The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 24


Mike kissed me on the cheek. "We have a huge supply of steaks Dad brought. Since he's in the slammer now, we can eat them."


I broke out into a laugh. "I guess you're right. We'll be glad to have dinner with you tonight."


Bennie came over then. "Ace, when are we heading to the park?"


"As soon as you get over to the Hummer," I said smiling.


He started to run over there then he stopped. "Come on slow poke."


He got Tonka's leash then I locked up the RV and we were on our way. Fifteen minutes later I was pulling into the park. I found a parking place close to the entrance then we got out and headed towards the gate. We were all talking, as we walked, about what we wanted to see first when Tonka heard footsteps and alerted. Then we heard a voice. "Hold up people."


We grouped around Bennie and I had my hand on my weapon as we turned around to see who was running and calling us. I saw he was a Disney Security officer. "What's the problem?"


Bennie had Tonka on his lead and was flanked by Dusty and JR. The man slowed down to a quick walk. "I'm sorry but you can't park there."


I knew it was a handicapped spot so I was a little confused. "Why not," I asked."


"That's for police vehicles only."


"That's not a problem, that Hummer is a police vehicle."


"It's no police vehicle I've ever seen. Might I see some ID please?"


I reached my left hand to my left rear pocket. The guard started reaching for his weapon when JR shouted, "GUN!"


I drew my weapon, as did Dusty and JR, and held it on him. "Federal Officers, freeze."


I walked up to him and showed him my credentials. "Why did you start to draw your weapon?"


"I saw your weapon." He started then my credentials sunk in. "Is that the President's son?"


"It is and we'd appreciate it if it was kept quiet."


"That's not a problem Agent Mason. If you'll wait a minute I'll have a cart here to bring you to the VIP entrance."


I thought for a moment. "That might be best. I'm sure people will recognize Bennie and this might be easier getting into the park when we arrive."


The cart arrived with another security officer and stopped to talk to the one who called in. A minute later he came over to us. "Sir, if you'll follow me in your vehicle, I'll show you where you can park."


We got back into the Hummer and followed the golf cart out of the parking area then he pulled down a road marked private. We passed at a security booth then he showed us where to park. We all got out and walked over to a building marked "VIP Guests." The security guard spoke to one of the agents then they came over to us. The guard introduced the woman. "Agent Mason, this is Lynn, she'll be getting all of your VIP passes."


"Agent Mason, it's nice to meet you." Lynn said shaking my hand then she looked at Bennie. "And this must be Benjamin."


Bennie shook her hand. "Benjamin is my father. Please call me Bennie."


"I'll remember that." She said. "Is that dog with you too?"


I nodded my head. "Yes he is; he's a Secret Service K9. He's very good in public around other people.


"Alright," She said still looking at Tonka. "Is this everyone in your party?"


"Well, umm..." I started.


Do you have others that aren't here yet Agent Mason?"


I was thinking of Pat, Mike and Kevin. "Well yes Lynn, there are three others.


"What are their names?" She asked. "There are Alec and Kevin Simmons and their foster son Michael French.


Lynn entered the information into the computer then printed out our wrist bands. "Is this all we'll need?"


"The others have picked up their tickets already but with these VIP bands, they'll get the same treatment as you and your party." She replied and started typing again then our tickets were printed. "Here are your tickets and coupon books. There are loads of discount coupons and even tickets for free items. If you'll extend your arms, I'll put your wrist bands on. Don't remove them because they can't be replaced. The ink is water proof so don't worry if they get wet."


I took the tickets and coupon books. "Are there passes for the vehicles?"


She shook her head. "No, show the guard your arm band and you'll be allowed to enter."


Our next stop was with their security team. We agreed that they would have guards in soft clothes but not hanging directly around us so we could move freely. We left the VIP office and decided to take a walk around the park when Bennie pulled on my arm. "Ace, there's a ride I want to take you on."


"Oh, which one," I asked.


"It's at the Disney Hollywood Studio and it's called The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror."


"The what," I asked not believing what I just heard.


"Yeah, The Tower of Terror."


"What is that?" I asked because I'd never heard of it before.


"Have you heard of the TV show?"


I was surprised he was asking me this because it was on well before his time. "Of course I have but how do you know about it?"


"I have to tell you more about me love. Before you met me, my only friends were the computer and the TV. I'd watch old TV shows and The Twilight Zone was one of my favorites."


"So tell me about this ride." I asked.


"All I know is this and it's real cool. Come on baby, please?"


Dusty put his hand on my shoulder. "Go on Ace, after all, it is his vacation."


"Why don't you and JR come with us?"


"I'd love to but someone has to watch Tonka." Dusty replied squeezing my shoulder.


He had a point. "OK, just make sure if he takes a dump, you clean it up."


Bennie came back and took my hand. "Come on baby, it's not that far."


As we got close to it I was looking up and man, that thing was tall. I could still hear Bennie's statement in my mind that the ride was real cool. "What have you got me into?"


As we got into the line, the attendant saw our VIP arm bands and we were hustled towards the front of the line. We entered the hotel and began to look around. Just then we saw a bright flash of lightning and the TV starts. We're given a small plot and then we were told we can take the elevator, if we dare, to discover the secret of the Hollywood Hotel. A door opened and we were led into another room. Bennie grabbed my hand and pulled me so we could keep up with the others. "Come on Ace, you're not getting chicken on me, are you?"


