The President's Son

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Miguel Sanchez

The President's Son

Chapter 30


DJ accepted his apology then followed us back to the residence. After we parked, Dusty hurried over to her and gave her a huge hug. "Man DJ, it's so good to see you."

"Likewise Director." She said as we headed to the elevator then went up to the residence.

As soon as we stepped off the elevator, I filled DJ in on the latest development. "Whoever is behind this has now upped the ante. He blew up the house of our only witness."

"Good God, did the witness survive?"

I nodded my head. "Yes he did DJ but his parents weren't as lucky. He was here with our sketch artist at the time."

"Then that means the bomb was on a timer."

"How so?" Dusty asked.

"Well, if it tripped by a low level remote detonator, he would have to be close by depending on what was used. It is possible a cell phone could have been used but that would have had to be hidden from view like behind a bush but my money is on a timer. Wait a minute, you said he was here and his parents were killed? How old is he?"

"He's a teenager. He's a senior in high school."

"Bloody hell, that poor boy. Does he have family?"

I shook my head. "We don't know yet. We were in the process of telling him when you called. One more thing, he believes his parent's died due to a natural gas explosion. Please don't let on how they really died."

"I won't Ace." I said looking at the manila envelope she was carrying. "Is that the information on the plane?"

She nodded her head. "Yeah and we managed to get a little background on the pilot too."

"Alright, we'll go over that once we get Chris's issues sorted out."

We went into the living room and Ben was talking with Chris. I watched them interact and Ben had worked his fatherly charm as they talked. Bennie saw me standing there and came over wrapping his arms around me. "Chris is going to stay here for a while."

I ruffled his hair and smiled at him. "I know baby. That was partly my idea."

I went over and knelt in front of him. "I'm really sorry about your parents."

"I should have been with them." He said as I saw Ben put his finger on his lips.

"Son, what did we talk about before? It was an accident, plain and simple. No one had any idea this was going to happen."

"I know Sir, I mean Ben, but what's going to happen to me? My grandparents are dead and my parents were only children."

"For now, you'll stay here." I started. "I have something in mind but I'll need to make some calls then talk with you."

It then hit me that all of Chris's belongings were destroyed and he didn't have a thing to wear except for what he had on his body. Dusty saw me lost in thought. "What's wrong Ace?"

"Chris lost everything Dusty. We're going to have to get him everything he needs to finish school?"

JR came over and put his hand on my shoulder. "Don't you worry about that, I'll get him what he needs."

I saw something on his face that told me not to argue with him. "When were you planning on going?"

He looked at Dusty then back to me. "If there's nothing on tap, we can go now if Chris is up to it."

JR went over and talked with Chris. After several minutes passed he leaned over and hugged JR then they came back to me. I reached into my pocket and handed Dusty my keys. "Take the Hummer guys."

While they were gone, I went into my room and called Evelyn. "Evelyn, we're missing something here."

"What do you mean Ace?"

"I listened to that call that came into the switchboard and that was directed right at Bennie and there is only one person that has a vendetta against him and Ben for that matter."

"He's in jail or have you forgotten that?"

"No I haven't since I was the one who arrested him in Orlando. But you know what they say, where there is a will, there is a way and I'm not putting anything past him."

"OK, I'll agree with you on that point but that means there has to be someone on the outside willing to help him."

"Exactly but who would be willing to stick their neck on the chopping block?"

"Good question Ace." She answered.

"That's why I'm saying we're missing something here. I looked at Nate's personnel file, more to the point, the references he listed. I even read the reports on each of them but there has to be something we're missing."

"I don't know what Ace but Nate was hired before I was the Director."

"Can you do me a huge favor, Evelyn?"

"What's this going to cost me?"

"Not a thing." I started.

"I'm afraid to ask but what is it."

I took a deep breath because I was putting my neck into a noose. "I want all of Nate's references re-interviewed, especially his parents if they're still alive. Dig into his life when he was in college too."


"Look Evelyn, you just don't wake up one day and say I'm an anti-Semitic, homophobic bigot. Someone out there knows him and knows a lot about him."

"Ace, do you know the man power that's going to take?"

"I do Evelyn and we have a lunatic out there that killed at least two people."

"But Nate's in prison, Ace. I'm beginning to think you're starting to become obsessed with him."

"I'm not obsessed with him but I'd bet six months pay he's behind all of this, I just can't figure out how."

"Alright Ace, I'll get agents out and go over all of Nate's references again and see what we can find out when he was in college. I just hope this isn't a wild goose chase."

I ended the call then went and joined everyone back in the living room. When I walked in Ed and Johnny were there. Ed looked at me. "Did you see who is back?"

I nodded my head. "I do and she has some information on the attack."

Bennie's head jerked around, "Really?"

I nodded my head then looked at him letting him know not to go there. "How about we go into the Treaty Room?"

DJ, Ed and Johnny headed to the room while I got us some coffee because I had a feeling this was going to take a while. When I entered, DJ already had everything spread out on the table. "We found the plane was leased through about a dozen phony shell corporations."

"So we're no further there than we were before." Ed said as I set the cart near an electrical outlet and plugged the urn in.

"Not really Ed," DJ started. "Sadly, all of these companies are in the UK."

I walked over and looked at what she had on the table. "I learned from the President that the tail number on the plane had been altered. How did he get that information?"

She gave me a coy look. "Well, I called in a favor from another agency then I called him."

"What do you have on the pilot?" Ed asked.

DJ opened a folder. "The pilot's name was William Smith. He was born in Chicago. There wasn't a lot on him. He'd never been in any trouble except for a few tickets."

I went and got my laptop to see what I could find on him. "How many times had he been to the UK?"

She shook her head. "I haven't a clue Ace. I can get it for you but it might take a while."

`Oh to have JR here right now,' I thought.

"Did you interview the people where the plane was leased?"

"Come on Ace, we're not rookies here." DJ fired back.

"I didn't mean it like that girl. I was wondering if they checked this guy's license before letting him take off."

"That they did and we have a copy of that here."

I looked at it and was pleased at what I saw. "At least someone managed to get a finger print from him. I can run that and see what's on file."

I turned my computer on and while it was booting, I heard the door open and in came JR, Dusty and Chris. "What's going on?" Dusty asked.

"Speak of the devil," I said as soon as JR came in.

Chris looked around, "The devil, Ace?"

JR put his arm around the teen. "That means Ace needs me for something and I got here just in time."

He looked at me then back to JR. "Quick, let's go then."

We all laughed as he tried to pull JR out of the door. JR stepped out then looked at Chris. "Didn't we have a good time?"

