The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 33


"Yes Sir," I replied. "Are you willing to allow us to inspect the computers here?"


"NO!" Cole shouted.


"Shut up this minute Marcus." Mr. Dechert shouted. "Agent Mason, if you would mind stepping outside for a few minutes, I'd like to discuss this with the partners."


I went over and took the letter then we stepped outside. While we were waiting, I called Dusty and said he could remove the cuffs on the security guard and join us. I went out to the lobby and waited for him. As soon as he stepped off, I saw Ed and Adam coming towards us. "Adam, can you draw up a search warrant just in case they decide not to assist us?"


He nodded his head. "Who else had the information that was in that letter Ace?"


"Only one person and he wouldn't give that out to anyone." I replied.


"Well, you better call him and make sure."


I pulled out my cell phone then found a quiet place where I could talk. "Miles, Rich Mason here."


"Hi Ace, what's up?"


"Miles, we have a serious problem." I started. "Have you spoken to anyone lately asking questions about the explosion at the Teele residence?"


"No Ace." He replied. "What's going on?"


I gave him the short version. "I think you better get your computers checked buddy."


"Ace, you might want to have NCIS check theirs also."


A wave of fear came over me. "Good point, I'll tell Director Moore about this."


I ended the call then joined the others. Ed saw the disturbed look on my face. "Tell me that wasn't bad news."


I shook my head then led them to a quiet corner. "No it wasn't but we might have another problem. Dusty, call JR please. When I was talking with Special Agent Horner over at ATF, he reminded me that NCIS also has all of the evidence recovered at Chris's house."


Dusty closed his eyes then covered his mouth. "Oh my god, you're right."


Dusty called JR. "Baby, I need you to get over to the office."


"What's going on love?"


"Ace called Agent Horner over at ATF to see if anyone had contacted him about the information in that letter to the editor. He hadn't so Ace asked that he check their computers to see if they'd been hacked. Horner then reminded Ace that we got the evidence from them."


"Oh shit, that's right." JR started. "I'll call Dizzy and see if anyone has contacted her but I know her too well to think she'd ever give anything out without first talking to you."


Dusty ended his call then went back to the conference room. On the way, we were met by Mr. Dechert. "Gentlemen, would you please come with me?"


We followed him back into the conference room and right away I noticed an empty chair. "Where's Cole?"


Dechert turned around and ran down the hall. He opened a door and there was Cole typing on his keyboard. Ed went over and pulled the power cord then Cole did something stupid and took a swing at Ed. Ed blocked the punch then leveled him. "That was a big mistake Cole." Adam said as Ed had him in cuffs.


"Marcus, what's got into you?" Mr. Dechert asked.


He just stood there. "I want a lawyer."


"Adam, you better get that search warrant." I said.


"That won't be necessary Agent Mason. The partners have voted to cooperate with you."


"Like hell Franklin. Everything in my office is my property."


Dechert walked over to him. "The computers are property of this law firm."


"But the information on it is mine. It's the product of my work."


Adam looked at Dechert. "I'm going to apply for a search warrant. I'm going to have to ask that no one touch any of the computers."


"Mr. Graham, Mr. Cole has a laptop also." Dechert said.


"You son of a bitch," Cole shouted.


"Marcus, this law firm will not be a part of anything illegal. The partners had reservations about taking on Harold Peterson, but we agreed."


I looked at him then Adam took over. "Do you really want to be linked to him Marcus, because if you do, you'll be looking at the same penalty?"


"He's an innocent man Adam. I know how you all fabricate evidence."


"You've lost your mind." Dechert said as he turned and walked out of the office. "Mr. Graham, we have a letter that's been signed and notarized from all of the partners giving your office our full cooperation. That should help you get your warrant."


I was watching Cole as Dechert made that statement to Adam and His face lost all its color then he had to sit on the edge of the desk. I figured this was the time to make my move so I walked over to him. "I want you to listen closely. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"What am I being charged with?"


"For starters, assault on a federal officer." I said. "Where did you get the information in that letter and don't try and say you didn't write it.


He sat there and didn't answer my question so I decided to try and force the issue. I took out my phone as if to make a call to the US Marshall's office. "Yes, this is Special Agent Mason, I need a couple of Deputy Marshall's to come to the law firm of Dechert, Dodge, Anderson, Givens and Cole. I have one to transport please.


I waited a few minutes then acted like I ended the call then looked at Cole. "I want to talk to Franklin." He said.


Ed removed the cuffs then we stepped out of the office and found Franklin. We returned then Franklin took over. "What do you want now Mr. Cole?"


"What are my options?" Cole asked.


Franklin thought for a moment. "I have a question for you. Why in the hell did you agree to send that letter in?


He sat there and didn't say a word then Mr. Dechert looked up at us. "Gentlemen, if you'd excuse us.


We stepped out of the office then Franklin lit into him. "Alright Marcus, we're alone now spit it out."


"Why not?" He started. "It's not illegal."


The elder partner just shook his head. "Maybe not, but now you've put this law firm in a very unfavorable light because of this."


"Why? No one knows where it came from." Cole said.


Just then a beep and a voice came over the phone. "Mr. Cole, you have a call on line two."


Mr. Dechert reached over and put the call on speaker so he could hear everything. "This is Marcus Cole."


"Mr. Cole, this is Ralph Billings over at the Times."


"What can I do for you?" Cole asked.


"That letter you sent to us..." Ralph started.


"Sir, I have no idea what you're talking about." Cole said interrupting.


"Cut the crap counselor, I know you are the William Smith who sent in an anonymous Letter to the Editor.


Cole swallowed hard as Ralph continued. "I've pulled the letter and it will not be published. I just hope too many people didn't see it on our website before I had that one removed also. Because of you, I'm going to implement some changes here."


"I...I didn't..." Cole stuttered.


"I'll say this again, cut the crap. The Secret Service and an Assistant US Attorney were here and I cooperated with them. I'll also tell you this, it was a good thing I did because if I hadn't, I could have been sued."


Cole got cocky. "What makes you think you won't? I'll be filing..."


"That's just enough." Dechert shouted.


"Who is this?" Ralph asked.


"My apologies sir, this is Franklin Dechert. I'm the senior partner at Dechert, Dodge, Anderson, Givens and Cole. I can assure you that your paper will not be sued by Mr. Cole and if he should try, please call me and our firm will defend you pro bono. You had every right to cooperate with the authorities."


"Why thank you Mr. Dechert."


"No, it's me who should thank you."


Franklin hung up then looked at Marcus. "Now, why in the hell did you send in that letter but more to the point, who gave it to you?"


Once again, Cole just sat there silent until Franklin slammed his fist on the table. "My client, damn it." Cole said nearly jumping out of his skin.


"What the hell did you think you were trying to prove?"


"I have a client to defend."


"So you slander two people who can't defend themselves."


Cole started to giggle. "So what, I don't give a crap about them."


"I can't believe you Marcus, you know the principles this law firm is based on."


"Don't get pompous with me Franklin; I've seen how you defend clients in the courtroom."


"Yes, in the courtroom but I've never pulled a stunt like you did. Do you realize what you've done?"


Cole broke out into a full laugh. "Yeah, I've created reasonable doubt."


"No you didn't."


"Bull shit Franklin." Cold fired back.


"You didn't, you jerk. You don't try a case in the media, especially for a crime he hasn't been charged with yet."


"See what I mean? Now they have no choice but not to even seek an indictment."


"I wouldn't be too sure on that." Franklin said getting steamed.


"I know Adam."


"So do I and he could use that bogus letter to his advantage plus you've opened this firm to a massive slander suit by his next of kin."


"They wouldn't have a case." Cole started saying but was quickly interrupted.


