The President's Son


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The President's Son

Chapter 15


I felt the door then swung it on its hinges. "Wow, a totally solid wood door. No wonder she couldn't get inside."


"Dad said this was a real sturdy house." Jake said smiling.


"Why don't you guys get ready then we'll head back to the residence?"


Jake and Carl changed their clothes then he secured the house. "Wow, nice Hummer Ace." Carl exclaimed as we climbed in.


Tonka made himself at home between Jake and Carl as they lavished attention on him. We pulled onto the grounds then headed for the residence. As we pulled onto the circular drive I saw Carl's head start turning around. "This is the place Jake had to shovel."


Carl looked at his lover and wagged his finger. "I bet that will teach you to shoot off your mouth."


Jake turned several shades of red. "Yeah it did but something more important happened too. I made a good friend."


I parked then we got out and I let Bennie show Jake and Carl around the grounds. The three boys found the open field where I was shot and were romping with Tonka. I was watching their antics when my cell phone rang. "Mason here."


"Ace it's Johnny, is everything alright?" You took off out of here like your pants were on fire."


"Everything is fine buddy. I'm downstairs watching Bennie and his friends romp with Tonka."


"Since you're here, lunch is ready."


`I just hope there is plenty since I didn't have time to let Gloria know I was bringing guests back with me.' I thought to myself.


"I'm on my way up buddy. Oh by the way, is The President joining us?"


"Yes, he's here too." Johnny replied.


"We're on our way." I said then hung up.


I waved the boys over then we headed upstairs to eat. As soon as we stepped off the elevator, Ben was standing there. He walked over and shook hands with Jake. "Who's this young man?"


"Mr. President, this is Carl. He's my best friend."


Bennie stepped in then. "That's right Dad, he goes to Exeter also."


Ben shook Carl's hand. "It's nice to meet you Carl. Now, you guys go and get washed up because lunch is ready."


Bennie took them to his room then I had to explain to Ben what was going on. "It's a long story sir but Jake's stepmother went totally bonkers and tried to break down Jake's bedroom door with a hammer. He called Bennie because he couldn't get through to speak with his Dad. Right now, she's in the Psychiatric Unit at Georgetown Medical on a 72 hour hold under The Baker Act."


"Does Jake's Dad know about this?"


I shook my head. "Not all of it but I pulled a few strings and managed to speak with him while Bennie and I were on our way over to their house. He told me to do what I had to in order to protect Jake and Carl. He doesn't know she's in Georgetown Medical because he had a case he had to hear. He's going to call me once court is finished for the day. And before you ask, no she didn't hurt either of the boys."


"Ace, I'm glad you thought fast so you could get those boys out of that situation."


"Ben, it's the least I could do especially for two of Bennie's school mates."


I heard Bennie's door open so I didn't say any more. We went into the dining room and Gloria was surprised to see guests but she had plenty for everyone. After lunch, Bennie took Jake and Carl into the living room and played video games. While those three were busy it gave me the time to file my report and send a copy to Capital PD and go down to the Hummer and give my rifle a good cleaning after I used it at the range.


I was putting the rifle away when my cell rang. "Hi David, are you finished for the day now?"


"Finally Ace, can you talk?" David asked not knowing I was outside.


"Yeah David, I can talk. Lois is in Georgetown Medical Center..." I started.


"Oh no Ace, you didn't have to use force did you?"


"Calm down buddy, I didn't shoot her. I had to Baker Act her."


I heard David sigh. "Was she that bad?"


"I'm afraid so. She had a hammer and was banging away at the door of Jake's room. I'm glad that door was solid wood otherwise she'd have gotten in."


"Ace, this tears it. Something has to be done and I can't have her in the house with me at work."


"Have you thought about filing for divorce?"


"I have already consulted a lawyer but we haven't had a formal face to face meeting. Carl's father will be handling this but he and his wife are stuck in New York until tomorrow. Ace, can I ask a big favor?"


"I'll do anything I can David."


"Do you think the boys can spend the night there? I need to see Lois. I have to see for myself just how bad she is."


"David, I'll have to talk to The President before I can answer. I have an idea though. Pick up some clothes for Jake and Carl along with their computers and come over. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to stay but I have to hear that."


"I need to change so I'll get cleaned up and pack some things."


"Sounds good David but call me before you leave the house so I can have a uniformed agent at the gate to escort you to the residence."


"Have some changes been made since I was there last time?"


"Afraid so buddy." I replied. "I have ears around me now so I'll talk with you later."


I ended the call then watched Tonka get some exercise. I leaned against the Hummer as he ran the three boys ragged and soon, they were walking towards me huffing and puffing. Jake was the first over then slumped down sitting on the ground leaning against the tire. "Have you heard from my Dad yet?"


"Yes I have son. He's stopping by your house to get cleaned up then he'll be over."


"What did he say when you told him about Lois?"


"Well, he wasn't too happy, I can tell you that much."


Jake stood up and wrapped his arms around me. "Ace, don't get mad but I don't want to stay at home when she gets out of that place she's in."


"I can understand that," I started. "I also don't think he'd allow her around you again after what happened today."


At that point, Carl and Bennie came over closely followed by Tonka. Carl rubbed Jake's back. "Are you OK love?"


