The President's Son


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Miguel Sanchez

The President's Son

Chapter 14

I was really tired. "Why don't you let me get undressed then you can snuggle next to me and we can take a nap."


He stood up and smiled. "Gladly my love."


When we woke up it was time for dinner then the two of us returned to my room for a quiet evening alone.


Over at Jake's house things were still tense. The boys stayed in Jake's room all day Tuesday except at meal time. Wednesday morning, David knocked on Jake's door waking the two sleeping boys. "Jake, it's Dad. Are you boys up?"


There were two visible tents under the covers. "Um yeah Dad, we're up." Jake replies.


"In more ways than one baby." Carl whispered.


"Come on in Dad."


"Are you crazy?" Carl said softly.


David came in and closed the door behind him. "Well, how'd you boys sleep last night?"


Jake slid out from under the covers then went over and gave David a hug. "We slept fine Dad."


"Good morning Mr. Wheeler," Carl said choosing to remain in bed. "I can't thank you enough for letting me stay with Jake."


"Nonsense son," David replied as he went over and sat on the edge of the bed. "I can't let my son's best friend stay in a cold house. Have you called your parents?"


"Yes Sir," Carl answered sitting up a little in bed. "I was finally able to reach them last night. They said to thank you too and they'll pay you for the food I ate."


Jake came out of the bathroom then went fishing for his boxer briefs. "That won't be necessary buddy."


"Jake's right son," David said ruffling his hair. "Umm, I don't want to pry into your private lives boys but is there something you two might want to tell me?"


Carl's face suddenly lost all of its color. Jake found his underwear and pulled them on then sat beside his boyfriend taking his hand into his. "Umm Dad, you've always raised me to be myself and to trust my instincts, right?"


"That's right kiddo."


"Well, it's like this..."


"NO Jake," Carl said fighting to get out from under the covers."


In his panic, Carl forgot he was still nude as he tried to run into the bathroom. David grabbed Carl's hand and pulled him onto his lap then wrapped his arms around him. "Calm down Carl."


He started wiggling and squirming trying to get out of David's grasp but couldn't. "Lemme go please sir."


Jake slid over and took Carl's hand in his then leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. "Baby, calm down and let me finish please."


"So you can make fun of me?" He snipped back at Jake.


"When have I ever done that to you?" Jake asked looking into Carl's eyes.




"Never and you know it. Even when we were little kids, Dad stuck us in the tub together and gave us both baths, didn't he?"


"Well ya but we were just kids then." Carl fired back.


"I wouldn't call nine a little kid son," David added. "You don't think I saw you two holding hands together here and how you'd always sit real close when you'd be watching TV or at the movies, you'd hold hands there too?"


Carl gasped. "You saw all that?"


David smiled. "Yes I did and a lot more."


"Huh?" Carl asked knowing they'd been busted.


"Yes boys," David started. "One night when you were about thirteen, you forgot to close the door after going to bed and I saw you guys experimenting together."


Carl broke down. "I...I...I'm sorry Jake."


Jake reached over and wiped the tears off his boyfriend's face. "Baby, there's nothing to be sorry for. You might have been the one to initiate that back then but did I ever stop you?"


"Well no," Carl answered.


David took over. "Boys, I've watched you grow up from the time Carl moved here and he's always been the cool headed one. How do you think I've known about the stunts you've pulled at school?"


"You ratted on me?"


"Yeah I did," Carl replied firmly. "Do you know how many times I tried to stop you from trying to pick on new kids at school? You didn't expect Ace to come into the bathroom that day, did you?"


Jake turned red, "Umm well no."


Carl turned and looked at David. "Man, you should have seen the look on his face when Ace told him to turn around so he could put the cuffs on Jake. I thought he was gonna wet himself."


"You'd have really like that wouldn't you?" Jake snipped.


"Carl was still giggling. "It would have served you right for picking on Bennie. He's an OK dude. He don't act stuck up or anything like that, now does he?"


Jake hung his head. "No he doesn't and his Dad is really cool too. They even let me come along when they had to take Bennie's Grandmother to the airport."


David took over again. "Carl, I guess what I'm asking here is are you and Jake in love?"


Jake reached over and took his hand. Carl took a deep breath then looked at Jake. "Yes Sir, we do love each other. Is this going to be a problem with you?"


David shook his head. "Not at all son. As I said, I've watched you both grow up and I've seen how close you two have become over the years. I know I won't get grandchildren but that's a small price to pay knowing my son is happy. I do want you both to make me a promise."


"Anything Dad," Jake said interlacing his fingers with Carl's.


"If I can Sir," Carl replied.


