The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 41


We got comfortable then settled back and watched television. The next thing I remember was an alarm clock going off. Bennie was sandwiched tightly against me so I had to reach over him to turn the buzzing box off. "You weigh a ton love."


"Sorry baby," I said rolling onto my back then quickly headed to the bathroom.


Bennie joined me then we got a shower. When we finished, we dressed and went out for breakfast. When we walked past the elevator, I noticed Tonka wasn't sitting there like he normally was waiting for Bennie or me to take him out. When we went into the dining room, I saw Ben having a cup of coffee. "Good morning Ben, where's Tonka?"


"Down stairs with Johnny," Ben answered sipping his coffee."


I got myself a cup then poured Bennie's OJ. Bennie gave Ben a hug then drank his juice. Johnny returned with Tonka and joined us for breakfast. Gloria fixed her Mexican eggs along with sausage and homemade biscuits.


I had two helping is of her eggs and I don't know how many biscuits. At 7:45, Bennie had to leave for school. I gave him a hug and kiss then I got ready for court. I thought about putting my vest on but didn't think lightning would strike twice so I left it. Johnny still had the keys to the Hummer so I used the dark blue Charger.


I headed out the back gate then it was on to the courthouse. Traffic was a nightmare when I got close to court. There was a Capital PD officer directing traffic. I flipped my grill lights on then he stopped traffic for me so I could get into the parking lot. I found a place to park then hung my credentials on my pocket then entered through the door for police officers. I started to head down the hall when I heard a voice. "Excuse me; may I see your credentials?"


I saw one of the security guards walking towards me so I handed him my case. He looked at my ID card then handed them back to me. "Is there anything else you need?" I asked.


"No Agent Mason, have a good day."


I headed for Cal's courtroom then saw Adam. He waved to me. I sat down beside him then pulled out the paper I got from Bennie. I gave it to Adam and smiled. "This will hang him."


Adam read what I gave him. "Man, this is just what we need. This will make our case a whole lot easier now."


We talked for a while then it was time to go into the courtroom. When we entered, I looked at the defense table and no one was sitting there. I was wondering who'd be representing Peterson when I saw a Marshall lead him out and sat him at the defense table. He saw me then smiled. "Did you have fun on Monday?"


That comment was as if he was taunting me. I walked through the gate and over to Peterson and leaned down. "You don't know it yet but your ass is mine."


He looked at me then over to the Marshall. "Marshall, this guy just threatened me."


He shook his head. "What are you talking about, I didn't hear anything."


"You cops gotta stick together, don't you?"


I smiled at the Marshall then took a seat outside the rail. I knew court was going to start any minute when I heard the big door close. I looked over my shoulder and saw an elderly man heading towards the rail and I knew who he was. I guess the old man couldn't get Cole out of jail. Just then the bailiff stood. "All rise, this court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Calvin Matthews presiding."


Cal came out and quickly took his seat. "Be seated. Is the prosecution ready to proceed?"


"Adam Graham for the United States, we're ready to proceed."


Cal looked over at the defense table. The man stood, "Franklin Dechert representing the defendant."


Peterson started then. "This isn't my lawyer. I want my lawyer."


Cal banged his gavel. "That's just enough Mr. Peterson. Mr. Dechert can very well represent you."


"I WANT MY LAWYER!" Peterson shouted.


I could tell Cal was really steamed. "One more word out of you Mr. Peterson and you'll be removed from the courtroom. Do I make myself clear?


Peterson dropped into his seat then mumbled something I couldn't hear. "Mr. Graham, you may call your first witness."


Adam stood. "I call Special Agent Rich Mason to the stand."


"Agent Mason, come forward and be sworn in." Cal said.


I came through the rail then the bailiff swore me in. I took my seat then Adam reached into his briefcase and pulled out the papers I handed him.


"Agent Mason, how do you know the defendant?"


"I arrested him after he attempted to kill Special Agent Pete Morgan."


"At the time you arrested the defendant, what was he in possession of?"


"He was in possession of a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum handgun."


"Do you know who owns that weapon?"


"Yes, it belongs to the defendant."


"Objection, assumes facts not in evidence."


"Sustained," Cal said as Adam went back to the table.


"May I approach the bench?" Adam asked.


Cal motioned for him to step forward. "Your Honor, I'm handing defense counsel a copy of what I'm now presenting to you."


Cal looked at it. "What is this?"


"This is a federal firearms form that was filled out by the defendant for the purchase of the .357 he was in possession of at the time of his arrest."


"Objection, why are we just seeing this now?" Dechert asked.


"We just received this today." Adam said.


"If I may," I said.


"Go on agent Mason."


"I just received this late yesterday afternoon from the ATF."


Cal looked at Dechert. "Your objection is over ruled. I'll mark this as People's one."


Adam stepped back. "What is the significance of this, Agent Mason?"


"This proves that the weapon used to shoot Agent Morgan, kill Officer Curt Poole and shoot me was owned by Mr. Peterson."


"Is there more Agent Mason?"


"Yes, ballistics has proved the bullets fired from the .357 came from the same weapon owned by the defendant."


"Is it true no one was at the scene where Officer Poole was found murdered?"


I nodded. "That's correct but there was evidence at the scene."


"Please elaborate, Agent Mason."


"The ground was quite soft and there were footprints found. Plaster casts were taken and they are a positive match to shoes the defendant was wearing at the time of his arrest."


"Those are standard issue shoes that all uniformed agents wear, is that correct?"


"It is but there was a cut in the tread as if something had been stuck in the tread and a knife or some other item was used to remove it. In doing so, a V shaped cut was left in the sole. This cut matched perfectly to the casts made at the scene to the shoes the defendant was wearing at the time of his arrest."


Adam thought for a minute then looked at the judge. "I have nothing more at this time."


Cal nodded his head then looked towards the defense table. "Mr. Dechert, do you wish to cross examine the witness?"


He stood. "I do, Your Honor."


"Agent Mason, let's talk about those shoes. You said the tread had a distinctive cut in the sole."


"I did."


"Can we see your shoes?"


"Objection," Adam said standing."


Cal looked at the lawyer. "What's the purpose of this?"


"I'd just like to see for myself what the soles of those shoes look like."


"Your objection is over ruled Mr. Graham. Agent Mason, please show us the soles of your shoes."


I kicked my shoes off then handed them to the lawyer. Dechert didn't like what he saw. "These shoes aren't like the ones my client was wearing."


"These are dress shoes counselor."


