The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 38


I started working the toy in and out of Bennie's ass while he was doing the same to me. I saw streams of precum leaking out if his dick and his balls beginning to draw up against his body so I went to work sucking him. Bennie dove onto my dick and together we brought each other off to huge, mind blowing orgasms. After he delivered a huge load, I slowly removed the vibrator from his gaping hole then he did the same, removing the one he had in mine and took them into the bathroom to clean them. After he put the toys away, we cuddled together and fell asleep.


The next morning, I awoke at my usual time of 6:30 then needed to empty my bladder. The room smelled like there had been a Roman orgy so I grabbed the air freshener and thank god it worked. I tossed on some clothes then quietly left the room for my first cup of coffee. When I went into the dining room, I was surprised to see Dusty and JR sitting there. "Good morning guys, what time did you get here?"


"We got here about 6." JR said yawning. "Someone had an itch that needed scratching."


I quickly took a mouthful of coffee then went down to my room to get the memory stick that had Patrick Weller's bank account information in it and returned to the dining room. "I know that feeling." I said handing JR the stick. "Here is Patrick Weller's banking information."


JR was about to say something when Tonka came in. I excused myself then took him outside so he could do his morning routine. When I returned, Dusty got my attention. "What do you have planned for today?"


"Nothing except going over the bank account files." I said. "Was there something you had in mind?"


He shook his head. "Nothing really but I did want to talk with Bennie some more."


"I was really surprised at the way he lit into Ellis yesterday."


"Are you saying he shouldn't have?" JR asked.


I shook my head. "No, not at all but I was surprised at the fact he knew about Ellis's call to the SecNav. His new found strength has given him a new found confidence also. Do you think he'll let it get him into trouble at school?"


"I don't think so Ace but I'll address that when we talk today."


I got up to refill my coffee cup when we were joined by Ben. "What did you and my son do last night Ace?"


I fixed my coffee turning several shades of red, "Umm, nothing really Sir."


"Nothing?" He asked causing me to squirm. "It smells like a whore house."


I thought the air freshener took care of the smell but obviously it hadn't. "Well, umm, I'm sorry Sir. I sprayed some air freshener in there but I guess it didn't work so well. I'll spray the room again when Bennie gets up."


I saw Ben start to smile then he started giggling. "I'm sorry, Ace; I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of Dusty and JR.


I finished my second cup of coffee and was about to go and wake Bennie when he came staggering into the dining room. "Morning sleepy head," I said giving him a hug.


He went over and got some OJ then gave his dad a hug and kiss. "You look like you had one hell of a night on the town, son." Ben said giving him a kiss.


He looked at me then turned red, "Um no, Dad."


Gloria then came in with her fantastic huevos rancheros and we proceeded to demolish them. After we had totally stuffed ourselves, Ben needed to get down to his office so Bennie and I went and had a shower. When we walked in, the smell of sex hit me square in the face. "I'd sprayed the room before I left but man, it really stinks in here."


Bennie found the air freshener and gave it a real good spray. "Man love, Dad was right; it really smells bad."


I took the bottle and sprayed the sheets and pillow cases then stuck them into the laundry chute. "I thought he was kidding but now I really feel bad."


He hugged me then took my hand and ran it over his crotch. "Would you like to have some more fun?"


"Sweetie, you've become a real horn dog."


He kissed me gently then blushed. "I can't help it love, I dunno why I'm so horny. I've jacked off so much my dick is even sore."


Now I was a little worried. "Let me see it sweetie." I asked as I started stripping for my shower.


When I was naked I turned to look at his dick and this was one of the few times he wasn't erect. The area around his circumcision was bright red and I even saw what appeared to be a scab. I gently lifted it up and he gasped. "Oh Ace, it's really sore."


I got him his robe then I put mine on. "Come on; let's see if your Dad is still here."


I opened the door then stepped out. "No Ace, I can't."


"He's your Dad baby. He's seen you before."


I went to the living room then knocked on the door to his private office. "Enter."


I looked over my shoulder and Bennie was standing there with a bright red face. I opened the door then we went in. when he saw us both in bath robes he knew something was up. "Is there something wrong Ace?" Ben asked then I nodded my head as Bennie started to cry. "What's wrong son?"


I took him by the hand and brought him around the desk. "Dad, my penis is really sore."


Ben thought back to when his son was a little boy. "Well, let me take a look buddy."


I stepped out of the way then Bennie slowly opened his robe. As he reached out to lift it up, Bennie stepped back. "Be easy Daddy, it really hurts."


He kissed his son on the cheek then gently lifted it. "Oh my son, it sure is really red. Have you been masturbating a lot lately?"


He turned as red as his dick was. "Yeah, I guess I have."


"Should I call Dr. Phillips?"


He gasped at the thought. "No Dad please. It'll be alright if I leave it alone for a while, won't it?"


Ben carefully examined his tool then looked up at him. "It should be but if it's not any better in a couple of days, I want you to see him."


I could tell he didn't like what Ben had said but finally he relented. "Alright Dad, I give you my word."


He looked up at me. "Ace, please keep an eye on it."


"Yes Sir," I said as Bennie quickly closed his robe.


Ben stood up then kissed Bennie on the lips. "No masturbating for at least a week, do you understand me?"


Bennie's mouth dropped open. "A week, Dad?"


Ben gave him a stern look. "Yes son, a week."


He knew he had no choice if he wanted it to get better on its own. "Yes Dad, I promise."


We left his office then took our shower. As soon as the water hit his tool he moved back. "Even water hurts it love?"


His face was wet so I couldn't tell if there were tears falling or not. "Yeah it does. I've really done it this time."


I smiled at him then kissed him on the cheek. "Nothing more than boys everywhere have done before sweetie."


I got him showered then we quickly got dried and dressed. "Do you have work to do baby?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah I do love. JR and I have bank records to go over and I haven't a clue how long that's going to take."


"Well, it's warm outside so maybe Dusty and I can go and swim for a while."


I thought about it. "That sounds good but I don't know how the chlorine from the pool is going to feel on that sore tool of yours but you can give it a try. One more thing, wear your trunks and I think you might want to wear your board shorts rather than your Speedo."


He thought about it for a minute then nodded his head. "Alright love, I'll wear my board shorts."


We went to the dining room and saw Dusty and JR sitting there. "Are you ready to get to work on those records?" I asked JR.


"As ready as I'll ever be Ace. I have my laptop with me."


"How about we use my PC, it has a bigger screen."


"That's better Ace," JR said as he headed for the West Wing then on the way he had an idea. "Ace, didn't I see a big screen TV hanging on the wall?"


"Yeah, there is." I answered trying to figure out what he had in mind.


"Would you mind if I turned it into a big monitor?"


We had a 52" flat screen HDTV hanging on the wall. "What are you going to have to do?"


He thought for a moment then headed for the door. "I have a cable in my car that should work then we can work in comfort without it killing our eyes."


He hurried out to his car then five minutes later, he had it working. We started scanning through the file but it was pretty much routine stuff. "How about jumping to the last twelve months?"


JR jumped to the last page then started going backwards. When he stopped, I was looking at a substantial deposit made into the account but it wasn't made by check. "What's got your attention Ace?" JR asked as I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out a laser pointer.


"Look at this account number. I've seen it before but I can't remember where?"


JR fired up his laptop then began typing. "It goes to an offshore bank account."


As soon as he said that it hit me. I went over and pulled out the CD David gave me and slipped it into the second CD/DVD drive and opened it. As soon as it opened, I looked at the account number. "I'll be damned, Patrick Weller was getting money from Harold Peterson."


JR looked at me like I'd lost my mind. "You're crazy Ace."


"Can you pull these 2 screens up so they're sitting side by side?"


JR went over to the PC and typed in a few commands and then both accounts were side by side. When he saw the account number I swore I heard his jaw bounce off of the desk. "I'll be damned; sorry I said you were crazy."


"No problem buddy but it looks like we have another player in this conspiracy."


Down in the Oval Office, Ben's secretary had just buzzed him. "Mr. President, you have a phone call from Secretary Clark."


"Put him through, Frank." He said then his phone rang. "Yes Kevin, what can I do for you?"


"Well Sir, I need to talk with you in person."


"This sounds important."


"It is Mr. President and it's something I'd rather not discuss over the phone."


"How soon can you be here?" Ben asked looking at his schedule for the day.


"I can be there in about five minutes. Also, is Director Moore still there?"


"Yes he is." Ben replied.


"Could you have him there too?"


"Sure, will you need Agent Carl?"


"No Sir, that won't be necessary."


"I'll have him here Kevin and we'll see you shortly."


JR and I were digging through Harold's offshore bank records when my phone rang. I looked and saw it was Ben. "Yes Mr. President."


"Ace, the SecNav is on his way over. Can you meet him outside and do you know where Dusty is?"


"I think he and Bennie are swimming." I replied.


"Can you call him and ask him to come to my office right away?"


"Right away, Sir." I said and ended the call then called Dusty.


The phone rang several times then I heard a familiar voice. "Yes Ace."


"I just got a call from Ben. The SecNav is on his way over to see him and he's requested your presence too."


"Did he say what it was about?"


"No he didn't buddy. How's Bennie and did he put sun screen on?"


