The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 20


"How about Disney World and if you pass your finals, I'll send you and Ace on a cruise."


Bennie's eyes lit up. "Are you serious?"


Ben held his arms out. "You have my word on it son."


Bennie ran over to Ben and almost knocked him down. "Oh Dad, thank you."


Ben caught Bennie in his arms and held him tightly. "Come on son, let's go and eat."


Somewhere in DC a cell phone rang. "Yeah."


"Hey man, I need some help."


"Shit, I told you never to call."


"Fuck you dickhead, I need some help."


"Give me one reason I should."


"You're in deep shit too. Need I remind you..."


"Alright, alright. What do you need?"




"Fuck, I ain't got no money I can spare."


"You better find some."


"Look, I can spare a couple hundred, that's it."


"WHAT?!? That won't last me no time."


"Take it or leave it shithead."


"Shit you're fucking me, do you know that?"


"You'd love that, wouldn't you? Take it or leave it."


"Up yours asshole. Don't you EVER talk to me like that again."


"Then you can fuck off."


The phone went dead. Two minutes later, it was ringing again. "DON'T YOU EVER HANG UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!!!! YOU GOT IT, YOU BRAIN DEAD PIECE OF SHIT!"


The phone went dead again. `Fuck, if I don't get me some wheels I'm screwed.'


Several minutes later a cell phone rang again. "What the hell do you want?"


"Listen ass..."


The phone went dead again. `Fuck me. I can't let him get to me like that.'


Once again the phone rang. "What now you dicked pussy."


The guy on the other end of the phone bit his tongue. "Look, I need money or wheels."


"And if I don't pussy boy?"


`Damn him,' The other man thought. `He's baiting me.'


"Come on. I'm damn near broke."


"Oh, so you have money then."


"Yeah, a little."


"Then why are you bugging me cunt."


"Because I'm damn near broke. Look, I need wheels bad."


In the Secret Service office, an agent was monitoring cell phone frequencies and he had picked up on the conversation. He grabbed his cell phone then placed a call. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, this is Agent Cole. Can you get over to the West Wing?"


"Sure, what's up?"


"I'm not sure exactly but I'm listening to one hell of a weird conversation on the cell phone frequencies."


"Are you taping it?"


"Oh yes sir."


"Alright, I'll be right down."


It's a good thing I was done eating because I really hate getting interrupted. "Sir, I am needed in the West Wing. I shouldn't be too long."


"Can I..."


"No Bennie," Ben interrupted. "You still have homework, I believe."


I got up then called Ed. "Where are you, buddy?"


"I'm finishing my dinner in the Navy mess. Why?"


"Meet me in the office. Agent Cole called me about a conversation he overheard on the cell phone frequencies. He's taping the conversation."


"Good, I'm on my way."


"I'll meet you there.


I saw Johnny coming heading towards the elevator. I stepped out and let the door close. "Run your ID card through the lock Johnny."


He did as I asked and the door opened. "I didn't know my card worked the elevator."


"You're Ed's partner so you need that. If it hadn't worked I would have had that added to the magnetic strip on your card. I'm needed in the office. I shouldn't be too long."


"No problem Ace."


When I arrived, Ed was already there. I looked at Agent Cole. "Are they still at it?"


Cole shook his head. "No, they gave it up about five minutes ago. But I did get the whole thing on tape.


I looked at Ed and he nodded. "Great, let's hear it.


Man 1: "Hey man, I need some help."


Man 2: "Shit, I told you never to call."


Man 1: "Fuck you dickhead, I need some help."


Man 2: "Give me one reason I should."


Man 1: "You're in deep shit too. Need I remind you..."


Man 2 "Alright, alright. What do you need?"


Man 1: "Money."


Man 2: "Fuck, I ain't got no money I can spare."


Man 1: "You better find some."


Man 2: "Look, I can spare a couple hundred, that's it."


Man 1: "WHAT?!? That won't last me no time."


Man 2: "Take it or leave it shithead."


Man 1: "Shit you're fucking me, do you know that?"


Man 2: "You'd love that, wouldn't you? Take it or leave it."


Man 1: "Up yours asshole. Don't you EVER talk to me like that again."


Man 2: "Then you can fuck off."


Line goes dead




Man 2: "What the hell do you want?"


Man 1: "Listen ass..."


Line goes dead


Man 2: "What now you dicked pussy."


Man 1: "Look, I need money or wheels."


Man 2: "And if I don't pussy boy?"


Man 1: "Come on. I'm damn near broke."


Man 2: "Oh, so you have money then."


Man 1: "Yeah, a little."


Man 2: "Then why are you bugging me cunt."


Man 1: "Because I'm damn near broke. Look, I need wheels bad."


Man 2: "And just how in the fuck am I supposed to do that?"


Man 1: "What, you've never rented a car before?"


Man 2: "Fuck you shit for brains. What I mean genius, is if you're going to be driving it, you have to be on the contract too."


Man 1: "That's if I get into a wreck."


Man 2: "Or take off and not return it which then means yours truly is on the hook and that just so isn't going to happen."


Man 1: "Then just what am I supposed to do."


