The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 42


"I placed the call. "Ace, this better be good."


I could hear JR moaning in the background. "Did I interrupt something?"


"YES and you know how I hate that." He screamed.


"Sorry man but duty calls." I said.


"Oh shit, I'm sorry I yelled at you. What is it?"


"I just got a call from Bob Brinkman with Metro PD. I said then gave Dusty the address.


"What else does he know?" Dusty asked as I told him what I knew then headed downstairs.


I decided to take the charger since Bennie was staying at the residence. I set my radio on Metro's channel then, called the back gate then took off. As soon as I left the residence, I hit my grill lights and turned on the siren. I heard Bob calling me on the phone so I grabbed the microphone and called him on the radio. "Metro Dispatch this is Secret Service 2."


"Go ahead," A voice replied.


"What is Lt. Brinkman's unit number?"


"His unit number is 2118."


"10-4." I answered. "Secret Service 2 calling 2118."


"What's your ETA?" Bob asked.


"I'm two minutes out, have you notified EMS?"


"10-4, they're on scene."


"10-4," I replied as I turned onto the street.


It looked like a war zone with all of the flashing lights. I notified Metro's dispatcher that I was on scene then my cell rang again. I answered it. "Mason, what's the address?" Ellis asked.


I gave him the address then ended the call.


I turned my lights off then shut the engine off. Bob was standing at the door waiting for me. I was about to say something when he leaned over and vomited. Bob was a veteran officer so the scene had to be bad. While he was regaining his composure, I went inside. I heard screaming and crying coming from the back of the house. "Don't touch him."


"Calm down son," The voice said. "No one is going to hurt you."


I opened the door and saw a man in plain clothes trying to sooth a frightened little boy. The man saw me. "Who are you?"


Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked and Dusty was behind me. "Officer, this is our crime scene now."


"Hold on," The officer said. "We're still in the confines of DC."


Dusty took out his credentials. "I understand that but the man was active duty Navy so this makes it our case."


"Oh, sorry," The man said as he looked at Dusty's credentials. "Is there anything I can do to help?"


I nodded my head. "Yes you can. Get some crime scene tape up and keep the press well away from here."


"You got it Sir," The officer said as he went outside.


Dusty looked at me. "Ace, you really need to see the bedroom."


I nodded my head. "JR, can you stay with the boys. I want the medics to check them over from head to toe."


"I will Ace." He said as I followed Dusty.


We returned to the front of the house and I opened the bedroom door. I put on a pair of gloves and got a face mask. The first thing I noticed was he was lying in a pool of blood and his pants were down below his knees. I heard another person behind me. "What do you need Dusty?"


"Start taking photos and collecting evidence."


I stepped back then went to find Bob. When I stepped out onto the porch, I had to fight to keep from tossing my cookies. "Bob, were his pants down when you arrived?"


He nodded his head. "Yeah they were."


"Was there anyone else here?"


He shook his head. "Not that I could find."


I was scratching my head. "We'll have to do a canvas of the neighborhood."


My mind was running amuck and the thoughts I was thinking scared the hell out of me. I went back to the bedroom and Ellis had finished taking photographs, "Ace, you better see this."


I went around to the side of the bed and saw a cast iron frying pan on the floor covered in blood. "Bag and tag it." I said looking at it as Ellis took a couple of photos.


Just then I heard frightened screams from the back of the house. "Ace, come here quick and bring a medic with you."


Dusty and I ran towards the bedroom. One of the little boys came up to me in tears. "Please mister, you gotta help my baby brother."


I knelt down and he fell into my arms. "We will, now what's your brother's name?"


"That's Billy and my name is Timmy."


"Alright Timmy," I said picking him up so the paramedic could examine Billy.


I thought for a moment and wondered if I dare asked this little child what happened.


I sat down on the bed out of the way then looked at Timmy who now was sucking his thumb. He was obviously in shock so I decided not to ask him anything just yet. Dusty came up to me and whispered softly into my ear. "Sergio is here and we're getting ready to remove the body."


I nodded my head then looked at Timmy. "Can you stay here with JR and Billy?"


He nodded his head, "Alwhite," He said still sucking on his thumb.


I passed him off to JR and Timmy wrapped his legs around JR's waist and held on to him with his free arm. Dusty smiled. "You look good like that."


JR rolled his eyes. "Get outta here."


We headed to the front of the house. "Ah Ace, it seems this man met a very untimely demise. Does the term coitus-interruptus mean anything to you?"


"Yeah Doc, I know what it means. Do you mean?"


"That's exactly what I mean ole boy."


`That explains some of this.' I thought to myself.


"Now we need to find out who was the receiver."


"From the looks of it, the woman was menstruating."


""Don't take my brother away from me." I heard Timmy screaming."


The paramedic was carrying the littlest boy outside. "Whoa, where are you taking him?"


"Follow me Agent," He said as he ran towards the ambulance.


I opened the door and he laid the boy on the stretcher. "JR take Timmy back inside." I said as I closed the door.


JR carried the crying child away from the rig then the paramedic showed me what he'd found during his exam. I saw the child's jeans covered in blood but I'd thought that was from his father. Before he went any further, he was trying to get an IV into the boy. "Damn it." I heard him say then threw a catheter into the sharps container.


"What's wrong?" I asked.


"I can't get it started, his veins are real small." He said as I looked at the child sure enough they were very small. "Can you try?"


I shook my head. "I'm not a paramedic."


"Right now, I don't care. We just need to get fluids going into him or I'm afraid he won't make it to the hospital."


He took a tourniquet and wrapped it around the boy's arm. I'd remembered my medical training. I'd seen IV's started and had tried my hand at it a long time ago but this was a child. "Do you have a small catheter?" I asked.


"He needs a large bore needle." The medic said.


I ran my finger over a vein I found. "I know but I don't think he'll be able to hand a large catheter."