I wasn't going to let him one up me so I picked up the pace. We were led to the elevator then the doors opened for us. We entered and were told to sit down and buckle up. The doors closed then we heard a voice say, "You are the passengers on a most uncommon elevator about to ascend into your very own episode of The Twilight Zone."


As soon as the speaking ended, we started going up. After a few seconds, we came to a stop and the doors opened. We saw a dimly lit hallway and there was a violent thunderstorm going on. We saw a flash of lightning and I saw what appeared to be the ghosts of 5 people. There was another flash of lightning and then they were gone.


The door closed and we were once again going up when we heard a voice. "One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again, and this time, it's opening for you."


The elevator stopped and the door opened and I saw what seemed to be the maintenance room then it changed into a dark sky filled with stars. We left the car and entered the field of stars along with other sights and sounds.


We traveled through the star field when all of a sudden it split in two then we entered another vertical shaft and heard that voice again. "You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension, beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination, in the Tower of Terror."


At that point it was if the bottom fell out right from under us and we went down. My stomach felt like it was going to fly up and come out of my mouth. "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiit" I shouted as I felt I was leaving the seat.


The next thing I saw was the doors open and we could see the park but it was partially hidden by the back of the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign. We continued our descent then we felt the brake as if by a giant parachute and wound up back in the basement. Then we saw a movie playing from an early Twilight Zone episode along with the 1939 elevator passengers and Rod Serling, falling into the vortex seen in the season three opening sequence. Rod Serling's voice states, "A warm welcome back to those of you who made it, and a friendly word of warning; something you won't find in any guidebook. The next time you check into a deserted hotel on the dark side of Hollywood, make sure you know just what kind of vacancy you're filling. Or you may find yourself a permanent resident of... The Twilight Zone."


We undid our seatbelts and exited the elevator. It took me several seconds to get my stomach down and to re-find my legs. Bennie looked up at me. "Wasn't that ride cool Ace?"


At that point it was a good thing I was a cop and Bennie was the President's son because I so wanted to hurt him for this. We made our way out of the hotel through the gift shop. "The jury is still out on whether or not that ride was cool."


I saw Dusty, JR and Tonka walking towards us. "Man, that ride was out of this world." Bennie said smiling.


Dusty saw I was a little shaky on my feet so he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Was it cool?"


"You're a million laughs buddy," I said staring at him. "I'll get even with Mr. Cool too."


"It wasn't that bad was it?"


"Going up was fine but it was the ride down that was the real trip."


I looked and saw Bennie with Tonka and JR. I saw him talking JR's ear off and I wondered if he was telling him about my scream as we started down. The next thing I heard was Bennie saying, "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiit."


I looked at him and he was smiling and JR was looking at me. "Alright, I said it. When you're not expecting a free fall, it just came out."


It was after 3 so we decided to head back to the campground. As we pulled in I saw Alec sitting in front of his motor home having a beer. As soon as we got out of the Hummer, Kevin and Mike came running over. Bennie took the boys inside the RV then they came out with cold sodas. "Ace, my Dad is waving to you." Kevin said.


I turned and waved back. "Tell your Dad we'll be right over. I need to use the bathroom and I want to change then I have something for the three of you."


I hurried inside and used the bathroom then started changing when I heard Bennie's infamous scream so I knew what he was doing. Dusty and JR came in shaking their heads. "You're not going to live that scream down any time soon." JR said giggling.


"Just remember JR, I don't get even, I get ahead and I do plan on it."


I took a bird bath and put on some fresh deodorant then I put my shirt on. I grabbed a cold soda then saw Bennie still talking with Kevin and Mike. I eased up behind him then shoved my hand holding the soda up the back of his shirt then held it against his back. "Shit Ace, that's cold."


"Do you promise to stop telling the world about the Tower of Terror?"


"Never," Bennie growled.


I pulled the can off then turned it a little and slapped it on a warm spot. "How about now?"


"Argh that's cold" Bennie yelled again as I held it firm then he picked his legs up and started kicking causing me to hold on to him tighter. "OK, OK, OK, I surrender."


I removed the can then he put his feet down and quickly turned around and stared at me. I tried to keep a neutral face but I couldn't and broke into a smile. Bennie, on the other hand, tried to stay angry until I pulled him into my arms then rubbed my hand on the cold spots. I leaned down and rested my forehead against his then whispered, "I love you."


He broke into a smile and hugged me. "I won't tell that story again."


I saw Alec come out of his RV so I let Bennie go before he saw us. He motioned for us to come over so we did. "Did you get your tickets without any problems?"


I nodded my head. "It went smoother than I thought it would."


Kevin noticed the wrist band. "What's that Ace?"


"These are VIP wrist bands."


"Wow," Mike said. "Those take you to the head of the line."


I smiled. "That they do Mike. When we were there, the lady that helped me asked if there were anyone else in our party. I told her there were three others and gave her your names. Hold out our hands."


"Agent Mason, you shouldn't have." Alec said.


"Maybe not but I did." I replied as I put the bands on their wrists. "Now, whatever you do, don't take these off because they can't be replaced. The ink is waterproof so you can wear them in the shower or in the pool."


As soon as the word pool was mentioned Kevin lit up. "Bennie, do you want to go swimming?"


