The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 25


Bennie was standing there. "What's going to happen to him baby?"


"I don't know love, I'm sure he's got family somewhere who can take care of him."


"What if he doesn't? He'll be an orphan and the foster system sucks. He'll be bounced around from home to home and terrible things could happen to him. You can't let that happen to him Ace."


"We'll figure something out baby." I said drawing him into a hug. "Now, I have to get outside and start sorting this mess out."


He kissed me on the lips then we heard a giggle. I looked and Rocky was sitting up watching us. Bennie went inside the bedroom and I headed for the door. "You must really like him."


"Yeah, Ace is really cool." Bennie said trying to change the subject.


"My brother was really cool too." Rocky said fighting back the tears. "I miss him so much now."


Bennie hugged him. "He was your brother, it's only natural you're missing him.


"Can I tell you something?" Rocky asked. "But you gotta swear you'll never tell anyone, not even Ace."


"I swear but you can tell Ace anything."


He shook his head. "Not this Bennie, he'll throw me out or something."


Now it was Bennie's turn and he shook his head. "You don't know Ace like I do buddy."


"Just promise me, OK?"


"I promise, Rocky."


"My brother was really cool. He and I shared everything."


Bennie smiled. "Were you two boyfriends?


Rocky wiped his eyes. "Yeah we were. That's why that man killed him."


"I don't understand."


"We were in our secret place and that guy caught us."


"What were you doing, if I might ask?" Bennie asked.


"I was fucking my brother."


Bennie got serious. "I don't like that word buddy. It makes something so very special sound so cheap. You loved him, didn't you?"


"Of course I did."


"Then you weren't fucking him, you were making love to him."


Rocky hung his head. "Yeah, you're right. What we had was very special and that guy took Ricky away from me."


"Did your Dad know?"


He hung his head. "No but we'd decided to tell him when we got back home. Now he'll never know."


Rocky's tears started again so Bennie reached out and held him. Mike and Kevin came in and sat beside them causing Rocky to sit up. "Relax dude, they're cool." Bennie said.


"They heard," Rocky said.


Bennie put his finger on Rocky's lips as Kevin put his hand on the boy's shoulder. "What you and your brother did was your business. You loved each other and you showed it."


"Rocky, how come he didn't kill you?" Bennie asked.


"I let him use me," He said hanging his head.


"You let him have sex with you?" Mike gasped.


He shook his head. "No, he didn't want that. Well, not yet. He wanted to take photos and a video of Ricky and me doing stuff. He said he wouldn't kill us if we let him so I agreed but Ricky was against it. He started yelling at him and calling him names. Ricky took off and he chased him down and I managed to get away."


"Why didn't you go to the police?" Kevin asked.


"I did, but they didn't believe me." The teen replied. "He came to the station and picked me up claiming to be my father then we left the country."


"Man, that's screwed up." Bennie said. "Rocky, you have to sit down and tell this to Ace and Dusty. People who were supposed to help and protect you didn't."


He started shaking his head again. "I can't Bennie. I was screwing my brother."


"So what?" Bennie said. "Ace and I have done what you and your brother did so he'll understand."


I went outside and saw Dusty being verbally assaulted by a man and woman. I walked over then whistled loudly. "Hey, knock it off."


They shut up for the moment then they realized they had someone they could try and yell at. The man was the first to reach me. "I don't know who you are but I want my nephew now."


I looked at him and shook my head. "First off, I'll be asking the questions here. Next, my name is Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service. That man you two have been screaming at is the Director of NCIS. Lastly, if either one of you think you can yell at me like that, you're both sadly mistaken. Do we understand the ground rules?"


"I demand to know where my nephew is." The man yelled again.


I shook my head. "You're not in a position to be demanding a thing.  Before I even consider telling either of you where he is, I want to see some identification NOW!"


The man folded his arms. "I'm not showing you shit."


"Is that so?" I said raising my hand as Stan and Kelly came over. "Put these two in handcuffs. You've being held under suspicion of kidnapping."


They felt hands take theirs and silver bracelets attached. "Now just hold on a minute." The man said.


They took the cuffs off but stayed close. "I will not say this again, I want to see some ID from both of you."


The man reached back to get his wallet and I saw Stan put his hand on his weapon, just in case. The man handed me his driver's license. The name on it said Robert Brinkman. The woman handed me her license and it read Lisa Brinkman. "Is that good enough for you Agent Mason?"


I handed them to Stan. "Run these please buddy. Do you have any other ID sir?"


"Isn't that good enough?" The man yelled.


"Just a moment sir," I said walking over to Dusty. "Get JR's magic fingers working on his computer; I need to see the service record of LCDR Richard Brinkman. I need to know his wife's name and see if he has any family still living."


"Give me a few minutes Ace." Dusty said.


I turned around and Stan handed me their ID's. "The licenses are valid but something's odd."


"What's that buddy?"


"Up until about 4 months ago, there are no other records of these two."


"Do they have passports?" I asked.


"Not under that name. I'm running their photos to see if there is anything on them." Stan replied.


"Here's another thing that's odd. "If he really was family he'd be calling the boy by his name. I have Dusty accessing the Commander's personnel record."


"You're not going to turn the boy over to them are you?"


