The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 34


We watched as Chris and Ben headed to his room then the rest of us retired for the night.


It was a good thing I'd set the alarm clock because I needed it. When I managed to wake Bennie, I went over to his closet and took out his vest. "Put this in your carryon bag lover."


He looked at me. "Why?"


"You never know baby and I'm not in the mood for surprises."


Bennie and I got a shower then made a final check to make sure we had everything we needed for the trip out to Seattle. We went out to the dining room and were greeted by Chris and Ben. Bennie noticed his dad was holding Chris's hand so when he went over to give him his good morning kiss, I saw him whisper something into his ear. I didn't know what was said between them but I saw them both smiling then he turned and gave Chris a kiss on the cheek too.


A few minutes later, Dusty and JR came into the dining room and right away, JR noticed something different about Chris. He looked at me and smiled and I did the same thing. Gloria rolled the breakfast cart in and once again she out did herself. She removed the lid on one of the platters and it was filled with her special waffles. She stopped at Chris's place first then handed him a piece of paper. "Here is the recipe to my waffles mijo."


Chris stood up and held her tightly. "Gloria, are you sure about this? Bennie has told me many times that you never part with your recipes."


"Si mijo," She started.


"Mijo?" Chris asked interrupting.


"Es verdad mijo; tu eres como mi segundo hijo. (That's right mijo; you're like a second son to me)"


"Muchas gracias, Gloria." Chris replied kissing her on the cheek.


Gloria wiped her eyes and playfully swatted Chris on the butt. "Come on now; eat up while it's still hot."


We quickly polished off everything on the platters then while I took Tonka out, Bennie got his food and bowls so he could eat. When I returned, Chris was in Ben's arms crying. I didn't know what had happened but Bennie came over to me and handed me a piece of paper. I read the letter and was totally blown away by what was written.


My dearest Chris,

In the short time you've been here I've totally fallen in love with you. I know this isn't the way to express my feelings for someone but every time I try to talk with you, I get totally tongue tied.


Would you do me the great honor of agreeing to be my life partner?"


With all my love,



By the time I'd finished reading the letter, tears were falling down my face. I hadn't realized it but Bennie had wrapped his arms around me. "It looks like your dad found love baby."


Bennie squeezed me. "Isn't it great?"


After I'd said that it hit me that I'd hoped he and Rocky would become a couple. "What about Rocky," I whispered.


"I was talking to Rocky when Chris was in the bathroom and he told me about a boy he'd met but hadn't said anything to him because he wanted to meet Chris in person."


I kissed my lover on the cheek. "I think you better give Rocky a call so he can give his friend an answer now."


Bennie nodded his head then we went over to the happy couple. Bennie went over and wrapped his arms around both of them. "Congratulations Dad."


Ben looked at his son. "I was so worried you'd be up in arms..."


Bennie put his finger on his dad's lips. "Why should I be? As long as the two of you are happy, that's all that matters."


Chris leaned over and kissed Bennie on the cheek. "Thanks for your blessing Bennie; that really means a lot to me."


Just then I heard the elevator doors open. I looked out and saw Ed and Johnny coming down the hall. "What are you guys doing here?"


Johnny looked at me. "We're just following orders Ace."


I knew I hadn't said anything about needing them here this morning so I was at a loss. When they walked into the dining room Ben smiled. "Glad you're here guys, is everything ready Ed?"


Ed nodded his head as Bennie was looking at me and I merely shrugged my shoulders so he looked at Ben. "What's going on Dad?"


"Well, I need to meet with the Governor of Washington and he'll be in Seattle on Monday so..."


Chris looked at his fiance. "You're coming with us?"


Ben kissed Chris on the cheek. "Do you have a problem with that love?"


"Oh no baby, I was just surprised." Chris said smiling.


I looked over to Ed and motioned for him to come with me then I went to Ben. "Sir, what about the press?"


"What about them," He asked. "They have their area on the plane and god help them if they try and wander."


That made me feel a little better and this time, I wasn't going to let myself get blindsided by a reporter. "What time are we set to leave Ben?" I asked.


"10:30," Ben said. "We'll be going to Andrews on Marine One."


Ed took over then. "There will be another helicopter that will land first and that will be for the press. They will be ushered on and told they are not allowed out of their area for any reason. If they need something, they're to use the call bell and someone will come to them. After they take off, Ben, Bennie Chris and the staff will board Marine One for the short flight to Andrews. Now, I want everyone's luggage by the elevator so that it can be loaded onto Marine One. Any questions so far?"


I went over to Ed. "How much sleep did you get last night?"


"Not enough," he replied. "Ben called me about 11:15 with the change in plans."


"I'm sorry buddy; I had no idea about any of this."


"I know you didn't. What I need you to do now is to get everyone's luggage so it can be loaded when the helo lands."


I passed this onto Dusty and JR then they went and got their things along with Chris's. At 9:45, the luggage had been counted then moved to the staging area.


Over in the West Wing, other agents were briefing the Press Corps. "Listen up people."


One of the reporters started firing questions. "Are we going to be able to interview the President?"


"No and listen up because I'm only saying this once." The agent shouted.


The reporter got mouthy. "Why not? We have a right..."


"You have the right to do what you're told and if you don't you'll be staying right here."


"Yeah right, we'll see about that." He shouted.


The agent finally managed to get some control over the group of reporters. "In fifteen minutes a helicopter will be landing. You will be escorted out to it and once everyone is on board, you'll be flown to Andrews Air Force Base where you'll be boarding Air Force One. Once on board the plane, you'll not be allowed to leave the press area. Once airborne, if you need anything, use your call bell and a member of the flight crew will assist you. If you leave the press area, your White House Press Credentials will be revoked and you will have to find your own way back to Washington. Do you understand these rules?"


The mouthy reporter got cocky. "Who the hell do you think we are; a bunch of first graders?"


"Right now it seems I'm talking to someone who couldn't get out of kindergarten."


The other reporters broke out laughing. "You think you're funny, don't you?"


The agent ignored his comment. "Now, there is a press form being handed out to everyone. Read it over and sign it. Anyone who refuses; will not be boarding the helicopter."


Back in the residence, I went to my room and quickly put my vest on then my weapon. When I returned to the dining room, Chris was standing close to Ben and he looked nervous so I went over to him. "What's wrong buddy?"


"I...I've never been on a helicopter before."


I wrapped my arm around his waist. "Don't feel bad Chris, neither have I."


His eyes got as big as saucers. "I thought you were in the Air Force?"


I smiled and nodded my head. "That's right, I spent twenty years in the Air Force but I've never been on a helicopter."


Ben wrapped his arm around him. "Chris, you'll be amazed at how smooth and quiet Marine One is. If you want, I can put you away from the window."


"Oh no baby, I want to see everything but I'm afraid I might get airsick."


I thought for a minute. "I have something you can take if you'd like but the downside to it is you might get sleepy."


