The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 23


Johnny and I took positions then let Ben and Bennie leave the stage then we all returned to the Oval Office. As soon as we entered, the press secretary was brought in. "Mr. President, I think that was received well."


Bennie was standing there smiling at Ben. "Yeah Dad, it was perfect."


"Let's hope we never have to go through it again." Ben replied as he gave Bennie a gentle hug.


Bennie and I returned to the residence to relax until Ben's day was finished.


Time flew by and soon spring break was two days away. The goings on around the residence was organized confusion. Isaac was in and out so much I was ready to replace the residence door to the West Wing with a revolving one.


Bennie had permission to stay home on Friday due to Ben leaving for Canada and England. After dinner, I was in my room going over our vacation plans when Bennie came in. He sat on the bed and he looked like he was lost in space. I minimized the window then went over to him. "What's wrong baby?"


He leaned his head against my shoulder. "I'm going to miss Dad."


This was the first time since I'd been with them Ben and Bennie had been separated. "I'm sure you are love. Your Dad will be in a lot of meetings."


I felt him nod his head. "I know baby and we'll be in Orlando but..."


"You'll still miss him." I said finishing his sentence.


"I guess I'm acting like a baby."


I lifted his chin up and kissed him gently. "No you're not love. Is this the first time you two have been apart?"


"Nah," Bennie said. "He'd been gone before for a couple of days."


"But it is the first time he's been out of the country."


He nodded his head. "Yeah it is. If something happened, I'd have no way to get to him."


"Now don't go thinking like that baby. If something did, you know I'd get you to him. Now, your Dad leaves in less than eighteen hours."


"I know that baby," Bennie started.


"So then why are you in here and not out in the living room with him?"


He looked down. "I don't know."


"Go on baby. I want you to be with him tonight."


"But you're my boyfriend."


"And that's not going to change." I said lifting his chin up so I could look into his eyes. "We're going to have two weeks together on spring break starting Saturday while your Dad's in Canada and England."


He saw me smiling then he began to relax a little. He kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tightly then went to the door. "I love you so much baby."


"I love you too, now scoot." I said as I returned to my computer.


I worked another fifteen minutes then shut down the computer. I was on my way into the living room when I heard the buzzer on the door coming from the West Wing. Ben turned and saw me standing there. "Who is that now, Ace?"


"I'm not sure but I think it's Isaac."


He shook his head. "What now?"


"Should I let him in?" I asked.


"Yes but this better be important."


I went to let him in and he kept pushing the buzzer. "Enough already Isaac," I said as I opened the door.


"I have to speak to The President."


I stepped out of the way so he could come in. "Follow me Isaac." I said heading towards the living room. "Mr. President, your Chief of Staff is here."


Bennie was still cuddled next to Ben as he looked over his shoulder. "Yes Isaac, what is it?"


"Mr. President, we need to go over your itinerary when you're in Canada."


"Isaac, please relax. We went over this before I left for the day. Has anything changed?"


"Well, no Mr. President."


Ben moved Bennie's head then stood up. "Then go home and get some sleep. We'll have about two hours on the plane to handle anything that changes."


"Alright Sir, I just want things to go smooth."


Ben put his hand on his shoulder then headed for the West Wing Door. "I know you do and that's why you're my Chief of Staff. You cover all of the details and right now, they've all been covered."


"Yes Sir," Isaac said as he went through the door. "I'll see you in the morning bright and early."


"Isaac, I'll see you in the West Wing at 9 AM. We're not due to take off until noon and I'm spending time with my son before I leave."


"Um 9 AM Sir," Isaac asked.


"Yes, 9 AM. Please tell me you didn't schedule a meeting before we leave?"


Isaac shook his head. "No Sir but I figured you'd want to start on things a little earlier."


"I'll be in the office at 9, if you wish to be in earlier, that's up to you. I'll see you tomorrow."


Ben closed the door and made sure it was locked then returned to the living room. I was sitting in a chair talking to Bennie when we returned. "Is everything alright Ben?"


"Yes, Isaac is nervous because this is our first official trip out of the country." Ben said as he sat down beside Bennie.


It was just before 9 so I decided to give father and son some much needed private time. I went over and knelt down so I could have access to Bennie. "I'm going to my room now baby. I'll see you in the morning."


He reached his arms out to me then we gave each other a hug. I kissed him on the lips but didn't get carried away. Bennie then leaned close to my ear. "Thanks love, I'm glad you gave me a push to be with Dad."


I kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "You're welcome love. You needed to be here with him and I knew it. Sleep well baby."


Bennie smiled at me as I stood up. "I will. See you tomorrow."


I went into my room and got comfortable then turned on the TV. After getting into bed, I realized that it was awfully big without Bennie. I turned the TV off after the news then tossed and turned before finally getting to sleep.


I woke up and saw Bennie lying beside me with his head resting on his bended arm. "Hi baby."


I blinked the rubbed my eyes. "How long have you been there?"


"About fifteen minutes."


He leaned over me so I raised my head and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Is your Dad up?"


He had to change positions so I quickly sat up so I could use the bathroom. "He's been up since 7 so I decided to see you. What are we going to do after Dad leaves?"


"Well, I have to go over to my friend's place and pick up our transportation to Orlando."


"Transportation," Bennie asked.


I finished emptying my bladder then walked out. "Yeah."


"I thought we'd fly there." Bennie asked surprised.


Just then Tonka came in. "Well, I don't think he'd like being in the baggage hold love."


"No way," He cried giving me a dirty look as he hugged Tonka. "So how are we getting there?"


I shook my head. "That my love is a surprise. After your Dad takes off, you'll find out."


Bennie and I got dressed then went out for breakfast. I was surprised to see Ed and Johnny at first but then realized they had busy schedules in the West Wing. "Morning guys, are you ready for this trip?"


Johnny looked at me. "I'm all packed, if that's what you mean. As far as anything else goes, I'm as ready as I'll ever be."


After breakfast, Johnny, Ed and Ben went to the Oval Office. Bennie and I took used that time for us to pack. It took me about 15 minutes to pack then I went over to Bennie's room. I saw what he had set out on the bed and giggled to myself. "Are you sure you have enough, baby?"


He looked at me. "I think so love."


He really had more then he'd really need but I couldn't tell him that without telling him about what the second week holds in store. "Alright, so go on and get it packed."


