The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 11




All of a sudden I felt like I'd been hit with a baseball bat and that's the last thing I remembered.


The duty Marine stuck his head inside and shouted to the uniformed agent. "Shots fired, agent down."


The Marine then turned his attention to Bennie who looked at him. "Ace has been shot. You got to help him."


"Help is on the way" The Marine said as he picked Bennie up. "We have to get you inside."


"No," Bennie yelled as Tonka came over to protect his master.


"Son, I have to." The Marine said. "Ace would want this."


The Marine ran back towards The White House and Tonka followed his master.


The next thing I remembered was waking up in a hospital. I looked around and I saw Ed and Evelyn. "Bennie, where is he?"


Evelyn rubbed my shoulder. "Relax Ace, he's safe and sound. He's with Agent Hawks."


"Thank God," I said relaxing a little. "Now, what the hell happened?


Ed looked at me. "Thank God you had your vest on. You were shot in the back. The vest saved you from being killed or paralyzed."


Evelyn looked at me. "For once I'm glad you followed my advice."


"The vest isn't uncomfortable to wear and you can't tell when you have it on." I started. "Ed, did you recover the slug from the vest?"


I didn't like the look on his face. "Yeah we did but it was pretty mangled."


"What caliber was it, 9mm?"


Ed shook his head. "No, it's either a .38 or a .357"


"Just great, no brass," I said getting steamed. "Where's the bullet?"


Ed reached into his pocket and pulled out a small plastic container and wiggled it. "It's right here."


I stuck my hand out and Ed handed me the container. "We're going to have to get this to ATF."


"Why," Ed asked. "That round looks pretty much destroyed."


"Maybe not. There might be enough of the base intact where striations can be seen under a microscope. Hopefully too they'll be able to give us a make and model of the weapon."


"OK, I'll get in touch with the FBI."


"I don't suppose you got the bastard what shot me did you?"


Evelyn shook her head. "No Ace, we didn't"


I looked up at her. "Where was Pete?"


"Ace..." Evelyn started.


"Look, he's been a royal pain ever since Ben and Bennie arrived. He's tried to steamroll over things to the point where you suspended him. I wouldn't put anything past him. Oh, did you happen to get his credentials and weapon?"


"No I didn't but I will. As for where he was, he wasn't seen on the grounds after I told him he was suspended."


"I'm stuck in here and there is a shooter out there." I said frustrated.


Ed got serious. "Ace, relax. Agents are working on this as we speak."


"We need to interview him, Ed. I know you're not liking this too Evelyn."


"You're right I'm not."


"Evelyn, we need to. You know what he's done."


"He's my brother..." She started.


"I know he is. You're not thinking like an agent but like a family member, which is why I'm going to ask that you stay out of this and let us handle it. The best thing you can do is get in touch with him and convince him to surrender to us."


"Surrender?" Evelyn said in amazement. "Do you think he's a suspect?"


"Right now, I don't know what to think. Talking to him is the only way to either exclude him or keep his as a possible suspect."


"I don't like this but how do you want to handle this?" Evelyn asked.


Ed looked at her. "Have him come to The White House and surrender himself to me. From there, I'll interview him."


She nodded her head. "I'll contact him and tell him what he needs to do."


Just then, the door opened and a man in a white coat came in followed by Ben and Bennie. Bennie almost bowled everyone down to get to me. "Ace, you're awake. Are you alright? You scared me half to death."


I took his hand and patted it. "I know kiddo and I sure didn't plan on that happening. I'm going to be OK so try and relax."


Ben came over and eased Bennie back so the doctor could come over. He stepped up to me and extended his hand. "I'm Dr. Neal. I'm your neurologist."


I shook his hand. "How long do I have to stay in here, Doc? I have a lot of work to do."


"You rang your bell pretty good. Your MRI is negative, which is a good sign. How do you feel?"


"My back hurts like I got hit by a truck and my head hurts a little and what's this thing in me?"


"Your back will be sore for about a week but there should be no residual problems. Your head is another matter. You were out for quite a while. You didn't regain consciousness until just before you arrived here. That thing you feel is a Foley catheter and it's letting your bladder empty. Swing your legs over the side of the bed then let your feet touch the floor. Now, I want you to stand up."


