Cast for The President's Son



Georgetown Exeter Academy -- Bennie's school


Rich Mason -- 41 y/o retired US Air Force Major Air Police


Benjamin Jacobs -- 36 y/o widower with a 15 y/o son 


Ben Jr. (Bennie) -- 15 y/o -- closet gay


Gloria Hernandez -- Ben's housekeeper


Evelyn Morgan - Director former Special Agent in Charge Madison Area Office


Dr. Nathan Phillips -- House Doctor


Ed Miller -- Special Agent in Charge Presidential Security Detail


Johnny Hawks - Ed's Partner


Isaac Friedman -- Ben's Chief of Staff


Capt. Joey Langford -- Head of the uniform agents at The White House


Lt. Hanson -- Capt. Langford's Assistant


Harold Peterson -- Uniform Agent


Sam Martin -- Communications Director


Mitchell Waters -- gay rights activist


CPL Darrin Green -- Stationed at the Residence Door


Dr. Neil -- Neurologist


Dr. Andrews -- Emergency Psychiatrist at Georgetown Medical Center


Judge David Wheeler -- Jake's Father -- Lives in Georgetown


Lois Wheeler -- Jake's stepmother


Jake Wheeler -- Son of Federal Court Judge David Wheeler


Carl Matthews -- Jake's friend


Calvin and Judy Matthews -- Carl's parents


Charles -- The Wheeler's Butler


Brenda Schultz -- Ben's Mother in law


Terry Franklin -- Georgetown Exeter Academy Registrar & Secretary


Mr. James Robinson -- Headmaster Georgetown Exeter Academy


Pete Morgan -- Head of White House Detail


Chip Dawkins - young reporter


Scott Briggs -- old jerk reporter Atlanta Constitutional (aka Donald Blair)


Allan Crestwell -- Chicago Tribune


Vivian Franks -- Special Agent Originally assigned to Bennie


Nate Hill -- Homophobic Secret Service agent (aka Mark Hall)


Byron Tibbs -- Director Secret Service


Carla Shultz -- Ben's Sister in law


Agent Morris


Russell Mathews -- Chase's Dad


Chase Mathews -- Son of Russell Mathews


Jason Rivers -- Councilman and partner of Russell Mathews


Judge Walter O'Malley -- Divorce Court Judge


Brian Simms -- Special Agent FBI


Clark Leeds -- Special Agent FBI


Harry Minor -- Special Agent Secret Service


Officer Curt Poole -- Assigned to the Back Gate -- Ret. US Navy


Officer Don Chambers -- Driving marked Secret Service cruiser


Officer Fred Grant -- Now on the back gate


Mr. Kevin Clark -- Secretary of the Navy


NCIS Agents


Special Agent in Charge Dustin (Dusty) Moore


Special Agent Marshall Ellis


Special Agent -- J.R. Carl


Agent DJ Forrester -- MI5


Woody Gregory -- Director NCIS


Dr. Sergio Valez -- Medical Examiner