks and licking rectums. None of the members of the pedo-ring knew the other’s fetish, only that it was expected the group be serviced together as if to ensure security, all equally guilty of perversity.

Allan was ten, Harry was very pleased with his $500 boy who he licked and sucked, hours later as the grand finale, Harry fucked him. Morning sex was the kid performing oral as long as it took Harry to orgasm. When done with, the boys were sequestered in the meeting room and collected by their handler and the men went home to their families.

Monday morning, Judge Harry Rosen heard the case of a man accused of molesting his twelve year-old nephew. “Guilty … ten years in state prison.” Rosen ruled.

* * *

Francis Holmes, forty-eight, a prominent attorney, led the five year-old boy by the hand from the playground to a small clearing in the adjacent forest. It wasn’t difficult, he scoffed at parental child-proofing, they were so vulnerable despite a parent’s teachings. The kid thought he was going to see a family of hobbits whom the man promised lived in the woods. Once they reached the small clearing, Francis began to take the boy’s clothes off … but not without a fight. He easily overpowered the kid and held him down to suck his little cock. As usual, they mostly got erections that Francis believed was sexual interest. He stripped of his own clothes … boys were always fascinated by his eight-inch cock and large testicles … in his own mind. He sat the boy on a fallen tree and forced his cock halfway in the boy’s mouth and jerked off until he came in the crying kid’s mouth.

Francis was proud of his virility, he kept an erection a very long time even after cumming. He bent the boy over the fallen tree and worked his cock up the screaming kid with the aid of a sample package of lube. He never understood why boys cried when they liked it so much. Ready to cum, he pulled out and came on the kid’s face.

* * *

Rachel Adams was a happily married woman, mother of two boys, 8 and ten. She was a very pretty woman, thirty-two, and proud of her youthful looks that her husband relished, enjoying a great sex life. Never once did she think about cheating on John, he was very handsome … except short changed where it counted. Davey Miller and Jordy Colton, thirteen, had a lawn-mowing business and were recently hired by John to maintain the lawns once a week. Father and sons were away that weekend on a male-bonding fishing trip with other fathers and sons.

Rachel was reading a book sunning herself in a lounge chair when the two boys showed up to cut the grass. Davey was clad in only a red speedo bathing suit and runners, Jordy donned a tight pair of blue bathing trunks. The boys were both dirty-blond and golden brown from the sun.

Rachel found herself deviating from her romance novel to ogle the boys busy in their work, she couldn’t help but feel their eyes on her body wearing a very skimpy bikini.

Davey’s speedo left nothing to the imagination; he filled the front of the nylon material nicely and the crack of his ass visible, the material taunt on over his bubble-butt.

Jordy was no less a specimen of beauty showing a promising bulge. Rachel wondered if the boys had girlfriends who appreciated their masculinity and prowess … foolish girls if they weren’t putting out for the boys. She couldn’t believe she thought that and brought the book to her face. It didn’t help. The heroine in her romance novel was about to screw a teenager half her age. Rachel felt her pussy moisten; she was extremely horny wishing John was home to fuck her with his little dick … she didn’t doubt that the two young teens strutting around would prove to be woman pleasers in that regard, she had only ever had sex with John.

She had no idea what came over her when she removed her bikini bra and rolled onto her tummy. She called Davey over and asked him to apply suntan lotion to her back that the boy didn’t hesitate to nervously assist in. His hands felt so nice sensually rubbing her back. He was seated on the side of the lounger twisted to perform his duties … Rachel was not mistaken feeling his erection on her leg … she wanted the boy badly.

“Would you do my front now?” she so brazenly asked rolling onto her back and confirmed what she already knew … Davey’s speedo was tenting, a wet spot darkened the red nylon.

Davey rubbed her tits in lotion, the boy was breathing heavy and she could feel him trembling. She took a shaking hand and placed it on her snatch. She called Jordy who was watching from a distance over, groped his erection through his shorts detecting he had large balls, as well. She slid his shorts down to below his ass and grasped the warm meaty erection that put her husband to shame.

Davey wasn’t about to be left out, she reached and fondled his erection, even larger than Jordy. Rachel untied the string of his speedo, Davey stood and removed them exposing what had to be eight fat inches of boy cock. Rachel sat up and took it in her mouth.