Man 2: "My suggestion is to keep doing whatever it is you've been doing."


Agent Cole looked up at me. "That's it. I waited for about five minutes then cut the tape off."


The audio wasn't that great so I didn't really know who was talking. I'd need to get the tape cleaned up so I could. "Thanks Cole, if they start up again, call me."


"Can you dub us a copy of it so we still have one while the other is at the lab?" Ed asked.


Agent Cole quickly dubbed a copy then Ed and I returned to the residence. "You know Ed, I have a good idea who one of those voices is."


When we stepped off the elevator we were greeted by Tonka. "Who's that, Nate?"


"Exactly but what I can't figure out is who he's talking to."


"I wonder what frequency they were on." Ed asked as he was scratching Tonka.


I called downstairs and called Agent Cole. "He said they were on 800 MHz band."


Suddenly it hit me. "I'll bet they're using analog phones."


"Why would they do that Ace?"


"Back then, cell phone technology was in its infancy. Phones were like dinosaurs, they were huge and bulky unlike the phones of today."


"So, he likes using a relic."


I shook my head. "No, analog phones didn't have the capability to track them like most of today's phones do."


"We're screwed still."


"Kinda buddy, we just need to catch a break and we will."


I could see Ed lost in thought. "Ace, you realize if we do figure out who this other person is, anything we find is in admissible in court."


He was right. "We'll need a warrant to allow us to legally eavesdrop on cell phone conversations."


"What judge will give us one?"


I smiled. "I'll draft it tonight then call Judge Wheeler tomorrow before Bennie and I leave school to see if I can talk to him in his chambers."


"You think he'd give it to you?"


"The way I'm going to draft it, he should."


"Ace, do you see why I want you as Agent in Charge? You have a hell of a lot of experience I don't."


I stopped then put my hands on his shoulders. "Ed, stop selling yourself short. You're a good leader."


"Yeah right Ace."


"You are. Look, you thought about needing the warrant."


He smiled. "Yeah I did but I've never had to draft a warrant before so I wouldn't have a clue how to do it."


"It's not hard buddy." I said heading for my room so I could turn on the PC. "I'll make a copy so you can save it."


I turned on my laptop because I had some templates for various warrants I'd saved when I was in the academy. I plugged in a flash drive then copied the files then plugged it into the PC and moved those templates to the desktop.


I opened the proper template and started filling it out. When I came to "Explain in detail the reason for this warrant" I began filling it in.


The nature of this warrant is to locate the whereabouts of a fugitive named Nate Hill. He currently has an active outstanding warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution plus several other charges. He also goes by the alias Mark Hall. Mr. Hill has evaded all efforts by several Law Enforcement agencies to locate him. He has contacted this agent on numerous occasions via cell phone. A call was intercepted last evening from Hill to an unknown individual requesting money. It is imperative we locate Nate Hill before other people are injured.


After I printed it out, I called downstairs and spoke with Agent Curtis. "Ted, this is Rich Mason. You can't legally eavesdrop on cell phone calls."


"How come man?"


"Technically you can but should you hear something that could be used as evidence in a trial, it'll be thrown out because we need a warrant."


"Oh shit I totally forgot about that."


"Not to worry. I've filled out a warrant and I'm going to see a judge tomorrow afternoon. Since Nate Hill has an outstanding warrant, I don't think there'll be a problem with us getting the warrant. Keep your ears open but remember, nothing you hear can be used until the warrant is issued."


"Thanks man. If I hear anything, I'll let you know."


The next day at school was pretty uneventful until Bennie's first class after lunch. I brought a change of clothes with me because Bennie had PE. Some of the boys were wondering why I was in there. Jake overheard one of the boys. "What give with the old guy? Is he gonna try and perv on us?"


Jake walked over and got into the kids face. "Is who going to try and perv on someone?"


"That old dude."


"Watch your mouth Chambers. That old guy ain't no perv."


"Oh yeah, he sure looks like one to me."


I heard the sounds of someone being pushed against the lockers so I hurried over and sure enough Jake had the boy by the shirt and up against the lockers. "Let him go Jake."


"But Ace..." He started.


I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder. "Let him go.


Jake did as I asked then I looked at the boy. "Now, what did you say before?"


"Uh nothing." He stammered.


I gave him a stern look. "Don't make me ask you again."


He shook his head. "I didn't say..."


Just then Carl boxed his ears. "I heard it too Chambers now repeat it or I will."


The kid looked down then back at me. "Before you speak, do you happen to know who I am?"


He shook his head then Jake got into his face again. "You jerk, you know who he is and here's a warning for you. If you ever think of doing what I've heard you talk to a couple of your punk-ass friends about, I'll personally kick your ass all the way off campus. Now answer his question."


The kid suddenly developed some balls. "Alright Wheeler, I'll repeat it. What give with the old guy? Is he gonna try and perv on us?"


Just then Bennie came over and I had to grab him before he did something very stupid but I didn't cover his mouth. "Ace isn't a perv."


"Oh yeah Jacobs then why is he always around you, Wheeler and Mathews?"


"He's doing his job shit for brains." Jake fired back.


"I didn't know there was a job being a perv."


