The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 22


I looked at my watch. "Adam, I'll let you work out the legal angles. I have to get back to the residence."


"Alright Agent Mason. Thanks for the help with Judge Wheeler."


I hurried out to the Hummer and made tracks back to the residence. I was not going to be on Gloria's list for being late. I pulled up to the residence then hurried inside. I had to wait on the elevator then I went up to the residence. As soon as I stepped off the elevator, Bennie spotted me. "Man, you cut that close. Lunch is ready."


"I'll get washed up and be right in."


I washed my hands then went into the dining room and saw Ed and Johnny joining us. Lunch wasn't a big affair. We just had Mexican burgers and fries which really hit the spot in my stomach.


After lunch Gloria went to her room and rested while Bennie returned to his classes. I told Ed I'd be right back then went into Bennie's room. "How are you feeling baby?"


"I'm really sore now, baby. Johnny's potion helped but man it really smelled."


I had to giggle at that then I got my bottle of Motrin and gave him two. "These should help love and I want you back on the heating pad again too."


"I will," Bennie said as I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. "While you're in class, I have some work to do. I'll be in and out of the residence but not off the grounds. If you need me, you can call me on my cell."


"OK Ace, I should be done in about an hour or so since I can't do PE online."


I went back to the dining room and only saw Ed sitting there. "Where did the President and Johnny go?"


"Johnny escorted the President to his office then he said he'd be right back."


"Did you get hold of JR Carl?"


"Yes I did Ace. I gave him everything we had on Nate along with what we had on Dean and Keith Weller. He said he'd get right on it but it might take the rest of today to get all there is on Dean and Keith Weller then see if theirs and Nate's paths ever crossed."


"Thanks buddy. I still have that huge list of files to cross reference. I've been so busy, I keep forgetting about it."


"Umm, I talked to JR about that." Ed said.


I smiled when I heard that. "What did he say?"


"He said he has a program that can cross reference the information."


"Where does he need to do it, his office or ours?"


"He didn't say and I forgot to ask. When he calls back with what he found out on Nate and the Wellers I'll ask him."


Just then my cell rang. I looked and saw it was Adam. "Hi Adam, did Ms. Rivers agree to a plea?"


"She said she'd talk to her client and see what he says. The main reason I'm calling is what does Bennie think about this? I like to get input from the victim too."


I looked at my watch. "Bennie is finishing up his last class. As soon as he's done I'll talk to him. I should run this by The President too, Adam."


"Of course Ace," Adam said. "Look, give me a call back when you've talk with both of them."


"Will do," I said. "Just out of curiosity, what's the deal you offered?"


"It's a sweetheart deal. He could be sentenced to a maximum of forty years but I'm offering twenty years with ten suspended, without parole. When he gets out, he'll be on supervised parole for another ten years."


"He is getting off lucky. It's sad he's ruined his life."


"That it is Ace. It's a shame I can't nail his Dad too."


"Bigotry and prejudice is just like eye and hair color Adam. It keeps getting passed down from generation to generation. We just need to come up with a way to eradicate it."


"Amen to that Ace. Look, I need to get back to my office and finish some work. I'd like to see home before 7:00."


"What's your wife think about the long hours."


"Now that I don't have to worry about," Adam replied.


I thought I'd seen a ring on his hand but I wasn't going to push it. "Been there too man. I'm a confirmed bachelor."


"But you have it made man; you don't have to cook for yourself. I'll talk with you later."


I ended the call then thought. `Living here definitely has its advantages.'


"Was that about the boys that assaulted Bennie?" Ed asked.


"One of them," I replied. "The one with the big mouth."


"What's the deal?"


"He does ten with no parole and then he's on supervised parole for another ten."


"That is a very good deal."


"I know but Adam wants me to talk to Ben and Bennie for their input." I said heading for Bennie's room.


I stuck my head in and saw my love dozing. I went in and looked at his computer and he had logged off from his classes. I was about to shut his computer down when I felt a kiss. "Hi baby."


Bennie reached up and shut his computer down. "How are you feeling love?"


"Not bad but..."


"But you're sleepy." I said finishing his sentence.


I moved the tray and computer off Bennie's lap. "It shows that much?"


"I've never come in here before and found you asleep at this time of the afternoon. How well did you really sleep last night?"


"So, so love. I woke up a couple of times during the night."


I came around and sat on the edge of the bed. "Why didn't you wake me love?"


"You needed your sleep because you had to work today."


I ran my hand over his cheek then leaned in and kissed him. "Slide down love and take a nap." I handed him his cell phone then tucked him in. "I'll see you when you wake up baby. If I'm not here, Johnny will be."


I went out into the residence and saw Johnny, Tonka and Evelyn getting off the elevator. "Johnny, Bennie is taking a nap. I found out he really didn't sleep all that well last night."


"Do you have to go out again?"


"I do have to go down to the office. As far as I know I don't but you know that can change any time."


Evelyn stepped over. "Now, what's this hunch you're playing Ace?"


Just then my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's JR. Ed told me about those files that need cross referencing."


"Yeah, he told me he had. You have a usable program that can work on my laptop?"


"Well yeah, but you'll need to bring it to me. Or, I can come over there and install it when I get off later."


"I'll be over there in a few minutes."


"Sounds good buddy, we look forward to seeing you." JR said.


"Hold it Ace," Evelyn said as I cut the call with JR.


"Talk fast Evelyn." I said as I headed for my room.


This time I couldn't evade her. "Spit it out Ace."


"Here's the short version," I said as I packed my laptop into the case. "Dean Weller was spitting a lot of anti-Semitic rubbish just like Nate. I'm having Special Agent JR Carl from NCIS dig up everything he can on Dean and his father Keith then cross reference that against Nate. I want to know if they might be related or if their paths ever crossed."


"I think you're on a fishing expedition." Evelyn said.


"Look, Nate's been flying under our radar ever since I've landed here in DC. The only break we've been able to catch is when the Silver Spring Police towed his rental car which we now have. He gets off on calling me knowing we can't trace where he's calling us from. So if it seems I'm acting like a flea climbing an elephant's back with rape on his mind, I am."


"Well, I have to agree that Nate's out there somewhere and probably laughing his ass off at us. I don't know what you'll find but I wish you luck. I want him back in custody as bad as you do."


I grabbed my briefcase and computer then headed for the elevator. I loaded my stuff into the Hummer then pulled up to the door to our office in the West Wing and hurried over to the oval office. "Is the President free?"


His secretary picked up the phone then looked at me. "He'll see you now."


I knocked on the door then entered. "Ace, what brings you here? Is there a problem with Bennie?"


"Oh no Sir, Bennie's fine." I started. "He came out and told me he didn't really sleep that well last night so he's taking a nap. The reason I'm here is to tell you about a plea arrangement the Assistant US Attorney is looking to offer Dean Weller."


"A plea arrangement?"


I nodded my head. "Yes Sir. He'd be sentenced to twenty years then have ten of it suspended without the possibility of parole. The reason for the no parole is because it's a hate crime. After he serves his prison time, he'd be on strict supervised parole for another ten years."


"Why are you telling me this Ace?"


"Adam Graham asked me to tell you and Bennie about the deal. He feels that since Bennie was the victim, he should know what's going on and have some input."


I could see Ben thinking. "How do you feel about this?"


I thought for a moment. "Well, it serves justice. Dean's off the street and away from the community for ten years. Then he'll be on a very strict parole for another ten years. All in all, I think it's fair."


"I had hoped he'd get more time but maybe I'm being vengeful."


