The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 19


"Thank you. Now, if there is no further business, we're done. Oh, before I forget. Lunch will be served at noon. Director Moore, Special Agent Carl, thank you for being here. We look forward to working with you on capturing the killer of Officer Poole."


We all started mingling and talking as Johnny came up to me. "Why did you ask for me Ace?"


"Bennie trusts you and the school staff know you too. Tonka can be a big deterrent should something happen but I hope that never happens. Is there something wrong?"


He shook his head. "No buddy, it's not a problem. I guess I was a little curious, that's all."


Evelyn came over to me. "The head of the Tech Department was still there so I had him get you and Ed set up so you'll be able to access personnel files. Since Nate is no longer an agent, he's a Level 3. He used to be a Level 2.


We were heading for the door to get ready for lunch. "Thanks, we need his prints in the system here. I don't know about the rest of you, I'm hungry."


After lunch, Dusty came over to me. "JR and I have to go over to our office. Would you like to come and see our digs?"


Bennie heard this. "Can I come too?"


I looked at Dusty and he nodded his head. "Alright but you have to ask your Dad and take Tonka out."


"Aww; why can't he come too?"


"I don't think their office allows dogs."


"He'll be OK Ace," Dusty said smiling.


When Bennie heard that he was off to find Ben. JR looked at me. "Can he ride with us Ace? He'll get a kick out Dusty's Charger."


I looked at Dusty. "Is it bullet proof?"


He shook his head. "No, that it's not."


"I'm sorry JR but he'll have to ride with me in the Hummer."


"That Hummer is bullet proof?"


"Yep, that it is. It's got ¼" steel plating covered in Kevlar. It'll stop hand guns and rifles just not armor piercing rounds."


Bennie came back out followed by Ben. "How long will you be gone?"


Dusty looked up. "We're not sure Mr. President, probably a couple of hours."


"Alright, he can go but I've spoken to Dr. Phillips. He had just arrived at the hospital and was going to check on Gloria. I'm waiting on a call back to let me know if she's up for visitors."


"Sir, I can get Bennie to the hospital."


Ed stepped up. "Ace, I think everyone should travel in the limo. We'll be able to keep security tighter."


I nodded my head in agreement. "It's 1:15 now. Dusty, can we be back here by 2:30?"


"Sure Ace, I just want to talk to DJ. She always comes in on Sunday for a little bit."


"That's fine gentlemen. I'll call you if she's not up to visitors otherwise, I'll see you around 2:30."


Bennie hugged him tightly. "Thanks Dad."


We headed over to the elevator and Tonka was waiting on us. We got in then rode down to the ground floor. As soon as we got outside, Tonka headed over for a tree. I watched as Bennie went over and romped with him for a couple of minutes. I waved at them then we headed over to Dusty's office. When we got to the gate, Dusty was waved through then the guard came up to the Hummer. I rolled the window down then Tonka got nosey to see what's going on. "Holy crap man, what's that?"


I pushed Tonka's head back then showed the guard my credentials. "That's his dog." I said pointing to Bennie.


The guard waved us in as Bennie started to laugh. "Man, did you see the look on his face?"


I giggled too. "Well yeah, when you're staring at a wolf that tends to happen."


I parked beside Dusty and JR and the 5 of us walked inside. "Welcome to NCIS Headquarters."


Bennie was a few steps in front of us when Ellis spotted him. "You're not allowed in here unescorted."


Just then the rest of us came in. "He's not unescorted." I said as Tonka stood beside Bennie. "Relax, let Tonka smell you."


Ellis sat like a statue as Tonka gave him a once over. I could have been mean and made him growl to see what he'd do but I decided against it. Tonka sat then swiped at his arm with his paw. Bennie smiled. "Shake his paw."


He slowly extended his hand and shook Tonka's paw. "So what's that mean now?"


"You're not going to be his next snack." JR said with a straight face.


"You're funny Carl." Ellis said with a sarcastic tone.


Just then DJ came into the room. She saw Tonka and walked up and scratched his ear. "How are you pup?"


We all stood there with our mouths hanging open. "DJ, how'd you do that?"


"It was easy; I just reached down and scratched him."


I shook my head. "I don't mean that. He normally doesn't let people touch him unless it's on his terms and he likes them."


"Well mate, it looks like he likes me." DJ said smiling. "Ace, I've noticed something on those casts. Can you come with me so I can show you?"


I nodded my head as Bennie and I followed DJ. Dusty and JR were staring at Ellis and he felt it. "What?"


"You have a problem man?" JR asks.


"I don't know what you're talking about."


Dusty went over and put his hand on his desk then stared into Ellis's eyes. "You don't? Remember I know when you lie."


"OK fine, I don't like gays."


"It's YOUR problem Ellis," JR starts.


"Shut the hell up geek."




"Watch your mouth," Dusty said. "JR is right, this is your problem. You have two choices. Deal with it or you can be transferred. If you bad mouth JR once more, I'll transfer you myself. He's a damn good agent."


"Where are there openings?" Ellis asked.


"I know of two spots right now. There is a spot in Rota, Spain."


"Where's the other?"


"You can go on a six month cruise." JR said.


Ellis was about to say something but thought better of it as Dusty took over. "You're a good agent that I would hate to lose but I won't tolerate you with an attitude. I'll also remind you that sexual harassment is something that WILL get you terminated. The choice is yours Marshall."


"I'll stay; I do like working here with you all. That includes you too Carl."


Upstairs DJ was showing me the casting of the right shoe of the shooter. "Ace, there is this uncharacteristic mark in between the ridges. Look at the left one."


I saw what she was referring to. "Do you have a magnifying glass?


She found one then handed it to me. I looked closer. "It looks like a nick in the ridge like maybe he cut it. Those shoes have grooves and you can pick up a rock like you would in a pair of sneakers."


"Sneakers?" DJ asked.


Bennie looked at her. "Tennis shoes, Ma'am."


"Oh," She said. "You mean trainers."


"Oh the British lingo. As I was saying, it looks like the nick could have been caused by a knife if he had to dig a rock out. What size shoe is this?"


"It's an American size nine."


"Oh that's great DJ. That size fits the largest population of men here. What is also maddening is that anyone can go into the uniform store and buy them."


"What?" Bennie gasped.


"Shoes, unlike uniforms, aren't on the forbidden to sell list. They are very comfortable."


"How do you know?"


I stuck my foot up and wiggled it. "I'm wearing a pair and yes, DJ, they're a size nine."


