The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 26


When we returned, our order was ready. I got 3 barrels of chicken, 4 large containers of mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 baked beans and 2 Cole slaws along with a load of biscuits. After everyone was stuffed, we all relaxed and watched television. I put on the local news at 11 and watched the weather. They were calling for intermittent showers in the afternoon so I was hoping we could do more than we did today. Bennie and Rocky were spooned against me and that's how I fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up to the bed shaking and when I opened my eyes Rocky was taking care of a personal problem. My bladder was screaming at me but I didn't want to move and make him think I'd been spying on him. Just then I heard a soft moan and he blasted his load on his chest. When he let loose my bladder almost did too so I had to move. Rocky had cleaned himself up by the time I'd returned but as soon as he saw me, he broke into tears. "I'm sorry Ace; I didn't mean to wake you up or to have you see me jerking off."


I sat beside him and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "Don't worry about it kiddo, I've seen hot shot over there do it enough and it's a natural thing."


Bennie kicked the covers off then jumped into my arms. "I never heard you complain about the show I gave you."


I felt his tool pushing into my side as he started humping my ribs. "If you keep that up I'll need a shower."


He planted one on me then started searching for my tonsils. "Is that such a bad thing? I have a better idea. How about we take one together?"


His breathing became ragged which told me he was about to unload and this was a load I didn't want to land on my chest so I set him on his feet then took his gorgeous tool into my mouth. I held onto Bennie's hips as I deep throated him until he fired into my mouth. I swallowed every drop then made sure his dick was clean before I took my mouth off it. I licked my lips then saw Rocky standing there with his mouth open. "Wow that was hot. How did he taste?"


"Sweet and salty," I said turning several shades of red as I totally forgot he was there.


Rocky leaned over and kissed me. "I see what you mean."


I popped Bennie on the butt before I went out to get a cup of coffee. "You two need to get cleaned up before breakfast, now scoot."


I stepped out of the room then Rocky started giggling. "Ace, you might want to put something on."


I'd forgotten I was naked and one of the guys had opened the curtain around the front windshield. I stepped back in and grabbed my boxers. "Thanks man."


After breakfast I was about to get Alec and the others when I heard a knock on the door. JR looked out the window and saw Alec standing there. He opened it and Alec stepped in. "I'm not feeling too good so I thought I'd take it easy today. Would you mind if the boys went without me?"


I looked at Dusty and JR. "It's alright with us." JR said looking to Dusty.


"I don't have a problem with it either." Dusty said.


"Send them over," I said.


Alec said he would then I went and grabbed a quick shave as did Dusty and JR then we were off to the park. While we were on the way, Mike and Kevin started coughing followed shortly by Bennie, Rocky and JR. "Ace, turn up the air conditioning please." Mike shouted.


"Why," I asked


"Tonka farted, and it stinks" Kevin said.


There were vents in the passenger area so Dusty and I couldn't smell it although he'd let a few in my bedroom a few times so I was well aware of the bombs he could drop. I turned the fan on high then lowered the back glass a little so the offending odor could get out.


We pulled into the VIP parking area then Bennie hollered. "Tonka what's got into you?"


I watched through the mirror as he leaned over and kissed Bennie. It was sort of his way to say I'm sorry then Kevin moaned again. "Ace, hurry and get parked please."


I found the first available slot and pulled in then hurried and got Tonka out. As soon as I had, he ran to a grassy area and took a dump. "I'm sorry guys; I guess I forgot to walk him before we left."


I reached into my pocket and pulled out a baggie and cleaned up Tonka's load. It was another hot and humid day so the first stop was to the water flume to cool down. After that I asked the boys what they wanted to do and it was a unanimous vote for the rollercoaster. JR wanted to go with them so Dusty and I sat the ride out and stayed with Tonka. When they returned, JR was with the others wanting to go again. Dusty and I sat down while the five of them went again.


After several more trips on the rollercoaster, they were ready for a break. We walked around for a while then Bennie's stomach was letting him know it needed food. "Ace, I'm hungry."


"Alright Bennie, where does everyone want to go," I asked.


They all started talking then Dusty spoke up. "How about we go to France?"


"Isn't that a long way to go Dusty?" Rocky asked covering his mouth as he broke out laughing.


"He fits in with the other wise guy, doesn't he Dusty?" I asked as I grabbed Rocky and started tickling him.


"He sure does." Dusty replied as he reached in and took over as I held him.


"Hey no fair," Rocky squealed as I held him and Dusty continued tickling him.


Bennie tried to help his new friend until JR grabbed him and started tickling his ribs. "Help Tonka I'm being molested.


Tonka stood there and watched knowing his master was fine. JR let him go then Bennie looked at his dog. "Some friend you turned out to be."


Tonka ran over and knocked Bennie onto the ground and started licking him. "Help Ace, Tonka's turned on me."


Dusty and I gave Rocky a reprieve and let him go as we watched Tonka. "Gee Dusty; does it look like Tonka has really turned on Bennie?"


Dusty shook his head. "Not from where I'm standing. It looks like Bennie is getting what he deserves."


I finally called Tonka off. "Some friend you turned out to be."


"Don't scold him Bennie. You know full well if someone really tried to hurt you, he'd protect you."


Tonka barked several times as he sat there wagging his tail. "You're right," Bennie said as he knelt down and petted his friend. "I'm not mad at you boy."


We took off and headed for France in Epcot Center. On the way, we passed a number of stands selling souvenirs and we weren't really watching the boys as we should have. The next thing we heard was Rocky scream. "Let go of me you pervert."


"Let the boy go," I heard as I turned around drawing my weapon.


Two of the plain clothes security officers had a man in their sights but I couldn't make out who he was as he had his back to me. "I wouldn't shoot if I were you." A familiar voice said.