He nodded his head then leaned into him. "Yes we did but you and Dusty spent so much today."

He lifted the teen's chin. "You needed that buddy."

"I know but there were places that would have been cheaper."

"We know but we also enjoyed this. So please try and be happy."

"I am JR but..." Chris started then broke down into his arms.

I closed the door so JR and Chris could have some private time then I looked at Dusty. "They've really formed a bond, haven't they?"

"Yes they have," Dusty replied as I looked at him then he shook his head. "We can't foster him Ace. You know the hours we work and it wouldn't be fair to him."

I nodded my head. "I know and I have someone in mind too. Before I do anything, I'm going to need to talk with Cal Matthews to look into the legalities."

Just then my phone rang and it was the desk officer on the ground floor. "Agent Mason, tech is here."

I ended the call then hurried down to bring him up. While I was gone, JR managed to get Chris's emotions under control. "You have a place to stay now."

"What about you JR?" Chris asked.

"Dusty and I will be here too." He said as he took the teen by the hand. "I'll show you your room."

As soon as the elevator door opened, Bennie was standing there. "Who is this Ace?"

"He's from tech," I said as we headed to my room then I looked at Bennie. "Sorry baby, you can't go in. He's working on my computers."

"What can I do love? I feel helpless right now."

"Come on," I said heading for the staircase then saw JR and Chris coming back down.

"Ace, that room is sweet and JR is right next door." Chris said as he came off the last step and leaned close to me. "JR's hot too."

Chris wasn't as quiet as he thought. "Thanks buddy but I'm spoken for."

Chris turned bright red then looked down. "'re not mad at me?"

JR went over and wrapped his arm around his shoulder. "Of course not and my boyfriend thinks I'm hot too."

"He's lucky," Chris said softly.

"We both are." JR smiled then gave him a hug.

"Chris, Bennie will help you get settled in."

"Come on Chris, once your things are put away, there are some neat things up there I'll show you."

The boys grabbed the bags and went upstairs then I looked at JR. "I need your stealth computer skills my friend."

We started for the Treaty Room when the tech guy came out. "Agent Mason, everything you asked for has been done."

"How much do I owe you?"

He shook his head. "I used a refurbished hard drive and I had the programs you wanted."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"I'm quite sure."

I walked with him over to the elevator then returned to the others in the Treaty Room. When I entered, JR had his laptop up and running. "Where were we before I had to step out?"

DJ was about to speak when JR looked over at me. "Ace, it seems we have a problem here."

"What's up man?" I asked.

"I ran the print on the license and it does come back to William Smith."

"OK, that's what I expected." I said.

"But you're not going to expect this." JR said. "I ran his prints through AFIS first."

"Why, why didn't you go into the FAA's database?"

"I did but it really didn't give more than his statistics from his license." JR replied.

"What did you find out through AFIS then?"

"Let's just say he can't be in two places at the same time."

"Huh?" Dusty asked.

"Right now he's a guest of the State of Illinois." JR said looking at us.

"I don't believe this." I shouted in total frustration. "Every time we get something, it leads us nowhere. We'll never catch a break."

"How could someone forge an FAA document?" Dusty asked.

"Mate, if you know the right people and have the right amount of money, you can get damn near anything." DJ said. "Ace, I just got a text back from Immigration. It seems that Mr. William Smith has never been to the UK."

"This is getting wilder by the minute although it really doesn't matter. The person who could tell us who hired him is in a few dozen pieces in the Atlantic Ocean along with the plane."

This day was going down the drain fast then my phone rang. "Mason."

"Ace, it's Evelyn."

"Please tell me you have some good news." I said finishing my coffee.

"Well, I've managed to get about a dozen agents total to re-interview people Nate listed on his application. I really don't know what this will get us and I've told them to send all of their reports directly to you so you can see them right away."

"Thanks Evelyn and before I forget, the information Agent Forrester had led us into another dead end. I swear we'll never catch a break."

"This guy has to be caught Ace. That's one reason I've put the agents on this for you."

I thanked her again then ended the call. Just then there was a knock on the door then Ben came in. "Lunch is served in the dining room. Ace, do you know where Bennie and Chris are?"

I nodded my head. "They're upstairs. Bennie is helping Chris settle into his room. I also heard Bennie mention there was something else he wanted to show him so I have a good idea where they are."

I went upstairs then had to check to see which room Chris took. I found it then noticed there was a joining bathroom so I knew where JR and Dusty would be. It had been awhile since I'd been up here so I had to think where Bennie and Chris would be then I remembered. I saw a door partially ajar so I went to ease it open so I could see if they were in there. Before I could I heard Bennie's voice. "Man Chris, you shoot a lot."

"It had been a while since I'd had any private time. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything."

"Is Ace your boyfriend?"

I eased the door open and saw them in their birthday suits. Bennie looked at me and I smiled and nodded my head. "Yeah he is."

"Do you think he'll mind us fooling around?"

I had to get them downstairs for lunch before Ben came looking for us. "I trust him totally Chris."

He turned and saw me standing there. "Ace, it's..."

"It's fine Chris." I answered then went down to the bathroom to get a wet cloth.

When I returned the boys cleaned themselves then got dressed. Chris wrapped his arms around me. "I see why Bennie loves you so much."

Bennie smacked Chris on the butt. "Didn't I tell you he was cool?"

Chris had a huge smile on his face. "Yeah you did and he's hot looking too."

"Come on boys, lunch is ready."

"Oh no," Bennie said. "If we're late, Gloria will have our hides."

We hurried down the stairs and into the dining room. "It's nice of you to join us." A voice said.

"It's my fault Gloria. We got busy and lost track of the time."

She looked at Bennie and gave him her motherly smile. "Did you get everything done Mijo?"

"Yes we did." Bennie answered as he fixed himself one of her Mexican hamburgers.

After lunch DJ told us she needed to get over to her apartment to get settled in and get some rest. Dusty and JR got their room set up then they kept Bennie and Chris company in the game room.

I saw Ben head into the living room so I took this opportunity to talk with him about Chris. "Sir, can we talk?"

"Do you want to talk here or in my office?"

I thought for a moment. "I think that might be best."

We went inside and sat on the sofa. "What's on your mind, Ace?"

"It's about Chris." I said looking at him.

"Ace, I have one son already and with my schedule, how could I foster Chris?"

"I understand Ben. I had to at least ask after I saw how you managed to talk with him after I gave him the news of his parent's death. Also he and Bennie have hit it off."

"I've also noticed him and JR have too."