He started shaking his head. "I don't want to miss a thing."


Ben smiled at him. "If you feel like you're going to get sick, let me know and I'll get you an airsick bag."


Chris smiled weakly. "Thanks."


Over in the West Wing, the agents started getting the members of the press ready to file out to their helicopter. "Listen up, there will be an agent by the door leading out to the south garden, you will hand him the form you were given. Anyone who hasn't signed it will be removed from the line and you will not be allowed to board the aircraft."


Everything was going smoothly until the mouthy reporter stepped up. He handed the agent the form but he'd folded it into something one inch square. The agent looked at him. "You think you're being smart, don't you?"


"He said hand it to you. He didn't say I couldn't fold it."


The agent tried to unfold it but he had it folded tightly. After several seconds passed he solved the problem. He took the reporter by the arm. "Hey Joe, come here and take this smart ass."


"What?" He shouted then started wiggling. "It's been signed so let me go."


He kept fighting the agent then several agents took control of him, putting him in handcuffs. "Revoke his credentials."


The reporter was really steamed. "I'll sue the whole bunch of you."


"If that's what you want to try to do." The agent shot back. "But you were told what was expected of you plus you're here because we've let you."


The other reporters handed the agent their form and were let outside. Once outside, one of the reporters shouted. "Look everyone."


There hovering a few feet off the ground was a VH 53D. The VH 53D is a variant of the CH 53 for use in the Presidential air fleet. The helo slowly eased down to the ground then shut its twin engines down so the people could board. Joe came outside with the reporter sill in cuffs. "What do you want to do with him?"


The agent in charge looked at the tattered form then noticed it hadn't been signed. "Revoke his credentials then see to it he's escorted off of the grounds."


The man was led off screaming then the agents got the remaining reporters on board the helo. Once the passengers were in their seats, the rear hatch was closed and the engines started then Ed received a message. "The reporters have left the grounds. One had his credentials revoked. Marine One will be landing in five minutes."


Ed got our attention. "Listen up; Marine One will be landing in five minutes."


Chris took Ben's hand as we walked over to the south entrance. "When the helo lands, wait for me then we'll go out and get on."


I watched in awe as the pilot set the bird's wheels down on three circles that had been placed on the ground. As soon as the rotors had stopped spinning the door opened and a marine in dress uniform stepped off. We took our places then escorted Ben, Bennie and Chris to the helicopter. On the way out, Ben stopped and shook hands with several people. While he was doing this, we got on then waited for Ben to board. As soon as he did, the door closed then the marine got on board. As soon as he closed his door, the engines started. Ben didn't take the seat that was designated for him but sat beside Chris instead. Ben kept Chris's mind occupied then I spotted the Washington Monument. "Chris, look out the window." Bennie said.


"Oh my God," Chris exclaimed as his head started to turn around.


I didn't know whose head was swiveling more, his or Bennie's. The trip only took ten minutes and as soon as we touched down, the boy's faces sunk. "Aw Dad, is it over already?"


"Relax baby, there will be another ride." I said as the door dropped down.


We exited the helo then walked over to Air Force One. I looked at the stairs then realized there was a problem. "Ace, how's Tonka going to get in the plane?" Bennie asked.


I looked at him and smiled. "Well, whose dog is it?"


Bennie's mouth dropped. "I can't carry him?"


Tonka whined then pawed at Bennie's leg. "Now look what you've done."


Bennie looked down and smiled then headed for the steps. "Come on boy." He said as Tonka marched over and began to climb the steps. "Come on Ace, you're supposed to be guarding me."


I trotted over to the steps then quickly caught up with Bennie. JR and Dusty came over with Chris then boarded. Just as they boarded I saw Ed and Johnny coming up followed by Ben then the door on the plane was closed. I heard the engines begin to start one by one then soon, all four were running. A minute later a voice came over the speakers. "Good morning everyone, please secure all electronic devices, place your seatbacks in their upright positions and your seatbelts are fastened. We're number one for takeoff."


We taxied out to the runway then I felt the engines go to full power then we started down the runway. We lifted off then soon were at our cruising altitude. Bennie went over and got Chris. "Ace, can I show Chris around?"


"Did you ask your dad?"


"He's in his office with Isaac so I couldn't."


"Alright," I said as Tonka, Dusty and JR came up.


Bennie took three of them on a tour of the plane and Tonka was at their side. I went to find Ed but before I could, Isaac found me. "Agent Mason, can you find Agent Miller and Agent Hawks and come to the President's office?"


Since I didn't know what was on tap for this trip, I thought this could have been Ben's request. "I'll get them and we'll be there right away."


I went to find them and it didn't take me long. I headed towards the back of the plane then smelled fresh coffee. I followed my nose and found Ed and Johnny talking with one of the stewards in the main galley. I stuck my head in and the steward saw me. "May I help you, Sir?"


"I'm not a sir anymore TSgt Green, I'm just an agent with the Secret Service." I answered trying to lighten things then looked at Johnny and Ed. "Isaac says we're needed in the President's office."


When we came out of the galley, I saw the boys in the conference room. I walked over and Chris spotted me. "Is anything wrong?"


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Not at all, Ed, Johnny and I have a little meeting with Ben in his office. I just wanted to let you guys know where I was."


Dusty looked at me. "Do you need us there?"


I shook my head. "I think this has to do with his business while we're with Chris at Rocky's. If he does want you there, I'll come get you."


Ed, Johnny and I went forward to Ben's office then knocked on the door. "Enter."


When we entered, Ben looked surprised to see us. "You wanted to see us, Sir?" I asked.


"I needed Ed and Johnny to go over meeting plans I have. Where are the boys?"


"Bennie is showing Chris around. Dusty and JR are with them."


"Alright Ace," Ben said as I left the office.


I went out and found everyone then headed for the flight deck. "Where are we going?" Chris asked.


I rang the buzzer then waited. The door opened and Major Davis greeted us. "Agent Mason, it's nice to see you again. Bennie, how are you?"


"Hi Major, I'm fine. This is my friend Chris. Can you show him around?"


"I'll be glad to Bennie, come on up." The Major said then he spotted Tonka. "Whoa what's that?"


Bennie moved then Tonka sat and raised his paw. "That's Tonka, he's my dog and he's a hero. Shake his paw Major Davis."


The Major leaned down and shook Tonka's paw. "So you're a hero, huh?"


Tonka barked several times then the door to the flight deck opened. "What's going on out here?"


Major Davis came to attention. "I'm sorry Sir."


Bennie looked up and saw a tall man. "It's my fault Colonel Nelson, Tonka was answering Major Davis. We didn't mean to disturb you."


The Colonel saw Bennie then came to attention. "No Sir, you didn't disturb us."


Everyone relaxed then Colonel Nelson took Chris, Dusty and JR to the flight deck and showed them around while Bennie and I told the Major what Tonka did that made him a hero.


