The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 1


I had just got home after another hectic day at the office. I'm Rich Mason better known as Ace. With 2 weeks to go before the Presidential election, I'd been given my first assignment protecting someone.


I'd spent 20 years in the US Air Force. I enlisted right out of college after earning a master's degree in criminal justice in 4 years. I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and assigned to the AP's (Air Police). After being promoted to captain I was transferred to Andrews Air Force Base. It was then I got my first taste of what high security really meant. All of the Presidential planes were kept at there and I was in command of that special detachment.


Over time I'd gotten to talk with a number of Secret Service Agents and thought this wouldn't be a bad job after I retired. When I had about a year to go before hitting 20, I started the application process. I'd been told getting in to see Fort Knox would be easier than getting hired with the Secret Service and they weren't that far from the truth. 3 months before I was to retire I received a letter informing me I'd been hired. That was 4 years ago.


I woke up the next morning and met the rest of the team at Andrews for the flight to Madison which was where we were going to meet up with Republican Presidential Candidate Franklin Waters. If I'd had my choice I'd rather be protecting Benjamin Jacobs, the Democratic Candidate but I had no say in the matter. This team would be the ones who would be with him should he win the election.


Everyone was onboard and we departed on time for the 2 hour flight to Madison, Wisconsin. When we touched down we taxied over to a private terminal where we deplaned and met the agent in charge. When I stepped off I saw a middle aged woman standing there with 2 men standing beside her. One of the men shouted, "Listen up because we don't have much time. My name is Nick Ramsey and this other agent is Billy Maxwell. We'll be with you all in the field. This woman here is Evelyn Morgan and she's the Special Agent in Charge. Everyone here has been handpicked and will continue to be on this detail should Gov. Waters be elected."


Special Agent Morgan took over the briefing. "As you know, Gov. Waters and his wife have children and we will need an agent to be with them. Does anyone wish to volunteer or will I have to assign one of you?"


I'd done my homework and Gov. Waters had 2 children, both teenage girls. I liked being around kids but teenage girls were definitely not for me. It's bad enough when a woman hits that time of the month but add to it how teens are and they can become little bitches real fast.


"I see there are no volunteers so it looks like I'll have to assign someone. Mason, the job is yours."


My heart and stomach just traded places on me. "Yes Ma'am."


She finished her briefing then walked over to me. "Sorry Mason but your file said you were good with children."


How do I get out of this gracefully? "Oh yes ma'am, I enjoy being around kids."


"But girls aren't the gender?"


Oh shit, now what do I do? "No ma'am, that's not true."


The agents were heading over to our waiting vehicles. "Come with me Agent Mason."


"Please call me Ace."


"Very well Ace," She replied as I opened the back door of her Suburban so she could enter. "Ace, I know more about you than you think."


Holy shit, my career is sunk. "Um, what do you mean?"


"Let's see here, you're 41 and look like you're 20 years younger. I also see you're single and never been married."


"So what," I interrupted. "I was in the Air Force for 20 years, that was my first wife and now I'm with the Secret Service flying to lord knows where at any time of the day or night so tell me, what woman would really put up with that?"


That seemed to stop her in her tracks. "Ace, I see how boys gather around you."


"And that's now against the law?" I interrupted again.


"I'm not saying that."


Now I was getting really steamed and it was a good thing the shield was up between the driver and us because I wasn't keeping my voice down. "So what the hell are you saying then?"


"I'm saying you have a gift that cops don't often have."


I had to shake my head because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "But they don't know I'm a cop."


She giggled at that. "Don't under estimate them agent."


We pulled up in front of an elementary school and I got out then held the door for her. Several of the girls started whispering then I heard a wolf whistle. I looked around at where the whistle came from and I saw a group of boys. `Just great, more fuel for the fire.'


"You do realize you're going to need another agent here, don't you?"


Evelyn nodded her head as we went inside the school. "I know, I just have to get another agent here and that is where I'm running into a small problem."


We headed towards the office and met with the principal, Gene Starr. "Good morning, what may I do for you?"


I pulled out my credentials. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason and this is Special Agent Evelyn Morgan, United States Secret Service. I've been assigned to protect the Governor's children."


"Now listen here," Mr. Starr said standing.


Evelyn took a step forward. "No Mr. Starr, you listen. Gov. Waters is a presidential candidate and therefore due protection by the Secret Service. The same holds true for his wife and children."


"I'll not let anyone disrupt this school, do you understand me?"


She went nose to nose with him. "We'll do our job like we're supposed to and anyone who prevents this will find themselves under arrest and you could be the first, do you understand me?"


Starr dropped into his chair then slumped down. "What do you need?"


Evelyn stepped back then I took over. "I'll need both of their schedules for starters. Another agent will be here as soon as possible."


