Practice Lessons

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When the doorbell rang I could only think now what, it better not be the Jehovah witnesses again. Every weekend and sometimes during the week they are at the door. It's gotten to the point I won't even open the door just leave them out there and hope it freezing and raining on them.

I got up and looked out the glass, opening the door "Reverend Hill what brings you here?"

"Hello John, how are you doing? May I come in it is a little chilly today. I just wanted to check up on you, see if you needed anything".

I let him pass me and pointed to the family room "Can I get you anything Reverend?"

"No, I'll get right to the point, I don't know if you are aware but Mr. Wilson is retiring and moving to Florida. So, with that said we are finding ourselves without a piano player. I know you haven't been to church since Linda passed".

I shook my head at him "Linda was the believer, I was only there to support her".

"I know John, and this may sound wrong but I truly believe she is in a better place, she suffered so much pain if the Lord is going to take you, take you with speed and love and leave the pain behind. It's been nine months John. It might be time to move on".

"I still miss her".

He got off the couch and walked around pointing to the upright piano in the corner of the family room "Does this still work?" He knew it did, he walked over to the living room "How about the Grand John, is it still tuned as a concert pianist would keep? Where are all the electronic keyboards and the guitars? If an instrument has strings or keys there is no one better to play them, now I am asking you to teach them".

"All the electronics are downstairs in the basement, I sound proofed the room so I wouldn't disturb Linda. The sounds would just make it worse for her".

"John, you are a musician, Linda would brag about you and which band you were with, not to be excluded a tour with the Boston Pops".

"Reverend the music I played is not exactly Sunday go to church. It was a long time ago and spent most of the time on the road as backup keyboards for rock bands, you know big hair bands".

"Backup keyboards behind Billy Joel and Elton John at Giants stadium with a sold-out crowd. Linda was in the first row. I do believe that you can handle a couple of Sunday go to church hymns and teach a couple of kids that want to learn. How does this sound, teach someone to do the Sunday go to church hymns then you are off the hook for Sundays and you won't have to hear me give the sermons, just work with the kids. If you don't want to have kids in your house, which I can understand, you can use the piano at the church".

I started laughing "Who was the president when that thing was last tuned, Washington, Jefferson or Adams. I will call my guy and tell him to contact you to get it tuned, on me. Can they at least sing or are they just little screechers with voices that have no idea if they are soprano, alto or lower?'

He smiled "Harry S Truman to my knowledge. Here is a list of the young apprentices and which instruments or interests they think they would like to learn. If I were you I would start with this boy Brian, he is fourteen and your best shot to take over the piano on Sundays. All the numbers are there unless you want me to call them for you. Welcome back John".

"I am not signing a contract with you Reverend, if they really want to learn and willing to do the practices and the work I will try to teach them. You didn't answer me about their voices".

"You went to Julliard for a couple of years you tell me, I went into seminary in Syracuse, and I am just happy that people on Sunday at least try to sing".

"I am sunk aren't I" I picked up my cell phone and dialed the first number. "Hi, I am John Marquette, I have Reverend Hill here at my house and am looking for a Brian Simons, I understand he would like to take music lessons, in particular piano lessons. Yes, the lessons will be here at my house, when would be a good time, if afterschool works that works for me. Reverend Hill will give you my address and work a schedule, It should be every day for lessons".

I handed him my cordless hardline "You are not off the hook yet. See if the school buses can get the kids here. At least one hour and at least three days a week. Parents do the pick up or that old van of yours is going to get extra miles on it".

"I already planned for that". He dialed the number "Joan Simons, yes this is Reverend Hill, John Marquette has agreed to teach Brian piano lessons. If you can't drop him off have him come to the youth center after school. We will get him to his lessons".

The doorbell rang. At least this time I knew to expect it. "I take it you are Brian".

"Yes sir, this is a great honor sir. I appreciate you teaching me to play".

"Come in and don't call me sir, just call me John. We will start on the upright for beginning lessons, let me ask you can you read sheet music, do you know what the notes mean or am I starting from scratch?"

"Sir, Uhm John I can't read sheet music but I can hear it. That Grand is awesome would it be okay to take a look. I promise not to touch it. I will be respectful of everything in your house".

"What do you mean you can hear it. Are you telling me you can play by ear"?

"Yes Sir, sorry it's the way I was raised. If you play the Grand, I will play the upright. Once I get the tune in my head I can play a duet with you. You lead and I will follow right behind you".

What the hell. If this kid is able to play by ear why not. Rev is setting me up. I sat at the Grand with Brian standing close but not touching anything. Thinking about go to church Sundays I started with `The Saints Come Marching In' with an upbeat flair worthy of New Orleans on Bourbon Street.

"Can I try it?"

"Upright is in the other room, if you can play it then see if you can sing it as well".

He adjusted the bench and started to play as an echo of my playing. Probably a five second delay so he could process the information before his fingers found the right keys. This kid has talent, this might actually be fun to teach. Rev definitely set me up. "You're doing great Brian, keep the medley and try to sing with it".

Well everything can't be perfect, piano yes, voice breaking into teen ship, cracking between a boy's voice and becoming older. "Brian, we will work on singing, just focus on the keyboard for now. Focus and play, tell me when you want something else".

"Go for it" I switched to `Angels of Heaven' "Can't the lessons be fun other than just church. I really want to learn to play".

"To me its sounds like you can play, but you need the basics. Have you ever played a guitar or an electric organ before?"

"No but I am willing to learn, `Bang on a drum all day, money for nothing and chic's for free' Rev and your wife spoke at the youth center trying to get us interested in a carrier and keep us out of trouble. I jumped at it even if it is Classic Rock and someone not center stage. You are younger than Phil Collins at least you look younger than him. You are brought up at every youth meeting and every service. I wish I knew what to say about your wife, she is missed".

I stopped playing, "Thank you Brian, I think lesson 1 is over, lift the bench seat and pick three pieces of music to study. Have a note book and tell me what the notes mean. Lesson 2 for an advanced player. Use the house phone to get someone to pick you up. Turn on the stereo and play along until someone comes to get you"

He came to the Grand "Sir, Uhm John did I upset you?"

"Brian, I guess we all have a lot to learn. The Reverend and my wife built a youth plan at the end of her life. It was one thing we could not do, but she did want children. She just found them in another way. She reached to the Lord and I reached for the Ivory's and I got on the tour bus. Next time we will have a little fun, but you have to learn something otherwise Sunday will be hell. Oh, tell the Rev that not only will I tune that antique piano but I am bringing another one. Oh, by the way you better look sharp on Sundays from now on, you are center stage, I'm still the backup keyboards and that is exactly how I want to keep it".

He didn't look sure about what I just said but walked quietly back to the family room to the piano then came back to the Grand "Is there a bathroom I can use before I leave?"

"Down the hall on the left behind the piano is the half bath or top of the stairs is a full bath. Are you okay?"

"I think my fart was more than a fart, I think I just shit myself I am so sorry".

All I could think was `Really Rev, you send me a prodigy kid that can play the piano by ear and he just shit himself'. "Okay Brian is it contained or coming down your legs. The shower is upstairs and I would prefer not to have to clean up teen turds to get you cleaned up. I will give you some sweats to wear, turn around".

"I think it will be coming down my legs I wear boxer briefs, I am so sorry and I am so embarrassed".

"Quickly get on the tile next to the front door, get off the carpeting and don't worry about it, things happen".

Brian moved to the tile with me one step behind, pulling his tucked in shirt out of his soiled pants. Too late for the shirt as the tucked in tail of the white button down was already a mess. Soap and water may get it out or his clothes were going to be unrecoverable. "Kick your shoes off quickly".

"The laces are too tight, mom and the rev wanted me to look nice for my lessons".