After they saw the Communications Center, we went down to the main deck for lunch. I just closed the door to the flight deck when I heard a voice. "Hey, what does someone have to, well, well what have we here?"




I saw the flashes from a camera. Just then I heard Tonka growl then charge the man. "Tonka sit."


He stopped and the man started shaking. "Get him away from me."


JR and I walked up to the man. JR reached for his camera as I took his credentials. "What are you doing in here? Weren't you told you were not to leave your area for ANY reason?"


The man started stuttering. "I...I called for the steward but no one came."


"That's no excuse." I said as JR handed me his camera.


"That's mine." He said reaching for the camera.


"Did anyone give you permission to take photos" I asked.


"I don't need permission." He spat. "Haven't you ever heard of the first amendment?"


"And haven't you heard that all reporters are not allowed to go wandering outside of their area."


"It's my right..." He started.


"On this plane you don't have any rights. You are to do as you're instructed."


"What the hell is this, a communist aircraft?"


JR had heard just enough of his crap. "Why don't you just shut your mouth?"


I handed JR my cuffs. "Put these on him, maybe he'll shut his mouth now."


I looked at the photos he'd taken then deleted the three he'd taken of Bennie and Chris holding hands. "Those are mine."


"They were of the President's son and you didn't have his permission to take them." I countered as I reached up and removed his press credentials. "When we land in Seattle, you'll be taken to the terminal then you'll have to find your own way back to Washington, DC. If you have someone who can pack up your belongings you may call him and he can give them to you off of the White House grounds."


"WHAT?" He screamed. "I'll sue you people."


"Didn't you read that form you signed before getting on the plane?" I asked hanging his camera around his neck.


He shook his head. "I just signed it because it was a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo."


JR took him by the arm and let him over to the Security Section and hooked one of the cuffs to the arm rest. "Well sir, I guess that'll teach you not to just blindly sign everything that's shoved out to you."


On our way to the dining room, I stopped in the gallery. I saw TSgt Green working on the lunches. "Are those for our guests?"


"Yes Sir," He replied covering one of the plates he'd made. "They have a choice of roasted chicken or grilled salmon."


"Would you happen to have any bologna on board?"


He thought for a moment. "Yes Sir, we do. COL Nelson loves it so we keep some on the aircraft for him."


"Good," I said. "Where is it?"


"Your lunch will be ready in just a few minutes, Sir." He said opening the fridge door and taking a package out.


I smiled. "It's not for me sarge, it's for one of the reporters."


"I'm working on their lunch now." He said.


"I understand that but this guy decided he wanted to go snooping around the aircraft and got caught."


"A Mr. Dawkins?" TSgt Green asked.


"That's him," I said. "How'd you know?"


"He tried to bribe me to take him out so he could see Bennie."


"You should have taken it." I said then was interrupted.


"Are you crazy? That would have ended my career."


"What I was going to say sarge was then you could have turned it over to one of the agents here then we'd have arrested him on bribery."


"Oh," He said turning several shades of red. "Now I wish I had."


He then set out a loaf of bread along with several packets of condiments. I took out four slices of bread and wrapped them in plastic. I opened the bologna and removed 2 slices wrapping them in plastic wrap also. I found a plastic plate and put the items on them then covered it. I took the tray out to our guest in the Security Section. When I sat it down I looked over my shoulder. "Enjoy."


He removed the lid then shouted at me. "You expect me to eat this?"


"You can wipe your ass with the bread for some more flavor, if you'd like." I said laughing as I headed to the dining room.


We enjoyed a wonderful lunch then we managed to watch a movie before it was time to land in Seattle. As we were taxiing to the hangar, I looked at Ben. "I had two cars ordered for us Sir. Do you want us to follow you to your hotel or will you want to stay with Rocky?"


He thought for a minute. "I'll stay in the hotel. I know space is tight so I don't need to add more headaches."


"Dad, they'd love to have you there." Bennie said.


"I know son but you also know security will have to be even tighter. You can tell him I'll be expecting them tonight for dinner."


"I don't know how they'll take to that." Bennie said as we heard the engines shut down.


"Tell Rocky I won't take no for an answer." Ben said as Ed headed for the door.


Ed, Johnny, Dusty JR and I exited then took our places as Ben, Bennie and Chris came down. Dusty and JR got Bennie and Chris into one of the Chargers while Ed Johnny and I got Ben into his limo. I got into one of the Chargers then my phone rang. "Hiya son."


"Hey Pop, we're waiting for you."


I had to think for a minute. "Are you here at the airport?"


"Well, I am. Aunt Sandy dropped me off." Rocky said.


"Where are you son?" I asked then put my ear piece in.


"I can meet you at the arrival area."


I had to devise a plan. I put Rocky's call on hold then called Dusty. "I have Rocky on hold. He's here at the airport and can meet us at arrivals."


"I'll send JR inside. Ask him where he is."


"Hold on and I'll make this a conference call." I said connecting the three of us.


"Rocky, this is Dusty."


"Hey Uncle Dusty, how are you?"


"We're fine buddy. Where are you so JR can find you?"


"I'm by Continental Airlines."


"Good, stay there and JR will find you."


We kept Rocky talking then JR quickly found him. "Dusty, meet us out front and turn your lights on so I can see you."


"Alright buddy, Dusty said then we ended the call and made our way around to arrivals. I saw a spot by Continental then pulled in. Dusty was right behind me and before I could flip on my lights, there was someone tapping on my window. "Come on Mac, no parking."


I sat there ignoring him then I heard him try and open the door which immediately got Tonka's attention. I reached down and turned on my grill lights then eased the driver's door lock into the unlocked position. Next I removed my credentials and set them on my lap so when he opened the door, he would see them. He lifted the door handle again and this time the door opened and Tonka immediately started barking. He was also staring at my badge. "No parking?" I asked as I was looking at the sign that read, `5 minute drop off parking.'


"Uh yeah, that's what I said." The jerk stuttered.


I stepped out and pointed to the sign holding my credentials. "Would you care to read that to me Mac?


"And one more thing," I started adding. "Is this how you talk to guests?"


He saw my shield. "I...I'm s...sorry Special Agent..."


"I suggest you learn how to deal with the public." I said then waved to JR and Rocky. They got into Dusty's car then I got back into mine and took off, leaving the cop standing there with his mouth hanging open.


I called Ed and told him we had Rocky with us and we were heading to his place. I had him ask Ben what time dinner was set for then I told Ed we would all be there on time.


We pulled up in front of Rocky's house then brought our bags inside. Dusty and JR followed Robert over to his house and got their things unpacked. Once everyone was settled, we sat down and had coffee while the boys talked in Rocky's room. Bennie got Rocky alone. "Did you call your friend?"


"Yes I did but you didn't give a whole lot of details when you were on the phone with me."


"I know and at that time, I couldn't." He said. "Come on, I'll let Chris explain it."


When they went into Rocky's room, Chris was looking lost. "Is everything alright?"


