The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 27


We straightened up the RV then we called it a night. Bennie and I headed for our room then got undressed. I hurried across into the bathroom then Bennie was standing beside me. After we did our business, he kissed me passionately. "You don't know how much I want you."


I broke the kiss then looked him in the eyes. "Oh but I do love because I want you just as much."


Bennie smiled then reached down taking me by my dick and led me across the hall. I was about to slide the door closed when I heard a whistle. I turned and saw Dusty and JR standing there with smiles on their faces. "Nice ass Ace." JR said.


I turned and looked at him and just smiled. "Eat your heart out but that man of yours has a pretty nice one too."


Bennie was behind me poking me in the butt as I was talking to the others. I reached behind me and took hold of his tool and held onto it as Dusty and JR went into the bathroom. I slid the door closed then released Bennie's dick. "Your ass is mine Ace."


I rolled my eyes. "And don't I know it sweety."


I kissed him on the cheek then pulled the covers to the bed back. Bennie quickly hopped in then I turned the light off and joined him. "God love, it's been forever since we've been together."


I knew what he meant. "I know it's felt like that lover."


I felt his silky hand caressing my chest then find one of my nipples. He ran his finger over it causing me to gasp then he smothered my mouth with his filling it with his tongue. I rolled onto my side so I could caress Bennie's body too. Before I could touch him, I felt his hand around my dick. "I want to feel that deep in me while you screw me senseless."


Benny was horny as was I and we both wanted pure unbridled sex. "I'll make love to you baby but you know you can't take all of me yet."


Bennie hopped up onto my chest then kissed me deeply. "I wouldn't be too sure about that baby."


"Oh, and what is it you know I don't?"


"Rocky should have been a piano player."


"Oh," I asked taken by surprise at his statement.


Bennie rolled off my chest so he could get the lube. He straddled my legs then put an ample amount into the palm of his hand then started greasing my pole. He spun around and wiggled his ass at me. I reached up to pull him towards my face but he slapped my hand and wiggled his finger at me. He grabbed a cheek then put two lubed fingers into his hole, working them in and out and teased the hell out of me.


Once he was satisfied he was lubed enough, he turned around and took my dick in his hand pointing it towards his love chute. I knew what he was going to do and I hoped he didn't try and take me in one move. When I felt my dick touch his hole, I reached my hands out to try and hold his hips but he shook his head so I just steadied him. I felt the head slide in then he started to slide down.


After he'd taken about half of me, he stopped. I looked at his face for any sign of pain but all I saw was a look of pleasure. He began to take more of me and this time I held onto his hips. I watched as the last of ne disappeared into his hole. His eyes were closed and he had his million watt smile on his face. I reached up and brought him to me then kissed him. "Now do you believe me love?"


Before I could answer, he began to slowly raise and lower his butt on my dick. His chute was warm and tight and giving me pleasures I hadn't felt in a long, long time. I wanted to hold him by the waist and long stroke him so he could feel every inch of me. After several minutes, Bennie stopped and sat there impaled on my tool. I brought him down onto my chest then I rolled him onto his back so I could see my baby as I made love to him. I was still buried to the hilt. "Can you take all of me in this position?"


I felt him flex his anal muscles sending jolts of electricity through me then he smiled. "Does that answer your question baby?"


"I guess it does." I said as I kissed him on the nose then began a slow rocking motion.


I kept this up for several minutes and each time, I felt my balls hit his ass so I knew he was getting all I had. Bennie reached up and wrapped his hands around my neck. "Come on baby, give it to me. I can take it."


I looked into his eyes then began to pick the pace up. I gave him all I had and soon he was moaning in pleasure. He reached down and started to jack himself off but I had plans for that load so I moved his hand away. "I don't want that load on your stomach love."


Bennie's eyes lit up then clamped his ass muscles tight around my dick. "Come on lover, give it to me."


I picked the pace up then felt my impending climax. "Here is comes love."


My first blast was stronger than I could ever remember. I fired several more then fell onto my elbows panting. I had to roll him on top of me because I couldn't hold my weight. "Man, you really filled me up baby."


"You did things to me I've never felt before love. I couldn't help it."


Bennie looked at me and smiled. "You don't hear me complaining. Now, where was it you wanted my load?"


"I think you know the answer to that." I said as I eased him off my semi hard tool.


As I pulled out I must have rubbed his love nut because his dick started jerking. I knew what that meant so I pulled him up to my face and took it into my mouth. Bennie started to fuck my face with everything he had. "God love, I can't hold it."


He started blasting volley after volley of his sweet cream down my throat and I didn't miss a drop. Bennie reached out and used the wall for support while he came back from his orgasm. I cleaned all of his cream off his tool then eased him down on top of me. "Man baby that was some load."


"I couldn't help it."


"Maybe we should go a few days between each time we make love."


His eyes opened wide and he stared at me. "Don't even say that. I've missed this."


I pulled him into an embrace then kissed him passionately. "I've missed it too baby. With all I gave you, do you think you can get into the bathroom?"


He quickly shook his head no. "I feel it starting to leak out."


I grabbed his cheeks and squeezed them together then managed to get off the bed holding him in my arms. I got him to the toilet then he let loose getting my load out of his butt. After he cleaned himself, I had him bend over so I could see his hole. I didn't see anything different than I had before so I felt good about that. We went back to our room and cuddled together then fell asleep.


Bennie and I were dead to the world then I felt a push on my hip. "Come on guys, time to rise and shine."


"Huh," I moaned and cocked an eye open so I could see who I was talking to. "What time is it?"


"A few minutes after 6 Ace," Dusty said.


"Why so early?" Bennie groaned.


"Have you forgotten about our road trip today?"


Bennie sat up then bolted across the hall. I looked at Dusty and giggled. "I've never seen him move that fast."


