The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 13


When the movie was about half over, Bennie was ready to call it a day so we excused ourselves. I went into my room and got some clean clothes then went over to Bennie's room. "Do you want to shower now or wait until the morning?"


Bennie stripped then headed for the bathroom. "Let's take it now so we can sleep a little longer."


I knew my internal alarm clock would have me up between 6:30 and 7 but I wasn't going to argue with him. "OK sweetie, let's go."


We got into the shower and washed each other and Bennie tried to get me hot and bothered but I didn't want to have a climax and have any problems surface. My balls ached but I was determined to tough it out until I saw the doctor. We got dried then cuddled together and drifted off to sleep.


As usual, my internal alarm clock had me up just before 7. Bennie had rolled away from me during the night so it was easy to get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. I got dressed then went out for my first cup of coffee. When I walked into the dining room Isaac was sitting at the table. "Good morning Agent Mason."


`Man, I didn't get to wake him up again.' I thought.


"Morning Isaac," I replied fixing my coffee.


"I hear a lot of work was accomplished yesterday."


I sat down at the table then nodded my head. "Yes there was despite the snow. A lot more will be done today. There will be people from our headquarters here to begin issuing new employee ID cards."


"This is just for White House employees, correct?"


I shook my head. "This is for everyone Isaac, even Secret Service Agents."


"Is that really necessary?"


I sat there and looked at him. "Yes it is. There will be a lock on the employee's gate and the new ID card will be the only way to unlock it."


"There certainly are a lot of new things happening here. Was The President informed of this?"


I nodded my head. "Yes he was. Everything was explained to him before we started. He thought about it then gave his approval."


"Why wasn't I told of this?"


I closed my eyes for a moment then shook my head. "Because it was something you didn't need to know."


"I didn't need to know?"


"No you didn't," A voice said from the doorway.


Isaac's head quickly turned. "Sir?"


"That's right Isaac; you don't need to know everything before it happens."


"But sir, I am your Chief of Staff."


"That's right you are but when it comes to the security of this place I leave that to the Secret Service. I tell you what you need to know, are we clear about this?"


"Yes Mr. President."


Ben got himself a cup of coffee and sat down with us. A few minutes later were joined by Bennie, Ed and Johnny then we had breakfast. After we were done, everyone headed downstairs leaving Bennie and me to pass some time before he had to start his classes. "Baby, are you going to take it easy while I'm online?"


"I feel fine baby but I will take it easy. I have to go to The West Wing for a little while but I'll be back in time for lunch."


"OK love." Bennie sighed as he looked up at me. "You know I worry about you."


I kissed him gently on the lips. "That's what I love about you; you're always looking out for me."


We sat and talked until it was time for him to go online. I went down to our office in The West Wing and I saw a flurry of activity would make anyone dizzy. I looked around before going in and spotted Ed through the sea of people. "Hi Ace, it's a bedlam in here. The monitors are getting set up in the new office and Evelyn's people are at it issuing new ID cards. Come on, let's get yours done so it's out of the way."


I went in and handed him my old card. He looked up at me just then. "May I see your Secret Service credentials please?"


I reached into my sweat pants and removed my badge and ID card then set them on the table for him to inspect. "There you go."


He looked at my Secret Service ID card then typed something into his laptop. I adjusted my position so I could see what he was looking at. He had my personnel file open and I was amazed at what I saw. All of a sudden he looked up. "Interesting stuff in there, isn't it?"


That was an understatement. "To say the least. I guess having records archived on the computer makes things a lot easier."


"That it does but it will help up keep better track of these new cards."


"Once these cards have been issued, who will issue cards to new employees?"


"We will at the main office. This way there will be only one issuing point. Also there is something else we're adding."


"What's that?" I asked.


The guy took a blank card out and looked at the number then logged it into my personnel file, saved it then closed that window. He opened a new one then clicked on another file and then what appeared to be a blank of both sides of the new ID card was there. He filled in the blanks then plugged a small printer into his USB port. What he did next surprised me and that was he put on a pair of rubber gloves. He typed in a few more things then hit print. The light on the printer blinked then he was given a prompt. He put the blank card in then hit "enter." A few seconds later the card came out then I found out what that "something else" was. He opened a small jar that contained a pink like substance. "Sign the card then put your right thumb in there and put your print in the lower right hand part of the card."


I did like he said then he placed the card in a plastic sleeve and ran it through another little machine he had. A minute later the now laminated card came out. I looked at it and I couldn't see my thumb print. "I don't mean to be critical here but my thumb print isn't there."


"Oh but it is Agent Mason." He said taking out a small fluorescent light then ran it over the area and sure enough, it showed. "You'll be getting two special scanners that will be hooked into two dedicated computers. A tech from the main office will network them to the main computer at Headquarters so you will be able to access the database that will have each employee's card information along with that fingerprint."


He scanned the card then handed it to me. I looked at it then put it into my wallet. "For once, someone came out with an ID card that'll fit in a wallet without having to cut it down first."


He laughed. "Look at your ID card number."


I hadn't paid any attention to that so I pulled it back out of my wallet and turned it over then saw the number 0003 then looked at Ed. "Damn, I know who got cards one and two, but you, Ed, should have gotten this card."


