The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 2


The time flew by and soon it was Election Day. Governor Jacobs had booked a block of rooms at the Regency Hotel along with both of their conference rooms. The west coast states would be the last to have their polls close so we knew it would be a very long night.


I was coming down the stairs and Nate saw me. "Mason, you're on the pre-inspection team. Go get a shower and shave then be back down here in 30 minutes. Don't argue with me boy cause these orders WILL stand."


I turned and went back upstairs and got cleaned up. I put on a clean suit and was about to head downstairs when Ben and Bennie were standing outside my door. Bennie had a frown on his face. "Where you taking off to Ace?"


I tried to sound upbeat and make it seem like I'd be back. "I have to go over to the Regency Hotel with some other agents to get security in place."


Ben looked at me. "I thought I had that all set up with Agent Hill."


I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know about that Ben, I'm just doing what I was told."


"We'll see about that." Ben said as he put his hand on my shoulder and led me towards the stairs.


I went ahead of them and Nate was waiting at the bottom. "It's about time Mason. I told you thirty minutes, not thirty-five, now what do you have to say for yourself and I don't want to hear anything about stopping to talk with that kid."


Just then I heard footsteps and Nate swallowed hard. Bennie stopped 2 steps from the bottom then jumped towards me. I caught him but in doing so, he kicked Nate in the chest sending him backwards. I thought he was going to explode as Bennie winked at me. Ben popped his boy playfully on the butt then looked at Nate. "Umm Agent Hill, would you mind repeating what I just heard you say to Agent Mason?"


I'd put Bennie on his feet then waited. Nate just stood there saying nothing and I knew you didn't ignore the Governor when he asked you a direct question. His head snapped over to Ben. "I want Mason in the field. I'm the agent in charge and with all due respect, I'll use him as I see fit."


Ben got into Nate's face. "Did you not read the papers the director sent you?"


"Yeah, I read em."


I could see Ben steaming and this was not the time to do it. "Well then you'd know I requested an agent solely for my son. One was sent, don't you remember?"


"Yep, I remember it and she's laid up in the hospital."


Ben closed his eyes then started slowly counting towards 10. "Well, Agent Mason was sent to replace her."


Nate shook his head. "Not so fast Governor, they didn't send me another woman. As soon as she's better Mason will be outta here."


Bennie gasped. "I don't wanna another agent. I like Ace and I want him to stay."


"Sorry kid, no can do. Mason's needed elsewhere and women are better to watch children."


Ben was totally pissed now. He took his finger and started poking Nate in the chest. "Now you listen, Special Agent Mason is assigned to Bennie's protection. That's his sole job. Agent Mason, come with my son and me please."


Bennie started jumping up and down. I put my hand on his shoulder to stop his bouncing then he put his arm around my waist as we went back upstairs. Bennie turned around and stuck his tongue out at Nate then I looked over and saw Nate shooting daggers at me. `After today you kike, you'll be out of a job. No Jew will ever be president.'


The three of us went into a sitting room. "Ace, I want you to keep a close eye on Bennie when we're at the hotel. It's going to be a total zoo and I don't need him getting lost."


"Aw Dad, I was a little kid then."


I giggled then Bennie punched me on the shoulder. I looked at Ben then got serious. "Sir, are you really going to want Agent Hill as head of your personal security team?"


"Ace, he's a good agent. He has 13 years of service so he must be doing something right. Like I said 2 weeks ago, you're Bennie's guard and nothing will change that."


I nodded my head then we went down stairs and his housekeeper had prepared lunch. For the first time in almost 2 weeks I finally saw the person who cooked all the superb meals. "Ace, this is Gloria Hernandez. She's been with us ever since I became Governor."


"Dad, she's coming with us to Washington isn't she?" Bennie asked showing his puppy dog eyes.


"Yes son, all that has been arranged."


We ate lunch then Ben went upstairs and started watching the returns. About 2PM, his campaign staff started arriving and they were telling him the exit polls had him in the lead 53% to 47%.


Bennie was getting bored. "Ace can we go rent some movies?"


"How about pay per view?


He took me by the hand and we went upstairs. Bennie unlocked his door then we went inside. "Ace, you're my protector, right?"


"That's right. Why the serious look?"


Bennie sat on the bed then patted a spot beside him so I joined him. "Well, since it looks like you're going to be with me for the next 4 years, there's something I have to tell you and you have to promise me you won't tell anyone else."