Bennie sat beside Chris then leaned close to his ear. "Why don't you show him the letter?"


"Bennie, he'll hate..." Chris started but Bennie put his finger on his lips.


"No one is going to hate you." Bennie said kissing him on the cheek.


"What is it Chris?" Rocky asked.


He reached into his back pocket then took out Ben's letter. "Ben gave this to me today."


Rocky opened it. "Oh man Chris, this is fantastic."


Rocky jumped out of his seat and landed on Bennie and Chris causing them both to land on the floor with a loud crash. When I heard this, Tonka barked and we both took off down the hall. I opened the door and saw all three boys on the floor. "What's going on in here?"


Rocky got up then helped the others to their feet. "Sorry Pop." Rocky said softly.


"What happened," I asked as I looked at the trio.


"Rocky was trying to hug me." Chris said.


"Yeah, but he came up a little short and we all landed on the floor." Bennie added.


"Pop, can we go over to Duncan's house?"


I had to think for a minute. "Who is he and where does he live?"


"He lives three doors down." Rocky started then leaned over to my ear. "His full name is Duncan Stewart. He's my boyfriend."


I kissed him on the cheek. "That's super son. Why don't you go and get him then bring him back here."


About ten minutes later, Rocky came in with a dark haired boy with eyes so dark they reminded me of onyxes. He brought him over to us then smiled. "Everyone, this is Duncan Stewart. Duncan, these are my friends."


He shook everyone's hand then when he stopped at me, he gave me a hug. "You have to be Ace."


I was in awe of this young god. "That's right, how'd you know?"


"It was the way he described you." Duncan said smiling at me then leaned close to my ear. "He said you were really hot and he's right."


I turned red then Bennie got in on it. "Hey baby, why are you red?"


I stuck my tongue out at him. "Nothing love."


My phone rang and it was Ed. "Ace, can you be here a little early? Ben's stomach is still on east coast time."


I looked at my watch. "It's 3:00 now, what time does he want us there?"


"In about ninety minutes." Ed answered.


"Sure, we'll be there." I said then ended the call. Duncan, do you need a shower?"


He nodded his head. "Yes Sir, I do. Ms. Brinkman, would you mind if..."


She smiled. "Not at all Duncan, go and get a change of clothes. You might want to bring a jacket and tie."


Just then we heard the little one awake from her nap. Rocky went down to get her as Sandy's partner came home. She went over and gave her a kiss then made the introductions. Rocky came over to me with the baby and placed her in my arms. "This is Britney."


She looked up and me and gurgled with a smile on her face. "Ah Rocky, I think she's a little soggy."


Sandy laughed. "We have a house rule here Ace."


I looked at her, "A house rule?"


Rocky came in with some changing gear, "Yeah Pop, he who finds it, changes it."


I'd been set up. "OK little one, it's you and me."


I knelt down and laid her on the floor then proceeded to change the baby. When I was done, I tickled her belly button causing her to giggle. I stood up and handed her to Trish. "Ace, you didn't have to change her."


I smiled then looked at Rocky who still had his mouth hanging open. "I know but someone didn't think I could do it."


"Trish, we're having dinner with the President tonight at his hotel." Sandy said heading for her bedroom.


She covered her mouth. "Are you sure baby?"


I nodded my head. "Yes she is Trish. Can everyone manage to get showers at the same time or do we need to take turns?"


Sandy shook her head. "We have a large hot water heater. We've always been able to shower at the same time and not freeze or scald anyone."


"You're lucky," I said as Robert took Dusty and JR over to his place so they could get cleaned up then Bennie and I headed for our room.


Bennie closed the door then wrapped his arms around me. "I wonder if Dad will want Chris to stay with him tonight."


"I don't know baby," I started as I slipped off my weapon and set it in the wardrobe. "The only problem I see is getting him back here when your dad is in meetings. I'm sure getting him back here wouldn't be a problem. I think I'm going to call him so he knows just how many people will be there tonight."


"Good idea," Bennie said as he quickly shucked his clothes.


I called Ben's cell phone. "Hi Ace, is there a problem?


"No Sir," I replied. "The reason I'm calling is to give you a head count."


"Thanks, I guess I did forget to get that from you. How many will be here?"


"There will be six but one is a baby plus Chris and the rest of us." I answered but was hearing uneasiness in his voice. "Is there anything wrong Sir?"


"I thought I'd have a little more time to myself but Isaac seems to be around me every minute."


"How did you handle him when you were in Canada?"


"I always had plenty for him to do but here, there isn't anything until Monday."


"Well then give him some time off and tell him to go out on his own."


"He'd never do that Ace," Ben said.


"Make it an order. Tell him you don't need him and to go and enjoy his time away from the White House."


Just then I heard a knock. "Hold on Ace," Ben said as he muted his phone so I couldn't hear what was being said. "You're not going to believe this but Isaac asked for some time to himself."


"That makes everything really easy then, Sir. Is Ed around? I need to coordinate our entry."


Ben and I ended our call then a minute later Ed called. He told me where the private entry was and he said everything would be ready for us. Bennie was standing there in the doorway with his hand on his hip. "I thought I was going to be taking a shower alone."


I tossed the phone on the bed then shucked my undies as Bennie turned the shower on. "Sorry baby, I had to get a couple of details worked out."


After we used the toilet we stepped in and Bennie wrapped his arms around me then leaned his head against my chest. "Ace?"


"Yes love," I replied as I got his hair shampooed.


"What happens if Dad wants Chris to stay with him tonight?" He asked as I guided him under the water spray.


I thought for a moment as I started washing his body. "Would that be a bad thing?"


"Ace," Bennie said turning around looking me in the eyes. "That's my father."


I reached my soapy hand down and caressed his package. "And I'm in the shower with his son."


"So, he knows it." He countered as he turned around and looked at me. "But what if they..."


"If they what baby? Have sex?"


He looked down then back up at me. "Well, yeah."


"If it's something they both want, would that be so bad?"


I continued washing him as he thought. He stepped under the spray as I got all the soap off his body. "I guess not." He said softly.


Bennie started washing me. "Baby, you're dad has found something we have and that is love. I'm sure he never thought he'd find someone after your mom died but he has."


I rinsed the soap off my body then turned the water off as Bennie reached for the towels. He was lost in thought then a smile broke out on his face. "Chris is a lucky guy, isn't he?"


I leaned in and kissed him. "As is your dad, baby"


We got dressed then loaded up for the trip to the hotel. I let Ed know we were in route and he told me Johnny would be waiting to show us where to park. There was an underground parking garage and as soon as I pulled in, I saw Johnny and several other agents with him. "How about we get Sandy and her crew up to Ben's floor first then I'll bring Bennie and the others up?"


Johnny nodded his head then walked back to Sandy's van. "You can park right here. If you all will follow me, we'll get you upstairs."