"There are several parts to it." David started. "First and foremost, ALWAYS be good to each other and never go to bed angry at each other."


Jake looked at his Dad. "Shouldn't you take that advice with Lois?"


"Yes son," David replied. "I guess that's true provided she'd be willing to listen which doesn't seem to be the case here."


Carl looked at David. "I promise Sir. Jake and I can always talk. Umm Sir, can you let me go? I really gotta pee."


David moved his arms and Carl ran into the bathroom. "Dad, how'd you know?"


"Son, I've always known. As I said before, I've watched you both grow up and I saw how close you were."

"Are you mad I'm not going to marry a woman one day?"


"Nonsense son, it's not who you are. I want you to be happy son and Carl makes you happy."


Carl came back and sat on the bed beside Jake. Jake held up Carl's boxers and wiggled them. "Don't you want to put these on?"


"It's a little late to be asking that, don't you think? I mean, I've been sitting on your Dad's lap naked as a jaybird for the last fifteen minutes."


David looked at his son. "Well, what's your answer kiddo?"


He looked at Carl and smiled. "I promise Dad."


"Now comes what's probably going to be something very hard for you both. Jake, I don't think your stepmother is going to be understanding about this at all. I hate to say it but she's more controlling than I've ever seen her before. You guys are going to have to act like friends rather than two people in love."


"Dad, that's not fair. This is our house not hers."


David wrapped his son into his arms. "I know that and I'm looking at taking steps to keep things as they are but I'm going to need a little time."


"Sir," Carl started but David put his finger on his lips.


"Carl, if you're going to be my son's boyfriend, I think you're going to need to call me something other than Sir."


"Umm, I have a Dad already and I really love him and he loves me."


Jake took his lover's hand. "How about you call him Pop? One day you'll be living here with us."


Carl smiled then leaned over and kissed Jake and David on the cheek. "I think Pop fits you perfectly."


"Pop, if you think your wife is going to try and screw you out of the house, you should call my Dad. He's a great lawyer."


David reached over and patted Carl's leg. "I know he is. I shouldn't tell you this because it hasn't been made public yet so you're going to have to keep this between the three of us."


Carl wasn't sure what David was going to say. "Alright Pop, I promise."


"Good. Your Dad is being considered for the upcoming vacancy on the Federal Court."


Carl slapped his hand over his mouth. "You're kidding right?"


David shook his head. "No son, I'm not. Your Dad is a great lawyer and all of the people who fill vacancies know this too. We all know he'd make a great Federal Judge."


Carl was beaming as David was saying it. "Oh wow, my Dad a Federal Judge."


Just then Lois made her presence known.




"Go get into the bathroom boys and get your shower. It's 8am and you both still have to eat breakfast."


"What about her?" Jake asked as he and Carl hurried into the bathroom.


"I'll handle her." David said as he stood up and headed for the door.


Carl closed the bathroom door as Jake started the shower. David opened the door and there was Lois tapping her foot. "It's about time. I've only been standing here for..."


David came out of the room and closed the door behind him. "What is it you want?"


"Charles told me to let you know breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes." She quipped then reached for the door handle.


"Oh no you don't." David said as he grabbed her wrist.


"I have a right to..." Lois started to say.


"You have whatever rights I choose to give you in this house." David fired back.


"Now wait just a fucking minute," She fired. "As long as we're married I can go anywhere in this house I want to."


"Jake and Carl are taking a shower. Now, you WILL respect their privacy. Do we understand each other?"


"Fine," She said as she turned and headed for the stairs.


David remembered he had several hasps and locks in the garage. He went back into Jake's room just as the boys were coming out of the shower. "Hi Dad, what's up?"


"Your stepmother is on the rampage again but I've got a solution for that."


"A solution," Carl asked as he continued drying himself.


"She tried to come in while you two were in the shower and I stopped her." He started.


"Oh great," Jake said as he walked over to his dresser and got a clean pair of underwear. "What's your solution?"


"In the garage I have some hasps and locks. I'll put one on the outside and one on the inside. This way your privacy won't be interrupted."


The boys smiled at each other. "That's a super idea Pop."


"I thought so," David replied. "Now, hurry up. Charles said breakfast will be served in ten minutes."


The boys quickly got their clothes on then went downstairs with David and had breakfast.  After they all ate, Jake and Carl started to return to their room. "Just where do you two think you're going?" Lois started interrogating them.


Jake looked at her. "We have class in just a few minutes."


"Too bad," She said. "You have work down here. You have to get the table cleaned then wash the dishes then..."


Jake put his arm around Carl. "Come on Carl, school is waiting."


The two boys turned and headed upstairs. "Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you. GET BACK HERE NOW! David Wheeler, this is your doing. Stop them."


