The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 35


Larry called his secretary in. "I want you to find out all there is about a federal law suit filed here. I also want to know what school, then I want the superintendant and the school principal brought here."


Ed and I were sitting down when we saw the governor's secretary hurry to his desk then start typing on his computer keyboard. I saw an uneasy look on his face. "Uh, is anything wrong?"


He looked up at us. "My boss doesn't like getting blindsided."


I smiled and nodded. "Well, neither does mine."


"I've been with Governor Fleming for over six years and there isn't a thing about him or his policies I don't know about or support. I know he's doing a slow boil right now."


"As is the President," Ed added. "That is the reason we came here totally unannounced."


I watched as the man typed and typed then I heard him cuss under his breath. "Damn it."


"What's wrong?" I asked.


"I can't find the school those students attended who've filed the suit."


I thought for a moment then looked at Ed. "Where's Isaac?"


"I think he's outside."


Ed got up and went to find him as I looked at the secretary. "Ed is getting the President's Chief of Staff. If anyone can find that information, he can."


"Thanks," He said as he picked up the phone.


A minute later a man in a suit came in. "Yes, Mr. Darnell."


The secretary stood up then pulled out a paper from the printer. "Take this letter to the superintendant of the County School District then bring him back here."


The man read the letter. "He's not going to be happy."


"Trooper Keene, the Governor isn't very happy right now so I don't care how happy the superintendant is or isn't."


The trooper looked at me. "Agent Mason, would you like to accompany me?"


I thought for a moment. "I'll have to clear that with the President before I can answer you."


I went over and knocked on the door. "Enter."


I stuck my head in and Ben motioned me over. "What is it Agent Mason?"


"Trooper Keene asked if I'd accompany him when he goes to get the superintendant."


"Alright, Agents Moore and Carl can go with you also if he needs more help. Just leave Agents Miller and Hawks here."


"May I bring Tonka too?" I asked. "Oh, one more thing; the Governor's secretary is having a problem finding out who filed the law suit so he knows what school they are attending. Would you mind if Isaac helped him?"


"Not at all Ace, tell him I asked to assist him in any way he can."


I closed the door then joined the trooper. "I'm clear to go Trooper Keene."


We left the office and headed for the front door. "Call me Vance." He said extending his hand.


I shook it. "And you can call me Ace."


When we stepped out, I saw Johnny, Dusty and JR talking with the other troopers then Tonka came trotting up to me. The trooper froze in his tracks. "Holy crap Ace, what's that?"


I knelt down and scratched him then he rolled over onto his back. I rubbed his belly for a minute then stood back up. "Tonka, shake."


He lifted his paw then Trooper Keene slowly reached out then shook it. Tonka stood and started to smell him then barked. "What's the barking mean?"


I laughed. "He likes you. Are we going to need any more men?"


"Do you have any others you can spare?" He asked.


I motioned for Dusty and JR to come over. "I'd like you to meet Special Agents Dustin Moore and JR Carl. They're on special assignment from NCIS."


Dusty shook Vance's hand. "It's nice to meet you.


I saw one of our SUV's so I decided to use that one. I put Tonka in the back then went over to Johnny. "Where's Isaac?"


I followed Johnny back inside and saw him chatting with another man in a suit. As soon as Johnny and I walked up Isaac stopped talking. "What is it Agent Mason?"


"The President would like you to help Mr. Darnell with a task." I said.


"What is it?"


"He's having a problem finding out the names of the young men who filed suit in federal court."


"I'll help him all I can."


I smiled. "Thanks Isaac; if you have any problems, give me a call."


I had the trooper program the directions to the place we were going into the GPS then took off. The GPS said it would take about forty five minutes to get there so we enjoyed the leisurely drive and chatted. We'd been on the road for about 30 minutes when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Johnny," The voice said. "There is something on television I'm going to stream to you."


I took my phone out and put the call on speaker then handed it to JR then. "OK Johnny, JR has my phone and you're on speaker. What's going on?"


JR and Dusty started watching what Johnny was sending me. "Ace, you might want to pull off and watch this." JR said handing me the phone.


I found a parking lot to pull into then took the phone. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Where's this taking place."


Vance leaned over and started watching. "I know what school that is. It's Dodge High."


"Johnny, has the President and the Governor seen this?"


"Yes Ace, they're watching it now."


"Can you go in with them?" I asked.


"I'm in with them now, Ed is too. I'll put the call on speaker. Agent Mason is on the line."


"Agent Mason, this is Governor Fleming. Is Trooper Keene with you?"


"Yes Sir, I am." Vance replied.


"I want you to head over to Dodge High School and find out just what the hell is going on over there."


I was watching the feed and there were about a hundred students outside yelling as deputies had formed a wall keeping them back. I looked at Vance. "We might need help from the State Patrol."


He shook his head. "The Sheriff has a pretty level head so I don't think it'll get out of hand."


Just then the camera panned over and there was a woman in a white shirt with two stars on her collar. She had a bull horn in her hand. "I want everyone to listen up. You are ordered to disperse immediately. This is an illegal demonstration."


"Who's that Vance?" I asked.


"That's Nancy Riley, she's the sheriff."


"Is that what you mean by a level head?" I asked."


"Vance, call the local barracks there and see how many troopers they can get over to the school." The governor asked.


Just then I heard another voice. "Ace, Ed is calling the secret service. As soon as we're done here, the special agent in charge of the local field office will be contacting you."


"Trooper Keene, if any Law Enforcement official breaks the law, I want them arrested on the spot. Do you understand me?"


"Yes Governor," Vance replied then Johnny ended the call as he continued to watch the live news feed.


I was about to take off when Johnny tapped me on the shoulder. "Ace, you and Vance should see this.


He handed me my phone and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A deputy had a teen with his arm around his back and he was lifting it up to the point I could tell he was in pain. The cameraman's microphone was very sensitive and we could hear what he was saying. "Now boy, we're going to show you what we do to queers like you."


A reporter came up to them. "What's your name young man?"


"Blake Miles," He managed to get out before the deputy pushed the woman out of the way.


"No cameras here bitch," He said. "Get me another deputy over here."


"Ace, hit it," Vance said. "That school is over on the other side of the county."


No sooner had he said that when his cell rang. Vance put it on speaker. "Trooper Keene here."


"Trooper Keene, this is Sgt. Trace Carmichael. I have a dozen men I can send you."


"Good, how long will it take them to get on scene?"


"They're spread out but I can have a few there in about ten minutes." He said.


"Look, have them respond Code 3. This is getting out of hand."


"I'm watching this on the news now."


"Inform the troopers if any deputy breaks the law, they're to be arrested immediately."


"Trooper, this could get out of hand." Sgt. Carmichael said.


"Sgt, this is an order from the governor and from what I've seen so far, the students are doing nothing more than verbally protesting."


"I will inform them of the governor's order."


"One more thing, agents from the secret service will be arriving on the scene too so don't mistake them for students."


"Thanks for the heads up. What channel will you be working on?"


Vance took his radio out and flipped through the channels. "I'll be on tach channel 5."


Vance ended his call. The road we were on had two lanes and we were lucky that the people were moving out of the way for us. Just then, my cell rang. "Mason."


"Special Agent Mason, this is Special Agent Denise Anderson."


"How many agents do you have available?"


"I have fifteen and several of them are on their way to the school."