I did like he asked then slowly stood up. I stood there for a moment waiting to the room to spin but that didn't happen. "OK, that was easy enough."


Dr. Neal smiled. "I also noticed you took your time too."


I gently nodded my head. "I've had my share of head rushes before and I didn't feel like kissing the floor."


"Why don't you take a few steps around the room?" The doctor asked as he took the bag off the bed rail.


I did like he asked and then forgot Evelyn was still with us. "Nice view."


I quickly reached behind me and closed the flap as I went back to my bed. "OK Doc, did I pass?"


He pointed to the bed so I sat down when he started giving me the once over. "I see a little residual from the concussion but if you move slowly you should be alright. You are not to drive until I've cleared you. I know you are always on duty but not now. You can't protect this young man when you're face down on the ground. Let yourself rest and get over this. I want to see you back here on Thursday. If you follow my instructions, you should be able to return to full duty."


I thought for a moment then held my arm out to Bennie. He came over and I could tell he wasn't too happy. "Look, you heard the Doctor. If I follow his instructions I'll be good to go in a few days."


"But Ace, I know what to expect with you." Bennie said softly.


"I know," I started. "This will be just during school hours. You trust Johnny don't you?"


He looked at him then smiled. "Yeah Ace, he gave me Tonka."


"So how would you feel if he took you to school and stayed with you?"


"If you're at home, it would be alright." Bennie said smiling.


"Well Doc, what's the verdict? Can I get out of this place? It's a nice place to visit but I don't think I'd like to spend time in here."


The doctor looked at Ben. "Mr. President, if he isn't following my orders, have the house physician give me a call."


Ben looked over at me. "Oh, I know someone that can keep him in check and make him behave."


"Oh great, I'm out numbered."


Bennie looked at me with a stern expression on his face. "You'll do like you're told, won't you?"


"I surrender," I said looking at the doctor. "Yes Doctor Neil, I'll take it easy. What work I need to do I can do on my computer and phone."


"Alright, I'll write your discharge orders and have a nurse bring you your instructions that you really need to follow and remove the Foley. If any of you see anything unusual in him, get the house physician to see him right away."


About 20 minutes later a nurse came in with my papers. "Now, where are my clothes?"


Ed looked down. "Well, they had to be cut off of you."


"Oh great, so what do I do, leave in the buff?"


Bennie broke out laughing. "If you go out like that, you're going to get busted."


The nurse set my papers on the table. "I'll get you a set of scrubs but first I have to remove that tube."


She came over and closed the curtain around us. Now I wasn't awake when they put this thing in me but I am now and this doesn't look like something I'm going to enjoy. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and pulled out a big syringe. She put that in a rubber piece and pulled back and some liquid came up into it. She then picked my dick up in one hand and took the tube in her other and started taking it out.


"Hey easy." I said as that thing came sliding out of me.


She tossed that thing into the trash then brought me the scrubs. Bennie helped me into the bathroom so I could change. When we came out there was a wheelchair waiting for me. I knew not to argue so I took the ride out to the limo then we were on our way back to the White House. When we arrived, Ed and Johnny got out and quickly got Ben and Bennie into the residence. Then they came back out and helped me in.


I do have to say that after all that, I was pretty wiped out. I took it easy and stayed in bed for pretty much the rest of the day. Bennie stayed with me and even brought me dinner. After I ate, Bennie helped me get a shower then return to bed. He joined me then we cuddled together and watched TV. I don't remember falling asleep but the next thing I remember was Bennie coming in and giving me a kiss. I opened my eyes and he was dressed in his school clothes. "Hi baby, did you sleep well?"


I still felt beat. "Yeah I did love. I'm sorry; I don't remember zonking out on you."


He sat down on the edge of the bed. "It's OK, you've been through a lot and you needed your rest."


"I guess I did and I still fell tired."


Bennie kissed me again. "Well, go back to sleep. I have to get to school now so I'll see you when I get home."