"That's only natural Ben, Bennie's your son. If I was in your shoes I might just be feeling the same way. Do you know what time you'll be finished for the day?"


"I have maybe another hour's worth of work then the rest of the day is mine."


"I have to go over to NCIS headquarters and see Special Agent JR Carl. When you're free here, maybe you and Bennie could sit down alone and talk about this."


"That's a great idea Ace, I'll do just that."


"Thank you Ben. If you'll excuse me, I have to go over to NCIS." I said then stopped. "Sir, when you're on your trip, you know I'm taking Bennie to Disney World, right?"


"I know," Ben said.


"Well, I have a friend who has a Winnebago motor home. He said I could borrow it anytime. Bennie had dropped hints about going to a naturist camp."


Ben started to giggle. "That sounds like him."


"Well, there is a naturist camp in Orlando that has an RV park. Since we'll have 2 weeks, I was thinking of us spending a week at Disney World and a week at the naturist camp. Before I made any reservations, I felt you should know about this before I did and I'd like your permission to take him."


"I don't see a problem but how would you be able to carry your weapon?"


"Ah, humm, that's a good question. I'll ask when I book the reservation."


I turned to leave when Ben stopped me then he handed me an envelope. "Before I forget, here are the guardianship papers. You might need them while you're on vacation."


"Oh, thanks Ben. I'd forgotten all about that."


I put the envelope in my jacket pocket then left the Oval Office. On my way out I called JR and let him know I was on the way. About fifteen minutes later I was walking up the stairs and DJ was the first to see me. "Hi ya Ace, long time no see.


"Hi DJ, how's it going?" I asked and before she could answer I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. "I'd know those arms anywhere."


I felt his arms relax enough for me to turn around to see not JR's but Dusty's smiling face. "It's great to see you buddy. JR's in my office, follow me."


I was about to go inside when my cell rang and it was Ed. "Yeah Ed."


"Ace, I forgot to give you something before you left."


"What is it buddy?"


"You have until the end of the week to get your pistol qualifications done."


"No problem buddy. I'll call the range and schedule a time."


I cut the call then called the range. It rang and rang then an answering machine came on. "The range is closed until Monday due to unforeseen circumstances."


`Now isn't this just ducky.' I thought then called Ed back.


"Ed, the range is closed until Monday."


"Well, I'll tell Evelyn this."


"You'll tell me what?" I heard Evelyn say in the background.


"Ace called the range and told me it was closed until Monday."


"That's a load of crap. You tell him he's to be at the range tomorrow at 0800. If he fails to do this, he's suspended for thirty days."


"Ed, put her on the phone please." I asked.


"WHAT!" She snapped at me.


"Evelyn, lose the attitude. I called the range and an answering machine picked up. It said the range is closed until Monday due to unforeseen circumstances. Since you won't believe me, call them yourself."


I cut the call then went inside and sat down on the sofa. Dusty closed the door then I got a big kiss from JR on the lips. "Did you bring your laptop?"


I handed him the case then Dusty and I started to talk. I was about to ask him a question when my cell rang. I looked at the number and it was Evelyn. I was pissed at the way she treated me earlier. "WHAT!" I shouted.


"I'm sorry Ace," She said trying to make amends. "I got the same recording you did."


"Alright then I'll call there Monday and set up a time."


"I'm afraid not. You're already thirty days passed due as it is now. Any longer and you could be riding a desk."


Dusty heard my side of the conversation. "Ace, I have to supervise Ellis on Thursday. If it's agreeable with your director, I can supervise you too."


Evelyn heard Dusty's statement. "Tell Director Moore I really appreciate this."


"No problem Evelyn but please stop biting my head off when I try and tell you something."


"I'm sorry Ace."


I cut the call then went back to the business at hand. JR motioned me over to the desk. "Here you go buddy, now this program should make cross referencing those files a breeze."


"Thanks JR," I said as he removed a zip drive from my laptop. "Where's your shooting range located?"


"It's here on the Navy Yard." Dusty said answering my question. "Do you need to get some practice in?"


"He'll need all the practice he can get." A voice said standing in the door.


"You're the one that needs the practice Ellis." Dusty said causing us to laugh. "You barely qualified last time."


"And you let him carry a weapon?" I asked then slapping my hand over my mouth.


"Funny Mason, real funny."


"Don't you know how to knock when a door is closed, Ellis?" Dusty asked quite annoyed.


"JR, your cross referencing program is done."


JR got up and went out to his desk. "You don't suppose there's room for another desk in here, do you?" JR asked Dusty.


I followed JR and Dusty out to the squad room. "Damn it," JR said slamming his fist on his desk. "Ellis, did you mess with this?"


"Uh well, a message came up and I sorta..."


"You jerk," JR screamed. "You deleted all the information I dug up that was being used to cross reference against Nathan Hill."


"Well I didn't know." Marshall fired back acting cocky.




"Ellis, what have I told you about messing with someone else's computer especially when you don't know what the hell you're doing?"


"Well I didn't know. I thought I was helping the geek."




"And what have I said about calling people names?" Dusty said standing about two inches from Ellis's nose.


JR closed the window that was open. "Now I'll have to start the cross referencing all over again. Ellis, if you touch my computer again, you'll be typing by having to hold a pencil in your mouth."


"I'm shaking in my..."




"Shut it Ellis." Dusty growled. "This is going into your jacket."


"Why?" Ellis screamed.


"I've warned you enough times about your attitude and messing with other people's things."


"I have a better idea; tell me why I shouldn't just fire your ass." A voice said coming from behind us.


"Because I'm the best agent you have here." Ellis said before looking to see who the mystery voice was.


I turned and looked then saw a man dressed in a sharp looking suit. The man walked over towards me. "And just who might you be?"


I pulled my credentials out of my pocket. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason, US Secret Service."


"It's nice to finally meet you." The man said extending his hand. "I'm Kevin Clark."


"The Secretary of the Navy?" I asked.


"That's him," Dusty said smiling.


The SecNav turned and looked at Marshall. "Ellis, you're far from the best agent that's ever been at NCIS. Agent Carl, what damage did he do to your computer?"


JR stopped what he was doing. "He deleted a program I wrote for specific cross referencing. I was doing something for Agent Mason and it completed the job. It's designed to ask if it's to be deleted now that the job is finished. I guess that's something I have to fix but had someone just left it the hell alone, this wouldn't have happened because all that needed to be done was click on NO and the window would have simply closed."


"JR, you still have the program. It's on your zip drive so all you have to do is reinstall it."


Kevin was glaring at Ellis. "Agent Carl, were you able to see the results of what you did for Agent Mason?"


JR shook his head. "No Sir, when the program was deleted, so were the results. That's the biggest reason I need to rework the program."


"Is there anything Agent Ellis can do to assist you?" The SecNav asked.


"No Sir. Even if there was, I don't want him around my computer."


"I can't say as I blame you Agent Carl. Director Moore, is there anything outstanding that needs to be done?"


Dusty looked over at Kevin. "I'm not sure I understand Sir. Do you mean paperwork or something else?"


Kevin nodded. "That's just what I mean, Director Moore. Are there any reports or anything else that needs to be done to completely close a case?"


"Sir, here's what I normally do first. I have this check off list I use. I go over everything in the file then compare it with the agent's reports. Then I go over Dr. Valez's autopsy results and Maxine's reports. By then, everything should be checked off so I can do my final report.


"Is every case closed Director Moore?"