David just stood there. "They have classes and that comes first."


"Well who's going to clean up this mess?" Lois screamed. "The housekeeper didn't make it in again today which is crap. I'm going to fire her."


David stood there and shook his head. "You'll do nothing of the sort."


"I said I was going to terminate her." Lois said going towards the phone.


"Oh NO you won't, you didn't hire her." David said firmly. "She's been with this family a hell of a lot longer than you have. And just so you know, I gave her the rest of the week off with pay."


"Just what's that supposed to mean?"


"It means exactly what I said," David fired back as he fixed himself a cup of coffee. "Since we've been married, the only thing you've done is shop, shop and shop some more."


"Well what else is there to do?"


"Try getting a job." David fired back.


"Well," She said storming off. "David, we'll see about this."


"That's right we will." David fired back. "Come the end of the week, there will be some changes around here."


David didn't know if she heard what he had said or not because she slammed the bedroom door. He went out to the garage and found the hasps and locks then went up to Jake's room. He knocked on the door and stuck his head in. "Here are the locks I told you about son."


"Are you going to put them on now?" Jake asked.


"If it won't disturb you boys with your classes."


Carl shook his head. "We're on a break. History class got finished early so there is fifteen minutes before our next class."


The boys got up and helped David install the hasps. He put one on the outside and another on the inside. "Son, if you and Carl want total privacy, put the lock on. Now, you won't need to lock it because no one will be able to get in. Just remember, when you're finished doing whatever it is, take it off and pull the hasp back."


Carl had a quizzical look on his face. "How come Pop?"


"It's a safety reason. If something were to happen at night, like a fire, I can get in here to wake you both and get you to safety."


"That makes sense," Jake said. "Thanks Dad. Is Lois mad that I walked away ignoring her?"


David giggled. "She'll get over it."


Carl tapped Jake on the shoulder. "Come man, time to go back to the grind."


David wrapped his arms around them. "I wish I had it like you guys do."


The boys kissed David on the cheek then they went back to their lessons. Their last class ended a little after noon. They shut their computers down and put them away. "Jake, what do you want to do now?"


"Lunch isn't ready until 12:30. Are you hungry?"


"Yeah I am baby. Lois didn't put a whole lot on my plate this morning."


Jake shook his head. "Next time that happens, say something to Dad. He won't let that shit happen."


The boys went down stairs and found David in his office. "Dad, Carl is hungry. Lois was mean to him and didn't give him much to eat."


"Charles went out boys."


 "Pop, I'm not helpless in the kitchen. Mom and Dad both have taught me how to cook."


Carl took the lead and the three guys went into the kitchen. They looked around and found several kinds of lunch meats along with American and Swiss cheeses. Jake went into another drawer and took out a couple of tomatoes and a small head of lettuce. David looked at everything they had and started nodding his head. "I'd say we have enough here for a really good meal."


Carl went to work and soon they had a lunch of hot soup and several different sandwiches. He had found some left over corned beef along with some prime rib and Virginia ham. He sliced the meat thin and put it on a platter with some American, Swiss and Provolone he'd found. "Come on guys, lunch is served."


They carried the food into the dining room and dove in. When they were about finished, Lois came in. "And just why didn't anyone tell ME lunch was ready?"


"No one <chomp chew> knew where <chew swallow> you were. <slurp slurp swallow>" David said as he continued to eat.


"Just WHERE did you think I'd go?" Lois quipped with her hands folded across her chest.


David shrugged his shoulders and continued eating. Carl finished his mouthful. "There is some more soup left Mrs. Wheeler, if you'd like to join us."


She sat down and waited for someone to serve her. After several minutes she grabbed her bowl and went into the kitchen. She returned with about half a bowl. "Is THIS all that's left?"


Jake took a bite of his sandwich. "Yeah, <chomp chew> I guess <chomp chomp> that's it. <chew swallow>


She dropped her bowl on the table and stormed back off. Once she was out of hearing range, everyone broke into laughter. "Boy Dad, you're really gonna get it now."


David swallowed his mouthful. "I told her things were going to be different around here and she got her first taste of things. Carl, when are your parents due home now?"


"They finally managed to get on a flight Friday. Am I creating problems here for you and Jake?"


Jake got up and went over to his boyfriend hugging him.


David smiled at the pair, "Oh no son, you're not creating anything. I just need to talk with your father about a few things."


"Oh, well he's got his cell phone so you can give him a call on that." Carl started.


"Thanks son," David smiled and finished his lunch. "Come on boys, let's get this mess cleaned up and load the dishes in the dishwasher."