"I can't believe you managed to become a lawyer. Don't you know the level to win in a civil case is much different than that of a criminal one? All they have to do is prove you knew it was bullshit and they'll win."


Once again Cole broke into a laugh. "That's it there, them proving it."


Franklin shook his head. "The jury will know you're a lawyer and the plaintiff's lawyer will make sure they know that. As such, you're required to be certain you don't outright slander someone."


"And I can counter it by saying it was an accidental mistake."


"Yeah right," Franklin said. "You know how juries are."


"I'm not worried." He countered smugly.


"Well, we are and as the senior partner here, we're going to protect ourselves."


"Just what is that supposed to mean?"


"It means I'm going to ask for a vote from the other partners that you be terminated."


"I have a financial stake in this firm."


"And your stunt has opened this firm up to a civil tort that will bankrupt us and we're not about to let that happen. Now, I suggest you cooperate with the US Attorney."


Cole's eyes almost left his head. "I can't and you know it."


"Were you going to introduce that letter as evidence?


Cole had a smirk on his face. "You better remove that smirk before I slap it off."


"So what, it will prove reasonable doubt."


"You'll be suborning perjury." Franklin countered.


"No I won't."


"You don't think Adam will introduce the information they have. It ties it right back to you."


"I'll object."


"And you'd be over ruled then you'll be screwed."


"He got that illegally." Cole shouted.


"You heard what the editor said, he cooperated and he was well within his right to do so." Franklin said.


"I can't cooperate with them, I'll be disbarred."


"If you don't you'll be censored by the state bar plus you still risk getting disbarred," Franklin fired back.


"Franklin, I was trying to do what was best for my client."


"No you weren't, you wanted headlines." Franklin said as he turned and pulled out a law book then started flipping through the pages. "You're lucky; I can't find any precedent that keeps you from talking to Adam..."


Outside in the waiting room I was steamed at Harold's stunt. He had a letter to the editor stating there was a possibility that Chris's parents were behind their own demise and that of countless others. I was lucky the editor decided to cooperate with us and he did the right thing by removing it from the site. Adam looked over at me and saw I was in my own world. I felt him tap me on the arm. "What's wrong Ace?"


I shook my head but saw he wasn't buying it. "This whole thing with Peterson has me pissed off totally. I can't believe he'd try to place the blame on Chris's parents. If the insurance company ever got wind of that they could hold paying on their policies for God knows how long."


"Has the AFT submitted a final report to you yet?"


I shook my head. "No they haven't. We have everything they found initially but I have a feeling, Agent Horner wasn't done out there."


"When was the last time you spoke to him?"


I had to think. "I talked with him earlier about their computers but didn't go into anything else."


"Well, why don't you call him back and see. There is also something we could do too."


"Something we can do, Adam?" I asked totally lost.


"Yeah, we can issue a press release that we have a suspect in custody."


"Yeah we do but we haven't charged him with that yet. Hell, we're still gathering evidence."


"Yeah, that's right but we can also say he's being held on several unrelated charges."


"I'm glad he's being arraigned on the murder charges because I don't want this nutcase on the loose anymore."


Dusty patted me on the leg. "Calm down Ace. Peterson's grasping at straws because he's desperate."


"That piece of evidence that tied him to the .357 was a fantastic break Dusty. There is no way in hell he's going to get off with killing Curt Poole or trying to kill me."


I was calming down so I excused myself and placed a call to Agent Horner. "Miles, Agent Mason."


"Well speak of the devil; I was just about to call you."


"Why? Please tell me you have some good news for me." I said.


"Some agents got back to the office after I spoke with you. They'd been out going over the blast site again."


"The way you're talking tells me they've found something."


"I'm glad I don't play poker with you. The men were out with metal detectors and they found a piece of the detonator used to blow up the Teele's house."


"Where did they find it?" I asked.


"Near where the blast emanated from down about three feet in the ground."


"Geez, that piece must be really small. Can they do anything with it?"


"The guys here are good and there is more to the detonator than you realize." Adam said.


"How big a piece is it?"


"About the size of the tip of your little finger."


"To me man, that's nothing so I'll leave this up to you guys. Do you really think you'll be able to do anything with it?


"Give us some time on it Agent Mason. We'll get something."


"Thanks buddy, I'll wait to hear from you when your staff has had time to totally go over it." I said ending the call then I returned to the others.


Dusty saw the smile on my face. "What's got you smiling?"


"I just talked with the agent at ATF who is handling the explosion sites and they finally found a piece of evidence."


"Can it be tied to Harold?" Ed asked.


"Calm down buddy, they just got it back to the lab. The piece is only the size of the tip of my little finger."


Ed's mouth dropped open when I said that. "Agent Horner said to give them a little time and they should have something. Now Adam, the paper has pulled that letter so what your friend did is a moot point as far as I'm concerned. As for the legal issues, I'll let you handle them."


Ed saw my demeanor change. "Ace, what are you thinking now?"


I looked at him then over to Adam. "For two cents I'd love to go back over to the jail so I could see the look on Peterson's face when he's told his plan fell flat on its face."


Just then Mr. Dechert came out. "Gentlemen if you'd please come with me."


We followed the man back into the conference room and I could tell Cole wasn't very happy. Adam looked at Cole then over to Mr. Dechert. "Have you both had a chance to talk?"


"Yes we have, Adam," Dechert started. "First off, I can't find any legal precedent that prohibits Mr. Cole from talking to you."


"Since the article has been removed and isn't going to be printed in the evening edition, that's really a moot point. We know who did it and who was behind it."


Cole jumped up and got into Adam's face. "You can't prove shit."


I walked over and put my hand on Cole's shoulder. "Sit down and stay there, you're in enough trouble as it is."


"As I was trying to say Adam," Mr. Dechert continued. "I'm going to be lead counsel for Harold Peterson."


"WHAT," Cole screamed. "He's my client."


Dechert slammed his hand on the table. "You know how all pro bono cases work, they're voted on by the senior partners. You didn't have anything going on so you were made lead counsel. Since your stunt has put us in an unfavorable position, you're now second chair."


Cole was fuming. "Fine, you can interview him again..."


"Not so fast. You're to turn over everything you have regarding on this case, do I make myself clear?"


Adam interrupted the battle between Dechert and Cole. "Why were we called in here, if I might ask?"


Franklin looked up at us. "I guess the first thing is this, are you still serious on charging Mr. Cole with assault?"


I looked at Ed because this was his call. I also knew it would involve a lot of paperwork that was very time consuming. "You're lucky Cole; you got me with a grazing shot. You have more problems on your hands here so I won't press charges."


But then I looked over at him. "Now don't think you're totally off the hook with us just yet."


"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Did you happen to think about anyone who might be hurt by that article in the paper?"


"That's not my..." He started to say until I reached down and snatched him up to his feet.


"That IS your problem counselor. It just so happens that the survivor at the home that was at the center of the explosion has an attorney."


"So what," Cole spat.


"If he decided to file a suit against you, he could own you and this entire law firm. Now, I happen to know he just wants to get on with his life but you've managed to turn it upside down with that letter."


"So what do you want from me?"


"A letter of apology." I fired.


"So he can use it against me later, right?"


"No, I can guarantee that won't happen. Like I said, he just wants to get on with his life."


Cole sat there for a moment. While he was thinking, Franklin asked a question. "Adam, what are you charging Mr. Cole's client with?"


"One count of capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder," Adam replied.


"I take it, there is solid proof?"


Adam nodded his head. "Yes there is and if you don't believe me, talk to Marcus here. He has copies of the forensic evidence."


Marcus decided to chime in then. "I question every piece of it too."