I saw Dusty look down. "Uh no Sir. With the active cases my team and I have been working on, I've neglected my other paper work."


"What's the status of your active cases?"


Dusty looked at me then back over to Kevin. "Well, there is the murder of Secret Service Agent Curt Poole which it still open but his autopsy has been done and the body has been released. We're still working with the Secret Service in apprehending the shooter. There are 5 others that need my going over then my final report."


"Are any of these cases pending prosecution?" Kevin asked.


"Just one but that case doesn't go to trial for another few months."


I heard the phone ring and saw DJ answer it. She was on the phone for several minutes and when she hung up, I could tell by the look on her face something was definitely wrong. "Hey girl, what's wrong?"


"I'm being recalled to the UK."


Dusty looked at Kevin. "Did you know about this, Sir?"


"I did but they asked I not say anything until they talked with DJ and I gave them my word I wouldn't say a thing."


Dusty went over to DJ and wrapped his arms around her. "When do you have to leave?"


"The end of next week," DJ croaked out. "I'm really going to miss you guys."


"You've been with us for a long time; you're like part of our family." Dusty whispered into her ear.


Kevin got our attention. "Since your team will be down a member, Director Moore; I'll have to stand your team down. We'll have to sort through a number of good agents to find one who'll mesh well with your team."


"This is one facet of being the Director I don't like. I don't know a lot of the other field agents." Dusty said looking at Kevin.


"Alright Director, I'll go through the files and select a number of agents who, I think, will work well with your team."


"How long should that take?" Dusty asked.


"With the number of agents we have, it'll take several weeks until I can come up with five or so agents."


"Agent Carl and I have several weeks of comp time on the books. Do you think there'd be a problem with us taking a couple of weeks off while you're coming up with another agent?"


Kevin thought for a moment. "Is your team working on any other active cases that need to be closed before Agent Forrester returns to the UK?"


"No Sir," Dusty said shaking his head.


"Then I don't see a problem with that. Fill out a request of vacation form and get it to me. Agent Carl's request has to be approved by you before sending it up to me." Kevin replied.


Dusty nodded his head. "I'll have those done in a few minutes Sir."


Kevin's attention turned to Ellis. "Agent Ellis, you'll be doing paperwork until the team is ready to go back into the field. Do we understand each other?"


I could tell by the look on his face he was not at all happy. "Understood Sir," Ellis said as he turned his head and glared at JR.


DJ came over to me then. "Ace, I'll make a copy of my report on that shoe print I made from the White House grounds as soon as Maxine has gone over my findings. I don't think, in all honesty, it'll be of much use to you though."


"DJ, you'd be surprised at what turns out to be a case breaker. What seems inconsequential at first can and has turned out to be the one piece of evidence that blows a case wide open."


She thought about what I'd said. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll have that to you before I leave mate."


JR was reloading his program back onto his computer. "Director More, I've password protected my computer here, is that alright?"


"Good idea JR," Dusty answered as Ellis went to banging away on his computer. "Ace, can you come to my office please? Agent Carl, will you come also?"


I followed Dusty into his office. As soon as we were inside, he closed the door then gave JR a passionate kiss. "What do you want to do when we're on vacation?"


JR shook his head. "I haven't a clue love."


"Since neither of you have any ideas, what about this?" I started. "Bennie has two weeks off from school starting the end of next week. We're planning a trip to Disney World for a week and then another week at a naturist camp for the other."


"Oh Ace, we can't intrude on your private time." JR said holding Dusty's hand.


"Nonsense," I replied. "Bennie loves you guys and he'd be mad at me if I didn't invite you both. I know The President would agree also and it would increase security for Bennie too."


I saw the two of them looking at each other mulling over my invitation. "We'd need sunscreen," Dusty said giggling."


JR was laughing hard. "That's for sure. I don't want my playground burnt to a crisp."


"How are you getting there?" Dusty asked as he turned on his computer.


"I have a friend who has a thirty nine foot Winnebago motor home that sleeps seven and he's going to let me borrow it."


"Those are nice," JR said as Dusty started typing on his keyboard.


I heard the printer go off next. "JR, come over here and do your request for vacation so I can approve it before giving it to the SecNav."


JR quickly did his then Dusty went to give them to Kevin before he left. As he was handing the forms to Kevin, Marshall came up and handed the SecNav an envelope. He opened it then read what was inside. "This will have to be approved by Director Moore first."


"Why?" Ellis said looking peeved.


"Because, he's your immediate supervisor," Kevin replied. Don't you know anything about the chain of command?"


Kevin handed Dusty the form. Dusty looked it over then went over to a desk so he could sign it. He handed the form to Kevin then returned to his office. Kevin looked at it then handed it back to Marshall. Ellis looked at it then started yelling. "I have comp time on the books too so why can't I take some?"


Dusty heard Ellis screaming from inside his office then came back outside. "Ellis had you not ruined JR's work I might have approved your comp time but I know why you're asking for it now."


"Oh yeah Mr. Smart..."


"I'd watch my mouth if I were you." Kevin said deliberately interrupting. You're on very thin ice and you're lucky I don't terminate you."


I looked at my watch. "JR, I have to go. If I'm late for dinner my ass is in a sling."


Just then Dusty came back into his office and slammed the door. "That ass wipe had the balls to ask for vacation time."


"He was just trying to get out of that paperwork detail you gave him."


"Exactly Ace," Dusty said.


"I have to get back to the residence so I won't be late for dinner. I'll see you on Thursday. What time do I need to be here?"


"We're due at the range at 10:30. Be here at 10 so we won't have to rush and you can get in some practice if you need it."


"Sounds good Dusty, I'll see you at 10 on Thursday."


I returned to the residence and relieved Johnny so he could get home then I took Tonka out so he could do his business. I returned then met Bennie and Ben in the living room. As soon as Bennie saw me he got up. I motioned for him to stay put then gave him a gentle hug. "How are you feeling baby?"


"A little sore but the heating pad really helped a lot."


I sat down then had a lap full. "I'm glad you're feeling better love. Did you and your Dad talk about the deal the Assistant US Attorney wants to make with Dean Weller?"


He nodded his head then leaned it against my shoulder. "Yeah he did. It's fair, I guess, because I don't want him locked away for the rest of his life but I just don't understand why he attacked me."


"I wish I had an answer for that." I said.


"What about the guy who kicked me?"


"He was willing to testify against Dean and he's getting a suspended sentence." I said answering his question causing him to sit up and stare at me. "He's really sorry love he got involved. He asked how you were when Adam and I interviewed him at the hospital. Now, do you want to be in court when they're sentenced?"


Benie's eyebrows rose up when I asked the question. "Can I be there?"


I nodded my head. "Yes and you have the right to give a victim's statement."


Bennie looked at his Dad then back to me. "I would like to be there. I'd love to ask him why."


It was then I really looked at Ben. I couldn't read his face and I was really hoping his eyes would tell me what he was thinking. "Son, are you sure you want to go?"


Bennie turned his head so fast I saw him wince and close his eyes from the discomfort. "Yes Dad, I really want to be there. I want the chance to look him in the eyes and ask him why he attacked me."


"Alright son, you can go. Ace, you'll see to it extra agents are there?"


"Yes Sir and if it's alright, I'd like Johnny to be one of the agents."


"That's fine you can even have Ed too. I want the best agents possible."


"Sir, every agent on this team is the best but I know two other people who'll be glad to come."


Bennie looked at me. "Who Ace?"


"Director Moore and Special Agent Carl," I replied.


"Good choices Ace," Ben said smiling.

