The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 17


We got undressed then used the bathroom. We snuggled close then we kissed each other good night. "Sleep well baby and we can have fun anytime at home."


Saturday saw DC with Indian summer and it gave the boys a chance to get outside and get some exercise. There was a park a few blocks from the Wheeler's so I took them up there so they could enjoy themselves. We had the place to ourselves so while the boys were playing I took Tonka and ran laps around the track. After running 4 laps, I walked another to cool off then headed over to the boys. The four of us were now hot and sweaty and ready to head home. When we went inside, Jake and Carl surrounded David and wanted hugs. "Hey, hey, hey boys, I love you both but you're rank."


"Aw Dad, don't you..." Jake tried to get out.


"Yes I do son. I love you both but not the sweat and stink. I'll hug you both all you want, after you take a shower."


While the boys were in the shower, Cal and Judy came over. "David, Judy found a wonderful looking beef tenderloin on sale."


David smiled. "Were you thinking of having a cookout, since the weather has turned warm?"


"I had thought about it." Cal answered.


"That was until Cal couldn't get the grill to light." Judy added.


"No problem guys," David started. "You know I have a huge grill and it rarely gets used because Lois hated cookouts. I have some nice potatoes that I can bake. What else can I make?"


Judy shook her head. "Not a thing David. I can make a green bean salad and that should be plenty even with three eating machines."


I came out of the bedroom and heard Judy's comment. "Did I miss something?"


"We're having a cookout," David started. "And Judy was commenting that we'll have more than enough food for the eating machines."


I laughed. "Are you sure because I've seen Bennie out eat me on occasions."


"We'll have plenty Ace. Judy found this wonderful looking ten pound beef tenderloin."


Judy nodded her head. "By the way, where are our boys?"


"They're upstairs in Jake's room playing a video game."


"I'd better get the salad made." Judy said heading for the door. "It shouldn't take me long to make then I'll bring that and the meat down. It will probably take about ninety minutes to cook. Cal, why don't you just stay here and chat with David."


"Alright dear," Cal replied as Judy walked out of the door. "Ace, did you manage to get David's computer completely cleaned?"


I nodded my head. "I sure did. Now if Lois goes and tries anything, it'll backfire on her."


Cal was about to say something when the doorbell rang. Tonka followed David and took his place behind the door. When David opened it, there was a Capital PD officer standing there. "Yes officer, how can I help you?"


Cal then joined David at the door. "Officer Murray, I remember you. You took the photos Judge Wheeler's wife gave him."


They stepped back as the officer came in. As soon as he was inside, David closed the door and the officer saw Tonka. "Holy shit, is that a wolf?"


I came into view. "No Officer Murray he's not. He's a wolf shepherd hybrid mix."


Tonka went over and smelled the officer than came beside me and sat. "And who might you be sir?"


I reached into my pocket and pulled out my credentials. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason, US Secret Service."


Officer Murray extended his hand and I shook it. "It's nice to meet you."


Just then the boys came down stairs then joined us. "What's going on Dad?" Jake asked when he saw the officer.


"He's here to talk with me and Cal, son."


"Did Lois try and start something?"


"Yes son, I'm afraid she did but it backfired on her."


"What did she try now?" Carl asked.


David wrapped his arms around both boys. "I'd rather not say guys because it's really disgusting."


"What did she do Mr. Wheeler?" Bennie asked.


Just then Officer Murray gasped. "Aren't you Benjamin Jacobs, the President's son?"


Bennie smiled. "Yes sir I am and I guess you've met my bodyguard."


Officer Murray nodded his head. "Now I understand why the Secret Service is here. Boys, I really don't think you should be here when we talk."


Jake put his hands on his hips. "If that bitch tried to hurt you Dad..."


"Calm down son, I'll show you what she tried to pull if it's alright with you Cal."


Cal nodded his head. "Since it does involve them I guess they have a right to see it."


David led us into the living room and we all sat down. Officer Murray handed David the envelope. "Boys, this is some very sick stuff so you should be prepared."


David removed the photos and showed them to Jake and Carl. "That's gross," Carl said. "It's not even us."


Bennie went to look at the photos but David handed them to me to look at first. "That's a poor Photoshop attempt."


"Come on Ace, let me see them." Bennie asked so I let him look. "Oh God, she's sick."


I ruffled Bennie's hair. "I know kiddo now how about you boys let us adults talk."


The boys left then Officer Murray took the photos back. "Your Honor, here is a complaint charging your wife with manufacturing and possession of child pornography. I'll need you to read it over and then sign it so we can arrest her when she's released from the hospital."


David read the complaint over carefully then signed it. "There you go. Do you know if this is going to be handled locally or will you turn this over to the Feds?"


"I guess that's up to you." Officer Murray said. "How long do you want her in jail?"


David shook his head. "I really don't want her in prison just out of our lives. But I have this feeling if she isn't sent a message loud and clear, she'll be a thorn in our asses."


"I can understand that. I'll talk with the DA and see what he can come up with then I'll have him get in touch with you."


Officer Murray put the photos back into the envelope then into his briefcase. He stood up and headed for the door then we all shook his hand. "Thank you officer, I'll be waiting to hear from the DA."


We went back into the living room and resumed our conversation. I don't know how much time passed when the doorbell rang again. I thought it might be Judy so I just waited for David and Tonka to return. When I didn't see her after a minute or so, I got up and went to the front door and saw two men in suits talking to David. "Sir, we received an anonymous tip about some illegal activity taking place at this address. May we come in?"


David shook his head. "Can I see some ID?"


The man took out his credentials. "I'm Special Agent Brian Simms and this is my partner Clark Leeds. We're with the FBI. May we come in?"


Cal looked at David and shook his head. "Not until you explain what is going on.


Leeds was a good sized man so he tried to push his way past David. David put his hand on the man's chest. "Sir, I didn't give you permission to enter so stop trying to force your way in."


"We're the Federal government so we can do as we wish." Simms said with a very cocky attitude.


I could see Tonka and he was starting to get antsy so I put him on command to stay as I stepped out of my hiding place. "You two obviously don't know just who you happen to be talking to."


Leeds spotted me. "And just who are you?"


I removed my credentials. "Special Agent Rich Mason, Secret Service. Now I suggest you answer the question."


Simms tried getting cocky with me. "If you enjoy your job agent, I'd stay out of this. You're interfering with Federal agents."


"Yeah and if I were you I'd show this man here some kind of a warrant." I fired back.


"I don't have to show this man shit. I can go where ever I want." Leeds fired back.


David had had more than enough. "Ace call Evelyn, she'll know exactly what to do. Now, you two have exactly ten seconds to start explaining yourselves. My name is David Wheeler but you can call me Your Honor."


I thought Simms was going to choke. "Ah, you mean you're Judge Wheeler, the Federal Court judge?"


"That's right," David almost shouted. "You come here and claim to have an anonymous tip about some alleged crime? Where is some proof? Better yet, just where did this anonymous tip come from?"


"The caller didn't leave their name." Simms said.


"Where was the call placed from?" I asked walking towards the front door.


