The President's Son


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The President's Son

Chapter 16


David walked over. "Lois, you did this all to yourself. Your stunt with those photos will send you to prison for a minimum of 15 years."


Cal and David watched as Lois was led out of the courtroom. David turned and extended his hand, "Thank you Cal for all of your help. Would you like to come with me while I pick up the boys?


Cal smiled. "Yes I would. I'd like to meet the young man Carl has been raving about."


After lunch, I left the boys to their own devices while I was in the monitor room. Ed and I were watching the goings on at the gates when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and saw it was David. "Hi David, did you and your wife get things sorted out?"


I could hear him sigh in the background. "Yes we did but she had to do things the hard way. We just had a separation hearing and she's now out of our lives."


"That's great David. I know Jake will be glad to hear that."


"I know. He told me he didn't want to come home if there was any chance she could ever return to the house." David started. "The judge signed an order of protection so if she comes anywhere near either of us, she'll be in even deeper shit than she already is."


Now I was confused. "Deeper shit?" Is there something I don't know?"


"Yeah there is buddy but I can explain that later. The reason I'm calling is I have Cal Matthews with me and he's heard so much about Bennie from the boys he'd like to meet him."


"Sure, I don't see a problem with that. Are you coming in one vehicle or two?"


David thought for a moment. "We each have our own cars but Cal can drop his off at his house and then we'll come out there in mine."


"Sounds good David, call me when you're leaving Cal's place and I'll have everything arranged for you at the gate."


"Thanks Ace, I really owe you big time."


"Nonsense David. You and Cal do what you need to and I'll be waiting for your call."


I ended the call then looked at my watch. It was now 3:45 and I knew Gloria had dinner going and since I hadn't told her otherwise, she was planning on Jake and Carl eating with us. I put my phone away and Ed looked at me. "Who was that Ace?"


I gave Ed the short version of what had been going on with David and his wife. "Man Ace, she sounds like a real nut case."


I shook my head. "On the contrary my friend, she is one conniving bitch. I saw that first hand yesterday. I need to get back to the residence and check on the boys and let Jake and Carl know their fathers are on the way over."


I was headed over to the residence when I bumped into Ben. "Good afternoon Mr. President."


"Hi Ace, how are the boys?"


"I left the three of them crashing cars on a video game. I had a few things to take care of in our office."


"Have you heard from David Wheeler?"


"Yes Sir I did. There is a separation order in place as well as an order of protection. Are you finished for the day?"


"For the time being then I have several meetings tonight that won't be finished until at least 11PM."


"Looks like I'll be entertaining Bennie tonight. David called and he and Carl's father will be coming to pick them up."


Ben looked at me. "Have you told them yet?"


"I was just on my way up when I bumped into you. Are you coming up too?"


"Yes I am. I need a shower and shave before we eat so I can be ready for these meetings."


We went up to the residence and found the boys engrossed in a movie. As soon as Ben and I stepped into the living room Bennie came over and hugged Ben. While that was going on I went over to Jake and Carl. "Jake, I talked with your Dad. He and Carl's Dad are on their way over."


Jake looked at me. "Is Lois out?"


I shook my head. "No son, she's still in the hospital."


"Is there any chance of it?"


"I really don't know son." I said rubbing the back of his neck. "Your Dad didn't say anything to me but I'm sure he would make very sure you're safe."


Carl put his arms around Jake. "Relax Jake; my Dad is your Dad's lawyer."


Jake spun around. "What?"


Just then my cell rang. "Hi David, are you and Cal leaving now?"


"Yes but there is one more in the party," David replied.


"Carl's Mom?"


"You're good Ace," David said giggling.


"It was an easy deduction. I'll have an escort waiting for you at the gate."


I ended the call then called the duty officer and told him what I needed. I went over and talked with Ben. "Ace, you better go and talk to Gloria."


Bennie got in then. "Yeah love, she hates last minute surprises. She's planning on Jake and Carl for dinner but..."


`I'm a dead man.' I thought.


"I better go and talk to her." I said as I headed for the kitchen. "Something smells great in here Gloria."


"Ah, Señor Ace, I'm fixing my special Mexican fiesta. All of the foods Ben and Bennie love. I've made plenty for Bennie's friends too."


"With those eating machines, you'll need plenty." I said. "Um Gloria, we have a couple of extra guests."


"A couple extra Senor Ace?"


I felt myself turning red then looked down. "Um well yeah. Jake's Dad and Carl's Mom and Dad."


