The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 21


"Oh, we might not need these but can you get a subpoena for each of the suspect's school records?"


"Sure I can but why?"


"I don't know; just call it a gut feeling."


"Alright," I'll get them."


"Thanks Adam. I better get back to the residence so I can check on Bennie."


I ended my call then looked at David as Carl got my attention. "Can we talk to Bennie again?"


David intervened then. "Bennie needs to rest boys."


"How about I get him to call you after dinner tonight?"


That made the boys smile. "Thanks Ace," Jake said hugging me.


David and the boys followed Tonka and me to the door and watched as we got into the Hummer. Twenty minutes later, I was back at the residence. I put my stuff in my room then went across the hall to see Bennie. His eyes lit up. "What took you so long baby?"


"Love, this is what being an agent is all about. So far, my work has been handled around your hours."


"But you're my bodyguard." Bennie said interrupting me.


"That's right baby but this case is different. I made the arrest and I'm also going to have to do some investigating on the boys that hurt you."


"Can you do it from here?"


I shook my head. "Not all of it but you're not going to be going anywhere for a few days either. When I have to go out, Johnny and Tonka will be here."


"What will you be doing?"


"Like I said, I'll be investigating the boys who hurt you. That means digging into their past and finding out things about them."


"Like have they been in trouble before?"


"Yeah, that's part of it. If they have, I'll be looking into what it was and if it had any bearing on why they did what they did to you. It could entail a lot of leg work, looking into whatever it is I find."


"That's a lot of work."


I kissed him on the cheek. "Yep, that's what being a cop is all about."


He smiled at me. "I think I'll do my digging on the computer."


"Listen pal, digging up things on the computer is an important job and saves us agents a whole lot of time. That's just as important as me running down anything I find about those boys. Now, how's the jaw? Can you eat dinner tonight?"


"Yeah, my jaw is fine but my ribs sure hurt."


"I'll find a bed tray so you can eat in here."


"Ace, can you eat with me?"


I leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek. "Sure love, I'll find out what's for dinner too."


I went to the kitchen and saw Gloria in there. "I'm just supervising Señor Ace. We're having enchiladas so Bennie can enjoy them."


I saw one of the White House chefs. "Sir, do you know if you have a bed tray so Bennie can eat in bed?"


He left the kitchen then returned with several. "How are these?"


"You're a life saver. I'll be dining with Bennie so he won't be lonely."


I left the kitchen then went to find Ben. "Ah Ace, how are things going?"


I sat down on the sofa. "I think this will be a slam dunk. Dean Weller shot his mouth off even after he and his father signed the Miranda warning release."


"What about the other boy?"


"There are some mitigating circumstances there. First off, Chuck's willing to testify against Dean. Next, he said he didn't know who Bennie was and I tend to believe him."

"What, how can you believe him?" Ben asked firmly.


"Sir, he's in the eleventh grade. The other boy really pressured him to help him and I got the feeling he really didn't want to be there.  Dean might have something on him but if he does, I don't know what. The US Attorney is going to subpoena both of their school records and I'll see what they show."


"Look, I want both boys severely punished."


"Ben, I know how you feel. They hurt the one I love too but we can't go seeking the maximum sentence. Justice needs to be served."


"Damn it Ace, that's my boy in there." Ben almost shouted as he stood up.


I went over and put my hands on his shoulders. "Sir, he'll be punished, I promise you of that. If too harsh a sentence is handed down, it could be appealed. Can you let us handle this? You have enough going on as it is."


I was smiling at him trying to calm him down. "Fair enough Ace, I've always said that security and things of that nature are your department."


"Thank you Sir," I said. "Now I think we better get into the dining room before Gloria has to remind us."


When we walked in, we were surprised to see Bennie sitting at the table. "Are you alright son?" Ben asked.


He tried to smile. "I'm fine Dad; I didn't want you guys eating alone."


Gloria held the kitchen door open and a cart was rolled in with dinner. Gloria turned to return to the kitchen when Ben got her attention. "Gloria, sit down and join us."