"Then why don't you hand it over to me Mr. Cole, so I can see it."


"Fine Franklin," Cole relented. "I'll also write that letter for you. I will be taking you at your word Mason."


I was about to open the door when Franklin got our attention. "Adam, did you put an offer on the table?"


"No I didn't Franklin and I'm not going to. All three of those charges are against Federal Officers."


Franklin swallowed hard. "I'll have to review the evidence with Mr. Cole so I guess I'll see you at the arraignment tomorrow."


I opened the door when Cole stood up. "Hey, you better call the US Marshalls Service back."


I just waived my hand to him as we all headed for the elevator. "I'm glad we got that problem taken care of."


We stepped inside the elevator and rode to the ground floor. No sooner had we stepped out when Ed looked at me. "I can't believe the arrogance of that jackass. He really thinks he'll be able to challenge all of the forensic evidence?"


Adam patted him on the back. "Lawyers try that all the time but no one has ever succeeded in getting anything thrown out in any case I've had. I go over all the witnesses' testimony carefully before the trial and I also look that the chain of custody wasn't broken."


"Adam, you won't have to worry about that." Dusty said. "It was my agents that collected the evidence and our lab that did the work."


Adam looked confused. "Why are there two agencies working on this?"


I looked over to Adam. "This was my call. When Curt Poole was killed, we learned he was retired Navy so I asked that NCIS be allowed to assist on the case. Their Medical Examiner did the autopsy but the cause of death was very straight forward."


"So why is the Secret Service still handling it?"


"The cases are interconnected Adam. You have three cases but all committed by the same person. Look, the Federal Firearms Form is the piece of evidence that will sink him. It ties him to all three cases."


Adam shook his head. "You don't make it easy at times Ace."


"See, I knew I just should have shot him." I fired back laughing as I unlocked the Hummer. Call me if you need me, but remember, I'll be at the cemetery with Chris."


The three of us got in then returned to the residence. As we were pulling up to the gate, we saw Dusty ahead of us so we followed him. When we got out, Dusty went over to him. "The computers are fine babe."


"Yeah, after I called you, we learned the whole story."


"The whole story," JR asked as we went inside and waited on the elevator.


"It seems Peterson put his lawyer up to sending the article to the newspaper."


Just then JR's disposition totally changed. "A lawyer was behind turning Chris's life upside down? How could he do that? If I..."


Dusty wrapped his arms around him. "Calm down love, he has his own problems now."


"I'd like to slap his ass in jail for that stunt."


"Unfortunately what he did was not illegal."


JR calmed down as Dusty held him. "I know love but it should be."


"The best thing is we got it off of the internet and if anyone happened to reply to it, it'll never show."


"What about the evening print edition?" JR asked as the doors opened.


"It never made it in. The editor cooperated with Ace."


"So that's where you got that IP from." JR said smiling.


We took a couple of steps then we were greeted by Bennie and Chris. "Did you get it fixed Ace?"


I wrapped my arms around the boys. "Yes we did and it'll never be seen again."


Both boys planted kisses on my cheek. "Thanks so much." Chris said as we heard Ben come into the residence from the West Wing.


Bennie turned then quickly walked to his dad. "How was your day Dad?"


"Routine compared to what I heard was going on with you Ace."


"It's nothing more than just the normal headaches being a cop, Sir." I replied trying to downplay today's events.


He laughed then Gloria came into the hall. "Dinner in ten minutes, gentlemen," She announced


After that, we went and got cleaned up then had a fantastic meal in the dining room. When dinner was over, Bennie and Chris took Tonka downstairs so he could do his business. While they were out, Ed looked at me. "What's the plan for tomorrow?"


I cocked my head when I heard the question. "You want me to set this up?"


He nodded his head then smiled. "Yeah and I bet you already have something going on inside that head of yours."


"I have a couple of ideas that we could use." I replied as the boys returned with Tonka.


"What's going on Ace?" Bennie asked.


"We're just discussing a couple of things baby. Bennie, why don't you and Chris go and watch some television with your dad then we'll join you in a few minutes."


"Aww Ace, can't we stay?" Chris asked.


Bennie took Chris by the hand. "Come on Chris, when Ace says that it means they're discussing work."


The boys went into the living room then I headed for my bedroom to get my computer. "I'll meet you in the Treaty Room."


I got my computer then joined the others. Johnny patted my shoulder as I was booting up my computer. "Let's hear the plan."


"I was thinking that rather than using the Presidential limo we use four Suburbans. Three of them will be decoys leaving here at five minute intervals and taking a different route to the cemetery. The other Suburban will have Ben, Bennie and Chris. Ed, you'll be driving and I'll be riding shotgun. Dusty, you, JR and Johnny follow us in the Hummer along with Tonka."


"What will happen if you're called out?" JR asked.


"That all depends, buddy, but there will be three other vehicles there so you'll have a ride back to the residence."


I looked over to Ed and I could tell he was thinking it over. "Do think your idea would work with two decoy vehicles rather than three?"


"Yeah it can but I want three agents in those vehicles. The reason for this is so there will be enough people outside around the mausoleum. I'm also going to have Tonka sweep the outside and the inside just to be safe."


"Good idea Ace," Ed said looking at me.


I pulled up a map of the area and plotted three routes to the cemetery then motioned for the others to gather around. "We're in luck that there are several routes we can take to get to the cemetery. I'm going to run to my room and print out two copies of this map and mark the routes for each vehicle."


"What about on the way back?" JR asked.


"I want the President in the middle and the Hummer behind him. With the dark windows, I don't think anyone will figure out who's in it."


I looked around to see what the others were thinking. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw it was Johnny. "It looks like you've covered all of the bases. What time do you want the other agents here?"


"The service starts at 10 and the trip should take about twenty five minutes. I want the first vehicle out of here at 9."


"I'll have then here by 8:30 Ace." Ed said as I took my laptop and went over to my room.


I printed out two copies of the map then used a highlighter to mark the route I wanted each of the decoys to take. I shut my computer down then returned to the Treaty Room. When I entered, the guys were talking and I watched as Ed and Dusty seemed to be in a conversation. I took a few steps then I heard Dusty. "Ed, Ace likes his job."


"I know Dusty but never have I seen someone like him. He thinks so fast on his feet, he leaves me in the dust. There is no way I could have worked these cases without a lot of help."


"He did," JR added.


"I know but he knew what had to be done and he delegated it to the best people. I doubt I'd have known where to begin."


"Don't sell yourself so short Ed." I said joining them. "What did you do before you joined the Secret Service?"


"I was a detective with the Colorado State Police."


"You had to have some experience with them in order to get that assignment." I said looking him in the eyes.


"I did Ace but I've been away from it for so long my skills are like an old gate hinge."


"If there hadn't had been the shit that's happened here, life would be quiet, correct?"


"Well yeah, I can't ever remember anything like this ever happening to any other president."


"That's right so don't worry about it. I'll be glad when things settle back to a simple routine."


Ed started laughing. "That would be nice. It's easier protecting the President than having to worry about a nut case out there."


I handed Ed the maps. "If there is nothing else, I'm ready to relax and unwind."


I walked Ed and Johnny over to the elevator and was greeted by Bennie, Chris and Tonka as they stepped off. "Is everything done now?" Bennie asked.


I gave Bennie a hug as Ed and Johnny got in. "We'll see everyone tomorrow Ace." Ed said as the doors closed.


I looked and Chris had his arms wrapped around Dusty and JR. "Everything is finished for the evening." I replied kissing Bennie.


Bennie and I started to head for the living room when I realized we were alone. I stopped and Chris was still holding onto the guys. I looked at Bennie. "Is there something going on baby?"