"I've seen that too. He couldn't foster either because of the hours he keeps and he could be called away at any time of the day or night."

"I take it you have a solution to this." Ben said.

"I do, as a matter of fact. I was thinking of Sandy Brinkman."

"She has Rocky if I remember right."

"Yes she does but..." I started then froze for a minute. "It would be more for Rocky though."

"So he'd have a brother?"

I turned red as I nodded my head. "Well he wouldn't be a replacement for Ricky but he'd have another guy there."

"I think that might be the best thing for both of them then." Ben answered as my cell rang.

I answered it then got a surprise. "Ace, it's Pete."

"What do you want Pete?" I asked somewhat aggravated.

"I'm here at the back gate."

"What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be back here until tomorrow."

"I know but Capt. Langford asked if I would stop by today to get my schedule and assignment but that's not why I called."

"Alright, let's hear it."

"There is some woman here claiming to be with social services and the guy on the gate is about to let her in."

"You tell him he better not. I'm on my way."

"OK Ace." Pete said then I ended the call.

Ed and Johnny were in the west wing office so I called them and had them head over to the back gate too. The three of us arrived at just about the same time and Pete was going at it verbally with the gate guard. "Look, Agent Mason said not to allow her in."

"She is here on..." He started to say then Ed took over.

"That's just enough, officer." Ed said then looked at the woman. "My name is Special Agent Ed Miller and I'm the agent in charge. May I see some identification please and state the nature of your business."

She handed him a business card. "I'm Miss Giles with the Department of Children's Services."

"I don't believe anyone here called your office." Ed replied. "I need to see your credentials. This business card isn't enough."

She dug into her purse and pulled out her ID card. "We did get a call from here."

Ed went nose to nose with her. "From who and it had better have been verified before you came here."

Just then Johnny walked over and tapped us on the shoulders. The three of us moved over by the Hummer and I could tell something was on his mind. "An outgoing call was placed to DCS."

"WHAT?" Ed shouted in total disbelief.

Ed was so loud the social worker was looking at us. I leaned over to Johnny. "How can that be?"

"I just ran all the outgoing calls placed within the last two hours and sure enough, there was a call placed to DCS."

"Who made it?" Ed almost growled.

"I don't know but I can tell you the phone that was used and you're not going to like it." Johnny said as we were both looking at him. "It was from our office in the West Wing."

I shook my head. "This is just great. I can't believe someone inside the Agency is behind this."

"I'll handle this." Ed said as he turned and walked towards Miss Giles. "It does seem that someone did make a call to your office but I can assure you that there is no child on these grounds in need of your services."

"I'm supposed to take your word for this?" She asked getting pompous.

"You have three federal officers telling you this." I started. "Now, since you do not have the name of the caller you will just have to take our word."

"I don't have to..."

"Lady, I don't think you will want to challenge the parent of the only child on this property." A voice said.

I looked and Pete was standing behind Ed. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Pete got into her face. "You do not want to challenge the President. Now, I suggest you put unfounded on your report and leave now. If you come back, you'll be facing federal trespassing charges. Do we understand each other?"

"Very well," She said in a huff as she got into her car and left.

I had to hand it to Pete, he knew how to handle himself but I just wished he could keep it under control. "Thanks Pete," I said. "Go see Capt. Langford then we'll see you sometime tomorrow."

We returned to the residence then went into the dining room to get some coffee. "Ace, this makes me sick." Ed said as he sipped his coffee. "We have a true traitor amongst us."

"At first, I really thought Pete was behind it but after today, this proves he wasn't." Johnny added.

I nodded my head. "You're right and today we saw the Pete Morgan he was when we were away. I just wish he could keep it together all the time."

"So how can we prevent this from happening again?" Johnny asked.

"Keep what from happening again?" A voice asked.

I looked over and Dusty, JR and Ben were standing there. I knew dropping this bomb was not going to sit well. "Someone called the Department of Children's Services from the Secret Service's office in the West Wing. They made a claim there was a child here in need of their help."

We were all looking at Ben and he was doing a slow boil. "This means there is someone from the service behind all of this."

"I'd say that's a very good possibility, Sir." I answered. "But I don't think there is a way we could stop someone from calling DCS or anyone outside but I hate not being able to find out who made the call."

"There is a way that can be done." JR said.

We all looked at him and I saw him swallow hard. "Alright dude, you're on."

"The phones can be programmed so each person making an outgoing call would have to enter their ID number before they'd get a dial tone. When they pick the handset up and dial 9, a voice would tell them they have to enter a valid ID number."

"Each agent has their own unique ID number different from their ID card number." Ed said.

"I agree with Ed. We should use their ID number not their ID card number because it would be too easy to guess someone's card number."

Ben looked at JR. "How long would this take JR?"

"Not too long, Sir. Before I was assigned at the Navy Yard, I helped implement that system at another office because too many long distance calls were being made that were not business related."

I got on the phone and called Evelyn. She was worse than a bear with a sore ass. She said she would get some techs over and they could get that system implemented. Ben looked at me. "Do you want to finish that talk we were having?"

"What talk Dad?" Bennie said standing at the door.

Ben looked at me as I thought for a moment. I nodded my head then he stood. "Come on with us boys."

The four of us went into Ben's office then I closed the door. Before we could say anything, my cell rang. I looked and it was Rocky calling. I stepped out of the office and sat down on the sofa in the living room. "Hey there kiddo, how's it going out there?"

Rocky was almost in hysterics. "Ace, tell me Bennie's alright."

"Calm down son, he's fine and so is his Dad."

"'re not just saying that are you?" He stuttered.

I knew there was only one way to calm him down so I went back into Ben's office and got my love. I covered the mouthpiece. "It's Rocky and he's really upset. I think all the news stories have really got him scared."

I handed him the phone after I put it on speaker. "Rocky it's Bennie."

"Man, are you alright? I've been hearing news reports and well..."

"Relax man, I'm fine and so is Dad."

"I sure wish I could see you." Rocky said.

"Rocky, is Sandy around?" I asked.

"She's right here, why Ace?"

I need to talk with her for a little bit then I'll get you and Bennie connected on Skype and you guys can voice chat. How's that sound?"

"Cool, thanks Ace." Rocky said as I took the phone off speaker then waited for Sandy.

"Hi Ace, you sure managed to calm him down quickly."

"I put Bennie on and that seemed to work then I told him they could have a video chat after I talked with you."

"Is there something wrong?" She asked concerned.

I didn't know quite how to answer her question. "Well, nothing's wrong here but I have a problem you might could help me with."

"If I can Ace," She started. "Does this have anything to do with what's been happening on the news?"