At 10:30 Ed called to let me know things were winding down and would be leaving soon. I went to Gloria's room to talk to her for a minute. I knocked on her door then heard her say to come in. I opened the door and saw her resting in bed. "Señor Ace, why are you here? Is everything alright?"


I went over and sat on the side of her bed. "Everything is fine."


I was about to continue when there was another knock. I looked over my shoulder and Ben was standing there. Gloria saw him too. "Señor Ben, why are you here? You have a trip to get ready for."


Ben sat on the other side of the bed. "I'm ready for the trip but I just wanted to see you before I left. Since no one will be here for the next two weeks, I want you to get plenty of rest."


I looked at her next. "I'll have an agent check on you a couple of times a day and I won't take no for an answer."


She smiled at us knowing we were doing this because we cared. "That's fine Señor Ace and I'll do as the doctor has told me. I have his number in case there are any problems.


Ben leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Take care and I'll call you to see how things are."


"Have a good trip Señor Ben." She said as we left.


I looked at Ben. "Where are your bags, Sir?"


"I had those taken down after I packed them." Ben smiled. "Are you going to mother me too?"


"Not at all," I laughed. "I was just making sure they weren't forgotten about."


Just then, Ed and Johnny came up. "Sir, the limo is ready." Ed said as Bennie joined us.


We headed for the elevator and Tonka was waiting. Ed, Johnny and Ben went down first then Bennie, Tonka and I came down. Ed and I went out to see if the motorcade was ready then I went over to one of the agents who would be following us. "I want you to drive my Hummer. I'll need that after The President leaves."


"Yes Agent Mason," He said. "What should I do with the keys?"


"I want you to put them into my hand. The limo and Secret Service vehicles will be secured in the hangar for when you get back."


Ed had finished checking things then it was time to get Ben and Bennie into the limo. The agents lined up then Ed and Johnny escorted Ben out while Tonka and I escorted Bennie. As soon as we were inside, Ed and Johnny got in then we were off. The procession cruised at a steady 35 miles per hour and thirty minutes later, we arrived at Andrews.


Security was at a high level. Ed pulled the limo near the hanger but it was also a very short walk to Air Force One. Ed, Johnny and I got out then Ed checked to see if Ben could board. We had to wait a few minutes then we were given the go ahead. Before we could move, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. "Here are your keys Agent Mason."


"Thanks, you can help the other agents secure the vehicles." I replied.


Ben and Bennie said their goodbyes and even Tonka got some scratches from Ben. "Dad, can I come on the plane?"


Ben leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm afraid not son. As soon I get on board, the door will be closed."


"I'll miss..." Bennie started to say then Ben put his finger on his lips.


"I will too son and I promise to call you every day. I just don't know what time but it will be before 11."


I was standing several paces behind Bennie so I wouldn't intrude then I saw Ben looking at me so I came forward. "Yes Mr. President."


"I know I don't need to say this but I am anyway. Take good care of him."


We shook hands as be patted me on the shoulder too. "I will Sir; that you have my word on."


He kissed Bennie once more then he walked out and boarded Air Force One. I felt Bennie put his arm around my waist. I looked over and saw tears coming down his face. I reached my hand over and wiped them just as one of the engines began to start. I motioned Bennie over to the Hummer as Tonka followed then we got in. "Man, that's loud."


"Just wait until all four of them are running at the same time."


A few minutes later I saw the heat trails coming off all the engines. I saw the front wheel turn to the right then heard the engines power up as she began to taxi out to the tarmac. As soon as the noise left, Bennie and I got out and walked out so we could watch the plane. The jumbo 747 rolled away from us then did a tight one hundred eighty degree turn. It sat there momentarily then began the trip down the runway to reach lift off speed and take off into the air. We watched the plane disappear into the sky then went back to the Hummer.


I checked the hangar doors to make sure they were secure then it was on to pick up the RV. Bennie looked lost in thought as I made my way through DC. It wasn't until I pulled up to my friend's house that got Bennie out of his funk. "Is that our transportation?"


"Well, I had thought about it unless you'd rather take the Hummer."


"Get outta here love," He said punching me in the arm. "That looks really posh."


I had just shut the engine off when I saw my friend. We got out then Bennie let Tonka out so he could stretch his legs. He walked up to me and gave me a big hug. "How the hell are you Ace? It's been way too long since we've seen each other."


"I know man but if you had the schedule I have, you'd be juggling things too."


"What have you been doing with yourself and who is the young man?"


Just then Bennie came up with Tonka by his side. "Well, to answer your first question I'm a cop."


My friend laughed. "I knew that was what you did in the Air Force but I just can't see you as a cop in civilian life."


"Well, after retiring from the military I knew this was the life for me. But I'm not just any cop."


He had a strange look on his face. "Not just any cop?"


I smiled at him. "That's right man; I'm with the Secret Service"


"Ace; that takes just more than brains; which I always knew you had, but becoming a Fed?"


"I always went against the norm and to answer your second question; this young man is Bennie Jacobs and the dog is Tonka."


"Where have I heard," He started then stopped and looked at Bennie. "Wait a minute; you're the President's son"


Bennie stuck his hand out. "Yes Sir, I am. That's a great looking RV, can we see it?"


He shook his hand and smiled. "I'm Jack Miller, and if you'll follow me I'll give you the grand tour."


Jack led the way to the RV. "Ace, if you're driving this when we leave what will happen with the Hummer?"


"Jack has a trailer we'll load that on."


The door to the RV was open so I let Bennie go inside first. Now, I've seen this thing wide open but even without the slide outs extended, this was a thing of beauty. Bennie's head was on a swivel looking left then right and back again as he walked the length of the motor home. "Mr. Miller, this is sweet. I think this will be better than any hotel."


"It's even sweeter but I can't show you here." Jack said smiling.


"I don't understand." Bennie said as I quietly giggled.


"Where I'm standing is a place that slides out and gives you more room. There is another by the table and one more back where the king size bed is. There is a satellite TV antenna too."


"Man Ace, this will be a great vacation."


Jack sat down in the driver's seat and started the engine. "I take it Ace you're still going to need the trailer?"


"Yeah, I don't want the hassle of finding a place to park this beast."


He closed the door then pulled it into the street. I got out then he started to back it into position. I was watching him and I didn't have to say a word. "How'd you do that man? I didn't have to do a thing to guide you."