"So I see. So how can we be certain that the V mark you claim was on my client's shoes aren't on all shoes?"


"Because I do own several pair and they aren't. You've had the chance to look at every piece of evidence collected but no one from your firm has ever made such a request."


"Your Honor, I move to strike that last statement as nonresponsive."


"Over ruled," Cal said. "You asked the question. I can't help it the answer wasn't what you were expecting."


Dechert threw up his hands and headed back to the table. "I have nothing further of this witness."


"Mr. Graham, do you wish to redirect?"


Adam stood, "No Your Honor."


"Agent Mason, you're excused."


Adam stood and addressed Cal. "Your Honor, Agent Mason is a busy man and has many duties to perform. I have nothing more for him. May he return to his duties?"


Cal thought for a minute. "I'll not keep an officer or agent tied up here when he has duties to perform. Agent Mason, you may return to your duties."


Peterson started shouting. "I have the right to confront ALL of my accusers."




That's just enough. You've had the chance to confront Agent Mason."


"I want him here through the whole trial."


"Mr. Dechert, control your client or I'll have him removed."


Dechert reached up and pulled him into his seat. "Shut up, no judge will make someone stay in the building once they've finished testifying."


"I don't care, I want him here." Peterson said.


Dechert saw a strange look on his client's face as the two of them were talking. "Why?"


"It's none of your business. Now make that happen."


Dechert stood and looked at Cal. "Your Honor, we request Agent Mason remain in the building, subject to recall."


"For what reason?" Cal asked.


"There might be more questions I have for him as the case unfolds."


"You might have questions, is that what I'm hearing?" Cal asked.


"That's right Your Honor."


"Mr. Dechert, Special Agent Mason has duties to perform and I'll not keep him from them based solely on speculation that you may or may not need him. Now sit down. Agent Mason, you're excused but please be ready to return to court if for some reason, you are needed to give more testimony."


I stood and stepped down. "I will Your Honor."


I glared at Peterson as I walked past then headed for the back of the courtroom.


As soon as I stepped outside, my cell went off. I looked and it was David Miller. "Yes David."


"Agent Mason, I just received some interesting news from the bank in the Cayman Islands."


"What's going on?"


"I just had some logs sent to me. It seems someone has been trying to access Peterson's account."


"David, I can now tell you who opened that account."


"Can you come over to my office?"


"Yes, I'm free now. I just finished testifying and Judge Matthews said I was free to leave but be ready to return if I'm needed."


"How long will it take for you to get here?"


"Since your office is right across the street, I can be there in a few minutes."


I ended the call and less than five minutes later; I was standing outside David's office. I knocked on the door and he greeted me warmly. "Thanks for coming over, may I get you a cup of coffee?"


"Thanks cream and sugar please." I said as I set my briefcase down and removed the papers Evelyn gave me.


I handed the papers to David and he looked them over. "Great, we know who opened the account."


I sipped my coffee. "Yes and this person is in custody."


"Huh, how'd that happen?"


I filled him in and also informed him that he was being held without bail. "Now David, you're not going to believe how we got this information."


"Knowing you, nothing would surprise me."


"Well, you better sit down." I said sipping my coffee then watched as David sat down. "We got this from Zane Weller."


"Who?" David asked.


"Zane Weller, the shooter."


"Tell me you didn't make any promises to him." David fired back at me.


"Well, he wanted a deal but Adam and I told him it all depended on what he had to tell us."


"And that was what?" David asked and I could tell he wasn't happy now.


"Well for starters, that he'd been hired to shoot up the school and to shoot Bennie Jacobs."


"Wait a minute, he admitted being hired to try and kill the President's son and you want to make a deal with him?"


"Chill out David," I said. "There's more and when I say more, it's information we'd have never found out on our own."


David sat back in his chair. "Go on."


"Well, he gave us emails and text messages."


"And that's important how?" David asked interrupting me.


"In one of the emails was an attachment. In the attachment was the payment."


"You wouldn't have discovered this on your own?" David asked.


I shook my head, "Nope, because Zane would have never admitted he was hired and without that, we wouldn't have had probable cause to search his bank records."


"I see your point." David said. "What kind of a deal does he want?"


"I don't know." I said. "I haven't sat down and asked for specifics. But I have something in mind."


"What?" David asked giving me one of his looks.


"Well, I'm not going to give him a free pass because two people were shot. But since he's cooperated with us, here is the deal. He'll testify against Yusuf Kahliel."


"Wait a minute; didn't you say his only contact to Kahliel was via email and text messages?"


"That's right but we've been able to trace the payment back to Kahliel's bank account here in the states."


"OK, continue." David said.


"In return for all of this, he'll be sentenced to ten years on each count of attempted murder to run concurrently with 9 years suspended. Then he'd be on tightly supervised probation for 19 years."


I could see David mulling my proposition over in his mind. "That isn't much jail time."


"I know but I don't think he'll be getting into trouble again. He'll be in rehab for a while learning to use his prosthesis."


"You'd have been better off just taking him out." David said.


"Maybe." I said, "But then we'd have never known Kahliel's connection to Weller and he'd still be out on the street."


"Maybe," David added.


"Maybe my butt David, had Kahliel got wind we were on to him, he'd have beet feet to the Iranian Embassy and been out of our reach so then where would we be? Nowhere, we'd be screwed."


"You've made your case Agent Mason." David said.


"What is it you said you received?"


"Oh yes," David said as he started looking through a stack of papers. "As you can see, someone has been trying to access the account on more than one occasion."


"Can I have these? I have someone who can do a back trace and see who it was who tried to access the account."


David made me copies of what he had then I returned to the residence. I headed right for my office in the West Wing and JR was hard at work on the bank records. He heard me come in then he turned around and smiled. "You're free now, huh?"


"Yeah, unless I have to give more testimony."


"I'm just about finished with everything. I've made notes and have a huge graph showing where money went and to who and when. I've also found several large deposits."


"Who made them?" I asked.


"The money was transferred from a bank here in the states."


I quickly opened my briefcase and pulled out some papers. I thumbed through them and found what I was looking for. I set it in front of JR, "Is this the account?"


JR looked at his notes. "That's it, how did you get that?"


I told JR how it all came about. "So do you have all the pieces to the puzzle?"


"I do now," JR said smiling. "I'm glad you were able to get Weller to open up and help us."


"Well, it wasn't easy. In the end, we're going to have to make a deal with him but with what we're learning, I think it'll be well worth it."


