The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 10


A few minutes later a man rolled a tray in then set our covered plates in front of us. Bennie didn't wait and lifted his. "Wow, fried chicken and fries."


Ben smiled at him. "Since I ruined dinner upstairs I figured I'd make it up to you here."


We ate our dinner then Ben had to return to The Oval Office. Bennie gave his Dad a hug then we went down to the Secret Service office. When we got there, looked inside the office but no one was there. I pulled out my cell and called Johnny. "Johnny, where are you?"


"I'm out by my car."


I couldn't understand why but what the heck. "OK buddy, we're on our way."


I headed for the door and Bennie was right behind me. "Where are we going Ace?"


"Johnny is outside and wants to talk to me."


We went outside and headed for the agent's parking lot. Johnny was standing over by his car then saw us and started waving. As we got closer, a huge dog jumped out. Instinctively I put my arm out and brought Bennie behind me. He saw this and smiled. "It's OK Ace, he won't hurt you."


Johnny walked towards us and the animal stayed at his right side. "What's wrong buddy?"


He came up to us and the animal sat without being told. "It's Tonka. My landlord won't let me keep him."


Bennie stepped out from behind me and Tonka's tail started wagging nonstop. "What kind of dog is he Johnny?"


Johnny reached down and petted him. "He's half shepherd half wolf."


"Half wolf?" I ask surprised.


Just then Tonka walked over and sniffed Bennie. Bennie stood still then eased the back of his hand out so the dog could smell it. There were so many questions I had but I couldn't take my eyes off the dog and Bennie. "Ace, he won't hurt Bennie."


During all this, my hand had eased up towards my weapon and I didn't even realize it. The dog licked Bennie's hand then Bennie started scratching him behind the ears. Tonka stood and started wagging his tail as my hand returned to my side. "Johnny, where did he used to live?" Bennie asked as he continued to scratch the dog.


"He lived with my brother on the reservation."


"Reservation," Bennie asked. "Johnny, I don't want to sound rude..."


Johnny laughed. "Bennie, you could never be rude. To answer your question, I'm full blooded Navajo. My brother lived outside Phoenix in my parent's home."


I caught something he'd said. "He lived there Johnny? What happened to him?"


"He died in a traffic accident."


I put my arm around his shoulder. "Johnny, why didn't you tell us? You needed to be at his funeral."


Johnny shook his head. "No Ace, it's a long story but let's just say he and I grew apart when I chose to take a job with the service."


"But you never lost your heritage did you Johnny?" Bennie asked.


He shook his head. "No Bennie; that I never did. Tonka was given to me as a pup. I raised him while I was in college but when I went to graduate school I couldn't bring him. I don't want to put him down."


"No Johnny," Bennie shouted as he hugged the dog.


"It's not fair to keep him caged up."


"What did your brother do Johnny?" I asked. "He worked didn't he?"


Johnny nodded his head. "Yeah he worked."


I scratched my head. "Did he stay outside during the day?"


Johnny shook his head. "No, Tonka stayed inside. I know what you're thinking. He never once made a mess. Jimmy would take him out before he went to work and as soon as he got home, he let him out."


Tonka was now lying on the ground and Bennie was doting over him. He had to stand up and stretch then Tonka stood putting his paws on Bennie's shoulders. He licked his face and I heard Bennie yelp. Tonka started licking his ear as Johnny shouted, "Tonka down."


I looked at his ear and there was a small drop of blood on his ear lobe. Tonka went over and nuzzled Bennie's hand and sat. "Bennie, are you alright?"


He rubbed his ear and wiped the blood off. "Yeah Ace, I'm fine. Don't be mad at him Johnny; I don't think he meant to nip me."


Just then a voice yelled. "What the hell is going on out here?"


Tonka heard the shout and immediately turned and watched as the figure got closer. He started a low throaty growl and when he got within about five feet of us, Tonka started bearing his teeth. "Morgan shut up."


"What's that animal doing on the grounds?"


Tonka's fur was almost standing on end as Pete kept walking closer. Tonka then sounded off causing Pete to stop dead in his tracks. "Johnny is showing Bennie his dog. Now, if you think you can make him leave, be my guest."


"Mason, you know dogs aren't allowed on the grounds."