"I think it's starting to hit him that he'll be leaving on Saturday."


"He knows we're coming with him and we'll be there for a few days, doesn't he?"


"Oh yeah, I told him that and he can call or voice chat when he needs to talk with us."


I was about to say something when I saw them walking towards us. "Is everything alright, Chris?"


He came over and wrapped his arms around me. "It's just hitting me I'll be leaving soon."


Bennie gave him a hug. "Do you remember what I told you? We'll be there for a few days and you can call me or Ace anytime. We're not about to forget you."


Chris fell into Bennie's arms. "I won't forget you guys either."


Bennie playfully slapped him on the butt. "Good, now let's go into the living room. There's a good movie coming on."


After the movie was over, Chris went upstairs with Dusty and JR. Bennie hugged Ben good night then we headed for my room. As soon as I closed the door Bennie was in my arms. After a hot passionate kiss, I looked into his eyes. "Is someone trying to tell me something?"


Bennie locked his lips on mine again then I felt him manage to slip his hand inside my underwear then run his finger inside my crack, finding my hole. "Does this answer your question?"


As soon as he slipped inside my dick came to attention. "If you keep that up I'll shoot sooner than you wanted."


We got undressed then took a quick shower then headed to bed. I tried to get to Bennie's dick but he pushed me onto my back so I let him take the lead. He sat on my chest and leaned forward and started kissing me again while his hands roamed over my nipples causing me to suck wind and let out a soft moan. I saw his dick stand tall so I tried to ease my hand to it but I grazed his hip then he moved my hand away.


He kept this up for several minutes then he began to work his way southward. Bennie knew where to avoid so I wouldn't start giggling so he quickly found the top of my happy trail and made his way to my leaking tool. He licked the head taking my precum with him then proceeded to lick the shaft heading for my balls.


Bennie had become a very experienced lover and he knew all the ways to turn me on. He opened his mouth and took my left nut into his mouth as his hand continued down my nether region. As soon as I felt this, I opened my legs so he could have easy access to my chute. As he was suckling on my nut, I felt his saliva roll down then Bennie's finger found it and use it to lube my hole. I relaxed so he could easily enter me and that he did, finding my love nut. I moaned again as I felt my dick start to twitch on its own.


Bennie must have seen this because he released my nut then he took my tool into his mouth. He began to slowly suck me then I felt him add another finger to my asshole. I was so hot I didn't know what I wanted more; him inside me or for him to bring me to a mind blowing orgasm. After a few seconds of this, I decided on what I wanted. I reached down and slowly removed Bennie's fingers from my ass then start to ease him towards my head. I leaned up to kiss him when he put his fingers on my lips. "This is my adventure baby."


Once he was straddling my body, I took him by the hips and slid his crotch towards my face. Once it was where I wanted it, I lifted my head up and started getting his dick nice and wet. Once this was accomplished, I looked up at him. "Yes it is baby but I have to feel you inside me."


He kissed me passionately then shifted his body as I raised my legs. Bennie got the hint then quickly tongued my hole getting it nice and wet. He then moved so he could line his tool up with my chute then he began to enter me. He slid in all the way and when he rubbed my love nut, I let out a moan in delight. He stopped momentarily then saw the look of pure bliss on my face so he began to rock his hips in and out.


I reached up to start to stroke my dick but once again he kept me from touching it. He had me so hot I almost moved his hand out of the way but I decided against it. He reached over and started stroking me as he continued to make love to me. I felt my balls start to churn then I closed my eyes a little and let out a soft moan. He looked at me and gave me that sexy grin of his. "Is someone getting close?"


I could feel the head of Bennie's dick start to expand in me letting me know he was close. "If you don't let me cum my balls will explode lover."


Being young gave Bennie the strength and flexibility to hump me and jerk my dick at the same time. Each time he hit my prostate, my hole would contract around his dick. He picked up his pace with his hips then he buried his dick deep in me. When he did this, my nuts exploded sending cum everywhere. When I fired, my hole clamped down and I was rewarded with my lover's seed in my ass. Bennie held onto my legs as he fired volley after volley then I reached my arms out so I could ease him down onto my cum soaked chest. He felt my seed then looked at me. "Man, you sure made a mess."


I swiped my finger in the goo then ran it down his nose and across his lips. "It's all your fault baby."


He licked his lips then scooped up some more with his fingers. I opened my mouth then he put them in while I sucked them clean. He leaned down then kissed me so I shared what I had with him. We cuddled for a few minutes then he sat up. "I should do this to you more often but next time, I should remember a towel."


He was right. This was the first time our love making created such a mess. I managed to sit up and carry Bennie into the bathroom. We took another shower then he helped me strip the bed and get them into the laundry. We went over to his room then drifted off to sleep.


My bladder woke me at 6:30 so I eased out of the bed and made my way into the bathroom. I still smelled like I had just made love to Bennie so I grabbed my shorts and went over to my room and got some clean underwear. While I was in my room, I pulled out a clean suit and white shirt.


I went back to Bennie's room and took a shower. When I got out, I quickly got dressed then went out for some coffee. After I finished my second cup, I had to go again so I went into Bennie's room. When I came out, I saw him looking at me. "After you wake up, you need a shower. This morning, I still smelled from last night's love making."


He yawned the rubbed then sleep from his eyes. "It was your fault, you sex machine."


"My fault, I was just along for the ride. You did everything."


Bennie gave me that devilish look. "You love it when I ride you."


"Don't I know it," I said smiling.


Bennie got some clean underwear then headed for the shower. I stopped in my room and realized it smelled like an orgy had taken place in there so I found my air freshener and gave the room a good spraying. By the time I had put the bottle away, the air was clear.


I was about to go into the dining room when I heard a knock on the door leading to the West Wing. I looked up and saw Johnny and Ed standing there. I let them in then we got ourselves some coffee. We sat down at the table then Ed looked at me. "We have the agents lined up along with three bullet proof Suburbans."


I nodded my head. "Good, I think this should go off without a hitch. Did you remind the agents to have their vests on?"


"Yes I did even though a few complained."


"I don't care if they complain, they save lives." I fired back.


Johnny patted me on the back. "Don't we know it and I'm glad you had yours on."


"Ed, how would you feel about vests being mandatory when agents are out on a detail?"


"Personally I think it's a good idea. I'll run it by Evelyn to see what she thinks."


"I was never one to wear one but the new ones we have now are really comfortable and you can't tell you're wearing one under your shirt."


I stood to get another cup of coffee when Ben and Bennie came in. I fixed him a cup of coffee then set it at his usual place. "Good morning everyone," He said sitting down. "Is everything in place for this morning?"


Ed nodded his head. "Yes it is Sir. We'll be using Suburbans rather than the limo so the press doesn't make a big deal about it."


I took over then. "Sir, Chris is a witness in the conspiracy case we're trying to build against Harold Peterson so I'm doing everything I can to keep his name and face out of the news."


He nodded his head. "I think that's wise for his sake. Now, I have something I'd like to run past you Ace."


I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. "Alright Sir, what is it."


"Well, now that Peterson is in custody, I want to have a press conference."


I hadn't spent a whole lot of time in the West Wing so I didn't hear any buzzing. "Has the press been asking questions?"


"The day Pete was shot, rumors were really flying. Isaac did a fantastic job of not answering their questions but giving them just enough so they would leave him alone."


"When did you want to hold this and don't you think Pete should be here?"


"How about after lunch," Ben asked. "Ed, can you see to it Pete Morgan is here?"


Ed nodded his head. "Yes Sir, I'll see to that."


Dusty, JR and Chris came in just as Gloria was setting breakfast on the table. "Dig in everyone, there is plenty so don't be shy." Gloria announced as she returned to the kitchen.