"What do you guys want for breakfast?" Dusty asked as Bennie came in from the bathroom.


I was about to answer when my cell rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Rocky. "Hey guy, what's up?"


"We're on our way over."


This created a problem since none of us had eaten breakfast. "How soon before you arrive?"


Just then I heard a light toot on a horn. "About 30 seconds." Rocky said through a laugh then he ended the call.


Bennie and I quickly got dressed while Dusty and JR talked with our guests. As soon as we stepped out of our room, Rocky greeted us with hugs. "You guys are here early." Bennie said.


Sandy came up to us. "On the way, there is a place I found online that has a great breakfast buffet."


I hadn't had my first cup of coffee yet. "How close is it?"


"It's not that far. We can be there in about thirty minutes."


We were relegated to having to use two vehicles so Dusty and JR had Tonka in the Hummer while Sandy, Bennie, Rocky and I rode in her car. The boys were chipper in the back seat as he drove to the restaurant. Traffic was very light and sooner than we thought we were pulling into the parking lot. Before we went in, I got Tonka's bowl and let him eat so he wouldn't be upset we were leaving him for a little while.


When we entered, I immediately smelled fresh coffee. We went through the line and got our trays, utensils and plates then Sandy paid for six breakfast buffets then we quickly found a table. I fixed my coffee and took a few sips then followed the two eating machines as they loaded their plates. "Are you two really going to eat all of that?"


Rocky smiled. "Come on Ace, I'm a growing boy."


Bennie leaned close to his ear. "Yeah, and I know where too."


Rocky turned several shades of red. "You seemed to enjoy seeing it."


I quickly led them to the table. "Easy guys, big ears are everywhere."


Bennie got my drift and looked at Rocky. "Sorry man."


Rocky just smiled. "It's fine Bennie."


The adults talked while the boys inhaled their food. "Sandy, this was more than you needed to do."


"Nonsense, I can never fully repay you for what you've done for Rocky."


"We were just doing our jobs," Dusty replied then sipped his coffee.


Sandy shook her head. "You guys went well beyond doing your jobs. Any other person would have turned Rocky over to Social Services then they would have taken their sweet time to find a relative. Once they learned of my situation, who knows if I would have been given custody of him.


Sandy stopped and finished her coffee. "The last thing my partner and I needed was to be put under their microscope."


JR reached over and patted her hand. "We're all glad things worked out as they did."


Sandy looked at her watch. "We better get going so we can get there at a decent time."


I finished my coffee then went over to the boys. "Do either of you need to use the bathroom before we leave?"


"I do Ace," Bennie answered.


Rocky came with us to see if he could go and I needed to let out the three cups of coffee I'd taken in. We went in and the boys headed for the toilet while I used the urinal. I got my dick out and just as I started peeing, a guy in his 20's came in. The boys finished before I did and when they came out of the cubicle, the man blocked their way. "Well, two guys going at the same time in a cubicle. What else were you two doing?"


I heard the comment so I finished my business then quickly put my equipment away. The boys tried to split up and go around him but he backed up closer to the door. Bennie looked over his shoulder at me so I stepped in. "Look buddy, move out of the way and let them pass."


"Why don't you mind your own business old man."


I stepped in between the boys and now it was him and me. "I'm making this my business so like I said before, move out of the way."


"And if I don't?"


I didn't want to arrest this guy and ruin our day so I eased my jacket back so he could see my weapon. "I have some good reasons in this why you should."


"Oh, a tough guy who can't do anything himself without a gun." He spat stepping towards me.


I let him take another step then I quickly grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the ceramic tiled wall then put my forearm against his throat. With my other hand I reached for my credentials and stuck them against his nose. "Who's the tough guy now asshole? You're fucking with the wrong old man."


My arm was on his Adam's apple so it was hard for him to talk. "Alright man, you win."


"Just what the hell were you trying to pull? I could charge you with two counts each of attempted kidnapping and if I played my cards right, attempted sexual assault."


"Alright man," He squeaked. "I'm sorry; I was just having a little fun. I didn't mean anything."


"Don't apologize to me shit for brains." I spat as I moved my arm.


He looked at the boys. "I'm sorry for the way I acted."


I could tell Bennie wasn't in a forgiving mood. "Really, you're sorry? You're sorry alright. As for your weak attempt to apologize, you can stick it."


I looked at the man then pulled my cell phone out and took his photo. "If I ever see you within a hundred feet of any of us, I'll arrest you and make those charges stick. Do we understand each other?"


He nodded his head then we left and headed out to Sandy's car. Dusty was putting Tonka back into the Hummer then it was on to Tampa. Traffic was thinning out so we made pretty good time. Traffic heading into the park for a Thursday was light based on what I'd seen going into Disney. Sandy found a place to park with an open one next to it so Dusty parked the Hummer.


When we got out, I looked around and spotted a security guard. I walked towards him then waved. "May I help you sir?"


I took out my credentials and showed them to him. "Is there a private entrance we can use? We have tickets."


"Certainly Agent Mason," He replied as he made a quick phone call. "I have a cart coming for all of you."


Just then Dusty came out with Tonka and I thought the guard was going to choke. "Relax, he's with us."


"He doesn't bite does he?"


"Not unless you try and hurt one of us." I said shaking my head. "He can sense if someone means us harm."


I went over and joined JR and Dusty and we got Sandy, Bennie and Rocky. About that time, a large golf cart pulled up. We loaded up then headed into the park. After we got our wristbands, we all discussed where we wanted to go first. I looked at Sandy and she looked over to the boys. Bennie and Rocky had surrounded JR and the three of them were in an animated conversation. Tonka was watching the goings on then started to bark. "Have you guys made a decision?" I asked scratching Tonka's head.