I wasn't up to going in with him so I looked at Dusty and JR. "Guys, would you mind going with them?"


JR looked at me. "I'll sit out while you all swim."


"Aw JR, come one," Bennie said batting his puppy dog eyes.


"I don't care for pools Bennie. I never have ever since I was a kid. Dusty, you can go in with them. Besides, you'll need someone on dry land, just in case."


"Alright Bennie, you can go swimming. Bring Tonka with you too; he can be your lookout. JR, make sure you have your little radio with you too."


Bennie ran over to the RV with Kevin and Mike hot on his heels. As soon as he heard the door close he was naked and hunting for his trunks. Mike leaned close to Kevin's ear. "Man, he's got a nice looking ass."


Bennie looked over his shoulder and smiled. He also noticed the bulge in Mike's trunks. "You really think I have a nice butt?"


Mike turned several shades of red as he reached down and adjusted his stiffy. "Well umm yeah, you do. Can I ask you a personal question?"


Bennie found his trunks and stood up. "I guess so."


"I know you and Ace are boyfriends and you love each other, right?"


Bennie sat down then pulled his trunks on. "Yeah, we love each other very much. So, what's the question?"


"Well, when you bent over I couldn't help but see your hole and it looks like umm well, uh..." Mike said blushing and stammering.


"It looks like someone has made love to me." Bennie said finishing the statement.


"Yeah that's it."


"Yes, Ace and I have made love." Bennie answered.


"Umm well, did it hurt?" Mike asked feeling a little more relaxed.


"Well, it did a little but we took our time and I prepared myself before we did it the first time."


Kevin looked at his best friend. "Come on guys, let's go swimming. We can talk about this stuff later."


I saw the three boys come out then Dusty went in to change. Bennie came over to me and gave me a hug. "We need to talk a little later."


"Is everything alright?" I asked a little concerned.


He hesitated and then nodded his head. "Yeah it's cool."


"Alright," I said hugging him. "Have fun at the pool."


Dusty came over and hung a towel around Bennie's neck. "I think you might need this."


"Thanks Dusty," Bennie said then the five of them took off for the pool.


When everyone left, Alec twisted the top off and handed me a beer. "Here you go man; you look like you could use one."


"Thanks man, you're a life saver but I can only have one."


He shook his head. "You can have as many as you want. I have plenty."


"I can't, I'm on duty 24/7 and I have to keep a clear head at all times."


He giggled. "I'm serious, you can have as many as you like. O'Douls is reduced alcohol."


I took a swig then looked at the label. "This tastes pretty good for not having any alcohol in it."


Alec pulled out some papers and handed them to me. "Mike's Mom sent this with the temporary guardianship papers.


I started looking at them as he continued to talk. "It seems she has a permanent restraining order against Pat. There is also another paper in there that states he's never to be intoxicated in from of Mike."


I thumbed through them and found what he was talking about. "I'm reading this now. It seems that that was part of the final divorce decree. I'd lay odds if he ever violated that order, he could be arrested."


"I think Wilma did say something to that effect to me."


I was reading the papers and thinking at the same time. "That could come in handy if he were to be released while we're still here."


Just then my cell phone rang. I pulled it out and looked at the screen to see who it was but it read `Unknown Caller.' Part of me was afraid to answer it and the other part of me was getting pissed. While I was looking at the screen, it stopped ringing. `Maybe it was a wrong number.'


I was about to put it away when it started ringing again. Now I was pissed. I stood and walked away from Alec. "Mason."


"It's about time fag." The voice said.


"What the hell do you want, you fucking prick?" I fired back at him.


"Is that any way to speak to a friend?"


He was taunting me. "You're no fucking friend Nate; you're just a walking, talking piece of shit."


I headed to the RV to get to my computer and Bluetooth. "I'd watch my mouth if I were you fag."


I put my Bluetooth in my ear and turned it on so I could close the phone then turned my laptop on. "Well you're not me fuck nut so I'll say anything I damn well please."


"How dare you?" Nate fired and I could tell I was now in control. "How about I come there and kick your ass?"


I broke out into a laugh. "You couldn't even beat Bennie's ass you wuss."


Once it was booted, I tried to get into the program to trace my cell phone. In the past, I've called Ed. I muted the call then called JR on the radio. "Yes Ace, what is it."


Before I could answer Nate spouted off. "That little Jew fag is scared of his own shadow."


"Keep believing that you cunt." I said then muted the call again. "JR I need you at the RV. I have Nate Hill on my cell and I need your computer skills buddy."


"We're on our way."


I didn't want to have to end the boys' swimming but I had to have an armed agent there. "Mason, when I get my hands on you I'm going to have so much fun kicking your faggot ass."


Just then the RV door opened and in came JR so I muted the call. "Where are the others?"


"Dusty has my weapon so he's with the boys."


"Good, now I need you to trace my cell number."


"What's the matter you fag, don't have a quick come back?"


"Well you fucking cunt, I'm ready for you. All you have to do is name the time and place."


"No way you fucker, I'll kick your ass when I'M GOOD AND READY."


"You want to sneak up on someone and attack them behind their back just like a fucking coward because you don't have the balls to face me one on one."


I muted the call. "How's it coming?"


"Almost there." JR said then I heard Nate again.


"You want me one on one, face to face?"