Jack giggled. "It has a backup camera built in. There is a monitor on the console."


He hooked the trailer up then we loaded the Hummer and chained it down.


"Do you want to take a test drive? The last time you drove this there wasn't another ten feet behind it."


"That's a good idea. I can't believe I'd forgotten about the backup camera."


Jack laughed as we headed for the door. "No you hadn't. It wasn't on it the last time you drove it. I backed into a sign that was in both blind spots and did several hundred dollars in damages."


I saw Bennie still looking at the RV. "Hey kiddo, is Tonka back there with you?"


"He's under the table."


"We're going for a little test drive. Do you want shotgun?"


Bennie was in the passenger's seat as if he was shot out of a cannon. Jack closed the door then I put it in gear and we took off. Driving around DC in something this size was a real trick because a number of the streets were a tight turn for the Hummer but now in this RV and you have a real job on your hands. We drove around for a little while then Jack said he had to get home. After I dropped him back at his house, the next stop was the residence. The streets I took were all two lane roads so getting to the residence wasn't as bad as I first thought. When I pulled up to the back gate the uniformed officer didn't know what to expect until I stepped out so he could see me. "Wow, nice ride Agent Mason."


I waved then the gate opened. I made my way around the White House and parked in the employee's lot. Bennie and Tonka got out then I locked the door. I made sure the Hummer was locked then we headed inside. While waiting for the elevator, my cell rang. "Mason."


"Hey Ace, what's up?" JR asked.


"We just got back to the residence."


"We're on our way over. Do you have plans for dinner?"


"I'm not sure, I don't know if Gloria cooked or not."


"If she didn't, we have an idea and can fill you and Bennie in when we get there."


"Sounds good man," I said. "We'll see you when you get here."


I ended the call just as the elevator doors opened. The three of us got out when my cell rang again. `Man, I need an unlisted number.' I thought.


I looked at the caller ID and saw who it was. "Yes Evelyn."


"Are you back at the residence yet?"


"We just stepped off of the elevator. What's on your mind?"


"I'll tell you when I get there."


This was all I needed. Dusty and JR are coming and now Evelyn. What a way to start a vacation. "Alright but I'm letting you know now, Director Moore and Agent Carl are on their way here too."


"This shouldn't take too long Ace."


"Alright, I'll see you when you get here."


Bennie and I got comfortable then he went to see if dinner was going to be served. While he was doing that,

I heard the elevator doors open. I saw Evelyn get off then another person. I glared at him. "What's going on?"


"This is what I want to talk with you about. I want your input on reinstating Pete."


I felt as long as he wasn't around Ben, Bennie or me, I didn't care. "You're the Director, that's your right if you want to reinstate him."


"That's true but it's where I want to assign him."


"You're not thinking of assigning him here at the White House."


"That was my intention considering you and Bennie will be away for two weeks. We need someone who has the experience here to work with both the uniforms and the other agents."


"Captain Langford and his staff handle the uniforms."


"I know but Pete's coordinated things before."


"There won't be a lot going on with Ben being away. His security detail is with him, but he's used to handling problems when they arise. Pete, I'm willing to give you a shot while Bennie and I are away but remember this, if you try anything like you did last time, it's you and me. Do we understand each other?"


Pete looked down for several moments then back to me. "I understand completely Agent Mason. You can rest assured that will not happen again."


Just then my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, Director Moore and Agent Carl are downstairs."


"Thank you, I'll be right down." I said as Bennie came in. "Bennie, can you go down and bring Dusty and JR up please?"


Evelyn vouched for Pete. "Ace, I've told him if he messes this up, he'll find himself in some remote location."


"Alright, we'll see how he does for the next two weeks when Bennie and I are away. Evelyn, can you handle his duties and talk with Captain Langford?"


"I'll take care of that and show him the new things we have since he's been away." She replied.


"Thanks Evelyn. There is one thing else I need you to do. I want you to check on Gloria. She's Ben's private cook and she recently had a stint put into one of her coronary arteries. She hasn't had any problems so far but since everyone is gone anything could happen. If anything doesn't sound right, call Dr. Phillips."


"I'm not sure what time we'll be leaving tomorrow so I might not see you until we get back. If there is any problem, contact your sister then me."


"I'll do that and thanks for giving me another chance." Pete said as he and Evelyn headed to the elevator.


The doors opened then Dusty, JR and Bennie stepped off. "What was that all about Ace?"


"Agent Morgan is coming back to work. I forgot to ask but did Gloria plan something for dinner?"


Bennie nodded, "Steaks, baked potatoes, mushrooms and asparagus."


After dinner, we all went down to the RV. "Man, this is great Ace." Dusty commented after I turned on some lights.


"Hey babe, what about food?"


"We'll stop after we get into North Carolina. If I know Gloria, she'll pack us a goodie bag to take with us and that should hold you for a few hours."


That brought a round of giggles from Dusty and JR. "I don't eat that much."


I drew him into a hug. "I know baby."


"But we better not forget food for Tonka or he will be unhappy."


I checked the fridge to be sure it was cold then we returned to the residence. Dusty and JR took my room and I was with my baby. We got comfortable then got into bed. Bennie snuggled next to me and started running his hand over my chest. He stopped at one of my nipples causing me to gasp. "I want you lover."


I hadn't seen Bennie this dominant in a while. "I'm all yours love."


He got on top of me and started running his tongue over my chest. He suckled on my nipples and my dick was so hard it was beginning to hurt. I felt his hand grasp it and start to slowly stroke it. The next thing I felt was his tongue licking the corona then found my piss slit. I had to fight to keep from moaning too loudly because if I had, Dusty and JR would have surely heard us.


He sucked my dick for a few minutes then began working his way towards my nether region. He sucked on each nut then slid his hands under my legs. I knew where his goal was so I pulled them up so he could access my most private of places. I then felt him run his tongue over my hole. At the point I felt if he continued doing this I'd blow my load.


He did this for several minutes and it took all of my will power not to cum then he moved and straddled my chest. His dick was covered in precum and I wanted to taste it so I pulled him closer. I took his dick into mouth and licked his nectar off. "Get it wet love."