"Good, now listen up so I only have to say this once. Make sure every agent has their vest on and their credentials hanging around their neck. Also, if any deputy steps out of line and refuses to obey a lawful command, arrest them on the spot and charge them with obstruction."


"Who's taking command?"


"When we arrive on scene, Trooper Vance Keene will be in charge. He's with the governor's security team."


Vance tapped me on the shoulder. "We're a couple blocks away, cut your siren off."


I did then talked to Agent Anderson. "We're a couple blocks from the school. Do your radios have MN State Patrol's frequencies?"


"Yes we do, what channel are you on?"


"Tach channel 5." I replied then stopped as soon as I turned the corner. "Let me get back to you."


Dusty leaned forward. "What the hell is this?"


We saw cars blocking the street and deputies standing out holding rifles and shotguns. Vance looked over his shoulder. "Alright guys, make sure your credentials are in plain sight. Ace, leave your lights on so they can see we're law enforcement."


We pulled up to the road block and a deputy put his hand up. Vance and I lowered our windows as they came up. "This is a secure area." A deputy said to Vance.


"I'm Trooper Vance Keene with the Minnesota State Patrol. We're taking command here by order..."


"Trooper, you're not taking over anything. Sheriff Riley is in charge."


I put my shield up to the other deputy. "My name is Special Agent Rich Mason with the US Secret Service. My advice to you is to move your vehicles out of our way and let us pass. Anyone who interferes with us will be arrested and charged with obstruction."


The deputy on Vance's side stepped back and it looked like he was about to raise his shotgun. "I wouldn't advise that." Vance started. "Just so you know; there are more troopers and federal agents on the way so the choice is yours. Do you want to be arrested and have your careers over or will you move out of the way and allow us to do our job."


The deputies stepped back then I saw several State Patrol vehicles pull up behind us. I put the Suburban in park then we stepped out to talk with them. Vance made the introductions then we were joined by a couple of Secret Service vehicles. JR was still watching the feed when he tapped me on the shoulder.


Another camera was following the goings on when he panned over to a deputy's car. The teen we saw being manhandled now had blood on his lip and his eye was swollen. "Ace, he doesn't look good."


Vance looked at the car and I saw him writing on his hand. He looked at two of the troopers. "I want that Deputy in cuffs and I'm calling for an ambulance. He said as he walked over to the two deputies. "Move your vehicles out of the way."


"Sheriff Riley isn't going to like this."


"If she gives any of us any grief, she'll be standing in front of the governor. Now, if you would like to join her, I can arrange that."


He shook his head then they moved their vehicles out of the way. Just before we were ready to move, more cars arrived. I saw a trooper wearing sergeant stripes on his uniform so I had an idea who he was. Vance was talking to him when he motioned for us to come over. "Sgt. Carmichael, this is Agent Mason with the Secret Service. Here's what I'm thinking. I'd like you to take half of the cars with you to the end of the street. Get the deputies to move their vehicles then when you're ready, we'll move in and block the street so no one can get out."


"Sounds like a plan Vance." He said. "I'll give you a holler when we're ready.


It took several minutes for everything to get in place then we made our move. We all had our lights on and I quickly blocked in the car with the teen in it. Right away, the deputy ran to his car but Vance and JR quickly had him. Vance looked at the deputy. "What happened to that boy in custody?"


"He resisted."


"I saw the footage of how you treated him and what you said. Now, are you sticking to that story?"


He didn't say anymore so I went over to the car and opened the back door. "Don't hit me mister."


I calmed the teen down then took my keys out and undid the cuffs. "No one is going to hit you young man. My name is Special Agent Rich Mason and I'm with the Secret Service."


I saw tears start to fall. "I'm Blake Miles and that deputy beat the crap out of me."


I nodded my head. "We know son and there is an ambulance on the way to take care of you. Are you one of the boys who filed suit in Federal Court?"


He nodded his head, "Yeah along with three others. When we got to school today, the jocks jumped me then the principal suspended me."


"Is he inside?" I asked.


"Oh yeah, he's in there along with some of the jocks. They've been doing his dirty work and the Sheriff has been turning a blind eye to everything."


"Do you know if is she was appointed or is she elected?"


"She was hired." He started. "I remember a thing on the news about her being the first female sheriff ever here in the county. What's going to happen to her?"


I shook my head. "I don't rightly know son but I do know she'll have a lot of explaining to do to the governor."


"You're kidding," He asked smiling.


"That's right." I said lifting his chin up so I could look at his face.


"I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that."


"I'm sure you would." I said as I heard a siren in the distance getting louder. "Where are the other boys who filed suit?"


"I haven't seen them today. I wonder if their parents decided to home school them after the suit was filed."


The ambulance pulled up behind us and the paramedic came over. "My god, what happened?"


"Police brutality," I said.


He shook his head. "I'm glad you're here. Sheriff Riley is really a disgrace to the uniform."


The EMT heard what the paramedic said. "Shut up you fag lover."


The paramedic lost it. He grabbed his partner by the shirt collar and slammed him against the rig then put his forearm against his throat. "No, you shut it. I've put up with their shit for ages and I'm glad they're all going to get what's coming to them. If you keep it up, you'll be needing an ambulance too."


"I...c...can't breathe. You're a cop, do something."


I took Blake to the back of the ambulance then opened the door. We stepped in then I found a chemical ice pack for his eye. "Hold this on it."


I went back outside and saw the EMT rubbing his neck and coughing. "Why didn't you do something?"


I looked at the paramedic and winked. "What, I didn't see anything."


Just then I saw Sgt. Carmichael leading a woman in a white shirt over towards us. She snatched her arm out of his grip then looked at me. "What are the Feds and the State Patrol doing interfering with my office?"


"Because you've crossed the line." I said.


"You have no idea what our laws are here in our county."


Sgt. Carmichael looked at her. "Maybe not but I do."


"I doubt that seriously sergeant. This is an illegal demonstration and we have every right to uphold our laws."


"Maybe so but it doesn't allow for you to break them either." Carmichael said.


"We'll just see about that." She said puffing her chest out.


"Yes we will and you'll be explaining yourself in front of the governor too."


"WHAT?" She screamed.


Just then I heard Vance's phone ring. I couldn't hear what was going on but I did hear his last thing. "Yes Sir, I'll give her your statement."


He walked over then reached for her badge. She pulled back but Sgt. Carmichael and I held onto her arms. "Sheriff Riley, by order of Governor Fleming, you've been relieved of your duties pending a complete investigation into your department. Until such time as the investigation is complete, Sgt. Carmichael will be in charge of the department."


He looked at Vance. "What? This can't be right. Trooper Keene, I'm not the best person here. The commissioner would know of someone more qualified."


Vance nodded his head. "I'll pass that onto the governor but in the meantime, you're the sheriff."


"But what about my job here?" Riley screamed.


"You'll not lose it or any time you've vested into it either, provided you're cleared of any wrong doing."


Just then we heard a voice from the crowd. "Hey Sheriff, how does it feel to be in handcuffs?"


She looked around then spotted the person who said it. "Floyd, arrest that faggot."


Vance looked at her. "You don't have the power to issue any orders."


"That's what you think. My deputies are loyal to me and if you think your man here will get their support, you're sadly mistaken."


Sgt. Carmichael came up. "If any one refuses a lawful order I give, they'll be terminated."


She laughed. "What are you going to do, fire everyone?"


"I don't think it'll come to that but if it does, I will. The Commissioner will bring in troopers to work until such time as the deputies can be replaced."