"He's fine and yes, I put some on him myself. I'll bring him downstairs with me then grab a quick shower."


"Sounds good, tell Bennie we're in our office in the West Wing but we need a break."


"So where should he meet you and JR?" He asked as I heard him gathering his stuff.


"We'll meet you at the residence."


JR took the CD's out then shut down the PC and disconnected the TV and hooked the monitor back to it. "Did I hear right, the SecNav is coming and wants to talk to the President and Dusty together?"


"That's right and Ben doesn't have a clue what he wants to talk about."


We walked into the residence and was greeted by Bennie. "How are you feeling baby?" I asked as JR gave me a funny look.


"It's sore but the warm water made it feel a little better."


"What happened Bennie?" JR asked.


Bennie turned red then came close and answered him. "I did a number on myself."


JR looked at him as Bennie pointed to his crotch. "Over use?"


"Way too much use." Bennie said giggling.


Just then Dusty came out dressed in his suit and tie. "I better get going."


We headed for the West Wing then I saw Johnny walk by escorting the SecNav. Dusty got his "A" badge on then headed for the Oval Office. I was about to ask Bennie what he wanted to do when Tonka found us. "Ace, I think Tonka needs to go out again." Bennie said as Tonka headed for the door.


In Fred's office Johnny arrived with the SecNav. Fred buzzed Ben then Johnny led him over to the Oval Office. No sooner had the door closed when Dusty arrived. "Sorry I'm late."


"Not to worry Dusty, I just let him in." Johnny replied then opened the door.


Dusty went in and shook Ben's and Kevin's hand. Ben then looked at them. "Take a seat gentlemen and Kevin, tell me what's so important."


"Well Sir, I've been thinking about this for a while now and I'm going to retire."


Dusty's mouth fell open and Ben sat there thinking. "I couldn't change your mind Kevin, could I?"


Kevin looked at Dusty then back to Ben then shook his head. "No Mr. President, I'm afraid not."


"What brought this on Sir?" Dusty asked Kevin.


"Director Moore, I'm over seventy years old and I've spent nearly my entire life in the service of this country. I've put 35 years in the Navy then almost another 20 with the Department of the Navy so now, it's time for me to spend the rest of my life with my family."  


"I hadn't realized that, Sir." Dusty said. "So who's the heir apparent?"


"Well, from what I've been hearing and everything, Simon Cain will be my replacement."


Dusty's jaw dropped. "How can that be? He was one of the most outspoken civilians against the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell."


Kevin looked down and shook his head. "Yeah I know but there isn't anything in his past that I know of that would keep him from being confirmed."


Dusty was sitting there quietly shaking his head. "I guess there will be a new Director."


"That would be his call, Director Moore. Each Director works at the leisure of the Secretary." Kevin answered.


"When would you leave office?" Ben asked.


"May 31st, Mr. President," Kevin answered. "One more thing Dusty, if I might call you that."


"Yes you can, Sir. I've had the upmost respect for you."


"I have a feeling that not only would Mr. Cain replace you as director, but he'd tear your team apart and send them to who knows where."


"No way," Dusty almost shouted. "Sir, we have one of the best teams here."


Kevin nodded his head in agreement. "That you have. My gut is telling me that Dr. Valez and Ms. Mayfield would also be transferred."


"What about Agent Forrester?" Dusty asked.


"I don't know considering she's not an NCIS agent." Ben answered. "She's on loan from MI5 but I could intervene on her behalf depending on what happens."


Dusty felt a little better when he heard that but his head was still in a fog with all of the information he'd just received. He looked over to Kevin then to Ben. "Sirs, are there anything else you need me here for?"


Kevin shook his head then Ben did the same. "No Director Moore, you can leave." Ben answered.


After JR, Bennie and I had taken Tonka outside, we returned to my office and went back to work going over the bank records. We had made some progress when my phone rang. I saw who it was and immediately wondered if there was a problem. "Yes Adam, what can I do for you?"


"How soon can you get to the courthouse?" He asked as I heard some concern in his voice.


"What's wrong Adam?" I said as I stood up then got my weapon out of my desk and put it into my holster.


"It's too much to go into over the phone. Please hurry over."


I'm on my way Adam." I said then ended the call.


Bennie heard my side of the conversation and had a frown on his face. "I take it you have to go out love?"


"I'm afraid so baby, Adam needs me at the courthouse for something and it sounds very important."


"I wonder what it could be," A voice said.


I looked and Dusty was standing there. "I don't know buddy. I believe today was jury selection for Harold Peterson's trial."


"Oh yeah, we all received subpoenas. Dizzy is going over everything to make sure it's all perfect."


I had to laugh because she was a total perfectionist with everything she does. "Just tell her when she's asked a question not to give more information that was asked for because it could come back on her later."


"I will Ace." He replied.


He was looking somewhat distracted but I didn't have time to go into it so I had to let it go for now. "Can you both stay here with Bennie until I get back?"


JR nodded. "I don't know what Dusty has to do but I'll stay here with him."


Dusty said he'd stay too so I quickly hurried out to the Hummer then headed to the courthouse. Traffic was a nightmare so I cheated and used my lights and siren. It only ended up taking ten minutes to make the trip then I found a spot near the front. I quickly parked then went to go inside when I heard a voice. "Hay, you can't park there."


I looked at him and it was a rent a cop. I showed him my credentials then he decided to get cocky. "Let me see those."


I was still heading towards the steps so he had to run to catch up. "I hope you can walk and talk at the same time because I'm not stopping."


He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder causing me to nearly slip off the step. When I faced him he reached for my badge. "I said I want to see those now."


"If you don't take your hand off of me this second you'll regret the day you were born." I fired back showing him my ID card.


He just stood there with his mouth hanging open so I left him and entered the building. In my haste to get out of the office, I forgot to ask which courtroom he was in so I pulled out my phone. "Are you here Ace?"


"I am buddy, whose courtroom are you in?"


"Courtroom 17, Judge Matthews's courtroom. I'm in his chambers and I've let his bailiff know you're on the way."


I quickly found the door. "I'll be there in a minute." I said then ended the call.


I walked up to the bailiff then I heard another voice. "HOLD THAT MAN."


I turned around and there was that pesky rent a cop again. Now I wasn't in any mood for his crap so I let him have it. "What the hell is your problem? I shouted."


"Did I say you could go on?" He asked and I before I could answer he interrupted me. "Well mister whoever you are, your vehicle is getting towed."


I was seething. "You'd better not if you value your freedom." I said then looked at the bailiff. "I'm expected in the judge's chambers."


He recognized my badge then he led me over to the door and opened it. "Go right in."


"Thank you," I said then heard the door close.


The bailiff turned and looked at the rent a cop. "You had better have been kidding when you said you were getting his vehicle towed."


He turned to leave. "No, I'm not kidding."


The bailiff knocked on the door then stuck his head inside. "Please excuse the interruption Your Honor but Agent Mason, that jerk ordered your vehicle towed."


"Call Metro PD and have a car sent to the parking lot. The towing company will have to contact Metro prior to towing it to get an authorization. Metro will run the plate then the Secret Service will get a phone call."


"What do you want Metro to do?"


"When the jerk raises hell for the towing company not removing it, have Metro arrest him."


"Yes Sir." He said then closed the door.


"Now Adam, what's the problem?" I asked.


"I knew one day that cocky attitude of yours would come back to bite you in the ass." A voice said.


I turned and looked to see who was talking. "And you're still chasing ambulances, aren't you counselor."


"Stick it." He started then we heard another voice.


"That's just enough." Judge Matthews said.


"My apologies Your Honor," I said trying not to let anyone know Cal and I were friends.


"Apology accepted Agent Mason." Cal said.


I looked at Adam. "What's going on?"


Before I could continue Marcus Cole shot his mouth off again. "I'll tell you what's going on. Why have you got a witness in hiding?"


"Excuse me counselor?" I said letting my distain show. "We don't have anyone in hiding."


"Yeah right and I'm the Pope." He said.


"That's just enough Mr. Cole or I'll find you in contempt." Cal fired back.


"Your Honor my client has the right to face all of his accusers."


"Provided he is one of his accusers." Adam said.


"Wait a minute," I interrupted everyone. "Who are we talking about?"


"Chris Teele," Adam replied. "But I keep telling Mr. Cole he's got nothing to do with this case."


"That's for me to be the judge of." Cole fired off.


"That's for this court to be the judge of." Cal countered.


"So you're protecting..." Cole started to say.


"I'd watch my mouth if I were you unless you'd rather be spending some time in a Federal Detention Center."


"There are no civilian witnesses in this case Cole." I said curtly.


"Rumor has it he identified him as someone..."


"I had to shut him up fast. "That's enough Cole, Mr. Teele is not a part of this case."


"What case is he a part of Agent Mason?" Judge Matthews asked.


"Mr. Teele identified him..."


"See, he's been..." Cole started.


"Shut up Mr. Cole." Cal barked. "Please continue Agent Mason."


"As I was saying, Mr. Teele identified Harold Peterson in another case that is still under investigation."


"Thank you Agent Mason." Cal said. "Your request to depose Mr. Teele is denied."


"I'll appeal your ruling." He said as he stood to leave.