Bennie and Rocky were smiling then Bennie came over and put his arm around my shoulder. "Yeah Ace, we want to find the rides."


"Do I sense a challenge on the roller coaster?"


His horns started to show. "That can be arranged."


I pulled him into a hug. "Remember what happened at Disney?"


"I'm ready this time old man."


I looked at him and he had that devilish smile on his face so I rubbed his hair then quickly bent down and got him over my shoulder. "Old man huh?" I said playfully popping him on the butt."


"Hey no fair," Bennie hollered kicking his feet as I continued to gently pop his fanny. "Help I'm being abused.


Just then Bennie felt a firmer smack on his rump. "Hey, that stung."


I put him on his feet then he started looking around. Sandy was laughing and Rocky was hiding behind Dusty and JR. He came out then put his arm around him. "Sorry Bennie didn't mean to hurt you."


Sandy pulled out the map of the park then we headed for our first ride. It was decided we'd try the SheiKra. As we started getting closer, Dusty looked at me. "I think I'll sit this one out."


I knew there was no way I could so I handed Dusty my weapon. "I'm glad it was hot today because I think we're going to get wet."


Sandy handed me a fanny pack. "Here Ace, you can wear this to protect that. I know you have to carry it with you."


"Are you going to come with us?" I asked as I put the pack on around my waist.


"You're serious, right?"


"Of course," I answered as I stored my weapon and magazines.


She broke out into a laugh. "I'll stay here with Dusty and Tonka."


Just then Bennie came up to me. "This looks like a killer coaster."


"Are you saying you're going to pass on this?"


"In your dreams old man."


I made a move like I was going to toss him over my shoulder again then he jumped. "Faked you out love." I said as I punched him in the arm. "That's for flinching."


"I'll get you for that." Bennie said as he punched me back.


I looked over to JR. "Are you coming with us?"


He smiled as he nodded his head. "I wouldn't miss this for anything."


We got in line and it took us about 10 minutes to get close then it was time to load up. We got in and situated then the shoulder bars came over our heads and were locked in place then we left.


After a 200 foot climb, this cunning coaster takes you just over the edge of a true 90-degree drop and then stops. For 4 seconds, you find yourself looking down; straight down; at the ground below as you're held suspended above it.


Then, you plunge straight toward the ground, racing at speeds of more than 70 miles per hour. An Immelmann loop and a second vertical dive into an underground tunnel end with a surprise twist for those who look on - because with SheiKra, even they cannot escape.


When we got off, we made our way out to meet Dusty, Sandy and Tonka. The four of us were walking up the path then Tonka came running towards us then shook. Bennie had to cover his face. "Oh Tonka, how'd you get wet?"


Just then I saw Sandy and Dusty and they were drenched. "Oh my god, what happened?"


"Someone didn't tell us about the little surprise in store for those who wanted to watch."


Sandy was brushing her hair then she looked at me and laughed. "I guess I should have been prepared for surprises. It's a good thing it's warm today so we'll dry out."


"I guess I really didn't need the fanny pack after all."


Dusty went over to JR. "Is your weapon dry?"


He nodded his head. "Yeah, when I saw the water coming, I put my arm against it but we didn't get wet. How did you manage to get soaked?"


Dusty shook his hair and soaked his lover. "You should have seen the rooster tail coming out of the back of the car."


We walked around for a while so they could get dry. After about an hour, Dusty was almost dry. Rocky came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "Ace, I need a bathroom."


I looked at the map and found one close by. Rocky ran inside then I looked at Bennie. He nodded his head so I took him. Bennie stepped up to the urinal and peed. As he was fixing himself, I heard the toilet flush. Rocky stepped out fixing his goodies. "What do you two want to do before we head to lunch?"


They looked at each other as we left the bathroom. Once we were outside, Rocky took a look at the map. He showed Bennie then they nodded their heads. Rocky came over and pointed to a spot. "We want to ride this first."


I found the ride on the map and as I read it, it brought back memories from when I was a kid. As we got close, we heard the screams and yells and the boys and I stopped to watch. The ride was called the Gwazi and it was a double coaster with 2 separate trains. Another thing about it was it was made of wood.


When we got up to the line, it was decision time. "Who all is going?"


Right away Sandy shook her head. "I'd love to but I think I'll pass."


"Aww, how come Aunt Sandy?" Rocky asked.


"I'm still a little wet and I don't want to catch a chill on there."


"It's hot Sandy."


I understood what she meant. "Rocky, it is but when you get flying around on that at 60 miles an hour wet clothes feel cold. I'm a little sorry we went on that last coaster first rather than saving it for last."


He walked over to her. "Are you soggy around your boobs?"


She turned red but nodded. "Yeah, a little, buddy."


Sandy took Tonka while the five of us got in line. As we started getting closer, Dusty and JR got shuffled over to the second train. Bennie, Rocky and I were in one car then Bennie noticed JR and Dusty were directly across from us. "You guys are gonna get beat so bad."


Just then the rails came down locking us in across the waist. Attendants came around and pulled on each one to be certain each was locked securely. When the guy walked past Dusty he shouted, "Dream on hot shot."


At that, we were off. It's a colossal coaster with a record-breaking six fly-bys. Gwazi still reigns as one of the largest and fastest wooden double roller coasters on the planet and one of the favorites at Busch Gardens. With crossing speeds of 100 miles an hour, it's easy to see why this legendary coaster has been recognized with so many consecutive awards by coaster enthusiasts.

It was named for a fabled animal with the body of a lion and the head of a tiger. The riders raced along each of the big cats' territories, only to find themselves caught in a determined battle between two top predators. In the end, both cars pulled back into the station at the same time.