"I thought so too Sir," I said as we heard the bell ring announcing dinner was ready.


After dinner, I needed a shower. I helped Bennie with his and when I came to his young manhood, it was standing tall and leaking. "Ace, please help me. My balls ache so bad it's not funny."


I washed his dick, balls and ass then after making sure all the soap was rinsed off, I knelt down and took it into my mouth and proceeded to give him one hell of a blow job. He didn't last long but I wasn't completely ready for the load he gave me. I managed to swallow every drop of his nectar while holding on to him so his legs wouldn't buckle. Once I had completely milked his dick of its juice, I stood then kissed him passionately, sharing his juice with him. "How was that lover?"


His eyes had a glazed look to them. "Oh God Ace, what you do to me?"


I kissed him again then helped him out of the shower. After drying him off, we got into bed to cuddle. "Will you need a pain pill tonight?" I asked before I got comfortable.


"I am pretty sore," Bennie said sheepishly.


"Love, having sex wasn't the smartest thing to do."


"I know baby but my balls were killing me. I needed that release."


I pulled the foam piece from the heating pad and got that wet. I got him on the heating pad then brought him his pill. It was only 8:30 so he held off on taking it. We watched TV then at 10, he decided to take his pill. "Love, you better take a leak so when that pill hits you'll be able to sleep through the night."


We got up and did our business then returned to bed getting comfortable. I noticed the pill had done its job and Bennie was sound asleep. I watched the 11PM news then called it a night.


The next day I was down in the office running JR's program cross referencing all of the agent's personnel files against Nate. It was a daunting task and I must say if I had had to do it by hand, it would have taken weeks, if not months, to sort through them all. As it was, it took the computer several hours to sort through all the information we needed it to.


I was about to head upstairs for lunch when I received a call from Adam. "Hi Adam, did Ms. Rivers take the deal to Dean?"


"That she did buddy." He started but I was sensing there was a catch. "Dean said before he'd accept anything, he wants to see you."


This took me by surprise. "Me? Why does he want to see me?"


"I haven't a clue Ace. Can you meet me at the jail after lunch?"


"Sure," I replied. "How's 1:30 sound?"


"Sounds good, I'll see you there."


I cut the call and joined the others upstairs for lunch. Bennie was quite chipper during the meal. After we'd eaten, Bennie told me he had a decent night's sleep and his ribs were only bothering him a little. I didn't know if he should return to school on Thursday or continue to keep him home until Monday like Dr. Phillips had ordered.


Bennie went back to his online lessons and I got hold of Johnny to stay with him while I met with Dean at the jail. At 1:20 I was pulling into the parking lot of the jail then I made my way inside. I only had to wait a short time then Adam joined me. When we went up to the desk, I asked the officer where the gun lockers were. "Can I see some ID please?"


I showed him my credentials then he buzzed me inside. I found the lockers then secured my weapon. Adam and I were led down a hall then to a secure conference room. Another guard brought Dean in then pointed to a chair for him to sit in. Once we were alone, Adam looked at Dean. "Alright, I have agent Mason here."


Dean was about to speak when I heard a voice. "Don't say a word."


Adam and I turned our heads and there was Ms. Rivers and Dean's father. They were let in then took a seat. "Look lady," I started. "Your client wanted this meeting so why don't you just sit there because I have a lot of work to do and I'm not in the mood for games."


Dean started to speak and once again, Ms. Bitch told him to shut up. "Guard," Adam shouted then stood up. "Fine, if you want to play games, I can too. The deal is off and sweet cheeks there will be someone's bitch."


Keith stood like he was going to assault Adam. I turned and had him against the cell bars before he knew what hit him. "Don't even think about it. Now put your ass back in that chair or you'll be joining Dean."


The guard came up to let us out when he saw me holding Kevin against the bars. "Is there a problem Sir?"


I turned Keith around then put him back into his chair. "No deputy, there's no problem at all."


Just then Dean got our attention. "Hey, no one said I didn't want that deal."


"Shut up Dean," His father said.


"No Dad, you shut up." Dean fired back.


"Shut up brat," He fired again. "I'm ready to file suit against the school for not providing a safe environment. Next I'm filing suit against the Secret Service for having a vicious animal. Lastly, I'm filing one against the US Attorney's office for false prosecution. Each suit is asking for 100 million dollars in compensatory damages plus I'll be asking for punitive damages as well."


Adam and I looked at each other then broke out laughing. I held onto Adam to keep from falling down, we were both laughing so hard. "Is that supposed to scare us?"


"Keep it up and you'll see who'll be laughing." Keith said.


"Are you behind this Kelly?" Adam asked.


"I only represent Dean." She said. "But filing suit isn't a bad idea."


Adam looked at the father. "Do you really think you have any chance at winning?"


"My attorney said I have an excellent chance of winning. The school was negligent."


"Negligent how? I fired.


"They didn't protect my son."


Again I broke out laughing. "They didn't protect Dean? Dean was the one who assaulted a student."


"They allowed the Secret Service to have a vicious animal on their campus which in turn bit my son."


"Who had assaulted a student then tried to escape after being told to stop by me." I countered. "Good luck with your law suits. All a defense attorney will have to do is play your son's confession and your suit is sunk. Dean, you have 5 seconds to talk or the deal Mr. Graham has for you is off the table permanently. What's it going to be?"


Adam started counting. "1, 2, 3, 4."


"Alright, alright." Dean shouted. "I'll take it."


"You panty waste," The father shouted then went to hit him but I quickly grabbed his arm and put it behind his back.


"This is your last chance too. Next time, I'll be charging you with assault and battery."


Adam had had enough of Kevin. "Guard." He shouted then waited. "Take this man out of here."


"You can't, I'm his father and I have a right to be present."


Adam shook his head. "You lost that right when you tried to assault him. Besides, he's represented here by his counsel so his rights are fully protected. Guard, escort him out of here."


Keith was removed from the room then I stared at Ms. Rivers. "Now, I suggest you sit there and remain quiet. It was your client who asked for this meeting. Now, what is it you want, Dean?"


"You gotta protect me," Dean started off. "I'm just 17."


"You should have thought about that before you assaulted Bennie." Adam replied. "You'll be kept in a juvenile area until your eighteenth birthday."


"I'm mean after that," Dean said with a shaky voice. "I don't want to be someone's play toy."


I looked at Adam then winked. He saw the wink then nodded his head then I took over. "That's not our problem."


"Aw come on man, I'm just a kid."


"Come on?" I almost shouted. "Give me just one good reason why we should?"


"You sound like a fucking Jew lover."


Now I was totally pissed and I showed it by slamming my fist on the table. "Listen Dean, in my eyes you're nothing more than a two-legged walking piece of shit. If I had my way about it, you'd be put in the general population the day you arrived but because of your age you have to go into isolation. But once you become a legal adult, you will go into the general population so I hope your ass is well stretched."


"You can't, you're a cop, and you have to protect me."


"Protect you? What did Bennie do to deserve getting blindsided by you?"


"He's nothing. Look at my leg! I've got over a dozen stitches in it. What did I do to deserve that?"


"You tried to run after I identified myself as a Federal Officer. That's what you did!"


"You're just a Jew lover." Dean spat.


"That's it, come on Adam. The air in here is making me sick. If I had any say in this, I'd tell the US Attorney to take the deal off of the table and push for the maximum sentence which is 40 years. Then I'd ask the judge to make you serve every fucking day of it."


"40 years?" Dean stuttered. "You can't!"


