The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 12


"You're welcome," I replied then closed my phone. "Bennie, you have an important email from your school. I think you better check it right away."


Bennie headed to his room then Ben looked at me. "What was that about Ace?"


"It seems the school goes online for classes during times like this."


Ben smiled. "It seems I've forgotten to tell Bennie about that."


"I have a feeling he's about to find out."




"I think he just found out," Ben said then quickly covered his mouth.


Bennie came in with his hands on his hips. "I have school tomorrow."


I went over and put my arm around him. "Look on the bright side baby; you won't have to make up days like they'll have to in public school."


"But Dad, it's snowing outside. I wanted to play and have Jake come over."


I could see Ben thinking. "This blizzard has pretty much paralyzed the city. Local and Federal government buildings will be closed or opening late. The courts will be closed and Jake's father will have some time off. I think maybe Jake would like to spend some time with him, don't you?"


I watched at what Ben said sink in. "Yeah Dad, I do too. Maybe they can get some things worked out."


"I'll tell you what, I'll call Judge Wheeler Thursday night and see if Jake can spend the day Friday and spend the night. How does that sound?"


Bennie gave Ben a big hug. "Thanks Dad; that would be great."


"What time does school start tomorrow?" I ask.


"9 and runs until 1, then we're finished for the day, but we're going to have homework to send in."


"It sounds like the teachers have the harder job kiddo. They're holding class online then they have homework coming in that they will have to print out, grade and record. You're online for 4 hours and then have a little homework. I think I'd like that a whole lot better."


Bennie gave me that devilish grin. "I suppose you're right Ace."


Ben put his hand on his son's shoulder. "Did you get your homework done today?"


Bennie nodded his head. "Yes Sir, I got that done during study hall."


"Ed, are you going to be able to make it home and back again tomorrow?"


"I was going to sleep down in the agent's office along with Agent Hawks."


Ben shook his head. "Nonsense, call agent Hawks and have him come over here. You're head of my protection detail and as such, I have to know you can be here if I'm called away. With this weather, you can serve me better by being here. The same goes for Agent Hawks."


"Yes Mr. President. I'll call Agent Hawks right now."


Bennie was getting excited. "Wow, it looks like we're going to have a big sleep over."


"I wouldn't go that far," I said as I heard a knock on the entrance from the West Wing.


Bennie took off down the hall. "No running Benjamin."


Bennie stopped dead in his tracks. "Sorry Dad."


Bennie saw Johnny standing there and opened the door. "Hey little guy, it looks like you have a vacation."


"I'm not that lucky Johnny. Exeter is holding classes online."


"Isn't technology great?"


"Yeah Johnny, it is super. Now I wish I didn't have a computer."


"Aw come on man, you know you don't mean that. The kids in public schools will have to make up these days but you won't. You'll get a full spring break but I bet public school students will be spending theirs in school."


"Ace said the same thing but I like the way you said it better. I guess it isn't so bad after all."


Johnny and Bennie came into the living room. Ben looked at me. "Ace, show Ed and Johnny to the Lincoln Bedroom. There are 2 double beds in there and there is a bathroom off the sitting room."


I showed them to the bedroom the returned to the living room. "Ben, I hate to bring this up but did Isaac leave the grounds?"


"I don't know. I think he was still in his office when I left for the day."


Ben went into his office and called Isaac. "Isaac Friedman."


"Isaac, why are you still here?"


"I'm working on tomorrows schedule Sir."


"Can you make it home safely then get back here in the morning?"


"I wasn't planning on leaving tonight. My car can't make it around in this snow. I'll just sleep in my office."


"I'll not have my Chief of Staff sleeping on a small couch. Come to the residence. We have plenty of rooms here."


Isaac finally arrived and I showed him to a room on the third floor. When he returned I had a little talk with him by Bennie's and my room. "These two rooms are off limits to everyone except The President. One room is Bennie's and the other is mine. There is no reason you should need either of us. If, by chance, you should need me you have the number to the phone in my room and also to my cell. This rule is written in stone and will not be broken for any reason. Are we clear about this?"


"Yes we are Agent Mason."


The President, Agents Miller and Hawks are in the living room. You're free to join them but I'm tired and need some sleep. Do you have any questions before I retire for the evening?"