She stared at me for a moment. "It's a good thing you love my Mijo."


I smiled at her. "Thanks Gloria, I owe you big time."


I returned to the living room and saw Ben surrounded by the boys. "Boys, did you ask your parents?"


I was surprised by the question. "Ben, what's going on?"


"Carl and Jake asked if Bennie could spend the night since I had meetings that will run late."


I folded my arms and looked at the three of them. Jake stepped up. "We have room Ace."


"I know that," I started. "Have you talked to your Dad about this? He might want to spend some time with you."


"I know Ace, but we've had such a good time together. I don't want it to end."


Ben smiled. "It's OK with me provided it's alright with Carl's and Jake's parents."


I was about to answer when my cell rang letting me know our guests were at the front gate. I took the elevator down to the ground floor just as a uniformed agent arrived followed by David. I stepped outside and waved then the escort left. Carl got out and opened the back door for his wife. When she was out, David parked his car.


As David walked up I saw Tonka appear followed by three boys. I put two fingers in my mouth then let out with a loud whistle. Two of the three boys stopped in their tracks but Jake wasn't able to and he ran into the back of Carl who in turn got shoved into the back of Bennie causing them to hit the ground. I shook my head then busted out laughing. David looked at me. "That's my boy."


That made me laugh even harder. The boys got up and came over to us. As they arrived, the woman looked at me. "Do they always act like that?"


Carl turned red as once again, I was laughing. I shook my head. "Not always but the three of them can sure liven up a place."


David managed to get his laughter under control and made the introductions. "Cal, Judy this is Agent Rich Mason."


Judy extended her hand. "It's nice to meet you. David said you took care of the boys last night?"


I smiled. "Yes, I was here but they didn't need much looking after."


Cal shook my hand next. "I heard about what you did for the boys and I can't thank you enough Agent Mason."


"I was glad to help and please, call me Ace." I said as I brought Bennie up. "This is Bennie. The three of them have really formed a tight friendship."


Jake and Carl joined us and started firing questions. "Can Bennie spend the night? His Dad said it was alright."


Cal raised his hands. "One at a time, please."


Jake did the talking. "The President has meetings tonight so it would be just Ace and Bennie. Can he spend the night with us?"


The adults looked at each other. David looked at Carl. "Carl, you and your Mom and Dad need to talk for a little bit but I don't see a problem."


Bennie spoke up. "Ah, don't forget Ace."


Just then Tonka came trotting up and started checking out the guests. "Sit Tonka."


David nodded. "There is room for Ace and Tonka."


"Come on, we better get upstairs before Gloria has my hide. Dinner will be served in about 20 minutes."


We took the elevator up to the residence and I made the introductions. The adults went into the living room and the boys went into Bennie's.


In the living room, Cal and Judy thanked Ben for having Carl over after Lois's tirade. "You have a wonderful young man there that you both should be proud of." Ben said. "Your boys asked if Bennie could spend the night."


David giggled. "We were hit with that question already."


"I have meetings tonight so it's fine with me provided it is alright with you."


David looked over to Cal and Judy and they nodded their heads. "It's fine with us Mr. President."


"When we're here, please call me Ben."


Gloria came into the living room and announced dinner was ready. I went and got the boys then we sat down to a true Mexican feast. I couldn't speak for the others but I stuffed myself silly. When everyone was finished, Gloria brought in coffee. I looked at her then rubbed my stomach. "Gloria, I'm going to need bigger pants if you keep feeding me this way."


"I don't recall forcing it on you Señor Ace." She quickly retorted.


I turned several shades of red then we heard from the peanut gallery. "Yeah Ace, you even had more than me."


"OK, OK. I guess I should quit while I'm ahead. Boys, while we're finishing our coffee, why don't you get your stuff ready to go."


"OK Ace," Bennie replied as the three boys headed for Bennie's room.


I finished my coffee then headed to my room so I could get a change of underwear, a clean suit and my computer. When I came out the boys were already there. Ben said his goodbyes then we headed downstairs. When the elevator door opened, Jake got my attention. "Can Bennie ride with us?"


I shook my head. "I'm sorry Jake but he has to ride in my vehicle."


"How come?" Carl asked. "He'll be safe with us."


I wrapped my arms around them. "I don't doubt that for a moment but the Secret Service is responsible for Bennie's protection twenty-four hours a day."


Bennie joined in at this point. "You guys can ride with us."