"Yeah, name it and I'll be there."


"I'll think about it faggot." He said then the phone went dead.


I switched the Bluetooth off then looked at JR. "Tell me something good."


"Well, I couldn't get an exact location on him but I have him down to a sixteen block area."


"Well, the last time we had him he was in the DuPont Circle area. Where is he this time?"


"Right here," JR said then turned the laptop around.


I just stood there staring at the screen. "I can't believe this. Can you save that?" I asked him and he nodded his head. "How in the hell did he manage to get down here. Better yet, how the hell did he know where we were going? We have to get Dusty and the boys back here."


I was livid then JR grabbed my radio. "Dusty, we need you at the RV ASAP."


"I'm on my way." I heard a voice say through the speaker.


"Come on boys," Dusty called out.


"What's up?" Kevin asked.


"Rule one, that Ace taught me is when I'm called like this, I listen and don't ask any questions." Bennie said heading for the edge of the pool.


The boys got out and Dusty tossed them their towels. "What's up, Sir?" Mike asked as he started drying himself.


"Ace wants us back at the RV." Dusty replied as the boys wrapped their towels around their waists.


As they were heading towards the gate, a man stopped Dusty. "Just where do you think you're going with those boys?"


Bennie stepped behind Dusty and Tonka started growling. "That is none of your business and I advise you to step out of my way."


The man poked Dusty in the chest. "And if I don't?"


Dusty grabbed his wrist and had it behind the man's back before he knew what happened and Tonka was sounding off. "Now, if you put your hands on me one more time you'll be regretting it. So we understand each other?"


"Yeah, I hear ya." He said sarcastically.


"Tonka sit," Dusty said then turned his attention back to the man as Kevin took out his cell phone. "You better had because I won't hesitate to arrest you. Let's go boys."


Just then, Kevin snapped a photo of him. "Hey, what do you think you're doing kid?"


Dusty pushed him hard against the fence. "Did you not understand what I said?"


"OK, OK, OK," He cried out. "I get the message."


"I advise you to stay put until we're out of here. Do you hear me?" Dusty said as he put a little extra pressure on the man's wrist.


"I hear ya." He growled.


Dusty let the man's arm go then the four of them left the pool area. `You haven't seen the last of me.' The man thought to himself as he watched Dusty and the boys leave.


Bennie looked at Kevin. "How are you going to get that photo off your phone?"


"I have a cable I use." Kevin answered. "Whose computer will it go on?"


"It'll probably go on Ace's."


"He'll need the software or I can put it on mine. Do you have a flash drive?"


"I don't but Ace does." Bennie said as Kevin and Mike ran towards Alec's RV.


Dusty and Bennie came into the RV. "What's so important baby?" Dusty asked.


I looked at Bennie and he knew this was business so he headed towards the back of the RV. "I just got another damn call from Nate Hill."


JR took over. "I managed to track the call to a sixteen square block area from here."


Bennie came out in his clothes. "Ace, I need your flash drive."


"What for?" I asked.


"Kevin took a photo of a guy who was pretty nasty towards us and he's going to download the photo to it."


I looked up at Dusty and he nodded. "If we hadn't had to get over here so quickly, I'd have arrested him. I'm going to run his photo on NCIC and see if he's wanted."


"Bennie, wait a minute." I said as he was about to open the door. "Dusty, I need you to contact FHP and Orlando PD see if a Supervisor can come out. I need to know if they have any cameras around the city and more to the point around Disney World."


"Disney would have their own cameras, if any were up." JR said as I opened the door.


Bennie and I walked over to Alec's RV and he had a concerned look on his face. "What's going on? Kevin said something was happening."


"There is, but it's my problem to deal with and I hoped this was going to be a vacation."


Mike stuck his head out of the RV and Bennie joined the boys inside. "What's this about someone giving the boys a hard time at the pool?" Alec asked.


"Dusty told me about it and that Kevin took a photo of him. We're going to see what we can find out about him too. I don't want the boys having to look over their shoulders while they swim or do anything else here."


"Being an agent is never a dull moment." Alec said shaking his head.


"You got that right." I said as Bennie came out of the RV. "Now don't you worry Alec, we'll see to it that you and the boys are safe."


We returned to the RV and I handed JR my zip drive. "Let's see who this person is." JR said as he plugged it into my computer.


Dusty looked at me. "I've called both agencies. Orlando PD said they do have some cameras around the area but they're set up for traffic violators. FHP said they'd send someone out if you really wanted to talk to them but I got the feeling there wasn't much they could to except be on the lookout for Nate, so I emailed them his photo."


This totally sucked. This was supposed to be a relaxing vacation but thanks to Nate, that wasn't going to happen. "Did you contact Disney World?"


Dusty nodded. "I did have better luck there. They do have cameras throughout the park. They've granted us access to it whenever we wanted. I sent them a photo of Nate and was assured it would be copied and given to everyone."


Just then I heard JR gasp. "You guys better see this."


We went over and looked at the monitor. I had no idea who he was but Dusty's eyes were locked on the screen. "Who is he?" I asked.


"His name is Nicolai Stroyka." JR said then he moved over to his laptop. "He's wanted for a number of crimes and the last we knew, he was out of our hair."


"Can you get in ICE's Data Base?"


"Piece of cake Ace but I'll lay odds that Stroyka's got some first class forged documents."