We piled out of the cars and the bantering between Bennie and Dusty started again. They joked until we reached Sandy and Tonka. Sandy looked at them. "Did you have a good time?"


This gave Bennie another opportunity to get the bantering going again. "Yeah Sandy and we beat those guys over there."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah," JR said. "So you say squirt."


Sandy rolled her eyes. "Now I'm sorry I asked."


Rocky put his arm around her. "We had a great time. For an old coaster, it really screamed."


"I'm glad you all had a good time but I'm getting hungry."


I looked at my watch and it was 12:45 then I felt my stomach rumble. "What does everyone want?"


Bennie and Rocky chimed in wanting chicken. I was in the mood for some ribs then Dusty and JR said they didn't care as long as it was filling. We looked at the different places to eat and settled on the Zambia Smokehouse. When we went in, we looked at the menu and were blown away by the different items they had to offer. The boys had barbequed chicken and I had the ribs. Sandy had grilled salmon while Dusty and JR had a huge corned beef sandwich.


When I was finished eating, I saved the rib bones for Tonka. I got a small box then went into the bathroom so I could rinse the barbeque sauce off of them. I excused myself so I could give Tonka a few treats while the boys washed their faces and hands. Tonka would sit and wag his tail until I gave him his bone. I'd given him half of what I had and saved the rest for later.


A few minutes later, the others came out then it was time to decide what we wanted to do for the afternoon. Sandy looked at me. "I'd like to take it a little slower. What do you say about going through the animal exhibits?"


I looked at Dusty and JR and they were looking at the boys. Everyone started nodding their heads. "I guess it is unanimous Sandy."


We took a leisurely stroll over to Jungala. I saw something the boys would love so as they went into the exhibit I went to the ticket booth. "Excuse me, Ma'am."


"Yes sir, how may I help you?"


I grabbed a brochure and pointed to what I was interested in. "How much?"


"How many will be participating?"


"Two," I replied.


She told me and I gasped at the price but it would be worth it. I paid the fee and got the tickets then caught up with the others. One of the keepers came out and gave us a talk on the animals then another person came out with a beautiful white Bengal tiger. "This is Zoltan; he's a 1 year old male. He's still a juvenile and if he were in the wild, he'd still be with his mother."


Someone raised their hand. "Why would he still be with her?"


"Tigers, as with all big cats, still nurse until they're about two. By this time, their mom is teaching them how to hunt for food so they can survive on their own. Cats will have anywhere between two and four cubs in a litter."


Another hand went up. "If that's the case, why are there so few of them?"


"The reason is in the wild, cubs are easy prey for other animals."


"You mean they're killed?" The questioner asked.


He nodded his head. "I'm afraid so. But the real reason the big cats are almost extinct is because of man. In Asian cultures, their organs are prized as medicinal cures so they were hunted until that was outlawed. Unfortunately the damage was done and they haven't recovered."


"Will they?"


"I'm afraid not."


The young girl was visibly upset at that. "Why not?"


"Again the answer is man. We're taking away their habitat so homes, offices and roads can be built."


"Can't anyone do anything?" She asked.


"Unfortunately, man is reproducing faster than the cats are so housing is needed. Cities are constantly encroaching on their hunting grounds so many countries are creating preserves."


After the question and answer period, several keepers came out leading several beautiful tigers. We were able to come in and see them up close and personal. I eased over to Dusty. "Watch the boys for a minute."


I went over to one of the keepers and showed him the tickets. "Give us about 10 minutes."


"Thanks," I said as I went back over with the boys then got to pat one of the big cats.


"Thank you all for coming today. If any of you purchased special tickets please come here."


Everyone started to leave then. "Bennie, you and Rocky can stay."


The boys came over to me then Sandy came up to my shoulder. "What's going on?"


I smiled at her and whispered. "Just watch but you'll have to go outside the pen. You might want to have your video camera handy."


She went with Dusty and JR as the keeper came up. "Are you two boys up to a task?"


They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Bennie looked at the man. "I guess so."


"Good," He started. "Now, are you two strong?"


Rocky smiled and flexed his muscles. "Yeah, we're strong."


"I'm glad to hear that because you're about to put that strength to good use." He said as he walked over to a wooden box and pulled out a length of rope. "I want you to take the end of this and hold onto it."


They looked at each other. "What's this for?"


"You'll soon find out," He said as another keeper came out leading a huge male tiger. "This is Hajib and he is almost 4 years old."


Just then Tonka came charging into the pen thinking the boys were in danger. Bennie heard his barking as he charged. "Tonka, sit." Bennie said as Tonka came to a halt and sat as he eyed the big cat. "It's alright boy, he's not going to hurt us."


The cat sat still through all of this; then the keeper picked up the end of the rope. "Your task boys, is to out pull Hajib. Do you think you're still up to this?"


Just then, Bennie got that devilish look on his face, "Piece of cake."


"How much does he weigh?" I asked.


"He weighs about 375 pounds."


`Piece of cake, huh kiddo,' I thought to myself as Tonka eased over to my side.


"Good luck you two," I said with a giggle. "You're gonna need it."


Bennie looked at me and stuck his tongue out. "If we can't beat a cat then we're weaklings."


At that, the keeper held the rope out for Hajib. The cat put it in his mouth then the keeper had the boys put tension on the rope. "Are you ready guys?


Bennie and Rocky nodded their heads then the keeper shouted, "Pull."


The battle was on and at first it looked like the boys were going to pull the cat over the line. "Come on Bennie, we got him."


Just then the tiger reared back and started pulling the boys. "Come on Rocky, pull man."


"I am Bennie, but he's strong."


The flag on the rope crossed Hajib's line then he surprised me and the boys by opening his mouth and letting the rope go. The boys went flying backwards and Bennie landed of top of Rocky. "Oomph, get off of me Bennie, you're heavy."