"Alright, try this one. He said as he started cutting his shirt off and got him on the heart monitor. When he turned it on I heard a very slow beep, beep, beep which told me his heart rate was very slow.


I put on a new glove and with my bare hand felt the vein. I remembered back to what I'd seen then went for it. I got a blood return which told me I was in the vein. I pulled the leader out a little then slid the catheter into the vein. Next, I connected the IV tubing to the cath. "Start the fluids."


The paramedic started the liquid and I saw it dripping then the paramedic checked the vein to make sure it hadn't blown. We got the catheter taped in place then the medic started cutting the boys clothes off of him.


"I'll need those clothes as evidence."


When the jeans came off, the paper was already covered in blood. Next, he cut off the boy's underpants and rolled him onto his side. His butt was covered in blood so I gently lifted his butt cheek and got sick at the sight. The medic and I both grabbed for the trash can at the same time. He made it first so I grabbed a red bag from a stack then stuck my head in it then lost my dinner.


My head was spinning and the next thing I remembered was Dusty and Bob hovering over me. "Ace, are you alright?"


I tried to sit up but my head started spinning again. "What happened?"


The medic looked at me. "You fainted."


"How's the boy?"


"We're getting fluids into him but we better get him to the hospital fast."


Dusty and Bob helped me out of the rig then I looked at the medic. "Where are you going to take him?"


"Children's National," He said. "I think the other boy should go too, he hasn't been checked out. Will you take a look at him Agent?"


I nodded my head. "Sure," I said as I felt my head clearing up.


The medic sat down in his jump seat then they took off. As soon as the rig was gone, I had a microphone shoved in my face then I was blinded by bright lights. "Agent, where are they taking that boy?"


"Turn that thing off." I said then headed for the house. "This is an ongoing investigation involving minors so no one takes photos of them, do you understand me?"


"The next person who steps foot inside will be arrested. Now, get behind the tape."


"I shouted then walked off."


I slammed the front door closed, found a chair and sat down and broke down into tears. Dusty came over and put his arm around me. "Ace, you can't let them get to you."


I tried to talk but nothing came out. The next thing I felt was a little boy crawling onto my lap. I looked at him and he had a sad look on his face. "Why are you crying?"


I wrapped my arms around the child and continued to cry. After several minutes I managed to get my emotions under control. I took a deep breath then remembered what the paramedic said. "Timmy can I look at you?"


He was giggling. "You are looking at me."


"Um, I mean..."


"Oh, you mean naked?" He asked.


I looked down. "I'm afraid so little one.


He took his shirt off then slid his jeans and underpants down. It was almost as if I was violating him by seeing him half naked. "May I see your bottom?" I asked softly.


I could see he was a mess back there but at least, he wasn't bleeding. "Dusty, he needs to be seen at the hospital too."


"JR, can you take Timmy over to Children's National so he can be checked out? Dusty asked.


JR looked at the child. "Would you like to ride in a police car?"


"With lights and noise maker?" Timmy asked.


JR nodded, "Sure I'll have my noise maker on just for you."


JR got Timmy belted in the front seat then he turned his lights on. As soon as he was out of sight, I heard his siren. It took us another hour to finish going over the house when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's JR. Can you get over to Children's National?"


"Sure, what's up?"


I could hardly hear him. "I can't go into it but Timmy has repeatedly been abused."


Things were making sense now. "Alright buddy, we're on our way."


"How are the boys?" Marshall asked as he started packing his things up.


I shook my head. "I don't know, JR didn't go into details other than Timmy has been repeatedly been abused."


"Well, call me when you find out, OK?"


I patted the big man on the back. "I will."


Dusty and I got into our cars then headed over to Children's National Hospital. We went inside and found the duty nurse. "I'm Special Agent Mason and this is Special Agent Dustin Moore."


"Yes officers, what can I do for you?"


"We're here to see two young boys who were brought in."


She stepped back and looked it up. She told us the room number and a security guard escorted us to the room. When I opened the door, JR was sitting in a chair holding Timmy's hand as he slept.


JR went over to Dusty and hugged him tightly. "Oh baby, how can someone mistreat children like this?"


Dusty did his best to sooth his crying lover. "I don't know baby."


"Why are you crying JR?" I heard Timmy ask."


I went over and sat on the edge of the gurney. I moved his hair out of his eyes and smiled at him. "How are you feeling Timmy?"


"My tummy hurts a little." He said.


He reached out and took hold of my hand. I looked at Dusty then I felt something wet on my thumb. I looked back and Timmy was sucking on my thumb. "Easy there Timmy, I need to wash my hands."


"It's OK, I'm used to this." He said as I felt him try for reach my crotch.


"Timmy, what are you doing?"


He smiled. "I'm just trying to thank you."


I couldn't believe what was happening. "Trying to say thank you?"


He smiled and nodded his head. "Daddy said when someone helps you, you should thank them."


I started trying to digest what was happening and my head started spinning again. I gave him a quick kiss on his head then stepped out into the hall and slid down the wall. I started crying again. Dusty came out and sat beside me. "Ace, are you alright?"


I shook my head. "I can't believe what's going on. My gut is telling me that Timmy killed his father."


"Why?" Dusty said.


"I can only guess here but I'd lay odds he heard his father raping Billy and he wouldn't stop." That would account for the frying pan in the bedroom."


"Are you sure?"


"Yeah. You didn't see Billy in the ambulance. He was bleeding pretty bad from his rectum. Now we need to find someone who'll be willing to foster these two boys."


"Any ideas?" Dusty asked as he looked at me and smiled.


"Oh no, I can't."


"Why not, you'd be great and the boys seem to like you."


"I'd have to clear it with Ben then Evelyn but I have someone else in mind."


"Who?" Dusty asked.