After they cleaned up and started the dishwasher, the boys went back up to their room. Jake closed the door and double locked the door. When he turned, Carl was smiling at him. "Do you think we could check out some of those `you knows' you were talking about?"


Jake and Carl walked towards each other then met in a tight embrace and began kissing. After several minutes, Jake broke the kiss. "What `you knows' are you referring to baby?"


Carl reached down and rubbed Jake's crotch. "This one is good for starters."


"Mmmm," Jake moaned. "That's not a `you know'.


Carl rubbed it harder. "Yeah I know; it's your dick."


"So what are you going to do about it?" Jake asked as he began rubbing Carl's crotch.

The same thing you better plan on doing about that." Carl hissed.


Jake started removing Carl's clothes and when he got to his jeans, he pulled those and his underwear down at the same time causing his dick to slap against his abdomen. He knelt down and licked the head of his lover's dick causing him to shudder. Jake ran his tongue around it a few more times then slipped Carl's sneakers off then had him totally naked. "God you're hot Carl."


Carl took Jake under the arms and brought him to his feet then leaned in and gave his boyfriend a passionate kiss. As Carl did this, Jake kicked his shoes off. Carl lifted Jake's shirt over his head and tossed it on the chair. Carl undid Jake's jeans then slowly slid them down over his legs and had him step out of them. Next came the underwear then Jake stood naked. Carl reached out and took Jake's dick. He stroked it a couple of times then looked up at his love. "Let's see how hot you are?"


Carl licked the precum off Jake's dick causing him to suck wind. He looked at that perfect tool then took it into his mouth and started sucking it. After a few sucks, Jake lifted Carl up. "Not yet baby, I want this to last."


They kissed again then Jake led Carl over to the bed. Jake threw the covers back and both boys quickly got in then embraced each other and went on a tonsil search mission. Both boys had been busy exploring each other via the brail method. Carl had a thing for Jake's nipples. He could caress those nubs for an eternity.


Jake was caressing Carl's chest and heading south towards Carl's pubes. To Jake, that was a treasure. Carl eased Jake back and began to pay homage to the boy's nipples. He began to lick one while he ran his finger over the other. Jake threw his head back and moaned. This went on for several minutes then he felt Jake's dick. It was covered in precum. "Love, I just have to suck you."


The boys got into a 69 position and Carl gobbled Jake's dick and began sucking it for dear life. Jake pulled his legs up and spread them to give Carl better access to his balls and nether region. Carl saw the opening and stopped sucking Jake's dick and began suckling his balls. He was drooling so much his saliva had trailed down over Jake's hole. He took Carl's hand and guided it down towards his hole. Carl got the message and slowly massaged Jake's love chute. His hole opened and Carl slowly inserted his finger causing Jake to moan.


Jake was running his hand through Carl's pubes and started pleasuring him, "Ungh love." Carl moaned raising his legs. "Finger me baby, you know what I like."


Jake got his fingers wet and rubbed it around then inserted his middle finger into his lover's wanting pucker. Carl was so hot he bucked his hips causing Jake's finger to go in to the hilt and hit his prostate.


Since neither of them had had a good cum in several days, their staying power was almost nonexistent. Once their respective prostates were massaged, the end was fast and furious. Each boy's hole clamped down hard on their lover's finger and seemed to pull them deeper inside. Once this happened they knew what to expect next and they each got everything they bargained for. Carl swirled his tongue over Jake's corona causing him to shudder. "Can't hold it love," Jake managed to get out before he fired into his lover's mouth.


As soon as Jake's first shot hit Carl's mouth he began to fire volley after volley into Jake's waiting mouth. Each one swallowed the other's offering then removed their fingers. Carl turned around and cuddled into Jake's arms as they both came back to Earth. "God love, it's a good thing I can swallow fast or else you'd have drowned me."


Jake ran his tongue over Carl's lips then kissed him. "Speak for yourself. Since when did you set that weapon of yours to automatic?"


"See what happens when I don't fire a full load at least once a day?" Carl asked as Jake sat up then pulled the covers over them.


"I'll take that under advisement."


Back at the residence my bladder was waking me from a nice dream. I looked at the clock and it was 7:15. I eased out from Bennie's arms and answered nature's call. I had a 9am doctor's appointment so I decided to take my shower then wake Bennie. I got the water set then stepped under the warm water. No sooner was I wet when I had a visitor. "I was going to get you up when I was done baby."


"I wanted to take one with you; you know how much I enjoy this."


"I also know what else you enjoy when we're in here too." I said as Bennie started washing my crotch and ass."


He looked up at me and smiled. "Well yeah, I love those benefits."