I've known him for 2 weeks and I've never seen this serious a side of him before. "Answer me this kiddo; you're not in any trouble are you?"


He shook his head. "Oh no Ace, nothing like that. I'm gay, does that bother you?"


I ruffled his hair. "Not at all man, it doesn't bother me. I take it your Dad doesn't know."


"Oh hell no," He replied then slapped his hand over his mouth. "He'd disown me or something. Here in California it's not a big deal but we're going to be moving to D.C. and I don't know what it's like there."


I put my arm around his shoulder. "There is a gay area in D.C around DuPont Circle."


Bennie broke into a huge smile. "How do you know this?"


"I'm a Secret Service Agent; it's my job to know.


He tried to tickle me. That was my only weakness and as soon as I started laughing, he was all over me. After a few minutes I was able to wrap his arms up in mine and stop the tickling barrage. "I surrender Bennie."


He rolled over on top of me then surprised me by giving me a kiss on the cheek. "If I win, I get to kiss your cheek. Ace, you're something special. I can't explain it but I feel just as close to you as I do my Dad."


He stood up then I was able to sit up. We started talking for who knows how long then there was a knock on the door. Ben stuck his head in and smiled. "I wondered where you two disappeared to."


Bennie ran over and hugged his Dad. "We were just talking, is there something wrong?"


He shook his head. "Not at all, but now it's time for you to hit the shower then get your suit on."


"Aw Dad."


I put my hand on Bennie's head. "Hey sport, this is your Dad's moment. It's not every day he's elected President of the United States."


Those words hit him hard and he broke into a huge smile then he started stripping in front of us. "Cool, my Dad the Prez."


Bennie turned and wiggled his butt as he headed towards his bathroom and I couldn't resist the tempting target so I playfully popped him. Bennie stuck his tongue out and Ben howled. "You and he are going to get along fine."


"Thank you sir," I replied smiling.


"I mean it Ace. Bennie's not a woman's boy. He didn't like that female agent and I knew it. The best thing to happen was her getting sick because if she hadn't I was going to have to ask for another agent. You're one of a kind and I see you having a long career with the service."


Just then I heard footsteps trying to climb the stairs quietly. I put my finger over my lips then had Ben go into the bathroom. I drew my weapon and eased over to the door then listened. The door started to open slowly then a hand came in. I recognized it right away then a head started to show. As soon as a little more appeared I put the barrel of my weapon against it. "Ease in nice and slow."


He did as instructed and there stood Nate. Ben was watching from the bathroom then he came out. "What are you doing trying to sneak upstairs?"


I holstered my weapon while Nate tried to figure a way out of this latest mess. "I was trying to find you Governor. I hadn't seen or heard from you and we need to get ready to leave."


"Did you see him leave the grounds?"


Nate glared at me. "Quiet boy, I'm in charge here. We have a schedule to adhere too."


Ben got into Nate's face again. "Listen Agent Hill, I know the schedule. I wrote it! It is 6:15; we leave here at 6:40 for the trip to the Regency. Agent Mason will be riding in my limo because Bennie will be in it."


I heard the shower stop so I eased over to the bathroom and closed the door. "Agent Hill, everyone will be ready on time."


Ben was seething and Nate could tell it. He turned towards the door then stopped. "Be at the limo by 6:35 so I can do a head count."


He closed the door behind him just as Bennie came out in his all together. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Kiddo you need to listen before you come out in the buff. I know this is your room but there could be someone in here."


I had to get changed so I took off my tee shirt. "Wow Ace, you're built. I can't believe you're older than my Dad."


"I try buddy. I work out and keep in shape. Now I have to get changed so we can leave. I need you ready on time too kiddo.


Bennie pulled on his boxers then I hurried into my room and changed. The 3 of us went down to the limo and after everyone was present, we headed over to the Regency.


Once inside the conference room, televisions were on broadcasting the returns. At 7, Ben's 6 point margin had been as high as 10 but now that some of the Midwestern states were coming in, his lead was beginning to shrink.


The rally was in full swing. Poor Ben was always surrounded by a group of loyal supporters. I stayed at Bennie's side and there were several comments about us being father and son. "Ace, can we get out of here for a little while. I'm feeling smothered."


