The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 3


Over the next several months, Ben and Bennie were busy going through all of their belongings deciding what to take and what to put into storage. One afternoon I had to take a leak so I went into our joint bathroom. I was finishing my business when I heard Bennie in the shower let out a muffled moan, "Oh Ace, ungh."


I saw his reflection in the shower door and knew what he was doing so I quietly exited. No sooner had I stepped into my room Bennie stepped out of the shower with his boyhood still erect. He motioned for me to come to him. "Did you hear my orgasm?"


"I couldn't help but hear it."


He leaned up and kissed me on the lips. "You're the only person in my thoughts when I jack off."


"So I heard love," I said smiling as I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. "Son, ease up a little while you're still here. I know there is privacy but it'll be better once you're in DC. Also, I'll have other quarters."


"Oh no you won't."


"Bennie, you'll be in the private residence. No one will be allowed in there so I won't need to be with you at night."


He was shaking his head. "Oh yes you will, I'll see to it."


I knew not to argue with him. I hugged him tightly then he tilted his head up and kissed me again on the lips. I relaxed and returned it then Bennie took the next step by trying to wiggle his tongue into my mouth. Reluctantly I gave in then we were locked in a very passionate French kiss. I felt my dick getting hard and this wasn't the place for this to happen so I had to break the kiss. "Bennie, are you sure you want this to go where I think it is?"


He smiled at me and nodded. "You know I do Ace. I'm falling in love with you."


I couldn't deny it either. "I'm falling for you too but we should cool things until after you and your Dad are in the White House."


Time was passing quickly and Inauguration Day was quickly approaching. The closer it came, Nate was appearing on the second floor more and more, even after being told by Ben that he was not allowed up here. One day, Ben took me aside. "Ace, Agent Hill is not following my instructions and I'll not have that. Can you put a call in to the Director and ask him to come out here so we can have a meeting?"


"Sure I can but this is something that might be better handled if you made the call.


He gave me that look so I just raised my hands. "OK Ben, you win."


I made the call and Director Tibbs said he would be out the following day. That night after I stripped and crawled into bed I had a visitor. Bennie slid back against me then wiggled his butt against my dick causing a massive erection. "Son, I know what you want but we can't. Our privacy isn't what I would call total, if you get my drift."


He rolled over to face me then started rubbing his boner against mine. "Alright but can't I just sleep with you?"


The padlock was on my door so I got up and made sure the door to Bennie's room was locked then returned to bed. "OK but just this one time. Once you're settled in to your new room, we can do it more often."


That seemed to please him and soon we were both fast asleep. My built in alarm clock had me up at 6:30. I eased out of bed then took my shower and got dressed. When I went down to the kitchen Director Tibbs was already there but so was Evelyn. I looked at her and smiled. "To what do I owe this honor?"


The Director set his coffee cup down. "Agent Morgan will be your new boss. I'm retiring on the 20th."


"Congratulations Evelyn. I think you'll make a fine director."


"Thanks Ace and I've heard glowing things about you from President Elect Jacobs too. You've made a hit with his son and that is important once he has to go out in public."


Ben came into the kitchen and fixed himself some coffee. "Where's Bennie, I figured he'd be up by now."


"He was asleep the last I saw him but I'll go check on him."


I hurried upstairs and went into my room. I heard the water running so I figured he was taking care of some personal business. I went in then tapped on the door but didn't get a reply which was odd. I slid it open and to my surprise he wasn't in there. I reached in and turned the water off then grabbed a towel to dry my arms and hands. As I went to hang up the towel I looked up for some unknown reason and saw what looked to be a hole. I got a chair from my room and set it in the shower then stood on it. I ran my finger over it and sure enough it was a hole. I got my pen light then shined it up and got a reflection off something. I got my pocket knife and cut into the plaster board then to my surprise I found a mini camera.


I dropped the camera then hurried downstairs to Nate's room. I tried the door but it was locked. "Ben, do you have a key to this room?"


He came out to see what I was talking about then stuck his hand into his pocket pulling out some keys. "Here, it's this one.


I unlocked the door and got the shock of my life. There were three monitors turned on where one had our bathroom, one had Bennie's room and the other had mine. Ben looked at me. "What's going on Ace?"


I was about to explain when I felt a vibration in my pants pocket. I pulled out my blackberry and looked at it. I saw a mark on a map then I ran upstairs. I quickly put my sneakers on, put my weapon on my belt then ran out the door at full speed. Several other agents saw me take off in a sprint and they followed. I reached into my pocket and looked at the map. The pointer was leading me into the woods and soon I didn't need the map as I was now hearing voices. "Come on boy, I know you're one of them heathen faggots. How can you shame your Daddy like that, even though you're both a couple of fucking Jews."