About that time, both our cell phones went off. We looked at each other then stepped outside, "Mason."


I heard Evelyn's voice then another male voice. "We have a situation here."


Evelyn took over. "What's the problem sir?"


I listened as Director Tibbs spelled it out. "Vivian Franks has come down with a case of appendicitis and she's on her way to the hospital as we speak."


"Who's Special Agent Franks?" Evelyn asked shrugging her shoulders to me.


"She was assigned to protect Gov. Jacob's son."


My heart skipped a beat as I saw Evelyn looking at me. "I have the perfect agent."


"I know you do," The director took over. "I want Billy Maxwell."


Now my heart sunk. Evelyn covered her mouthpiece then looked me in the eye. "Close your phone and go outside."


"B b but..." I stammered.


She pointed towards the front door then mouthed, "Go."


I closed my phone then shuffled outside. When the door closed, I looked back and saw her staring at me. I looked down then walked away like a lost little boy.


Inside Evelyn was going at it with the Director. "Byron, Maxwell's not the person you want."


"Yes he is Evelyn," The Director shot back. "He's an experienced agent and he's been with the service over 14 years."


"Exactly," She retorted. "Maxwell's pushing 60."


"I know," Tibbs replied. "He's not on the front line running alongside the Presidential Limousine."


"He might as well be Byron. The Governor's son is a teenager. I've done my homework too. The boy is active and Maxwell just isn't capable of keeping up with him."


"Alright Evelyn, you said you had the perfect agent. Who are you recommending?"




"Mason?" Tibbs shot back. "He's green. This was his first protection assignment."


"Exactly Byron, he was going to be on the detail with Gov. Waters' daughters. Mason's new on protecting, that's true, but he has 1 thing not Maxwell or any other agent has that I've ever seen and that's the ability to earn a kid's trust and earn it quickly. Gov. Jacobs is 6 points up on Gov. Waters and he's favored to be our next President. There's no way Maxwell will be with the service another 4 years. If you want an agent that will protect that boy, Mason's the one."


"OK Evelyn, you're not next in line for this chair by chance, you've earned it so I'll trust your judgment. But just so you know, there will be eyes on him at all times."


"Wait just a minute Byron, what's the sense in having Mason assigned to the boy if you're going to have a gaggle of other agents smothering him. And here is another thing; you'll have the boy up in arms."


"Big deal, no kid tells us how to do things."


"Really, you better think again. If Ben Jr. talks to the Governor, you'll be losing a few pounds of your backside. Let Mason do his job. I have a good feeling about this, Byron. I see a good future for him here."


"I hope you're right because once the new President is sworn in, I'm retiring."


"What," Evelyn hollered. "You said 2 more years."


Byron giggled. "I moved my timetable up so you'll be warming this seat on the 21st."


"Look, I have to get Mason on a flight to California. Who's in charge out there?"


"Nate Hill is the Special Agent in Charge. I'll see to it he meets Mason in Sacramento."


"Thanks Byron and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.


I was outside walking around kicking stones totally lost.  "Ace, get your ass over here."


I looked up and saw Evelyn waving at me walking over. I went and met her, "What's up?"


"I have my neck stuck out a mile."


Once again my heart and stomach traded places. "You had to sell me to the Director?"


"You can say that," She said smiling. "But I sense a great future here and I've never seen this with any other agent. Get your bags and load up, you're off to California. Special Agent Nate Hill is in charge and he'll be meeting you when you land."


I couldn't believe this. I have the chance of a lifetime and could be protecting the President's son. "Thanks Evelyn for this chance."


"Don't screw it up or I'll be kicking your butt all the way to an Embassy in Iceland."


I grabbed my bag and trotted out to the plane and got on board. Evelyn stuck her head into the plane just as I closed the overhead bin. "Hey, what did you mean you'll be kicking my but to Iceland?"


"Like I said, I have my neck on the line for you Ace. Just be yourself and keep the Governor's son safe."


The pilot came on board then closed the door. Evelyn walked well away from the plane then I heard the engines start to whine. I looked out the window and saw Evelyn waving at me then give me the thumbs up. I waved back then felt the plane begin to taxi out to the runway. We were first in line so we slowed, turned and then felt the plane begin to pick up speed so we could lift off into the sky.


I knew my body clock was going to get screwed up so I stretched out and got some sleep because I knew when we landed, I was going to need it. I closed my eyes and the next think I felt was someone shaking me. "Wake up man; we'll be landing in a few minutes."


I stretched my legs then heard the landing gear come down. A few minutes later we touched down in Sacramento then taxied to the terminal. The pilot shut the engines down then I saw the door drop open. I grabbed my gear, walked down the steps then met the agent in charge. "Are you Rich Mason?"