"I don't know," Leeds said. "And besides, that's the purpose behind the anonymous tip line."


"Agents, and I say that for the time being, if you don't produce some kind of evidence immediately, I'll be filing a complaint with the Director of the FBI."


I was holding my phone in my hand when Simms pulled his out. He pushed a button then waited. "This is Agent Simms; pull up the caller ID on that anonymous tip."


He waited for a few minutes then hung up. "Well?" David asked.


"The number came from Georgetown Medical Center."


David shook his head. "I'll bet if you listen to the tape, the voice will be that of a female."


"So what are you saying?" Simms asked.


"The call came from my wife." David said.


Leeds stepped into David's face which proved to be a huge mistake. Tonka came out from behind the door and I put my hand on my weapon in case either one of them tried to do something stupid. "Move back Leeds." I said.


Both men's eyes got as big as dinner plates. "Holy shit what's that?"


"If you don't step back, you'll find out." I said firmly.


Leeds took the advice and stepped back then I had Tonka sit. He looked at David. "How do you know the call came from your wife?


"Lois Wheeler is a patient at Georgetown Medical Center psych unit. She's there under the Baker Act."


Simms looked at me. "And you know this how?"


"Because I was the one that put her there after she took a hammer and tried to break into her stepson's room."


Cal took over then. "On Thursday, David and I met with her about a separation agreement. She then gave my client an envelope that contained two photographs that were pornographic images involving minors. I contacted the Capital Police and turned the photos over to them so appropriate charges could be filed. Earlier today, the officer who handled the original call, stopped by with the formal complaint for my client to read over and sign."


I fired the next salvo. "You're lacking a lot of probable cause here. With what little you had when you arrived you both knew you'd never be able to convince a judge to sign any kind of a warrant. Add what you were just told, you have even less so if I were you, I'd cut my losses and leave and chalk the call up to revenge."


Leeds was a real jerk. "We'll see about that. I can get a search warrant any time I want."


I shook my head. "Suit yourself but before you reach your car, I'll be on the phone with our director, Evelyn Morgan. I'll ask her to place a call to your director and file a formal complaint."


David got a shot of his own in. "Don't forget gentlemen, I know every Assistant US Attorney in the District."


Simms held up his hands. "It seems we were duped. I'll close out the report as unfounded."


Leeds looked at his partner. "Have you gone soft?"


Simms shook his head. "No I haven't but there isn't any evidence here that we could present to a judge for a search warrant."


"I wouldn't be too sure."


"Look, I don't take shortcuts and if you want to continue to be my partner, you won't either. Your Honor, please accept my apology."


David shook the agent's hand. "Your apology is accepted."


Leeds looked at me. "OK smartass, how did you know that phone number came from the psych unit?"


"Simple," I started. "Look at the phone number. It's XXX-9XXX. The fourth digit is a nine which is a designator for a pay phone. While you were mouthing off, I ran the number and it came back to a pay phone on the fourth floor at Georgetown Medical Center."


"You think you're so smart." Leeds popped off.


Simms turned and got into his face. "Will you shut the fuck up? He did simple basic police work. Something any rookie would have done and something we didn't do because I started listening to you and got sucked in with your hair-brained scheme. Let's go before you come up with another one. Gentlemen, again I apologize."


The two FBI agents left and once again, all was quiet. Several minutes later the doorbell rang again and this time I wasn't taking anything for granted so I went to answer the door. "I'll get it David."


I opened the door and there was Judy with her arms full. "Take the meat Ace."


I took the platter with the tenderloin on it and I immediately had a four footed mooch. "This isn't for you Tonka."


Now you'd have thought I just hit him on the nose because he went sulking upstairs. "He isn't spoiled is he?" Judy asked as she followed me into the kitchen.


I had to laugh at that. "Actually he isn't but I swear he can understand everything Bennie or I say to him."


Cal came into the kitchen and gave Judy a kiss on the cheek. "Is there anything left to bring over?"


She shook her head. "Nope, that's everything love. Who's doing the cooking?"


"David is, when does the meat need to start cooking?"


"That all depends on when you all want to eat," A voice said behind us.


"I looked at the clock on the wall. "Well, it's almost 2, how long will it take to cook?"


David thought for a moment. "It'll take about forty-five minutes, I would think. I don't know about you but I prefer this to be medium rare."


"That's how I like mine too." I said smiling then we were joined by the eating machines.


"Pop, we're hungry." Carl said not realizing his parents were in the room and Cal had a stunned look on his face.


David pulled some chips down then Jake grabbed the bag and started munching. He also saw the look on Cal's face then went over and put his arm around Carl. "What's wrong?"




David smiled then Jake went over and hugged Cal. "Yeah Pop, that's what Carl calls Dad."


"I don't understand."


I had it figured out right away and I could tell by Bennie's expression, he'd figured it out too. I looked over to Judy and she had a smile on her face. "Cal, it's how the boys feel about you and David. You're both like second fathers to each of them."


Jake put his arm around Judy and smiled. "Yeah Mom, it is."


"Mom?" Judy asked with a surprised look on her face.


"Yeah," Jake answered. "I don't know what I'd have done at times after Mom died. You were there at the right times saying the right things to help he get over her death.


He then went over to David and hugged him tightly. "Dad, you did too but there were times Judy's help was needed in a different way."


He kissed his son on the cheek. "I know son, Judy told me each time she talked to you."


Bennie was smiling then he hugged me tightly. "You know Ace, I feel the same about you too. Oh, I know Dad loves me and he's there any time I've needed him but you've been there for me too. You know what to say and not even try."


Now it was my turn to wipe my eyes. All this time I thought I'd steered clear of trying to take Ben's place as a Dad but I guess I hadn't. I wiped my eyes again then looked into Bennie's eyes as I held him. "I'm just being me Bennie, nothing more and nothing less."


Before I could stop him, Bennie kissed me on the lips in front of everyone and put his head against my chest. I saw Carl and Jake smiling because they knew about us but I was petrified to look at Cal, Judy and David.


The first person I saw was David and he gave me a wink and a nod of his head. Judy and Cal were both smiling. "Ace, you have quite the young man there." Judy said giving us both a hug.


At 3, David fired up the grill and got it preheating. A few minutes later I watched him set the temperature and gave him a curious look as he went inside to get the tenderloin. "Why is it set that high buddy?"


"You need a good sear on the meat and the only way is a hot grill."


I knew a little about cooking but when it came to grilling, I was a novice. "Searing the meat?"


David nodded as he got that gorgeous piece of meat then put it on the hot grill. The first thing I heard was a loud sizzle. "That sizzling you hear is the meat searing. The searing is forming a crust on that side and it locks the juices in and keeps the meat tender and juicy."


Several minutes later, he gently lifted the meat and flipped it over and again was greeted by a loud sizzle. David let the meat sear then turned the temperature down so it could finish cooking. While the tenderloin was resting, Judy cooked the potatoes in the microwave. The boys set the table then the food was brought in. David did the carving then it was time to eat. I had just cleaned my plate when the doorbell rang. I got up and went to the door followed by Tonka. When I opened it, Ed and Johnny were standing there. "Hi guys, what's up?