I gave him a quick hug then he left to go to school. It felt odd not being with him knowing he's off White House grounds. I closed my eyes and dozed for a little while then my bladder told me it was time to get up. I stood up slowly and made it to the bathroom without any problems. After doing my business, I got dressed and went out to the dining room for some coffee. As soon as I stepped into the hall I was greeted by Tonka. He took his nose and pushed it against my hand. "I'm fine boy, let me get some coffee."


He moved out of the way and I got my first cup of liquid wake up. My stomach was growling so I stepped into the kitchen to see if I could find Gloria. "Señor Ace, what are you doing up?"


"I'm alright Gloria. I have to take it easy and not over do but I'm not confined to bed. I was wondering if I could get something to eat."


Gloria fixed me some scrambled eggs and toast then Tonka acted like he needed to go out. I took him down to the first floor and headed towards the door. I looked at him as I opened it. "Make it quick boy."


He ran over to the area where I was shot and found a tree and a Marine came over. "How are you Agent Mason? You gave us quite a scare."


"I'm OK but they say I really rang my bell. Were you on duty yesterday?"


"Yes I was," The Marine answered.


Tonka came up to us. "Then you were the Marine Bennie told me about."


He looked down then back at me. "That was me."


I extended my hand to him. "Thank you for getting him back into the residence."


Just then Tonka nudged the Marine's hand and barked. He reached down and gave him a scratch behind the ear. "No thanks needed Agent Mason; I was just doing my job."


I didn't want to argue with him so I let it go. I took Tonka back upstairs then I went to my room. I was about to close the door when I saw Tonka's head. I held up and he came in the made himself comfortable.


I stretched out on the bed and turned on the TV. I surfed through the channels but there wasn't anything on that I was interested in so I turned it off then leaned back and let the last forty-eight hours run through my mind.


Pete had been a constant thorn in my side ever since we first landed at Andrews Air Force Base. He had the balls to butt heads with Ben both before and after he was sworn in as President. I actually thought the day we moved in here he'd finally got his act together after Evelyn removed several pounds of flesh from his ass.


Two nights ago, Pete flipped back to his old self again and jumped Bennie and tried bullying him over Tonka. Yesterday was something I never saw coming when he butted heads with Evelyn in front of Ben. I never thought he would have been that stupid or else he believed his sister wouldn't have suspended him but she did.


Pete never knew of the love I had for Bennie nor did he even suspect I was gay because I made sure of that. He was the only person though who had the means and opportunity to have shot me but the one thing I can't figure out is why.


Just then I was brought back to reality by the sound of my cell phone. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Ed. Evelyn is bringing Pete in."




There was a short pause. "She should be here in about 15 minutes. I'm going to meet them at the main gate."


"Come by here and get me."


"Ace, you heard the doctor's orders. You're not to overdo."


"I'm not buddy. I got up to go to the bathroom and then had some breakfast. The rest of the time I've been here in bed resting. Look, I won't even get out of the car."


"Alright Ace, but I'll hold you to your word. I'll be there in a couple of minutes."


I put on some warmer slacks then got my wool over coat. I had to wait for the elevator so Tonka came over and nudged my hand. "What, do you want to come too?"


His tail started wagging then he barked as if to say, "Yeah, I want to go too."


When the elevator arrived we got in and went down to the first floor. Ed was waiting by the elevator door and helped me to the Suburban. "What's Tonka doing here?"


"He wanted to come."


After we were in we drove around to the main gate. When we arrived, Evelyn and Pete were waiting on us. As Ed got out, he looked at me. "Now remember your promise."


I smiled. "I will and when you pat him down, check his legs. He might try and get a weapon in."


Ed walked over to Evelyn's car. He got Pete out of the car then patted him down and he handcuffed him. As soon as Tonka saw him, he started barking and, as before, baring his teeth and his fur was almost standing on end. "Tonka calm down."


He obeyed my command then I saw another agent pull up behind us. As Ed was bringing Pete to the transport car, Pete started staring at me. He put him in that vehicle. "Take him to the West Wing."


The agent took off then Ed got into the Suburban. We turned around and as we did, I motioned for Evelyn to follow us. "I think I'll sit in on the interview."


Ed shook his head, "No way Ace."


"Why not, I'll be sitting down."