"That's a load of crap," I said. "His photo should be in the system and everyone should have a copy of it."


"Calm down Ace," Dusty said. "Do you know how many people are black listed? I can tell you this, the number is staggering. I'll also wager he's not going by Nicolai Stroyka."


Just then Bennie heard something outside and looked out the window. "There's an old beat up truck out there."


"Get into the bathroom until I call you love." I said.


They pulled on the driver's side of the RV so Tonka and I were able to slip out the door. Tonka went under the RV while I headed to the back. I eased my head around the back of the RV and looked at the truck. Bennie was right that it was old. There were a guy and a woman sitting in there and I couldn't tell what they were doing so I had to wait until they made a move.


I didn't have long to wait. They got out of the truck then went to the door. I circled around then when one of them knocked on the door, I showed myself. "Hands up and don't make any sudden moves."


"You don't know what you're doing mister." The guy said.


"On the contrary, I know exactly what I'm doing. Now, what I don't know is what you two think you're doing here. Would one of you care to explain that?"


The female started to move her hand but stopped when I tapped her on the shoulder with my pistol. "I told you not to make any sudden moves. If you try that again, you're going to feel something on your ankle."


"Yeah right," The girl said.


"Look down and to your right."


"I'm not falling..." She started then heard a soft growl as she looked down. "What the hell is that?"


"Your best friend or worst nightmare," I started. "Now, start talking."


"Right rear pocket," He said.


I reached inside and removed a case then opened it. "Let's see what we have here, Stanley Duncan, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. OK Stanley, why are you two here?"


"Someone had hacked into our computers and we traced it to here. Now you, whoever you are, have committed a felony so you better do some explaining."


I took out my credentials and showed them who I was. "The Secret Service," The woman said. "What's the Secret Service doing hacking into our computers? And by the way, I'm Special Agent Kelly Young."


I put my weapon away then opened the door to the RV. We went inside followed by Tonka. "Who are they Ace?" Dusty asked.


"I'd like you to meet Special Agents Kelly Young and Stanley Duncan with ICE."


"This is Special Agent Dusty Moore. He's the Director of NCIS and the man sitting at the computer is Special Agent JR Carl, he's also with NCIS."


JR took over next. "Now, the reason we're in your computers is to try and find out who the hell let Nicolai Stroyka into the USA."


"You're crazy man," Agent Young said.


JR turned the computer around then put up the photo taken off Kevin's cell phone. "Am I?"


Just then Bennie came out of the bathroom. "Who are these guys?"


Agent Duncan gasped then walked over. "I'm Special Agent Stanley Duncan and this is my partner Special Agent Kelly Young. We work with US Immigration & Customs Enforcement. It's nice to meet you Mr. Jacobs."


"Please call me Bennie; you're making me feel old calling me Mr. Jacobs."


I was about to say something to JR when there was a knock on the RV door. I opened it and there stood Mike and Kevin. "What's up guys?"


"Dad went to rest so we brought our Wii over. Can we come in?"


"Sure, you can hook it up to the TV in the back area." I said then turned my attention back to Kelly. "Are we crazy? This photo was taken a little while ago by one of those boys who just came in."


"Excuse me," Duncan said trying to sit down. "I'll get into our computer properly and see what's going on. I know there is an arrest on sight warrant on him."


Stanley started typing then found what he was looking for. He started shaking his head. "What's wrong?" JR asked.


"He came in through Mexico a month ago."


"What state?" Dusty asked.


"Texas," Duncan said still reading the file. "He walked across which was why he probably he wasn't scrutinized as he should have been."


"Well, I won't be scrutinizing him either when I arrest his ass." I said as I headed towards the back of the RV.


I grabbed my weapon and cuffs then stepped out. The boys were standing there as Dusty grabbed his jeans. He went into the bathroom and quickly changed then we devised a plan on how we were going to arrest Stroyka.


I came up with a plan. Since Kelly was female and looked even younger than JR, she'd go out with the boys and Tonka.


"Here's some more intel about him." Stan started. "He's wanted in Sweden, Denmark and Russia..."


"Holy shit, what the hell did he do?" I asked interrupting him.


"Manufacturing child pornography, rape and murder," Kelly said as I fought to control my anger.


"I hope he resists arrest." I growled.


Dusty put his hand on my shoulder. "No Ace, that's not the way to handle this. We have to let the legal system work."


"I found something here from Okinawa, Japan. The decomposed body of a naval officer and his son were found about six months ago. NCIS investigated but..." Kelly started.


"There was a lack of forensic evidence so there wasn't much we could do." Dusty finished. "Are you telling me he was in Okinawa at the same time that boy was murdered?"


"I don't know about that and we won't know until we can take him into custody." Kelly said. "When I'm out with the boys, where should I go?"


"Try the pool again," Dusty said. "That's where I had my first run in with him. You remember his face don't you?"


Stan got our attention. "Everyone, there is a John Doe warrant on him. He's wanted in Rhode Island for the manufacturing and possession of child porn so use all do precautions when trying to apprehend him because he could be armed.


Now it was my turn. "Since there is an outstanding warrant on him, I'm going to call the US Attorney for a search warrant for his RV. My gut is telling me he has porn stashed on his RV."


I called David and explained the situation to him. As soon as he heard there was an outstanding warrant on Stroyka, he gave us what we needed.