It was time for lunch so JR and I headed to the residence. After we ate, I called Johnny at the school to see how things were going. He told me Mr. Robinson held an assembly for all the students and everyone was glad to hear the Bobby was fine. He told everyone that he wasn't happy at the way they all acted but with everything that had happened, he understood everyone was on edge but said in no uncertain terms that if anything like that ever happened again, the students would feel the full force of the code of conduct.


"Bennie was called into talk with Mr. Robinson too."


"What happened?" I asked.


"Bennie told me Mr. Robinson wasn't happy with his actions and he expected better from him."


"Johnny, he took a lot before losing it." I said.


"Mr. Robinson understood that but I guess he wants Bennie to be better than the others."


"In theory I can't disagree but we are only human with feelings."


"I know that and Bennie did better than I would have."


I laughed because he was right. "I'm with you there my friend and we're taught to let things like that go."


"My point exactly Ace. If Bennie is going to join the service, he has to be better than we are."


I digested what Johnny was trying to tell me then it sank it. "I see what you mean my friend. Is this something a wise chief once told you?"


"Something like that. We learned to teach the young braves to be better than we are so the future generations would be better educated and more tolerant than our forefathers were."


"It seems to have worked with you my friend. I'm proud to work with you and more importantly, proud to call you a friend."


"Thank you Ace, I'm glad to call you a friend too. Bennie's coming Ace, I better get busy."


"Alright buddy, I'll see you both when you get back here."


I ended the call then fixed myself a cup of coffee and let things run through my mind. Now that all of the pieces of the puzzle were now out, I was angry. I wanted Peterson and Kahliel to pay dearly for what they'd done.


I finished my coffee then went over to the West Wing and to the Oval Office. When I walked in, Frank smiled at me. "He's in a meeting Agent Mason."


I could tell by the way he said it; it was someone Ben would rather not be dealing with. "Can I wait?"


He smiled and nodded so I took a seat. I didn't have long to wait when the door opened and the Iranian Ambassador flew past me then stopped and stared at me.


Ben was standing in the door. "Is there something you need Agent Mason?"


"If you have the time Sir," I said.


"Come on in."


I got up and went into the office. Ben closed the door, "What's on your mind?"


"What's wrong with the Ambassador?"


"He's mad as hell that Kahliel is still in jail."


"Tough," I said. "He's behind everything and I hope to see him pay for it dearly."


"Behind everything?" Ben asked.


"Yes Sir." I said. "He opened the account in the Cayman Islands and he put money into it from his account here in the US. As far as I'm concerned, he's nothing more than a terrorist."


"You can prove this?" Ben asked.


"I sure can." I replied.


"Well, this won't sit well with Iran but right now, I don't care." Ben said as I saw fire in his eyes."


"I agree totally. But we got a huge break when Zane Weller talked to us providing he gets a deal."


"He tried to kill Bennie and he wants a deal?"


"I know it doesn't sound fair but he's provided us with a lot of information that we would have never found without him."


"Well, if he's given us that much, it might be worth it."


"I think it will be." I said then decided to tell Ben I'd worked out a deal. "I want to talk with him again and see what else he will give us and if he does I'll explain the deal I sold to the Attorney General."


"He's not getting off free. He'll do a year in jail then will be on supervised probation for the remainder of his sentence."


"Since he's helped you bring another person to justice, it's fair." Ben said.


"Thank you Sir, I'm pleased you approve of it."


"It's not what I would have wanted since he did want to try and kill Bennie but this deal serves a greater good. I need to get back to the office; I have some things I need to get done before Bennie gets home from school."


Ben nodded then I went out the private door. I was on my way to the office when I heard someone running. I looked and saw JR huffing and puffing. "Ace, Ace."


"Slow down JR., this is one place we can't allow running."


"Sorry Ace, but you have to see this."


For a minute I thought I was talking to Bennie because of his excited seriousness. "OK buddy, let's go."


On the way JR started explaining. "I looked at the logs and the last time that account was accessed was early Monday morning.


We entered the office and JR showed me what he'd found. "The person who did this was pretty good. He used a proxy and it bounced around to over a dozen different places."


"So we're nowhere." I said.


"Not so fast Ace. I'm very persistent and I kept at it and it finally hit where it started. Look at who the IP is assigned to."


I looked and was totally surprised. "Well, I'll be damned."


I got on the phone and called Adam. "Yes Ace, what's up?"


"You're not going to believe what we just found."


"Fill me in."


I gave Adam everything JR found and then asked for a search warrant and an arrest warrant. "So this puts a new spin on things, doesn't it?"


"It looks that way. I'll get the warrants."


"Thanks Adam, let me know when you have the search warrant."


"I will, do you want me to bring you the arrest warrant?"


I thought for a moment. "No, get it over to the US Marshall's office then tell them to call me."


"You got it buddy." I said then ended the call.


"Man, it's really going to hit the fan now." JR said with a grin on his face.


"Well, you know what they say. When you lie with dogs, sometimes you wind up with fleas."


Just then, the office door opened and Bennie came in. "You're here."


"Umm, yeah where would I be?" I said as I got Bennie off my lap.


"I thought you were still in court."


"I was but after I testified, the judge said I could leave and go about my daily business."


Once again, my cell rang. "Mason."


"I have the warrants." Adam said.


"Great, now I can examine those records."


"One more thing. We were able to present our whole case and we've rested. Tomorrow the defense will start theirs. I think you better stay close."


"Why, I've already given my testimony and been crossed examined."


"Because you're subject to recall and it's possible the defense will try and tear your testimony apart."


"How, it's all cut and dry."


"I know that Ace but if he wants you back on the stand, there's nothing I can do to stop it."


"I'll be glad when this trial is over so I can get back to a regular routine."


"Yeah, I know until the next trial."


"Maybe they'll all plead out and it won't come to it."


"It depends Ace, but all of those charges are capital crimes and I won't take the death penalty off of the table."


"Alright Adam, I just want my life back."


"It's the life we lead. You bust them and I prosecute them."


"Do you want me in court tomorrow or can I be with Bennie at school?"


"To be safe, I want you here for an hour or so. If you're not called, you can leave."


"I'll be there." I said then ended the call. "You're good to go JR."


Bennie was standing there and he didn't look happy. "You have to be back in court?"


"Yeah love but if I don't have to testify I can leave."


"Will you come to school?"


I had to think. "If I'm not tied up with something baby. Do you have any homework?"


