The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 37


We were near the Oval Office so I didn't push things any further. "OK thanks and let me know what you can do about those search warrants."


Adam nodded his head. "I'll see what I can do."


Adam returned to his office then Bennie and I went in to see Ben and I knew this wasn't going to be easy. We went into the outer office and saw Ed and Ben standing there. Ben motioned us to follow him into the Oval Office then closed the door. He looked at us then held his arms out towards his son. Bennie ran into them as tears began to fall.


Under any other circumstances I would be able to read Ben but not this time. I felt like I'd let Bennie down and with that, lost the trust of Ben. I reached into my pocket and took out my credentials then removed my weapon and set them on his desk. As I turned to walk out, Bennie saw me heading for the door. "Where are you going Ace?"


I couldn't answer at first. Tears began to fill my eyes as I felt him turn me around. "I let you down today my love and it damn near cost you and Pete your lives."


Bennie reached out and lifted my head up then stared me in the eyes. "That bullshit and you know it."


I shook my head. "No it's not, baby."


"STOP IT! You were doing your job."


"My job was to be with you." I fired back.


"What about when Johnny was with me at school while you were recovering from getting shot? JR and Dusty have guarded me when you had something to do so cut that crap out right this minute."


I pulled him into a tight hug as I cried. I felt a hand on my shoulder then saw Ben holding my badge and gun. "Ace, take it. I'm not accepting these."


"Yes Sir," I said weakly knowing this battle I wasn't going to win then looked at my love. "Baby, I gotta know, what were you doing with my gun?"


Before he could answer, my cell rang. "Agent Mason, I have Agent Morgan with me."


I was glad to hear Pete wasn't injured that bad. "Escort him to the Oval Office please."


"Right away," The voice said.


"Pete's here," I said.


Bennie's eyes lit up when I said that then he looked over to Ben. "Don't be mad at him Dad."


"I'm not son," Ben said exhaling slowly. "If anything, I'm mad at myself."


"Sir, you had no way of foreseeing this would happen." I said as I heard a knock on the door.


Ben sighed then nodded as I went to the door and opened it. "Come in Agent Morgan." Ben said.


I went to take his arm but he walked over to Ben and hung his head. "Mr. President..."


Ben stopped him before he could finish. "Agent Morgan, you've nothing to apologize for."


Pete then turned and looked at me. "Ace, I'm sorry. I should have listened to you and returned here."


I was a tad upset at him for not listening but he had gotten Ben's permission to make a stop. "Pete, hindsight is always 20/20. No one had any way of knowing what was going to happen. How are you feeling?"


"My head is a little sore." He started then Bennie went over to him and took his hand leading him to the sofa. "The doctor said I have a slight concussion but if I take it easy, I should be alright."


Ben and I went and sat down. "Pete, can you tell me what you remember?" I asked.


He closed his eyes then looked at me. "Well, we had to park about a block from the ice cream parlor. When I got out, I looked around but I didn't see anything suspicious. There were a lot of people walking up and down the sidewalk going about their business so I got Bennie out. We started walking and I continued keeping my eyes open. At one time, I drew him close to me when we came to a large group of people but I saw nothing out of the ordinary."


I was still mad at myself that I hadn't brought Tonka. I thought he'd be miserable but looking back, I knew he would have stretched out and stayed out of the way. What I did next was surprised everyone. "Alright Pete what happened, happened and it could have just as easily been me. Now, what is said in here it completely off the record, are we clear about this?"


Pete nodded his head. "Sure Ace."


I then looked at Ben and he nodded his head. "I understand Ace."


I looked at Bennie. "OK, how did you end up with my gun?"


"Well, right after you left, I fired several more rounds at the target then Pete brought it in. He noticed the time so he told me to start cleaning up."


"What did you do with the gun?" I asked.


"I reloaded the clip then put it into the gun, chambered a round then put the safety on. That's how you had it when you gave it to me." Bennie said looking at me.


"Alright, once you did that what did you do?"


"I put the gun in Pete's jacket pocket."


I looked over to Pete. "I do remember feeling something when I put my jacket back on. It was warm in the range so I took it off and hung it up."


I looked at Bennie. "Did you tell Pete you put the gun in his pocket?"


He looked down then back to me. "Um no, I just put it in there then finished cleaning up so we could leave."


"Ace, don't be too hard on him, I did have possession of it." Pete interjected.


"I know Pete; I'm just trying to get all of the facts because I'm going to need statements from you both for my report."


Just then there was another knock on the door then Ed stuck his head in. "Sir, Director Morgan is here."


I didn't need this now but Ben just motioned to him to let her in. Right away I saw some papers in her hand. "I hope that's good news." I said looking at the papers.


"It is Ace, it confirms the gun we have was the one used by the detective. They were also able to lift several clean fingerprints that were his too. All I need are statements."


"Relax Evelyn, I have that under control."


"Have you started on your report yet?"


"I've been a little busy but you'll have it ASAP." I replied.


"Ace I'm getting heat." She said and that surprised Ben.


"Excuse me?" Ben said.


"My office is getting swamped by calls from the press wanting statements."


I looked at her. "Just tell them when the investigation is complete, one will be released and no sooner."


"That's perfect. Then they'll be jumping to their own conclusions."


"What were they asking Director Morgan?" Ben asked rather curtly.


"Sir, they kept asking if it was true that someone at the White House was involved in a shooting."


Ben was steamed. "Damn it to hell, they know to go through my Press Secretary. The next time they call, tell them that then hang up."


I looked at Ben. "Sir, I think you're going to have to release a statement."


"How soon can you complete your report?"


I thought for a moment. "Well, I have everything I need. I secretly taped the statements from Bennie and Pete so all I need is for those to be transcribed then signed."


"What?" Bennie said in shock.


I smiled then went over to him. "I wanted you relaxed so you could tell us what happened. You've been through a lot today."


He leaned against me and sighed. "Now I wish we'd have just stayed here today."


I gently rubbed his hair. "I know love, I know."


"Ace, give the tape to my secretary. He'll have it transcribed in no time at all."


"Sir, there is a certain way we have to do a statement. One of the agents downstairs should be able to do it."


"Alright Director, once that's done and Ace has done his report I'll make an announcement."


Evelyn looked at Pete, Bennie and me. "Alright, I have one question and I need an answer. Bennie, did you have the gun in your pocket when you left the academy?"


Bennie shook his head. "No Ma'am. I put it in Pete's jacket pocket when we were cleaning up. We were busy trying to get out of there so they could close and I just forgot in all the rush to tell him."


"Alright Bennie," Evelyn said and smiled. "The agency has a psychologist the agents see when they're involved in a shooting."


He looked at her then to me. "A shrink?"


I wrapped my arm around him. "Sort of baby but it helps them deal with what happened."


"Have you seen him?" He asked.


"It's a she and well, no I haven't."


"How come?"


I smiled. "Well, the only time I had to fire, I didn't kill him."


"Why not, isn't that what you're trained to do?"


I nodded my head. "Normally yes, but I was using my rifle. I chose not to kill but to wound. I think you remember when that happened."


Bennie's face went somber. "Yeah I do."


I was about to say something to him until there was a knock on the door. Ed stuck his head and Ben just waved his hand then in came Dusty and JR. I was surprised because they normally call me when they're on their way over. Right away, JR went to Bennie. "We just heard, are you alright?"


"Yeah, I'm fine but who told you?"


Dusty went over to him. "I called Ed when I heard the report of a shooting."


"Alright everyone, I need to return to the residence." Ben announced.


I went over to Evelyn. "Here's the tape. Have Pete sign his statement then get everything up to me so I can do my report. Keep an eye on him to, we don't need him getting dizzy on us."


She nodded her head then I joined the others heading up to the residence. Dusty slowed down so I could catch up with them. "Ace, can I talk with Bennie in private?"


"Sure buddy, what's on your mind if I might ask?"


"Well, it's just that I've been through what he has."


"You've killed someone in the line of duty?"


"Twice Ace so I know what he's going through. How's he doing?"