I removed his hand. "Any other time love, you know I'd jump at the chance to ravage your body but we don't have time today."


"We have time before breakfast."


"Not today baby. I have an appointment with Dr. Neil."


"Oh that's right, I forgot about that. Can I come with you too?"


I shook my head. "You have classes love."


"Aw Ace, please?"


I leaned down and kissed him. "I'll be back here before you're finished so you won't even know I'm gone."


"I know when you're gone baby but I know what you're saying."


We dried ourselves and got dressed then went to the dining room. Ed and Johnny were already having their coffee. I fixed myself a cup and poured Bennie a glass of OJ then joined the others at the table. "I'm taking you to your doctor's appointment Ace," Johnny said as he finished his coffee."


"I love being chauffeured," I said smiling as I took a sip of my coffee.


Bennie looked over at us. "Johnny, be sure to tell the Doctor how much Ace took it easy."


Ed looked over at him. "He has taken it easy for the most part."


"What about yesterday?"


"I wasn't over doing." I said.


"But you weren't..." Bennie started.


"I wasn't what, here in bed?" I fired interrupting him.


"Bennie, Ace did his job yesterday. He wasn't over exerting himself."


I was staring right at him and he caught my look. "I thought we'd talked about this yesterday?"


"We did Ace," Bennie started. "I was just worried."


"I can understand that too but like I said, I'm a cop. It's my job to protect you and you know how much I want Nate off the street and back behind bars. If anything was to have happened, an ambulance would have been called but it didn't. I think this means I'm ready to return back to work."


"Well, that's for the doctor to decide." A voice said.


"Good morning Sir," I said as I watched Ben fix a cup of coffee. "I know he has the final say and unless I'm cleared totally, it's still light duty for me."


Ed got up and got more coffee. "All in all Mr. President, Ace has followed the doctor's orders pretty close to the letter."


He nodded his head. "I know that, I get reports too."


Just then Gloria brought breakfast in. She sat a huge platter of fresh homemade biscuits on the table then she came around and set our food in front of us which consisted of a large omelet, bacon, sausage and hash brown potatoes. Ben looked up at her. "Gloria, are you trying to make me gain weight?"


She shook her head. "Oh no Señor Ben, but I know how hard you work so you need to keep your strength up."


I dug into my food then Johnny got my attention. "I think we need to start getting out for a morning run."


"Not to worry about that," I started. "When I get back to taking Bennie to school, I'll be out running laps with his PE class."


"Ace, you wouldn't?" Bennie asked rolling his eyes.


"A little exercise wouldn't hurt you either, son." Ben said.


We finished eating about 8:15 so I went into my room and cleaned up so I could get ready to go to see Dr. Neil. I was in the middle of changing my clothes when Bennie came in. "Are you sure I can't talk you into letting me go with you?"


"Do you think your Dad would excuse you from your lessons?"


Bennie shook his head. "I already tried that and he said no."


I slipped my slacks on. "Then you know I won't even consider asking him to change his mind. I'll be back before you know it love."


I finished getting dressed then put my weapon on my belt. As I was putting on my jacket, Bennie came over and hugged me. "I do hope the doctor lets you go back to full duty. I like Johnny but it wasn't the same without you there."


I slipped my jacket on then put my arm around Bennie. "I missed being there with you too love but it was only for a day then we had the storm hit."


We went out into the hall not remembering we had our arms around each other and saw Johnny standing there. We quickly stepped apart but I could tell he saw us. Bennie looked up at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. I think Johnny spotted it also and he began to walk towards us. Bennie wrapped his arms tightly around my left arm as if it were a life line. Tonka sensed something was amiss and he came out of the dining room then sat. He put his hands on each of our shoulders. "Relax I know you both have feelings for each other."


"It's not like that." Bennie tried to say.


"I have seen that look many times Bennie. It took a wise Chief to understand it and to pass a law forbidding young braves to be cast out by their families. Many said their hearts were weak and they would never make it through the rights of passage but they all did and so it was decreed by the Chief."


Bennie smiled. "Even if one of the people were older?"


Johnny nodded his head. "Yes, once a warrior was willing to fight the father of a young brave he cared deeply for. The chief saw this and stopped the fight before it started and held a meeting with the parties involved. After the meeting the Chief had a lot to think about but in the end, they were allowed to remain together."


"Wow, that's cool." Bennie said.


"It was a fair decision and they were protected because they were on tribal land. Off the reservation, they had to abide by the laws out here."


I didn't know what to say but I was thankful that Johnny understood. I looked at my watch and it was 8:35 so we had to get going. I gave Bennie a hug. "I'll see you when I get back kiddo."


