The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 39


I ended the call then turned the light off. "What was that about?" Bennie asked.


"Just some crap with the court case." I said wrapping my arms around my love.


My answer satisfied Bennie as he leaned back and kissed me good night. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes then drifted off to sleep.


The next thing I remember was the alarm going off at 6:30. I shut it off then peeled myself away from Bennie so I could make my way to the bathroom. After taking a leak, I grabbed a shower then returned to the bedroom to get dressed. I got a pair of clean underwear then bent over to put them on when I heard a wolf whistle. "Nice ass."


I stood up and looked over my shoulder as I pulled them up. "I bet you say that to all your lovers."


Bennie hopped out of the bed then wrapped his arms around me. "I only have one."


I felt his morning wood poking me as I kissed him. "You might want to take care of that tent pole."


He wiggled his eyes at me then smiled. "I have an idea." He said running his hand over my crotch.


"We don't have time for that." I said then pushed gently on his bladder.


"No fair." He said as his eyes got big.


"After you take a leak, go ahead and get your shower, I'm going to wake up the other two sleepy heads." I said as he was standing at the toilet trying to will his dick down so he could pee. "Does someone have a problem?"


He stuck his tongue out at me as I went across the hall. I knocked quietly then stuck my head inside. I thought I saw one of them move so I knocked again a little louder. "We're awake."


I stood there then I saw Carl's head move then he sat up. "Good morning ladies." I said poking a little fun at them.


Jake heard that then quickly got out of bed. "Ladies huh, you better look again."


Carl stood up too and they both were sporting morning wood. "No, I guess that's not true after all." I said smiling. "If you're going to get a shower, don't take too long because breakfast is at 7:30."


The boys started getting their clothes together then I returned to Bennie's room. Bennie was drying his hair then he started getting dressed. "Were they awake?"


"Yeah they were. They're taking a shower and will be out soon."


Bennie got his things for school ready then brought his backpack and set it by the elevator. We headed for the dining room and I got a cup of coffee then got Bennie his morning orange juice. A few minutes later, Jake and Carl joined us followed by Ben. I got him a cup of coffee as he looked at the boys. "Was there any problems getting you up this morning?"


They all shook their heads then Gloria brought in a small feast. I looked at the spread then over to her. "Gloria, usted nos hará grasa." (Gloria, you're going to make us fat."


"Yo siempre le podría dar brinda sencillamente." (I could always give you plain toast.) She fired back.


"¿Y pierde todo su alimento maravilloso? Creo que no." (And miss all of your wonderful food? I don't think so.)


"I didn't think so Señor Ace and I never see anyone forcing you to eat it either."


"You know me too well." I replied then dug into the food.


Just as we were finishing, Johnny came in. I looked at my watch and the boys still had twenty minutes before they had to leave for school.


Ben shook his hand. "Good morning Agent Hawks, are you hungry? There's plenty here."


Johnny accepted the invitation then fixed himself a plate. After he ate, it was time for us to leave. I handed Johnny the keys to the Hummer then I took one of the new Chargers and headed to court. The morning traffic was heavy but I pulled into the parking lot with a few minutes to spare. I knew which courtroom we were going to be in so I started looking for Adam. As soon as I entered through the side door, I saw him looking around. I started walking towards him then he met me in the middle. "Now, what's so important with Peterson?"


Adam shook his head as we walked towards the holding area. We showed the Marshall our credentials then he took us to a small conference cell. Several minutes later, a Marshall brought Peterson to the cell in handcuffs and shackles. When he stepped into the cell, he turned around. "Do I really need these on?"


The Marshall closed the door then started to walk away. "You know the rules so live with it."


Peterson walked over and sat down then I heard the door opening again. "Did you think you were going to question my client in my absence?"


I looked up at him. "Stick it counselor, it was your client that wanted this meeting."


He looked at Peterson then I wondered just what was going on. Adam looked at Peterson. "Alright, we're here so what gives?"


He sat there not saying a word for almost five minutes then I started to stand up. "Where are you going?"


"You were asked a question and you've yet to answer it so that tells me you're just trying to jerk our chains. I'm not in the mood for it I'm outta here."


He got cocky. "How have things at the White House been? Has life been quiet, no surprises or challenges?"


This got my interest piqued. "What the hell are you talking about?"


"Just what I asked, has life been routine for the President and his kid?"


I banged my fist on the metal table. "Stop talking in riddles.


He had a weird smirk on his face which totally pissed me off. "You shouldn't be worrying about that. Outside is somewhere you'll never be again." I said glaring at him.


"I wouldn't be so sure about that. You never know how juries will go. Things happen all the time, especially since you have to be here in court for this trial."


I didn't want to let my mind read more into his words because if I had, I would have wanted to put his head through the table. "Are you going to say something intelligent or just waste our time because if it's the latter, we're leaving?"


He just sat there and finally I'd had enough. "Guard."


"Sit down," Peterson said.


The guard arrived then opened the door then Adam and I walked out. I stopped and looked at the ass wipe. "You don't tell me what to do dickhead. Where you're going, you'll be told even when you can take a shit."


"Oh yeah," He shouted just as the guard arrived causing me to stop and turn around. "I want a deal."


"And people in hell want ice water too. What makes you think for a minute we'll agree to anything?"


"Let's just say this. If you don't, your life will be turned totally upside down."


It took all I could do to keep from going over to him and beating the living hell out of him. "What the fuck does that mean?"


"You never know when things are going to happen and the precious Agent Mason won't be able to do a fucking thing about it."


Adam had heard more than enough. "Is that some kind of a threat?"


He just put that cocky grin back on his face. "I'm in here, so what can I do?"


At that, Cole put his hand on Peterson's. Peterson shut his mouth at that then Adam and I left. When we were out of the holding area I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I cut the water off and I saw Adam standing there in the mirror. "What's wrong Ace?" He asked as I went over and pulled out some paper towels and dried my face then I shook my head. "You're not letting him get to you with that load of crap he just spouted, are you?"


We went outside. "Adam, there is a lot of stuff I'm finding out about him."


"How so," He asked as we found a bench and sat down.


"I mean with the banking records. "Peterson couldn't have opened it. The initial deposit was for fifty grand and there is no way he had that kind of money. Also, the paperwork was written in some other language, that neither Agent Carl nor I knew what it was. I've sent them over to our questionable documents department so maybe someone there can read it. There is more here than meets the eye and we've only scratched the surface."


"Oh, while we're on that subject, do you remember those two suspects you questioned over at Metro's jail?"


"How can I ever forget that day?"


"Well, we took custody of them and they were arraigned."


"That's good news." I said.


"Well, bail was set at only $5,000 and they each made it." Adam said as my mood once again sunk.


"Who posted it?" I asked.


"I'm not sure but I think a bondsman was involved."


"Well, during the lunch break, see what you can find out."


"I will," Adam said. "We better get inside; court is due to start in a few minutes."


We went inside the courtroom and Cole was sitting at the defense table. When he saw us, he had a smug look on his face. What I was wondering was where Franklin Dechert was. I'd thought he'd be taking second chair after the stunt Cole pulled earlier.


Just as Adam took his seat two Marshalls brought Peterson in then removed his shackles. As soon as the Marshalls left the courtroom we heard the bailiff speak. "All rise; this court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Calvin Matthews presiding."


I watched as Cal made his way to his chair then sat down. "Be seated. What is the first case on the agenda?"


"Your Honor this is case number 588610, The United States versus Harold Peterson." The bailiff said.


"Is the prosecution ready?" Cal asked.


Adam stood. "Adam Graham, Assistant US Attorney for the prosecution. We're ready to proceed."


"Very well Mr. Graham. Is the defense ready to proceed?"


"Marcus Cole representing Harold Peterson," He said. "Before we proceed, we have several motions to put before the court."


Adam stood, "Objection."


Cole's head shot over. "Why don't you..."


"Address the court Mr. Cole and I'll not allow any disrespect in my courtroom. Are we clear about this?" Cal said firmly.


"Yes Your Honor," Cole replied.


"Now, you wait until opening arguments to want to put motions before me, why?"


"Well, Your Honor we just learned of a few things."


Cal was not impressed. "Just what did you learn over the weekend you didn't know on Friday?"


Cole opened his briefcase then pulled out a paper. "May I approach the bench?"


Cal motioned for him to step forward. "What have we here?"


"The defense is moving for all of the forensic evidence be denied."


Adam and I were glaring at Cole then Adam stood. "Based on?"


Cal looked over to Adam. "Mr. Graham, the same thing holds true for you also. Mr. Cole, I find it very hard to believe you have any sort of reliable evidence that would prevent every piece of forensic evidence from being admitted. Therefore..."