Bennie pulled me to my feet then kissed me. "Yeah but there is a little research I want to do."


He rubbed my crotch and I started to bone up so I gently removed his hand. "Down tiger, JR is here and this isn't the bedroom."


He wiggled his eyebrows at me. "I'll see you at the residence."


"JR, are there records of that dude actually accessing the Cayman Islands account?"


JR did some searching. "No Ace, not before Monday. But there is a transfer Peterson made to a still unknown account."


"When was this?"


JR quickly found the transfer, "Several months ago."


"Do me a favor, can you tell me who the account belongs to?"


JR started typing. "Umm Ace, you better see this."


I looked at what he'd found and was stunned. "Print that out for me."


JR did then I made a call to Adam. I told him what I'd found then asked if there would be a problem using who the bank information went to since we really didn't have a warrant.


He'd asked if we went into the account and I told him we didn't after I saw whose name was on the account.


He said there wouldn't be so the element of surprise was on our side. I thanked him for the information then JR and I called it a day. "What plans do you have for tonight?" I asked JR.


"Nothing much, just going to spend some quiet time with Dusty. Is that what you and Bennie have planned?"


He gave me a wink when he'd said it. "Well, I've been so busy with things I've really neglected him."


"I gathered that much when he was here." JR said laughing.


"That wasn't meant for others man." I said as the heat came off of my now very red face.


"It's OK Ace, I know what it's like to be in love."


"I know you do and it's nice not having to be in the closet but Bennie can be as subtle as a tank with certain things."


JR laughed. "He reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age and when I'm with Dusty he knows when I'm horny. So give him some special loving."


I leaned back and closed my eyes then everything I had to do went flying through my brain. I needed a distraction because these past three days had been a total nightmare, one of which involved my lover. JR stood then I did and gave him a huge hug. "Thanks my friend, I think I'll do just that."


He was taken by surprise by the hug I gave him then he returned the surprise by giving me a kiss on the cheek. "I bet you'll both enjoy it."


I wiggled my eyebrows. "I know at least one person who will."


JR and I left the office then he headed out the door. I headed for the residence and had a four footed welcoming committee waiting on me. I took Tonka outside then returned to the residence. I headed for my room so I could get comfortable and I had yet another surprise. Lying on my bed was a nude Bennie with his eyes glued to his computer and he was working his love toy in and out of his ass. I quietly closed the door then whistled. Bennie smiled and removed the toy showing me his moist gaping hole. "Well, are you just going to stand there and gawk at me?"


My dick went from limp to stiff so fast it was hurting in the position it was in so I quickly stripped. Bennie saw my love tool then shoved the dildo back into his chute. "Are you going to get yourself off with that?"


I went over and closed the lid on his laptop then put my hand on the dildo and gave it a few quick turns and lifted it towards his love nut causing him to moan. "Fuck Ace, you're going to make me shoot."


I didn't bother to lube my dick because his hole was already prepared so I took his toy and set it on the night stand then filled his hole with my dick. I slid it in slowly then Bennie grabbed my hips and slammed me to the hilt in one shot. As soon as I bottomed out, I saw his eyes roll up and felt his hole clamp down hard on my tool. "Get ready love," I said then started to give him a hard loving."


"Oh yeah lover," Bennie moaned. "Give it to me."


I gave him every inch I had as I heard my balls slapping his ass with each stroke. Bennie was moaning so much I thought we were going to be heard through the sound proof walls. It had been so long since I'd shot I had zero staying power so when Bennie's hole clamped down on me, it was the last straw. "Hold on love, you're about to get an ass full."


No sooner had I said that when I fired a huge load into Bennie's love canal. I had to slow down because I was humping so fast and hard, I was actually pulling some of my cum out and onto the sheets. I grabbed the top sheet and pulled it in between Bennie's legs then took his dick into my mouth and took his load, swallowing every drop. "Man love, that was hot. My nuts ache now." Bennie said as I watched him slide his hand inside the sheet between his legs then shove a couple of fingers inside his hole.


I kissed him passionately. "Do you feel better now?"


"That'll hold me until later." He replied with that impish grin he uses.


I undid the sheet at the foot of the bed then helped Bennie into the bathroom. He quickly sat on the toilet then let out a huge fart as he expelled my deposit. I got the shower going then we cleaned up and got dressed. We headed out to the dining room and Ben was sipping on a glass of wine. "Was it one of those days too Sir?" I asked.


"Yes it was," Ben said as he drained his glass.


Ben picked up the bottle and poured some into my glass then refilled his. Bennie looked at Ben. "What wrong Dad?"


"It's just been a very hard day son."


Bennie went over and sat on Ben's lap then gave him a hug. "How's that?" Bennie asked as he kissed him on the cheek.


Ben smiled and set his glass down. "That just made my day a whole lot better son."


I saw Bennie whisper something into Ben's ear causing him to smile. He kissed Bennie on the cheek and nodded his head. I was slowly sipping my wine then Gloria brought dinner in. She fixed us her Mexican feast with tacos, burritos and enchiladas. She knew my weakness and put several burritos and enchiladas on my plate. I dug in as did Ben and Bennie. I went back for seconds but as soon as Ben's place was empty, he excused himself and headed for his bedroom. I looked at my lover. "What gives baby?"


"Dad's going to call Chris."


I smiled to him then leaned over and kissed him on the lips. "You know the right things to do and say at just the right time baby."


He smiled at me. "I try. I know Dad is so busy with things he needs a distraction too."


I then had a idea. "Baby, go and call Rocky."


He got a weird look on his face. "How come baby?"


I put my last bite of burrito into my mouth then took Bennie by the hand as we headed down to the bedroom. "Well, see if you can find out what Chris's plans are for this summer."


The light went off in Bennie's head as he got that devilish look on his face. "Are you thinking what I am?" Bennie asked.


We went into his room then Bennie grabbed his phone. "Why not love? Doesn't your Dad deserve the same thing we have?"


He wrapped his arms around my neck then planted a hot kiss on me. "Yeah, he sure does."


I remembered Ben had planned a graduation gift for Bennie so he was going to be alone until we returned then Bennie picked up his phone and made the call. "Give Rocky my love." I said as I headed for my room.


I quickly stripped the bed then took Bennie's toy into the bathroom and washed it. I turned it on and it barely ran so I went over to my dresser and replaced the batteries. I tried it again and it buzzed to life. I slipped it into my pocket then went back over to Bennie's room. Once again I found him naked and playing with his dick. "A hem," I said as Bennie kept on playing with his dick.