I shook my head. "I really don't know. Johnny drove us back from the crime scene and on the way, he cried himself out and fell asleep against me. I had to help him into the elevator then down to his room where I undressed him and he took a nap. I had to get JR's help accessing some bank's video surveillance tapes and Bennie wanted to help so I let him with JR on the line."


"He's fighting with his emotions. I did it after my first shooting. From what you're describing he's trying to keep them inside."


"And that'll eat him alive." I said finishing Dusty's statement.


"That's right Ace."


"He doesn't need that. He trusts you so go ahead and talk to him. Evelyn offered the shrink..."


"Ace, you know how he is."


"Yeah, Bennie's really shy around people he doesn't know so I don't know if he'd learn to trust him to open up."


"Exactly," Dusty said as we walked into the residence.


"Look, keep me in the loop will you? If you think he needs professional help, I'll talk to Ben and we'll find someone."


Dusty pulled out his wallet and removed a stack of cards. He found what he was looking for and handed it to me. "This is the guy I went to. He's really good and is also gay friendly."


"You think his sexuality will come out?"


He nodded his head. "Shrinks have this uncanny way of finding it out."


"I'll hold on to this in case it comes to that."


"I remember how he helped me so I'll do what I can."


I gave him a hug. "Thanks man, this means a lot to me. I can't lose him."


"Don't worry buddy, you won't." Dusty said.


I saw JR in the dining room but didn't see Ben or Bennie. "Where's Bennie?"


"In the living room with Ben," JR replied as I fixed a cup of coffee.


I stuck my head out and looked then got a surprise. I'd never noticed there were sliding doors that were hidden in the walls. I finished my coffee then walked down to the living room. I knocked gently on the door and heard Bennie crying. I slid the door open a little and saw him sitting on Ben's lap. I was about to close the door when he looked at me. I looked down realizing I'd interrupted them but saw him motion for me to enter. I came in then closed the doors behind me and walked over to the sofa. While gently rubbing his hair, he looked up at me. "Ace, I can't handle this." He said totally breaking down.


Ben looked at me as I sat down and he slid Bennie over onto my lap. "Ace, do something. He's having a meltdown."


"Call Dr. Phillips," I said as Bennie cried and shook in my arms.


I needed to get Dusty back here so I slid Bennie over to Ben as soon as he was off the phone then went out to get him. When I returned, he was surprised at how bad Bennie was. "Maybe you should call the house doctor."


"Ben did," I replied then put Tonka in my room because I didn't know how he'd react when Dr. Phillips came to see Bennie.


Once that was done, I went to the West Wing door and saw the doctor. "What's going on with Bennie?"


I gave him the short version then we entered the living room. Dusty seemed to have gotten Bennie calmed down some but he was still crying. I got JR and had him stay with Bennie while Ben, Dusty and I talked with Dr. Phillips. "How long as he been like this?"


"When I got to him on scene, he fell into my arms and started crying a little then cried some more when we were returning to the residence."


"He cried some more when he an Ace came to the Oval Office but nothing like what happened when we got in here."


I could see the doc mulling over everything we'd told him. "I'm not a psychiatrist but I can tell he's going through PTSD. I think I'll give him a very mild tranquilizer that will let him rest. I also have some of the same medication in oral form that I'll leave with you just in case he has a relapse. I recommend he see someone he can talk with."


"I can help him there." Dusty said. "I've been where he is and I had a good psychologist. I remember everything he did so I feel I have a bit of an advantage plus Bennie trusts me."


"That's the most important thing," Dr. Phillips said as he got an injection ready. "Can we get Bennie down to his room?"


"Ace, I'll let you get him down there." Ben said as we returned to the living room.


When we entered, Bennie had his head against JR's chest. I knelt down and rubbed his head. "Sweetie, I need to get you down to your room."


He looked at me then reached his arms out so I picked him up and carried him back to his room. "I'm sorry I'm acting like a baby."


"It's alright love." I said softly as Dusty opened the door then I looked at Dr. Phillips and he pointed to his hip so I got Bennie undressed. "Love, Dr. Phillips is going to give you a shot."


He stared at me then just relaxed. I got him on his side and lowered his undies so the doc could do his thing. He gave him the injection then went to talk to Ben. I pulled the covers over him then Dusty sat down. He ran his fingers through Bennie's hair and talked softly to him. "Bennie, I've been through what you have so I have a very good idea what you're feeling."


Bennie moved his head and put it in Dusty's lap. "Oh God Dusty, I killed someone. When will I ever forget this?"


"That's something you'll never do buddy. It becomes a part of us. We learn how to deal with it and accept it but we never forget it."


"Why Dusty, why?" Bennie asked breaking down again.


I felt my lover was in good hands so I excused myself and went out to the living room. When I passed the dining room, I heard a voice. "How's he doing Ace?"


I saw Ben having a cup of coffee with JR so I joined them. "He's broke down again but Dusty is with him and the shot will be kicking in shortly too."


"Ace, I don't think I want Bennie to join the service."


"Sir, with all due respect, you can't stop him. If you tried, you know what would happen and I'd hate to see it."


"Ace, I don't want him killing people."


"Mr. President," JR started. "I've been with NCIS for ten years and I've never had to shoot someone."


"Ben, I've known agents that have gone their entire career without ever having to draw their weapon so this could be the only time Bennie ever has to drop the hammer." I said patting him on the hand.


We talked for a few more minutes then Dusty came in. "How is he?" Ben asked.


"He cried some more then we talked until the shot took over. He's sleeping right now."


"Do you think you can get him through this?"


"You know I'll do all I can Sir. Now here is something I did when I was seeing my doctor. After meeting with her, I went to the gym and beat the hell out the punching bag."


"I can't see Bennie doing that." I said trying to envision him beating the hell out of a bag in my mind.


"Don't under estimate him Ace." Ben said looking at me. "Are you still planning on taking him to the academy tomorrow?"


"I haven't thought that far ahead, to be honest."


"Take him and get him into the gym."


I was surprised by what he said. "Is there something I don't know?"


Ben laughed as he nodded his head. "Yeah and I think you'd better bring several people with you."


Dusty got an evil look on his face. "I'll have Ellis join us at the academy tomorrow."


"Tell him to bring some workout gear with him." Ben said then I went to check on Bennie.


I was quiet as I slipped inside then sat on the edge of the bed. I moved his hair out of his face then I saw his eyes flicker open. I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "How are you feeling love?"


"Dopey," He said as he laced his fingers in my hand.


"That's from the shot." I said as he sat up then wiggled onto my lap. "Would you like to take a shower?"


He nodded his head then kicked the covers off his body. I moved then helped him up and had to hold onto him so he could get his legs back. "I'm OK now, love."


He walked into the bathroom while I got us some clean undies. After taking a leak, I got him under the warm water so he could clear the cobwebs. After I got him clean, he was more alert and he managed to get himself dry. I was about to put on a pair of jeans when I heard a knock on the door. "Come in."


Dusty stuck his head in. "Ben needs you Ace. There is going to be a news conference in thirty minutes so his press secretary can issue a statement."


"Alright buddy, I'll be right out." I said looking at Bennie's attire. "Does he want Bennie there?"


"I don't know Ace." He said then left so I could get dressed.


I put on a clean suit then went out to see Ben. Bennie was right behind me. "Dad, can I be there too?"


"Yeah you can but not dressed like that?"


Bennie turned to leave but I tapped him on the shoulder. "Put your vest on baby."


He ran his hand over my chest. "Aren't you forgetting something too?"


I smiled at him then we went back to the bedroom. After we put our vests on, we returned to the living room where we were met by Ed and Johnny.


We all walked over to the West Wing then met with Ms. Johnson. She handed Ben the press release. "How does this sound Sir?"


He read it over. "Are you going to take any questions?"


She thought for a moment. "A few if you don't mind."


"As long as they don't get too personal I don't have a problem with it."


I handed Tonka's leash to Johnny then took a peek out through the curtains. The room was already filled to capacity. "Take Tonka out and check everyone."


Johnny led Tonka into the briefing room then I heard gasps and a few screams. "What's that thing..."


"Everyone sit still." I said as I stepped onto the podium.