"Cal and Judy Matthews," I said.


"They'd have to be approved." Dusty said.


I pulled out my cell and called Cal. Carl answered the phone. "Hi buddy, is your Dad around?"


"Hiya Ace, they're down stairs." Carl said then I heard him shout.


"Carl Matthews, what have you been told about shouting in the house? I heard Judy shout back at Carl. "Hi Ace, is this a social call?"


"I wish it was Judy." I said.


"Here's Cal."


"I need you here to Judy because this involves the both of you."


"Ace, how's it going?" I heard a voice say.


"Hi Cal," I replied. I need a huge favor.


"This doesn't sound too good."


"It's not my friend." I said.


"I have 2 boys at Children's National that need fostering." I said as I heard Judy gasp.


"Gee Ace," He said.


"Oh no Cal Matthews," Judy said interrupting. "Why do they need fostering?"


I told them what I knew and suspected. "Mom, you gotta take them." I heard Carl say.


"As soon as they can leave the hospital, they have a home here." Judy said.


"Are you sure?" I said not wanting to put undue pressure on any of them.


"We're sure, aren't we Cal?"


"Of course, they're going to need love and understanding."


"By the way, are you licensed?"


"Yes we are but I'll have Cal contact social services."


"Thanks Judy." I said then I heard Carl give out a loud whoop.


I ended the call then the nurse came in. "He's ready to leave but his brother will be here for a few days."


Timmy started crying. "What's happened to him?"


I looked at the nurse and she understood as I sat down beside Timmy. "Timmy, your brother was hurt really bad."


He sniffed as Dusty handed him some tissues so he could blow his nose. "Did my daddy do that? Is that what made him scream and cry at the house?"


I nodded my head. "I think it was, can you tell me what happened?"


He nodded his head. "Timmy, how old are you?" Dusty asked.


He looked down. "I'm nine."


"I knew no one would prosecute him for protecting his little brother so I decided to talk to him. "How old is Billy?"


"He's only five."


OK Timmy, can you tell me what happened?"


"Daddy had been drinking and he wanted me to help him."


"Help him?" I asked.


He nodded his head. "Un huh, help him with his peter."


"What did he want you to do?"


He started to cry then. I put my arm around him. "It's ok son, I'm not going to think badly of you."


"It's a secret; I'm not supposed to tell anyone."


"How come," I asked?


"He said no one would understand and Billy and me would get taken away."


"It's OK, we all have problems once in a while so what did your Daddy want you to do."


He stood up and pointed to his butt. "He wanted to put it back there. He tried but this time it wouldn't go in so he told me to get Billy."


"What could Billy do?" Dusty asked.


Timmy started crying again. "I dunno, Billy had never done anything with Daddy before and I knew what he was gonna do to him."


"What was that?" Dusty asked as I had lost control and was crying with Timmy.


Just then Timmy got a wild look in his eyes. "Damn it, he was gonna fuck my baby brother. Do you get it, he was gonna fuck him."


Timmy threw himself into my arms and broke down and totally lost it.


I rubbed his back then the nurse came back in. "Is everything alright. I heard him screaming at the nurse's station."


I took her outside and filled her in. she held her hand across her mouth as I told her what his father had done to him. "We have therapists here who can help him."


I thought for a minute. "Ma'am with all due respect, I think he needs to see his brother and get with a family who won't be abusing him any longer."


"I'll have to notify social services."


I think that's already being done. "I called a friend who is a foster parent and he said he'd notify them."


Just then someone came in. she saw the nurse and asked, I'm looking for Special Agent Mason."


"I'm agent Mason."


"I'm Wanita Jenkins." She said and showed us her credentials. "I'm from Social Services. We got a call that there is a child in need of placement."


"There is ma'am." I said.


I went to head back to Timmy's room I heard someone call out, "Ace."


I stopped and looked and there was Carl trotting over to me. "Don't run young man."


He started to say something then I gave him a look. "Sorry Ace."


I saw Cal and Judy walking towards me. "Hi there, what are you doing here?"


"I called my friend at Social Services."


Wanita looked at me. "Do you two know each other?"


I smiled at her then Cal stepped over to us. "Wanita, this is Special Agent Rich Mason. He's on the Presidential Security detail."


"Cal you know some very influential people." She said.


"That's nothing," Cal said. "My son has met the President's son."


She looked at me. Shall we go and see the boy?"


I looked at her. "His name is Timmy and he's been through hell. So has his little brother Billy. He's in surgery, that's as much as I know."


We went back to Timmy's room and as soon as I went in I had a little boy in my arms. "Ace, where have you been?"


"I had some business to take care of."




"Yes son, would you like to go home with a new family?"


He started shaking. "They won't hurt me will they?"


Cal stepped inside. "Oh no son, I can never hurt you."


I stepped over to Dusty and JR. "Did you learn of what happened?"


Dusty nodded his head. "He told me everything. And before you ask, yes, he hit his father because he was raping Billy."


My heart sank a little but I knew there was good in his heart. Just then a Doctor came in. "Timmy there is someone here who would like to see you."


"Who is it; Billy?"


"If you'll follow me please," The doctor said as he turned and headed for the door.


I carried Timmy out and we followed the doctor. He headed into a room and there in bed was a swollen little boy. Timmy started wiggling. "Don't jump on him son, he's very sore."


He walked over and rubbed his hand gently as tears began to fall. "Oh Billy, I'm so sorry. I failed you as a big brother. It was my job to protect you and I couldn't until he was hurting you."


"Don't cry Timmy, it wasn't your fault daddy did this to me."


I looked up and Billy was rubbing his brother's hand with his thumb. I stepped outside and there was Cal, Judy, Carl and the social worker. "Agent Mason, is it true that Timmy killed his father?"


I nodded my head, "Yes it is, he saved his brother."


"Agent Mason, I can't allow this unstable child..."