The thirteen year-olds stood side by side and Rachel serviced both indiscriminately. She should have expected it, both boys came prematurely, Jordy in her mouth, so sweet tasting ... Davey over her tits and hand. Rachel was amazed at the force each boy ejaculated.

Rachel took the boys up to her marital bed knowing they were virile and ready for more action and she was like a bitch in heat wanting to get fucked by thirteen year old boys that she was certain were virgins made it all the more erotic.

Davey fucked her first, Jordy on his side with his cock in Rachel’s mouth. She had no idea why she did it, but she pointed Josh’s cock at Davey’s face and told him to suck it. Davey hesitated only a second before abiding obeying the woman’s demand. The boy’s ended up spending the night in a sex marathon with Rachel, she really got off on watching them suck each other off. . She also did something she had never done before … anal sex. A cock in her cunt and one in her ass was so erotic that she had multiple very rewarding orgasms.

The boys dressed and left an hour before her family came home and it was life as usual, John’s small cock less appealing after thirteen year-old boys taught her that size did matter, a one night stand never to be repeated, she avoided the boys when they were over to cut the grass … she wondered if they continued to suck each other off.

* * *

Father and son week among the men was a yearly event looked forward to by the 700 members. They rented all the beach-front cabins on Lake Jasper and basically had the run of the place, the owner being a member of the Traders Club himself, privacy was assured.

You could say it was a naturist club; nudity was the norm at the all male get together … and sons were exchanged for sex carte blanche. Sex orgies on the beach were common; night would be the intimate time with sons of the others on a rotating basis, a new boy or two in your bed every night for a week, age of choice. Some of the men have sex with their kids, most don’t go there. Usually, the kids are introduced at age four, strictly oral, and broken by seven, another boy doing the honors first, fathers choosing the groomer boys and the act performed in public as a kind of ritual. The boy would then be gang-banged by men. Sometimes it was difficult for a father to watch... but they had done the same with other men’s sons.

Once boys reached the age of fourteen, they earned their rite of passage and were granted access to the youngsters, usually sharing with dad.

* * *

If you’ve never brought a boy to his first orgasm, you don’t know what you’re missing. I have had the pleasure. I am a male nurse at a children’s hospital working the night shift. I am an expert on the male anatomy, toddler to 17 year olds, controlling my urges satisfied being a voyeur, or if they were heavily medicated fondle them and jerk off over their genitals. A few of the older teens I did masturbate and suck off, amazed how some boys could be stimulated to erection and then coerced into orgasm while in a coma or heavily medicated … you’ve gotta love hospital gowns, very easy access and a job that gives you the right to be there be it a sponge bath, diaper change, or to check a catheter.

I often heard the female nurse’s comment on a teen’s impressive cock and I was sure most of them checked it out. They could have the big boys, I preferred 12 or thirteen’s in various stages of puberty.

Timothy Ritchie was nearing thirteen and beautiful with his long auburn hair and green eyes. He’d been in hospital for two weeks with two broken arms and right femur sustained in a car accident. I had the pleasure of giving him sponge baths every day and looking at his three flaccid inches topped with a mushroom head.

His balls were quite fluid and receded a bit from the cooling cloth I used to wipe him. Tim was hairless, but I knew he was nearing the stage when his pubic hair would begin to surface.

Nurses were trained not to spend much time washing male genitals to save the patient the embarrassment and possibility of arousal. I knew exactly where to touch boys with the warm, soapy cloth, I was getting brazen with Timothy, spending a lot of time washing his privates and watching his nice cock bloom into nearly five splendid inches using the cloth to masturbate him into full erection under the guise of bathing him.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this today, Tim,” I said with a friendly smile, “You must be frustrated that ya can’t jerk yerself off?”

Timmy was red-faced with embarrassment, I could see him struggling to find words in his defence, in the very least, tell me to fuck off.

“Sometimes a guy in your condition needs a helping hand by someone who understands … don’t be embarrassed … we’re friends now.” I was using my bare hand by then to stroke him taking an awful chance that he would tell his 15 year old roommate, whom I jerked off a week ago when he was out of it, to summon a nurse. He didn’t, although I could sense him debating right from wrong and wasted no time going down on him hoping to blow his mind getting what I was sure was his first blowjob and from a very experienced man.