"Two reasons; the first is you buddy. You need to be resting in bed and not sitting up in a chair. The other reason is it's going to be just me and him. I'm not going to let Evelyn in either. The interview room has a one way mirror in it so she'll be able to see and hear what's going on."


"Don't you think Pete knows this also?" I asked. "If you won't let me be in there, set up a webcam so I can see and hear everything from my laptop while I'm in bed. Now, how can I get a word to you if I have a question I want you to ask him?


"My laptop has wireless Blue Tooth capability. I have a special ear piece for that and it looks like any other Blue Tooth. It will take me about 15 minutes to set things up then I'll call you so you can turn your laptop on."


"Neat toy Ed," I said as we pulled back up to the residence. "Did the agency set that up for you?"


Ed shook his head. "No, I got it at Office Max. I can get you one if you'd like."


I eased out of the passenger's seat then stood facing him as Tonka hopped out and sat beside me. "Yeah I would, just let me know how much I owe you."


I closed the door to the Suburban then started walking slowly towards the door. I felt a hand on my arm then looked to see who it was. "Here, let me help you Ace."


I guess I wasn't as steady as I thought I was. "Thanks Corporal Green."


He helped me inside then I swiped my card for the elevator. I got to my room then sat down on the bed and started my computer.


Over at Exeter, Bennie was breezing through his morning classes. "Hey Bennie, wait up." A voice came through the mass of students.


Bennie and Johnny stopped turned around to see who was calling. "Hey Jake, how'd it go after we dropped you off?"


"Don't ask man," Jake replied as they started walking down the hall. "Where's Ace, I thought he was always with you.


Bennie stopped and looked down. This took Jake by surprise so he lifted his chin so he could look in his friend's eyes. "Bennie, what happened?"


Johnny looked at Bennie's schedule and saw it was lunch time so he led the boys to the cafeteria. Once inside, Johnny looked at Jake. "Ace was shot yesterday."


"OH MY GOD," Jake almost screamed. "How is he? Who would want to shoot him?"


Bennie shook his head as tears continued to fall but he couldn't speak. "Ace is OK. He was wearing his vest otherwise he might not be alive. He hit his head hard on the ground and has a concussion. If he follows the doctor's orders, he should be back on Friday or Monday. As for who'd want to shoot him, he does have enemies out there."


"How's that possible Johnny? I thought only you guys could carry guns."


Johnny nodded his head. "That's right Jake, only law enforcement officers are allowed to carry weapons on the grounds."


Jake wrapped an arm around Bennie and led him through the lunch line. "I hope they catch the bastard who did that."


Bennie wiped his eyes. "All the agents are doing all they can Jake. Now tell me about what happened with you."


Bennie paid for lunch then the three of them found an empty table. "I was about half way up the stairs when my stepmom started in. I told her Dad said I could be out with you and she told me I didn't have her permission no matter what Dad said."


Johnny looked at Jake very seriously. "Son, I think the three of you should have a talk together."


Jake swallowed his mouthful of food. "That won't work Sir. I've tried that several times and every time I do, she takes it out on me."


"What does she do Jake? Bennie asked.


"You don't want to know."


"Does she assault you son?" Johnny asked.


The teen looked at his food and just nodded his head. Bennie put his arm around his shoulder. "Don't you worry buddy. I'll talk to Ace when we get home."


Jake smiled. "Thanks Bennie but I don't think even the Secret Service could stop her."


"You don't know Ace like I do." Bennie said patting Jake on the back.


I must have dozed off because my cell phone brought me back to reality. "Is everything ready?"


"Just click on the webcam tab and it should connect."


I did like he said and all of a sudden he appeared. "OK, I got ya."


"Give me a couple and I'll have him brought in."


While Ed was getting Pete I got up to get myself some coffee. I was about to open the door when I heard a knock. I opened it and there was Gloria with a cart loaded with all kinds of goodies. "Señor Ace, I brought you some lunch and a large carafe of coffee."


"Thank you Gloria. You read my mind. I was about to get some coffee."


I moved aside then she rolled the cart into the room then handed me a small remote. "When you need me, push the button Ace."


"Gloria, I'm not going to make more work for you."


