The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 40


I was able to relax a little with that. With my stomach full, I suddenly felt exhausted. I went down to Bennie's room and he was sitting on the bed lost in thought. I closed the door and sat beside him, "Penny for your thoughts love?"


"I just can't stop thinking about Bobby." Bennie said.


"He's in good hands and he has loads of support." I said wrapping my arms around him.


He kissed me on the cheek, "But what about his mother?"


"According to his father, both parents support him."


Bennie sighed then leaned against my chest. "I hope so."


I held him close to me as I felt Bennie relax in my arms. I held him for several minutes then I heard his familiar breathing pattern that told me he was sound asleep. I slid him into bed then gently undressed him. I stripped and did my nightly business then slid in beside him. The effects of the day had me totally drained. I took Bennie into my arms then drifted off to sleep.


I woke at my usual time the next morning. I slid out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I stuck my head back into the bedroom and Bennie was still sleeping very soundly. I got some clean underwear then took a hot shower. I went over the events of the following day in my mind and it was one, I hoped I never had again.


The hot shower felt good and when I was finished getting clean, I felt ready for the day. I dried off and put my underwear on then returned to the bedroom. Bennie rolled onto his side and saw me. "How long have you been up baby?"


"About thirty minutes." I answered sitting down beside him. "How did you sleep?"


"I died," He said. "I never felt you undress me."


I kissed him on the lips. "I know; you fell asleep in my arms. You had to have been as tired as I was."


"I was baby, not really physically tired but mentally exhausted. I hope I don't have another day like that again."


"I know what you mean darling. I don't think I could handle another day like that. Come on now, I'm sure Gloria is about to send out a search party for us."


No sooner had I said that when the door opened and Ben stuck his head in. "Breakfast is on the table."


Bennie went over and held his arms out for his dad. "We're coming Dad."


Ben gave him a hug. "Man son, I hadn't really noticed but you're as tall as I am now."


"Dad, can I ask you something?" Bennie said kissing him on the cheek.


Ben returned the kiss. "Sure son, what's on your mind?"


Bennie pulled on a pair of shorts then sat on the bed. "Well, yesterday, Bobby let his mouth over load his butt big time. He cussed at Ace then shot his father the bird."


"If you ever did that you'd be grounded for life." Ben said sitting down as Bennie finished getting dressed.


"Well, his dad had had enough of Bobby's mouth. When Ace and I were heading to the office, we heard a loud crack then Bobby was dancing around holding his butt. Would you ever do that to me?"


Bennie slid onto Ben's lap. "Would I ever hit you?


Bennie nodded his head then Ben sighed. "I don't know what I would do in a situation like that. If I'd told you to close your mouth and you didn't, I might give you a pop on the butt."


Bennie's eyes got big. "But Bobby's dad used his belt."


"I would never use anything like that but I've popped your butt before."


Bennie turned red because he knew this was a new revelation I'd never known before. "I remember dad and I'm sure I had it coming."


Ben nodded his head then playfully turned Bennie over his knee then I leaned over and used his cute ass as a bongo drum and playfully played it. Bennie shot up looking at me. I kissed him on the lips and smiled. "That's the cutest drum I've ever played."


He turned around and mooned me right in front of Ben. Ben playfully pinched the cheek of his bare ass causing Bennie to squeal. "Hey, that's mine."


Ben and I were laughing so much we didn't hear someone knocking. Bennie was rubbing his butt when Dusty came in. "So here you are. Gloria is angry because breakfast is getting cold."


Bennie grabbed a pillow and put it over his butt causing us to break out in another fit of laughter. We managed to get our giggles under control then went out to the dining room. Gloria lit into us as soon as we walked in. "Well, it's about time. Señor Ben, you know I like to serve breakfast hot."


Bennie went over and gave her a hug. "It was my fault Gloria. Dad and I got talking about yesterday and I forgot the time."


She smiled at Bennie. "That's alright mijo; I just can't guarantee how your omelets are going to taste cold."


"I bet they'll still taste wonderful."


Gloria gave him a pat on the butt. Now go and sit down mijo."


We did as instructed then dove into our food. I took a huge bite then my eyes got big then I started fanning my mouth. "Wow, if that's cold Gloria, I'd hate to see hot."


I took a huge gulp of OJ to cool my mouth off. She smiled and laughed. "Next time Señor Ace, you'll be on time, won't you?"


"Si Gloria, I won't forget."


JR was sitting there laughing at us. "Ace, would you mind if I worked on the bank records rather than going to the hospital?"


I shook my head then looked at Ben. Ben nodded his head then I answered him. "Not at all JR, I would like to have the pieces to the puzzle put together as soon as possible."


"What are you finding out Ace?" Ben asked as I finished my omelet.


"Well Sir, there seems to be more here than meets the eye."


"How so?" Ben asked.


"Well sir, we've found paperwork of the initial deposit of $50,000 American and there is no way Peterson could come up with that much money. Also the papers are written in a language that JR and I don't understand. I gave the papers to Evelyn and they're at questioned documents now. I'm hoping they can read the papers."


It was just about 8:30 and I told Adam I'd meet him at the hospital at 10 so I looked at Bennie and tapped my watch. He nodded then went to his room to take a shower. About 30 minutes later, he came out dressed ready to go. I got Johnny then we all got ready to head to the hospital.


On the way over, I got a call from the agent's guarding Zane Weller. They agreed to meet me in the parking lot so when we arrived, there would be enough people to protect Bennie. When we arrived, I pulled into an area that had been secured for us then security had an elevator ready for us. "Ace, can we stop at Bobby's room?" Bennie asked.