"OK Ace. I'm going to take Tonka out so I'll ride down with you and Johnny."


When we got outside I saw a light blue Hummer parked in the driveway. "Now who parked their private vehicle in here?"


Johnny didn't say a word but headed towards it. `It looks like Johnny broke down and got himself a decent vehicle.'


I quickly caught up then got in on the passenger side. As soon as I got in I could tell this had been modified. "How do you like it Ace?"


"Like is an understatement buddy, I love it. I've always been partial to the Hummer ever since my days in the Air Force. At first I thought this was yours but I can tell there has been a lot of work done on this."


"That it has Ace," Johnny said as we left the grounds heading for Dr. Neil's office. "It's bullet proof."


"What, bullet proof?" I asked in amazement.


"Yep," Johnny replied nodding his head. "They took thinner steel plating then wrapped it in Kevlar. It's less than half the weight of the armor what's in the Presidential Limo but gives the same level of protection. It's perfect for this."


"I'll say it is and I love the color. Whose idea was this?"


"This was Evelyn's doing. She thought the change from black would help it blend in better on the street when you take Bennie to school."


"Not bad thinking on her part." I said then coughed. "When I take Bennie to school? This is mine?"


It's a good thing we were at a stop light because Johnny busted out laughing. "Yeah, this is yours Ace. Evelyn would have brought it over for you when it was done but she knew you'd want to get behind the wheel and take it for a drive."


"She would have been right Johnny. I hope the doctor releases me today so I can drive it back,"


"Besides the armor plating and bullet proof glass, the tires are puncture proof."


"Wow, no flat's to change," I said smiling as we pulled into the parking lot.


"That's not totally true," Johnny said pulling into a quiet parking spot. "There is a solid inner core so you can get out of a dangerous situation but the tire will have to be changed. There is one more thing. In the back, there is a locked compartment that holds a high powered rifle."


"That would have come in handy yesterday," I said.


"The director wants you at the range so you can sight in the rifle."


I nodded my head as we entered Dr. Neil's office. Johnny took a seat while I signed in. "Rich Mason to see Dr. Neil."


The office was empty which I couldn't figure out if it was a good thing or a bad one. A few minutes later a door opened and I heard my name called. Johnny looked up so I motioned for him to come too. The nurse led us to an exam room. "The doctor will be right in."


I barely had time to sit onto the table when Dr. Neil came in. "Well, how are you doing Agent Mason?" He said extending his hand.


I shook his hand and told him about the last three days. "I'm fine now. I got tired at first and needed to take a nap but now I feel as well as I did before the shooting."


He gave me a good going over testing my strength, checking my reflexes, looking into my eyes and doing several other things. He checked my back where I was shot then let me get my shirt back on. "Well, I can't find anything wrong. Your eyes are reacting normally to light as are your reflexes. The need for a little rest after what you went through was to be expected and you may need one from time to time. As long as you don't start getting headaches or changes in your vision, I don't see any reason you can't return to full duty but I want to be notified right away if any changes occur."


I nodded my head. "I'll call you right away Doc and thanks for taking care of me. I hope I never need your services again."


We shook hands then Johnny and I were on our way. As he got close to the Hummer, I held my hand out. I got in and started the engine and took off for the White House. "Ace, there is a new feature in here. The microphone also has a key pad on it so you can quickly change channels."


"Provided I don't need to look through the directory to find who it is I need to talk to." I said somewhat sarcastically.


"That's been fixed." Johnny said picking up the microphone. "Channels one, two and three are for the Secret Service. Channel four is Metro PD and Channel 5 is Capital PD. The other channels are as they were before."


"It's been fixed?" I asked as we drove past the White House. "I'd still need that directory."


"If you have Bennie in here and you need the directory, your first call better be to us buddy." Johnny said as he started looking out the window. "Where are we going?"


I smiled at him. "To the range, I want to see what Evelyn got for me."


"You're like a kid at Christmas."


"Don't you know it," I said pulling into the parking lot at our outdoor range.


I parked the Hummer then got the rifle out of the back then went inside. We checked in and I grabbed a couple of targets then headed to a lane. "Hand me a target and I'll send it down." Johnny said as I set the case down.


I opened it then I gasped, "Oh my God, what a beautiful rifle."


I went over to the lane and Johnny had a chance to see it. "Man that's a nice Remington 30.06" Johnny said as I lifted it out of the case. "Man, it even has the bolt on the left side just for you along with a 3x9 power scope."


I set the rifle on the bench then got the ammunition. "I am a bit of an oddity Johnny. I shoot a rifle left handed but a pistol I shoot with my right."


Johnny laughed. "If you have a semiautomatic rifle I'm staying out of your way."