"That's your right but that will be denied. You can only depose witnesses that have a direct bearing on the case at hand and since your client hasn't been indicted on anything else, anything Mr. Teele has to say has no bearing here."


Cole was livid but there was nothing he could do. "Fine."


"Is there anything else Your Honor?" I asked.


"No Agent Mason, I'll see you in court."


I left his chambers then went to see what was going on outside. When I walked around the corner there was quite a fiasco going on. As I walked closer, I saw Metro had the wrong person wearing silver bracelets. I saw the security guard looking around and when he spotted me, he tried to beat feet out of there but the only way was past me. I took a few steps towards him then he tried to charge me but I was ready. I pulled my weapon and then he let out a scream. "HELP, SOMOENE'S TRYING TO KILL ME."


I quickly got my credentials and pulled them out. "I'm a Federal Officer."


"That's bullshit, they're forged." He screamed again as I continued to hold him at gun point.


One of the Metro officers took them then handed my case back to me. "I'm sorry Agent Mason. Do you wish to file charges against him?"


"Yes," I started. "And you can take the cuffs off of the driver."


"You don't know what you're doing. He's a fraud."


I took my notebook out and copied down the information from his ID card then notified the security company. They told me to hold on to his ID card then I asked if he was authorized to have a weapon and I was assured that none of his men were to be carrying weapons of any kind. I removed his weapon then removed the magazine and the round from the chamber then turned it over to the arresting officer. "He's all yours guys. Charge him with attempted grand theft for starters."


I was about to leave when I got a wild idea. I looked over the Hummer and didn't see any damage so I returned to the courthouse. I walked down the hall then saw my first stop. I entered the courtroom then walked up to the bailiff. "Is Judge Wheeler busy?"


I showed him my credentials then he knocked on the door. I saw him stick his head inside then he opened it for me. When I entered, David was sitting behind his desk going through a huge stack of papers. He looked up then came over to me. "Ace, how are you and how's Bennie? I heard the news."


"He's doing pretty well. A good friend of mine from NCIS is working with him. He's been through what Bennie is going through now."


"I'm glad to hear that now come sit down or is this a professional visit."


"No David, this is not a business call. I was wondering if Jake would like to spend the weekend with Bennie. My next stop is Cal's office to ask if Carl would come too."


"Right now, Jake is over at the Matthew's. Let me call Cal." David said as he called his friend. "Are you going over there now to get them?"


I nodded my head. "That was my idea, this way I could surprise Bennie."


"What about school on Monday? I know you have to be in court." David asked.


"Johnny will be taking Bennie to school so the boys can all ride together."


David relayed that to Cal then hung up. "Sure, that will be fine. Cal is calling Judy and she'll tell Jake to go and get some clothes and his school gear."


"Thanks David, the boys haven't been able to spend any time together in months." I said shaking his hand then turning to leave.


It took about 20 minutes to fight the afternoon DC traffic. I was almost to Cal's place when it hit me we would be having to extra mouths to feed. I pulled over then called Ben. "Yes Ace."


"Um Sir, I hope I'm not being presumptuous but I got permission for Jake Wheeler and Carl Matthews to spend the weekend with Bennie."


"You mean his friends from school?"


"Yes Sir, you met them several months ago."


"Oh no, not at all. I think Bennie would love that, now what's the problem?"


"Umm well, I was at the courthouse when I got this idea but I haven't told Gloria about them."


"I'll give her a call. Are you going to pick them up now?"


"Yes Sir, I'm about to pull up to their house."


"Alright Ace, I'll see you when you arrive. My day is almost done here."


I ended the call then pulled up in front of the Matthew's residence. When I rang the doorbell, I was greeted by two happy teens. "Hi Ace," Jake said hugging me.


I entered the foyer then got a hug from Carl. I gave each boy a kiss on the cheek then Judy came in. "I thought I heard the doorbell. Hi Ace, it's been ages since you've been here."


I nodded my head. "I know Judy; it's been way too long."


"Boys, do you have everything you'll need packed?" She asked Jake and Carl.


The boys took off back upstairs. "I don't know if Cal told you but he's got a case I'm the arresting officer on."


She nodded. "Yes, he told me. Between you and me, is he really guilty?"


"I was outside with Bennie and Tonka when he shot that agent." I said as I heard the boys coming down the stairs so I couldn't say any more.


She gave each boy a hug and kiss with a stern warning. "You both behave yourselves."


Carl looked at his mom. "When don't we behave Mom?"


She gave them a playful swat on their bottoms as we headed for the door. "Johnny will take them to school on Monday along with Bennie."


Jake heard this then looked at me. "Where will you be Ace?"


We got into the Hummer then headed for the residence. "I have to be in court."


That seemed to answer his question as I made my way through the traffic. I finally made it the when I went to park the Hummer, I saw Tonka outside romping with Bennie. He hadn't seen me but as soon as I stepped out, Tonka did and came running over followed by Bennie. "Jake, Carl." Bennie shouted as he spotted them then the three of them hugged.


"Come on guys, we don't want to be late for dinner." I said then we headed for the elevator.


Bennie wrapped his arms around me. "What a surprise Ace. How'd you know?"


"I know you love." I said as the doors closed. "Spring break has been more a disaster than fun and I know Jake and Carl are two of your best friends."


"Does Dad know?" Bennie asked as the doors opened.


"Of course," I said smiling. "Someone had to tell Gloria because I didn't get this idea until I was about to leave the courthouse."


We stepped off the elevator then I took the boys to my room. "I believe you remember this, don't you?"


The boys smiled. "Thanks Ace, give us a couple of minutes to clean up and we'll come over to Bennie's room."


I went inside and Bennie was giggling. "So you didn't have the guts to call Gloria yourself?"


"Actually love, I did but I had just arrived at Jake's and I had to get your Dad's approval about having them come over."


"You did think a little backwards, didn't you?"


"A little maybe but when I got the idea I was leaving the courthouse so I went back and talked with David and Cal. I guess I should have called your Dad then but time was a little tight. I can take them home if you'd like."


"Don't you dare," He said putting his arms around me.


I kissed him on the lips then heard a knock on the door. "Come in," I said then headed for the bathroom then washed my hands.


When I came out, I saw the three of them in a group hug. "So what do you want to do this weekend?" Jake asked.


Bennie looked over to me. "I have a little work to do tomorrow with JR so you guys will have to entertain yourselves for a few hours."


Bennie smiled. "Did you bring your swimming trunks?"


Jake and Carl looked at each other then shook their heads. "I have several boys." I said rubbing their shoulders.


Bennie's head snapped over. "Party pooper."


"If you want to skinny dip that's fine but I do want everyone to have their trunks with them. Also, I want you to use sun screen because the sun is killer up there."


Everyone agreed then we went out for dinner. Gloria put on a feast for us then Ben headed for his room. Bennie noticed this right away. "Where are you going Dad?"


"I have a phone call to make." He said with a smile.


"Tell Chris we send our love."


"I'll do that son. What do you have planned for tonight?"


Jake looked at Bennie. "I have a new video game."


Ben laughed. "Enjoy yourselves boys."


Jake went to get the game as the other two headed for the living room. "What are you going to do Ace?" Bennie asked.


"Don't worry about me guys, I have some paperwork I need to finish then get my notes ready for court."


I went into my room then started sorting through a mountain of files sitting on my desk. I managed to get whittled down to three and those were all ongoing investigations. I pulled my notes up then started printing them out when I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and there were the boys. "How much longer are you going to be love?"


I looked at the clock and it was almost 8:30. "I'm just printing off some papers for court then I'm done. I didn't realize I'd been at this for over two hours."


"Time flies when you're having fun, huh Ace?" Jake said laughing.


"Oh yeah, it was loads of fun." I said as I took the papers out of the printer then put them into a file folder and wrote Court on it. "What would you guys like to do now?"


"There is a good movie coming on, why don't we get a shower then we can all watch it?" Carl asked.


Bennie smiled then shot across the hall to his room. I followed him and saw he was already nude. "Are you going to join them?"


He smiled at me. "I'd thought about it, are you?"


"I hadn't really thought about it but remember who said they had a very sore dick."


He looked down and his dick was still red. "Yeah, I remember."


I wrapped my arms around him. "Baby, you know I don't care what you do with them but if you want it to get better, it needs some quiet time too."


He smiled at me. "Yeah, I know but they're really hot."


"I know that too so it's your decision if you want to fool around. I think I'll grab a shower in here then I'll meet you guys across the hall."


Bennie gave me a quick kiss then joined Jake and Carl. When he went in, they were naked like he was. "Where's Ace?"


"He's getting a shower in my room." Bennie answered.


Jake went to get the water going then Carl looked at Bennie. "So have you two done it yet?"


Bennie blushed slightly then smiled. "Oh yeah and man, it's wonderful."


Carl went over and hugged him when Jake stepped out. "Come on guys, the water is ready and the movie starts soon."


The three boys got into the shower and took turns washing the others then got rinsed and dried. After putting their underwear on, they found the movie. I finished my shower then went over and joined them.


When I came in, Carl looked at me and just smiled. I sat down beside Bennie then he made room for me. I stretched out then Bennie looked and smiled at me. "OK guys, what gives?"


It looked like Carl was going to say something but Bennie beat him to it. "I told them we finally did it."