Dusty, JR and Chris got out of their car and walked up to mine. Two agents followed them so Bennie and I got out then I let Tonka out of the back seat. Tonka saw Johnny and made a beeline for him.


"Agent Hawks..." One agent shouted.


Dusty reached out and put his hand on the agent's hand as Johnny and Tonka enjoyed a playful moment. Johnny gave his friend some good scratching then we heard the elevator return for us. We went up then Johnny and Tonka had the lead walking down the hall. He came up to a room then the door opened and I saw Ed step out. We all entered then I was about to say something when Ben came in. "It's nice to see that everyone could make it."


I looked at Chris and he couldn't keep his enthusiasm as he went over to him and wrapped his arm around the one he loved. Bennie took the lead and made the introductions. Sandy came up and shook his hand. "Mr. President..."


Ben stopped her. "Sandy, tonight it's Ben. I don't stand on formalities with friends."


She smiled. "Ben, you have some wonderful people on your staff. I'm so glad Dad and I have the chance to get to know Rocky and now Chris."


Robert came up next and shook his hand. "Ben, I had hoped that my son could find it in his heart to accept his sister but sadly that wasn't the case. You Sir, have true compassion for everyone."


"Well, being bi makes it easy but it wasn't always like that when I was growing up. I guess that's the biggest reason I don't tolerate bullying."


Bob looked over to Bennie then back to Ben. "I remember your press conference when your own son was assaulted just because of his religion."


Ben nodded his head. "It really hit home and it was Ace that had to remind me that the boys involved needed to have justice served and not vengeance on my part."


Bob nodded his head. "I think as a father I would have felt the same way had it been one of my children too."


Bennie then came up with Rocky. "Dad this is Rocky."


Ben shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you young man. Is that someone special I see with you?"


Rocky reached his hand out and brought his friend over. "This is Duncan Stewart. He's a real good friend."


Ben shook his hand and the three of them talked for several minutes. While this was going on, Ed got me off to the side. "Ace, you do realize we're going to have to do a full investigation on Chris, don't you?"


I nodded my head. "I know and it should be fairly routine. When we get back to DC we can start it. Can we keep this from him?"


"I've already discussed it with him and he understands. I had Metro do a local check on him and his parents and they have nothing except for a couple of minor traffic infractions."


"I'll let you finish this then." I said patting him on the shoulder. "I need someone impartial on this."


"I have someone who can get started on it now then." Ed said.


"Who do you have?" I stopped in midsentence, thought for a moment then continued. "Pete?"


Ed nodded his head. "Who better? You wanted to bring him back to the White House, correct?"


"It would be a good test for him. Alright give him the assignment, but remember, he's confined to his apartment because he's not officially been released for duty."


"Who do you suggest do the leg work?" Ed asked.


"Ask Evelyn and see if a couple of agents from headquarters can handle that."


Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood another agent. "I'm Agent Glen Martin."


Ed shook his hand. "Ace, he's in charge of the Seattle office."


I shook his hand, "Nice to meet you."


"Your dinner is on its way up." He said then looked down the hall. "Agent Mason, we have a secure van for your guests."


"Secure van?" I asked.


"Bullet proof," He said. "Since the press got wind of the President's stay in town we've had our hands full keeping them away. An agent said he chased a group off shortly after you arrived so I'm betting they've seen the other vehicle your friends came in."


"So you want to use the secure van and send the other out as a decoy."


"Exactly and one of my agents will be driving it. We know where you're staying so we can get it there and pick up the other one."


I thought for a moment. "Alright, we'll use it. I'll get with you before we're ready to go so the details can be worked out."


Glen moved then I saw Johnny coming up the hall followed by several carts pushed by hotel staff. "Ace, dinner is here."


I stepped out of the way so the carts could come in. Everyone took their seats then the meals were served. One of the servers asked, "Is there anyone here allergic to seafood or shell fish?"


Everyone shook their heads no then an appetizer was placed in front of Ben. When the waiter lifted the cover off my eyes almost popped out of my head. Ben nodded his head. "Thank you."


The staff passed out the appetizers to everyone then we dug into a delicious shrimp cocktail. Once everyone had finished, salads were passed out to those who wanted them. They also had a variety of dressings so everyone was able to find something they liked.


Once the salads were passed out, the head waiter spoke. "We have three entrees for tonight. The first is leg of lamb with a mint jelly on the side, roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables. Next we have fresh Dover sole, rice pilaf and asparagus tips. Finally we have a vegetarian pot pie."


We placed our orders then dove into our salads. I didn't eat all of my salad because I wanted to have room for the leg of lamb. While we were waiting, I was watching the interaction of the boys. Duncan hit it off with Chris and Bennie and Rocky was proud to show him off to everyone. The door opened just as I heard Duncan speak.
"Bennie, you got one hot man there."


Bennie smiled then looked over at me and once again I'd turned red. He leaned over to me. "Is that what he said to you earlier?"


His question made me blush even more. "Yeah he did."


The waiters began passing out the meals then Ben stood up. "Thank you all for coming to dinner and it's an honor to meet you all."


We dug into the feast that was presented and relaxed as coffee was served and the boys had desert. I was about to take a sip of my second cup when there was a knock on the door then Glen stepped in. "Agent Mason, might we talk alone?"


When I stood up, Bennie gave me a worried look. I just patted him on the shoulder then went over to talk with Glen then we went down to his room. "What's on your mind?"


He went over and flipped on a bank of monitors. "This is everything that's happening outside and around the hotel." Glen said as he pushed a button on a control panel of switches and buttons. "Take a look at this car."


I watched as he zoomed in. "I know him."


"How Ace?"


"He's a reporter who was with us on the flight out here from DC. He decided he could go wandering then snapped several photos of Bennie. Get a couple of agents out there and detain him."


"I can't..." Glen started to say.


"Why not," I asked. "He violated protocol on the plane and now he's snooping around the hotel where the President is. I'd say that's grounds to detain him."


"Since you put it like that Ace." Glen said as he took out his cell phone. "Pull that car over and detain the driver."


Glen had put the call on speaker. "What are the charges?"


"Suspicion of Domestic Terrorism." Glen said as we headed for the door.


"Where are we going?"


"Down stairs to talk with him."


"I need to let Ed and the President know." I said as we opened the door.


We returned to the conference room and Bennie came up to me. "Ace, everyone is getting tired."


"Ace, we'll handle talking to Dawkins. Having him detained now works in our favor."


I went over to Johnny. "Get everyone together so we can head down to the parking garage."


I saw Chris and Ben together talking. Bennie tapped me on the shoulder. "I guess they'll be staying together tonight."


I looked at him. "Is that going to be a problem?"


He smiled at me and shook his head. "Seeing them together like this, I can see how happy they are together."


Ben saw us talking then motioned for us to come over. "Ace, I asked Chris if he'd stay with me tonight."


I looked over at him and he turned several shades of red when I reached out and hugged him. "Enjoy yourselves tonight."