"Get your hands off of that boy now." I heard a voice say.


The boy broke free then stepped back. The deputy took out his baton and was about to strike him when I saw another deputy pull something out. "Drop the baton Floyd, don't make me use this."


He started to swing then the deputy fired causing Floyd to sink to the ground. Several of us ran over and I saw the man shaking on the ground. I looked and the deputy was holding a taser then I went over him. "That's a neat little toy you have there."


"It's a great form of non-lethal force. It'll bring the biggest person down to the ground quickly."


I looked at the deputy. "Deputy Parks, how deep does Sheriff Riley's hold on the men go?"


"There are about six people that do her bidding no questions asked. I did my best to stay clear of them."


"How come you're here then?"


"Some of us decent deputies tried to get here before they did. The school district's policy about not dealing with anything related to gay issues has gotten totally out of hand. I've personally taken several reports from students here who have been assaulted by other students but the sheriff would just tear it up."


"What about the county attorney? He's got the power to order an arrest, doesn't he?"


"You'd think so but the sheriff had those families so intimidated that's why they had no choice but to file suit in federal court."


"How many trustworthy deputies are here?" I asked.


"How many do you need and why?" Deputy Parks countered.


"The governor wants the principal brought to him but if there are students in there who have broken the law, they'll be arrested too."


He broke out into a smile. "Those jocks are going to be in for a huge surprise."


"I'm going to talk with Trooper Keene; can you get me some deputies?"


"I'll be glad to and there's one jock I personally want to slap the cuffs on."


Vance and Sgt. Carmichael were putting the sheriff and the deputy into a car when Deputy Parks came over with four other deputies. "Hay Floyd, this is a great day for the department. Your sorry ass will be where it belongs and can someone take that badge off his shirt?"


Sgt. Carmichael looked at the young deputy. "How about you do the honors."


Parks reached in and ripped it off his shirt. "You've soiled this badge long enough."


"You sorry fag lover, there are more than just me here."


"Yeah and I know every one of them and they'll soon be where you are. Agent Mason, these deputies will be glad to assist in getting the principal and the jocks."


I looked at Sgt. Carmichael. "Would you like to make your first official arrest as Sheriff?"


"Agent Mason, I'd like you and your men along with Trooper Keene to assist us please."


Dusty and JR came over to the group. "Will we need Tonka?" JR asked.


I thought for a minute. "We just might, can you get him JR?"


JR went over to the Suburban and opened the back door and let the dog out. He quickly found a tree then joined us. As JR was bringing him over, everyone's eyes got huge. "What is that?"


"That is Tonka. He belongs to Ben Jr."


Mike looked at me. "The President's son?"


I laughed. "He was the last time I knew."


Everyone got a laugh out of that. "Are you on the President's security detail?"


I nodded my head. "Yes and I'm Bennie's body guard."


"What's it like guarding a teenager?" Vance asked as we started walking towards the school.


"He's really a good kid and we're friends so that makes things really easy."


"Does he listen to you?" Sgt. Carmichael asked.


"Yeah he does. When we're out and I look at him and say Bennie down or get over here, he knows I sense something so he does it, no questions asked."


As we were walking towards the front door, we saw several deputies walking with several boys. Mike tapped my leg. "Those are some of the jocks and those deputies are their protectors."


"Deputies, get your tasers out and be ready." Sgt. Carmichael said softly as we approached the group.


"Where are you taking those boys?" I asked.


"They're under arrest." Deputy Simms said as he tried to walk past us.


"Not so fast," I said. "The Sheriff's Office is now under the control of the Minnesota State Patrol by order of the governor. Sgt. Carmichael here is the acting sheriff."


"I haven't heard this so I'm not turning anyone over to him." He said.


"Deputy Parks, arrest them both." Sgt. Carmichael said.


"Like hell you will." He said reaching for his baton.


Deputy Parks got him with his taser causing the deputy to hit the ground. The jock saw his chance then started to run. "If you run, I'll send the dog."


He stopped when he heard Tonka bark. "Don't, I surrender."


The other deputies gave up without incident. The deputies had quick cuffs with them then we had a storage problem. Sgt Carmichael looked at Deputy Parks. "Do you have a large transport wagon?"


He shook his head. "No we don't but the school buses are here. I'm sure we could get one of them."


Trace patted the young deputy on the back. "That's a great idea. I'm going to need your help getting accustomed to things here."


He looked at the other deputies. "Well, there are..."


Deputy Balance stepped up. "Mike, you're a good deputy. You've been with the department over five years and passed over for sergeant I don't know how many times because you were on Riley's shit list. Help Sgt. Carmichael if he asks, you won't get any flack from any of us."


Mike turned red. "Thanks guys, coming from you all that really means a lot."


Sgt. Carmichael surprised Mike again. "Deputy Parks, as of this minute you are now promoted to the rank of Sergeant, congratulations."


I patted him on the shoulder. "Way to go sarge."


Trace looked over to Deputy Balance. "Can you see if there is a bus and a driver we can use?"


"Yes Sir, right away."


We went inside the school and found the office. Mike looked at the secretary. "Where is Principal Floyd?"


She stood there and didn't say a word. Trace looked at her. "Lady, if you don't want to be arrested for obstruction, you better tell us now."


She led us down the hall. "He's in there. He hasn't done anything wrong."


"Do you consider letting assaults take place on school grounds doing nothing wrong?"


Once again she said nothing which was for the best. Mike opened the door and there were several other jocks. "What's the meaning of this Deputy Parks?"


"These students are under arrest."


The principal laughed. "Oh, you really think any charges you bring will stick?"


"Oh, I know they will." Mike smiled as he walked over to one of the three boys. "Irving Wells, Jordan Marsh, Charles Gordon, you're all under arrest. The charges are assault and battery, making terroristic threats and kidnapping."


"Kidnapping?" The principal shouted.


"Yes kidnapping," Mike started. "Holding someone against their will is kidnapping.


The big kid stepped forward. "Do you really think you're going to be able to put handcuffs on me?"


Mike took a set of quick cuffs out. "Yeah, I'll cuff you."


"If you take another step towards me, I'll flatten you."


"That would be the biggest mistake you'll make in your young life."


I was standing at the door so I spread my legs then patted the back of one of them. Tonka saw this then stepped in between them and let out a soft growl. One of the other boys heard it then looked. "What is that?"


I smiled. "He's someone you don't want to be on the wrong side of."


Irving looked down and saw him then his shoulders slumped. He turned around and put his hands behind his back as Mike stepped over and put him in the cuffs. Vance stepped in and motioned for the principal to stand up. "Don't think you're getting away either. You're under arrest."


"For what?" He snapped.


"Aiding and abetting, accessory before, during and after the fact and contributing to the delinquency of a minor," Vance said as he took out his cuffs."


"Don't worry boys; we'll be out as soon as we walk in." The principal said smugly.


Deputy Parks looked at him. "You really think so?"


"I know so. The sheriff..."


Sgt. Carmichael walked in. "Sheriff Riley has been relieved of her duties."


"WHAT?" The principal screamed. "Who's the fool..."


"I'd watch my mouth if I were you. She was removed by order of Governor Fleming. You and the superintendant are to appear before him as soon as we get him. The State Patrol will be conducting an investigation into the sheriff's office and I can assure you, heads will roll."