With that statement, I knew what the next event would be so I got it good and wet. As soon as I opened my mouth, he scurried between my legs again. As soon as I raised them, I felt his dick touch my hole. I relaxed and as soon as I had, he slid his tool inside me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being filled by my love. I opened my eyes and saw lust in his eyes. He wanted hot unbridled sex and I wasn't going to deny him. "OK babe, give it to me and give it to me good."


Bennie slid in all the way and then started to ride me for all he was worth. Every time he was in as far as he could, I felt him hit my prostate and I loved it. I felt my balls start to tighten so I began to stroke my dick. He saw me doing this then shook his head so I stopped. I don't know how long he was pounding my ass when I saw his head lean back and his eyes close. "Oh shit baby, I can't hold out any longer. Ungh, I'm cuming."


He stayed where his was using my legs to hold him up. When he came back to Earth, he leaned down and started sucking me. While this was happening, his tool was still buried in my ass. Every so often he'd shove his dick deep hitting my love nut. "Sweetie you'd better be ready because I'm cuming. He took every drop of my offering and then slid out of my hole. I clamped my asshole shut then hurried to the bathroom so I could expel Bennie's gift. When I was done, I wiped myself then joined Bennie back in bed. "I love you Ace."


"I love you too baby. Someone was really horny tonight, weren't they?"


He turned bright red. "Yeah I was love, are you mad at me?


I kissed him on the lips then smiled. "Far from it, I enjoyed that just as much as you did."


We slipped under the covers then drifted off for a great night's sleep. The next morning I woke to Bennie easing out of the bed. I know what he had to do and my bladder let me know it wanted to be emptied so I got up and joined him. After we finished the task at hand, we jumped into the shower. We didn't have time for any fun and games but we had fun washing each other. After our shower, we got our bags and set them by the elevator.


Bennie took Tonka out so he could stretch his legs while I went to check on our guests. I knocked on the door then I saw the door open a little and JR peek through the crack. "Come on in Ace."


Dusty was closing his bag when he saw me. "Are you and Bennie ready to go?"


"Yeah we are. Our bags are by the elevator so you can set yours there too."


As we were heading to the dining room, Bennie came back with Tonka. When we entered the dining room, Gloria came out of the kitchen with a tray of fresh biscuits. As Bennie was getting his juice he looked over to her. "Gloria, you're not over doing are you just because we're leaving?"


"No Mijo but I did want to see to it you had a nice meal this morning. I also have a few things to take with you to snack on."


I wasn't about to guess what it was so I sat and drank my coffee. After breakfast, we made another check to be sure we hadn't forgotten anything. Dusty and JR were about to take the bags down when JR saw Gloria pushing a cart. "Gloria, what is all that?"


"A few things to take with you," She said as I stuck my head around the corner.


I was about to see what it was but Bennie beat me to it. "Gloria, that's a week's worth food."


"Si Mijo, I bet you didn't get any groceries, did you?"


"We hadn't yet but we'd planned to stop somewhere in North Carolina."


"Well now you won't have to." She fired back giving me one of her looks that meant don't push it.


Just then Bennie remembered Tonka's bowls and food. "Ace, can you get his food?"


I went out to the kitchen and saw a fifty pound bag of food on the counter so I grabbed it. We took the elevator down to the ground floor then headed to the RV. I got the door opened and the bags were brought in first. Just then it hit me. "I'll be right back; there was something I'd forgotten."


I hurried back to my room and got my weapon, magazines and some extra ammunition just in case. I'd put my cleaning kit in my bags. I grabbed a second set of hand cuffs in case I might need them. I saw my laptop so I put that in its case then did another mental checklist.


When I got down there, Bennie was bringing the cart back to Gloria. I did my pre-check then checked the hitch and Hummer. Everything was good to go so I started the engine. I revved the engine then saw Bennie running towards the motor home. "You weren't going to leave me as a joke would you baby?"


"Now how could I take off and leave my baby behind?" I answered as he closed the door.


Bennie took the shotgun seat then we headed out. Traffic wasn't too bad and soon we were on I95 heading towards sunny Florida. Traffic on 95 heading south was a real nightmare until we got through Dale City then it was smooth sailing. Thanks to our escorts, we were in North Carolina just after noon. Bennie had just come out of the bathroom then he gave me his sad puppy dog eyes. "I'm hungry Ace."


I got on the radio and contacted the lead trooper. "How far is it to the next rest area?"


"There's one in about ten miles."


"Sounds good trooper and just so you know, lunch is on us."


I followed the trooper into the rest area and there weren't too many vehicles there. I followed the trooper and he found a place to park. JR and Bennie started getting lunch out while I took Tonka out to stretch his legs. Tonka and I got out just as the lead trooper came up. "Holy shit, what's that?"


"Trooper Adams, this is Tonka. He belongs to Bennie but also makes a great partner when bringing down a suspect."


Tonka was sniffing the trooper and he had a look of pure fear on his face. Tonka sat in front of him and raised his paw. "What does he want?"


"Shake his paw. When he does that it means you've been accepted."


The trooper shook his paw then gave him a scratch behind the ear. I took Tonka for a little walk then returned to the RV. The troopers were standing outside when Dusty came out. "Come on, lunch is ready."


Tonka gave Trooper Stevens the once over then we all sat down to eat. I don't know when she managed to do it but she made us a feast just like we would have had in the residence. Trooper Adams took a huge gulp of his tea then wiped his mouth with his napkin. "Do you always eat like this? I haven't had fried chicken this good since my mother was alive."


"I'll be sure and tell Gloria you liked it." Bennie answered. "She makes some great meals and it's all from scratch."


"Is she a White House cook?" Trooper Stevens asked.


Bennie shook his head. "She's been with us since I was a little kid. Dad loves her cooking so he had her come with us when he took office."


We finished our lunch then put the leftovers away then hit the road. After going through North Carolina we bid the troopers farewell and picked up two others. "This is Trooper Clark and Trooper Wilkins is bringing up the rear."


"I'll be needing fuel in about seventy five miles. Do you know a place that's reasonable?"


"I sure do. There is a big truck stop right off 95 and they're always hopping."


A little over an hour later, the trooper took an exit and there was the truck stop. We had to make a left hand turn into the place so the lead trooper blocked traffic with his car and blue lights on. The fuel tank was on my side so I pulled up and shut the engine down. "Dusty can you take Tonka out? There are a lot of people here and I think it's best if Bennie stays in here."