"Not even if the dog belongs to The President's son?" I replied with a smirk on my face.


Morgan took at step closer and Tonka stood growling with bared teeth. "You know that mutt doesn't belong to him."


Bennie stepped up. "He will when I ask my Dad. Now leave, I don't need you here."


Morgan turned and walked away then Tonka relaxed. I turned around and Johnny was shaking his head. "If I hadn't of seen it, I'd have never believed it."


I looked at him. "Huh, what are you talking about?"


"Tonka is Bennie's guardian."


"He's my what?" Bennie asked.


"Your guardian Bennie," Johnny started. "When he bit you, he bonded with you. Wolves do that in the wild."


"Yeah Johnny, but isn't that between a male and female prior to mating?


"It is Ace," Johnny replied. "But we also have a ritual when a Dine* and an outsider become blood brothers. Tonka in his own way did that to Bennie."


I looked at Tonka then back to Johnny. "You know I'm Bennie's bodyguard, how's he going to take to me being around him? What will happen if I have to put my hand on him because of a threat?"


Johnny stood there thinking. "I don't know Ace."


Bennie came over and put his arms around me causing Tonka to whine. "He protects me too, boy."


Tonka looked up as if he understood what Bennie just said. He sniffed my hand then I scratched his nose as I leaned close to Bennie's ear. "What happens when we're in bed?"


Tonka's head was turning as Bennie and I talked softly. "I don't know," Bennie said as he knelt down. "If Dad let's me keep you, you're gonna have to share me."


Just then he stood up and put his paws on my shoulders. "Ah Johnny, is he going to do what I think he is?"


I wasn't sure what to do. If I tried to ease him down he might snap at me and I wasn't about to put my hands around his throat. I looked over at Johnny and I could tell he wasn't totally sure either. "I don't know Ace. This is the first time I've ever seen him act like this."


I turned my head and we were staring each other in the eyes. I looked at him for several seconds and it was if he was looking into my soul. Finally he licked my face then came down off my shoulders. "When Bennie's in school, would he listen to me?"


Johnny was about to answer when Tonka pawed at my leg then barked several times. Bennie giggled at the dog's actions. "Uh, I think that was his way of saying yes."


The temperature was starting to drop and Bennie and I weren't really dressed for the night air. "Johnny, we'll talk to the President and see what he says. I hope he takes to him because Bennie is, after all, his son."


Johnny patted Tonka. "I think he'll do just what he did to you."


I reached down and scratched the dog's head. "For his sake I do hope so. We'll see you tomorrow."


Johnny headed for his car as Bennie and I went back into The West Wing then to the residence. "Do you really think Dad will let me keep him?"


At first glance, Tonka is a menacing sight. No one in their right mind would ever what to tangle with him. His breeding would be the tough selling point because there had been reported attacks of owners who had these hybrids. "I don't know love. Tonka proved to me that he'll protect you whether or not I'm there. The only thing is how will he take to your Dad?"


Just then, something else just hit Bennie. "Oh God baby, I clean forgot about Gloria. I hope she isn't afraid of him."


"Now that could be a problem love. But I do know that nothing, hardly ever freaks her out."


Bennie came over and wrapped his arms around me. "I've never had a pet before and at first I wasn't going to say anything until Johnny said he would have to put him down."


I kissed him on the head. "Baby, I think I know Johnny well enough that he would do that only as the absolute last resort."


Bennie cheered up when I told him that. I also wanted to call Ed to see if the director would allow us to look in Nate's personnel file but someone else had something on his mind. Bennie came over wrapping his arms around me and gave me a hug. He then put his hand on my dick and started squeezing it gently. He reached up and took me by the hand leading me towards my room. He helped me get undressed in between the times he was playing with my dick. He turned the water on while I was taking a leak. Before I got into the shower, Bennie looked up at me, "Are you still serious about wanting me to love you?"


I pulled him close to me and held him as I rubbed his back "You know I am love."


"OK then, after I get my shower there is one more thing we'll need to do."


This got my curiosity up. "What did you have in mind?"


He started stripping then he wiggled his butt at me. "What do you think?"


He let his undies drop to the floor then he turned around with his dick pointing at me. I dropped my undies just as Bennie jumped up into my arms. I wrapped my arms under his butt as he sat on them then started kissing me. He broke the kiss the wiggled his butt in my arms. "OK horn dog, I get the message. You want me to give this some attention."