Bending down to get to his laces and his shoes off I just went for it and undid his trousers and his underwear were at his ankles then off him completely, with only socks on they were added to the pile.

"Don't move, I will get some paper towels to clean you up".

"John, you better hurry, I think I have to fart again. I am so embarrassed".

"That's I'm bare assed, get upstairs now, I'm right behind you, top of the stairs the bathroom is on the right".

Brian made it to the top and around the corner into the bathroom before the second fart came out. "I can't believe this is happening to me, I am so sorry".

"Enough with being sorry, what the hell did you eat to cause this?"

Third fart with more splashes at least in the bowl. "School lunch, something they call Mexican Stew".

"I would skip that next time, you have the trots, stay up here and get in shower when you can. When you are able call your parents. I will be right back with some clothes for you, they will most likely be big on you but we can't have you running around naked all night. Your parents can pick you up or you can stay here. I will be coming back into the bathroom so you don't slip or fall, the trots will steal all energy from your body. I made that mistake backing Sammy Hagar in Acapulco".

"Can I ask you a question since I am in a very embarrassing situation in your house and naked with the trots?"

With a nod from me "Is this normal for my age, shouldn't I have more hair down there or my dick be bigger, I feel like I am small and the others at school will make fun of me. The PE coach is going to make us shower after PE and I don't want to get harassed or laughed at":

"Brian, kids can and will be cruel, teens develop at different stages and there is nothing you can do about it, just be you and do the best you can. I never had kids so I don't know if I am the right person to ask, have you tried to talk to your dad or an older brother if you have one. Sometimes the question is hard to ask but if you want answers then you have to lead and ask".

"I just did, I asked you".

"Okay Brian, you need to find the answer but I will tell a story of when I was twelve maybe I turned thirteen as it was summer. There were four of us going to swim at one of our houses, three of us had pools, anyhow the four of us were in the change room to put our swim suits on, without a blink the first dropped his clothes showing a full patch of hair with hanging balls and a good four inches soft cock and very thick. The smallest of the group pulled his pants down to change and with no remorse showed he was completely hairless with a dick probably less than an inch soft with his balls really small. He pulled on his suit and headed for the pool. That left the two of us not wanting to drop our pants, afraid of having to show. I was the tallest of the group and the second oldest. We finally just did it to change into swim suits at the same time. We pushed our pants down and boy looks just happen, we looked at each other and both of us smiled as we were the same size. Circumcised, a little over an inch with a small patch of hair proving we had made it. We pulled up the suits and nothing was ever said about it. It is one of those things that just happen in life. Does that help any?"

"Not really, I am sitting in your bathroom with the trots naked because the school poisoned us. I'm sure I am not the only one right now but an answer would be nice".

"I had a professor that would only answer a question with a question to make you figure out the answer on your own. I am going to do the same to you. I will ask you how does your stomach feel?"


"Good, get up and into the shower, I will be here until you're done, there is a handicap bar to hold on to dry off sitting down on the toilet, seat up or down, clothes will be on the bed across the hall, then I have some laundry to do".

"I will do the laundry, I made the mess I need to clean it up, just tell me where to find things. I am a little dizzy can you stay with me, maybe if you shower with me I can lean against you and you can make sure I don't fall".

"Brian, I am an adult and you are a teen, showering together would not look good on a resume or a police report".

Well he did need help so I pulled the shower curtain back and started the water leaving the shower nozzle low in the tub so it wouldn't go everywhere. When the water was warm I reached for his arm and pulled him up off the toilet.

"Step in, I will sit on the tub and hold you steady and clean you up. Hold on to the bar".

With the nozzle head Brian was fairly easy to clean up with all the brown left over going down the drain.

"The soap is right there, are you good?"

He held my shoulder and the bar "I would prefer if you soaped and rinsed me. I'm sorry I am getting you wet".

I washed every inch of him including his ass crack and his now stiff three inch circumcised and almost hairless cock and balls. Brian getting a hard-on was not the problem as every teen gets them. It's just natural at that age. The problem was I was getting one as well, and when I stand up he will most likely see the bulge in my pants.

"Uhm John that feels really good but something either really good or really bad is about to happen because of the way you are touching me. I like the way you are touching me and I would like something good to happen".

"Brian let it happen, you are in the shower anyway, I don't know why but I think I will enjoy watching you orgasm, is it going to be a wet sloppy mess, dry or somewhere in the middle?"

I stroked him and started to play with his ass as well to bring him to climax.

"I guess it depends on how many times a day I beat off. It sure feels better with someone else doing it. I can't believe I just admitted to you that I jack off".

"You and every other teen in the world, you don't actually think you invented this do you?"

His knees started to give and he held the bar and my shoulder and small drop of watery cum came out of his dick, I stroked looking for more until he put his hand on mine "That's it I had my big blast before school".

I rinsed him and shut off the water. Looking at his testicles, still small and hairless I wondered what he considers a big blast or is he lying to me and a small drop is all he can produce, I guess it doesn't matter he is here to learn piano and maybe guitar. I wrapped a towel around him and set him on the toilet lid to get him dry.

He looked right to my crotch "I bet that thing has a real big blast as well. I would be curious to see it".

I motioned "Come on since I had to stay with you and you did manage to get me soaked I didn't put clothes in the spare across the hall so I need to change anyway. I do have another lesson so we need to call to see if you are staying the night or to get you picked up".

In the master, I pulled a set of Linda's sweats for Brian as they would be smaller than mine and a set for me, at least Linda's were not flaming pink but that did give me an idea and an image of this boy and he might just go for it. His three-inch tool still hard, I dropped my wet clothes showing him my six inches of hard cock and pulled on a set of sweats.

Brian pointed "I hope I get that big when I get older and as hairy as you".

"On the piano, I might be above average, on the man side of life I am probably average or maybe even smaller. I shouldn't even have an erection or showing it to you but giving you a shower and watching you to climax sort of made it different. It doesn't make sense and I can't explain it but seeing you naked was and is erotic".

Downstairs I handed him the phone, "You know my mom will say yes, I don't know the right word but everyone at church is in agreement to get you to teach us, I guess setup will have to do".

"Nice the word you are looking for is conspiracy. I will have to thank Reverend Hill personally, go get the front door and then make the call".

I started the same regiment of questions with the small blond boy, can you read sheet music? Can you find middle C?

"My name is Billy Myers I have never played the piano before, but I am willing to learn. My dad said you are one of the best".

"Okay, come with me" I led them to the basement door since I had two it might just be easier on the electronics.

Brian looked at the door "Holy crap what is that the door to the bat cave?"

"You're not far off, it is a sound proof door and the entire basement is sound proof so you can make as much noise as possible and no one will ever hear you. It also has a plasma so the first lesson is to learn how to read sheet music. Notes, cords, sharps, flats everything on a keyboard and all the symbols".

Both boys went into awe "Close your mouths, open your mind and get comfortable. You will not be playing anything down here today. Bathroom is in the corner if you need it. This is a music tutor program used at many schools to teach basics. I will be back with notepads, pencils and blank sheet music pads. I want you to duplicate what you see in the tutor program onto the music pads. Okay with you?"

I came back downstairs and Billy was standing in front of the bathroom door just about to burst into tears. "My zipper is stuck to my pants, he's going to laugh at me".

"Billy, I doubt Brian will laugh at you, we will get you cleaned up and we will add your clothes to the washer". This can't be real, the first one shit's himself and now the second one pisses his pants.

I tried his zipper to get him out of the wet pants but the cloth was so tight in the zipper I couldn't move it. "Brian there is a set of pliers behind the big amp in a small tool box. Billy everything will be fine. How did you get the zipper up in the first place, the cloth should have made it tough to get up"?

Tears running down his face but not outright crying "I pulled real hard".