Ed was shaking his head. "No Ace, you deserve it."


I was dumbfounded. "You're Special Agent in Charge here man."


He smiled at me. "I might be because I'm on The President's security detail but you are much better suited for it. I know you're not leaving the assignment you have now but mark my words Ace; you'll be the next agent in charge."


"No way man."


Ed came over and put his arm on my shoulder. "Ace, you're twice the investigator I am. You have command experience and you think fast on your feet."


"I guess we'll see where things take us buddy." I replied as I felt my cell phone vibrating on my hip.


I pulled it out and saw I had an email. "What's up Ace?"


I went into my mail and saw who had sent it. "It's the ballistics report from the FBI, such as it is. The bullet was mangled but they were able to read the striations enough to say it came from a Smith and Wesson .357."


"There are loads of those out there," Ed shot back. "Will they be able to match it to a weapon should we find one?"


I looked up from the phone. "I don't know. I guess we'll find out if we can find them a .357."


"Come on Ace, let's get out of here."


We got to the door then I stopped. "Don't you have to get your card?"


He smiled at me then went down the hall. "I've already got it."


We stopped outside the monitor room. I got my card out and swiped it through the lock. I saw a green light so I opened the door and went in. "This looks like something out of Star Wars."


"There are eyes everywhere Ace," Ed said sitting down in one of the chairs. "Evelyn and The President were more than a little pissed at the fiascos that have occurred here. Some of these projects were started by the last administration but for some reason they were stopped. Now it's getting done. Ace, I want the guy that tried to kill you."


"So do I man, so do I." I fired back taking a seat. "I also want that lunatic Nate off the streets but he's been staying under our radar. This winter wonderland couldn't have come at a worse time."


"Remember buddy, he's having to hoof it now. I've contacted every rental car agency within a twenty-five mile radius of The White House so we've done pretty much all we can for now."


"You're right buddy but this shit is really getting stale."


We left the monitor room and walked around The West Wing. People were starting to return to work even though it was still pretty bad out on the streets. We weren't supposed to be getting any more snow over the next 5 days so hopefully the city could begin to come alive again. "It looks really busy here."


Ed looked at me. "There's only about 15% of the staff here.


"I'd hate to see this place when everyone is here. I bet it would be like a big zoo."


Ed was about to speak when his cell phone chirped. "Yes Mr. President, I'll be there right away."


I left Ed to meet with Ben and I returned to the residence to have lunch with my baby. Just as I stepped off the elevator my cell beeped. I looked and saw it was Ed. "What's up buddy?"


"I just got a call from Capitol Police that a person fitting the description of Nate was seen around the Washington Monument."


This was our first break. "Let me get changed and I'll meet you at the entrance. What did you tell them?"


"I told them to observe only and not to try and apprehend him for any reason."


"Good. I'll be down in a couple of minutes."


I went into my room and stripped then grabbed a pair of jeans. I found my vest and put it on then put a sweatshirt over it. I was putting my weapon on when I heard the door open and there stood Bennie. "What are you doing baby?"


"I have to go out sweetie. Capitol Police have spotted someone that looks like Nate."


"And you're going out?" Bennie replied folding his arms.


"Yes. I want Nate off the streets and back behind bars where he belongs."


"The doctor hasn't released you yet and you can't drive either."


"Who said I'm driving? Ed is and Johnny will be there also."


As soon as I mentioned Johnny, Tonka's ears perked up and he started wagging his tail. "I don't suppose I can talk you out of this, can I?"


I shook my head and went over then wrapped my arms around him. "Not on this one baby. Look, I'll be very careful. I have my new vest on and I'll even bring Tonka."


Bennie looked down at his pet then rubbed his head. "Alright love, but please be careful."


I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. "I will love, I promise."


We headed for the door then looked down and didn't see Tonka. I turned around and he was just sitting there so I patted my leg and he quickly joined us. When the elevator arrived, I kissed my baby then Tonka and I headed down to meet Ed and Johnny. As soon as we stepped outside, Tonka took for the snow covered grass and quickly found a tree. He did his business then came back and got into the suburban. Ed was on the radio with Capital PD dispatch and found out where Nate was then we took off.


The city had kept the roads passable and that helped but it wasn't easy going. Since Ed was driving, I had radio duty. I was also monitoring the traffic between the units on scene and dispatch. I didn't know who was in charge so I called Capital Police and got connected to the watch commander, "Lt. King speaking."


"Lieutenant, this is Special Agent Rich Mason, Secret Service."


"Yes Agent Mason, how can I help you?"


"We're in route to the Washington Monument and we've been monitoring the traffic between your officers and dispatch. Who is in charge out there?"


"That would be Sgt. Granger."


"Lieutenant, I don't wish to come across as being rude but this is our fugitive and as such our case. We definitely can use your help but we're in charge. I hope this won't create a problem."


"I totally understand that Agent Mason." Lt. King said. "CP101."


A voice came on. "CP101, go ahead."


"CP101 the Secret Service is in route to rendezvous with you and the other officers handling this call."