I sat back and waited as Ben then Bennie filled their plates. Ben looked at his son's plate. "Are you eating for two, son?"


I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from spewing the mouthful of coffee I'd just taken. Bennie looked over at me then wiggled his eyebrows. "Not me, Dad but I know someone else who could be."


I decided virtue was the better part of valor so I just filled my plate and ate quietly. After we ate, I went into Bennie's room then playfully popped him on the butt. "Oh, I'm eating for two now?"


He turned around and kissed me. "After last night, you could be having triplets."


"If that happens, I'll be rich." I said laughing as I walked into the bathroom.


After using the bathroom, we went back out to the dining room when my cell rang. "Agent Mason, this is Deputy Marshall Franklin. We have a problem."


I went into the living room so I could talk in private. "What's the problem Deputy?"


"It seems Harold Peterson is refusing to go to court."


"He's WHAT?" I shouted. "How many Marshalls are there?"


"There are four of us."


"Put this call on speaker so Peterson can hear this." I said.


"Alright Agent Mason."


"Deputy Franklin, Harold Peterson will go to court one way or another. He can do it the easy way and walk like a man or he can be shackled and carried but one way or another, he will appear in court today. Do you understand me?"


"You would do that, wouldn't you Mason, you prick." Peterson shouted.


"Deputy Franklin, take the call off speaker, please." I said then waited a moment. "If he gives you any more problems, hog tie him and carry him to the van but I don't think he will."


"Alright Agent Mason," The Deputy said then he ended the call.


At 8:30, Ed, Johnny and I went downstairs and held a meeting with the other agents. The first decoy left out at 9 and twenty minutes later, the second decoy left. At 9:30 Ed, Johnny and I went and got Ben, Bennie and Chris along with Dusty and JR. Dusty and JR followed our Suburban in the Hummer.


Traffic was beginning to thin out after the morning rush so my time estimate to the cemetery was almost right on. When we pulled onto the grounds, there was a worker standing there and he directed us to the mausoleum. I saw the other vehicles and there was room for us to park in between them. When Ed parked the Suburban, I got out and walked back to the Hummer to get Tonka. As I headed for the mausoleum, the agents from the decoy vehicles took their places around the Suburban.


The first thing Tonka and I did was sweep the outside of the building. When we got to the back of the building, he alerted on something and started digging. I immediately stopped him then called Ed. "Ed, Tonka's found something around back. Move the vehicles and I'll see if I can find what he's alerting to."


"Ace, don't try to disarm it."


"I'm not buddy but I would like to see what it is he's found."


"I'm sending another agent to you." Ed said.


I reached into my pocket and took out my pocket knife and gently poked around the area. I didn't feel anything metallic so I gently dug the object up. I took out a pair of rubber gloves and was about to put them on when I heard a voice. "Hey, what are you doing? That's mine."


The man was running full speed and didn't see the other agent approaching him from behind as I stood up and looked at him. "This item buried here is yours?"


"Yeah so back off."


I took my credentials out and hung them on my pocket. "That's all I needed to know."


When he saw my badge he turned to take off but the other agent was right behind him. He quickly put the man in cuffs while I went to find out just what was buried in the ground. I carefully dug the object up and was surprised at what I found. I went to remove the bag when I heard another voice. "What did you find Ace?"


"I'm not totally sure Ed," I replied as I removed the package from the hole.


I brushed off the loose dirt then stood up and went over to the man the agent was detaining. "Would you like to tell me what's in this?"


All of a sudden, he was singing a different song. "T...that's not mine."


"That's funny, that's not what you were saying before. Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way? One way or another, I'm going to find out what's in there."


"It's not mine." He said again.


"That's fine." I said looking at Ed. "Get my drug testing kit out of the back of the Hummer and call Metro."


When Ed left, another man appeared. "Why is my employee in handcuffs?"


I walked over to the man. "Tonka was checking the area for explosives when he hit on this. When I was digging it up, he said the package was his. And you are?"


"My name is Malcolm Hines, I'm the manager." He replied. "What is it?"


"Why don't you ask your employee?" I said looking at the suspect.


He walked over to him. "What is that Davis?"


"I want a lawyer." He said.


I looked over to Mr. Hines. "What's his name?"


"Shut up Malcolm." The man shouted.


"His name is James Davis."


I went over to Mr. Davis. "I want you to listen closely. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?


"I'm not saying shit to you." He spat just as Ed returned.


"Here's the kit and Metro is on the way." Ed said as he handed me my bag.


I set it on the ground then knelt down and opened it. I looked at the substance and took out a cocaine test kit. I opened the bag and spooned out a small quantity the put it in the plastic bag and sealed it then broke the ampoule. I flicked it with my finger so the powder and liquid would mix then waited for a color change. "Ed, look at this."


"That's odd Ace." Ed said.


Davis started laughing. "Looks like you got a whole lot of nothing cop."


I scratched my head and started thinking. `I know Tonka doesn't make mistakes like this.'


While I was thinking, Tonka started smelling the ground again. I thought he had to pee but then he started digging. Davis saw this then broke free from the agent. "Get away from there."


Tonka stopped then turned to charge the handcuffed suspect. "Tonka no," I shouted as the agent reached out and grabbed him by the cuffs yanking him to the ground.


Tonka put his front paws on the suspect and bared his teeth. "G...g...get him me."


"Tonka sit," I shouted then walked up to him. "If you charge him again, I won't call him off. DO YOU READ ME?"


He was shaking so bad the front of his pants changed color. "Y...yeah I got it now get him off."


I looked at him then at Tonka. "Tonka, watch him."


I went over to where Tonka was digging and saw a huge package buried. I was about to reach down when Ed stopped me. "Ace, we better get more people here."


I thought for a minute. "You're right. Call the DEA while I call Gary Abrams."


"Isn't he in court this morning?" Ed asked.


"Yeah he is." I said. "I'll call David Miller. I want a search warrant. Mr. Hines, I'm afraid I'm going to have to close this place until the grounds can be thoroughly searched."


"Agent Mason, people come here to visit their departed loved ones. What do I tell them?"


"I'll leave that up to you, sir but as of now, this is an active crime scene.


Hines left as I looked at the package in the ground then it hit me. I went over to my test kit and pulled out another test. I opened the plastic bag and put another sample of the powder in it and closed the top then broke the ampoule. As soon as the liquid came into contact with the powder it turned purple. "Bingo," I shouted as I held the test kit in the air.


Ed came over to me. "What is it Ace?"


"Heroin, and as fast is it changed colors, I'd say it's almost pure. Did you call the DEA yet?"


He shook his head. "I was about to when you shouted."


"OK, I'm going to call the AG now and tell him what we've found so we can get a search warrant."


"We better make this fast because Ben is waiting on us."


I put the bag of drugs I had into an evidence bag and sealed it then called David Miller. "David, I need a search warrant quickly."


"What did you find Agent Mason." He asked.


"When I had Tonka checking the outside of the mausoleum for explosives, he alerted and found some heroin buried."


"You have that in custody, right?"


"Yes Sir along with a suspect but then he found more and it appears to be a very large amount. Agent Miller is calling the DEA so they can handle this but if Tonka found this bundle, who knows how much more is buried here. The manager of the cemetery gave me permission to check the outside and inside of the mausoleum. I've informed him this is now an active crime scene and he wasn't real happy with it so I didn't want to push things by asking if we could search the entire grounds."


"A wise decision," David replied. "We have grounds for a search warrant with what you've uncovered. I'll write up the warrant and get it over to a judge for his signature."


"Thank you Sir. Please let me know as soon as it's been signed so the DEA can start searching."