I stepped back and they came in then I saw another black Suburban outside. I closed the door then looked at Ed. He didn't say a word. "Ed, what is going on?"


"Where's Bennie?" He asked almost cold.


"He's eating. Now what the hell is going on?"


Ed looked around but he didn't know the layout of the house. "I have to talk to him."


He started to move around me but I put my hand on his chest. "Bennie is my responsibility Ed."


He moved my hand. "I said..."


"Tonka," I said in a firm voice. "Watch them. Now you have exactly two seconds to start talking or I'll be on the phone."


"Don't make me shoot him."


Johnny stepped in front of Ed. "That I won't allow Ed. Now, will you tell Ace or will I?


Ed looked at me then over to Johnny. "Ed, you know Bennie is Ace's responsibility."


"Yes I do but I also know his objectivity has been compromised."


I stared hard at Ed. "You don't think I can't separate my feelings for him with my duty to protect him?"


Ed was glaring at me. "I don't know, can you?"


That hurt. I had to turn away to keep from decking him and when I turned back around Johnny was standing in between us. "Ed, I asked you a question."


"Very well Johnny," Ed started. "At 1647 hours a phone call was received at the White House."


"And you're here?" I asked. "Why aren't you two with The President?"


"He's secure. I had to..."


"You had to be with The President. You should have sent two vehicles with agents then called me. I'd have handled things here. Now, you guys wait here and we'll be ready in five minutes."


I turned to head to the porch then saw David standing there. "Ace, is everything OK?"


"I can't go into it David but Bennie and I have to go."


He nodded then we went out to the porch. Bennie looked at me and saw a change in my expression. He started to speak but I shook my head. "Bennie, we have to go now.


He got up and came over to me. "Come with me so we can get our things packed."


We went into our room and I closed the door so I could change. I took my shirt off and put my vest on. "Ace, what's going on?


I put my shirt back on and tucked it in then put my weapon on. Bennie had his clothes in his bag. "Ace, please. Am I in trouble for some reason?"


I hated not telling him. "No baby, you're not in any trouble. Where is your computer?


He went around to his side of the bed and picked it up. "Do you have everything, power cord, any CD's or games you brought with you?"


He looked inside and made sure he had everything. "Yep, it's all there."


I went over to the door then stopped and pulled out my weapon. I dropped the magazine in my hand and made sure it was full then put it back then returned it to my holster. When I opened the door, everyone was standing around looking despondent. As soon as we stepped out Jake and Carl almost ran over to us. "Ace, what's going on?" Jake asked as tears were falling from him and Carl.


I shook my head. "Boys, I can't go into it."


Carl looked at Bennie then me. "Bennie's not in trouble, is he?"


Again, I shook my head. "No boys, he's not in any trouble.


Ed came up to me and I handed him our bags and the keys to the Hummer. "Give these to an agent and have him put these in the Hummer then bring me back the keys."


Ed looked at me and started to say something but I stood firm. "OK Ace."


David, Cal and Judy were standing there silently looking at me. Bennie and I went over to them. "David, Bennie and I want to thank you for your hospitality. We had a great time. Cal, Judy, we really enjoyed ourselves today and you have a super son. We'll be in touch as soon as we can."


Ed came back inside then Bennie and I went towards the door. Once again, we were met by Jake and Carl wanting one last round of hugs. Bennie hugged Jake while I hugged Carl then we switched. As soon as Jake wrapped his arms around me, he whispered in my ear. "Take good care of him Ace, please."


I kissed him on the cheek. "Don't you worry about that, nothing is going to happen to him."


Jake kissed me then gave me a weak smile. "I'll hold you to it."


I nodded my head then I moved over to Ed and Johnny. "Here's what we're going to do. We're going to form a box. In the middle will be Bennie and me. Now, I need one of you to be in the middle. I want Bennie sandwiched in between me and one of you."


Johnny put his hand on my shoulder. "I'll be in there with you."


I nodded my head then reached out and took Bennie by the hand. "You'll be sandwiched in between Johnny and me. As soon as we get to the Hummer and you're inside, I'll call Tonka."


He smiled and nodded. "OK, let's go."


Ed opened the door then we made the move. It took less than 30 seconds to go from the house to the Hummer and got Bennie safe inside. I turned around and whistled for Tonka. As soon as he heard it, he came running then jumped inside and landed on Bennie. Johnny closed the door then we had another pow wow. "We need to get back to the White House pronto."


Ed nodded his head. "I agree and we'll run lights and siren all the way."


I stepped close to Ed and Johnny. "For your information, the day Ben registered Bennie at Georgetown Exeter, Bennie and I had a talk while we were walking around. I told him if I ever told him to do something while we were out, I wanted him to listen and do exactly what I said, no questions asked because I'd spotted a potential hazard and I didn't have time to explain."


"Ed, I hope you never question Ace's ability to work with Bennie again."


"I'm sorry Ace but this was too important..."


"Ed, Ace was right; you and I should be back at the White House. I knew Ace could do his job and he's proved it so I wonder who's really losing their objectivity."


Johnny turned and went to the Suburban then I went around to the driver's side of the Hummer. I was about to get in when an agent came out of the back vehicle and got in beside Bennie. He had an MP5 and I wasn't real happy. I got in the driver's seat and turned around. "Now you listen and listen well. You are only to fire when I say you can. Bennie, you can slide up here."


Ed got into the Suburban then I saw the lights come on. I flipped mine on then hit the siren and we were off. As we got close to the White House, I called Ed. "What gate is prepared for us?"


"The back gate, I've spoken to the duty officer and it will be open when we arrive."


Six minutes later, we were heading to the back gate. Ed made the turn then had to stop. "What's going on Ed?" I shouted over the radio then looked into the back seat. "Have you got your vest on?"


"I always do."


"Ed, we need the armed agents around the Hummer." I said as the agent in the Hummer got out and another appeared from the Suburban in the rear.


About two minutes later, a marked Secret Service vehicle came up with its lights on and the officer ran into the booth to open the gate. Once it was open we pulled inside and the armed agents trotted along side of the Hummer then they hopped on the running board. We made our way around to the residence then I got Bennie inside. As soon as I got him into the elevator, I was on the phone to Capt. Langford. "Langford you have some serious explaining to do."


"Excuse me?" He replied.


I didn't want to go into this over the phone. "I want you at the residence pronto."


Ed was staring at me. "Well?"


I shook my head. "The way he just acted, he didn't know what I was talking about. You heard the rest."


Just then my phone rang again and it was Bennie. "Yes Bennie."


"Ace, can you tell me what's going on?"


"I'll be up as soon as I can baby and I'll explain everything."


"That's not what I mean. There are agents in here holding guns."


"I'll take care of that." I said then cut the call. "Ed, why are there armed agents in the residence?"


"WHAT?" He shouted. "I didn't order that."


I headed for the elevator and went up to the second floor. As soon as the door opened I was met by an agent pointing an MP5 at me. "If you don't lower that weapon, you'll be getting a 9mm enema."