I remembered the last time they were here so I wasn't really surprised. "How was it?" Carl asked.


Jake looked at him. "Don't be rude."


"I wasn't," Carl replied. "I just wanted to know how it was. I remember our first time and it's something I'll never forget."


"Let's just say we both loved it and still do." I answered not wanting to go into any specific details.


After the movie was over, Bennie and I headed to our room. Before I left, I reached into my bedside stand and took out the tube of lube and set it out. The boys gave me a wicked smile then gave me a good night kiss.


Bennie was already in bed. "What took you so long?"


I started getting undressed then slipped into bed next to my lover. "I just said good night to Jake and Carl."


We cuddled together and the next thing I knew my bladder was waking me up. I slid out of bed to do my business and when I returned Bennie had kicked the covers down a little and his morning wood was standing proud. I saw it was after 7 so I gently caressed his cheek hoping to wake him. After several minutes of doing this he didn't wake so I ran my finger down over his nether region. I tickled his hole causing him to moan then I saw his eyes open. "Are you looking to start something?"


I gave him a kiss on the lips. "No, just trying to wake you up. I caressed your cheek for several minutes but all you did was smile and continued sleeping."


"That's what I felt." He started. "I was dreaming of you and made it seem more real."


"So that's why you're like a nail?" I said as he rolled out of the bed.


He headed for the bathroom and did his business. "When I'm thinking of you it's always like that. Did you see if Jake and Carl are awake?"


I was about to answer when I heard a soft knock then the door opened. Jake stuck his head in and saw we were awake so he and Carl came in. "Did you guys sleep well?" I asked as Bennie found his underwear.


They both gave me a big grin then Carl answered. "Oh yeah, we slept fine."


After breakfast, the boys played video games while I had some more coffee. About 8:30, Dusty and JR came in. "Hi guys."


They fixed a cup of coffee then sat down at the table. "JR says you need his help for a little while."


"Yeah, if it's not a problem. Going through Patrick Weller's bank records has opened a Pandora's Box and it's a real nightmare."


"It's no problem Ace. This afternoon, I need to get my team together and have a talk with them."


I could tell he had a serious look on his face. "What's going on dude?"


He shook his head. "Just something I need to sort out."


"Come on dude, we've been friends too long now what's going on."


"The SecNav is retiring the end of May." Dusty said.


I could tell by the look on his face that this was troubling news. "I take it you know who his replacement is going to be."


He nodded his head. "Yeah and let's say I'm not on his hit parade."


I looked at him totally confused. "I don't follow you dude."


"Word has it his replacement is Simon Cain."


I knew that name. "Wasn't he one of the outspoken critics of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"


"That's him." Dusty said.


"Look man, there is no law against being gay and NCIS sure as hell isn't about to start discriminating either."


Dusty raised his hand. "I know that but the director works at the SecNav's pleasure so I'm going to be replaced."


"Well, that's not a bad thing. You took the job because you were asked, not that you were really looking for it."


"Yeah that's true but we all work at his pleasure." Dusty answered.


I was missing something and I couldn't figure out what it was. "Ace, there's more than a chance Dusty and I are going to be sent to new teams who knows where."


JR's words hit me hard. I knew I wouldn't want to be separated from Bennie so I knew how JR felt. "So what's the plan guys?"


Dusty sat there and shook his head. "I don't know Ace. This is something I want to talk with everyone about."


"Where are you going to do this?" I asked.


JR looked at me. "At Dusty's place. We're going to have a little get together and talk about this."


I felt like I'd been kicked in the nuts at the thought of losing two very good friends. There were several months before this would happen and there was the chance Cain wouldn't be confirmed. "Well, keep me in the loop guys please."


Dusty smiled then patted my hand. "Don't worry, we will. Where's Bennie today?"


"He's in the living room with two of his friends from school. When JR and I do what we have to, the three of them want to go swimming."


JR looked at his love. "Go for it, just don't get burned."


We finished our coffee then we headed into the living room. As soon as we entered, Bennie was quick to give me a hug. Carl and Jake finished their game then looked at the others. "Carl, Jake, I'd like you to meet two friends of ours. This is Dusty Moore and JR Carl, they work for NCIS.


They all shook hands then I continued. "Their fathers are both federal judges."


JR looked at me. "I guess that can be an asset at times, can't it?"


"I've asked Judge Wheeler for things before but he's never let friendship interfere with the law and I really wouldn't want him too."


We chatted for a few more minutes then Bennie, Carl and Jake headed for their room. "Do you have a pair of trunks I can borrow?"


I headed for my room then knocked because Dusty was with me. Carl opened the door and he and Jake were already changed. "Dusty is going to come up with you guys while I do what I have to."


I got Dusty a pair of trunks then got him towels and a bottle of sunscreen for them. "Thanks Ace. I'll be sure not to let the boys get burned."


As Dusty changed, I told him of the boys' swimming plans. "Just so you know, those three want to skinny dip."


He laughed at me. "Why aren't I surprised? Don't worry, I won't let anything get toasted."


We came out of my room and the boys were waiting on us. Bennie grabbed the towels then headed towards the pool with Jake and Carl hot on his heels. "Come on Dusty."


"Wait up guys," He shouted then quickly followed.


When he came out, the boys were already in the buff and about to jump into the pool when Carl spotted him. "Come on dude, I bet the water is perfect."


"Hold on you guys," Dusty said walking over to one of the chase lounges then holding up the bottle of sunscreen. "Ace said you guys have to put this on."


Bennie looked at the bottle then over to his friends as he walked over to Dusty. "OK, put it on."


Dusty turned him around and started working on his back then handed the bottle to Jake. "If you want additional help, talk to your friends."


"You're no fun." Bennie said then Dusty ran his finger down Bennie's nose.


"Let's just say I know you too well. If someone would get my back, I'd appreciate it."


Down in the West Wing, JR and I were once again going over the bank documents. The first one he pulled up was the one we got from the Cayman Islands. "I'd love to know one thing man."


JR stopped what he was doing then looked at me. "What's that Ace?"


"Who opened this account and where the money came from."


JR pulled out the hard copies of everything David had given me. He started thumbing through the papers then found a small envelope taped to the back of the manila folder. He took it off then handed it to me. "Maybe this will be of some help."


I took the envelope from him then opened it. I thumbed through the papers then found the initial application. "Can you read this?"


JR looked over my shoulder. "Not a word, it looks Arabic or something."


"I'll have to get this over to our documents section. We have people that can speak and read a number of foreign languages."


"You know Ace, someone had to have opened this because I don't see Peterson having that kind of money to open an account like this."


"How much was the initial deposit?" I asked as JR quickly went to the top of the file.


I saw him looking between the monitor and the paper copies. "If I read this right, everything is in American dollars. From what I can tell, it was opened with an initial deposit of $50,000.00."


Compared to what was in the account now, the initial deposit was really small. "That's still a lot of money for Peterson to have at one time. Did we ever get his bank records?"


JR rummaged through a stack of files on my desk then pulled one out near the bottom. "You know Ace, you really need to organize your desk a little better."


"I know man, I don't get the Good Housekeeping seal of approval but there's been so much going on lately I barely have time to change my mind much less straighten up my desk."


JR laughed at the analogy. "That's true."


JR started looking through the paper copies and was shaking his head. "I don't see anything out of the ordinary here. There are regular deposits which seem to be paychecks from the service.


JR thumbed through some more papers then handed me a sheet. "Now here is something. There is a transfer from the Cayman Islands account to his account for the amount of $10,000 dated around the time that house blew up."


I looked at the paper and he was right then handed it back to him. "Can you find something going out for that same amount to?"


JR looked through several more pages. "I see a cash withdrawal for $5,000.00 three days later then another $5,000.00 three days after that."


I started rummaging through files and found the one on the explosion. "Damn, it falls right in line with Chris's house getting blown up."


"Since these were cash withdrawals proving he paid to have the house destroyed is going to be very hard."


"Maybe not JR. Chris did positively ID him as the person who paid him $100.00 for posting a video on YouTube. The day after he posted it, the house blew up so I don't see that as a mere coincidence."


"I don't either Ace but selling it to a jury might be tough." JR said as I sat back rubbing my head.


"If this goes to trial it's going to be a very involved case."


"What are the chances of him taking a plea?"


I shook my head. "I don't know. If we can positively tie everything together neat and tidy, he might cave in because attempting to assassinate a president is a capital crime. But there are also others we're just now finding out about so this case is far from over."


JR was putting the papers away when my cell rang. "How much longer are you going to be Ace?"


I looked at my watch and it was almost noon. "Since it's almost time for lunch, we'll pack it in. Did the boys behave?"


"Yeah they did even with their roaming hands." Dusty said with a laugh.


"Should I say something to them?" I asked.


"Nah, don't worry about it. It was all in fun. I'm going to borrow your shower so I can get the chlorine off."


I told him that was fine then ended the call. "I don't know about you JR but I've seen all the numbers I can handle for one day."


JR removed the CDs then shut down the PC then we headed back over to the residence. One the way, JR looked at me with a concerned look on his face. "Ace, I couldn't bear the fact to be away from Dusty."


I wrapped my arms around him as we entered the residence. "I know, it's the same with Bennie and me."


"But you're his body guard and that won't happen as long as Ben is in office."