The first thing I noticed was his thick southern accent and a stench from his mouth that could have brought down a concrete wall. "I'm him and please call me Ace."


I couldn't believe this guy has a college education. I thought the only thing he was educated in was cleaning cow patties. I could tell he was sizing me up but he definitely wasn't my type. "Where you from boy?"


Now he just got on my bad side. The next to the last person who called me boy was my father when I was 12. "Virginia and the last person who called me boy had to have his jaw wired shut."


He broke out into a laugh. "You're a feisty one aren't ya? I like you Ace. Grab your gear and toss it into the Suburban."


I loaded my bags in the back, got in the front seat and then we were off. I acted like I didn't know what my assignment was. "Where are we heading?"


"We're off to the Governor's house. You weren't filled in on your assignment?"


Again I played ignorant. "Just a few bits and pieces because they said I had to get here right away. By the way, where are you from?"


I saw him pick up an old coffee cup then spit in it. Oh great, a tobacco chewer. I can handle a smoker but chewers I hate with a passion. "I come from the home of the Crimson Tide. I was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Now, you're here to protect the Governor's kid. There was a woman who was assigned to him but she up and got sick on me."


I thought I'd do a little fishing while we drove. I always carry a voice recorder so I can quickly tape an important note. I slipped my hand into my jacket pocket and started it recording. "What's the Governor like? I can't say I know all that much about him."


He picked up his cup and spit into it then dropped out his chaw. "Governor Benjamin Jacobs, Democratic Presidential Candidate is a widower and to top it off, he's a sorry ass Jew.


Just ducky, he's a redneck tobacco chewer, an anti Semitic and probably a first class homophobic ass to boot. If Gov. Jacobs wins, this is going to be a very long 4 years but I will not turn my back on his son. I was lost in my thoughts when he added, "The only thing that could be worse is if he turned out to be a faggot lover.


Now that made me see red and it was all I could do to keep from telling this red neck son of a bitch off right then and there. "You ain't one of those faggot lovers are ya boy?"


I hated what I was about to say but I wasn't going to have him on my ass. "I spent 20 years in the Air Force so what does that tell you.


He kinda glared at me and that got to me a little. "What the hell are you looking at? You got something against the fact I was in the Air Force?"


This took him off guard. "Uh no Ace, not at all; you guys are out there putting it on the line for us folks here."


Now this got me thinking. If he wasn't in the military then how did he manage to get on with the service? We'd been talking so long the next thing I knew we were pulling into the Governor's residence. There were 2 agents standing a few feet up the drive way so we had to stop and show our credentials. Nate found a place to park then we got out and headed inside so I could meet the Governor and his son. We entered the residence and there were agents milling about. I didn't think this was proper but hay, I'm new at this. I followed him into the kitchen and I saw my charge chowing down on a cheeseburger. Gov. Jacobs stood up and extended his hand to me totally ignoring Nate. "I'm Ben Jacobs and this chow hound is my son Bennie."


I shook his hand and got a warm feeling inside. "It's nice to meet you Governor."


I reached my hand out to Bennie. "How's the burger chief?"


I got a huge grin then he shook my hand without wiping the condiments off first. "The burger is great, you want one?"


"Mason, you don't have time for that."


The Governor was now standing by the counter taking a plate and glass down from the cabinet. "Nonsense Agent Hill, Agent Mason needs to eat to keep his strength up. Pull up a chair agent and sit down."


I could see that that didn't go over well at all as Hill just stormed out of the kitchen. I grabbed a napkin and wiped my hand. "Please sir, call me Ace and that goes for you too Bennie."


I got that electric smile of his again. "Do you really mean that? The last guard I had made me call her Trooper."


"I never say anything I don't mean kiddo. I'll be with you 24/7 for the next 2 weeks and maybe even for the next 4 years, provided you still want me, so the one thing we're going to have to be is friends. Do you think you can handle that?"


He'd just shoved several fries into his mouth so all I got was a head bob. "Ace, I don't know how you did it but you're the first person who had got Bennie here to relax. In fact, you're the first agent he's ever smiled to."


Bennie tapped my foot with his so I looked over at him. "Ace, is there something you can do about Agent Hill?"


"What do you mean son?" I asked then immediately regretted saying that. "Sir, please forgive me. I wasn't trying to..."


Ben put his hand on my shoulder. "Relax Ace; I know how you meant that. It was merely a figure of speech."


Bennie giggled at me trying to tap dance around my tongue. "I mean can you keep him out of my room? He's always going through it especially my computer."


I thought for a minute. "I think I can stop him from snooping on your computer. As for the rest of your room, I can put a padlock on the door."


"He'd just pick it and go snooping."


I smiled then winked at the boy. "I have a few locks he wouldn't be able to pick."