He saw my shield hanging on my jacket pocket then stepped back. "I'm just carrying out orders sir."


I stepped out of the elevator then cut loose with a loud whistle. Suddenly the room was full of armed agents. "Now hear this. I want every one of you out of here NOW."


One of the agents stepped up. "I'm sorry but that won't happen."


"Excuse me?" I shouted. "Do you all know who I am?"


"No agent, I don't." The man said.


"That's Special Agent Mason," A voice I recognized said. "He's MY body guard."


Just then another voice was heard. "Stand down."


There was Ed and Johnny standing there. The agent who was at the elevator went over to Ed. "We have orders."


"I gave no such order before I left." Ed shouted. "I'm Agent Ed Miller, Special Agent in Charge. I'm giving you a direct order to stand down."


The agent looked at Ed. "I'm sorry..."


"You were told to stand down," A voice said.


I didn't know where he'd been but I was sure glad to see him. The agent turned and saw Ben standing there. "Yes Mr. President."


Ben continued. "Now, Special Agent Miller is the Agent in Charge. His assistant is Special Agent Mason then there is Special Agent Hawks. If any of them tell you to do something, you follow those orders immediately and without question. Do I make myself clear?"


Everyone said, "Yes Mr. President."


I went over to the man who met me at the elevator. "What's your name agent?"


"Special Agent Harry Minor," He replied.


"You said you had orders. Let me see them."


He pulled out his Blackberry and pulled up an email. "Here it is."


I took it and read the email very carefully. "Ed, you better get over here."


I handed Ed the phone and he read it. "Ace, I never sent this."


I handed the phone back to Agent Minor. "Gentlemen, please do not delete this email."


Ed took over from there. "I want those MP5's turned back into the armory. You're to return to your regular assigned duties. If there any changes to be made, they will come from me, Agent Mason or Agent Hawks until we've solved the breech in our email."


All the men left the residence then I heard Ben's phone ring. While Ben was on the phone, Bennie came over to me. "Now, can you tell me what's going on?"


I'm glad Ed was there because he knew more about this than I did. "Would you like to fill him in now Ed?"


"Bennie, the switchboard received a threat against someone here at the White House."


"Against someone here?" Bennie asked. "Against who Ed?"


"We're not sure Bennie but we're taking the threat as credible."


"So what does this mean?"


I put my arm around his shoulder. "The White House is on lock down. Neither you or your Dad can leave the grounds."


"Cool, no school." Bennie said grinning. "But suppose Dad has to go somewhere on official business?"


I shook my head. "I don't think so. Remember, Exeter has online capabilities. Now, if your Dad has to leave on official business, he'll use Marine 1 and there will be air support guarding it.


Bennie's face sunk when I reminded him of that. Ben joined us then. "Ace, we have another problem."


This was becoming the day from hell. "What now sir?"


"Can you come into my office?"


Bennie looked at his Dad. "What is it Dad?"


"I'm not at liberty to say son." Ben said.


I thought I knew exactly what he was talking about so I leaned close to him. "Sir, Bennie and Ed will keep this quiet if it's what I think it is."


Just then the bell rang from the West Wing door. "That will be Isaac; can you let him in Ed?"


Ben looked at us. "It is Ace and according to Isaac, that's been compromised."


"How?" I asked surprised.


"That's a good question Agent Mason," A voice said as I looked and saw Isaac standing there. "Sir, take a look at this."


Isaac handed Ben some papers. He looked them over then shook his head. "Isaac, how'd this happen?"


"Mr. President, I have no idea. I have guarded this with the utmost diligence."


Just then my cell rang, "Mason here."


"Capt. Langford is here to see you."


"I'm on my way down." I replied then ended the call.


I went and got him then returned to the residence. "Captain, why was the back gate unattended?"


"Excuse me Agent Mason?" Langford shot back as we stepped off the elevator. "All the gates were staffed, I made the assignments myself."


Ed heard this. "If you did, why wasn't there a uniformed officer at the back gate when we arrived?


I haven't a clue." The Captain replied as he started looking at his Blackberry. "Officer Curt Poole was assigned to the back gate."


I looked at the Captain. "Where is he now?"


He had to think then he shook his head. "I don't know. After I was informed the gate was uncovered by Officer Chambers, the officer who let you all in, I started calling him but never got an answer so I had to send another officer there."


This day was officially one giant cluster fuck. "Ed, we need to notify Evelyn of all this. We'll need tech to find out how the system was breeched and that email was sent out in your name."


Ed sighed. "I'll call down to the monitor room. All the gates are monitored so we should be able to see where Officer Poole went."


I nodded my head then put a call into Evelyn. After four rings, I got her voice mail. `That's odd; she always has her phone on.' I thought.


I called the main number and got her secretary. "This is Special Agent Mason; I need to speak to the Director. This is an emergency."


"I'm sorry Agent Mason; Director Morgan is in a meeting and asked that she not be disturbed."


"Hold on a moment please," I said muting my phone. "Mr. President, I need your help Sir. Evelyn is in a meeting and asked that she not be disturbed."


He held his hand out so I took the mute off then passed the phone to him. "This is President Jacobs; I need to speak to Director Morgan."


"One moment Mr. President," The voice said and put the call on hold. "Madam Director."


"Sarah, I asked that I not be disturbed."


"Yes Ma'am I know but President Jacobs is on the line for you."


"Put him through."


"One moment Mr. President, I'll connect you to Director Morgan."


Ben handed me the phone back. "Yes Mr. President, what can I do for you?"


"Evelyn, you should always keep your cell on."


"Ace, the reason it's off is because I'm in a meeting. Sarah told you I wasn't to be disturbed then you go and have President Jacobs run interference for you. This better be important."


"Do you think I'd do something like that if it wasn't?" I fired back.


I heard her sigh. "No Ace, you wouldn't. What's going on?"


"It's too drawn out to go into and your line isn't as secured as I'd like it to be so I'll give you the condensed version. Security has been breached again. You're needed here ASAP and I want tech here also along with several sweepers."


"WHAT?" Evelyn fired back. "How, when?"


"I don't know Evelyn, that's why we need tech here."


Just then Langford's phone rang. I was only hearing one side of the conversation, but from what little I could, it wasn't good. He put his phone away then looked at us. "Officer Poole has been found Agent Mason; he's dead."


"Whoever you were just talking to call them back and tell them not to touch a thing."


"Ace, I heard that. I'm on my way over." Evelyn said.


Langford called that person back then he looked at me. "Agent Mason, Curt Poole was retired Navy."


"Evelyn, are you still there?"


"Yes Ace, I'm here."


"Officer Curt Poole was retired from the Navy."


"OK Ace but I'm going to call the FBI to send over their forensic team."


"No Evelyn. Since Poole is retired Navy, NCIS has jurisdiction and besides, they're better equipped than the FBI."


"Alright Ace, I'll call them while I'm on my way over."


I put my phone away then looked at Ed. "Do you have your coveralls with you? I think you're going to really need them buddy."


Ed shook his head. "No I don't Ace."