I gave him a little smirk. "Do I have `dunce' tattooed on my forehead?"


Just then Dusty came over. "Ace, something's not right. JR tried to access his file and he was denied because his security clearance wasn't high enough."


"What about your clearance?" I asked.


He shook his head. "His and mine are as high as possible. Do you have security clearance?"


I nodded my head as I headed back for the RV. "Are you having a problem JR?"


"That's not the half of it. I've never seen a deceased service member's file locked down this tight before."


He slid over and I typed in my security code. The screen blinked then another screen came up asking for my code again. I entered it then up came Brinkman's file. I had just started looking at it when my phone rang. "Mason."


"Mason, why are you looking into a dead serviceman's personnel file?"


"Hello Mr. Secretary. There are two people here claiming to be his brother and his sister in law."


"This is a cold case," The SecNav said.


"Not anymore," I said. "I believe we have the killer in custody but I need some personal details on the Commander."


"Like what Ace?"


"Sir, I'm not looking to go into sensitive areas but I have the man's surviving son with me and I need to know if he has family and what LCDR Brinkman's wife's first name was and where she is?"


"Brinkman's wife's name was Lisa. She was killed a number of years ago in a traffic accident. Now there is a sister in Washington State along with his father. She'd be in her mid thirties but I'm not sure about his father."


"Email me the particulars Sir. ICE is digging into the backgrounds on the two people posing as the boy's family but they'll be arrested."


"This was supposed to be a vacation for you guys."


"Yeah well, what can I say? Cops are never really off duty, you know."


I hung up then closed the file. "Why was that so hush, hush Ace?"


I shook my head. "I don't know and I didn't ask but I got the information I needed which is all that matters."


When I came out of the RV the Brinkman's were giving Dusty and Stan a hard time again. I walked over then whistled. "Agent Mason, we've given you everything you've asked for and still you haven't let us see our nephew."


Just then Stan got a text message. "Well, well, you two have been pretty busy in the past few months. It seems you have a number of different aliases but we finally know who you really are. Meet Richard and Elisa Robinson. They're wanted on multiple counts of document forgery and we can add felony kidnapping to the list."


"Let's not forget that the kidnapping was the result of the murder of two people so that carries the death penalty."


Stan looked at me. "Who should we turn them over to?"


Blake Fields came over. "I'll take them. I've been working this case up until several months ago when the Commander's file was sealed. I'd lost track of them in Mexico and it was just blind luck they turned up here.


"Agent Fields, I think the FBI needs to be brought into this as well. According to Agent Carl and Agent Young, Stroyka's RV is a rolling pornographic horror shop. Will you need the boy to testify?" Stan said.


The Robinson's started singing. "Look, make us a deal and we'll give you names, dates, places."


Fields got on his cell phone then took me aside. "I think we can work something out with them so the boy won't need to testify. Did you find a family member?"


I nodded my head. "I think so. I was able to access his file but as soon as I did, I got a call from the SecNav. It seems his father is still alive and a sister. I'm waiting on their details so I can get in touch with them."


A smile came across his face. "Another car with some more agents is on its way out so we can transport them to jail. There is a local FBI Agent I've been working with and I know he'll be happy as hell we have this crew wrapped up along with Stroyka's porn factory.


Dusty came over and joined us. "I spoke with the SecNav and he said you've been on this since the Commander's death?"


"Yeah, up until his file was sealed. Look, I'm sorry I popped off at you before Director Moore."


Dusty smiled and extended his hand. "I'll let it slide this time. I look forward to reading your report."


"I'll have it done ASAP," Fields said.


"I meant when I get back to DC," Dusty laughed. "I'm on vacation. I know there's a lot to go through so it's going to take time to do it right."


Kelly went into the RV where she and JR did a report about what they'd seen inside Stroyka's RV. A few minutes later a black SUV pulled in beside Stan's pickup. Field's spotted the man exiting and waved to him. The man walked over. "This is Special Agent Sam Cummings with the FBI. He's the agent I've been working with."


JR handed Dusty his report. "This is what we saw inside. There is a ton of stuff in there but I started getting sick and had to get out."


"Agent, you don't know the half of it. I've called for a wrecker to tow it back to our office where I'll have a team of agents go over it from top to bottom." Cummings said.


"Sam, the two kidnappers are willing to name names, dates and places if I make them a deal." Fields said.


"OK, take the death penalty off the table. I don't want them ever seeing the outside of a prison cell until they're dead."


"Wouldn't that be up to the US Attorney?" Fields asked.


"It would but if they give us valuable intel, they'd be hard pressed not to make the deal."


I looked at Cummings. "Agent, might I have a word with you in private?"


We moved away from everyone. "What's on your mind?"


"Look, what I'm about to ask could be career enders for the both of us. Agent Carl told me that there are photos of the boy on his digital camera and a video of him still in a video camera. I really believe they never made it to his computer and put out on the net."


Cummings seemed to be reading my mind. "Am I hearing correctly that you want that evidence?"


I shook my head. "I don't want it but I want it destroyed so no one can ever see it."


"But that's something we won't be able to charge him with." Cummings said.