"Hold your fire men." I said shouting.


The man turned around and I came face to face with my old nemeses. "You better listen to the faggot or I'll break his neck."


They held their fire but didn't lower their weapons. "I don't think you'll add murder to attempted rape Nate. I said as I holstered my weapon hoping he'd relax his grip on Rocky."


"You don't know me as well as you think you do."


"I know you well enough," I said as Rocky winked at me. "Now why don't you let him go and we'll settle this here."


"Now why would I do that?" He said running his hand over Rocky's chest. "I wanted that kike fag to suck my dick and I would have had that had you not interfered."


"Is that what you want?" Rocky said taking me totally by surprise.


"Don't tell me we have another fag here?"


"I'm no fag but if it means getting you to leave us alone, I'll suck you."


I was about to speak when Nate reached down and started playing with his zipper. It must have got stuck because I saw him starting to fight with it and that was all Rocky needed. He took his heel and jammed it down on Nate's foot causing him to scream out in pain. A moment later, he grabbed Nate's balls causing him to fall onto the ground then Rocky ran over to me.


"Hold your fire, this bastard's mine." I said as I had Dusty take Rocky and I handed my weapon to JR. "Get up you worthless piece of shit."


Nate was moaning on the ground holding his balls. "That faggot grabbed my nuts."


"Get up Nate." I yelled at him again then looked at the security guards. "Put your weapons away. This piece of trash is mine."


He slowly rolled onto his hands and knees as I stayed several feet away from him. "I'm going to kick your ass faggot."


"You talk like a man with real balls." I said stepping back.


"Too bad he doesn't have any." Rocky said breaking out into a laugh."


"You're right Rocky," Bennie said. "When he dropped his pants in front of me, he looked like a woman. He didn't even have a dick."


"Fuck you Jacobs," Nate growled.


"I'd just lay there and sweat." Bennie shot back at him. "I've seen guys at school with bigger dicks than yours."


"Why you," Nate growled as he stood up but I stepped into his line of sight.


"Come on cunt," I spat. I'll even give you the first punch."


He balled up his fist then swung wildly at me and missed so I put my foot out as he tried to step. "Stand still you bastard."


I let fly with a backhanded punch sending Nate flying to the ground. "You had your one shot and you missed, now get up."


He crawled onto his hands and feet then stood up. "Alright Mason, now I'm gonna play for real."


He put his fists up and I was ready for him. He tossed out a couple of rights that caught a lot of air then he got in a left that grazed my jaw. At that point his jaw was wide open so I connected with a right and left combination that put him on his ass again. "Come on Nate, Bennie hits harder than that."


He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. "Damn you Mason."


Once again Nate got to his hands and knees but this time he decided to play dirty. He grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it at my face as he stood up. I was ready for it and closed my eyes but in doing so, I was wide open for whatever he wanted to do and that was hit me in the balls. It was a grazing shot but I felt it nonetheless. I dropped to my knees and moaned in pain. "Ugh."


Nate got to his feet and grabbed me by the hair. "Now your ass is mine you faggot." He said as he nailed me in the jaw. "Get up ass wipe."


I was still feeling the pain but I managed to get to my feet. I stepped back then noticed he had some more dirt in his hand then I saw Bennie running towards him. I was about to yell but that would alert Nate so I stood there and watched as he kicked Nate directly in the balls. "You wanna cheat asshole." Bennie yelled.


Nate dropped to the ground and moaned. "You both are a couple of fags. You're always trying to feel someone's nuts."


"At least we got some." Bennie yelled from a safe distance.


I finally managed to shake off the pain then stood up. "Get up Nate."


"I can't," Hill moaned. "Your little lover kicked me in the balls."


"All I felt was bone, shit for brains." Bennie yelled again.


He looked at Bennie over his shoulder. "Don't think about it Nate."


His head snapped around and he was glaring at me. I saw blood in his eyes so I got ready for what he was about to throw at me. He charged me and managed to hit me once in the chest then tried to hit me in the face but I managed to block it and hit him in the jaw with the heel of my hand causing him to stagger backwards. "You're going to have to do better than that faggot."


He charged me again and this time I was ready for him. I turned sideways with my right side facing him. As he got closer I leaned back on my left foot then waited. When he got about a foot from me, I nailed him under the chin with a perfectly placed side kick knocking him out. I walked up to him then rolled him onto his stomach and handcuffed him. "You're under arrest asshole."


Dusty walked over and looked at Nate after I rolled him back onto his side. "Is this the bastard that was once an agent?"


"Yeah he was," I said waiting for Nate to wake up. "I'd love to know how he managed to stay on the job as long as he did considering his prejudices."


Just then, Nate moaned and realized he was in handcuffs. I looked down at him and saw his eyes were opening. "Well what have you got to say for yourself now Nate?"


"It took two of you to beat me."


"No it didn't Nate." I started. "Bennie leveled the field only after you cheated and hit me in the balls."


That's a crock of shit and you know it." Nate yelled trying to cover his own ass.


Once it was just you and me, I kicked your lights out and you were out for several minutes. Now you're going to a Federal Detention Center and this time, bail will be denied."


"You don't know me as well as you think you do."


"Oh, I don't?" I fired back. "I know there is a Federal Warrant out on you when you left California after you posted bail. Add to that, you added more charges today when you assaulted another boy and held him against his will. Oh, and one more thing. Your rental car is in our impound lot back in DC."


I pulled out my cell phone and called the US Marshalls Service. I informed them I had Nate in custody and that there was a Federal Warrant outstanding. The US Marshall I spoke with found it in the system and said they'd get some agents out to pick him up. It took about thirty minutes for them to arrive then they took custody of him. They filled out some paperwork and I cosigned it then they gave me a copy.


After Nate was taken away, Rocky looked at me. "Can we get something to eat now? I'm starving."