I had another set. "No problem, you can wear my other set. Ben, after we've cleared the crime scene we can go over the day's events with Evelyn."


"Can I come too Ace?" Bennie asked.


"Sorry pal," I said as I headed for my room. "Besides kiddo, you'd lose your cookies.


Ed and I changed into coveralls then headed downstairs. "What did the tape show of the back gate?"


"Nothing that was of any use," Ed started. "It showed Poole walking away from the guard shack but he walks out of camera range."


"What, how is that possible. I thought it gave a big area so that wasn't possible."


We got into the Hummer then headed for the back gate. I saw a cruiser with its lights on so I pulled in behind it then Ed and I got out. A uniformed officer walked up to us and extended his hand. "I'm Officer Chambers."


We shook his hand and introduced ourselves then followed him over to where the body was. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves and handed them to Ed. I pulled another pair out then put them on. "Did you touch anything Officer Chambers?"


He shook his head. "No Sir. I saw this pool of blood then saw the body back there."


"So how do you know it's Officer Poole?" Ed asked.


"Well Sir, I don't really. I guess I automatically assumed it was because he's missing."


"It makes sense," I said. "Do you have a roll of crime scene tape in your car?"


"Yes Sir," he replied. "I was about to start marking the area off when you arrived. Is the FBI going to handle this?"


I shook my head. "No, Officer Poole is retired Navy so NCIS will handle the autopsy."


Chambers went over to his car and got a roll of tape and started marking the area off. While he was doing this, Ed and I talked. "Ace, I really made some huge blunders today. You and Johnny were right; I should have stayed here with The President. Hell, in my haste to get out to you, I didn't call Evelyn about the call into the switchboard. I'm going to step down as Agent in Charge."


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Look man, a lot has happened today. This is the first time I can remember that the White House and the grounds have gone on lockdown. Of course, some things will get over looked."


"Overlooked Ace," Ed fired back. "Not calling the Director was a huge lapse of protocol. She's not going to be happy about that. Hell, I'll be lucky if I'm still here when I inform her of this and then there is the incident with Bennie. I knew you could handle him."


"Chill out man. I'm not holding that against you but I must admit I was close to decking you."


"See what I mean Ace. I screwed up big time and it almost cost me a good friend in you."


"Ah don't worry about it man."


"Alright but I want you to handle this. You have more experience than I do."


"Ed, I've never handled a murder before either. I've done a few assaults and a shooting."


"That's more than I have. Ace, you know how to think on your feet faster than I do. Now please don't argue with me about this."


"Alright buddy, I'll run lead for you."


Don finished taping off the area just as I saw Evelyn's black Hummer pull up to the gate. The officer opened the outer gate and had the vehicle come through then the concrete barrier raised up out of the ground then he looked at her credentials and that of the passenger. Once he was satisfied he opened the front gate and allowed them to enter the grounds.


As the barricade was being lowered, I saw several other vehicles pull up along with a van from NCIS. As they were getting clearance, Evelyn pulled up and got out. Ed went over and talked to her as I looked at the crime scene. I saw the face of the officer but since I didn't know the man personally, I couldn't identify him. I made my way around the tape then joined Evelyn and Ed. "Hi Evelyn, did Ed fill you in on the day's events?"


"He just did Ace. How the hell did the new computer system..."


I raised my hand up. "If I knew that I wouldn't have wanted tech here. By the way, where are they?"


"They should be here any minute." She said as a tall black man chewing on a toothpick got out of her Hummer. "Gentlemen I'd like to introduce someone to you."


As soon as he closed the door I recognized him. "Woody Gregory."


Evelyn looked at me in surprise. "You two know each other?"


"Yeah Evelyn, I know him."


"I see the Air Force finally got rid of you, huh Mason." Woody said sarcastically.


"And I see nothing's changed either. For your information, I retired Woody."


"Don't you mean you were forced into retirement?"


I stepped over and got into his face. "You're always thinking you know more than you do and shoving your foot into your mouth. For your information I retired with 20 years of service."


"Yeah, what did you retire as, a First Lieutenant?"


"No smartass, I retired as a Major."


"I guess everyone gets lucky now and then. Evelyn, I see the Secret Service is hitting the bottom of the barrel now."


"That's just enough Woody." Evelyn said.


"Let him rant," I said. "He's still pissed he couldn't bully his way onto Air Force One back when he was a rookie NCIS agent."


"I had every right to go aboard and you know it."


"Once again, you're shooting your mouth off thinking you know what you're talking about." I countered. "What you didn't know then and still don't know is that The President was due to leave that day and the hanger was under tight security. Only those individuals on the list issued by the Secret Service were allowed on that plane and YOUR NAME WASN'T ONE OF THEM."


"You could have let me on board for a minute." He fired back.


"And put my career at risk? After you tried to throw your weight around to several of my men, I wasn't about to let you on board that plane."


"Once an ass always an ass." Woody quipped.


"You know better than that. Had you acted like a civilized human being and talked politely, I'd have taken you aboard myself and given you a tour of the plane but when you put that chip on your shoulder, I wasn't going to do anything except have you escorted off the base."


"Well this time I call the shots."


Evelyn looked at him in surprise. "Oh really Woody?"


"Yes Evelyn really," He started. "The man is retired Navy which makes this our case."


"Think again man," I fired back. "The crime was committed on White House grounds and that makes it our case. I had NCIS brought in for two reasons. The first is because if we're right about the identity of the man, he's retired navy."


"And the second?"


"The second is NCIS has a better lab than the FBI."


"Now Ace, the FBI did identify that round that hit you." Evelyn said coming to their defense.


"What?" Woody gasped covering his mouth.


Evelyn nodded her head. "That's right Woody, someone tried to kill Ace but luckily for him he had his vest on."


Just then the gate opened and in came the NCIS crime van followed by two other cars. I left Woody and Evelyn and went over to the vehicles. Evelyn looked at Ed. "Why aren't you going over there Agent Miller?"


"I want Agent Mason to handle this. I've never handled a murder before."


"That's all the more reason to be there Agent Miller. Our agents can teach you." Woody said.


"That may be true but I still what Agent Mason in the lead." Ed replied then came over to the crime scene.


I saw Ed coming over then I saw someone I knew get out of the front car. "Dusty Moore, as I live and breathe, how the hell are you?"


He looked at me. "Rich Mason, is that you?"


I walked over to him then wrapped him in a hug. "I'll be damned. How long have you been with NCIS?"


"It must be over twenty years now. So, what do we have here?"


"I'm only speculating on the identity now. It appears Officer Curt Poole has been murdered. The how, why and by who I'm hoping you guys can tell us."


Just then a voice with an unusual accent called out. "Dusty, can you come over here?"


I followed my friend around the tape to where the voice came from. "Well this is old home week, how are you Sergio?"


"Rich Mason, how are you amigo?"


"A lot better than he is. What did you find?"


"I can tell you the cause of death was from a bullet to the head. If you look here, there is a large amount of gun powder residue."


"He was shot at close range." Dusty added.