There was a huge wall of people in front of us so I took his hand and made a hole so we could find Ben. "Sir, Bennie needs a break from all this."


"OK Ace, we have a block of rooms on the third floor and Bennie has the key to his room."


We went up to the room and I quickly slipped off my jacket. "Ace, do you always have to carry your gun?"


I nodded my head. "I sure do. When I'm with you, it's a must. Does it bother you?"


I could see him thinking. "Not really but I don't like them."


"I can't blame you. Too many people are killed each year with guns."


I set my jacket down then Bennie and I attacked the food. When I turned the TV on they were putting up the Presidential race figures. Ben's lead was now a deficit and he was down in electoral votes. He was down by 3 points but the west coast states hadn't started reporting. Slowly some small states started reporting and Ben was down by only 2 points but still trailing in electoral votes by 3.


At ten, my brain was working overtime. Ben had managed to regain a small lead. I saw what states were left and saw the way he could lock Gov. Waters out but that was to take his home state.


California had always been a Republican state but during the primaries Ben had been scoring some major victories. Bennie was stretched out on the bed catching a few winks. At 10:30, they started showing the California returns. At 10:45, all the analysts were declaring Ben the winner of California. I let out a loud cheer causing Bennie to sit up startled. "What happened?"


I went over and sat beside him. "Your Dad won. He's the next President of the United States."


"Whoopee," He yelled jumping into my arms. "This means you'll be with me for at least 4 years. I really like you Ace."


"I really like you too Bennie; now we better hurry up and get back with your Dad. He has a speech to give and I know he's going to want you there with him."


Bennie tucked his shirt in and we quickly used the bathroom before heading down to the conference room. I had my jacket slung over my shoulder as we headed for the door. "Ace, aren't you forgetting something?"


I looked around then Bennie went over to the dresser. I'd forgotten I'd taken my weapon off. "Thanks sport; I'd have been in a bind if I needed that and didn't have it."


I slipped it on my belt then put my jacket on so it was concealed. We took the elevator down to the first floor then made our way to the private entrance. There were a lot of people milling about and Bennie and I had gotten separated a little. I was about to go into the conference room when I heard Bennie scream. "Let go of me you jerk."


I turned around and saw some rent a cop grabbing Bennie by the arm trying to drag him off. I ran over and grabbed the man by the back of his shirt collar. He turned around and got snotty. "You better let me go or you'll be arrested to."


"You have 2 seconds to let go of that boy's arm or else."


"Or else what tinker bell," He quipped as I tightened my grip on his collar cutting his air off.


"Or else you're going to pass out and when you wake up you'll be in jail."


Just then another rent a cop came over and tried to bullshit his way out of this. "You better let go of him. He's a uniformed Secret Service Agent."


I looked at their badges and they were cheap Security Officer knockoffs. "Really, you're both Secret Service Agents? May I see your ID cards?"


The one holding Bennie tried to pull a fast one. "Our badges are our ID mister and you're interfering with Federal Officers."


Just then I saw Miller and Hanks coming over so I raised my hand up getting their attention. "What's going on Ace?" Hanks asked.


"These 2 Uniformed Secret Service Agents are arresting this boy." I said winking at them.


Miller looked at them. "Hey Hawks, did we change badges and not get notified?"


The other rent a cop heard this and I saw him trying to ease himself towards a hole. I took my credentials out and looked at my badge. "You mean this one?" I said flashing it in front of the other rent a cop.


Just then I heard the rent a cop holding Bennie scream then grab hold of his shin. "Why you little shit."


I grabbed the guy by the wrist, twisted and had it behind his back before he could bat an eyelash. "Let go of me, I'm doing my job. No kids are allowed..."


"That kid, as you want to call him, is Benjamin Jacobs Jr."


The other rent a cop started turning green, "Benjamin Jacobs Jr. as in the President Elect's son?"


"That's right you dickheads and just wait until I tell my Dad what you tried to do."


I reached over and put my finger on his lips. "Can you take these 2 for me? I have to get inside with Bennie. His Dad has an acceptance speech to give."


"Take us where? I told you, we were just doing our jobs."


I took my cuffs off the one guy and Miller put his on him. "We'll start with impersonating a Federal Police Officer and go from there."


Miller and Hawks took the two rent a cops with them then Bennie and I headed for the conference room. I'd taken a couple of steps when I felt his hand slip into mine. "I'm not getting separated from you again Ace. I was really scared."