"Are you sure Lieutenant? He's in our jurisdiction."


"I'm totally sure. There is a BOLO on this guy which was put out by the Secret Service."


"Very well, Lieutenant."


Another voice came on. "CP115 to CP101."


"CP101, go ahead CP115," Sgt. Granger replied.


"CP101, the suspect is on the move. I think he's on to us."


"Secret Service 1 to CP115."


"Go ahead Secret Service 1."


"What's your location?" I asked.


"I'm on Raoul Wallenberg PL, SW near the east entrance to Seaton Park."


"CP115, we're on E Executive Ave, NW approaching Pennsylvania Ave, NW., responding lights only." I replied. "Is there a mounted patrol officer in the area?"


"H25 to Secret Service 1," A voice said.


"Go ahead H25," I replied.


"I'm entering Seaton Park from the west." The voice said.


"CP115 to Secret Service 1"


"Go ahead CP115," I replied.


"I've lost sight of the suspect." He replied.


Ed looked at me. "Damn not again."


"CP101 to Secret Service 1," Granger called out.


"Go ahead." I answered.


"SWAT is in route to your location. They should be on scene in about 5 minutes."


I looked over to Ed. "This could turn into a disaster."


Ed took the microphone from me, "Secret Service 1 to Lt. King."


"Go ahead Secret Service 1."


"Lieutenant, this is Special Agent Ed Miller. SWAT is not to enter Seaton Park."


"Agent Miller, SWAT was dispatched for your assistance."


"I understand that Lieutenant, I just don't want to risk their vehicle being seen by our suspect and spooking him."


"I understand," Lt. King acknowledged. "Watch Commander to SWAT Team Leader, contact Secret Service 1."


"Copy Watch Commander," A voice replied. "SWAT Leader to Secret Service 1."


"Go ahead," Ed answered.


"We're staged at Raoul Wallenberg PL, SW and Jefferson Dr. at the Holocaust Memorial. We'll be awaiting further instructions."


"Understood SWAT Leader," Ed replied.


"CP218 to Secret Service 1," A voice said.


"Go ahead CP218," Ed replied.


"I have a visual on the suspect." He returned. "He's mingled in with a large group of people here at the Monument."


"Understood, maintain visual contact but do not attempt to apprehend or reveal your presence to the suspect.


"Will do Secret Service 1," He replied. "What is your ETA?"


I took the microphone from Ed so he could concentrate on driving. "We're crossing Constitution now on Raoul Wallenberg PL. Where did you enter Seaton Park?"


"I came in just past Madison then went down to Washington Memorial Driveway. Turn right on the driveway and you see an old Olds 442."


"Copy that," I replied. "ETA is about 2 minutes."


"Copy that," I said as I looked at Ed. "You know, I don't see any way SWAT can move into the area without being spotted."


Ed nodded his head. "I agree. I think we should keep them there this way we do have a team of backups in case something goes wrong."


"Good idea," I agreed. "Secret Service 1 to SWAT Leader.


Ed turned onto Washington Memorial Driveway then we looked for an Olds 442. It was odd I hadn't gotten a reply from SWAT. "Secret Service 1 to SWAT Leader."


Something was going on and I saw it on Ed's face too. "Try contacting Sgt. Granger."


"Secret Service 1 to CP101, Secret Service 1 to SWAT Leader."


We were both getting pissed then Ed reached for the microphone and said, "Secret Service to Watch Commander."


"Watch Commander, go ahead Secret Service 1."


"Where are your personnel Lieutenant? We're unable to raise CP101 or SWAT Leader."


I tapped Ed on the shoulder and pointed to the car we were watching out for. He pulled in behind it then slipped the vehicle into park. Just then we heard, "CP218 to Secret Service 1."


"Go ahead," Ed replied.


"Are you here yet because I could really use a hand."


Johnny leaned in between the front seats. "How do we want to play this?"


I wore my boots because I wasn't in a suit so I could walk thought the snow if need be. "Look, I'm dressed for this. I can get out with Tonka and blend with the other people."


"Provided no one hollers wolf," Johnny said petting his friend on the head.


Ed looked at me sternly. "Ace, you know you haven't been released yet so if you get hurt again, it's going to be my ass in the sling."


"I know buddy and I'll be careful." I said checking my vest.


"CP218 to Secret Service 1, did you copy my last?"


Ed got the mic then keyed it. "Copy CP218, we got your last. We're on location and have an agent that will be mingling. He'll have a K9 with him also. What is your location?"


"I'm on the south side of the monument wearing a dark blue ski jacket with a fire department scene embroidered on the back."


"This is Agent Mason is there a channel that's totally private?"


"I see you and your K9, come up to me."


I caught up with him. "Hi, I'm Rich Mason, call me Ace."


We shook hands. "Nice to meet you Ace, I'm Harold Manning. Call me Butch."


We walked around the monument and kept Nate in sight. "Have you heard from either 101 or SWAT?"


He shook his head. "Not a word and I don't like it either. Granger is one of those individuals who's got to be in the headlines and bringing in your suspect is a collar he'd love to have his name beside."


This wasn't sitting well with me. "Great, a glory hound. What about SWAT?"