Brian gave me the pliers and with some serious effort I freed him of his wet pants, followed by the shirt and rest of his clothing. He was trying to save dignity cupping his hands over his small niblet of jewels and tiny dick. On a nine-year-old that was to be expected. The flash of Brian popped into my head.

"Billy, Brian is going to take you upstairs to get you clean, he knows the way. I am going to soak the laundry and try to find something that will fit you. We will try our best to keep your dignity but we are all the same sex so it's no big deal".

Billy looked at Brian "What does he mean".

Brian looked at the smaller boy direct in the eyes "I shit myself, I am wearing his wife's clothes, the laundry he is talking about is mine, bad food at school, one fart turned into a disaster. Mr. John is cool, maybe he will get into hippie mode and rock this house with the Grand or anything down here. You know he is famous even as a backup musician. I think he going to be fun center stage. I think my mom still has a wig to make him feel at home, big long blond hair, rocking the guitar and smash it at the end of the concert going crazy"

I pointed to the stairs "You have seen to many movies and I have never destroyed an instrument, that Grand is older than me now get him upstairs so he doesn't freeze".

Giggling and pulling Billy up the stairs "So it's a dinosaur or Cro-Magnon they do still teach history you know".

"Do they still teach music?"

Brian stopped dead "I'm sorry that was supposed to be funny but it wasn't, I want to learn, I want to learn from you".

"Okay, do you still have the `Saints' in your head, I want to hear both of you singing it, Billy stays soprano Brian I want you down to alto. Convince me why I should take on the choir".

Brian pulling Billy, "You ever sing in the shower? We will both be naked and the bathroom door open for our audition".

Billy smiled "I'm already naked `Oh when the saints...'"

They ran up the rest of the stairs singing, Brian did his best to stay an alto, Billy has a wonderful voice and could become a nice soloist. I started the cold soak before the boys could get the water warm upstairs. I also set the chicken soup on slow simmer as Brian needed food and I made enough to feed all of us. I don't want a repeat of him with a nasty fart going south again, and yes homemade from scratch, It's the only way Linda did it, it just became the only way.

Brian had Billy in the shower in front of him when I came in and sat on the top of seat. "Yeah it feels good but you better stop now".


"Mr. John is outside the shower, he wears the same deodorant my dad does `Old Spice' I can smell it and I don't want to get in trouble, I already pee'd myself I don't want Mr. John or my dad to make me crap my pants, just sing or pick a different song, how about `Amazing Grace' I like it and it's an easy tune".

Brian chimed "Easy for you to sing maybe, if Mr. John will play it, I will play it for you at choir to practice and then we do it on a Sunday".

I left before the shower curtain opened. I opened the lid of the Grand and started `Amazing Grace' rock and roll style. Two boys now in both my wife's sweats and to my amusement Billy in the hot pink set, both with still wet hair ran to the upright.

"He's playing it now, I can shadow him but sing with me and sing your heart out. I have it in my head now, if he changes tempo stay with me. You vocals, me on keys this will be awesome".

I raised my voice enough to get over the piano and into the other room. "One flaw in your plan Mr. Simons, however I do like it, you both have to sing and I will grant leniency for a teen and his vocals that haven't made up their minds yet. You will also play. Mr. Myers please take the right side of the keys leaving Mr. Simons the left or the alto and bass. Mr. Myers please pay attention to the keystrokes if you can he will have about a five second delay from me".

Billy yelled "This is going to be so cool, can I pack you and all your pianos into my lunch box and take you for show and tell, sure beats my father is a doctor, Sean wins every time but his dad does something with a man's butt at a certain age".

I couldn't help but to laugh. I got up to see if they were set, Billy closer to the keys but Brian was all business "Okay you know it now let's play and sing it. Make me feel like I am sitting on pew and you don't want me to fall asleep but not to ire the guy in the black robes or the really big guy upstairs in heaven".

Brian's voice cracked, oh well "You sing I play he can beat us if he wants let's just do this right, if he tries to hit you I will claw his eyes out".

I stopped and went to the upright, "Brian and Billy, if you really thought I would beat you would you still be here. Brian please don't do that again and start from the beginning, you have the lead, and if you say `sorry' any more than you might give me a reason. I have tutored you, cleaned you, and to my knowledge no harm done except the fact that you thought the only love would be coming to you with an iron fist".

"Reverend Hill please send the van lessons are over for the day I will let you know when the music school re-opens for business if it ever does".

Twenty-five minutes later the doorbell rang again. It had to be the pickup. I wanted these two out of my house. A huge African American on the other side of the door. OMG as I opened it "I heard though the grape vine that you needed some help. I brought dad's sax if you still have a place to play. I can get most of the band but bringing the Boss will require a little more effort even with his own jet plane". Now I was the one about to cry.

"Boys come here please, I want you to meet someone can I get you anything?"

"Yeah, light beer, I have the close at the Tropicana in AC but I will crash before the show to get some sleep, then it's back to Reno, Tahoe and Vegas with a few other stops along the way. I try to keep the tour simple and close to home but AC does pull a good crowd so worth a flight east".

"Brian, Billy do you know who did the song `Jersey Girl'?"

One yes, one no. "That's easy, Springsteen".

"Okay do you know who the `Big Man' was?"

They both pointed to our guest, he solved the puzzle "My dad was the Big Man. I am Clarence Clemons the third but I brought his sax if you want to play. I don't have much time but I have been in this house before. A lot of musicians have been".

Brian still with a tude "I thought we have to leave?"

"Well when Big Man III shows up at the door even I can eat humble pie. Play and sing your hearts out. Tell everyone you can think of at school. No one will believe you until you show them the pictures, with your permission of course".

"White tees are in the back of the van with markers, pick what you want and I will sign them while you wear them. And take all the pictures you want".

I had to say, "I didn't know you know Reverend Hill".

CC III "Never met the man but I knew your wife, she counselled my daughter back to health as her own life slipped away. I am sorry for your loss; my daughter has been drug free and sober for five years.

Brian, then Billy and Clarence embraced me. My knees started to wobble and I was about to drop to the floor but a seven-foot-tall man held me upright. Once I regained balance and composure the boys went to get the tee shirts. I was about to close the front door.

CC III said "You might as well leave that unlocked and I don't think you have close the sound proof door either. Milt and James should be here any minute".

Brian asked, `Who are they?"

I answered "Milt Wilson will give Phil Collins a run for his money on the drums, have you ever seen Phil on the drums. There is always another drummer to the audience left and when Phil gets up to sing center stage the other drummer rocks. James is the backup guitarist for Bon Jovi. Too bad Frankie isn't coming. He plays the bass guitar, we almost have the full `Backup Crew'.

III "Frankie is going to try to show but he has something to do with his daughter. We all have gigs so if we are going to play let's get started".

I broke up the three-tier keyboard set with some help from Clarence so Brian; Billy and I each had a keyboard to play, I set them all to piano mode to keep the sound familiar as upstairs. Clarence started with sax with Springsteen's `On the Dark Side'. I jumped in on the piano, Brian and then Billy jumped in, we set the three keyboards up so they both could watch my hands so they could follow. Milt and James came downstairs both jumping in right away.

Five minutes later Frankie plugged in on the bass with his daughter with a clarinet in her hand. Clarence kept the lead and switched to `Easy Lover'. Milt kicked it up for his boss's sake. The boys tried to keep up but that was expected that wrong keys and notes being miss played.

I pulled off the keyboards which in turn stopped the boys. "Guys I love you for coming but the point of these two being here for lessons is for choir. Tone down the volume on the amps and let's see if we can't help them. Brian, Billy you can play and sing what you know or I can give you the menu on the plasma to learn the sheet music".

Billy said, "I want to do it, I want to sing, Brian please play it for me, you pick which one, Mr. John when he starts can you get it on the plasma please".

"Saints or Grace?"