"Sorry Ace, I thought it was something." DJ said sounding dejected.


I went over to her. "Nothing to be sorry for. It is something, but with every uniformed officer wearing them, it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Add to that, most have two or more pairs."


"Maybe we'll get lucky." DJ said as I looked up at the clock.


"Bennie, let's get back to Dusty and JR. We need to get ready to head back to the residence." I said then DJ lead us back to their squad room to find Dusty and JR. I didn't see either one. "Where are Director Moore and Agent Carl?"


"In the director's office," Ellis said as he headed for the elevator. "DJ, I'll see you on Monday."


I followed DJ as she led us to Dusty's office. The door was open so we went in. "Nice digs dude." I said smiling.


"Yeah they are," Dusty replied looking around. "I don't know if I'm really cut out for this job."


"Of course you are." DJ said. "You'd be a fine director."


Dusty shook his head. "I'm not a politician and I don't have any political ambitions either. I'm a field agent and that's what I want to continue to do."


"Well, give it some time and see what happens." I said. "Bennie and I have to be getting back to the residence, do you guys want to come along?"


I saw JR and Dusty look at each other. "You guys go on. I'm not going to be here that long then JR and I have a few things to do."


Handshakes and hugs were given then Bennie, me and Tonka returned to the residence. Before we went upstairs, I had Bennie take Tonka so he could do his business because we would be gone several hours. While he was doing this, I called Ed and let him know we were back. The three of us went upstairs and I went into my room go get out of my soft clothes and put a suit on. When I was dressed, I went out and found Ed and Johnny. "How many agents are you using?"


Ed looked at me and thought for a moment. "We're adding an additional six agents."


"They're not going to be carrying automatic weapons are they?"


Ed shook his head. "Not this time."


"Do you realize the Bennie was scared shitless even though they were all Secret Service Agents?"


Ed looked down. "Yeah, I can imagine and you were right for ripping me a new one. If I had stayed here, I might have been able to have rode heard on those agents before you got here."


"I'll just be glad when Nate and that shooter are behind bars again. If I find out Nate had anything to do with Officer Poole's death, I'll make it my mission to see he's executed for it."


Just then Ben came out of his office. "Dr. Phillips says she's up for visitors but not for too long."


"Did you get her room number, Sir?" I asked.


"Yes I did Ace, it's room 522."


Ed looked at me. "The limo and escort vehicles are being brought up now. I've contacted hospital security and they'll secure the employees entrance and have an elevator waiting."


Ed's phone rang letting him know everyone was in place. The five of us got into the elevator and rode down to the ground floor. Ed walked towards the door then agents surrounded the back door and opened it. The rest of us headed towards Ed then we took our positions and moved to the limo. Ben and Bennie quickly got in and I brought up the rear. Ed and Johnny got in the front seat then we were off. As we were pulling into Georgetown Medical Center, hospital security led us around to the employee entrance. Ed got out and spoke to the guard then returned to the limo then stuck his head into the back. "An elevator is getting set so we can have an express ride to the floor."


The guard motioned to Ed letting him know everything was now in place. Ed, Johnny and a couple of other agents were now in position so I got out followed Ben and Bennie and entered the hospital. There was an elevator waiting on us with a guard standing inside so no one else would use it. He stepped out so we could get in then it was a nonstop ride to the fifth floor. When we stepped off, there were two security guards standing outside Gloria's room so we knew where to go. As we got close, the guards moved away then we entered her room. Bennie was the first in and saw her bed empty. "Dad, Gloria's gone."


Just then we heard, "Ono momento por favor, Mijo."


I leaned down to Bennie's ear. "I think she's using the bathroom."


Bennie turned red. "I hadn't thought of that."


A few minutes later a nurse came out helping Gloria back to bed. She pulled the curtain closed so she could get in bed then she stepped out. "Don't let her get too excited please Mr. President."


Ben put his hand on her shoulder. "We won't let that happen. Thanks for taking care of her."


While Ben and the nurse were talking Bennie was holding Gloria's hand. "How are you feeling Gloria?"


"A little tired but Dr. Phillips says that will pass."


"Gloria, you scared me. Yo no le puedo perder." (I can't lose you.)


Gloria patted his hand. "I'm not going anywhere Mijo. God isn't ready to take me yet. I have meals to cook for you and your father."


Ben stood on the other side of the bed. "That maybe so Gloria but you're getting some help."


"No Señor Ben, I don't need any help."


Ben shook his head. "That's not negotiable. We have a house full of chefs and cooks. I can get several to help you. I know you enjoy cooking but preparing things takes time and there you can use some help."


"Alright, Señor Ben, I'll take the help." She said relenting. "Señor Ace, where are you?"


I'd stayed back so Ben and Bennie could have a proper visit. I stepped over and stood at the foot of the bed. "I'm right here Gloria."


She motioned for me to come closer so I stood beside Bennie then leaned down. She kissed me gently on the cheek. "Are you taking good care of my Mijo?"


I felt myself turning red as I returned her kiss. "Si Gloria, I am."


We had a nice visit but Ben could tell she was beginning to get tired. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "I can see you're getting tired so we'll go and let you get some rest."


We all gave her a kiss but Bennie was the last to say goodbye. Johnny stuck his head out the door and a security guard got an elevator for us. When it was there, we made our move and headed for the ground floor. We got Ben and Bennie into the limo without a hitch then it back to the residence. When we took off, Bennie leaned against me. "God Ace, she looks so tired."


"Now do you see why Dr. Phillips wants her to be in the hospital? When she gets back to the residence, she's still going to have to rest."


"How long will all this take?"


I wasn't a doctor so I really didn't have a clue. "I'm not sure baby but the doctor is just a phone call away any time of the day or night."


Ben patted Bennie on the knee. "Dr. Phillips said she should be back to normal in a couple of weeks. Even when she is, she'll have help in the kitchen. I know she loves to cook for us and she spoils us with her food so I want her around for a long time just like you do son."


Ben, Bennie and I were talking so much we were back at the residence before we knew it. Agents got into position then Ed opened the back door so Ben and Bennie could get out. I brought up the rear as the duty Marine held the residence door open. "Ed, Johnny, you are staying for dinner, aren't you?"


I gave Ed a look that said you better say yes. "Ah yes, Mr. President. We'd be glad to join you for dinner."


Ben looked at me. "Ace, can you find out what is on the menu? I'm in the mood for a little wine."