She started to argue but decided against it. The enchiladas were delicious as was the rice and refried beans. We all stuffed ourselves until there weren't any leftovers. After dinner, I helped Bennie back to his room. I helped him get undressed and into bed then my cell phone rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is an Assistant US Attorney here. He says he has an appointment with you."


"Is that Adam Graham?"


"Yes it is Sir."


"Have a marked unit escort him over to the West Wing. I'll meet him there."


I ended the call then I saw Bennie staring at me. "Do you have to go out?"


"Just for a few minutes, then I'll be back. I have an important piece of evidence to get to the US Attorney."


I kissed him on the cheek then let Ben know I was heading over to our office in the West Wing. I took the West Wing door out of the residence and walked quickly to the stairs to get down to the ground floor where I met him at the portico. Adam smiled and shook my hand. "A blue light escort, I feel special."


"You should," I laughed. "Come on, I'll show you our office."


"I'm impressed Agent Mason. This is the first time I've been to the White House."


"It's a nice place but it's a bit to flashy for me."


Adam broke out into a laugh as we entered the Secret Service office. I went into Ed's office and sat at my desk the booted up the PC. I had to do a little digging to find the blank CD's but I got two out along with jewel boxes. Once the computer was booted, I took the memory card out of my digital recorder and put it into the reader on the PC. I opened the file and turned the volume up. "Wow man, that's a great recording. We have him right where we want him."


I put a CD into the tray and burned a copy of the confession. Once that was done, I burned a copy for me then gave the CD and the memory card to Adam. "Let me know when I can pick up Dean and Chuck's school records. I know the Headmaster so I know he'd let me look at them without a problem but if there should be anything of use; I don't want it tossed out."


"I will and by the way, Randy Chambers has been released. I talked with him and like you; I believe he wasn't involved in this."


I shut down the PC then called for an escort. Adam and I went to the front door and waited for the car. "Tomorrow both suspects are going to be arraigned. Do you think you can be there?"


"What time? I asked. "I need to get the school records and go through them then run down anything that might be important."


"I can see if I can have them appear after lunch. Will that give you enough time for what you have to do?"


Just then the patrol car arrived. "Yeah, that would give me enough time if you get the subpoena early."


"I'll handle that first thing. I'll call you as soon as I have it."


"Thanks Adam. Have a good night."


I went back upstairs and talked briefly to Ben before heading in to see Bennie. "Thank god you're back baby, my ribs are really hurting."


"Did the doctor give you any medicine for it?"


"Yeah, I think Dad has it."


I went back out and saw Ben. "Ben, do you have Bennie's medication? His ribs are really bothering him."


"Oh yes." He said reaching into his jacket pocket. "The doctor said he could have one every six hours as needed. Are you going to be able to sleep together tonight?"


"I really don't know; it all depends on how well the medicine works. If I have to I'll sleep in my room."


"You know Bennie's not going to like that."


"I know but I can't see him not resting properly because I'm there."


"I'll let you two work that out." Ben said with a giggle.


"Tomorrow, I'm going to have to be away from the residence for a while. Adam is getting a subpoena for those boy's school records then he'd like me there when they are arraigned in court."


"What time will you be back?"


"I'm not sure. If I can get the records early enough, Adam should be able to have them arraigned before noon and that should hopefully have me here by lunch. I'll stay in touch with Bennie and Johnny."


"OK Ace, now you better get Bennie his medicine."


I got Bennie a soda then returned to his room. "Here you go love." I said as I handed him his drink and pill. "Now, do you think you'll sleep with me in bed with you?"


Bennie took his pill then started staring at me. "This is a king sized bed baby. Of course you can sleep with me. We just won't be able to..."


"Baby, when that pill hits you, you'll be lucky to stay awake. I'll get you a bed tray so you can put your laptop on it tomorrow for class. If your ribs start hurting too much and you can't concentrate, let Johnny know."


"Alright baby now get undressed and come cuddle with me."