I walked up over then wrapped my arm around him. "Are you alright?"


"I'm fine Ace," He said. "I knew that you, Dusty and JR were here so I wasn't worried."


Bennie came up on his other side. "Man, you almost broke his foot when you stomped on it."


Rocky giggled. "Yeah, that's something my Dad taught us when we were younger. He said if we were ever grabbed like that to stomp and grab his groin."


I smiled then ruffled his hair. "Well, he taught you well because it worked perfectly."


Everyone was getting hungry so we kept our eyes open for any place we could get something to eat. We found a burger stand and I ordered everyone cheese burgers, an order of fries and a large soda. As we were eating, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I swallowed my mouthful then turned around and saw several teenage girls standing there. "Um, excuse us but is that Bennie Jacobs?"


I looked at him then back to her. "Yes, it is. Is there something I can help you with?"


"I don't know if this is allowed but would it be possible to have a picture taken with him?" One of the girls asked.


Bennie started coughing then covered his mouth as I looked at him. "I'm sorry Ace, I swallowed wrong."


I looked back to the girl. "I'll allow it on one condition."


"I can't show it to my friends?" She asked.


"Well, not just yet." I started. "Bennie's here on spring break and we'd like to be as inconspicuous as possible. If you promise to wait until after we're gone in 2 weeks, you girls can have your photo's taken with him."


She looked at her friends and they all agreed. "This is going to be so cool. Our friends won't believe it."


Bennie posed with each of the girls then after they left came over to me. "I'll get you for this."


I smiled at him. "Just think of it as public relations love."


"Alright but let's not make this a big photo op."


"Fair enough baby," I said then looked at the others. "So what does everyone want to do this afternoon?"


The boys huddled up then Rocky became the spokesperson. "Since it's so hot, can we go swimming?"


Tonka was lying under the table panting so I got him some water then we headed back to the Hummer. We returned to the RV and the boys split up so they could change into their swimming trunks. I went inside and headed back to the bedroom where I found Bennie and Rocky naked. Bennie looked at me. "Ace, didn't you get Rocky a bathing suit?"


"Yes I did." I answered heading to the closet then pulled it out.


I handed it to Rocky when my cell phone rang. I went outside so I could have some privacy. "Mason."


"You're lucky faggot. It took three of you to take me."


"What the hell do you want now Nate and before you answer, all it took was my foot to that glass jaw of yours."


"You got lucky." Nate fired back. "As to what I want, it's simple. I have information for you and in return for it I want some concessions."


"You want what?" I shouted. "Let me tell you what I told you before. You're in no position to ask for any concessions. Your stunt with Bennie has you looking at the death penalty not counting a litany of other charges."


"Well, I know something about that kid." Nate fired.


"That kid, as you just referred to him as, is under Federal protection so you just added another attempted kidnapping charge to your list of federal charges. You're also lucky I can't add a charge of my own."


"What's that?" Nate asked


"For ruining my vacation," I fired. "Now, are you going to talk or continue wasting my time?


"Alright, alright," He relented. "I know who that kid is."


"Keep talking," I said.


"As I said, I know who he is. His father and brother were killed in Japan and I know who did it."


"If you know who did it, it means you were an accomplice."


"In your dreams fucknut," He spat.


"Alright then who was the murderer?"


"A Russian named Stroyka."


"How did you get this information Nate?" I asked wondering.


"Now, now Mason. I told you I want some concessions."


"If you think you're getting a free pass on all of this you're crazy. There is no way the US Attorney will drop or reduce any of the charges based on what you did to Bennie. If your information proves credible, I'll talk with them and see what I can do."


"No way, I want it before I say anything more."


"You know the US Attorney's office will never do that unless they know the information."


"Well faggot, it's your loss." Nate said then ended the call.


I was really steamed. I stood there debating on what to do when Dusty and the boys came out ready for a swim. I knew JR wasn't into pools so he took guard duty with Tonka. "Hey Dusty, can you hold on for a minute?"


The others went over to Alec's RV then Dusty looked at me. "What's up buddy?"


"I just got a phone call from Nate Hill." I started.


"What did he want?" Dusty fired back before I could go on.


"He said he knew who Rocky was and that his father and brother were murdered in Japan. He went on to drop Nicolai Stroyka's name as the killer."


"He WHAT?" Dusty said in a raised voice.


"You heard right my friend."


"That's impossible. JR is still working on his report and when that's done, I'll do mine then file them with the SecNav."


"Well, somehow he knows about the murder in Okinawa and Stroyka." I said when my cell phone rang again. "Mason."


"What the hell is going on down there?" A voice I knew all too well said.


"What the hell are you talking about, Evelyn?" I shot back as I stepped inside the RV.


"Have you been talking to the press again?"


"How many times have I talked to them?"


"I want to know how the press got wind of this Agent Mason." She asked again.


"And I told you if you answer my question you'll figure out the answer."


"Turn your TV on and put on CNN." Evelyn fired back.


I grabbed the remote and put it on the channel then listened to the broadcast. Several minutes into it, it was sounding very familiar. "Evelyn, have you read my report on this?"


"Not yet why?"


"Tape that news segment then read my report and you'll see why." I said. "I want Tech in there going over the server too. I'll tell you now; that news cast is almost word for word from my report to you."


"Who else has a copy of your report?"


"Director Moore will. I have it saved on a zip drive for him so he can add it to his and JR's report when it's finished. They have taken jurisdiction on this case along with the FBI."


"Are you sure..." Evelyn started to say.


"I'm positive," I said then remembered the last phone call I received. "Look, there is one more report I have to do. A big pain in my butt is now back where he's supposed to be."


"What?" Evelyn said. "Nate's back in jail?"


"Yeah," I said. "He tried to grab Robert Brinkman but the boy was ready for it."