"I know but after he leaves and Bennie gets out of college, he wouldn't qualify for Secret Service protection." I said.


"But Ben would as a former president and I'm sure he'd want you as part of his team."


"That's true too and a number of years down the road. Look, there is still time before the SecNav retires so try not to worry too much."


I looked at him and could see the fight he was having inside himself. "I'll try not to."


"Good, now he's in my bedroom so go and see him."


JR headed for my room then I pulled my cell out. "Evelyn, it's Ace."


"What's up Ace?" She asked.


"How's Pete first off?"


"He's doing better. He's been bugging me about returning to work."


"Well, I can really use him since next week I'll be in court he will be too."


"Damn, I forgot about that. What about Bennie and school?"


"I have that covered. Johnny will take him to school and they all know him there too from when I was recuperating."


"What else is on your mind? I know you didn't call me just to check up on Pete."


"You know me too well. There are two things. First off, is I have some documents I need looked at. They're written in a language neither JR or I can read."


"OK, put them in an envelope for the courier." She said.


"Well, like I said, there are two things."


"What's going through your mind now Ace?"


"Well, it's something I can't go into over the phone. I'm not trying to give you a short answer but it's really involved."


"So when do you want to have this talk?"


"Let me make a quick call then I'll call you back."


"Alright Ace, you know you're lucky I like you and you're a good agent."


I ended the call with Evelyn then called Ben. His cell rang and rang then I got his voice mail so I used the house phone. I thought I would get Frank but I got Isaac instead. "I need to speak to the President."


"May I ask..." He started but I wasn't in the mood for it.


"No damn it you may not ask what it's about. Now, let me speak to the President." I said then reminded him of the last time he pulled this stunt.


"He's not in the Oval Office." He said changing his tune. "He didn't have anything on tap for today."


I ended the call then the boys came out into the hall. "Bennie, do you know where your dad is?"


He thought for a moment. "I don't know. He didn't say he had anything to do in his office today."


"OK, can you go down to his bedroom while I check his office?"


"Did you call him on his cell?"


I nodded my head. "Yeah I did but it went to voice mail."


"OK, I'll check his bedroom." Bennie said then took off.


I went to his office then knocked quietly on the door. I waited then knocked again. I didn't get an answer so I eased the door open then looked inside. The room was empty so I returned to the dining room. A few minutes later, Bennie returned with a smile on his face so I guess he found him. "He was talking to Chris."


"Now I know why my call went to voice mail." I said.


Ben came out and looked at us. "Can't I have some time to myself?"


I turned several shades of red. "Uh yes Mr. President, I apologize."


"Ah, it's alright Ace. I know you don't bug me unless it is important. Now, what is it you need to speak to me about?"


I was about to answer when Dusty came out dressed. "Hello Mr. President."


"Hi Dusty, I didn't expect to see you here today."


"Well, JR and Ace were working in the West Wing so I was with Bennie and his friends in the pool."


"Well thank you. Can I ask you to stay for lunch?"


"Um well sir, any other time I would gladly accept but JR and I have some plans for this afternoon and tonight."


"That's fine. You two need some off time too."


JR and Dusty headed for the elevator as Tonka made an appearance. "Bennie, can you take Tonka out please?" Ben asked.


The boys and Tonka rode down with Dusty and JR while I talked with Ben. We headed towards his office. "I just learned about the shakeup coming at NCIS."


We entered then Ben closed the door. "That's not for several months yet Ace."


"I understand Sir but it has Dusty and JR concerned. JR and I had a little time to talk and well, he couldn't handle being separated from Dusty."


Ben sat down on the sofa then I joined him. "I can understand that. It would be like you and Bennie being away from each other for a long period of time."


I nodded my head. "Yes Sir and it's something I hope I never have to face."


"So I take it you have something in mind?"


"I do but I would need to talk with Evelyn also. I was wondering if she could come to dinner then we could sit down and talk."


"I don't see a problem with that. Bennie, Jake and Carl can entertain themselves while we talk."


"Thank you Sir. I better tell Gloria we have another guest tonight so she doesn't get a last minute surprise."


"Sounds good Ace," Ben said heading over to his desk. "I have a few things to go over here then I'll be out in time for lunch."


I went and talked to Gloria then saw the boys return with Tonka. I told them to get their hands washed then come to the dining room.


Gloria fixed one of my favorites today of Mexican burgers and fries. After lunch, I called Evelyn back and told her she was invited for dinner. We spent the afternoon relaxing and watching DVD's. About an hour before dinner, I went down to get a shower and put on a clean suit. Bennie joined me and wondered what was up. "After dinner tonight, I need to talk with Evelyn and your dad about something important."


"I guess that means we have to entertain ourselves, huh?"


"I'm sure you'll manage." I said as I started to get undressed.


Bennie joined me and soon we were both naked. I looked at his flaccid tool and the redness had started to go away. I went over and looked at it causing him to gasp at my touch. "That feels great Ace."


"It's looking better love. Is it still sore when I touch it?"


I ran my finger around the light pink area and watched as it twitched at the sensation. "Not really baby." Bennie replied as he caressed my tool.


I lifted his chin up then kissed him gently. "Why don't we hold this thought until tonight."


"Aw Ace, I'm horny." Bennie whined.


I went in and started the shower then returned to my lover. I reached out and took him gently by the dick and let him inside the bathroom. Once inside the shower, I then started to wash his hair. After he rinsed it, I put some conditioner on it then let my hand run down his back towards his hot ass. When he felt me rub it, he instinctively leaned forward so I continued down his crack to his hole. I ran my finger around and started to slide it in. "Is this what you want?"


Before he could answer, I dropped down and took his dick into my mouth and started sucking. "Oh god Ace."


I fingered his ass hitting his love nut and sucking him for all I was worth but very quickly I was given my reward of a hot load of his juice. I swallowed every drop then slowly removed my finger. When I stood up, Bennie wrapped his arms around my neck planting one on me. I opened my mouth sharing some of his juice with him then we both swallowed. "How was that love?"


I looked down and his dick was going soft on me so it must have scratched the itch for a little while. "Shit Ace, you know how to play with my ass."


I smiled at him then we finished our showers then got dry. When I bent over to put my undies on, I felt Bennie run his finger over my asshole. "Easy love or I'll ravage you here now."


He knew I hadn't busted a nut so he knelt down then licked it several times. I stood up and turned around wrapping my arms around him. "Ah, ah, ah now love, we have to have dinner then you need to talk with Evelyn tonight."


When Bennie started to put his underwear on, I playfully popped him on the butt. He quickly pulled them up and looked at me. "That was a little payback." I said smiling.


We finished getting dressed then Bennie went over to my room. I went into the dining room and saw the table had been set with fine silver and crystal. Bennie, Jake and Carl joined us and I was glad to see they were in nice slacks and shirts. When Bennie spotted the silver and crystal he looked at me. "Wow, is all this for a meeting with Evelyn?"


I hadn't planned it that way but it made a nice touch. I was about to say something when Tonka came up. I decided to take him out and while he was doing his business, I saw Evelyn drive up. She parked her car then I walked over and opened the door. "Nice wheels, when did you get it?"


"A few days ago," She replied. "We're still replacing a number of large vehicles for these because they're better on gas."


"Makes sense," I replied. "But do these have the power we need?"


She nodded her head. "Yes they do and they can even handle being bullet proofed."


I thought for a moment. "Ah, you're not thinking of replacing my Hummer are you?"


She shook her head. "No because even though it's not as good on gas as these are, that has the room in it for several people plus Tonka."


"Yeah and in the back, there is a locked compartment for my rifle. Does that Charger have one?"


She shook her head, "Unfortunately no.


While we were talking Tonka came over and sat beside me. She reached down and gave him a few scratches then we headed to the residence. On the way up in the elevator, she looked at me. "OK, what is it you need to talk to me about?"


I knew this wasn't really the place to go into it but I couldn't put her off either. "Well, I just have a couple of ideas I would like to run by you."


"And how much are these ideas going to cost?"


I thought for a moment. "Well, it might not cost the service a dime."


The doors opened then we stepped off. "Well, I'll listen to what you have to say but I don't know if I can make any promises."


`That was a somewhat positive response.' I thought as we headed for the living room.


When we entered, Jake, Bennie and Carl were passing the time playing a video game. "Hi guys, we have company now."


Bennie looked up and saw Evelyn with me. "Hi Director Morgan, how's Pete?"


She smiled at him. "He's doing much better."


I saw Bennie relax when he heard the news. "Oh man that's great news."


Jake turned the game off then Bennie made the introductions just as Ben came in. "Good evening Director Morgan."


She walked over and shook his hand. "Good evening Mr. President. Thank you for inviting me to dinner."


Just then, Gloria came out letting us know dinner was about to be served. We all headed for the dining room and took our seats. Gloria wheeled a cart out and set several dishes on the table then one of the White House chefs came out pushing a smaller cart. He stopped by Ben first then removed the cover. "Tonight's dinner is oven roasted prime rib, glazed potatoes and several vegetables. How do you like your meat Mr. President?"


The aroma filled the room and made my stomach start to rumble. Ben looked at the roast then up to the chef and replied, "Medium rare please."