I watched as the blood drained from his and the three jocks faces. The other two boys were put in cuffs and we started to lead them out of the school. Parks led Irving out and was immediately met by another deputy. "I'll take him."


Sgt. Carmichael came up and Mike nodded his head. "Deputy, return to the office now."


"What's the meaning of this? Since when did the state take over the sheriff's department?"


Vance stepped up. "When Governor Fleming removed Sheriff Riley from her position and ordered an investigation into the department. He has appointed Sgt. Carmichael as the interim sheriff. If you disobey a lawful order, you can be suspended, terminated or even arrested."


Parks looked at Trace. "Deputy Edwards, I'm placing you under arrest. The charge is obstruction of justice. I'll be adding more charges later."


Edwards knew he was out numbered. "You'll get yours Parks."


I stepped up. "That sounded like a threat to me. I don't think you'd like to be facing federal charges, would you?"


"Take it any way you want to Agent fag lover."


I started doing a slow boil but kept my tongue in check. I reached up and ripped his badge off his shirt. "Get this piece of rubbish out of my face. But for your information, you could very well be facing federal hate crimes and that carries a 10 year minimum prison sentence per count."


We walked down the sidewalk and saw a school bus sitting there with the others we'd arrested in it. Trace talked to a couple of deputies and they agreed to ride on the bus to the sheriff's office. Trace looked at Mike. "How long would it take for you to get me a list of the deputies who protected the jocks?"


Mike pulled out his notebook and started writing. He tore it out and handed it to Trace. "Here you go. As you can see there aren't that many but with the sheriff protecting them, upholding the law properly was next to impossible."


"What time does the next shift start and who on this list will be working?"


Mike looked at the list and circled those who would be coming in. "These people will be in at 3:30. The others had the day off."


"Alright Sgt. Parks," Trace started. "Here's what we're going to do. When we get back to the office, I want you to look up their home addresses in their personnel files then I'll get some state troopers to effect the arrests."


Mike's face sunk. "I kinda wanted to be there."


Trace shook his head. "I know you did but I need you at the office. I need to meet the senior officers and gauge how they're going to react to the sheriff being suspended and the internal investigation."


"Sarge, they were stuck in the middle like the rest of us. Every arrest we made and complaint we took had to be approved by Riley no matter what time it was. They tried to do their job right but they hit a brick wall when it came to those jocks."


I stepped in then. "How many more of them are there that haven't been arrested?"


Mike thought for a minute. "Well, the coach was in on it. As for how many others, I'm not sure. It might take bringing in the lot of them and talking with each boy separately."


Trace shook his head. "This is going to be a huge undertaking. Agent Mason, do you think I could get your help?"


I'll have to clear it with the President first because my primary role is his son's protection."


I stepped away from the others and called Ben. "Sir, I have a question to ask you."


"What is it Ace?" He asked.


"Well Sir, Sgt. Carmichael with the state patrol has asked if Dusty, JR and I can assist him."


"How long is that going to take?" Ben asked.


"I'm not sure to be honest. I think he needs us to talk with the jocks. What I mean by that are the boys from the football team who bullied the other students."


"My god Ace, how many are involved?"


"We don't know. Several arrests have already been made but no one knows just how many more there are. One of the deputies thinks if we talk to them one on one, someone will roll over on the group."


"I can give you the rest of today and tomorrow. I want to be back in DC on Wednesday."


"Yes Sir and besides, I have a little surprise for Bennie too. If you remember, we talked about that."


"Yes I remember Ace. Right now, Bennie's with me and he's fine. Uh, hold on someone wants to talk with you."


"Hi Ace," Bennie said. "Hold on, I'm going someplace I can talk in private."


"Hi yourself kiddo, are you staying out of trouble?"


"I always stay out of trouble baby. How's it going out there?"


"It's a real mess love."


"Can I help?" He asked.


"I don't think..." I started then stopped. "Maybe you can love. Let me talk with your dad again."


"Cool," He said then went back to Ben.


"Yes Ace," Ben said.


"Sir, Bennie asked if he could help and I think he might be able to when we're talking with some of the jocks."


"If you're there with him I'll let him."


"I will guarantee his safety Sir." I said. "Sir, I have to go. We're on our way to the sheriff's office.


The governor would like to know when the superintendant and principal will be brought to him."


"Trooper Keene has sent two troopers to get the superintendant. As soon as the principal has been booked into the jail, we can transport him to the capitol."


"Very well Ace, I'll tell the governor."


The four of us along with Tonka followed the bus to the sheriff's office. When we arrived, Mike took Trace to the property room and got him a sheriff's uniform. He had to search a little but found the gold stars Sheriff Riley had on her collar. Mike pinned his new badge on along with his name plate from his trooper's uniform. "Now you look official sheriff." Mike said smiling as he saluted him.


Trace looked through the drawer and found some gold sergeant's chevrons. He found a white shirt for him and Mike then changed into it. Trace pinned his stripes on. "Now you look official too Sergeant Parks."


When they came out, Deputy Douglass walked over to them. "Congratulations, now maybe we can do the job we all hired on to do."


It was now 2:30. The deputies went to work processing those arrested and getting them into cells. By 3:15 everything was done. Trace's next order of business was the 3:30 roll call. The first new face he saw was Lt. Mason Giles. "Excuse me Sir, when did we get a new sheriff?"


Trace looked over his shoulder to Mike. "He's OK Sheriff."


"There have been some big changes Lt. Giles. Sheriff Riley has been suspended and is under arrest."


As soon as Giles heard this he smiled. "Man, it's about time."


"Governor Fleming has ordered a full investigation into the department by the state patrol and put me in charge for the time being. I'm going to need a lot of help here so I'll be looking to you and the other deputies for assistance. I've promoted Deputy Parks to the rank of sergeant."


Giles walked over and shook his hand. "That was long overdue Parks."


"Lieutenant, during roll call I'm going to come in and introduce myself and explain what's going on. I have the names of the deputies who did Sheriff Riley's bidding and they are going to be arrested. There will be men outside ready to come in if they're needed but I hope they give up peacefully."


"Most will but I'll let you know now, Damien Wilde won't. I can put several deputies around him so he can quickly be subdued."


"That's a good idea. Will any others pose a problem when he's is arrested?"


Giles looked at Mike. "I don't think so, but there will be more decent deputies there than bad."


Lt. Giles went into the briefing room and got ready for afternoon roll call. Trace met with Mike, Dusty, JR and me. "I'd like you guys to wait outside the door in case things get out of hand. Agent Mason, can you have Tonka with you?"


I smiled and nodded, "As you wish Sheriff Carmichael."


He punched me playfully in the arm. "Not you too?"


We all stepped back and saluted him then broke out laughing. "I think you'll get the support of all the decent deputies here."


We headed to the briefing room and heard Lt. Giles talking. He looked and saw Trace standing there so he nodded his head. Trace came in as the lieutenant shouted, "Attention."


The men stood up as Trace entered the room. Right away there was a verbal altercation. "What the hell is going on? He's not the sheriff."


"At ease deputy," Carmichael shouted.


"The hell I will." The deputy fired back.


Lt. Giles took over. "Deputy Wilde, remember your place."


"Lieutenant, are you buying this?" Wilde asked.


"I don't have a choice Deputy Wilde. This came down from the top."


"The top?"


Giles nodded his head. "That's right, this came down from Governor Fleming and I'm not disobeying his order."