He shook head. "I can't think of anything."


"Alright then, I'm off to bed. Good night."


Over at the Wheeler's Jake was up in his room watching TV when the weather bulletin was announced then he hurried downstairs. "Dad, school's closed tomorrow."


David and Lois Wheeler had been watching a movie and hadn't been paying attention to what was happening outside. "Are you certain son?" David asked.


Jake walked over to the window. "Ah Dad, I think you better take a look outside."


David and Lois joined their son. "I can't believe this son, this is unbelievable. I've never seen snow come down like this before."


"This will shut the whole city down won't it Dad?" Jake asked.


"Pretty much son," David replied. "Oh, and just because school is closed, don't think you don't have classes."


"Oh man that's right," Jake moaned. "This is the only school I know that has classes online when bad weather strikes. But I guess it's not that bad. 4 hours of classes versus seven hours normally and we won't lose our spring break either. I'm going upstairs and call Carl."


"Oh no you don't mister," Jake's stepmom shouted as Jake was heading up the stairs. It's bedtime for you."


"Dad," Jake fired back. "It's only 10PM and classes don't start until 9."


"Go on and call Carl," David said motioning him up the stairs.


"Why did you over rule me in front of him?" Lois said with her hands on her hips.


"Because you were totally unreasonable," David fired back. "On school nights his bedtime is 11PM and has been; you know that."


"When I say something I would appreciate you backing me."


David shook his head. "Not when you are out of line."


Upstairs Jake was talking with his boyfriend. "Man Carl, my stepmom is getting worse and worse."


"What do you mean?"


"It's like she was never a kid or something." Jake answered.


"Maybe she just likes being a bitch."


"That's more like it." Jake agreed then started laughing. "Hey, are your parents still out of town?"


"Yeah they are, why?"


"Well, since they're gone and classes are now only four hours a day, I was thinking I could come down tomorrow afternoon and we could umm well, you know?"


"I just love your `you knows' lover boy." Carl hissed into the phone.


Just then Carl heard a loud crash that was so loud Jake heard it on his end of the phone. "Baby, what was that noise?"


"I...I don't know but the lights are out. I'm getting a flashlight."


"Be careful baby," Jake said.


"Oh shit Jake," Carl started. "I can barely make it out but there is a big tree limb hanging off the roof."


"Look, get some clothes packed and I go tell Dad. Don't forget to bring your laptop."


"OK Jake, I'll wait for your call."


Jake hurried downstairs. "Dad Dad, Carl just lost his lights."


"Calm down son," David said putting his hands on his shoulders. "Now, what happened?"


"I was taking with Carl on the phone then he heard a loud crash and the lights went out. He looked out his window and saw a big tree limb hanging off the roof."


Lois got into the conversation. "Well, where are his parents?"


Jake looked at his Dad. "They're still out of town. I think they were to be home tonight but this snow storm probably cancelled every flight."


"So what are we supposed to do?" Lois spat.


"Dad, he can't stay in a house with no power and heat, can he?"


David shook his head. "No, of course not son, call him back and tell him to pack some clothes and get down here."


"Thanks..." Jake started.


"OH NO!" Lois interrupted. "I draw the line..."


David turned his son around towards the stairs then leaned close to his ear. "Go call and tell him to get down here."


Jake leaned his head back and kissed his Dad on the cheek. "Thanks Dad, you're the greatest."

Lois was standing there with her hands folded across her chest and tapping her foot. "I said I draw the line at that David."


"I'll not let a child stay alone in a house without power or heat in weather like this."


"Well he's NOT..." She started then stopped.


David was looking at her with his hands on his hips. "He's not what?"


"He's NOT staying here! I do have SOME say here."


"That's just enough. You're forgetting something dear."


"Oh, and just what is that?"


David started in on her. "You're forgetting just WHO owns this house. Well I'm going to remind you one more time. I own this house lock, stock and barrel. Now, I'm going to tell you another thing. You've given Jake nothing but grief ever since he's tried to make friends at this new school and I'm more than a little fed up with it. Jake's told me about all the times you've interrogated friends he's brought home."


"Well EXCUUUUUSE me that I want to know just who is coming into this house. For all you know he could be a thief or a..."