Once we were all served, we dug in to the feast and by the time we were full, everything had been eaten. We all chatted over coffee then I decided it was time for the adults to take care of the business at hand.


The boys went down to Bennie's room while Evelyn, Ben and I went into his office. Before I started, I had the coffee cart brought in so we could have something to drink. Once we were alone, Evelyn broke the ice. "Alright Ace, what's on your mind?"


I sipped my coffee then sat back in the chair. "Have you heard about the impending changes at NCIS?"


"I've heard the talk on the hill."


"So you know who the heir apparent is as the next SecNav?"


"Yeah and he has a lot of supporters from what I'm hearing." She replied.


"Tell me what you know about him."


"Not much really other than he retired from the Navy then stayed in public service."


"Well he was one of the most outspoken civilians about the repealing of Don't Ask Don't Tell."


"Well, it's been repealed so he hasn't a thing to say about it."


"Not about the Navy but he can at NCIS." I said.


"Being gay isn't illegal and they can't discriminate either."


I finished my coffee then looked at her. "No he can't but he can make any agent's life a living hell if he ever found out."


"How," Evelyn asked somewhat defensively.


"Send them off some place they wouldn't be happy for starters hoping they would resign."


Ben stepped in there. "Ace, if it can be proven discrimination took place..."


"Sir, it couldn't be proven. It would be the SecNav's word against that of the agent's."


"I suppose you're right Ace." Ben said.


"Now, since you brought this up Ace, there must be something more on your mind." Evelyn said as I stood and refilled everyone's coffee cups.


"Well there is." I said sitting her coffee cup on the table.


"It wouldn't be about two agents there would it?" She asked.


I sat down looking a little red faced. "You know me too well now so yes it does but not only Dusty and JR but possibly his entire team."


"What's your proposal?" She asked.


"Well, do you know how many agents will be retiring?"


"I've seen some papers come across my desk."


"Well, there is one thing I'm pretty sure of and that Dusty will be replaced as the Director. I know that won't hurt his feelings at all because he's a field agent and not a politician. But an agent there shot his mouth off right after he was made director."


"Was that handled?"


"Yes it was and well, his attitude has totally changed and has become a team player. Now what I don't know is who else heard it and is just waiting for the new SecNav to come on and then spread the word that Dusty is gay."


Evelyn sat there and sipped her coffee. "What does Dusty say about this?"


Ben stepped in. "Dusty was informed of the SecNav's retiring yesterday when Secretary Clark came to talk to me in person. Director Moore was in the West Wing so I asked him to join us."


"Did he say anything about his plans after Kevin retires?"


Ben and I both shook our heads. "Not directly," I replied. "But tonight he and his team are having a meeting tonight at Dusty's place. I believe they are all talking about this and what options they have."


"How many people would we be talking about?"


I had to think for a minute, "Three maybe; Dusty and JR for sure and probably Agent Marshall Ellis."


"Wasn't he the one who gave Agent Carl a hard time the first time I met them?"


I nodded my head. "That's him and he's also the one whose attitude has done a complete one eighty. Now, there is one more but she's on special assignment from MI5. What I don't know about are the medical examiner and their lab tech. I know they love working for NCIS but I'm not sure if it's more because of the people they're associated with on a daily basis."


I saw Evelyn thinking. "I have never believed in trying to take someone from another agency but if things turn out like you believe, I would be hard pressed not to take advantage of highly trained people. The medical examiner here has submitted his retirement papers but I'm not sure of the date he's looking to retire. Our lab could run more efficiently so I might could swing a supervisor's position. As for the field agents, I have reports coming in all the time of people desiring to leave us for one reason or another. I take it you have ideas for the field agents?"


I nodded my head. "As technical as the agency is becoming here at the White House, JR's expertise could be greatly used. As for Dusty, he's earned the President's respect since we've been working together and I don't see Ellis being a problem."


"Well, I'll leave him to you and Ed. When will you know something definite?"


"Probably Monday when I see Dusty in court but I don't see anything happening until the SecNav formally announces his retirement to NCIS."


"Alright Ace, keep me informed and if they all do decide to leave, they'll have to fill out paperwork here. I know they won't have a problem with background screening but that will have to be done also so we will need time to do it."


I looked at Ben. "Ah Sir, did I step out of line here?"


He smiled at me. "No you didn't. You looked out for your friends and if I was in your place, I probably would have done the same thing. It helps that I've gotten to know Dusty and JR and they are both fine agents who would be an asset here."


Just then Evelyn looked at me. "Um Ace, do you think Dusty would accept the Assistant Director's position here?"


I looked at her. "If he would have to come in out of the field and sit behind a desk all day, I doubt it seriously. I'm sure you know of someone you'll feel comfortable taking your desk when you decide it's time to retire."


She nodded her head. "I know of a few but don't think I'm ready to pack it in just yet."


"I wouldn't think of it. Besides, we just got you broke in."


Ben roared then Evelyn started laughing. "I knew I picked the right person for this assignment when we were in Wisconsin."


We finished our meeting then Evelyn decided it was time for her to get home. We went back to his office so I could bring the cart out then Ben put his hand on my shoulder. "After we talked today, I had a feeling you might try and find a place for your friends with the service."


I nodded my head. "It would be the same thing if Bennie and I were separated."


"Well, that could happen. Supposed he's at headquarters and you were here?"


I smiled. "I could handle that because at the end of the day, he'd be home."


"What about when I had to go out of town?"


I thought for a minute then smiled. "I'm sure I could arrange something where Bennie could come but he's not going to be with the service for at least 5 years."


He looked at me. "Would you be willing to relocate?"


I put the cart back into the dining room then looked inside the pot to see how much coffee was left. "I'd go to the moon if that's where you both lived. Let's face it, you can't get rid of me."


Ben wrapped his arms around me. "As long as you're good to Bennie, that'll never happen."


"Just remember, you'll need a place with two large master suites."


Ben looked at me funny. "Two master suites?"


"Well yeah, unless you don't want Chris to be with you," I said coyly.


He just glared at me. "You know that'll never happen. I'm glad I'll have plenty to keep myself busy while Chris is in school so I don't miss him so much."


"There are always vacation times." I said loosening my tie. "Now, why don't you give him a call?"


He patted me on the back. "I think I will. Have a good night Ace."


"You too Sir," I said then went to check the doors going to the East and West Wings.


I wasn't sure which room they'd be in but I wanted to get out of this suit so I went into my room so I could hang it up. The room was empty so I knew where everyone was so I quickly got undressed and into something a little more comfortable.


I went across the hall and saw the boys on the bed engrossed in something on Bennie's laptop. They hadn't heard me come in so I made a little noise when I closed the door. Carl's head snapped up right away. "Ah, hi Ace. Did everything go alright tonight?"


I nodded my head. "Yes it did. in fact, it went better than I expected. Now, what are the three of you so engrossed in?"


Bennie was looking at me now with that devilish grin he uses. "Call it a practical exercise."


I walked around and sat down beside my love then looked at the monitor. "A practical exercise? I didn't think there was anything you all didn't know."


Jake looked up at me. "Well yeah but you're never too old to learn something new."


I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself knowing I wasn't going to win this round. The video they were watching ended so Bennie shut down his computer as Carl slipped out of bed to use the bathroom with his tool at full mast. I was about to say something when Jake slid out and joined his boyfriend. "So what do you want to do now?" I asked my love.


He wiggled his eyebrows at me then I gave him my "no way" look. "I thought you'd said we could have some fun tonight?"


I leaned down and kissed him. "I did but I didn't think you meant now."


Jake and Carl finally came out of the bathroom sporting semi erect dicks. When they saw me sitting beside Bennie, they heard me giggle. "Man, it took forever to take a leak." Jake said.


"Practical exercises can do that." I replied as I broke into a full laugh.


The boys all laughed at my comment then I noticed they started getting hard again. Carl looked over to his boyfriend and I had a good idea what they would be doing for the rest of the evening. "I think we're going to pack it in. We'll see you guys in the morning."


After hugs and kisses were given, Jake and Carl went over to my room. Bennie came over and started stripping me. I wish he'd waited so he wouldn't have boned up so fast but he had a one track mind tonight. As soon as I was nude, Bennie's arms wrapped around me and he began a championship tongue wrestling match. He began grinding his pelvis into mine but this wasn't the way I wanted this to end so I gently eased him back to the bed.


He got the message then stretched out giving me a sexy smile. I joined him then he quickly started kissing me again as his hand began to fondle my balls. "Man, you're really horny tonight baby."


He broke the kiss and continued to play with my nuts. "I can't help it. That movie has me so hot."


I reached down and gently squeezed his balls. "So why did you watch it?" You knew we were going to have some fun tonight."


I noticed his dick start to deflate so I was hoping it would go down so I could re-inflate it. "Well, there wasn't anything on television worth watching so we had to find something to occupy our time."


I rolled onto my side and just held him for a few minutes. This proved to be the perfect solution because his dick was totally flaccid. Bennie had his eyes closed so I moved down and took his dick into my mouth and started suckling on it. After several minutes of this, he was once again at full mast. I slid up beside him and gave him another kiss. "So what did you have in mind my love?"


"I want you to make love to me and then I'll make love to you." He said as he started caressing my tool.