"They have a new team leader who's a veteran officer but he wants to make lieutenant in the worst way."


"These are two people I don't need out here." I said reaching for my cell phone to call Ed. "Ed, go to channel 88. Wait, go to channel 3. That's our secure channel. Is there an extra handheld we can let this undercover officer use?"


"Yeah, we have an extra one. Johnny and I are on the way."


I hung up then looked at Butch. "We have an extra handheld unit we'll let you use. We have a secure private channel that no one other than the secret service has."


He nodded his head then we heard a loud voice. "Nathan Hill you're under arrest. Raise your hands and drop to your knees."


People began to panic and scatter.


"Damn it to hell," I said as I looked around to try and spot him. "This is Agent Mason, come in CP101, come in SWAT Leader. HOLD YOUR FIRE, I REPEAT, HOLD YOUR FIRE."


"Nate Hill, drop to your knees!" That voice said again.


Just then I heard another voice. "Back off or else."


I looked around and there was Nate. He had a ski mask on covering his face and a child in his arms. His voice was so muffled I couldn't recognize it.


"SWAT, stand down." I shouted into my radio then called Ed on my cell. "Ed, call Capital Police and get the watch commander to order his men to stand down."


"I've got him on the link now Ace. He's trying to raise them on the radio."


"Butch, what channel are they on?" I asked.


"I don't know Ace, they're not using our radios."


I heard Ed in my ear piece. "Ace, I got them. They're on channel 24."


I quickly set my handheld to channel 24 and began calling them. "SWAT, this is Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service. You're hereby ordered to stand down."


I heard a voice then. "101 I have the shot."


"Hold your fire," I shouted as I watched Nate and his hostage.


"Hill, let the kid go."


"Granger stand down, this is Lt. King. That's an order!"


I tapped Butch on the shoulder. "I'm going to try something.


I leaned down and grabbed a big handful of snow and made a snowball. I rared back and let it fly hitting him square in the back of the head. He turned around and looked right at me. "Here I am Nate. You wanted me now you have me."


"Ace, what in the hell are you doing?" Ed shouted through my ear piece."


"Playing a hunch." I replied.


"Do you still have the shot?" I heard over my hand held.


"Roger 101, he's in my crosshairs."


"Watch Commander to Sgt. Granger, I know you can hear me. Stand down immediately, that's a direct order. You have 30 seconds to acknowledge."


I had another idea. I knelt down and petted Tonka then moved closer to Nate. "Come on Nate, put the kid down. You wanted me so I'm here. I've never known you to hide behind a kid unless you've become a real candy ass. Come on Hill; take me on man to man."


He turned and looked at me with the child in his arms. I could now tell that he was holding a boy and he was pleading with his young eyes. "Ace, get out of there," Ed said through my ear piece.


"No way Ed," I shot back. "You've got an out of control sergeant controlling SWAT and a sniper willing to blindly carry out his orders while Nate has an innocent boy in his arms so don't tell me to get out of here."


"Granger, this is Lt. Hill. Agent Mason, I know you can hear me also. I've been authorized by the Chief of Police to fire you if you do not stand down. This goes for any member of the SWAT team. If you value your careers and your freedom, put your weapons down."


I moved closer to Nate. We were now about six feet apart and I was thinking whether or not I could grab the boy and get him away from Nate before he could hurt him, if that was his plan. Just then, he reached his other arm around the child and heisted him up a little further then I heard a voice. "No joy Sarge, no joy."


That bought us some time. "Nate, come on you coward, let the boy go. This is between you and me so put him down and we'll settle this man to man."


He stared at me then reset his hold on the boy. I couldn't see a weapon in either hand but I also couldn't tell if he had a gun under his coat.


"Ace, this is Johnny. I finally managed to spot the sniper from SWAT. He's about seventy five yards out at your 10 o'clock. He's wearing a white snow suit and his rifle is covered in what looks like a white covering. I can't spot Granger however."


"Good job Johnny," I replied.


"Ace, I've called for additional agents and they should be here any minute. I told them to head to the Holocaust Museum and search the SWAT van." Ed said.


"Good idea, maybe Granger is in the van."


"Maybe Ace but they'd have to have a powerful loud speaker in order for us to hear him so clearly."


"Nate Hill, put the child down immediately and surrender. If you don't we'll have no choice but to use deadly force. This is your final warning."


"Sgt. Granger, this is Lt. Hill. You're relieved of command and hereby terminated. Any member of SWAT who continues to follow this man's orders will also be terminated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."


"Do you have a shot?" Granger asked.


"No joy Sarge." The voice replied.


"Why?" Granger asked.


"The child is in the way."


"Is that all?" Granger fired back.


"Yes," The sniper replied. "I'm not taking the shot."


"You'll follow my orders," Granger shot back.


"Y...Y...Yes Sergeant." The sniper stuttered.


"Nate, put the boy down and let's end this before anyone gets hurt."


Nate was looking at me. I could tell he was thinking and I hoped he didn't take too long. Just then he slowly knelt down so I held my arms out for the boy. I keyed my handheld. "Hold your fire, he's surrendering. HOLD YOUR FIRE."