Now that his face was uncovered, I reached into my pocket and took out my Blackberry and pulled up the photo of Officer Poole. "I can say now, that that is Curt Poole.


"We'll run his prints and DNA to be totally sure." Dusty added.


"Sergio, can you tell the caliber of the gun used?" I asked.


"As soon as all the photos are taken I can Rich."


"Marshall, get over here" Dusty shouted.


"Coming boss."




"Will you knock it off Ellis."


It took a couple of minutes for the spots to leave my eyes and I managed to see someone aiming a camera at me again. "If you flash that in my eyes again, you'll be taking photos from where the sun won't shine."


"My, aren't we touchy."




"Get to work." Dusty said staring at him. "Oh Ace, meet Special Agent Marshall Ellis. Ellis, this is Special Agent Rich Mason, Secret Service."


"Dusty, over here." I heard a female voice call out.


I followed Dusty over to where the voice came from. "Ace, I'd like you to meet Agent DJ Forrester. DJ, this is Agent Ace Mason, Secret Service."


I shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you. I can't put my finger on the accent."


"It is Welsh," she said.


"So what brings you to NCIS?"


"I'm here as a liaison officer to NCIS with MI5."


"MI5?" I asked surprised. "I'm impressed, so what did you find?"


"There are two sets of foot prints here."


I moved back then knelt down to take a closer look. "Well, I can clearly see an impression of a right foot but this one here, I'm not sure if that's one impression or two."


I stood back up and moved away from the prints. "What are you doing?" DJ asked.


I wiggled my right foot then tried to duplicate what I saw on the left. I turned my left foot then stepped back. "If you look here, you have a clear print from my right foot. Now, on the left, I know what I did and that was I twisted my foot and it looks pretty much like the print up there."


"But is that one print or two?" Dusty asked.


"That's the question I have too. I don't think you'll be able to get two castings out of that print."


"I can try," DJ said heading to the van.


"I hope you can." I said looking at Dusty. "Has Marshall finished taking photos of the body?"


"Let's go and see." He replied as we headed over to Sergio. "How's your back and head?"


"They're fine," I answered then it hit me. "How'd you know about that?"


"I have friends too buddy. Are there any leads?"


I shook my head. "No but whoever it was will screw up and make a mistake and then we'll get them."


"OK Sergio, talk to me." Dusty said.


"Ace, can you help me roll him now?"


Sergio had him by the shoulders and I took him by the hips. "I was afraid of this."


I looked up and almost tossed my cookies. "Damn, it looks like the round passed totally through his skull."


"Ace, come up here."


I joined Sergio then he put my hand on the back of his head. I ran my fingers around then felt a dent. "Is that a skull fracture?"


"You're quite right amigo. No one would just stand there while someone put a bullet in their head."


"He was hit in the back of the head and then shot."


"Marshall, get the metal detector." Dusty shouted.


I saw Marshall on his feet then someone appeared holding the detector. "Ah thank you geek." Marshall said.


"Ellis, take the metal detector and start sweeping the area." Dusty shouted.


"What am I looking for?"


"Anything metal," I said handing Ellis the metal detector then I looked at the other agent. "Does he always act like that?"


"That's just him."


"Rich Mason," I said extending my hand. "But my friends call me Ace."


"Hi Ace, I'm JR Carl."


"Why did he call you geek?"


"Well, I'm kinda into computers." JR replied softly.


"Oh really?" I asked.


JR looked towards the ground. "Yeah, I know computers pretty good."


"JR, I could really use your help."


"What's the problem?"


"Someone got into the system and sent out an email on Agent Miller's account."


"That's it?" JR said.


"That's enough man. That one email caused a lot of problems and we don't need it happening again."


"If I'm right, that's an easy fix."


I motioned for Ed to come over. "Ed, this is Special Agent JR Carl. JR, this is Special Agent Ed Miller. Can you take him over to our office and hook him up with Tech. He seems to know what the problem is and can fix it. JR, make sure everything is hack proof and secure."


Dusty put his hand on my shoulder. "You just made his day."


I helped Sergio put the officer in a body bag then put him on a stretcher. "Marshall, run the detector over this blood spot."




"Just do it Ellis," Dusty shouted as he looked at me. "What are you looking for Ace?"


"The bullet that killed Officer Poole."


"A 9mm?" Dusty asked.


"I should be so lucky." I replied.


"I know what you mean. If it was, ballistics would easily tell you who the shooter was."


"I found something." Marshall shouted.


"Dusty, do you have a knife?"


He pulled out a pocket knife and handed it to me. I worked my way through the ground then used my hand and sifted through the dirt. "Bingo."


"Ellis, get me a couple bottles of water." Dusty shouted.


"Here you go boss."


Dusty poured the water over the round so I could clean it up. "That's no 9mm round Ace."


I shook my head. "Yeah I know. Do you have an envelope to put this in?"


I handed Dusty the round. "Ace, I'll get the ballistics done on the round and get you the report."


"Thanks buddy. I'll be waiting on the identification and the autopsy report."


"Who is going to notify the next of kin?"


"As soon as we go through his personnel file and see who is listed, we'll do the notification."


I saw Evelyn and Woody sitting in her Hummer so Dusty and I walked over. Evelyn saw us coming over so they got out of the Hummer. "Was it Officer Poole?"


"It appears so Evelyn. I had his photo on my Blackberry so when his face was uncovered I compared them. NCIS will get his medical records and run his DNA for a positive ID. Cause of death appears to be a gunshot to the head."


"What was the weapon Ace?" Evelyn asked.


I looked down and closed my eyes then raised my head. "It appears to be from a .357. Dusty, I have another bullet but it was mangled. However the FBI did manage to read the striations so we know the weapon it came from."


"If you get us that round we can compare the two and see if they're from the same type of weapon."


Just then Ed and JR returned. Ed had a grin from ear to ear on his face. "JR fixed the computer problem and it is fool proof now."


"Thanks Agent Carl." I said shaking his hand.


Just then Woody got in between Dusty and me. "Agent Moore, I want you to listen to this very carefully because every one of your jobs are on the line. First, I'll have the medical records waiting on you by the time you get back to NCIS Headquarters. I want that DNA report and the identification on my desk in one hour. Next, when the ballistics on that bullet is done, I'll want that report on my desk ASAP too. If anyone of you notifies this man or any agent of the Secret Service of these results, the person doing it will be fired. Do I make myself crystal clear?"


"Once an asshole, always an asshole." I said.


"We'll see who has the last laugh now Mason." Woody said.


"You don't have the right to keep that information from us Woody." Evelyn said definitely pissed.


"We'll see Madam Director." Woody said then looked back at Dusty. "Do I make myself clear Agent Moore?"


Dusty looked at me and then over to Woody, "Quite clear."


I pulled out my cell and hit #2 on the speed dial. "We'll see who has the last laugh. Hey there buddy, is your Dad around?"


"He's right here Ace," Benny said. "Do you need to talk to him?"


"I sure do," I replied glaring at Woody.


"Sure," Bennie said. "Hey Dad, Ace is on the phone and he says he needs to talk to you."