Just then I saw a hand come in and slap the kid upside his head. "Don't anyone hit him again, do you all read me?"


Carl got hold of the kid and spun him around. "For your information ass wipe Ace is Bennie's bodyguard."


"Yeah right Mathews and I'm the Queen of England."


I heard a voice in the back. "You're right about one thing Chambers, you are a queen."


Everyone broke out laughing. "Son, for your information, I am Bennie's bodyguard."


"Oh yeah, prove it."


"You'll be sorry Chambers," Carl shot out as I pulled my credentials out and opened them so he could see it.


"Wh...wh...what t...the hell? Chambers stuttered. "Just who are you Jacobs?"


Jake got back into the boy's face. "Are you dead or just plain stupid? Don't you know who the President of the United States is?"


"Yeah, I know who he..." Then it hit him. "Oh shit,'re his son? That means you're with..."


"The Secret Service," Carl interrupted. "Now, shit for brains, you better apologize and fast."


"Uh, I'm really sorry Sir."


Just then a voice boomed out. "Come on ladies, you got 2 minutes to be in the gym ready to go."


They let the boy go as I slipped off my jacket. "You have to carry a gun too?"


"Yes I do son. Not only do I protect Bennie but if any one of you ever needed help, I'd be there for you also. Now, we keep the fact that Bennie is the President's son quiet so I'd appreciate it if you did that too. One final thing, I don't know if what Jake said is true or not but if anyone ever tries to hurt Bennie, they'll feel the full weight of me and the US Secret Service on them. Is that understood?"


The kid nodded his head. " Sir."


I left the boy standing there and quickly changed into my workout clothes. Once we were in the gym, the coach took roll. "Alright ladies, let's see just how in shape you all are. Take two laps around the fence."


The next thing I heard were moans and groans as we all took off. Bennie stayed beside me as did Jake and Carl. I let them set the pace but soon, we were leading the others. As we passed a number of the kids, Jake and Carl couldn't resist needling them. "Come on slow poke, we're not running that fast."


A couple of minutes later, we caught up to Chambers and now Bennie had something to say. "Come on Chambers, you can sure talk a lot now let's see how well you can run."


We were about half way through the second lap then Bennie took off. I picked it up so I could stay beside him. "I'll get you Jacobs," Chambers hollered.


Bennie looked over his shoulder. "I don't think so."


We were closing on a storage room and Bennie had pulled about 30 feet in front of me. He was still looking over his shoulder at Chambers and wasn't paying attention to his surroundings when I saw an arm come out from along side of the storage room. "Bennie, DOWN NOW!"


I kicked it into high gear pulling my weapon out in the process. He looked over at me then ahead but it was too late. He ran right into the arm and got knocked onto his back. The kid got a shot in on Bennie's face when another kid appeared and kicked him in the ribs. The one who punched Bennie in the face looked up and saw me running full speed towards them. "Come on, let's get outta here."




The boys split up then I heard a blood curdling scream. I went to the scream forgetting about the other boy. When I got there, Tonka was latched onto the boy's leg and the kid was thrashing trying to get his leg free. "Tonka off!"


I looked and Johnny was kneeling beside the boy with his hand on his back. I pulled out my cell and got several ambulances started. Just then, my thoughts then went to the other boy. I looked and there was a large crowd of boys gathered so I took off running towards them. As I got closer, I saw the other boy on the ground. "Let him up boys."


Jake and Carl picked the kid up and held on to him. "Let me go."


Before I could say anything the kid suddenly went down in a heap holding his back moaning. I rolled him over and put my cuffs on him then got him to his feet. "You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present? Do you have anything to say?"


"Yeah, I want my lawyer," He spat then spit on me.


Just then someone slapped him along side of his head. "That's enough guys."


I walked him over to where the other boy and Bennie were when I saw a medic crew tending to the boy's dog bite.  As we got closer, Tonka started growling and barking. "Ke...keep h...him a...away"


Jake walked over and petted him. "Why, he's friendly."


Carl went over next and scratched his ears. "Yeah, he just has a thing against assholes."


I heard another ambulance arrive as I went over to Chambers. "I'm taking you in also. I heard the threats you made."


"I didn't do that, I was here with everyone else in class."


"I know what I heard son. You'll have to prove to the US Attorney you had nothing to do with this."


"I didn't, honest." The boy said.


Johnny took Chambers as I went over to Bennie. I knelt down and gently ran my fingers over his cheek. He managed to open his eyes as he smiled at me. "How you feel kiddo?"


"My back hurts like hell."


Just then 2 medics started to look him over. The kid the boys had started whining then. "Hey, I'm hurt too"


The medic looked up. "You'll survive. Once we're done here we'll look at you."


I went over to Johnny. "Thanks, I don't think I could have caught the guy Tonka nailed. What made you come out here?"


"I got wind of a possible attack. I tried to get you on your cell and got your voice mail."


"I'd left that in my locker. I didn't have a pocket to carry it but I can remedy that situation. I have an old Sam Browne belt I can wear and I'll put my cell in a pouch on it."


You better get changed and call the President. I called Metro and they have some officers heading over."