"Right away Sir." I replied heading for the kitchen.


I went into the kitchen and saw several chefs. One of them spotted me. "Yes Sir?"


"The President would like to know what is for dinner. He'd like some wine served."


Just then I saw who appeared to be the Executive Chef walking over. "We're having Rock Cornish Game Hens, twice baked potatoes and several vegetables. I can suggest several different wines."


"A Chardonnay or possibly a Blanc de Pinot Noir maybe," I asked.


He smiled. "You know your wines. I think the Blanc de Pinot Noir would probably be better. It's not quite as dry as the Chardonnay. Would The President like that to be served now?"


I had to think quickly. "How soon until dinner?"


"Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes."


I headed towards the door. "Since it's just a few minutes, served with dinner will be fine. I'll let President Jacobs know."


As soon as I came out of the kitchen, Bennie was standing there. "When's dinner Ace?"


I put my arm around Bennie and led him to the living room. "Sir, dinner will be served in twenty minutes. A nice Blanc de Pinot Noir will be served at my suggestion, if that is alright."


"Thank you Ace. Bennie, will you and Ace take Tonka out before we eat, then you can feed him son."


Tonka was more than ready as he was wagging his tail waiting for us by the elevator. On the way down Bennie looked at me. "Can we have some private time just us tonight?"


I'd been so busy over the past few days I'd been so tired, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep and Bennie died on me last night also so I was more than ready for some quality cuddle time. "Sure love but you better give your Dad some time too."


We took Tonka out and he found a tree then took a big dump. Bennie saw this then I hand him a plastic bag. "Thanks Tonka."


"Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go."


"Yeah, but I can flush mine."


"Alright then love, teach him to use the toilet." I said busting out in a deep laugh.


When we got back upstairs he fed Tonka. We got washed up then headed for the dining room. Wine glasses were beside each plate and Bennie looked at Ben as one of the assistants came in and began pouring. "May I try some of this?"


Ben nodded and Bennie's glass was filled. Dinner was magnificent and the pastry chef had two different kinds of desert for us. One was strawberry cheesecake and the other was German Chocolate cake. I had the German Chocolate and Bennie had both. After everyone was totally stuffed, Ed and Johnny checked the residence and West Wing then headed home for the day. It was quiet in the residence then Ben looked at me. "Guys, I'm heading for the shower then hope to have a quiet evening."


That was the best idea I'd heard in several days. "Alright sir," I replied.


Bennie and I decided on taking a shower together then we returned to watch some television. Bennie cuddled with Ben until 9 when Ben said he was tired and needed to get to bed. Bennie's eyes got big when he knew we were now alone. When Ben left the living room, he came over and planted a passionate kiss on me. "Now, how are you going to make up to me?"


He was grinding his crotch against my now very hard dick. "If you'll let me make sure the doors are secured I will."


He ran his tongue around my ear causing me to shiver. "I'll be waiting baby."


I check the doors then head to my lover's room. When I went in, Bennie was putting his computer away. As soon as he saw me he started stripping but I hurried over and stopped him. He gave me a funny look. "Let me do this baby."


He put his arms around my neck and started kissing me again. His tongue began wrestling with mine as I began to caress the back of his head with one hand and his back with the other. I slipped my hand under his shirt and felt his bare skin then lifted it over his head and tossed it on his chair.


He went back to kissing me so I picked him up and carried him over to the bed. On the way, he kicked his shoes off. When I laid him on the bed he ran his hand down over my crotch then sat up. I knelt down to caress his chest but Bennie stopped me. He stood up and started undressing me. He unbuttoned my shirt and removed it then I removed my vest and tee shirt. As soon as I was out of them I felt my belt being undone then my pants and underwear going down. I kicked my shoes off then removed my socks.


Now that I was nude I returned my concentration to my lover. I slowly undid his slacks and slid them down his legs. I stopped and removed his socks as I removed his slacks leaving him only in his underwear. I began to rub his legs and I saw my baby's sole was at full staff. As I got to his thighs, I began to rub on the insides moving ever so close to his package but never touching it.


Bennie was in a pair of light blue boxer briefs and I could now see a dark spot where the end of his dick was. I could tell I was turning him on but I had to be careful so he wouldn't explode too soon. I reached up and lifted the waistband up then slid them off his body. Almost on cue, Bennie pulled his legs up then spread them apart. When I saw this he shifted a little and this gave me a perfect view of his love chute. I couldn't resist the temptation so I licked the inside of his thigh then traveled up towards his nether region. I wanted to lick his hole but I didn't. I did notice as I got close, it opened then closed. I ran my tongue to his balls several times and Bennie was moaning. "Oh Ace, please baby, let me cum."


I took his balls into my mouth and tried to suckle on them but my mouth was full so I gently tugged on his sack hoping this would cool him down. I slid up beside him and right away he found my hand and placed it between his legs. I rubbed his hole and like before, I felt it open. I didn't insert my finger because I knew he'd blow the second I hit his prostate so I tugged on his balls again. "I don't want you cuming too fast baby."


"My balls are killing me. I only shot once today when you found me watching movies."


I ran finger over his hole again. "Let me guess, you gave your hole extra attention."


He smiled at me then kissed me passionately as his hand caressed my balls. "Yeah I did, you know what I want baby."


I eased back then looked at him. "I know baby but this is something we're not going to rush tonight."


I ran my hand down and found his hole again and this time I slipped a finger inside. It opened and I slid in without resistance. I was able to enter him completely with my middle finger and when I hit his love nut he moaned. As I slid my finger back a little, I saw him giving me a sheepish grin then I added another finger. His dick was leaking and I knew he was going to erupt any minute so I decided to let him bust a nut. I took him into my mouth then slid my fingers in deeper to find his prostate. As soon as I did, he cut loose into my mouth. "Oh fuck Ace."


He was so hot I wasn't prepared for the intensity of his first blast of cum and it almost gagged me but I swallowed quickly so I could take in every drop of his nectar. His hips were bucking on my fingers like a mad man then his body totally relaxed letting me know he was totally spent. I slid my fingers out then scooted up beside him and kissed him. "God lover, you were hotter than a firecracker."


He smiled at me as he was returning from his orgasm. "What did you expect? I only shot once."


"But that wasn't what you were doing though, was it?"


He gave me a peck on the lips. "Nope but I guess you already know that."


"Yeah I do love. I've never felt you this loose before."


"I know baby, I worked on stretching myself for you."