Cole made the second mistake in court in the span of under five minutes. "You're not even..."




"Silence Mr. Cole," Cal said. "Your motion is denied. Are you ready to proceed?"


He slammed the lid to his briefcase down. "The defense is ready."


Cal glared at Cole. "Very well, Mr. Graham does the prosecution wish to make an opening statement?"


Adam stood. "Yes Your Honor."


Adam came from around his table and looked at the jury. As he was doing this, Peterson leaned over and started whispering to Cole. Cal saw this too. "Mr. Cole, are we disturbing you?" Cal asked as Marcus tried to get Harold to shut up but he kept on whispering to him then Cal banged his gavel. "Mr. Peterson you will remain silent while the proceedings are going on. Do you understand this?"


Peterson glared at the judge. "How can I tell my attorney something, by using mental telepathy?"


Cal didn't find Peterson's statement funny. "Mr. Peterson, your comment isn't funny. If you wish to tell your attorney something, there is a legal pad for you to use."


"Oh, so the Feds can read everything later? I don't think so."


"That legal pad will remain with your attorney."


Peterson closed his mouth then Adam started to address the jury. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will present irrefutable evidence that the defendant attempted to kill two Secret Service agents. He also willfully and with premeditation, murder Officer Curt Poole. Officer Poole was a uniformed Secret Service Officer who was carrying out his duties on the day he was killed; killed by another Uniformed Officer."


During Adam's statement, Peterson was scribbling on the legal pad. "Objection." Cole said while standing up.


"Mr. Cole, this is an opening statement."


"Your Honor, his opening statements are based on evidence that we've tried to put a motion before this court."


"Your objection is over ruled, now sit down."


"Your Honor."




"One more outburst Mr. Cole and I'll hold you in contempt." Cal said as Cole slumped down into his chair. "Continue Mr. Graham."


Adam nodded his head. "After hearing all of the evidence, there will be only one verdict you can reach and that is guilty on all charges."


Adam returned to his chair and sat down. Cal looked over at Cole. "Mr. Cole, does the defense wish to make an opening statement?"


Peterson looked up at the clock then over to Cole shaking his head. Cole looked at Peterson then to the judge. "The defense will defer its opening statement until it's ready to present its case."


"Very well Mr. Cole. Call your first witness Mr. Graham."


Adam stood then looked at me. "The prosecution calls Special Agent Rich Mason."


I stood and came through the gate. The bailiff started to approach me then my phone started to vibrate. I took it out and there was a text message. I quickly read it then Cal looked at me. "Agent Mason, cell phones are not allowed in the courtroom."


"May I approach the bench?"


He nodded his head, "Approach." He said then I went over and showed him the message. "This court is in recess for fifteen minutes. Agent Mason, with me please."


He banged his gavel then headed for his chambers. Peterson went ballistic then Cole stood. "Oh, are we having ex parte conversations now?"


"I'll deal with that comment later Mr. Cole." Cal said as he opened the door to his chambers then stopped to look at his bailiff. "No one comes inside."


As soon as the door closed I was on the phone. "Johnny, what's going on?"


He filled me in then Cal tapped me on the shoulder. "What's happening?"


I held up my finger and continued to listen to Johnny. "Did you call Metro's SWAT team?"


"They're on a domestic violence with a hostage call."


"Oh just fucking great." I said rather loudly. "Any injuries?"


"A teacher took one in the thigh but I've got the bleeding under control. He's the only victim."


"Where are the shots coming from?" I asked as Cal stood there listening to my side of the conversation.


"The front of the building."


"Alright, now listen closely. Get everyone into the gym. The windows are up high and the building is made of solid brick. Do you know what kind of weapon we're dealing with?"


"A high powered rifle, other than that I couldn't tell you."


"OK, now when that's done I want you to get the Hummer around to the back of the school."


"How come Ace?"


"My rifle is in there." I said.


"You want me to..." Johnny started.


"No, just get it behind the school. I'm on my way there."


I ended the call then Cal started firing questions. "Is everyone alright?"


I nodded my head. "Yes, the students are all fine. A teacher was shot in the leg but Johnny has the bleeding under control. Now, I have to go Cal."


He nodded his head. "I understand. I don't know if David's been notified so let him know Jake is alright."


"I will Ace. I'll put today's session in recess until tomorrow."


"Thanks Cal." I said as he stepped closer.


He put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me. "Take care of yourself and the boys."


I gave him a hug. "You know I will."


We returned to the courtroom. "All rise."


Cal just stopped and looked at everyone. "I've had an emergency come up. We'll be in recess until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning."


Cole jumped up. "I object; my client is entitled to a speedy trial."


"Mr. Cole, you're in contempt. Your first little comment will cost you $1,000 and this one will cost you $5,000 and three days in jail. Bailiff, please escort him to his new home."


I headed for the door with Adam hot on my heels. "Ace, what's going on?"


"There's a sniper at Georgetown Exeter and Metro's SWAT team is out on another call."


"Oh shit, is Bennie alright?"


I nodded my head as I hit the door going outside. "He's fine Adam as is all of the other students. I have to go but I'll keep you in the loop."


Just as I opened the door to the car, my cell went off and it was Ben. "Ace, what's going on? Tell me Bennie's alright."


"He's fine Ben, so is every other student. I don't mean to be rude Sir but I'm pulling out of the courthouse."


"Alright Ace, keep me informed."


"I will Sir." I said then ended the call.


I pulled out into traffic and turned on my lights and siren. It took me 10 minutes to get to the school. When I started getting close, I cut the siren off and called Johnny. "The Hummer has two flat tires but it's behind the gym."


"I'm glad it has run flat tires. I'll be there in a couple of minutes."


About two blocks from the school, I saw the road blocked by two Metro PD units. They saw my blue lights but stopped me anyway. I had my credentials out. "We have officers in there already."


I nodded my head. "Thanks and the Secret Service is assuming control."


He looked at me as I saw the other officer coming over. "Now just you wait a minute. We ain't turning control over to you Feds."


I was about to say something when the other officer beat me to it. "Shut up you jerk. How are you Agent Mason?"


I looked at the officer then remembered him. "Not so good Officer Woodis."


"I can understand that. See Sgt. Greene, he's in charge right now."


"And he will be." The other man said butting in.


Officer Woodis got onto his radio. "Hey sarge, the Secret Service is here."


"Alright Woodis, I'll meet him outside the gym. Are they assuming command?"


I nodded my head. "Yes they are."


"Alright, I'll be waiting for him.


I made my way around to the back of the school then saw the Hummer. I parked the Charger then went over and looked at my baby. I saw the tires and they had two bullet holes in each on the passenger side. I patted the hood then headed inside. `Good boy.'


I was about to enter the gym when a uniformed officer approached. "Are you Sgt. Greene?"


"And you must be Agent Mason." He said shaking my hand.


"I am," I said shaking his hand. Have you been able to access the scene?


He shook his head. "We've just arrived here too. I got a perimeter set up but that's about it."


"Alright, stick close to me for now. We have one injured. A teacher took one in the leg and needs to be taken to the hospital."


Just then the sergeant got a call on his radio, "Hey sarge?"


"What is it Billings?"


"There is some jerk here from the Feds. I'm turning him around and sending him back wherever he came from."


"Billings, I have a better idea. I want you to walk beside his car and escort them here. Now get off the radio.


"W...walk there?" He stuttered.


"Do you have a hearing problem boy?"


"No sarge."


"Well then why aren't you here already?"


I smiled then broke out laughing. "What's his problem?"


"I don't know but he's going to lose it."


A few minutes later, I saw a Charger coming slowly up the street. I watched it then it pulled behind the other Charger. The men got out and shook my hand. "How's Bennie?" One of the men asked.


"As far as I know, he's fine."


Billings was huffing and puffing as he walked over to the sergeant. "Why'd you make me walk Sarge?"


"Because you're a jerk and if you don't change your attitude, I'll have you walking the perimeter. Do you understand me?"


"You mean you're letting these suits run this?"


"These suits, as you call them, were already running this before we ever got here. Do you know who that agent is?"


"I don't give a fuck who he is."


"You better and now you WILL be walking the perimeter. That agent is the bodyguard to the president's son who happens to be a student here."


"B...bodyguard?" He stuttered. "P...President's son?"


"That's right and if anything had happened to him because of your arrogance, the President wouldn't be too happy."


Sgt. Greene got on the radio and had an ambulance dispatched to the scene.


I sent the other agents inside then joined them. As soon as I entered, Bennie started running towards me followed by Jake and Carl. "Ace, man am I glad to see you."