"Do Grace first, but with the sax in the room it will be fun to hear the Saints. Mr. John can we do this our way without you getting mad?"

James said, "I think I know where this is going, care to take over on the strings, Brian you lead, Billy lead singer, or Claire can do it with you as backup or duet".

I put `Amazing Grace' on the plasma "Tempo correct for go to church". Brian played it with the rest of us as backup, Billy and Claire did a perfect duet, one on each side of Brian and the keyboard.

Frankie changed guitars to the acoustic and `The Saints go Marching in' was on the plasma. I went upstairs to check the cold soak and started the soiled laundry. After Boston, Kansas and Journey cover songs, the guys had to call it quits.

Brian called home to make sure he could stay the night. "Clarence, you said you would sign our shirts, I want you all to sign them, this was so cool, thank you all".

The big man was about to sign, I said "Take the shirts off, I don't want to have to explain permanent marker bleeding through a tee shirt and all over your skin. Claire, I will go get you one if you want it". She nodded and the boys pulled the shirts over their heads. Clarence wrote `Backup Crew' on each shirt and we all signed to the smiles of two teens and a boy.

Frankie cornered me, "Since Brian is staying over can Claire stay? She will be bored to tears if I have to take her to Philly with me it is a fund raiser, tuxedos and formal dresses, you know the type".

I said, "What about school?"

"Online school she will have everything she needs".

I agreed "Since we are swapping kids around can one of you guys give Billy a ride home?"

"Got it covered".

I bedded the teens down in the spare rooms, Claire in middle weight long pink and purple pajamas, Brian in his signed tee and his now clean briefs. I headed for the master to crash for the night. I was wiped out. I dropped my clothes in the hamper and climbed into bed naked as I always do not really thinking about two teens as I have slept naked since I was about eleven.

Claire woke me up "Aren't you two cozy in bed together".

Trying to shake the sleep off to wake up, then it dawned on me. I had a warm body behind me. I rolled to my back to find Brian behind me. He stirred only for a second then his leg went over mine and his arm now across my chest. With a little more awareness Brian was naked as well. His boner now rubbing against my hip.

I reached over to stir him awake "What do you need Claire? And when did you get in my bed?"

"Can I use a shower so I can get dressed for school, they kind of frown of kids in pajamas as it is an online interactive school. We can see the teachers and they can see us. I also need the password for the WIFI if that is okay for me to use it".

"Yeah sure, you can use the one across from your room, closet outside has clean towels, you should find everything you need. I will write the password and put it on your computer. Anything else you need?"

She wasn't leaving "His underwear and tee are at the foot of the bed, so he sneaks into your room gets naked and comes to bed with you. I kind of like it".

Brian finally stirred awake "It's not like he hasn't already seen me naked, I had an accident yesterday, and he did something for me that I really enjoyed. Billy had and accident too and I did the same for him. I came to your bed hoping to repay you for it but you were sound asleep so I just curled up behind you. You were warm so it was easy to fall asleep with you. Claire you're not going to do or say something stupid that will end our friendship. I like you and I like our music together, it was fun and I hope it stays fun. If you are waiting to see me or John naked then make it fair and get naked with us. I have to pee so make up your mind soon".

I said, "You two or three when Billy comes back have to make your own minds, Billy is too young yet but you two can get in trouble so if it is just to look I am okay but if you go any further we need to have a serious talk or you need to talk to your parents about sex".

Claire pulled the pajama top over her head revealing two budding nipples just starting to form into breasts. "I know about sex but I am not ready for it so we will be safe for now. If you want to see the rest then pull down the covers then I will take the bottoms off".

Brian looked at me for confirmation and before he got it he kicked the covers down showing his three-inch boner with the small patch and my six-inch boner with much more hair.

Claire pushed the pajama bottoms to the floor and stepped out of them, showing a completely bald pussy, which surprised me as girls usually develop earlier than boys do. I rolled out of bed to the bathroom. Brian peeing first I started the shower. I said, "There will be plenty of hot water for both showers at the same time".

Brian got into the shower so I could use the toilet, Claire opened the shower stall and got in with Brian. I got in with them. Claire stood about an inch taller than Brian, both got wet and I poured the soap into their hands "Be gentle to each other, girl parts are just as sensitive as boy parts are. Claire can I ask have you not started puberty yet or do you shave your pussy? I would have expected you to have more hair than Brian".

He looked at me "Thanks a lot".

She looked at her pussy "I only have a few hairs but I shave them off. I like the feel of being hairless, at least down there".

She ran her fingers through his meager patch then wrapped her hand around his small shaft playing and jerking him "Is something going to come out if I keep playing with it?"

I guided his finger to her small vagina "Stay to the top, one finger only. There is a pleasure spot there, she will let you know when you find it".

Brian said, "Yes this is what John did to me yesterday, I lied to him yesterday and said it depends how many times I jerk off, but I did tell the truth when I said it feels better when someone else does it, that is still true for today. Only a little will come out and it's about to happen".

Brian's orgasm came so I held him up as Claire finished him off. Brian looked back to me "I know that you like hairless boys over hairy boys. Since I can only shoot a little and I don't have much hair anyway you can shave me if you want. I will stay a little boy for you".

Claire pushed his finger in further "Right there, keep rubbing it right there, mine will be in a second".

Claire hung to the door as her climax hit her. Brian asked "Do we still have time for John, if we do it together it might be faster before we have to go to school and I want to see what comes out. It's got to be a whole lot more than me".

Claire smiled "I caught my dad with one of his girlfriend's getting this done to him. If you try it don't use your teeth".

She pushed me back to the wall of the shower and knelt in front of me taking about half of my cock into her mouth, bobbing as much as she could.

Brian says, "I was just going to jerk him off because he did it to me".

"Do it, I can't take all of him and we are running out of time, use your other hand to play with his balls".

Well two naked teens that will both be shaved clean before I turn the water off kneeling in front of me and it has been a long time since I dropped a nut, I at least warned them, she pulled away and they both took a face shot of cum from the nose to the chin. They stood to rinse off and I grabbed the razor leaving Brian as hairless as Claire was.

My phone started to ring so I shut off the water and grabbed a towel to answer it. "Hello, What? Yeah okay he can stay for lessons".

"What's wrong?"

"Your school is closed today, they found the janitor dead in the hallway from a heart attack. They don't want the students in the building today, so you will stay here, but don't get all excited because you are going to school with Claire online. You have about fifteen minutes to get dressed".

Claire said, "You only have to dress on top I usually wear pajamas on the bottom".

"I don't have pajamas so I will borrow sweats again if that is okay with Mr. John. By the way can you teach me what just happened?"

Before she should could answer I said "If you let me I would like to return the favor on you, but I want you to save up and don't jerk off today. It has been a very long time since I sucked a boy dick and am looking forward to enjoying it again. Both of you get dressed and ready for classes. I don't have cereal but how does scrambled eggs with bacon and toast sound okay? Do you prefer jam, grape or strawberry?"



I wrote the password for the WIFI on a sticky note and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I didn't expect the doorbell again. An older teen or a young man stood at the door with two brown shopping bags

"Mr. Marquette, Reverend Hill asked me to deliver some groceries for you, I have two more bags in the car. And before you ask the Reverend said I am not to accept any money including a tip from you. He also said that I am to help you carry the organ from your basement and take it to the youth center. He is expecting your call as he knows that you would be crazy to hand over your equipment to a stranger. I promise I will not steal from you. My name is Tim Mason, please tell me where to put these down and please make the call I have a class at 9:30 at the community college".

I texted Tim Mason?

It chimed back within a couple of seconds. `He is one of mine and told not to take your money, I hope for him to be the leader of the choir when you leave the flock again'.

"Kitchen is this way, do you have time for some breakfast, eggs and bacon on the offering". I stopped at the stairs pointing the way to the kitchen. "Brian get down here, need some help".