I got up and went into my room so if Chris came out, he wouldn't hear what I was saying. "Sort of Sandy. I can't go into all of the ins and outs but we have an orphan teen here and he doesn't have any family who can take him."

"Oh my God, what happened?" She asked,

"He lost his parents in an explosion."

"I have to ask, how did you end up with him?"

"Sandy, that's something I can't go into."

"Alright Ace, after what you did for Rocky, I trust you. So, are you trying to ask if I'd be willing to adopt him?"

It hit me then I'd never told Sandy his name. "Well, he wouldn't need to be adopted but he's not ready to be out on his own either. His name is Chris Teele.

"When would this be happening?"

"Well, not for a while. There are a lot of loose ends here that need to be tied up before he could come out there. Another thing, from what we gather, his parent's have savings and other monies. I know a good lawyer here I'll get to look into that."

"Ace, I'm not worried about money. That's Chris's for when he's on his own."

"I won't argue with you on that. He also has a college fund and he wants to become a doctor."

"I'm impressed; he sounds like he has his act together."

"He does Sandy." I said. "I have to go into a meeting but I'll have Chris with Bennie so you all can talk and get to know one another."

"Sounds good Ace, just give us a call so we can have everything set up."

I ended the call then went back into Ben's office. When I entered, they were sitting back talking then Bennie looked at me. "What is it you wanted to talk about?"

"Bennie, your Dad and I were talking about Chris." I said as he broke out into a smile. "Chris, do you remember me telling you I have an idea and I needed to look into it?"

I saw a look a fear come over his face so I quickly sat beside him and patted his leg. "Yes, I remember Ace."

"Well, this won't be happening for a while but here is my idea. But first, I do need to ask you a question and that is how old are you?"

He looked down then back to me. "I'm older than I look." He answered as he handed me his driver's license.

"So you are son," I replied as I handed him back his license. "But I get the feeling though you're not ready to be totally on your own are you?"

He shook his head. "Not really. After I graduate, I was going to college."

"Did you have a scholarship?" Ben asked.

He shook his head. "My parents had a college fund set up for me."

"What are you planning to study?" I asked.

"You'll think I'm crazy," He started.

Bennie put his hand on his shoulder. "Hey, don't talk like that. Everyone has the right to be what they want so what do you want to study in college?"

"I want to be a doctor." Chris said with a smile.

"Wow," Bennie said patting him on the back. "That's great, what kind of doctor?"

"I want to be a surgeon." He said softly. "But I guess that won't happen now."

Ben lifted Chris's chin. "If they've saved the money then it's safe in the bank."

"Sir, I don't know the account numbers or anything like that."

I smiled at Chris and patted his leg. "Not to worry. I know a good lawyer and I will be talking to him about this."

"So what was the idea Ace?" Bennie asked.

"Chris, there is someone I know who has custody of her nephew. He's the only boy in the household. Now, you told me something today so I don't think you'll have a problem with what I'll be saying now. The woman is a lesbian and has a partner as well as an infant daughter. I think you and her nephew will hit it off and become super friends. What do you think of this idea?"

"Where do they live?"

"They're on the west coast in Seattle."

Chris broke out into a smile. "I was born there and lived there until I was about 9. I hope they like me."

Bennie turned his head. "They're cool and you'll really like Rocky. He's the neatest guy I've ever met."

I nodded my head in agreement. "In fact, Bennie will be having a video chat with Rocky. I spoke with Sandy, she's Rocky's aunt and she agreed to you staying with her and her family."

"What if..." Chris started.

Bennie turned his head around. "Don't go there Chris. I know they'll love you."

"Chris, Bennie is going to video chat with Rocky. How would you like to be there so you can meet everyone and you all can get to know each other?"

Chris lit up. "Sure, if you're sure."

Bennie stood up and took Chris by the hand. "Sure, I'm sure, come on."

"Just a minute son," Ben said. "It is 5:30 and dinner is in one hour. I think maybe you two should get a shower then after dinner, you can video conference with Rocky."

Since the boys were occupied, I decided to return to the dining room and talk with Ed, Johnny, Dusty and JR. When I went in, Ed was on the phone. I got a cup of coffee then sat down. "Tech is here. The phone system will be disrupted for a while."

I set my coffee cup on the table. "I know the staff here is minimal. Have they been notified and what about the switchboard?"

"Everyone has been notified and the recording that the switchboard is closed for the evening is on."

"What about the ability to enter in an extension?"

"They'll just get a busy signal."

"Alright, I guess the bases are covered. Dinner will be at 6:30. Ed, Johnny, will you be joining us?"

They shook their heads then Ed looked at me. "I plan on getting a decent night's sleep tonight."

I walked Ed and Johnny to the elevator while Dusty and JR went upstairs. "Ace, we're going to grab a shower."

"You better check it first. Ben sent the boys to get one too but I don't know if Chris went upstairs."

They smiled then mounted the steps as Ed put his hand on my shoulder. "Ace, I have no choice but to tighten security here. Someone has an agenda and I'll be damn if they'll get another chance to try and put it into action."

"I can't blame you and one of those people on it could be the one I love dearly. JR and Bennie will be tracking the cell phone number tomorrow. I have to get in touch with a lawyer to look into Chris's parents finances so I might be in and out."

"No problem, just keep in touch with me."

The doors opened and they stepped inside. "I will Ed; I'll see you both tomorrow."

Before the doors closed, Tonka came over so I rode down with Ed and Johnny so he could stretch his legs. When I returned I decided to grab a shower. When I entered my room, I heard the shower going so I thought Bennie was using it. I grabbed a clean pair of undies then walked in. I used the toilet then opened the shower curtain and got the surprise of my life. "Close the curtain, there's a draft."

I saw a backside that didn't belong to my love. "Oh man, I'm sorry Chris. I thought Bennie was in here."

"It's alright Ace. Come in if you're coming, it's cold in here."

I didn't have much of a choice now because Chris was seeing me in my altogether. I got in and noticed he was checking me out. "Do you see something you like?"

He smiled and made no effort to hide his erection. "God Ace, you're hot."

I rubbed the top of his head then reached for the shampoo. I lathered my hair then stuck my head under the water. "Thanks buddy. How come you didn't use your shower?"

"I didn't want to be that far away from people. Dusty and JR were still down here."

I understood all too well what he meant. Just then I felt his soapy hands begin to wash my back then he moved up to my shoulders and my traps. His fingers were just as magical as Bennie's and it was all I could do to keep from moaning. He stepped closer then I felt his tool brush my butt cheek. I wasn't about to let him start anything but then I felt his hands start to rub my nipples. This was making me hot and now my dick was leaking. "Chris, what are you doing?"