I pushed the unlock button on the remote then stopped at David's car. "Jake and Carl are with me."


"They're not being a bother, are they?" Judy asked.


I shook my head. "Not at all. I haven't seen Bennie this happy in a long time."


I took off for the back gate followed by David. The agent saw me and immediately began opening the gate. It took a couple seconds for it to open fully then we were on our way. The boys were talking up a storm and before I knew it, we were at the Wheeler's. I parked on the street and David pulled into his driveway. The boys were the first ones out of the Hummer followed by Tonka. Bennie and I watched as Tonka found a tree and did his business. As soon as he was done, Bennie took off for the house as I followed close behind.


David opened the front door then I heard the beeps of him turning off an alarm system. "Dad, where is Carl going? I thought he was spending the night with us?"


"He'll be back, son. His Mom and Dad want to talk to him."


Jake's face lost its color. "Dad, you didn't say anything to them did you?"


I felt like I was intruding in on a father son talk so I quietly went out to the Hummer and got Bennie's and my bags.


David sat down on the sofa and patted the cushion. "Come here son. Bennie, David's room is at the top of the stairs then turn left. It's the room at the end of the hall."


"No Dad," Jake said firmly. "Bennie can stay."


Bennie was unsure what to do. "I don't want to intrude."


Jake shook his head. "You won't man, you already know anyway."


Bennie sat down in the chair as David looked at Jake. "No son, I didn't. Well, I didn't bring it up, Judy did last night when I went over there. After I got home from seeing your mother, I saw the Matthew's car in the driveway so I stopped over to see how bad the damage to their house was. There was no damage and the power company got the power restored so they were fine."


"So how did the topic come up?"


"I'm not exactly sure son, to be honest. Judy came in and refilled my coffee cup and somehow the discussion turned to you and Carl."


"So you outted him."


"Jake, chill dude." Bennie said trying to keep things from getting out of hand.


Jake went to speak but David put his hand on his leg. "Look son, I don't remember everything that was said but they know about Carl and you as I know about you and him."


"How Dad, we never said or did anything out of line."


David patted his son's leg. "I know that son, but we know how close you are. Remember what I said?"


Jake thought for a minute then smiled. "Yeah Dad, I do."


"Carl's parents are happy for him. They want the same things for him as I do for you. You both have our total support."


I came back inside and set the bags by the stairs then went into the living room. I saw Bennie sitting in a chair while Jake was beside David. Just then David spoke. "Bennie, are you all right with this?"


"Sir, they spent the night with us but if I had a problem with it, I'd have never suggested it. I knew Jake and Carl were boyfriends and I'm happy for them."


I stepped into the living room and right away David looked at me. "Do you have any problems knowing Jake and Carl are a couple."


"Why should I be?" I started. "Everyone deserves happiness. They talked to me while they were over."


David's eyes got big. He looked at Jake then back to me. "Don't take this the wrong way but why would they talk to you?"


"Well, let's just say I can answer questions you can't."


It took David a minute to get what I had said. "I see."


I sat down. "Look David, you're a fine parent who accepts Jake as he is. I can't think of many parents, especially men, who'd accept a gay son. I'll also tell you this, I'm gay but not everyone knows although the important people do."


Over at Cal and Judy's house, they were having a hard time getting their conversation with Carl started and he was getting impatient. "What is it you want to talk to me about?


Cal looked over at him. "Uh well son..."


"For Christ sakes Dad, just come out and say it."


Cal swallowed hard. "Is there something going on between you and Jake?"


Carl wasn't expecting that question. "What do you mean is there something going on between me and Jake?"


"Just what I said son, is there something going on between you and Jake? Is there more than friendship?"


"Dad, Jake's like a brother to me. Hell, we're almost glued at the hip."


Judy smiled. "Of course you're close son. Jake is like a second son to us. You two grew up together, had baths together and spent the nights either here or at David's. But that closeness is bound to grow and blossom."


Carl knew what they were describing. It seemed they'd picked up on his feelings for Jake and his for him. He looked at the floor contemplating his next move. "Yeah, Jake and I love each other because we are so close."


Cal lifted his son's chin up. "Is that love something like what your Mother and I have?"


"You mean, is Jake my boyfriend?"


Cal nodded his head. "Yes son, that's exactly what we mean."


Carl thought for a minute. `Well, if I say yes and they get mad, Pop will help me. If I lie about it, they might buy that too.'