"Look, I've never considered destroying evidence but he's facing two counts of murder and then the kidnapping of Commander Brinkman's son not counting a litany of other porn charges. The murders and kidnapping alone will get him the death penalty, so what if there isn't an additional pornography charge. There's a boy who's been through hell and lord knows how long it's going to take for him to get over this."


I could see Cummings thinking. "I agree he's been through hell and he definitely deserves a break. I too have never thought of destroying evidence but in this case, I will."


I smiled. "Thank you and I know I can say that for Rocky too."


Everyone started clearing out then JR came over. "Bennie and his friends have been keeping Rocky occupied. I made a snack for them but I'm sure they're all getting hungry."


I'd been so busy since we got back; dinner was the farthest thing from my mind. I went into the RV and Alec was watching TV. "I didn't mean to saddle you with watching the boys."


He stood up. "Don't think anything of it. I have plenty of food for that other young man. How about I get dinner going?"


"Sounds good Alec. Is there anything I can do to help?"


"Go and talk with that young man. He feels really alone right now. Mike, Kevin, come on boys; we have some steaks to get cooking for everyone."


Dusty looked at JR, "Can we give you a hand too?"


Alec got the meaning. "Sure guys, I can always use more hands."


Mike and Kevin came out followed by Bennie and Rocky. Everyone left then I looked at Rocky. I went over to the sofa and sat down then patted the seat beside me. Rocky sat down then Bennie sat beside him as the boy looked down and didn't say a word. I saw Bennie nudge him and he stared at my lover. He nodded his head then Rocky looked at me. "Ace, what's going to happen to me?"


"Ace, can he stay with us?" Bennie asked smiling causing Rocky to gasp.


"Slow down now kiddo." I said patting Bennie's leg.


"I knew no one would want me." Rocky said softly.


Bennie lifted his chin and turned it so they were looking into each other's eyes. "Don't you even think that."


"Did you hear what he said?" Rocky said fighting tears.


"Yeah, he told me to slow down which usually means he knows something I don't."


I couldn't help but giggle. "Bennie's right, there is something I know that he doesn't. Do you ever remember your Dad talking about a sister he had?"


"No sir," Rocky said softly. "He never said he had any brothers or sisters."


Just then I got a text message. The SecNav just sent me the info on LCDR Brinkman's sister and his father. "Did he ever mention your grandfather?"


He got a smile on his face. "Yeah, is he still alive?"


"According to the information I just received he is. But you also have an aunt who is a couple of years older than your Dad would be."


"Who will take care of me?" Rocky asked.


"For right now, we will but after dinner, I'm going to try and call your granddad and see what I can find out about your sister."


I saw him thinking it over then he started shaking. "No, can't I stay with you and Bennie."


Bennie looked at Rocky. "You have family dude. OK, you don't know them but they don't know you either. You gotta give it time."


"No," Rocky screamed. "Don't you remember what I told you?"


Bennie nodded his head. "Yeah, I remember."


"If they found out about that they'll put me out or in a home somewhere."


I put my hand on Rocky's shoulder. "What is it you did you think your aunt or granddad would hate you for?"


Rocky started shaking his head when he felt Bennie's hand on his shoulder. "Tell him buddy. Remember what I told you?"


"I remember," Rocky said then he looked at me. "I was fucking my brother."


Bennie slapped him on the leg. "Is that how I explained that to you?"


He rubbed his leg and shook his head. "I'm sorry Bennie. I was making love to my brother Ricky."


I thought for a moment. "Rocky, was that a onetime thing, or are you gay?"


"Ricky and I were doing things for a couple of years. I haven't really looked at another guy since he died but I don't think girls really do it for me either."


"Being gay isn't like it used to be man." I said trying to reassure him.


"Yeah but it's not liking girls either," Rocky said. "We're still outcasts."


I couldn't disagree with him on that. Just then JR stuck his head in. "Chow's on guys. Last one there does the dishes."


I got up first then let Rocky go under my arm and kept Bennie at bay then ran out the door. "Hey no fair."


"Don't forget to feed Tonka." I yelled back.


"Bring his bowl over here; I have some beef juices to pour over his food." Alec said as Bennie went back into the RV.


Alec pulled a pan out and poured it over Tonka's dry food and he was in heaven then we all chowed down on steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. When Bennie saw the potatoes and corn were cooked in foil he smiled. "I thought I had dishes to do?"


Alec smiled. "You do; the steak knives."


"Oh man, he'll get dish pan hands." JR said ribbing him.


Rocky looked at him. "I'll help you."


Bennie smiled at his friend. "Nah I got it, it's only a few pieces of silverware. Thanks for the offer though."


Rocky helped Bennie with the dishes so I took the opportunity to start making phone calls. I let Dusty know I was going over to the RV then pulled up the text message I received from the SecNav and wrote down the information. I decided to call Rocky's grandfather first so I could give him the good news about his grandson and that his son's murderer was in custody. I also wanted to find out why Commander Brinkman never acknowledged the fact he had a sister. I entered in the number then pushed send and waited. After several rings a man finally answered. "Hello."


"Is this Mr. Robert Brinkman?" I asked.


"Yes it is."


"Sir, did you have a son named Richard who was in the Navy?"


"Yes I did, who is this?" He asked.