"I'll have to find out what room he's in."


The security guard heard our conversation and got on his radio. "Agent, he's on the 4th floor in room 421."


The guard pushed the button for 4 and he managed to get it in time before we passed the floor. When the door opened, I saw Bob leaning against the wall. "Hi Ace."


Dusty, Bennie and I got off the elevator then Bennie went up to Bob and extended his hand. "Hello Sir, how's Bobby?"


"He's doing well," Bob answered. "Dr. Brown and Joey are in having a talk."


Bennie broke into a huge smile. "That's good to hear Sir. Will he be able to come home soon?"


Bob nodded his head. "I think so. Last night his mother and I had a meeting with Dr. Brown."


"Does your wife have a problem that Bobby is gay and has a boyfriend?" Bennie asked truly concerned.


Bob shook his head. "No she doesn't. She told him she had thought he and Joey were boyfriends because of how close they were but she wasn't going to confront him about it because she felt it wasn't her place."


"That was a wise decision," I said.


"She said she's sorry she hadn't asked him herself because she didn't want to be wrong and cause bigger problems."


"Understandable," Bennie said as the door to the room opened and Dr. Brown came out.


She looked at all of us. "Well, who do we have here?"


I made the introductions. "How is Bobby?" I asked.


"He's making great progress. He realized he did wrong and trying to hurt himself was a huge mistake. Bennie, he really needs to talk to you."


Bennie started to go in then stopped. "May I see him Doctor?"


She smiled. "Of course you can." She replied then Bennie went in.


"If you'll excuse me, I have to stay with Bennie." I said then went into the room.


When I stepped inside I heard a gasp. Bennie and Bobby were hugging each other and both had tears rolling down their cheeks. "It's OK guys, I hope I didn't scare you."


Joey came over and gave me a huge hug. "Hi Ace, the doctor said he can come home soon."


"That's great news." I said smiling. "How are you feeling Bobby?"


He sat up and reached his arms out to me. I walked over and he grabbed me into a very tight bear hug then he lost control of his emotions. "Oh Ace, I'm so sorry for my actions."


I held onto him then rubbed the back of his head. "I understand son."


"Can you ever forgive me?"


I kissed him on the top of his head. "Already done, son."


He then grabbed Joey's hand and held it as if it were a life line. "Joey, I still love you. Please forgive me."


Bobby let go of his hug then reached into his bedside stand. He took out a box and handed it to his boyfriend.


Joey opened it then tears began to fall. "Bobby, why didn't you ever give this to me?"


Bobby wiped his eyes and took the ring and put it on Joey's finger. "I was saving it to give to you today."


Joey got a weird look on his face, "Today?"


"Yes, don't you know what today is?"


"It's Tuesday." Joey said as he broke into giggles.


Bobby playfully slapped his hand. "No silly, don't you remember? 5 years ago today we first met and well, that's when I totally fell for you."


Joey gasped. "Oh my god love, you're right but we were only 10."


Bobby pulled on Joey's hand causing him to lean down then he planted a kiss on his lips. "I know but when Dad told us to get a shower and I saw you completely naked, you were the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen."


Bennie looked at Bobby. "He was probably the only boy you'd seen naked."


Bobby laughed. "Well yeah, he was but I'd seen a lot of boys and no one ever came close to how good he looked."


Joey was smiling. "I can't believe you remembered that day."


"How could I forget when I had a god standing before me?"


Joey turned several shades of red. "I was far from a god Bobby. I was fat and I could hardly see my dick because of my stomach."


Bobby reached out and rubbed his lover's stomach and chest. "You sure can't say that now."


Bennie looked at Joey. "Show us."


Joey blushed a bright crimson, then he started shaking my head, "No Bennie, Joey is not going to take his shirt off in here."


I was too late. Joey lifted his shirt up showing us his chest and abs. Bobby started drooling. "See guys, doesn't he have the hottest body?"


I had to admit he looked better than I did in that respect. "Man Joey, you did fill out nicely."


"It took a lot of work Ace. I was a fat kid and I was constantly tormented by my class mates then after I met Bobby, it seemed to stop."


Bobby ran Joey's hand over his cheek. "That's because I told them if they ever picked on you again, I'd kick their asses."


Joey was stunned. "Really, you did that for me?"


Bobby was nodding his head. "Yeah Joey, I didn't like people being a bully and I wasn't going to let that happen to someone I loved."


My eye happened to catch the clock on the wall. I stuck my head outside the door and motioned for Dusty to come in. When he did, I thought Joey and Bobby were going to cream themselves, "Oh my god Ace, who's that?" Bobby asked.


"Bobby, this is a good friend of mine. I'd like you to meet Dusty Moore."


"Does he work with you?" Joey asked as I saw him adjust his bulge in his jeans.


Dusty took his credentials out and handed them to Joey. "No, I work for NCIS."


Joey showed them to Bobby. "Wow Bobby, he's the director."


Bobby got a wicked look on his face. "I know where I want to work."


Bennie started laughing. "You want to work with all the hot guys, huh?"


"Hell yeah," Bobby said then quickly covered his mouth. "I'm sorry Director Moore." He said red faced.


"That's alright." Dusty said smiling. "My boyfriend will take that as a compliment."


Their mouths dropped open. "I thought you would have every woman around throwing themselves at you."


Dusty laughed. "Well, a few have tried."


"So who is the lucky guy, if I might ask?"


Bennie looked at Dusty and he nodded his head. "He's another agent at NCIS, and man is he hot."


I reached down and playfully popped Bennie on the butt causing him to jump. "I thought I was your one and only hottie."


Bennie started to stutter. "You are love but I'm not blind. Tell me JR isn't hot."


