The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 18


Bennie got me clean then I finished washing up. I had just put my boxers on when I heard a loud scream.




I grabbed my weapon and ran to the dining room. "Ben where are you?"


"I'm in the kitchen."


I was about to go in when Bennie ran past me. "Gloria! Ace, do something!"


I grabbed the phone and immediately called the house doctor then I called 911. Right after I hung the phone up, I heard a whistle. "Nice view Ace."


I ignored Evelyn then went back into the kitchen and knelt down beside Gloria and felt for a pulse then put my hand on her chest. "Do something Ace, please." Bennie wailed through his tears.


I stood up and wrapped my arms around him. "Calm down love."


"Calm down?"


"Shhh now," I said in a soothing voice as I put my finger on his lips. "She has a pulse and is breathing. I called Dr. Phillips and I've called for an ambulance."


"What happened, Ace?"


"Ed, I don't know. I was in my room talking with Bennie while I changed then heard Ben scream. If you'll excuse me I need to finish dressing."


Bennie was at my side. "Bennie, stay here," Evelyn said as she grabbed Bennie by the arm.


Bennie pulled his arm free. I wanted to say something but I had to get some clothes on so I went into my room. "I'm going with Ace." He hollered back then pushed my door open and came in.


"I'm reassigning Agent Mason Mr. President."


"Explain yourself Ms. Morgan."


"I don't like what I just saw and heard."


"Ace responded to my scream."


"I'll accept that now why was Bennie in Agent Morgan's bedroom while he was changing?"


"I don't shelter him Ms. Morgan..."


"That's Director..."


Ben stepped in from of her. "DO NOT INTERRUPT ME AGAIN!"


"Ye...Yes Mr. President."


"As I was saying, I don't shelter Bennie. He strips naked in front of thirty other boys at school."


"Excuse me?"


"I said do not interrupt me! Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes Mr. President."


"Bennie has physical education and he has to dress out for it. When class is over, they all shower. Did you not have PE when you were in school?"


"Yes Sir, I did."


"So, just what the hell is the problem?"


"I just don't think it's proper for Bennie to be in Agent Morgan's bedroom while he's changing."


"And you became his parent when?"


"Well uh I'm not Sir."


"So why are you putting your nose into my business?"


She stood there not saying a word. "Go on, answer my Dad's question." Bennie shouted as I stood behind him.


"I'm wondering if all this is because of the relationship between Ace and Bennie." Evelyn asked.


"Impossible," I fired.


"Why is it impossible, Ace?" Evelyn fired back.


"Because only a handful of people know about it," I countered then got quiet when I heard Tonka growling.


I went out into the hall and saw Dr. Phillips standing there petrified. "Tonka sit." I said. "Come on doctor, Gloria is in here."


Dr. Phillips followed me into the kitchen and began examining her when we heard her let out a moan. Just then I heard sirens. Ed went to the elevator and rode down to the ground floor and brought the paramedic's up. Doctor Phillips took their oxygen and put it on her as she continued to come around. "People, can you give us some room to work please?"


We backed out of the kitchen but Bennie continued to stay put. I put my hand on his shoulder and he reluctantly came with me then wrapped his arms around me. "Ace, don't make me stay out here."


I lifted his chin up then leaned close to his ear. "She's starting to wake up baby and that's a good sign."


"If anything happens to her I'll kill the bastard who did it."


I lifted my head then wiped the tears from his cheeks and eyes. "No baby, that's not the answer."


Just then we heard the stretcher bump the kitchen door open as Gloria was rolled out. Bennie ran over to her then took her hand as the tears began to fall again. "Oh Gloria, tell me you're alright."


She reached her hand up and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Shhh my Mijo, don't cry now."


"Está como mi madre ahora Gloria, yo no le puedo perder también." Bennie whispered softly. (You're like my mother now Gloria, I can't lose you too.)


"Usted no me perderá Mijo. Por lo menos no tiempo pronto." Gloria replied then smiled. (You're not going to lose me Mijo. At least not any time soon.)


"She needs to get checked out at the hospital." Dr. Phillips said patting Bennie on the back. "I also think I'm going to have to have her admitted for observation."


Bennie stepped back then they wheeled her into the elevator. "Take good care of her doctor."


"I will Bennie. I'll be riding with her in the ambulance." Dr. Phillips said as Bennie came over and leaned against Ben.


"Call me when you're ready to leave and I'll send a car for you." Ben said as they were rolling her into the elevator.


Evelyn was staring at us now that everyone had left. "So tell us Ace, why is it impossible someone doesn't know about you and Bennie?"


I got into Evelyn's face. "Because it would mean one of a select few agents betrayed me. I can trust Ed and Johnny."


"What is that supposed to mean?"


"Just what I said Evelyn. I've only told you, Ed and Johnny and both of them I trust with my life."


"And if I reassign you?"


"Then Ace will be the next Director of the Secret Service." A voice said firmly.


"The ball is in your court now." I said.


"This has got to stop." Evelyn said. "I can't lose another agent to this lunatic."


"That's exactly what he is," Ed fired. "He's a lunatic and a damn smart one too."


"How did this person manage to gain access to the residence? I wondered out loud.


"And with people here too." Ben added.


"This is really getting scary." Evelyn said.


I looked at Ben. "Sir, I want all the doors to the stairwells locked from the outside.


"There aren't keys to them Ace." Evelyn said. "Suppose there's a fire?"


"Good point," I said.


"Ace, I have the answer." Ed broke in. "We'll put roving patrols on all the floors of the residence twenty-four hours a day until this guy is caught."


"Dad, you gotta protect Gloria too." Bennie said almost in a panic. "Suppose that guy tries to hurt her while she's in the hospital?"


Evelyn came over and rubbed Bennie's back. "Now don't you worry about that, I'll see to it that doesn't happen."


"I will too," Ben said going into his office. He sat down at his desk when the phone rang on his private line. "President Jacobs speaking."


"President Jacobs, this is Dr. Phillips."


"Yes Dr. Phillips, do you have news about Gloria."


"Yes I do. While waiting for the test results, Gloria was able to carry on a conversation with me. It seems that with all the stress from the activities going on, she had a mild heart attack; the EKG and the blood work confirmed this. You came in just after she passed out. That was how you found her Mr. President."


"Oh god Dad," Bennie said breaking down and running over to him.


Dr. Phillips heard this. "Relax Bennie, as I said, it was a mild attack. I also had her taken up for a cardiac catheterization. They found a partial blockage in one of her coronary arteries. They were able to clear it and put a stint in. With rest, she should make a full recovery. I also have a cardiologist consulting with me on this. Now Mr. President, with this new information, I want to keep her here a few days."