Carl closed his eyes then looked at his Dad. "You know don't you? You know Jake and I love each other deeply and that we are boyfriends."


Cal smiled and rubbed his son's head. "Yes son, we do know. Well, let's say we see it when the two of you are together."


"How?" Carl asked.


Now it was Cal's turn to look away for a moment. "It was sorta by accident. David came over and he and I first started talking about him and Lois. Your Mom came in and somehow we ended up talking about you and Jake."


"Mr. Wheeler was here then he told you about us?" Carl asked feeling betrayed.


"No. not like that but he did confirm what we suspected."


"Son, don't be angry at David. I brought the subject up. I told him what I saw and what I felt was going on."


Carl stood up. "Yeah it's true, Jake and I do love each other and we're boyfriends. Now, if you think you're going to break us up..."


Cal stopped him at that point. "Why would we break you up? David, your Mom and I all see that you both love each other."


Carl was sitting there with his mouth open. "You mean it's OK and you don't care?"


Judy went over and sat beside Carl. "Let me ask you this son. Do you really love him?"


Carl looked at his Mom. "Yes Mom, I do and he loves me. And before you ask, I'll never intentionally hurt him."


"Son, how come you never told us about this?" Cal asked.


"I was afraid you both would totally freak out and try and break us up."


Cal wrapped his arm around his son then drew him into a hug. "No son, we could never do that. Now, if you have questions, your Mom and I want you to come to us."


Carl's mouth dropped open. "You want me to come to you with questions about being gay? "I'm sorry but what do either of you know about a gay relationship or just being gay?"


Judy came in then. "There is the internet."


Carl was shaking his head. "I can do that too but there are times when you have questions you can't find the answers to on the internet."


Cal patted his son's leg. "Don't worry; we'll get you the answers."


"Look, I love you both but let's face it, neither one of you knows squat about being gay or even what it's like to be gay. Going to some book that was written in the dark ages is garbage. No one knows what it's like to be gay except someone else who is."


"Now hold on son," Judy said. "I have read a lot of books about it."


"So that makes you an expert?" Carl fired back. "If I have questions I know who to go to who will give me honest answers."


"Cal looked at his son. "Do I know this person? I don't want some stranger..."


"Yes you know him." Carl said very sternly.


"OK," Cal said. "Who is this person?"


Carl shook his head. "Sorry Dad, I'm not saying because I will not out someone without their permission."


"Well then I guess I have to take steps to protect you."


"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"


"I'll be monitoring your computer and your cell phone."


"Go right ahead but that won't stop me from talking to him."


"Then I'll take tighter steps."


"Stop it Cal," Judy said. "Carl said we know this person. He's never let us down before so I don't see him starting now. We've trusted Carl's judgment in the past so I'm willing to trust him now unless you're trying to drive him away."


Cal sat there like someone just hit him in the balls then looked at his son. He pulled Carl to his chest then kissed him on the head. "No, that's the last thing I'd ever want. Your Mom is right, if you say we know him then that's good enough for me."


"Yeah you do and you like him." Carl started. "I can talk to him and see if he'd tell you himself he's gay but I just won't out someone without their permission. I know I'd hate it if someone ever did that to me or Jake."


"Alright son," Cal replied rubbing Carl's hair.


"Is there anything else if not..."


"That's all," Judy said interrupting. "I know you have a boyfriend waiting."


"Mom," Carl said turning several shades of red.


Jake and Bennie went upstairs while David and I chatted. "Ace, I didn't tell you about what my wife pulled today."


After her first stunt, I didn't think anything would surprise me. "What did she do now?"


David was about to answer when the doorbell rang. David got up followed by Tonka who took his place behind the door. I took a place where I could see the door but couldn't be seen.


He opened the door and there was Carl, Cal and Judy. Carl gave David a hug then I stepped out. Carl saw me then came over and gave me a quick hug. "Ace, can you talk to my parents. They know Jake and I are boyfriends. I told them I had someone to talk to if I had questions but I wouldn't say who other than they knew him."


I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll talk to them."


Carl smiled then headed upstairs. "Thanks Ace."


David led Cal and Judy into the living room. "Coffee anyone?"


We all nodded then I followed David into the kitchen and helped him get the coffee. I carried a tray with the cups, saucers, sugar and cream while David brought the carafe. I looked at David. "What was it you were saying about Lois?"


Cal looked over to Judy. "Baby, you might not want to hear this."


"Why Cal?"