"Who's the suspect you have in custody?"


"His name is James Davis. When Tonka found the first package this guy shouted to me that it was his. I asked him if he was positive and again he said it was his. There is a witness too so it should stand up in court."


"Can you get me a photo of him?"


I walked over to him and had Tonka move then I took the photo. "I have one, hold on and I'll send it to you."


I sent it to him then I heard him gasp. "What did you say his name was?"


I had the agent roll him over so I could get his wallet out and find his driver's license. "His driver's license says James Davis."


"That's not how I know him. His real name is George Corring and we've been looking for him for a long time."


"Glad to help you out David. I better get going. I'm holding up the President. Contact the DEA when you get that warrant, we're turning this over to them."


"I will Agent Mason," David said then I ended the call.


Metro PD arrived so I filled them in and had them tape off the two front entrances then asked they get another unit out to cover the back gate. I told the officer that after they had been called, what was to be a simple transport and booking was now a federal case.


I had the agent stay with the suspect and guard the package that was still in the ground. I went around to the front of the mausoleum so I could get everyone out for the service when the DEA arrived. I had to talk with them but I also had to get the service started. I got Ed, Johnny, Dusty and JR together then we brought Ben, Bennie and Chris inside.


As soon as everyone was inside, Mr. Hines joined us. I leaned over to JR. "Can you cover for me?"


"Take care of what you have to with the DEA, that's your first priority. I'll handle this. Chris and I had a lot of time to talk while you were busy."


I went over to Ben next. "I'm sorry for the delay, Sir."


He put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. "I understand totally Ace. Take care of your business outside, JR will handle this."


I went outside and met with the agent in charge. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason."


He shook my hand. "It's nice to meet you Agent Mason, I'm Charles Belote. What did you find?"


I handed him the evidence bag with the heroin and the test kit. "That bag was the first thing we found."


"How did you manage to find it?" Charles asked.


Tonka was back sitting on the suspect when we walked over. I had him let the man up then scratched him behind the ear. "Tonka was checking the area for explosives when he hit on this. When I had made sure it wasn't a bomb, I started to remove it when the suspect came running over claiming it was his. I asked him again if he was claiming ownership and he said it was his."


Charles looked at the suspect. "What have you got to say for yourself George?"


"Go fuck yourself, I'm not saying shit."


Charles looked at the suspect then to another DEA agent. "Take him out of here and put him in the van. I'll question him later."


I led Charles over to the second find. "When I was talking with the suspect, Tonka hit on this."


Charles knelt down. "It looks like you've come across a nice size stash."


"I can't tell if there is more under that one or not."


Charles put a pair of gloves on then reached down and removed the parcel. "You're right, there are more buried here."


I was about to speak when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, I have the search warrant." David told me.


"That's great David. Agent Belote with the DEA is here."


"He's a good agent. He's been after this guy for over five years so it looks like a major trafficker is off the streets for good now."


"I hope so. I'll let him know about the warrant."


"Thanks and an agent is bringing it out to you."


I ended the call. "That was David Miller; the search warrant has been signed and is on its way out."


"You work fast." Charles said smiling.


"I try," I said laughing.


"Do you think we could borrow your dog?"


I shook my head. "Not a chance, he's guarding some precious cargo."


He gave me a strange look after I said what I did then realized I'd almost stuck my foot in my mouth. "Who is he?" Agent Belote asked.


"I'm on the President's security detail."


"WOW, you're right, he is precious cargo."


"Well, he's not my assignment, his son is."


He looked surprised. "He's got a son?"


I nodded my head. "Yep, we have our first Jewish widower for a president."


He looked at the ground. "Well, I didn't vote for him, but I must say, he's really impressed me since he's taken office."


"Well, you can vote for him when he's up for reelection."


"I sure will. Umm, do you think I can meet him?"


I didn't see a problem. "Sure, come on. We're having a private internment service."


Charles and I went inside and JR was talking. When he finished he saw me standing there. "Ace, would you like to say something?"


I went over and stood beside Chris. "Chris, I only met your mother once and that was only for a few minutes. People say first impressions carry a lot of weight and they're right. I could tell she loved you and was proud of the way you stood up for what was right. Your parents raised a bright intelligent young man and have given you the tools to continue your education. They wanted to see that you make something with your life and I'm going to challenge you to see that you do."


I saw tears begin to quietly fall so I stopped for a moment to let Chris compose himself. "You told me you want to become a physician. I have a friend at my alma mater and I'll put in a word with him when you're ready to get your undergraduate degree."


When Chris heard that, he broke down completely. I wrapped my arms around him then I felt Bennie beside me and whisper to him. "My dad knows people at his college too so work hard."


"I will Bennie."


Ben came over and gently rubbed his back. "Would you like to place their urns into the vault?"


Mr. Hines had placed a small step stool in case it was needed but Chris was tall enough to place the urns inside. As he picked each urn up, he hugged each one then gave it a kiss before placing it inside. He stood there quietly with his head bowed then we heard him speak. "Mom, Dad, I knew you're watching over me and you know my deepest secrets. I hope I don't disappoint you now that you know I'm gay. I will work hard to make you proud of me. I love you both so very much and I'm sorry I never told you enough. Good bye."


Mr. Hines walked over to Chris. "I'm so very sorry for your loss Chris. The plaque came in last night so we had it installed for you."


Chris looked at it and smiled through his tears. "It's perfect sir, thank you for everything you've done."


We watched as they sealed the vault then we left. On the way out, Agent Belote came over and stood beside me. "Mr. President, this is Special Agent Charles Belote. He's handling the investigation here at the cemetery."


Ben reached out and shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you Agent Belote."


Charles shook it. "It's nice to meet you too Sir. I'll do my best to help get a conviction."


All of the agents were in place so we escorted Ben, Bennie and Chris back to the vehicles. I was about to get in when I saw a van arrive. I wasn't sure who was in it so I cautiously watched. Two men with DEA jackets on went to the back of the van and opened the doors. They reached in and came out with two stunning K9's. With the amount of ground to search, having several dogs is the best way to tackle the job.


I got inside the Suburban then we left to return to the residence. When we went inside, Chris looked like his mind was a million miles away. I looked at Bennie then we went and stayed with Chris. Before he went up the stairs I called out to him. "Stay with him love and remember, we're leaving tomorrow for Seattle so he needs to get his things packed."


He gave me a hug and kiss. "I'll take care of it baby."


I went into the dining room and joined the others for some coffee. "I'm really sorry..."


"Ace, there's nothing to apologize for." Johnny started. "What should you have done, let it go? No, that wouldn't have been the answer."


Dusty came in then, "You'd have hated yourself if you had."


"Not counting putting your job in jeopardy." A voice said.


I looked up and saw Evelyn and Pete standing there. "I know guys but it seems crime is rearing its ugly head at the worst possible times."


"Who was it that said it's nothing more than just the normal headaches being a cop."


"You always know how to make me eat my words, Sir." I said.


He came over and patted me on the back. "Ace, it's your dedication to duty I like about you and that tells me I have the right person protecting Bennie."


I looked up at him. "Thanks Ben."


Just then Chris came wandering in. I excused myself and went over to him. "Ace, I need to talk with Rocky."


"Alright buddy. Go and get your laptop and bring Bennie with you."


Before he left, he hugged me tight. As soon as he hit the stairs, I got on the phone and called Rocky. "Ace, how are you?"


"Hiya buddy, I'm fine. Can you chat with Chris for a little while?"


"You know I can, he's my big brother now. Is he having a rough time?"


"Yeah buddy he is. Today he interned his parents so he's really down."


"Oh man, that has to suck." Rocky said.


"Go and get on your computer and log on to Skype."