I got out and pulled out my credit card and swiped it in the card reader on the pump. After getting the approval, I started fueling the RV. Just then Trooper Clark came around. "This is a nice RV. I bet it took a while to pay for it."


"It's not mine. A friend of mine I've known for a long time let me borrow it."


Bennie shouted out the window. "Ace, I'm hungry."


"I think Gloria packed come cookies. We'll eat dinner in Georgia."


"What's it like being his body guard?"


"It keeps me hopping at times."


"How long is the assignment for?"


"It's for the duration of President's Jacobs' time in office." I replied as the handle on the pump clicked then I topped off the tank. "How far is it to the Georgia state line?"


He smiled then winked at me. "We can be there in about an hour."


We loaded up then hit the road again. Once we were back on 95, the trooper set the pace and we were cruising at 70 MPH. I saw a sign that said we were five miles from the state line. As we got closer, I saw two Georgia State Police cars on the shoulder waiting for us. "Trooper Clark, I want to thank you both for the escort."


"It was a pleasure. Ya'll have a safe trip now."


"Good evening, this is Trooper Ross. Trooper Sykes is bringing up the rear. How far are you looking to go this evening?"


I hadn't really made up my mind. "Do you know some place we can stay tonight?"


"As a matter of fact I do. It will be safe and secure and you'll also have electricity."


I didn't know where we were going so I just followed the trooper. We pulled off 95 and followed the trooper onto the city streets. The one good thing about it was the streets were 2 lane and I had room for wide turns. I saw him slow down then make a left hand turn into the State Police barracks. He parked his car then directed me to where we were going to park. The parking lot was huge and there was plenty of room for the RV. I saw the trooper walking up to my side so I opened the window. "There are three slide outs, is there enough room for that?"


"Oh sure and I'll have an extension cord brought out so you can have power."


I dropped the legs then made sure it was level and proceeded to extend the slide outs. The guys were amazed as to how much room there was in here. The trooper brought out the extension cord then I plugged in the RV.


While I was doing this, JR and Bennie were looking to see what else Gloria packed for us. JR found a large container of spaghetti and meatballs. "What's for dinner, I'm starved." I said as I came back inside.


"Look Ace, we have spaghetti and meatballs." Bennie replied smiling. "There is also a four footed member of this crew that needs to stretch his legs."


"Let him out and I'll watch him while you get his food ready. While dinner is heating, while don't you give your Dad a call. I'm sure he's wondering if we're still in one piece."


"OK, I'll do that now."


I let Tonka run and I brought a stuffed toy I made for him when he worked and did a good job. I let him fetch it a few times then played tug of war with him and his jaw and neck muscles are so strong, he always wins. He finally wore me out so we went inside the RV so we could eat.


I knew there were going to be a few dishes to wash to I lit off the water heater. I'm glad Jack had a good supply of Styrofoam plates because it kept dishes down to a minimum. When dinner was heating, I raised the satellite TV antenna and got it set. JR announced dinner was ready so we sat down and had a wonderful meal. After we ate all of the spaghetti, Dusty and I did the dishes.


I went and closed the front window curtains then we relaxed. "How's your Dad?" I asked as we got undressed.


"He's tired but he had a good day." He said then got a coy look on his face. "He also said you better take real good care of me or he'll find another body guard for me."


I saw that look in his eye and I knew exactly what he was up to so I played his game. "Oh, you mean you'd let him replace me with some other agent?"


"Well," He started.


"I can call Director Morgan and see if Special Agent Franks has recovered and is back on duty or I can recommend Special Agent Morgan would like to be my replacement."


"No way José, do you think I'd let Dad really replace you?"


"That's what you said he said." I said giggling because I'd beaten him at his own game.


He started to pout so I pulled him in to hug and kissed him. By 10:30 we were all ready for a good night's sleep. Bennie and I cuddled close then drifted off to sleep. Bennie woke me when he climbed over me to go to the bathroom. When his hand landed on my bladder, I too was now awake. I sat with my legs crossed until Bennie came out then I cut loose. After I was finished, we had a line waiting. Dusty hurried in leaving the door opened. "I thought you were going to drown in there, Ace."


Dusty finished his business then JR took a turn. "Is everyone awake or do you want to get some more sleep?"


Bennie was at the sink filling the pot to make some coffee. A few minutes later, we sat down and drank our first cup. I was stumped as to what to do for breakfast because we hadn't stopped to get groceries. That was until Dusty opened the door on the ice box. "What'll it be this morning? I can cook us up some eggs with either sausage or bacon."


While I was trying to decide, there was a knock on the door. I pulled on a pair of shorts then went to see who it was. When I opened it, a sergeant was standing there. "Good morning, I was wondering if you'd like to join us inside. We have fresh hot coffee and doughnuts."


Bennie normally eats decent food but what boy doesn't like doughnuts. I looked at everyone and they were all nodding their heads. "Thanks for the hospitality. We'll be right in."


I fed Tonka then let him stretch his legs. I put him back in the RV then we headed inside the barracks. The sergeant was standing there waiting. "I'm Sergeant Colton; it's a pleasure to have you here."


"Thank you for inviting us but I hope you didn't do this just for us." I said then introduced everyone.


"No, we normally have a light breakfast here before roll call."


We walked into the room and it got quiet. "Relax everyone; Bennie is just a regular guy."


He spotted the doughnuts and dove in as I got another cup of coffee. We all talked with the troopers until Sergeant Colton said it was time for roll call. We grabbed empty boxes and put them into the trash. The sergeant was about to start roll call when another trooper came in. "Hey Sarge, there's an RV and Hummer out back. The plate on the Hummer comes back not on file."


I was facing away from the trooper. "If you entered the plate number in correctly it would."


"Oh and how would you know?"


I thought the sergeant was going to tell him off but then I started turning around slowly. "Just what I said, if you had put it in right you would have seen that it was registered to the Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service."


The trooper was standing there with his mouth open. "I...I'm sorry."


"In DC, you have to put the plate in exactly as it reads." I said to the trooper. "Sergeant Colton, thank you for your hospitality. We'll be ready to leave in about fifteen minutes."


We went out to the RV then I started getting the sliders back in place. Dusty and JR turned their bed back into a sofa then I pulled that slider in. I let Tonka out once more while I checked the trailer. Once that was done, Sergeant Colton and the young trooper walked up. "Are you all ready to go?"