I leaned down and kissed him. "OK, you got me there. Dusty, can you stay here with Bennie. I have to catch up with Adam and see the shooter upstairs."


"Sure Ace," Dusty said.


I took out my phone and called Adam. "Yes Ace, did you get lost?"


I laughed. "No buddy, I'm with Bennie on the 4th floor. What room are you in?"


"I'm on the 7th. Room 744, look for the guards outside."


"I'm on my way up." I said ending the call then stepped outside and saw Bob. "Can you stay here Bob; I have to go up to the 7th floor."


"Sure, how are the boys?"


"They're fine, they're talking." I said looking at Dr. Brown. "Will he be able to leave soon?"


"I think so," She said nodding her head. "We have to keep him 72 hours but I don't see a problem letting him go home after that. He's got a good support system in place so the chances of him trying to hurt himself again are slim."


Just then another doctor walked past us and glared. "Who's that?" I asked.


"That's Dr. Fowler." He's the chief psychiatrist here."


"I have a feeling he's antigay." I said.


"Oh he is; he's the biggest homophobe in the hospital." Dr. Brown said softly as Fowler walked past.


Once he was gone, I finally made it to the 7th floor so I could see Zane Weller. As soon as I walked into his room he started yelling. "Let me outta here you pig!" Weller shouted.


"Shut your mouth Weller!" I shouted back.


He tried to move his hand but they were handcuffed to the rails. "You blew my knee off."


"You're lucky" I fired back.


"Lucky?" he asked.


"Yeah, you're lucky I didn't blow the one brain cell you have out of your head."


"Very funny pig," I have more brains in my little finger than you do in your whole body."


Adam looked at me. "Then that should be one smart finger."


I laughed. "Yeah it should be. Sadly it didn't go to his head."


"Very funny, har, har, har."


I laughed. "I thought so. Now shut your pie hole."


"I want a deal." He said.


Adam reached into his briefcase and took out a form. "Before we offer you anything I want you to listen very carefully. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford one an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"Yeah, yeah now what's that?"


Adam held the form up and he read it. "If you expect me to sign it uncuff me."


I undid his right cuff then handed him a pen. He scribbled his name on the line then Adam and I witnessed his signature.


"Now, what kinda deal am I gonna get?"


I pulled up a chair and sat down. "That all depends on what you have to say."


"How about I tell you who told me to shoot up the school?"


"I'm listening." I said.


"Uh, damn now what's his name?"


I looked at Adam and rolled my eyes then looked back over to Weller. "Don't yank our chains Zane.


"I'm not; I just can't remember his name. I need a computer."


"What for?" Adam barked.


"So I can access my email." Zane said.


I looked at him skeptically. "Yeah, you mean so you can..."


"Here, my email acct is Zane Weller" He said.


I pulled out my blackberry. I went to his account. "What's your password?"


He told me and I went in to his account.


"Now where is this alleged email?


He held his hand out. "Here let me see that."


I handed him the phone and a second later he handed it back to me. "There." He said.


I looked and there was an email from some unknown individual. What's this?" I asked him as I panned down."


He looked at it. "I didn't see this," It looks like some kind of an attachment. Let me open it."


"NO," I said startling him causing him to drop the phone on his lap.


"Why not?" He asked.


"It might contain a virus that could infect my phone or your computer."


His eyes dropped down. "Oh," He said softly.


I called JR. "Hi Ace, what's up."


"I'm going to send you an email and there is an attachment that could contain a virus."


"Not to worry Ace, I can handle that."


"Let me access your phone." JR said then I noticed him wandering around in it.


"I'm in. I'm going to upload a program for you that will pre-scan any file or attachment sent you to or in an email."


"Cool buddy, thanks." I said.


Just then my phone started beeping and going crazy. "What's going on?"


"That file has a very nasty virus in it. If you'd have opened it would have basically cloned your phone and copied everything on it then it would have erased the memory."


"Oh shit," I said rather loudly."


Zane look up at me. "Oh shit what?"


"That attachment had a virus in it."


"You mean that was intended for me?" Zane asked with a worried look on his face."


I nodded my head. "Yeah, it looks like that."


He almost reverted to a little child. "Why, I don't even know who sent it?


"I don't know Zane but it appears you upset someone."


He broke into tears which is something I thought was a ruse until he lost total control. "WHY?" He screamed causing the agents standing outside to poke their heads into the room.


One of them looked at me. "Is everything alright?"


I nodded my head then Zane shouted. "Hell no, everything isn't alright. Someone is out to get me."


A few minutes later a nurse tried to come in. The agent at the door stopped him. "Let me see your credentials."


I heard the commotion outside and saw one of the Marshalls struggling with someone in what appeared to be doctor's scrubs. Before I could get my weapon out another Marshall came up and put his weapon against his head, "Freeze."


The man stopped struggling with the Marshall and dropped something from his hand. Johnny and I went out and moved the man against the wall and started to pat him down. I felt a number of syringes in his lab coat. I looked at the Marshall. "You're going to need gloves on to search him."


"I have some with me."


We held the man against the wall as the Marshall cuffed then searched the suspect. I called Dusty and asked if he could meet me here. A few minutes later, I saw him coming up the hall. Dusty saw the man in cuffs. "Who's that?"


"Beats me but he assaulted one of the Marshalls and refused to show his hospital ID." I said as Dusty pulled out what looked like a scanner and placed one of the man's fingers on it.


Dusty looked at me and pushed a button on his device. "I'm running this print against everyone we have on file and that includes the military."


A few minutes later Dusty showed me the screen. It read, no match found. "Just great man, what do we do now?" I asked.