Tonka went around and started doing his job then I heard his growl. The man who questioned Tonka was reaching into his pocket. Two agents quickly took hold of his arms. "Let me go this instant." He yelled as Johnny dropped the leash then started patting the man down. "If he bites me I'll have your jobs."


Johnny checked his pockets and removed a cell phone but found nothing else. Tonka then started pawing at his shoe. "Sit down and remove your shoes."


"I'll do no such thing." He said as I felt Ms. Johnson tap me on the shoulder.


"Ace, the briefing is due to start in five minutes."


I nodded my head then went over to Johnny and the others. "Take your shoes off or we will." I said as the man just stood there. "Fine, we'll do this the hard way. Take him to our office so the briefing can start on time."


"I'M A REPORTER HERE TOO." He yelled as he was led out of the room.


"You won't be if we find anything you're not supposed to have on you."


Tonka quickly checked the others then the briefing started. Ms. Johnson stepped up to the podium. "Thank you all for coming. After I issue this statement, I'll answer a few questions so please wait until then.


"This afternoon an agent from the Secret Service was assaulted while escorting the President's son. The agent's name is Pete Morgan. During the assault, Benjamin managed to get hold of a weapon from Agent Morgan then shoot and kill the assailant. The assailant has been identified as Samuel Gowns, a detective who had been suspended from his position with the Metropolitan Police Department.


"When Mr. Gowns was being moved to be placed into a body bag by the Medical Examiner, a weapon was found under the body. The weapon was taken to the crime lab where it was examined. Traces of blood were found on the slide and hairs were found trapped in between the frame and slide. DNA was extrapolated from the blood and hair matched that of Sam Gowns. Finger prints were also found on the gun that matched that of the deceased.


"At this time, the Secret Service is ruling the shooting as justifiable but their report is being sent to the US Attorney's office where they will make a final disposition of this matter.


"Now I'll answer a few questions."


"Did Bennie get Agent Morgan's service weapon?"




"What did he use then?"


"Bennie and Agent Mason had been at the shooting range at the Secret Service academy. Agent Morgan was teaching Bennie how to shoot, a .380 semi-automatic, owned by Agent Mason. During that time, Agent Mason was called away on another matter. After Bennie and Agent Morgan were done at the range, Agent Morgan took Bennie for some ice cream after getting permission from the President. It was during that trip the assault took place."


"How's Bennie?"


"He wasn't injured during the attack."


"How is he mentally?"


"All things considered, he's as well as can be expected."


"How is Agent Morgan?"


"He has a laceration on the side of his head and a slight concussion. He's been released from the hospital and has been placed on light duty. That's all the questions I have time for. Thank you all for attending."


After the press conference, we all gathered in the Oval Office. "Dusty, can you and JR escort Ben and Bennie back to the residence please, I have something to handle in the office."


"Sure thing Ace, do you need our help?"


I shook my head. "No, we have everything under control but if I need you, I'll give you a call."


Bennie gave me a hug. "I'm going to lie down a little baby."


I kissed him on the cheek. "OK love, I'll be back as soon as I can."


Ed, Johnny and I went to the office and saw the guy sitting in a chair handcuffed. "Well it's about fucking time."


"Shut your trap," I shouted not being in any mood for his crap. "Now, are you going to remove your shoes or do we have to do it?"


He got real quiet and didn't do a thing so one of the agents knelt down and reached for one of his shoes. "Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn't do that."


"Why not? We're going to find out what you have in there one way or another."


"If you value this place, I wouldn't touch those shoes."


He started trying to kick one of his shoes off so the agent grabbed hold of his ankles so he couldn't move his feet. I went over to my desk and took out a roll of duct tape and began to tape his ankles tightly to the legs of the chair. The next thing I did was to stand him up and taped his hands tightly using the rest of the roll of tape. When I was finished, I pushed him down and looked at one of the agents. "Get the big dolly and bring it in here."


He nodded his head then the loud mouth started whining. "My hands hurt, they're feeling cold."


"Tough shit," I said taking my cell out.


I called Evelyn and had her send the bomb squad over. No sooner had I got off the phone when the agent was back with the cart. We picked him up and put him on it, chair and all. "Where are we going with him?" Johnny asked.


I had to think for a moment. "Down to the basement, there is a bomb shelter in there


After securing him in there, I notified Ben then we waited for the bomb squad. I put one of the radio's Bennie and I used when we were in Orlando on him and set it to voice activated so he could talk to us. "Let me out of here."


Ed came over to me. "Now that he's in there, what are we going to do with him?"


"As soon as the bomb squad tells us what we're dealing with I'll let you know." I said. "I'm really winging this buddy."


Tonka started scratching at the door. "What is it buddy?"


He was really acting differently. "Ace, do you remember how he acted when we were in Minnesota?" Ed asked then it hit me.


"Yeah I do," I said as I opened the door.


We went in and right away Tonka started pawing at his shoe. "I guess you don't like that dog." He said smugly.


Tonka got his teeth into the side of the shoe and ripped it off then started shaking it. "Bring it here boy."


He dropped the shoe at my feet then I picked it up and looked at it. I reached inside and pulled the liner out and didn't see anything then Tonka put his feet on my shoulders taking the shoe again. "There's something in that shoe Ace." Ed said.


I reached down and removed the other one then went outside. "I'd be careful if I were you."


I looked at the shoe then noticed the sewing around the sole looked new but the shoes were definitely worn. I took out my pocket knife then started cutting the stitching. It took about ten minutes to remove everything but I was rewarded for my efforts. "Ed, now I know what Tonka was going on about."


Ed called upstairs and had an agent bring us a drug testing kit. I saw Johnny pick up the other shoe then take out the knife he had strapped around his leg. When he saw what I'd found in the other shoe he walked into the bomb shelter. "So, what is it I'm going to find in this shoe?"


The man laughed. "If you're not careful Tonto, you'll be in the happy hunting grounds."


Johnny threw the shoe at him hitting him upside the head. He then grabbed him by the hair and put the blade of his knife against his forehead. "How'd you like it if I took your scalp, huh white man?"


" ca...can't do that." He stuttered. "You're a cop."


Johnny reached into his pocket and tossed his credentials out into the hall. "Not now, I'm just another crazy Indian. I think your hair will look good over my fireplace."




Johnny stepped back opening the door then whistled, "Here Tonka.


Tonka went running inside the shelter. "My dog is hungry too. He hasn't had fresh meat in ages."


"HELP ME," He screamed again.


Johnny slapped him upside the head. "Shut up and answer my question. What am I going to find in this shoe?"


He said there not saying a word until Tonka started growling, baring his teeth. "OK, OK. Heroin and it's uncut."


Johnny turned and walked out leaving Tonka in with him. "Hey, you can't leave me alone with him."


Tonka started sniffing him then he put his paws on the man's lap. He showed his teeth then I saw his pants get wet. "Johnny, you better get Tonka out of there."


He went and got Tonka as an agent brought me the drug testing kit. I opened one of the small baggies then removed a small sample and put it into the test bag. I folded the top over and sealed it then broke the ampoule. As soon as the liquid hit the sample it turned bright blue. "He was right Ace, that's pure."


"Johnny, can you release our guest from the chair?"


"Sure thing Ace." Johnny said as he returned to the bomb shelter.


When Johnny entered, he had his knife out and the man's eyes got bigger then dinner plates. "Wh...what are you going to do?"


Once again, Johnny grabbed him by the hair and stretched his neck out. "Relax white man, you're lucky I can't scalp you."


The man started shaking then I saw more liquid on the floor. "You can't kill me either."


Johnny shoved his head forward then reached down and cut the tape around his ankles. He helped him to his feet and they headed towards the door. "You're lucky I can't because I'd have enjoyed taking your scalp."


When they came out I saw the man's wet pants. "Aren't you potty trained yet?"


"You're funny you ass wipe." He spat.


We returned to the office then an agent came in with an orange jump suit. Johnny cut the tape off his wrists then stood back. "Strip."


"Fuck you." The man said then Johnny opened the door so Tonka could come in.


"Don't make me tell you again." Johnny fired back as Tonka sat and growled.


I came in and put on a pair of rubber gloves. I searched his trousers then felt something in the cuffs. "Let me borrow your knife Johnny."