"Don't you like it Ace?" He hissed into my ear.

I loved it but it also didn't feel right either. "I do Chris but umm there's ungh someone else."

That was all I could get out then I exploded all over the wall. I felt my knees get weak then Chris wrapped his arms around me. "Feel better now?"

My chest was heaving and my head was spinning. I hadn't cum with someone playing with my nipples in ages. "Chris, what did you just do?"

"Umm, I gave you a shower." He said as I managed to stand then turn around and look at him. "Are you upset with me?"

I shook my head. "No Chris, I'm not upset but I am spoken for. If you and Bennie want to have some fun, it's alright. I will say this; there is one thing that is off limits, if you know what I mean."

He nodded his head. "I do, making love is between you and him."

I nodded my head then quickly rinsed the soap off of my body. We quickly got dried and dressed so we wouldn't be late for dinner. Bennie saw Chris and me coming out of my room. Chris spotted Dusty and JR so he didn't notice I stopped to talk to Bennie. "I take it you found out Chris was in your shower.

I nodded then gave him a look and blushed. "Baby, did something happen in there?"

I nodded my head then looked down. He lifted my chin and looked at me. He could read me like a book and I knew it. "Yeah it did."

He pulled me into a hug. "It's alright baby, I know it wasn't you who started it."

I kissed him on the lips. "When we were getting dried, we spoke and I told him what was off limits if you two want to fool around."

After dinner, Bennie and Chris went into Bennie's room and had their video chat with Rocky and Sandy. My cell chirped and there were the first reports from the agents in the field. I didn't have time to look at them so I used the wireless capabilities and had them printed out in the office Ed and I share in the West Wing. I was about to say something to Dusty when Ben got our attention. "Can you join me in my office?"

We went in and before the door was closed, Ben spoke. "Ace, have Chris's parent's bodies been identified yet?"

"I don't know Ben." I answered then closed the door. When I left the site, the coroner hadn't arrived yet. I guess I'll have to contact ATF to see who has their bodies."

Dusty looked at me. "Since this is part of our joint ongoing investigation, NCIS can take charge of their bodies."

I pulled out my cell and called ATF. I managed to speak with the field agent who was at the blast site. They had managed to go through what was left of the house and collect quite a bit of evidence. As we were talking I saw Dusty reach his hand out for the phone. I told him to hold on then handed him the phone after putting it on speaker. "This is Director Dustin Moore, NCIS; to whom am I speaking?"

"This is Special Agent Miles Horner."

"Agent Horner, did Agent Mason tell you this crime scene is part of an ongoing investigation between the Secret Service and NCIS?"

"Yes Sir, he did. We collected the evidence and took control of the bodies to preserve the integrity of everything. Would you like what we have transferred to the Secret Service?"

"Not the Secret Service but to NICS," Dusty answered. "How long will you be there?"

"Sir, I have another few hours of work here plus some reports on ground zero. Once those reports are done, I'll be sure to see that you get copies of them."

"Thank you Agent Horner. I'll have one of our agents along with our medical examiner come to your office to accept transfer of the evidence and bodies."

Dusty ended the call and I was amazed how easy that was. "Who are you going to get to pick up the evidence?"

JR looked at Dusty then laughed. "He's not going to be happy man."

"Too bad," Dusty said as he called his office. "Ellis, I need you and Dr. Valez to go over to the ATF office."

"At this hour," He hollered.

"Don't yell at me unless you enjoy pushing paper."

"Sorry Sir." He said softly. "What's at ATF?"

"Did you hear about the explosion?"

"Do you mean the one that leveled five houses?"

"That's the one," Dusty started. "You'll be accompanying Dr. Valez to accept transfer of evidence and two bodies."

"What do you want done with the evidence?"

"Log it into the evidence room for the evening then let Carolyn know about it in the morning so she can get started on it."

"I'll put a note on her door in case she gets in before I do."

"Thanks Ellis," Dusty said.

"Hey boss, is this tied in with the murder of that uniformed secret service agent case we're working on?

"It seems so." Dusty answered. "That's why we need this evidence processed as quickly as possible."

"Will do boss." Ellis said then Dusty ended the call.

I looked at Dusty. "How long will it take your ME to identify the bodies?"

"That all depends. If either of them is prior military they'll be in our data base. If they're not, we can use Chris's DNA and then Dizzy can match theirs that way."

"Dizzy?" I asked.

He laughed. "She's our lab tech. Her real name is Carolyn but the way she works in that lab, she's always running here and there. She was given that nickname before she came to work with us."

"Dusty, your ME be able to issue the death certificates, correct?" I heard a voice ask.

"Yes Sir, once he has a positive identification."

"Good," Ben started. "That will make things easier for him to get his parent's estate."

"I was going to call Carl's father tonight but now I think I'll wait until tomorrow. If Chris's parents weren't in the military, I'll have to talk with him then get him over to NCIS so the ME can get a DNA sample."

"You'll also have to find out about his spring break schedule. Didn't he say he was in public school?"

"That's right. I forgot they'll probably have snow days to make up."

"I know I shouldn't knock a good thing but it's too quiet. Do you know what they're up to?"

"Yes Sir, they're in Bennie's room having a video chat with Rocky and Sandy."

"That's fine. I'm going to go to my room and watch some television. Can you tell him to come see me when he's done?

Just then there was a knock on the door then Bennie eased his head in. "Come in son and if Chris is with you he can come in too."

The two boys came in and Chris was wiping his eyes. JR spotted this and went over to him. "What's wrong buddy?"

Bennie turned around and saw Chris. "JR, those are happy tears."

JR looked at Chris. "Is Bennie right?"

He broke out into a huge smile. "He's right, I was worried they won't like me but they all proved me wrong."

Bennie went over and looked Chris in the eyes. "Man, you have to quit selling yourself short."

"It's hard but I'll try. I've always been shy."

JR lifted his chin. "Chris, Rocky will get you out of that. He's quite an amazing young man, as are you."

"I know. I can't believe all he went through."

"That's right and the person who did this will meet justice in court."

Ben went over and wrapped his arms around them. "Chris, I hope things will only start to get better for you."

He looked at Ben and nodded. "I hope so too Sir."

"I don't mean to break this up but I'm still making up on lost sleep so I will see everyone in the morning."

We all said our goodnights to Ben then I looked at my watch. "It's almost 9:30 and it's back to work for some of us tomorrow. I think we should get some sleep too."