"I know who might be able to find out." Dusty said as he made a phone call and I heard him talking to DJ. "She'll call us back when she finds out something."


When we were waiting I tried to take the bull by the horns. I went over to the man and spun him around. "Alright, just who are you?"


He just smiled at me. "I want a lawyer."


I put on some gloves then removed what was in the man's lab coat. There were five loaded syringes with a blue liquid then I found a vial of the same stuff. I looked at the label on it and it was pentobarbital. "Why did you assault a US Marshall and what were you planning on doing with these?" I asked holding up the syringes.


He just stood there in silence then Dusty's phone rang. He moved down the hall then motioned me to come with him. He put the call on speaker. "DJ, Ace and Johnny Lonewolf are here with me now, can you tell me that again?"


"Sure Dusty, I had to call in a few favors but I finally managed to find out who he is. His name is Yusuf Kahliel, he's an Iranian national."


"Hold it DJ, an Iranian national? I said as I borrowed Dusty's phone. Take his photo Dusty and send it to DJ."


"I'll be sending you a photo of who we have here." Dusty said.


"Are you sure about this?" DJ asked. "I have his photo here and the guy you have doesn't look a thing like the guy in the photo you sent me."


"Well DJ, fingerprints don't lie." Johnny said.


"Sometimes they do, but in this case since we have his prints on file, I'd say they don't."


"Can you get me copies of everything your contact has on him? I'll run him through Homeland Security and see what they have."


"Alright Ace, it might take a while because of the favors I had to call in."


"Tell them we'd really appreciate their help." I said.


"I'll do that mate. Talk to you later."


I ended the call then we returned to Zane but before we did, I searched the suspect again and found a passport hidden on him. "What was all that out there?"


I didn't know how to answer him and I didn't want to spook him either. "Just a little problem in the hall, it's all been taken care of." Johnny said.


Dusty came in and whispered, "The Marshalls are transporting him to jail."


Just then JR called me. "Ace, I managed to remove the virus and open that file."


"Damn buddy, you're good." I said. "So what was in there?"


"A payment for $5,000."


I looked at Zane. "Oh really, check his bank records and see what is there."


"Will do, I'll call you back when I know something."


"OK Zane, who hired you?"


"The guy that sent me that email. He was going to pay me well for this."


"How much," I asked.


"$10,000 if I managed to kill the kid."


"You would have risked getting executed for $10,000 while the person who hired you just sits back and remains free?"


He gave me a cocky look. "Well, I didn't plan on getting caught."


"You didn't think the police would have responded to the school?"


"Well, he thought he had that covered."


"So, you've spoken to him then?" Adam asked.


"Uh, well, not really. He sent me a few text messages."


"Do you still have them?" I asked.


"Yeah," He said and flipped through and pulled them up. "Here they are."


"I'm going to save these." I said.


"Why?" Zane asked.


"I want this jerk." I said looking him right in the eyes.


"Now, what do I get for helping you?"


"You'll have to testify in court."


"Wait, you said nothing about that."


"That's part of the agreement."


"But I don't know who sent me these messages."


"We have ways of finding out who sent them." I said.


"Don't you need my computer?" Zane asked.


"Well, it would be easier if we did." Adam answered.


"It's in my bedroom." Zane said.


I looked at Adam. "Can you get a search warrant?"


Zane shook his head. "You won't need it, I give you permission to take my computer."


"Yes, that'll help but it's not your house, is it?"


"No, it's my father's house."


"Is your father Patrick Weller?" I asked


"Yeah, he is."


This was going to be pretty easy with Patrick in jail getting the warrant would be granted. "Zane, do you know where your father is?"


He shook his head. "No, I haven't heard from him in several days."


"Do you know what he does for a living?" I asked.


"Yeah, he's a freelance reporter." Zane answered.


"Well son, I have some bad news for you."


His eyes got big, "What?"


"Your father was arrested at the White House."


"Why, what did he do?"


"He was arrested when we found narcotics on him."


"No way," My dad knows how I feel about dope. Hell, I had an older brother die from a drug overdose."


"Do you know what he died from?"


"Yeah, it was heroin."


Some of the pieces are starting to fit. "Well, it was heroin that he had on him."


"No way, someone had to have planted it on him."


I put my hand on his shoulder. Johnny stepped over to the bed. "No Zane, this wasn't planted. He had it sewn into the hems of his trousers and in his shoes. I searched him and cut the soles off of his shoes where he had some of the drugs hidden."


Zane leaned back in his bed and closed his eyes. I saw tears start to fall. I hated having to tell him like this but it is better he knows now. I handed him some tissues so he could wipe his eyes. "So now what's going to happen?"


I sat down and gently tapped his hand. He looked at me. "That is really up to you now. If you cooperate fully with us I'll let the US Attorney know this. I think you got caught up in something that is bigger than you know. I do have a question. What do you have against Bennie Jacobs?"


He shook his head. "Nothing really, I don't even know him."


"So then why did you want to kill him?"


He shook his head. "I dunno, I guess it was for the money and I was told no one would find out it was me. It was supposed to be easy."


"It didn't turn out that way, did it?"


Again he shook his head. "No, it sure didn't."


"Did you know I was there?"


"I thought I recognized your voice. Just why did you shoot me in the balls?"


I smiled. "That wasn't me and that wasn't where the shot was supposed to go but it hit the wall and bounced up. You're lucky that I wanted you alive."


"Yeah," Zane said as his temperament changed. "So why did you take my knee out?"


"Well, that's not where I was aiming. I could have killed you but I didn't want that."