As soon as he said that, he clapped his hand over his mouth. Bennie patted him on the back. "It's cool Carl."


"You're gay too?" Carl asked.


Bennie smiled then had to think quickly so he wouldn't let out that I was his lover. "Yeah I am Carl and you have a great guy there."


"Are you seeing someone?" Carl asked innocently.


Just then my cell phone rang and that brought the discussion to a halt for the time being. I saw the name then smiled. "Hi David, are you on your way?"


"Hi Ace and yes I am. I have some things packed for both boys."


"That's great David; I'll let the uniformed officers know and there will be an escort waiting for you." I said then made another call. "Capt. Langford, this is Agent Mason. I need you to send an officer to the main gate to escort a Federal Judge to the residence. His name is David Wheeler."


"I'll get a man to the gate right now Agent Mason."


"Thanks Captain, I'll be at the door when he arrives."


We went back upstairs and I noticed Ben was in the dining room. The boys went back to their video games so I took the time to talk with him alone. I got a cup of coffee then sat down. "Hi Ace, have you heard from David?"


"Yes I have and I told him about Lois."


"How'd that go?" Ben asked.


"All things considered, as well as could be expected. He asked a favor of me but I told him I had to talk to you first."


"I'm all ears Ace."


"He asked if the boys could stay here tonight. I think he wants to see his wife at the hospital tonight and doesn't want the boys left alone after the day they had. Will that be a problem?"


"I have a meeting after dinner but I know they'll be in good hands with you."


"Thank you Ben," I said as my cell sounded off. "Mason here."


"This is Officer Kane; I'm escorting Judge Wheeler to the residence."


"Thank you, I'll be right down." I said then looking at Ben. "I'll be right back, Judge Wheeler is here."


I returned a few minutes later with David and the knapsacks for Jake and Carl. We walked into the living room and watched the boys playing their video game. As soon as Jake saw his Dad, he dropped the controller and ran over to him. "Oh Dad, she's lost it."


David hugged Jake then held his arm out to Carl and he joined in the hug. "I know it son and thanks to Ace, she's away from us for the time being."


"Dad," Jake started. "I don't want to go home as long as there is a chance she can come back."


"And I don't want you there alone if there is that chance either."


Gloria came into the living room. "Dinner will be served in 15 minutes."


David looked back at the boys. "After dinner, I'm going to see her at the hospital. The President has graciously allowed you and Carl to spend the night here. I brought you some clean clothes and your computers so you can attend your classes online."


Ben stepped in and joined us. "I have a meeting after dinner so Ace will be in charge."


Bennie came over. "Dad we'll behave."


I looked at Jake and Carl. "Boys, go put your bags in Bennie's room then the three of you get washed up for dinner."


When the boys left, David looked at Ben. "Thank you so much for letting them stay here Mr. President."


"It's Ben when we're in private. Ace told me about what happened today. They've been through a lot today and I'm sure you're not going to enjoy this evening."


"No Ben I'm not," David started. "I guess I should have seen this coming but I hoped things would change for the better."


"Any time Jake needs a place to stay, he's welcome here."


"Thank you, I'll keep that in mind." David said shaking Ben's hand.


I went into my room and took my jacket and sidearm off then washed up. I hung my towel up then I saw Carl standing in the doorway. "What's up Carl?"


"Where are Jake and I going to sleep?"


"Don't you worry about that buddy; there are plenty of rooms here. I'll get you two set up after dinner. We better get to the dining room; Gloria hates it when we're late."


After dinner David gave Jake and Carl a hug while Ben gave Bennie one. Ben headed to the West Wing while I escorted David downstairs and to his car. David extended his hand. "Ace, thanks so much for everything you've done today."


"Glad to help David. You take care of what you need to and don't worry about Jake and Carl, they'll be fine."


I went back upstairs and found the boys sitting on the couch watching television. Carl and Jake seemed to be cuddling and as soon as I sat down I had Bennie close to me. Carl looked over and Bennie saw it then quickly scooted away. Jake smiled at Bennie. "It's OK Bennie."


Carl looked at Jake then to Bennie. Is Ace...?"


Jake took Carl's hand. "Yes love they are."


"Boys, you can put your things across the hall in my room."


Carl smiled. "Are you going to...?"


Jake slapped Carl. "They don't kiss and tell just like we don't."


Carl turned several shades of red as I had my arm around my love. "Sorry guys, I was out of line."


"Don't worry about it Carl." I said trying to downplay everything.


Jake put his arm around his lover. "Come on man, let's get our shower. There is a great movie coming on in about a half hour."


I went into the linen closet and grabbed some clean towels and brought them into the bathroom. Bennie came up to me and whispered into my ear. "How would you feel about a group shower?"


"Are you sure about this?"


Bennie wiggled his eyebrows. "I'm not shy."


"Tell me something I don't know." I replied.


"Well, can I make the suggestion?"


I knew Ben wouldn't be back for a while so I shrugged my shoulders. "Sure, if they're game for it."


Jake and Carl came into my bedroom with their backpacks. "Hey guys, what would you say to a group shower?"


Jake and Carl looked at each other then smiled. "We're game," Jake answered as they set their packs on the bed.