"Good job but I need you to call them back and have the officers meet us at GW. I'll need you to follow the ambulance while I take the lead."


I went and quickly changed then ran back out to be with Bennie. I went to the medic working on Bennie. "He needs to go to GW Medical Center."


Who are you sir?"


I showed him my credentials. "I'm Bennie's bodyguard and his legal guardian during times like this."


"Yes Sir. When we're finished here he'll go to GWMC. "Can I give him something for pain?"


"I'm an EMT and I don't think that's in his best interest as it could hide a serious injury. I'd try nitrous oxide."


"Alight, we'll start with that. He'll be ready to go in about 5 minutes."


"Good. I'll be escorting you and there will be another vehicle bringing up the rear." I said then made the call to Ben. "Yes Ace, what's wrong?"


Ben knew I'd only call him on his cell if there was a problem or emergency. "Ben, Bennie's been hurt."


"How, where, why?" He fired at me. "Where were you Ace?"


"It's a long story but I was with him." I replied as I ran to the Hummer. "It happened during gym class. Ben, I'll fill you in at the hospital. The medics are with him now."


"Alright Ace," Ben said as I reached my vehicle. "I'll see you at the hospital."


I hurried around to the gate and saw the ambulance was getting closer. I got into position to lead then turned on all my lights. As soon as we left the school, I hit the siren then took off. I didn't get too far ahead as it would take the ambulance a minute or two to get up to speed.


When we pulled into emergency entrance, I quickly parked the Hummer and Johnny parked behind me. We ran over to the ambulance and saw Bennie getting unloaded. Johnny and the other agent acted as a shield as he was wheeled into the emergency room. I looked at Johnny. "I want you and that other agent outside Bennie's door."


"I take it you called Ben?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah and that was the hardest phone call I've ever had to make in my life."


I went into the treatment room and a nurse quickly put her hand against my chest. "Sir, you're not allowed in there."


I looked down to be sure my credentials were showing and they were. "Do you see this badge?"


"I'm not blind, Sir."


"Do you know who that patient is?"


She walked over and looked. "Yes, that's Benjamin Jacobs, Jr., the President's son."


I nodded my head. "That's right and I'm his bodyguard. Do you know what that means?"


"Yes Sir, my apologies." She said as we entered the room and I stayed out of the way.


A few minutes later the door opened and in came Ed and Ben. We stepped back as the nurse quickly undressed Bennie. When I saw his chest I started cry softly. I stepped over to Ed. "Stay with them buddy, I have to get some air."


He patted me on the back. "Take your time Ace. We'll protect them both."


I went out the employee's entrance then I saw Johnny's vehicle and there was Tonka wagging his tail and barking at me. I went over and punched in the unlock code then let him out so he could do his business.


I sat down on the running board and broke down crying. When Tonka came over, he sensed something was wrong so he started licking my face hoping that would cheer me up. After several minutes he had me giggling as he found the ticklish spot on my neck. I put him back into the Hummer then returned to the trauma room.


When I returned, I saw Bennie being wheeled back into the room. "Where did they take him, Ed?"


"They just got a CT scan. They don't think anything is broken but they had to be sure."


I went over to him and held his hand. "How bad does it hurt baby?"


"Not too bad love," He said softly as the nurse came back in.


A few minutes later Dr. Manly returned along with the nurse. He put the x-rays up on the reader then flipped the light on as he motioned for us to gather around him. "As you can see, nothing is broken. When he was in radiology, I had a CT scan done and there is no sign of any internal injuries."


I heard Ben sigh. "That's a very good sign."


Dr. Manly patted Ben on the shoulder. "Yes it is Mr. President. I think with rest, he should make a full recovery."


"Will he be able to rest at home?" I asked the doctor.


"Yes he will. Mr. President, I'll write discharge orders on your son and give you some pain medication for him but Motrin or Tylenol along with some warm moist heat will probably work too. He'll be able to leave shortly. If he has any problems, I'm sure Dr. Phillips can handle them but don't hesitate to bring him back here if he needs anything."


Just then I remembered some things I had to do. "Ed, Johnny, I have a couple of things to take care of. I'll be back at the residence as soon as I can. Johnny, can you stay with Bennie?"


He nodded his head. "Sure thing Ace, what do you have to do?"


"I have the two boys that jumped Bennie to see then go over to Judge Wheeler's house and have him sign a warrant to eaves drop on Nate Hill's cell calls."


Ben heard this. "Have you gotten a location on him?"


I shook my head. "Not really Sir. The best we can do is put him around the DuPont Circle area and that was several days ago so there's no telling where he is now."


He patted me on the shoulder. "I see the frustration Ace but you'll get him. He'll make a mistake and when he does, you'll be there."


I sighed. "I know Sir and I also want the person who shot me and Officer Poole. Johnny, I have Tonka with me."


"OK Ace," Johnny said as I headed out the door then went to the nurse's station.


The nurse that was in with Dr. Manly was standing there as another nurse spoke. "Yes Sir, how may I help you?"


Just then I saw two Metro PD officers walk up. "Are you here to pick up two suspects in the Jacobs assault?" I asked.


"Yes Sir, I'm Officer Kelly and this is my partner Officer Vance."