I cut the threads holding the hem up then found more packages of dope in it. All totaled, there were twenty packages sewn into his pant legs. I went over to my office and got the letter scale and weighed the packages. Each package measured about 2 1/2 by 2 inches and weighed half an ounce. What we found in his shoe were another six packages so all totaled there was a pound of pure uncut heroin. If he went to the trouble to sew it into his pants and shoes, I wondered if he'd swallow it or hide it in his rectum. "Alright scum bag, I'm only going to ask this once. "Where else are drugs hidden on you? If you've got any hidden inside your body and the condoms break, it'll kill you and I'll let you know now, it's not a pretty death."


He just sat there smugly. "I want a lawyer and I'm filing charges against you Tonto."


Johnny picked up his knife and threw it into the table. "Go for it shit head."


I called Ben back and let him know the bomb scare was unfounded then called the DEA and the US Marshall's Service. I went over to the suspect then leaned him over the table. "You better start talking before I start searching because I don't have any lube."


"WHAT?" He screamed. "YOU CAN'T, THAT'S RAPE!"


"No it's not," Ed said standing there with a smile on his face. "It's called a body cavity search."


I grabbed a cheek and he started trying to kick at me. "Hold him." I said.


"Wait, you can't" He started.


"Just watch me." I said.


"WAIT," He pleaded. "I'll tell you what you want. I never swallowed any."


"Yeah right," I said putting him back into the chair.


"Honest," He said with a very shaky voice. "I've read about people who swallowed that stuff and the rubbers broke."


I know once the Marshall's had him they'd do a body cavity search but I decided not to tell him that. I cuffed him then went to my office. As soon as I walked in, my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there are two DEA agents here. They said you called them."


"Yes I did, escort them to the West Wing and I'll be waiting for them."


"Yes Sir." The voice said then I ended the call.


As soon as I stepped outside, I saw the agents arrive. As they were getting out of their car, I went over and introduced myself. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason."


The driver extended his hand. "I'm Special Agent Steele and this is Special Agent Morris. I hear you have a man with drugs."


"Yeah and what he was carrying has to be worth a fortune if it had hit the streets."


Agent Morris looked at me. "What was he carrying?"


"A pound of what I believe is pure heroin."


Steele's eyes got big. "Did you say heroin?"


I nodded my head, "Yeah."


"We've had a rash of overdoses with heroin over the past year and we've been trying to locate the source."


"How much would he end up with after it was cut?" I asked.


"That all depends." Morris said as we went into my office. "He could end up with as much as five pounds and even then, it would still be quite potent."


"How'd you catch him?" Steele asked.


"He's a reporter. We were about to hold a press conference so we had to have our K9 sweep the room with everyone there. He hit on one of the reporters so after searching him, we found the drugs."


"Where did he have them?"


"He was pretty slick. He had bags sewn into the hems of his trousers and also into his shoes."


"Mason, you and your agents did us a huge favor by finding him."


"It was more luck than anything. Normally we sweep the room before the reporters get there but I'm thinking that policy is going to change."


We were still talking when Ed and Johnny came in. "Guys, this is Special Agent in Charge Ed Miller and Special Agent Johnny Hawks."


I didn't see Tonka until Morris started shaking. "Relax man," Johnny said as Tonka checked him over then started growling and pawing at his leg.


"Get him away from me." Morris said.


Steele looked at Tonka then up to Morris. "What have you got in your pockets?"


"Nothing," Morris said.


"Take everything out of your pockets." I said as Tonka continued to paw at the agent.


He looked at his partner. "Do I have to?"


"DO IT!" Steele said rather firmly.






He took everything out of his pockets then Tonka sniffed everything hitting on his cell phone. "Put your hand out." I said putting on a pair of gloves.


He did as instructed then I patted him down even checking the hems in his pants. I shook my head then Steele looked at his cell phone. He took the back off and even removed the battery. "What did you have in your pockets?"


"Damn, I had that stash from that guy we arrested this morning."


Steele glared at him. "Why didn't you put that into an evidence bag?"


"We were fighting with him, remember?"


He nodded his head. "Yeah I do."


I looked at Tonka. "Relax boy, he's alright."


Tonka went over to his blanket and took his usual place. "That's one hell of a dog you have there."


"Yeah he is. He's even made several big collars."


I took them over to where our suspect was. Morris looked at him. "I'll be damn."


"Do you know him?" Johnny asked.


"Hell yeah we do," Steele said getting into the man's face. "His name is Patrick Weller."


I went over and snatched him up by the collar. "Are you any relation to Keith and Dean Weller?"


He went to spit at me when Morris backhanded him. "Don't even think about it, ass wipe."


"I'm going to have fun suing you guys." He said with a smirk on his face.


"Fat chance," Steele said. "Now answer the man's question."


"I have just one word to say."


"Oh yeah and what might that be?" Morris asked.




I went over to his pants and looked for his wallet. I found his driver's license and put it in my pocket. "I want that." Weller said."


"You won't be needing it where you're going." I said smiling.


"You think so?"


I know so." Weller said. "Now, if you'll hand me my phone I'd like to make my phone call now."


"I don't think so." I said bagging all of his possessions.


"WHAT?" He shouted. "I'm entitled to a phone call."


"Yeah you are," Steele said. "When we get around to letting you have it."


"I'll have..." He started.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that before and I'm still here."


There was a knock on the door then an agent stuck his head in. "The US Marshalls are here."


I was about to seal the bag when I remembered I had to inventory everything. I went over to my office and got my laptop then returned to the holding room. The Marshalls were putting him in their cuffs and leg shackles. "Hold on guys, I have to inventory his possessions."


I quickly did everything then came to his wallet. I started doing the inventory then I saw an ATM card. I looked at it then broke out into a huge grin. "What's up Ace?" Ed asked as he saw me smiling.


I handed him the card. "Look at that."


"Will I'll be." He said.


I finished my inventory and notated that the Secret Service retained possession of his driver's license and ATM card. I put everything into the evidence bag then sealed it and stapled the inventory list to the bag. One of the Marshalls signed for the property then we escorted Weller outside. I saw their transport vehicle then Weller started complaining. "Oh hell no, I'm not riding in that."


A Deputy Marshall opened the back door then looked at Weller. "Well, you have a choice. You can ride inside or we can put a chain around you and you can run, you're choice."


"You're a bunch of assholes." He spat as he was led to the armored car.


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, we can be when dealing with shit like you."


Agent Steele and Agent Morris shook our hands. "Thanks guys, you don't know how much we've wanted to get him off of the street."


I looked at Steele. "You don't know how much of a break in a case we've been working on we just got either."


Morris opened his door then looked at us. "Well, it seems it's been a good day for us all around."


Johnny let Tonka do his business while Ed and I went back to our office. "I need to call Adam and let him know what's happened today."


"You'll also need search warrants so you can access his bank records too."


That had slipped my mind when I was reveling in my find. "Yeah, you're right buddy. I'll call him now." I said and as I was walking back to the residence, I called him. "Adam Graham."


"Adam, it's Ace. I need a search warrant."


"I just had the DEA call me for one. Do you need one for the same guy?"


"Yeah I do for his financial records and you'll never guess who else is on his account."


"Who?" Adam asked.


"Keith Weller." I replied answering his question.


"No shit. You finally found a way to see what he's doing."


"Yeah and I'm liable to bring him in for questioning too."


"Well, just make sure your ducks are in a row."


"When have they not been buddy."


He was laughing. "Yeah, that's true too."


"Call me when you get the warrant. I want JR to start going through them as soon as possible."


"I will do that buddy. Talk to you later." Adam said ending the call.


I entered the residence then looked into the living room I didn't see anyone in there so I headed for the dining room. I saw Pete, JR and Ben sitting there having some coffee so I joined them. "Where's Dusty and Bennie?" I asked sitting down at the table."


"They're up in the workout room." Ben answered.


I nodded my head. "OK. JR, I'm going to need your help going through someone's financials."


"Who's that?"


"His name is Patrick Weller."


"Why does that name sound familiar?" Ben asked sipping his coffee.