"That's enough." David fired. "The boys at Georgetown Exeter are some of the finest in DC. I'll have you know that Carl's father is up for a judgeship in the Circuit Court.


Just then the doorbell rang. Jake came hurrying down the stairs towards the front door but David beat him there and opened it. Carl was covered in snow. "Well come on in here son." David said stepping back.


Jake hurried into the hall bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels then hurried back to the door. He tossed one on the floor. "Here, stand on that and take your snow boots off."


Carl handed David his things then did like Jake asked. Once that was done, Jake took his wet boots and jacket and put them into the bathroom. "Mr. Wheeler, thanks so much for letting me stay with you. My parents are stuck in New York."


"Oh great," Jake said. "They're getting hammered as bad as we are, aren't they?"


"Pretty much," Carl said.


"Why don't you guys get settled in?" David suggested. "Jake, lights out at midnight son."


"Yes Sir," Jake replied. "Come on buddy, follow me."


The boys head up the stairs as Lois was tapping her foot once again. "You defied me," she said.


"I didn't defy you," David said heading for the stairs. "In this house, I'm the judge and I made my ruling. If you don't like it, you know what you can do. Now, I'm going to bed. The boys are in for the night and I expect you to leave them alone."


"Just where am I supposed to sleep?"


"Charles left early today and there is also a guest room down there. Take your pick."


David went up the stairs and went to his room for the night.


Back at the residence Johnny, Ed and I were going over the sign-in sheets from all the entrances. We were all shaking our heads. "Guys, I don't see his name on here." I said tossing the papers on the table.


Johnny reached into his jacket pocket and tossed out a couple of cards. "Here's why and I'm sorry I forgot to give these to you earlier."


Ed and I froze. "Where'd you get those?"


"He had those hidden in his shoes." Johnny replied. "They had to remove his shoes and pants so they could clean the wounds. I don't know why I did it but I looked in one of his shoes and I saw the A badge. I looked in the other and found the ID card."


"How in the hell did he manage to get hold of these?" I asked as Ed reached for the cards.


He picked up one of the cards. "This is the real deal."


"Are you sure Ed?" I asked.


"It sure looks like it to me. I'll have to run it through the data base to be totally sure."


"We can take care of that in the morning. I'm tired so I'll see you all in the morning." I said yawning as I stood up.


I went into my room and Bennie was in bed waiting for me. "Come on and get in baby, you've been up too long."


I got undressed then joined him. "Actually love, I am tired but I don't feel that bad."


He turned over and wrapped his arms around me. "You feel just fine to me now let's get some sleep."


Bennie and I slept soundly and, as usual, my internal alarm clock woke me just after 7. Bennie was still sound asleep so I sat up then went to the bathroom. After I went, I got a clean pair of underwear then went to take my shower. I couldn't believe how well I was feeling this morning. I wasn't going to overdo but it was nice to know I had my sea legs again.


After I got washed, dried and dressed I went to get my morning coffee. When I opened my door, I noticed Bennie's door was cracked open. I knew he didn't leave it like that so that meant someone was or is in there. I opened my door and motioned Tonka to come. I eased Bennie's door open a little further. "Seek boy."


Tonka went in and searched the room but he didn't find anything. I turned the light on and started looking around but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I turned around and Bennie was standing there. "What's going on?"


"Did you leave your door cracked last night?"


He shook his head. "No I never do, at least I think I closed it tight last night."


"That's how I found it this morning. Take a look around and see if anything is out of place."


Bennie checked his closets and drawers then looked at me. "Nope, nothing is out of place. Maybe I didn't close it tightly."


"OK love," I said wrapping my arms around him. "Let's get some breakfast."


After Bennie got dressed, we went into the dining room and saw Johnny and Ed were already drinking their coffee. Bennie got himself a glass of orange juice then went over to Johnny. "Did you see Isaac down here yet?"


Johnny shook his head. "No pal, we were the only ones up except for Gloria. Is there something wrong?"


Bennie shook his head. "No, I guess I didn't close my bedroom door tight last night."


Johnny put his hand on his shoulder. "It was like that when we came out."


"OK, I feel a little better now."


"You feel a little better about what, son?"