"How long?" Bennie asked.


"At least three days Bennie, but this is for her own good."


Ben gave him a stern look. "That's fine doctor. We all want her back healthy. I would like you to do one other thing for me doctor. Can you arrange for her to be in a private suite? I'll personally pay any difference from what her insurance company pays."


"I can do that Mr. President."


"Thank you. Are you ready to leave the hospital now?"


"I have my notes to write in her chart but that will take just a few minutes."


"Alright, I'll send a car for you now. It will pick you up at the front entrance of the hospital."


"Thank you Mr. President."


"No doctor, thank you for all you've done for Gloria. She's a very important part of our family. Please keep me informed of how she's doing."


"I will Mr. President."


Ben hung up then Ben looked at Bennie. "Are you satisfied now son?"


He smiled then hugged Ben. "Thank you, Dad. I guess that's why Tonka didn't alert me that there was someone here that shouldn't have been. There is just one other thing though."


"Oh and what's that?" Ben asked.


"I'm hungry Dad."


With the latest debacle involving Gloria, I wondered what we would all do for dinner. "I'll go into the kitchen and see if one of the chefs knows anything.


When I went looking, I couldn't find anyone. I guessed she had dinner planned and under control so she didn't need any help. I was still lost in thought when Bennie came in. "What did you find out Ace?"


"Not a thing baby. I guess Gloria was doing dinner on her own."


"So now what do we do?"


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder then we returned to Ben's office. "Well, Gloria hadn't started dinner and I couldn't find any chefs in the back kitchen so it looks like we're on our own."


Ben thought for a moment. "I have it; we can eat in the Navy Mess."


Bennie came over. "Are you sure they'll be open?


Ben made a phone call and they were open and they said they'd be ready for us. "OK, let's get washed up and meet back here in about 5 minutes."


Bennie and I went into his room and got washed up. When he was done, he changed into some better clothes. "Will we have breakfast in the morning?"


Bennie and I returned to Ben's office. "I have that covered. I'll call down to the executive kitchen and have them get hold of the others." Ben replied as he had heard Bennie ask me that question.


Evelyn looked at us as we were leaving Ben's office. "I guess putting roving patrols on the lower floors is now a moot point since it seems Gloria wasn't attacked after all."


Ben shook his head. "I think having the uniformed agents patrolling the area is a good idea."


"Very well Sir." Evelyn said as Bennie and I went to my room.


Ben looked at Evelyn. "What's come over you?"


"I don't know Sir," She started. "I guess with everything that's happened the stress is hitting me too. I never thought we'd be under attack from within our own agency."


"I suppose you're right. Hell, the other day I jumped Ace and questioned his love for Bennie."


"That must have gone over like a lead fart in church."


"It was more like a nuke going off in my face. Trust me; I'll never make that mistake again."


By the time we were done with dinner and returned to the residence, it was a little past 9 and we hadn't discussed the first thing yet. Bennie came up to me as I was fixing some coffee. "Can we have some alone time?"


"Trust me love, after the day I've had I'd like nothing more than to cuddle close with you and just unwind but we need to have a meeting with Evelyn."


"Can I be there?"


"I'm afraid not. This is Secret Service business."


"Ace, I'm not a little kid."


I put my hands under his arms and picked him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist then put his hands behind my neck so I could look him in the eyes. "I know you're not, baby but..."


"But what Ace? You don't think I know who made that call?"


"If you do, you're better than I am. I haven't heard the call yet either."


"Well, neither have I but I have a good idea as to who it is."


I kissed him gently on the lips. "I have a good idea too but until I hear it, I can't confirm who it actually is."


"See, I know what's going on."


"On one item Bennie but there are more things than that that we need to talk about. Besides, if I brought you in with me your Dad would have my hide."


He looked down. "Yeah, I know."


I lifted his chin up. "What is it baby?"


He shook his head, "Nothing."


"Come on baby, I know you too well."


"You're going to think I'm being stupid."


"Have I ever thought that about you?


He looked down at the floor so I leaned in and kissed him. "Come on baby, tell me."


"I want to do what you do."


This took me off guard. "Huh?"


"See, I told you you'd think I was..."


I set him on his feet then put my finger on his lips. "Don't you EVEN finish that. I'm just not sure I understand what you mean, that's all."


"I want to do what you do Ace. I want to be a Secret Service Agent. I love computers and I know you guys have a department that would let me work with them and help find counterfeit money."


I smiled at him that he'd want to follow in my footsteps and not say something like he wanted to be President. "I think you'd have a great future with us love. Come on, you can sit in with us since part of this is about you."


I turned around and there was Evelyn standing here. Bennie saw this too and I saw his disposition change. "I suppose you have something to say about Ace holding me."


She looked down. "No Bennie, I don't and I owe you both an apology."


Bennie pulled the sleeve of his shirt up and I quickly covered my mouth. "Do you see this?"


"Oh my God Bennie, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."


"Yeah and the road to heaven is paved with good intentions too. Don't you ever grab me like that again, do you understand?"


Evelyn had her hand over her mouth and she began sobbing. "Bennie, I am truly sorry. I never intended to hurt you, honest."


"Well you did lady."


I put my finger over Bennie's lips. "Calm down Bennie. I can tell Evelyn's really sorry."


"Oh? Do you have a degree in mind reading now Ace?"


"No, but I've worked with her long enough to know when she's telling the truth."


"Bennie, if it'll make you happy I'll resign as Director then turn myself in. Ace, I place myself under arrest."


"That won't be necessary." A voice said.


Evelyn turned around and held out her badge. "But sir, I committed a battery on your son and bruised his arm."


"I see that but it was not done maliciously. Bennie bruises pretty easy." Ben said looking at Bennie.


I looked at Bennie telling him with my eyes that the ball is in his court. He stepped beside Evelyn. "Dad's right, I do bruise easy. I accept your apology."


She reached out and hugged him. "Thank you Bennie. Mr. President, is there a place where we can all sit and talk?"


"Sure," I said taking a sip of my coffee. "There are several places we can talk. There is the Treaty Room, the living room, here. Take your pick Mr. President."


"Where's Ed?" Evelyn asked.


"I think he stopped at the monitor room." I said chugging my coffee. "I'll call him; I need him to stop by the switchboard. I want him to get a copy of the call that came in."


"Call?" Evelyn asked surprised. "What call?"