Dusty, JR and I got everyone together then headed towards the elevator. We all got in and rode down to the parking garage. As soon as the door opened, I saw Sandy's van leaving followed by two secret service cars. "Ace, where's my van going?"


Just then, our cars were pulled up along with the black van. "Sandy, your van is being used as a decoy. The press has been hanging around and the last thing I want is them knowing where you and your dad live."


Glen came up to us. "Everything is good to go Agent Mason."


"Do you have Dawkins in custody?" I asked.


He shook his head. "He managed to get away before we could take him into custody."


"Just great Glen, now I have someone else to be watching out for."


"I'll have agents posted around where you're staying."


"Just keep a low profile because we don't need the neighbors calling the local police about a suspicious vehicle."


"The windows are heavily tinted so no one should be able to see inside the car." Glen said as I headed for my car.


We loaded up then took off for home. JR was driving the van and since it was bullet proof, I let Bennie ride in it with the others. We were about two blocks from home when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, this is Agent Hall, I'm sitting at the corner of your street and I heard a dispatch from the King County Sheriff's Department for a suspicious vehicle."


"Sit still Hall, I'm a block away." I said then called Dusty. "Dusty, head to the house; I have something to handle. I'll be home as quick as I can."


I called Agent Hall back and found where he was sitting then came up from the far end of the street. Hall was sitting at the corner and I saw a Deputy Sheriff's car pulling up towards Hall's car. I pulled in behind the Deputy's car then got out removing my credentials. I walked up then tapped on his window. He lowered the window then I saw his eyes bulge. "Yes Special Agent?"


"Can I help you with something?" I asked.


He shook his head. "We got a suspicious vehicle call."


"That car isn't a suspicious vehicle."


"Excuse me?" The Deputy asked.


"That's what I said, now leave it alone."


"Why?" He asked trying to open his car door.


"Because he's a federal agent and if you bother him you'll be standing before your Sheriff within the hour. Will you inform your dispatcher or shall I do it?


"I'll handle it Special Agent."


I walked up to Hall's car and talked with him for a minute then went home. As soon as I went in, I was surrounded by the boys. Bennie looked at me. "What did you have to do love?"


"I had to handle a security issue. It's nothing for you guys to worry about."


I talked to Dusty and JR for a couple of minutes then they headed over to Robert's house. The boys had gone down to Rocky's room while Trish put on some coffee. Rocky looked at Bennie. "Do you think your dad and Chris are going to get closer?"


Bennie blushed then smiled. "I'm sure they will. How long have you and Duncan known each other?"


Duncan smiled. "The day after he moved in we met."


"Yeah, he's the first person I met and it's nice to have someone my own age. Most of the kids here are older than me or way younger."


"So have you gotten to know each other yet?" Bennie asked.


Rocky and Duncan both turned red. "Well a little," Rocky said softly.


"But we're not kissing and telling," Duncan said as he kissed Rocky on the cheek.


The girls and I had coffee and talked then the day started catching up with me. I went down and knocked on Rocky's room then went in. The boys were talking then Bennie saw how tired I was. "Are you ready for bed love?" Bennie asked as I nodded my head then we retired for the evening.


Over in the hotel Chris was snuggled against Ben and he had his arm across Chris's chest. Chris looked up at him then smiled. "Why did you wait until the last day I was in Washington to tell me how you felt?"


Ben ran his hand across Chris's cheek. "I was afraid of what you'd say. Do you know how many times I tried to talk to you? Ben asked as Chris shook his head. "Well, every time I'd get up the nerve, I'd get tongue tied."


Chris stretched up and kissed him on the cheek. "Well, this way I'll always have this in writing."


Ben reached down and tickled Chris. "So you're going to hold this over my head?"


Chris turned around and sat on Ben's legs. "Now, would I do that?"


Ben leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. "I hope so."


"Do you know how long I was hoping you'd say something to me?"


"When sweetie?"


"The first day I met you and you wrapped your arms around me as I cried. I felt so safe and loved at that moment I never ever wanted you to let me go."


Ben wrapped his arms around him then Chris took the lead and gently kissed him on the lips. Ben relaxed and allowed Chris's tongue to enter then they began to investigate each other's oral cavities. This went on for several minutes then they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Chris moved off Ben's lap then they both gathered their thoughts as Ben went to the door. Ben opened it and there stood Ed. "Everything is secure Sir, Johnny and I are going to bed. There are agents on duty and they have my number in case anything happens."


"Very well Ed, I'll see you in the morning. Please let the agents know I'm not to be disturbed."


"Yes Sir," Ed said then left as Ben closed the door.


Chris had been paying attention to Ben's conversation so when Ben looked at him, he had a devilish grin on his face. He went up to the man he loved then wrapped his arms around his neck. "So, you don't want to be disturbed?"


"Not by anyone outside of this room."


Chris smiled then started to unbutton Ben's shirt. "How about we take a shower?"


Ben gently lifted Chris's hands off his shirt then scooped him up into his arms. "I'd love to." Ben said as he carried Chris into the bedroom then placed him gently on the bed.


Chris closed his eyes and let Ben slowly undress him. Ben stopped after everything except his underwear had been removed. Chris opened his eyes then understood what was going on. He stood up and started to undress Ben. Once Ben was in his boxers, they went into the bathroom and got the shower going.


This was going to be a first for each of them. Neither had seen the other naked before. Ben put his fingers into the waistband of his love's undies then stopped. Chris's eyes gave him the answer he wanted so he gently lowered them. When they got past his knees, Ben let them go and they slid unto the floor. He stepped back and gazed at the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with. "My god Chris, you're a sight to behold."


As soon as Chris heard that he felt his dick begin to grow. He stepped over and removed Ben's undies then he got an eye full too. "You're hot too, love."


They embraced each other then Chris started to grind his hips into Ben. "Easy baby, let's save this for bed."


Chris planted a kiss on Ben's lips then stepped back. "Then you better get me clean and fast."


Ben opened the shower door then they stepped inside. Ben grabbed the shampoo and started washing Chris's hair. Once that was done he moved down to his chest. "How am I doing?"


Chris leaned his head back against Ben's shoulder. "If you keep washing me like that, we won't make it back to the bedroom."


Ben looked down and saw Chris's leaking dick. He ran his hand down his stomach to his groin then quickly gave Chris's balls a squeeze. "That should stop that problem for the time being."


Chris turned around and playfully slapped Ben on the butt. "No fair."


Ben washed Chris's back then kissed his nose. "Do you realize you just spanked the President?"


Chris broke into a fit of giggles. "And you loved it."


Ben kissed his love then rinsed him off. "As much as the person who did it."


Chris took the soap then quickly washed Ben's body making sure everything was clean then he cut the water off. Ben slid the door open grabbing a towel then wrapped it around Chris's waist. Chris grabbed the other one then started drying Ben. When he ran the material over Ben's balls, he let out a low moan. "Did that feel good?"