I stepped back a few steps then knelt down. Hill released the boy then he ran to me. I led him over to Butch then took my cuffs out. Nate stood up then turned around and slowly started to put his hands behind his back.




Nate dropped to the ground. I looked and Butch held the boy with his face against his chest so he couldn't see Nate's body. "GOD DAMN IT!" I shouted. "Johnny, get that sniper and cuff him."


I sent Tonka with Johnny so he would have help should he need it. I watched as he led the shooter over to us then I started hearing sirens then saw Capital Police units arriving. I saw Ed trotting over to Butch and he took the boy then Butch and I went over to Nate. Butch reached down and lifted the ski mask so we could see his face. "Shit man, I know who he is."


"It's not Nate Hill, that's for sure. Who is it?"


Butch pulled the mask completely off the man's head. "That's Mitchell Waters; he's a local gay rights activist."


This wasn't making any sense at all. "Agent Mason, this is Agent Morris. We found another body here in the SWAT van. It's a Capital Police officer."


"Call the corner then take his finger prints."


Johnny came up with a man dressed in a white snow suit. "Here is the shooter Ace."


I stood up and grabbed him. "Why the hell did you shoot? You heard the orders from Lt. King. Agent Hawks, did you search the suspect?"


"Yes I did Agent Mason; I couldn't find any police ID on him."


"What the hell is going on here?" I said shaking my head. "We got a dead gay rights activist, a dead cop and a shooter who is god knows who."


Just then another uniformed officer came up. "Who is Agent Mason?"


I stepped over towards him. "I'm Agent Mason."


"I'm Lt. King, it's nice to meet you."


"Lieutenant, we have a real fiasco here." I said then pointed to the guy in the snow suit. "It seems this guy isn't a cop."


"What?" Lt. King shouted then went over and began searching the man.


"Our agent searched him already and didn't find his police department credentials or anything else, for that matter."


"I don't recognize him Agent Mason but I don't know every officer in the department. Is this the man who shot the suspect?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah, that he is. Now we have another problem. It seems Sgt. Granger blew his brains out over in the SWAT van."


"He what?" Lt. King shouted.


"Special Agent Morris found his body in the SWAT van. He was continuing the orders to the sniper to take out the suspect."


At this point, Butch joined us. "Afternoon Lieutenant. Granger has been harassing Waters for the last several weeks. I don't know if he's homophobic or not but..."


"That faggot got what he deserved."


I turned and the man in the white snow suit was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I went nose to nose with the sniper. "Guess what, you just moved up to the big time fella. This shooting will be classified as a federal hate crime and since we can prove it was premeditated, the US Attorney will be seeking the death penalty."


"WHAT?" He shouted then took off running towards Ed and the boy.


Ed saw this then drew his weapon. "Tonka, stop him."


Tonka took off at full speed and sunk his teeth into his right thigh taking the sniper to the ground. "ARGH," He screamed in pain.


I trotted over to them, "Tonka off, heel."


Tonka came over and sat beside me then I went over and cuffed the jerk. I called EMS so they could treat the sniper before he was taken to the DC jail. "You faggot lovers."


I stepped on his leg and twisted my foot a few times then dropped my knee on it. "Listen you piece of shit, hate crimes are taken seriously in this district as is murder. Now, you have the right to remain silent and I suggest you use it." I advised him as he was screaming out in pain. "You also have the right to be stupid which you've proven you are. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"ARGH," He screamed. "Get off of me."


I moved my knee so he'd shut up. "Did you understand each of your rights as I've explained them to you?"


"Yeah I understood them," He shot back. "It's just a shame that faggot put the kid down."


I rolled him over onto his back then yanked him to a sitting position by his jacket. "Just what the hell does that mean? I heard you say you wouldn't take the shot with the boy in his arms."


He started laughing. "I had to make you guys think I was legit so I said I wouldn't shoot as long as the kid was in Waters' arms. What I was really waiting for was for him to turn around so I could have a clear shot at both of them."


"Why you mother fucking son of a bitch," I said raring back with my right hand but I felt someone grab it. "Why, what did that boy EVER do to you?"


"Not a damn thing," He said with a smile on his face. "It just so happens that his adoptive father is a fucking fag. I figured I'd put him through permanent hell by taking his kid away from him. By shooting him while he's in the arms of Waters, it would appear to be just an accident. I'd try to take the suspect out but he moved at the last second and accidently got the boy and him."


I dropped my knee on his thigh again. "You're one sick bastard. You've just added another charge, attempted first degree murder."


He was still screaming because of the pressure I had on his leg then I felt someone lifting me off. "Ace, calm down."


I looked and there was Ed. The boy was with him and tears were streaming down his face. I pulled him into a hug and held him as he cried. "I'm sorry you had to hear that son."


"It's OK sir," The boy said then wiggled out of my hug.


I saw the ambulance arrive so I stepped back to give the paramedics room to work. I turned around so I could see Ed. Just then I heard the sniper scream again. I turned around in time to see the boy drive his foot into the guy's balls. Ed and I just giggled silently. "Come on son; let's let the medics work on him so he can go on to jail."