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "Are you alright?"


He looked around then gave me a huge hug. "I'm really scared."


"I know you are buddy but I'm here and we'll get his guy, whoever he is." I said.


While I was looking for him, Sgt. Greene came up. "Agent Mason, is this the President's son?"


Bennie stuck his hand out. "Call me Bennie please Sir."


Bennie then introduced Jake and Carl to him as I looked for Johnny then spotted him. He made his way through the crowded room."


Bennie smiled as he saw Johnny. "Johnny, Tonka needs to go out."


I had Johnny explain the situation to the sergeant while I took Tonka out. We walked around for a few minutes then Billings stopped him. "Wolves aren't allowed in the district."


Tonka looked up and started growling softly. I patted his head then looked at the smartass. "Well, if you think you can put a leash around him, go right ahead."


He got cocky. "How about I just shoot him and be done with it?"


"Then you would have a lot of explaining to do as to why you shot a secret service canine. Now, I believe you have a perimeter to walk so you better get to it."


After Tonka did his business, I went back inside and found Johnny. I stuck my hand out so he knew what I wanted. I got the keys to the Hummer then went out and got my rifle. I was glad the Hummer was bulletproof because I spotted a few rounds that hit the back door and had they gone through, one could have hit the rifle.


Just then I heard a bullet ricochet and glass break. I grabbed the gun case and ran back inside the gym. When I entered, the room was quiet everyone was on the floor then I started to panic inside. "Is everyone alright?"


No one said anything then Bennie lifted his head up. "I...I th...think so Ace."


"Good, now everyone get up close against the wall. Does anyone know where the bullet went?"


Jake crawled over to me. "Look at the backboard Ace."


I did and I saw it stuck in the backboard. I got Johnny aside and we talked. "Look, this guy has to be stopped and I mean now. I want you to stay here."


"Hold it Ace; you're not going out there alone. You'll need someone to draw his fire."


Johnny and I stepped outside then saw an ambulance pull up. The crew got a stretcher out along with their gear and headed inside. Several minutes later, they had the teacher loaded on the stretcher then put him in the rig and take off for the hospital.


While we were waiting for the teacher to leave, I mentally devised a plan. Just then we heard a rifle shot ring out followed by several other shots. Sgt. Greene came running outside as we heard several more shots fired. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" He shouted into his radio.


Just then a voice came over it. "I think I got him, sarge."


"Billings, holster your weapon you idiot."


"Sgt. Greene, this is Woodis. There are two NCIS agents here and they say they're friends of Agent Mason."


He handed me the microphone. "One of them wouldn't be Director Dusty Moore, would it?"


"Yes Sir, it is." Woodis replied.


"Let them pass please." I said.


"They're on their way down."


"Thank you." I said handing the microphone back to Sgt. Greene.


"You have friends all over don't you?" Greene asked.


"That I do and they've been helping the service on a big case."


Just then Dusty and JR pulled up. When JR got out of the car, he tossed me something. "Here Ace, didn't you forget something this morning?"


I shook my head. "I didn't think I'd need it where I was."


Dusty got out and he was holding another one. "Where's Bennie?"


"He's inside. You might want to leave that out here and bring him out so the others won't see it."


Dusty went in and found Bennie and the others talking quietly, that was until he spotted Dusty. He walked over to him and smiled. "What are you doing here?"


"I heard the chatter on the radio then went and got your vest. Come on outside, I have something for you."


Bennie turned red. "I didn't think I'd need it here."


"Don't feel bad, Ace didn't wear his either. He didn't think he'd need it in court."


I had just put my vest on and was putting my shirt on over it when I saw Dusty and the boys heading over. Bennie hung his head. "Sorry Ace."


"Don't be Bennie; I didn't think I'd need mine either just get it on so I'll feel better."


Bennie got his vest on then I went and got Sgt. Greene, JR, Dusty and Johnny together and went over the plan I devised. "First off, does anyone have a rifle with them?"


Dusty looked at me. "Don't you have yours Ace?"


I nodded my head. "I do Dusty, but I want another sharpshooter too."


Sgt. Greene went over to his car and took out an AR15. "Here you go Agent Mason. Are anyone of you qualified?"


I looked around the JR slowly raised his hand. "I am."


I was surprised. "Alright JR, are you familiar with the AR15?"


"Yes I am, that's what I qualified with."


Sgt Greene handed him the rifle. "It's all yours Agent Carl."


"Now, here's what I've come up with. I need to know where this guy is because I really want him alive. Sgt. Greene, are all of your men wearing vests and how many do you have here?"


"There are twelve here and they all should be wearing them but I'll find out."


"Good, now I want six of them in the front of the school so they can keep him occupied."


Just then Greene spotted a man running towards the front of the school. "BILLINGS, GET YOUR ASS BEACK HERE NOW!"


The man kept running when I saw another officer tackle him then another hop on and dragged him over to us. "Let me go, don't you want this creep?"


Greene reached down and took the man's weapon. "I'm not having a loose cannon out there who can't follow orders."


"What's wrong with you, have you gone soft?"


While Greene and Billings were going at it, I heard a voice. "What the hell is going on here?"


"Billings saw the man. "Lt. Brinkman, I'm glad you're here. Sgt Greene is babying..."


"That's just enough Officer Billings."


"But sir," Billings started again.


"At ease," Brinkman said firmly. "I'll not have an officer ignoring the chain of command and start second guessing an experienced sergeant."


Greene handed Lt. Brinkman Officer Billings' sidearm then filled him in on the officer's actions. "Sir, I can't have him out here."


"I agree. Officer Billings, return to headquarters. You're on desk duty pending an Internal Affairs investigation."


I could tell he wasn't happy. "How do I get back there, I rode here with Officer Woodis."


"Put your ass in my car and wait for me." Brinkman said.


The man obeyed the instructions then I proceeded laying out my plan. Greene got his men in position then JR took the AR15 and followed me. Lt. Brinkman asked why he was using a weapon owned by Metro PD. Sgt. Greene explained why then JR and I headed off to the front of the school. Before we left, I asked Lt. Brinkman id I could borrow his handheld radio and he graciously handed it to me.  


When we were in position, I saw the suspect raise his head up. "Everyone hold your fire." I whispered into the radio.


I saw one of the officers looking through binoculars so I asked if I could borrow them. By the time I had them, I no longer could see the suspect. It had to be over 200 yards where the suspect was and I knew I couldn't throw something that far. I got on the radio and asked Sgt. Greene if he had a non-lethal firing rifle. He had a man run over with a magazine loaded with rubber bullets. I handed it to JR. "Where do you want me to shoot?"


"Put a couple of round just under where he was last seen. I just want to get his attention."


JR nodded his head then I looked through the binoculars as JR took careful aim then fired. Before he could get the second round off the suspect stood up in full view of everyone. JR fired again and got him right in the stomach causing him to drop to his knees. "I'll be damned." I said to JR.


"Who is it?" JR asked.


"It's Zane Weller."


"Shit," JR said softly. The whole family is involved, it seems."


"I want him alive."


"How are we going to do it? Now that he knows I'm shooting rubber bullets at him, he's not going to be afraid of me."


"Change over to live rounds." I said just as he stood up again.


JR did then Weller fired. JR aimed for the wall and fired and Weller realized he was being shot at with real bullets. I saw him raise his rifle up but couldn't tell where he was aiming. He shot again then I heard a voice come over the radio. "Officer down."


Two officers went over and tried to pull the wounded man out of the line of fire but Weller kept them pinned down. JR and I put up some cover fire so the wounded man could be pulled to safety. "How bad is he?" I asked.


They got the man behind a wall then I told JR to put the rubber bullets back in. "Cover me."


He popped off several rounds then I ran over to the officers. I had to get the keys to the Hummer to Johnny so I whistled for Tonka. He came running then I hooked the keys to his collar then he headed back. Once Johnny got them, I saw him heading our way. We carefully got the wounded officer into the hummer then Johnny took off for the gym. As soon as he did, the suspect started shooting at him. JR fired another rubber bullet at the suspect and this time he got him square in the nuts. He moaned then shouted at us. "I'll kill the mother fucker for that."


I gave JR a thumbs up then we all broke out laughing. One of the officers shouted over to JR. "Nice shot man."


Just then, he started shooting indiscriminately. I looked through the field glasses and then I saw him stop to reload so I scooted over to JR. "Can you hit him in the center of the chest?"


"Yeah but I don't want to break it." JR said.


"Do it, I don't care if it breaks or not; I just want him stopped."