I saw Chris's face change when I said that and so did Bennie. "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to be alone."

Bennie wrapped his arm around him. "It's alright, who do you want to sleep with?"

He looked at JR then back to Bennie. "JR, would you mind if I stayed down here tonight?"

He went over and kissed him on the head. "Not at all, sleep well."

Bennie took Chris down to his room while I secured the doors to the East and West wings. I joined the boys in Bennie's room then undressed and did my nightly duties. I looked at Chris. "Who do you want to sleep next to?"

He stood there for a minute but couldn't decide so Bennie made his mind up for him. He took him by the hand then patted the mattress. "You're in the middle and Ace and I will hold you."

He liked that idea then we got comfortable. I didn't remember another thing until my bladder woke me. I eased out of bed then head to the bathroom and emptied my bladder. After I washed my hands, I looked at my watch and it was just after 7. I got dressed and let the boys sleep for another thirty minutes. Tonka was waiting on me so I took him downstairs so he could do his business then got my first cup of coffee. A few minutes later, I was joined by Dusty and JR. "You two are up early."

JR got a glass of juice then joined me at the table. "Dizzy called and she has the DNA results from the bodies."

He got up and headed for the coffee urn then I was joined by Dusty. "The bad news is neither of them were in the military nor have criminal records so they aren't in any of our DNA data bases. That means we're going to have to get a swab from Chris."

"After breakfast, I'll get Chris over to see her. How long will it take for her to run Chris's so we can get an ID on the bodies?"

"If I know her, it'll take about an hour." Dusty said. "I'll bet she just needs Chris's so she can make the comparison."

"My god, what time did she get in this morning?" I asked getting up to fix another cup of coffee.

JR looked at me. "Probably around 5, she's always the first one in."

Just then Dusty's phone rang so I went to get the boys up. When I went in, I heard the shower running so I stuck my head in the door. "Morning boys, breakfast will be in 15 minutes."

"Thanks baby," I heard Bennie reply. "We'll be on time."

I returned to the dining room and Ben was there. "Good morning Sir, how'd you sleep?"

"Like I could sleep for another several hours," He replied.

"Why didn't you have breakfast held so you could sleep in?"

He shook his head. "I know you have a full day on tap for today."

"Nonsense Sir, I can make a meal out of Gloria's homemade rolls and biscuits."

The boys joined us just as Gloria came out with a platter of fresh waffles. After we cleaned the platter Ben went downstairs to the Oval Office so he could get back to work. Chris saw Bennie take off with JR then he looked at me. "What can I do Ace?"

I took him by the hand and brought him back to the table. He sat down while I got another cup of coffee then I joined him. "Son, there is something you and I do have to do. The bodies of your parents have been recovered and they are at NCIS."

"Will I be able to see them?"

I shook my head. "I really don't think you should son."

"You should remember them as they were when you last saw them." A voice said then I saw Dusty join us.

"What do I have to do then?" Chris asked.

"We just need to swab your mouth to get a DNA sample." Dusty answered.

"Then you can compare mine against them so you can properly identify them, right?"

"That's right." I said smiling. "I see why you've chosen medicine as your career."

"Then let's get going." Chris said taking me by the hand. "What else do you have to do today?"

"I have a number of things to do when we get back." I said as we found Bennie and JR.

I told them I was taking Chris over to NCIS and Dusty was going over too to take care of some business. I took Chris in the Hummer and Dusty took his car so he would have a way back to the residence.


"Have you lost your fucking mind?" A voice asks.

"What are you bitching about? I tied up a loose end."

"Man, you are crazy. Now you have another group of Feds out looking for you."

"Will you relax, no one has a clue who to look for."

"The more people that get involved the greater the chance they'll find something."

"They won't find shit."

"Yeah right you dick head. There is no such thing as a perfect crime."

"Not if you know what you're doing."

"You know what you're doing? You leveled five houses and killed at least two people."

"How do you know?"

"I'm not dead jackass. That was a stupid thing you did trying to level a city block."

"It had to be done."

"Had to be done, maybe.

"No maybe about it and I know what I have to do now so get off of my fucking back. I have another plan in the works just so you know."

"You're whacked man and I hope this plan is a hell of a lot better than your last. I'm tired of hearing about your fuck ups."

"Whatever, I have things to do. Later."


After we parked at the Navy Yard, Dusty took us up to Carolyn's lab. When we walked in, I saw my old friend. "Hola Sergio."

He turned around and saw me. "Hola Ace, how have you been my friend?"

"I'm busier than I'd rather be." I replied. "Chris, this is Dr. Valez. He is the medical examiner who is working on your parents."

Sergio went up to him. "Son, I'm very sorry for your loss. I'll also let you know that they didn't suffer."

"Thank you Sir," Chris said softly.

Sergio left then I saw Carolyn. I watched her for several minutes and I could see how she earned her nickname. Dusty went over to her and tapped her on her shoulder. "Dizzy, Chris Teele is here."

She got a swab and collected a DNA sample from Chris then went to work on it. "Dusty, I'll have this done right away then I'll let you and Sergio know what the results are."

"Were you able to get any markers off the explosive used?" Dusty asked as Chris and I stopped halfway out the door.

"I did, but I have good news and bad news." Dizzy started. "Which do you want first?"

"Just give me the condensed version." Dusty answered.

"Well, this was from a stolen shipment of C4 from Little Creek about 2 years ago. Now, the strange thing is that supposedly it was all recovered and those responsible for the theft are serving time."

"How much was stolen?" Dusty asked.

"Five pounds and according to all of the paperwork, it was recovered and returned to inventory after the trial."

I shook my head. "If it was all returned to inventory, how the hell did it turn up in this case?"

"I don't know but I'm looking at all of the disbursement records and the paperwork says it was all used either on missions or in training exercises."

"Who was the person who was in charge of signing it out?"

"A LCDR Waters and he passed away six months ago from a heart attack."

"Just great, another dead end," I said as my cell rang. "Mason."

"Ace, it's JR. We have the location where the cell phone was purchased. It was bought at a small shop in Chesterfield County."

"I don't suppose it was paid for with a credit card."

"Sorry Ace, it was a cash transaction."

"Thanks JR." I said as I ended the call.

Just then, I heard a buzzer go off. Dizzy pulled the results up on her computer and then brought up the other two samples. "Take a look here." She started as she slid Chris's sample over the one marked female. "There are 13 markers that are identical and I'm seeing 13 matches on the male."

"So the people downstairs are definitely Chris's parents." Dusty asked.

"Of this I'm certain." Carolyn said looking at Chris. "Chris, I'm sorry for your loss."