"He's not unstable. He saved his brother from being brutally raped."


"I can't in good conscience allow him into a home."


Cal looked at her. "And what would you propose?"


"I'd put him in a secure facility until doctors..."


"Fill him with drugs and tell him he was bad." Cal said sternly.


"Mr. Matthews," She started.


"That's Judge Matthews; Ms. Jenkins."


She looked at Cal and knew he wasn't happy. "We do the best we can."


"I'm on the Federal Bench and I've also been in private practice so I know how some of you work. You lock a child away somewhere then forget about him."


"I know what he's done and so does my family. If I feel he needs professional help, he'll get it but I won't allow him to be locked in some funny farm and pumped full of drugs. Do we understand each other?"


"Yes Your Honor." She said.


"He needs to know he's still lovable and he's not damaged goods. He's been through something no child has to endure."


"Timmy was a victim also," I said. "His father used him for his own perverted pleasure but even through all of it, he loved Billy and wasn't going to sit back and do nothing while he was being hurt. You don't know the guilt that boy is carrying right now."


Wanita thought for a moment. "It looks like he's got a good support system here. I'll yield to your judgment but don't hesitate to call if you need anything."


I went back inside and Timmy was still holding Billy's hand while the little boy slept soundly. I walked over and picked the little guy up. "Are you ready to go son?"


He looked at his brother. "Can't I stay here with him?"


"You don't need to be admitted son. Besides, you have a family who are eager to get to know you."


Cal and Judy want to be your new parents and guess what?"


I could see him thinking. "What?"


"You have a big brother."


"Will he like me?"


"You bet I will," A voice said.


I looked and there was Carl. "Timmy, this is Carl. He's your big brother."


Carl walked over to Billy and leaned down and gently kissed him on the forehead. Carl came over and knelt down in front of us. "I won't let anyone ever hurt you or our little brother again."


Timmy smiled. "Promise?" he asked and stuck his little finger out.


Carl wrapped his little finger around Timmy's, "Pinkie promise."


Timmy left my lap and hugged Carl tightly. "Not many people know what that means."


"I do little bro. Are you ready to go now?"


"Can we see Timmy tomorrow?"


"I have school tomorrow but if you ask Mom, I bet she'll take you."


We went outside and Timmy saw Judy. He reached out for her and she gladly took him. He was about to say something when he pulled Carl over to him. "Can I call her Mommy?"


Carl smiled and nodded his head. "You sure can, I do."


"Mommy, can you bring me here tomorrow so I can see Billy. I know he's going to be scared when he wakes up. He's never slept anywhere except our bed."


Judy kissed him on the cheek. "Sure I will sweetie. We can't have him scared now, can we?"


Timmy shook his head then stuck his thumb into his mouth.


Just then he started wiggling so Judy set him down as he started dancing holding his penis. "I gotta pee bad."


Carl took his hand and quickly got him to a bathroom. "Thanks Carl, I didn't think I was going to make it."


When they came out, they headed for the exit. I found Dusty and JR then we went outside. I headed for my car when I heard a little voice. "Ace, Ace."


I saw Timmy running towards me then he launched himself into my arms. "What's up little man?"


I wanted to say bye and thanks for everything."


He gave me a big kiss on my cheek then I kissed him back and set him on his feet. He ran over to Carl then stopped and waved.


I was exhausted. "I'm ready for bed man."


"It's almost midnight, I don't know why." JR said.


We returned to our cars then I headed back to the residence. Bennie came up to me and hugged me. I was home so I could just let go and I did. I broke down and cried. Bennie managed to help me into his room and get me on the bed. "Baby, what's wrong?"


I held onto him as if my life depended on it. I had totally lost it. I was babbling and crying so badly I scared Bennie. The next thing I remembered was Ben standing there. "Dad, do something please."


"What brought this on son?" Ben asked.


He shook his head. "I wish I knew. When I was talking with Chris, he got a call from Dusty then he said he had a call and when he got back he broke down. I've never seen him like this before."


I heard voices then I looked and saw Ben there. I sat up and wiped my eyes. I blew my nose then Bennie came over to me. "Oh Ace, are you alright baby? You scared the hell out of me."


"I'm sorry love." I said as Ben came over.


"I called Dr. Phillips, he's on his way over." Ben said.


"Oh Sir, I'm fine really."


Bennie looked at me. "Ace, you were having a breakdown or something."


"I'm sorry love, when I saw you and you hugged me I couldn't stop my tears."


"What was the case you went on?" Ben asked.


I shook my head then stood up. "Come outside Sir, Bennie please stay here."


"Why love, I'm a big boy."


Tears started to fall again then Bennie came over and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Oh love, I hope I don't get a case like this again."


"Why, what happened."


I told Bennie and Ben what had happened and even Ben was crying. "Ace, why didn't you agree to foster them?" Ben asked.


"Sir, my life has been too hectic right now and those boys need a sense of stability. Cal and Judy can offer that to them."


Dr. Phillips came in and I had to retell my evening again. This time I managed to get through it with a minimum of tears. "Are you going to be alright Agent Mason?"


I looked at him and put on my best macho face. "Yeah, I'll be fine."


"Just to be sure, I'm going to give you something to calm you down so you can sleep."


"No doc, that's not necessary."


I heard a voice then. "Listen to him." Bennie said.


I looked and Bennie was standing there. "Am I being over ruled?"


He nodded his head. "Right now you are."


I put my hands up. "I know when I'm beat."


Dr. Phillips drew something into a syringe. "I need to see your hip."


I gave him a look. "Won't my shoulder work?"


Bennie came in and reached for my belt. "Don't argue with the doctor."


Bennie loosened my belt and undid the button then pulled the zipper down. I got the message and curled onto my side then felt the sting of the needle. "Agent Mason, don't go trying to do a lot now. Bennie, will you stay with him?"