The boy looked up at Ed and me. "Did he really mean what he said about wanting to shoot me?"


I was about to answer when a uniformed Capital Police officer came over. "Whose cuffs are on the suspect?"


"Those are mine officer," I said as I walked over so I could remove them.


No sooner had I removed them when two men came running up. "Oh Chase son, I've been worried sick."


The boy turned around and was wrapped up in a huge bear hug. "I'm fine Dad. This man and his dog saved me."


The man set his boy down then took my hand and started shaking it. "Oh thank you sir and to your dog. You'll have a big reward coming. I'm Russell Mathews and this is my son Chase."


I shook my head. "That's very kind of you Russell but it's not necessary."


He let go of my hand then shook his head. "That's nonsense; you and that gorgeous animal earned it."


I reached into my pocket and took out my credentials. "No sir, you don't understand." I said showing him my badge. "We're not allowed to accept gratuities. My name is Rich Mason and I'm with the Secret Service."


Just then the other man spoke. "Oh my god, I know you. Aren't you assigned to the President's son?"


"Yes Sir, I am," I replied trying to figure out who he is.


"I'm Councilman Jason Rivers. Word has it the President is going to be making an unprecedented announcement in the next few days."


Now I was confused again. "Excuse me but I haven't heard of any announcement."


As paramedics were lifting the sniper onto a stretcher, he shouted out. "I hope all you fags and fag lovers enjoy yourselves. You've not seen or heard of the last of us. We're going to make sure that God's work is done as it says in the Bible. You're an abomination to all of mankind and we're going to see to it you all end up in hell."


I walked over to him. "Well, you're right about one thing. God's work is being done. One of the commandments is Thou shall not kill and we take that seriously. For that you will pay the ultimate price with your own life. Get him outta here. Now, do either of you two know who that guy is?"


They both shook their head then Councilman Rivers put his hand on my shoulder. "Agent Mason, is there a charity you support?"


There was but I didn't feel comfortable admitting it to three virtual strangers. That was until Chase came up. "Agent Mason, I have two Dads."


Just then I fully understood. "Well then, there is a group I support."


The councilman smiled. "What group is that?"


"PFLAGS" I said smiling.


Chase looked up at me. "Really?"


I put my arm around him. "Yes son, really. I'm gay also."


He turned around and hugged me tightly. "I knew it, I just knew you were family."


I looked down at him. "Are you gay?"


"He's not sure," Russell interrupted. "He loves looking but..."


"Dad," Chase whined. "Yes, I'm gay but I've just never met the right boy yet."


I lifted his head up. "Son, don't rush into putting a label on yourself. You're what, 13 maybe and I bet you've just started puberty too."


"How'd you know?" Chase asked.


"Son, puberty is a time of growing and maturing. Your body is changing and well, you're looking at things in a way you hadn't before. You have two Dads here and they'll help you through this. Don't try and be something you're not just to try and make them happy. They love you unconditionally whether you're gay or straight."


He smiled at me then went over and hugged his Dads. Russell extended his hand and I shook it. "Thank you, we've been trying to tell him that for a while now."


I smiled. "Glad to help then. Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to get back to The White House."


Both Russell and Jason handed me their business cards as Chase gave me a big hug. Russell extended his hand towards me then I shook it. "Agent Mason, if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call."


"Thanks for everything Agent Mason." Chase said looking up at me. "I know the President's son is in good care with you and Tonka around."


"You're very welcome Chase, you take care now."


We headed for our vehicle then made our way over to the Holocaust Memorial. The coroner had the body on the stretcher so I stopped him for a moment. "May I take a look at him?


The coroner nodded his head so I lowered the zipper on the body bag. I took a quick look at the person then suddenly realized that was not the brightest move I'd ever made. I ran over behind the SWAT van and proceeded to lose what was left of my breakfast.


I felt a hand on my shoulder then heard a familiar voice. "Are you OK Ace?"


I grabbed hold of Johnny's shoulder and held on for dear life as the ground began spinning. He helped me around to the door of the van then I quickly sat down. "I'm fine buddy but that wasn't the brightest move I've ever made."


I saw Ed talking with another agent and holding what appeared to be a fingerprint card. Johnny climbed into the van and brought me a bottle of water so I could wash my mouth out. Once that was done and I took a few deep breaths my head was finally clear. The three of us along with Tonka got back into our vehicle and returned to the White House.


"I'm wondering what earth shattering announcement the President is going to make?"


"You got me Ace," Ed replied. "I haven't heard a thing about him going on national television."


When we pulled up to the residence, Bennie was standing out there and as soon as he saw us, he folded his arms across his chest and started tapping his foot. "Oh oh, you're in for it now Ace." Johnny said giggling.


"That's what I'm afraid of." I said as I opened the door then Tonka took off for a tree.


I thought Bennie would take off to spend some time with his pet but he just stood there tapping his foot. "What took you so long?"


"I'm sorry Bennie but you..." I started.


"Ace, you weren't released by the doctor and I trusted you."


"Bennie, calm down." I said reaching out to bring him into a hug."


"Calm down?" He fired back.


"Baby," I tried to get in but he put his hand up.