"He's related to Keith and Dean Weller." I said sipping my beverage.


"Was Patrick the guy you took out of the Press Briefing Room?"


"Yes he was JR."


"What was he carrying on him?" Ben asked.


"We found small packages totaling one pound of pure uncut heroin." I said finishing my coffee.


"Oh my god," Pete said. "That shit could have ruined a lot of people's lives."


"You're right Pete. How are you feeling?"


"Not too bed but I better call Evelyn. I'm starting to get a headache."


He made the call then Ben told him to lie down in the living room. A little while later, I went to take Tonka out and when the elevator door opened Evelyn was there. "Hi Ace, how's Pete?"


"He's lying down in the living room." I replied then took Tonka out.


When I got back, Evelyn was talking to Pete. She saw me standing in the doorway. "I better get him home Ace."


She nodded her head then I helped her get Pete downstairs and into her car. When I got back upstairs, I met Bennie and Dusty coming down the stairs. I saw they were both sweaty then I looked at Dusty. He caught my questioning look. "We had a good workout, Ace."


"You can use my shower." I said then went over to my lover. "How you doing baby?"


He gave me a sweaty hug. "Actually I'm feeling a little better."


I walked with Bennie as he went to his room. "Did you and Dusty talk more?"


"Yeah we did." He answered as he got some clean undies out of his drawer then turned to look at me. "Do you want to join me?"


He stripped down then came over and hugged me again. He had his head against my shoulder but didn't make his usual motions letting me know sex was on his mind. I just stood there and rubbed his back for several minutes then my eyes caught sight of the clock. I kissed him on his nose then quickly stripped.


I think this was one of the few times I could ever remember washing him and him not having an erection. After getting cleaned, I dried him off then he returned the favor. When we went into the bedroom, he sat down and looked lost. I sat beside him and took him into my arms and just held him. After several minutes he hadn't said a word so I broke the ice, "Penny for your thoughts love."


He turned around and punched me in the arm and man, I really felt it. "I'm mad!"


"Mad at the jerk?" I asked.


"Yeah, why'd he try to hurt Pete? Why'd he make me have to shoot him?"


"That's something we'll never know baby but it wasn't your fault."


He pulled his arms back like he was going to punch me again so I raised my hands up. Bennie stopped then headed for the door. "Come on."


"Hold on love, where are you going in the buff?"


He returned and put on his undies. "Upstairs."


I shook my head. "Not now baby, it's almost time for dinner."


"Alright but I'm not really hungry."


"I know but you have to keep up your strength."


We got dressed and headed to the dining room. I saw Ben talking with Dusty and JR. I managed to get Dusty alone. "Dusty, Bennie has a lot of anger built up in him."


"I saw that and I gave him a good workout upstairs."


"I felt a punch from him and never saw it coming."


"Oh yeah," Dusty said as we slowly walked back towards the dining room. "He's had some training before."


"Really, he's never mentioned it to me."


"I can understand that. One never likes to brag about martial arts training."


I remembered that with my own even though it had been years since a really worked out with it. "I had training too so I know how that is. It looks like I might have someone to work out with."


As we were walking in, Gloria was bringing out dinner. "I hope you're hungry, I've made tacos with all the fixings."


That was one of Bennie's favorite meals so I hoped that would spark his appetite. I fixed a couple for myself then watched as my baby fixed just one. I quickly ate the two I had then noticed Bennie was going back for more. I smiled to myself then we finished eating. When everyone was done, I looked at my love. "I guess you got your appetite back."


He smiled sheepishly at me. "I love Gloria's tacos. Can we go upstairs?"


I looked at Dusty and he nodded. "Alright, I'll be up in a minute."


"What's going on Ace?" Ben asked.


"Well, Bennie's angry at having to shoot that guy and Dusty had him in the workout room this afternoon getting it out of him but I have a feeling time is going to be needed."


"That I can understand as this is still very fresh with him."


"Um Sir, did Bennie have any martial arts training before I met him?"


Ben nodded his head. "When he was in elementary school, he was small but wasn't one to back down either. He was smarter than the others in class so he got bored too."


"Well, the martial arts teaches self discipline. Did he still get in scrapes after he started?"


"The fighting stopped but his teachers didn't know how to keep him challenged. I made an appointment with the principal and got him in some advanced classes and that was what he needed."


"Now that I know about his martial arts training, I can help him use that to help control his anger. I think with Dusty's help we can get him through this. He's going to have a lot on his plate when he gets back to school next week and he has to be able to focus."


"Do you remember the hot line?" Ben asked.


I nodded my head. "That I do but right now, I don't know if having him trying to help kids when he has his own problem to work through is really a good idea. Personally I think he should hold off for a while."


"I think you're right Ace. Let's see if he brings it up again. It's a great idea and I totally support it but right now, I think it would be way too much for him to handle."


I finished my coffee then got up. "Bennie wants me upstairs with him. I have a feeling I'm going to get a workout."


"Go easy on him Ace."


I laughed. "I just hope he goes easy on me."


I went down to my room and put on a pair of shorts then went up to the workout room. When I walked in, Bennie was in his underwear working on the big bag. I stood there and watched as he punched and kicked it with all he had. I knew I'd hate to be on the receiving end of one his full power punches. He finally stopped then saw me. "I was wondering if I was going to have to come and get you."


"I was watching you love. You have great form, have had training?"


Bennie smiled. "Yeah but it's not something I brag or talk about. I've seen you fight too so I take it you have also?"


I nodded. "Yes I have."


"Good, care to spar then?"


I looked at him. "Is there safety equipment here?"


Bennie tossed me another set of chops and kicks. "That's it."


"Alright then, here are the ground rules. "No punches or kicks to the head or groin. But I would feel better if we were in proper attire."


"I have mine, what about you?" Bennie asked.


I smiled then held my arm out. We went to our respective rooms and I had to dig mine out. I put my pants on and carried my top and belt in my hand. Bennie was standing there waiting on me and my eyes almost popped out of my head. "My god love, are you 5th degree?"


He blushed. "Yeah, I stopped when Dad got the nomination."


We walked upstairs. "Well love, I think the discipline you learned from that is really going to be needed. You have people here to help you too."


"I know." He said as we walked in.


Dusty's eyes popped out, "My god Bennie, why didn't you ever tell us?"


"I didn't want to seem like I was bragging or being cocky." Bennie answered.


I put my top on then tied my red belt. I went through some stretching exercises then hit the bag for a couple of minutes. When I felt I was warmed up, Bennie and I went out to the mat. I looked at Dusty then he nodded his head so I bowed to Bennie. He returned it then we took our stances.


Dusty gave the command to start and Bennie moved in quickly. I backed up a step keeping my guard up then Bennie began throwing some punches and kicks. I was able to block a lot of his punches but he did get me good with a round kick that got me on the shoulder. I knew had we not had the "no head shots" rule in place, he'd have connected there.


The kick got my attention then he got me with a fast punch to the chest jarring me when he backed up. "Are you alright, baby?"


I took a deep breath then nodded my head. "Yeah, I'm alright. It's been ages since I've sparred with anyone and to top it off, you're good."


He smiled at me. "Thanks, I need to work out more too."


If he worked out any more, I'd be in deep shit. "How are you on close contact, if someone came up behind you?"


"I was pretty good." He said smiling.


We removed our chops and kicks then I tried to attack him from behind. I put my arm around his neck and he quickly got me with an elbow and then tossed me over his hip following up with a light punch to my chest.


We worked on several more then I came up and grabbed him by both of his arms. He stomped on my foot then dropped down and elbowed me in the nuts dropping me to my knees moaning in pain. Dusty came up to us, "Bennie, no shots to the groin."


I waved my hand. "It's alright. He reacted to what I did because I didn't give him any warning."


"I'm sorry love." Bennie said as he stroked my face.


I smiled at him. "It's OK love. You reacted as you were supposed to. We need to get some groin protection so we don't get hurt."


I stayed there until my nuts stopped throbbing then we ended our practice. The three of us headed downstairs and Bennie headed for the kitchen to get a cold drink. When Dusty and I went into the dining room we saw JR at the table typing away on his laptop. He saw us come in and stopped, handing me a piece of paper. "Ed dropped this off for you."