Ben took the towel from around Chris's waist then started drying his body. He tossed the towel over the shower bar then carried Chris back into the bedroom. "You are the most sensual individual I've ever met."


He sat down with Chris on his lap and kissed him. Chris decided to take the lead then gently broke the kiss. He stood up and motioned for Ben to stretch out on the bed then he joined him. As soon as Chris was in, Ben reached out for his tool but was stopped. "Let me lead, alright?"


"Alright love." Ben replied.


Chris rolled onto his side and Ben turned to face him then they began to kiss. As they were doing this, Chris began to caress Ben's chest paying attention to his nipples. Ben sucked wind through the kiss causing them to break it. "I take it you like that?"


"You're doing things to me I've never felt before."


Chris lifted his head. "You've never had foreplay before?"


"Well yes but, well, it was with my wife but she never paid that much attention to areas like this."


"Then lay back and enjoy." Chris said.


Ben stretched out then Chris started using his experience to give his love the best experience he'd ever felt. He returned to suckling on his nipples as his hand began to caress Ben's stomach. His hand slowly moved lower then he felt Ben's bush. Slowly his hand found Ben's dick as he began to run his tongue down his chest and stomach.


Chris rested his head on Ben's stomach and looked at his dick as he slowly began to jack it. After a few seconds of this he saw a drop of precum appear so he licked it off causing Ben to moan. That moan gave Chris all the encouragement he needed. He leaned up onto his elbow then took Ben's dick into his mouth. Ben gasped again as Chris began to bob his head up and down on Ben's seven inches.


Ben closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feelings Chris was giving him. It had been a very long time since he'd had sex of any kind and the last thing he wanted was to pop his nuts too quickly. He reached his hand up and gently stroked Chris's head. "Easy now love, I don't want to shoot just yet."


Chris turned around then Ben pulled him into a kiss as he began to caress Chris's body. He did the same things to him he'd done with his wife and soon, Chris was moaning in ecstasy. His hand slid down and found Chris's pride and joy. He rubbed his thumb over the head and found a droplet of precum. He wiped it off then tasted it. This was the first time Ben had tasted anything like this but once he did, he was hooked.


He turned around so he could face Chris's crotch then he began to do a little exploration. As his hand slid down to caress Chris's balls, he spread his legs so Ben could have greater access. Ben's finger gently rubbed Chris's nether region at which time, Chris lifted his legs. What happened next, Chris wasn't totally expecting. Ben leaned down and licked the head of Chris's dick causing him to gasp in pleasure shock. Ben opened his mouth and took the head of the tool in it then began to suck it. The feeling Chris was experiencing was more than he expected. When he turned his head, he saw Ben's tool so he decided to give him pleasure at the same time.


Chris started sucking Ben's dick and caressing his balls. Ben spread his legs so Chris decided to tickle his hole. As soon as he touched it, he felt it open so he wet his finger and begin to massage Ben's back door. When his hole opened, Chris gently slid his finger in causing Ben to gasp and his hole to close down. "Relax love, I won't hurt you."


This was a totally new experience to Ben and he wasn't sure quite what to make of it. Chris slid his finger out and took a big glob of spit and began to rub it around Ben's hole. Once again, his hole opened so Chris slid his finger back in. This time he was able to go in a little deeper and find Ben's love nut. As soon as he touched it, Ben moaned loudly. "Oh god love, what did you do?"


"You've never had this happen before?"


Ben licked Chris's dick one more time then leaned on his arm. "Love, this is all new to me. I had some encounters with guys my own age when I was a young teen but nothing more than jacking off."


"Well, you know how to suck my dick. I love the way you're doing it." Chris said as he got up and went into his bag and got a tube of lube he'd brought with him. "Use this babe."


Ben took some then rubbed on Chris's hole. Since Chris was used to his ass being played with, it opened as if on cue. Chris took the bottle and put some on his fingers then returned to exploring Ben's chute. As soon as Chris's mouth engulfed Ben's dick, Chris pushed on Ben's love nut. Ben couldn't hold out any longer as his body shuddered in a huge orgasm. Chris was ready for it and swallowed every volley Ben fed him. As Chris milked and cleaned Ben's mushroom head, Ben gasped. "Oh god Chris stop, it's too sensitive."


Chris removed his mouth just as Ben hit his prostate. "Baby, I'm going to shoot."


Ben didn't want to miss out on his lover's juice so he returned to sucking him. Chris's first shot filled his mouth but he quickly swallowed it so he could take all he had to offer. Chris's eyes were shut tight as the pleasure over took his body. Ben removed his finger then licked the head of his dick one more time before sliding up beside his lover. Ben took Chris into his arms then kissed him. "Love, I've never felt anything like that before."


"What did you think when I fingered your ass?"


"It was a little weird at first but when you hit my prostate it was like a million volts of electricity went through my body."


"So I take it you like it?" Chris asked coyly.


Ben smiled then kissed his lover. "Oh yeah, I'm hooked now."


Chris got a devilish smile on his face. "Well then you'll really love it when we make love."


Ben ran his hand down over Chris's crotch and felt his member start to grow again. "I think I'm going to really like feeling this thing back there."


Chris knew there wasn't time to properly stretch Ben for his first time. "Well, I hope to see you over the summer then we can do it right."


Ben's eyes popped open. "We, as in I do it to you too?"


Chris smiled. "Of course, you didn't think this was going to be one sided did you?"


Ben turned red. "Well no, but I'm far from small."


Chris leaned in and kissed him. "I know and I can more than handle it. Now, why don't we get some sleep?"


The two snuggled together and drifted off to dreamland.


I awoke around seven thirty and watched Bennie sleep until needing to use the bathroom. I did my business then got dressed and went to join the adults. I'd only walked a few steps when I smelled fresh coffee. I joined Sandy and Trish as I had my morning wake up. "Ace, how about you get the boys up and we'll have breakfast." Trish said as she and Sandy headed towards the kitchen.


My first stop was our room and I heard Bennie in the bathroom. He came out and saw me standing there. "Hi baby, how long have you been up?"


Bennie's dick was pointing upwards as he smiled at me and I went to hug him. "About as long as your tool."


He kissed me passionately. "If you don't do something I'm going to shoot on the spot."


I knelt down and took it into my mouth and tasted his precum. He was leaking badly so I knew he was super close. I ran my hand over his balls then traced his nether region stopping at his hole. As soon as I rubbed it, he fired his first volley into my mouth. I quickly swallowed his offering then he gave me several more. Once he was done, I cleaned the head off then kissed him. "Man, I've never seen you shoot that fast before."


Bennie smiled. "If you'd have had the same dream I did, you'd be shooting too."


I was curious. "What was this dream about?"


"I was like a fly on the wall watching Dad and Chris."


I was curious about the details but I had to get Rocky and Duncan up. "Love, get dressed. Sandy and Trish are fixing breakfast. I've got to get the other boys up."