The young trooper came up to me and extended his hand. "I'm Trooper Reed. I'm really sorry about what happened inside."


I shook his hand. "Don't worry about it, that's in the past now."


We took off and we were making real good time. Before I knew it, I saw the sign for the Florida state line. "This is Trooper Fowler with the Florida Highway Patrol; Trooper Barstow is bringing up the rear."


I bid our friends from Georgia farewell and then answered our escort, "Trooper Fowler, how long before we reach our destination?"


"We should have you in Orlando before noon. How are you sitting on fuel?"


"The gauge is reading between full and ¾ so we should be fine."


"How much fuel does she hold?" The trooper asked.


"One hundred gallons," I replied.


"You should have plenty. There is a truck stop as we get off 95 and they have excellent fuel prices. I recommend you stop there on the way in because it's on your side of the road. It also has a store where you can get any supplies you'll need."


"That will make things easier on the way home. We'll stop there on the way in."


The drive on 95 was smooth until we got around Daytona Beach until we picked up I4 when things smoothed out again. We got off the interstate and pulled into the truck stop so I could fill up. I set the pump up and JR pumped while Dusty, Bennie and I got groceries. We found everything we needed and got checked out without anyone giving Bennie a second thought. "It's nice not to be noticed Ace."


"That's what we all want babe so you can have a relaxing time and enjoy yourself."


We got the food put away then we were on our way to the camp ground. The trooper let us pull in ahead of him then we parked the RV so we could check in. I went inside and registered. I reached for my wallet and the clerk spotted my pistol. "Weapons are not allowed here sir."


I handed the man my credit card then showed him my credentials. "I'm sorry but I have to carry it at all times."


"I didn't know Agent Mason. How many others are in your party?"


"There are three others. Two of them are Federal Officers also."


"Sir, is the other person President Jacob's son?"


"Yes he is and I would appreciate it if that information was kept highly confidential."


"You have my word on it. You're in site 241. There is plenty of room to unload your Hummer and park the trailer then back into your spot. It has a full hook up with everything you'll need including water and sewer."


I thanked him then talked with the troopers. They left us then it was onto get the RV set up. We unloaded the Hummer and parked the trailer then I got the RV back into its spot. Bennie and I got it hooked up and then we started the air conditioning. Once everything was done, Bennie wanted to walk around to check out the place.


We changed into some summer attire then began our exploring. We were walking along taking amongst ourselves not really paying too much attention to what was going on when a voice shouted, "Heads up."


We looked up and caught sight of an incoming soccer ball. Bennie ran out and went to head it back to the group but he misjudged it. The ball caught him on the forehead and the bridge of his nose causing him to see stars. The boys came running over to see if he was alright. "Oh man, are you alright?" The oldest one asked.


JR was the first of us to reach him. "Are you OK dude?"


Bennie managed to sit up as I got there. "Oh man, I messed that up didn't I?"


The oldest teen looked at me. "I'm sorry Sir; I didn't mean to hurt your son."


Another teen covered his mouth. "That's not his Dad. Do..."


The oldest teen looked at his friend. "What do you mean, that's not his Dad?"


"Just what I said doofus," The teen said. "You don't know who that is?"


I knelt down and called them over then looked at the boy who thought he knew who Bennie was. "OK son, who do you think this is?"


"Isn't he Ben Jacobs, Jr.?"


Bennie smiled and rubbed his forehead. "Yeah, that's me."


"Boys, we would really appreciate it if you didn't go and tell everyone he's here."


"Sure but who are you?" The oldest teen asked.


Bennie stood up and put his hand on my shoulder. "This is Ace. He's my bodyguard. What are your names?"


The oldest of the group made the introductions. "My name is Kevin Simmons and this is my friend Michael French."


Mike pushed Kevin on the shoulder and glared at him. Bennie then introduced us."This is Ace, he's my bodyguard. He works for the Secret Service. These other two guys are Dusty Moore and JR Carl. They work for NICS."


Tonka came running over after he'd investigated the woods then nuzzled Bennie's hand. "Holy shit." Mike said then covered his mouth.


"This is my dog Tonka," Bennie said scratching his ear.


"Dog, he looks more like a wolf." Kevin said.


"He's part wolf and if he likes you, he'll protect you too if you're with us." Bennie explained to Kevin. "Stand still and I'll show you something cool."


Bennie nodded then Tonka started walking around and sniffing Kevin then he did the same to Mike. He sat down then raised his paw. Mike slowly leaned down and shook it followed by Kevin then Tonka wanted them to give him attention. "This is one really great dog, Bennie."


"How long have you been here?" Bennie asked.


"Two days," Mike answered.


"Cool, can you show us around?" Bennie asked.


Mike and Kevin looked at each other. "We'll have to check." Kevin answered.


"Boys, your parents might want to meet us and that's fine but I'm going to fib a little unless they recognize Bennie."


They nodded their heads then took off for their sites. I watched where they went and they weren't that far away from us. We started looking around slowly heading towards their sites in case they wanted to meet us and sure enough, Kevin's parents did. We walked over and I introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Rich Mason and this is my son Bennie. Behind me are my cousins Dusty and JR."


Kevin's Dad shook my hand. "I'm Alec Simmons, Kevin's Father. Kevin said your son asked him and Mike to show you around?"


"Yes Sir, Mr. Simmons." Bennie answered. This place looks huge and your son said you've been here a couple of days already."


I could see him staring at my left hand because I wasn't wearing a wedding ring. "Alec, I see you staring at my hand so before you ask, I'm a widower. My wife died when Bennie was 5."


"I'm very sorry Rich," Alec said. "I don't mind if Kevin wants to show you around."


Kevin hugged his father. "Thanks Dad. Mike's asking his Dad if he can come too."


Just then Mike came over and his eyes looked red. Kevin caught this too. "Dad's in a mood today and won't let me go with you guys."


Kevin went over to him. "Did he hit you?" He asked and Mike shook his head but I could tell Kevin wasn't buying it. "If he gets mean, I want you to come here."


Mike weakly nodded his head then went back to his site. We were about to leave when Alec called out. "Do you have your radio son?"


He checked his pocket. "Yes Dad, I have it."


He turned it on then we took off. Bennie walked beside Kevin. "We have radios like that too. What channel are you on?"


Kevin looked. "We're on channel 4."


"We are too so if you need Ace, call us." Bennie said as we looked around the grounds.