I set him on his feet then we got into the shower. We stood under the warm water hugging each other and I was trying to decide who washes who first. I decided to wash Bennie first so I got him clean in record time. "Man, you didn't spend much time washing my dick lover."


I popped him on his butt causing him to squeal and giggle. He started to stroke my dick with his lathered hand but I wasn't going to blast off in here. "I got your dick clean and mine is clean too. Now, stop washing mine because I don't want to explode in here."


"Am I giving you a problem baby?" Bennie asked in a sexy tone.


I removed his hand then rinsed off. Bennie pouted then followed suit. He turned off the water then we got out of the shower and started drying off. I closed the lid on the toilet then sat down so I could dry my feet.


Bennie had his back to me so I started drying that then started working my way down towards those beautiful fleshy globes. I skipped his butt momentarily to dry his legs then returned drying and caressing each one until I could hear my love softly purring. I hung the towels up then led him by the hand into the bedroom. I pulled the covers down but in doing so I caused the pillows to flip up. Hidden under them was Bennie's love toy. I just wiggled my eyebrows then went around to the other side and climbed in.


The light from the bathroom gave the room a soft glow so we both could see what we needed too. I was about to roll over onto my side and take Bennie into my arms but instead I had him lying on my chest. He kissed me then started grinding his pelvis into mine.


I was feeling a little wetness and I knew who that was coming from. I didn't want my hair trigger lover blowing in between us so I wrapped my arms around him and we rolled onto our sides. Once again, Bennie was all over me so I decided to let him play the dominant role.


He brought my hand in between his legs so I gently started massaging his nether region. I heard him moan so I went down and licked each nipple over and over. I started sliding my hand up so I could caress his balls when I felt him tap my hand with his toy. I looked at his dick and I could tell he was close to blowing a nut so I'd let him shoot now then he could really take his time making love to me.


I took his toy then slid down to where I could see that fantastic ass of his. I slid my hands down his chest then brought them around where I could cup each cheek. I started massaging them and right away, Bennie lifted his legs so I could have access to his hole. I began to massage his cheeks then I lifted my head up and licked the precum off the head of his dick. "Baby don't tease me like this."


I ran my tongue down the shaft then suckled his balls. I saw his pucker opening and closing so I went down and got it nice and wet. "Relax now love." I said as I gently inserted his love toy.


Bennie was not one for patience so he reached back and slid it in further then turned it on. As soon as he did, his dick started twitching so I quickly devoured it and began sucking. Bennie started moving the dildo in and out of his hole as I worked to empty his balls. I started rubbing his balls then he let out a groan. "Oh shit I'm cuming."


Those words were an understatement. He filled my mouth three times and I swallowed his nectar as if it was my last meal. Bennie kept working the toy in and out so fast I had to remove his hand. As his dick stopped spurting, I removed the vibrator and turned it off. I eased up and took my lover into my arms and held him as he came back to Earth then kissed him gently. "Baby that was some load you gave me."


"After the way you teased the hell out of me, what did you expect?"


He turned his head towards me so I gently kissed him. He tasted the remnants of his juice on my lips then he opened his mouth. We tongue wrestled for several minutes when I felt a soft hand on my leaking tool. He then started running his fingers lightly over my balls then down my nether region. "Now who's teasing who baby?"


He wiggled his eyebrows at me as I saw him take his middle finger and seductively start to suck on it. He slowly pulled it out so I brought my legs up so he could find his target. He brushed his finger across my hole so I relaxed and bore down a little. He felt this then I felt his middle finger start to go in. I closed my eyes as he gently slid in then gasped when he hit my prostate. "Now it's my turn to tease you."


Bennie kept his finger in me then started to lick on my dick and balls. He blew across the head of my dick causing it to jump then he took it into his mouth. He started sucking it and putting the tip of his tongue into my piss slit. That was a major turn-on for me and he knew it. Bennie was a master manipulator. He'd pull his finger out and tickle my hole, suck on my balls but never let me shoot. My balls were drawn up tight and starting to ache. "Damn baby come on and let me shoot."


He cocked his head and looked at me. "You're mine now lover."