She put her finger on my lips then cupped my face in her hands. "Nonsense, Ace. You have my Mijo to love and protect and you can't do it in here. You need to get well."


I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Alright, you know I can't argue with you."


She turned around and left then I fixed myself a cup of coffee and got comfortable. I plugged my headset in then I saw Pete enter the room followed by Ed. "Take a seat Pete."


He sat down then glared at Ed. "You want to tell me just why I'm here?"


"Well, for one you've been suspended and you didn't turn in your weapon and credentials."


"Is that all?" Pete snapped back. "I could have given those to my sister."


"There's more than just that. Why did you feel it necessary to give Agent Hawks a problem when he had his dog on the grounds?"


"Agent's are not to have their pets at work while on duty?"


Ed cocked his head. "Oh? Is there a memorandum I missed?"


"Don't get..." Pete started with his attitude.


Ed slammed his fist down on the table. "No Pete, don't YOU go and get pissy. You've walked around here thinking you make the rules and you don't make squat! You had no right to tell Bennie he couldn't have a pet. You're not his father!"


"Someone has to maintain order."


"Maintain order? That's not your job and you were told about that several times. The last of which was by Agent Mason."


"Oh that's right, Special Agent Mason. He walks around here with that kid like his shit don't stink. And that kid needs to learn respect towards adults."


"First off, Bennie shows respect to adults."


"Yeah right," Pete shot in.


"He does," Ed continues. "He's respectful towards me, but you're not his father. You have absolutely no right to say what he can and can't have."


"Whatever," Pete said sarcastically. "The kid..."


"I don't want to hear you refer to The President's son as "The Kid" again. Do I make myself clear?"


"Fine, but Mason is given free rein to do whatever he wants around here and does absolutely no work what so ever."


"You're not Agent Mason's superior, I am."


"Mason's a prima donna. He's also arrogant, pompous and an ass kisser."


`I'm an ass kisser?' I thought as I listened to Pete's ramblings.


"You don't like him very much do you?"


"Like him? Pete shot out. "No, I don't like him. In fact, I loathe him. He kissed ass to get this assignment. In my opinion, he's not Secret Service material."


"I see," Ed said as I saw the wheels turning inside his brain. "You'd like to see him out of the agency, wouldn't you?"


"Hell yeah I would."


"By any means necessary?" Ed tossed out.


"If that's what it took."


"Even with a bullet?" Ed slipped in.


"If that..." Pete started then stopped. "Wait a minute. Did you say with a bullet?"


Pete's facial expressions dramatically changed when Ed's statement sunk in. "Yes Pete, I said with a bullet."


"Wait a minute, what am I missing here." Pete asked.


"Where were you between 3 and 4 yesterday afternoon?"


"I was home," Pete started. "I took a drive to clear my head after Evelyn dropped her bombshell on me. I got myself something to eat then went home. I stayed there the rest of the day and night. Now what's going on?"


"Agent Mason was shot yesterday afternoon around 4 PM."


"WHAT?" Pete shouted. "And you think I did it? I may not like the guy but I'd never resort to murder. How bad is it?"


"He has a concussion."


"A concussion," Pete asked. "Someone tried to shoot him in the head?"


Ed shook his head. "No, he was shot in the back but the force of the impact caused him to fall forward and when that happened, his head hit the ground hard."


"Ed, see if he'll consent to a voluntary search of his apartment. For all we know he could have a second weapon."


Ed looked at Pete. "Is it your contention that you didn't shoot Ace?"


"Look man, I told you that already."


Ed stepped out of the room then returned with a form. "Here, sign this. It is a consent to search your residence."


"Give me that damn thing," Pete swore as he took the pen and scribbled his name on it. "I don't know what it is you're looking for but I'll say this again, I didn't shoot Mason."


I'd been watching this very closely and I just couldn't come up with a definite answer in my mind as to whether or not he was the person who shot me. Ed had done exactly what I would have so, as far as I was concerned, there was no need to keep him any longer. I was about to say something to Ed when the door opened and in came Bennie. He came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "What's going on love?"


I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and patted the bed for him to sit down. I muted the microphone. "Ed is interviewing Pete Morgan."