We were by the pool when I spotted a concession stand that sold iceies. "Is anyone thirsty?" I asked reaching into my pocket.


"I am Ace." Bennie said followed by Dusty and JR.


I looked at Kevin. "Are you thirsty too?"


He looked down then Bennie stepped over. "What's wrong?"


"I don't have any money." Kevin said softly.


"That's not what Ace asked. Are you thirsty?"


He nodded his head as I stepped up to the counter. "I'll have five large iceies."


Everyone told the guy what flavor they wanted. When he set the last cup on the counter he said, "That'll be 10 bucks pal."


I paid him the money when Kevin's dad called him on the radio. "Yes Dad, I'm here. Mr. Mason got us an iceie at the concession stand."


"Mike's here son." Kevin's father started to say then he was off like a shot.


When he saw Kevin take off, Bennie was hot on his heels. The three of us took off to catch up with Bennie. JR was fast and quickly caught up to my lover. "Bennie, you can't take off like that."


"Sorry JR but I kinda like Kevin and Mike."


"We know you do and it's OK but remember to stay with us."


We caught up with Kevin at his RV and Mike was in tears holding the side of his face. Kevin had his arms around him trying to calm him down so we could find out what happened. We then heard a crash from Mike's RV and he almost jumped out of his skin. "Don't let him hit me again."


Alec was off like a shot but I quickly caught him and brought him beside his RV. "Don't do anything stupid man."


"I'll beat the hell out of that bastard." He said softly.


I had to think fast on how best to handle this. I pulled my credentials out of my back pocket. "I'll handle it," I said showing him my badge.


"Secret Service," He asked. "Sir, who are you really?"


"My name really is Rich Mason but Bennie isn't my son."


"If he's not your son, then whose is he?" Alec asked then it hit him. "Oh my God, he's The President's Son, isn't he?"


I closed my eyes then nodded. "Yes he is and please keep that quiet. He's on spring break and we'd like to have this be a true vacation."


"Are those other two guys Secret Service agents too?"


I shook my head. "They work for NCIS. Dusty Moore is an old friend and Agent Carl is his partner."


Just then a voice shouted. "Michael, get your fucking ass over here."


Alec and I went back with the others and decided to let Mike's father make the next move. Mike was near hysterics after his father shouted. I thought quickly then looked at Bennie. "Take Kevin and Mike over to our RV and bring Tonka with you."


Mike was so scared Kevin and Bennie had to take him by the hands and lead him so he'd move. A few minutes later the drunk shouted again. "Michael I said get your fucking ass over here."


Alec and the rest of us sat down under the canopy and acted like we'd been talking when Mike's father staggered over. I put my hand on Alec's. "Pat, you're loaded."


His speech slurred and he had to lean against the side of the RV so he wouldn't fall down. "Bullshit," He spat. "Michael, where in the hell are you?"


Alec got up and stood in front of him. "That's enough Pat."


Pat poked Alec's chest. "Are you interfering in our lives now?"


"No but I saw the welt on Mike's face."


"Fuck you." Pat shouted causing me to stand up then he looked at me. "And what the hell do you think you're going to do?"


"I'm going to tell you to go back to your RV and sleep it off."


"And if I don't?"


I pulled out my credentials and showed him my badge. "I'll arrest you and charge you with felony child abuse."


"You're no cop." He slurred then stepped over and started poking me.


I took his wrist and twisted it bringing it behind his back. "That was your big mistake fella." I said as I reached for my cuffs.


I thought I'd had a good hold of his wrist but I didn't and he managed to pull it free. "See, I told you weren't a cop." He said then swung on me.


He missed my by a mile but it pissed me off. Dusty came up behind him and grabbed his wrist and yanked it behind his back. "Hey you mother fucker, let me go."


He tried to elbow Dusty with his free arm but I stepped in then grabbed on to it then we took him down to the ground and cuffed him. "Now loud mouth, you're going to jail."


"Why you sons of bitches," He started screaming as Dusty and I got him back on his feet. "Michael, get your fucking ass over here."


I motioned to JR so he got up and walked over to our RV. While he was gone, I called the local police. JR went inside to find Mike still crying. "Come on guys."


Mike shook his head. "I can't, he'll hit me again."


JR shook his head. "He can't son, he's in handcuffs."


Kevin looked at him. "What did he do?"


"He tried to swing on Agent Mason."


Bennie covered his mouth then fired. "I'll kill him."


"Whoa dude, Ace can take care of himself." Kevin said.


"It don't matter no one hits my ba..." Then he slapped his hand over his mouth.


"No one hits your who?" Mike asked.


Bennie stuck his foot in it all the way up to his hip. Kevin put his hand on Bennie's shoulder. "Is he more than your bodyguard?"


"You can't say a word. Please, promise me you won't say anything."


Mike smiled. "Don't worry, we won't say anything. Besides, you're old enough to make up your own mind who you want to date."


"Come on guys, Ace is waiting for us." JR said as the boys and Tonka headed towards the door.


I saw JR and the boys heading over and Pat saw them too. He tried to get up and charge Mike but Tonka saw the man running at them then sounded off causing the drunk to stop then fall on his face. Dusty and I got him up as Tonka was still growling. "Where in the hell have you been?" Pat spat at his son. "I've been calling your sorry ass."


I saw blood in Kevin's eyes. He charged Pat but JR quickly grabbed him. "Let me go." He shouted then relaxed in JR's arms when he realized he couldn't get loose. "You bastard, you got sloshed then took it out on Mike. You're nothing but a lousy drunk."


I saw an Orlando Police car heading towards us. The officer got out. "Which one of you is Agent Mason?"


I went over to him. "I'm Agent Mason."


"I'm Sergeant Fowler. You've arrested a man on felony child abuse charges?"


We started walking towards Mike when Pat started spouting off again. "Michael, you lazy bastard, get your fucking ass over here."


Mike got up and stood a few feet away from him. "Listen, you've been a bear with a sore butt all day. You started drinking at 9:30 this morning and haven't stopped then you slapped me not once, but twice. Why, what did I do?"


"When I call you I expect you here fast. If you can't, I'll knock it in to your head."


"I've had it. I'm glad you're going to jail and as soon as you leave, I'm calling Mom."


"Oh no you don't, I forbid it." Pat shouted then charged Mike.