I went out and got two more towels. When I returned I was looking at three nude boys all sporting boners. "Do you get hard when you're in the shower at school?"


Carl blushed. "Sometimes it happens but it's not a big deal."


I started undressing and was down to my underwear while I admired Jake's and Carl's bodies. "You two are hot, if that doesn't embarrass you."


Bennie ran over and yanked my undies down then slapped me hard on the ass. "Hey, you're spoken for."


I quickly picked him up then tickled him. "So why is your flag at full staff then?"


"I can look." He replied as I started tickling him again.


"If you can then so can I." I fired back then put him on his feet.


Carl came over and rubbed the big red spot on my butt. "You're hot too Ace." Carl said smiling as he moved over to Bennie and I went into the bathroom to get the shower going. "Man, you'll love it when Ace finally puts that dick of his in your butt."


"I've been asking him for a long time but he doesn't want to hurt me."


"Don't worry, Jake and I can show you how to stretch your hole."


"I have a vibrator but it's not as big as his dick."


Carl smiled. "We'll stretch you in the shower, how's that?"


"You will?" Bennie smiled as he reached down and fiddled with his dick not really paying attention to what he was doing. "Maybe you can get me loose enough so he'll finally make love to me."


"Now remember this dude," Carl started. "It will hurt a little but if you go slowly you'll get used to the feeling and the pain will go away."


I came back into the bedroom and saw Bennie and Carl in a deep conversation. "Come on guys, the shower is ready."


Over at Georgetown Medical, David was waiting on the Emergency Psychiatrist. After several minutes, a middle aged man came up to him. "Mr. Wheeler, I'm Dr. Andrews. I saw your wife when she was brought in by the police."


David shook his hand. "How bad is she?"


Dr. Andrews motioned for David to follow him then they entered his office. "I see a lot of anger."


"Did you see any signs of a mental disorder?" David asked.


Dr. Andrews leaned back in his chair. "She tries to come across as if she's schizophrenic but I can see that's an act. I read the report the officers did and after meeting with her, I can say there is no sign of any mental disorder."


"Would it be possible to see her?"


Dr. Andrews nodded. "I'll write you a pass for you to give the nurse on duty."


"Thank you," David started. "Would there be a place she and I can talk in private?"


The doctor thought for a moment. "We have some conference rooms. I'll have a nurse to escort her down then you two can talk in private."


David smiled. "Thank you but I should let you know now this talk might get heated but it won't be on my part."


Dr. Andrews nodded his head then called the floor Lois was on. A few minutes later a nurse knocked on the door. The doctor went over and opened it. "Dr. Andrews, Lois Wheeler is in Conference Room 2."


David stood up then followed Dr. Andrews down the hall to the conference room. David opened the door and as soon as she saw him she started. "Get me out of here."


David went inside then closed the door and sat down. "I can't."


"The hell you can't." Lois shouted


"I can't because I didn't put you in here, you did that yourself. Now, even if I could, I wouldn't get you out."


"WHAT?" Lois screamed walking towards David. "Why the hell not?"


David sat there calmly and shook his head. "You took a hammer and tried to break down my son's door and then lied to Agent Mason telling him Jake was ill and needed medication."


"I did no such thing." Lois ranted.


"Then why did you have the hammer trying to break the door down?"


"Damn it David, that's my house too."


"No it's not Lois, it's mine."


"Fuck you David; I'm your wife so that makes it my house too."


"No it's not; it's mine lock, stock and barrel." David said smiling. "I told you that before. This house is paid for in full. If anything happens to me the house goes to Jake along with everything else. Now why were you trying to get into Jake's room?"


"Why was he in there with another boy?" Lois shouted changing the subject.


"Doing their lessons online," David replied. "You knew this and you also were told by me that Jake's room was his domain and his alone and you were not to try to enter or bother him."


"I hadn't heard from him," Lois said. "He'd been in there all day with that BOY. Who knows what that kid was doing to our Jake?"


David just sat there calmly. "Our Jake?" He asked noticing her approach had changed.


"Why yes darling, he is our son."


Once again David shook his head. "Jake is my son, not ours. He is the product of me and my first wife Ellen; God rest her soul. If anything ever happened to me, my will clearly spells out everything that is to be done."


This seemed to piss Lois off again. "You bastard; I'm telling you for the last time to get me out of here."


David had heard more than enough. "And I'm telling you for the last time I can't."


"Why you..." Lois screamed running towards David.


Just then the door burst open and two large orderlies came in taking hold of Lois. "She needs to get back to the floor sir." One of the men said as they led her out of the conference room.


Dr. Andrews came in. "We'd been monitoring the visit Mr. Wheeler. We do this not to invade your privacy but to protect you."


"Thank you," David said letting out a deep breath. "If she had gotten any closer, she would have forced me to defend myself."


Dr. Andrews smiled. "I'm sure you would have and you'd have been well within your rights."


David stopped him. "Yes I would have Dr. Andrews; I'm a Federal Court judge."


"Excuse me then Your Honor if I was out of line."


David shook his head. "Nonsense, you didn't know that and it's David. Now if you'll excuse me, I would like to get some rest. I've had a very hectic day."