JR got back into his trunks and put on his weapon then pulled a baggy tee shirt on so it would cover his weapon. I was about to explain things to the boys when someone started banging on the door. Dusty opened it and Alec was standing there out of breath.


"Where's Ace?" He asked as Dusty stepped out of the way. "Ace, some guy just went past my RV holding the hand of a teenage boy and he didn't look like he wanted to go with him."


"How old was he?" Bennie asked heading towards the door.


"I'm not a real good judge of age but I'd say maybe fourteen or fifteen, he might even be older."


I reached out and put my hand on Bennie's shoulder. "Hold on kiddo."


"Come on Ace, we gotta..."


"Yes, WE will; but the "we" doesn't include you."


"Aww Ace." Bennie started but I put finger on his lips.


"No arguing now." I said.


"Don't worry about them." Alec started then I noticed a bulge under his shirt.


"Do you have a permit for that weapon?" I asked.


Alec reached into his back pocket and handed me a badge case. I opened it and was surprised. "NYPD Retired, I put in 25 years and never had to fire it except on the range."


I handed him his badge back. "OK Alec that's fine. JR, I'd like you and Kelly to stay here with Alec and the boys."


"Agent Mason, don't treat me like a helpless female.


"I'm not Kelly."


"It sure sounds like it from where I'm standing."


"Normally I don't explain my decisions but I will just this once. I put agents where they can do the most good on a case. In your case, if that means you and JR need to stay here to handle things and not be in the field with us, that's how it is. It also means I trust you enough to protect Bennie, which is something I rarely do. Are we clear on this?"


Kelly nodded her head as I saw Dusty get on his phone. "Ellis, this is Director Moore. I have a job for you. I need you to pull up everything we have on the murder of a naval officer and his son in Okinawa that happened about six or seven months ago. That goes for any of the forensics too."


"Yes Sir," He answered. "As soon as I get though..."


"I want you to get on that NOW!" Dusty yelled. "There's a good chance the person who committed this crime is here."


"Yes Sir, I'll get on that right away."


Dusty ended the call then he, Stan and I went outside followed by Alec and Tonka. "Which way did they go, Alec?" Dusty asked as I unlocked the Hummer.


I opened the hatch then unlocked and lifted up the storage area and took out my rifle. I loaded 5 rounds in it then chambered a round and put the safety on. "Where was the last place you saw them walk?"


Alec headed towards his RV then stopped and pointed. "You can see their footprints here."


Bennie ran back into the RV and came out carrying the small radios along with ear pieces that voice activates the talk function. "Don't forget these, Ace."


"Thanks buddy," I said taking them from him. "Kelly, print out Stroyka's photo then go and show it to the park manager. Find out what name he's using and what lot he's assigned. If he says anything, tell him you're with me. JR, call FHP and tell them what's going on and see if they can get a helicopter up. Kevin, can I borrow your radio for Agent Duncan? Boys, I don't think I need to tell you to stay inside the RV until we get back, do I?"


Bennie shook his head then came up to me. "Be careful and please get that boy back alive."


I gave him a hug and kiss on the head then I looked down to Tonka. "OK boy, seek."


Tonka started sniffing the ground and then took off with the three of us hot on his heels. We ran past the pool then I saw Tonka disappear into the woods. We'd been running about 5 minutes when we caught up to him. I watched and it seemed he'd lost the scent. I was wishing Johnny was here. "We need to fan out and look for foot prints. Stay close to the trail but keep your eyes open."


No sooner had I said that when Tonka's ears perked up then he was off again. After another short run, he was sitting looking into a thick wooded area. The three of us caught our breath then I heard Kelly call us. "Stan, Stroyka is registered under the alias Randy Galen."


"Great work Kelly," Stan said almost whispering.


"What site number is he assigned to?" I asked.


"He's assigned to site 200."


"Thanks Kelly and good work. JR, do you have the search warrant?" I said.


"I just printed it out Ace." JR answered.


"That's perfect. I want you and Kelly to go over to his RV and start searching it."


"What'll we do if it's locked?" Kelly asked.


"I thought I taught you better than that," Stan said.


"You did but I was just checking. I have my tools with me."


"Alright," I said. "You two get on that while we get the boy."


The three of us devised a way to try and take Stroyka alive. Dusty and Stan went down the trail about fifty feet then entered the woods while Tonka and I went in where he was sitting. It took us several minutes to work our way in quietly and as I got closer, I could hear the boy. "Please mister, I'm not going to say anything. Just let me go."


"You're right kid, you won't be saying anything when I'm finished with you; now strip."


I found a good hiding spot then I sent Tonka in closer. When he was where I wanted him, I had him lie down and remain silent. Stroyka was now naked and sporting a huge erection. I removed the lens caps on the scope then looked and saw his dick was leaking a copious amount of precum. I looked around and didn't see any lube so I knew what he was planning. "Ace, we're in position and I don't like what I'm seeing." Dusty whispered.


"I don't either buddy. Do either of you see a weapon?"


"I don't," Dusty replied.


"He's got a knife stuck in the ground near his right foot." Stan answered.


I was still looking through my scope so I panned down and sure enough there was a large hunting knife stuck in the ground. The boy was about ten feet away from Stroyka standing in his underwear. I could see tears streaming down his face as he was looking at his captor's huge rod. "Come on kid, strip or do I have to come over there and cut those underpants off of you?"