When I was confident he was into it I asked, “Can you cum yet?”

He meekly gave a quick negative nod.

“Well, we’ll take care of that and make you cum, buddy.” I told him with confidence. I firmly believed he could enjoy orgasm judging by his maturing genitals.

A combination of masturbating and sucking him vigorously paid off a half-hour later. I was well aware of the signs; he began to tremble, eyes clenched tight, mouth open, and breathing rapidly. I was ecstatic feeling his cock pulse, he tried to sit up, I pushed him down, a few blasts of fluid hit the back of my mouth before tasting the semi-sweet watery substance I knew was virgin semen.

Timmy appeared frightened, I said with a beaming smile, “You just came, buddy. Your first orgasm.”

Timmy didn’t know what to think. The experience was strange, his cock burned and his balls ached as he ejaculated all of thirty-seconds, but he sported a shit-ass proud grin learning he had an orgasm.

* * *

Cole Chapman celebrated his thirteenth birthday. A few of his buds came over as did some girls, including his fourteen year-old girlfriend, Peggy. Peggy took a chance dating a boy her junior however, Cole was to die for and surprisingly her girlfriends encouraged her to date the hunk and were envious of her. Cole thought for sure he would get to first base with the girl seeing it was his birthday and all. He took her into his basement bedroom, his parents upstairs and him feeling macho in front of his guy friends. Peggy did feel him up through his jeans but when he opened them hoping for a hand job she wouldn’t even put her hand in his pants for a feel of his thick five-inch cut cock, he was no luckier trying to get into her shorts.

Cole was an early bloomer. His genitals began growing when he was eleven and he had pubic hair development halfway into his twelfth year when he began masturbating and squirting the white stuff that his five friends sleeping over in the tent were amazed at, he insisted one of them give him a handjob to prove his good fortune. Gerald Hill lost the draw of straws and beat Cole off … a dare was a dare, after all.

He was only teasing when he suggested it, he would have done the deed himself just for bragging rights. Cole enjoyed Gerald’s hand very much … more than he ever dreamed he would. After cumming over his chest, belly, and Gerald’s hand, he thought it queer, Gerald grossed out and looking for something to wipe his hand with, opted for someone’s discarded sock, Billy Schumer complained too late.

Cole was hoping for the same nice feeling … only a girl doing it, and if Jenny was especially nice, a blowjob. Neither would be on Jenny’s agenda, birthday or not.

He came very close to raping her that evening. Most boys his age weren’t as horny as he was … he wondered if Gerald could be convinced to suck his cock, he was obsessed with experiencing a blowjob. Cole always had a great relationship with his dad. They could talk about anything.

His mom was manager of an all night restaurant and often worked over night. That night of his birthday they talked about sex. Cole told him of his desire to get a blowjob and Jenny’s refusing to even touch his cock other than over his jeans driving him wild.

“I have a surprise for your birthday, Cole.” he said taking the boy’s arm and leading him to ten year-old Emma’s bedroom, one of a few foster kids his parents took in. “You’re going to get fucked tonight, son. Your rite of passage into manhood.”

Emma was reading a Nancy Drew book. Cole was utterly shocked when his old man sat on Emma’s bed and began to kiss her on the mouth and remove her nighty. The young girl had no tits, but dad was mauling her chest and biting her nipples.

“Take off your clothes, Cole.” the man ordered the petrified boy. Cole couldn’t believe that his dad was having sex with Emma … he never had a clue of what was going on under the family roof. Emma seemed to be enjoying the man molesting her and returned his passionate kiss.

His dad soon stripped of his own t shirt and shorts, Cole seeing his father naked for the first time ever. The man looked at him, gave him a once over wondering why the boy was not undressing and said, “Are ya queer, that’s cool, Cole? Wake up Marty and have a go at him.” Marty was nine years-old, also a foster child sleeping in the adjacent bed. “He’s a pretty good cock sucker and truly likes it up his ass. Claims he learned it at the orphanage he was in.”