JR took careful aim then fired hitting him right in the sternum knocking him onto his butt. While he was distracted, I spotted a place I could use to take this bastard out. I had the officers help me up while JR held onto my rifle. Once I was up, JR handed me my rifle then I got into position then I heard Weller yell. "You broke a rib."


"You're lucky that was a rubber bullet ass wipe. Next time, you won't be so lucky."


I noticed an officer move then I heard a shot ring out. "Take that you fucking pig."


`Why does he think we're back in the sixties?' I thought as I looked down to see if anyone had been shot.


"Is everyone alright?" I shouted.


"I got grazed." A voice replied.


An officer looked at the wound. "He's alright Agent Mason. A piece of concrete broke off the wall and tore through his shirt and cut him. I've put a dressing on it."


"Ace, you've got to take him out." JR said.


He was right. This thing had gone on long enough so I put the tripod on my rifle and got ready. While I was waiting, I had four officers make their way across the street and look for how he made his way to the roof. "Agent Mason, we found his way up."


"How'd he do it?"


"He wasn't very smart. There is a metal ladder attached to the side of the building with a portion of it spring loaded so it retracts."


"So how wasn't he very bright?" I asked.


"He left a step ladder so he could get to the solid portion."


I had to laugh to myself. "Alright, I want two of you up on the ladder ready to make your way onto the roof. I'm going to take him out and I want you ready to get him into cuffs."


Now it was a waiting game. I saw the barrel of his rifle then I looked through my scope. I didn't have a shot at him but I did his weapon. "Ace, he's getting ready to fire."


"I see that and I don't have a shot at him."


"I don't either Ace." I said as I got comfortable then started to wait. "Remove a rubber round from the magazine and put it in with the live rounds. This way, he'll think you're using them and won't be expecting a real bullet."


I waited then JR called back. "I've done it Ace and I have a shot too."


"You have a green light JR."


I couldn't watch JR and Weller at the same time so all I could do was watch through the scope. Time seemed to pass in super slow motion. I was concentrating so much on Weller that I'd completely tuned everything else out so when JR did fire, I jumped.


"I did it Ace."


"Good job buddy." I replied then watch as Weller stood up. "Move in, I repeat, move in."


The men on the ladder started to storm the roof then my heart and stomach traded places. One of the officers on the ground shouted, "GUN!"


I looked through my scope and saw him holding a pistol. I couldn't wait for him to fire so I took a shot.




Weller went down in a heap then I heard him screaming in pain. The lead officer jumped over the wall and saw him trying to reach for his pistol so he ran over and kicked it out of his reach then put him in cuffs. "Code 4, situation under control, one in custody," He said into his radio.


The officer was quickly joined by the rest of the team then another voice was heard. "We need paramedics and the fire department."


I heard Sgt. Greene come on. "Why do you need the fire department?"


"The suspect can't walk." The voice said. "He's been wounded in the knee."


I had handed my rifle down to JR then slid off the roof and dropped to the ground. "Did he say he was shot in the knee?" JR asked as he looked at me standing there with a devilish grin on my face.


"Yeah he did," I said giggling. "At least I didn't kill him." As I emptied the rounds out of my rifle then we started to head for the gym.


JR looked at me. "Where were you aiming?"


"I was aiming for his thigh but the round dropped during flight."


No sooner had I slung it over my shoulder I heard a voice causing me to look up. "Ace, Ace, you're alright."


I quickly handed JR my rifle because Bennie launched himself at me. It was a good thing I was ready because my lover was really getting heavy. "I'm fine baby." I said softly to him as he wiped his eyes then I set him on his feet. "Love, I can't hold you like I used to."


He looked at me smiling. "Am I getting heavy?"


I kissed him on the cheek, "Just a little."


I heard Sgt. Greene call the dispatcher letting them know the man was in custody and to send an ambulance and the fire department to our location.


Up on the roof, Weller was screaming. "My knee is killing me, that fucker blew my knee off."


"Be thankful he didn't blow your head off." An officer said. "Now, shut your mouth."


"I'M IN PAIN YOU BASTARD." Weller screamed then he tried to kick one of the officers causing another officer to put his foot on Weller's leg.


"Kick at us again and you'll be put in hobbles, wounded leg or not!" An officer hollered at him.


When Bennie, JR and I got to the gym, a small group of students came outside. "Hey Jacobs, did you just jump into this guy's arms?"


JR was about to say something when Bennie walked over to him. "What of it."


"Is he your Daddy or something?"


"No, that's his mommy." Another boy said chiming in.


Bennie got into his face. "Why don't you just shut up and go about your business?"


The leader came up behind Bennie. "Oooo, I'm soooo scared." He said as put his hands on Bennie's shoulders causing him to quickly turn around and step back putting his hand up ready to defend himself. "Look, he's going to try and hit me."


"Nah, he won't do that, he doesn't have his purse."


The group broke up laughing until Jake and Carl came out.


Jake stepped beside Bennie. "Why are you giving him a hard time?"


The leader put his hand out then stepped back. "We'll save him for you."


Jake turned looking at Bennie then winked and turned back to the teen. He grabbed him by the shirt and balled up his fist. "I don't know whether you think you have big balls..."


Just then another voice was heard. "No, that's not true Jake, he's got no balls and no brains to boot."


The group circled Jake, Carl and Bennie then Bennie pushed one of them on to his ass. "Like I said, why don't you all go about your business or you will all learn real quick who the guy is standing behind you."


"You might want to listen to him," Jake said. "I found out the hard way."


The boys slowly turned around and I was standing there with my credentials. "He's gotta have him protect the baby fellas, because he doesn't have the balls..." The leader started but Bennie had had enough and let him have it.


The boy doubled over then dropped to his knees gasping for breath. "I don't have the balls, huh? Now maybe you'll just shut your mouths."


The other one with the big mouth thought he'd try and blindside Bennie. Carl grabbed the kid and was about to let him have it in the face when I had to step in. "Alright boys, that's enough."


The boy Bennie nailed stood up. "Hey, I want to press charges."


I nodded my head. "That's right but Bennie could do the same thing and don't think you're off the hook here either. You instigated this and Mr. Robinson just might suspend the whole lot of you.


When Bennie heard that, his face sunk. "Everyone of you, let's go. We're heading to the office."


Mr. Big Mouth stepped back. "I ain't going anywhere except home."


"Is that right?" I asked taking my cuffs out."


"Yeah, that's right. Maybe you don't know just who my father is?"


Jake looked at him. "He don't care dude. My father is a federal court judge and that didn't impress Ace one bit."


The kid turned around and started to walk away then he flipped me off. "Well, my father is a cop so you can just shove it up your ass."


Just about that time I saw Lt. Brinkman put his hand on the boy's shoulder. The boy spun around and it looked like he was going to deck the cop. "Did I just hear you use profanities at Agent Mason?"


" W...what are you doing here?"


He reached out and grabbed his son by the back of the shirt. "You'll never know where I'll be now I'll ask you again. Did I just hear you cuss at Agent Mason?"


He was sunk then one of the other boys thought he could bail his friend out. "Lt. Brinkman, Jacobs over there started everything then he assaulted your son."


The other boys in the group started nodding their head. "Is that so?" The officer asked as they continued to nod their heads in agreement. "Well, what would you all say if I told every one of you I saw the whole thing?"


"Dad, then you saw Jacobs assault me."


"You mean after the lot of you verbally abused him?" Brinkman asked as his son dropped his head then stood there in silence. "ANSWER ME."


Tears started to roll down his face. "We were only having fun."


"Is that what you call it?" The lieutenant asked.


"Yes Sir, we didn't mean anything by it."


"We'll see what your mother has to say when she gets home this evening." Brinkman fired back causing his son's head to snap up.


"No Dad, please." He started begging.


He nodded his head. "I have a feeling someone will be standing at dinner tonight. Now, Mr. Jacobs, can you step over here?"


Bennie looked at me then swallowed hard then I motioned for him to go over. "Yes Sir."


"Like I said, I saw everything and you took a lot before letting my son have it. I can't say he didn't deserve it but resorting to physical contact should only be a last resort."


Bennie looked down then back up. "Yes Sir, you're right. I apologize for my actions."


Lt. Brinkman patted him on the back. "I know this is hard but you should apologize to my son."


Bennie walked over and apologized again but the boy just stood there. I motioned for Bennie to come over to me then let Lt. Brinkman handle it. "Come on son, you need to talk to Mr. Robinson."


Brinkman got into his son's face. "Get your ass to Mr. Robinson's office NOW. The same goes for everyone of you that was involved."


"Dad, you should look into something." Robert Jr. said.


"What's that?"