I was fighting the giggles but I lost when I looked over my shoulder and Dusty, JR and Sandy were rolling. Bennie slowly got off Rocky then looked at Hajib. "You did that on purpose."


The big cat stretched out then rolled onto his back. I looked at the keeper as I got my laughter under control. "He acts like this one does when he's been caught." I said as I pointed at Tonka.


"Hajib has a mind of his own at times."


Bennie brushed the dirt of the back of his shorts. "If I didn't know better I'd swear you gave him a command to do that."


Rocky dusted himself off then walked over to the cat. "You did that on your own, didn't you?"


Hajib waved a paw at him and had his mouth in such a way it looked like he was laughing and saying, "I sure did."


The boys reached down and started to scratch him which, needless to say, made Tonka quite jealous. He walked over and sat beside Bennie and Hajib. The cat looked at Tonka then reached out and gently brushed him with his paw. Tonka didn't budge an inch but stepped closer to the big cat. Tonka smelled him then watched as the boys rubbed the cat's shoulder and chest. Tonka's judgment kicked in so he moved over to him and sniffed his nose then gave it a very wet lick. The four of them played for a while then the keeper said Hajib had to go back to his pen.


We left the area and looked at a number of other animal exhibits. By 4:30, I was getting hungry. As soon as I mentioned food, our bottomless pits claimed they were going to die from starvation. We found another restaurant to eat dinner. After we finished, Sandy looked at us. "Guys, I hate to be a party pooper but I'm really tired."


I was getting wiped myself so we decided to call it a day. Bennie came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "Ace, can Rocky spend the night?"


I knew this would be the last time they saw each other for a while so I nodded my head. "It's fine with me love but you better clear it with Sandy first."


Bennie kissed me on the cheek then the two of them ran up to Sandy. She looked at me and I nodded my head then I saw them each give her a huge kiss on the cheeks. When we got back to her car she looked at me. "Ace, can you drive?"


"Sure Sandy. I know you've had a very full day."


Traffic was fairly light so it took us a little under 90 minutes to get back to the RV Park. As soon as I cut the car off Rocky had his hand out. "Ace, let me have the keys to the RV please, I have to pee."


As soon as he had them he was off like a shot. Bennie took Tonka for a walk while Dusty and JR made some coffee. Sandy and I went into the RV and sat down. "How do you think things will go when you get home?"


"I hope things continue to go smoothly. I know he's really going to miss you and Bennie."


"We're as far away as the phone Sandy. Anytime he needs to talk to either of us, all he has to do is call. Does he have access to a computer?"


Just then Bennie came in with Tonka just as Rocky came out of the bathroom. "What's going on?" Bennie asked as he reached into the fridge and got a soda.


"Nothing much love," I answered. "Sandy and I were just sitting here talking."


Sandy reached into her purse. "Rocky, there is a bag in the trunk so you can pack your clothes."


"Oh man thanks," Rocky said turning red. "I clean forgot about them."


"We'd have sent them to you buddy." Bennie said heading for the door.


Sandy waited until the boys went back to the bedroom before answering. "He can use mine for now but Dad and I bought a laptop for him. There were a couple of programs we wanted installed but the manager at the store was by himself at the time. It should be ready when we get back and Dad will have it."


JR brought in the coffee and the four of us sat and talked until I saw Sandy yawning. "Are you alright to drive back to your hotel?"


She smiled at me. "Yeah, I'm fine Ace but I better go before I fall asleep here."


I shook my head. "Sandy, I'm not letting you drive back."


JR looked at Dusty then over to us. "Come on Sandy, Dusty will drive your car and I'll follow you in the Hummer."


She was about to argue when another voice was heard. "Aunt Sandy, listen to JR."

"I'm fine Rocky," She said.


Rocky held up her keys and shook them. "I still have your keys. Now you can let Dusty drive you or you can sleep here. What's it going to be?"


"You're like your Grandfather."


Rocky smiled. "It's nice to see someone else with some common sense."


Rocky handed her keys to Dusty then we walked out with them. Sandy gave Rocky a hug. "You behave yourself young man."


"When haven't I behaved?" He fired back.


I put my arm around him. "He'll be good."


"I know he will; it's a mother thing." Sandy said. "I can't thank you and Bennie enough for all you've done for him."


"I'm glad we were here," I said as I saw tears start to fall from her eyes."


Rocky went over and hugged her. "I'm glad he was here too. Now I wish Ricky was here to meet you."


She kissed him on the cheek. "Son, Ricky will be here with us. I'll see him every time I look at you."


"I have a photo of us in my wallet. I just wish it was bigger."


"Give it to me when we get inside. I'll have JR enlarge it to any size you want."


Rocky gasped when he heard that. "Oh thank you Ace."


Sandy said her goodbyes then Dusty and JR left to take her to her hotel. As soon as we stepped inside, Rocky was in my arms and the tears started to fall.


Bennie came up to him. "What's wrong buddy?"


"I'm going to miss you all so much." Rocky replied as he went over to Bennie.


"Easy man, you're not going to be out of our lives." Bennie said as he kissed his cheek.


"I'll be on the other side of the country. You'll be in DC with your own life."


"I'll be no further away than the end of my cell phone." Bennie said smiling.


I eased over then lifted Rocky's chin. "I expect you to call too, son."


That brought a smile onto his face as he hugged me tight. "I will Ace."


"How about you two get into the shower."


Bennie got a devilish grin on his face then hurried to the bedroom but Rocky beat him to the punch. "I'm in first."


While Rocky was in the shower, Bennie and I got his things packed. "He wants you Ace." Bennie said as he put some jeans into the bag.


"Bennie, you know I'm a one person man."