Bennie shook his head. "Nothing Dad, I just forgot to  make sure about something last night."


Gloria came in with a tray of food and looked around. "Is this all there is?"


Ben looked at me. "Ace, would you like to invite Isaac down to breakfast?"


"We could do like we did in the Air Force."


"What's that Ace?" Bennie asked.


"If your butt wasn't in line by the time they closed the door, you were SOL."


"SOL, what's that mean?"


Johnny looked over at Bennie and smiled. "It means shit outta luck."


Bennie rolled. "That would serve him right."


I went upstairs and stood outside Isaac's door.




"Rise and shine, breakfast is being served in the dining room."


I went back downstairs and fixed myself another cup of coffee. Ben looked at me and I just grinned. "Be thankful he got that much."


About ten minutes later Isaac entered the room. Ed looked at him and nodded. "Nice of you to join us."


Everyone was staring at him so he just took a seat as Gloria and one of her assistants brought in dishes of eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits.


I kissed her on the cheek then she looked at me and winked. "What would we do without you?"


"Be hungry." I said as I laughed to myself because she was right; I could cook well enough I wouldn't starve but I'd crash and burn if I tried to have a party.


We all ate our fill then our guests helped Gloria clear the table. After that was done, Johnny, Ed and I went back to the table in the Treaty Room and picked up where we left off from the night before. Once again, we looked at the sign-in sheets. I looked at the others. "Did you come up with any ideas on how he got those cards or why his name wasn't on a sign-in sheet?


They were both shaking their heads. "Only thing I can come up with was he never did sign-in even though everyone has to." Johnny answered.


Just then Ed's cell phone went off. Now I couldn't hear what the other person was saying but I could tell he wasn't happy. He closed his phone then looked at us. "Remember yesterday when I said I'd seen that guy before? Well I was right. When they took his prints at the jail they put them into the system. A minute later, they got a hit on the name Blair gave them. His prints came back to one Scott Briggs, the reporter from Air Force one."


I was about to speak when I saw Johnny staring at the door. I looked over and saw Isaac standing there. "Can we help you?"


He came inside. "May I join you?"


Ed started shaking his head. "We're discussing business Isaac. Is there a particular reason why you want to be here?"


"Uh well not really."


"Then if you'll excuse us, we do have work to do." Ed said standing.


Isaac headed towards the door and after he left, Ed started to close the door. "Hold on, would you all like some coffee?"


Ed looked at Johnny. "Sounds good Ace. Ed, can you find out if Capt. Langford is here?"


"Sure but why?" Ed replied as we stepped out of the Treaty Room.


"He's got some explaining to do as to why protocol was violated."


"OK Johnny, I'll see if he's here."


"Ed, while you're at it, have him bring up the duty roster for yesterday." I added. "I want to see who was on the gates at the time Briggs was in the residence."


Ed made the call while I went to see if there was enough coffee left to fill carafe. I got everything I needed situated on the cart then headed back to the Treaty Room. As soon as I entered the room I could see Ed was still on the phone. I rolled the cart up to the table as Ed closed his phone. "Langford left at 3 yesterday then called in this morning telling his evening duty officer he was snowed in."


"Damn," I said out loud. "The duty roster should be down in the office so that wouldn't be a problem but I still wanted to hear what he had to say about Briggs getting in."


"I wonder how many that were on duty yesterday are here today?" Johnny asked as I was fixing my coffee.


"This storm caught us with our pants down," Ed said as a matter of fact.


"No it didn't," A voice said.


I looked over and saw Isaac standing there. "What do you mean?"


"We knew this was coming." Isaac replied.


"Then why wasn't the staff notified of this?" I asked.


"It was Agent Mason, a message was sent out by the White House Communications office."


"At what time?" Ed asked.


"I'll have to get to my computer so I can see exactly what time I got the email."


"This old cell phone doesn't get email." I said sitting down and sipping my coffee.


"Haven't you received your new Blackberry?" Isaac asked.


Ed, Johnny and I looked at each other. "No, none of us have." Ed replied.


I finished my coffee and put my cup back on the cart. "How long has this been going on?"