"That was my fault. I should always make sure you're right beside me at all times."


He looked up at me. "How about I always hold your hand?


We went inside then found a quiet spot away from everyone. I watched him look around then he pulled on my arm. I leaned over and he kissed me on the lips. "I told you Ace, I like you a lot."


I felt something start to stir inside me. I knew what these feelings were and they could really make these next 4 years more than a little problematic and I didn't want to end up hurting Bennie. By this time he'd wrapped his arms around me and had his head tight against my chest. I had to get out of this predicament and fast. "Come on Bennie, your Dad has to be looking for us by now."


We made our way through the sea of bodies and I spotted Ben. We walked up to him then Bennie gave him a huge hug, "Way to go Dad or should I call you Prez now?"


He reached down and tickled him under his arms causing Bennie to squeal. "Dad will do just fine wise guy."


I found a weakness the next time he tried to tickle me. Bennie then turned and hugged me right in front of his Dad. "Can I go over to the buffet?"


I looked and it was just a few feet away and there weren't any other people there. "OK, just come back here when you've gotten your food."


As soon as he took off, Ben looked at me seriously. "Ace, he's falling for you."


That statement hit me square in the gut. "Hero worship Ben."


He shook his head. "I know my boy Ace and this is more than hero worship."


Now I was sunk. I couldn't hurt Bennie like this so I did the only thing I could under the circumstances. "You'll have my letter of resignation on your desk in the morning sir."


I turned to watch Bennie when I felt his hands on my shoulders and turn me around. "Nonsense Ace, I won't accept it."


"But sir," I started then he put his finger on my lips.


"We'll talk on the way home. I have to get ready to give my speech."


After Bennie ate, Ben went out to face his supporters. I stood out of the way but in such a manner I could get to both Ben and Bennie. After Ben gave his speech Bennie came up to me and leaned against my body. I looked down and he was dead on his feet. I saw Ben look at us then he eased himself away from the crowd. "Sir, he's falling asleep against me."


He nodded his head then I got hold of the others and told them we were preparing to leave. The other agents came and we formed up to escort him out to the limo. Before we took 2 steps, I had to catch Bennie then pick him up and carry him. Nate came up beside me and started mumbling. "You are one of those faggot lovers aren't you boy. I knew it, I just knew it."


If my arms hadn't been full I'd have knocked that chaw slam down his throat. I ignored his crap and caught up with Ben. When we reached the limo, Ben got in first then I handed Bennie to him then quickly got in. I sat down then Ben laid Bennie on the seat with his head in my lap. Nate was driving and I saw the privacy window cracked down so I raised it then locked it from in the back. As soon as we took off, Ben put his hand on my leg. "Ace, my son loves you."


"But sir, that can't be. He's a child and he's the President's son."


"He's a young man in love. The fact he's the President's son has nothing to do with it. Ace, are you gay?"


It was a good thing I didn't have a mouthful of anything because Ben would have worn it. "I won't lie to you sir, I am. I've known since I was younger than Bennie. If you're wondering, I had a couple of boyfriends when I was in the Air Force but all they were after was my money."


"Thank you for your candor. As soon as I met you I got the feeling you were and Bennie picked up on it right away."


I was blown away. "Are you saying you're gay also?"


"Yes I am and only a select few very close people know. After I'm sworn in I'm going to exercise executive privilege and make gay partnerships legal and the same for adoptions."


This would make a lot of gays and lesbians happy but it could also start a small war from all the homophobes out there. "You're also going to have to get Federal legislation passed to make gay bashing a hate crime."


"That's been in the works for a while now and I think it'll pass as written."


We pulled into the driveway then waited until the agents were in place before we exited. I managed to get Bennie awake enough so he could walk on his own. I started to take Bennie upstairs when Nate grabbed my arm. "You have to make an outside sweep."


Just then Ben looked at me. "Agent Mason, please get Bennie upstairs."


I did as Ben asked and left Nate fuming. I got his door unlocked then helped him into his room. I closed the door then got him undressed. "Ace, please lock the door. Dad has a key in case he needs to come in for any reason."


I did as asked then went into my room to get ready for bed. It had been a very long day and I was beat. After using the bathroom I made my way to bed and fell asleep.


To be continued