His eyes dropped down. "Maybe it would have been better if you had."


"Look man, I take no pleasure in shooting someone. None of this would have happened if you hadn't pulled the pistol out."


Just then Adam tapped me on the shoulder. "We have a search warrant for the house."


Zane told Adam where his room was and where he could find the computer. I could tell he was in pain so I decided to let him get some rest. "Thank you for your help. If it's alright, I'd like to return to talk with you some more later."


For once, I actually saw a smile on his face. "Sure, it's not like I'm getting a lot of visitors and for a cop, you're pretty cool."


"I'll take that as a compliment." I said as I stood then Adam and I headed for the door.


Our next stop was to get Bennie. We stopped at the fourth floor and went down to Bobby's room. I knocked on the door then poked my head in. I saw Joey and Bennie sitting on the bed beside Bobby chattering away. "Hi Ace," Bennie said as I came inside.


"Did you all have a nice visit?"


"Thanks for letting Bennie come," Bobby said. "I really acted like a jerk towards you both and I hope you can forgive me."


I went over and rubbed his head. "Yeah, I do. I just hope you learned something and it doesn't happen again."


He smiled. "Yeah, Bennie let me in on a little secret too."


I looked at him then over to Bennie. I had an idea what it was so I just played like I didn't know, "Oh and what was that?"


"If he'd have really wanted to, he could have really kicked my butt."


I smiled then laughed. "Yeah, he's put me on my butt before too."


Bobby looked over at Bennie. "You hit Ace?"


Bennie laughed and I just shook my head. "Yeah, but it's not quite what you think. Bennie and I were in the workout room and we were sparring."


Bobby shook his head. "Boy, I'm glad you didn't really hurt me."


Bennie came over. "That thought had crossed my mind but I didn't want to, not even when you hit me in the jaw."


I looked at my watch and saw the time. "Bennie, I hate to break this up but we have to get going."


He looked up at the clock. "Yeah, Gloria will have our hides."


"Gloria?" Bobby asked.


Bennie gave him a quick hug. "Yeah, she's our housekeeper. She's been with us ever since I can remember and is like a second Mom to me but she hates it when we're late for meals."


"You don't look like you've missed many meals man," Joey said.


"I don't, she's one great cook." Bennie said going around and hugging Joey.


I talked with Bob as the boys said their farewells I and had Johnny bring the Hummer up to the exit. When he returned, Dusty Johnny and I got Bennie downstairs and out to the Hummer without any incident. We were about to leave when my phone rang. I saw who it was. "Yes Sir."


"It's almost lunch time."


"Yes Sir, we're on our way back now."


"By the way, Evelyn dropped an envelope off for you. She said it's from the documents division."


I knew what that was. "That's great; I've been waiting for that."


I ended the call then made the twenty minute drive back to the residence. After lunch I looked at what the paperwork said and I got the shock of my life. I went into my room and started my PC. I went in and tried to access records from Homeland Security. When I tried to access the name on the documents, I was denied. I called their office and got a runaround. I was totally steamed so I called Ben. He was in a meeting but a few minutes later he returned my call. "Sir, I need your help."


"I'm free for a few hours so you can come down."


I went to the Oval Office and Ben was waiting for me. He led me inside then we sat and talked. "Sir, Homeland Security is giving me the runaround."


"Oh really? Who are you trying to find something about?"


I set the papers Evelyn brought over on his desk then explained what had transpired at the hospital. "This individual is now in custody but what I need to know is when he arrived in the USA but I'm getting stonewalled."


Ben made a phone call and the problem was solved. I thanked him then returned to my office in the West Wing. I logged on to Homeland Security's server and I was able to access what I needed. I found out the individual had been in this country for several years. I now knew why his passport photo and his face looked so different. He'd undergone some massive reconstructive surgery.


I looked into the visa that had been issued and later learned it had been forged. How it got past ICE I'll never know but now I had a lot more information on him.


I now knew that the man that opened the Cayman Island's account is the one we now have in custody. What I had to figure out now was why he was here and what his intentions were with those drugs.


I was sitting there mulling these things over in my mind when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw JR standing there. "Man, you looked a million miles away."


"I was buddy. Have you seen Dusty?"


He nodded his head. "Yeah, we had lunch together and he filled me in on what happened at the hospital."


I handed him the file I got from Evelyn. "Take a look at this."


He opened it and started shaking his head. "Is this right?"


"That's what the translators at questioned documents say." I said.


"Then this definitely answers a lot of questions."


"Maybe but it also creates loads more." I replied.


"Such as?" JR asked.


"Like why was he here? What was he doing at a hospital and why was he trying to get into Zane Weller's room?"


"Dusty told me what he had on him so all I can say is he wasn't there for a visit."


"Exactly," I said then remembered I had some things on my phone I needed JR to track down for me. I handed it to him. "There are some text messages on here to Zane, can you see if you can find out where they came from and who sent them? Also, we're getting his computer so you'll have to put your skills to work."


He smiled at me. "You know this is what I do best."


Just then there was a knock on my door. I turned around and the door opened and an agent handed me a laptop computer. "This is what we recovered when we searched that home, Agent Mason."


"Thanks. Did you find anything else of importance?"


He shook his head then left as I handed the computer to JR. "I'll go over this now."


"What did you find about that payment you mentioned?"


JR shook his head. "Nothing yet, I got sidetracked."


I went back to what I was doing and JR attacked the computer. A minute later, I heard the door open and there stood Bennie. "What are you doing Ace?"


"I'm knee deep in shit love." I said.


Bennie bent down and looked under my chair. "I don't see anything."


JR busted out laughing. "It means he's got a lot of work to do."