"Sir, my name is Rich Mason. I'm a Special Agent with the Secret Service."


"The Secret Service," Robert asked. "Why is the Secret Service in on my son's death? I thought NCIS was handling it."


"They are Sir." I replied.


"Then how did the Secret Service get involved?"


"I'll give you the short version. A man was seen taking a boy against his wishes. Two other people and I tracked the man and rescued the boy. During the subsequent rescue we learned who the kidnapper was. Sir, do you have a grandson named Rocky?"


"Oh my God," The man cried. "Yes, where is he? How bad is he hurt?"


"He's safe and sound Mr. Brinkman." I said reassuring him just as he and Bennie walked into the RV. "Can you hold on for a minute?"


I could hear him trying to regain his composure. "Yes certainly."


I muted the call then patted the sofa. "I have someone on the end of this phone you might like to talk to."


He gasped then smiled, "My aunt or my grampa?"


"How about I let you find out?" I said smiling then took the mute off. "OK, I'm back."


"That's quite..."


"Grampa, grampa," Rocky screamed. "Is that really you?"


I could hear him crying in the background. "Oh Rocky, yes it's me. Are you alright?"


The tears were rolling down his cheeks. "I'm fine now grampa; Ace rescued me."


"It's so good to hear your voice and know you're safe." Mr. Brinkman said.


"I'm fine grampa. You're not going to believe who's sitting beside me."


"Special Agent Mason is there."


Rocky started giggling. "Well yeah he's here but so is someone else."


"Robert Brinkman, are you going to keep me guessing?"


Now I knew what that meant. "Sorry grampa, I'm here with Bennie Jacobs."


"Ben Jacobs's son?"


"Yes Sir," I said taking over. "We're in Orlando on Bennie's spring break. The two others I was referring to are friends of ours who are with NCIS."


"Well that accounts for how the Secret Service got involved. Agent Mason, I'm really glad you did."


I wasn't going to go into all the details with him about how Alec first saw Stroyka with Rocky. I sat back and let them talk for another few minutes. "Mr. Brinkman, I have to ask you about your daughter. It took a lot of digging to find out your son had a sister. Was there a reason you can think of as to why he wouldn't list her as direct family?"


He hesitated for a moment. "Agent Mason, can we speak in private please?"


"Hold it Ace," Rocky said. "Grampa, what is it?"


"I don't think you'd understand son."


"I'm not a kid Grampa. Ace says I'd probably be living with her so what is it?"


"Alright son," Mr. Brinkman said relenting. "Rocky, your Aunt has a different lifestyle and your Dad for some reason wouldn't or couldn't accept it."


"A different lifestyle," Rocky asked. "What, she's like a hippy from the 60's?"


I had to giggle because I didn't think anyone still knew about that era.


"No son, it's not like that." Mr. Brinkman said. "Your Aunt doesn't seem to like men."


"Is that all?" Rocky asked.


"Son, I don't think you realize what that means."


"Grampa, does it bother you she's a lesbian?" Rocky asked very matter of factly.


"Of course not son, she's my daughter. I love her unconditionally."


"Good, then it won't bother you when I tell you I'm gay."


"No it won't bother me in the least but are you sure son? Don't go and label yourself."


"I'm sure Grampa," Rocky said. "So was Ricky and we were going to tell Dad but we never got the chance. Tell me about my Aunt."


I took the phone off speaker and let Rocky and his Grandfather talk in private. Bennie and I went outside and right away, we were mobbed by a playful dog. Bennie, Kevin and Mike romped with Tonka while Dusty and I talked. I had just finished filling them in when Rocky came out and handed me the phone. "Grampa wants to talk with you. Are you going to call Aunt Sandy next?"


"I probably will." I replied nodding my head. "Once we've talked, I'll get you so you and she can talk."


He wrapped his arms around me. "Thanks Ace."


"Hello," I said as I returned to the RV.


"Thank you for everything Agent Mason," Robert said as he cleared his throat. "You seemed to take Rocky's admission to me in stride."


"Why shouldn't I Sir?" I said. "This is the 21st Century and I'm gay also. I do have one question. Does your daughter have a partner?"


"That she does and Rocky knows about it too. They also have a 3 year old daughter and he's beaming at getting to be a big brother. Agent Mason, it might be better if I call her first so she can be prepared for your call."


I thought about it for a moment. "Alright, I'll call her in say, fifteen minutes."


"Thanks Agent Mason."


I ended the call then went out and found Rocky. He, along with Bennie and the other boys were over at Alec's RV. Dusty, JR and Alec were laughing as Tonka was giving the boys a real workout. I heard a scream and saw Bennie and Rocky on the ground as Tonka licked each of them. At that point, I busted out laughing. "What are you two doing to that poor dog?"


"Help Ace," Bennie yelled in between bursts of laughter.


"Don't yell to me, he's your dog."


"Tonka heel," Bennie hollered but Tonka was relentless.


Next Rocky screamed. "Please Ace, I gotta pee."


I didn't want that to happen. "Tonka come."


Tonka came to me as Rocky quickly got to his feet then ran to the RV followed by Bennie so I motioned to JR to watch them. I motioned for Dusty to come over so we could talk in private. "Rocky seems really happy. I take it things went well with his grandfather."