"Not this time. You don't care about your own health. I really wonder just how much you really care about me." He shot back then turned around and went back inside then got into the elevator.


I felt like I'd been hit in the balls. I stood there fighting back tears but lost as they started rolling down my cheek. Ed and Johnny came over and helped me inside then into the elevator. When the doors opened they helped me into my bed then I totally lost it. "Why Ed, why'd he have to ask that? He knows how I feel about him."


I sat there with my head on his shoulder and cried like a baby. Johnny sat down beside me. "Ace, he wasn't there today. If he had been he'd have known what it was like."


I shook my head. "No Johnny, I'm glad he wasn't there. I didn't want him to see what had happened nor do I want him to know either. He's seen me get shot once; I don't want him to see someone get killed."


Just then there was a knock on my door. Ed got up and went over to answer it while I hurried into the bathroom so I could wash my face. After I'd washed my face I saw Evelyn standing there. "Ace, are you alright?"


"I'm fine Evelyn," I said as I walked over to her.


"I just got a report on the incident. How could something like this happen?"


I shook my head. "I don't know..."


"You don't know?" She interrupted. "That's your job."


"EXCUSE ME?" I shouted.


"Don't shout at me Agent Mason."


"Don't come in here half cocked making accusations about things you know nothing about Evelyn."


"Agent Mason, you're very close to getting suspended."


I was fuming. "Just where did you get your information?"


"I don't have to take this kind of..."


"Answer my question Evelyn because I know for one that you weren't out there. I haven't had the chance to begin my preliminary report much less my final one."


"CNN," She fired back.


"Oh now we're getting after action reports from the press. Ed, did you get this memo?"


Ed didn't answer. "Mason..."


"Don't Mason me Madam Director. Do you know the one thing I really appreciated about you, do you? It was the fact that you NEVER listened to anything the press said until you'd read everyone's reports."


"Then answer me this, why in the hell didn't you inform me that Nate Hill is dead?"




"You heard me," Evelyn fired back. "Why didn't you..."


Johnny stepped in. "That's because he's not dead."


"Agent Hawks, I know better."


"Do you?" I fired. "Do you really know better? Did you go to the DC Coroner's office and look at the body?


She stood there and didn't say a word. "I thought so. Now, if you're ready to listen to someone other than a reporter, who by the way doesn't know her tits from her ass, you might learn what really happened.


She was still standing there not saying a word. "First off, that person was not Nate Hill. He was a local gay rights activist by the name of Mitchell Waters and, by the way, he did have a build similar to Nate. Now it wasn't until the dust settled and he was dead that we found out just who it really was. He had a ski mask down over his face and said something I couldn't make out so I really couldn't identify him by his voice."


"Well I'm sorry I over reacted but you can understand how I came to that conclusion."


"No Evelyn, I can't understand that at all. If Nate had been killed you'd have been the first person I called."


Ed took over then. "Did the reporter mention that it turned into a hostage situation?"




"That answers that question," I said. "I don't think he'd have harmed the boy but Waters picked a boy up and held onto him for a while. There is also another fatality but that was at his own hand."


"My God," Evelyn gasped.


Ed stepped in again. "Evelyn this call was a fiasco from the get go. But I also think it was premeditated."


"How so?" She asked.


"Mitchell Waters, it seems, was the original target all along and a Capital Police officer made sure we were there. Sgt. Granger got someone to be a fall guy to kill Waters then he took his own life. One more thing, we found out later the boy was also the target."


"Who was the boy?"


"He is the adopted son of Russell Mathews." I replied.


Evelyn's mouth dropped open. "Do you know who he is?"


I shook my head. "No but I know who his partner is, City Councilman Jason Rivers."


"Russell Mathews was the President's local campaign finance manager and owns the largest investment firm in the district."


My mind was swimming. "What is this, a conspiracy? Excuse me but nature is calling."


I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I dropped my drawers and sat on the toilet then started thinking. There is word out Ben is going to be making a major announcement and then a Capital cop masterminds the murder of DC's biggest gay rights activist. After the shooter is caught he admits he was going to shoot the son of a former Presidential finance manager. The cop then commits suicide so he can't be tied into this. One person couldn't have masterminded this just to have it blow up in his face, could he?


I finished my business, flushed the toilet then washed my hands and went to join the others. When I went out, my room was empty. There was a note on my bed from Ed telling me they were in the Treaty Room. I opened the door and there was Bennie. After the bashing he gave me earlier and having another round with Evelyn, I didn't want a third round. "If you're here to yell and scream at me don't. I'm tired and I can't handle another fight. I have a meeting in the Treaty Room so if you'll excuse me."


I went into the Treaty Room and Evelyn was speaking with the Chief of the Capital Police. "Madam Director, I just received a call from GWU Medical Center. The shooter is Albert Granger."


"Sir, this is Special Agent Mason. Did you say Albert Granger?


"Yes I did Agent Mason."


"Is he any relation to Sgt. Granger?" I asked.


"That he is. Albert is the older brother of Sgt. Samuel Granger."


"Why would Sgt. Granger orchestrate such a heinous act? Didn't he realize that when he said it was our fugitive, it would be our case?"