He gave her a weak smile. "Thank you but I'd pretty much accepted the fact they were dead."

"I'll get these results to Sergio then he can prepare the death certificates."

What started out to be a quick trip to NCIS has now become a four hour venture. I looked at my watch and it was almost noon. "Dusty, I have to get back to the residence or Gloria will have my head on a platter. Are you coming?"

"I'm right behind you." Dusty said as he headed for the steps.

We stopped in the squad room and DJ was staring at her computer screen. "Hi girl, what's got your attention?"

"Hi Ace, look at this." She said so I went over to see what she was looking at. "Do you see this footprint?"

"It's déjà vu all over again." I said. "This is the third time we've seen this print and yet we can't catch a break."

"We will mate." DJ said patting me on the back.

Dusty broke up our revelry. "Ace, Gloria is going to be waiting on us."

"Alright man," I started. "DJ, keep in touch on this. Dizzy has a load of evidence from ATF so I'm sure you'll be seeing that too."

"I will be. Take care and I'll stay in touch."

We returned to the residence and had lunch then I went down to our office in the West Wing. I had received more interviews on Nate's references and so far, nothing was jumping out at me. I was about to return to the residence when I bumped into Pete. "Hey Pete, how's it going?"

"Not too bad Ace," He said. "I really miss being in civvies."

"Pete, when I saw you outside yesterday, it was like looking at the old Pete; the one that I left in charge here when we were in Florida but then when I saw you at the internet café, it was like looking at another person. What is going on man?"

He shook his head. "I don't know Ace. I've never really been good around young people but yesterday that social worker was so out of line to come here, I really bit my tongue."

"That's what it takes at times buddy."

"I know. Do you think there is any chance of me getting back to my old position?"

"I can't answer that right now but I'll say this. If you perform well and I don't hear of any complaints, I'd say it is possible. I can't make any promises Pete."

I went upstairs and found Bennie and Chris in the game room. Bennie came over and hugged me. "Hi baby. We got everything done so what can we do?"

"Well, it's nice and warm outside. Would you two like to use the pool?"

Bennie gave me one of his looks. "Can we skinny dip?"

I had to think about it for a minute. "On one condition and that is you both wear your trunks up there and keep them near the side of the pool. I'll be up there with you."

"Are you going to join us?" Chris asked smiling.

He had me giggling. "I'll wear my trunks and I'll join you both if I have time. While you're swimming, I have a very important phone call to make."

"Fair enough," Bennie said as he rubbed my butt.

I got Carl's home number from Bennie then I made my call. I got Cal's office number then filled him in on Chris's problems. He told me once I had the death certificates, he could start working on his behalf."

I swam with the boys for about an hour then noticed they were getting slightly burned so we went back downstairs. We hit the showers to get the chlorine off our bodies then I put sunscreen on the boys' bodies. It was just about time for dinner when my cell started beeping like crazy. I took a quick look and saw more reports were coming in. I didn't have time to go through them so I had those printed out in the office so I could go over them after dinner.

After dinner, Ben had to go back to the Oval Office and Dusty and JR were needed at NCIS so my chance to go down to the office was now on hold which I really didn't mind. I took the evening off and relaxed with Chris and Bennie watching television. The next thing I remember is someone knocking on the door. Chris was snuggled against Bennie so I could easily get up and answer the door. I opened it and JR was standing there. "It's 7 o'clock Ace."

"Thanks JR, what time did you two get back last night?"

"It was about 10:30 and you three were out cold."

"Man, I must have been more tired than I thought. I didn't even hear you." I said then my bladder let me know it needed attention. "I'll see you at breakfast."

I made a hasty exit to the bathroom then got dressed and joined Dusty and JR in the dining room. "You're up early guys."

Dusty looked at me. "I need to turn my phone off at night."

"Did someone wake you up early?" I asked with a slight grin on my face.

"Not funny Ace," Dusty replied. "I wish Dizzy would get in at normal hours."

"Let's hope it was important."

"It was, kind of." Dusty started. "Sergio has Chris's parents' death certificates ready so you can pick those up."

That made my day. I finished my coffee then woke the boys up for breakfast. I returned to the dining room and had another cup of coffee. Ben joined us and we had another of Gloria's wonderful breakfasts. After breakfast, Bennie wanted to get online then I remembered my surprise. "Chris, come with me please."

Bennie looked at me then broke out into a smile. We went into my room then I went to my closet. Before I came out I had him close his eyes then sat it on the bed. I tapped him on the shoulder then he looked at me so I pointed to the bed. "Ace, I can't take this."

"It's my old one son. I had it checked out and it even has a new hard drive. I even had several programs that I thought you'd need."

He ran his fingers over it but wouldn't lift the lid then Bennie came over. "Go on man, turn it on."

Chris lifted the lid then turned it on. It took a minute or so to boot up then Weather Bug popped up. "Wow, it's got wireless internet too."

I went over and put my arm around his shoulder, "Nothing but the best buddy.

He and Bennie were about to leave when I got the back pack for him. "Man thanks Ace."

It took a couple of minutes for Chris to release me then they went over to Bennie's room. My cell started chirping again letting me know I had more reports from the field agents. I sent them down to the printer then decided to go through the mass of papers. I went into Bennie's room. "Boys, I have to go to my office in the West Wing. Chris, I don't want you to worry, Bennie has his phone and he can get me quickly."

Bennie gave me a quick hug. "We'll be fine baby."

I walked down the hall to the West Wing door and headed for my office. I managed to get the door unlocked without my cell ringing then went in to see how much I'd printed. I sat down and started reading then I was disturbed yet again. "Mason."

"Ace, it's Cal Matthews. I had an appointment cancel this morning. Can you be here at 10:30?"

I looked at my watch. "Sure, Cal I can do that. NCIS has positively identified the bodies they have as his parents so we now have death certificates."

"That's great Ace, this will make things much easier now."

"I'll see you in a little while Cal and thanks for working us in."

I ended the call then stood up to leave when my cell chirped again. I looked and saw there were even more reports so I printed them out then left to return to the residence. I knocked on Bennie's door then went in. "Chris, I need you to get changed son. My friend Cal Matthews has worked us in today. He'll be getting all the information about your parent's finances."

Bennie looked at me. "Ace, can I come too?"

"I wish I could love but for security reasons you can't. I'll get Johnny to come up here so if you want to do something while we're gone, you can."

Chris shut down his computer and went upstairs to get some clothes. A few minutes later he returned and looked at Bennie. "You don't mind if I change in here do you?"

Bennie smiled, "Not at all."