"Nurse Weaver, where are the two young men who were brought in about the same time as Benjamin Jacobs? One would have been bitten by a K9."


"Let me see Agent," She said as she looked at the patient list. Dean Weller is in room 3. He's the one with the dog bite and Chuck Trent is in room 4. He's being examined for a fractured nose. Mr. Trent has a visitor with him."


I hurried down the hall. "Come with me officers." We stopped outside room 4 then I looked inside and saw a man helping the boy get dressed. "Wait out here and don't let anyone else come in unless they have hospital credentials."


I removed my ID and put it back into my pocket then went into the room. The elder male looked at me. "He's been examined doctor and released."


"May I see his discharge papers?"


They both looked lost when I asked that question and the boy's color disappeared when he saw me. "Ah, the nurse didn't leave any with us. We need to get going, come along now Chuck.


The boy just sat there. "Come on now, we have to get going."


He turned and looked at the boy as I quickly hung my ID on my jacket. "May I see some ID please?"


"Now see here," He started to say then turned around.


"You were saying?" I asked as the man swallowed hard. "I could charge you with Aiding and abetting an escape. Now Chuck, why did you and your friend assault that student?"


The older man got into my face. "He didn't assault anyone. He wasn't even there."


"Then what was he doing on the field behind the gym where other students were having class?"


"He wasn't," The man replied.


"Then how did everyone in the assaulted boy's class catch him as he tried to run away as Chuck's friend was held by a K9? And why did he spit on me?"


Chuck shook his head. "Uncle Charlie, cut it out. Look man, Dean told me that kid was a real wise ass and liked giving everyone a hard time. He said he was going to teach him a lesson. I'm sorry I spit on you; that was wrong."


"I want you to listen closely Chuck. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


Chuck looked at Charlie then back to me. "Alright Sir, what do you want to know?"


"Is the boy you beat up in any of your classes?"


"No Sir," He answered. "Look, I'm only a Junior. So is Dean."


"Then why bother that boy, he's a Senior. One more thing, do you happen to know who that boy is?"


He shook his head again. "No Sir, who is he?"


"His name is Benjamin Jacobs, Jr."


Chuck covered his mouth. "Oh shit, how bad is he hurt? I didn't know who he was, honest."


"You're lucky, that kick to his ribs didn't break anything. Now, you're being charged with felony assault and battery. And since the victim is the President's son; that makes it a federal crime."


"Look, I swear I didn't know who that kid was but Dean sure has a thing against Jews."


"Shut up Chuck," His uncle said.


"Sir, I'd advise your nephew to cooperate with us if what he just said is true."


Just then I heard a commotion outside. The Metro PD officers were holding onto a boy with a large bandage on his leg. "Get your hands off of me you pigs."


"What's going on?"


"This guy thought he could just leave."


"Is that so?" I asked as I walked up to the foul mouthed kid.


"That's right pig."


"You must be Dean Trent."


"Oink, oink."


I took Mr. Potty Mouth back into his room then leaned close to Officer Kelly. "Wait out here guys."


"So how's the kike? Did I bust his jaw?"


He had a smirk on his face as I moved closer to him. I wanted to reach down and grab hold of his leg and squeeze the hell out of it but since he might be a minor I decided against it. I grabbed my digital recorder before I got out of the Hummer so I pulled it out and turned it on. "Shut your smart mouth and listen up. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. How old are you?"


He smiled at me. "Oink, oink piggy. I'm seventeen."


I was screwed and couldn't ask him any questions that could be used against him but if he kept shooting it off, I could. "If you keep talking trash, it can be used against you in court even though you don't have a parent, guardian or advocate present."


"Oink, oink. I don't need them piggy, piggy. You didn't answer my question, did I bust little Bennie's jaw?"


"So you knew who he was then?"


"Yeah, I knew who he was and what he was. That's why I got Chuck to play kick the kike."


I had to get out of there before I lost my cool and bashed his face in. I opened the door and looked at the two Metro officers. "If this guy tries to leave again, handcuff each wrist to the bed rails."


I left the room and saw a man with a briefcase at the nurse's station. "Hello Agent, I'm Adam Graham."


"Nice to meet you." I said shaking his hand then we moved away from the nurse's station. "Listen, Dean Weller is a real piece of work. He knew who Bennie was when he attacked him. He's also anti-Semitic so you should try and make this a hate crime. I think his friend, Chuck Trent, is willing to testify against him. His uncle is in with him. One more thing, they're both seventeen so Dean will need a parent, guardian or advocate with him."


I could see Adam thinking. "If that guy is anti-Semitic, then I'll charge him as an adult."


I was about to bring Adam in to meet Dean for himself when I heard a voice. "Agent Mason."


I turned and saw Nurse Weaver and a man heading for us. "What is it?"


"This is Dean Weller's father."


"I'm Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service and this is Assistant US Attorney Adam Graham."


"I'm Keith Weller."


Adam looked at the man. "Well sir, your son is in quite a bit of trouble."


"Really now, I heard he was attacked viciously by a dog while he was talking with a friend."


"Sir, I witnessed your son and another boy attack a student while he was in gym class. Neither your son nor the other boy were in that class."