He sat up and took out the lube from the bed stand on his side. He got some on his fingers then rubbed it around my hole. I relaxed and this time he put two fingers in me. I loved my ass being played with as much as Bennie does so I can see why he wants me to make love to him.


He was working his fingers in and out then after several minutes he added a third finger. I was so hot with all this I was moaning. "Come on lover, put it in. I need you inside me now."


He cocked his head again and I thought he was going to continue to tease me but instead, he slid his fingers out giving me an empty feeling. He shifted his position which allowed me room to spread my legs. I watched as he lubed his dick then I raised my legs so he could have access to my back door. He scooted up so he could line his dick up then I rested my legs on his shoulders. I felt him make contact with my hole so I just relaxed. "Here is comes love."


I was so hot I reached out and grabbed Bennie by the hips and pulled his hips in driving his dick in to the hilt. It's a good thing little Bennie was well lubed because I quickly felt his pubes against my cheeks and his head hit my prostate causing me to moan. Bennie froze. "It's alright lover, give it to me."


He didn't need to be told twice. He started giving me long hard strokes each time hitting my prostate. My dick was leaking like a garden hose and I needed to cum in the worst way so I began jacking it. I could see Bennie's breathing begin to speed up so I knew he wouldn't be lasting too much longer. I tried to slow down so we could shoot together but my trigger fired before my lover. As I shot, my ass clamped down onto Bennie's tool. "I can't hold it love."


"Do it baby, fill me with your seed."


That was all he needed as I felt him fill me. I felt four big blasts bathe the walls of my chute as I released my load. I saw Bennie's arms start to shake so I reached up and held him under his arms then eased him onto my chest. "Baby, that was so wonderful."


He was looking at me so I brought his head down and kissed him passionately. He rested his head on my chest then I felt it getting wet. "What's wrong baby?"


He didn't answer right away. "I can't describe it. I feel we've joined together."


I caressed his head with one hand and rubbed his back with the other. "We have darling."


He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes. "Not totally, I still want you to make love to me. It's only then we can truly be one."


He's not going to let up. "Lover that will happen."


"When?" Bennie asked frustrated.


"When I feel your hole can handle it," I replied knowing I wouldn't be able to get it up for several hours. "I'm not that much longer than you are but I'm bigger around and that's where the issue is."


"You know I can take the vibrator without any problems."


"Yes you can sweetie," I answered. "But your toy isn't as big around. Now, we will start working on it but I'm not going to force it. The last thing I want is to injure or hurt you in any way."


"But love..." Bennie started but I put my finger on his lips.


"No buts sweetie. I won't hurt you, I love you too much. We'll work on getting your hole stretched."


Bennie finally gave in and just soaked up my caresses. I felt Bennie's deflated dick slip out of me so I used my muscles to close my hole. I also knew we were both going to need to get washed up. I held onto him tight as I rolled onto my side then sat up still holding onto my lover. Once we were in the bathroom, I started the water running then sat on the toilet so I could evacuate Bennie's earlier deposit. Once I was empty, I got cleaned up then we got back into bed and drifted off to sleep.


I woke up before Bennie so I emptied my bladder then grabbed a shower. When I came back into the bedroom I noticed it reeked from last night's love making. I had some neutralizer so I sprayed it away from my baby and it seemed to work. I got dressed then headed for the most important stop of the morning, the dining room and the coffee urn. When I walked in I was surprised to see Ben up. "Good morning Ben."


He finished his coffee then fixed another cup. "Morning Ace, was Bennie alright last night? I know having that meeting spring up at the last minute took the wind from his sails."


"Oh yes he was fine." I replied sitting down at the table. "Is there anything on tap for you today?"


Ben took a sip of his coffee then I heard someone trying to enter the residence from the west entrance. I stuck my head out and looked down the hall then looked back at Ben. "Let him in Ace," Ben said with an exasperated look on his face.


"I think you should set some ground rules Sir," I said heading towards the door.


I saw Isaac standing there with an impatient look on his face. As soon as I open the door he bulled past me. "Where is he?"


"Excuse me?" I ask not appreciating his attitude.


"I didn't stutter Agent Mason," He snapped back. "Where is The President?"


"That's better," I replied as I walked past. "He's in the dining room."


I walked in and picked up my coffee cup and chugged the rest down quickly then refilled it. Isaac looked at me. "Can you excuse us?"