"OK Ace. Hey, before you go I gotta tell ya something."


"What's that dude?" I asked.


"I love you Pop." He said totally taking me off guard.


"Pop?" I asked curiously.


"Yeah Pop," Rocky replied. "Don't you remember I told you that you were a Dad to me now?"


I remembered all too well but I thought it was just something he was saying. "I remember son, I was just surprised when you called me Pop, that's all."


"Better get used to it." He said with a laugh. "You're still coming out tomorrow right?"


"Yeah we are son." I answered.


"I'll see you tomorrow. I love you, Pop."


"I love you too, son." I replied then ended the call.


No sooner had I put my phone away, when Bennie and Chris appeared. "How come you wanted me to bring my laptop Ace?"


"So Bennie could help you get Skype downloaded and an account set up. Rocky is getting ready for your call so you need to get at it."


"Thanks Ace," Chris said as they headed off to Bennie's room.


I looked at my watch and it was almost time for lunch. I didn't want to have to interrupt Chris's chat so I decided to talk to Gloria. When I entered the kitchen, I saw her taking chicken out of the fryer so that answered my question as to what we were having. She saw me heading over then she started waving a set of tongs at me. "No snitching Señor Ace."


I quickly raised my hands. "I come in peace Gloria but I have a special favor to ask."


She came around the counter to me. "What is it?"


I filled her in. "Would you mind if the boys ate in Bennie's room? Chris is having a rough time today since he said goodbye to his parents."


She went over to a cabinet and opened the door. "Bring these to my mijo's room then I'll bring them their lunch."


I smiled at her. "Gloria, you're truly one of a kind."


"Chris is a special boy too and it's not right his parents are now dead."


I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. "Don't you worry now Gloria, he's got a huge support system. Since we're leaving tomorrow for Seattle, do you think he could have something special?"


She thought for a minute. "I have just the thing." She replied smiling. "You leave everything to me. Lunch will be ready in about ten minutes."


I went down to Bennie's room with the TV trays. When I went in, Bennie was putting the finishing touches on helping Chris get his Skype account set up. When he saw me standing there with the trays he almost ran me over. "Thanks Ace, can I get your Skype ID so I'll be able to talk with you?"


I handed him one of the trays then found a piece of paper and wrote my ID on it. "There you go son. You and Bennie can have your lunch in here while you're talking with Rocky. Just be careful and don't make a mess."


Chris wrapped his arms around me and gave me a huge gorilla hug. "We'll keep the room clean."


"Thanks and don't forget to wash your hands before you eat."


After lunch, I told Bennie and Chris I had to go to the West Wing. Bennie gave me a kiss and told me not to worry that they would be fine. I asked him how much he got accomplished getting Chris's clothes packed and he told me he had just a little more to do. "Chris and I will get the rest done before dinner Ace."


"Thanks love, how's he doing now that he's talking with Rocky?"


"A lot better love," He started. "He's talking with Sandy's partner too and she's been a huge help."


I wrapped my arms around him. "I'm glad to hear that."


I let Bennie return to Chris then hurried to my room to shave before the press conference. I met Evelyn, Pete, Dusty and JR in the dining room then we went over to the Oval Office. We were about to get into the elevator when Evelyn stopped me. "Where's Tonka?"


"He's with Bennie and Chris." I replied.


"Go get him and bring him with us please."


I didn't understand why but I went and got Tonka. "I'll take him out so he can do his business before the press conference. I'll meet you at the Oval Office."


When Tonka and I arrived at the Oval Office, it looked like a zoo. When I went into the outer office, I saw Adam standing there along with David Miller. "Agent Mason, is it always like this?"


"When there is something big about to happen, it can be. Adam, who's going to brief the press?"


"The President," He replied.


I managed to get him aside. "How did the arraignment go?"


Adam shook his head. "It was worse than a three ring circus. Harold shot his mouth off and Judge Stein found him in contempt."


"I never thought he'd have done that but then again, nothing he does really surprises me. I take it Nate Hill was denied bond."


"Yes he was and since he fled, the cash bond that was put up before was forfeited."


"I bet Harold went into orbit over that." I said fighting giggles.


"He wasn't told during his arraignment." Adam said.


Just then Ms. Johnson came out of Ben's office. "If you'll listen up, I'll explain things quickly. Several things will be happening today. First off, the President will be making a statement then Director Morgan will be making one. Agent Mason, the President will see you now."


Tonka and I went inside and I saw Ed and Johnny already inside. "You wanted to see me, Sir?"


He was making some notes on a piece of paper then he looked up at me. He filled me in on the press conference then it was time to make our way over to the Press Briefing Room. Ed led the way followed by Johnny, Tonka and me. As soon as we arrived, Ben looked around. "Where are Dusty and JR? I want them up here too."


I had Johnny watch Tonka while I went back and got them. They followed me back to the briefing room then Ms. Johnson stepped out to the podium. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States."


Ben stepped out then waited for the applause to stop. "As you may have been aware, there have been a number of things that happened here on the grounds of the White House over the past several months. I've had numerous questions asked about this but at the time, I've not been able to answer them because of the nature of the incidents. At this time, I'd like to recognize several people instrumental for bringing life on the grounds back to normal.


"First I would like to recognize Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service and his K9 Tonka. He was the lead agent in charge. Next I'd like to recognize Director Dustin Moore and Special Agent JR Carl who are assigned to NCIS. Last but not least I'd like to recognize Special Agent Pete Morgan."


Once the applause stopped Ben continued. "Agent Morgan was wounded in the line of duty bringing information to Agent Mason. His wounding led to the capture of Harold Peterson, a uniformed officer with the Secret Service."


When Ben said this, everyone gasped. "This individual has been charged with the attempted murder of Special Agent Morgan, the attempted murder of Special Agent Mason and the murder of Uniformed Officer Curt Poole. It was due to the joint investigative work between NCIS and the Secret Service that this arrest was possible. Now I'd like to introduce Director Evelyn Morgan from the Secret Service."


Evelyn stepped out then waited for the applause to stop. "Thank you Mr. President. I would like to thank Director Moore and his fine agents with NCIS for their hard work collecting and analyzing evidence that led to the arrest of Harold Peterson. This is the first joint effort between the two agencies but I can say, this won't be the last. Next, the service would like to honor two of their own for service above the call of duty. Special Agent Pete Morgan, please come forward. Two days ago Agent Morgan was taking some important information to Agent Mason. When Agent Morgan stepped outside he saw a man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun aiming at Special Agent Mason. When he called to Agent Mason, he was shot by the masked man. Agent Morgan managed to keep the masked man's attention so Agent Mason's K9, Tonka, could apprehend the suspect. When Agent Mason removed the mask, his identity was revealed as that of Officer Harold Peterson. For his selfless actions, I hereby award him The Director's Award for Valor."


Ben went over and handed Pete the framed commendation and shook his hand. "Congratulations Agent Morgan, I'm glad you'll be returning to duty very soon."


Pete smiled. "Thank you Mr. President."


Evelyn then went over and shook her brother's hand. "Congratulations Pete."


"Thank you Sis," Pete said softly.


"Agent Mason, please bring Tonka forward." I did as instructed then she continued. "Tonka was instrumental in capturing Harold Peterson putting his life on the line to protect his handler and Agent Morgan. He has proven himself to be a great asset to the service and in doing so, he is hereby awarded the Director's Distinguished Service Award."


Ben came forward and handed me his certificate then reached down and scratched Tonka behind the ear. He sat then raised his paw and Ben shook it. "Agent Mason, I'm glad he's here with us."


I reached down and patted Tonka's side then smiled. "Thank you, Sir."