"Yes doctor, I won't let him out of my sight."


Dr. Phillips left then Bennie finished removing my pants and underwear along with my shirt, vest and tee shirt. I tried to lift my head but the medicine was starting to affect me. I rolled over and faced the empty side of the bed. "Are you going to join me or am I sleeping alone tonight."


Bennie threw his clothes off and slid in beside me. "I said, I wasn't leaving you alone tonight, and I meant it."


I felt Bennie snuggle close to me as I tried to run the events of the evening through my head again but I lost out to the medication Dr. Phillips gave me.


When I finally woke up, the first thing I noticed was the bed was empty. I went to sit up and my head felt like I'd been at an all night party until I closed my eyes and remembered what had happened. I stood up and managed to find my legs so I could make it into the bathroom. I did my business then took a warm shower hoping that would clear the cobwebs from my head. It helped a little. I got dressed then went to the dining room. I didn't see Bennie then I looked at my watch. It was after 10. I guess Bennie decided to let me sleep because of what had happened the night before.


I fixed myself some coffee then Gloria came in. "Good morning Señor Ace, are you feeling better now?"


I didn't know how I was feeling but it was somewhat better than when I got back. "Yes, I am a little."


"Are you hungry?" She asked.


"A little Gloria," I answered not really knowing how my stomach would react to food.


She made me a light breakfast then I went back to my room to make a call. "Dusty, this is Ace."


"Hi Ace, what can I do for you?" Dusty said.


"Do you need a report from me?"


"Nah, this is our case and everyone has done theirs."


"Did you ever get a name of the deceased?"


"Yes we did," Dusty answered. "We ran his prints through the database. The man's name is William Babcock. He was a Master Chief Petty Officer with nineteen years in. He was a widower with 2 boys."


"Well, we know about his boys. What's in his personnel jacket? Was there anything in there that would give a clue to what we found?" I asked.


"Nope, he had a spotless record."


"This makes no sense but with some people, we'll just never be able to figure them out."


"You're right." Dusty replied. "I also called the hospital and gave them the boys' last name. I just have to call Social Services so they can get their records right."


"OK buddy, thanks for everything. Oh, do you know if the boys have any family?


I could hear him flipping through some papers. "Yes, it appears there are some grandparents. I'll have to get in touch with them."


"Thanks Dusty." I said feeling better knowing the boys had blood family.


"Talk with you later Ace." Dusty said then ended the call.


My next call was to Adam. I knew I was supposed to be in court and I was hoping they weren't waiting on me. "Adam, it's Ace."


"Ace, how are you? I called you earlier and Bennie answered your phone."


"What did you need?" I asked as I went over to his room and found a note under the alarm clock.


Adam filled me in as I read Bennie's note. "Do you want a copy of what I have?"


"What's on it? Bennie said you told him that Kahliel shot his mouth off and spilled his guts."


"OH yeah and his attorney was there too." Adam said.


Did you get him to sign the waiver?"


"Yep and reluctantly his lawyer witnessed it."


"So what did he admit to?"


"Everything, he told us the whole story."


"Tell me you recorded it."


"Oh yeah and I've already burned it onto a CD."


"Can you get me a copy?"


"Already did buddy, check your email."


"OK now one question."


"About the Peterson case," Adam asked


"Yeah, who's representing him?"


"Dechert is and he rested."


"What?" I almost shouted. "Is he trying to open the door for an appeal?"


"Well, the defense doesn't really have to put on a case. The burden of proof is on us and he knows the evidence was solid and he couldn't shake anyone's testimony so he rested and the jury has the case now."


"Well, let me know when the verdict is in. I don't know if I can get over there but I'll try."


"Alright buddy, I'll let you know." Adam said then ended the call.


I checked my email and sure enough, Adam attached an MP3 document. I downloaded it then burned it onto a CD. When that was done, I decided to call Ben and fill him in on what Adam had told me about Kahliel. When I went into the Oval Office, I asked Frank if Ben was free. He called Ben then I went inside. "How are you feeling today? You gave us a good scare last night."


"Better Sir, I just hope I never have another night like last night."


"What can I do for you?"


"I was talking with Adam Graham and he had a little bombshell dropped on him."


"I hope it was something good."


"It was a shock, when Adam told me about it." I said then took out the CD and played it for Ben.


"Why would he give all of that up?" Ben asked.


"I guess he thought we wouldn't execute him."


"We might not but he'll be deported, that's for sure."


"After he does his prison time," I added.


I talked with Ben for a few more minutes then left to return to my office. On my way back, my cell rang. I didn't recognize the number. "This is Agent Mason."


"Agent Mason, this is Jack Davis with the Marshall's Service."


"Yes, what can I do for you?"


"Did you authorize the release of Yusuf Kahliel?"


"What, no I didn't authorize his or anyone else's release. Why are you asking?"


I stopped in my tracks and headed back to the oval office. "Well, two agents from ICE came here with papers and they're trying to take him."


"How the hell was that possible? Do you have copies of the paperwork?"


"Um no they wouldn't give me any copies or even let me make any."


"Let me speak to your supervisor please."


"This is Michael Adams." The voice said.


"This is Special Agent Mason with the Secret Service. Have those ICE Agents left yet with Kahliel?"


"I don't know, I can find out." He said.


"Look, here's what I want. I need them stopped and detained."


"I'll get on it right away."


I went back to the Oval Office and I saw Isaac heading to see Ben. "I have to speak to the President, right away, this is an emergency."


Frank called Ben and I could hear Isaac in the background. Frank hung up then the door opened.


"Come in Ace." Ben said as Isaac was standing behind him.


"Isaac, if you'll excuse us please." I asked.


Ben looked at him then Isaac stepped out as he closed the door. "What's the emergency?"