I just stepped in it. "Umm, well it seems a call came in to the switchboard and Ed is taking it as credible."


"And why wasn't I notified about this?" Evelyn asked and I could tell she wasn't a happy camper.


"That's when all hell broke loose Ma'am," I said trying to reduce the heat.


"Oh," She said. "I must say this has been one hell of a day."


"That's an understatement Evelyn." I said as Ed answered his phone. "You and Johnny need to come up here, we're going to have a meeting. On your way, stop by the switchboard and get a copy of the call that came in."


"Will do Ace," Ed said. "We'll be up as quick as we can."


I went into the kitchen and looked into the refrigerator to see if there was anything I could put together as a snack. I was standing there with the door open when Bennie came in. "What are you looking for?"


"Something to make as a snack," I replied not having a clue what I could make even if I did find something.


"Piece of cake sweetheart," Bennie giggled as he reached into a drawer.


He pulled out several packages of cheese then a container with little tomatoes. "What are they?"


"Cherry tomatoes," Bennie replied with his devilish look on his face.


I reached into the container and removed a tomato then popped it into his mouth. "Now you have my cherry."


He bit down on it then leaned over and kissed me sharing the tomato with me. "You'll have mine tonight."


I kissed him again then set the package on the island. "We'll see baby but this is going to be a long night."


"Dad goes to bed at 11."


"That's fine baby but I can't until I know everything is under control."


Bennie set the cheese on the island then found a knife and started cutting big slices then pulled out a giant metal cube maker. He pushed it down on the big slice of cheese then we had cubes. He pointed at a cabinet. "In there are several boxes of crackers, will you get out a sleeve of each?"


I did like he asked and within a few minutes, we had cheese, crackers and cherry tomatoes. Bennie and I  brought them out then set them on the coffee table in the living room. I turned around and there were Ed and Johnny and Johnny was shaking his head. "Sorry Ace, that call is gone."


"What do you mean that call is gone?" I fired back.


"That's what the woman at the switchboard said."


"That's crap," I shouted as I pulled out my cell phone. I pulled out Dusty's card and punched in the numbers. "Director Moore's desk, Special Agent in Charge Marshall Ellis speaking."


"That's a quick promotion you got there," I said as I sent a quick text message to Evelyn. "This is Special Agent Mason; let me talk to Director Moore."


"Ah well he's not here at the moment. I'm his number two. How can I help you?"


"By letting me speak to Special Agent Carl then."


"The geek?" Marshall asked. "Are you sure I can't help you?"


"I'm positive," I replied.


"This is Agent Carl."


"Hi JR, this is Ace. I could really use your help with a problem."


"Sure Ace, what's the problem?"


"Are you free to come to the White House?"


"Ah, did you say the White House?" He stuttered.


"Agent Mason, Agent Carl is working on another case and I can't spare him." Ellis interrupted.


"I think you should check your email. There should be a request from Director Morgan to Director Moore."


Just then I heard Dusty's voice. "Ellis, what are you doing on my phone?"


"Ah just telling Special Agent Mason we'd be glad to let them borrow the geek."




"I always know when you're lying, Ellis." Dusty said taking the phone. "Hi Ace, what's the problem?"


"I need JR's computer skills." I started then explained the situation.


"That's definitely his forte. I'll have him right over, Ace."


"Thanks Dusty." I said. "Hey can you come with him? You still have to pick up Woody's shield and weapon."


"Sure, give me a couple of minutes to finish up something here."


"Thanks buddy, see you both in a few." I said then ended the call. "We'll get that call now Johnny."


"Ace, is there something you suspect?" Evelyn asked.


"I think you know exactly what I suspect Evelyn." I answered then went back into the dining room and unplugged the coffee urn then pushed the cart into the living room.


I put in a quick call to the duty officer and told him I needed an officer at the back gate to escort Dusty and JR to the residence. Before I could sit down Tonka was nudging my hand whining. I got my coat and rang for the elevator. Just as it arrived, my phone rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, I'm escorting Agents Moore and Carl to the residence now."


"I'm on my way down."


Tonka and I had just stepped outside when Dusty and JR arrived. I pointed to where they could park then I let Tonka head for a tree. "Ah Ace, is that a..." JR stuttered.


"Wolf?" I said smiling as Tonka came trotting over.


"Ye...yeah," JR said totally petrified.


Tonka sniffed him then sat raising his right paw. "Shake his paw JR. Tonka is a hybrid but to answer your question, there is a lot of wolf in him."


JR slowly eased his hand out taking Tonka's paw then shook it as his tail started wagging in overdrive. "What does this mean now?"


"It means you've passed his muster."


"I've passed his what?"


"You've been accepted JR." Dusty answered then it was his turn for Tonka's inspection. We went inside and headed to the second floor. "I take it that's normal?"


"Tonka is a good judge of character. Not everyone he's met has passed his muster and I'd be interested to see what he thinks of Marshall. I'd love to see him sweat as Tonka gives him the once over."


"You don't care too much for him, do you?"


"Based on how I've seen him treat people, he'd be cleaning up after Tonka if he worked here." I said as the elevator doors open. "Welcome to the residence."


"Um, you mean where the President lives?"


"Can't get a thing past you, can I JR?" I said giggling as we went to the living room. Dusty and JR followed me as I went over to Ben. "Mr. President, I'd like to introduce to you Dusty Moore, the new Director of NCIS and Special Agent JR Carl."


Ben shook their hands. "It's nice to meet you both and thank you for helping us."


"We're glad to help Mr. President." Dusty said when Bennie came up. "Guys this is Bennie, the President's son."


"Hi Bennie. How do you like being the son of the President?" JR asked.


"It's interesting except for now. I'm stuck inside because of some jerk."


"Bennie, we're all working hard to find out who did this. No one likes being confined to their room or house." Dusty said trying to let Bennie know there are a lot of people working on his case.


I took over then. "JR, here is why we need you. The switchboard received a threat against someone here and we're taking that very seriously. Johnny went to get a copy of it and now, it's disappeared."


"What time did the call come in?"


"I'd say between 1645 and 1650 this afternoon."


"It still has to be there. I noticed that it takes a password to totally delete files from the server. You have a one terabyte hard drive so it would take a lot of data to fill that thing up."


Now I was confused. "If it's still there, where is it?"


"Good question Ace," Johnny said coming into the living room.


"I don't mean to sound rude but did you look in the recycle bin?" JR asked.


"That was the first place I looked." Johnny answered as JR scratched his head.