"He's gonna kill you if Ace don't first."


Just then I heard a slap and Bennie cry out. "Shut your mouth boy. Ace ain't gonna kill no one. I have a little surprise for that faggot lover too. Now strip and get on your knees boy and suck this dick of mine."


I crept up to the clearing and I could see Bennie slowly getting undressed and Nate standing there with his pants down around his ankles. Bennie was having trouble getting his shorts over his shoes then he lost his balance falling on his butt landing well away from Nate. It was then I made my move. I pulled my weapon then showed myself. "Well, well what have we here?


Nate tried to lean down but I had him covered. "Just stand still."


"This faggot lured me out here. He said he was going to tell his father I'd been hitting on him and he wanted to suck me off."


"Is that right? Bennie, is that true?"


Bennie froze with a shocked look on his face. "Ace, you know better."


"Mason, I'm your superior." Nate said as he slowly tried to squat down to reach his weapon that was wound up in his pants.


"If you keep trying to reach for your weapon again, I'll put a hole in you so stand up and put your hands behind your head."


"I'm standing here with my pants down."


Just then Miller and Hawks came running up. "Mason you're one fast runner." Hawks said huffing.


"Nate, what the hell are you doing out here with your pants down around your ankles?" Miller asked as Bennie stood up. "And with Ben Jacob's son too?"


"That Jew faggot said he'd tell..."


Miller walked over to the half naked man. "Shut up Nate."


"What are you talking about Ed; we've been together for 10 years. You know me."


Ed shook his head. "All this time I just thought your redneck attitude was because you were raised in the south but I see I was wrong."


"Ed buddy, they've taken over."


"Who's taken over Nate?"


"You know, them, the Jews. A Jew was just elected President. Come on, you know me."


Ed Miller shook his head. "I don't know you at all and you obviously don't know me."


"What's that supposed to mean?"


Ed then went nose to nose with Hill. "I'm one of them as you want to say. I'm Jewish you bastard and if I could hit you and not get arrested, I'd drive your head into that tree. Now get on the ground face down and put your arms out to your side. You're under arrest."


"B b but my pants are down."


Ed put his foot in front of Nate's then reached his hand behind the man's head. He then pulled forward causing Nate to land face down on the ground. Ed put his knee in the small of the prisoner's back. "Hawks, can you dig this guy's weapon out?"


Once Nate was secured I went over to Bennie. I got his shorts up then wrapped my arms around him. "He didn't touch you did he?"


He shook his head. "No he didn't touch me. Ace, you really don't think I'd..."


I put my finger on his lips. "Shhh now; no I didn't think that for a minute but I had to keep him on his toes."


Hawks and Miller got Nate cuffed and on his feet. Ed took him by the arm saying, "You know guys, it would be fitting to bring him back just like he is."


Nate started to stammer. "Y y you c can't, I'm indecent."


I knew Evelyn was back at Ben's house so I didn't think she'd like it if I scared the hell out of her seeing Nate half naked. "Your ass is lucky there is a lady back at the President Elect's house. Pull his pants up; this is even giving me the creeps."


I let Hawks and Miller lead the way and then Bennie and I followed. "I found some things he'd planted around our rooms."


Bennie stopped in his tracks. "He did what?"


"Yeah kiddo, he had cameras planted in the shower and in yours and my bedroom."


He turned and fell into my arms and broke down. "He knows I'm gay Ace. He'll tell my Dad and then I'll, we'll be sunk."


I held him as his fears came flooding out in a sea of tears. After about 5 minutes, he was cried out. "No son, that's not true. Yeah, he knows you're gay but he'll not get anyone to believe it. He kidnapped you then tried to molest you. He's in so much shit now it will take him the rest of his life to dig out from under it."


"So what, he'll tell my Dad and he'll kill me."


"I doubt that seriously Bennie. Your Dad loves you more than you know so please don't sell him short."


We walked back to the house and to say it was utter chaos was an understatement. Nate was shouting at the top of his lungs. "That Jew boy is a faggot."


Byron walked up to him and grabbed him right by the shirt. "That's just enough Agent Hill."


I lost it when I heard that. I walked up and felt his back pockets and found his credentials then yanked them out. I handed them to Byron then said, "This man isn't fit to carry this badge. He's a disgrace to every agent out here who's put their life on the line. He attempted to kidnap the President Elect's son; so Byron, don't call him Agent in my presence."