"Not that long," Isaac started. "The Communications Director got the approval to make some major modifications to the department. The biggest one was Blackberries for all Sr. White House Staff. Evelyn Morgan signed off on this too for the Presidential Security Detail. They arrived the end of last week and it does take time to transfer data from the old phone to the new one. I will call down and tell Sam to get your phone done pronto."




Ben stuck his head in. "Isaac, we should get down to the office and try and get some work done, even if it is minimal."


"Yes Mr. President," Isaac replied. "You guys go and get your new phones anytime, I'll see to it."


Ed looked at Johnny. "We better get downstairs too. We'll need to find out who is here."


I looked at my watch and saw Bennie still had several hours left on his classes. "I'll come with you."


Johnny looked at me. "Are you sure Ace?"


I nodded my head. "I'm quite sure. I feel fine and I'm not about to overdo. Once Bennie is done with his work, we'll just relax."


Ed patted me on the shoulder. "OK, come on."


We headed down to the office in The West Wing and saw several uniformed officers fielding calls. I leaned close to Ed. "This looks like what we call a cluster fuck in the Air Force."


One of the uniformed agents finally got free then saw us standing there. "Is something wrong?"


"We've been fielding calls from other agents asking about getting in. Some are saying roads in their area haven't been plowed so getting out isn't possible."


"How many uniforms are here?" I asked.


"A dozen, maybe a few more."


"Who's in charge?" Ed asked.


"Lt. Hanson is but he's getting some sleep. There were several of us who were up until way past 3 AM."


I stepped up beside Ed. "By chance, would you know where yesterday's duty roster is?"


He went over to a clipboard and took it down then handed it to us. We looked at it then decided to photo copy it. Ed handed it back to him then we headed for the door. Before I opened it, Ed looked at the uniformed agent. "Call me if you need anything."


The three of us went over to the Communications Office. There wasn't anyone at the desk so I guessed all the departments are short staffed. "HELLO, is anyone here?" Ed shouted.


A middle aged man came out from a back office. "Yes, how may I help you?"


Ed extended his hand. "I'm Special Agent Ed Miller."


The man shook it. "Oh yes, Isaac called and spoke to me about you guys. I'm Sam Martin, Communications Director. Do you have your phones with you?"


"Yes we do," Ed answered.


"Follow me," Sam said as we headed down a long hallway. "Isaac told me about some things you'd like to see here as far as increasing security measures."


I nodded my head. "Yes, the current sign-in procedures don't seem adequate."


"I heard there was a breech yesterday." Sam said as he handed our phones to another tech. "We've been in the process of updating those procedures but the blizzard put the final stages on hold. Follow me gentlemen."


Sam led us out of the technician's lab and down to a large room with computer monitors. "Very impressive," Johnny said as I was thinking the same thing.


"These monitors are yours gentlemen."


"What are those for?" I asked.


"Computerized record keeping of the sign-in and sign-out logs," Sam replied.


Ed was looking at the equipment. "Is this to be set up in here?"


Sam nodded his head. "Yes, we're running all the cables over to here."


"So they haven't been run yet?" Johnny asked.


"No, not yet."


"How long would it take to run them into our office?" I asked.


Sam smiled. "A lot less time than it would to run them all the way over here. The only thing holding up the installation is the connection of the cameras."


Ed, Johnny and I looked at each other. "Cameras?" Ed asked.


"That's right," A voice said.


I looked behind me and there was Evelyn. "You knew about this?"


"Yes I did," She started. "There is a lunatic former agent out there who's out for you and even possibly The President. Then yesterday someone managed to get into the residence and there is no record of it."


I closed my eyes and thought, `Word gets around fast.'


I opened my eyes and nodded my head. "Yeah, yesterday's little debacle has the three of us baffled."


"Well, let's hope once all this is in place things will be a lot different." Evelyn started. "The cameras have been up for weeks but budget problems brought things to a halt. Now the money is there to finish the job but Mother Nature has frozen things this time. The biggest thing is that no one knows that."


I was a little confused. "How did you manage to install them right in front of uniformed agents?"


Evelyn started giggling. "We had techs dressed up as workers from the power company doing the installation. The wires were run through the pole to an underground conduit."


I just shook my head, "Whatever it takes."


Ed looked at Evelyn. "Where are the closed circuit TV monitors going, since no one knows about them except a small group of people."