"Ace, that doesn't sound good." Dusty started. "If it takes a password to delete files and it's not in the trash, where'd it go?"


"I'm not sure," JR said. "I might need to start looking in the master files. I won't know for sure until I see the system so I better get my butt in gear so I can find this."


Bennie came over. "Can I go Ace? You know how much I love computers."


I really had to think here. I knew he'd be inside the West Wing and security was super tight so there wasn't any real reason he couldn't. I motioned Dusty over to me. "JR seems shy and reluctant to stand up for himself at times. If I let Bennie go with him, will he be alright if something should happen?"


"He's a fine agent Ace. He acts this way because of the way Ellis treats him but I'm going to put a stop to that once and for all."


"JR, I don't think I need to tell you that you have a very special person with you and for the time being, you're his bodyguard."


JR looked at Bennie then to me. "Ace, I'll guard him with my life."


"Alright then, Bennie you can go with Agent Carl."


Without thinking he leaped into my arms and gave me a hug and kiss on the lips. "Thanks Ace."


I set him down then gave him a playful pop on the butt. "Do you remember where the communications room is?"


"Yep," Bennie said taking JR by the hand. "Come on man."


"Don't forget to pick up your credentials."


"I won't Mommy." Bennie said laughing as he rang for the elevator.


"Hey squirt, take JR to our office so he can get his "A" credentials made. I'll call down there so they'll be expecting you."


Tonka ran into the elevator then I called our office. "Does he always do that?" Dusty asked.


I had to think fast. "Yeah he does."


"I bet the first few weeks were tense what with him having you for a bodyguard."


"To be honest, I was leery when I was given the assignment. Teens are very independent and here I was going to be with him 24/7."


"But I see he came around."


"Yeah he did and faster than I ever thought."




"Yeah, he and Ben were eating lunch when I arrived so I was told to sit while I got some lunch. That didn't sit well with the agent in charge and I won points with him after I ignored the agent's demands I come with him."


"I guess being invited by Ben didn't hurt either."


"No it didn't. Later that day, Ben told me he'd never seen Bennie take to any bodyguard the way he did me." I started. "The first night on the job, he had a speech to give and while Bennie and I were watching a movie, he cuddled close to me then used my lap as a pillow. Sometime during the movie, he fell asleep."


"That didn't bother The President?"


I shook my head, "No, not at all, Dusty. After I got Bennie in bed, he explained to me that Bennie was one that needed close contact."


"You're a lucky man Ace."


I looked at him with a questioning look on my face. "What do you mean, Dusty?"


"I mean he's one good looking young man. Just wait until he gets interested in girls. You'll have your hands full then."


"I don't think that'll be a problem." I answered not really thinking.


"Hey, while he and JR are hunting for that call, can we talk in private? I need your advice on a personal matter."


I had to think for a minute. "Sure, I'll ask The President if I can borrow his office. That's where Woody's credentials are.


I went into the living room and saw Evelyn nodding off. "Ben, may I borrow your office? Director Moore would like to talk with me in private. Also, maybe we should have this meeting tomorrow morning."


"That's a good idea." Ben said. "I think I'll tell her to stay here tonight in The Queen's Bedroom."


"Good idea Ben," I said. "You've had a long day also. Maybe you should call it a night."


"I'll wait until Bennie and Agent Carl get back so I can tell him good night."


"Alright Ben, I'll put the snacks away after Dusty and I talk."


I motioned for Dusty to follow me. I closed the door then looked at my friend. "Ace, can I ask you to keep this between us?"


"Of course now what's on your mind?"


"Well, I think you know I've never been attracted to women."


I smiled at him. "I've known that for ages buddy. How long have we known each other?"


"I can't remember that far back."


"So who's the lucky guy?" I asked causing him to turn several shades of red and then it hit me. "Me?"


He shook his head. "You're hot Ace but no, it's not you."


I went over to Ben's desk and picked up Woody's weapon and shield then handed it to Dusty. "OK then who's this Mr. Right?"


"It's JR."


JR was certainly hot and if I wasn't already spoken for, I'd make a pass at him in a heartbeat. "Does he know this?"


"Oh God no Ace, he's so shy I've never found a way to talk with him about this."


Down in the communications room JR and Bennie were beginning the daunting task of looking for a needle in a haystack. "Bennie, this setup is just like ours at NCIS Headquarters."


"Well, this should make finding this call easy then, right?"


"In theory yes," JR said as he opened the C drive. I'll have to look in the communication storage files and hope there aren't a million calls saved in there."


Bennie was standing behind JR and he got a whiff of his cologne causing him to get a massive hard on. "I bet we get a thousand calls a day here so your guess might not be that far off."


JR tilted his head back not realizing Bennie was literally right behind him. When he did, his head went right into Bennie's boner causing JR to pop wood then blush profusely. "Oh God Bennie, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were right behind me."


Now it was Bennie's turn to blush. "Ah it's OK JR. I ah well."


JR turned around. "Can I ask you a personal question?


Bennie reached down and adjusted his throbbing tool then sat down. "I...I... guess so."


"Umm, I don't quite know how to ask this and I hope you're not offended because I could end up in big trouble."


Bennie was finally able to will his dick down. "Well, as Ace tells me sometimes, just spit it out."


JR was still red in the face. "OK, here goes. Are you gay? I kinda get a feeling you are."


"Umm yeah JR I am and just so you know now, I am sorta spoken for."


JR smiled. "You're super cute but I wasn't trying to come on to you before."


"So who's this guy you got the hots for?"


"He'd kill me if I ever said anything to him."


"Well I sure won't say anything, now tell me who Mr. Hottie is."


"It's Dusty."


"Shit man, he is hot. Why don't you just talk to him like we are?"


"Man, he's my boss now. Do you know how that would look and what if he's not gay? He'd pound me."


"Nah, he wouldn't do that. He is a cop remember."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. So tell me, who is the lucky dude."


Bennie looked down. "I really can't say man."


JR reached over and took Bennie's hand in his. "I won't say anything Bennie."


Bennie was still looking down then he shook his head. "I can't man."


JR lifted his head so he could look Bennie in the eyes. "Is it Ace?" He asked causing Bennie to gasp.


"'d you figure it out?"


JR smiled. "Well, when you jumped up into his arms then kissed him that was a pretty good guess you two were pretty close. Does your Dad know?"


Bennie relaxed and nodded his head. "Yeah, he knows and he's super cool about it too."


"That's great," JR said as he opened the file and found the call. "I just found this call."


"Wow that was easy."