"Tell me you didn't shoot him."


"Not a chance," I started. "I wanted the pleasure of taking him myself."


"How bad is he hurt?"


"Not too bad; he's nursing a sore jaw after it met my foot." I started. "Now, here comes something really weird. He managed to make a phone call and he called me. He said he had information in exchange for some concessions."


"Concessions?" Evelyn shouted.


"Relax Evelyn," I started again. "I told him he was in no position to ask for any concessions."


"What did he say?"


"Look, open the report I sent you." I said then waited a few moments. "Do you have it open?"


"I'm reading it now," Evelyn said.


"Nate told me he knew who killed Commander Richard Brinkman and his son Richard Jr. When I asked who, he dropped Nicolai Stroyka's name. When I pushed to find out how he knew, he said it was my loss then hung up."


"Now how in the hell did..." Evelyn started.


"I don't know considering Stroyka was apprehended yesterday and Nate was arrested today."


"Alright Ace, I believe you didn't talk to the press. I'll get Tech up here and go over everything from top to bottom and I'll get back with you."


I ended the call then became engrossed in the news broadcast. Dusty came in and saw the report. "How did they get wind of this already?"


"I'm not sure man but I'm looking into it. I know ICE or the FBI wouldn't go to the press on an NCIS case. Where are Bennie and Rocky?"


"They're at the pool. Alec is in with them and JR and Tonka are watching."


"Some vacation this has turned out to be. I've spent more time on business than I have spending time with Bennie."


"It's his vacation too Ace. He's having a ball with Rocky, Mike and Kevin."


I sat down and turned the TV off. I was tired of hearing the same news over and over especially the report on Stroyka. "Somehow the news got a copy of my report to Director Morgan and I will find out if it's the last thing I do."


I went back into the bedroom and changed into my trunks. I wanted to cool off in the pool and spend some time with Bennie and Rocky. As we were heading over my cell rang again. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, this is Sandy Brinkman."


"Hi Sandy, how are things out in Washington?"


"I've talked with my partner and my boss. Trish is really excited about Rocky coming. I've spoken to my boss and he was sad to hear about my brother and nephew's death. He's made arrangements for me to fly out and he even bought Rocky's ticket back here. I'll be landing Wednesday afternoon about 12:15."


"I'll let Director Moore know this so he can have an agent be there when you land and get you settled into your hotel."


Dusty was looking at me. "Is that Rocky's aunt?"


I nodded my head. "She has her flight information."


"Tell her NCIS will make a reservation at a hotel." Dusty said loudly.


"I heard that Agent Mason. Thank you all so much. I look forward to meeting everyone when I arrive."


I ended the call and saw Dusty on his phone. He ended his call then looked at me. "I've made an open ended reservation for her. Since we don't know how long she'll be here, we won't have to keep extending it."


"Good idea," I said as my phone rang again. "Mason."


"Ace, we've found out what happened."


"Evelyn, I'm about to go swimming and spend some time with Bennie. I've spent more time on business than I have on relaxing."


"Alright Ace," She started. "I'll call back in a couple of hours. When I do, it'll be a conference call with Tech and Pete. Can you have Director Moore with you?"


I looked at my watch. "Alright, I'll see to it he's with me. We'll be back at the RV at 5 but JR will have my phone for any emergency."


"Sounds good Ace, I'll call you again at 5."


I ended the call then got my towel and weapon. We walked over to the pool and I saw Alec relaxing beside JR. Dusty gave JR a quick kiss on the cheek then looked at Alec. "Did they wear you out?"


"With four against one, it didn't take long. Maybe now the odds will be better."


I looked out into the water and noticed Bennie's and Rocky's backs were to me so I slipped into the water and swam over under it then gently pinched Bennie's butt causing him to jump wondering where it came from. I surfaced and saw Rocky laughing and Bennie holding his butt looking around. As soon as he saw me he splashed me in the face. "No fair sneaking up on me."


I returned the splash. "Why not, if you had the chance, I bet you'd do it."


Bennie jumped on me and tried to dunk me but my legs were too strong. "Come on Rocky, help me."


Rocky tried to jump on me but I was able to push him off then I felt someone hit me behind the knees and down I went. I managed to hold onto Bennie as I went under then I felt his hand grab me gently on the crotch and began to rub me. I opened my eyes and he was smiling. I rubbed him a few times then surfaced as I was running out of air. As soon as we came up, Bennie kissed me on the cheek causing me to smile. "I'll get you later."


He leaned close to my ear as I felt him rub my crotch again. "I'm counting on that."


I picked him up and tossed him into the water. After that, it was a water war and I'm glad I had Dusty on my side. Mike and Kevin tried attacking me but I could hold them off then Rocky joined in and I was really out numbered. Dusty swam under the water and grabbed Rocky by the ankle and pulled him under then shot up and tossed him back into the water. After about thirty minutes of this, I was exhausted and needed a break. I made it to the side of the pool then pulled myself out and walked over to get my towel. I was drying myself when my cell sounded off. I looked at my watch and it was 5:05. "Dusty come on man, it's after 5."


Dusty turned around and looked at the boys. "Come on guys, it's getting late."


Bennie came over and stopped by Dusty. "Can we swim some more later?"


"We'll see Bennie but I can't make any promises." Dusty answered.


I was already talking with Evelyn when the gang came up and started asking questions. "Evelyn, give me a couple of minutes to get back to the RV and changed."


"I can tell you have your hands full Ace. Call me back when you're ready."


I ended the call then whistled causing everything to get quiet. Bennie looked at me. "Can we go swimming later?"


"Dusty and I have a phone conference then after that's done, we have to have dinner."


"I guess that's not really an option then." Bennie said as he was drying off. "I saw a huge pan of lasagna in the fridge, can we have that tonight?"