"Agent Mason, I couldn't begin to tell you what he was thinking. Samuel Granger was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. He had about six months to live but needed only thirty days so he could retire with his full twenty years. For him this was important because he would get to keep him medical benefits."


"I can understand that but why bring his brother in on this? Did he have a terminal illness too?"


"Not that I'm aware of." The Chief replied.


"I guess this case is closed then." I started. "Now, I don't mean to tell you how to run your department Chief, but you have a problem."


"Now hold on Agent Mason."


"With all due respect Chief, you hold on. Albert Granger managed to fool people. Even if he had his brother's help, there had to be SWAT members that knew Albert was not one of them. The same holds true for Duty Officers and Watch Commanders."


"Agent Mason, I apologize. What you just said makes a lot of sense. I'm sorry Mitchell Waters is dead but, considering the grand scheme of things, it could have been worse. I'm taking what you said seriously and I will be conducting a complete internal investigation of this incident and if I have to, this whole department."


"Your apology is accepted Chief. I'll turn you back over to the Director. Good afternoon Chief."


"Good afternoon to you to Agent Mason."


"This is the Director, if there is nothing else."


"Your Agent Mason is a feisty individual. He's a tough one and one I don't think I would want to be on the bad side of."


Ed looked at me. "You do know how to influence people, don't ya buddy."


I smiled at him. "Well, I do try."


Evelyn concluded her call. "Ace, you don't ever pull your punches, do you?"


"Nope, I never did in the Air Force so why change now? What did I miss before I came in?"


"Not much really but we believe this was an isolated thing. Neither of us believes this is the start of something bigger."


"I really hope you're right on this. I don't want to be reading about bodies turning up all over the city."


I was tired so I excused myself and went to my room. I went in and there was Bennie on my bed sleeping soundly. I went over and sat on the side of the bed. I reached down and moved his bangs so I could see his face. As I pulled my hand back, he blinked his eyes and woke up. "Hi."


"Hi yourself."


"I heard about what you did out there."


"Oh? I said trying to keep my emotions under control.


"Yeah," He said sitting up. "I heard you called him out trying to get him to fight you."


"Yeah I did."


"What were you thinking?" He said starting to raise his voice.


"You didn't hear it all did you?"


"I heard enough," He quipped.


I was getting pissed. "Then I guess you also heard what he was doing at the time I was trying to get him to take me on one on one."


He cocked his head. "What he was doing at the time? Just what is that supposed to mean?"


I stared at him. "It means you only heard what you wanted to hear which is just what every kid does. They hear what they want to and ignore the rest, whether or not it's pertinent."


"I'm not a kid."


"You're sure acting like one." I said. "You heard half of what went down out there."


He started to get off the bed. "Sit down and just stay there." I said putting my hand on his chest.


"Lemme go, I've heard all I needed to."


I shook my head. "No, you heard what you wanted to. Now, you're going to hear this weather you like it or not, one way or another."


"Just what is that supposed to mean?" He said rolling away towards the other side of the bed.


"You can sit here and listen so we can talk about this or I'll go to your father, explain everything to him and he'll MAKE you sit and listen. The choice is yours, what's it going to be?"


He got back on the bed then folded his arms across his chest. "Fine, I'm here so talk."


I got up and headed for the door. "Not while you have the attitude. Lose it and then we'll talk."


"What's with you Ace?"


I turned around and stared at him. "What do you mean what's with me? I didn't come back here and jump your ass, you jumped mine. I'll tell you this Benjamin Jacobs, Jr., that was like getting kicked square in the balls. I've never done that to you and you've given me good reason to several times."


"You were out there playing cowboy today. Ace Mason to the rescue. No one else could do it the way you can."


"Stuff a sock in it a squirt," I said as I walked over and sat back on the bed. "There you go again, going off half cocked. Yeah, I called him out."


"See, you just admitted it. You don't give a shit about your health."


"When given a choice between the life of a child and my health, tell me which should choice should I have made?"


"What, the life of a child? I didn't know..."


Bennie got quiet then. I leaned over and lifted his chin. "That's right, the life of a child. That man was holding a boy in his arms and I was doing anything I could to get him to let the boy go."


Tears were streaming down Bennie's face. "Oh Ace, I'm so sorry. I didn't know."


I looked at him. "Love, you didn't want to know. You heard what you wanted to and shut out the rest."


He started nodding his head. "You're right. I'm sorry baby."


"Bennie, I'm a cop and protecting the public is my number one priority. Tonka was right beside me and I'd have used him had I a decent chance to but I didn't. After all the dust settled, we found out it wasn't Nate so we're back to square one."


He wiped his eyes. "Ace, love, can you forgive me?"


I smiled at him. "Love is never having to say you're sorry."


He scooted over and sat on my lap as I wrapped my arms around him. "I'm sorry baby, I'll never question you again."


I leaned down and kissed him gently. "I'm sure you'll ask questions again but next time, please listen to everything."


"I will," He replied as he kissed me again.


I was really tired. "Why don't you let me get undressed then you can snuggle next to me and we can take a nap."


He stood up and smiled. "Gladly my love."


To be continued