I went over and sat beside him and then I saw why he was nude. There on the screen was Rocky in the buff wanking his willy to beat the band. "Is this dial a porn?" I asked as Rocky raised his head."


"Hi Pop," He said just as he blasted a load of cum onto his chest.


I watched as Rocky licked his juice off his fingers and started to scoop it off his chest and clean his fingers.


"Man Rocky, that was hot cuz." Bennie said as he stopped jerking his dick.


"You like that Bennie?" Rocky asked as he spread his legs and slid a small cucumber out of his ass.


"You guys need to be a little more careful." I said.


Bennie looked at me. "This is a secure line Ace."


"I know love but still, your dad would have a fit if he knew about this." I said.


"Hey Pop?"


"Yes son," I replied.


"Umm can I ask a favor?"


"What's on your mind?" I asked


"Would you mind if I watched?"


Bennie jumped in. "No Rocky, you can't. You wouldn't want someone watching you and your lover making love, would you?"


"No man, I guess not." Rocky said sheepishly.


I reached into my pocket and pulled out Bennie's love toy then I turned it on and rubbed it against his balls. His body shook as chills ran through his body. "Uh Rocky, I gotta go."


"What's wrong dude, you sound funny all of a sudden."


Benne took his phone and pointed it at his balls and showed Rocky what was going on. "Does this answer your statement."


"Oh hell yeah," Rocky said. "I gotta get me one of those."


Bennie was fighting the feelings that were cursing through his body. "Talk to Chris, he's old enough."


"Good idea." Rocky said as Bennie let out a loud grown. "Man, what happened, did you just pop a nut?"


Bennie's chest, face and stomach were now covered in a load he just shot over himself.


Bennie looked up at me. "You enjoyed that, didn't you lover."


"And you didn't?" I asked wiggling my eyebrows at him.


"I know I would have." A voice said as I saw Rocky smiling on the small screen.


Bennie ended the call then I sat down and cleaned him off with my tongue. His juice was getting stronger and it was becoming very salty. I felt his hand unzipping my pants then it went fishing for my dick. Once I had his torso clean I made it easy on him by standing up and undoing my belt. He undid the button and they fell to the floor. I pulled my undies down then Bennie took my dick into his mouth. I sucked in as I felt his tongue jab at my piss slit then I felt a buzzing at my back door. "If you keep that up, you're going to get a mouthful."


He pulled off then scooted over so I could lie down beside him. "That's what I'm hoping for."


Bennie reached over and grabbed the lube then greased up the vibrator. I raised my legs as I felt the toy start to slide into my chute. I moaned. "Baby, that's not what I really want in me."


I reached my hand out and found Bennie's dick which was standing tall. He was working the toy in and out of my ass getting it lubed then he removed it. Suddenly, I felt empty but it didn't last long. I then felt the head of Bennie's dick started to enter me so I pushed out then he entered me going all the way to the hilt. I groaned as I was suddenly stretched to the max and I had to get used to it. "Are you alright baby?"


"Yeah love, I'm still getting used to your fatter cock but now it's starting to feel good. Just take it slow."


I got accustomed to Bennie's sausage in my ass then nodded my head to him to pick the pace up and that he did. I felt his tool rub my prostate causing me to leak like a broken faucet. Bennie reached his hand down and wiped a drop of precum off the tip then put it into his mouth. "Damn love, you taste good." Bennie said as he slammed all the way in me causing me to moan again as his dick hit my prostate. "I'm going to shoot baby."


He pulled back then slammed in again. When he did, I felt my dick erupt, the likes of which I can't remember. My first volley hit Bennie in under the chin as he was leaning over about to kiss me. "You better move baby." I said as he wiped the cum off his chin then licked his lips.


He stayed there and opened his mouth as my next shot was right on target then he started to fill me up inside. "I like this baby. I get your load and don't have to move."


His arms started to get weak so I held on to him then lowered him down onto my chest. I could feel his heart pounding through his chest as he began to come back to Earth. His dick was still hard inside my ass then I felt it start to go soft and slide out of my hole. I used my ass muscles to try and get my hole closed so Bennie's deposit wouldn't leak out. "Get a towel love, quick."


Bennie hopped off the bed and ran into the bathroom then quickly threw me one. I managed to get it to my hole in time. I got it in between my legs then hurried to the toilet. Once I emptied my ass, Bennie and I grabbed a shower so we wouldn't smell like sex in the morning. When we got out, I grabbed the air freshener and gave the room a quick spray. "That's better baby, now come cuddle with me." Bennie said as he quickly dove under the covers landing on his stomach.


I went around and sat on his butt then started pushing on it. "Man, this bed is lumpy." I said with a laugh."


"Get off my butt." Bennie said as I reached down and started to tickle him.


He started bucking causing me to land on the floor. "Man love, you've gotten stronger."


I managed to get back to my feet then I slid in beside him. He wrapped his arms around me then we cuddled close. I felt him kiss me on the cheek then we got comfortable and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I was once again awakened by the nagging buzz of my alarm clock. This time I'm on the other side of the bed so I can slap the snooze bar without having to crawl over Bennie. I stopped the noise then felt Bennie cuddle closer to me. I closed my eyes then the buzzing started again. I went to slap the snooze bar but Bennie grabbed my arm whispering, "Don't."


I looked at the time and it was 6:45. Bennie had to get up as did I so this time I turned the alarm off then rolled out from under my lover's arm. "Come on love, rise and shine."


"Oh love, do I have to?"


I yanked the covers down then saw his bare ass so I gave it a firm slap causing him to sit up fast. "Hey."


I started giggling. "I told you, rise and shine."


He moaned then managed to get up, "Funny baby."


I went into the bathroom and emptied my bladder then shaved. I saw Bennie standing behind me rubbing his face in the mirror. "Do you think you need a shave love?"


I turned and ran the back of my hand over his smooth face. "Do you think I need to?"


I shook my head. "No baby, it's still smooth. Don't rush it. I did and it's something I hate. If I didn't have to I wouldn't."


"Don't even think about growing a beard." He said as I finished shaving then rinsed the shaving cream off. "I like your smooth face too."


I dried my face then gave him a kiss on the lips. "Alright love, I'm not going to risk not being able to cuddle with you."


We got dressed then headed out to the dining room. As soon as I opened the door, Tonka was waiting on me and I knew what that meant. I took him outside and while he was doing his business, Johnny arrived. "Good morning Ace."