"Anything good?" My love asked.


I raised my finger then took the mute off. "Ed, Johnny's here with Bennie. How about getting Johnny and two other agents take Pete home then they can search his place."


"Good idea Ace. I'll shut this down now so you and Bennie can have some time together."


I closed the window then shut down my laptop. I was about to pull Bennie into a hug when my cell rang. I knew it couldn't be Ed so I looked for the name to show up on my caller ID but nothing was showing. "Mason."


"Why the hell haven't you called back you fag?"


I kept the phone tight against my ear so Bennie couldn't hear who was on the other end. "Hold on a minute." I said then muted the microphone. "Bennie, why don't you go over to your room and get out of your school clothes?"


"OK Ace," He said scurrying out of my room.


"Listen prick, I haven't called because I haven't found out anything." I said lying through my teeth. "I contacted Silver Spring PD but they don't have any information. They even checked the towing companies to see if maybe the motel had it towed."


What he didn't know was his car was now safe and sound in the agency's locked compound outside DC. "WHAT? How can that be?" Nate screamed almost blowing my eardrum out.


"Look shit for brains, did you ever think it just might HAVE been stolen?"


"Oh fuck," he said.


"Yeah, that puts you on the hook to the rental car company unless you got their insurance."




"Unless you have full coverage on your car buddy you're on the hook until you can turn it in."


"Look, that's their problem. Now, what am I going to do?"


"I haven't a clue Nate. Like I said, Silver Spring PD has a report on the car but so far, it's not turned up anywhere."


"God damn you..."


I didn't need his shit so I closed the phone and hung up on him. A minute later, it was ringing again. I didn't see anything in the caller ID so I knew who it was. "Damn it Nate, I've done all I can so you're going to have to get your ass out of this bind all by yourself."


"Fuck you asshole. Listen to me and listen well. I'm going to take real pleasure in putting a bullet in you."


I'd had it with this piece of shit. "That's how a coward acts, behind a gun. If you were a real man..."


"A real man you fucking faggot? You got a lot of nerve saying that. I fuck women."


"You mean cheap $5.00 whores, don't you? As I was saying, if you were a man with balls you'd meet me man to man, or should I say man to eunuch, and we'd fight it out. But I forgot, you couldn't whip your way out of a wet paper bag with the instructions. Now, FUCK OFF!"


I closed the phone and got myself comfortable so I could cuddle with Bennie. All of a sudden the door burst open and Bennie was naked holding his clothes. He saw the surprised look on my face. "I didn't want to wait to get undressed."


Just then the phone rang again. I was fuming. "Listen Nate, fuck off."


"Whoa buddy, has he bugged you again?"


It took me a few seconds to recognize Ed's voice. "Yeah he did. I think I might have stuck my foot in it but I sorta called him out."


"YOU WHAT?" Ed shouted causing me to quickly pull the phone away from my ear.


"Yeah, I called him out. He said he was going to enjoy putting a bullet in me so I got pissed and said a real man would meet me face to face and fight it out. Now, what's up?"


"Johnny just got back and they found nothing in Pete's place."


"This clears him then."


"Not so fast Ace." Ed started. "He could have disposed of the weapon."


"I think you've been watching too many TV shows. What all did you find?"


"Weapon wise, a partial box of 9mm ammo that he said he used at the range."


"Makes sense Ed. You know all our ammo has to be accounted for unless we're doing our qualifications."


"Johnny said he turned the place upside down and that was all he could find."


"Then what is the problem Ed? I pointed a finger at Pete because he was a logical suspect and I didn't know whether he was on the grounds or not. It seems he did tell the truth when he said he wasn't here."


"I guess you're right Ace. So it means that the shooter is someone here on the grounds."


"I'll come down tomorrow morning after Bennie goes to school and we can start putting our heads together."


"A hem," A voice said.


I looked over and Bennie had his hands on his naked hips. "Ah Ed, scratch that idea."


"I heard. You better behave mister. I'll call you and we can meet up there."


"Sounds good Ed. I'll talk with you tomorrow."


I closed my cell phone and Bennie was still standing there with his hands on his hips. "Don't even think about going against the doctor's orders baby."