I was a little worried that he might have gone overboard so I had him roll over. I looked at his hole and to my surprise, I didn't see anything other than he could now open and close his hole basically at will. "How long have you been doing this baby?"


"A couple of times a day and I made sure I didn't hurt myself either. Ace, I love you."


He rolled over on top of me and kissed me with every ounce of passion he could muster. No sooner had he done this when I felt his dick come back to life. This time I let him take the lead. He swung around and we were now in a 69 position so I took the opportunity to see if he could take me without being hurt. I ran my tongue over his hole and he relaxed letting it open. I saw the lube on the nightstand so I put some on my fingers to add more to his hole. He relaxed so I knew what I wanted to do. "Baby, I'm going to try and add three fingers. If this hurts, let me know."


He nodded his head then licked my dick. I rubbed my fingers outside then started to insert them. I went in then stopped at my first set of knuckles. Bennie stayed relaxed then started sucking on me. I tapped him with my free hand because I didn't want to shoot but he wasn't about to stop so I went with the flow. I slid in to my next set of knuckles and stopped as Bennie moaned. I started to ease back but he came off my dick and shook his head. "No Ace, don't. I'm not in pain. This feels fantastic."


I eased back to where I was then Bennie returned to what he was doing. I began to slide my fingers further inside then I began to turn my fingers to stretch him. While doing that I hit his prostate causing him to moan then he bucked back driving my fingers all the way inside causing me to gasp. "Don't move love. Are you in pain?"


"No love, not at all."


I wrapped my arm around his back. "Baby, we're going to roll together."


He held on while I did the work,I was now on top and still had three fingers buried in his ass. "Come on love, start moving them in and out of me."


I slowly began working them in and out then I saw Bennie reach up and grab his dick and start jacking it. I'd never seen him this horny before but I knew what his biggest desire was and that was having me inside of him.


I moved his hand and stopped him then leaned over and kissed him passionately. After several minutes he was moaning and his dick was leaking so I decided this was the time. "OK baby, are you ready?"


He reached an arm up and pulled me down then stopped. He looked me in the eyes and the lust that I saw earlier had been replaced. "I love you Ace with all my heart now let me share my body with you."


I leaned down and kissed him again then slid my fingers out of his butt. I was going to ask him what position he wanted to use but he'd made love to me enough that I knew he'd want to be on his back. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels then returned to bed. I covered a pillow with one of the towels then slid it under his back. I went to get the lube but Bennie was holding it in his hand. I knew what he wanted so I moved over and let him put the lube on my dick. He made sure there was plenty on it then I moved behind him as he raised his legs. I hooked his legs with my arms then eased up to his backside. I saw him relax so I brought my dick up then looked at him. "Here we go love, relax and I'm going to slide the head in then stop so you can get used to it."


He reached up and stroked my face then nodded his head so I started to enter his body. His hole relaxed as he closed his eyes as I slowly eased in. As the widest part of my head hit the ring I had to push a little but it went in. When it entered, his eyes opened wide and I heard his gasp. I froze and waited for him to say something. He took in a deep breath then slowly blew it out. I didn't know what do to so I just waited then he nodded his head. "OK baby, slide in further. I forgot how big the crown of your dick was."


I gently slid in deeper inch by inch and then I felt my pubes hit his butt so I knew I was all the way in. "I'm all the way in baby. Are you alright?"


I saw tears coming down his face so I started to pull out. "Don't baby, I'm fine just feeling full."


I slid out a little then I saw him relax. "Is that better?"


He smiled then nodded. "Make love to me now."


I started a slow in and out motion making sure I didn't bottom out. Bennie's love canal was hot and I was more than ready to shoot but I wanted to make this last as long as possible so I would pump for a little bit them stop. The more I pumped the more I saw Bennie's dick leak then he started jacking himself. When I paused, I took over for him jacking him. "Baby I can't hold out too much longer."


"Then don't. I've waited for this for a long time and I want to feel you fill me up."


He wrapped his arms around my neck then kissed me passionately as he started jacking and I started going back to loving him. I started slowly then began picking up the pace all the while not going to the hilt and hurting my lover. "Ungh love, I can't hold it."


I cut loose coating Bennie's bowels with my load. I fired several huge blasts then had to fight to keep from crashing on top of Bennie. "Lie on me love, I can hold your weight."


I gently eased myself down then wrapped my arms around him. "Hold on, I'll roll onto my back."


I did and we stayed like that until I felt my dick getting soft. I was able to grab the other towel and cover his butt then he lifted himself up off of me so I could shove some in between his legs. "I think I need to get to the bathroom love."


Before we moved I kissed him then smiled. "Was it worth the wait?"


"Oh yeah, it was something I can't describe."


"I know what you mean baby. I felt it the first time you made love to me."


I fixed the towel then picked him up and carried him to the toilet. I put him on his feet then he removed the towel and sat down. He expelled my sperm then we took a quick shower. We got into bed and snuggled close then Bennie kissed me gently. "Ace, I've never felt like this before. When I learned that a guy was going to be my bodyguard, I almost freaked and told Dad no way."


"How come love, I thought you didn't want a woman agent?"


"I didn't but I could have more privacy."


"That idea fell flat on its face with Nate there."


"Tell me about it, he was weird before you got here."


"But that got worse after I arrived. So what made you change your mind about me?"


"I don't know really. You did score some major points with me when you stood up to him at lunch."


"I didn't want to be rude to your Dad. Nate may have been the agent in charge but your Dad called the shots."


"That's true baby. I guess it was the way you treated me."


"I didn't do anything special sweetie, I was just me."


"Well, whatever it was I thought having you around would be a lot different than before so I didn't put a wall up."


"I'm glad you didn't. We might not be where we are today."


Bennie rolled on top of me and looked into my eyes. "I know and I hope this never ends. I love you Ace."


He laid his head on my shoulder so I began to gently caress his back. "I love you too Bennie."


After about ten minutes I had to roll my now sleeping lover off of me. I managed to do it without waking him then I closed my eyes and joined him in dreamland.


Monday morning rolled around much too soon for me. My internal alarm clock didn't wake me up but my bladder did. It was 7:15 so I let Bennie sleep since we had a shower after last night's activities. After using the bathroom I went over to my room and got dressed. My next stop was the dining room for my morning coffee. I had just finished my first cup when my cell rang and I saw it was Johnny. "Hi Johnny, what's up?"