"Ace can stay," Ben said in a stern voice.


"But sir, we have to go over the amendment for the budget for your meeting this afternoon."


"Isaac, it's 7:30 on a Sunday morning. I haven't even had my breakfast yet and you're banging on the door about a lunch meeting?"


Isaac stood there shocked. "I have a lot to go over with you sir."


Ben got up and walked over to the coffee urn. "You mean to tell me it's going to take 4 hours?"


Isaac dropped his organizer on the table. "I just want you prepared Sir."


Ben filled his cup then took a sip. "How long did you have my ear last night after my meeting?"


I refilled my cup and saw the look on Isaac's face. He was flustered and it showed. "Well, it was about 90 minutes."


"That's right," Ben said looking at his Chief of Staff. "I have all the notes you gave me in my office. Now, what's changed since then?"


"Ah well Sir," He started. "Nothing really but..."


"But what Isaac?" Ben interrupted looking him square in the eyes.


"Well Sir, you have been a little distracted."


"Distracted," Ben shouted.


"Yes, yesterday afternoon you left." Isaac started.


"That's just enough." Ben screamed. "Now, you'll answer my questions. What was on my schedule yesterday?"


"A light work session on the amendment," Isaac answered.


"What else?" Ben fired.


"Um nothing," Isaac said weakly.


"That's right until you chose to accept that meeting with several House members that wasn't really necessary."


"I thought you would want to make your stance known to them Sir."


"Isaac, I don't need you to make my stance for me. Is that understood?" Ben said through clenched teeth.


"If you're not happy with my work."


Ben slammed his hand on the table. "Cut it out Isaac. You tried this when I made Governor and I had to set the ground rules and now you're trying to do it again. Effective immediately, from 9PM until 8AM if you need to see me, you call my private line in the residence. You know good and well that in emergencies I've never denied you access to me. Is this understood?"


"As you wish Sir," Isaac said defeated.


"I will see you at 10:30 for a briefing before the lunch meeting if there is nothing else."


"No Sir," Isaac said as he turned and left.


"Make sure the door is still locked Ace." Ben said as I followed Isaac and made sure the door was still locked.


I returned to the dining room and looked at Ben. "If I might speak freely Sir?"


"Go ahead Ace." He replied.


"I know this isn't an area I know a whole lot about but don't you think you were a little hard on him?"


Ben shook his head. "Not at all Ace, he's my Chief of Staff and basically my right hand man. He knows not to make appointments unless it's an absolute necessity without consulting me. When I come up here at the end of the day after business is finished, it's my time. What he did yesterday wasn't necessary. Now, why don't you see if lazy bones is up so we can eat."


I went into my room and Bennie was up and dressed. I saw him sitting on my bed lost in thought. I kissed him on the cheek as I sat down beside him. "What's up love?"


He sat there in silence for several minutes then I lifted his chin up with my finger and looked into his eyes. "What was Dad upset about?"


"Well, he was upset with Isaac." I answered not giving any details.


"What about?"


I shook my head. "White House business love."


"But he was yelling." Bennie said softly.


"Yes he was love," I said kissing his head and sliding him onto my lap. "Your Dad was ticked and he had every right to be. I just hope I don't ever do something to make him that mad."


"I've just never heard him yell like that before."


"I don't think he knew just how loud he was shouting baby," I said trying to reassure him. "Are you ready for breakfast?"


He nodded his head and got off my lap so I could get up. Just before we got to the door he stopped. "Ace, what about Tonka? Do you think Dad will let me keep him?"


With all that happened earlier, that totally slipped my mind. I hoped Isaac hadn't spoiled this for Bennie. "I think when he sees how you two get along, I can't see why he wouldn't."


We headed out and I smelt biscuits. Right away, my stomach started growling and my mouth began to water. We went into the dining room just as Gloria had put a plate full of fresh biscuits on the table. "Come on Senor Ace and get one while they're hot. That goes for you too Bennie."


Bennie gave Ben a hug as Gloria went back into the kitchen and brought Bennie a glass of orange juice. "Thanks Gloria, are you doing omelets today?"


"Sausage and extra cheese?"


Bennie nodded his head. "You always know Gloria."