Evelyn came over and Tonka put his paw out. She leaned down and shook it. "Ace, he's a great asset to us all."


After this, we answered several questions then Ben ended the conference. On the way back to the Oval Office, I looked at Pete. "How's the shoulder healing?"


"Slow but it's not hurting too bad." Pete answered.


"How much longer are you out for?" I asked.


"I see the doctor the end of next week but I know I won't be a hundred percent for another couple of weeks after that."


I thought for a moment. "After you see the doctor, give me a call. I'll talk to Ed and see what we can work out."


Pete extended his hand and I shook it. "Thanks Ace and your dog probably saved my ass."


I smiled then shook my head. "I had my weapon out if he hadn't got to him when he did."


Pete reached down and scratched Tonka. "I know what you mean, I wish I had had mine with me that day."


Evelyn came up and smiled at me. "Evelyn, I told Pete to call me after he's seen the doctor."


I could see her thinking. "Alright Ace," She said softly. "Pete, let's get you home now."


Evelyn took Pete home and I met briefly with Ben. Before I left, I whispered to him. "Gloria is planning a farewell dinner for Chris tonight so please try and be on time."


He looked at me. "What is she planning?"


I shook my head. "I haven't a clue."


I headed to the residence then had to take Tonka out before I did. When I returned, I heard laughing coming from Bennie's room. When I opened the door, he and Chris were still talking with Rocky but I could tell he was in much better spirits. I was about to close the door when Bennie saw me. "Ace, what's that you're holding?"


I came in and showed him the plaque. "Your pooch received The Director's Distinguished Service Award."


He knelt down then started doting over him. "Way to go boy."


While the boys continued to chat with Rocky, I took the free time I had to pack for the trip to Seattle. I also called the Seattle office to remind them I would need two vehicles that were bullet proof. I was assured I would have what I needed.


While I was packing I heard a knock on my door. "Come in."


Ed stepped in. "Hi Ace, getting packed for tomorrow?"


"Yeah I am; it's nice to have things back to normal around here. What's up?"


"Did I see you talking with Pete after the news conference?"


"Yeah I did, I wanted to know how he was healing."


"What did he say?" Ed asked.


"He's coming along fine. He said he sees the doctor the end of next week but feels it'll be another couple of weeks before he's back to a hundred percent. I also told him to give me a call after the doctor's visit."


"What are you thinking buddy?"


"Ed, he proved himself. He showed me he wasn't afraid to take a bullet."


He sat down at my desk while I continued to pack. "Do I get the feeling you'd like him here at the White House?"


"You know me too well buddy. I think he would make a good asset."


"What about his mood swings?"


"Well, everyone has to see the shrink after being shot so maybe the underlying cause to that will come out. I also think if we give him assignments that play to his strong points, he'll be fine."


"What does Evelyn think about this?" Ed asked.


"I don't know. She wanted to get Pete home so I didn't get a chance to talk with her alone."


"I know he's a good agent but I still have some reservations."


"We still have time before he's cleared to return to duty so let's see what the shrink has to say; then we'll be able to make an informed decision on what to do with him."


"Alright Ace," Ed said reluctantly. "I want to give him every opportunity to return to work."


I closed the top of the suitcase then sat it on the floor. "Thanks buddy and before I forget, you and Johnny are invited to dinner. Gloria is planning a special farewell dinner for Chris."


"I'll let Johnny know. When will you and Bennie be back?"


"We'll be leaving late Tuesday evening. I have a surprise for Bennie when we get back."


"Oh, what do you have planned?"


"I've talked to one of the instructors at the Academy so I'm going to have him sit in on a couple of the classes. I also plan on taking him over to the range so I can see how he handles a weapon."


"How come, if I might ask?"


"Well, Bennie told me he wants to become an agent and work with the counterfeiting unit."


"I think this would be a first for us."


I nodded my head. "That it would and I think he would make a fine asset."


Ed and I talked as we walked to the door heading to the West Wing. "We'll see you later Ace."


Before I went back to my room, I stuck my head in Bennie's room. Chris was still talking to Rocky so I motioned for him to step outside. "While Chris is still talking with Rocky, why don't you get packed for the trip then get a shower. Gloria is planning something very special for him tonight."


"Cool," Bennie said. "I'll get packed then get us both into the shower."


I went over to my room and set out a clean suit then hopped into the shower.


At 5:30, Ben returned to the residence. "Ace, tonight I want Chris at the head of the table."


"Yes Sir," I replied as he headed for his room to get cleaned up.


Just before 6, I went and got the boys then I was joined by everyone else. When we entered the dining room, I slid Ben's chair out. "Chris, you're to sit here tonight."


I looked at me then shook his head. "Oh no Ace, that's Ben's seat."


"Not tonight," Ben replied then walked over to him. "Please sit down son."


Chris did as he was instructed then a wine steward came in holding a bottle of fine wine. He poured a little into Chris's glass. "Sir, would you taste this and see if this if alright with you?"


Chris looked at the glass then took a sip. He smiled then nodded his head. "That is excellent."


The steward finished filling his glass then gave some to all those who wanted it. When that was done, Gloria came in with a cart. She stopped at Chris's place then put his plate in front of him. "Chris, in honor for you being with us, I've prepared your favorite dinner."


She lifted the cover and Chris gasped. On his plate were a whole Maine lobster and a fillet mignon. "Oh Gloria, how did you know?"


She looked at me then over to Bennie. "I had a little bird tell me."


Chris had to wipe his eyes. "Thank you all so much."


While Gloria was setting the plates out, several chefs came in and removed the meat from all of the lobsters for us. Once everything was done, Ben stood and had his wine glass in his hand. "I'd like to purpose a toast. Chris, you've had your world turned upside down but now you have a fresh start. You've been a joy to have here with us and you're always welcome at the residence. May your new life be filled with much joy, love and happiness."


We all raised our glasses. "Here, here."


Chris tried to take a sip but his emotions got the better of him. It took him several minutes to get them under control then he lifted his glass and took a sip. "After my parents were killed, I didn't know what was going to happen nor did I think anyone would want me in their life but everyone here proved me wrong. Thank you all for everything and I'll never forget you."


We all enjoyed Gloria's feast and I was totally stuffed after I cleaned my plate. While we were enjoying some coffee to help our food digest, Gloria came in with one final surprise. "Chris, I've had the pastry chef make this for you in your honor."


The pastry chef came in carrying a sheet cake decorated with the White House and the grounds. Chris covered his mouth. "Gloria, this is too beautiful to cut."


I excused myself then went and got my camera. I took several photos of it then handed Chris the knife. Chris cut the cake then the chef finished the job and gave everyone a large piece. "Sir, I'll see to it the leftovers are saved so they can go with you on your flight tomorrow."


Chris thanked him then dove in. I'd never had a cake that was so moist that it almost melted in my mouth. After everyone had their fill, Ed and Johnny left for the evening. Dusty and JR went upstairs to pack then get a shower so they wouldn't have to do it in the morning. While they were doing that, Ben, Bennie, Chris and I were watching television in the living room. Chris was snuggled with Ben and he had his arm around him. Bennie looked at me. "Ace, can Chris sleep with us tonight?"


He had that devilish grin on his face. "Alright baby but you know I won't partake in any fun and games."


He kissed me on the cheek. "I know love and that wasn't why I asked."


I smiled then nodded my head. At 11, we were all very sleepy so it was time to head to bed. Before we left, Chris gave Bennie a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. My baby returned it then I saw him talk to him. "Bennie, would you mind if I slept with your Dad?"


He kissed Chris on the cheek. "Not at all buddy."


We watched as Chris and Ben headed to his room then the rest of us retired for the night.


To be continued