"Did you forget I was supposed to get Tonka and be at Georgetown Exeter early?"


With all that had happened, I had forgotten about that. "Yeah I had buddy. Come on up, breakfast will be served in a few minutes."


I went and checked on Bennie and he was up and dressed. "Why didn't you wake me when you got up?"


I came in and gave him a hug and kiss. "You looked so peaceful sleeping I decided to let you sleep a little longer because you wouldn't need a shower this morning. Make sure you have everything together for school also."


"I do, I did that last night."


We went out as Johnny stepped off the elevator. "Hi Johnny, I'll be right back. I think Tonka needs to do his morning business."


I took Tonka downstairs and he quickly did his business. When we got back, Bennie had put his food out for him as the chef brought breakfast in. By 8, we had all finished and Johnny was ready to head over to the school with Tonka. I didn't really want to have to do this every day but until I was sure Nate wasn't going to show up or the shooter for that matter, I didn't have a whole lot of choice. Bennie's safety had to come first.


Johnny and the other agent had their ear pieces with them so I made sure I had mine so we could all communicate with each other. At 8:30, Bennie and I left for the twenty minute trip. When I pulled up, Jake and Carl spotted us and made a beeline for the Hummer. "Are you alright Bennie?"


"He's fine boys." I said smiling. "Maybe this weekend if things are quiet you can come over."


"Cool Ace, I'll ask my Dad tonight and see if we have anything planned. Carl, ask your parents too."


Carl nodded then noticed something different about Bennie. He leaned close to his ear. "You look happy today, did you and..."


Bennie just smiled and nodded. "Oh yeah and man were you ever right. It was heaven."


All of a sudden I felt a punch and saw Carl smiling. "Way to go Ace."


I felt my face get warm so I knew I was changing colors to beat the band. I looked at Bennie and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat so all I could do was roll my eyes. "Come on squirt, it's time to get you to homeroom."


The morning was going very smoothly. I was escorting Bennie to English when Johnny called me. "Ace, I need see you right away."


I got Bennie to his class and told him I'd be back before the bell rang but if he needed me to push the button on his watch. I found Johnny waiting for me in front of the main office. "What's up?"


I let Johnny lead. "I don't know, to be honest. Tonka started acting funny when we went past this locker."


I stood back and let Johnny walk Tonka past the locker. He started scratching on it as if there was something inside that needed to get out. "Stay here, I'll get the Headmaster."


I made a note of the locker number then went and talked with Mr. Robinson. "Agent Mason, if that dog alerted to something, we have the right to open it and inspect its contents."


I was concerned about the legalities considering many of the boys were still minors. "I think we'd need the student's consent."


Jamie shook his head. "No we don't. When they and their parents signed the Code of Conduct form, it clearly states that lockers can be inspected at anytime. The reason for this is to keep illegal items off the campus."


"The locker number is 147. Can you see who that is assigned to and make sure you have that form signed?"


Terry went to the computer and put in the locker number. "That locker belongs to Van Douglas."


Jamie went into the file cabinet and removed the boy's file. He pulled out the form and let me look at it. I saw three signatures and that was good enough for me. "Everything looks in order. Do you want the student to be the one to open it?"


Jamie nodded his head. "I think that might be best. This is the first time this year we've had reason to do this although we have searched lockers in the past."


"Did you ever find anything illegal?"


Jamie shook his head. "I'm pleased to say we've never found anything. I am hoping this is a false alarm."


Jamie requested the student to come to his locker. I watched as he got closer hoping to see a change in his demeanor but I didn't see anything. "Yes Mr. Robinson, is something wrong?"


"I'm not sure Van," Jamie said. "Can you open your locker for us please?"


He went over to it then stopped, "How come, Sir?"


"Just open it please Van."


He did as he asked then Jamie went over to it. "You know this is all my stuff Sir?"


Jamie looked around then saw his coat hanging up. "What's in there?"


"That's my coat," Van started. "You can't touch that."


Jamie handed him the signed form. "I am well within my rights to Van. Now, is there something in there you should not have on campus?"


The boy shook his head then I stepped over to them. "Put the coat on the floor."


He looked up at me. "And just who are you?"


"I'm a Federal Officer; now please do as you were asked."


He put his coat on the floor then Johnny led Tonka over. Right away, he started pawing at it. "Hey, he's going to ruin it."


Johnny moved the dog back then I picked it up. "Would you like to tell me what's in here or do I have to find it myself?"


He just stood there so I reached into my jacket pocket and took out a pair of rubber gloves. After Officer Poole was shot, I made it a point to have gloves with me at all times. I felt the pockets and couldn't find anything so I started looking inside. I laid the coat back on the floor then started patting it from the collar down. I felt a lump then had to find how to get to it. I noticed the liner was removable so after undoing a few buttons, I found the compartment. I reached in and found a baggie with what appeared to be crack cocaine. "You realize you don't have a search warrant, don't you?"


"You do realize I don't need one, don't you."


He got cocky then. "My father will have you for lunch."


I picked up the coat and hung it over my arm then took the boy by the arm leading him to the office. "I hope he's hungry."


When we entered, I set the coat on the counter and put the crack into my pocked so I could cuff the boy. Jamie called Van's father at work and was informed he'd be right over. About five minutes later a man walked in and wasn't happy when he saw his son in bracelets. "What's the meaning of this?"


I went over and introduced myself. "Sir, I'm Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service. Your son's locker was searched and this was hidden in his coat."


I removed the baggie and showed the man. His son stood up and ran over. "Dad, they didn't have a search warrant so that's an illegal search."


Jamie stepped forward with the signed form. "Van, did you bother to read everything on this form before you signed it?"


"I just signed it." The boy spat.


"Well son, if you had you would know that you and your parents have given us consent to search your locker at any time to see that contraband items are not on campus."


The man looked at his son. "Explain to me then what that stuff is in the bag."


The boy just stood there silently then Johnny came up to me. "I've notified Metro PD and they have a car on the way. It's almost the end of the period, I'll get Bennie and take him to his next class."


I nodded my head then looked at the boy. "Son, is that what I think it is?"


He nodded his head as I led him back to his seat. "Yes Sir."


I went over to his father. "Has he ever been in trouble before?"


"He's a typical teen. He has mood swings and stuff like that but I never suspected him to be involved with drugs."


I looked at the boy. "Van, do you use this stuff?"


"Why the hell would you care?"


I walked over and pulled him up by the arms. "I care because I don't want to see anyone on that shit. How much do you use?"