I felt a light slap on the back of my head. "Speak English."


I turned around and pulled him onto my lap then kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry baby, I thought you understood slang."


Bennie was about to answer when the phone rang. I answered it and Ben was calling. "Ace, I need you in my office right away."


"I'm on my way, Sir." I replied then got Bennie up.


I hurried out the door and almost jogged to Ben's office. I knocked on the outer door then it opened. I entered and Ben didn't look happy. "Ace, we have a situation now."


"What's going on?" I asked.


"The Iranian Ambassador is on the warpath."


"For what? It's not as if this guy is a diplomat." I said reaching into my pocket and tossing the man's passport on Ben's desk. "Also it happens to be a crime to forge American documents."


Ben opened it and looked at the photo. "You're sure of this about this visa? It looks real to me."


I nodded my head. "How he managed to get by ICE when he came into the country, I'll never know but he did. Now, I don't think the Iranian Ambassador is willing to stick his neck on the chopping block with everything I have now."


Just then Ben's phone rang. "Frank, I'm in a meeting with Agent Mason."


"Yes Sir but the Secretary of State is on the line for you."


"Very well, put her through." He said then looked at me. "I have to take this Ace; it's the Secretary of State."


I nodded my head then sat down on the sofa when he and the Secretary talked. Just then, I heard a voice on the speaker. "Agent Mason, are you there?"


"Yes, Madam Secretary and please call me Ace, everyone does." I said trying to keep my voice from shaking.


"Very well Ace," She said then continued. "The President tells me there is a lot more here than really meets the eye with Yusuf Kahliel?"


"I'm afraid so Ma'am. Is the Iranian Ambassador trying to say this man is a diplomat?"


"He hasn't come out directly and said it to me."


"Well Ma'am, if he does, it will have to be prior to when he entered the country."


"I don't quite follow you Ace."


"I have his passport and I've confirmed that visa on it is a very well crafted forgery. But I thought all visa information is entered into the computer system so when they enter the country, it appears when the passport is scanned."


"In theory that is how it works." She said.


"In theory, you mean sometimes information doesn't make it into the system?"


"It's supposed to but at times, there is such a back log and with some foreign individuals, things have to be processed in a hurry."


"I understand Ma'am but you'd think there would be a paper trail and that just isn't there."


"I'll look into that personally." She said.


"Oh, one more thing," I quickly said.




"Well, if they're trying to claim he's a diplomat, why isn't he traveling on a Diplomatic Passport?"


There was a long pause. "I'll look into that too."


The line went dead then Ben looked at me. "You don't pull any punches, do you?"


"No Sir, not considering what I feel just might be the link to the puzzle I've been working on since the attack on Air Force One."


"Just tread lightly Ace." Ben said.


"Why, I'm not a politician nor do I have political aspirations."


"But this could have huge international implications."


"Sir, I can't help it if Iran ends up with egg on their face. How would the international community take it when they learn an alleged diplomat was involved in an attempt to assonate the President of the United States?"


Ben sat down. "I see your point."


"Exactly, that's why I want to know if the Iranian Ambassador is trying to assert Kahliel is a diplomat."


Just then my phone rang. "Ace, it's JR, I have some interesting information for you."


I put the call on speaker. "OK buddy, talk to me."


"Well, you know that transfer to pay Zane Weller?"


"Yeah, what did you find?"


"It came from an account here in the states."


"Oh really, where?" I asked.


"This is where I'm hitting a road block. It's from an Iranian account here in the US."


"Can you find out who owns the account?"


"I can but..." JR stopped.


"I get the picture. I'll be down in a few minutes." I ended the call. "I think you might want to call the Secretary of State back. She might need to put a little pressure on the Ambassador."


"I can try but suppose he won't play ball?" Ben asked.


"Well, I'll take what I have now to a judge for a search warrant. The information we have is that Yusuf Kahliel entered this country illegally then hired Zane Weller to try and kill Bennie."


"That's a lot of supposition Ace." Ben said.


"I know but it's where the facts seem to be taking me. Let's not forget, what we found on him when he was arrested."


I didn't need to wait very long when Ben's phone rang again. "Yes Frank."


"Sir, the Iranian Ambassador is here to see you."


The line went dead then he looked at me. "You'll never guess who is here?"


I gave him a crooked smile, "Sounds like someone is trying to cut their losses."


Ben went to the door then opened it as the Ambassador stood and walked over and shook his hand. "Thank you for seeing me Mr. President."


"I was surprised when I was told you were here. What can we do for you?"


The Ambassador came in and Ben made this introduction. "This is Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service."


I shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you. I understand an Iranian citizen assaulted a US Marshall."


I nodded my head. "That he did and he was carrying loaded syringes of pentobarbital."


The Ambassador shook his head. "I am not familiar with that."


"Vets here use it to euthanize animals and if injected into a human, it would be fatal."


"I see, I take it he was captured before he could use it."


"He was Mr. Ambassador." I said.


"Good, then I am requesting he be turned over to us."


I looked at Ben then back to the Ambassador. "Based on what?"


"Based on he's an Iranian citizen."


"With all due respect, that's not going to happen. Visitors to this country have to abide by our laws otherwise they can and will be arrested, tried and if convicted, sentenced to jail. When their time has been served, they'll be returned to their home country and put on a list that they are not allowed to reenter the USA, that is unless you're trying to assert diplomatic immunity."


I put the ball square in his court. He sat there quietly and I could tell he was mulling over an answer. He shook his head. "No we're not but his father has a very high profile position within our country."


"Well then he'll remain in our custody." I said.


He nodded his head. "Very well, our consulate will be providing him with counsel."