JR plugged the flash drive into the USB port then copied the file on to it then closed the folder. "It sure was. I thought I'd be here for hours trying to find it."


"Let's get back upstairs so you and Dusty can talk."


Back in Ben's office I looked at Dusty. "Man, just spit it out and ask him. I got the feeling when I met him this afternoon he was gay."


"Man I've tried. We've gone out to dinner I don't know how many times but when I try and bring that subject up I get flustered and tongue tied.


Just then Dusty's cell phone rang. "I better get this, it's the SecNav. Yes Mr. Secretary, what can I do for you?"


"Where is everyone?" He asked. "Image my surprise when I came in here and found Agent Ellis alone in here."


"I don't know why he'd be there Sir; it's almost 10PM unless he's mad I caught him answering my phone then claiming to be Special Agent in Charge. Is there a call?"


"No Moore, there isn't but I would like you and Agent Carl in here ASAP."


"What's the problem, Sir?"


I could tell this wasn't a friendly conversation. I tapped him on the shoulder. "What's up man?"


He put the call on mute. "For some reason, the SecNav wants JR and me in the office ASAP."


"I'll tell you both when you get here." I heard him say as Dusty put the call on speaker.


"Well Sir, I'm not sure how long it's going to take. I'm helping someone with a computer problem."


"You're making me wait Moore?"


"Mr. Secretary, this is Special Agent Mason. Agents Moore and Carl are here at the White House assisting The President."


"I didn't know that Agent Mason but this is a matter of importance I need to talk with them about and I don't think it can wait."


Just then there was a knock on the door and Bennie stuck his head in. "We got that call you wanted."


"Can you hold on a minute please Mr. Secretary?" I asked then put the call back on mute.


"That's great Bennie. Tell Agent Carl to come in here please."


JR came into the room then Dusty took the call off mute. "Mr. Secretary, Agent Carl is here with me. What is so important you need us at this hour?"


"If you're sure you want to handle this on the phone, I'll tell you."


JR came over to Dusty and got close to his ear. "I haven't a clue what he's talking about."


"Neither do I buddy." Dusty replied. "Mr. Secretary, just tell us what's going on please?"


"Alright, I'll tell you. Ellis filed a complaint against you both."


"He did what?" Dusty almost shouted.


"What's the nature of the complaint?" JR asked.


"He's claiming you're both homosexual."


"With all due respect Mr. Secretary," I started. "Ellis needs to do a little reading. First off, there's no law against being gay. Secondly, NCIS isn't the military so if Agents Moore and Carl were to be gay, there is nothing illegal about it."


"That's what I told him but he kept ranting." The SecNav fired back. "I finally shut him up when I told him he could be the one fired if he harassed either one of you."


Dusty slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. "Thank you Sir. I have an idea too. If he starts up again, you can tell him if he doesn't like it here, he can start brushing up on his Spanish."


The SecNav laughed. "I'll remember that."


"Tell Ellis to go home unless he likes sitting there alone. We'll be in on Monday unless we get a call." Dusty said then cut the call and looked at JR.


I put my hands on their shoulders. "Should I let you two have some privacy?"


Bennie joined us in Ben's office. JR shook his head as did Dusty. Dusty looked at JR and took his hand. "There's something I have been trying for a long time to tell you but every time I try, I get tongue tied. I just hope this doesn't piss you off."


"Let me guess, you like me."


Dusty had a grin on his face that would rival Bennie's. "He's cute and a mind reader."


JR turned red. "Well, I've been trying to tell you the same thing. I'd love to get to know you better Dusty."


"If you two get serious, you're going to have to keep your relationship off the job. I don't know about NCIS but here, you two couldn't be on the same team because a conflict of interest might develop."


"We can do that." Dusty said pulling JR into an embrace. "I've waited for this to happen for so long."


Just then there was a knock on the door. Dusty and JR stepped back as Ben walked in. Bennie went over and gave him a hug. "Where were you Dad?"


"I got Evelyn situated in the Queen's Bedroom. We never had a chance to sit down and go over all that's happened here. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have a clear schedule so I was thinking maybe it could be held after breakfast."


"That works for me and Evelyn Sir," I started. "Where are Johnny and Ed?"


"They're checking the roving patrols. They should be back any minute."


"Dusty, how long would it take to compare the bullet that killed Officer Poole and this one?"


"Not long at all. It's just a matter of comparing them under the microscope."


Just then Johnny and Ed came in. I quickly made the introductions when Ben got our attention. "Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to bed. I've had a long day and I'm more than ready to drop. If you all would like to stay here tonight, let Ace know. He'll get you settled in to a room. Breakfast will be at 8."


Bennie gave Ben a hug and kiss then came over to me. "What's the verdict, who is staying?"


Ed and Johnny shook their heads then Ed put his hand on my shoulder. "Did you get the call?"


JR smiled and handed him the zip drive. "It's right here."


I put my hand out. "Ed, I haven't heard this call but I have a very good idea who it is and you do too."


"I never listened to the call. I got the call from communications and put the White House on lock down."


"Ed, you did the right thing. It's just neither one of us expected Officer Poole to get killed today so we had to divert our attention to that."


"Ace, do you think both are connected somehow?" Dusty asked.


I hadn't really considered that possibility. "It's possible. I've been centering on my problem and that's it so I haven't really given it that much thought."


"Now the only problem is figuring out who this person is. We know he has to be someone with White House clearance."


"Agreed Johnny, but everyone has been put under a microscope before they were hired; so this makes our task even more daunting."


"Well, this gives us plenty of work to do." Ed said as he yawned. "We can table this until tomorrow."


Johnny and Ed left then I looked at JR and Dusty. "Do you two want to stay here or you have plans?"


I could see them looking at each other. "We'll take a rain check on that Ace." Dusty started. "JR and I have some talking to do."


I smiled at them. "That's fine guys. Breakfast is at 8. I'm also going to ask that you be allowed to sit in on our meeting. I think a couple of fresh minds might be what's needed now so this matter can be dealt with once and for all."


"That's fine Ace. I'll stop over at our lab and have the duty tech look at those rounds then I'll bring you the report."


"Thanks guys," I said as Bennie and I walked with them to the elevator.


Tonka was standing there so Bennie and I rode down with them so he could do his business before Bennie and I went to bed. We returned to the residence then cleaned up the living room. We put the cheese into some plastic bags then put them along with the tomatoes into the refrigerator. I checked the doors going out to the East and West Wings then started turning the lights off then I retired for the night.