That was an offer I couldn't refuse. I slid into bed then let Bennie find a comfortable position. He found a television program we both liked and watched until I saw that my lover was sound asleep. I managed to ease out without waking him so I could take a leak. Today had been a busy day and tomorrow was going to be just as busy so I crawled into bed and joined Bennie in dreamland.


Bennie woke me about 5:30 needing to take leak so I helped him into the bathroom. I supported him as he relieved himself. "Man Ace, that pill did knock me out."


"I told you it would love. What's wrong?"


He held onto me as we returned to the bed. "My ribs are hurting but I'm afraid if I take another pill it would knock me out again and I have classes."


"I have some Motrin in my room. What say we try that and see if it helps? It won't make you sleepy. You can save the other medicine for when you're ready to get some sleep."


Bennie nodded so I went over to my room to get the bottle of pills. I got him some water then handed him a couple of the tablets. He washed them down then I set the glass on the night stand. I got back into bed and let Bennie get comfortable. The next thing I knew there was a knock on the door. It took me a minute to wake up then I saw Ben standing there. "Morning Ben."


"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Did Bennie sleep through the night?"


"Hi Dad, no I woke up about 5:30 needing to go to the bathroom and I was hurting."


"I gave him some Motrin and that seemed to work. How are you feeling now, love?"


"Not too bad but I can use a little help. I gotta pee."


Ben came over and helped Bennie out of bed and into the bathroom which gave me time to pull on my undies. As soon as that was done I was joining Bennie in the bathroom. Ben excused us because he knew I had to go. "Remember you two, breakfast in fifteen minutes."


I did my business then helped Bennie over to his bed. "Do you think you can get dressed by yourself?"


"I'll need help getting my pants on but I can manage my shirt."


"Stand up for me and try to bend forward to touch your toes."


He tried but didn't get far. "Man, that's sore."


I found Bennie some sweat pants and he got a tee shirt to wear. "Do you want to eat in the dining room or in here?"


"I'll try eating in the dining room."


"Love, if you start hurting too bad, I'll help you back here then get a bed tray so you can eat. Here, you can take 2 Tylenol tablets."


I gave him the medication then grabbed a pillow for his back then we went out to the dining room for breakfast. When we walked in, I was surprised to see Gloria. "What are you doing?"


"Relax Señor Ace, I'm not working, I'm teaching."


Bennie gasped. "You're not giving away your secrets are you?"


She laughed. "Relax Mijo; a good cook never reveals all of their secrets."


I got myself some coffee and Bennie's morning orange juice. A few minutes later, the kitchen door opened and I got a whiff of Gloria's waffles. "I'm glad you taught them that one. You know how much I love your waffles."


Ben pointed to a chair. "Sit and join us Gloria."


The four of us ate until we were stuffed then Gloria headed for the kitchen. "Where are you going?" Bennie asked.


"To get me some coffee, I drink decaf."


Just then I heard the elevator. I got up and saw Ed coming in. "Hi guy, what brings you here?"


He motioned me into the living room. "Something you said to Bennie yesterday got me to thinking."


"Something I said to Bennie?"


"Yeah when you were talking to him about the boy who hit him in the face," Ed said.


"What about him?"


"You said he talked like Nate."


"Yeah I did. The antisemitic garbage he was spewing reminded me of Nate. What of it?"


"Well, you remember that unknown voice we have on tape?"


"Yeah, I do. Are you thinking either the kid or his father is that mystery voice?"


"Could be," Ed said as I started to grin.


"Damn Ed, now you're thinking like an agent."


"That was more than someone else was doing yesterday." A voice said.


We turned around and there was Evelyn. "Just what is that supposed to mean?"


"Just what it sounded like," She snapped back. "Explain to me how Bennie managed to get assaulted while you were supposed to be guarding him."


"That was my fault," Another voice said.


Evelyn turned around. "Bennie, this doesn't concern you. I think you should let the adults talk."


"Look Ma'am, I'm no little kid. It was mostly my fault because I was showing off."


"That's no excuse for Ace not being with you."


Bennie shook his head. "Had I not taken off and sprinted ahead without saying anything Ace would have been right by my side."