I slapped him on his shoulder as I returned to the bench. "My name isn't Rambo."


I loaded three rounds into the rifle then closed the bolt and put the safety on. We put our hearing protectors on then I removed the lens covers on the scope. I raised the rifle and adjusted the focus on the scope then took aim on the bull's eye. I fired the three rounds to see how much I needed to adjust the scope. Johnny brought the target in then we looked at it. "Not bad Ace. You're right on with the elevation but a little to the left with the windage."


I brought the windage two clicks to the right then reloaded. Johnny put some masking tape on the back of the target then sent it back down range. I picked the rifle up then took aim again. I squeezed the trigger and fired the first round. Before I ejected the brass, I took a look at where the first round hit. I smiled to myself then fired the other two then Johnny brought the target up again. "Not bad,"


Johnny looked at me. "Not bad? One of your shots went way left."


I shook my head laughing. "That was my last shot. I jerked it. I'm satisfied with the scope now."


I cleaned up my brass and tossed them into a can then put the rifle back into its case. After storing the rifle back in its compartment, Johnny and I headed back for the White House.


Over at Jake's house, he and Carl were busy with their classes on line. Carl muted his microphone then tapped Jake on the arm. "After classes, can we do some more exploring?"


Jake nodded smiling. "That can be arranged."


The boys went back to their classes but were interrupted by loud banging on the bedroom door. "Open this door.


The boys quickly muted the microphones on their web cams so the others couldn't hear the commotion. "God damn it, I said open this door NOW."


Jake ran over to the door and made sure the door handle and the hasp were secured and locked. "Go away, we're still in class."


"I don't give a damn what you're doing, I said open this door now."


"Dad is not going to like this Lois and you know it so leave us alone."


"Your precious Dad isn't here. He was called to the court so now you'll do as I say."


"What are we going to do Jake?" Carl asked visibly shaken.


"That is a solid wood door; she won't be able to break it down."


"Maybe Jake but I'm still scared. That woman is freaky."


<BANG BANG> "Open this door." <BANG> <BANG>


The boys sat against the door and tried to figure out what to do. "Jake, call your Dad."


It took me a little longer to drive back to the residence than I thought it would. "I hope Bennie isn't going to be mad again."


"We'll just tell him the doctor was running late." Johnny replied smiling.


We pulled through the canopied area then parked the Hummer. We got out then headed for the residence. As soon as we stepped off I heard Bennie yelling. I hurried to his room and opened the door. "Ace, Jake's stepmom has gone bananas. She's banging on their door telling them to open it."


I held my hand out and Bennie handed me the phone. "Jake, this is Ace. Where's your Dad?"


"He had to go to court about an emergency."


"Have you called him?"


"I tried, I kept telling his clerk that this was an emergency and he would just say Dad's in session."


"OK Jake, stay with me now. Bennie and I are coming. We'll be there as fast as we can."


I handed Bennie his phone back then got my jacket. I led him towards the elevator as he continued to talk to Jake. We had to wait for it when I felt a nose push against my hand. When the door opened Tonka was the first in followed by Bennie then me. When we got down, the three of us ran to the Hummer. I unlocked the door with the remote and got Tonka into the back. We took off heading to Jake's place running lights and siren. While Bennie was talking to Jake, I called the Federal Courthouse and asked to be connected to Judge Wheeler's courtroom. "Judge Wheeler's Court, how may I help you?" A voice said.


"This is Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service. I need to speak to the judge right away, this is an emergency."


"The Judge is hearing a case and can't be disturbed."


"Sir, this is an emergency involving his son. I need to speak with him now."


"I'm sorry but I'm not disturbing him." The clerk said then hung up on me.


I picked up the microphone, "Secret Service 3."


"Go ahead Ace," A familiar voice said.


"Do we have any agents at or near the Federal Courthouse?"


"Yes we do, what's the problem?" Evelyn asked.


"Just a small problem that I'm about to solve. Can you send them to Judge David Wheeler's courtroom and have them stand beside his clerk."


"Ace, what's going on?" Evelyn asked sternly.


"Long story but here's the short version. The Judge's wife has gone off the deep end and is going after his son. His clerk is being a jerk and refuses to give him a message."


"Alright Ace, I'll send them there."


"Thanks, just let me know when they're at his courtroom." I said pushing the redial button on my phone.


"Judge Wheeler's courtroom," A voice said.


"This is Agent Mason again. I need to speak to the Judge now."


"Ace, they're outside his courtroom," Evelyn said.


"I'm sorry Agent Mason, it's like I said before, he's in session."