"Well, I only listen to Sheriff Riley. She hired me."


"Deputy Wilde, right now that's not an option."


"Then I'm out of here." He said and started to head for the door.


"Then you leave me no choice. Deputy Wilde, you're under arrest."


"What the hell? No way, I'm not going to jail."


Just then four deputies had him surrounded and quickly took him down, removing his weapons. "Oh yes you are Wilde." Lt. Giles said as he put his knee onto the back of his neck as two of the other deputies got him cuffed.


I watched and saw two others try to head quietly for the door then Mike opened it. I was standing there and Tonka was sitting at my side. They saw him and just stopped and Mike put them in cuffs and removed their pistols. Mike looked at Trace then walked over to three others. "Do you want to come peacefully?"


They all looked at the ground so several others removed their weapons and put them in cuffs. Mike, Dusty, JR and I took the men to the booking area as Trace addressed the others. "My name is Trace Carmichael. I'm normally assigned to the Minnesota State Patrol but by order of Governor Fleming, I'm now the acting sheriff here. As many of you know, Sheriff Riley had her own agenda here and it wasn't to uphold the law fairly and equally across the board. I want to know right now is every man here willing to do this. Because if you're not, that means you've broken the oath you took and the law."


Every man stood there then one stepped forward. "Sheriff, I had to arrest people I knew didn't deserve to be and I didn't like that one bit."


"Those days are over." Trace started again "Starting this minute, we're going out there to serve the citizens of this community like we've sworn to do. Also, if you know any of the students at Dodge High School that are behind the assaulting of students there, I want them arrested and booked into the jail. If their parents interfere, give them one warning to step back and if they don't they can be arrested too.


Trace took a big gulp of water. "I'd like you to meet several people you'll be seeing here over the next few days."


We stepped inside as we were introduced. Everyone's eyes got big when they saw Tonka. I gave them a little background on him when a trooper came in. Trace stepped out for a moment then motioned for us to come out. "This is Trooper Williams and he has the superintendant with him. Principal Floyd has been booked so he can go see the governor. When he's done, can someone see he's returned here?"


Trooper Keene nodded his head. "I'll see to it myself."


We got the principal and put him in the car with the superintendant then it was time to head back to the mansion. When we arrived at the mansion, the troopers had taken the two men out of the back of their car. When we walked up, the superintendant got mouthy. "I'll have your head for this."


Vance stepped up to him. "You'll be lucky if you leave with yours. Do you happen to know where you are?"


He looked around and saw the huge house and a number of troopers milling about. Just then it hit him and he swallowed hard. One of the troopers put his hand on the man's arm and led him inside. As soon as I entered, Ed saw me. "Hi Ace, are these the people the governor wants to see?"


I nodded my head and saw Johnny. "Johnny, can you take Tonka?"


Johnny knelt down and Tonka made a beeline for him. Vance looked at the two of them. "Does he get along with all of the agents like that?"


I nodded. "Pretty much if he likes them but he used to own Tonka before his apartment manager said he couldn't keep him."


"How did Bennie talk the President into it?"


I had to giggle. "Well, Tonka really sold himself. He took to the President right away and he's very protective."


"Why does he come with you?"


"Tonka is an excellent K9 too. He's apprehended a number of suspects and he can sniff out drugs with the best of them."


Vance was surprised when he heard that. "He's really a rare find."


"Yes he was," I said as we reached the Governor's office. Vance opened the door and we walked in. Isaac was still helping Curt. "Ace, I've tried everything I know but so far we've struck out."


"Not to worry Isaac. We've been to the school and have the principal with us and I've got the names of the boys who've filed suit."


Isaac looked down. "Sorry we struck out."


I smiled. "We have the information we needed now so there's nothing to apologize for. Curt, can you let the governor know his guests are here?"


Curt buzzed the governor then looked at us. "Agent Mason, Trooper Keene, he's asked to see you first."


Vance knocked on the door then we entered. When I saw Bennie, he fought to keep from jumping out of the chair. "Did you manage to calm things down Trooper Keene?" The governor asked.


"Well Sir, a number of students who were responsible for assaulting the boys have been arrested as well as those deputies who protected them. Several other deputies were taken into custody when they came in to work this afternoon."


"What about the others?" The governor asked.


"Well, the deputies that are working now are all trustworthy. It seems that the numbers of bad cops were in the minority of the department but since the Sheriff was in control, the honest ones couldn't properly serve the community. When we left, Sgt. Carmichael had the support of those there."


The governor stood up and shook our hands. "I want to thank you two for the work you've done today."


"There is still more to do Sir," I said shaking his hand. "The rest of the jocks need to be taken into custody. Deputies who know who some are, will be making arrests tonight and the others will be brought to the sheriff's office and we'll talk to them one by one hoping we can get an accurate list of those who were behind this."


"Are you going to assist with this Agent Mason?"


"Sir, I have permission to give you another day but then we must return to Washington." I said looking at Ben.


"Of course," The governor said then looked at Ben. "Mr. President, it would be an honor if you stayed here in the mansion. There is plenty of room here."


"Are you sure?" Ben asked.


"I am Mr. President and you won't have to worry about security either. How many rooms will you need?"


Ben thought for a minute. "Three should do it."


Governor Fleming picked up the phone and made a call. "That's all been settled. There is a place across the street we own and your other agents can get rooms in there for the night. Dinner will be at 6:30."


Ben stood and shook the governor's hand. "Thank you Larry. If you don't mind, we'd like to get unpacked and rest for a while."


"Curt will get someone to help you with your bags and show you to your rooms." Fleming said as we stepped out of his office. "Curt, please get the President and his party settled. Also, put the superintendant and the principal in the library until I'm ready to speak with them."


Curt got an assistant to assist us then he had Trooper Keene take the other guests to the library. As soon as Bennie and I got into our room he jumped into my arms. "I was worried about you."


He was getting heavier so I set him on his feet. "I had loads of backup baby. I have a feeling a number of arrests will be taking place tonight so I won't know how many jocks will need to be brought in. For all I know, one of them might roll over on the others to make a deal to save their own butt."


"I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the governor's office."


I was surprised at that statement. "Why's that?"


"Man was he pissed. As we talked, he hates discrimination in all forms and for a school district to have a policy that basically supports it is against all he stands for added to the fact it's unconstitutional."


"What I can't understand is why the county attorney or the state's attorney didn't step in."


"It's possible the sheriff had them so scared they believed there was no one that could help them." A voice said as I turned towards it.


"Ben, I think that's even worse than the policy that was in place. How could those two offices not know what was going on?"


"Governor Fleming is launching a full investigation into it. I'm going to call the US Attorney's office here and see if there are grounds for any federal charges."


"Good idea Sir. Some of them could possibly skate here but they sure won't in Federal Court."


"I also heard what you told Bennie about the remaining students. If they can manage on their own and with the state police, we should get going back to DC. I'm really thinking about addressing the country about the issue of school violence and bullying."


"That might be a good idea Dad." Bennie said then looked at me. "Ace, can we get a shower?"


I reached down and drew him into a hug. "You're wearing your vest."


He smiled at me. "Yeah, I gotta get used to wearing it."


I saw Ben close the door then Bennie planted one on me. "Does someone have a problem?" I said as I felt his tool start to come to life.


He reached down and rubbed my crotch. "I see someone else has one too."


I hadn't had a release in a few days so what Bennie was doing had the effect on me he was looking for. "Easy love or this will end faster than you want."