"Well, I think a change..."


"NO!" Bennie interrupted.


"That's not your call Bennie," Evelyn said.


"Maybe not, but it is my call," Another voice said.


"Mr. President, with all due respect," Evelyn stuttered.


"Director Morgan, did you not hear what Bennie said?"


"Yes Sir, I did and I think he's covering..."


"I'm not covering for anyone," Bennie shouted. "Had I said something to Ace, he would have been right by my side but I didn't."


"Well Director, what now?" Ben asked looking her in the eyes and moving closer to her.


"Very well Mr. President. If you're satisfied with Agent Mason's performance, that's all I need to hear."


Ben leaned down to her ear. "I'm very satisfied with his work. He's working two cases and guarding my son all at the same time. Now, don't you ever doubt anything my son says again."


I looked at my watch. "Is there anything else? If not, I have to stop at Bennie's school then meet Adam Graham at the Federal Courthouse."


"What about what we were talking about?" Ed said.


"Oh yeah, you could be right. Call Agent Carl at NCIS and give him what we have on Nate. You can get the information on the boy and his father from my report."


"What are you talking about Ace?" Evelyn asked as I headed for my room.


I opened my bedroom door then looked over my shoulder. "We're just playing a hunch."


I was about to close my door when I saw Bennie coming. I waited until he entered then shut it. "I'm sorry Ace."


I started getting undressed. "I know baby. My keeping you safe requires help from you too."


I grabbed some clean underwear then headed for the bathroom. "I know. Can I join you?"


"Yeah but there's no time for fun."


Bennie went and got some clean clothes then we took a shower. I gently washed Bennie's body and his side was starting to show a nasty bruise. After we got dried I helped him on with his undies and a pair of shorts then I got into a fresh suit. "Thanks Ace, that warm shower sure felt good."


I went into my closet and pulled out a heating pad I had from a few years ago. I took a small foam pad out and showed it to him. "Take this pad and wet it then slip it into the cover. Set the temperature on medium otherwise you could burn yourself."


"Thanks baby, how long will you be gone?"


"I should be back by lunch love. If your ribs start bothering you, take some Motrin. I'll talk with Mr. Robinson and tell him you'll be online for classes but if you start hurting to bad, you might have to log off."


I kissed him then put my weapon on and gathered the rest of my things including my computer. I grabbed my briefcase and computer case, kissed Bennie then went out to see if Johnny had arrived. Johnny was being greeted by Tonka jumping up and down. "Ace, let me get him outside then I'll be right back."


I was about to tell him to wait when the door opened and they quickly hurried out. Just then Evelyn came over. "Now, what hunch are you playing?"


"Two days ago one of the agents in the office was bored so he started listening in on the scanner. He picked up an odd cell phone conversation. He called me then started taping it."


"Who was talking?"


"One person I'm sure was Nate, the other person I haven't a clue."


"So what's the hunch then?" Evelyn asked.


The elevator door opened and I got in. "Look, I have get over to Bennie's school then meet the US Attorney in court. Get in and we'll talk or stay here but I have to go."


She got in. "So what is it?"


"I'm not sure. The kid I just arrested started spitting the same trash Nate did about Jews. Ed pointed it out to me so I'm having it looked in to."


The elevator door opened and there was Johnny and Tonka. "I'll see you when you get back Ace."


"Remind Bennie to use the heating pad. Evelyn, I'll talk with you later."


"Ace, you still didn't say how you were looking into it." Evelyn shouted as I got into my Hummer and started the engine.


I headed for the back gate and radioed to the guard so he would have the gate open for me so I wouldn't have to slow down. It took me twenty-five minutes to get through the traffic to Georgetown Exeter. I went into the registrar's office and saw Terry. "Hi Ace, how's Bennie?"


"He's pretty sore and has a nasty bruise on his ribs where he was kicked. He's online attending his classes."


"A lot of his friends will be glad to see him. I've lost track of the number boys who keep stopping in to see if I know anything."