"I think you'll have a hard time proving that." Keith said with a bit of a cocky attitude.


"Your son is in room 3; you're welcome to visit him." I decided not to push it at that point in time as I looked at Adam and watched Keith go into see Dean. "I think we should talk to Chuck Trent. I'm willing to bet he'd testify against Dean if you offered him probation."


Adam and I went back into room 4. I made the introductions then Adam talked to the boy. Chuck told Adam what he told me about not knowing Bennie and Dean hating Jews. "Son, would you testify against your friend?"


Once again his uncle stuck his nose into it. "I told you not to say anything."


I looked at Charlie. "Sir, you don't realize just how much trouble Chuck is in. He's seventeen but Mr. Graham will charge him as an adult. With Dean's attitude, he'll file it as a hate crime and that means they're looking at some serious prison time."


"You can't prove it."


I went nose to nose with Charlie. "Just who do you think they're going to believe, Chuck or Bennie and me."


I looked at the boy and tears were starting to fall. "Uncle Charlie, shut up. You're not the one who's in trouble. If I testify, what can you do for me?"


Adam set his briefcase on the counter. "In exchange for your testimony, you'll plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery then you'll be on supervised probation until your eighteenth birthday. If you've stayed out of trouble I'll order your record sealed."


"Will I have to stay in jail until I go to court?"


I looked at Adam then he shook his head. "You'll be taken to the city jail where you'll be processed. I'll have you put in a secure cell until your arraignment where bond will be set. I'll try and get you released ROR (released on your own recognizance). Charlie, do you have the ability to post his bond?


"I have my house and money. How big will the bond be?"


"Have you even been arrested before?"


Chuck shook his head. "No Sir."


Adam looked at Charlie and he nodded his head agreeing with what Chuck said. "In that case, if the judge won't agree to ROR I'll see if he will agree with a $5,000 bond which means you'll need 10% or $500."


"I can handle that." Charlie said.


"Chuck, I want you to listen to this. If I can get you out on bond and you get into any trouble between now and court, your bond will be revoked and you'll be in jail until the trial. Do you understand me?"


Chuck looked at Charlie then over to Adam. "Yes sir, I'll stay out of trouble. I promise."


Adam and I started over to Dean's room when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, this is Ed. Dr. Phillips wrote discharge orders on Gloria. They'll be bringing her down as soon as all the paperwork is done then she'll be riding with us in the limo."


"Wow, that's great news Ed. I know Bennie will be happy but you'll have to keep Gloria calm when she finds out about Bennie's injuries."


"We'll handle that buddy. Have you left the hospital yet?"


"Not yet but soon. Look, if it looks like you're going to need me at the residence, call me. I can see Judge Wheeler tomorrow."


"You take care of what you need to buddy. We can handle things."


I ended the call then Adam and I started to go into Dean's room. I turned my digital recorder back on so we have his words taped. As soon as we entered, we were met by Dean's sarcasm. "Oink, oink."


"This is Adam Graham with the US Attorney's office."


Keith just stood there then I stepped in front of him. "Your son is in some serious trouble."


Again he remained quiet. Adam looked at Dean. "Listen carefully young man. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"Is Graham a Jew's name?" Dean asked.


"What does that have to do with what I just asked you? Adam asked as he pulled a Miranda form out of his briefcase. "Do you understand your rights as I have explained them to you?"


"Man, you're something else. Yeah, I understand what you said now answer my question."


Adam shook his head as he sat the form on the hospital tray. "Before I answer your question, I would like you and your Dad to read and then sign this form."


Dean read it as Adam held out a pen. He snatched it out of Adam's hand. "Fine, now answer the question."


After Dean signed it I handed the pen to Keith. He read it then scribbled his name on it. "No, it's not Jewish but why is that important to you?"


Dean sat there emotionless for a minute or two then started laughing. "Why is it important to me? It's easy man, I hate Jews."


"Why did you attack that boy at school?" Adam asked looking at his father.


"He's a fucking Jew as is his father. They're against the good order of things and have no business at Georgetown Exeter."


Adam just had his confession and his father never said a word. I wanted to make absolutely sure he understood what he was doing and to whom. I looked at Keith then over to Dean. "Do you know who that boy is?"


"Fuck yeah I know who he is. That's the kid of our kike President."


All this time, I was watching Keith wondering when he was going to tell Dean to shut up but he never did. "Why, what did he ever do to you?"


"He didn't do shit to me."


"So you're admitting to us that you attacked Benjamin Jacobs for no reason other than he's Jewish. Is this correct?"


"Yep, another one bites the dust." Dean sang then started laughing.


I turned off my digital recorder and started shaking my head. "Man, you're something else. Let's go Adam."


Just then a nurse came in with some papers. "I have your discharge papers, Sir."


"Nurse, has Chuck Trent signed his discharge papers yet?"


She shook her head. "I'll be going to his room after this patient signs his."


I nodded my head then Adam and I stepped out of the room and I spoke to Officer Vance. "Dean is signing his discharge papers now. Officer Kelly, can you stay with Chuck Trent, the nurse has his discharge papers too."