Bennie stepped back then I started getting undressed. When Bennie removed his shirt, the vest he was wearing was really highlighting his chest. He removed it then took his tee shirt off and it was then I realized he was really filling out. My dick got harder than I can ever remember it since we'd been together. I quickly stripped to my undies then stepped behind Bennie and ran my hands down his chest. Bennie leaned his head against my shoulder then I turned mine and locked lips with him.


As I ran my hands down his chest I felt his nipples begin to harden as I caressed them. He softly moaned as we continued to kiss and as I worked my hands down towards his abdomen and stomach. My hand ran over his now defined abs then I brushed his bush. Bennie's dick twitched and hit my hand in the process causing him to moan again. "God lover, I want you now."


Bennie broke the kiss then turned around pulling my underwear down fast causing my dick to slap against my body. He turned me around then gently pushed me down onto the bed and quickly cuddled close to me. We started to explore each other's bodies and soon we were holding each other's cocks. "Love, put it in me," I moaned.


Bennie quickly turned around and started sucking me then he wiggled his dick at me so I got the hint. We were locked in a very hot 69 when I felt his finger run down my nether region towards my wanting hole. I lifted my leg then felt two wet fingers probing my back passage.


I pulled off Bennie's dick and started licking his nuts. He lifted his leg and I saw his hole winking at me. I gave it a few licks then shoved my tongue into it. I felt Bennie's hand patting mine so I got the message and inserted two fingers in him then went back sucking him. When I felt Bennie's fingers wiggle in me I returned the favor by wiggling mine in him then I found his love nut. No sooner had I touched it when he moaned, "Gonna cum love."


He started shooting into my mouth then he mashed on my prostate sending me over the edge too. We fired volley after volley into each other's mouths and drank them down then Bennie turned around and we kissed and cuddled. After several minutes, I needed to use the bathroom then Bennie joined me so we decided to take our shower.


Over at the Sheriff's office, Trace and Mike were listening intently to the radio traffic. Troopers and Deputies were rounding up dirty cops. When two deputies went to arrest the football coach, they noticed a large number of vehicles parked around the house. Sheriff Carmichael had the deputies sit away from the house and watch while he organized a raiding team.


A few minutes later, a deputy tapped on Trace's door. "Sheriff, there are bunch of troopers here."


Mike smiled. "Reinforcements to the rescue."


Mike and Trace went out to see the men. Several troopers recognized him. "Man, how'd you get this job?"


"Long story and you'll get it all later." Trace started. "Right now, I can use every one of you. Sgt. Parks will fill you in."


Sgt. Parks took over. "When two deputies went to arrest an individual in connection with our investigation, they noticed a large number of other vehicles there making what could be a peaceful arrest into an unknown situation. When we were in the process of getting a team together so we could bring the suspect in, you arrived."


Trace took over. "Sgt. Parks will go out with you then devise a plan. I don't know if this person has a weapon or not nor do we know just how many people are in there so stay alert. My thinking is to form two teams. A Team, you're on the entry team and B Team, you're at the back door. Once entry has been made, B Team will then enter and assist as needed."


The men nodded then took off for the house. When they arrived, Sgt. Parks talked with the two deputies. "Has anyone arrived or left?


"No sarge," The driver answered. "I recognize several of the cars belonging to members of the football team."


"Did you hear a dog barking?"


The deputy shook his head. "No, it's been quiet."


Mike got everyone together. "We're going to try for a peaceful resolution to this. I want five of you in the back yard in a position where you can see the back door but where anyone coming out can't see you. I see a number of windows so I want two men on each of those in case anyone tries to get out through them. One more thing, everyone put your earpieces into your radios so they can't hear us."


The men walked up the street then quickly formed into teams. Mike walked up to the door then knocked on it. The door opened slowly then it closed so the troopers drew their weapons. A moment later, it opened and there was a middle aged man. "Yes Sergeant, what can I do for you?"


"Arthur Manning you're under arrest."


The man laughed. "You have to be kidding, right?"


Mike wasn't smiling. "Does it look like we're kidding? Step outside please."


The man did as instructed then one of the troopers took control of him so he could be searched then handcuffed. The trooper turned him around. "Who else is in the house?"


"No one," Manning said.


Mike turned around and looked at him. "Then you'll have no problem with us searching it."


"What, no, wait, you can't do that."


"Take him to a car and secure him." Mike said to the trooper.


Just then a voice was heard over the radio. "We have people coming out the back."


Sgt. Parks motioned for some troopers to head to the back gate. A few seconds later a voice shouted. "State Patrol, everyone freeze and let me see your hands."


The troopers at the gate entered the back yard while Mike and his team entered through the front door. A thorough search of the house found three teens trying to hide and the troopers in the back yard put four in custody. Mike walked over to Manning. "I thought you said no one else was in the house."


He decided to get smart. "So now it's illegal to have people over visiting?"


Mike closed the back door on the car then joined the troopers with the teen suspects. One boy was really mouthy. "What the fuck's wrong with you people? We didn't do anything."


Mike looked around and saw one of the boys standing there with his head down. He went over to him then looked at the others. "Keep them separated and let's get back to the office. Come with me young man."


Mike took the quiet teen over to his car and quickly patted him down then handcuffed him. "What's going to happen to me?"


Mike opened the back door and helped him inside then put his seatbelt on him. "That all depends on you."


"What do you mean?" He asked as Mike got into the front seat.


Mike started the car and began the trip to the office. "If you cooperate with us, I'd be willing to work with you."


"Cooperate how?" He asked.


"First off, what's your name?"


"Oh sorry sir, it's Doug Benning."


"What grade are you in?"


"I'm a junior." Doug answered.


"I want you to be honest with me now. Were you involved with bullying or assaulting any student at school?"


"No sir," Doug started as Mike heard a change in his voice. "I knew what they were doing was wrong and I tried talking to them to get it stopped but coach had a hard grip on a small group of them."


Mike thought for a minute. "How many jocks are you talking about?"


He thought for a moment. "There are like six or seven who are really into it. I just kept to myself as did a lot of the other members on the team. I didn't like what was happening but there wasn't a thing anyone could do."


With all Mike had learned today, he understood all too well what the student meant. "I believe you Doug. I had my eyes opened today when we were at the school. Now, will you be willing to testify in court?"


"I...I...I'll have to testify?" Doug stuttered.


Mike pulled into the Sheriff's Office then parked his car. He got out then helped Doug out of the car. "Yes, your testimony will be critical to putting those involved away."


Mike went to take him inside but Doug didn't move. "What about me? I have to go to that school."


Mike patted him on the back. "Don't you worry; the people behind this won't be able to do a thing against the decent students there."


Mike walked in with Doug and saw a man in a suit talking with Trace. He brought Doug over to a bench then hooked one of his cuffs to the arm rest so he couldn't go anywhere. He then went over to the Sheriff. "Sgt. Parks, this is Robert Jones. He's with the County Attorney's office."


"Nice to meet you and you're going to be very busy."


"That's what I've heard. Who's willing to testify?"


"You have the victims and a member of the team who didn't participate in the assaults but knew of them."


"So why didn't he do something?" Jones asked.


Trace came out with a stack of folders then handed him one. "Look at this."


Jones looked at the name on it. "I don't believe this."


Mike got into his face. "You better because I was present when he was arrested as well as another State Trooper and a Federal Agent."