Evelyn tapped Woody on the shoulder. "You've just pissed off the wrong person."


"Hi Ace, what's going on out there?"


"Well, it seems we have a little problem. The Director of NCIS is not being cooperative when I informed him this crime scene was ours since the murder took place on White House grounds."


"Oh, what's he doing?" Ben asked.


Just then Woody got very brazen. "Do you think I'm falling for that old trick Mason? Pretending to make a phone call trying to intimidate me so I'll share the reports with you. Well dickhead, it won't work and if you are on the phone with another agent, tell that twat I'm not falling for it either."


"Who was that Ace?" Ben asked.


"The Director of NCIS."


"You'll get your reports Ace." Ben said. "I want you to bring him to me."


"As you wish Sir," I said then cut the call.


"Ace, I have to get Woody back so if there's nothing else." Evelyn started.


I shook my head. "Not so fast Evelyn. I'm to bring Woody with us then there's more we need to discuss. Dusty, we'll get Woody back to his office."


"What about those reports?" He asked.


"You have your orders Agent Moore." Woody said.


I walked with Dusty over to his car. "Here's my card buddy. Keep in touch. It's been great seeing you again after all these years."


"I will Ace." He replied putting my card in his wallet.


"Thanks Dusty." I said giving him a hug.


"Once things settle down, how about we do dinner one night?"


"If you don't mind having a teenager join us, that would be great."


"Not at all but I didn't know you had a child."


I smiled. "I don't, but my assignment is the President's son."


Just then a light bulb came on in Dusty's head then he got an evil smile on his face. "I'll keep in touch Ace."


I watched as the NCIS agents left then drove back to the residence. I parked in my usual spot and Evelyn pulled in behind me. I walked up to the passenger side of her Hummer then opened the door then Woody got out. "What's this?" He asked.


"Come with us please." I said then headed inside.


I swiped my card on the elevator then waited. When the door opened we all got in then rode up to the residence. When the doors opened, Bennie and Tonka were standing there. "Hi Ace. Dad's in his office."


Woody's eyes got big as I leaned down and scratched Tonka's ear. "Follow me please."


We went through the living room then I knocked on the door to Ben's office. "Enter."


I opened the door then we all went inside. I went over and shook his hand. "Good afternoon Mr. President. May I introduce Woody Gregory. He's the Director of NCIS."


Ben sat down then Evelyn, Ed and I each took a seat. When Woody went to sit he was in for a big surprise.


"Did I say you could sit down?" Ben barked.


"Ah no Mr. President," He said in a meek voice.


"Tell that twat I'm not falling for it." Ben shouted. "Is that how you talk about someone?"


"No Mr. President."


"Might I ask why you decided not to cooperate and work together with Agent Mason?


Woody stood there in silence. "I asked you a question sir and I expect an answer. Do we understand each other?"


"Let's just say Agent Mason and I go way back and I thought he was playing a practical joke."


"Threatening your agents with their jobs if they turn over information to Agent Mason is a joke?"


"That's not what I meant Mr. President."


"Then explain it to me." Ben shouted.


"Ah well it's like this. "A long time ago I asked him if he'd allow me to see Air Force One and he decided to get an attitude."


"Cut the crap Woody," I said. "You're lying through your teeth."


He turned around and glared at me. "You lying piece of shit."


"SILENCE!" Ben yelled. "You'll not speak to a Secret Service Agent like that in my presence."


"I know all about that incident." Ben said picking up the phone. "Now, you're going to stand here while I place another phone call."


`I would not want to be in his shoes.' I thought as he put it on speaker.


Ben punched a few numbers on his phone then waited for an answer. "Secretary Clark's office," A voice said coming over the speaker.


"Secretary Clark please, this is President Jacobs."


"One moment Mr. President."


I could see the sweat forming on the back of his neck. "Yes Mr. President, what may I do for you?"


"Kevin, it seems we have a problem." Ben started.


"Oh? What can I do Sir?"


"Do you allow people working for you to refer to others as twats?"


"Excuse me Mr. President, but did you say twats?"


"That's right Kevin, I said twats."


"Which one of my people said that?"


"The Director of NCIS."


"He said that?" Kevin's voice asked almost shouting.


"That's correct Kevin." Ben answered.


"Has he left to return to his office?"


"No, in fact he's right here with us."


"Mr. Gregory, is this true? Did you refer to someone as a twat?"


"Uh well, yes sir but I didn't know there was actually someone on the other end of the phone. You see Sir..."


"Silence." Kevin yelled. "I'll not have someone in my department referring to anyone like that. Now, answer me this. Who was on the other end of the phone?"


I thought he was going to faint when the SecNav asked the question. "The President, Mr. Secretary."


"You called the President a twat?" he screamed.


"No Sir, I mean Yes Sir. Like I tried to say, I didn't know there was really someone on the other end of the line. I thought Agent Mason was using that old joke to try an intimidate me."


"Intimidate you?" The SecNav asked. "Is this Agent Mason there?"


I stood up and went over to the phone. "Yes Mr. Secretary, this is Special Agent Mason."


"Agent Mason, can you explain just what in the hell Mr. Gregory is talking about?"


"Yes Sir," I started. "It seems Mr. Gregory is still holding a grudge after some twenty years."


He looked at me and started mouthing. "I'll get you for this."


"He tried to bully his way onto Air Force One way back when he was a rookie NCIS agent."


"He still can't let that go?" The SecNav asked.


"No Sir, it seems he hasn't after all these years. Then today he instructed his men to withhold important information from us."


"And what information would that be?"


"DNA results on the identification of the dead uniformed secret service officer and the ballistics report on the bullet that killed him."


I see," The SecNav said. "Mr. Gregory is that how agents of NCIS work?"


"No Sir, it's not."


"Then why in the hell did you tell my agents to withhold that information."


"Uh well," He stammered.


"Answer the damn question."


"I don't know Sir." Woody finally admitted.


"And I don't know either but you'll have some time on your hands to think of a damn good explanation. You have 30 minutes to get your ass to my office. Do I make myself clear Mr. Gregory."


"Mr. Secretary, I'll get someone to drive him over." I said.


"No Agent Mason. You can give him a ride to the gate then he can get his ass here the best way he knows how."


"Yes Mr. Secretary," I said reaching for the phone.


"One more thing Agent Mason. I'll be calling Special Agent Moore and informing him he's to cooperate fully with the secret service on this case."


"Thank you Sir." I said smiling. "Is that all?"


"Not quite," He continued. "Mr. Gregory, you are to apologize to every person who heard you say what you did to The President."


"Yes Sir," Woody said frowning.


He stood there waiting for the SecNav to hang up but he didn't. "I SAID APOLOGIZE YOU FUCKING IDIOT AND I MEAN NOW!"


"Mr. President, I am deeply ashamed of myself and my actions when Special Agent Mason was talking to you. Please accept my apology."


"I will have to think about that." Ben said.


He looked at Evelyn and said the same thing. "Woody, I thought I knew you but after today I don't any more. You came to me with an idea about our two agencies working together jointly and it sounded like a great idea but after the stunt you just pulled, I will have to give your plan some more thought and consideration."