Ben looked at him. "That's fine provided he's licensed to practice law in this country."


"He is Mr. President. He was educated in the US and attended Harvard Law School. Now, can you tell me where he is being held?"


I didn't have a clue where the Marshalls had taken him. "I don't know but I can find out for you."


The Ambassador was visibly upset. "You have no idea where he's being held? How do I know he's not being tortured?"


Ben took the lead. "I can assure you that is not happening. Agent Mason, can you find out where he is?"


I stepped out of the office and called the Marshall's office. I found where he was held then returned to the Oval Office. "Sir, he's being held under maximum security at Metro PD's jail."


The Ambassador stood. "Thank you gentlemen, I will be in touch."


He left the office and I couldn't read him. "That went well," I said smiling.


"Yes but I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of this."


"I know, I'm going to get a search warrant for Kahliel's bank records."


"Why?" Ben asked.


"It's the link I need to the school shooting."


"Oh, and you know this how?"


"Thanks to Zane Weller giving us permission to go through his computer," I said smiling. "I need to call Adam so he can get over to the courthouse."


Ben understood and I returned to my office in the West Wing. On the way, I called Adam. "Hi Ace, what's up?"


"I need a search warrant for a bank account."


"I take it this is about Zane's payment."


"You take it right. JR removed the virus and was able to open the file that had the bank transfer in it."


"Who does it belong to?"


I have an idea but it's only speculation and I don't think that's good enough to get the warrant."


"I'll take your guess." Adam said.


Yusuf Kahliel." I answered. He's the one who attacked the Marshall."


"Can you get us the warrant?" I asked.


"Piece of cake," Adam shot back.


I ended the call then headed for my office. When I went in, Bennie and JR were going over Peterson's and the Cayman Island account. "How's it going JR?"


"Quite well, this is the paper trail we've needed. Look at this."


JR brought up a transaction. I looked at it but it didn't make any sense to me. "What is this?"


"Do you remember the explosion?"


"How can I forget, it leveled three homes, killed two people and wounded I don't know how many."


"Well, this is it."


It still didn't make any sense to me until JR started explaining it. The date was different to how I was used to seeing it. It was set up as day, month then year. "OK, so who made this and who did he send the money to?"


"This transaction was done by Harold Peterson." JR said.


"Great, we finally have the proof that he was behind the murder of Chris's parents. What I'd like to know is who the hell sold him the C4." I replied


We'd tracked it but could never find out because every ounce of it had been accounted for. Then JR continued. "Well, it seems he had someone on the inside who I've managed to track down but he died under questionable circumstances. NCIS handled the investigation but after the autopsy, it was ruled a suicide."


"That sucks because now he'll never be brought to justice."


"We could never prove a thing because all of the paperwork showed everything that was received and sent out all matched."


"Unless there was some that never made it onto the books," I said.


"I'd thought of that but there isn't anything on paper I can find to prove it." JR said.


"So we have a whole lot of nothing."


"I'm afraid so Ace. We can surmise how things happened but without a paper trail, it'll be impossible to prove it."


"Yeah but the upside is we can now prove Peterson did buy the C4."


"Exactly and I know who planted it too." JR said.


I wanted this guy. "Who?"


JR frowned. "The same guy he got it from."


"Damn, we struck out again."


"Yeah because without a witness it's all here say."


JR and I had been at this for some time then my cell rang. I looked and it was Adam. "I hope you have some good news man." 


"I do, I got the warrant and I'm leaving the bank. Yusuf Kahliel used his own money to pay Zane."


I had a big smile on my face. JR and Bennie were looking at me like I'd lost my mind. "I think that should be enough to keep him in jail until his trial."


"Yeah, it will but it also moves our timetable up. How are things going there?"


"Not bad, JR is making headway through the Cayman Island's account. Do you know when his arraignment is going to be?


"No I don't and I hope it's not tomorrow."


I laughed under my breath. "Yeah, Judge Matthews just might have to keep the case on recess until Cole has served his contempt sentence."


"If I know him, he won't care and will continue the trial as long as he has counsel present. Hold on, I have another call."


Adam put me on hold then I looked and JR was drawing a graph with lines laying everything out where money came from and went to.


"Ace, I don't know how it happened but he's set to be arraigned in about fifteen minutes."


I could never make it there. "Do you want me there?"


"No, I have all the ammunition I need here to have him held without bond."


"Well, since he's not a citizen of the US, he poses a flight risk and it was the Iranian Ambassador who arranged counsel for him."


Alright Ace, I better get over to the courthouse. I don't want to be late."


"Alright Adam, good luck and let me know what happens."


I ended the call then sat back in my chair. This had been a day that went from bad to worse. But there were bright spots thanks to JR.


Adam left the bank and hurried back to the courthouse. Just as he entered Judge Wheeler's courtroom, the door opened and David came out and quickly took his seat. "Please be seated." He said then saw Adam as he hurried through the rail and took his place. "It's nice to see you again Mr. Graham."


"Thank you Your Honor." David replied.


"Alright Bailiff, what do we have." David asked.


The Bailiff stood and looked at the file. "This is case number 800201, the United States versus Yusuf Kahliel. The charges are assault on a federal officer and possession of a controlled substance."


Adam looked over and there was a sharply dressed American. "Samuel Grayson for the defendant."


David nodded his head. "How does the defendant plead?"


"Not guilty on all charges," Grayson said.


David then addressed Adam. "What is the government's stance on bail?"


"Your Honor, Mr. Kahliel is an Iranian national and therefore has no ties to this country. We request he be held without bond."