"I know that baby and I also trust you."


I was at a loss here. "Bennie, what are you saying?"


"Baby, he wants to know love."


I went over and hugged my lover. "Sweetie, you know I can't do that."


"I wasn't meaning for you to make love to him like that but show him love."


"And in the process..."


"He also wants to make it with you too." Bennie said smiling. "Maybe we could have a three some?"


Just then I heard the bathroom door open and Rocky stepped into the room wearing just a towel. Bennie wiggled his eyebrows at me then stripped and went to take his shower. This left me in a huge dilemma. Rocky was cute as hell and I'd seen him naked enough times to know what he looked like and I sure wouldn't mind tasting that luscious piece of meat between his legs.


As soon as Bennie left the room, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight. I was about to say something when he planted a huge kiss on my lips. After several minutes of trying to find my tonsils he broke the kiss. "How can I repay you and Bennie for all you've done for me?"


"You don't have to repay me son." I said smiling.


"Yes I do Ace," He started. "You saved my life, you arrested some jerk that was going to try and rape me and you've let me see being gay is nothing to be ashamed about. I love you Ace. You're like a second Dad to me."


"I love you too Rocky but you don't need to repay me." I replied then it just hit me. "I'm like a second Dad to you?"


He smiled. "Yeah and in a way more than what my Dad could ever do."


"What's that?"


"You're gay and Dad was straight. You can answer questions I have that he never could."


"That makes sense and I'll still be glad to answer any you have."


Rocky hugged me again and started rubbing my back. "Ace, I love you and when I hold you like this, I feel you love me too."


As he rubbed my back, his hands started going lower with each pass. When he reached my ass, he started massaging them and grinding his pelvis against mine. While he was doing this he let his towel drop then he eased my hand onto his dick and started jacking him off. "Slow down buddy," I said as Bennie came in.


"Ace, I gotta shoot."


"You will man." I said as I kissed him on the lips. Bennie, keep him company while I grab a shower."


I hurried across the hall and took the fastest shower in history. I was just about to go back into our room when I heard Dusty and JR come in. I stopped and looked and saw the two of them locked in a very passionate kiss. I went into the bedroom and closed the door and left the lovebirds to their own devices.


I turned around and Rocky had me in a tight embrace. I kissed him then led him over to the bed. "Ace, my balls are killing me."


I looked at his dick and he wasn't kidding. His dick was leaking copious amounts of precum. I knew he'd blow soon so I eased him back onto the bed. I stretched out beside him then took him into my arms and began to cuddle him. "Relax now and let me run things."


He nodded his head and relaxed against me. Bennie was on his other side and knew what I was going to do so he was content to watch for now.


I began to gently rub his back with one hand and stroke his cheek with the other. I then started kissing his face very lightly and when I got to his lips, he opened his mouth. I ran my tongue around his lips then touched his tongue with mine. He started to tongue wrestle with me but I broke the kiss.


I slid my arm from under him then adjusted my position and started to caress his chest. I ran my fingers over his nipples and I heard his gasp at the feelings. "Ace, I've got to shoot."


Bennie heard this then reached down and gently pulled on his sack then gave his balls a gentle squeeze. "That should slow things down Rocky."


As I got close to his stomach, I moved so I could lick his nipples. As soon as I passed over one, his moaning got louder so Bennie leaned over and began to kiss him. As I sucked his nips my hand began moving ever closer to the prize.


I began to feel his pubes then I let my finger gently stroke the head of his cock. My finger was coated in his precum then I stuck my finger in my mouth and tasted his sweet nectar. I saw there was more so I ran my finger over it again then shared it with Bennie. "How does it taste love?"


"I'd love to get a full load of it?"


"Come on Ace, please let me cum. My balls hurt so bad they're killing me.


I couldn't make him suffer any longer so I licked my way down to his cock then took it into my mouth. "Oh shit that feels so good."


I ran my tongue around the head a few times then pulled off of it and began to suckle his balls. I did this for a while then ran my tongue down his nether region. I made several passes then found his most intimate of places. I licked his hole and once again, Rocky gasped in pleasure. "Ace, I've never felt feelings like this before. Please don't stop."


I had no intentions of stopping. I got his hole wetter then began to work my tongue into it. I saw his dick leaking again then Bennie tapped me on the shoulder. "Let me do this Ace."


I traded places then began to suck on Rocky's tool. Once again he began to moan so I got my finger soaked in his juices then put it into his mouth. He started to suckle on my finger as I sucked on his dick.


Bennie's ministrations were doing their job as I felt Rocky's tool start to swell letting me know his release was near. I sucked harder and prepared myself for an incoming flood. Rocky took my finger out of his mouth. "Ace, I can't hold it any longer."


Bennie heard this and replaced his tongue with his finger then found his love nut. As he was massaging Rocky's prostate I started caressing his balls as I continued to suck on his dick. As I ran my tongue over the head, I felt it flare out then explode giving me a huge mouthful of his delicious cream. I swallowed every drop then he treated me with two other huge blasts. I swallowed those then sucked the remnants making sure not to lose a single drop of his precious nectar. This time I shared his cream with Bennie. "Rocky, you have the sweetest tasting cum I've ever had."


We cuddled with Rocky as he came down from his orgasm. "Ace, I've never shot like that before."


Bennie kissed him. "Rocky, that's what love is all about."


I ran my finger down his cheek. "There is more to things then just busting a nut sweetie."


"What was that called?"


I smiled at him. "It's called foreplay. I had just as much fun making you hot as you did receiving it."


"I would like to try that."


I smiled at him. "I'm sure you would but we must get some sleep now. It's almost midnight and you have a full day tomorrow."