I saw the light on in Bennie's room so I knew that's where we'd be sleeping. When I went in, Bennie was naked standing in front of the toilet doing his business. I went over to my side of the bed and got undressed then joined him so I could take a leak. Bennie waited until I was done then lifted his arms up letting me know he wanted to be carried. I picked my lover up in my arms then carried him to the bed. I got him situated then I quickly joined him after turning off the light. As soon as he was in my arms, I leaned down to kiss him gently on the lips. I figured this would be met with an attack on my tonsils but I just got a faint kiss in return. I looked and he was sound asleep in my arms.


The next morning I was awakened by Bennie crawling back into bed after a trip to the bathroom. "Morning sweetie, you sure fell asleep fast last night."


Bennie kissed me. "I'm sorry baby. As soon as you picked me up I just felt so sleepy then when my head hit the pillow that was it."


I wrapped him into my arms and returned his kiss. "Don't feel bad baby, as soon as I closed my eyes, I was in dreamland with you too."


"Let's get a shower before everyone gets here. I don't need Dad coming in to wake us up."


He was right about that. All this stuff going on has put everybody on edge and it's put Gloria in the hospital. "Let's go baby."


I looked at the clock and it was 7:30 so Bennie and I washed each other but kept our passions in check. After getting dried and dressed, we headed for the dining room. I was about to open the bedroom door when Bennie tugged my hand. "Ace, can you find out about Gloria or can I call Dr. Phillips?"


"It's early baby, I'm sure Dr. Phillips is still sleeping. I'll talk with your Dad. We have an important meeting this morning that we were supposed to have last night."


"OK Ace," He said hugging me. "I'm really worried about her."


"I know love, I am too just try and remember what Dr. Phillips said about it being mild."


I gave Bennie another squeeze then we went to breakfast. When I walked in, I saw a chafing dish sitting beside the coffee pot. After getting a cup of coffee, I lifted the lid and saw fresh homemade croissants. I grabbed one then sat down at the table. These were decadent but somehow it wasn't the same knowing Gloria wasn't here.


I thought Bennie was behind me until I heard him, Ben and Evelyn chatting away. "Good morning Sir," I said standing.


"Morning Ace," Ben replied as my cell phone rang.


"Mason." I said noticing Bennie had Ben's ear.


"Director Moore and Agent Carl are here. They say they're expected at the residence."


"That's correct. Have them sign in then let them pass."


I ended the call then my phone rang again. "Mason."


"Hi Ace, I see Dusty and JR pulling up, we'll bring them up with us."


"Thanks buddy. I'll see you all up here shortly."


Ed, Johnny, Dusty and JR arrived then we sat at the table talking until breakfast was served. Breakfast was a feast. There was fillet mignon, eggs, bacon, and sausage, several kinds of toast with jams and jellies, more homemade croissants and fresh fruit. Forty-five minutes later, everyone was stuffed. Just then Ben heard Tonka whining. "Son, have you taken him out this morning?"


Neither of us had remembered to take him out. "No Dad, I'll do that right now."


Bennie got up and went to get his jacket then I stood. "I'll be right back."


JR looked at me. "I'll go down with him."


I looked at Dusty and he nodded his head. "OK JR."


JR was waiting by the elevator with Tonka when Bennie appeared. "You're coming down with me?"


JR pushed the button then smiled. "Yeah, Ace said it was alright."


While JR and Bennie were downstairs, we retired to the Treaty Room so we could get this meeting going. Dusty came over and handed me an envelope. "Here is the ballistics report on that bullet and a comparison to the one that hit you."


He had a chain of evidence form attached to it so I signed it then opened the envelope and removed the report. While I was reading it, Dusty took the envelope then reached inside removing a couple of photographs. I read the report then looked at the photos. The bullet that shot Officer Poole was from a Smith & Wesson .357. "Man, those striations aren't that deep in the round on the left."


"I know which tells me the barrel on that weapon is about shot out."


"It also means he's only got one or two shots before the barrel gets hot and he loses his accuracy. That has to be an old gun. I don't suppose there is any way you can tell the type of bullets he's shooting."


"Not without seeing the brass to be one hundred percent sure." Dusty started. "He's probably using some inexpensive stuff, probably one hundred twenty eight grain."


"As worn out as that barrel seems if he tries anything heavier it could blow up in his face."


Dusty laughed. "Now that would be poetic justice."


Just then Evelyn came over. "Is this a private meeting?"


I shook my head. "Not at all Evelyn. Dusty and I were going over the ballistics report. Seems this clown doesn't know a whole lot about decent gun care."


Evelyn had a strange look on her face. "Ace is right. The barrel on that pistol is almost worn out."


"That explains why he's only fired one round each time."


"Yes Ma'am," Dusty started. "Anything more and he probably couldn't hit the broad side of a barn."


I took over then. "Evelyn, I'd like Dusty and JR to assist on this and also with Nate. I think someone away from this might be able to see things from a different perspective."


"You don't think you can solve this?" Evelyn asked.


"No, I didn't say that but it's odd that Nate has been flying under so many people's radar for so long."


"How many agencies are looking for him?"


I thought for a minute. "Three federal ones. The FBI, US Marshalls Service and us. Now that doesn't count all the locals who have BOLO's out on him. I want him so bad I can taste it."


Just then I saw Bennie and JR come in. I excused myself then headed over to Bennie. Bennie flashed me his million dollar smile then gave me a hug. "Is this where the meeting is going to be?"


I led him outside then closed the door. "Yes it is love but I'm afraid you can't be in there. I know I said it was alright before but there are some things that will be discussed that are not for your ears."


Bennie frowned. "Aww Ace."


I hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry love but I promise I'll make it up to you."


Bennie got that devilish look on his face. "I'm going to hold you to that."


I had a good idea what was on his mind as I leaned down and kissed him. "Just don't go watching too many movies."


"Would I do that?" He asked as he headed towards his room.


I reached out quickly and gently popped him on the butt. "In a heartbeat."


When he knew he was safe he wiggled his butt at me then went into his room. "Just don't forget to find out about Gloria."


I got my laptop then went back inside The Treaty Room and took a seat. Ben looked at me. "OK Ace, you've asked for this meeting. What's on your mind?"


"Thank you Sir, as you all know a lot has happened over the past several days and tensions are high. I hope we can return to a sense of normalcy starting tomorrow."


Ed cleared his throat. "Ace, I didn't get a chance to tell you but yesterday I spoke to Sam Martin and told him about the problem with the camera at the gate where Officer Poole was killed. He came down and looked and told me he thinks he knows what that problem is. A screw designed to keep the lens from sliding out during shipping had probably been left in which is why the camera wasn't working as it was supposed to."