Adam looked at the officer. "I'll be following you over to the jail. Chuck needs to be kept safe until he's arraigned tomorrow."


"Adam, I have to run. I have to see a judge about a warrant.


I turned and saw Ed, Johnny and several other agent's leading Bennie and Gloria in their wheelchairs. Just then, officer Vance brought Dean Wheeler out of his room not knowing Ben, Bennie and Gloria were passing.


Dean spotted Ben and an agent heard him start to fill his mouth with spit. The kid was about to spit on him when I saw the agent make his move. He pulled his weapon and put it against the boy's head. "Go on punk, give me a reason."


Officer Vance heard what the agent said then slapped his hand over Dean's mouth. Once they had passed, Vance removed his hand. Dean was about to spit on the officer when the agent tapped him on the head with the barrel of his gun. I came back and stepped in front of the punk. "You want to spit on someone?"


"What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you some sort of Jew lover?"


I put my forearm under his chin. "Listen kid, that happens to be The President of the United States and no one spits on him. DO YOU READ ME?"


His father came out and mouthed off. "I see police brutality."


Officer Vance spun around. "Your son just tried to spit on the President."


"So what."


I let the kid go then separated Officer Vance and Dean's father. "Officer, take the suspect out of here. Mr. Weller, if you say another word, I'll arrest you. Now I suggest you leave. You won't be able to see your son until after he's booked and processed into the jail."


The father left then I walked out with the officers and suspects. I hurried over to the Hummer and let Tonka out so he could stretch his legs.


I pulled out my cell to call Ed then I heard someone shouting again. Tonka came running to my side as I walked over to see what was going on. It seems that a news crew got wind of the incident and they were waiting for the suspects to be brought out. I don't know how I hadn't seen them but Dean and his father were playing to them.


"Sir, sir, what do you mean this is how the Secret Service treats a minor?" I heard a reporter shout.


Tonka was getting antsy so I went over to the Hummer and put him on his lead. As we got closer I heard the boy's father answer the question. "A Secret Service agent turned a dog loose on my son and ordered the dog to attack him."


This was pissing me off. I pushed Ed's number on my speed dial then waited. "Yeah Ace, what's up?"


"Turn the TV on in the limo. A news team from Fox is here and the attacker's father is playing to the press."


"Hold on." Ed said then I heard the father's answer.


"My son was minding his own business talking with a friend of his when my son was attacked without any reason. My boy told me the agent kept telling the dog to bite him."


"Are you watching it Ed?"


"Yeah man, we got it on."


I heard Bennie in the background crying. "Hand your phone to Bennie."


"Ace, they're lying." Bennie said through the tears.


"I know baby. This kid is acting just like Nate. Please lover, don't let him get to you. Just so you know, I have his confession on tape so he'll be doing some serious time."


"You do?" Bennie asked as I heard him cheer up.


"I sure do and it will stand up in court too."


"Cool Ace, I love you."


"I love you too baby now let me talk to Ed again."


I heard him blow me a kiss. "Yeah Ace."


I was about to answer when I heard Tonka growl. I looked up and there was the father pointing towards me as the reporter and cameraman were coming over. "Oh shit, they've spotted me and the reporter is coming over. Ask Ben if I should talk to them of just leave."


"Ace," the voice said.


"Yes Sir."


"If you leave they'll accuse you of trying to cover something up. I saw that boy try to spit on me, just so you know. Now, answer their questions but don't let them bait you into an argument."


Just then I head Ed's voice. "Ace, do not mention the confession."


"Alright. Look, I have to go."


I ended the call just as the reporter got into my face. Tonka started to growl softly so I tugged gently on the lead. "Are you the agent who had the dog attack that poor child?"


I was about to answer when the father ran up. "That's no dog, that's a wolf."


"Sir, that happens to be a hybrid and he's legal in the District of Columbia."


The reporter shoved the microphone into my face. "Agent, so you're admitting you had this dog attack a child?"


"No Ma'am, I'm not admitting to that. His son and a friend viciously attacked a student at Georgetown Exeter Academy."


"That's a lie." The boy's father shouted then ran through the crowd.


The reported looked at me. "And who might you be?"


"My name is Special Agent Rich Mason."


"Agent Mason, why was the Secret Service at the school? Is it true the President's son is a student there?"


I couldn't lie. "Yes, it's true."


"Was he the student who was attacked?"


"Yes he was."


The reporter looked at the father. "So your son attacked the President's son."


"That's not true."


"Then why is your son in custody?" The reporter fired back.


"He's innocent. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that wolf viciously attacked my boy."


Just then the man tried to kick at Tonka but I held his lead firm. "Sir, I wouldn't try to do that again. If you provoke him you're asking to get bit."


The reporter looked at me. "Why was the dog needed Agent Mason?"


"There were two suspects. His son knocked Benjamin Jacobs to the ground then sat on him and punched him in the face. The other suspect kicked Benjamin in the ribs. I pulled my weapon and identified myself as a federal officer then ordered both boys to freeze. One boy ran off. The other tried to run but another agent who had Tonka here, let the dog go. Had both suspects stopped, as they were ordered, they'd have been placed into custody and nothing more would have happened. But such was not the case. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to."