I raised my hands then held them out to him. He came over, sat down then leaned against me and I wrapped my arms around him. "No baby, I won't overdo. Ed and I will work from here."


Bennie moved my laptop off the bed then quickly joined me under the covers. He scooted close then I wrapped my arm around him so we could cuddle. He ran his hand around my chest then headed south. "Did you get comfy just for me?"


"Yeah I did lover boy but you know we can't do anything. Did your Dad make an appointment for Gloria to see the house physician?"


"Oh yeah he did, it's this afternoon at 4:30." He replied getting out of bed and heading for the door.


"You're not going out there like that are you?"


"Ooops," He said stopping then heading for the bathroom. "I'll put on this bathrobe."


Bennie went out to the kitchen to remind Gloria of her appointment. A few minutes later I heard Bennie yell. "Hey you prick, gimme back my bathrobe."


I then heard Tonka growling and barking and another voice over the commotion. "Get that animal out of this house NOW!"


I got out of bed and put on my jogging suit then grabbed my weapon. I went out and saw a man against the wall and Tonka was sitting right in front of him with his teeth bared. "Tonka come." I said then he came over and sat beside me. "Just who are you and what are you doing in the residence unannounced?"


It took me a minute to recognize him. "I'm Donald Blair and I'm from housekeeping."


I knew that was bogus so I let him dig himself a bigger hole. "Let me see some ID."


He looked at me then put his hands on his hips. "How about you show me some ID?"


I nodded my head. "Tonka, watch him. I wouldn't move unless you want to be mince meat." I said then turned headed back into my room and got my credentials. "I'm Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service now let me see some ID and your White House credentials.


He started to reach inside his jacket pocket then Tonka barked at him. I pulled my weapon on him. "Freeze! Now turn around and face the wall.


I went up to him then took the robe Bennie was wearing. "Bennie, where are you?"


"I'm in the dining room."


Tonka was guarding the man so I backed up and held my arm out so Bennie could take the robe and make himself presentable again. A moment later, he came up to me so I leaned down to his ear. "Go get my cell phone, holster and while you're in there, put something else on too."


Bennie was gone a minute then he returned with my phone and holster. "Here you go Ace."


I put the holster on then called Ed and informed him about our intruder and he said he'd be right up. I then turned my attention to Mr. Blair. I holstered my weapon then proceeded to pat the suspect down. When I got to the back of his pants, I felt something so I removed it. "Well what have we here?" I said as I removed the pistol.


About that time, Ed and Johnny came in. Tonka make a dash towards Johnny. I heard him laughing as the dog licked his face time and time again. Ed looked at the man. "I've seen this guy before."


"He says his name is Donald Blair and he works in housekeeping."


Ed gave him a thorough search and found a driver's license inside his wallet. Ed removed it then spun the man around. "Would you like to tell us your real name?"


"I want a lawyer you faggot lovers. I knew that kid was queer. He was walking around this place wearing nothing but a bathrobe."


Ed reached for his handcuffs then spun the man around then pushed his head against the wall. "You have the right to remain silent and I suggest you take that advice."


Once the bracelets were on, I turned him around. "First off this is his home so he can go nude if he wanted too. Next, what gives you the right to come in here and undress him?"


"I knew he was a fag." He shouted then tried to kick at me.


That was his biggest mistake because Tonka was on him in a flash. Before anyone could call him off, he's sunk his teeth into the man's calf. "Ah shit, get him off me."


Bennie whistled then shouted, "Tonka off."


"Call 911 and get an ambulance here." I said looking at Johnny. "Now as for you, Mr. Donald Blair, or should I call you Scott Briggs, you're under arrest. The charges are, Trespassing on Federal Property, Impersonating White House Staff, Battery on a minor and Attempted Rape."


"WHAT, I never tried to rape him?" He shouted as Gloria brought me the first aid kit.


"Then why were you holding his bathrobe and he was naked?" I fired back.


I bandaged his calf then I heard sirens off in the distance getting louder. I moved over to Johnny. "Tonka's had his shots hasn't he?"


"Yes he has," Johnny nodded pulling out his wallet. "Here is his shot record."