Cole was floored. Not only was his father screwing a ten year-old girl, he was having sex with a boy. Somehow, once the shock factor settled, Cole was proud of his dad’s virility. He admired his dad’s slick cock that the man was greasing. Emma lay on her back ready with her legs spread. Cole got his first look at a pussy.

His cock was hard, a little intimidated removing his clothes, there were some things a parent didn’t need to see and one was their child with an erection. Cole looked over at Marty fast asleep. Cole didn’t think he was queer nonetheless, he did get a handjob from a guy and was contemplating asking the same boy for a blowjob. He had a gut feeling Gerald who enjoyed jerking him off that night, was  possibly bisexual, and would blow him in private. The question is, would he reciprocate.

Hell, he admitted to himself that he was a little turned on seeing his dad’s cock… and was still ogling it in Emma’s little hand directing it at her slit as dad had ordered.

His dad must have seen Cole’s hesitation. “Go for it. Experiment with him. You can fuck Emma later.”

Cole shook the boy awake he looked at Cole in the eye then at his cock pointing straight at his face. He then looked over to see Mr. Chapman fucking Emma. It was not unusual however, usually he was included, even fucked Emma if Mr. Chapman said to.

Cole stood at the edge of the bed getting first blowjob … and he loved it. He got in the bed with Marty and removed the boy’s underpants, an urge to taste a cock even if it did belong to a little kid discovering he liked that, as well. Cole came three times that night, --once in Marty’s mouth, another in his rectum. Finally, his first fuck of a girl, he came in Emma’s pussy.

Cole was leading a very active sex life during his teen years, foster kids came and went regularly so that he and his dad raped them together. His mother never found out about the father - son bonding and was very pleased and proud of Cole for suggesting they take in more displaced boys whom he was willing to share his bed with. Little did she know his ulterior motive was having a fuck buddy at his disposal.

 He did get it on with Gerald Hill several times, his intuition correct, who he would eventually share his regular bedmate with during sleep-over’s. He even sucked his father’s cock numerous times. Finally losing all interest in girls and at fourteen came to terms with his gay identity, thanks to his dad’s open minded support and understanding.

* * *

Ever since I could understand the word, ‘Dare,’ and was old enough to have friends to dare me to do some pretty crazy things like run naked through the girl’s locker room for instance, and another time through the mall. Once, I drank a whole bottle of vodka ending up in the hospital suffering from alcohol poisoning and getting grounded for a month.

There were so many more randomly made dares that my three best buddies, fifteen year-old Tyler, Kevin, and Tommy, dreamed up, that I never said no to earning me the reputation with most of the males in our vast nucleus of friends.

Maybe it was I need to be the center of attention … or simply a gullible 14 year-old trying to fit in to the older crowd of peers the eldest guy being seventeen. I was a nice looking guy, dirty-blond hair; green eyes and proud owner of a rather large cock which I had never really considered much of until one night at a birthday party with more guys in attendance than girls and I was dared to be a slave getting people beer and stuff … totally naked.

Humiliated, but with a belly full of beer and an unrefuted reputation to uphold, I complied. I took off my clothes in an adjacent bedroom. Many minutes late after building up my courage, I walked out of the room red-faced, but with a huge smile showing a false bravado, the party patrons began to hoot and holler and laugh.

My embarrassment didn’t go away however; a sense of pride did soften the blow when I began to get many comments on the size of my flaccid dick, --horse cock, bull cock, and elephant trunk were a few of the ego boosting remarks. Someone said I should become a porno star. I never looked at the four girls all night who thankfully, never asked for slave-boy services. My three chums told me later that I would be the talk of many female slumber parties to come; maybe my inability to get a girlfriend would change for the better.

A few months later and still no girl, another dare was introduced that I didn’t make a commitment to on the spot … I was to have gay-sex with Dwayne Lane, a fifteen year-old boy who was rumored to be the school queer after someone reported seeing Dwayne kissing another boy in a car parked near the Recreation Center. Someone else soon claimed that Dwayne once hit-on him at a party. Of course, the rumors exploded defaming the teen with all kinds of speculation and prosperous assured lies. Dwayne was also somewhat effeminate, not queenly, just facial features and a slight swish to his walk.

I suspected that Tyler, Kevin, and Tommy, weren't serious about that particular dare only trying to finally get me to draw a line in the sand and refuse a dare for the first time. Except, their straight faced stares made me feel uneasy.