"Some idiot has allowed Yusuf Kahliel to be taken out of jail."


"How can that be?" Ben asked.


"I don't know but my gut is telling me, someone wants him out of the country. I'll put a call into the Immigration and Customs."


I made the call and got stonewalled. I knew then somehow, Kahliel had been ordered deported but why and how do I stop it. I slammed the phone down causing Ben to glare at me, "Something wrong?"


"Yes Sir, some immigration judge ordered his deportation." I said as I reached for my phone then called David Miller.


"Yes Agent Mason." David said.


"David, some immigration judge signed an order deporting Yusuf Kahliel."


"He's in federal custody, isn't he?"


"Yes and agents from ICE are at the jail trying to take him. I've spoken to the staff at the jail and they're not going to let them out but can you get that order overturned?"


"Let me make a few calls and I'll get back to you." David said then ended the call.


No sooner had he hung up when my phone rang again. "Agent Mason, this is Deputy Adams."


"Yes Deputy, I take it ICE isn't really happy."


"That's an understatement."


Just then I heard a beep and told the Deputy I had another call. "Mason."


"Ace, David Miller here."


"What's up?" I asked hoping it was good news.


"Well, the immigration judge wasn't very happy but he did rescind his order on Kahliel."


"How'd you do it?" I asked.


"I just explained to him that he'd been arraigned on federal charges and was being held without bond. I also informed him Judge Wheeler would not be very happy if someone without his knowledge had the man deported."


"Man, you didn't pull any punches, did you?"


He laughed. "No I didn't add to that I've spoken with Adam and he told me about Kahliel's jailhouse confession. He also let out what he was really going to do at the hospital."


"Oh, I must have missed hearing that."


"He was there to take out Zane Weller. Weller was the only link left between him and the shooting at the school."


I was amazed. "How did he know where he was?"


"I don't know but I'm glad that you and the Marshalls were able to stop him."


"Thanks, are you going to upgrade the charges against Kahliel?"


"That I am Ace, I'm going to add attempted murder to the list already against him. I'll use his own statement against him."


I heard my phone beep so I quickly ended my call with David. "Mason."


I didn't recognize the voice. "Mason, what the hell are you trying to do?"


"Who might this be?" I asked.


"Agent Freely with ICE, I just received a call that you were behind an illegal alien not getting deported."


"Well, if you'd done your homework, you'd have known that he was being held without bond on federal charges."


"So what?" He fired.


"When someone has been arraigned they are to stand trial, not be whisked away to be deported and get away with his crimes."


"It's our job to keep illegal people out of this country."


"I understand that and I agree totally with you but when they break the law, they have to answer for their crimes. After they've finished serving their prison sentence, then they can be deported."


"What are you, some candy assed liberal?"


"Now listen, I'm a cop and I was present when Kahliel assaulted a US Marshall. I also found controlled substances on him. I now have concrete proof of what his intentions were with those drugs."


"Oh and that was what?"


"He planned on killing someone."


"How did you learn of this?"


"Look, this is an ongoing investigation which is on a need to know basis. Since ICE isn't involved, you don't need to know. Now take Kahliel back to his cell then you'll be allowed out of the jail."


I ended the call and smiled at Ben. "I don't know how David did it but he got the deportation order overturned."


"How did they know Kahliel was in jail?" Ben asked.


I thought for a moment then shook my head. "I don't know considering we never released anything to the press but that is something I'd love to know and I think I know how I can find out."


I called David and explained to him what Ben had said. "So what is it you want?"


"Is there any way we can look at their incoming calls?"


"I suppose there is." David said. "Since you're both with the same agency, I can't see why they wouldn't want to cooperate with you."


"I'm not going to speculate but they might be a little pissed off at us for stopping Kahliel's deportation."


I ended the call and Ben was looking at me. "Do you think Homeland Security will balk at wanting to look at their call logs?"


"They might considering that information probably came in on their tip line."


"Would you like me to smooth the road for you?" Ben asked.


After the way I was treated when I wanted information about Kahliel, I didn't think it would hurt. "Alright Sir, but I will need to talk to him to explain what I need and why."


Ben called the Director and talked with him. Once I'd explained why I wanted to see those logs, he was very willing. I went back to my office and had JR start going through the call logs from the tip line. Since the tip line was set up as a toll free number, virtually anyone could call it. "Ace, I think I found something."


I went over and looked at the computer screen. "Did you run the phone number?"


"I'm doing that now." JR said. "It came from a cell phone."


"Run the number for me."


A few seconds later, I had my answer. I looked at the screen and started doing a slow boil. `How could this person have done this?' I thought.


It was almost noon and my stomach was telling me it needed feeding. I returned to the residence then washed my hands and dove into a great lunch. I loved Gloria's Mexican burgers. They had just the right amount of spice without all of the heat.


After I'd stuffed myself, I started thinking about who had called the tip line. I called Adam and told him what I'd found. He couldn't believe it either. "Ace, what do you want me to do?"


"Is what he did illegal?"


"Unethical maybe, but I don't think it was illegal."


I talked with Adam and we came up with a plan. "Well, when can we get Kahliel arraigned on these new charges?"


"It will have to be on Monday." Adam replied.


"Alright, I'll be sure to be there."


I ended the call then did a little police work. I ran the person's name through the DC DMV and found out what kind of car he owned. Once I had that information, I had a pretty good idea where I could find him.


I was finishing up my work when Bennie came in from school. He came over and sat on my lap. "How are you feeling now, baby?"


"A lot better than I was last night, that's for sure." I said then I finished up my work in the office then Bennie and I went to the residence.


Over at NCIS Headquarters, Dusty was talking with Sergio when he got a call that there were two people there claiming to be the parents of the deceased. Dusty returned to the squad room where he met the individuals. "I'm Director Dustin Moore." He said extending his hand.