I smiled and nodded. "There were a lot of happy tears shed between then two of them. Look, I think you should contact NCIS Okinawa."


"How come Ace," Dusty asked.


"Now that we have Stroyka in custody along with that knife, I think your forensics expert should go over every piece of evidence collected."


"What time is it there?"


"Hell, I don't know. You're the Director Dusty; wake someone up if you have to."


I went back to the RV and relieved JR. Bennie and Rocky were talking in our room then I remembered the time. I went up front and made the call. It rang a couple of times then a woman answered. "Is this Sandra Brinkman?"


"Yes it is and this must be Agent Mason."


"Yes Ma'am it is and please call me Ace. I take it your father called and filled you in on what happened?"


"Yes he did but I still have a load of questions."


"I don't know if I have the answers but I'll try if you'd like to ask me a few."


"Why was my brother killed Ace?"


"I really don't know but I do have a theory based on something your nephew told me. He and his brother Ricky were caught in a compromising act by the man we have in custody and believe committed the murders. According to Rocky, he wanted to take photos of them together but Ricky was not about to say yes. The boys managed to get up then Ricky called the man a few choice names then took off running yelling to Rocky to run. Now, this part is total speculation on my part. Your brother might have heard the commotion and went to see what was going on and was killed either before or after he'd killed Ricky."


"Didn't Rocky go to the Base Police?"


"He said he did but didn't say if it was the Base Police or the locals but yes, he did go to them. The man somehow found out where he went and claimed to be Rocky's father and they turned Rocky over to him. After that, he said they left the country."


"My God," Sandra gasped. "I can't imagine what he went through at that man's hands."


"He was never sexually assaulted by the man." I said trying to reassure her. "Now, we did find some photos and a video of Rocky but they're going to be destroyed so no one will ever get a chance to see them."


"Oh bless you Ace." She said. "My Dad said Rocky knows I'm a lesbian."


I smiled to myself. "Yes he does and that doesn't bother him in the least."


"Did I hear him right when he said Rocky was gay?"


"Yes you did and I think that's the biggest reason it's no big deal that you're a lesbian. Now, I have an idea to surprise him with. Do you have a computer?"


"Yes I do."


"Would you happen to have Skype?" I asked.


"Yes, I have that too along with a web cam."


"Here's what I'm thinking. If you give me your ID, I'll add you to my contacts then you approve me and I'll set up a live face to face chat with you two. How does that sound?"


"Oh Ace, that would be wonderful."


She gave me her ID then I booted up my laptop. Once that was done, I logged on to Skype and added Sandra. "Look, I'm on a very secure server so you two talk and get to know each other. Since you and your father are the only family Rocky has, would you be willing to raise him?"


"Yes Ace, I would. I'm sad my brother couldn't accept my lifestyle but I won't deny my nephew now that he needs me."


"That's good," I said. "How soon can you get to Orlando?"


"That will take me a couple of days. I have to let my boss know what's going on and make flight arrangements. I'll also have to talk with my partner letting her know what's going on too."


"Do you think that would cause problems?"


"Oh no," Sandy said. "She's the one who had our daughter and we've been considering adding to our family."


"That sounds good. When you get the flight arrangements, email me and I'll arrange it for a Federal Agent to pick you up and bring you out to the RV Park."


"I'll do that." She said.


I started the Skype chat then ended the call and went to get Rocky. I knocked so the boys knew I was there and right away, four eyes were looking at me. "What's up Ace?" Bennie asked.


"Rocky, I'd like you to come with me." I said as I held my hand out to him.


Rocky got up and walked with me to the table followed closely by Bennie. "What's going on Ace?" Rocky asked.


I'd minimized the window so he couldn't see anything except my laptop. "Close your eyes tight and don't open them until I tell you too."


"OK but why?" He asked.


Please son, just promise me you'll keep your eyes closed."


"I promise Ace," He said sitting at the table.


I made sure his eyes were closed then slipped my headset on him. He reached up to feel what it was but Bennie eased his hand down. "Stay still buddy," Bennie said into Rocky's ear.


I opened the window and saw Sandy there smiling which let me know she could see her nephew. I carefully eased down the microphone then tapped his shoulder as I leaned down by his ear. "OK buddy, open your eyes."


It took him a couple of seconds for his eyes to get readjusted then he saw Sandy. "Aunt Sandra?"


"I could see her nodding her head. Do you think you could call me Aunt Sandy? I hate Sandra."


Rocky nodded his head then I stepped back and let them talk. After a few minutes, he motioned for Bennie to sit beside him. Bennie couldn't hear what was going on so I unplugged the headphones then turned the volume up so they could hear Sandy through the speakers.


I decided to leave them alone so Rocky could talk with his aunt but it wasn't before he was telling Sandy about Bennie. "Aunt Sandy, this is my best friend here. His name is Bennie Jacobs.


"THE Bennie Jacobs," She asked in astonishment.


"Yes Ma'am that's me." Bennie answered with a grin on his face.


"Does Ace work for your Dad?" Sandy asked.


"Not really," Bennie started. "He's part of the security detail and is my body guard."


I headed for the door when I heard a voice yell out. "Federal Agents, freeze."