The boy was now openly sobbing as his hands slowly went towards the waistband of his underwear. He began to slowly slide them down. "Please mister, d...d...don't r...r...r...rape me. I'm still a virgin."


"You mean a cute boy like you doesn't have a boyfriend?"


He shook his head. "I'm not into guys."


"That's a shame, you'd have guys lining up for miles wanting to fuck that sweet ass of yours. Now get those underpants off NOW."


The boy relented and removed his last vestige protecting his modesty. Now that he was naked, Stroyka was right, he was a stunning beauty. Puberty was setting in as he had a dusting of red pubic hair and, as with all boys starting puberty, he had an erection but I know it wasn't because he was excited.


"I don't even have a girl friend." The boy said.


"What a shame. Now I want you to start jacking off. Can you shoot yet boy?"


I looked at his balls and they were hanging below his four inch dick. " Sir, I can shoot."


"What's your name boy?" Stroyka asked as he was now rubbing his own dick.


"Robert but people call me Rocky."


"OK Rocky, get jacking that nice dick of yours. I also want you to take your precum and start working it into your asshole."


The boy gasped. "Please Sir."


"You can do this the easy way or the hard way. It makes no difference to me."


Rocky did as he was instructed and began working his precum into his hole. "Ouch, this hurts."


"Come over here kid." Stroyka said as Rocky hesitated then Stroyka bent down and grabbed the knife getting angry. "Don't make me have to come to you."


This wasn't going as I wanted it to. "Move in NOW."


Dusty and Stan came out of hiding and Dusty shouted, "Federal Agents Stroyka, freeze. Son, I want you to back away from him now."


"Ace, we're in his RV and man, this is a porn theater on wheels." JR said. Is the boy a redhead?"


"Yes he is, why?" I whispered.


"There are some photos of him on a digital camera and a short video similar to the photos."


"OK," I replied softly. "Hold all transmissions now please."


"One more thing Ace, that knife could be the murder weapon used to kill the naval officer and his son."


"Got it Dusty," I said.


The boy was looking between Stroyka and Dusty. Stroyka made a lunge at the boy with the knife in his hand but the boy backed up then fell onto the ground. Stroyka went to reach for him but didn't the chance.




Rocky screamed as Stroyka fell to the ground. Dusty and Stan ran over and moved the knife as Tonka and I ran over and comforted the boy. "It's over now son."


He buried his face into my shoulder as his tears began to fall. Tonka started licking his hand in the process. Rocky looked down to see what was happening. "Who's that mister?"


"That's Tonka, he's a Secret Service K9 and my name is Ace, I'm a Secret Service Agent too." I said reaching for his clothes. "I want you get dressed while I check on that man."


He nodded his head then quickly dressed as I went over to Dusty and Stan. "He's alive," Stan said then got on his cell and called 911.


"Talk to me someone," JR almost shouted.


"Everything is fine," Stan said. "The suspect is wounded but will survive and the boy is safe and sound."


"Are you sure?" Bennie asked.


"Yes buddy, he's fine." I answered. "As soon as EMS arrives we'll be back.


I saw Stan on the phone then he came over to me. "I called the office and they have some agents on the way out."


Dusty shook his head. "NCIS is exerting jurisdiction. He's now our number one suspect in the murder of a naval officer and his son in Okinawa."


Stan nodded. "He's all yours Director. Personally I don't care who takes him as long as he's behind bars."


"JR, contact the Orlando office and have them send a team out here to take custody of Stroyka."


"They're on their way Dusty," JR replied. "Once I heard his comments, I called them. They're also sending a forensics team out too."


I heard the siren through JR's microphone as he talked. "Is that EMS I hear?"


"Yes it is Ace," JR replied.


"Have them head down the trail just past the pool. Stan will be standing out so he can lead them to us."


"They're on their way." Kelly said. "Also, Rocky's family is here. What should I tell them?"


"Tell them he's fine and I'll explain everything to them once we're finished here." I said then went over to Rocky. "Hey buddy, your family is here with one of our agents. They're really worried about you."


He gasped softly. "They're not my family."


JR heard this. "Ace, I think he's telling the truth."


"Talk to me JR," I said.


"Well, for starters, neither of them are redheads."


Just then a man in a black suit appeared. "Well there you are Rocky. Your family worried sick about you."


Rocky turned white as a sheet. "Pick me up Ace and hold me please."


I wasn't sure what was going on but I picked him up and held him on my hip. "Tonka watch him." I said. "Who are you?"


"I should ask you that same question."


I reached into my pocket and pulled them out, "Special Agent Rich Mason, US Secret Service. Now, who are you?"


The man stopped, "Special Agent Blake Fields, NCIS."


"Let me see your credentials." I asked.


He reached into his jacket pocket and showed me his badge. I held my hand out then looked at the ID card. It appeared to be authentic. "Come on son, I need to get you back to your family."


Rocky's grip around my neck got a little tighter. "Not so fast agent, he's a material witness and is in my custody."


"Now just a minute," He said.


Dusty heard the commotion and walked over. "What's going on here Ace?"


"Your agent here wants to take Rocky back to his family." I answered holding onto Rocky a little tighter also.


The agent looked at Dusty. "Who the hell are you?"