"We've been given an office just across the hall from the Agent's office. There is a sign on it that says Authorized Personnel Only and will have a specially coded lock. Only certain agents will be allowed in there and have access to the phone number."


Just then the tech returned with our new phones. We all got some basic lessons on it and how to use it then we had to go. "As soon as it stops snowing, we can get back to work. It shouldn't take more than a day to get power up to the cameras and get them connected to the monitors. The electronic sign-in boards are ready but we still have a few little things to do before we can put them out."


I was curious. "Oh, and what might that be?"


"We've added a little feature that captures the person's signature and other information should the agent on the gate decide not to send it but rather delete it instead."


"Won't that duplicate the information?" Johnny asked.


"No," Ed said. "Once the file is sent it will over write what was captured."


We nodded our heads then left the office. Evelyn looked at us. "Can I buy you some coffee?"


I was about to speak when Ed gave me a look. Then I said, "How about I buy you some coffee. Gloria will have some fresh in the residence."


I figured if I was in the residence I would be in my territory so they couldn't get on me. When we got to the residence Bennie was coming out of his room "What have you been doing?"


"We got new Blackberries," I replied taking mine out of it's holder. "This will give us better communication."


Bennie looked at it. "That's so cool Ace, I've always wanted one of those."


"This one belongs to the Secret Service. If you want one for your own use, you know who you'll have to talk to."


Bennie looked down at the floor. "Yeah, I know."


I saw the clock and it wasn't noon yet. "Are you finished for the day online?"


"Yep, there weren't that many online today so the teacher was able to move through the lesson pretty quickly."


"What about your homework? Is that done yet?" I asked.


"I just got out of class Ace."


"I know Bennie. There are a few things we still need to talk about so while we're doing that, you can knock out your homework so we'll both be free for the rest of the day."


Bennie's eye lit up when he heard that. "OK, you have a deal."


Bennie went back to his room while the four of us went into the dining room. Sure enough, there was a fresh urn of coffee on the cart. We each got a cup then sat down at the table. Ed started first. "Evelyn, you've seen the files we have and what is odd is that jerk who got in is not on any sign-in sheet which leads me to only one conclusion."


I could see the wheels turning in her head. "As much as it pains me to say this, I have to agree with you Ed."


"So how do we find out which uniform is the bad apple." I started. "I know what they're going to say even before we ask the question."


Johnny posed a question. "What about doing polygraphs on them?"


"That is an idea," Evelyn said. "But the drawback is that it's expensive and time consuming. Also, I've known people who have beat them when asked questions they blatantly lied on when answering them."


"That's why they're not admissible in court." I said. "Besides your point Evelyn, one tester can read the results one way and another tester might see it differently. You've seen the list of uniforms that were on duty yesterday, are there any that jump out at you who could possibly do this?"


Evelyn shook her head. "Not a one Ace. They're all solid agents. There are a couple that would make excellent field agents."


"Do you remember the guy at the gate that I chewed out and you did too Ed?"


"Who, Peterson," Ed asked looking at me.


"That's him," I replied.


Evelyn shook her head. "He's one of the uniforms I was talking about Ace. Did you have a problem with him?"


"Kinda," I said. "The day Bennie was registered for school, he was talking on his cell phone and made me wait on him to open the gate. He was a bit on the mouthy side and I put him in his place."


"Have there been any other problems with him?" Evelyn asked.


I shook my head. "No, that's been the only time. So what do you suggest we do?"


"If he showed his credentials, he'd be allowed to enter through the employee's entrance no questions asked but we're in the process of implementing a new procedure. New ID cards are being printed and they will have a magnetic strip on it. The employee's entrance will have an electronic swipe on it and each person will have to swipe their ID in order to get in."


We were all nodding our heads as Evelyn explained the new procedure. "Who will be issuing these new cards?" Ed asked.


"I'll have some agents from the main office come over. They'll have all their equipment with them so they won't be tying up White House computers."


I scratched my head. "When will this take place?"


I saw her thinking. "The cards are at the printing office now. They should be done by the end of the week baring any more weather issues."


Evelyn stood to leave as Bennie came into the dining room. I walked her to the elevator. "So tell me, what have we got here?"