I drew my weapon then stepped out. I saw Dusty and JR holding their weapons on a guy. I whistled then Tonka came out from under the RV. I motioned for him to go inside while I dealt with our uninvited visitor. "Just who are you and what are you doing around my RV?"


"I'm from DCFS." He started. "We got a call that a child was here with a large group of males possibly against his will."


"Let me see some ID mister." I said still keeping my weapon on him.


He slowly reached into his back pocket and handed me what appeared to be a small wallet. I looked at it and found an ID card with the name Martin Westbrook on it. I handed it back to him then gave Dusty and JR a nod as we holstered our weapons. "Are you satisfied now?"


"As to who you are, I am." I said glaring at him. "What I'm not satisfied with is why you're here."


"I told you already," He fired back. "Now, how about I see your ID."


I removed my credentials and dropped my shield. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason, US Secret Service. What led you to believe that call?"


"The information seemed credible."


"Who is this unknown child?" I asked.


"Umm, he didn't give that information." He replied.


"So how are you going to ascertain his information is correct? Come out here, disrupt lives and make wild allegations?"


"I'd talk with him in private..." He started but I cut him off.


"I've heard just enough. I said. "For your information the people in that RV are under the protection of the Secret Service. The two people that spotted you are Federal Agents with NCIS. Now, I want the information on the person who called you."


"Federal protection," He asked, taken completely off guard by what I'd just told him.


"That's right. Now I want the information you have on this person. If I don't get it, I'll arrest you and charge you with attempted kidnapping."


"Martin set his briefcase on the outside table and pulled out a folder then handed me a piece of paper. "This is what we have on the caller."


I looked and there was a phone number. "Alright, call the guy back and tell him you have a couple of questions."


He dialed the number, pushed send then put it on speaker. "The number you have reached is not in service at this time."


"Man, I don't know what to say except I'm sorry I disturbed your vacation."


"Next time, you should double check the caller and that he has a valid phone number." JR said.


I handed him back the paper. "You can rest assured your office will be receiving a visit from the State's Attorney's Office regarding your "anonymous tips" and the way you handle them. "Agent Carl, escort Mr. Westbrook to his vehicle.


"I hope the rest of our vacation goes smoother." Dusty said as we watched Westbrook get into his car then drive off.


"I told Sandy Brinkman to email me with her flight details and I'd have an agent meet her at the airport. Do you think Blake Fields could handle that?"


"Not a problem Ace, I'll call him in the morning."


We went into the RV and didn't see Rocky or Bennie. "Is anyone here?"


The boys came scurrying out of the back room. "We're watching a movie Ace." Bennie said.


"Bennie can you look and see if you have something Rocky can wear. I'm sure he could use a shower."


Bennie went and got a pair of his boxer briefs then gave them to Rocky. "Are these OK?"


"That's what I wear too." Rocky said then whispered something to Bennie.


They talked briefly then Bennie came over to me. "Rocky wants to know if I can shower with him."


I looked at him and smiled. "If there is room for the both of you go ahead."


He hugged me and put his head on my shoulder. "Baby, what if he..."


I kissed him on the cheek. "I love you and you're my life and along with that, I trust you. Nothing will ever change that. Before you go in there, I have to pee."


I took a leak then Dusty and JR emptied their bladders. "It's all yours guys." JR said.


Rocky and Bennie went into the shower then I went around and closed all of the curtains since we would likely end up lounging in our underwear. JR and Dusty got their bed set up and made then we talked while we waited on the boys. "Dusty, something Rocky told me is bothering me."


"What's that Ace?"


"He said he went to the police and they didn't help him but instead turned him over to Stroyka. Stroyka wouldn't have used Commander Brinkman's ID because it has his photo on it which makes me wonder why they turned him over without ascertaining who they were giving Rocky too."


"Man, that's a serious breach of protocols and regulations if he went to the Base Police."


I nodded my head. "I totally agree so this is my thought. I think an investigation into the Base Police is warranted here, if that is in fact where he went. Do you know who's the senior field agent is there?"


"I'm not sure but I can find out. I'll let the SecNav know what's going on and why."


Inside the bathroom, Bennie got the shower going then stripped. Rocky was standing there gazing at my lover with his mouth hanging open. "God Bennie, I see why Ace loves you. You're hot."


Bennie smiled. "Thanks for the compliment but I know you didn't love Ricky for what was hanging between his legs, did you?"


"Oh no Bennie, he was one of a kind." Rocky said as he stripped.


"Well that's the same with me and Ace. He's got one very hot body but there's more to him than his dick. And speaking of dicks, yours is nice too."


While Bennie was talking to the teen, Rocky's hand was massaging his tool. "Thanks, you don't think it's too small do you?"


Bennie stepped into the stall followed by Rocky. "I thought the same thing the first time Ace saw mine but he told me it's not the size that counts but what you do with it."


Rocky started to touch Bennie but stopped. "Umm can I touch yours? I know you're spoken for so if you say no, I'll totally understand."


Bennie nodded his head then gasped softly as Rocky gently touched him. Bennie then reached his hand out as Rocky stepped closer. "Man Rocky, you're really hard."


They began to caress each other then Rocky let out a soft groan. "Bennie, I'm gonna blow."