"Nice to meet you Director Moore, I'm Captain James Babcock, US Navy retired and this is my wife Rachel. What can you tell me about my son's death?"


Dusty extended his hand out. "Let's go into my office so we can talk, please." He said then the three went into Dusty's office then he sat behind his desk and opened a file.  "I'm afraid I have some distressing news Sir."


"I'm listening, Director Moore." The Captain said.


"Sir, are you sure you want your wife to hear this? Dusty asked.


"I'm not made of glass." Rachel said.


Dusty took a deep breath. "Well, it seems your son was raping his youngest son."


"WHAT?" James shouted standing up. "That's impossible, my son wasn't a pervert."


Rachel reached up and pulled her husband's hand. "Sit down James."


"I'm not going to listen to your wild accusations." James said raising his voice.


"Sir, I'm not making wild accusations. There is solid evidence that supports this."


The Captain was shaking his head. "It's impossible, your evidence is wrong."


"Sir, your youngest grandson had major surgery to repair the damage inflicted by your son."


"I don't believe it." James said again. "My son was a Master Chief in the Navy."


Just then there was a knock on Dusty's door. Dusty got up and Ellis was standing there with a file. "I did some digging into William Babcock's background." Ellis whispered into Dusty's ear.


Dusty took the file and thanked Ellis then closed the door returning to his desk. He looked at the file and was surprised by what he saw. "It seems your son had some problems when he was younger."


"Kid stuff," James said.


Dusty looked at the file again. "This seems more than just kid stuff to me."


"Those records were supposed to be sealed. He was a juvenile when that happened. That has no bearing on this."


"Shut up James." Rachel said.


"Don't talk to me like that." James fired back to his wife.


"You bastard, all you did was make excuses for him when he was a teenager."


"He was my son, what did you expect me to do?"


"Damn it, he was my son too. Why didn't you try making him take responsibility for what he did? But you wouldn't even do that. All you did was get it buried then when he was old enough, he went into the Navy. You knew he'd never be accepted into any decent university. How bad is my grandson?"


Dusty listened to the conversation between the two adults. "He's still in the hospital and will be for several days."


She listened carefully. "Where is Timmy?"


"Right now, he's in foster care."


She covered her mouth, "Foster care."


"Yes ma'am. I happen to know the people he's with and I can assure you he's in a loving home."


"I feel a little better. What are the chances we can get custody of them?"


"I don't know, that would be up to social services but I have reservations. It seems your husband refuses to accept the fact his son sexually assaulted Billy. More to the point, there is medical evidence your son had been abusing Timmy for some time."


Rachel broke down crying. "Oh dear god, I had no idea. Why didn't they try to call us?"


Dusty handed the woman some tissues. "Your son had told him over and over that if he did, they'd be taken then locked away some place."


James had calmed down. "If I had heard that from my grandson, I'd have turned my son over to NCIS myself. How did my son die?"


Dusty looked down then back to the Captain. "Timmy was trying to defend his brother from being brutally raped."


"Oh my god, that poor child, not only did he get abused but he had to see it happening to his brother." James said breaking down then looked at his wife. "You're right Rachel, I thought I was helping him but all I did was to help create a monster. Director Moore, I don't care what it takes but we do want our grandsons."


Rachel looked at Dusty. "What hospital is Billy at?"


"He's at Children's National Hospital. I'll notify the foster parents who you are."


"Can you tell us who they're with?" Rachel asked.


Dusty shook his head. "I'm not supposed to do that but I will tell you the man is a sitting federal court judge."


"They do sound like a good family but the boys are our own flesh and blood." Rachel said.


Dusty called Judy Matthews and had a talk with her. She told him she would have a talk with Timmy about his grandparents and try to judge his reaction. Dusty held on and heard the young boy in the background. When she returned to the phone she informed him Timmy missed his grandparents. Dusty made arrangements for her to bring Timmy to NCIS Headquarters so the Babcock's could meet the boy.


About thirty minutes later, Dusty's phone rang, "Yes."


"Judge Matthews and his wife are here with Timmy."


"Thank you, I'll be right out." Dusty said then hung up. "If you'll wait here please, I'll be right back."


Dusty went out and saw Timmy with Cal and Judy. Timmy ran up to him. "Are my grandparents here?"


"Yes they are. How do you feel about that?" Dusty asked trying to see the boy's reaction.


"I've missed them. The last time Billy saw them was when he was still a baby."


Dusty looked at Cal, "Do you have a problem with them seeing Timmy here?"


Cal shook his head. "It seems there is still a bond there. It's nice to know they have true family."


Dusty took the three of them into his office. When Timmy saw his grandmother, he ran over to her. "Gramma, I've missed you."


James leaned down and picked his grandson up. "You've grown, hot shot."


Timmy wrapped his arms around the man's neck. "Grampa, why did Daddy hurt me and Billy?"


He felt the boy's pain. "I don't know son. I wish you would have called, we'd have protected you."


"Daddy said we'd be taken away." Timmy said through his tears.


"Yes, I would have brought you both home with your grandmother and me."


Timmy wiped his eyes. "But what about Daddy?"


"Son, what he did was wrong and I'm so sorry it happened to you and Billy. I feel I've let you both down, can you ever forgive me?"


"It's not your fault Grampa, you didn't know."


Cal and Judy were standing there watching the interaction between Timmy and his grandparents. Cal walked over and rubbed Timmy's hair. James turned around and saw the man. "Are you fostering Timmy?"


Cal nodded his head. "Yes, my name is Cal Matthews and this is my wife Judy."


"I hope you don't mind but we would like to get custody of our grandsons."


Cal smiled. "After seeing how Timmy took to you both, I think they need to be with their blood relatives."


Timmy lifted his head up. "What about Billy?"


James looked at the boy. "What about him? We want you both son. I know he's in the hospital and if it's alright with your foster parents, we'd really like to see him."