I thought for a moment then remembered Sandy would be here the day after tomorrow. Why don't we save that for when Rocky's aunt gets here?"


"How about I make a meatloaf then?"


I was really surprised at this. "Did Gloria teach you how to cook love?"


He smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah she did. But there some things she wouldn't teach me no matter how much I begged and pleaded."


"Sounds good to me baby. Dinner is in your hands then."


We headed over to the RV and changed then Dusty, JR and I sat at the table for our conference call with Evelyn. I placed the call on Skype and we had a video conference. "Hi Evelyn, JR is here with us too."


"Hi JR," She said. "I'm glad you could join us. Doug from Tech Support is here. He's going to fill you in as to what was found."


Doug took over at that point. "Agent Mason, we did a complete search of the server and the system wasn't hacked."

"That means it was someone on the inside." JR said interrupting.


"You're right Sir," Doug said. "Our printers/copiers all have hard drives so every document printed is stored in its memory. Your report was printed out at the White House office but we have no way of knowing who did it."


"Doug, that's got to change." I said totally pissed off.


"It's been done. Everyone now will have to log in to the system with their ID and a secured password."


"How will we get the password?" I asked.


"We thought about that and your Blackberries are all secured. Now, there are some other changes we've made too. We've put security levels on files and who can access them. You are set to Level 1 which means you have access to everything on the server. The Director, Agent Miller, Agent Hawks and Agent Morgan also have Level 1 clearance. The other agents have level 2 clearances which means they will be able to access anything they need except the most sensitive information."


"What about the Uniformed Officers?" I asked.


"Files and reports are set up for them. Personnel files are set up where only Captain Langford and his senior officers will have access to those. Now, when someone needs to print out anything, they'll have to enter their ID and this way we'll know who printed out anything. This will also stop people from using the printer/copier for unauthorized use."


I felt my phone vibrate. I looked and saw I had an email. "I just got my password."


Doug nodded his head. "I just sent them out to the Level 1 agents."


"OK, I'm glad the computer is more secure now but unfortunately it's after the horse has escaped from the barn. Since we know where my report was printed from, we just have to find out who did it."


"Are you sure it was accessed and printed at the White House?" Dusty asked.


"I'm positive," Doug said.


"Then search everyone," Dusty started. "Search their desks, their briefcases, their lockers and their cars."


"Are you allowed to do that?" Doug asked.


"Yes we are," I said. "It clearly states as they enter the grounds that anything and everything is subject to search at any time."


"But they work for the Secret Service too."


Evelyn stepped in then. "That's true and Ace is right. Everyone knows they can be searched at anytime we feel the need to."


"Evelyn, what I have to talk about now is very sensitive. With all due respect, this is something that doesn't concern Doug."


I saw Doug leave then Evelyn joined us again. "He's left the office."


"Pete, I'm going to need you to step up to the plate and be the agent you say you are."


"What do you need me to do?"


"I'm going to need you to conduct the search."


"Ace, that's going to take a lot of time and once it begins, everyone is going to know about it."


"I know that." I said. I have someone in mind to help you with this job."


I could see Evelyn's mind trying to figure out who I was referring to. "Is there someone I don't know about, Ace?"


I looked at Dusty and I had him stumped. "There is an NICS agent who is on Director Moore's team who would be perfect."


Dusty covered the microphone. "You're willing to have Ellis in on this?"


I nodded my head. "He's cocky and can be arrogant at times but he is a good agent."


"He is that and I'll put the fear of God in him too if he screws this up." Dusty said seriously.


"I have an agent who doesn't take anything from anyone and he might be the person Agent Morgan can use when conducting the search."


"Would he be willing to help us?"


"Yes Ma'am he would. He's shuffling papers at the office so he'd relish the chance to get out of that task."


"Director Moore, I'll let you contact your agent about this. If he's willing to help, Ace I'd like you to let Pete know so he can get him his White House credentials. That way he'd blend in with everyone."


"I'll call him now so I can have an answer."


Dusty called Marshall while Evelyn and I talked. "Evelyn, I hate to think someone with the service is involved in this."


"I know what you mean Ace. Is there anyone right off hand that comes to mind?"


"Had this been a few months ago I would but now, I can't think of anyone who'd leak information. I know it wasn't top secret information but it was still a breach of security."


Dusty scooted next to me, "Madam Director, I've spoken with Agent Ellis and explained everything to him. He asked me to tell you that you will have his full support. Pete, you can reach him at NCIS Headquarters and let him know when you will need him."


"I'll do that as soon as we're finished here."


"Pete, I hope you don't let me down here." I said.


"Ace, you've given me an opportunity to prove myself again. I won't let you or my sister down."


It was almost 6 and I saw Bennie put his meatloaf into the oven. "Thanks for everything, Evelyn. I'll keep in touch as necessary and if you find out who did this please let me know."


"I will Ace. Maybe now you can have a vacation."


I had to laugh at that then I ended the call. While dinner was cooking I took a quick shower to get the chlorine off and as I was coming out, there were two teens about to join me. "Aw Ace, we wanted to help you." Bennie whined.


"There's just enough room in there for me much less two more."


Bennie threw his arms around my neck. "That was the idea."


"Are you trying to start something with Rocky here?"


"I want you baby. We haven't had any time together since we've been here."


I kissed him on the cheek. "I know that love and I want you too but you know our love making is a private thing. If you and Rocky want to fool around in the shower, that's fine. You know I trust you."


"How about you join us? We can hold off until tonight?"


That sounded promising but it wasn't for me. "Love, you're my partner and I'm a one person guy, if you get what I'm saying."


"I do baby and my butt is reserved for you only."


"Rocky's Aunt will be here Wednesday and I know they'll want to spend some time together so they can get to know each other. We'll have some time alone after that."