Tonka heard Johnny's voice then went running over to greet him. Johnny got a licking for a greeting then we returned to the residence. After breakfast, Johnny took Bennie to school and I got ready for court. When I arrived, I found Adam and he was talking with several US Marshalls. He saw me heading towards him then waved to me. I walked over and he showed me the warrant. "This looks good."


Adam looked at me. "Do you know what I had to do to get this?"


"How much did you have to lay out?"


"A lot," Adam said.


I looked at the warrant and saw who signed it. "Judge Stein is a real stickler for detail, isn't he?"


"And how," Adam said. "It's almost time for the session to start, so we better get inside."


Adam and I went inside the courtroom. When I got to where I was going to sit, I looked over my shoulder and spotted them sitting down in the back.


Before I could sit down, the door from the holding area opened and Marcus Cole came in. He looked like he had had a very rough 3 days. The one thing was he had shaved so Cal wouldn't give him a hard time. The next person out was Harold Peterson. Next, Peterson was led in and sat down beside Cole then he began going at him. "That jerk of a lawyer who took over for you did nothing yesterday. I wanted Mason here but that asshole judge said he could leave. Now, I demand you put him on the stand and question him."


Cole was glaring at him. "WHY?"


Peterson grabbed Cole by the suit jacket. I flew through the railing and separated the two. "Keep your hands off him." I shouted as two Marshalls came in. "That just bought you another charge." He stood up and managed to grab me. I then let him have it right in the face sending him sprawling, landing on the floor.


The door to Cal's chambers opened and he saw me pulling Peterson up to his feet. "What's going on in here Agent Mason?"


Peterson stood up and started. "This man attacked me for no reason."


Cal looked over at Adam. "Is this true Mr. Graham?"


"Well Your Honor, Mr. Peterson started yelling at his attorney then he grabbed him by the coat.


"Shut up you lying fag loving kike." Peterson said causing Cole to stare at him.


"That's just enough Mr. Peterson." Cal shouted. "Guards, escort him back to the holding area."


Marcus stood and looked at Cal. "Your Honor, I can't continue as his attorney."


Cal thought for a moment. "Mr. Cole, I understand your reluctance but if I were to grant your request, I would have to order a mistrial and the prosecution has already rested, so I have no choice but to deny your request. How many witnesses do you plan on calling?"


Cole thought for a moment then remembered what Peterson had yelled at him. "May I have a moment to confer with my client?"


"Very well but a Marshall will be with you at all times." Cal said as Cole stood.


I looked over my shoulder then the Marshalls in the back of the courtroom came forward. Cal saw this. "What's the meaning of this?"


One of the Marshalls came through the rail and set a piece of paper on the bench. "I apologize for the interruption but we have a warrant for the arrest of Marcus Cole."


Cole's eyes got big. "What are the charges?"


The other Marshall went over and quickly put him in handcuffs. "Conspiracy to commit treason."


"WHAT?" He shouted. "That's ridiculous, I'm a loyal American citizen."


"That may be true but you're still under arrest."


Cal was reading the warrant then looked at the Marshalls. "Take him to a holding cell. Agent Mason, Mr. Graham, I'll see you in my chambers NOW!"


Cal banged his gavel then stormed off the bench and went into his chambers. Adam and I walked slowly to the door then I knocked on it. "ENTER."


We went in and Cal was removing his robe. "Ace, what in the hell did you think you were doing?"


"My job Cal," I said has he sat behind his desk.


"You're job? Cal shot back. "In the middle of the trial?"


I didn't issue the arrest warrant Cal, that came from the Attorney General and Judge Stein approved it."


"You better fill me in some." Cal said looking at us.


I thought for a minute. "I received a call from David Miller and he wanted to see me in his office. He'd received a notice from the Cayman Islands that someone had tried to access an account we linked to Harold Peterson."


"So what does that have to do with Marcus Cole?"


"The bank logged his IP address and we traced that back to Cole."


Cal shook his head. "How did he get the information?"


"There is only one way," I started. He was given the log in information from Peterson himself."


"For what reason?" Cal asked.


I shook my head. "I don't know. If he'd have gotten in, we would have but when David was at the bank, he asked if they could freeze the account and let us know if anyone tried to access it."


"I see," Cal said. "So now what do I do about the trial?"


Adam stepped up. "Well, Mr. Dechert is familiar with the case, why not let him represent Peterson?"


"I don't see as I have much of a choice but this might give him grounds for an appeal."


"Let him try," I said. "You've seen all the evidence we have and it all points right at Peterson."


"You did your homework, I must say."


"Thanks Cal," I said. "What pissed me off was had he reached the gun, he'd have taken a shot at Bennie. I should have just killed him when I had the chance."


"You don't mean that Ace," Cal said.


"I do Cal," I said seriously. "He's behind the attempt on the President's life."


"Do we know who opened the account?"


I nodded my head. "Yes Sir," I said. "We even have him in custody."


Cal nodded his head. "Good, now don't tell me any more in case I get assigned the case."


I started for the door when Adam stopped me. "What about today's session?"


"I'll notify Franklin Dechert and we'll pick up again tomorrow."


"Alright Cal," I said. "I'm heading over to the school, Bennie misses having me there."


"Alright Ace, tell Carl I'll see him tonight."


"I will," I said opening the door.


Cal put his robe on then adjourned the court for the day."


I left the courthouse and headed over to Georgetown Exeter. It was near the end of the period so I went down to where Bennie's class was and waited for the bell. When the bell rang, he, Jake and Carl were talking so much they didn't even see me. I leaned down to Tonka and told him to take Bennie by the arm. When they took off down the hall, he gently took Bennie's arm and brought him back to me. "Ace, I didn't see you." Bennie said smiling as we were then joined by Carl and Jake.


Carl put his arm around my shoulder. "Are you back for good?"


"I am for the rest of today." I said as we headed for Bennie's next class. The boys went in and took their seats then I got a call from Adam. I went outside where I could talk. "What's up Adam?"


"Cole is up in arms about being arrested."


"Oh really, did you explain to him what it was about?"


"Yes I did but he's denying it." Adam said causing me to laugh.


"Did you expect anything else?"


"Not really but he's really adamant about it."


"Did you show him the evidence?"


"I did."


"And let me guess, he's claiming it wasn't him who tried to access the account."


"Yes he is."


"IP's don't lie and I trust JR's work. He'll have to come up with some solid evidence he didn't do it which I doubt seriously he can."