Evelyn came over and looked Nate in the eyes then looked at Byron. "Ace is correct, there is enough evidence right now to charge him with kidnapping and he must be suspended until those charges are closed."


Byron nodded. "You're right, Agent Hill you are suspended without pay pending the resolution of these charges."


"I'm getting arrested over a kike fag?"


I spun him around. "Listen you red neck bigot, there is no law against being homosexual nor is there a law against being Jewish. Get him out of my sight."


Several agents took Hill outside and transported him to the local jail then I looked at Bennie. Tears were again falling down his face. I reached out and took him into my arms as Ben stepped over. Bennie tried to push him away but I held him tight and leaned close to his ear. "No son, don't push your Dad away."


"He's gonna hate me."


Ben heard that and lifted his chin up. "I'm your Dad, I'll never hate you."


Bennie started to talk again but I put my finger on his lips. "You two should go upstairs and talk. Bennie, no mouthing off and I want you to sit there and listen to everything he has to say. Now, I have some work to do down here."


Ben wrapped his arm around his son and together they went upstairs. Evelyn came over to me and led me towards Nate's room. "Ace, I wish someone had told me about his actions before now. Had these tapes gotten out it could have created all kinds of problems."


It then hit me that I had a guest in my bed last night. I had no knowledge of this Evelyn. What all is on there?"


"It seems he was really into voyeurism and he liked to tape Bennie in the shower."


I felt a little weight lift off of me. "What else is there?"


"Nothing," Evelyn said as she stacked the tapes. "Byron and I scanned through them all."


"Evelyn, those tapes have to be destroyed. They'll destroy Bennie not counting what it would do to Ben as incoming President."


"I know Ace but that's going to kill a charge against Nate."


"As a rule I wouldn't toss out a serious charge of manufacturing and possessing child pornography but Bennie has to be protected. I think you should talk to the U.S. Attorney and see if a deal can be made. Hill will shoot his mouth off in court and he'll give Bennie's name to anyone who'll listen."


She smiled. "I think that if he does, it'll never reach the press. Since Bennie is both a minor and the President's son, the judge will forbid the printing of his name."


"God I hope so. I love that kid and I'll be damned if anyone hurts him."


I can't believe I just said what I did and Evelyn caught it. "I thought this might happen."


"Evelyn, nothing's happened I give you my word."


She patted me on the back. "Relax Ace, I trust you. If I didn't, do you think I would have given you this assignment."


Just then there was a knock on the door and Byron came in. "Nate's been booked in the county jail but we're going to have to get him transferred to a Federal Detention Center."


Evelyn added her 2 cents in also. "Try to get him in solitary."


Byron nodded. "I will; I have a meeting with the U.S. Attorney later this afternoon."


I wasn't nice with what I said next. "Look, do whatever you have to do so Bennie's name is never heard."


Evelyn rubbed my shoulder. "We'll do all we can Ace."


"One more thing, destroy those tapes please." I asked as I left the room and went upstairs.


I had electronic equipment to remove then talk with Ben and Bennie. My first stop was the bathroom. I got a chair then set it in the tub and examined the camera. I pulled on the cable and it started to slide out. I looked and it was a wireless camera. I went into Bennie's room and found the one in there and it was aimed at his bed as was the one in my room.


When I went back downstairs, several agents were in the room dismantling the equipment. I wondered how he managed to get this set up unless he did it some time ago. I tapped one of the agents on the shoulder and held out my hand. "These are the 3 cameras he had hidden."


I went back upstairs and went to the sitting room. The door was closed so I tapped on it lightly. I didn't hear anything so I knocked again. "Come in."


I walked in and the two of them were sitting on the sofa. I could tell both had been crying but I could also see a relaxed air about them. I looked at Bennie and he smiled. "Did you guys get things worked out?"


Bennie ran over and hugged me then kissed me on the lips in front of his Dad. "How did you know?"


"I'm a Secret Service Agent; it's my job to know."


He slapped me on the arm. "There was no way you could have known."


I still had him hugging me. "If you remember right son, I said your Dad loves you with all of his heart and to never under estimate him."


Ben came over and wrapped his arms around us. "Bennie I sense how you feel about Ace but I'd like you to tell me."


He looked up at me as I looked down and all I needed to see I saw in his eyes. "Dad, I'm falling in love with him. He's so special, a lot like you in a number of ways.


Now I was worried, I was afraid he was looking for a substitute father. "Ace, I saw your face change. You're not a second Dad for me, but someone I want for my lover and to be there when I need picking up. I know you're older than me and that doesn't matter."


He started stammering, so I leaned down and kissed him. "Relax baby, I know what you mean."