Bennie kissed me on the lips. "I'll hold you to that."


"Don't worry, I'll be holding all of you then."


The boys got a shower while I went and talked with Dusty and JR. "Ace, do you really think the guy will still have that report on him?" JR asked.


He had a point. No one would be stupid enough to keep a copy. "You're right JR; he probably sent the report to CNN anonymously."


"So why the search?" Dusty asked.


"Maybe it'll spook him and he'll tip his hand to us. I don't know but I hate knowing there is a dirty agent."


Dusty nodded his head. "I know what you mean Ace. I'd hate knowing we had a bad apple in our barrel."


The boys came out of the shower and I saw a smile on Bennie's face which told me he and Rocky solved their mutual problems. The boys got dressed then we enjoyed Bennie's dinner. After dinner, we headed back over to the park. At 8, they had a great fireworks show that we all enjoyed. On the way back to the Hummer, we all stopped for ice cream then watched a little TV before calling it a night.


The next day the temperatures were in the upper 80's and with the humidity, it felt like it was well over 100 so we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon water park. When we arrived, I bought several bottles of sunscreen because the last thing I wanted was the boys turning into lobsters. After everyone was protected, it was time for the fun. Tonka stayed with one of the security staff and once, I thought he was going to make a run and jump into the water with us.


We took a break for lunch and more sunscreen then relaxed as the food digested. After that, it was back in for more water fun. I don't know how much time passed but I felt Bennie jump onto my back and it hurt. I went down into the water then came up and Bennie was looking at me. "Easy love, I'm getting cooked."


He looked at my back. "You're a light pink but you should get out."


I looked at Bennie and he was pink too. "I think you should get out too. Go find Rocky and I'll get the others."


We got out of the water and I spotted a clock and we'd been in the water for another two hours. We headed for the changing room then we put some more sun screen on. I was the only one who was slightly overdone so in our travels we found a sunburn cream that took the pain away so the rest of the afternoon was fun. We spent the next several hours in the park on the rides then headed back to the RV. The boys and I headed to our room and changed. I took my shirt off and dropped my shorts and undies to get a clean pair. "Man Ace, you have a really white butt." Rocky said giggling.


He and Bennie had removed their shirts and both were pink too. "I bet your butt is as white as mine compared to your back."


"Don't bet on it." He fired back.


I saw Bennie standing behind Rocky with the devilish look on his face. The next thing that happened was he yanked Rocky's shorts and undies down. "Hey man, your butt is whiter than Ace's."


Rocky spun around to look at Bennie but he was already naked. "Well, you're just as white as the rest of us."


Bennie took that as a challenge and then they were wrestling on the bed. I got dressed then stopped at the door. "Don't make a mess in here or destroy the bed because if you do, you're both cleaning it up."


As soon as I stepped out, I saw JR in the buff and he had a nice looking ass. I eased up and patted it causing him to jump. He spun around and looked. "What gives Ace?"


"I couldn't resist patting that nice white target."


"That's right love," Dusty said smiling. "You have the nicest ass I know."


JR went over to Dusty and looked at me. "Hands off, this is his playground. Besides, you have one of your own too."


Alec and his crew went out for dinner so I decided to grill some burgers and dogs along with some beans. We were starved and there wasn't anything left. Dusty and JR did the dishes then I had a call to make. "Pete, it's Ace."


"Hi Ace, did you have a decent day today?"


"I did Pete thanks. Look, the reason I'm calling is the three of us here doubt you'll find that report. If you do, it would be a miracle. We think the search might force someone there to do something they either don't want to do or are planning on doing but later. Watch and listen to what each person says and how they act. If you strike out on the first day, don't go back and continue it the next day."


"Alright Ace, will Agent Ellis know about this too?"


"Yes he will, Pete. Director Moore is speaking with him now. Dusty said Ellis will be in touch with you in the morning. Before I forget, how is Gloria doing?"


"She's doing quite well. She's resting as per the doctor's order but she's also getting cabin fever from not being able to move around the kitchen as she used to."


"I can believe that Pete. She has a type A personality and loves cooking. Do you know when she sees the doctor again?"


"I'm not sure but I can find out. It might do her some good for her to hear a friendly voice or two."


"That's a good idea Pete. I've been so busy with business I've forgotten about everything else."


"I can understand that. Let's hope you're able to have more vacation time and less work time."


"You and me both Pete," I said. "If you're able to find out who the person was who sent that report to the news, I want to know about it."


"You will Ace, right after I let Evelyn know."


I ended the call then heard Bennie yell. "Hey Ace, can you come here."


I walked down to the bedroom. "You don't need to shout."


"Well, there's someone here who'd like to talk with you."


"I'll deal with you later, Benjamin." A voice said through the phone. "How are you Ace?"


"It's nice to hear your voice Mr. President. How is the trip going?"


"It's been very fruitful so far. I hear you've had your hands full too."


"That's an understatement Sir," I said taking the call off speaker. "But Nate Hill is back in custody."


"That's what I've heard. I also hear you rescued a young man from quite the predator."


"Yes Sir and he's recovering from my shot to his shoulder. NCIS and the FBI are handling that case."


"Ace, Evelyn has informed me on the goings on at the White House and the new protocols that are in place. You've done an excellent job considering you're supposed to be on vacation with Bennie."


"Thank you Sir but I'm just doing my job."


"Ace, you're doing more than that." He started. "I'm glad you're on the White House team and let's hope the rest of Bennie's vacation goes without any further problems."

"I hope so too Sir. I'll put the phone back on speaker so you can talk some more with your son."


Rocky came up to me and asked softly, "Is that really The President?"


"Nah, he's just my Dad." Bennie said laughing.


"I heard that son." Ben said.


"Uh oh, hi Dad," Bennie stammered as I headed towards the door. "You gotta say hi to my new friend Rocky."