I fixed myself a biscuit then got another cup of coffee. Ben looked over at Bennie. "Son, I hope my yelling didn't wake you."


"It's alright Dad," He started. "I was awake."


Ben reached over and rubbed his hand. "Well, I am sorry."


Just then, Gloria came in with Ben and Bennie's breakfast as I reached for another biscuit. "Senor Ace, what do you want?"


I finished buttering my biscuit then looked up at her. "I'm making a meal out of these. Would there happen to be any more?"


She smiled at me. "Si, Senor Ace, anything for you."


"You're spoiling me Gloria."


She laughed as she went back into the kitchen. I watched as Bennie devoured his omelet then he looked at Ben. "Um Dad, Johnny has a problem and well, I kinda want to help him."


Ben had a confused look on his face. "Johnny? Is this another friend from school?"


He shook his head, "No, Agent Hawks. His landlord is mean."


Bennie was talking in riddles as he tried to come out and tell Ben what he wanted to. "Son, just spit it out."


Bennie still seemed stuck so I thought I'd help him out. "Well Ben, what Bennie's trying to say is Johnny Hawks has a dog that he helped to raise before he left for college. He was living with his brother until he died a couple of days ago. One of Johnny's relatives had the dog sent out to Johnny because he's the only family left. The problem is his landlord."


Bennie was nodding his head now. "Yeah Dad, Ace and I met him last night. He's beautiful and he likes me too."


"I know a lot of apartments don't allow pets so I guess we can take a look at him."


`I hope he doesn't faint when he sees him.' I thought to myself as I finished off my biscuit.


After I'd stuffed myself silly Bennie was raring to see Johnny. "Ace, can you find out if Johnny is here?"


I nodded my head then called down to the agent's room in The West Wing. "Secret Service Office, Agent Hawks speaking."


"Morning my friend," I started in a chipper mood. "How are things in the West Wing?"


"Same ole, same ole," Johnny replies. "Did Bennie talk with his Dad?"


"Yeah he did. Ben thinks Tonka is a small dog."


"Oh great," Johnny said fighting back a laugh. "I hope he doesn't freak out when he sees Tonka for himself."


"Let's hope when he sees how they interact that will relieve his worries."


"We can only hope Johnny. I'll call you when we're on our way down."


I closed my phone and Bennie was chomping at the bit. "I take it by the call he's in?"


"Yes love, Johnny is in."


Bennie was off like a shot to find Ben. I heard Bennie's voice down the hall followed by Ben's. Bennie hurried down to me then pulled on my hand. "Come on Ace."


"Hold on love," I said planting my feet so I wasn't going to move. "You're going to need some kind of a coat on, it's pretty chilly outside."


He hurried to the closed and got his ski jacket. I saw Ben come out of his bedroom and he was in pair of dress slacks, button down shirt and a nice sweater. I cocked my head as he got closer. "This is a lunch meeting, not an affair of state."


I had to laugh at the way he said it. "It's also Sunday so I would think if you were wearing jeans they wouldn't say anything."


He shook his head as Bennie came out of the hall closet. "I don't think I could ever be that casual over there."


Bennie handed me my jacket then we were off to the West Wing. I called Johnny to let him know we were on the way and he told me he'd be in the parking lot. It took a few minutes to get over to the West Wing then we went outside. It was all I could do to keep up with Bennie without having to get on him to slow down. As soon as he saw the door, he made a beeline for it and Ben was on him. "Bennie, no running. What have I told you?"


"Sorry Dad, I'm anxious to see Tonka."


Bennie turned and walked the rest of the way to the door. When he stepped outside, he looked for Johnny and he spotted him in a grassy area. As soon as he saw Tonka he took off running. Tonka saw Bennie and he took off to see his friend just as Ben and I stepped outside. Ben saw Tonka. "Ace do something, that's a wolf."


I couldn't get anything past him. "Ben relax, Bennie was right when he said the dog liked him."


When they met Tonka tried stopping but didn't quite make it and Bennie got bowled over then Tonka started licking him in the face. Bennie started laughing. "Tonka, alright fella, you can stop now."


Tonka gave him a final lick then Bennie managed to get up. As we walked over, Ben called out. "Son, are you alright?"


Bennie had that patented smile on his face. "Yeah Dad, I'm fine. Come here and meet Tonka."