"Send them in Evelyn," I said into the microphone then went back to that clerk. "If you look at the back of the courtroom, you will see two men in dark suits heading towards the front of the courtroom. They are coming for you."


Judge Wheeler looked up and saw the agents. "What is the meaning of this? You're interrupting these proceedings."


"We're sorry Your Honor but you have an emergency phone call from Special Agent Mason. It's about your son but your clerk has refused to let you know about it."


David looked over at his clerk and saw him still on the phone. "This court is in recess until 2PM." He said storming down from the bench then stopped by his clerk. "You and I will talk about this later.


David went into his chambers then picked up the phone. "Agent Mason, this is Judge Wheeler."


"Sorry for sending agents to your courtroom but your clerk gave me no choice. Jake is on the phone now with Bennie and we're on our way over to your place. He's saying your wife has gone off the deep end and is trying to break into his room."


"Damn her," David said. "Agent Mason, do whatever you have to do to protect Jake and Carl. Lois has been on a tear since this storm."


"Is the front door unlocked so I can get in?"


"It should be but if it isn't, the digital code is 5185."


"Thanks Your Honor, are you coming home or do you have to finish hearing your case?"


"I have to hear this case. Carl is staying with us because the power is out at his house and his parents are stuck in New York. Do you think it would be possible if the boys stayed with you and Bennie at the White House?"


"No Your Honor, I don't see that as a problem. Do you still have my card with my cell number on it?"


"Yes I do," David replied.


"Alright so why don't you give me a call when your hearing is over and I'll be able to fill you in on everything."


"Thank you for everything Agent Mason."


David hung up then I turned off my siren so I wouldn't announce my arrival. I pulled into the driveway then got Tonka. "Bennie, stay out here for right now. I don't know what I'm going to find inside."


I went to the front door and tried the handle. It was unlocked so I opened the door quietly then pulled my weapon. I slowly entered and looked around then heard screaming and banging coming from upstairs. Tonka and I ascended the stairs then I looked to see where the shouting was coming from. I saw a woman with a large hammer swing and hit the door. "Federal Agent, drop the weapon.


She looked at me but held onto the hammer. "I said drop the weapon NOW!"


"Oh thank God you're here," She started saying after dropping the hammer. "My son is locked in that room and he's not answering me. He's sick and needs medication."


I knew this was crap. "Turn around and put your hands in the air." I said holstering my weapon then putting my cuffs on her. "Tonka, watch her."


I walked to the door then knocked on it. "Go away," A voice said from the other side.


"Jake, it's Agent Mason. You can come out now."


The door opened and I saw a pair of eyes look at me then the boys stepped out into the hall. "Thank you for coming man. She's really lost it. Dad told her our room was off limits to her but she didn't want to accept that."


Just then I saw two uniformed officers enter. One of them spotted me and drew his weapon. I managed to get my shield out and hang it on my jacket pocket. "Capital Police, don't move."


"Agent Rich Mason, Secret Service." I shouted back.


The officers slowly came up the stairs then they saw my shield. "What's going on?"


The woman then started shouting. "That boy is holding my son..."


"Shut up Lois," Jake spat. "Dad told you yesterday my room was off limits to you. You've been all pissy since Carl came down and that Dad told you I wasn't your shopping slave."


"Officers, Baker Act her.  When I arrived she was out of control wielding a weapon and shouting threats to the boys.  She just lied to you in an attempt to get you to take her side.  She is clearly a danger to others. Her husband, Judge Wheeler, will file formal charges."


I removed my cuffs and the CPD officer put his on her. "OK Agent, we'll take her over to Georgetown Medical. The BA will be good for 72 hours. Be sure and let the judge know this too and make sure he is contact with the folks at Psych Emergency."


The uniforms led Lois out of the house then I saw Bennie come running in. "Ace where are you?"


I led the boys downstairs then Tonka and I followed. Jake saw Bennie and wrapped him in a tight hug. "Oh thank you man for coming. I don't know how much longer that door would have held."


"Hey, what are friends for? Bennie smiled then patted Carl on the shoulder. "Hey Carl, how's it going?"


"A lot better now than it was before." Carl replied smiling. "So what's going to happen now?"


"Well, you two are coming with us back to the residence until the judge is through with the case he's hearing. Then I'm sure he'll want to bring you two back home. How bad is your bedroom door damaged?"


Jake turned and went back upstairs as the rest of us followed. He looked at the door. "There are a lot of dents from the hammer but it's not broken."


I felt the door then swung it on its hinges. "Wow, a totally solid wood door. No wonder she couldn't get inside."


"Dad said this was a real sturdy house." Jake said smiling.


"Why don't you guys get ready then we'll get back to the residence?"


To be continued