She shook her head. "Right now, a whole lot of nothing."


"Oh, did you get a report back on the bullet that hit me?"


"Not yet Ace. As soon as I get it, I'll email it to you."


I rode down to the ground floor with Evelyn and saw it had finally stopped snowing. "How'd you manage to get over here?"


She smiled at me and laughed, "An agency Hummer. They're getting some of the streets plowed. All agents that are here are to stay here until the roads are passable. The same goes for the uniformed agents."


"Drive careful Evelyn." I said as she started out the door. "Oh, take these over to documents and see if these are legit or excellent fakes."


She left then I went back upstairs. As soon as the doors opened Bennie was standing there. "You're supposed to be taking it easy."


"I have been baby," I said as I put my arm around him.


"You weren't up here."


"I know," I replied as I turned him to face me. "I was getting my new phone and learning about a few things going on here. Ed, Johnny and I were also discussing the recent events with the director."


"But Ace."


"Baby, I am taking it easy but things have happened and involve the agents here."


Bennie sighed. "OK so tell me, how are you feeling?"


"I feel pretty good but I am a little tired."


"Then you're off duty for the afternoon." He said sternly. "Or should I call the house doctor?"


"OK love, you win." I said wrapping my arms around him.


"Did I hear someone getting on Ace?" A voice said behind us.


"Yeah Dad," Bennie started in. "He said he was taking it easy but he was over in the West Wing."


"I was Ben, but there were some things that required attention."


"How are you feeling?" Ben asked with concern in his voice.


"Not bad but I'm a little tired. I plan on taking it easy this afternoon."


We turned to head for the dining room and Gloria was standing there and didn't look happy. "Do you know you're holding up lunch?"


When I heard that, I hurried to the dining room with Ben and Bennie hot on my heels. "Sorry Gloria," I apologized then quickly sat down.


Gloria fixed us a hearty soup along with several kinds of sandwiches. After we ate, Bennie came up to me. "You're taking it easy this afternoon aren't you?"


I nodded. "Yes I am love. I just want to talk to Ed and Johnny before they go back to work."


Ed and Johnny heard that and came over then Ed put his hand on my shoulder. "I know we don't have any leads on how Briggs managed to get in but it won't happen again with the new security measures going up."


"I know we got nothing Ed but it ticks me off that Briggs was either given credentials or managed to forge some real good ones. He managed to get in here and attempted to assault Bennie but Tonka was able to stop it. I also gave the two ID cards to Evelyn to take to documents and see if they're real or forged."


Johnny put his hand on my shoulder. "Briggs is in jail and won't be getting bond on the charges. You need to rest now because you don't want to risk your recovery."


"Alright guys, I get the hint. Don't forget, dinner is at 6 sharp."


Ben, Johnny and Ed went downstairs and I went into my bedroom for a nap. "It's about time baby." Bennie said pulling back the covers.


I got undressed then crawled in beside him. "Is someone horny?"


"It has been several days love." Bennie reminded me.


I didn't know if I could handle holding my legs up while Bennie made love to me then I had another idea. I rolled over onto my side and began to caress Bennie's soft body. He looked up at me then I eased my head down and kissed him gently on the lips. My hand slid down and felt his dick was hard as a nail. As soon as I made contact with it, Bennie began to kiss me with more passion. Bennie placed his hand on my dick and started stroking me. I wasn't sure if I could handle blowing my nuts yet so I put my hand on his. "No love, I don't know if I can handle an orgasm yet. But what I want you to do is to straddle my chest and feed me that luscious dick of yours."


He kissed me again then did as I told him. I reached up, took his dick then slid it into my waiting mouth and started sucking. I knew my lover and when he hadn't busted a nut in several days, his staying power was next to nothing. After about five minutes he was moaning.


I reached in between his globes and found his pucker then ran my finger over it. As soon as be felt this he grabbed my hand then stuck my finger into his mouth and got it wet. He removed it then put it back in but this time he added another finger. I knew what he was trying to do and as long he didn't go to fast, I was fine with it. He brought my hand around to his butt and I took over and gently inserted them into his hole. He wiggled his ass down as moved my finger inside him then he moaned as I hit his love nut. "Oh please Ace, don't stop."