I could see the apprehension on Ben's face as I started walking towards the dog. Tonka stood up and put his paws on my shoulders. "What are you..."


Was all I got out when he licked me and Johnny broke out laughing. "He remembers you Ace." Johnny said as he popped Tonka on his rump. "It's alright Mr. President, he won't hurt you."


Ben walked up then stopped as Tonka began to sniff him. He smelled him for a few seconds then went over and smelled Bennie. He put his paws on Ben shoulders and just looked at him. "Tonka down, Bennie commanded. That's my Dad so be nice to him."


The dog got down then sat in front of Ben not moving. "Pet him Mr. President. He knows you and Bennie are related."


"Johnny, is he what I think he is?" Ben asked as he eased his hand out when Tonka licked it and started rubbing his head against it.


Ben instinctively started scratching Tonka as Johnny stepped over. "Yes Mr. President, he's a wolf/shepherd mix. He's been raised around people since he was a little pup."


Bennie came over and knelt beside Tonka. "Johnny, I know dogs can be very protective. What would happen if I had to correct Bennie? Would I have to worry?"


Johnny shook his head. "I was yelled at a few times and Tonka stayed out of it. He also protected the whole family so I don't believe you have anything to worry about. Once he's introduced to people and knows they're part of the household, he'll be fine."


"Dad, he'll love Gloria," Bennie said smiling.


"Oh, how so son?" Ben asked.


"She'll feed him."


"Not so fast son. First thing, if you want a dog he's going to be your responsibility. That includes walking him, feeding and grooming."


"One more thing," I added.


Bennie looked at me. "What?"


"Poop detail when you walk him."


"OK, I'll take care of him and all that goes with it." Bennie relented."


Ben looked at Johnny and scratched Tonka. "It looks like Bennie has a pet."


Johnny looked at Tonka then back to Ben. "Mr. President, Tonka will be more than a pet to him and your family."


Ben and I headed back towards the West Wing when we heard a familiar voice. "Hawks, what the hell did I tell you yesterday about that damn dog?"


We turned and I started walking back to the grassy area. Bennie turned around and Tonka stayed right by his side. "Morgan, you'll have to talk to his new owner now. He's not mine."


He stopped then looked at Bennie. "That beast belongs to you?"


Bennie reached down and scratched Tonka's ear. "He's not a beast and yeah so you better get used to him."


"And if I don't?"


"You don't have a choice," Another voice was heard as I stopped and turned.


"Sis, what are you doing here?" Morgan asked.


"Would you mind telling me just what in the hell you're doing?


"What do you mean?"


"What do I mean?" She fired back. "You're standing out here telling the son of the President he has a beast. Asking him what he'll do if you don't get used to it? Now answer me, just what are you doing?"


Morgan moved and stood in front of his sister. "That's no regular dog. That's a wild animal."


"That's just enough Pete." She says trying to hold her temper.


"What, you're siding..."


"You're suspended." Evelyn said.


Pete turned and stormed off then I walked up. "What are you going to do now Evelyn?


"Pete's position needed to be downsized but I didn't have another place to put him. I was hoping that last chewing out I gave him adjusted his attitude but it didn't."


"Who'll supervise the uniforms here?" I asked as she looked up at me shaking my head.


"There is a uniformed Captain here and he has a fine staff. He handles most of the day to day operations so I don't see that being a problem."


I motioned for Bennie to come on and we headed back to the West Wing. "Mr. President, I'm sorry for Pete's actions."


Ben patted me on the back. "Ace, you have nothing to apologize for. Would you all like some coffee, I'm buying."


"Dad, what about Tonka? I don't think he'd be welcome in the cafeteria."


"Bennie, that's not a problem. Tonka has a bed in our office. Take him for a quick walk so he can take a leak."


Tonka found a tree and did his thing then we dropped him off at the agent's office. We went up to the first floor and Bennie got his credentials while Evelyn and I hung ours on our pockets. We each had coffee while Bennie had hot chocolate.


After Ben left for his lunch meeting the agent on duty in the Secret Service office called Johnny. Tonka was getting antsy so Bennie went down and gave him some attention.


While he was gone I filled Evelyn in on the latest about Nate. We were all frustrated that we just couldn't get a solid lead as to where he was. "Evelyn, I need to look at Nate's confidential employment file."