The boy was down the stairs at full run `What wrong?"

"Nothing you are going to help Tim with groceries and bring up the center piece of the keyboard set, the case is in the closet in the back, make sure you line up the numbers and grab the keyboard stand as well. It folds down easy if you release the leg locks, otherwise you will fight it and bend it which will not make me a happier camper. Grab the power and the small amp that Freddie was playing yesterday, cords as well".

"On it".

The top of the stairs "Can I help?"

"No, you are in school so get back to it. Brian is in a lesson of his own and will be back up there shortly, and I don't want your father swinging his guitar at me, he has an advantage my piano weighs too much to retaliate".

Tim looked at the full Grand "I hope there isn't a twin to that thing downstairs that we are supposed to carry upstairs, but that is a smoking Ebony Grand. I would love to take a crack at that one".

Brian chimed "Over my dead body, I will do anything to play it and I do mean anything to be at those keys after Mr. John and hopefully with him next to me. After what just happened that is now my dream. A full Grand center stage performance".

I said, "You get good enough and I will arrange for two Grands center stage and you and I will play like Billy Joel and Elton John".

After breakfast Tim headed back to the youth center with my keyboard Brian returned upstairs to study with Claire. At least the house fell silent for a while. I don't think I have ever gotten up this early. I climbed the stairs to go back to bed for a while.

Two naked teens woke me up "School is on break, I don't have to login again until 1:00".

Brian smiled with his hairless hard-on "I think I'm ready and she wanted to watch, can I suck your dick and you suck mine".

I moved down the bed some so he would have some leg room over my head bringing his boy dick to my mouth with him on top for a 69. Claire lying next to us my finger finding her pussy to stimulate her. My other hand found Brian's ass sending the teen over the edge to cum in my mouth with a drop of sweet watery boy juice. His cock became sensitive so he rolled off me to turn around getting between my legs to continue to suck my cock.

Claire didn't waste time to move onto my chest offering her bald pussy to my lips and tongue. I managed to bring her to climax before I blew my load into Brian's mouth. He choked on the sudden blast but managed to swallow most of it. Some of it was dripping from his nose and back on to me.

Whatever was left over on me Claire sucked it off me.

Claire looked at the clock, led Brian to the bathroom to clean up the cum on him. They put the shirts back on only leaving both naked from the waist down. I looked at the clock and we still had time to get them something for lunch before they had to return to class. Claire thought better of it and brought the laptop downstairs to setup shop at the kitchen table. Brian pulled his sheet music to study and take notes at the table as well. When Brian got stuck with reading sheet music or confused about the combination of notes Claire helped him out.

Friday night practice at the youth center was easier than I thought it was going to be. My keyboard was already setup in one of the practice rooms. Tim Mason had ten boys lined up with hymn books in hand.

I played each cord to get a sense of the voice ranges moving the boys forward or backward based on the tone. Billy ended up front because of his soprano voice.

I said "Okay Brian I want you to play something that you don't have memorized. Just tell the choir what page you picked. Tim can you lead them. This isn't a mixed choir no girls?"

Tim replied "The girls are next door for practice, the whole group will be together on Sundays. It is supposed to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions that might be embarrassing in a mixed environment such as is masturbation a bad thing or I have a question about my period, that type of thing".

"Ah, I see, from my perspective masturbation is not a bad thing and it a normal occurrence both for boys and girls. Someone once told me that it feels better when someone else does it for you".

Brian's face turned red but he didn't say anything, and I am glad he didn't. Billy had a knowing grin as well but didn't say anything either.

At the end of practice, I let Brain and Billy loose with the songs they wanted to play. I asked Brian and Billy "Are you staying with me tonight?"

"Is Claire going to be there?"

"No, she is with her dad in Florida".

When the boys closed the car door "Are we both sleeping in your bed tonight. I want Billy to see us and do him the same way, you just can't say anything or John will get in trouble".

Billy said, "I know, you do the same thing that you did to me in the shower, why would I want to mess that up".

Brian said "Uhm we go further than jerking off in the shower now, and I am pretty sure what is going to be next".

I looked at him in the mirror "Are you going to let me?"

"Yes, I will".

Billy looked at Brian "Do what""

"He is going to put his dick in my butt, if you let us we can do it to you as well. Maybe if you get used to mine first because I am nowhere as big as John but I am looking forward to having it in there".

Billy smiled "I have already had a dick in my butt a friend did a sleep over and we took a bath together, He slipped into me then we changed places to I could get inside of him. Then we did it again in bed and again in the morning. I am not scared of you or John in me".

I said, "Okay but I am going to clean you both out, I like clean boys".

Brian asked, "Did you suck each other's dick?"

"No, I guess we didn't think about it, just humping our butts".

Brian said "Well we will be sucking your dick and hopefully you will be sucking ours. I sure would like to see Richie naked and do some rolling around with him too. Isn't he on your list for lessons?"

"Which one is he?"

"Richie Matson, blond in the middle of the second row. I think he is a couple years younger than me. I know he is not in my school".

I said "Guitar I think but I would have to check the list at home. I wouldn't kick him out of my bed".

Brian said "If he comes at same time as us we could practice together in the sound room downstairs. If Claire is coming back she and Billycan be vocals for Richie and me".

"Claire is coming home tomorrow night. She will be at church on Sunday as well. Do you guys need anything from home while we are out? I would suggest nice clothes for Sunday".

"I have a bag packed for the weekend".

"So, do I".

When we got to the house I made the call to Richie and his parents "He will be here at 10:00 in the morning. What do you guys want for dinner?"

Looking back from the mirror they looked at each other "Mac and cheese sounds good to me". The other nodded in agreement. Easy enough one pot on the stove or one baking dish in the oven.

I said "I spoke to Reverend Hill before practice, He gave me a list of what he expects from the choir but also said we have some leeway of our own so while dinner is cooking and after dinner it's back to the plasma for both of you for practice. Studying is mandatory, but clothing can be optional".

I set the mac and cheese in motion using the casserole dish so I could join them downstairs, both boys already naked "Brian what happened to the hair you had over your dick it's gone, I liked it, gave me something to look forward too when I get older".

Brian pointed to me "He likes boys hairless so we shaved it off, Claire is hairless as you and me. It was exciting being in the shower and his bed with John and a naked girl. I thought I was gay since about eleven but Claire gives me different feelings. She said no to sex with me but I hope she changes her mind. John, I remember what you said about sex and getting us in trouble is there a way to overcome that?"

"Yes, Brian there are ways to overcome that issue practice safe sex, condoms, diaphragms, birth control pills, but only one of those options makes the male responsible for safe sex, the condom, and my young friend you have a problem. I can order them online but the typical store that sells them will not have you in mind for the inventory. They come in different sizes but a small is typically for a short length adult male that usually would be thicker than that. Look at Billy, he is five years younger than you, a little shorter in length but almost the same width as you. If you want some adult advice then just be friends, ask her to go to the movies with you, hold her hand, take a walk with her, play the piano for her, sing with her even if your voice is cracking, it will change into a true alto and you will end up with a beautiful voice as well".

Billy chimed in "Is dinner ready yet, I'm starving".

"Fifteen minutes, play and sing me a hymn".

"John are you expecting any others at the door or do we have to put our clothes back on?"

"We can eat down here, stay naked I like the view, and yes I will join you, if either of you gets cold let me know and I can turn the fire box on. What do you want to drink for dinner, I will let you have one soda but I don't want you going crazy on a sugar rush, there is milk, water and soda in the fridge, oh apple juice as well".

Brian got his evil look "You're going to have grape juice, I want the same grape juice as you".