"One, maybe two rocks a day."


I looked at the baggie and knew that was more than for personal use. "Tell me the truth now. Are you dealing to kids here at school?"


"No, that's all mine. I just got it today that's why it was in my locker."


I looked over to his Dad. "If he has no prior record, he might be able to enter rehab and if he completes the program, they'll clear his record."


"I know several of the prosecutors. I'll see what can be worked out."


Just then two Metro PD Officers came in and I identified myself then told them what was found. They made a report and told me I would have to add my statement. "Will you have an incident report number? I have access to your department so I can do my report online then send it over and have it attached to your incident report."


One of the officers went outside then returned with a card and a number on the back. "Attach your report to that number. Please put a number you can be reached at with your report so a City Attorney can call you."


"I'll do it as soon as I get back to the residence. Also, be easy with him."


I removed my cuffs then one of the officers put theirs on him. He looked at me. "I'm sorry."


I put my hand on his shoulder. "I'm going to recommend rehab for you. I just hope you do like you're supposed to and not make me regret giving you this chance."


He looked at his father then back over to me. "Don't worry, I won't Sir."


I went out with the boy and the officers then watched as his father hugged him tightly. He came over to me and shook my hand. "I really don't know what to say."


"I hate having to tell someone their child is in trouble but let's hope he takes advantage of the help that's out there for him."


"I hope he does too. He's young and I'd really hate to see my son flush his life down the toilet."


Van's father left and I went and found Bennie. The rest of the day went without incident. I called Ben and said we were stopping at the hospital to see Gloria and was told to give her his love.


When we walked into her room she was surprised to see us and held her arms out for Bennie. "Oh Mijo, I didn't know you were coming."


"That's what we wanted," I said as I went over and kissed her cheek. "How are you feeling today?"


"Better Ace," She said as she lifted her head up. "Is the food as good as mine?"


I had to think fast. "It's good Gloria but it's not yours."


She smiled at me. "Ace, your next job should be in politics."


I smiled at her. "Gloria, the Executive Chef's cooking is excellent and he puts out great five star meals but your cooking is home cooking. Your food tells us we're home."


"Yeah Gloria," Bennie chimed in. "I miss your omelets and waffles."


She slapped Bennie's hand. "Oh come on Bennie, anyone can make waffles."


"Sure they can and they do but it's not like yours." Bennie fired back. "I don't know what you put in your batter but it makes your waffles like no one else's."


I was about to say something when my phone rang. I looked and saw it was Ed. "What's up Ed?"


"Did you forget what we were getting today?"


I had to take a minute to think. "Oh crap, the list JR mentioned at the meeting."


"That's right and it's huge. Also, Tech is here setting up a new PC for you in your room."


"A new PC," I asked as this took me by surprise.


"Yep, there's a note for you too."


"Open it please, Ed."


He did then read it to me. "Ace, I know your laptop does everything you need but this PC has a faster processer along with a one terabyte hard drive. There is also a printer/scanner I know you need."


"Man, I sure didn't expect this. Did you get one too?"


Yes, that's been set up in my office in the West Wing."


"Now, how big is that list?"


"There are over 200 names on that list."


"Holy shit," I said louder than I should have as both Bennie and Gloria were now staring at me. "Bennie and I are at the hospital visiting Gloria. We'll be leaving shortly and I'll take a look at the list as soon as I get back."


"OK Ace. Call me if you find something."


"How long will tech be working getting my PC set up?"


"I'm not sure Ace. But I know it'll come in handy now that you have that list."


"That couldn't have come at a better time. I'll see you when we get back."


I cut the call and went back to visiting Gloria. We'd been there about thirty minutes and Gloria began to nod off so we said our goodbyes and returned to the residence. As soon as Bennie and I came in I heard a voice. "Help."


Just then I realized Tonka hadn't met us at the elevator so I hurried to my room. "Tonka, heel."


I walked into the room and saw the guy standing there shaking like a leaf. I guess Ed left and forgot about the pooch. Tonka went in and sniffed him then sat down wagging his tail. Bennie came in and giggled. "Shake his paw."


The technician slowly reached down and shook it. "Does this mean we're friends?" The man asked.


"I don't know about friends but he's accepted you."


Just then Tonka stood and put his paws on the man's shoulders. I walked over and scratched Tonka. "You can pet him; it'll show you're not scared of him."


Once the guy started scratching his ear, Tonka made a pest of himself. I had to chase him out so the tech and I could go over the new PC. "When you log in to the server, you'll need three things. First is your full name followed by your ID number. That is a six digit number on your ID card. The last thing is a special password. The director set that up already but she said you'd know what it was."


I had to think for a moment then a smile came across my face. "I know what it is. Now, what will I have access to?"


"You'll have access to everything on our server Director Morgan set up for you plus you'll also have access to the FBI's fingerprint file."


He turned the computer on and let it boot up. He showed me how to access our server then I sat down and logged in. I did a little surfing around then had him show me how to get into the FBI's database. "Wow, this is sweet. Tell Director Morgan thanks. This will make going over a list I have a hell of a lot easier."


I logged off the service's server then shut the PC down and escorted the tech over to the elevator. Bennie came out of the kitchen with a plate of fresh cookies. "What did that guy want Ace?"


"He was from Tech Support and he brought over a new PC for me."


Bennie's eyes lit up. "Cool."


"Oh no my little horn dog, that's not for looking at porn."


He started pouting as soon as I said that. "No fair."


I went over and took the rest of the cookie out of his hand then kissed him. "That's strictly a work computer baby. How much homework do you have?"


He was frowning even more on that question. "A ton, I have homework in every class."


Just then my cell rang. I looked and saw it was the back gate. "Mason."


"This is Officer Grant. There is some NCIS agent out here saying he knows you. His ID card reads..."


"Director Dustin Moore."


"Yes Sir, how'd you know?"


"Because I know him," I fired back.


"I'll have him escorted to the residence."


I started shaking my head. "Negative, have him sign in then let him pass. He doesn't need an escort."


"Right away Agent Mason."


I was glad they were here because I could use a hand going through all these names. "Bennie, I'm taking Dusty and JR over to our office in the West Wing."


"Can I come?"


I waved my hand. "Come on and you can take Tonka out so he can use a tree."


We went downstairs and waited on Dusty and JR while Tonka quickly found a tree. After he made his mark there, he found a spot on the ground and made a deposit. I tapped Bennie on the shoulder. "Oh Tonka."