David looked over to Grayson. "Your honor, the charges are without merit and Mr. Kahliel is eager to clear his name."


David looked at the lawyer. "Which one of the charges are you claiming is without merit?"




David looked at Adam. "Your Honor, Mr. Kahliel was dressed in hospital attire and attempted to enter a room that is being occupied by a suspect in another crime. When the US Marshall asked Mr. Kahliel to show his hospital ID, he refused then attacked the Marshall when the Marshall tried to detain the suspect. Inside his lab coat were five syringes filled with pentobarbital. A medication commonly used by vets to put down animals."


David looked at Grayson. "It sounds like there is merit to both of the charges."


"Then we're asking reasonable bond be set."


Adam looked at the lawyer then up to David. "Your Honor, if he's released on bond, there is nothing to stop him from leaving the country."


"Not even if I were to have him surrender his passport?" David asked.


Adam shook his head. "No Your Honor, I don't believe so. He would have the power of the Iranian Consulate to assist him in getting another passport. Also, if he were to enter the consulate, they could give him aid and we would have no way to have access to him."


David looked at Grayson. "Mr. Grayson, can you guarantee this court your client would stay in the country and make all of his court appearances?"


"Your Honor, I'm an attorney. I can only advise him but I would have no control over him."


David nodded his head. "That's what I thought. Your client is remanded without bond."


David banged his gavel then two Marshalls came and took control of the suspect. Kahliel started shouting something as he was led back to the holding area. I looked at the counselor. من به همه شما مى ميرند. مرگ بر همه آمریکایی ها.


"Would you care to translate that for us?"


Mr. Grayson didn't answer so Adam closed his briefcase and left the courtroom. I got another phone call. "Ace, he's Ben remanded but he's not a happy camper. He started shouting something I didn't understand but his lawyer wouldn't translate it when I asked him about it. But I did manage to tape it."


"He's lucky we don't do things like they do there. By now, any other person would have been tried, convicted then executed."


Adam laughed. "And people say our death penalty laws are inhumane."


"Adam, what charges is he being held on?"


"I kept it simple for now, the assault of the Marshall and possession of a controlled substance. Judge Wheeler has denied him bond."


"Good," I said. "If he got out he could seek refuge in the Iranian Embassy and we'd be screwed."


"Exactly Ace, now that we have the link to him and Zane, should I file the new charges?"


I had to think. "If we do, we'll have to be prepared to deal with Zane. He's really cooperated with us, which he didn't have to do then we'd have been screwed."


"I know but I'll tell you now, giving him any kind of a deal is going to be a hard sell."


"You're right but we're going to have to do something and fast." I said then Bennie came over to me and sat a piece of paper in front of me.


I looked at it then broke out into another huge grin. "Adam you're not going to believe what I just received."


"What, I hope it's good news."


I started laughing. Oh yeah, it'll make Peterson shit a gold brick."


"Bring it to court with you tomorrow."


"You got it buddy and let me have that tape and I'll get it translated, I'll see you then."


This day was flying by and there was still a butt load of things I still wanted to do. I looked at the clock and it was almost 5PM. Bennie was still standing there. "Did I give you something good?"


I stood up and wrapped my arms around him then kissed him. "That was super news love. JR, how about you call it a day. I know your eyes have to be crossed by now."


JR turned around and his eyes were bloodshot. "That's the best offer I've had all day. Dusty and I are going out to dinner. I'll come back in the morning and finish going over all of this stuff. I'm finally able to make some sense of everything."


JR shutdown the computer then I got my briefcase. Bennie and I headed for the residence and on the way met up with Ben. I filled him in on the day's activities and told him that Yusuf Kahliel was being held without bond because he's a flight risk. He looked at me as we entered the residence. "Why do I have a feeling the Ambassador is not going to be happy?"


"He probably isn't but that's life."


Ben smiled and nodded his head. As soon as we walked into the residence, I smelled dinner. Bennie and I headed for the bedroom to wash up then we returned to the dining room. When we returned, dinner was being served. I was so hungry I devoured my meal and went back for seconds. After dinner, Bennie and I returned to the bedroom then he got a call from Bobby, "Hi Bennie."


"Hey dude, how's it going? Are they going to let you out soon?"


"Yeah, they're springing me on Friday."


"Man, that's great news. So how's things with your parents? Is your mom cool?"


"Yeah, she is. I should have trusted them."


"Look, we all screw up and make mistakes but you have another chance. Just promise me one thing."


Bobby got quiet for a minute. "Sure."


"Just don't pull another bonehead stunt like that again."


"Don't worry Bennie, I've already made that promise to Joey and he's not about to let me break it."


"Good because then I'd have to kick your butt."


"No way man, that one you gave me in the gut was enough. I'd hate to see what would happen if you were really mad at me."


Bennie and Bobby talked for a few more minutes then he ended the call. "So I hear he's getting out soon?"


"Yeah, they're letting him come home Friday. How long will you be in court?"


I didn't have a real answer I could give him. "I don't know love. I'm going to see that if I'm not needed to testify, I won't have to stay there."


"Good, I want you at school when Bobby gets back in case anyone gives him some grief."


I wrapped my arms around him. "You know Mr. Robinson won't allow that. You're all good kids so just treat him like you'd want to be treated. The biggest thing is that he and Joey have patched things up."


"Yeah, I'm glad we don't fight." Bennie said lying back on my stomach and looking at me."


I leaned up and kissed him gently. "Yes and I hope we never do."


We got comfortable then settled back and watched television. The next thing I remember was an alarm clock going off. Bennie was sandwiched tightly against me so I had to reach over him to turn the buzzing box off. "You weigh a ton love."


To be continued