I had to laugh at that. "I can imagine that. Is James busy?"


Terry shook his head. "He's in his office, let me call him."


James came out of his office and shook my hand. "G'day Ace, how's Bennie?


"He's sore and will be for a few days. He's taking his classes online."


"Crikey, I can't understand why that would happen here. All the boys are screened very carefully then interviewed. We didn't interview Bennie because of who he was."


"This is a crazy world. The reason I'm here is to ask a small favor."


"For you Ace, anything."


"I'd like to see the school records of Dean Weller and Chuck Trent."


He thought for a moment then headed for the file cabinet. "Here you go. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?"


"That's it James, I haven't a clue. I don't know what I'll find. I guess I'll know it if and when I see it."


I looked through both files and found nothing that jumped out at me. Neither of the boys appeared to have been in trouble at any of their prior schools. I struck out big time. I closed the files and slid them back to James. "So, did they help?"


I shook my head just as my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Adam Graham."


"How's it going my friend?"


"I have some bad news. The judge denied the subpoena for the school records. He feels they have no bearing on the case."


I thought he was out of his mind but I kept that to myself. "It's OK man, they weren't fruitful anyway."


"That's good because we would have been screwed had there been something we could have used."


"You're right but it was worth a shot. What time do you need me at the courthouse?"


"How soon can you be here?"


"I'm done at the school so I can be there in no more than thirty minutes."


"Sounds good Ace, I'll meet you at the entrance."


I left the school then shot across town to the courthouse and found a place to park. As soon as I got out of the Hummer, I remembered why I hated this place because the parking lot was huge. I came up to the door marked "Police Only" and tried to go in but it was locked. I finally got to the front steps then started the climb. "I see you made it." Adam said smiling.


"Man, they need shuttle service," I said following him inside and putting my badge on my pocket. "Why is the police entry locked?"


"It shouldn't be." Adam answered then headed down the hall. "Come on, I have to find out who has arraignments today."


Adam and I walked down a long corridor then stopped at a bulletin board. "Who's the judge?"


"Courtroom 7, Judge Wheeler." Adam replied.


"Of all the judges," I started.


"Do you have a problem with Judge Wheeler?"


I put my hand on his shoulder as we walked down the hall. "Not at all Adam, it just so happens his son and Bennie are good friends from school."


We went inside the courtroom and found a seat. As we went closer to the rail, I spotted Dean's father in the gallery. A few minutes later the bailiff stood. "All rise, this court is now is session; the Honorable Judge David Wheeler presiding."


Each case lasted just a few minutes. A defendant and their attorney came forward along with an Assistant US Attorney. The charge was read, the lawyers spoke and bond was either set or denied. I was lost in the proceedings then I came back to reality. "Docket number 788569, the United Sates versus Dean Weller. The charge is felonious assault and battery."


Adam stood and went through the gate then Dean was brought out from the holding area. Then a woman went through the railing and stood beside Dean. "Thank you bailiff," Judge Wheeler said.


"Assistant US Attorney Adam Graham for the prosecution, Your Honor," Adam said.


"Kelly Rivers for the defense," She said.


"Very well, how does the defendant plead counselor?"


"Not guilty Your Honor and the defendant waives reading of the charges." Ms. Rivers answered.


"What is the Government's recommendation on bail?"


"Your Honor, the Government is requesting the defendant be remanded without bond."


Ms. Rivers then spoke. "Your Honor, this is a seventeen year old child. He is a good student at a very prestigious private school. He lives with his father and wants to clear himself of these ridicules charges."


Adam interjected at that point. "Your Honor, it was at the same private school where this brutal attack took place at the hands of that seventeen your old boy. The only reason for this attack was the victim's religious beliefs."


Judge Wheeler looked at Dean and then over to his lawyer. "Mr. Graham, are you looking to elevate this to a hate crime?"


Adam nodded his head. "That is our intent Your Honor."


"I take it you have evidence?"


Again Adam nodded. "We do."