The doctor looked at his watch. "So have I David and my shift is about to end. I have a little paperwork to get done then I'm heading home too."


David left the hospital then drove home in deep thought. `Was this a ploy to try to get me to think she's crazy? Did she think I'd fall for the stunt she pulled?'


Those were just two of the dozens of questions running through David's mind. He was glad the roads were quiet and there wasn't a lot of traffic because all those thoughts were taking priority over everything else. He pulled into the drive way and noticed Cal and Judy Matthews's car in the driveway. He walked over and rang the bell. Judy opened the door. "Hi David, come on in. I hope Carl wasn't a problem for you. Honey, David Wheeler is here."


He stepped inside and handed her my coat. "He was no trouble at all Judy."


"David, I didn't expect to see you tonight." Cal said shaking his hand. I can't thank you enough for getting the power back on; we didn't lose a thing in the fridge. Come on in and have a seat. Judy just made some fresh coffee."


"No problem Cal," David said following his friend into the living room. "Carl couldn't see it but that branch wasn't all that big but it caught the power line just right."


"We were lucky," Cal said as they sat down. "I take it this isn't really a social visit, is it David?"


Judy brought David's coffee in. "Here you go David; I'll leave you two to talk."


"I noticed the lights off at your place, where are the boys?" Cal asked.


"They're spending the night with a friend."


Cal had a confused look on his face, "A friend?"


David nodded his head, "A friend from school."


Cal's eyes got big. "Bennie Jacobs?"


David smiled, "That's the one."


Cal's face turned serious. "What happened David?"


"It got bad today Cal," David said sipping his coffee fighting back tears.


"Where's Lois?"


"She's cooling her heels in the psych unit at Georgetown Medical."


Cal's eyes got wide. "The funny farm?"


David closed his eyes and looked down at the floor. "Cal, she took a hammer and started beating on Jake's bedroom door. Jake tried to get me at work but my dumbass clerk wouldn't tell me so he called Bennie."


"What could he do?" Cal asked.


"More than you realize buddy." David said. "Bennie has his own Secret Service protection. Agent Mason got over to the house and saw Lois in the act of trying to beat the door down. He arrested her then used the Baker Act and had her taken to Georgetown."


"What do you need me to do?" Cal asked as he got up and refilled David's coffee cup.


"Cal, I need her out of the house. I have to think of Jake and I can't be worrying about him while I'm on the bench."


He returned and set David's cup beside him. "I have the separation papers drawn up David; you'll have to get her to sign them. I think I should request an order of protection too."


"I'm not up on divorce Cal. That was never my specialty before I was on the bench so I'm really going to need you."


"Not to worry buddy. We'll go there together. You've made a generous offer in the separation agreement, more than I think you should but that's your call."


"I know Cal. I just want her out of the house and out of our lives. Speaking of the Order of Protection, I think you might want to get one also because she might want to get back at Carl."


"My God David, whatever for?"


David shrugged his shoulders. "I guess she thinks Carl took Jake away from her."


"That's nonsense, those two grew up together. They're as close as, if not closer than, brothers."


"That's right David," Judy said bringing in a carafe of coffee along with cream and sugar. "Those two are really close. I'd hate to see what would happen if either of us would have to move."


David couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You're right there. They really do love each other."


"So you've seen it too?" Judy asked.


David didn't know what to do or say. Cal sat up. "David, we see how Carl is around Jake and when they're apart. It's like when Judy and I were dating. Now, we're not going to holler, yell or scream because Carl is gay nor are we even thinking Jake caused it. We know differently."


"Well, Jake came out to me yesterday and told me he loved Carl. Carl calls me Pop now so don't be surprised if Jake starts doing the same to you. I'll see if I can find a way to drop a hint to Carl and have him talk to you both."


Judy smiled. "Thanks David, I'll let you two get back to what you were doing."


Judy left the living room. "I have a clear schedule tomorrow so how about we plan on being at Georgetown at 9. We can meet with her and see what she does. If she refuses to sign, I'm prepared for that too. I can file the divorce papers along with the police report showing her attempt to break into Jake's room and that she's a threat to others."


"Thanks Cal," David said as he walked over to his friend.


Cal stood then they shook hands. "Don't worry now buddy," Cal said as they headed for the door then he got David's coat. "I've handled messy divorces before. That was all I did before doing criminal law."


David knew all too well of the criminal cases he handled. Since they were such good friends, Cal didn't feel it was right to handle a case in David's court and he couldn't disagree with him. "That's why I wanted you for my lawyer Cal; I trust you and I know you know your stuff."


David put his coat on then walked to his house. After he hung his coat up he went into the living room and fixed himself a drink then sat down on the sofa. He took a sip of his Scotch then let his thoughts take over. `This has been a day from hell and I don't ever want it to happen again. Cal told me to trust him which I did totally otherwise I wouldn't have asked him to be my attorney.'


David finished his drink then went upstairs to go to bed. As soon as he got to the top of the stairs, he looked down the hall at Jake's door. He walked down and looked at it closely for the first time. `Man, I'm glad I stayed with solid doors when I fixed a few things.'


He sighed then went down to his room and got undressed to take a shower. Once that was finished, he crawled into bed for some much needed sleep.