"I'd watch my mouth if I were you." I fired back.


"I'll ask the..."


"Shut it now," Dusty interrupted. "I asked you a question. Who the hell are you and you've got exactly 5 seconds to answer it."


He took his credentials out and Dusty snatched them out of his hand. "My name is Blake Fields."


Dusty handed them back to him. "Now, do you have any idea who you're talking to?" I asked Fields.


He shook his head. "I've been recently assigned to the Orlando office so I'm sorry I don't."


"My name is Dustin Moore." Dusty started.


The man turned red. "Director Moore, I must apologize. I knew we had a new director and I heard your name mentioned but I hadn't seen a photo."


"Apology accepted," Dusty started. "Now, Rocky seems to be comfortable with Agent Mason so he can stay with him for now."


"But Sir," Fields started but Dusty gave him his patented `Don't argue with me' look so he dropped it.


I looked at Fields. "Where did you transfer in from?"


"I was in Rota, Spain before coming back to the states."


EMS had Stroyka on a backboard and started carrying him to the ambulance. Just then the forensics' team arrived and Dusty went over to them. "Bag and tag everything, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem."


I got my rifle then followed Dusty and Agent Fields. "I want you to listen to me carefully son. No one is going to hurt you or even touch you when we get back up to the RVs. I'm going to take you to mine and you'll be safe and you'll also meet a really cool dude. Do you trust me?"


He put his head on my shoulder and whispered softly, "Uh huh."


"Good, now we're going to take a little different route back so we're not surrounded by a bunch of strange people. Is that alright with you?"


"So those people claiming to be my family won't see me?"


I lifted his head up and kissed him on the nose. "You're a very smart young man Rocky. I hope you didn't mind me kissing your nose."


He shook his head. "No I didn't. In fact, I kinda liked it. Are you a father?"


I shook my head. "No, I'm not married."


He face sunk. "Oh, I think you'd make a really cool Dad to someone though."


I kissed him on the forehead. "That's just about the nicest compliment I've received in a long time."


We worked our way around the site then came to our RV. I opened the door and set the boy on his feet then we went inside. As soon as I closed the door, three teens came out from the master area. "Hey Ace, who's this?"


Rocky looked up and gasped, "Oh my God."


Bennie walked up to him and took his hand. "I'm Bennie and these are my friends Kevin and Mike."


"You're the President's son." Rocky said blushing.


"Hey Ace, not only is he good looking but he's smart too." Bennie said giggling. "Yep but I'm just a regular kid like you are. Did Ace save you from some jerk?"


Rocky nodded his head then started crying. "Uh huh and he hurt me too."


"That bastard," Bennie said almost growling as he knelt down and wrapped his arms around the child.


"Ace shot him and let me get dressed."


"That's my bodyguard." Bennie said smiling.




"Yeppers," Bennie answered with a big grin. "He's with me 24/7. In fact, his room is right across from mine."


"Wow," Rocky said as he turned and looked at me. "You mean you live at the White House?"


"That I do." I said heading towards the back of the RV. "Son, I'd like you to stay here with Bennie, Mike and Kevin while I take care of some things outside."


"You're not going to leave us alone are you?"


I shook my head. "Oh no, I'd never do that. This is Kevin's Dad. He'll be here. He's a former police officer so he'll protect you and besides, Tonka will be here also."


"That's a really nice dog you have."


"You mean I have," Bennie said.


"You mean he's yours? You must have a really nice Dad."


"He's the coolest. He's away on business otherwise he'd be here too."


Rocky couldn't take hearing about everyone's parents and how nice they were any longer. He ran back to the master area and threw himself on the bed and broke down crying. Poor Bennie stood there and started crying too. I wrapped my arms around him and held him. "Don't cry son, you don't know what's going on and to be honest, I don't either."


I kissed him on the cheek then went back to comfort Rocky. I was able to ease around and sit on the bed beside him then gently rub his back. He started to push my hand away as he opened his eyes. He jumped up into my lap and sobbed uncontrollably. "Ace no one cares about me. Bennie and Kevin have Dads, why can't I?"


"Yes you do kiddo." I started.


He shook his head. "No I don't. That man that was gonna fuck me killed my Dad, just like he did my brother."


Now some pieces of this puzzle were starting to fall into place. "Who are those people who're pretending to be your family then?"


He shook his head. "They're some friends of that bastard."


"Alright son, here's what we're going to do. I want you to stay in here with Bennie like I said and I'm going out there and get some answers."


Rocky slid off of my lap so I could stand up when I saw Bennie standing there trying to wipe the tears off his face. I held my arms out to him and he came over and sat beside the teen. "I'm really sorry I said the wrong things."


Rocky shook his head. "You didn't know Bennie so don't blame yourself. I just wonder what's going to happen to me once all this is figured out."


I sat down beside the boys. "Don't you worry about that. I'll figure something out."


I got up and went to the bathroom. When I was done, Bennie was standing there. "What's going to happen to him baby?"


"I don't know baby. I'm sure he's got family somewhere who can take care of him."


"What if he doesn't? He'll be an orphan and the foster system sucks. He'll be bounced around from home to home and terrible things could happen to him. You can't let that happen to him Ace."


"We'll figure something out baby." I said drawing him into a hug. "Now, I have to get outside and start sorting this mess out."


To be continued