I laughed and handed him a plastic bag. "Time to do your duty Daddy."


"Kiss my butt." Bennie said as he went to pick up Tonka's land mine.


There was only one computer to access the files on the list which created a dilemma. Ed's computer in the office was like mine and I had a thought. I got my cell phone out and called Evelyn. "Evelyn, is someone from tech still there?"


"The one that put your computer together is still here."


She got him to the phone. "Yes Agent Mason, is there a problem with your PC?"


"Nope, well at least not yet. Would it be possible to network Agent Miller's computer by adding some additional monitors and keyboards so other agents can work off it?"


"Sure, that's an easy job. Why do you ask?"


"Just like I said, there are a couple well qualified agents I want to assist in this undertaking."


"How many others are we talking about?"


"Two definitely but there might be a third from time to time. I replied.


"I can be over tomorrow and set that up. If you could, would you let Agent Miller know I'm coming over and what I'll be doing?"


"I need that network set up ASAP."


"But Sir," He started.


"Let me speak to Director Morgan then." I interrupted.


"That's quite alright Agent Mason, I'll be over there in about 15 minutes."


"Bring enough equipment for four stations."


"Yes Sir." He said.


I had just slipped my phone back into my pocket when Dusty and JR pulled up. "Nice car Dusty, is that the same one you had the other day?"


He shook his head as he closed the door. "This is my regular car, it was in the shop getting a tune up and lights added."


He opened the door then flipped a few switches. "Man, are you trying to outdo my Hummer?"


He laughed. "Not really Ace but you should see this thing at night."


Just then Bennie and Tonka came over. "Hi guys."


"Hi Bennie," JR answered back. "Ace, you told Dusty you were glad we were coming over?"


"Follow me; we can talk while we head over to the West Wing." I started. "I have the list of people who were here the same time Nate was and I can't believe the number of people that came into contact with him."


"How many are you looking at?" Dusty asked as we entered the West Wing.


"Over two hundred," I answered. "Hang your credentials on your pocket."


"That is a lot of people," Bennie added.


"Agent Mason." A voice called out.


I stopped and turned around. I saw the tech guy there with a large hand truck loaded. "Ed, take him to the spare conference room. He's going to set up a network off your new PC so multiple people and work on going through this list."


"Great idea Ace," Ed replied. "Follow me."


I took Dusty and JR to get White House credentials made so the gate guards wouldn't have to call me every time they came here. It took the tech thirty minutes to get the networking completed and the work stations set up. When I went into the room I was blown away. "Six stations Ed?"


He nodded his head. "I saw all that equipment so I took advantage of it."


"Nice thinking," JR said sitting down to one of the terminals and turning it on. "How do I log in to the network?"


Ed handed JR and Dusty small pieces of paper. "I had the technician set up accounts for you guys, each having their own user name and password. This way there wasn't just one for everyone."


JR logged in and saw all he could access. "Ace, are you sure about this? This is some pretty confidential information."


I nodded my head. "I know it is. Each of you are now sworn to total secrecy regarding anything you see."


We all sat down at a terminal and logged in then pulled up the list of people. Bennie looked at my screen. "Wow, this will take forever."


"Not really Bennie," JR started. "If you'll give me a few minutes, I think I can narrow this list down some."


"Sounds good buddy, if you'll excuse me I need to speak to The President about something."


Bennie and Tonka followed me as I made my way over to the Oval Office. I was just about to enter when I heard a voice. "Get that damn dog outta here and do it NOW!"


Bennie turned around and saw a uniformed officer standing there then he went up to him. "Do you have a problem with my dog Officer Curtis?"


"You're damn right I do kid." He said as he slowly started reaching for his baton.


At that point Tonka began growling. Bennie waved his hand behind his back then Tonka sat. "Do you know who I am?"


"No and I don't give a fuck either." He snapped.


"Well you better and fast," A voice was then heard.


He turned around. "Ah Lt. Hanson, this kid has no right being in the West Wing."


He walked up to the officer. "Don't you see Agent Mason?"


"Yeah, so what?"


"First off, you watch your mouth in regards as to how you speak to me." Hanson started. "Next, Agent Mason is the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Security Detail so he can escort anyone he chooses around the White House grounds. Lastly, do you happen to know who that "kid," as you choose to call him, is?"


"No and I don't give a fat rat's ass either."


I'd heard enough. I walked over and grabbed his badge and pulled, ripping his shirt in the process. "No one will speak to a superior like that and remain with the Secret Service."


"You son of a bitch," Curtis shouted pushing me in the chest and sending me onto my butt.


That was his total undoing as Tonka charged. "Tonka heel," Bennie shouted as Tonka froze in his tracks.


"Arrest him," I shouted.


"Just what in the hell is going on out here?" A voice boomed. "Agent Mason, you know how to act."


I picked myself off the floor then went over to Ben. "I'm sorry Mr. President but this officer was being very rude to your son."


"His s...s...s...son?" Curtis began stuttering.


Bennie got into his face. "That's right asshole."


"Benjamin Jacobs Jr." Ben fired.


`Oh ooooh,' I thought. `Now he's really done it.'


Bennie turned around. "I'm sorry Dad but he is. You didn't hear what he said about me."


"That's right Sir," I said coming to Bennie's defense. "He was even disrespectful towards Lt. Hanson."


"Alright," Ben said. "Bennie, in my office. Lt. Hanson, I'll let you deal with this man as you see fit."


I handed Hanson the piece of shirt with the badge. "Let me know when the arrest report is complete and I'll sign it. Curtis, that little stunt just cost you your job."


Lt. Hanson led Curtis away then I followed Ben into his office. Ben sat down then looked at Bennie. "Son, you know better than to use that kind of language, don't you."


Bennie looked at the carpet. "Yes Sir but he..."


"No buts son," Ben interrupted. "You were very rude and I've taught you better."


"But Dad, he started it. I stood there and took it until he pissed Ace off saying he didn't give a fat rat's behind as to who I was."


"I understand son," Ben started. "But two wrongs don't make a right either, now do they."


"No Sir," Bennie said softly. "I'm sorry."


"Apology accepted son," Ben said standing then pulling his son into a hug. "Have you done your homework yet?"


He just shook his head as he held onto his father. "Ben, might I have a word with you in private please?"


Bennie took Tonka outside. "Sir, I have an idea. I'd like to do an article for The Advocate."