Bennie's staying power wasn't any better because it had been several days since he last popped his nuts. "I'm close too man, don't stop."


Both teens shuddered then blew copious amounts of sperm over each other's bodies. It took them several minutes to regain their composure then Rocky smiled at Bennie. "Man that was great. I've never shot that much before."


Bennie smiled. "It was great for me too Rocky. Now, let's get our shower before we run out of hot water."


Dusty, JR and I were talking when Bennie and Rocky came out of the bathroom. "Rocky, come here son."


"I'm in my underwear."


"It's alright, all the curtains are closed so no one can see in." I said as he came to me. "Son, you told me that when you got away from Stroyka, you went to the police. Is that right?"


He nodded his head. "Yeah, Dad taught us that the police would always help us when we were in trouble."


"Now, did you go to the Base Police or the local police there in Okinawa?"


"The Base Police, why?"


Dusty took over then. "The Base Police have a responsibility to be absolutely positive of whom they're turning a minor over to. That means, they should have asked to see the Military ID card of Stroyka. When he couldn't produce it, they should have held on to you."


"I tried to tell them he wasn't my Dad." Rocky said as I wrapped my arms around him.


"Rocky, I'm going to launch an investigation into the Base Police there to find out who was responsible for giving you to Stroyka and see to it they're punished." Dusty said trying to reassure Rocky.

"Thanks Dusty." He said. "Ace, I'm thirsty. May I have something to drink?"


Bennie got up and brought everyone a soda. I looked at the boys. "It's 9 o'clock, what do you two want to do?"


Rocky looked at Bennie. "Do you want to finish watching that movie?"


Bennie nodded his head then they headed for our room. Meanwhile, Dusty was on the phone with the SecNav. "Sir, I'm officially reopening the case on Commander Brinkman and his son."


"Why, I thought you had the killer in custody?"


"We have who we believe is the killer but I don't close a case until it's gone to trial and the suspect has been found guilty."


"I can't say as I disagree with you," The SecNav replied. "It was your predecessor who closed the case."


"Why, he knew an arrest hadn't been made. Hell, they didn't even have a suspect."


"Well, we dropped the ball there Dusty. I'll see to it the case is reopened."


"Thank you Sir. There are two other things. First, I'm going to have all the forensic evidence on the Brinkman case sent to our lab so Maxine can go over it along with the knife we recovered when Stroyka was arrested."


"That's a good idea. What's the other thing?"


Dusty took a big swig of his soda. "I'm going to launch an investigation into the Base Police in Okinawa."




"Because they turned Commander Brinkman's son over to Stroyka and didn't make sure the man was in fact Commander Brinkman. Had they asked for his Military ID card, they would have found out Stroyka wasn't Commander Brinkman and that boy wouldn't have had to endure all he did while he was with his kidnapper."


"I see what you mean. You have my backing on that."


"Thank you Sir. I'll call the field office in Okinawa and get the ball rolling."


"Call me if there is anything I can do to help at this end."


Dusty ended the call. "The SecNav is behind all I want to do. I thought when I had to explain why I wanted Commander Brinkman's file reopened he would balk, but then he told me the former director had the file closed and that was a mistake he said never should have happened."


"I'm glad all that is settled. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to join the boys and relax."


I locked the door then joined the boys in the bedroom and finished watching one of the Star Wars movies then we curled up together and slept soundly until morning. The next thing I knew, I smelled bacon frying. I made my way to the bathroom then joined everyone at the table. "How did you sleep last night Rocky?" I asked as I filled my coffee cup.


"Ace, that was one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. What are we going to do today?"


Bennie was about to answer when I looked at him. "Well Rocky, that's a surprise." I said winking at Bennie.


JR fixed us a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I grabbed a quick shower as the boys cleaned up then we were off to the park along with Alec, Kevin and Mike. There wasn't a way I could get us into the park without Rocky knowing. "Ace, are we going into Disney World?"


"That's the plan son."


"But I don't have a ticket or money." He said with a shaky voice.


Bennie put his hand on Rocky's shoulder. "I do and it's my treat."


Rocky started shaking his head. "No Bennie, I can't pay you back."


"Did I say you had to pay me back?"


"No but..." He started.


"But nothing," Bennie started. "I have money and I can use it anyway I want to and I want to use it so you can come with us."


I pulled up to the guard shack and stuck my wrist out so he could see the VIP wrist band. I found a place to park then we all went into the office. Lynn was at the counter and she saw us come in. "Agent Mason, what a nice surprise."


I motioned for her to come to the end of the counter so I could talk to her without Rocky hearing us. I explained what happened, leaving out some of the gory details then pulled out my wallet. "I want to buy him a ticket."


She shook her head. "We have passes we give to children who have been through terrible ordeals like this so put your wallet away. What is his name?"


She went over to the computer and started typing. "Robert Brinkman," I said softly.


A few seconds later, the computer spit out his ticket and wrist band. I motioned for Rocky to come up. "Rocky, put your arm out for us please son."


"What's this?" Rocky asked.


"It's your VIP armband," Lynn said as she fastened it to his wrist. "Don't take it off for any reason because it can't be replaced. The ink is water proof so you can wear it swimming or when you take a shower."