I had to laugh at him "My grape juice has a kick to it and I don't think you will like the taste of it, but a white semi-sweet would be more to your taste. I don't know too many kids that would go for a very dry red wine. Billy the choice is yours, do you want a glass of wine with Brian it may make you feel funny and we have lessons in the morning so you only get one glass each. I do have light beer down here if you want that instead".

The thought came to me a little alcohol in them might make it easier to relax them and finish the plan for this evening. If they passed out and slept through the lessons I would at least have Richie to look at during his lessons. I just don't want them throwing up down here or anywhere in the house for that matter, but things happen, it wouldn't be the first clean up job necessary after a jam session down here.

"Can I have milk with dinner, I might try something else later but I don't think it is a good idea yet".

"Okay, front door is locked so both of you head for the kitchen, plates, napkins, forks or whatever works for you, I will bring dinner and the beverages down".

They scrambled up the stairs butt naked, nice view. I opened a nice Malbec for me and a chilled Pinot Grigio for Brian. The boys were back downstairs with everything and setting up everything on the bar to eat. I climbed the stairs to bring the casserole and the milk down. We settled in to eat, had chosen spoons I had the fork. Brian took a sip of the white wine his head going side to side deciding if he liked it. I took a swallow of the red. Brian reached for my glass to take a taste and shook his head no and went back to the white. Billy had half the glass of milk gone when he reached for Brian's glass for a taste.

With dinner done, Brian had two glasses of wine in him and Billy stopped at one glass of white. I had three glasses of red but I am much bigger than them. They tried to practice again, Brian was missing notes and Billy's voice was slurred a little.

I cleaned up the dinner mess and herded the naked little cuties up the stairs and turned off the lights and closed the sound proof door. One more set of stairs I had them both in the shower in the master, hands in front of them against the wall with their butts pushing back. Satisfied they both were clean head to toe and inside. I stopped the water and dried all three of us and used the hair dryer on both.

I motioned for the naked horny bodies to the bed, "Okay boys where do you want to start, a little dick sucking or something else. Brian, I was thinking that if I am on my back you can squat on my dick so you stay in control, push out like for a poop. Billy can do the same to you or lay on my chest so you can get to his hole".

"Billy help me suck him off, don't use your teeth. I don't think the wine was a good idea, I'm kind of light headed right now".

I pulled Brian down so he could lay out. He took my right side with his head between my armpit and my chest his arm and leg using me as a human pillow. I moved my left arm and Billy found the same position on the other side "Pull the covers up there will be other times". I kissed their foreheads "Good night boys".

I woke to two sounds, slurping and the toilet flushing, then the sensation of lips and tongue on my cock with one of the boys under the covers with a hand on my shaft and the other on my balls. It had to be Brian as he has experience and swallowed before. So, I just enjoyed the feeling putting my arms behind my head, closed my eyes. To encourage him "You're doing great, that feels wonderful". Pumping my shaft and sucking the cock head Brian was getting me close, I didn't warn him the last time he was in my bed with Claire so why should today be different. I didn't hold him in place but gentle prompting to keep the brunette on my cock. I must have shot six maybe seven shots of hot heavy cum down his throat.

"Great job Brian that was awesome and better than the last time".

The voice came from the bathroom door "It wasn't me I just took a shit, so I guess that makes me unavailable for a while since you like clean boys".

Billy climbed out from the covers "How did I do? It doesn't taste bad at all, but now I think you owe me one while stinky butt over there gets clean, and you have lessons to teach".

"Climb aboard or do you want me to come to you? Stinky butt can lay right next to you and get the same treatment. I think I can handle both of you, but you go first see how long it takes you to get the tingles and how long it takes Brian to give me his boy juice".

"No, I get stinky butt now. I want to know the difference. He is five years older and you must be forty years older than me. I had fun doing that, I want to do this. Then you both can do me because chances of me doing what you can do in my mouth is pretty slim in your mouth".

Brian smiled "You do both understand I am only ten feet away and can hear everything you say. I know you are yanking my chain but I can start farting in your bed and we know what happened last time I farted here".

"Yeah, I will have more laundry to do, come over here and get your treatment from your brother from another mother".

Brian took the center of the bed, I moved Billy to be between his legs to suck him off and I left his cute little ass in the air to ream his hole with my tongue and suck his balls and dick. They both climaxed at the same time. Billy fell forward on top of Brian face to face. Brian wrapped his arms around Billy holding him tight.

"Brian hold your brother, he took my cum down his throat and then yours. If you are okay Billy I am going to use up whatever is left in my balls up your little ass".

"Go for it dad, or at least my second dad". Billy brought his lips to Brian's lips. "Tell me if I do this right".

The two got into a French kiss as my cock slid into a tiny little ass with almost no effort and no complaints from the boy. "Brian are you okay with this, I was going to do you first?" I guess two thumbs up and keeping Billy on his chest and in a serious kiss is good enough for approval, reaching down pulling Billy's ass apart for better access sealed it for me, since it was going to be my second cum in him my nerves took over my body and I climaxed again and poured everything I had left into him.

Brian released the kiss "If I am stinky butt what do we have call you now little brother?"

"The happiest boy in the world works for me, I have two dads, a brother from another mother, which I will have to look up to know what it means, learning to play and sing and I want to solo, not only in church but everywhere, I want to sing, I will play the instruments but I want to sing, and if I don't get up quick to the bathroom I am going to make more of a mess from both ends than you or I did combined".

"I got him dad, come on little brother, hold it for a second until we get to the bathroom, shower is the best bet to get you cleaned up, anything that doesn't go down I will clean up".

The doorbell rang just before 10:00 with a very cute blond standing there. "You must be Richie; the other boys are downstairs waiting for you so you will be practicing with them".

Richie looking around the basement "No way, you play all of these? You have as much musical instruments as our old music room at school".

I led him to the couch, "I am going to start you on the acoustic guitar, I will play the electric gut it is set to acoustic so it will sound the same as you play. Brian and Billy, I want to see the clothes you have for tomorrow, I am thinking beige dockers and a white button-down shirt for everyone in the choir, no sneakers either".

Richie said "Reverend Hill has robes for the choir, he showed them to us the other day, they are in the boxes at the back of the practice room. They are pink and purple. Honestly, I don't want to wear them, they are ugly".

Brian pulled out blue pants with a grey shirt. Billy hit the mark, beige pants and a white button down.

"Billy put those on. I will take a picture and send it to Reverend Hill as the dress code. You will not be wearing pink and purple robes in the choir or he can find another choir master. Do you boys have something similar from home?"

Richie nodded "I have something close".

Brian shook his head no "No I don't"

Billy hesitated to change in front of Richie, I knew he didn't have underwear on just his sweatpants. He finally gave way and stripped to just his socks and dressed in front of us. Richie definitely took notice of the small hairless boy in front of him.

I said, "You like what you see don't you?"

Richie kind of stammered "I am not used to being around naked people my parents are strict about privacy and things like that".

Brian took his chance "Have you ever jerked off with another boy or boys?" A head shake no. "Have you ever had your dick sucked?" Another head shake no. "Would you like to?"

Billy dressed for the picture then took them off to keep them neat. I turned on the fire box to keep him warm. Brian stripped off his sweats to get naked "Come on Richie play naked with us, it's fun, it's not like we are going to say anything".

Richie hesitated "You would really want to suck my dick or jerk off with me?"

Billy answered "Any or all of us but we can't get John in trouble so what happens here stays between us. Deal?"

"Deal". The blond stripped his clothes showing a nice two inch circumcised hairless boy cock with balls still close together and tight to his body. It only took a minute before all three boys showed boners. Richie went to four inches hard proving he had the longer rod then the other two but Brian accepted it that even though he was the oldest someone would always be bigger in the dick department than he would be.

I sent the picture of Billy to the Reverend with a text `This is choir uniform, no robes'. I knew he was going to call in a second. I got Richie started with simple cords and the three followed the bouncing ball on the plasma.