The last time we wanted to do this it didn't work out quite as we planned. Bennie wanted me to make love to him first but when I exploded inside him, he couldn't hold on as I slid out of him so I took his luscious load into my mouth. "Alright baby but this time you make love to me first."


"But love, I gotta feel you inside me."


I kissed him on the nose. "I know but the last time we did this, someone ended up with a real hair trigger."


He grinned at me. "What can I say, I love what you do to me."


"I know you do and I love what you do to me too."


I felt Bennie's hand slide under the pillows then came out with the lube. I turned around and started sucking Bennie's dick again while he started working on my hole. After several minutes, I turned around again then lifted my legs. I felt his dick touch my chute so I relaxed and bore down so he could enter. Bennie gently slid in then my hole started to get stretched. "Ungh love," I groaned in a mix of discomfort and pleasure.


I'd been around my lover for so long that I never really paid much attention to how big his dick had become lately. Now he hasn't gotten longer although he's now the same size as I am but his girth has expanded and I'm feeling it now as he slides into my hot love canal.


Bennie slowed down allowing me time to adjust then I reached out and put my hands on his hips letting him know he could go in a little deeper. After several minutes I finally felt his bush come into contact with my ass cheeks. My eyes were half open and half closed as I felt a totally new sensation and I was loving it. "Are you alright baby?"


I opened my eyes and smiled. "Oh yeah baby, you've really grown."


He gave me a funny look. "I don't look any bigger."


He began to slide in and out giving me a great feeling. "Trust me lover, you are. You've gotten bigger around and oh god, do I love this."


Each time Bennie sank in all the way he was making perfect contact with my prostate to the point I had to squeeze my balls several times to keep from exploding during this intense loving. After several minutes I felt him pick up speed and I was hearing his balls slap against my ass. I looked up and his eyes were closed and I knew what was about to happen. He slammed into my chute deep and hard then filled me with his seed. I reached my hands up to hold onto him after that massive orgasm then I gradually eased him down onto my chest.


I listened to his breathing slow down as he began to regain his senses. "God baby, that was fantastic."


His dick was still hard but then I felt it beginning to wilt. "Sweetheart, I hate to bust this moment but we forgot something."


Bennie slid out of me then I clamped my hole shut so I wouldn't lose my lover's deposit on the bed. He quickly went into the bathroom and returned with a towel. I didn't think I could hold it in me and make love to Bennie at the same time so I had no choice but to expel his juices. While I was on the toilet Bennie got a wash cloth wet and offered to clean me when I was done. I bent over and felt him spread my cheeks. "You're open a little baby but that's it."


He washed my hole then I stood up and kissed him then he cleaned his dick. "If that's all it is, I'll gladly live with that. You have no idea how wonderful that felt."


Bennie returned the kiss then led me by the hand back to the bed. "Now, it's your turn. Make love to me."


That was an invitation I fully intended to take. I stretched out beside him and began caressing his face. I used the back of my fingers and closed my eyes and for the first time, I actually felt some hair. I knew pretty soon he'd be shaving then I ran my finger over his upper lip. There too were the beginnings of a moustache.


I next ran my finger around his nose then I felt Bennie lift his tongue up so I slipped it into his mouth where he started to suckle on it. I slid it out then leaned down and began to kiss him. At first, they were soft little pecks then I locked lips with him and started to search his oral cavity.


While I was doing his my hand began caressing his chest. I had my eyes closed as I was kissing him and when my finger ran over his belly button, once again I felt a little fuzz. I swear that as we were kissing, my other senses had become hyper stimulated. I put my hand palm side down and began running it slowly in a sensual caress until I found one of his nipples. I stopped there and let my finger trace over it causing Bennie to moan through our kissing. I wanted him to enjoy his to the point he would be begging me to make love to him so I decided to break the kiss and let my tongue trace its way down his neck to his chest finally stopping at a nipple. Once again he moaned as he began to run his fingers through my hair.


After several minutes of this, I moved over to the other one then let my hand drift southward. My hand brushed his dick and right away, I knew he was hard again. "Is someone still horny?"


"You're driving me mad baby."


He hadn't seen anything yet. I began to run my tongue down the middle of his chest then stopped at his belly button. I ran my tongue around it then slid down and felt the small beginnings of his happy trail. I played with the fuzz for a moment then took his tool into my mouth. He began to buck his hips as I sucked him but that wasn't my main point of interest.


I gave him a few more sucks then started licking his balls. Even after shooting a huge load into me, his nuts were almost fully drawn up against his groin. After giving them a good washing, I took one of them into my mouth and started suckling on it causing him to moan and pull his legs up. I let it slip out then I ran my tongue down his nether region and I gently grazed his hole. Bennie pushed down with his feet lifting his butt off the bed so I could get a better access to it. "Is this what you like?"


He reached down and pulled my face into his hot ass then I went to work on his hole. I lapped and licked at it for several minutes then pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. Bennie's hips were bucking so much I had to hold onto him. "Oh baby, do it please. Put it in me."


I pulled my tongue out then kissed his chute. I started to roll him on his side but before I could, he handed me the lube so I put some on my fingers then prepared his love canal.


As soon as he felt my fingers leave his hole, Bennie rolled me onto my back then started sucking my dick. I didn't want to shoot and Bennie knew this too so he stopped then kissed me. "Lie on your side lover."


He did but had a quizzical look on his face. "What do you have in mind?"


I lifted his leg up then scooted down so my dick could enter him I ran the head over his greased hole then stopped when I found it. Bennie felt this then I felt him relax so I slowly entered him. His hole opened as I made my way until I felt my pubes hit his sweet cheeks. When I was all the way in, he turned his head back and looked at me. "Are you alright my love?"


He kissed me then smiled. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. I love this position. You can hold me and love me at the same time."


I began a slow in and out motion as I began to make sweet love to him. I caressed his cheek then began to play with his nipples. I noticed his dick was still standing tall then he began to jack himself. "Go slow love, I want us to try and cum together."


After several minutes of this, I felt my balls start to churn letting me know the end was near. I felt Bennie's balls and they were now drawn tight against his body. I felt his hole clamp around my dick which was a sign he was close so I picked the pace up. When I hit is ass again, his hole clamped down as I heard Bennie moan. "Ungh Ace, gonna shoot."


When he fired his first blast, it sent me over the edge causing me to unload in his love chute. Blast after blast coated his bowels and several of Bennie's blasts had landed on my chest and side. I wrapped my arms around him and we cuddled until we both returned from our orgasmic high. Bennie turned his head again so I kissed him passionately. "Did you enjoy that?"


He smiled at me as I felt my dick begin to wilt. I grabbed the towel and put it in between his legs as my dick slid out. Once I was sure the towel was in place, I let Bennie roll onto his back. "God baby, how come you never tried that position before?"


I really didn't have an answer because I always like being between his legs so I could see his face. "I guess I was becoming a creature of habit."


He ran his hand over my face then kissed me. "Well, next time I'm going to try that position on you."


I purred as he kept softly caressing me. "Gladly love. Do you realize how much you're growing?"


"Well, I'm almost as tall as you are." He said as he grabbed the towel and headed towards the toilet.


He sat on the can then expelled my juices along with some really strong gas. As I was about to enter, I got a whiff of the farts then turned the fan on. "My god baby, what died in you?"


He let another fart rip then looked at me. "Well, it's all your fault."


While he was sitting on the throne, he reached under the vanity and pulled out some air freshener and sprayed the room. Between that and the fan, the air was once again breathable. "I can always stop."


He wiped himself then flushed the toilet. "Not on your life."


He came over to me then wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned back lifting my feet off of the floor. "Wow love, working out has done you some good."


He kissed me on the cheek. "Yeah it has so where else am I growing?"


"Well, as I said before, your dick has gotten bigger around but for me, that's definitely not a bad thing."


"I'm glad you like it but that's something I don't have a whole lot of control over. Where else am I growing?"


I ran my finger under his belly button. "You're getting a happy trail and I felt hair coming in on your face."


He frowned. "Damn, will I have to start shaving soon?"


I kissed him on the nose. "Don't worry about that love. It's not all that visible and once you start shaving, the hair starts to grow back faster and darker."


He thought about what I said as I saw his hand rub where his happy trail would be. "Now I don't know if I want hair there."


I smiled at him. "Well, that you can always shave off or even have hot waxed. Besides, I thought you liked mine."


He ran his fingers through it and smiled. "On you I do but I'm not so sure about it being on me."


I kissed him on the nose then went into the bathroom to wash my dick. When I was done, we crawled into bed and began to cuddle. "Well baby, there is plenty of time for you decide what you want to do."


We kissed each other one more time then drifted off to sleep. The next morning I was rudely awakened when Bennie rolled over and his hand pushed against my bladder. I looked down at him and he was still in dreamland so I got up and did my business. When I was done, I grabbed a quick shower then put on some sweatpants and a tee shirt. When I was heading to the dining room, I was reminded someone else needed to do their thing so I took Tonka downstairs. He took off for the field while I stayed by the door and talked with the Marine on duty. After a few minutes, Tonka came running back over letting me know something else was now on his mind and I wanted my first cup of coffee so we headed back up to the residence. When we stepped off the elevator, Tonka made a beeline for his food bowl while I headed for the coffee urn.


I was on my second cup when I was joined by the three Musketeers. "Morning boys, did you sleep well?"