I had a gay uncle whom I liked a lot, as well as his boyfriend of twenty-years. They attended all our family functions and I never once heard anyone say anything derogatory about them. I also didn’t mind Dwayne who was always friendly toward everyone despite the bullying he sustained everyday of his miserable life at school. Any friends he had prior soon abandoned him, no one would dare even being seen talking to him for fear of being held guilty by association, including me.

He was on the school newspaper team as was I and two other guys and girls. Never was there insult thrown at Dwayne inside the small press room. It would give me a chance to chat with him still unsure where I was going with the ultimate dare leaving the guys in suspense as well as anyone else in the know of the latest test of my endurance. I was assured there would be no negative repercussions on my credibility or doubts about my sexuality as I was the most daring dare devil ever seen and respected for it. I would never say to anyone that I was probably the most sexually frustrated fourteen year-old boy who was desperate enough to take sex wherever I could find it … the girls sure as hell weren’t lining up for it as I was told they would be and the way I saw it, I was to be given complete clemency for experimenting with gay sex, I would never mention the thought that suddenly it wasn’t all that repulsive to me. I dared ask Dwayne over to my house after school to work on the story we were co-writing. He looked at me strangely, shrugged his shoulder and smiled. I knew he was wondering why I would dare invite him to my place, let alone be seen with him.

Dwayne agreed and together we were at my desk, him seated typing the words we came up with and me standing close enough behind him that my head almost rested on his shoulder with our heads touching lightly. It was a deliberate ploy on my part to see how he would react to my being so close in his space.

Dwayne moved his head closer against mine leaving no doubt he was interested in me. I became scared … the moment of truth had arrived, would I, or wouldn’t I allow myself to have sex with another guy. My cockmade the decision for me, why else would it be getting erect.

I don’t know how I managed to form the words in a whisper, I asked, “My parents are out of town for the weekend. Do you wanna stay over tonight?”

He turned his head to look at me, our noses brushed as he replied, “Yes, I … I would like that very much.”

As if we were one mind we moved to the bed standing mere feet apart and began taking out clothes off with urgency. I couldn’t bring myself to kiss him and he never made that advance on me.

Naked, we groped each other’s genitals breathing very hard and staring at each other through slits in our eyes. I liked the heat of his cock and the feel of the satiny skin gliding in my hand. Dwayne was not nearly as long as I was and a lot thinner. I’d never seen another guy with an erection and started to think I might be some kind of freak for having such a large one.

When Dwayne dropped to his knees and took my in his mouth I thought I was going to pass out in pleasure. My first blowjob being performed by someone with experience. When he took each testicle in his mouth and lathed it with his tongue, my knees began to shake. Dwayne stopped, and stood leading me too the bed. Without any hesitation my face was at his groin, even after he said I didn’t have to do it to him. What I thought then was how foolish the guys at school were for being so pig headed about a guy going down on a guy, a guy who simply enjoyed sucking cock and wasn’t looking for a returned favor. I really wanted to return the favor and did. The taste was not all that bad.


Mimicking Dwayne’s technique, I sucked his cock for half-hour before he told me to pull off, one thing I was not willing to do, and finished him with a handjob watching it stream into the air in thick gobs and splatter over his belly weakening in volume to flow over my hand. I kept an old hand towel between the mattress and boxspring using it to wipe the goop off.

Dwayne went back down on me to finish what he started. I had a very intense orgasm that he insisted on eating claiming it enhance a guy’s pleasure. I wouldn’t know, all I knew was my first blowjob felt incredibly wonderful, more than I ever expected the sex act would ever be. We followed up sucking each other again in the morning.

With a smug, self-satisfied attitude, I caught up with my three best friends at Kevin’s place. Just by my look they knew something was up. All I could say was another dare successfully completed.

“You had homo-sex with Dwayne? Kevin with his eyes popping out. “You actually did it, dude?”

“Gross!” yelped Tyler with a scowl.

“I don’t believe him … he’s shitting us, aren’t ya, dude. Said Tommy.

“Why would I say I did if I didn’t?” I asked beginning to get bad vibes.

“You actually sucked another guy’s cock?” asked Tyler.