"Yes, Reverend I am very serious, return the robes or get another choir lead, it's bad enough that you look ridiculous in the robe you wear. The United congregation has always been casual, I'm not talking blue jeans but I want these kids to confident and comfortable. Richie is here with the other two, pink and purple robes, he already stated he doesn't want to wear it. You probably already made the mistake to get me a robe to match the choir, it's not going to happen. Spread the word of the expected dress code, I am only going to only have a few up there tomorrow, I will pull them from the pews as I see fit. Brian doesn't have what I want so I am going to buy him what I want".

The lessons continued, mixing church songs with more fun tunes like Boston's `More than a feeling', Styx `Come sail away'. I split the plasma so Brian had the piano and Richie could play the cords. Billy happily took the lead singer role.

Richie finally stopped "My hands are starting to hurt".

"Okay enough for today, but I want you to do hand exercises to give you hand strength, that goes for all of you, a racket ball, tennis ball something like that. I use a putty ball to squeeze".

Richie said, "If I can borrow a guitar from Principal Hartman from the music room I can practice at home as well".

Brian jumped at it "Three of us already have boners and I bet John does too. I think there is plenty of things to squeeze right here for hand strength. Richie, I would love to squeeze that or we can just play our own tool together. Mr. John has paper towels down here to clean up with if you go that far, if you don't and get a funny feeling in your gut and don't know what's happening just go with it. It feels great, If something comes out it will even feel better".

"Like peeing myself?"

Billy chimed up "Already did right over there and what Brian is talking about is not about a pee accident. I can't wait until I am old enough to blast off on my own, if you don't do it now you will, or don't worry about it".

I finished the statement "Come upstairs with me Billy, leave these two alone. That couch does pull out to a full queen sleeper bed if you want more room but don't take too long, we need to go shopping and I would like to talk to your principal about the music room".

"The school number is on my backpack. She always works Saturdays; her extension is 1015. I don't think I would mind if Billy stays with us unless he has something else to do with you".

I looked at Billy "Up to you, Richie your backpack will be upstairs by the front door when you're ready to go".

"Sorry dad, but I want in on this one, I'm staying down here".

I said, "Okay boys enjoy life. Brian, I am going to take your pants and your shirt to fit you for tomorrow so you match. I will lock the front door but I want you to lock the sound proof door and stay down here. It's not only a sound proof room but it is a safety shelter as well. I am the only one that will have a key so if the door opens you will know it's me coming back. I. will be gone for an hour maybe two. If you want snacks that is fine but I want you to stay down here. The heat is on so you should stay warm enough, what these two are planning Richie you will be plenty warm. The phone is behind the bar if you need anything with a list of numbers. Call your parents to let them know you are practicing for tomorrow".

I went upstairs with Brian behind me to lock the door. I have everything for music downstairs, now I wished I put in video surveillance to be a fly on the wall to see what Richie was in for. Anyhow first call to Principal Hartman, then shopping for Brian. Then it dawned on me I have forgotten about Claire for choir uniform minus a stupid robe. Then fate happens, the doorbell rang.

Claire at the door "Sorry to be early Uncle John, but dad put me on an earlier plane, he is heading for England and said he is calling in favor from years ago so you are stuck with me until he comes back. He gave me money to support myself so I am not a burden on you. I told him about choir and everything else, he knows everything".

I choked, "Everything? I am about to leave for, oh never mind right now, come on I can use an assistant and it will be easier to fit you with clothes without having to guess the size you wear. Brian, Billy and Richie are in the basement practicing but I don't think they will be open to you except for Brian. You really told your dad everything?"

"Yep, and I am supposed to show you this, dad put me on birth control pills while in Florida, he made it clear that I am to take todays pill in front of you. We had the talk, He is going to have me fitted for the device that lasts five years. He said riding bare back is always more fun. I think Brian is going to be awesome, and I hope he doesn't go totally gay on me. If he does then that's his choice and I will respect that and I will still like him".

I had to shake my head "Now you are calling me Uncle John and Brian and Billy are calling me dad or second dad. I have no idea what is happening to me, all I agreed to was music lessons and the choir. I have a phone call to make".

"Dad already took care of it. The music room is in process to be moved to the youth center, your tuner friend is already tuning every instrument there is. Dad has the same thoughts as you, but you put them in others to act on. Teach us. lead us on. You or my dad will never be the Backups again".

"Pick a bedroom that is yours, Girls prerogative even if it's the boys room we will make them move and put your stuff away. For someone that doesn't have kids this house is sure filling up fast".

The three boys turned the corner running still naked and boned up. Richie stopped dead in his tracks cupping his hands over his boyhood prize. Brian stuttered "We thought you were gone already and we didn't know Claire was here yet. We just came up to get a snack".

I waved my finger at Richie to bring him to me. I moved his hands away from covering up putting them at his sides. "Now walk to get your snack, I don't need teens and tweens running through the house. Richie say hi to Claire. Claire this is Richie taking guitar lessons. We will be leaving in a few minutes for shopping. Claire will be staying here for a while as her father is going overseas. Her clarinet and voice will be added to the group lessons. One other thing boys her choice of a bedroom is final except for mine, I don't want or will not tolerate wining about it. Do I make myself clear?"

She smirked "You knew I was going to choose yours. I'll take the one I was in last time".

Billy with a smile "Give me a minute to move my stuff out of it. The bed is still clean I didn't sleep in it last night".

"Alright enough, snacks and downstairs, you two room assignments and for the record if you are here during school nights you will be in your own beds and stay there".

Richie not totally embarrassed "I don't know if my parents would let me stay overnight, school night not withstanding but I sure would like to. I had an older brother but he died when I was five. The youth center are my brothers and sisters, but being in this house is different. It's too big for one or even two people, but somehow cries out for a family. I have only been downstairs and now standing naked in front of a girl but it doesn't feel wrong. It feels like it is meant to be, does that make any sense?"

Brian closed the loop "Yeah, my brother from another mother it does. And we have a performance tomorrow and I don't want to be the screw up on the piano. I am nervous as it is, call your parents and ask if you can stay tonight. If they can drop your clothes at the youth center a quick change before we totally embarrass ourselves, we stay and practice. John one question, I know you need me to read sheet music, would it be Okay if I closed my eyes and just played it from my head?"

"You're the prodigy, play it anyway you want, you have the list of hymns the reverend would like, as long as you don't go AC/DC on him in services he will be fine. You can go AC/DC in the youth center after school. A little `Back in Black' or `Thunder Struck' to rock the house of God next door".

Richie's parents agreed to the stay over and dropped off his clothes and toiletries including Whinny the Pooh pajamas. "They had to pick these, really?" His face turning ten shades of red.

Brian and Claire said it at same time "Are we laughing at you? We will laugh with you if you want us too"

Billy sealed the deal "I'll wear them I like Whinny the Pooh, but they look to big for me".

Brian said, "We have work to do, I'll wear them, you can have mine, mom forgets that I usually don't wear pajamas but spending the weekend at the music teachers house getting ready for church she made me pack them anyhow, some fights are not worth the battle, besides they look warm and comfortable, I will take the couch, dad needs his sleep tonight. I don't have a dad so I will keep calling him that, all three of you do have dads so Uncle John should work for you. Still family".

Brian must have gotten up very early to get in my bed, nice warm naked boy in front of me spooning his small frame. Brian aimed my cock to his boy hole "I already lubed up you should go in without pain to me, but if you want to ride me hard go for it. I want you inside of me when you cum.

"Uhm John can I use your bathroom, Claire took Billy into the other one to clean up. It looks like both of you will be needing it, I will try not to take too long".

Brian picked his head up to look at the doorway. "At least John is being gentle, what you did to me yesterday was not so gentle. When it's your turn I hope I am there to tell John to ride you hard and put you up wet".