Adam glared at him. "I CAN and unless you shut your garbage spewing trap right this very minute, I WILL!"


Dean sunk down into his chair. "OK, OK, you win. I'll take the deal."


Adam pulled the papers from his briefcase and set them in front of the defendant. "Now, as a part of this agreement, you agree to tell the court everything you did and why."


"WHAT!?! No way."


Adam smiled. "Tell him counselor. All plea arrangements are contingent upon the defendant telling the court everything about his part in the crime."


Ms. Rivers looked at Dean. "He's right. You're going to have to admit to the crime and everything about it."


Dean grabbed the forms. "Shit man, I'm screwed."


His lawyer surprised me then. "No Dean, you did that to yourself. You shot your mouth off and didn't tell me about it. When you and your father signed the Miranda waiver, you tied my hands."


Dean signed the plea deal then Ms. Rivers signed the forms. Adam put the forms into his briefcase then stood up. "Guard."


The guard came and opened the door then Adam and I left the cell. "I can't believe I lost it in there."


"If you hadn't said what you did, I probably would have buddy. I'll see if I can get this onto the docket as fast as I can. Did the President and Bennie talk over the deal?"


"Yes they did. They talked it over last night. One more thing, Bennie wants to be there and make a statement."


"Alright, I'll notify the court the victim will be present."


"You'll probably want to have the courtroom closed to everyone except those directly involved in the case, especially the press."


"When I get it on the docket, I'll file a motion to have the courtroom closed."


"Alright, that sounds good Adam. Let me know when the court date is because Bennie wants to make a statement."


"I will," Adam said as I headed over to the Hummer. "Since Bennie is going to be there, I'll make sure the courtroom is closed."


"Thanks Adam," I said then started the engine.


I looked at my watch and there were still several hours before dinner so I stopped at an ice cream parlor I've passed several times. I parked out front then went inside and got us a large chocolate sundae with whipped cream, nuts and several cherries.


I gave Johnny his then went into Bennie's room with ours. He had just put his computer away then sat back on the bed. "What do you have behind your back baby?"


I went over to the bed and sat down keeping the bag closed. "Oh, just a little surprise for you."


I'd never done this before so I had him really curious. I reached into the bag and grabbed of the large Styrofoam cups and a spoon then handed it to him. He looked at it then removed the lid. "Holy crap Ace, this thing's huge. Did you stop at Taylors?"


I set the bag onto my lap and removed my treat. "Yep, I'd passed that place I don't know how many times so I decided to stop in."


Bennie shoved a large spoonful of whipped cream into his mouth then erotically ate one of the cherries. "I'm glad you did. They have the best ice cream in town."


We ate our ice cream and talked. I told him Adam was working to get the case on the docket quickly and I'd be notified when it was. I also told him I had to go over to NCIS's range to do my annual pistol qualifications in the morning. After we ate our ice cream, we decided to relax and ended up taking a nap. My bladder woke me so I nudged Bennie waking him up. The rest of the day was uneventful and Bennie didn't need his pain medicine.


The next day I was up bright and early. Even Bennie was feeling a lot better than the last several days. I talked to Ben and we decided it best to let Bennie remain home until Monday as per Dr. Phillips' orders. Before Ben and I went into the dining room for breakfast, he gave me his blessing on Bennie and me spending a week at the naturist camp.


After breakfast, I took Tonka out so he could do his business then left to head over to NCIS headquarters. As soon as I went in, Ellis was more obnoxious than normal. "Well, well, look who's here. Are you ready to get your ass kicked?"


I ignored him and went into Dusty's office. Ellis was right on my tail even though I made sure the door was closed behind me. A second later, the door opened again. "Don't you know how to knock Ellis?" Dusty hollered.


"Mason didn't knock."


"That's because I've said he doesn't have to. Now read my lips; GET OUT!"


"Ass wipe," Ellis said under his breath thinking it wasn't heard but I had.


I stormed over to the door and grabbed him by the back of the coat yanking him back into Dusty's office. Dusty stood up glaring at me. "Ace, what gives? Let him go."


I spun him around and had my forearm against his chest. "Now ass wipe, why don't you repeat what you said as you went to leave the office?"


He tried to use his free arm and push me back but I had my feet positioned in such a way he wasn't going to be able to move me. "Let go of me Mason. You come over here marching around like your shit don't stink but it don't work with me."


I raised my arm up a little so he'd have a little difficulty breathing. "Repeat it!" I screamed.


"Ace, let him go." Dusty said as he came over gently trying to move my arm.


I removed my arm then glared at Ellis. "You're lucky. I'm not sure who the comment was directed to Dusty but as he went out he muttered ass wipe. Now, I bet he thought no one heard it but he was wrong."


Dusty was now glaring at the big mouth. "Did you say that?"


Ellis was shaking now but he lied through his teeth and started shaking his head. "No I didn't."


"You're lucky Ellis because I didn't hear it but I've known Ace for a number of years and I know he doesn't lie."


"Bull shit," Marshall spat. "He's lying this time."


I got right into his face. "Say it one more time and you'll find more than my forearm against your chest. YOU GOT IT DICK WAD?"


He decided to get brave and shove me back but that was a huge mistake. I let him have it in the gut with the heel of my hand knocking the breath out of him. He sunk to his knees then started gasping for breath. I was about to snatch him up when my cell phone went off. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Evelyn. Are you planning on being a sharpshooter?"


"Yeah, I'd like to."


"OK, then you'll need to qualify with your rifle."


"Can you fax the requirements to Dusty? I haven't a clue what they are."


"Sure thing and good luck," She said.


"Thanks and I'll let you know how I do. I'll get Dusty to fax the results to your office when we're done."


I ended the call then I heard Dusty's fax machine go off. Dusty grabbed the paper then looked at Ellis who was still sitting on the floor. "Get your ass up Ellis; we have to get over to the range. Ace, here are the rifle qualifications."


I looked at the paper. "These look easy enough."


I stopped at the Hummer and got my rifle then went to the range. We signed in then right away Ellis started bitching. "It's hot out today. I can't shoot like this."


JR came along then decided to have a little fun. "Next time we have to draw our weapons, I'll be sure to order up perfect weather conditions for you."


"Kiss my..."


Dusty turned around and stared at him. "Stuff it Ellis, you asked for that. Now, get to a firing line and send a target down range."


I set my rifle on a bench then went to the next firing line and unloaded my pistol. I heard a squeal from the loud speaker. "Unload your magazine then reload five rounds but do not put it into your weapon."


We did as instructed then waited. The voice boomed again. "This will be a timed event using your non-standard shooting hand. If you normally fire with your right, you'll do this event with your left. You have thirty seconds. Shooters put your ear protectors on then wait for the horn."


Ellis stepped back. "Hey, that's not fair. Mason shoots with both hands."


Dusty walked over to him.




"Shut your mouth. You need to worry about you."


"That's right, cover for him."


"Get your ass back to the line."


I stood there waiting for the horn.




I loaded the magazine with my right hand then let the slide slam forward. I took aim then quickly fired the five rounds then set the pistol on the table.




"Bring your targets up."


Ellis was standing there with his mouth hanging open as Dusty walked over and looked at my target. "45 out of 50 buddy," Dusty said writing the score on the target. "It's a nice grouping but they're all at 9 o'clock."


"I know; I always seem to pull to the left when I have to use my left hand."


Dusty walked down and pulled Marshall's target in and wrote his score on it. I dropped the magazine from my weapon, sent another target down range and got ready for the next event.