"An article for them?"


"Well, maybe it's not an article but more like a wanted poster."


I'd piqued Ben's interest. "Go on Ace, tell me more."


"Well Sir, in exchange for an exclusive on the announcement, they'd run a front page spread on Nate. I've already come up with the headline. "WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE GAY COMMUNITY!"


Ben stopped me. "Ace, he's not committed a crime against the gay community, only Bennie. If you run that headline and have Bennie's name in the same article you'd be outing him."


"You're right Sir," I said. "I won't out my baby."




"That's perfect Ben and it's the truth. This way Bennie's name wouldn't have to be mentioned at all. I just hope when Nate sees it he doesn't go ballistic."


"I don't think he'd be that stupid."


I shook my head. "I wouldn't place bets against it."


I did hope it would draw him out and so he'd make a move against me. I wanted him in the worst way and I would make him pay for what he tried to do to Bennie back in California.


"Alright then, you do the article about Nate and see if Russell will run it in exchange for the exclusive on the announcement."


Bennie and Tonka came back in. "Have you decided when you're going to make that yet?"


Ben shook his head. "Not yet but probably within the next couple of weeks. I have to go to Canada and have a meeting with the Prime Minister then travel on to England to meet with the Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II."


"Wow Dad, I've always wanted to see England."


That would be an excellent educational trip for him. "How long will you be gone?"


Ben went over and pulled up his schedule on his computer. "It's set for the end of March. It looks like I'll be gone about three weeks."


"Oh Dad please can I go?" Bennie begged.


"Before I say yes or no son, I want Ace to talk with Mr. Robinson and see how far behind that would put you. I know one of those weeks the school will be closed for spring break, but you'd still be missing a couple weeks of school."


"Dad, I'll do my work. I'll attend class online."


I put my arm around him. "Baby that might be difficult."


"Why Ace?"


"Because England is five hours ahead of us. You'd be starting class at 3 in the afternoon their time and not finishing until 9 at night."


Bennie's face sunk. "Damn, that sucks."


Ben came up and popped him on the butt. "What did I just tell you about your language young man?"


"I'm sorry Dad but it stinks."


"I promise I'll make it up to you." Ben said kissing him on the cheek.


"Sir, if you have to go out of the country, don't forget to draw up guardianship papers."


"Oh thank you Ace, I'd completely forgotten about that. Now, I have some work to finish up and I know you son, have some homework to do."


We returned to the Secret Service office and JR was hard at work. He had moved two monitors and keyboards over by him and was going through the master list. "Ace, I've been able to remove a lot of names. The biggest majority of them were here but had no contact with Nate while he was here. I've reduced the number to fifty and they're still assigned to either here or assignments in the DC area."


Just then my cell phone rang and it was Lt. Hanson. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, I've finished the assault report. I'll need your signature on that along with the Recommendation for Termination."


"Does he have a change of clothes in his locker?"


"Just a minute and I'll find out," He said then I heard him ask. "Yes he does."


"Have him change out of his uniform and that includes his shoes. Inform him he's on suspension until his termination has been formally approved."


I ended the call then Bennie looked at me. "Why did you want his shoes?"


"This way I can compare them against the set of prints DJ has."


JR looked at me. "The people that are left on this list will have to be interviewed since it seems they did have some contact with Nate."


I cringed at the thought of that. I knew the perfect time would be while Bennie was in school but I also knew I couldn't leave him alone. I would talk to Johnny and see if he would cover for me when I was conducting interviews. I looked at my watch and it was almost 5. "Come on Bennie, you need to get started on your homework. JR, can you print me a copy of the revised list of names please?"


As soon as I had that Bennie and I headed for the residence. Bennie wanted to do his homework in my room so we could be together but with the PC now in there, that wasn't feasible. "Ace, if I can't go with Dad, what will we do while school is closed?"


"Humm, good question love. After you've done your homework, why don't you come up with a couple of ideas and we'll take it from there."


"Cool," Bennie said as he went over to his room and started on his homework.


I started looking at the list and then pulled up personnel files. There were a few names I put asterisks beside. I noticed the time so I shut the computer down then washed up for dinner. As I was drying my hands Bennie came over. "Man, that homework was murder. I have two ideas for us."


I hung up the towel then gave him a hug. "Is all your homework done?"


"Not all of it," He started. "I still have math to do but that's my easiest subject."


He melted against my body as I continued to hug him. "So what did you come up with?"


"Well, one is a trip to Disney World in Orlando and the other is a seven day cruise."


"I've never been on a cruise or to Disney World."


"Wow, you've been in the Air Force yet you've never been to either place?"


I shook my head then kissed him. "Nope, I was single son and going on either vacation would make me feel really out of place."


"Would you feel out of place with me?" Bennie asked wiggling his eyebrows as I felt his dick start to get hard.


"Oh, I'd have a place to keep you."


"Ohhhhhh and just where might that be?" He asked as his hand began to massage my groin.


The way he asked that question made me giggle. "Maybe locked in our room."


That proved to be the wrong thing to say to my horn dog. He jumped up and wrapped his legs around my waist then planted his lips on mine and started looking for my tonsils. "Now that would be fun but I'd want to work on my tan."


"I have a place then."


He slid down. "Oh?"


"Yeah, how about we go to a naturist resort."


"A what?" He asked looking totally confused.


"A nudist camp."


I watched him turn several shades of red. "No way, you're kidding right?"


I shook my head. "I'm as serious as a heart attack my love."


"You'd want the world to see me nude?"


I started to think about it. "Humm, on second thought I want that body all to myself but it might be fun to see what some girls might say about it."


"Ewwww, no way. No girl is seeing this body." He said as he flexed his muscles.


By now my laughing was totally out of control. "Come on Mr. America, let's go and eat dinner."


I stepped in front of him to open the door when he pinched my butt. "Hey love, easy. Don't bruise the playground."


We headed out and saw Ben sitting in the living room. "What's up Dad?"


"Nothing son. I'm just relaxing."


"Do you think Ace could take me someplace over spring break?"


"What did you have in mind?"


"A cruise or Disney World."


"How about Disney World and if you pass your finals, I'll send you and Ace on a cruise."


Bennie's eyes lit up. "Are you serious?"


Ben held his arms out. "You have my word on it son."


Bennie ran over to Ben and almost knocked him down. "Oh Dad thank you."


Ben caught Bennie in his arms and held him tightly. "Come on son, let's go and eat."


To be continued