I chuckled at the boy that I was making love to "Do you even know what that means?"

"Nope, just finish me. You will teach me what it means, we have a show to do. I am scared to death and excited at the same time. Does that make sense?"

I would rather have fucked this boy all day, but he was right, we had a show to put on. "Richie get in the shower then leave the water on, we are right behind you. Knowing Reverend Hill, the church van will be here soon to pick us up. My car is not exactly kid proof or equipped for seating of five".

Claire and Billy stood at the door drying her hair still naked "Because it's a 63-split back corvette, smoking hot red so he would have to tie you to the fenders to get us all to the church. He bought it off my dad a few years ago. The thing is all engine and two seats. It scared my dad to death he would have paid John or anyone else to take the car. John made the mistake to give my dad an offer. You could have had that car for free. I was only allowed to ride in it once. Dad tried once to see how fast the car would go, after that he decided a Volvo with a built-in roll cage and an engine that will drop if in an accident was better for his daughter's safety. Now move it or start to lose it, I am not going to play mother hen to three brothers of different mothers".

Claire pushed Richie to the bed "Help Uncle John to cum, play with his ass and balls, he will be filling Brian up in no time".

She was right, Richie put his finger up my ass and rubbing my balls I went deep into Brian and emptied my balls into his ass. Richie helped to keep Brian's ass closed so he could get to the bathroom before the cum ran down his legs. I turned on the shower and the two boys got in while I shaved then joined them. One fart from Brian and the cum came out of him dripping down his legs and into the shower drain.

A quick soap and shampoo with a final rinse the three of us dried and dressed. Claire had Billy dressed waiting on the couch. Tim came in to wait for us to come downstairs and we all headed for the van.

Tim dropped us at the door, the parking lot was full, I have never seen the lot so full. I hope the kids don't freak out or get too nervous.

Brian was the first "Holy crap the place is packed".

As we went to the front of the church Richie pointed to a pew "That is my principal and three of my teachers, is the entire town here? I don't think I can do this with this many people here".

Billy held my hand "Come on guys we have worked too hard for this to chicken out now". Claire held his other hand with the clarinet in the other. Brian and Richie took positions on my other side, the five of us holding hands to the pulpit and the choir stand behind it.

Reverend Hill spoke "Everything alright John".

"Big crowd and nervousness, everything will be fine just cue us so we don't interrupt your sermon. Billy take center, Claire and Richie on either side. Brian, you are on the upright, I will be on my keyboard in piano mode. I may change to organ mode just keep playing the piano everyone relax and have fun. I am keeping the group small for today, we will add voices and instruments at a later time".

They did great and relaxed for the service. `Amazing Grace', Joy to the World' with a few others mixed in. The congregation gave a standing ovation at the end of the service. We took our bows. They wanted to spend the night with me. The parents agreed.

Tim said "I will pick them up in the morning and get them to school. Is there any other place we need to go before I drop you off at the house?"

Bring them here after school. I want everyone to practice at the youth center at least three times a week. Once a week is not enough time. Take over as lead at the youth center. I will come over once in a while".

Claire asked "Can Tim practice with us? That is of course if you will get naked with us and don't get John in trouble".

As soon as they got to the basement all the church clothes were removed. Claire led Brian to the couch sucking his dick then aiming his dick to her bald pussy. Brian didn't last long arching his back and shooting his tiny load into her.

Tim showing about five inches of teen cock with the foreskin over the head. Billy started to suck Tim and Richie had my cock in his mouth.

I said "Do you shave yourself Tim? I would expect more hair for a teen your age".

He replied "This is pretty normal for me, it just doesn't grow. It's the same when I jerk off in the shower. I can get the tingle feeling but only a tiny drop will come out. I asked my dad about it once he just said I was a late bloomer. He told me he was a late bloomer as a teen also".

Brian said "Don't worry about it, I can only cum a tiny drop. I did shave my pubes off. John likes it better and honestly, I like the feeling. Especially when his goatee and mustache are there".

Richie pulled off "I only get the tingles, nothing comes out of mine".

I asked, "Tim have you ever done anything like this before?"

"Yes, we were fourteen, doing a sleep over, Kevin's dad came into Kevin's room naked. He pulled our underwear off and tossed them into the closet saying we would not be needing them. I took a chance to look at their cocks realizing my friend was at least twice the size of mine and his father was even bigger. Kevin's father sucked my hairless cock into his mouth. Then he flipped me over and started to push his huge cock into my ass. Kevin moved so his cock was at my mouth. I said it hurt. Kevin's dad told me to get used to being stretched and fucked. He said his brother will be here in the morning and his cock is thicker than mine and we will take turns fucking you. Now open that mouth and don't use your teeth, Kevin will fuck your face. I started to cry because of the pain. He ignored me and pushed past my hole. Once he was past my hole it seemed that my body started to accept it. Kevin's big dick in my mouth was making my jaw sore".

"Tim, they raped you".

"I got used to it, two of my teachers at school realized how big my asshole had gotten, so they started to fuck me afterschool. Kevin's uncle is thicker than his dad. The three of them took turns to cum in my ass at least twice. Once I got my driver's license I started cruising the parks to find someone to fill my ass. You can have it if you want".

"I think I will pass on the offer, you should make men use condoms, always bareback can be dangerous for you".

"It's kind of fun really and since I am small and hairless the guys think I am younger than I am. Sort of taboo fruit. Occasionally I must show my driver's license to prove that I am legal, but the older guys really go for the thirteen or fourteen boy acts".

I took a few days off from practices. I decided to go to the youth center to check on how everyone was doing. I pulled the split back out of the garage since Claire would be the only one at the house tonight. I parked the corvette and fighting the high winds to get inside the youth center then I heard the base of the huge oak crack. "Oh shit, if that thing falls it's going to flatten the youth center and may cause more damage to the church"

"911 what is your emergency?"

"I am John Marquette, I am at the Fairfield United youth center. The big oak out front just cracked at the base. I think we don't have much time before this comes down. There could be hundreds of kids in the youth center. Send anything you have, police, fire, EMS, Olsen towing is not too far away, if he can get his big haulers in place he might keep this thing up. Send buses it's cold out here I am going in the back to get the kids out. They will come out the front".

"Sir do not hang up, you have eyes on the ground, emergency personnel are being dispatched now".

"I am putting you on speaker, have the first responders check the church, there are offices and a daycare center in the basement".

I ran to the back of the youth center and started to clear the study room, game rooms "Everyone out the front door, if you have your coat close to you grab it, if you don't just get out. Leave everything behind Head for the corner of the parking lot at the back near Park street. No one is to cross the street. Buddy system for everyone, older kids take care of the younger kids. Stay away from the oak. Once you get outside run to the corner".

There must have been at least ninety kids if not more. I grabbed a boy about five carrying him like a football checking the rooms to be clear. I made the front door and handed the boy to a cop.

This is Rich, I don't go by Richie anymore. That day at the youth center was one of the worst days of our lives. John died saving our lives. He had a massive heart attack, the EMS tried to save him but Reverend Hill told the crews that if he is gone then he is DNR. The huge tow trucks and the fire ladder trucks could not get the oak cut down in time so when it fell it flattened the youth center and damaged the roof of the church. School buses came to get the kids and took us all to the middle school, or ran special routes to get us home. Thankfully the only casualty that day was John. Although Tim died about a year later from HIV.

Brian went to Julliard at fifteen on a full scholarship, and is the youngest person to ever get accepted to the New York Orchestra. He has John's Grand piano. The rest of John's music instruments are in the new youth center that is twice the size of the original building.

Claire and I are studying to be teachers, middle school math and sciences and we teach music at the youth center.

Billy is in the wind. We haven't heard from him or seen him in a few years.

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