I left them alone so they could all talk with Ben and joined the others and watched some TV. About thirty minutes later, the boys came out and the five of us spent a relaxing evening watching television.


The next morning Rocky was getting nervous. "Guys, what if my Aunt doesn't like me?"


Bennie wrapped his arm around him and smiled. "What's not to like? You're cute as hell."


Rocky turned red. "I know but for as long as I can remember, it's been Ricky, Dad and me."


"That will take a little getting used to sport." I started. "Remember, the same can be said with your Aunt. It's been her and her partner and their daughter."


"That's right man," Bennie started. "You're going to be like a big brother even though she's more like a cousin."


"I guess you're right." Rocky relented. "We did have a great voice chat when I first met her too."


After breakfast, we headed over to the park for a little while then I heard Dusty's cell ring. "Director Moore."


Dusty was on the phone for several minutes then he came over to me. "Sandy's plane landed ahead of schedule. She wants to rent a car so she doesn't have to depend on us or a taxi. Blake will lead her out here then head back to the office."


"Hey, whatever became of the investigation into the base police in Okinawa?"


"A whole lot of goose eggs buddy," Dusty started as we waited for JR, Rocky and Bennie to get off of a ride. "The agent pulled logs then looked at the personnel files of the people on duty at the time and all but one had been transferred."


"So what makes you say it's all goose eggs?"


"The OIC that day is now the CO and he vouched for everyone of his people. The records of everyone on duty are exemplary and there isn't a black mark on any of them."


JR, Rocky and Bennie came over to us then we hurried back to the RV park. "Rocky, you and Bennie need to get a shower before your Aunt gets here."


Bennie came up to me and hugged me. "I'll calm him down."


I shook my head at him. "There isn't time baby. Her plane is on the ground now and she's renting a car."


"OK love, that'll make me hornier for tonight." He said with his devilish grin.


"Scoot you horn dog." I said popping him on the butt.


While the boys were in the shower, we got the RV cleaned up and made it look presentable instead of a bachelor pad. No sooner had they finished and got dressed when I heard a knock on the door. Rocky stopped in his tracks like a deer in headlights. Bennie nudged him. "Go on man and meet your Aunt in person."


Dusty opened the door and saw Blake standing there with Sandy. "Come on in, we've been expecting you."


Sandy came in first and I watched Rocky. At first he just stood there then when Sandy took a step he ran into her arms. I saw a photo of Commander Brinkman and his sister was almost a spitting image of him. They stood hugging each other for several minutes then I led them both over to the sofa.


Dusty went and talked with Fields for several minutes then I heard him leave. I went up to Dusty. "I wonder if we should let these two have some private time alone. I'm sure there is a lot for them to talk about."


Rocky looked up at us, "Yeah, but how about after lunch?"


I looked at Rocky then to Sandy. "Are you ready to feed a growing teen?"


She looked at her nephew. "Oh yeah, I figured he'd be a bottomless pit."


We all broke out laughing except Rocky. "I'm not that bad. Bennie eats more than I do."


Now it was Bennie's turn to pout, "Hey, no fair."


Sandy was still giggling. "Is this what you had to endure?"


"They actually got along very well; Bennie helped Rocky probably more than I did." I said smiling at Bennie. "Sandy, how hungry are you? I know your body clock is still on west coast time."


"Actually I am hungry. I was really nervous this morning and didn't have anything except some coffee."


Since we were going to have dinner here, I decided on a restaurant we'd passed a few times on our way to the park. I hated leaving Tonka in the RV but there wasn't enough room in the Hummer. I listened as Rocky, Sandy and Bennie talked and I could see Rocky's early case of the nerves was now gone.


When we arrived, the three of them were still talking like they were long lost friends. I was beginning to wonder how the boys would handle it when it came time for them to say goodbye. When we were seated, Sandy began to talk with us while the boys talked quietly. During the meal, I could see both boys wiping their eyes and I knew they were talking about Friday.


I paid for lunch then Sandy got me aside. "Do you think it would be alright if Rocky and I spent some time together this afternoon?"


"Not at all," I said. "Do you have 2 beds in your hotel room?"


"Yes I do. In fact, it's a small suite with two bedrooms."


I nodded my head. "I knew you'd want to get to know each other. Tonight we have a special dinner planned for you."


"Thank you Ace." She said as we reached the Hummer.


Once back at the RV, I told Bennie that Sandy and Rocky were going to spend some time together and then be back for dinner. "I know they need this but I'm going to miss him."


"You two have bonded baby so it's only natural you'll miss him." I started. "You guys can stay in touch via email and voice chatting."


That idea made him smile. "I want to know how he's growing."


He wiggled his eyebrows at me. "You horn dog. What do you want to do this afternoon?"


"Can we walk around the park like this?" He asked reaching for my hand.


I thought about it for a moment. "Sure, why not." I replied reaching for Tonka's lead.


JR and Dusty were cuddling on the couch as we walked past. "Where are you two off to?" JR asked.


Bennie took my hand. "We're going over to the park and walk around. Do you guys want to come?"


JR looked at Dusty and I knew what the answer was. "You two go on, we'll be fine here."


Bennie got Tonka and let him do his business then we headed over to the park. We stopped in the VIP center and I talked with the head of security then we were off for a quiet afternoon.


Our first stop was Epcot and to Japan. When I made the reservation, I looked at souvenirs and saw something I knew he'd like. As we were walking I felt Bennie rubbing the palm of my hand with his finger. "Are you trying to say something?"


He gave me a devilish grin. "Now would I do that?"


I looked down and saw a bulge in his shorts. "In a heartbeat you horn dog."


Just then I spotted the stand and began heading for it. Bennie saw the stand too. "Oh Ace, they're great."