Back at the residence Jake was busy washing me while I was engrossed in watching Carl and Bennie. "Ace, Carl is stretching Bennie at his request."


My eyes got big. "Jake, I can't hurt him."


Carl had two fingers in Bennie's hole gently working his fingers in and out. "Mmmm Carl, you're just as good as Ace."


I looked at my little lover. His eyes were closed and his dick was as hard as a nail. I was tempted to kneel down and take his luscious organ into my mouth but I didn't know how Bennie would feel about it. Carl leaned forward. "I'm going to add another finger now."


I was mesmerized at those two. "Ungh," Bennie moaned.


Bennie's dick was leaking so much the head was glistening. I reached my hand down and ran my thumb over the gland causing his eyes to shoot open then they started begging me to go down on him. "Go on Ace," Jake whispered in my ear. "I can tell you want to suck him."


I knelt down and took Bennie's tool into my mouth and sucked it like it was a straw. I ran my tongue around the head over and over licking off Bennie's sweet precum. Carl was gently stretching Bennie's hole then he hit his love nut. As soon as that happened Bennie let out a moan then fired a large load of juice into my mouth. I swallowed it in time to receive a second load followed by a third. I wrapped my arm around Bennie then felt his body relax as Carl slipped his fingers out of my baby's ass. Bennie looked at me with a sexy smile on his face. "God Ace, that was wild. You just have to make love to me, please. I feel so empty now."


I saw the desire in his eyes but I didn't want his first time to be with an audience. I lifted his chin up then kissed him passionately. I broke the kiss then kissed him on the cheek. "The first night we're alone, we'll make love."


He pulled his head back and looked into my eyes. "Do you really mean it?"


I reached down and encircled his pinky finger with mine. "I promise my love."


Bennie had come down from his orgasmic high then the four of us got showered and dried. We put our underwear on then stretched out on the bed and watched Sherlock Holmes on pay per view. We were about an hour into the movie when there was a knock on the door. We pulled the covers up. "Come in," I said.


The door opened and Ben stepped inside. He looked and saw us in bed covered up. "Can I have a word with you Ace?


I wiggled out of the bed then followed Ben and stepped into the hall closing the door. "Ace, do you know how that looks to people?"


I moved away from the door. "Ben, what difference does it make how it looks to other people? They're not in here."


"You're missing my point."


"Just what is your point? I thought Bennie and I had your blessing on our relationship?"


"I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't make a mistake."


I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. "Let's take this into your office.


I headed towards Ben's office off the living room then closed the door. "Now, what was that comment supposed to mean?"


"I saw you wiggling around getting out of the bed."


"Yeah, I had to get the covers out from under Bennie before I could slide over him."


He stood there staring at me for the longest time. "I find that a little hard to believe."


Now I was pissed. "You're saying you don't believe me.


He stood there and didn't say a word. "You don't believe me." I said staring at him. "Fine, follow me over to the bedroom."


Ben didn't say a word as we headed for the bedrooms. I opened the door and walked over to the bed and yanked the covers down to the surprise of the boys. "What's going on Ace?" Jake asked with a confused look on his face.


I didn't answer right away. Just then, Bennie got out of bed and walked over to me. "I'm with Jake, what's going on?"


I looked at Ben then back down to Bennie but remained silent. Bennie looked at Ben with a look that said, `I'm waiting.'


"This is my fault," Ben said. "Ace, I owe you an apology. Please forgive me."


"What's going on here?" Bennie asked.


I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "It's OK love. It's just a little misunderstanding, that's all."


Ben shook his head. "No son, it was more than a little misunderstanding. I accused Ace of taking advantage of a situation and I knew he would never have done anything like that."


"You thought Ace was..." Bennie started but I put my finger on his lips.


"Baby, it's been handled so please don't keep it going."


Ben went over to his son then led him over to Jake and Carl. "Boys, can you forgive a foolish father?"


Bennie looked up at Ben. "What did you think was going on Dad? Did you think Ace was feeling up Jake or Carl with me right there in the bed with him or did you think we were all in here having an orgy?"


Ben looked at the floor and shook his head as tears started to fall. I came over and put my arm around Bennie. "Son, go easy now."


Ben wiped his eyes. "No Ace, I have it coming. I didn't know what I was thinking son. I deeply apologize to you all."


Bennie started to speak but I stared at him. Jake and Carl got up and joined us. "Sir, if I might," Jake started. "I guess seeing all of us in the bed would lead someone to all kinds of conclusions. We know Ace and Bennie are lovers and society would not be very understanding about it. Carl and I accept your apology."


Bennie looked at me and I smiled at him. "Dad, you should know Ace better by now but more importantly, you should know me. I hope you never question Ace or my feelings for each other again."


Ben stepped over and hugged Bennie. "That's something I'll never do again son."


Bennie looked up at his dad then kissed him on the cheek. "I forgive you."


Ben hugged Bennie tightly as the tears fell. "Thank you son, thank you."


Ben got his emotions under control then he and I went into the living room. "Ben, what the hell ever possessed you to think I'd ever touch someone sexually other than Bennie?"


Ben shook his head. "I don't know Ace, I really don't know. I guess I blew it didn't I?"