"Alright Mr. Graham, the defendant is remanded for right now. I'll meet with the Assistant US Attorney and defense council in my chambers at 11:30 to hear arguments on the elevation of the charges to a hate crime."


Dean's father stood then. "Your Honor, you can't."


Judge Wheeler banged his gavel. "Excuse me but just who are you sir?"


"My name is Keith Weller. I'm Dean's father. Why can't bond he set for him?"


"Your son jumped an innocent young man."


"Your Honor, that was just school pranks. Dean's a good boy."


Adam looked over at Keith. "I don't believe it was school pranks what your son said about the boy he jumped."


"What should you care unless you're a..." Keith started to say.




"That's just enough," Judge Wheeler said. "Mr. Weller, your son is remanded until I hear the prosecution's evidence elevating this case to a hate crime."


Judge Wheeler banged his gavel then Dean was lead out. Keith Weller stormed out of the courtroom as Ms. Rivers looked at Adam. "You better hope you have an air tight case counselor."


Adam smiled. "And you better have a talk with your client before our meeting in Judge Wheeler's chambers."


The lady lawyer grabbed her bag then stormed out of the courtroom. "Docket number 788570, the United States versus Charles Trent. The charge is felonious assault and battery."


Adam stayed where he was then I saw Chuck being led out by a US Marshall. A well dressed man came through the gate and stood by his client. "Thank you bailiff," Judge Wheeler said.


"Assistant US Attorney Adam Graham for the prosecution, Your Honor," Adam said.


"Jarrod Quincy representing the defendant," The lawyer said.


"Very well, how does the defendant plead counselor?"


"Not guilty Your Honor and the defendant waives reading of the charges." Mr. Quincy answered.


"What is the Government's recommendation on bail?"


Adam fixed his tie then looked at me. "If it pleases the court, I would like the arresting officer to join me."


Judge Wheeler nodded his head then I stood up to come beside Adam. "Special Agent Mason, how nice to see you in my court," David said.


"Thank you Your Honor, it's a pleasure to be here."


"Mr. Graham, what is your recommendation on bail?"


Adam looked over at me. "Your Honor, ever since he was arrested, the defendant has cooperated with me and Mr. Graham. He's willing to testify against the other defendant."


David looked at Adam. "Do I get the impression that a plea arrangement is in the works?"


"We are working on that. The Government asks that this defendant be released OR and be placed on a monitoring system." Adam said to Judge Wheeler.


I could see David digesting what Adam had said. "Did he have a role in this attack?"


I nodded my head. "Yes Your Honor but it was a minor role."


"It's commendable the defendant is willing to testify against Dean Weller but ROR, Mr. Graham?"


Adam looked shaken to where he was giving the alternate bond idea serious consideration. "Yes Your Honor, we're asking ROR."


Now I couldn't read David. I didn't have a clue as to what he was thinking. "Mr. Graham, I have some strong reservations about ROR considering the nature of this crime. I've given his willingness to testify all due weight but I can't in good conscience let him out ROR."


"In that case Your Honor, we're asking that bond be set in the amount of five thousand dollars and he still be put on home monitoring. The only time he can leave his home is to meet with either the Secret Service or myself."


"Very well Mr. Graham, bail is hereby set in the amount of five thousand dollars, cash or bond."


"Thank you Your Honor," Adam said.


The judge banged his gavel then I went over to Chuck. "OK man, you got your chance just don't you dare blow it."


Chuck looked down then up to me. "I won't, I promise."


Chuck was returned to the back by the Marshall as Adam turned to Charlie and pointed. "Follow those people over there; they're getting bonds for their family."


I saw the US Marshall coming over to take Chuck back to the holding area. "Ah, Marshall."


He looked up at me. "Yes Agent?"


"He needs to be kept segregated from the others."


"Excuse me?" The Marshall asked.


Adam turned around. "That's correct Marshall. This person is to be kept segregated from the others. I believe there is a small holding cell designed for one person."


The Marshall nodded. "Yes Sir, there is."


"Then put him in there. His Uncle is arranging bail as we speak."


The Marshall nodded. "Yes Mr. Graham."