"A twenty five cent screw might have caused this?"


Ed nodded his head. "So it seems. Sam assured me a crew would be looking at the camera today so we can get it working properly."


"That's good, we need all the cameras working as designed. Now, Mr. President, I've asked Evelyn if we could utilize the skills of Director Moore and Special Agent Carl from NCIS. I'm hoping someone outside our circle could bring a fresh perspective to what's been happening."


"I'll leave the police work to the Secret Service Ace. You don't need my approval if you want NCIS to help. Ben said as he looked at Evelyn. "What are your thoughts?"


"As long as their case load is not put on the back burner, I'm all for letting them help us. I was very impressed with Director Moore's team yesterday."


"The reason I asked Sir is the SecNav might have a problem with us utilizing his men."


"Ace, I'll call the SecNav and talk with him." Evelyn said. "I'll make sure he knows his cases will be a priority."


I nodded my head then opened my laptop. "Thank you Evelyn. Thanks to Agent Carl, we have a copy of the phone call that came into the White House switchboard."


I plugged the flash drive into a USB port then turned the volume up. I opened the file and played it. This is what we heard.


White House Operator: "Good afternoon, the White House."


Voice: "I have a message for everyone."


White House Operator: "Excuse me sir?"


Voice: "You heard me. I have a message for everyone. Now pay attention because I'm saying this only once. Someone there has a target on them and I plan on making sure it's hit."


White House Operator: "Who is this?"


At that point the line goes dead.


Everyone was shaking their head. "That's him Ace," Johnny said.


Dusty looked at me. "Who is this nut case?"


I looked over to Ben. I wasn't going to reveal details about what happened to Bennie without his approval. He nodded his head. "Nate Hill was the Special Agent in Charge when we were in California. He tried to assault Bennie and was arrested."


"I get the picture." Dusty said. "I take it he was given bond and he's here in DC."


"You got it and that person he's after is me because I caught him then arrested him. He's been here ever since I have and been a royal pain in the ass."


"Has he contacted you?"


"Oh yeah Dusty and no, we've not been able to get a fix on him when he calls. He's using throw away phones."


"How much cash does he have with him?"


"As close as we can figure, he got his hands on five thousand dollars but it's not going to hold out forever."


"You're right. I'd say he probably has about half of his money left so it's a waiting game on him. I don't think he'll be stupid enough to try and come here."


"Unless you're right that the person who killed Poole and shot me is working with him."


JR got into this. "Has anyone cross referenced Hill's associates?"


"He hasn't been in DC in over 3 years." Evelyn added.


"Alright but who is here now that was here when he was?"


I shook my head. "That's a good question. Evelyn, can you get someone at the main office to compile a list?"


She nodded her head. "I'll get that over to you ASAP."


"Thank you. Now, the next item is our computer here but that's been fixed. Agent Carl, what would it have taken to access the main email accounts?"


"To be honest, it was wide open." JR said. "Someone didn't set up a security lock. Now, I don't think it was done on purpose but it allowed the hacker to stumble into that area."


"That doesn't make me feel better," Evelyn started. "While that breach didn't create a major fiasco, it served its purpose. A skeleton crew of plain clothes agents were in the West Wing while all the others were either with Agents Miller and Hawks or in the residence. I'll be having a talk with the head of our Tech Unit so that this never happens again. Agent Carl, I want to thank you for finding that problem and getting it fixed."


JR smiled. "You're welcome. Glad I was able to help."


At that point I needed to use the bathroom to let out several cups of coffee. I went into Bennie's room and there he was on his bed in his undies with his laptop. Bennie had his headphones on so he never saw me ease up to him. I noticed his boner then I tapped him on the shoulder which caused him to gasp as he looked up at me. "Holy shit Ace, why don't you scare the hell out of me."


I glanced back down and his dick had wilted. "If you hadn't had on those headphones, you'd have heard me come in. Didn't I tell you that before?"


"Yeah you did baby. Is the meeting over?"


I went into the bathroom and started taking a leak. "Not yet but almost. We just have one more thing to discuss."


I finished my business then washed my hands. I came out of the bathroom and was wrapped up in Bennie's arms. "So how are you going to make it up to me?"


I saw that look in his eyes. "Well, I know a nice restaurant near DuPont Circle. The food is great and there are some super hot waiters there."


Bennie's mouth dropped open wide. "That's all?"


"Well yeah, it's the perfect night out. Just the two of us there, it'll be romantic."


His face sunk. "I guess so Ace but I was thinking of something else.


I couldn't hold out as I started to smile. Bennie saw this. "Oh you, I'll get you for that."


I picked him up and kissed him on the lips. "You have to admit, I had you going."


He punched me. "You were mean."


"But you love me." I said as I kissed him again then put him on the bed. "I have to get back to the meeting. Oh, don't jack off so much my playground gets sore."


As I stepped out of the door I heard him blow me a raspberry which made me giggle. I returned to The Treaty Room and got Ben alone. "The next thing I want to talk about is what Isaac showed you. I take it's got something to do with your upcoming announcement."


"Yes it does. Someone sent him what appeared to be a news article about my announcement."


"Can I see it please?"


I followed Ben to his office. He unlocked a drawer and pulled out a file folder then handed me the papers. "Here you go."


I looked at it and quickly read the story. "Man, this looks like a front page. I've seen this paper before but I can't remember the name of it."


"You've seen this article on a paper?" Ben asked worried.


I shook my head. "No, I didn't mean it like that. It's the banner across the top. They left the paper's name out but as I said, I've seen this banner before."


I went over to Ben's copier and took out a couple of blank pieces of paper. I carefully covered the text and left the banner open then set it into the copier. I quickly made a copy as Ben reached for it. "What are you doing?"


"I want to send this over to questionable documents."


"Why?" Ben asked.


"They have a huge archive and maybe they'll have the paper this banner goes to. I made sure the story was covered."


"Alright Ace but I don't know what good it will do."


I didn't know either to be honest because I didn't think a reporter would release this without some form of confirmation and no one in the West Wing could do that except Isaac and he wouldn't. "I'm not sure really except to know what paper it is."


"Do you think they'll release the story?"


"I wouldn't think so, especially if they have press credentials." I said then it hit me. "Now I know where I've seen that banner."


"Where?" Ben asked.


"It's from a local gay paper."


"How do you know?"