"Well, rumor has it..." He started.


"Rumor?" Lt. Brinkman asked interrupting his son.


"Yeah, I haven't seen this personally."


"You're worse than women, listening to gossip then spreading it."


"Dad, if this is true someone's in deep trouble."


"Alright, what is it?"


"First off, Jacobs is a fag."




Robert Jr. started rubbing the back of his head. "I hate that word and if he is gay, it's none of your business."


"Dad that stuff just isn't natural." Jr. countered.


The elder Brinkman grabbed his son by the shirt then went nose to nose with him. "Listen carefully, "What someone does in their bedroom is none of your business, do I make myself perfectly clear."


"Yeah Dad but he's getting it on with that cop."




"What did I just tell you?"


"You're not going to do anything?"


"What do you propose I do?"


"Investigate it. Take Jacobs..."


"He has a first name."


"Fine! Take Bennie to the hospital and have a doctor examine him."


"Based on what, rumor and innuendo?"


"No Dad, based on fact."


"What fact? Do you have solid proof a crime has taken place?"


"I've heard the talk." Jr. said.


"And that's all it is, just talk. You also are forgetting one other thing."


Jr. put his hands on his hips and got smug. "Yeah, what's that?"


"The law." The elder man said.


"The law?" Jr. asked. "You mean it's legal for an adult and a kid to screw each other?"


"That's right and Bennie isn't a kid."


"That's a load of crap."


"No it's not son. Bennie is of legal age to enter into a relationship with anyone he wants."


"You're just scared..."




"I'm not son but I'm not going to take someone's child and have them examined when the law is clear."


"You mean I could screw some forty year old woman and you couldn't do anything about it?"


"Legally no but I am still your father."


"Yeah, I see how it is."


"Watch your mouth son. It's already got you into enough trouble as it is."


Jr. let his mouth overload his ass again as he mumbled to himself but a little too loud. "Just wait, the whole school will know that Jew is a fucking faggot."


"You're grounded!"


"WHAT!" Jr. shouted. "You can't"


"Watch me and if you try and sneak out, you'll regret it." Lt. Brinkman warned. "If you even think of starting something here, you'll regret that too. I'll not have my son spreading rumors around about anyone. And one more thing, we raised you to respect everyone no matter what their religious beliefs are."


"My old man is a fucking kike fag lover." Jr. said as he turned walking to the office then made the biggest mistake of his life by flipping his father off.


Just then I heard a loud scream. I turned around and saw Robert Jr. holding his ass and dancing around as his dad was putting his belt back onto his pants. Bennie came up to me. "What happened?"


"I'm not sure but I think the long arm of the law just paid a visit to someone's ass."


"Ouch," Bennie said holding his own butt. "I'm glad you or Dad don't do that to me."


Just then Robert Jr. walked passed us then glared at Bennie. I felt a little sorry for him until he mumbled, "Faggot."


Bennie ran up to him. "Just what the fuck is your problem?"


Jr. let fly with a right that caught Bennie square in the jaw sending him flying. I went to him when the other bigmouth came running over. "Robert, what's gotten into you? Are you trying to get arrested?"


"Don't tell me you're a fag lover too?"


The boy stood there in shock as tears started to roll down his cheeks. He reached up and took something from around his neck. I watched as I saw him remove a beautiful ring that was hanging on the chain then he found a large rock and pounded the hell out of it. "You're a fucking hypocrite Robert."


The boy threw what was left of the ring at who I could only guess was his boyfriend. "Joey, wait."


"WAIT!" Joey screamed as a crowd began to form.


"Wait for what you bastard. So you can deny me again?"


Bennie and I stood there in silence then I felt someone's presence. I looked and there was Lt. Brinkman. I didn't know what to say to him then I watched as Bennie went over to Joey. He put his arms around the crying teen and comforted him. "Were you two boyfriends?"


Joey started to break away until he saw who was holding him. "We were," He said softly.


Bennie was at a loss for words. "I'm sorry."


"Don't be," Joey said wiping his face. "I'm glad it came out now before I gave more of my heart to him. C...can I ask you something?"


Bennie had an idea what he was going to ask. "Sure, what's on your mind?"


"Well, I know this is really personal but are you and Ace..."


Bennie looked at me then smiled. "Yeah, we are."


"I know this is really personal but did he make a move on you?"


"No, he wouldn't do that"


Joey started to cry again. "I'm s...sorry, I...I...didn't mean it like that Bennie."


Bennie reached up and wiped Joey's face. "It's OK. I hit on him and it took a while before he'd even let me sleep in the same bed with him even though we didn't do a thing."


"Nothing?" Joey asked in amazement.


"Well, except cuddle. I love it when I fall asleep in his arms."


I watched as a number of the boys came over to Bennie and Joey and wrap their arms around them. They talked quietly for several minutes then they headed inside. I looked at Lt. Brinkman and he shook his head. "I never knew my son was gay and then to see him act like this."


"Some kids put on a front to protect themselves." I said.


"But to deny the person you love to their face?"


"That took me totally by surprise too but I've never seen someone react like your son did."


"Agent Mason, my wife and I raised him better than that so I can't understand his behavior."


"Call me Ace," I said trying to think of what I could tell him. "Just give him some time; I'm sure he'll come around."


He sighed. "I hope you're right, Ace but I have a feeling he destroyed his relationship. I've known Joey for a long time but they kept their relationship a deep secret from us and call me Bob."


"That's a defense mechanism Bob. Even though their parents tell them they're OK with someone being gay, they still keep feel they won't be accepted."


He sighed again. "I guess you're right. Can I ask you something?"


I knew what was coming. "Yes, Bennie and I are a couple. Do you have a problem with it?"


He shook his head. "Not at all, I know Bennie's old enough to make his own decisions and well, I'm sure the President knows too and he's accepted it."


I nodded my head. "Yes he does. I guess we better get inside."


On the way in, Bob asked me another question. "Are you going to press charges against my son?"


"That'll be up to Bennie." I said as we walked into the office.


When we went in, James was reading everyone the riot act. "You all know behavior such as I've seen today cannot be and will not be tolerated. I know we were all under a great deal of stress with the shooting going on outside but that still does not mitigate what happened after the man was arrested. What do you have to say for yourselves?"


Joey was the first to speak. "Mr. Robinson, I must apologize to Bennie for my role in this. I acted like a total ass and I ask that he forgive me"


Bennie smiled and put his arm around him. "It's cool dude."


Joey shook his head. "No Bennie, my actions weren't cool. I'm gay and I treated you like shit in front of everyone."


"You're forgiven dude." Bennie said wrapping his arm around his shoulder.


James was smiling as Joey and Bennie patched up their differences then looked at Robert Jr. "Well Mr. Brinkman, what do you have to say for yourself?"


Jr. was sitting in the corner with his knees pulled up tight against his chest. Just then Robert's head fell backwards against the wall and one of the boys shouted. "CALL 911. Robert's cut his wrists."


"Make a hole," I shouted as Robert Sr. and I went over to the boy. "Get me a first aid kit."


Terry was behind the desk. "Here Ace."


Robert started to get on his radio when he heard the unit for Weller arrive on scene. "This is Lt. Brinkman; send that unit to the principal's office. We have a 10-45 Alpha."


An officer heard the call then motioned the ambulance to the main building. Back inside, I opened the kit and saw everything we would need. We put on gloves then started ripping open packages of 4x4's and covering the wounds. Robert Sr. was having trouble keeping his emotions under control. "Oh son, why?"


"No one loves me anymore so why not." Jr. said weakly.


Joey heard this then broke down. "Nooooooooooo."


"Alright boys, everyone outside so the medics have room to work now." James said trying to regain some control of the situation.


Joey was almost inconsolable. I was about to say something when I saw Bennie and a couple of other boys hold onto him and lead him outside. "Come on Joey, the medics will need room to work. Ace and his Dad have everything under control for now."


"Oh Bennie, why?" Joey cried as he was led out of the office.


"He was just really depressed. He felt he lost everyone who mattered to him."


They found a bench out of the way and sat down. "I...I still love him Bennie."


Jake and Carl joined them and offered support as Bennie and Joey continued to talk. "I know you do man, we were all kinda shocked by what he'd said and you reacted to it."


"That was so selfish of me." Joey cried.


Jake rubbed his back. "Like Bennie said man, you reacted to the situation."


Carl slipped his hand into Jake's not even thinking. "Joey, if Jake has said that to me I can't say I wouldn't have acted the same way you did but it doesn't mean you've stop loving him."


A few seconds later, Joey sat up and looked at the boys and saw them holding hands. "You two are boyfriends?"