I leaned over and kissed him followed by Bennie then the three of us cuddled together and fell asleep. The next morning my bladder woke me and I had to wiggle out of the four arms that had me wrapped tightly. I eased out then went and relieved myself. As I headed out of the bathroom, I saw JR standing there. "Did you three have fun last night?"


I turned several shades of red. "Were we that loud?"


"You were louder than us."


"Man, we were loud." I giggled. "Is that coffee I smell?"


He nodded his head then hurried to the toilet. I grabbed my shorts then went and got a cup of coffee. Dusty was standing there with a smile on his face. "Morning Ace."


I took a sip. "Don't say it."


"Say what?" He started. "Oh, you mean that you all were noisier than JR?"


"I'm not that loud," A voice fired back.


"Wanna bet?"


"I can't help it I love what you do to me." JR retorted then kissed his lover.


JR, Dusty and I were finishing the first pot of coffee when Rocky and Bennie made their appearance. I got up and gave Rocky a hug. "Last night was so beautiful. I never knew it could be that good."


Bennie rubbed his back. "Didn't I tell you that?"


Rocky turned around and kissed Bennie. "You did but I guess I had to feel it for myself."


Bennie smiled then looked at me. "What's for breakfast, I'm hungry."


JR and I got breakfast going so the starving waifs wouldn't starve on us. After we ate, we got the dishes done then spent a few hours at the park including lunch. We returned to the RV at 2:30 because I knew Sandy would be there about 3 so they could leave for the airport. I heard a car pull up and I thought that it was Sandy but I was surprised to see a black limo instead. I went to the door and saw Agent Fields standing there. "What's with the limo?"


"Well, I thought you and Bennie would want to see Rocky and his aunt off."


"I would but security needs to be coordinated with the Secret Service."


Fields smiled. "I know that and there are four more agents due here any time."


I shook my head and ran a quick plan through my mind. "How do you plan on coordinating Sandy dropping off her vehicle and getting her to the terminal?"


"I have an agent there and will bring her over."


I didn't like that idea because it left us vulnerable if he was delayed for any reason. "When Sandy gets here, I'll have to see what she'll have to do when she turns in her car."


Just then I heard cars begin to pull up. The first person I saw was Sandy and then first to greet her was Rocky. "Good God Rocky, what's with all the cars?"


"Bennie wants to see us off."


I opened the door to the RV and brought Sandy and Rocky inside. "Sandy, who did you rent your car from?"


She thought for a moment, "Hertz."


Dusty smiled. "We have an account with them."


Just then Fields came in. "I called my friend there and he got her a good deal on the rental."


"Alright then, call him and see if you can drop the car back for Sandy."


"Alright Ace, but I don't think it'll be a problem."


Fields made the call and it was cleared by the manager that he could turn the car in for Sandy. She went outside and put her luggage into the trunk of the limo while I had a briefing with Dusty, JR and the other Secret Service agents. I then saw Fields getting into Sandy's car. "Did you think to call Orlando PD?"


"There are four motor officers due here any time."


I was pleasantly surprised. I briefed everyone on the procedure then got the vehicles set up into formation. As soon as we had them in position the motor officers arrived. Dusty, JR and I got Rocky, Sandy and Bennie and Tonka into the limo.


The officers put their lights on then we were off. We kept a constant speed to the airport and forty minutes later, we were at the United Airlines departure area. Just as Dusty and JR got out, Blake pulled up. Dusty motioned him over then opened the door. Sandy, Rocky and Bennie got out then Dusty, JR, Fields and I along with Tonka formed a box around them. Three of the four Secret Service agents came in with us too.


Blake took Sandy and Rocky and got them checked in while we got Bennie into a secured area. Airport police had a room for us then I went out to help Blake get Sandy and Rocky through security. Sandy quickly went through then the TSA agent wanted to pat Rocky down. Fields went up to the agent. "What seems to be the problem?"


"I just need to pat him down quickly."


"Do you know who I am?" Fields asked sternly.


He turned around. "You're with NCIS but he still has to go through our security."


Tonka and I came up behind them and watched what was going on. He had Rocky hold his arms out while he did a pat down then I noticed him put his hand into his pocket. I eased closer then Tonka started to alert to something. "Sit boy," I said as the agent looked over his shoulder at me.


For some reason Tonka wasn't about to sit and continued to alert that something wasn't right. Fields saw the agent's hand in his pocket too. Tonka and I moved closer as Fields went to the agent. "What do you have in your pocket?"


He looked at Fields and shook his head. "Nothing."


We were beside him then Tonka pawed at the man's pocket. I looked at the man. "Do you still want to say you've got nothing in that pocket?"


Just then, a TSA supervisor came over. "Is there a problem here?"


"Sir, this K9 alerted to something in that man's pocket. He was in the process of doing a pat down on that young man in our custody then for some reason, he started reaching into his pocket. He denied having anything despite the alerting."


The supervisor looked at the agent. "Empty your pockets out."


"I don't have to stand for this." He said.


"Suit yourself," The supervisor said as he got on his radio.


Fields and I stayed with the agent while the supervisor had Rocky go through the metal detector again then gave him the all clear. A minute later, two Airport police officers arrived and talked with the supervisor. They went over to the agent and one of them just held out his hand. "You can do this the easy way or the hard way."


He tried to step backwards but I was behind him. "I'd do like you were asked. Remember, there is a dog here and he will bite if I tell him to."


He reached in and pulled out a small plastic wrapped black substance. The officer took the item from him then put him in handcuffs. He looked at me. "That's some dog you have there, agent."


The TSA Agent was led away then Blake and I got Sandy and Rocky to the secured room then waited for their flight to be called.


Bennie and Rocky talked and I could see tears falling from them both. An Agent from United came in and told Sandy it was time for them to board. She looked at me and hugged me. "Ace, you and Bennie have done so much for us saying thank you just doesn't seem right."