"Really," Bennie almost shouted. "Can you put one on my door?"


I looked over to the Governor, "If it's alright with your Dad."


The Governor smiled nodding his head then Bennie surprised me and I think his Dad too when he jumped up and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Oh thank you Ace, thank you."


Instinctively I returned the hug then realized what I was doing. I was about to say something when Ben shook his head but I could not remain silent. "I'm sorry sir."


Bennie sat on my lap as Ben spoke. "Don't be Ace. I don't know how you did it but in less than 30 minutes you brought Bennie out of his shell. If I win, it's going to be a very long first term and I don't want Bennie closed up tight as a clam."


He was about to go on when we heard Nate come in and Bennie hurried back to his chair. He glared at me and that was something I noticed Ben had seen too. "I hope I'm not disturbing anything but Mason you're needed out here with the rest of us for a briefing."


He turned and left with a definite attitude. Before I could move, Bennie was back on my lap. "After your meeting, I'll show you where your room is."


"Huh," I said being taken completely off guard."


Ben nodded his head. "That's right Ace, since you're assigned to protect Bennie, your room has to be close to his."


"Uh huh," Bennie giggled. "In fact, we share the same bathroom. I'll show you where it is after your meeting."


Just then Nate did what I considered to be a huge screw up. "Mason, get your sorry ass in here NOW!


Bennie jumped up and I quickly left the kitchen to find the others. As soon as I walked in Hill mouthed off in front of the other agents. "Well, look who made it to our MANDATORY afternoon briefing. I hope I didn't disturb your lunch.


This brought a round of laughs from a few of the other agents. Once the room got quiet he began his briefing. As soon as he was done, he looked at me. "You have the 4 to midnight watch outside walking the perimeter. There is an empty room off the kitchen with the door unlocked. Get your gear and get it stowed then be in the uniform of the evening ready to relieve Agent Davis."


"Are you sure about that? According to the regulations I'm supposed to be..."


"Shut your mouth now boy. You can take those regulations and wipe your ass with them for all I care. I'm in charge and I make the assignments, you hear that?"


I was about to speak again when Gov. Jacobs coughed. "Agent Hill, Agent Mason may I see you both in the kitchen please? The rest of you can go about your duties."


I thought Nate was going to jump out of his skin. Gov. Jacobs turned and went down the hall and Nate was on his heels. Judging by the look on his face I thought he was going to try to light into the Governor.


I followed Hill into the kitchen then the Governor turned, looked at us then started talking before Nate and I had stopped walking. I also noticed Bennie was still sitting in his chair. "Agent Hill, I will not tolerate the use of profanity around me or my son. Your comment towards Agent Mason was totally out of line and definitely unprofessional and that WILL NOT ever happen again. Do I make myself clear?


I looked over at him and I could tell he was doing a slow boil. He looked at Bennie and was staring at him not saying a word. "I asked you a question Agent Hill. Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes Governor."


Hill turned and was about to leave when Ben went on. "Agent Mason's room is upstairs but there are someone else's belongings are in there. Would you happen to know whose they are?"


"They're mine Governor. I'm the Agent in Charge so I have to be in the main house."


"There are rooms next to the kitchen, you may use one of those but Agent Mason will have the guest room on the second floor. Now, I have a speech to give tonight and my son isn't going so Agent Mason will be with him."


Hill knew he was beat. "Very well Governor, your request will be carried out. I'll move my things right away."


That night Hill was out with the Governor which gave me the opportunity to install a lock on Bennie's bedroom door. When I finished the job he gave me a high five. "What about your door Ace?"


He had a point. "I can put one on your bathroom door."


He shook his head. "Sometimes I get bad dreams and, and..."


"You need someone?"


He nodded his head. "Un huh, would you mind?"


I smiled then ruffled his hair. "Not at all kiddo, I'm flattered you'd consider me."


I got a lock installed on my door then we went to their family room and watched a little television until the Governor returned. We lost track of time watching an action movie on the tube when I heard him coming down the hall then stop at the family room. Bennie had stretched out on the sofa the fell asleep and I was in an easy chair. "Good evening Governor, how did the speech go?"


"It went very well. I think we scored a lot of points and it should help me carry California. It's been a long day and I'm tired. Can you carry Bennie upstairs and get him into bed?"


Just then Hill was standing beside Ben shooting daggers at me. I had a job to do and I wasn't going to let Nate Hill interfere with it. I stood up and went over to the couch. "Yes sir, I'll get your son upstairs."


I picked the sleeping boy up and headed towards the stairs, walking past Hill. His eyes were still on me the whole time but I didn't let it get to me. I got him into his bed then undressed him down to his underwear. I covered him up then retired for the night.


To be continued