"It's about the boys." Cal said taking her hand.


"What did she do?" Judy asked and I could tell she wasn't happy.


David took over. "She tried to pass off two photos as Jake and Carl engaged in a sex act."


"Were they on a disk?" I asked.


Cal shook his head. "No, they are like real photos on paper but you could tell their faces had been superimposed."


"David, how could she have done this?" I asked. "Did she leave the house?"


David shook his head. "She didn't leave the house."


"That only leaves here David. Where's your computer?"


David turned and we followed. "It's in the study."


We followed then David went and turned it on. After it booted up, I looked at him. "I don't think she'd leave those where they could be found easily."


David started looking but came up with nothing. "You're right; this isn't going to be easy."


"Let me sit down there for a minute."


We exchanged places then I started searching files. I had as much success as David had then I entered Jake and Carl in the file search and hit search. Cal put his hand on my shoulder. "Jake and Carl?"


"Lois is conniving," I said looking up at him. "But I'm taking the chance she wasn't too bright on how to name a file.


After several minutes a file popped up in the search window. I thought for a minute deciding if I should open the file or not. "Don't open this. I'll be right back; I need to get my computer bag."


I got my bag then rejoined the others. I opened the bag and removed a CD and a flash drive. I put the CD in first and after that opened I put the flash drive in the USB port then opened that up. I cut the file off David's PC and put it on the flash drive. David was curious. "What are you doing Ace?"


"It looks like your wife hid that file on purpose. I'm taking a guess but it seems she was trying to implicate you in what she did here."


"She'd be vindictive enough." David said as I removed the flash drive. "Are you done here?"


"Not yet," I said opening the CD. "First thing I have to do is to totally remove all the temporary internet files, cookies and browsing history. Once that's done, I have a program that will clean the hard drive."


"Clean the hard drive?" David asked. "I have some very important files on there."


I stood up then put my hand on his shoulder. "It won't destroy any files or programs. It will just clean all the open and unused space on the hard drive."


Cal looked at me. "Where'd you learn this Ace? I just thought you protected people."


I smiled. "Not every agent guards high profile people. One of our biggest roles is dealing with counterfeit money. We also have a cyber-tech squad but nothing like the FBI has."


"I don't see you as a computer kind of guy Ace." Cal said.


I had to laugh. "You're right but the class the FBI taught on cyber crimes was interesting and today, a computer is as important as is a vest or weapon."


I looked over and the program was done. Before I did the entire hard drive, I defragged it then let the program do its thing again. The next thing I heard was six feet coming down the stairs. Bennie came over and gave me a weird look. "What are you doing Ace?"


"Cleaning a computer." I replied smiling. "What brings you three down here or do I really need to ask?"


Jake looked at me. "OK, why are we here?"


"That's easy," I answered putting my arm around his shoulder. "You three are hungry."


"Are we that easy to read Ace?" Carl asked.


I shook my head. "Before I met Bennie I would have said no but now, I've learned a lot so Bennie's pretty easy to read."


"Hey, am not." Bennie fired back looking indignant.


"Oh yes you are. You're more predictable than Tonka."


Without thinking, Bennie wrapped his arms around my waist and looked up at me. "Look at how long you've been around me and besides, you're supposed to know me."


Almost at the same time, we stepped back turning red. I could see David, Cal and Judy staring at us. "Ace, you're the person Carl talks to?"


"I'm gay if that's what you mean. If Carl or Jake has questions, I'll answer them truthfully and honestly."


David took the boys into the kitchen to get them a snack leaving Cal and Judy with me. "Does Bennie always act like that around you?"


I looked at Judy. "Please, if you have a question, just ask it."


"Are you and Bennie..."


"We're boyfriends yes but not everyone knows. Any other questions?"


They shook their heads as the boys came in holding huge bowls of popcorn. Cal and Judy gave Carl a hug then returned home. The boys went back upstairs while David and I returned to the living room. Before we sat down David motioned for me to follow him. "You and Bennie can use this room tonight."


There was a single queen size bed. "Are you sure?"


David patted me on the back. "I'm as sure about you and Bennie being in here as I am about Jake and Carl being together in their room."


Just then Tonka came in and whined. "I better take him out."


I was going to head for the front door but David stopped me. "Take him out back. We have a big yard."


I took Tonka out and he sniffed as he got used to the new scents. While he was doing this, my cell rang. I looked at it and the number wasn't showing. I had a very good idea who it was and I was fed up with his crap. "Mason," I barked.