Trace handed him another file. "You might want to sit down when you read this one."


"Oh my god, I'd have never believed this. How many students are we looking at?"


"According to Doug over there, there are six or seven who were really behind the assaults." Mike said as he went over to the teen then un-cuffed him.


The county attorney acted skeptical. "You're taking his word he wasn't involved?"


"I wasn't," Doug said fighting back tears. "I didn't want anything to do with those who did but I also loved playing football. I kept to myself and anytime I got wind someone was going to get beat up, I would try to warn those who were the target."


Just then, a man with a teen came in. The man walked over to Trace. "Who do I see about what happened to my son at school today?"


Trace extended his hand. "I'm the acting Sheriff. My name is Sgt. Trace Carmichael; I'm with the State Patrol. How's your son?"


"He's bruised and sore but will be alright. I'm Paul Miles, Blake's father. Were you the one who got him medical care?"


Trace shook his head. "No, that was a Federal Officer who was out with us today."


Paul turned to his son but didn't see him. He stepped out of the doorway and saw him talking with another teen. He went over to him. "Son, do you know him?"


Trace was right behind Blake's father. "Why is he here?" Blake asked. "Doug's never done a thing to me or any of the others."


"Sgt. Parks, take Blake and his father inside and get a statement from him." Trace said looking at Jones then he stepped over to him. "Now, do you still believe that player is involved?"


Jones looked at the list of files. "Sheriff, you've uncovered a hornet's nest here."


Trace nodded his head. "Yeah and I'm going to make sure it's not allowed to continue growing."


"Sheriff, those are kids."


Trace turned and went nose to nose with the attorney. "Yeah, kids who continually broke the law while adults covered it up. Do you think we should just pat them on the head and tell them not to do it anymore?"


"What do you suggest?" Jones asked.


"I'm going to charge them as adults. They can spend the night in jail here then post bond."


"You realize this will destroy their futures." Jones said.


"Well they should have thought about that before they kept assaulting other students at Dodge High. And what about the decent students, don't they deserve a chance to get an education?"


Jones looked at the ground. "Yeah, you're right."


During the course of the evening, the sheriff's office was very busy. Three other jocks and four deputies were rounded up, brought in and booked.


Back at the Governor's mansion, we were about to enter the living room when my cell phone went off. I looked at it as Ben was staring at me. "Sir, it's Sgt. Carmichael, I better take this."


I put the phone up to my ear and heard Carmichael's voice. "What's going on Sheriff?"


"We've got them all."


I was stunned. "That's great, how'd you do it?"


"One of the students brought in by Sgt. Parks is talking. Also the boy who was assaulted by the deputy is here giving us a statement."


"What about the other deputies?" I asked.


"The state patrol picked up those who were off duty and they're being booked now."


I smiled. "Score one for the home team."


"With everyone in custody, maybe the school will settle down and the students can get back to getting an education."


"That's provided the teachers are willing to follow the law." I said. "That policy has to be removed so the current attitude can change."


Just then a man came up to us. "Mr. President, Governor Fleming would like to see you."


"Trace, I think that might happen here." I said as I watched Ben head towards the governor's office.


"Agent Mason, I know Rome wasn't built in a day so we're prepared to put some deputies in the school so the students know fighting and bullying will not be tolerated."


"Trace, I knew the Governor put the right man in that uniform. If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to call."


I ended the call then we headed to the Governor's office to wait on Ben. Inside, the governor was not happy with his guests. "Gentlemen, what do you have to say for yourselves?"


The superintendant was smug. "Governor, we have the best school district in the state."


"Oh really, then why are you being sued in federal court?"


"It's a frivolous suit," He started.


"Frivolous?" The governor almost shouted. "Another student just filed another suit so the federal court isn't seeing it as frivolous and neither am I. Now, Mr. Floyd, what do you have to say for yourself?"


He just sat there and said nothing. Ben shifted position on the sofa then Floyd got cocky. "I've followed the guideline to the letter. If there is a queer that has a problem, then it's his problem. We don't discuss it."


"Does that also include protecting students who bully them?" The governor asked.


"I've never heard about that." Floyd countered.


"Or you chose not to hear it." Fleming said slamming his hand down on his desk. "Are you going to stick to that story or should I bring in someone who was there when you were arrested."


"I'm not saying another word." Floyd spat.


"Good," The governor said because I will. "Superintendant Levitt, you're hereby suspended until the Department of Education investigates your school district. Mr. Floyd, you're suspended until such time as you are cleared of the criminal charges against you. If you are convicted, you're contract is terminated effective the date of your arrest."


The Governor pushed a buzzer then Curt walked into his office. "Yes Sir?"


"Have Trooper Keene come in here and get these people out of here. The stench is getting sickening."


"I'll call him right away." Curt said as he stepped back.


"Is there anyone here now?"


Curt nodded his head. "Yes there are, would you like me to get them?"


"Please," Governor Fleming replied.


We were sitting on the sofa when Curt motioned for me. "Can you hold onto these two until Trooper Keene comes?"


Several of us stood up. "Sure." I said walking into the Governor's office.


I stepped inside followed by Dusty and Ed. When I saw the principal, I thought he was going to faint. "What the hell are you doing here?"


"That's none of your concern; you have enough to worry about." I said as I reached for my cuffs. "Turn around."


"And if I don't?" He spat.


"You don't really want me to answer that." I said as Ed and Dusty started to step towards him.


Reluctantly he turned around and I was about to put my cuffs on him when there was a knock on the door and Trooper Keene stepped in. "I'll take him Agent Mason."


Keene cuffed Zack Floyd and led him towards the door. The superintendant stood then the governor had another surprise for him. "Your so called gender neutral policy is discriminatory and as such, illegal."


"It's our policy." Levitt screamed.


"A school district cannot have a policy that violates either State or Federal Law. I'm going to get a county attorney to look at it and if need be, get an injunction to stop that from being enforced."


"You can't do that." He screamed.


Ben had heard enough. "If he can't I can. I can have a US Attorney here because, in my opinion, this clearly violates the 14th Amendment. You also face losing Federal Education monies because of this too. I'm ordering the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare along with the Department of Education to do a full investigation into your county school system and if there are violations of Federal Laws, you will answer for them."


Governor Fleming looked at Ben. "Mr. President, the State Department of Education will be glad to assist your people. If State Laws have been violated, I want to know about this too."


Ben nodded his head. "Our people will coordinate with yours Governor."


Trooper Keene led the visitors outside and he had some men return Zack Floyd back to jail and drop the superintendant back at his office.


The next day Trace was busy getting all the people arrested transported over to court. The holding area looked like a zoo with the large number of people. Trace came out and saw Robert Jones talking with several other people. When he approached, he started hearing the conversation. "Look, you have no case here so why not just dismiss them now and avoid getting embarrassed later."


"Don't worry about me being embarrassed." Jones started. "You just have to get your clients to accept the fact they're going to have to answer for what they've done."


"We'll see." One of the men said then headed for the courtroom."


Jones turned and saw Trace standing there. "If these people change their minds..."


"Bob, four of these kids have a case in federal court so they're not changing their minds. When we were in school, the teachers didn't put up with any crap but now, they have to take it. We as a society seem to be taking steps backwards in some areas."


"I don't disagree with you Sheriff but parents today aren't like our parents when we were growing up." Jones said looking at his watch. "I have to get inside the courtroom. Are you coming in?"