I smiled sheepishly. "Ben, I've been gay a long time. I was stationed at Andrews back when I was in the Air Force. I'd come into DC all the time so I learned where to go. Now I have to ask you something. I heard something from Jason Rivers."


"Jason Rivers? When did you see him?"


"On the day we thought he had Nate cornered and Mitchell Waters was killed. He said you would be making an earth shattering announcement. I met him and his partner, Russell Mathews and his partner's son, Chase. Ben, how did Jason know about the announcement?"


Ben sat down at his desk. "I'd been staying in touch with Russell after I was elected. He was my Campaign Finance Manager here in DC. I bounced the idea off of him just to get some feed back because I wanted to know if I was completely off my rocker."


"So that just might be a sample front page of what it'll look like after you make the announcement."


"I'd be willing to bet on it. See, Russell is a silent partner in that paper. The name of it is The Advocate."


When Ben said that the memory came back to me. "Alright, that's one less thing to be worrying about. Have you made a decision on when you're going to release the statement?"


He shook his head. "Not yet Ace. I've talked with a lot of people and also made sure that I'm not stepping out of bounds legally."


"Sir, do you know how many couples will be jumping for joy?"


"I can imagine Ace and I know that that will open doors for gays and lesbians to finally be parents. I'll sit down with Isaac and get the ball in motion."


"I can't wait to hear the speech." I said smiling.


"Don't worry pal, you'll be there."


My mouth dropped open. "Where will you make the announcement?"


"The Oval Office but I won't be able to keep Bennie away when he gets wind of it. I might have a very special dinner for some prominent people."


"We can talk about that when you set a date so it looks like everything has been discussed that needs to be unless you can think of anything else."


"I can't but how long do you think we have to remain on lock down?"


"I'll talk with the others but since we know who made the call, we can be on the lookout for him. We can send Nate's photo to the gate officers and add his finger prints to the deny list so if he tries to sign in, he'll immediately be red flagged."


Ben stood up and for the first time in a long time, he seemed relaxed. "Thanks Ace. You're right that all this has everyone walking on eggshells so maybe now we can get back to normal."


"I know Bennie will want to get back to school so he can see Jake and Carl along with his other friends."


Ben laughed as we headed out of his office. "I've received a couple of emails from school and he's really doing well. Mr. Robinson assured me he'd keep him challenged."


"Do you know what he told me last night about his future?"


"He wants to be President one day."


"Not exactly Ben. He wants to come to work for the Secret Service."


Ben stopped dead in his tracks. "He wants to do what?"


"I didn't stutter, he wants to become a Secret Service Agent."


"Oh no," Ben said.


I put my hand on his shoulder. "First off Sir, you can't stop him. If you try, it'll drive a rift between you two all the concrete in the world won't be able to repair. He doesn't want to be a field agent like me. He wants to work in the Tech Division. He thinks it would be cool finding counterfeit money."


"I feel a lot better now."


"Look Dad, he's has to make his career choice by himself. As long as that job is legal then try not to discourage him."


"You're right." Ben said as he hugged me then we walked back into The Treaty Room and everyone got quiet. "Relax people, we can be informal when it's just us together."


"Ed, Johnny, what do you think about lifting the lockdown now that we're sure who made that phone call?"


"The gates can be notified," Ed replied as I was nodding my head.


"Evelyn, I'd like access to Nate's personnel records that are on the main server. Also, were his fingerprints downloaded with the rest of his file or are they someplace else?"


"Everything is together," Evelyn started then stopped as there was a knock on the door.


The door opened and it was Bennie. "Ace, Tonka has to go out bad."


I looked at Johnny. "Can you go with Bennie please buddy?"


Johnny got up and went with Bennie to take Tonka outside. I looked back at Evelyn and she continued. "As I was saying, everything is together in his file. I'm glad Johnny isn't here because I don't know how he'd feel when I say this but I'm going to be giving you and Ed full access to Level 3 and lower personnel files. You, Johnny and Ed and two Sr. Uniformed Officers are Level 2."


Ed and I looked at each other. "Thanks Evelyn." I said. "But I'll need someone to do that cross referencing of staff for me."


"No problem Ace. I'll get yours and Ed's access set up Monday morning."


Just then Johnny returned and Ed's phone rang. I saw Bennie still standing at the door so I went over to him. "We're just finishing up babe. We'll be out in about ten minutes."


He looked at me and smiled. "Cool, also lunch will be ready in thirty minutes.


Ben saw Bennie and I talking then motioned for us to come in. "Director Moore, do you feel it's safe to remove the lockdown?"


Dusty looked surprised he was asked for his opinion. "Well Mr. President, I've listened to everything that's been said today paying close attention to the phone call. Since everyone is in agreement as to who the caller is, I think the lockdown can come off. I am wondering why he hasn't tried to get at you Ace."


He had a point. "I don't know. At first he got his kicks out of toying with me but that changed when he lost his wheels. His last call to me we were able to get a general location as to where he was and he was in the DuPont Circle area."


"That sounds like maybe he borrowed a cell phone. Didn't you say before you never were able to get any kind of location?"


"That's right and DuPont Circle is a big area so it's something. Evelyn, I think the lockdown can be lifted. Ed, what are your thoughts?"


"I'm worried about the shooter. Obviously it's someone who has access to the grounds and can go around virtually at will. By the way, that was Sam Martin. His men looked at the camera and sure enough the retaining screw had not been removed. The camera is working fine now. Bennie leaving the grounds to go to school shouldn't be a problem. I can get a couple of agents to arrive before the students start arriving and then leave after Bennie and Ace do."


I shook my head. "A damn screw kept us from seeing a killer. Ed, I'd like Johnny to be one of those agents along with Tonka. I can call Mr. Robinson and clear Tonka with him. Evelyn, you're the director so you have the final say."


"Ace, you and Ed seem to have things in hand here. Increasing agents at the school was a good suggestion. Mr. President, do you have anything planned that will be taking you away from here?"


He shook his head. "Not in the foreseeable future. I'll tell Isaac to include Ace in getting copies of any and all trip itineraries. Ed automatically gets one."


"Thank you Mr. President," Evelyn said. "Then I concur with everyone and the lockdown can be lifted."


I think there is someone from Tech still at the office. I'll call him now to get Nate's fingerprints into the `Do Not Allow' file.


"Thank you. Now, if there is no further business, we're done. Oh, before I forget. Lunch will be served at noon. Director Moore, Special Agent Carl, thank you for being here. We look forward to working with you on capturing the killer of Officer Poole."


To be continued