Next was Ed. "If I ever see you again I'll knock you on your ass. No one speaks like that to The President."


Finally it was my turn. "Twenty some years ago you shot your mouth off and I thought when I put you off Andrews Air Force Base you would have learned your lesson but I guess I was wrong. Today, you not only insulted The President and a personal friend, you insulted an even closer friend and that was Dusty Moore. You better heed this warning. You are no longer welcome on the White House grounds while I'm here. Do I make myself crystal clear?


He was just standing there with his head hanging down. "ANSWER ME DAMN IT. DO I MAKE MYSELF CRYSTAL CLEAR?"


"Yes Ace."




"Yes Special Agent Mason."


I pulled out my phone can called Capt. Langford. "Captain, this is Agent Mason. Can you send a cruiser to the residence. I need a person taken to the front gate and dropped off there."


"Right away Agent Mason." He replied then I cut the call.


"Agent Mason, how long have you known Agent Moore?" The SecNav asked.


I really had to think. "I'd have to say at least 15 years."


"What do you think of him as an agent?"


"Well Mr. Secretary, if he's anything like the man I know, he's one hell of an agent."


"That's all I need to hear." He replied as I was wondering why he was asking me my opinion of Dusty.


A minute later, I heard another voice on the line. "Special Agent Moore speaking."


"Agent Moore, this is Secretary Clark speaking. I also have a few other people listening in. Say hello please."


"Hello Special Agent Moore, this is President Jacobs. How are you doing today?"


"Mr. President, I'm fine Sir."


"Hi Agent Moore, this is Director Morgan. By chance, have you got the results back on the DNA identification of Officer Poole?"


"Good afternoon Ma'am and uh yes Ma'am I do but you know I'm under strict orders not to release them to you."


"Agent Moore, this is Secretary Clark. Don't you go listening to that twat Woody Gregory do you understand me?"


"Yes Mr. Secretary." Dusty said. "Madam Director, the DNA positively identifies the corpse as Officer Curt Poole."


"Thank you Agent Moore. I'll be notifying his next of kin."


"You're welcome Ma'am."


"Hey Dusty, I'm at this little shin dig too."


"What's going on Ace? I've never had this many important people on the phone with me at one time in my life? Am I in trouble?"


"No Special Agent Moore, or should I say Director Moore."


Woody turned white as a sheet when the SecNav promoted Dusty in front of everyone. "Mr. Secretary, I'm a field agent not a politician."


"If you could do both, would you consider the offer; at least on an interim basis?"


"Uh well sir." Dusty stammered.


"Hey buddy, I think you'd make a great Director at NCIS. You've always put duty first and politics second."


"I know Ace. You also know I'm not an ass kisser like that jerk of a director." Dusty said causing everyone to burst out laughing including the SecNav. "What's so funny?"


"Dusty, there is one more person here you didn't know about."


"Oh shit," He said. "I'm sorry..."


"Now don't go and apologize to that idiot Director Moore," The SecNav said. "You said it perfectly. He's a jerk who let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass today and it came back to bite him."


"Uh, he did sir?" Dusty asked.


"Why don't you go and answer that Mr. Gregory." Mr. Clark said still giggling.


He just stood there silent until I gave him a look that said you better speak. "Yes I did Director Moore and I wish to apologize to you and to your entire crew also for my unprofessional conduct."


"I ac..." Dusty started until he was interrupted by the SecNav.


"Director Moore, don't go and accept it just because The President and I am here on the line. You let your conscience guide you now son."


"Alright Mr. Clark." Dusty started. "Woody, you've put me in a compromising position for the last time. My team and I are tired of your crap just so you can further your political aspirations. Who did you shoot your mouth off to this time?"


This time he remained totally silent as I stared at him. I even reached over and pushed him but he wouldn't speak so I did. "Dusty, he shot his mouth off to the President."


"You jerk," Dusty fired. "I never thought you'd do or say anything against our Commander-in-Chief. I can't speak for my team but you could get on your knees and kiss my butt and I'd never accept your apology. Mr. Secretary, if I can still work in the field I'll accept the position."


"Director Moore, you will have meetings to attend and things like that but we can sit and discuss that later. Mr. Gregory, still I want you in my office in thirty minutes. Agent Mason, can you take his weapon and badge?"


I searched him and removed his service weapon and shield. "I have it Mr. Secretary. How can we get it to you?"


"Hold onto it. Director Moore, can you pick it up?"


"Yes sir." Dusty said.


"Director Moore," Evelyn started. "Your predecessor came to me with a plan about the two agencies working together. It was a plan that, on paper, seemed very inviting but after today's events I had to think about. With you now at the helm of NCIS, I would like to sit down and talk with you more."


"Madam Director, it would be my pleasure to meet with you about our agencies working together. I'll come over later and pick up the former director's shield and weapon."


"Thank you Director Moore."


I reached and hung up the phone then reached out and      took Woody by the arm. "Come with me."


We headed to the elevator and on the way he pulled his arm away. "Get your fucking hands off of me."


He drew back but stopped as he heard Tonka growling. I took him by the arm again. "Don't pull away or the dog will bite you."


I led him into the elevator then took him downstairs. The cruiser was waiting on us so I put him into the back seat then closed the door. "Take him to the front gate?" The officer asked.


I nodded my head. "Yes and make sure he leaves the grounds before you return to your duties."


Tonka and I returned upstairs. As soon as I stepped off the elevator Bennie was waiting on me. "Ace, was someone really killed?"


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder then headed to my room so I could get out of the coveralls. When I closed the door I held him close. "I'm afraid so love."


"Who was it?"


"One of the uniformed agents, baby."


"Who killed him?"


He stepped back so I unzipped my coveralls and wiggled them off of my shoulders then stepped out of them. "I don't know baby but the bullet that shot him appears to be the same caliber as the one that shot me."


"So that guy has struck again?"


I shucked my tee shirt and boxers then went into the bathroom to wash up. "It appears so, but we still don't have any clues as to who it is."


I started washing up then I felt hands soaping up my ass. "It seems to me that whoever shot you and that agent is someone here."


"It seems you could be RIGHT." I said letting out a squeal as he stuck his finger in my hole hitting my love nut in the process.


"You talk funny sweetheart." Bennie said with a giggle.


I turned around and saw that devilish grin on his face along with the fact he was nude. "If you're trying to start something lover boy your timing is bad."


He started stroking his tool then closed his eyes and I knew what that meant. Since he was about to deliver a load, I sure as hell wasn't about to let it go to waste so I quickly knelt down and took his dick into my mouth. "Ungh Ace."


He managed to get those words out before he flooded my mouth with his nectar. I swallowed every drop then stood and shared it with him. "I guess I know what you were doing while I was busy."


Once again he had that impish grin on his face. "Was it that obvious?"


"For you to stroke your dick a couple of times before you blow, it was more than obvious sweetie. Now rinse the soap out of my hole before it starts itching."


Bennie got me clean then I finished washing up. I had just put my boxers on when I heard a loud scream.




To be continued