As soon as Lynn snapped it on Ricky's wrist he threw his arms around me. "Thank you Ace. I'll pay..."


I put my finger on his lips then shook my head. "The ticket didn't cost me a thing so you don't have to pay me back."


He started to stutter then Lynn stepped in. "Rocky, this is a gift of the park. Now go and enjoy yourself."


"Thank you Ma'am. I don't know what to say."


"Just having a good time here is all the thanks needed." Lynn said smiling.


Rocky leaned over the counter and gave her a hug then we headed out to the park.


It was just past 9 and the temperature was feeling like it was 100 degrees out there. Our first stop was to the water flume. It was a great way to cool off. Rocky got into the que then Bennie tapped him on the shoulder. "This way man."


He saw the sign that read `VIP Members.' "Wow, we get to cut in line?"


Bennie giggled. "Yep."


I spotted one of the Disney Security Guards and brought Tonka over to him. "Can you keep an eye on him?"


The look on the guard's face was priceless. "Uh sure Agent Mason."


Tonka sat then raised his paw and rubbed the guard's leg. "You've made a friend."


The guard slowly reached down and shook his paw then Tonka gave his hand a quick lick. Bennie yelled to me so I hurried over and joined the crew. I was in the middle between Bennie and Rocky. "You might want to plug your ears Rocky, Ace screams loud."


"Keep it up laughing boy," I said looking at Bennie.


He was about to say something then the ride took off. There were a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns. I was waiting for the final drop then I raised my hands up over my head. It was almost a vertical drop and when we hit the bottom, water went everywhere and man did it feel good. On the way down, I heard a scream and laughing. Rocky was drenched and laughing his head off. "Man, that was great Ace. Can we go again?"


I looked over at Bennie and he too was soaked. When he stood up the water got him right in the crotch and I had my chance for a little payback. "Look Rocky, someone got so scared he wet himself."


Rocky broke out into a fit of laughter as I looked at Bennie's face. "I did not, that was from the flume."


"Uh huh, sure it was and I suppose that scream wasn't yours either."


"I wasn't expecting that drop." He said folding his arms across his chest pouting.


"Yeah right," I said smiling.


"I didn't Ace and stop making fun of me."


I could see him fighting tears so I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry baby. Can we call a truce now?"


"Fair enough love."


"What's next Ace?" Rocky asked as I saw JR coming up with Tonka on his lead.


"Let's walk around and see."


We proceeded to walk around the park and we found another ride just as I saw a flash of lightning and a few seconds later a loud clap of thunder followed by an announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, due to the impending thunderstorm, the rides throughout the park are now closed until the storms pass."


"Well guys, the decision was made for us. We can find a shop and get some umbrellas or head back to the RV. What's everyone's idea?"


The boys all wanted to stay in the park so we went and found a place that sold umbrellas. When we were in there, Bennie saw Rocky looking at a specialty tee shirt. "Ace, can I get that tee shirt for Rocky?"


I smiled at him. "Sure son and I'm proud that you thought of him. Is there one you like?"


Bennie shook his head no but I saw him looking at one similar to the one Rocky liked. I got JR's attention and had him keep Rocky and Bennie's attention while I ordered them. I paid for everything then we headed out to see the sights. After several minutes, it was like a dam broke and the rain came down in torrents. We were in Epcot so we headed for the closest place and that was the German Biergarten. They had just opened for lunch so we grabbed a table and waited until food was ready. Dusty came up to me and shook his head. "It looks like today is a wash out."


"Not necessarily," I said pulling out my PDA.


"What have you got on your mind?"


"An indoor place the boys and even the adults will enjoy." I said doing a Google search. "Bingo, I found a place close by."


He looked over my shoulder. "Laser tag is great and addictive. I used to play that all the time."


"So did I back when I was in the Air Force." I said then called the place to see if I needed a reservation because of the number of people that were coming.


They took my information then I saw food was in the steam tables. I was about to speak when Mike called out. "Come on, the food is up."


By the time we finished eating, the rain eased up enough that we could make it back to our vehicles. Our first stop was back to the RV so we could get into dry clothes. Bennie got Rocky something to wear then we all changed and it was off to play laser tag.


By 4:30, we were all wiped out so we headed back to the RV. It was still raining and I was trying to figure out what to do about dinner. The rain had us feeling really down then Bennie spotted KFC. "Hey Ace, can we get chicken for dinner?"


"How does everyone else feel about that?"


Dusty looked at me like I was crazy and Rocky was agreeing with Bennie. Since Alec fed us last night I only thought it was proper to have them for dinner tonight. There were eight of us and four of them were eating machines. I pulled into the parking lot then went inside. When I placed the order the manager told me it would take about 20 minutes to prepare the order. While we were waiting, I spotted a Wal-Mart and decided to get Rocky a few things so I didn't have to do laundry every day.


When we returned, our order was ready. I got 3 barrels of chicken, 4 large containers of mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 baked beans and 2 Cole slaws along with a load of biscuits. After everyone was stuffed, we all relaxed and watched television. I put on the local news at 11 and watched the weather. They were calling for intermittent showers in the afternoon so I was hoping we could do more than we did today. Bennie and Rocky were spooned against me and that's how I fell asleep.


To be continued