"Well it's about time fag. I haven't heard shit from you in ages."


I went to text mode and sent a message to Ed so he could try and get a fix on Nate's phone. "Look dickhead, if the number you gave me last time worked I could have contacted you but it didn't."


For the first time since this crap started, he was speechless. "So what did you find out about my car?"


"Nothing, I've contacted the local police department and gave them all the information. I even sent it to Metro and Capital police and put it out on the NCIC computer. If it's found, I'll be notified. That's all I can do and that's all I'm going to do."


"Oh really now," Nate said acting real cocky. "I still have the press I can go to. There are people willing to hear all about you and that kid."


"You can give that idea up Nate. Any press release involving the President or his family has to get clearance from the White House."


"Damn you Mason. I want you dead for ruining my life."


"I didn't ruin it Nate, you did. Now you want me, you know where to find me. But see, you won't. You're a wuss who can't face a man one on one. You would rather take a helpless individual and try to sexually assault him. That's being a real big man Nate."


"Shut up Mason. You don't know shit."


I was baiting him and he was getting close to biting. "Oh yes I do Nate. You like to pick on helpless people but..."


"I can kick your ass any fucking day of the week fag."


"No you can't Nate, you like them helpless like Bennie. But you really want to know something; I bet in a fair fight, Bennie could kick your sorry ass."


Nate started laughing. "A fag kid beat me? Look Mason, I can take you any day."


"You're all mouth Nate and you're starting to bore the hell out of me. So unless you have something of value to say, like you're going to blow your lone brain cell out, I'm hanging up."


"Why you fucking fag."


I ended the call then called Ed. "Hey, did you get anything?"


"I got a general area Ace. You hung up a little too soon."


Now I was pissed at myself. "Sorry Ed. The prick was really pissing me off."


I heard him laugh. "I'm surprised you managed to stay on as long as you did."


"I baited him for a long time man. I was trying to get him to commit to coming after me man to man."


"Ace, have you lost your mind?"


"No I haven't. I'm hoping he comes to the White House. I want to have the pleasure of stomping his ass."


"I can't say as I blame you but you can't usurp the law either."


"Come on Ed, you know me better than that."


"I know Ace, but when it comes to Bennie, all bets are off."


"You're right and don't think for a moment I won't nail him a time or two for him also. Now, where is he?"


"The best I could do was put him in the DuPont Circle area."


"Damn, he's back in DC. I would love to know how he's getting around. His rental is in our impound yard."


"This is baffling, that's for sure."


"When I get back inside the house, I'll log on and take another look at his financials. Five thousand dollars can only last so long."


"Not if you know where to stay and eat."


"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Well, I better get back inside before I'm missed. I'll call you tomorrow."


"OK Ace and don't let him get to you."


"Yeah right, I'll talk to you later."


Tonka had done his business then we went back inside. David gave me a quizzical look. "Is everything OK?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah, everything's fine."


I went over to check on David's computer and he was right behind me. "I just noticed you were very animated when you were on the phone."


I sat down then moved the mouse so I could see the screen. My program had finished running so I removed the CD then restarted the computer. While this was going on, I opened my laptop and turned it on then looked over to David. "Yeah, I have a pain in my butt I'm trying to get rid of."


"Is there anything I can do?"


I shook my head. "No, I'm afraid not. Since you're on the Federal bench, I shouldn't talk about this either because you could be assigned the case."


"I understand," David said as he watched me work on my computer. "What are you doing now?"


I dug out another CD then put it into the drive and waited until it loaded. When it did, I put the flash drive into a USB port. When that opened, I looked at David. "Are you sure you really want to see this?"


He shook his head. "No, the two photos I saw were sick enough."


"I understand." I replied then washed the flash drive removing all traces of what Lois had done.


David's PC had restarted so I did a quick search to see if Lois hid anything else but I couldn't find anything so I shut the computer down. I shut my laptop down then put my stuff away.


Bennie came downstairs and I could tell he was more than ready for bed. He walked over and wrapped his arms around me then leaned his head against my chest. "I'm tired Ace."


I was ready for bed also so we said good night to our host then retired to our room. Bennie saw the bed then gave me his devilish grin. Out of respect for David I had to shake my head no. "Aww, you're no fun."


We got undressed then used the bathroom. We snuggled close then we kissed each other good night. "Sleep well baby and we can have fun any time at home."


To be continued