"Sandy, we're glad Rocky is safe and sound now. He has a great family that will love him and will continue to do so for a long time to come. That's all I can ask for."


Rocky came over next. "Ace, I meant what I said about you being a second Dad to me."


I hugged him tightly. "I'm truly honored you feel that way son. You know I'm always here for you as is Bennie and we expect to hear from you."


He smiled at me. "I will Ace, that's a promise. In fact, I'll be calling you when we're home to let you know we made it OK."


Sandy and Rocky gave Ace and JR hugs then they were led to their plane. We wouldn't be able to see them take off so we left to return to our vehicles. It was a smooth walk through the airport and we got Bennie into the limo without a hitch. The ride back to the RV Park went smoothly then we had to decide what we wanted for dinner.


Before we had dinner, I talked with Bennie. "Tomorrow we leave here for another week at a place I found that I'm sure you'll like almost as much as here."


Bennie got that devilish look on his face then he came over and planted a passionate kiss on me and began to rub my crotch. When he broke the kiss I had a major hard on thanks to my lover. "So I'll like it as much as here, huh? Where are we going?"


I fixed my dick and shook my head. "Sorry love, but that is a surprise."


"Suppose I cut you off for a while." Bennie shot back.


I kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "If that's what you want to do but I think in the long run, you'll only be hurting yourself."


Bennie was standing there with his mouth hanging open as I went to the bathroom. "OK Ace, you win."


After dinner, we cleaned up the RV in preparation for heading to our next stop. That night, Bennie just wanted to be held because he was missing Rocky and I was too. Just before 11, I noticed he'd fallen asleep so I turned the TV off. I was just about to turn the light off when my cell phone rang. "Mason."


"Hi Ace," It's Rocky.


I had to laugh. "I know your voice kiddo. I take it you made it home safe and sound?"


"Yes we did and I'm a little tired too."


"You'll have to get yourself adjusted to west coast time." I said giggling then heard a small child in the background. "Is that your cousin I hear?"


"It is Ace and she's so cute."


When I saw Bennie awake, I put the phone on speaker. "Who's cuter?" He asked.


"It's a tie Bennie but you know my cousin is a girl." Rocky answered.


I took the phone off speaker and let Bennie and Rocky talk alone. After a few minutes, Bennie hung up then we got some sleep. I was awakened by Bennie slipping back into bed. "Feel better now?"


"I do but I'm hungry."


I sat up and slipped on my undies before heading to the toilet. "When aren't you hungry?"


Bennie followed me. "When I'm asleep or having fun with you."


He was now standing beside me. "When we're having fun, you're getting filled."


I finished peeing then felt a slap on my butt. "You dirty old man."


I kissed him on the lips then went for some coffee. "You love it."


Bennie blew me a raspberry then went and put some clothes on. After breakfast, we started packing the RV for our move. I made sure the gray water and waste tanks were empty then started to remove the braces leveling the slide outs. Once that was done, I slid them in then packed the remaining items in the under storage compartment.


Dusty was checking the trailer for me. "It's ready for the Hummer Ace."


I checked the fluids in the RV then started the engine and let it warm up. I pulled out then everyone helped get the trailer hooked up. The lights were checked then the Hummer was loaded.


I attached the safety chains to the RV and made one last walk around to be sure I hadn't missed anything. I was about to get back into the RV when I saw several vehicles heading towards me. I didn't recognize them until the driver of the lead vehicle got out. "Now why is Disney Security here? Are you all here to see me off?"


The man came up to me. "Not really Agent Mason."


Normally he has a smile on his face but this time there wasn't. "Alright, what's going on then?"


He started to head for the RV. "Come with me please."


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Hold it, I asked you a question and I'm not going anywhere until you answer it."


He stopped and turned around. "As you wish. First of all, we're not with Disney World but with the Secret Service."


"You're fellow agents and you didn't have the decency to inform me?"


"I'm sorry Agent Mason, we had our orders." He said.


I knew right away who gave the order so I couldn't be mad at him. "OK, the Director gave you orders but that still doesn't answer my question. What the hell is going on?"


Just then my cell phone rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Pete." He said. "Hold on a minute while I set up a conference call."


I went from being mad to getting very worried. "Ace, it's Evelyn."


"What's going on Evelyn? Is the President alright?"


"He's fine Ace but we do have another problem."


Just then Pete came in. "Ace, a little over an hour ago another threat came into the White House switchboard."


I knew Ben was OK so that left only one other person. "OK, so what are you doing about it?"


"It's like this Ace," Evelyn said. "You have to return to DC right away."


"And ruin what's left of his spring break? We have everything under control here."


"This request comes from the top." She said.


I knew what that meant. "Alright, so what's the plan?"


"There is a C130 that should be touching down at Orlando at any minute and there is a Secret Service plane there now waiting for you all."


"What about my Hummer?"


"You'll get it back when the transport lands in DC. Now, you have an escort ready to get you all to the airport."


"This day sucks Evelyn." I said. "We'll be on our way in a few minutes."


"Alright Ace, I'll see you all when you're back here in DC."


I went inside and gave Bennie the short version of what was going on. He wasn't happy but he knew this was out of his control. We had an escort all the way to Orlando Airport. Airport police guided us to a secure area then out to the tarmac. We quickly got our clothes packed then I heard the whine of jet engines. I looked out the window and saw a private plane taxiing towards us followed by a cargo plane. Once we were packed, the agents escorted us to the small jet then the door was quickly closed. I watched as the RV was driven over to the cargo plane then we were headed out to the runway.


As soon as we were in the air, JR looked at me. "Any idea who made the call?"


"I didn't go into that with them at the time. But you can rest assured I will find out."


To be continued