They both nodded their heads. "Yeah we are," Jake said kissing Carl on the cheek. Did you think you were the only couple here?"


He blushed. "Well, I didn't know and it wasn't my business either."


"Well now you know you're not alone here." Jake said giving everyone a big hug then sat there silently worrying about Robert.


I was keeping pressure on Robert's right wrist and Sr. was doing the same on his son's left as the medics came in. Going back into EMT mode I looked at the paramedic. "You're going to need an IV."


"How deep are the wounds?" A voice asked as I looked at Robert, Jr.


"Not that deep, but he's hit a small bleeder. Can someone hand me some more 4x4's?"


The paramedic came over and slapped a tourniquet around his wrist then applied a heavy trauma dressing and taped it in place. Once this was done, I moved out of his way so he could get the IV line established. Once that was done, I took the tourniquet and put it on Robert's left forearm then taped a trauma dressing on the wound then removed the tourniquet.


Robert and I stepped out of the way and watched quietly as they hooked him up to a heart monitor then put him on the stretcher.


We followed them then I heard footsteps running towards us. We stopped and saw Joey running towards the stretcher then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw us. He dropped his head as tears rolled down his face. Robert Sr. saw this then held his arms out to his son's boyfriend. Joey then bolted into the big man's arms. "Oh Sir, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen."


Sr. held the boy in his arms then gently caressed the back of his head. "Shh now son, I know you didn't."


"My parents are going to kill me when they hear about this." Joey said as his tears began to subside.


"No they won't son, I won't let them. We'll all get through this together."


Joey looked at the big man and saw him nodding his head. "I still love him."


"I know you do." Robert said softly as I felt arms around my waist.


Bennie was holding me like I was a life line. "He'll be alright love."


"Sir, can I come with you to the hospital with you?" Joey asked.


Robert Sr. kissed him on the cheek. "How can I deny my son's boyfriend the right to be with him?"


Joey hugged the big man again. "Oh thank you."


Robert and Joey walked over to his patrol car then followed the ambulance to the hospital. Jake, Carl, Bennie and me watched as the ambulance slowly pulled away then I heard Bennie crying softly. I rubbed his hair them kissed him. "What's wrong baby?"


"I'm glad he's going to survive, I couldn't handle it if he didn't. I also feel so helpless."


Jake came up to him. "Don't be silly dude. You did more than you know."


"Yeah man," Carl added. "You were there for Joey when he really needed someone."


I nodded my head. "That's right. Who knows what would have happened if he had had to be all alone while he was being worked on. We might be hearing of another..."


"Don't say it baby, please." Bennie said as we returned to the office.


We started to go in then were met by James. "I can't let anyone in there right now until the blood has been cleaned up and the area disinfected."


"I understand," I said as he looked at Bennie.


"Now, Mr. Jacobs."


Bennie looked down. "I know Sir, I'm suspended."


James shook his head. "I should suspend the whole lot of you but so much happened today I'm not. I know you and Ace here have a very special relationship but you have to learn to control your emotions."


"I know but I was just so glad to know he was alright I couldn't help it."


James smiled at the teen. "Oh trust me lad, I know just how you felt but just try and control it next time."


Bennie smiled. "Alright I'll try."


James went into the office and made an announcement. "May I have your attention please? Due to the events that have taken place here today, school is hereby closed until Wednesday morning when classes will resume as usual. I ask that all of you keep Robert and his friend Joey, along with their parents, in your thoughts. I will have a phone set up in the hall for those of you who don't have cell phones. I'll see everyone here on Wednesday."


Bennie looked at me. "How are we going to get home Ace?"


"Good question love. I'll call Ed and have him get a Suburban over here."


We walked outside as I took my cell out. I was about to hit send when I heard a bark. Bennie knelt down then was given a face washing by Tonka. Johnny came over and tossed me my keys. "Here you go buddy, the Hummer has two new tires on it."


"How's Weller?" I asked as we all walked over towards the gym.


"Screaming his head off," Johnny said. "The US Marshalls escorted him to Georgetown Medical."


"Did you get agents to meet them there?"


"I notified Ed and he said he'd handle that."


"Good," I said as I unlocked the Hummer. "Let's get home, I'm ready to unwind after this day."


Bennie looked at Jake and Carl. "Did you both call your parents?"


They nodded their heads. "Can you drop us a Carl's house?" Jake asked.


"Call your mom Carl and let her know." I said then took off.


When we arrived, I saw David and Cal's cars in their driveways. I hadn't shut the engine off when David, Cal and Judy came outside. There was no way I could just drop them off then leave so I shut the engine off and got out. Cal came over to me. "Come on in Ace."


Johnny, Tonka and I got Bennie inside then I was bombarded by questions. I answered what I could because the case was still under investigation then I really needed to get back to the residence. The boys walked us to the door then Jake put his hand on my shoulder. "Is Bobby going to be alright?"


"Physically he's going to be fine. Mentally is another story but I can say this and that is he has a very strong support system with his parents."


"Do you know what made him do it?" Carl asked.


"I think it was the chain of events that played out at school. He said things that were hurtful, it affected others and things got said or something happened that made him feel it was his only option."


"That's crazy Ace." Jake said.


"To us, it does seem like that but we weren't in his position. None of us can say we know what he was feeling because we can't."


I suppose he'll be in the hospital for a while." Carl asked.


"I think that would be best for him until he and his parents can sit and talk."


"I hope the kids at school don't give him a hard time when he's able to come back." Jake asked genuinely concerned for his friend.


"I'm sure Mr. Robinson will be talking to everyone about what happened."


"Do you think we can see him?" Carl asked.


I wrapped my arms around them. "In time guys, right now there are other things he'll need to get through."


"How long will that take?" Jake asked.


"I don't know. It all depends on Bobby and if he's willing to listen."


"I hope he's out and back with us soon." Bennie added.


"I do too baby but the doctor will be the best person to make that decision."


The boys gave each other hugs and kisses then Johnny, Tonka and I got Bennie back to the Hummer. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the residence and I was really happy to see it. I parked the Hummer and saw Dusty and JR were there. Johnny got Tonka out so he could get a little exercise while Bennie and I went to the residence. When the elevator doors opened Ben came out of the dining room. Bennie ran over to him and hugged his dad. I grabbed Bennie's backpack then joined them. Ben looked at me. "Couldn't you have called Ace?"


"Sir, things were going on so fast it was hard to think much less take a minute to call. After we got the suspect in custody and I could catch my breath, we had another major incident happened."


"And you couldn't call?" Ben asked again.


Bennie stepped back. "Dad, Ace is right. If you let us get a shower, I'll come out and talk to you."


Ben wasn't happy and I couldn't blame him. "Sir, there was an attempted suicide."


"Oh no, please don't say he succeeded."


I shook my head. "No Sir he didn't but I was there and had my hands full. After that was handled, my only thought was to come back home. I should have made time to call and for that, I'm sorry.


"You really did have your hands full and I thought my days were busy." He said with a slight laugh.


"I hope I don't have another day like this again for a long time." I said as Bennie and I headed to my room. "Do you have clean underwear in here?


He came over and looked in a drawer I'd set aside for him then we quickly stripped and took a nice hot relaxing shower.


Over at the hospital Robert Sr. had signed the papers so they could treat Bobby then Robert and Joey were taken back to the treatment room. The nurse stuck her head inside. "Doctor, the boy's father is outside. Can he come in?"


He nodded his head then the two of them were let in. Bobby was half awake and half asleep. "How bad is it?"


"Not as bad as it could have been. Some of the cuts were deep but he didn't get anything vital."


"There was so much blood though."


"There were a number of small bleeders he nicked and most of them had stopped bleeding by the time the ambulance arrived." The doctor said then took a moment to look at his patient. "Sir, do you know what brought this on?"


Robert sighed then ran his fingers through his son's hair. "Today was a day from hell. A sniper used the school for target practice."


The doctor looked at the officer. "Oh lord, I heard about that. I think the shooter is up in the operating room as we speak."


Robert filled the doctor in on everything that happened after the suspect was taken into custody. Joey was holding his hand. "Doctor, what's going to happen now?"


"Since this was an attempted suicide, he will have to be seen by a psychiatrist."


Robert interrupted. "Do you have an adolescent psychiatrist who deals with this sort of thing?"


He nodded his head. "Yes we do. In fact, there are two excellent ones that are in practice together. I've put in a call to them."


Robert nodded his head. "Good. I know doctors come in and out seeing patients all the time but no one other than you or the two psychiatrists are allowed to see my son."


"I'll see to that personally." The doctor said then wrote down the names of the two shrinks and handed it to him.