Ellis and I did our second target then all I needed was the score. I qualified setting a new personal best of 235. Secret Service agents need a minimum of 215. Ellis on the other hand wasn't as lucky. His second target netted him 177. NCIS Agents need 200 to qualify. His first target was useless because he stood there running his mouth rather than firing. He got one round off and he pulled his shot way left and hit the 5 ring. Needless to say, he didn't qualify. I surprised the hell out of myself and qualified with my rifle shooting better than I imagined at 300 yards which I'd never really practiced at. I'd normally work at 100 and 200 yards.


I packed up my gear then walked back to the Hummer. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw it was Dusty then noticed Ellis heading inside the office. "I'll get these results faxed to Evelyn after lunch."


I motioned JR to come closer to Dusty and me. "The naturist camp is a go. I'll make the reservations over the weekend."


I returned to the residence and brought my rifle to the office so I could sit down and give it a proper cleaning. I was about to start on my pistol when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Hi Ace, I have both cases on the docket for Monday. My motion to close the courtroom was honored so the press won't be allowed inside but there was nothing I could do about keeping them away from the building."


"Well, that's better than nothing. I have two friends that will be with me escorting Bennie."


"I'll leave the security up to you buddy. I'll see you on Monday."


"We'll be there." I said then ended the call with Adam and stripped my pistol giving it a good cleaning.


On Saturday I made the reservations for Disney World and the naturist resort. I didn't tell Bennie about the plans for the second week because I wanted to see the look on his face when we arrived.


That evening, I filled Ben and Bennie in about the court case. Ben looked at me. "Who do you have planned to be with you?"


I smiled. "Dusty and JR said they'd come with us."


Monday morning came faster than I wanted. For the first time in a while, the alarm clock woke me rather than my bladder. Bennie and I were just getting out of the shower when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, Director Moore and Special Agent Carl are here."


"Let them in officer and make a note for all the guards. Whenever Director Moore comes here, let him in."


"Yes Agent Moore."


Bennie and I hurried to get dressed so we could meet Johnny, Dusty and JR. We all ate breakfast and then headed to court. After breakfast, Bennie and I got our ties on then I got my weapon and jacket. We headed downstairs then left for court in the Hummer. On our way there, my cell went off. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Adam. When you get to the courthouse, go around to the back. There is an underground parking area guarded by US Marshalls. Show them your ID and they'll help you find a place to park and get Bennie inside the courthouse."


"What judge has the case?"


"I don't know yet but I'll call you back as soon as I do."


Traffic was a nightmare and it took us just over thirty minutes to make the trip. When we arrived, it was a zoo with press trucks everywhere and Capital Police had their hands full the traffic they were causing. I was going to make a left hand turn into the parking lot but the officer kept waving at me to go straight ahead. I flipped my red and blue grill lights on then dropped my window showing him my credentials. He stopped traffic for me then waved me in.


I headed to the back of the courthouse and spotted a US Marshalls' van. I followed him to the underground lot. A US Marshall stopped me then I should him my credentials. "Do you have a prisoner?"


I shook my head. "I have a victim who'll be making a sentencing statement."


The Marshall quickly put two and two together. "Do you have adequate personnel?"


I nodded my head. "There are three other agents with us and that should be sufficient. I'm glad this underground lot is available with all the news crews out there."


The Marshall nodded his head. "I wonder what brought them here."


"Not what but who and I have a pretty good idea who was behind it. I need to get parked and to the courtroom."


I pulled up and another Marshall pointed me to a parking place. We got out then circled Bennie. A US Marshall escorted us to an elevator just as my phone rang. "Mason."


"We're in Judge Harold Stein's courtroom."


"I'll let the Marshalls know. We'll see you up there in a few minutes."


I ended the call just as the elevator doors opened. We entered the car then rode up to the first floor. We were walking down a very secluded hallway that I never knew existed. Just then I saw Adam come out of a door then walk towards us. "We're in here guys."


"Man Adam, I never knew this area existed."


"I take it you don't spend much time in Federal Court."


I shook my head. "This is the first time."


"This is for handling high profile defendants and witnesses. The courtroom is clear so let's get inside."


When we stepped inside the courtroom then Adam led us past the witness stand and to a small room. "I'll come and get you when it's your time."


"If the courtroom is empty, why can I sit out there with you?" Bennie asked seriously.


"Is this what you want?" Adam asked.


"That's why I'm here and now that I am, I want to be there."


"Alright you can sit out there. You'll be sitting behind me."


Bennie was put in between me and Johnny. I had JR on my left and Dusty was sitting beside Johnny. A few minutes later I heard the big courtroom door open. I looked over my shoulder and Ms. Rivers and Keith Weller walking down the aisle then leaned close to Adam. "Keith Weller is here. This could turn into a three ring circus."


"Judge Stein won't stand for it. He'll bounce anyone that disrupts his courtroom."


It was almost 10 when a door opened and a US Marshall led Dean into the courtroom. The four of us had Bennie covered like meat in a sandwich so he didn't see him. The next thing we heard was a booming voice. "All rise; this court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Harold Stein presiding."


The jurist climbed the steps to the bench then sat down. "Be seated. Before we begin, I'm putting everyone on notice right now that I will not tolerate any outbursts in my courtroom. You'll get one warning then if it happens again; you'll be in contempt of court and will have new sleeping arrangements for two days. Bailiff, what is the first case on the docket?"


"Your Honor this is the case of The United States versus Dean Weller."


The bailiff handed Judge Stein the file. The judge opened it then looked at Adam. "I see there is a plea agreement between the prosecution and the defense, is this correct?"


Adam stood. "It is Your Honor."


Ms. Rivers stood looking at Dean then up to the judge. "It is Your Honor."


"Very well then, will the defendant please rise." Judge Stein said then Dean stood. "Dean Weller, you're charged with a hate crime in connection with an assault and battery. How do you plead?"


Dean was staring at the Judge's name plaque and Ms. Rivers caught it then she leaned over to him. "You heard what the judge said at the start so don't shoot your mouth off."


"Guilty Your Honor." Dean said.


"Very well, the court accepts your plea of guilty. According to the terms of the agreement, I want you to tell this court why you did what you did."


Dean stood there for a moment. "I saw this new kid around the campus. He was always surrounded by others acting like he was better than everyone."


Judge Stein stopped him. "Did you know who this new kid was?"


Dean looked our way again then back to the judge. "Yeah, I knew who he was. He's Benjamin Jacobs, the President's kid. He had that body guard with him all the time and the school treated him like he was something special."


"Did you ever try to meet him?" Judge Stein asked.


Dean shook his head. "Nope and I didn't want to either."


Dean paused to collect his thoughts. I couldn't tell if he was going to keep it together or totally lose it.


"Why didn't you at least try to get to know him?" The judge asked.


"I don't associate with those kinds of people." Dean fired out.


"Those kind of people?" Judge Stein asked.


"Yeah Jews. They have no business at a place like Georgetown Exeter. So I decided if I could persuade him to leave. It was easier than I thought. When he sprinted ahead of his precious guard he was mine. It's just a shame I couldn't get more than one punch in him before his protector arrived. I tried to beat feet but a dog got me otherwise I'd have never been caught. That's all I have to say."


Dean stood there and I could tell Judge Stein wasn't happy but he didn't let his mouth over load his ass. "Mr. Graham, does the prosecution accept the defendant's statement?"


Adam nodded his head. "We do Your Honor. Before you pass sentence, the victim would like to make a statement."