Ben leaned down and kissed him next. "I know what you mean too."


There was a knock on the door and Ben went over and answered it. He stepped back and Evelyn stepped in. "Ace, how did you know Bennie was in trouble?"


I smiled, looked up then picked Bennie's arm up. "This watch has a panic button that sends a GPS signal to my blackberry."


"That was yours Ace."


"It had a greater need Evelyn. Hey, who's the new agent in charge going to be?


She didn't answer me at first. "Oh no, not me."


Bennie looked at me smiling. "Why not Ace?"


I shook my head. "No way pal, I'm not ready for that yet. Evelyn, I think Ed Miller would be a good choice. I believe he's the most senior agent here."


She turned to leave then stopped. "All the other agents think you'd be the best choice, including Ed Miller, but I'll honor your request."


Bennie was still standing beside me when I heard his stomach growl. Mine too was beginning to let me know it needed food. With everything that had happened this morning, we'd missed breakfast.


We all had a nice lunch then Byron and Evelyn said their farewells. That afternoon the movers arrived to begin packing what Ben and Bennie would be taking with them to Washington. Ben went into Bennie's room to see what all he was planning on taking with him. "Dad, what should I do about clothes for your Inauguration?"


I leaned against the bathroom door and was about to speak when Ben beat me to it. "Well, you have 3 choices; you can pack some, you can wear what you'll have on in the morning or you can stand out there in your underwear. Mind you now, the latter would prove to be most embarrassing and leave you rather cold too."


"Oh Dad you're being silly." Bennie said as I busted out laughing.


I just saw the quick witted side of Ben and I must admit he thought fast on his feet around Bennie. "Bennie, pack a couple of changes of clothes."


He suddenly looked totally lost. "Would you like a little help?


He nodded his head so I watched as he got a bag then and put it on the bed. "OK, get a couple changes of underwear, some tee shirts and socks. It's going to be cold in Washington so you will have to bring a heavy coat or a jacket as you'll need it.  I don't recommend shorts to travel in unless you want to change on the plane.


He went and got the things as I mentioned them but his mind was a million miles away, so I sat him down beside me looking him in the eyes. "What's wrong Bennie? I thought you'd be excited about this."


He let out a big sigh. "I am Ace but what if people don't like me?"


I giggled a little. "What's not to like? You have a great sense of humor, you're fun to be around and to top it off you're cute as all get out."


"I know all that but I'm gonna be the first kid. What about at school? They'll all act like I'm made of glass or something. Then there are the teachers. How will they treat me? I don't think I could handle being called teacher's pet."


I cupped his chin with my hand then ran my finger down his nose. "Just be you kiddo. I've seen you here and you don't come across like you're a spoiled kid and that is what kids would pick up on. Did you have any problems making friends when you were here?"


He shook his head. "No but I wasn't the President's son either."


"True but you were the Governor's son and they all knew it yet you still made friends, right?"


"Well yeah Ace." He shot out as I saw the wheels turning in his head then he wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight. "I get it now."


We finished Bennie's packing then we went over to my room so I could get that job done. After dinner, Ben had a meeting with his advisors. I told Ben that Bennie and I were going to relax in his room and watch some television. At 11, we were both exhausted. I helped Bennie to the bathroom and we both did our business. I got Bennie into bed then I saw him pat it. "Sleep with me Ace."


I knew Nate wasn't here so I accepted. As soon as I got comfortable, he spooned tight against my back with his boner pushing against my butt. "Are you trying to tell me something?"


"I'm horny."


"Tell me something I don't know baby."


He rolled onto his back then pushed the covers down. "Ace, if I don't shoot I'll explode."


I reached my hand down and caressed his tool. "Go ahead and jack off."


Bennie took my hand as he spread his legs. "Rub down there Ace." He said as he tried to get me to rub his hole but I didn't want to penetrate him.


"You want me to finger you, is that it?"


"You know what I really want."


I knew he wanted my dick in him but there was no way he was ready for that so I moved my hand up an started caressing his chest and nipples. "Oh Ace, that feels so good. I never knew they were this sensitive. Ungh Ace, shit don't ungh, stop. I'm gonna shoot."


I watched as my lover exploded all over his chest then he blew me away as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked the cum off of it. A little landed on my arm so I licked it off and man was that ever sweet. I leaned down then cleaned his chest and stomach. I'd thought about going lower but decided against that. I got up and wet a wash cloth and brought it back to Bennie. "Here you go love, get that out of your pubes or you'll be itching come morning."


He did it then I tossed the rag into the sink. I got back into bed then we snuggled together and fell asleep.


To be continued