"Good," I said. "You'll have to call Animal Control so they can make a bite report. I'll need a copy of that for my arrest report."


Ed patted me on the shoulder. "I'll handle the paperwork on this Ace. You just go and relax."


"Thanks Ed. Can you escort Gloria down to the Doctor's office; she has an appointment with him."


Ed nodded his head then the paramedics arrived and took Briggs to the hospital to have his wounds tended to. Once everyone was gone, Bennie helped me back to bed. I couldn't believe how tired I was from just that little activity. We cuddled together and the next thing either of us knew, Ben was knocking on my door. "Come in."


Ben stepped in and closed the door. "Ace, Ed just informed me that a reporter not only got onto the White House grounds but he managed to get into the residence."


"Yes sir, that's correct. We need to start an internal investigation immediately. I have a number of questions that I want answers to and fast."


Bennie sat up and joined the conversation. "Dad, you should have seen Tonka, he was great."


"So I heard son. Ace, how are you feeling?" Ben asked


"Better now that I had a nap. I can't believe what I once took for granted is a struggle."


Have you been following the doctor's orders?"


"Oh yes, someone here is making sure I don't overdo." I replied as Bennie put his head on my chest.


Ben pulled my desk chair over and sat down. "You can use my office to hold meetings during the investigation."


"If it alright, I'd like to ask Ed to dinner tonight so we can meet afterwards and get the ground work laid out."


He nodded his head. "That's fine Ace. Gloria told me what she was planning so I know there will be plenty."


"Dad, how is she? What did the doctor day?"


"She's alright son. Her blood pressure is up a little and he started her on some medication then he wants to see her back in a month."


I wrapped my arm around Bennie and gave him a kiss. "I think we should get ready for dinner kiddo and I have a phone call to make."


Bennie hopped up and started getting dressed as Ben headed for the door. As soon as the door closed, Bennie yanked the covers down. "Come on love, I'm hungry."


I called Ed then got dressed and went out to the dining room. After dinner, Ed, Ben and I went into Ben's office and brainstormed. "I would like to know what gate this guy got through."


"I called Captain Langford and told him I wanted to see the sign-in logs for every gate." Ed added.


"When did he say you'd have them?" Ben asked.


"He said as soon as he collected them from the evening shift, he'd get me copies."


"Not good enough," Ben said. "We need a computerized sign in and out log so it's sent to a computer in the Secret Service office."


Ed added to that thought. "They'll also have to put their right thumb on the pad where it'll be scanned and compared against the NCIC computer database."


I liked the idea. "UPS has a system like that in place and so why are we living in the dark ages?"


"Most people having to come onto the grounds have appointments and they've been checked out 40 ways from Sunday." Ed said in defense of our current system.


"I understand that but had we had this new system in place, that reporter would not have got past the gate." Ben said.


Just then Bennie knocked at the door. "Dad, you should come out here and see this."


We followed Bennie over to the window and all I could see was white. Ben turned on the TV and we saw a weather bulletin. "The Washington DC school district has cancelled classes for the rest of the week."


Bennie looked at me. "Cool Ace, no school. Dad, can I call Jake and see if he can come over tomorrow?"


Ben was about to answer when my cell phone rang. I wasn't in the mood for another call from Nate but when I looked at my cell it was showing James Robinson. "This is Agent Mason."


"G'day Agent Mason, I'm sorry to call you but The President listed you as a person to contact."


"No problem, what can I do for you?"


"Well Agent Mason, as you know the blizzard has closed schools and made bus transportation impossible. We at Georgetown Exeter have implemented an online contingency plan for times like this. I've sent Bennie an email with all the details. Are there any questions?"


Bennie wasn't going to like this. "No Mr. Robinson, no questions. I'll have Bennie check his mail right away."


"Thank you Agent Mason."


"You're welcome," I replied then closed my phone. "Bennie, you have an important email from your school. I think you better check it right away."


Bennie headed to his room then Ben looked at me. "What was that about Ace?"


"It seems the school goes online for classes during times like this."


Ben smiled. "It seems I've forgotten to tell Bennie about that."


"I have a feeling he's about to find out."




To be continued.