I shook my head. "No. Thank God Bennie has learned to think before going off the deep end."


Ben did something then that totally surprised me and that was he pulled me into a very tight hug. "I think you've rubbed off on him also. You should go back and join the others. I'm sure they're waiting on you."


Before I left I needed to ask Ben a question. "Ben, could I ask you something before I leave?"


He nodded his head. "Certainly, what's on your mind?"


"This was from a couple of days ago but someone said you were going to make an announcement that would shake up the country."


Ben got a coy look on his face. "I shouldn't but I will let you in on this but you must not breathe a word of it."


I raised my right hand. "You have my word."


Ben and I walked into his office then he closed the door. "I'm going to be expanding on the Equal Rights and Equal Protection laws to include gay rights."


I couldn't help but break out into a huge smile. "You mean gays and lesbians will finally have the same rights as heterosexuals?"


"That's it," Ben said.


"You do realize that you'll be opening up a huge can of worms, don't you?"


Ben nodded his head. "I know that, which is why I've been having quiet meetings at night."


"I can't believe it. Finally, after all these years, gays and lesbians will be able to marry in any state they wish."


"Yes, except it won't be called a marriage." Ben said. "It would be called a civil union. Marriage has always had a religious connotation with it, so I'm trying not to upset religious leaders."


"Good luck," I said giggling. "What do you think Rabbis would say about it?"


"Good question Ace." Ben replied.


"Would this also allow same sex couples to foster and adopt children?"


Ben was nodding his head. "That too, there are not enough foster homes out there and way too many children looking to be adopted."


"Well Ben, in all honesty, most couples want new borns."


"Exactly Ace but gay and lesbian couples are just happy to be parents."


"That's true," I said in agreement. "My lips are sealed on this."


I went back to my room and finished watching the movie. Bennie and I adjourned to his room then we drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Ben and I enjoyed a lively breakfast thanks to the antics of Bennie, Jake and Carl. Just before 9, they went into Bennie's room so they could get online for their classes.


Over at David's, he was on his way to Georgetown Medical to meet Cal. Cal was waiting for him when he arrived. "Hi David, are you ready?"


"As ready as I'll ever be. Let's go and find Dr. Andrews."


"Lead on David." Cal said as they entered the hospital.


They found the doctor then Lois was brought to a conference room. "Well David, are you here to get me out of here now?"


David shook his head. "I told you last night I couldn't. This is Cal Matthews."


"Carl's father, I'm assuming."


"And my attorney," David replied.


"Hey counselor, do you know your kid's a fag?"


Cal stayed calm and sat his briefcase on the table. "That's irrelevant to this meeting Ms. Wheeler. We're here to talk about you."


"A typical lawyer," She started. "Always tap dancing around the subject."


"Lois, you need to sit down and shut up," David said trying not to lose his temper. "I'm here to make you a generous offer."


"Generous offer David?" She spat. "How about I get the house and $5,000 a month for the rest of my life or else."


"Threats will get you nowhere," Cal said.


"David, you better listen closely if you don't want your career on the bench to be over."


"Lois, you need..." Cal started but David raised his hand.


"Let her finish Cal," David said interrupting him.


Lois smiled. "I see that I have your attention. Now, this is what you're going to do. You'll sign the house over to me and pay me $5,000 a month in alimony. In return, I'll keep my mouth closed about your precious son Jake."


David was fuming. "You'll keep quiet about Jake?"


"That's right darling. You're son is a flaming queer. I know all about him and Carl. I bet that other boy, what's his name, is a pervert too. Oh yeah, Benjamin Jacobs. Isn't he the son of our new President?"


Cal slammed the lid to his briefcase closed. "First off Ms. Wheeler, there is no law against being gay."


"There should be," Lois screamed. "But how would the whole world like to know the President's son is a flaming fudge packer?"


"How are you planning on doing this?" David asked.


She got real cocky then. "I know the National Enquirer would love the story."


David stood up then brought his face close to Lois's. "You mention my son and so help me God I'll file the biggest slander suit you've ever seen, do you read me?"


"Hahahahahahaha," Lois laughed. "Do you think that scares me Mr. High and Mighty? Haven't you ever heard of the First Amendment?"


"It allows for freedom of speech but it doesn't cover outright lies." Cal said. "What proof do you have?"


Lois stood up and looked at the camera. "Hey Doc, can you go and get an envelope out of my purse and bring it to me? It's the 3x5 manila one with David Wheeler's name on it.


A few minutes later, Dr. Andrews came into the conference room. "Is this the one you were referring to?"


She smiled and took the envelope then Dr. Wheeler left. "Here is all the proof I need." Lois said handing the envelope to David.


David opened the envelope and pulled out several photos. He looked at them then handed them to Cal. Cal then looked at them then put them into his briefcase. "You think the press would print those?"


Lois smiled. "Well, they'd have to black out certain areas but yeah, they'll print them."


Cal picked up his cell phone and made a phone call. The others couldn't hear what he was saying then he closed it. "Lois, where'd you get those?"


"I have my ways." She said smugly.


"You mean you have ways of possessing child pornography."


"Just what the hell do you mean?" Lois spat.