“That’s what you guys dared me to do, wasn't it?”

“We didn’t expect you’d really go through with it.” said Kevin. “It was meant as a joke, for fuck sakes.”

“We were only razzing ya, dude.” said Tommy. “Thought we’d shut ya up from reminding us all the time who the king of dare was.”

“I still say he didn’t and only trying to keep up his reputation.” said Tommy.

“Oh, no way, Tommy. I think he did. Said Kevin.

“Me too.” agreed Kevin. “Guys, we keep this to ourselves from now on.

I had been duped. The biggest scam of my life had been pulled on me and I felt smaller than the fly that landed on the coffee table.

“What was it like … would ya do it again?” Tommy asked. He noticed Kevin and Tyler’s looks at him. “I mean, just curious.” I knew he was expecting me to say it was gross and that I’d never want to do it again. I turned the tables and replied. “It was okay, I guess. No big deal, it would depend on the guy.”

“Did ya swallow?”

“Nope, Dwayne let me know when, and I just beat him off a few seconds before he did.”

“T -M fuckin’ -I, dude.” said a disgusted Kevin. We don’t need the gory


“Did you guy’s fuck each other up the shit hole?” asked Tommy ignoring Kevin’s comment.

“Nope. I wanted to do it to him, but he said my cock was too big and we didn’t have any grease.” I fed them bullshit, and threw it back in their faces saying, You guys said gay sex … you didn’t say exactly what. You didn’t say just get a blowjob from him, cuz that isn’t gay sex if a gay guy does it on a straight guy.”

That led them in a barrage of questions on how a blowjob really felt. I spoke of its virtues given by an expert who knew what he was doing, by then on my fourth beer added, Too bad you guys are so pigheaded and closed-minded, otherwise I’m sure Dwayne would do it for you … he gets his kicks by giving pleasure to guys, no big deal, ya oughta be thankful considering I don’t see a lineup of girls willing to do… and who knows how many more years yer going to jerk off about it.”

“You said earlier that you would blow the depending on the guy.” said Tommy.

“What do you mean by “depending” on the guy?”

They had let my reply drop at the time, now it was being resurrected. “It’s not gay when a buddy helps out a buddy with a handjob or blowjob when he’s really horny… after all, isn’t that what really good friends are for?” I felt in my heart that I had them thinking. Tommy probably wished he had worn sweat pants, I saw the rise in the crotch and him trying to hide it with a sofa pillow.

“Are you saying that you’d blow us?” asked Tommy shuffling the pillow around his groin.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied shyly, “If ya asked me nicely, I guess.” There, it was out in the open, no turning back. My plan appeared to be working to silence my betrayers, I was no fool knowing word would get out about me eventually at school … becoming their blow-boy might just ensure it didn’t.

No doubt, Tyler was calling my bluff when he stood in front of me sitting on a footrest that matched the sofa unbuckling his jeans saying, “Well dude ... I’m asking ya nicely to help me out.” He was staring intently at my face staring at his crotch as he pulled down his fly slowly, wiggled the tight jeans down to his upper thighs pausing with his thumbs looped in the waistband of his boxers as if I was going to move away at any second. A minute later he dropped the underwear Tyler was semi-erect, uncut with the tip of his purplish head peeking from the foreskin. I leaned forward and took half the base in my mouth truly expecting a punch to the side of my head followed by a barrage of insults hauling up this clothes. Instead, I felt his hand on the back of my head not in a forceful way, more of an encouragement to continue, his cock continuing to firm up.

Tyler had always been our unsaid leader. He was a little bigger and kind of muscular. We often did things he wanted to do, and if fucking my face was good enough for Tyler, it was good enough for Tommy and Kevin to use my mouth.

Eventually over time, I let them cum in my mouth after Tyler took liberties one night. I didn’t mind the taste, finding they all tasted slightly different. Dwayne was right when he said guys get even more pleasure when sucked to the last drop. I continued to see Dwayne at the school paper and we would go to his place or mine on Friday nights for sex. I asked him to fuck me and although it hurt like hell.

I began to enjoy his lovemaking very much … we had also started to French kiss passionately. Of course, I never told the guys that I had become a bottom. They were content getting regular blowjobs and never asked for more than that.



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