"Ed called and explained why you needed them so I have them in my briefcase."


"Thanks Evelyn, I just need his direct deposit information. He's got money and I want to know where he's getting it. I also what to know if he is using any of his credit cards."


"I'm ahead of you on that Ace. He withdrew $5,000 from his bank account."


"That's a lot of cash to be carrying around." I said emptying my coffee cup. "Does he have a credit card and if so have there been any charges on it?"


Evelyn shook her head. "No, the last activity was before he was arrested. But it did show his account is paid in full."


"When was the payment made?" I asked as I refilled my cup.


She thought of a moment. "A couple of days after he was arrested."


"That doesn't really mean anything," Johnny said. "He could still pay his bills the old fashioned way."


"Based on what we found on his work computer, he was a total imbecile." Evelyn said causing us all to laugh.


"Did you search his house?" I asked.


"Yeah and found nothing unusual. No computer if that's what you were going to ask next."


"We're right back where we started then. He's got cash, hasn't accessed a bank account since the day he got out and not using his credit card. Someone is giving him money."


"What about family," Johnny asked.


Evelyn shook her head. "Parents died several years ago and he was an only child."


I hated sitting there spinning my wheels. "This is getting us nowhere. I got Ed on the phone. Ed, contact every rental car agency with Nate's description and a copy of the driver's license he gave to Avis."


Evelyn was giggling. "You'd make a good team leader Ace."


"What's up Ace," Ed asked as I held up my hand to Evelyn.


"We're still nowhere on finding Nate. He's not touched his bank account since the day he made bail when he took out five grand in cash. His credit card bill was paid off and that hasn't been touched since."


"Since his car was towed by Silver Spring, he could be in another one already." Ed said. "I'll contact every agency within a 25 mile radius and hope he's not in a new ride."


"Thanks Ed." I said then closed my phone and stared at Evelyn.


"I'm not making fun of you Ace. You're thinking fast on your feet and I like that in an agent. I do see you as a team leader."


"I'm happy with what I'm doing right now." I said as I saw Bennie heading towards us. "What's up Bennie?"


"Nothing, Tonka was lonely so I spent some time with him."


Just then Johnny's expression changed. I turned and looked and Tonka was heading towards us. "Bennie, what's he doing here?"


He turned and looked just as Tonka sat beside him. "Um, I guess he's lonely."


I shook my head. "Bennie, he's not allowed in the cafeteria."


"Why not, dogs are cleaner than people."


Tonka licked my hand. "Technically yes but I hate to say it, he needs a bath because he smells like a dog."


Tonka put his head against Bennie's leg. "You hurt his feelings."


Evelyn was in stitches. "Bennie, Ace is right. He's beautiful but health regulations just don't allow it unless he's a certified service dog."


"OK," Bennie said. "Come on Tonka, this room is off limits."


"I'll see you two later. Evelyn, don't be a stranger here. Johnny, Tonka's in good hands."


He smiled and nodded. "I see that and he's happy. His spirit won't be cramped like it was when he had to spend a lot of time in my car."


Bennie and I went upstairs and introduced Tonka to Gloria. Tonka took right to her but until he licked her hand and just sat beside her, that she was finally convinced he liked her.


At 2, Ben returned from his lunch meeting. We talked for a few minutes then Bennie and Tonka came into the living room. "Ace, can we go outside? It's been a while since Tonka peed."


"Sure love, let me get my jacket and we can go."


I got my jacket then the three of us went outside. Bennie and Tonka headed for a grassy area then started romping and carrying on having a good time. "Ace come on and play with us."


Bennie was running around and Tonka was chasing after him. It was as if Bennie was a little boy again. When I hit the grass I ran towards the pair then Tonka started chasing me. I'd run for a while then stop and played with the dog. I don't know how long we were out here when Tonka made a run for the nearest tree. I glanced over and the duty Marine was watching us and I could tell he was laughing at our antics. I turned around and looked for Bennie and Tonka and they started coming towards me.




All of a sudden I felt like I'd been hit with a baseball bat and that's the last thing I remembered.


To be continued


* Members of the Nation are often known as Navajo but traditionally call themselves Dine (sometimes spelled in English as Dineh) which means "The People" in Navajo.