"He's also demanding he be arraigned."


"That's your area Adam. Bennie's class is about to end then it's lunch time and I'm hungry."


"Alright Ace, I'll stop over at your office this afternoon. I'll be talking with Cole again."


"Well, make it after 3:45 so I'll be back."


"OK buddy, I'll see you then."


I hurried back inside just as the bell rang. I caught up with the boys then went to lunch. The rest of the afternoon flew by and it was time to leave. Bennie and I left the school and headed for the residence. "I've missed this Ace." Bennie said reaching over and taking my hand.


"So have I love but testifying in court is part of my job. When you become an agent, you'll be having to do that also."


He smiled. "Yeah and I'll make sure what I say puts them all away for a long time."


"Just remember one thing baby." I said as I had to stop for a traffic light.


"What's that?"


"You'll be cross examined by the defense and they'll do anything they can to discredit you or your testimony."


"I'm not worried. I have great teachers so all of my work will be perfect."


I smiled at him. "I'm sure it will be."


We were about to pull up to the back gate when my cell rang. I put it on speaker. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is..."


"An Assistant US Attorney wanting to see me." I said interrupting the guard.


"How'd you know?"


"Because I'm sitting behind his car. Let him in."


Adam was allowed to enter then Bennie and I entered the property. We headed for the residence and Adam parked behind JR's car. "Are you coming up Ace?" Bennie asked.


I shook my head. "Not right now love, I have to talk with Adam then I'll be up. While you're waiting, get your homework done."


Bennie took off then Adam and I went to my office. JR was still working on the bank records. "What's he doing?" Adam asked.


"This is Agent JR Carl." I said as JR heard us then turned around.


"Is he one of your agents?"


JR stood and went over to Adam and shook his hand. "No, I work with NCIS."


"Ace, why is..." Adam started then I interrupted him.


"Because Adam, he's the best forensics tech for this job. JR has been able to sort this mess out and connect all the dots we've needed."


"The defense will have a field day with this." Adam said.


"Good luck," I said. "If it wasn't for JR's hard work, we'd have never found out who is behind setting up the account and who was accessing the account sending money to pay for things."


Adam started shaking his head. "I can't use any of this."


JR and I were both aghast. "Any why not?"


"Because he's not with the Secret Service."


"That's bullshit Adam." I said.


He waved his hand. "That's my final decision."


"Adam, have you totally lost your mind?"


"I can't use evidence collected by an outside source."


"That's crap and you know it." I screamed.


"It won't be admitted." Adam said as I took out my cell.


"Well then you can explain this to David." I said as I pushed David's number I had on speed dial.


The phone rang. "David, Agent Mason here."


I put the call on speaker. "Hi Ace, what's up?"


"Well, we have a small problem here."


"Oh, is there anything I can do?"


"I hope so. It seems Adam has a problem with the bank records we got from the Cayman Islands."


"What's going on Adam?" David asked.


"Well David, it seems a non Secret Service agent has been working on these records."


"Oh, and who is he and who does he work for?"


"He's a Navy cop."


"Do you mean NCIS?" David asked.


"Yes Sir. He works for NCIS."


"And you have a problem with that?"


"Well, the defense would..."

"Would what Adam?"


"They'd attack his credibility."


"Based on?"


"The fact he doesn't work for the Secret Service."


I looked at Adam. "You didn't have a problem getting a search warrant based on Agent Carl's work, did you?"


"I didn't..."

"BULLSHIT!" I said interrupting him. "You've known every step of the way who worked on this and now you're going to let the case go down the shitter?"


"I can't use this."


"That's enough Adam." David said.


"But Sir."


"Don't but sir me Adam. Agent Mason has kept me informed every step of the way here. Are we clear on this?"


"Yes Sir." Adam said contritely.


"Good, is there anything else Ace?" David asked.


"That'll do it, thanks David." I said then ended the call. "What's gotten into you Adam?"


"I just don't want to see JR attacked on the stand."


"Why don't you let me worry about that." JR said. "I can handle myself."


"OK JR. I know you've put in a lot of hours on this and without it, we'd be nowhere."


Just then Adam's phone rang and it was the city jail. "Adam Graham."


I could only hear one side of the conversation but I could tell the person on the other end wasn't a happy camper."


Adam closed his phone then looked at me. "It's starting already."


"What is?" I asked.


"That was Marcus Cole, he's challenging the warrant we got to access his accounts."


"Let him," I said. "That warrant was signed by Judge Stein, or have you forgotten?" I fired back.


"No but it was JR"s work that got us the information."


"SO WHAT?" JR screamed.


I went over and put my hand on his shoulder. "Calm down JR. He's just grasping at straws."


"I'll not have some idiot questioning my education." JR said.


"Alright buddy." I said. "Do you have your credentials with you?"


He nodded his head, "Yep."


"OK, let's go." I said as Adam's mouth dropped open.


I stepped outside and saw Johnny. I called to him and he came over. "Yes Ace, what's up?"


"I need you to stay with Bennie. I need to go over to the jail and see an idiot."


"Alright. When will you be back?"


"I should be back in time for dinner but let Gloria know I had to go out and I might be late."


"I'll let her know."


We headed over to the jail and the afternoon traffic was a nightmare. Once we arrived, we signed in then JR and I secured our weapons before we could go up onto the floor. When we arrived, Cole started screaming. "Where's all this proof I did what you're claiming."


When I got to the cell, he what screaming so loud he spit on the guard. "Get back Cole." The guard said and he wasn't happy.


"And if I don't?"


"You'll be tased."


The guard stepped back and pulled his taser pointing it at Cole's chest.


Cole stepped back and raised his hands. "Alright," He said stepping away from the cell door.


The guard unlocked it and we stepped in. "Sit down Cole," I said not being in a good mood.


He sat then started in again. "Who's the kid?"


"Shut it," I barked.


"My, my, someone's touchy today, aren't they."


"If you don't put a sock in it, there will be a hole in that table."


"Fine," He said looking at me then over to JR. "What's your name Agent?"


"Special Agent JR Carl."


"And you work for?"


"NCIS," JR said.


"A Navy cop?" Cole asked smugly. "Why aren't you working for a real agency?"


"NCIS is a real agency." JR said.


"OK, where'd you go to school?"


"Which one?" JR said smiling.


"Oh, you flunked out?"


That's enough Cole," I said standing.