Chuck was led back to the holding area then Adam and I walked out of the courtroom. Once in the hall I debated asking if he wanted me there with him or not but my curiosity was killing me. I took my phone out then looked at Adam. "Are you going to want me there?"


Adam nodded his head. "Oh yeah I am Ace. You were the first person to have contact with him. I have a feeling, this is not going to be open and shut."


"Why the hell not? Dean was given his Miranda warning twice and he and his father signed the waiver."


"I've seen it more than you have buddy. She'll pull everything out of her bag of tricks to get that confession suppressed."


I was shaking my head. "Like hell she is buddy. You haven't seen me in action."


I then put a call into Johnny. "Hi Ace, when you due back? Bennie is asking."


"Is he hurting a lot?"


"Not now. He used the heating pad then I made him an old Navajo potion."


"I didn't know you were a Medicine Man Johnny."


He laughed "I'm not but we all learn things as we grow."


"I have to be with Adam Graham in Judge Wheeler's chambers at 11:30."


"How come Ace?"


"Adam wants to elevate the charges to a hate crime."


"Alright Ace, I'll see you as soon as you get back. I'll save you some lunch."


"Thanks Johnny." I said then ended the call.


"Come on; let's get a cup of coffee."


I followed him out of the courthouse and down the steps. We walked to the corner then I spotted the coffee house. We got our coffee and I could tell something was on Adam's mind. "Hey, what's going on?"


"That lawyer of Dean Weller's." He started.


"What about her? She's legal aid, right?"


Adam shook his head. "No way, she works for a huge law firm here in DC."


There was only one major law firm in this city that I knew of. "Is there a problem with it?"


Adam took a swig of his coffee. "I don't know. They have some big guns there."


"Adam, this one is a slam dunk. Will you relax?"


"I hope you're right Ace."


"If I was a gambling man, I'd bet you a month's salary you'll be pleading this out."


"That's just it Ace, I don't want to plead this out. I can't stand hate crimes. The garbage that kid was spewing is the reason we have that law."


"Well, you and the defense attorney can fight that out. I think we better be heading back to the courthouse."


We walked back to the courthouse. It was 11:15 when we reached Judge Wheeler's courtroom. Adam eased one of the big doors open and looked inside then closed it again. "He's still doing arraignments."


We took a seat on a bench and waited. A few minutes later I saw Ms. Rivers heading towards us. "Incoming at 3 o'clock Adam."


He looked up and saw what I had. He looked at his watch in it was 11:25. "Let's get inside so the bailiff knows we're here."


We hurried inside then headed for the front of the room. Ms. Rivers came in and we could hear her heels tapping as she walked. Adam looked at me and I just wiggled my eyebrows then she stopped at the Bailiff's desk. "Please let Judge Wheeler know Kelly Rivers is here."


He stood up and stuck his head into the judge's chambers then opened the door for us. "Judge Wheeler will see you now."


We let her go ahead of us then as soon as the door closed she looked at David. "Cal Matthews sends his regards Your Honor."


This totally pissed me off. I could also tell David was ticked now. "Just what is that supposed to mean Ms. Rivers?"


"Just what I said Your Honor, I meant nothing by it."


I was glaring at this bitch and Adam caught me. "Your Honor, may we proceed then?"


"Yes Mr. Graham. Does the Government have evidence proving the defendant knew the religious background of the victim?"


"Yes we do." Adam replied setting his briefcase on the coffee table. "We have a taped confession from the defendant."


"Objection," Rivers said.


"This is a hearing Ms. Rivers. I'll say what is and isn't admissible."


"Are you protecting your friend's son's friend now?"


"Ms. Rivers, I'd shut my mouth right now or I'll find you in contempt."


"Your Honor, here is a signed Miranda form." Adam said as he reached into his briefcase pulling out the form handing it to David. "As you can see, it's been signed by both the defendant and his father"


David looked at it then held it out to Ms. Rivers. "Would you care to look at this?"


She stood there staring at the form as David looked at Adam. "Mr. Graham, do you have his confession with you?"