Judge Stein nodded his head. "Are you the victim young man?"


"Yes Your Honor." Bennie said standing then came through the gate Adam held open then stood and stared at Dean.

"I'm Benjamin Jacobs, Jr. and yes I'm the son of our President but I don't have things handed to me. I have to work like every other person at school. You hate me because I'm Jewish? I don't know why, we're like everyone else in the world. Anything we have, we've worked hard for. When I came in here I was prepared to really let you have it but I'm not. I really pity you because you've let hate distort your vision. Maybe when you're in prison you'll learn to see things differently. That's all I have to say."


Bennie came back over and sat down beside me. I secretly took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and smiled at him then mouthed, "I'm proud of you."


Judge Stein cleared his throat. "I'm appalled that in this day and age, hate is still so prevalent. Mr. Weller, if I could give you more than what's in your plea agreement I would. So according to the terms of the agreement I hereby sentence you to a term of twenty years in the Federal Penitentiary with ten years suspended. You will have to serve the entire sentence and when you are released, you will be on supervised parole for another ten years. This court also fines you $50,000.00. This fine must be paid in full before you are released from your parole. This court is now adjourned."


The judge banged his gavel then we stood as he left the bench. Once the judge was in his chambers, Dean's mouth started. "What in the hell is that fine all about?"


Adam smiled. "Judges have the right to add fines."


Keith started shouting. "We'll appeal. You lied to him."


Ms. Rivers turned around. "You have no grounds to appeal. Your son was sentenced according to the plea agreement. Fines can't be appealed unless they are totally against guidelines and in this case, they're not. In fact, he was very lenient."


A US Marshall came over and led Dean away then I saw Keith Weller all but running towards the back of the court. I walked over to Adam. "Look, you're going to get mobbed by the press when you leave here."


"I know it. I just won't know what garbage he'll have spewed when I get out there."


I looked at the others. "I can't let him face that madhouse out there alone. Johnny, take the keys to the Hummer then I'll call you to come get me."


"Are you sure Ace?" Bennie asked.


I nodded my head. "I'm sure Bennie."


Just then Chuck came into the courtroom with his lawyer and Uncle. He saw Bennie sitting there with us. "Man, I'm really sorry."


Bennie stood up. "I know you are. Just promise me you'll stay away from jerks like Dean."


Chuck smiled. "That's a promise."


Just then the door to Judge Stein's chambers opened. "All rise, this court is now in session; the Honorable Harold Stein presiding."


The judge took his seat. "Be seated. What is the next case?"


"This is the case of the United States versus Charles Trent." The bailiff announced.


The judge took the file and opened it. He started reading then looked at Adam. "Mr. Graham is this correct?"


Adam stood. "Yes it is Your Honor."


"Why is there such a difference in this case and the last one?"


"Your Honor, from the beginning, the defendant took responsibility for what he did. Had the other case gone to trial, the defendant was willing to testify against the other youth. He is remorseful and this is why if feel this plea arrangement is in the interest of justice."


"Very well Mr. Graham." Judge Stein said as Chuck and his lawyer stood. "Charles Trent, you've been charged with assault and battery. How do you plead?"


"Guilty Your Honor." Chuck said.


"Very well, as per the terms of the plea arrangement you are to tell this court your role in this assault."


"Your Honor, Dean talked me into this. Now, I know this in no way makes what I did less serious. I didn't know who he was talking about getting even with until everything had happened and I got a chance to see who it was laying on the ground. I'm still embarrassed when I think of Bennie on the ground and I had a hand in it. I just hope he can forgive me. I am truly sorry."


Judge Stein looked at Adam. "Is this acceptable to the prosecution?"


Adam nodded his head. "It is Your Honor."


"Benjamin, do you wish to make a statement?" The judge asked.


Bennie stood then came through the gate again. "Chuck, I do believe you're sorry. We talked a few minutes ago and I have one more request. Take this opportunity and make something of yourself. My Dad says I'm a pretty good judge of character and I see you doing anything you put your mind to."


Bennie went over and extended his hand to Chuck. He stood and shook it then Bennie came over to us and sat down.


"Charles Trent, the charge of felony assault and battery is reduced to misdemeanor assault. You're hereby sentenced to probation until your eighteenth birthday. Should you break the law any time prior to that you'll be in jail. This court is also treating you as a juvenile in that your criminal record will be sealed if you stay out of trouble. Do you understand this young man?"


Chuck wiped his eyes. "Yes Your Honor. I promise you'll never see me in trouble again."


"I hope your right, son. This court is now adjourned."


We stood as the judge left the bench then I headed for the doors. "Get Bennie to the Hummer guys, I'll call you in a few minutes."


Adam packed up his briefcase then joined me as we headed for the exit. "This is one time I wished I parked with you guys."


I headed towards a window and looked outside and it looked like a media feeding frenzy. I rejoined Adam then we stepped outside to meet the masses. No sooner then we left the building Keith Weller started shouting. "There they are, they railroaded an innocent boy to prison."


I looked at Adam and rolled my eyes then caught a microphone coming towards us out of my peripheral vision. Adam was about to speak when a woman asked, "What do you have to say about Mr. Weller's remarks?"


Adam put on a pair of sunglasses. "Mr. Weller's son pled guilty to a hate crime in association with an assault and battery. He was sentenced to twenty years with ten of those suspended."


"You manufactured everything against him." Weller shouted.


I took over then. "Did we manufacture your son's anti-Semitic dribble he shot out of his mouth when he was in the hospital and then again in his jail cell?"


The female reporter's interest was piqued. "Would you care to elaborate?"


I looked at Keith and he was quiet then looked over to Adam. He handed me his briefcase then pulled out a portable CD player. "If you'll listen to this, you will all hear for yourselves the type of individual Dean Weller is."


Adam pushed the play button and the crowd got quiet as Dean's garbage started playing. A few minutes later another microphone was shoved into Adam's face. "Is it true that the young man Dean Weller assaulted was Benjamin Jacob's Jr.?"


Adam looked at me and I nodded. "Yes it was. Dean attacked the son of the President for one reason only and that was because he was Jewish."


The crowd of reporters turned on Keith like a school of hungry sharks which gave us time to make our escape down the steps as I pulled out my cell phone. "Hawks."


"Johnny, shake a leg man. Come and get me so we get the hell out of here."


Bennie grabbed Johnny's phone. "We're coming love."


I watched Adam get into his car as the Hummer came towards me. Johnny stopped as the back door opened then we took off for the residence. "How'd the press conference go Ace?" Dusty asked.


"That all depends." I answered with a little giggle.


"Depends on what babe?" Bennie asked.


"Depends whether or not Keith Weller enjoyed being questioned by the reporters after it was learned Dean attacked Bennie just because he's Jewish."


I pulled out my cell and called Ed. "Is he available?"


"Hold on, I'll check." Ed replied then I just had to wait. "He'll be right here."


"Yes Ace, is everything alright?"


"We're on our way back to the residence. Keith Weller got the press to show up to the courthouse. I went out with Adam and we had no choice but to make a statement."


"You had no choice but to make a statement?" Ben asked firmly.


"That's correct Sir. We had no choice because Mr. Weller accused Adam and me of manufacturing evidence that railroaded Dean into prison."


"What did you say?"


"We put the ball right back into Keith Weller's court. Adam played Dean's CD for them. After it was over, another reporter asked was it true the victim was Bennie and we confirmed it. What put the real heat on Weller was when they learned why Bennie was attacked. They turned on him giving Adam and I a way out."