I took the paper and opened it. "Great, this is the warrant we need. Is that what you're trying to do?"


JR nodded his head. "Yeah but there is a problem, their server is down."


"That's odd." I said then got my laptop.


I booted it up then went to log into my bank account. Sure enough, I got a message saying the server was down for maintenance. JR saw the weird expression on my face. "What's wrong Ace?"


"The server is down for maintenance." I said as Bennie came in. "Tomorrow afternoon we'll go over to the bank and get the records printed out."


JR looked at his love. "Are you still busy?"


He looked at me then I looked over to Bennie then shook my head. "No, I'm done here for the night."


I walked Dusty and JR to the elevator then returned to Bennie. He was talking with Ben so I stayed back so they could have some alone time. I went into my room and got some clean clothes out because I needed another shower after our workout.


I was about to see if Bennie and Ben were done talking when my door opened. "Here Ace, I shut it down for you."


"Thanks love, do you need another shower?"


He came over to me then wrapped his arms around my neck. "Yeah, I can use one. How are your balls?"


I kissed his nose. "They're fine now. I know better than surprise you when we're in the gym."


He led me over to the bed so I sat down then he was on my lap. "Reusing my martial arts has brought back some things I learned."


I looked at him. "What do you mean love?"


"Well, the self discipline for one then I started remembering the things I'd do before a tournament."


"You mean psyching yourself up?" I asked.


"Well not really. It was more like bringing an inner peace to myself then I could concentrate solely on the task at hand."


"A form of meditation?"


"Something like that. Didn't you learn this?"


"I did but it was minimal. Had I continued on, I'm sure I would have been taught much more. How are you feeling now?"


He smiled weakly then leaned his head on my shoulder, "Better."


We sat there for a few minutes then headed for the shower. Bennie got the water ready then we stepped in. He got the soap and started washing my upper body. As soon as his fingers touched my nipples I gasped softly. I knew he wasn't trying to start anything and this was really a bad time for my hormones to kick in. I closed my eyes and then felt him wash my balls. I squeezed my eyes tighter as a jolt of pain hit them. "Easy love, they're still a bit tender."


"I'm really sorry I kicked you so hard." Bennie said leaning in and kissing me.


I rinsed off then washed Bennie. When I got to his crotch, I soaped everything then watched as his tool began to grow. I looked up at him and he had that grin on his face. "Are you trying to tell me something baby?"


This was the last reaction I thought I'd ever get but I wouldn't deny him either. I stood up then he planted one on me the likes I haven't felt in a very long time. "Ace, I don't know why but I'm super horny."


I got him rinsed off then I quickly dried him stopping a couple of times to run my tongue over the head of his dick. I watched it twitch as it sent shudders through his body. Once we were completely dry, we headed to the bed. Bennie stretched out in all his sexiness while I went into his nightstand to get the lube out.


As soon as I was in bed, he planted another hot kiss on me as his hand began to gently massage my nether region. I lifted my legs so he could have free access then I felt his fingers graze my hole. I softly moaned then I felt him slip a finger inside. My nuts were still sore but when he hit my love nut, my dick paid attention.


I reached over and began to caress Bennie's dick as he probed my ass. After several minutes he slipped his finger out then moved in between my legs. I handed him the lube and relaxed as my lover prepared me. "Go easy with your thrusting baby so you don't get my balls."


He gave me a devilish look then leaned in and kissed me again. I felt the head of his dick touch my hole so I closed my eyes and relaxed. He started to slide in then filled me up completely. Bennie was now almost as big as me in the girth department and it took a minute to adjust to it. I looked into his eyes and saw pure lust. I reached up then pulled him into a kiss. I tongue wrestled with him then he started thrusting. "You better hang on baby."


His bigger girth was putting more pressure on my prostate and soon I felt my dick leaking. The more he thrusted the harder my dick got then I felt my balls start to draw up in their sack. Bennie's thrusting felt good as my balls ached as he assaulted my love nut. "God baby, it hurts but hurts good."


Bennie shifted into overdrive and then slammed all the way in and held on as he filled me with his load. My balls were aching then he reached out and started jacking me while his dick was still buried in my ass. It didn't take that long then I fired sending cum everywhere. Once he had milked everything from my dick, he licked his hand clean. "Do you feel better now love?"


My nuts ached some but soon that went away. "Yeah, I do baby. I think we need to get cleaned up again."


We went into the bathroom and washed up after I expelled Bennie's love deposit. We dried off then returned to bed and watched television before falling asleep.


After the round of sex we had, I'd forgotten to set the alarm but I felt my body being shaken. "Come on baby, time to get up."


I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. We'd slept an hour longer than we did yesterday but what the hell, I didn't have to punch the time clock at the academy. Bennie and I got up and did our business and got dressed. Before we headed out to the dining room, we packed our workout gear and set it by the elevator then went to eat. Just as we entered, Gloria came out with our food. "I thought I was going to have to send Tonka in to wake you both."


"Sorry Gloria," I said softly. "I forgot to set the alarm."


Bennie and I quickly ate then were greeted by Tonka at the elevator. We grabbed our bags and took Tonka out so he could do his business. It was almost 7:30 when we arrived at the academy. I found a place to park then the 3 of us headed for the gym. We had to walk past the administration building and there was Dusty, JR and Marshall waiting on us. "Hi guys." I said as we walked up.


JR went over and petted Tonka without giving it a second thought. Ellis's eyes were about to pop out of his head. "What the hell is that?"


Bennie looked at him. "It's a dog."


"Very funny," He said walking over to reach down to pat him until Tonka growled. "What's with him? The geek..."


Tonka let out with a bark that almost made Ellis wet himself. "You better talk nice about JR." Bennie said.


Ellis was still shaking when I stepped in. "Stand still Ellis."


Tonka smelled him then decided he was alright then he sat and raised his paw. "Go on and shake it." Bennie said.


Ellis did then he looked at JR. "How come you don't have to do this?"


"He knows me and he doesn't take kindly to jerks." JR answered.


"Come on guys," I said as we headed towards the gym.


Dusty looked at Bennie then over to Ellis. "I want you to workout with Bennie."


Ellis looked at Bennie. "Alright boss, I'll take it easy on him.


I giggled quietly under my breath then we entered the gym. The class had already started so Bennie and I quietly went into the locker room to change. I remembered a combination lock so I had Bennie put his things in with mine then locked the locker.


When we came out, the instructor came over. "Who are these people Agent Mason?"


I made the introductions then he showed us where the protective gear was. I got Bennie fitted then watched as he and Ellis went out to the mat.


I walked out. "Alright, you have padding on and groin protection. I would suggest you pull your punches. I also ask that there be no punches or kicks to the head. Are we clear about this?"


They both nodded in agreement so I stepped back. Bennie was a good six inches shorter than Marshall so he couldn't get in too close at first. Ellis threw a couple of jabs and Bennie blocked them then out of nowhere, Bennie took him off his feet with a leg sweep then followed with a quick punch to the chest.


Bennie backed up allowing Ellis to get back to his feet. "A lucky shot."


They faced each other again and Bennie tried to get a shot in on Ellis's chest but because of his reach, Ellis got him and staggered Bennie backward. "Nice shot."


They faced each other again and began to spar. I watched as they traded punches fast and furious then it looked like Ellis was getting a tad upset. He charged Bennie then threw a wild punch. Bennie side stepped it then jumped into the air catching Ellis in the chest with a well placed kick. Ellis landed hard on his back so I went over to see if he was alright. I looked down and could tell Ellis's eyes were still spinning. "Are you alright?"


"What happened?" He asked.


Dusty and JR walked over. Dusty extended his hand and helped his partner up off of the mat. "Are you sure you really want to know?"


Marshall looked at Bennie. "Yeah I want to know."


I put my arm around Bennie. "He's a 5th degree black belt."


Ellis's jaw dropped. "No shit?"


Bennie went over to his top and took his belt out. He handed it to Marshall. "I don't brag about it."


Marshal handed him back his belt then patted him on his back. "You're good, dude. I'm sorry if I got cocky."