"Those photos are not of Carl." Cal started. "I know my son but you don't."


"That is too your faggot brat." Lois smiled sitting back into her chair.


David smiled. "You don't know squat Lois. I've had Carl over to the house way back when he was just a little boy. I've given both him and David baths and I also know for a fact that that child is not Carl nor is the other David. I don't know where you got them but I can tell you what's going to happen."


Just then two Capital Police Officers came in. "Did someone call the police?"


Cal opened his briefcase and handed the photos over to the officer then looked at the man's name tag. "Yes Officer Murray, I was just handed these by that woman. She's claiming the two boys in the photos are my son and Mr. Wheeler's."


The officer looked up. "Is this true Your Honor? Yes, I know who you are."


David nodded his head. "Yes Officer, it's true. She handed me the photos then I handed them over to Mr. Matthews. Also, those boys are not our sons."


Lois stood up. "They most certainly are. Inside that envelope are photos from his son's year book taken last year."


The officer took the photos out of the envelope and looked at them then back to the other photos. "Well, it does appear the boys in these photos are that of these two in the other photos."


Lois got real smug. "I told you David."


Officer Murray continued. "Not so fast Ma'am. Even to an untrained eye, you can see the nude photos have been altered. Ma'am you're under arrest for manufacturing and possessing child pornography."


"What?" She said slamming her fist down on the table. "Oh I get it; it's the good ole boy network again. David, you can try and silence me but you'll get yours in the end."


"Had you not tried to pull this stunt, I was prepared to make you a very generous separation offer." David started. "But since you resorted to lying and fraud, you'll get nothing. Cal will be filing for divorce along with a separation agreement in which you get nothing except your clothes."


"Where will I live?" She screamed. "I have no money. I don't even have a job."


David smiled and shook his head. "That's your problem. Officer Murray, my wife is here under the Baker Act. You can't remove her from this facility until she's released on Sunday but you can file the criminal charges then arrest her when she's released."


Officer Murray nodded his head. "I'll do that. I'll also need these photos as evidence."


Cal handed the officer another photo. "Fine, take this garbage away from me."


David and Cal got up and followed the officers out of the conference room. David motioned for the nurse to get Lois and return her to her room. "David, I'll go right to the courthouse and file these papers. I'm going to push for an immediate separation hearing."


"What about Lois? You know she's still locked up in here plus she'll need a lawyer."


Cal put his hand on David's shoulder. "That's none of our concern. She wanted to play dirty so now she'll learn what it's like to play with the big boys and trust me; I can be just as dirty as she was if it comes to that. I'll call you if I can get a hearing set up for today."


David sighed. "I never thought it would come to this Cal but you're right, she brought this on herself."


Cal hurried over to the courthouse and filed the petition for divorce and request for separation hearing. The clerk looked at the judge's docket. "He has an opening for 2PM this afternoon. Can you have all parties here by then?"


"We have a small problem. It seems my client's wife is in Georgetown Medical."


The clerk looked at Cal. "She's not ill, is she?"


Cal smiled. "I guess that all depends on what your definition of the word ill means. She's on the psych unit until Sunday. It seems she tried to get at my client's son who was in his bedroom by taking a hammer to the door."


"Oh dear," The clerk said. "I hope the boy is alright."


"He's fine." Cal said.


"If you'll wait a moment, I'll speak to Judge O'Malley. He's handled things like this before." The clerk said and left, returning a few minutes later. "Here you go counselor. This is a court order compelling her to appear before the judge. I'll fax this over to Capital PD and they'll bring her here then return her once the hearing is over."


"Thank you and tell Judge O'Malley I said thank you too. I'll have my client here this afternoon."


Cal left the courthouse then call David. They decided to have lunch together then head over to the courthouse. At 1:45, they were sitting outside Judge Walter O'Malley's courtroom. David looked down the hall and saw Lois being escorted in shackles by two police officers. "Just wait David Wheeler, you'll get yours."


Cal looked over at her then to the officers. "David, did that just sound like a threat to you?"


"It sure did Cal. Lois; I wouldn't go shooting that big mouth of yours off in court. You're liable to be serving the rest of your hospital time in a jail cell."


Cal got up and stuck his nose inside the courtroom to see if there was a case going on but the room was empty. "Come on David, the courtroom is empty. Officers, can you remove those shackles once she's inside?"


One of the officers replied. "Yes but we'll have to remain at her side."


"That's fine," Cal replied as he and David entered the courtroom.


The officers escorted Lois inside then removed the shackles and stood behind her. Just then we heard. "All rise, this court is now is session, The Honorable Walter O'Malley presiding."


The judge stepped onto the bench then took his seat. "Be seated. Alright, what is this next case?"


The clerk brought him a file. "Your Honor, this is a separation hearing brought by David Wheeler."


The judge looked at the brief then looked out over the courtroom. "Are all the parties present?"


Cal stood. "Yes Your Honor. I'm Calvin Matthews and I'm representing the plaintiff, David Wheeler."


Judge O'Malley looked at David. "It's nice to see you again Your Honor."


David stood. "It's nice to see you again too. I just wish it was under different circumstances."


The judge looked over at Lois. "I take it you're Judge Wheeler's wife."


"I am," She spat.