Trace went inside and sat in the back so he could watch the proceedings. One by one people were brought in and the charges were read against them then the prosecutor would make his recommendation on bail. The defense attorney would try to get the amount lowered or even try to get his client released on his own recognizance. About an hour into the proceedings, Jones's case was called. Six teens were led in by deputies then the bailiff said, "The People versus Phillip Garner, Dennis Morin, Henry Carter, Charles Gordon, Jordan Marsh and Irving Wells. The charges are assault and battery, making terroristic threats and kidnapping."


Jones came through the rail then a woman stood and entered. "Robert Jones, for the state."


The woman set her briefcase on the table. "Carolyn Moss for the defense."


The judge looked at the teens then over to the woman. "How do your clients plead Ms. Moss?"


"My clients plead not guilty on all counts." She said.


The judge was about to speak when one of the teens interrupted him. "Lady you should speak for yourself."


This upset the judge. "What is your name young man?"


The teen's head snapped over to the jurist and saw his name plate. "I'm sorry Judge Frazier, my name is Phillip Garner."


"Your apology is accepted, now is there something you'd like to say?"


He looked over at the others then back to the judge. "Yes Sir, I plead guilty."


The other teens all started to move around him so Trace and some other deputies quickly came into the area. "Order," The judge said as he banged his gavel.


Trace reached in and put his hand on two of the teens as Jones led Garner back. The judge banged his gavel again. Ms. Moss looked at the teen then to the judge. "Your Honor, please excuse my client's outburst. He pleads..."


Phillip shook his head. "Lady, do you have a hearing problem? I don't care what these other guys want to plead but if you're going to represent me, you'll have to start listening."


Judge Frazier looked at him. "Young man, are you sure of what you're doing?"


The teen nodded his head. "Yes Sir, I am. I admit I don't like gays but what I did was wrong and I'm ready to accept the punishment you give out to me."


Jones was taken completely by surprise by this. "Your Honor, the state requests that you delay imposing sentence at this time."


"Very well," Judge Frazier said. "Let's handle the other defendants first. Do you have a recommendation on bail?"


"Yes Your Honor, based on the seriousness of these crimes, the state is asking for $100,000 for each of them."


Carolyn didn't wait to be called on. "Your Honor, this is totally outrageous. My clients are students in high school. They have their education to receive as well as they are all on the school's football team."


Jones quickly countered. "Your Honor, it was while at school that these crimes were committed. The teens used threats and intimidation to keep their victims from saying anything. To make matters worse, there are adults that aided them."


The judge looked at Ms. Moss but she remained quiet. "These are serious charges and these young men are old enough to know right from wrong. Bail is hereby set in the amount of $100,000, cash or bond. If you are able to post bond, you will be placed in the monitoring program.  You will not be allowed to leave the property of your guardian except to meet with your attorney or for a bonafide medical emergency.  I am also issuing a restraining order to prevent you from coming within 100 feet of any of the other participants of this case. Bailiff, you can escort these boys back to the holding area."


The teens were led away then Ms. Moss leaned over and talked with Phillip. They chatted for several minutes then she leaned over and talked with Robert. The judge then banged his gavel bringing court back to order. Robert looked up. "Your Honor, the state would ask that this defendant be released ROR and put on a home monitoring device while we do a background investigation on him."


Judge Frazier sat there thinking. "Since this young man stood up and is willing to take responsibility for his actions, I'll release him ROR. Young man, this means that you're only allowed out of your house to meet with your attorney or with Mr. Jones. Also, if you get into any additional trouble, you'll be right back in jail. Do you understand that?"


Phillip nodded his head. "Yes Sir."


"Very well, you're free to go. Mr. Jones, will you see to it a home monitoring device is put on him?"


"Yes Your Honor," Robert said.


The judge then banged his gavel. "This court is now in recess."


Trace came up to Phillip. "Have your parents meet you at the Sheriff's Office and I'll have a deputy follow you to your house."


"Yes Sir," Phillip said then looked at Robert. "Thank you too Mr. Jones. I meant what I said that I'm ready to take whatever punishment I have to."


"Phillip, you did the right thing today and I think there will be something your attorney and I can work out."


Robert went back to his place as the adult defendants were brought in. All of the deputies had their bail set at $500,000 cash. Coach Arthur Manning's bail was set at $250,000 cash or bond. He was ordered not to have contact with anyone under the age of eighteen and be on a home monitoring device should he make his bail.


The final case was that of Zack Floyd, the high school principal. His bail was set at 1 million dollars and given the same stipulations as Manning's. After Floyd was returned to the holding area, Trace waited for Robert. "That was a surprise with that jock."


"Yes it was and now I have a tough decision to make."


"What's that?" Trace asked as they headed for the parking lot.


They stopped by Robert's car. "He seems remorseful for what he did and stepped up and pled guilty all on his own. I can amend the charges and have him plead guilty as a juvenile then recommend probation. This would give him a chance to get into college but as far as sports go, I don't know about that. If I accept his plea now, he'll be treated as an adult and this will stay with him for the rest of his life."


"That is a tough one. I can run his name through the state database and see if he's ever been in trouble before. If not, then I'd be willing to give him a break."


"Thanks Sheriff," Robert said. "I have to get back to the office. I have a lot of paperwork to do."


At the Governor's Mansion we were having a leisure filled day. Bennie looked at me. "Ace, I thought we were going to be going to that high school."


"I'm sure we will love but the deputies have work to do. I'm sure when their ready, I'll get a call."


"I know but I'd love to help." Bennie said as I wrapped my arm around him.


Just then, my cell rang. I looked and it was Sheriff Carmichael. "Hi Sheriff."


"Good morning Agent Mason. It seems my deputies and the troopers rounded up all the suspects."


"Wow, they must have been busy all night."


"Actually, they had everyone in custody by seven last night. Everyone was arraigned this morning and another of the jocks took responsibility for their actions."


"I'm glad to hear that. Maybe the others will have time to think about their actions while awaiting trial. So I guess this means everything is under control now."


"I'm on my way back to the office to see what's going on but I'd say were on the way to having a decent department now."


"I'm glad to hear it Sheriff. The President wants to get home so I guess this is goodbye."


"Not really, I'll keep you informed as to what happens here and you're more than welcome to visit us anytime."


"Thanks for the invitation. I'll talk with you later."


I ended the call and I could tell Bennie wasn't happy. "I take it they don't need us now, huh?"


I kissed him on the cheek. "In a way love, I'm glad they didn't. You never know what's going to happen when you go to take someone into custody."


Bennie sighed and leaned against me. "I know but I would have liked to have helped."


"Once you get out of college and through your training, you'll have plenty of chances to bring people in."


He returned my kiss. "Yeah, you're right. So I take it it's time to head home?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah it is love. Personally, I'd like to get home and back to a more quiet life again."


I stood up to find Ben when Bennie stood and hugged me tight. "I have some ideas for tonight."


I kissed his nose and grinned. "I'm sure you do."


I found Ed then we got our things together so we could head to the airport. Ed and the other agents got our gear into the limo then we walked to the front door with the Governor. He shook Ben's hand and rubbed his shoulder. "Mr. President, I can't thank you enough for coming here and helping us. Your agents are true professionals and I'd gladly have any of them on my team."


We all shook his hand then got into the limo. It took about 20 minutes to make the trip to the airport. After we boarded Air Force One, we took off for the trip home.


To be continued