JR held his ground. "For your information I went to Georgetown University where I graduated manga cum-laude with my master's degree in Criminal Justice. From there, I went to MIT where I earned my master's degree in Computer Technology. Then I went to John's Hopkins where I got my PhD in biomedical engineering."


Cole was now sitting there with his mouth open. "Well, with all those degrees, why didn't you get on with the FBI or Secret Service."


"Because I didn't want to. Both of them wanted me to come to work for them and at a lot more than I'm making with NCIS but I turned them down."


Now I was at a loss. "Why JR?" I asked.


"Ace, I'm a fourth generation agent here. My great grandfather was the Director here."


It suddenly hit me. "Frank Carl was your great grandfather?"


He smiled and nodded his head. "Yep."


I looked at Cole. "Now Mr. Big Mouth, if I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut. He's got more education than you do."


"So what," He spat. "I want you to prove it was me who accessed that account."


"I don't have to but your Credit Card did." JR said smiling. "You thought you were really slick by using an internet café but you made one fatal mistake and that was using your credit card."


"You mean you went into my credit card records without a warrant?"


JR shook his head. "I didn't have to. The owner of the café gave me the receipt."


I patted JR on the back. "Damn good job there JR."


"Not so fast." Cole said. You still needed a warrant to get that piece of paper."


"No we didn't." JR said.


"Oh yes you did. That's private property, my property."


"Think again," Adam said. Once you used the card, the store's copy is their property.


"And you needed a warrant to seize it."


"Wrong again," Adam said. "The internet café owner freely cooperated."


"We'll see about it. Cole said handing Adam a piece of paper. "This is my motion to exclude the credit card receipt."


"Good luck." Adam said. "We didn't need a warrant to get the receipt because the owner freely cooperated."


"We'll see after I cross examine him." Cole said smugly.


Adam pulled a photo copy of the credit card receipt out of his pocket the held it up to Cole. "Look at this smart ass, and tell me what it says." Cole looked at what Adam had highlighted but just sat there. "I guess you got stupid all of a sudden so I'll read it for you. It says Merchant copy. So that means it's his and not yours so he can do with it what he wants."


Cole just sat there and said nothing so I did, "Guard."


The guard came and as soon as he opened the door, Cole tried to bolt through it but he had to get past me. I turned and laid him out. The guard let us out then cuffed Cole so he could wake him up. "Man Agent that was some punch."


I just laughed then Adam, JR and I left. We returned to the residence just in time for dinner. Ben saw Adam. "Would you care to join us?"


"Oh no Sir..." He started to say put I tapped him on the shoulder and shook my head. He got the message. "Yes Mr. President, I'd be honored."


We had a nice dinner of T-Bone steaks, baked potatoes and Gloria's Mexican green bean casserole. After we ate, Adam said good night, "Thank you Mr. President and my compliments to the chef."


Gloria heard it. "Thank you Señor. I'm honored you enjoyed my cooking. Espero que pueda cenar con nosotros otra vez. (I hope you can dine with us again.)


"Querría que muy mucha Señora," (I would like that very much ma'am.) Adam said.


Gloria was surprised with Adam's reply. "Habla español muy bien señor." (You speak Spanish very well sir.)


Muchas gracias señora, but I must be going. Adios.


I escorted Adam to his car and watched as he drove off.


When I returned, Bennie was on the phone but this time he wasn't naked. Bennie then put the call on speaker. "Ace is here now." Bennie said to the yet unknown individual."


"Uncle Ace." The voice said.


"Hiya Chris, how are you kiddo?"


"It's great man. I've made a lot of friends here."


"That's super buddy."


"Yeah it is. I was really scared when I first got here but everyone's been great. Sandy has been helping me with my college applications."


Just then I heard a knock then heard Sandy's voice. "Chris, this came in the mail for you today."


"Hi Sandy," I said to her.


"Oh hi Ace, how are you?"


"I'm staying busy as ever."


"I'll take that as a good thing?"


"Sort of," I said. "But I'll be glad to get back to a nice, quiet routine."


"So when can we expect a visit from you and Bennie?"


I was about to answer when I heard, "Whoopie! Guess what Ace?"


I had to let the ringing in my ears stop before I could answer. "I'm assuming that whatever it is, it's good news."

"Oh yeah, it's great news. I've been accepted to the University of Washington."


Bennie shouted, "Wow, that is good news."


"Where are you going to college Bennie?" Chris asked.


"I'm hoping to get into Georgetown."


"Ah man." I was hoping you'd be out here."


"Ace went to school there and I'll be home at night."


"You wouldn't want to room with us?"


Bennie smiled. "I'd love that but it would put a lot of extra work on Sandy with all the security."


"Bennie, you and Ace would be more than welcome here." Sandy added.


"I know Sandy but you have your family there. Don't worry, we'll come out for a visit over the summer."


"I'll hold you to it."


"We'll be out there," I said. "We just don't know when but we'll stay in touch."


Bennie took the call off speaker and went back to talking to Chris. The one thing I knew was Chris would be out here while Bennie and I were gone on our vacation."


Just then my cell rang. I looked at my phone but didn't recognize the number. "This is Agent Mason."


"Ace, Bob Brinkman."


"I didn't recognize your number." I said.


"This is my work phone."


"Oh so what's up? I take it this isn't a social call."


I heard him sigh. "No Ace, I wish it was. I need your assistance here. A Navy Master Chief has been murdered and his kids are covered in blood from head to toe."


"Navy?" Did you say?"


"I did Ace."


"That's not my area Bob. That is NCIS."


"Can you call them and I'd still really like you here."


I sighed. "Alright Bob, for you I'll come out. What's the address?"


Bob gave me the address then I ended the call. Bennie was still talking with Chris but he heard my side of the conversation. "Have you gotta go out love?"


I nodded my head. "Yes I do love, Lt. Brinkman needs my help with something."


"Can I come?" Bennie asked.


I remembered what Bob told me then I shook my head. "I'm sorry baby, not on this one."


"Aw, why not?"


"Because it's a homicide and the killer might still be out there. Now, I have to call Dusty."


"I placed the call. "Ace, this better be good."


I could hear JR moaning in the background. "Did I interrupt something?"


"YES and you know how I hate that." He screamed.


"Sorry man but duty calls." I said.


"Oh shit man, I'm sorry I yelled at you. What is it?"


"I just got a call from Bob Brinkman with Metro PD. I said then gave Dusty the address.


"What else does he know?" Dusty asked as I told him what I knew then headed downstairs.


To be continued