JR busted out laughing. "Next time you do, I'll let everyone know you got beat by Bennie."


Ellis tried to come back with something but couldn't. I heard the instructor blow his whistle. "That's it for today. Tomorrow is a study day so I'll see everyone back here bright and early on Monday."


We went into the locker room and I waited as Bennie got a quick shower. we got changed then headed out to the parking lot. "Guys, follow me. I need to make a stop at the bank and serve a search warrant."


We drove over to the bank and I had Tonka wait in the Hummer. When we entered, I showed my credentials to the security guard then told him who I needed to see. Dusty and Marshall stayed with Bennie while JR and I talked with the manager. After handing the warrant, he pulled up the account. "What is it you need Agent Mason?"


I looked over to JR. "Everything there is on the account since the day it was opened. Also, copies of the signature cards are needed too."


The manager started printing out everything. It took almost fifteen minutes to finish the job and four large folders to put all the paper in, but we had everything there was to know on Patrick Weller. We went back to our vehicles when Marshall looked at us. "I had a nice time today. I have some paperwork the needs to be finished up on a case that goes to trial in two weeks. Dusty, you'll need to look it over then sign off on it."


"Put it on my desk and I'll look it over tomorrow. I need to help Ace go over these records he just got."


Marshall then surprised us. He went over to Bennie and put his arm around his shoulder. "I heard about what you had to do yesterday. That took guts and also a cool and level head. I know I come across as a prick sometimes but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you."


This took Bennie by surprise and his past actions had pissed him off to the point he had to get it off his chest. He also found the strength to say it. "I thought you didn't like fags?" He asked taking Ellis totally off guard.


"What makes you say that?" He stammered.


"How about your attitude towards Dusty and JR?" Bennie fired.


"I...I...I" He stuttered.


"Cut the shit." Bennie interrupted. "I know about the call you made to Dusty's boss."


Dusty was about to say something but I put my hand on his shoulder and leaned in close to his ear. "Let Bennie handle this." I said softly. "I have a feeling this has been eating at him for a while and he's getting it out."


Marshall looked at the ground. "I didn't know you knew."


"What the fuck does that have to do with anything? What have you got against gays?"


He shook his head, "Nothing really."


"So why'd you make that call unless you're still trying to bullshit me."


"Alright, alright," Ellis started. "I was raised to believe differently and I was jealous. I know it's no excuse but now that I've really gotten to know him and JR, they're really good people. Are you saying you're gay too?"


"And if I was, what of it?" Bennie fired without coming out to him.


He was looking at Bennie in the eyes. "Nothing man. Whoever gets you for a boyfriend will have one hell of a guy. I really mean that. Dusty, JR, I'm sorry I shot my mouth off."


"Apology accepted." JR said.


We talked for another couple of minutes then Ellis had to leave. "Come on guys, we have work to do."


Bennie looked at me. "And you will have some explaining to do to Gloria too."


I looked at my watch and it was after 1. "We missed lunch."


When we got back to the residence, she met us at the elevator. "It's about time Señor Ace. I've kept your food warm."


"Sorry Gloria but we got tied up on business." I said as we went and washed our hands.


She had prepared hot corned beef sandwiches and fries. While we were getting cleaned up, she made us some fresh fries which we dove into. After we ate, Dusty and Bennie went and had a talk while JR and I dove into the bank records. "Man, there are a lot of pages to sort through. Do you have a scanner?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah, downstairs in our office."


"Good, it'll be easier to go through them once they're on a computer."


We went to our office in the West Wing and I got the papers going through the scanner. The one saving grace was our large copier was also a scanner so all I had to do was put the pages in the tray and they would be fed in one at a time, scanned then ejected. "How many pages would you say are there?"


JR looked at the stack. "Several hundred, I'd guess."


"This is going to take a while. Let's take a look at the records David Miller got from the bank in the Cayman Islands."


JR and I sat down then I pulled the papers out. When I opened the top folder, there was a CD in with the papers. "I hope this is what I think it is."


I booted up my PC then JR put the disk in. once it opened there were all the records. We started going over them until our eyes started to cross. "Man, there are a lot of transactions here."


"That's an understatement Ace and we've only scratched the surface. I'm going to need to do some real digging to find out where the money was coming from."


"Are they coming from an account within the bank?" I asked as I scanned the long line of transactions.


"I don't know, that's why I need to do some serious digging. If any of this turns out to be important, we'll need a warrant."


I was about to speak when my cell rang. "Yes Bennie."


"Are you guys almost done?"


"Yes we are love. JR and I have looked at so many numbers, our eyes are crossing."


"If I'm nude then, nothing will happen then?" Bennie asked seductively.


"Not until I ravage your body." I said as JR broke out into a lecherous grin then giggled.


"I'll hold you to that." He said.


I managed to get a quick reply in before he hung up. "You better have hold of something else, sexy."


JR was still giggling. "Does someone have their sex drive back?"


"He never really lost it. Last night when we were in the shower, he let me know exactly what he wanted."


I locked up the office leaving the scanner to do its thing then we headed to the residence. "What was it he wanted?"


"Pure sex," I replied as we entered. "We've wanted both wanted it before but this time he was both hot and horny."


"I know that feeling." JR replied. "There have been times when it's been like that for us too."


JR and I were about to go into the dining room, when Bennie stuck his head out from the hallway leading to our bedrooms. "Hey sexy."


All I could see was his head and one bare shoulder so I was guessing that was all he had on but then he stepped out proving me almost wrong. JR let out with a whistle while my cock sprung to life inside my pants.


My mouth dropped open when I saw him standing there in the skimpiest thong I'd ever seen on anyone much less him. In fact, I never knew he'd had one. "Oh my god sweetie, when did you get that?"


He started to walk towards me but I had to stop him in case someone came in. I wrapped my arms around him then led him back into the hall. "I take it you like it, huh?"


I ran my hands over his back then down to his baby soft ass. I massaged his globes as my dick throbbed in my pants. "I love it baby but if we start something now, I have a feeling we'll be in bed for the rest of the night."


"I'm so hot Ace." He said as he locked his lips on mine then began to search out my tonsils. "I've never felt like this before."


I loved it but his timing was really bad this time. "I think you're really beginning to open up with everything, my love, including your sexual desires."


He looked at me strangely. "You don't like it?"


It was my turn to lock lips with him. "Does that answer your question?"


He smiled at me. "Yeah, I guess it does. But now I'm even hotter for you."


I led him down to his room, closed the door then led him over to the bed. I loved seeing him in that thong and it was making me hotter than hell too. "Well baby, I have two suggestions. One is to take a cold shower and the other is jack off."


"But what about you?" He asked rubbing my dick.


"UNGH," I groaned as I unloaded in my shorts.


My orgasm was so strong it caused my knees to buckle. Bennie quickly wrapped his arms around my ass and held onto me until my legs returned.


"I have you love." He said as he eased me back to the bed.


"Man, what a rush." I said as my breathing slowed down.


He ran his hand over my crotch then licked it. "Man, what a load."


I had no choice but to take a shower. I went over to my room and got some clean clothes. I turned around and Bennie had followed me. Since he was in my room, I decided to use my bathroom to get cleaned up. I quickly got undressed from the waist up but Bennie stopped me when I went to undo my pants. He removed my belt then knelt down and started sucking the cum out of my slacks causing me to get hard again. "Are you trying to start something again?"


He looked up at me then undid the button and lowered my zipper causing them to fall down to my ankles. My dick was hard as a nail again then he repeated the process of removing the cum from my boxer briefs. Before I could shoot again, he stopped then lowered my undies. "Not this time baby, I want something for desert."


He took my hand then we went into the bathroom. Bennie started the water while I willed my dick down so I could take a leak. Once I finally managed to pee, I turned around then slid the thong off my lover's crotch. I'd swear he was harder now than he was last night so I knelt down and ran my hand under his very tight nut sack. I took his tool into my mouth then ran my tongue around the head causing him to moan. I started sucking him and ran my finger down his nether region. It didn't take long then I received his load. I quickly swallowed it then we got cleaned up.


We still had about thirty minutes before dinner so we had a chance to talk. "Do you feel a little better now?"