Adam nodded. "I do, would you like to hear it?"


"Let's hear this evidence Mr. Graham."


Adam got the CD out of his briefcase and handed it to Judge Wheeler. He stood and put it into his CD player. "Agent Mason can narrate for us."


"Very well Mr. Graham. Agent Mason, will you do the honors?"


I nodded then went over to the player. "This first part is between Dean Weller and myself. He starts mouthing off as soon as I get in."


I push play and this is what Judge Wheeler heard.


Me: "Shut your smart mouth and listen up. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. How old are you?"


Dean: "Oink, oink piggy. I'm seventeen."


Me: "If you keep talking trash, it can be used against you in court even though you don't have a parent, guardian or advocate present."


Dean: "Oink, oink. I don't need them piggy, piggy. You didn't answer my question, did I bust little Bennie's jaw?"


Me: "So you knew who he was then?"


"Yeah, I knew who he was and what he was. That's why I got Chuck to play kick the kike."


I put the CD on pause. "At this point, I needed some air so I ended the interview. While I was out in the ER, Dean's father arrived and I told him what room his son was in. Adam and I talked to the other defendant then we returned to Dean's room. This is what happened when we entered the room."


I pushed play and let the CD continue.


Dean: "Oink, oink."


Me: "This is Adam Graham with the US Attorney's office."


Adam: "Listen carefully young man. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


Dean: "Is Graham a Jew's name?"


Adam: "What does that have to do with what I just asked you?


I put the CD on pause. "Mr. Graham took a Miranda form out of his briefcase and set it in front of the defendant."


I start the CD again.


Adam: "Do you understand your rights as I have explained them to you?"


Dean: "Man, you're something else. Yeah, I understand what you said now answer my question."


Adam: "Before I answer your question, I would like you and your Dad to read and then sign this form."


Dean signs the form. "Fine, now answer the question."


Adam: "No, it's not Jewish but why is that important to you?"


Dean: "Why is it important to me? It's easy man, I hate Jews."


Adam: "Why did you attack that boy at school?"


Dean: "He's a fucking Jew as is his father. They're against the good order of things and little Bennie has no business at Georgetown Exeter."


Adam: "Do you know who that boy is?"


Dean: "Fuck yeah I know who he is. That's the kid of our kike President."


Me: "Why, what did he ever do to you?"


Dean: "He didn't do shit to me."


Adam: "So you're admitting to us that you attacked Benjamin Jacobs for no reason other than he's Jewish. Is this correct?"


Dean: "Yep, another one bites the dust."


"At that point, Adam concluded the interview and we left Dean's room." I said removing the CD from the player.


Judge Wheeler looked at Ms. Rivers then back to Adam and me. "Mr. Graham, you have proved there is sufficient evidence to bring this case to the level of a hate crime. Ms. Rivers, I'm denying bond to your client. I feel he's a threat to the community."


Rivers looked over to Adam. "Alright counselor, what are you offering?"


Judge Wheeler looked at the clock on the wall. "It's just past noon and I have a case at 1 o'clock. I'm going to lunch so if you want to continue this, you can do so in the courtroom."


We left the judge's chambers and Ms. Rivers was not happy. "Why didn't you tell me you had this against my client?"


"It's not our job to do your work for you counselor." I said with a touch of sarcasm.


"You made me look like a fool in there." She fired back.


This time I broke out laughing. "You did that all by yourself lady. You tried to name drop then accuse the Judge of misconduct."


Adam got in on my last statement. "Ms. Rivers, you're lucky you shut up when you did. You'll be lucky if all you see out of this is a letter sent to your law firm. Why didn't you use the time you had to see your client?"


"So what is it you're looking for?" She snapped.


"You keep talking like that and I could say no deal at all."


Rivers slammed her briefcase down onto the table. "Come on he's a kid."


I looked at my watch. "Adam, I'll let you work out the legal angles. I have to get back to the residence."


"Alright Agent Mason. Thanks for the help with Judge Wheeler."


To be continued