The doctor left the room and went to the patient board. Another doctor was standing there looking at it. "Where's the attempted suicide?"


The doctor picked up the eraser and wrote some doctor's name on Bobby's case. "You're not seeing him."


"I'm the head of psychiatry here." The doctor said pushing his chest out.


"Yeah for adults but his father requested one for adolescents and I've already called them."


"I see every patient." The doctor said heading for Bobby's room.


"If you try and butt heads with the father, you'll lose." The doctor said updating the board.


The doctor continued walking then entered the boy's room. Robert turned around and saw the man in the white coat standing there. "Who are you?"


He walked over and tried to push his way by Robert but that didn't work. The doctor stood there staring at the officer then the door opened and a young woman came in carrying a chart. She walked past the other doctor then extended her hand. "Mr. Brinkman, I'm Dr. Brown. I've been called to talk with your son."


Robert reached into his pocket and pulled out the paper and looked at it. "Nice to meet you doctor."


She turned and looked at the other man. "Aren't you out of your age group, this patient is an adolescent."


Robert glared at the man then he quickly turned and left the room. She looked and saw Joey sitting quietly stroking Bobby's hand then turned to Robert. "Is that your son's boyfriend."


Robert's defenses kicked in. "Do you have a problem with that?"


She shook her head, "Not at all, sir. What happened today?"


The two of them left the hospital room then went down to a small conference room. Robert related the day's events to the doctor then wiped his eyes. "Did I cause this?"


She shook her head. "Not directly Mr. Brinkman. I can't say as I approve the use of corporal punishment..."


"Doctor, my son knows not to use language like that and especially not towards an adult."


She patted Robert's hand. "I understand totally. I have two children myself and if they used language like that there would be hell to pay. The only thing I think you did wrong was that he was corrected at school rather than at home but I also realize the heat of the moment."


Robert sat back and sighed. "So what do we do now?"


"Well, he's going to need to be here a few days. While he is, I'll be meeting with him and I think a few sessions with you and him and he and his boyfriend would be helpful. Please don't take offense here but I have to ask. How do you feel that he's gay?"


"He's my son, my wife and I love him unconditionally."


She smiled. "I'm glad you said that. Now, let's go see your son."


When they returned to Bobby's room Joey and Bobby were talking. "Why'd you throw your ring at me?"


"Bobby, why were you acting like such a jerk?"


"Did you see what Jacobs did?"


"Shut it now," Joey blasted his boyfriend. "Who are we to say who someone loves?"


"You think it would be OK if I was 20 years older?"


"If you were just as cute as you are now, hell yeah," Joey said smiling. "Bobby, who are we to dictate who a person loves."


"It's not right." Bobby said softly.


"Son, didn't I tell you Bennie is old enough to make decisions like that for himself." Robert said then walked over and sat beside him.


"But Dad..." Bobby whined.


Joey reached over and tapped him lightly on the head. "Bobby, why are you worrying about everyone else? The only person you need to be worrying about is in that bed and me."


Bobby looked down and started to cry. "God I really fucked up this time, didn't I?"


Normally Robert would have said something but not this time. He reached over and gently held his son as he cried. "Son, we all made a few mistakes, but the biggest thing is that you're still alive."


He felt his dad rub his shoulder then looked at Joey. Baby, can you ever forgive me for being an ass?"


Joey smiled then looked up. "Ummm," He said then started thinking.


"Yeah, I can but why did you have to deny me? We've been together for almost forever."


"You don't think I've known about you two?" Bob said as his son looked at his father.


"You have?" Bobby said. "I thought you'd kill me."


"Whatever gave you that idea?" Robert asked. "Haven't I taught you to respect everyone as you would want to be?"


He nodded his head. "Yes you have but I never thought..."


Joey stopped him. "You're right love, you didn't think. You attacked Bennie who happens to be one of the coolest kids here at school."


Bobby's face lost all expression. "Dad, I have to square this with him. I flattened him in front of Agent Mason. Please dad, I need to talk to him."


Bobby was losing it. Dr. Brown walked over and reached into her pocket. Bob saw this. "What's that Doc?"


"It's a sedative." She answered.


"Bob shook his head. "No, let him calm down on his own."


Bob put his hand on his son's shoulder and gently massaged it. "Relax son. I'll call Agent Mason and see if he can bring Bennie here."


When Bobby heard that he sniffed then wiped his face. "Really Dad? Suppose he's mad at me?"


"Well, don't you think he's got a right to be?"


He thought for a moment. "Well, if someone hit me in the jaw, I'd be pissed too. Dad, I'm sorry I shot you the bird."


Joey took him by the middle finger. "You're lucky he didn't break it off and put it some place."


Bobby looked down. "Yeah, I would have it coming."


Dr. Brown tapped Robert on the shoulder then they stepped outside into the hall. "I'll be having him moved upstairs."


"How long will he have to stay?" Robert asked.


"At least 72 hours," Doctor Brown said.


After Bennie and I got out of the shower, I heard a knock on the door. I made sure Bennie was decent then opened the door. Dusty was standing there. "How's Bennie?"


He seems to be doing alright." I said softly.


"I'd like to talk with him." I nodded my head then left the room so Dusty and Bennie could talk.


When I went out, I was met by Evelyn and I could tell she wasn't happy. "What the hell went on out there?"


I wasn't in the mood for an inquisition. "I took the shooter alive, which was what I wanted."


"So you take his knee out?"


"That's not what I was aiming for?" I said then headed for the dining room.


JR was drinking some coffee when Evelyn fired another salvo. "Just where were you aiming?"


JR came to my rescue before I could speak. "Ma'am you had to be out there."


"I heard about some of your shots Agent Carl."


"He's lucky they weren't live rounds rather than rubber." I fired back.


"So you admit aiming for the groin?" She shot back.


"That round ricocheted" I quickly shot back.


"Yeah it did." She said and I had just had it.


"What the hell are you accusing us of?"


"You were out there acting like cowboys?"


"Bullshit, FYI Evelyn, he'd shot one officer and wounded another. It was only by the grace of God one of the children at the school weren't shot. A round came through the gym's window and stuck into a basketball backboard."


"Agent Carl who gave you the green light to fire at the suspect?"


"Director Morgan," I heard a voice shout.


She turned around and saw Dusty standing there none too happy. "Yes? Agent..."


"That's Director Moore to you. And what gives you the right to come in here and brow beat one of MY agents?"


"When I have a suspect in the hospital with a knee that's been shot off."


"Were you out there?" Dusty shot back.


I was still steaming. "No she was in her office watching the local news feed from the hill while I was out protecting the president's son."


"That's just enough, Agent Mason." No one talks to me like that."


"Well, you come in here like a prima donna busting our balls when you knew nothing about what was really happening out there."


Evelyn took a step backwards and sighed. "Look, he's screaming his head off."


"Let him," I said. I had JR use the non lethal rounds on him and he knew full well, if he kept shooting, one coming at him could very well be a real one. I wanted him alive."


"Why? Evelyn asked.


"Because, he's part of a bigger picture." I said.


"What bigger picture?"


The Wellers were getting money from Harold Peterson."


Her jaw dropped. "You're kidding?"


"Do I joke about something like this?"


"Why haven't I been told?"


"Because, JR and I just got started looking at bank records."


"What's taken so long Ace?"


"Evelyn, do I just sit around and do nothing?" I asked making her think. "We just got access to Wheeler's accounts after he was arrested. It took looking at his account that linked him to Peterson."


"We need to get the pieces of the puzzle put together quickly then."


"Not really, because no one has been indicted yet and I'm not going to push for one until all of my ducks are in a row."


"I see," She said softly. "Agent Carl, I have to apologize about my unprofessional outburst. I had no right to do that."


Dusty just stood there silent then looked at his love, then he nodded his head. "I accept your apology ma'am."


I took Evelyn aside. "You gotta chill Evelyn."


"Ace, I had a maniac screaming at me."


I had to laugh. "There once was a time you'd have told him off then slammed the phone down in his ear."


She blushed a little. "Yeah, you're right. I guess I've forgotten what it's like back out in the field."


"You need to get out from behind that desk." I said seriously.


"I'd love to but it's impossible right now." I'm working on the new budget for the service and it's not going well."


I shook my head. "What's the problem?"


"I need to cut 10% from the budget." She said then I tried to do some quick mental calculations so I could get a grasp of what she was talking about. "That comes to a little over 14 million dollars."


I felt like I got kicked in the balls then swallowed hard, "14 million dollars?" I asked. "How big is our budget?"


"About 1 and a half billion dollars," she said as I found a chair to sit down in.