The boy's father got into my face. "That's right, run away with that wolf while my boy is in pain and sits in jail."


"Sir, had your son stopped as instructed nothing would have happened. Now, step back."


I reached down and took the lead off Tonka then headed for the Hummer. Tonka stayed at my side then hopped inside then we took off for Judge Wheeler's house.


As soon as I pulled up I noticed David's car wasn't in the driveway. I looked at my watch and I knew court was closed for the day. I also knew Jake and Carl would want to know how Bennie was so I headed over to Carl's house. As soon as I got Tonka out of the Hummer and closed the door I heard a voice. "Ace, Ace."


As soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk I had two boys in my arms. I calmed the boys down then took them inside. "Bennie is back at the residence. Nothing is broken but he is sore."


"What did he ever do to anyone, Ace?" Carl asked as he wiped the tears off his face.


I shook my head. "He didn't do a thing son. Both of the boys that did that will be punished."


"What about Chambers?"


"Do you believe him?"


"He's in the same grade as you guys and he didn't know that Bennie was the President's son." Jake said.


"He also said he wanted nothing to do with them as soon as he knew who he was too." Carl added.


I knew Chuck was going to roll on Dean and neither one of them mentioned Chambers during the interview. "Ace, it was Chambers who grabbed that kid first and let him have it in the nose too." Jake said moving over to my side.


This made things a little easier for me but there was that 1% doubt nagging at me so I decided to interview him tomorrow. "Do you think we could talk to Bennie?" Carl asked as he snuggled close to me.


"Sure, I know he'd like to hear from you both." I said taking out my cell and calling Johnny. "Johnny, is Bennie awake?"


"Yeah he is, he's watching television in his room and he's bummed you're not here with him."


"Can you hand him his cell so I can cheer him up? Jake and Carl want to talk with him.


"I won't breathe a word either," Johnny said going into Bennie's room. "OK, he's got it."


I cut that call then pushed Bennie's button. "Hi Ace, when are you coming back?"


"As soon as I finish my business here love. Can you hold on a second?"


I put the phone on speaker then handed it to the boys. "Hey Bennie, how ya feeling dude," They asked together.


Just then David came in. "Ace, what brings you out here?"


"It's a combination visit David, work and pleasure,"


David heard some of the boy's conversation with Bennie. "Oh my God Ace, am I hearing right? Bennie got jumped at school?"


I brought him into the family room so he couldn't hear too much of the call. "I'm afraid so my friend but I don't want you to know too much yet in case you get the case."


David nodded his head. "I understand Ace, now what's the business you wanted to see me about?"


"Like I said, I would have handled this in your chambers but time prevented that. I'd like you to sign this warrant so we can listen in on Nate Hill's cell phone conversations."


"What do you hope to hear?"


"Well, one of our agents was listening in on the cell frequencies and picked up a call between Nate and some yet to be determined individual. Nate is trying to get money from this unknown person. It seems his cash is running low now that we have his rental car in our storage compound. Before you say it, we know that information is inadmissible in court which is why I'm requesting this warrant."


"Does he post a threat to the community?" David asked.


"He's already committed one felony and more charges could be added to the originals then add Interstate Flight on top of everything else. If he gets cornered I really don't know what he'd do so yes, I'd say he poses a threat to civilians."


David read the warrant closely one more time. "Raise your right hand. Do you swear that the information on this warrant is true and correct to the best of your knowledge?"


"I do Your Honor." I answered.


Just then the boys came in as David was signing the warrant. "You have a call Ace." Jake said handing me the phone.


I ruffled their hair as I looked at the caller ID. "This is Special Agent Mason."


"Agent Mason, this is Adam Graham. I take it you're not at the residence."


"No Adam I'm not. I'm taking care of some business from another case. What can I do for you?"


"I'll need to get the memory chip from your digital recorder so we can burn a CD with Dean Weller's statement."


"I think I have another 1Gb chip to replace that one and I can also burn you a CD."


"That will work but we'll need that chip as a master just in case it's challenged in court."


"No problem Adam. I should be back at the residence in about an hour but then I'll have to eat. I should be free anytime after 7 tonight."


"Can I get it from you at the residence?"


"Sure Adam, I'll let the back gate guard know you're coming. Be sure you have your credentials to avoid unneeded delays."


"I will Agent Mason. How does 7:15 PM sound?"


"That works but I have one more thing. Randy Chambers is being held at Metro as another person of interest in the attack. When I was getting changed for PE with Bennie, he let on that he knew about the attack but wanted nothing do to with it. He also didn't know who Bennie was until that day because we've tried to keep who he is low key. I also learned Randy was the first boy to catch Chuck Trent."


"The one that's willing to testify against Dean Weller?"


"That's him," I replied. "Personally I can't see anything he can be charged with."


"Neither can I," Adam answered. "I have to head over there so I'll have him released."


"Oh, we might not need these but can you get a subpoena for each of the suspect's school records?"


"Sure I can but why?"


"I don't know, just call it a gut feeling."


"Alright," I'll get them."


"Thanks Adam. I better get back to the residence so I can check on Bennie."


To be continued