He smiled then kissed me. "Yeah for now but I'm still hot as hell for you. I have another thing I want to ask you."


His mood switched from light hearted to very serious. "Sure love, what is it?"


"Well, it's about the help line. I really want to do it. I've been checking the news online every day to see if anyone else has taken their life."


I wrapped my arms around him then kissed him on the cheek. "I know you do baby and I think it's honorable."


He looked at me. "So why do I think there's a but coming?"


"You've learned me well baby and yes, there is. You've got a very full plate right now and I think full is an understatement."


"What do you mean?" He asked.


"I mean the shooting. You and Dusty have just started dealing with that and well, it's going to take some time for you to totally sort through your feelings."


"Baby, I'm fine with that." He said sternly.


I loved him but the last thing I wanted was for him to get into a situation on the phone and then have a flashback. "Are you really?" I asked. "What happens if a teen tells you he has a gun and wants to blow his brains out? How would you deal with that? Can you keep what you had to do from clouding your judgment with him or her?"


He started to nod his head then stopped. "I...I think so."


I shook my head. "I don't think so doesn't cut it baby. I need to know for certain you'll be able to handle it."


"So you're not going to let me do this?" He asked as tears started to roll down his cheek.


"I didn't say that." I answered kissing him gently on the lips. "What I am saying is you have to have your head screwed on right before you can help someone else because if you say the wrong thing not meaning to and he ends up taking his life, I know you'll never forgive yourself."


He fell into my chest and broke down. "No, I wouldn't. I'd be no better than the person who drove him to that point to begin with."


"How about I call Russell Mathews and have a talk with him. I'm sure he saw the press conference so he knows what you just had to go through."


He was still crying but he did manage to nod his head in agreement. Once he got his emotions under control I made the call. Russell hadn't seen the press conference so the news came as a big shock to him. "Ace, I totally understand and we have people here who can help him if he needs it."


"Thanks Russell. A good friend of ours who has been through it too is working with him and so far, it seems to be helping him a lot."


"Is he a counselor?"


"Well no he's not. He's the Director of NCIS and he's had to shoot someone in the line of duty so he knows all too well what Bennie is going through."


"He sounds like the perfect person then but if you need someone else, give me a call. I know several good people."


"Thanks buddy and give Chase a hug for me but please don't let him know what happened. I don't know if he could handle it."


"You got it Ace. I'll talk with you later."


When I got off the phone, dinner was ready. Bennie and I got dressed then enjoyed a good meal. His appetite was better than it was last night so maybe we're getting through this.


After dinner, Ben wanted to see me in his office so I sent Bennie down to his room and had him find a movie we could watch together. I knocked on the door to Ben's private office and was told to enter. "You wanted to see me Sir?"


"Yes Ace, how's Bennie doing? It's good to see him eating."


"Yes Sir it is. Dusty has been working with him and yesterday, I got my nuts rearranged."


Ben's eyes got big then he started giggling. "I take it you found out about his little secret."


"Oh yeah, I found out about it." I said rubbing my crotch.


Ben's eyes got big. "He didn't."


I nodded my head. "Yeah he did and it was partially my fault because I didn't let him know what I was going to do."


"How are your nuts?"


"Better now," I replied. "How come you didn't tell me Bennie knew karate?"


"I thought he would have told you himself, to be honest."


"I remember back to when you were registering him at Exeter and he met Jake and Carl."


"He could have really hurt them but he didn't." Ben said smiling.


I nodded my head. "I'm glad he didn't and they've become such good friends."


"How else is my son doing?"


"Well, he hasn't been moody and he's not afraid to speak his mind now, not that he was before."


"Oh, how so?" Ben asked.


"When we were leaving the bank, Agent Ellis told Bennie he'd heard what happened yesterday and that it took quick thinking and a level head on Bennie's part. Most of all, he was really sincere about it."


"So what happened?"


"Well, Bennie accepted his graciousness then lit into him asking him why he called the SecNav about Dusty and JR."


I could see Ben getting nervous. "What did he have to say for himself?"


"That he was brought up to believe differently but that after he really got to know them, they were really good people."


"Did he believe him?" Ben asked.


I nodded my head. "Yeah he did and Ellis also apologized to Dusty and JR which they accepted. But what I've seen is a new found confidence in Bennie and I have to say I like it."


"Well, just be sure he doesn't let his mouth overload his ass." Ben said very matter of factly.


"I won't, Sir." I said. "Is there anything else?"


He gave me a knowing smile. "That's all, Ace. I know someone is waiting for you."


"By the way, how's that boyfriend of yours doing?"


It looked like I took him off guard with my question. "I've been so busy since we got back I haven't called him. I better do that and also let him know what happened with Bennie."


"I'll leave you to talk in private." I said then left the office.


I made a quick trip down to our office in the West Wing and the papers had just finished being scanned. I looked at the file on the PC and I was able to quickly scan down the pages. I looked and there were 458 pages of information. Had we had to look at each page manually, it would have taken us ages now it could take minutes. I grabbed a memory stick and copied the file onto it so JR would have a copy. I removed the stick then shut down the computer and locked the door.


I hurried back to the residence and found Bennie in a seductive pose. "It's about time."


"Sorry baby, I had to make a quick trip to the office. So did you find a movie for us to watch?"


"How about you get comfy and get in here with me then we can both watch it?"


I took my weapon off then slowly started doing a strip tease for my lover but I only managed to get my tie off when he had gotten impatient and jumped up and finished removing my clothes. "My, my, someone's impatient, aren't they?"


His dick was like a steel girder and leaking like a sieve. "I can't help it baby. All that happened after you sucked me off in the shower did was make me hornier."


Before I got into bed I went around to the nightstand and got out the lube and his vibrator. He saw this and got a lecherous grin on his face. I slid in beside him and before I could do anything else, Bennie had his arms and legs around me and his tongue was frantically looking for my tonsils. He began grinding his pelvis against mine but I wasn't ready for either of us to climax just yet so I broke the kiss then gently rolled him off of my body, "Easy hot stuff, slow down a little because I have something in mind for you." I said then saw he was breathing hard and fast so I had to cool him off. "Stay here, I'll be right back."


I went into the bathroom, closed the door then quietly wet a face cloth. "Come on baby, I'm about to explode."


I wrung the cloth out then cracked the door open a little. "Close your eyes."


This was going to be a mean trick but I had to take drastic steps. I stuck my head out and sure enough, his eyes were closed. I eased my way to the bed and laid the cloth over his dick and balls then stepped back.


"Shit Ace, that's cold." He shouted opening his eyes and removing the offending material.


When I saw his dick again it had gotten soft. "Well, it cooled you off my love."


He wasn't smiling. "You're a barrel of laughs."


I tossed the rag into the sink then returned to my lover's side. I grabbed the lube and put some on my finger then took his deflated cock into my mouth. The one thing I really love is feeling his dick come to life in my mouth. He'd brought his legs up giving me access to his chute then I rubbed my lubed finger around it then slid it in all the way causing him to moan. I ran my tongue around the slit and got a tongue full of precum. I knew I could cool him down again so I removed my finger and got the vibrator. "Now don't shoot right away sweetie."


As soon as he felt the toy enter his ass he shuddered. "Oh fuck," He moaned pulling his legs up so I could give him more of the toy. "Turn around love."


I held onto the vibrator then turned around so we were in the classic 69 position. I felt Bennie rummage around for something so I handed him the lube. I slowly started working the vibrator in and out of his ass when I suddenly felt something cold on my own hole. I realized what it was then relaxed. I felt his finger slide into me then as fast as he entered, he left. What I felt next I wasn't expecting and that was a dildo too.


I started working the toy in and out of Bennie's ass while he was doing the same to me. I saw streams of precum leaking out if his dick and his balls beginning to draw up against his body so I went to work sucking him. Bennie dove onto my dick and together we brought each other off to huge, mind blowing orgasms. After he delivered a huge load, I slowly removed the vibrator from his gaping hole then he did the same, removing the one he had in mine and took them into the bathroom to clean them. After I put the toys away, we cuddled together and fell asleep.


To be continued