"Damn it Ace, why did you have to mention Bennie's name?"


"What did you expect us to say when we were asked a direct question, lie?"


We went through the back gate then pulled up to the residence. "No Ace, not lie but couldn't you have evaded the question?"


Bennie grabbed the cell phone. "No Dad, and I'm glad he didn't."


I quickly got my cell back. "I'm sorry about that Sir."


"No Ace, Bennie was right."


"Sir, we're at the residence now. Can we meet to talk?"


"I can have lunch served in my dining room. Are Director Moore and Agent Carl still with you?"


"Yes Sir."


"Alright, lunch will be at 12:30. Make sure Johnny is there too."


"Will do Sir. I'll let Gloria know we won't be eating at the residence."


We ended our call then we went up to the residence. I talked with Gloria while Bennie and Johnny took Tonka out. Gloria was planning a light lunch since she didn't know what time Bennie and I would be back from court so she wasn't upset.


By the time Johnny and Bennie got back with Tonka, it was time to go over to the West Wing. We made the trek over to the Oval Office and saw Ed. "He's in the dining room."


We joined Ben in the dining room and Bennie had to give his Dad a hug. After our beverages were served, I looked at Ben. "Sir, I really think you're going to have to issue a statement about Bennie's attack. I don't think it'll make the afternoon news but you can bet it'll be on this evening."


"How should I do this?" Ben asked.


"Well, I have two ideas. One is to have your press secretary issue a statement written by you or you give it yourself. I think giving it from the press room would be the best way to go."


"You know I don't have all the ins and outs on this so I'm afraid I might not be able to answer all of their questions."


"I have an idea Dad."


We all looked at Bennie. "OK son, what's your plan?"


"Well, have Ace there. No one knows more about what happened than he does. If a question is asked you don't know, let Ace answer it."


My baby had a point but I'm not one to be in the spotlight. I then looked at Ben. "I like that son. Would you be there with me Ace?"


"Yes Sir," I replied knowing I couldn't refuse him.


We finished our lunch then Dusty and JR had to get back to their office. Johnny and Ed returned to their duties and I was about to head over to the residence with Bennie when a woman came in. "Mr. President, can I have a word with you please?"


Ben went over to the table and sat down. "Certainly, come sit down. What's on your mind?"


"Um, do you think we could talk in private Sir?"


"Ms. Johnson, anything you have to say can be said in front of my son and Agent Mason."


"Yes Sir," She replied. "We've got word that a big story is about to be released regarding your son."


Ben nodded his head. "I'm aware of that."


"You are?" She answered totally taken by surprise. "But how Sir, we just learned of it ourselves."


"I told him," I said. "That report was set up by the father of one of the defendants. He claimed the US Attorney's office and the Secret Service railroaded his son thus landing him in prison."


"I see," She started. "Sir, we believe this report will put you in an unfavorable position."


Now my interest was piqued, "How so?"


"Well, we're afraid that they will try and go after your son."


Ben raised his hand. "Now hold on. Let me ask you this. Just how much does your office know about this?"


"Very little, to be honest Mr. President."


I saw him smile at that. "Good, that's how I wanted it."


"Excuse me, I don't understand why."


Ben then got a stern look on his face. "That's because my private life and that of my son's is of no one's concern. I'll not have Bennie shoved into the national spotlight."


"I understand Mr. President but with what we're getting in now, we really feel a statement from The White House is really necessary."


"As do I," Ben answered. "That's what my lunch meeting was about. I think a statement issued by me to the press about this incident is the best way to handle it."


"Will you be taking questions afterward?" Ms. Johnson asked.


"I will take a few questions. I also will have Agent Mason with me since he was the agent who made the arrest."


"Um Dad, will I be there too?"


"I don't think that's wise son."


"Hold on Mr. President, I think maybe Bennie should be there considering this does involve him."


I could see Ben mulling that over in his mind. "You're right Ace, Bennie should be there."


"What time would you like this set up for?"


"My schedule is free from 3 o'clock on. That should give me time to write a brief statement."


"Alright Mr. President, I'll make the necessary arrangements at my end. I'll call your office as soon as everything is in place."


Ms. Johnson left then been looked at Bennie. "Son, I'd like you in a jacket and tie."


"Dad, do I have to? That's not what I normally wear."


I stepped in. "Sir, if I might. I'll pick out something suitable and fitting. In fact, I need to get a shower and put on a fresh suit. Can you have Ed call me when the press conference will be?"


Ben nodded his head then Bennie and I returned to the residence. "Ace, do you think someone will ask me questions?"


"I don't know baby but if they do, try to keep your answer short so they won't try and get into personal areas."


We talked a little longer then I set out something appropriate for Bennie to wear. After that, we got into the shower. We lounged in our underwear and watched a movie until Ed called. Just before 3 he called and said the press conference was set up for 3:30 and for us to meet in the Oval Office.


We arrived at 3:15 and I was getting nervous. Ms. Johnson was there reading Ben's statement. "This is excellent Mr. President. I'll get set up in the teleprompter."


At 3:25 we left for the Press Briefing Room. Ed and Johnny escorted Ben while was with Bennie. At 3:30 Ms. Johnson stepped up to the podium. "Today an incident surfaced that involved the son of The President. Normally matters such as this are private but this one has been made public. He has decided to issue a statement and then field questions from you. Ladies and gentlemen, The President of the United States."


Everyone rose then waited for him to come to the podium. Ben stepped out first followed by Bennie, who stood off to the right and then I was on Ben's left. "Please be seated. Normally issues that affect me or my family in a personal way I prefer to keep out of the public's eye. But recently an incident occurred involving Bennie that I must comment about. Last week while he was in school, he was attacked by two fellow students, both of whom are juniors, causing minor injuries. The leader of the group admitted to knowing who Bennie was and also acknowledged Bennie never did a thing to precipitate the attack. It seems the only reason for this was Bennie's religion. This is all I have to say."


As soon as Ben finished speaking, hands went up into the air. Ben pointed to a woman in the front row. "Mr. President, I take it these two are now in custody?"


"Both of the young men were arrested and charged and today, sentenced for their roles in the attack."


Another hand went up immediately and Ben called on him. "Mr. President, can you give us their names and their sentences?"


"I can but I won't. Next question please."


Another woman was called upon. "Mr. President, who made the arrests?"


Ben looked over his shoulder. I stuck my head behind the curtain and got Johnny. "The arrests were made by two Secret Service Agents. Special Agent Rich Mason and Special Agent Johnny Hawks."


Ben then called on a man in the back row. "Mr. President, this question is for your son. Is that acceptable?"


"That depends on the question." Ben replied as Bennie came up beside him.


"First off, how are you feeling?"


Bennie smiled. "I'm still a little sore but I'm getting better every day."


Ben called on another reporter. "Bennie, are you still angry at the people who did this to you?"


Bennie shook his head. "No, I'm not angry since I wasn't hurt that bad. I feel sorry for one of them though. He let hate lead him to do something that he'll be paying for. He'll be paying for this for a very long time."


Ben decided that that was a good place to end the news conference. "Thank you everyone."


Johnny and I took positions then let Ben and Bennie leave the stage then we all returned to the Oval Office. As soon as we entered, the press secretary was brought in. "Mr. President, I think that was received well."


Bennie was standing there smiling at Ben. "Yeah Dad, it was perfect."


"Let's hope we never have to go through it again." Ben replied as he gave Bennie a gentle hug.


Bennie and I returned to the residence to relax until Ben's day was finished.


To be continued