"Billion dollars?" I asked trying to fathom that much money.


"Yes Ace, it takes more than our good looks to get all the things we need to do our jobs here."


I struck a pose. "They haven't seen me yet." I giggled.


"Ace, we'd owe them double." Evelyn said laughing at me.


I rolled my eyes then laughed. "I'm not that bad looking." I said then got serious, "So where will the money come from?"


"Mostly from attrition," Evelyn answered. "The biggest part of the money goes to payroll and for fuel for our vehicles which is why we're trading in most of the gas guzzlers."


"I wouldn't have your job for all the money in the world. I have a better understanding of what you have to do."


"That's right Ace. I'm not just sitting around having coffee with politicians on the hill."


Just then Ben came out of the dining room. Evelyn gulped. "Mr. President, I didn't know you were here."


"Director Morgan, I couldn't help but hear your tirade."


"I'm very sorry Sir." She said contritely. "I'd spent all day in meetings then had some maniac basically cuss me out. I know that's no excuse."


"You're right it's not but I do understand. I have days like that and I don't bring it home with me. I think you should work on that. Agent Mason had his hands full today and the last thing he needed was getting yelled at."


"I know Sir," She said softly looking down then she raised her head. "Sir, might we talk in private?"


This piqued Ben's interest. Ben headed for his office. "Very well, come with me please."


When they left I looked at Dusty. "How's Bennie?"


He smiled. "All in all, he's doing really well. Seeing that teen cut his wrists hit home hard but he knew you and Lt. Brinkman would do everything possible to save him. He feels good he was able to help his boyfriend over that and when he saw Brinkman accept him he knew things could be worked out."


I let out a huge sigh. "Thank god Dusty. I was really worried."


"I'm fine Ace," I heard my love say as I looked up and saw him standing behind Dusty.


I held my arms out to him then he came over so I could hold him. "You've just been through so much, I knew you didn't need this added to your plate."


He lifted my chin up then kissed me gently. "I'm not made of glass love."


I smiled. "I know that but there is only so much we can handle at one time before he begins to shut down and self destruct."


He wrapped his arms around my neck. "I promise you, you will know if that happens.


I relaxed when he said that. "Do you think I'll be able to see him?"


"In time baby." I said. "I'm sure he'll have to talk with doctors and others before he'll be allowed to have visitors."


Just then, my cell rang. "Mason."


"Hi Ace, I got a report on the shooter at the school?" The voice said.


With all that had happened, I clean forgot to make this call. "I'm sorry I didn't call Adam."


"It's alright, I also heard about the attempted suicide."


"Man, you have ears everywhere."


He laughed. "Yeah, it seems that way. Now, I have to ask you something."


`Here it comes,' I thought.


"Did you really have to take his knee out?"


"Adam, I wanted him alive. You do know who that is, don't you?"


"I sure do. It's Zane Weller. He's the same guy that attacked Chuck Trent and tried to blame Carl Matthews for it."


"Exactly." I said. "But that's not the only reason I wanted him alive."


"Oh?" Adam asked.


"His father is somehow involved with Harold Peterson."


"WHAT?" Adam almost screamed.


"That's right buddy. JR and I started going through Patrick Weller's bank records and there were deposits made into his account from the off shore one."


"And you think he knows something about this?" Adam asked.


"I'd almost bet the farm on it."


"OK, are you thinking of offering him a deal?" Adam asked.


"I don't know since he was shooting at Bennie and shot a cop and wounded another." I said.


"How about we see him tomorrow. Judge Matthews has recessed court until Wednesday."


"Good I hope Cole can get another attorney over to take over for him since he's sitting out a contempt citation."


"I put a call into that firm and informed them." Adam said then started laughing. "They weren't too happy to hear one of their partners shot his mouth off."


"We'd seen that before. So it should come as no surprise."


"They weren't, I think they were just mad that he'd amassed $6,000 in contempt fines."


"I had to stop laughing. "What time do you want to see Weller tomorrow?"


"I don't know, how does 10 sound?"


"Works for me. I'll be able to sleep in a little."


"How's Bennie doing after all of this?"


"Pretty well, he was amazing at school talking to one of the boys after it happened."


"Glad to hear it. I better get my work finished Ace, I'll call you tomorrow."


I ended the call then my cell rang again. "This is Agent Mason."


"Agent Mason, I have a call here from a Metro PD officer. He said you and he worked a shooting today."


"Put him through please." I said then waited.


"Ace, it's Bob Brinkman."


"Hey man, how's your son?"


"He's fine, he's embarrassed and ashamed at his actions. He would like to talk to Bennie, do you think that would be a problem?"


"School is closed tomorrow and I have to be there to see the suspect in custody so I'll ask him if he'd like to come."


"Thanks Ace." Robert said then he ended the call.


Bennie was standing there when I ended the call. "Was that about Bobby?"


"Yes it was. He's really feeling bad now about what he did. He asked his Dad if he could see you."


"Is that why he called?"


"Yes it was. I told him I'd have to talk to you first."


I saw Bennie thinking. "I'd like to see him."


"Alright, but you'll have to get your dad's permission."


Bennie and I headed for the dining room then I saw Ben and Evelyn come out of the living room. She stopped and gave me a hug. "Sorry I jumped you before."


I let it go and quietly nodded my head then she headed for the elevator. "Tell Pete, the trial is adjourned until Wednesday."


I was glad I had a day off so I could get my head back on the trial. As soon as Bennie saw Ben he hustled over to him. "Dad, can I see Bobby tomorrow?"


"So soon son?" Ben asked.


I heard the conversation so I went over. "Sir, if I might. The young man's father called me and said his son asked if he could see Bennie."


"What do you have planned Ace?"


"Adam and I are heading over there to see the suspect in the shooting. I'll have enough agents there."


"I'd like Agent Hawks there too."


"As you wish sir," I said.


Dusty and JR were in the dining room talking with Bennie when Ben and I walked in. I went over to my friends and put my hands on their shoulders. "Are you busy tomorrow?"


"Not really," Dusty replied.


"Good, can you come with Bennie, Johnny and me to GWMC?"


"Sure," JR said. "What's going on?"


"Adam and I need to see the suspect and Bennie will be visiting Bobby Brinkman."


"How is he?" Dusty asked.


"Physically he's fine and he's realizing the hurt he caused others who saw his actions."


"I take it he's gay." JR asked.


I nodded. "Yes he is and his father totally supports him and his boyfriend."


"That's a great help for him."


"Yeah and Bobby didn't think his dad would so he put up the front." I said.


"And it caused a lot of pain to innocent people." JR added.


"He didn't know what to think when he saw me jump into Ace's arms." Bennie said.


"He didn't stop to think." Dusty added.


"He's a kid Dusty. Tell me one who does when put in a situation like that."


"Yeah, I guess you're right Bennie." Dusty agreed.


I saw Gloria stick her head out of the kitchen. "Dinner will be served in ten minutes."


We went and washed our hands then took our seats. We waited patiently then Gloria brought dinner in. Dinner tonight was her Mexican pork chops. She'd take the chops and let them marinade in her homemade salsa then she'd bake them. God, what flavor. Needless to say, there weren't any leftovers.


After dinner, I got Ben aside. "Sir, might I ask what Evelyn needed earlier today? She had a weird look on her face when she came out."


He smiled at me. "Oh that. Well, there is more talk on the hill." He said causing me to roll my eyes.


"I take it there is more scuttlebutt?"


He gave me a strange look, "Scuttlebutt?"


"It's a military thing. It means water cooler gossip."


"Oh, well then yes. Isaac got me a list of possible candidates for the SecNav's position."


"Which party?" I asked.


"Well both." Ben answered. "There are some on the list I would never consider for the position."


"So then I take it Simon Cain will not get your nomination?" I asked.


"No chance of that happening." Ben said smiling.


I was able to relax a little with that. With my stomach full, I suddenly felt exhausted. I went down to Bennie's room and he was sitting on the bed lost in thought. I closed the door and sat beside him, "Penny for your thoughts love?"


"I just can't stop thinking about Bobby." Bennie said.


"He's in good hands and he has loads of support." I said wrapping my arms around him.


He kissed me on the cheek, "But what about his mother?"


"According to his father, both parents support him."


Bennie sighed then leaned against my chest. "I hope so."


I held him close to me as I felt Bennie relax in my arms. I held him for several minutes then I heard his familiar breathing pattern that told me he was sound asleep. I slid him into bed then gently undressed him. I stripped and did my nightly business then slid in beside him. The effects of the day had me totally drained. I took Bennie into my arms then drifted off to sleep.


To be continued