I went across the hall then knocked on the door. I didn't hear anything so I knocked again. After waiting another minute I eased the door open then stepped in. As soon as I entered, I heard a soft moan. I froze knowing I'd almost interrupted their private moment. I was about to slide out when I heard a voice. "Hi Pop."


I looked over and saw Rocky as he leaned over and kissed Duncan. "Hi son, your mom sent me to get you guys up. Breakfast is getting cooked."


Duncan tossed the covers back then got up standing there in all his glory. He saw me gazing at him. "Do you like what you see Ace?"


"Sorry for staring son but you have a magnificent looking body."


He came over and kissed me then headed for the bathroom. Rocky got up and gave me a quick kiss as he followed his love. "Tell Aunt Sandy we'll be out in a few minutes."


Sandy and Trish fixed us a great breakfast. After we were done eating, the boys went down to our room while I helped the girls with the dishes. As we were doing this, Robert, Dusty and JR came over. We all sat at the table and had some coffee then I heard Bennie holler. "Ace, come here."


I took a mouthful of coffee then went to stand but Bennie couldn't wait so he came out to us. "What is it love?"


He set his laptop on the table and showed me an article he'd found. "How can this be happening?"


I read the story and it seems five students are suing their school district in federal court for discrimination. "I don't know baby. A public school receiving federal funding knows they can't discriminate."


"I'm calling Dad." Bennie said as he pulled out his cell phone.


He was on the phone for about twenty minutes then he handed it to me. "Ace, I need you to get Chris. I'm moving my meeting with the governor up to today then we're going to Minnesota."


"Sir, what about the reporters?"


"We'll get them back to DC; I'm not inviting them on this trip."


I ended the call then looked at Dusty and JR. "There is a change in plans now. JR, can you get Chris and bring him back here?"


He nodded his head. "Sure Ace, what's going on?"


"The President is furious about discrimination going on at a school district in Minnesota. I have a feeling he's going to have a very surprise meeting with the governor."


JR got the car keys from Dusty then my cell rang and I saw it was Ed. "Ace, the reporters are up in arms."


"How come, they know they're all here at the President's invitation?"


"They feel they're being kept in the dark about this sudden change of events."


"Life's a bitch. Tell them if they wish to keep their credentials then they'll not give us any static when they're taken to the airport."


Thirty minutes later, JR returned with Chris. "What's going on?"


Bennie took Chris to our bedroom while JR, Dusty and I talked. I then looked at our hosts. "There have been a sudden change of events and we're going to have to leave. Bennie and I looked forward to spending more time here before Chris and Rocky went back to school."


"Ace, we understand." Sandy started. "It comes with the territory working for the President. I saw that article and I find it appalling."


We got our things packed then had lunch while waiting for Ben's call. At 3, the call came. "Ace, meet us at the hotel. I'm putting the reporters on the other plane and it will follow us to Minnesota then it will continue on to Andrews. Once they're all off, it will be refueled and then return to Minnesota."


We got the cars packed then gave hugs and kisses to everyone. Chris was sad to see us having to leave so soon but understood this was the life we lead. I saw him talking to Bennie. "I'll miss you Bennie."


"I'll miss you too but you have my cell number and we can talk any time on Skype. Just don't forget to call Dad too."


Chris beamed when Bennie said that. "Oh trust me; I'll never forget to call him."


As soon as we said goodbye to everyone, we headed for the hotel. We hurried to the hotel then went to Ben's room. When we got to the floor, Ed was talking with Glen Martin. Ed spotted me and motioned me over to join them. "Ace, we've got the reporters out of here and on their way to the airport. Once they knew their credentials were on the line, they quieted down."


"Is the transport plane ready for the limo?" I asked.


"Yes it is, it's fueled and standing by." Ed answered.


I looked at Glen. "I want to thank you and your men for all you've done here. It made our jobs much easier."


Glen shook our hands. "It's all in a day's work and I'm glad I had the chance to meet the President. Some agents work all of their careers and never get to meet him face to face."


I saw Ben's luggage heading down then Bennie stuck his head out. "Ace, Tonka needs to go bad."


I couldn't let Bennie take him out. Just then, Johnny came out with Tonka. "I'll take him out and I'll be able to take a look around in the process." Johnny said heading for the elevator.


A few minutes later, Johnny returned then it was time to go. Since we weren't going to need the Chargers any longer, everyone rode in the limo. It took us thirty minutes to get to the airport. Once we arrived, we quickly boarded then we were on our way to Minnesota.


As soon as we landed in Minneapolis, local Secret Service agents were waiting for us. Ed met the agent in charge. "It's a pleasure to have you. We've made arrangements at a local hotel and everything is secure. Since it's off season, the place is almost empty."


"Thank you for the fast work." Ed said then we got into the limo.


We were quickly led to the hotel then we made our way to our rooms. It was 5PM Central Time when we got settled. Bennie and I grabbed a shower then we joined Ben and the others for dinner. While we were eating, Isaac put on the local news and thanks to him, he managed a press blackout. We had a quiet evening then at 11pm, we headed to bed.


We woke early on Monday. While we were eating, I looked at Ben. "Sir, what about Bennie?"


I saw Ben think. "Since he brought this to my attention, I think he can be with me."


The motorcade was ready then we took off. When we arrived, the state police was taken completely off guard as we entered the compound. Ed and I got out of the limo as other secret service agents got out of their vehicles. A state police officer came up to us. "I'm sorry we weren't expecting the President."


Ben stepped out followed by Bennie and Tonka. "That's exactly what I wanted. Now, I'd like you to take me to the governor."


The officer did as he was instructed. We followed him into the residence then we were led to his office. The officer opened the door and as soon as Ben entered, the governor's secretary stood. "Mr. President, we weren't expecting you."


"I know," Ben said. "Take me to the governor now."


"Just a moment and I'll see if he's off of the phone." He said as he knocked on the door then stuck his head in.


He stepped back then the governor appeared. "Mr. President, please come in." He said as Ben and Bennie went in then the door closed. "What can I do for you?"


They all sat down then Ben looked at the governor. "Imagine my surprise when I read that five students from your largest public school district have filed a law suit in federal court alleging discrimination."


The governor was in shock. "Excuse me Mr. President?"


"That's what I said. How is it possible you never heard about it?"


"I don't know but I will get to the bottom of this and very quickly. What is the alleged discrimination?"


"Students are being harassed and assaulted over their sexual identity and the staff is doing nothing about it."


"Mr. President, I don't condone behavior of this kind at all." He said then looked at Bennie. "Is this your son, Mr. President?"


Ben nodded his head. "Yes it is; this is Ben Jr."


The man stood then went over to Bennie. "It's very nice to meet you. My name is Larry Fleming."


Bennie shook his hand. "It's very nice to meet you."


Larry called his secretary in. "I want you to find out all there is about a federal law suit filed here. I also want to know what school then I want the superintendant and the school principal brought here."


To be continued