"Ms. Wheeler, I'll let you know from the start that I do not tolerate rude behavior in my court. Do we understand each other? Why aren't you represented by counsel?"


She sat down in defeat. "I wasn't given any time to hire one Your Honor."


He looked at David. "Is this true?"


Cal stood up. "Not exactly Your Honor. The reason is in our brief to the court.


"Very well," Judge O'Malley said. "Then please explain why you are requesting this expedited hearing?"


Cal continued. "Your Honor, the reason for this is because my client's wife is a threat to him and to his son."


The judge looked over at Lois. "Is this true Ms. Wheeler?"


"No sir it's not," She almost screamed as she stood. "I love my stepson. My husband has become blinded and allows him to hang around all sorts of unsavory boys, most of which are nothing more than hoodlums."


"I see," Judge O'Malley said. "Please continue Mr. Matthews."


Cal took a sip of water. "Yesterday Ms. Wheeler attempted to break into her son's bedroom."


The judge stopped Cal. "She does have a right to enter."


David stood, "If I might explain Your Honor.


The judge nodded his head. "My wife has taken to using Jake as nothing more than a slave. She has no job and spends the majority of her time shopping. She forces Jake to go with her and be nothing more than a pack mule to carry all of her purchases. This week, as you know, schools were closed due to the snow but Exeter Academy held classes online so from 9AM until 1 PM, Jake was online attending to his schooling. Mr. Matthew's and his wife were out of town and his son Carl was staying at home. During the blizzard, they lost power and I had Carl come down to our house so he'd be safe and warm. This upset Lois and she tried to forbid him from coming down."


The judge looked over his glasses. "Is this true Ms. Wheeler? You would force a child to stay in a house without power and heat alone?"


"That child is a hoodlum." Lois fired. "I don't want my son to associate with people like that."


David looked at Lois. "You see Your Honor, this is exactly what I mean. She doesn't allow Jake any friends. In fact, she's refused him to see one of his newest friends."


"And that would be?"


David continued. "That would be Benjamin Jacobs, Jr."


The judge was shocked as he looked at Lois. "You mean to tell this court, you wouldn't allow that?"


She shook her head. "Not until I had a chance to meet him and ask him a few questions."


The judge sighed. "Tell me why you claim she's a threat to your son Judge Wheeler."


"She tried to break the door down to his room with a hammer."


Judge O'Malley looked at Lois. "Is this true?"


"My son was alone with that boy and he was doing Lord knows what to him." She said trying to force tears out of her eyes.


David continued. "Jake tried to contact me but my clerk wouldn't put the call through so he called Bennie Jacobs. Bennie informed his bodyguard, Special Agent Rich Mason, what was going on then they came over to our house. When Agent Mason arrived, he caught her in the act. She then turned with the hammer in hand forcing him to draw his weapon. She dropped the hammer then lied to him stating Jake was locked in his room ill and needing medication. At that point, he placed her in handcuffs and had her taken to Georgetown Medical Center under the Baker Act."


"Are you claiming she's mentally ill?"


David shook his head. "No Your Honor just the opposite. She's a very conniving individual who'll use any means necessary to achieve her goal."


"I see," The judge said. "Is there anything else?"


Cal stood. "Yes Your Honor. I'm seeking an order of protection against Ms. Wheeler."


"On what grounds?" The judge asked.


"Well, she did attempt to break into my client's son's bedroom with a hammer." Cal started. "She also attempted to claim my client's son and another male were engaged in sexual activities."


"How did she attempt to do this?" The judge asked.


"She had several pornographic pictures of children she altered the faces on."


"You're not attempting to try that case in here, are you counselor?"


Cal shook his head. "No Your Honor we're not but until these charges are adjudicated, my client does not wish to have his wife around his son."


Judge O'Malley nodded his head. "I agree counselor and I've read your brief. Mrs. Wheeler, had you not used child pornography claiming it was your stepson, your husband would have been quite generous. I read his initial separation agreement where you would have received $100,000.00 so you could have found a suitable place to live while you found work. Since you tried to commit fraud, he's not willing to give you a thing except your belongings."


"But Your Honor, sir," She interrupted. "I have no means to support myself."


The judge waived his hand. "You should have thought of that a long time ago madam. As for a place for you to live, I'm sure the police will have a place for you in jail as soon as you are released from the hospital. Mr. Wheeler, I am ordering that you set up an account with the sum of $5,000 so she may find adequate legal representation for the divorce only. I will also issue an Order of Protection but in all honesty, I really don't think you'll need it.


David stood and nodded his head. "Thank you Your Honor, that shall be done."


"Very well, this court is adjourned." Judge O'Malley said then banged his gavel.


"All rise," The clerk said as we watched the judge leave the bench.


The police officers got Lois back into her shackles. "You think you're so smart."


David walked over to his wife. "Lois, you did this all to yourself. Your stunt with those photos was really uncalled for and will send you to prison for a minimum of 15 years."


Cal and David watched as Lois was led out of the courtroom. David turned and extended his hand, "Thank you Cal for all of your help. Would you like to come with me while I pick up the boys?


Cal smiled. "Yes I would. I'd like to meet the young man Carl has been raving about."


To be continued