We walked up to a stand that sold Japanese Kimonos and I saw one that I just had to get for him. I took it off the rack and held it up for him to see. "What do you think baby?"


I was holding a black kimono with gold streaming down the sleeves. On the back was a Bengal tiger as if he was stalking prey. Bennie covered his mouth with his hands and fought to keep his emotions under control. "I love it babe. Can I find one for Dad?"


"Sure you can love."


He looked carefully at each of the kimonos and then he pulled out one with quite the ornate design on it and an ancient bird. It wasn't overly flashy but the pattern on the back was exquisite. "He'll love that one."


He went over to the cashier and I stepped next to him. He looked up at me. "Um, can you go away for a minute?"


I knew what he wanted so I made my purchase then moved away from him. "Tonka, watch him."


I was about fifteen feet away from the stand when one of the security officers came up to me. "He's quite the young man, isn't he?"


"That he is," I said not knowing where he was going with this.


"You love him, don't you?" He asked causing me to turn and just stare at him. "It shows just like when I'm with my partner."


I was still stunned when I heard Bennie yell. "Hey, gimme that back, it's mine.


Just as Bennie came out of the shop a man snatched his bag and took off. He reached down and took the lead off Tonka. "Get him boy."


"Stay with Bennie," I said to the guard as I ran after Tonka.


The next thing I heard was a growl followed by a loud scream. I ran up and called Tonka off the thief. "That dog bit me."


"You stole that package from a young man." I said rolling him onto his stomach.


"All right here it is, take it."


I pulled my credentials out and dropped my badge in front of his face. "I will and you're under arrest."


Security came up with Bennie. "We'll take it from here."


The other officer came over and handed me the receipt. "Take this back to the stand and his purchase will be replaced. After he goes to trial, we'll see to it the things are returned."


We walked back over to the stand and the sales lady looked at Bennie. "Are you alright?"


Bennie smiled and nodded. "Yes Ma'am, I'm fine. The officer said to show you this."


She took the receipt and looked at it then got a bag and replaced Bennie's purchase. I smiled and bowed to the woman. "Thank you very much."


She returned the bow. "You're welcome. I hope you enjoy your gifts."


We left the stand and I looked at my watch. It was after 4:30 so we walked back to the Hummer. The traffic leaving the park was heavier than I'd seen since we'd been here so we didn't get back to the RV until 5. As soon as we got out of the Hummer, my cell phone went off. "Mason."


"Hi Ace, it's Sandy. We're on our way back to the RV park. I'm not sure how long it's going to take because the traffic is a nightmare."


"I can understand that. Just drive carefully and we'll see you when you get here."


I figured it would take Sandy at least twenty minutes for her to get here so Bennie and I took the time to get a shower. I wasn't about to start anything because we had guests coming so I showered alone. While Bennie was getting cleaned up, I got the oven preheating then started making the garlic bread.


Just after Bennie got out of the shower, I heard a knock on the door. Dusty let our guests in as I got the lasagna into the oven. "So, how was your afternoon?"


Rocky had a smile on his face and Sandy was standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders. "It was great." Rocky started then Bennie came in.


"Did you two have a nice talk?" Bennie asked.


"Yeah we did and I learned some things about Dad too." He said wiping the tears from his eyes.


Bennie and I went to him and held him as he cried. Sandy handed him some tissues then looked at me. "We talked about my brother."


We moved and let them sit on the sofa. Rocky got his emotions under control then continued. "I love him Ace but..."


Rocky started crying again then he leaned against my chest. I looked at Sandy. "Ace, my brother was very loving but there was one thing he couldn't get over and that was when I told my Dad and Rick that I was a lesbian. Rocky is who he is and nothing will ever change it. I love him and accept him, no questions asked. Rocky told me he hadn't come out to Rick before he died and in a way, I'm glad he hadn't. I don't know if his love for the boys would have been enough to overcome his distain of homosexuals."


I looked at Rocky who had stopped crying. "Son, I know it hurts to think he would have rejected you and your brother but that never happened. Remember him as the loving, caring Dad you knew."


He smiled then kissed me on the cheek. "You'd make a great Dad too."


I ruffled his hair. "I'm already spoken for."


He smiled then giggled. "Yeah and he's cute too."


"Rocky, mind your manners." Sandy said scolding him.


Bennie looked at her. "It's fine Ma'am, Rocky knows about us."


Just then the timer went off and I took the lasagna out and put the garlic bread into the oven. Dusty got the table set while Bennie got the plates out. Five minutes later, the garlic bread was done then we sat down to a nice dinner.


JR and I did the dishes while the others sat and talked some more. By 10, Sandy was getting tired and needed to get back to her hotel room. We stood and started giving hugs and when Sandy hugged me, she kissed me on the cheek. "Ace, I can thank you and Bennie for all you've done. Our talk was better than I ever expected. I was prepared for the afternoon to be spent in silence with the occasional grunt."


"Bennie did more than I did. He got through to him in ways I never could."


"Well, it gave us a chance to get to know each other and he'll be a very welcome addition to our family. Now, tomorrow, I have tickets for everyone at Busch Gardens."


"Oh Sandy, you shouldn't have."


"This is my way of saying thank you for all you've done for him and I'm not taking no for an answer."


I smiled at her. "I wouldn't think of that. I'll see you both in the morning."


"I'll call you when we're on our way."


"Sounds good Sandy," I said as we walked to the car with them.


Rocky gave me a huge hug and kiss. "Thanks again Ace. We'll see you all in the morning."


We straightened up the RV then we called it a night. Bennie and I headed for our room then got undressed. I hurried across into the bathroom then Bennie was standing beside me. After we did our business, he kissed me passionately. "You don't know how much I want you."


I broke the kiss then looked him in the eyes. "Oh but I do love because I want you just as much."


To be continued