I massaged his love nut as he continued to fuck my mouth. He started pumping faster and faster and that told me he was about to cum. I had my fingers set so that as he pulled back they'd hit his prostate. I felt him start to shudder so I mashed firmly on his gland as he fired load after load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed every drop then eased my fingers out of his ass. I ran my tongue over his dick to make sure it was clean then my lover eased down onto my chest. "Are you still horny now baby?"


"Oh God love, you sucked my balls dry."


I giggled at his statement. "If I know you, they won't be dry for long."


He kissed me passionately then slid off of my chest. "They probably won't but I sure feel better now."


We curled up together then dozed off and took a nap. I was sleeping soundly until Bennie's hand pushed against my bladder. My eyes shot open and I fought to keep from having an accident. I eased out of bed and quickly went into the bathroom to empty my bladder. I glanced at my watch and it was a little after 5 so I decided to get dressed then wake up my lover. I rocked him by the shoulder. "Wake up sweetie, it's after 5. I'm sure your Dad will be up soon."


"Oh do I have to?" He whined.


Tonka nudged my hand with his nose so I ran my finger down Bennie's nose and he got the hint. "Kiss him Tonka."


Tonka gave his a wet kiss then Bennie's eyes shot open. "Tonka I'm awake now."


I rubbed the top of his head and his tail started wagging. "Come on sleeping beauty, or should I have Tonka help you?"


"You're mean." He said tossing the covers back and standing up.


Bennie bent over and I couldn't resist the temptation. I pointed at his bare him and pointed then whispered, "Lick."


He did and Bennie jumped. "Ace, I'm going to get you."


I was sitting on the bed laughing. "Easy love, you know I'm in a fragile state."


He came around and pushed his nose against mine. "I'll fragile you."


I blinked my eyes then smiled at him which caused him to melt into my arms. He sat on my lap and I kissed him on the cheek. "Do you know how cute you are when you get angry?"


"I'm cute all the times." He said then giggled.


We stopped our playing and got dressed then went out to the living room. As soon as we stepped in I heard the elevator open and out stepped Ben, Ed and Johnny. Bennie ran over and hugged his Dad. Father and son went into the living room as Ed motioned for to follow them. We went into the Treaty Room then closed the door. "What's up?"


"Evelyn called before we left," Ed started. "Documents did a rush on those credentials and they were great forgeries."


"So the uniformed agent was fooled?" I asked.


Johnny nodded his head. "It seems so, Ace. She's not holding anyone responsible because the documents were so good but she wants the new security measures in place as fast as possible."


"Communications and the electricians got a lot accomplished today even with the snow." Ed said taking over to fill me in. "The power was hooked up to the cameras and they ran a test on them."


"How'd that go," I asked.


"They worked great," Johnny replied enthusiastically. "They're going to run the cables to the monitors into the office tomorrow and get the lock installed on the employee's gate tomorrow also."


Ed looked at me. "The first batch of new ID cards are back from the printers, so they will start to be issued tomorrow as well. Evelyn will have four people here and they'll start issuing them."


"What about the Secret Service Agents?"


"There will be one person here who will handle those only because of the sensitive nature." Ed replied. "He'll be issuing the cards to the uniformed agents as well."


"Did you manage to talk to Lt. Hanson?"


Ed nodded. "Yes I did. He'd been on the phone with all his men and they'll be back at full staff by morning."


Maybe this debacle didn't cause too much damage after all. "Good. In a way I'm kind of glad these problems surfaced now and not when The President and you guys were away."


There was a knock on the door and Bennie stuck his head in. "Dinner is ready."


We followed Bennie to the dining room and had a wonderful dinner. The head chef made a luscious prime rib for us. Gloria took the juices and roasted potatoes and vegetables for us then made dinner rolls to top it off. After we ate our fill, we retired to the living room and watched a movie.


When the movie was about half over, Bennie was ready to call it a day so we excused ourselves. I went into my room and got some clean clothes then went over to Bennie's room. "Do you want to shower now or wait until the morning?"


Bennie stripped then headed for the bathroom. "Let's take it now so we can sleep a little longer."


I knew my internal alarm clock would have me up between 6:30 and 7 but I wasn't going to argue with him. "OK sweetie, let's go."


To be continued