Mike stepped out of the way then stuck his foot out sending Pat into the dirt. Dusty and I got the drunk up then headed for the sergeant's car. The sergeant opened the door then Dusty helped him inside. We walked back to the RV while the sergeant talked with Pat. "Listen mister, you're in no position to forbid your son to do anything. I see the welt on his face so I'm charging you with child abuse and cursing a minor."


"I forbid him from calling my ex-wife. She's got visitation rights only and they're supervised at that."


The sergeant closed the car door then walked back over to where we were. "I'll have to take the boy with me while all this gets sorted out."


Bennie gasped. "What'll happen to him?"


"He'll go into a foster home until I can speak with his mother."


I shook my head. "I'm afraid that's not going to happen sergeant. You're taking the word of a spiteful drunk."


"What he said is credible."


"What he said was the ramblings of a drunk." Dusty said.


"Oh and who might you be?"


Dusty removed his credentials. "My name is Dustin Moore. I'm the director of NCIS."


"Excuse me Director Moore, I apologize. I have regulations to follow and they state that when a parent is arrested, we can't leave them with anyone except another parent or relative and there must be written permission."


I stepped in then. "Then Michael French is in Federal Protective Custody."


"What?" Sergeant Fowler screamed.


I pulled my cell out then looked at Dusty. "Stay with Michael please."


"No way," Sergeant Fowler said and started walking towards Michael but Tonka moved in between them and started growling. "You can't do that. This is a local case."


I looked at Mike. "Where are you from?"


Alec stepped in. "We're from Maryland. Pat and Wilma were divorced several years ago and it was messy. They have shared custody of Mike."


"What?" Sergeant Fowler asked. "That man said he had sole custody and his ex had supervised visitation rights."


"My father is lying." Mike said. "My Mom still has custody of me."


"Agent Mason, I'll leave Michael in your custody but I'll need something in writing from his mother within twenty four hours."


"Michael, can you get hold of your mother?" I asked.


"Yes sir," Mike said running towards his RV.


"Agent Mason, come with me please." The sergeant said as he headed towards his car.


"I'm right behind you."


When we arrived the sergeant yanked the car door open. "So, you have sole custody of your son, huh?"


"Yeah, he's my kid. My ex has no rights at all."


I snatched the other door open. "Oh really, then why is Alec Simmons saying something entirely different?"


"He's a busy body know it all who likes sticking his nose into everyone's business."


"I'm inclined to believe what he's saying more than what you are." Sergeant Fowler started. "You assaulted your son twice and then cursed at him in my presence."


"You fucking bastards," Pat started again. "I'll get you both for this, you can count on that."


"You just added two more charges to your list." I said.


"For what?"


"Two counts of making terroristic threats against a police officer."


"Not quite sergeant," I said. "One of those counts is a federal offense because I'm a federal agent."


"You'll have to come back to testify Agent Mason." The sergeant said.


I shook my head. "Just file the local charge. As it stands now, he's got enough against him he won't be making bail. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start my vacation but if you need me sergeant, you know where to find me."


The sergeant and I shook hands then he took Pat off to jail. As he left, Mike came up to me. "Ace, I have my Mom on the phone."


"Ms. French, I'm Special Agent Mason."


"This is Wilma Niles, thank you for helping Michael with his father. I'm going by my maiden name of Niles now. He said you needed to talk to me?"


"Yes Ma'am, I do. Your ex-husband is pretty drunk and he slapped Mike two times that I know of. He tried to swing on me and I called the local police."


"Is Michael alright?"


"He has a red mark on his cheek that will go away so other than that, he's fine. Now, your ex has been arrested and is facing some pretty serious charges, one of which is child abuse. That carries some serious jail time and that could mean he would have to be supervised if he saw Michael again. With him being in jail and no other parent or relative here, Mike could end up in foster care until you could get down here."


"Oh no Agent Mason, I can't let that happen but I can't afford the flight down there." She said as I heard her voice begin to crack.


"Do you know Alec Simmons and his son Kevin?"


"Certainly I do. Mike and Kevin as almost joined at the hip."


"That's perfect," I started. "Would you be willing to give Alec Simmons temporary legal guardianship of Mike?"


"I'd never thought of that. This way Mike's vacation won't be ruined."


"Can you hold on a minute?" I asked then covered the mouth piece on the phone. "Alec, would you willing to be Mike's temporary legal guardian?


"Of course I would." Alec said. "I can't see having his vacation ruined because of his father's actions."


"Alec said he'd be glad to."


I heard her giggling in the background. I guess I didn't cover the mouthpiece well enough. "I heard now what do I need to do?"


"Write a letter giving Alec temporary legal guardianship of Michael while he's on vacation. List the dates this includes and be sure to include today in there but don't sign it yet. Next, take it to a notary and get your signature notarized then fax it here to the campground. I'll have Alec let them know to expect a fax."


"Do you know the number here?"


"Here, I'll hand you back over to Mike."


"Thanks so much Agent Mason." She said as I handed the phone to Mike.


Alec came over to me. "What did she say?"


"She'll write a letter giving you temporary guardianship of Mike until your vacation is over. What do you guys have planned?"


He motioned with his head for me to follow him. "We'll be here for a week then I'm going to surprise Kevin."


Alec got quiet all of a sudden like he'd said too much. "What do you have planned?"


"There's a naturist camp nearby. I'm a naturist and Kevin liked running around at home but my wife would never let me take him to the camp while she was alive."


"I'm planning the same thing for Bennie. Have you gotten your tickets for Disneyland yet?"


"We got those the day we arrived."


I saw Mike coming over with a huge smile on his face. As soon as he saw me looking at him he broke out into a full sprint then gripped my in a huge bear hug. "Thank you Ace. My Mom was printing the letter out while we talked. She's going to the bank to get it notarized then have it faxed here."


I returned the hug then felt him kiss me on the cheek. "I'm glad I could help buddy. We have to go over to the park and pick up our tickets."


"OK Ace," Mike said still smiling.


"What are you doing tonight for dinner?" Alec asked.


I hadn't really given that much thought. "I haven't thought that far ahead."


Mike kissed me on the cheek. "We have a huge supply of steaks Dad brought. Since he's in the slammer now, he won't be needing them."


I broke out into a laugh. "I guess you're right. We'll be glad to have dinner with you tonight."


To be continued.