Jake smiled broadly then came over and hugged me. "We did and I'm pretty sure you and Bennie did too."


I turned several shades of red because I guess we got carried away with our love making. "Sorry guys."


"Don't worry about it; that made it more fun for us." Jake said then kissed Carl on the cheek.


By the time the boys had finished their juice, Ben was with us. "What do you three have planned for today?"


I sat there and watched as the three of them looked at each other then they all shrugged their shoulders. "We hadn't really thought about it Dad."


"Since I have the whole day off, how about we catch a movie?" Ben suggested.


"How about we all go swimming and see a movie after lunch? Bennie countered.


Ben liked the idea so we headed to our rooms to change. When Bennie had stripped, I looked at him. "Have you got your school stuff ready baby?"


He looked at me. "Aw, did you have to mention that?"


"Someone was bound to ask you that sooner or later. You've had the last three weeks off and I know school was the farthest thing from your mind."


"Yeah it was and it still is."


"Look, you have just a few more weeks left then it'll be summer time. By the way, did you get your college application filled out?"


He smiled at me then stuck his tongue out. "Yes I have. Dad has it. I think I remember hearing him say something about you writing a letter."


"Sure love, I'll be glad to."


When I said that he gave me a weird look, "Will that help?"


I nodded my head. "It won't hurt because I'm an alumnus of Georgetown."


"I never knew that love. Why hadn't you told me before?"


I shrugged my shoulders. "It never really came up."


Bennie went through his closet and checked his clothes then did the same with his laptop.


Once that was done, we got our trunks on then met Ben and the others in the living room then headed for the pool. I made sure I had the sunscreen with me because I had a good idea the boys would want to skinny dip. On the way up, Bennie asked a question. "Dad, come on and skinny dip with us."


Ben looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. Jake and Carl joined in then. "Come on, it'll be fun."


Ben looked at me again feeling like he'd been set up. "Alright boys," He said relenting.


When we got to the roof, I set my things on one of the lounges then grabbed the sunscreen. By the time the boys made it over, they were already nude. They'd been swimming enough to know the drill so I put some lotion in their hands and they started putting it on their bodies and even helping the others.


Ben was just standing there when he felt some cold hands on his back. He looked over his shoulder and the three boys were covering everything they could. Bennie tapped him on the arm. "Come on Dad, drop em."


I'd never seen Ben in the buff before but what I had seen was stunning. He kept himself in good condition and when I was following him up the stairs, he had a great ass. He just stood there so Bennie undid the string then pulled on the waistband causing them to drop around his ankles. Bennie started to rub lotion on his butt when Ben stopped him. "I can get that son."


Jake and Carl were totally oiled then they started heading for the pool. They stopped and looked at Ben in all his glory. "Sir, I hope I look as good as you do when I'm your age." Jake said smiling.


"Thanks boys," He said feeling a little less self confident.


The next thing I felt were hands on my back then my trunks come off. What I felt next I wasn't expecting and that was a slap on my butt. "Hey, that's my Dad." Bennie whispered into my ear.


I just smiled because I'd been busted. I kissed Bennie on the lips. "Chris has a hottie there son."


He slapped me again. "I thought I was the one you looked at like that?"


"Love, I'm gay so I'm going to look but you're the one I love. Don't tell me you don't check out the boys in the shower at school?"


He turned red. "Well, yeah I do."


"I knew you did but it doesn't bother me in the least because I know who it is you love."


While we were talking, Bennie was covering me in lotion then we hit the water. For the next several hours, we all had a blast swimming, horsing around and just forgetting about everything.


By 11:30, Ben and I were getting pink so I thought it was time to get everyone out so we wouldn't be late for lunch. I looked at Ben's shoulders then touched them lightly. He didn't jump so I knew he'd end up with a nice tan. "How bad is it Ace?"


"Not bad at all, just a little pink."


"Did I see Bennie pop you?"


I had to blush. "Um, yeah, he caught me looking Sir. Chris has a good looking man, if I might be so bold in saying."


He shook his head. "That's alright Ace. It's nice to know I don't look over the hill."


"Not at all, you definitely got my attention."


He patted me on the back then headed for his bedroom. When I went into Bennie's room he was sitting there naked waiting on me. "It's about time."


Since we were alone I went over and knelt down in front of him and planted a hot kiss on him then drew him into a loving hug. "Love, are you jealous I looked at your dad?"


He shook his head then stopped and looked at me. "I...I...just can't stop thinking about you looking at Dad."


"Baby, who is it I sleep with every night? Who do I love more than life itself?"


He leaned his head against my chest as I gently caressed his hair. "Me."


"That's right and I always will. I didn't feel jealous when you, Jake and Carl were in here alone because I know where your heart is."


"I'm..." He started then I put my finger on his lips then shook my head.


"Love is never having to say you're sorry my love. Now, we better get cleaned up before Gloria has our butts in a sling."


We went in and took a shower spending a little extra time on certain places then met the others in the dining room.


Gloria fixed a light lunch for us consisting of a chef's salad and sandwiches. After we ate, Bennie looked at his dad. "Do they have any Harry Potter movies?" Bennie asked.


When we got to the theater Ben called up and asked what was available and they had all that had been released. The boys talked for several minutes then they agreed on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


Before the movie started, someone came in and asked if we'd like some popcorn and something to drink. The boys took them up on it so Ben and I decided to get something too. I was glad I hadn't stuffed myself silly at lunch.


After we got our snacks, the movie started. When the movie ended, I looked at Bennie because the two of us had demolished the popcorn during the movie. When we stepped out of the theater the boys spotted the bathroom and quickly headed towards it. Ben looked at me. "We need to do things like that more often."


I nodded my head. "Well, you know you and Bennie can do this. You don't need agents hovering over you here in the White House."


He nodded his head. "I know that, but it's things like this I really miss because I was always so busy. Bennie graduates this year then he's off to college. He's grown up and I feel like I've missed a big part of his life."


Ben felt two arms wrap around him. "No you haven't Dad. When I really needed you, you were there and that's what matters."


Ben turned around and hugged his son. "If I could do it all over..." Ben started then Bennie put his finger on his lips.


"I wouldn't want you to change a thing. I've enjoyed the life you've given me. I've met a lot of people I probably never would have had you not been the Governor of California and now that you're the President, I'd be crazy not to love this."


"Even though I have people around me all the time and I could be called out at a moment's notice?"


He shrugged his shoulders. "Every job has its good points and bad. I can live with it."


Ben and Bennie walked with their arms around each other while I followed with Jake and Carl. When we returned to the residence, Bennie looked at Ben. "How about we shoot some pool?"


Ben nodded then they took off for the third floor. I was about to follow when someone let me know they needed to go out. After I returned, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing cut throat. Each person had three balls and the object was to put in everyone else's without getting theirs pocketed.


Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We finished our game then headed downstairs to get washed up. Gloria served us a Mexican pork dish that was absolutely delicious. We all had seconds which meant there were no leftovers.


After dinner, we headed for the living room. Ben found a movie that sounded good to all of us so we settled in and watched it. Bennie was cuddled with Ben so I sat with Jake and Carl. When the movie was over, Ben looked at Bennie. "It's 10:00 son, time for you to hit the sack."


"Aw Dad, it's still early."


"If you were still on spring break, I'd agree with you but tomorrow is a school day so you need to get back into that routine."


He looked over to me but I remained silent. "Alright Dad."


Bennie gave his Dad a hug and kiss then Jake and Carl got one also. On our way to the bedroom Jake looked at me. "Ace, we normally stay up until 11 on school nights."


"That's fine but when I come to wake you up in the morning, if you don't get up I'll do it my way."


Carl looked at me. "What's your way?"


I smiled. "The Air Force way and I guarantee it works every time."


They rolled their eyes at me then all shared hugs and kisses before we went into our rooms. Bennie and I got clean clothes together for the morning then did our nightly routine. Bennie had snuggled close to me and I was about to turn the light off when my cell rang. I looked to see who was calling me at this hour. "Yes Adam, what's so important you're calling me this late at night?"


"Sorry to bother you but I just got a phone call from Marcus Cole."


"What the hell does he want at this hour?" I shot back.


"He said Peterson needs to talk with you."


I was really steamed. "He waited until 10:00 to do this?"


"According to his attorney, it's important."


"If it was so damn important he should have done this earlier. The guards aren't going to allow visitation at this hour, I don't believe and more to the point, he can wait until the morning. What time does court start?"


"It starts at 10."


"Well, see if you can get in touch with the Marshall's service and have him at the courthouse at 9 and I'll see him then."


"Suppose he wants to make a deal?"


"Adam, do you know what I was about to do when you called?"


"Ah no and I hope I didn't interrupt anything either."


"You didn't but I was about to turn the light off and get some sleep. If he wants to make a deal now, he'll still want to make it in the morning."


"Alright Ace. I'll call Marcus Cole back. I'll see you in the morning. You'll be my first witness after opening arguments."


"Alright Adam, I'll see you then."


I ended the call then turned the light off. "What was that about?" Bennie asked.


"Just some crap with the court case." I said wrapping my arms around my love.


My answer satisfied Bennie as he leaned back and kissed me good night. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes then drifted off to sleep.


To be continued