Just then Tonka came in wagging his tail then started tugging on my arm. "I'll be right back, Tonka needs to go out."

"Chris, I'm going with Ace while you get changed." Bennie said then Chris nodded his head so we were off.

Down in the Uniformed Division's office, Captain Langford's printer suddenly went off. He got up and looked at the papers. `Damn, how'd these get sent here?'

He grabbed a folder and stuck the papers in them then stepped outside. "Pete, take these to Agent Mason right away. Somehow, these came out of my printer."

Pete took the folder, "Right away, Captain."

Pete's first stop was to my office. He knocked on the door but didn't get an answer. Pete's curiosity got the better of him so he looked at what Langford gave him. He started reading them then gasped. `I'll be damn.'

Pete took off for the residence walking as fast as he could without running. When he came to the door he checked it and it was open so he went in. He walked up the hall but didn't see or hear anyone. "Agent Mason."

Bennie had left the door open a little so Chris heard the voice. He came out of Bennie's room and saw the man who'd given him a hard time standing there. He was so startled he let out a gasp. "W...what do want?"

Pete saw Chris standing there scared so he gently walked up to him. "Relax son, it's OK. Where is Agent Mason?"

"He had to take Tonka out." Chris answered not totally at ease with Pete's presence.

Pete looked around. "Is Bennie with him son?"

Chris nodded his head. "Y...yes Sir."

"Alright son, I need you to listen very closely." Pete said taking him by the hand and leading him to the dining room. "I need for you to stay here and don't leave for any reason until Agent Mason or I come and say it's alright. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Chris said as Pete took off for the elevator then waited until the doors opened.

Bennie and I were enjoying the warm morning while Tonka was romping checking out the trees. "How long will you and Chris be gone, Ace?"

"I'm not sure Bennie. We have to stop by NCIS first to pick up his parent's death certificates but that shouldn't take long. We should be back in time for lunch."

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Pete went to the door and stepped outside. He looked around then all of a sudden he saw the sun reflect off of something. He then saw a figure start to stand. He shouted, "GUN."

Instinctively Pete reached for his sidearm but he wasn't carrying one now. The figure heard the warning then turned to see where it came from. He saw Pete standing there unarmed so he aimed and fired hitting Morgan in the shoulder.

I heard the yell and pushed Bennie onto the ground while drawing my weapon then covering his body with mine. I started to look around then saw the figure. I was about to take a shot when Tonka reached him and grabbed his gun hand into his mouth pulling him to the ground. All I heard then was growling and screaming as I ran over to cuff the person. "Tonka off.

Tonka released the man's wrist as I stepped on the weapon then holstered mine. I quickly got him cuffed then looked at Bennie. "Bennie, inside the residence.

By now, others were outside and I saw a uniformed officer tending to Pete and another on the phone as Johnny and several other plain clothes agents were running towards me. Johnny hustled Bennie inside as another agent came over to me. "Are you alright Agent Mason?"

I stood up then rolled the suspect over onto his side. When I saw who it was my blood started to boil. "I'm fine but this piece of shit isn't going to be."

I grabbed the back of the cuffs with one hand and his shoulder by the other as the other agent helped me get him to his feet. As soon as I grabbed the cuffs, he started screaming. "Ow you bastard, that hurts."

"You son of a bitch, how could you? I shouted at him.

The plain clothes agent didn't recognize him. "Who is this Agent Mason?"

"He's a uniformed officer."

The agent got into his face. "He's with us?"

"Was," I said.

"What's his name?"

"His name is Harold Peterson." I answered as I saw Captain Langford running towards us.

"Ace, why is he in cuffs?"

"Here is your shooter." I said.

Langford stood there dumfounded. "Peterson, is this true?"

He looked over at me. "Fuck you, you faggot. You think you're all so holier than thou. I just wish that dog had been one second slower then that kid would have been dead."

I was getting madder by the second. I wanted to take my gun and blow his brains out but that would have made me no better than him. Just then I heard sirens then saw an ambulance pull up. "Captain, see to it his bites are treated then take him to our office. I want two armed guards with him at all times."

I ran over to Pete to see how he was. I saw him sitting up and Dr. Phillips was tending to his wound. "Ace, I figured out everything."

"Your quick thinking saved lives Pete." I started. "How is he doctor?"

"It's a through and through wound." Dr. Phillips started. "I don't see a lot of damage but he'll need to have the wounds cleaned and dressed properly. A surgeon might want to take a look inside to see the extent of any damage that I can't see."

I moved out of the way so Dr. Phillips and the paramedic could finish treating Pete then get him onto a stretcher. I walked over to the back of the ambulance and saw Peterson getting his bites tended to. Captain Langford looked at me. "I told Morgan to bring you a folder. I'm going to have his hide for this."

"Relax Captain, he was when everything hit the fan. He told me he had it all figured out. I'll have to see what you gave him to bring to me."

When Peterson's wounds were treated, he was cuffed then taken inside. I started back towards Pete and saw Ed, Dusty and JR running towards me. "Ace, are you alright?"

"Yes Ed, I'm fine. Dusty, there is a nickel plated revolver lying in the grass. It looks like a .357 magnum."

"Do you want NCIS to handle the forensics here?"

I nodded my head. "Yes I do. I'll lay odds that that pistol is the murder weapon that killed Officer Poole."

"I'll get them over here right away." Dusty said as I reached for my phone.

This next call I hated to make but it had to be done. "Evelyn, it's Ace."

"Hi Ace, what's going on?"

"Pete's been shot." I said in a somber voice.

"WHAT?" She shouted. "How?"

"Calm down Evelyn, he's fine. He's on his way to Georgetown Medical with a shoulder wound. He saved lives today."

"What happened?"

"He saw Harold Peterson attempting to shoot Bennie or me and hollered. Peterson heard the warning then shot Pete. That gave Tonka the chance to get Peterson."

"Peterson?" She asked. "Are you sure of this?"

"As sure as I am of who I'm talking to. We even have a nickel plated .357 that he used to shoot Pete. I'll bet ballistics prove it's the same gun that was used to shoot at me and kill Officer Poole."

"Why Ace?" She asked.

"Evelyn, I wish I had an answer for that. When I saw Pete, he said he'd figured everything out."


"I don't know. Captain Langford said he gave Pete some papers to bring to me but I haven't seen them yet because all of this happened."

"Alright Ace, I'm heading over to GW and see him then I'll come back to the residence."

"That's fine. Before you go, I'm having NCIS handle the forensics on this."

"That's fine Ace. I'll see you when I can." Evelyn said then ended the call.

To be continued