Dusty decided to allow Cal and Judy to be the judge of letting them see Billy.


Back at the residence, Bennie had a report to do for class on Monday so he jumped on that while I thought about Kahliel. If it hadn't been for the Marshall's calling and questioning his release we'd have been screwed.


After dinner, Bennie and I were relaxing when I got a call from the gate guard. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is a police officer from Metro PD here. He said he'd like to speak with you."


This sort of took me by surprise. "Who is the officer?"


"A Lt. Brinkman," The guard said.


"He's OK, get a cruiser up there and have him escorted."


I ended the call then Bennie looked at me. "Who was that love?"


"Lt. Brinkman is here."


"Cool, I wonder if he's brought Bobby with him."


"If he is, he needs to spend time with his family."


"I know love, it'll just be good to see him out of the hospital."


We went down to meet Bob then we saw the cruiser pull up followed by Bob's car. I went up to the driver's side as he got out. "What's up buddy?


"Nothing, I just thought you'd like to see Bobby."


The passenger door opened and Bobby stepped out only to get hugged by Bennie. "Man, it's good to see you out of that place."


"Yeah, I'm glad to be out of there. I know this is going to sound weird but I miss the guys at school."


"It hasn't been the same since you've been gone." Bennie said. "What are you doing this weekend?"


Bobby shook his head, "Nothing really, just getting back into my old routine."


Bennie smiled. "I bet that means spending some time with Joey too."


Bobby blushed a little, "Yeah, that too."


I talked with Robert and he was still a little shaken from the scene he'd found the night before. He'd spoken to Dusty earlier and learned the boys had grandparents. I was very pleased to hear that. "How's Bobby?" I asked as I felt some arms wrap me in a hug from behind.


"I'm fine now Ace." He said as I turned around and returned the hug.


We talked for a few more minutes then I had them escorted to the gate. Bennie and I returned to the residence where we relaxed for the night.


The weekend flew by faster than I really wanted. Johnny joined us for breakfast. He asked me what my day was going to be like and I told him I had to be at court for an arraignment then I would be over at the school.


After Johnny and Bennie left, I grabbed a shower then got ready for court. I called Adam and let him know I was on my way so he knew to look for me when I arrived. After fighting traffic, I finally arrived and got parked then saw Adam outside David's courtroom. "Hi Ace, glad you're here. We have two arraignments today."


"Two, you mean Marcus Cole also?"


"Yeah, but I'm not about to try the case here during arraignment."


"That's not what this is for." I answered.


"Yeah but knowing Cole, he'd try and push the issue."


"And if I know David like I do, he'll keep him in his place."


We went inside and sat down then waited for the proceedings to start. David came out and the bailiff started handing him files. One by one, defendants came before Judge Weller then the bailiff handed him the next file. Marcus was led in and the charges read. David asked Cole how he pleaded. "Not guilty." Cole said firmly.


David looked over to Adam, "Recommendations on bail, Mr. Graham?"


Adam thought for a minute. "$500,000.00 and he surrender his passport."


Cole lost it and shouted, "What, half a million dollars? Your Honor, I'm an officer of the court."


"If you're convicted of this you'll be disbarred." Adam said.


"I'll set bail at $250,000.00 and the defendant will surrender his Passport." David said and was about to bang his gavel when Cole shouted.


"I move to have the charges dismissed."


David held up. "Based on?"


"The evidence the government has. They obtained it without a search warrant."


Adam was doing a slow boil. "Your Honor, no warrant was needed because the internet café owner freely cooperated with authorities."


"Yeah, I bet." Cold said.


"Mr. Cole, you'll watch your comments in my courtroom." David said glaring at him. "Mr. Graham, what is this evidence?"


"The merchant's copy of a credit card receipt," Adam answered.


David looked at Cole. "Mr. Cole, that receipt is the property of the merchant can so with as he pleases. If he turned it over to the authorities, no warrant was needed. Motion to dismiss denied."


Cole was led back to the holding area then I saw Yusuf Kahliel being led in. I looked around and I didn't see Mr. Grayson in the courtroom. I leaned over to Adam. "We have a little problem Adam."


He looked at me. "What's wrong?"


"Kahliel's lawyer isn't here."


"Did you really expect him to be?"


"Not really but this will delay his arraignment, won't it?"


"No, Judge Wheeler can enter a not guilty plea then assign him counsel."


David looked out and saw Kahliel standing there alone. "Where is your attorney Mr. Kahliel?"


Kahliel just stood there in silence. Adam then spoke. "Your Honor, the government is adding the additional charges of Conspiracy to commit terrorism and attempted murder."


"Those are some very serious charges: I'm assuming the government has solid evidence of this?"


"We do Your Honor, the defendant's own words."


"Was the defendant given proper Miranda?"


Adam reached into his brief case and pulled out a piece of paper. "Yes Your Honor, if I may approach the bench."


David motioned for Adam to step up then he handed him the paper. "I see this was witnessed by his counsel."


"Yes he did," Adam replied as he stepped back to his place.


"Very well," David started. "I'll enter a not guilty plea and appoint counsel for Mr. Kahliel."


Kahliel was led back to the holding area. "You Americans think you're so much better than us. You'll soon feel the wrath of Allah."


When the Marshall's had Kahliel out of the courtroom, David adjourned court as Kahliel was the last one to be arraigned. "Adam, I want Grayson arrested." I said softly into his ear.


Adam pulled out some papers then started writing franticly. When he was finished, he asked the bailiff if he could talk with David. The bailiff knocked on the door then opened it for Adam and me. "What is this gentlemen?" Adam asked us.


"This is an arrest warrant for Samuel Grayson. He tried to have his client, Yusuf Kahliel, deported."


David looked at me. "I take it you have solid proof of this?"


"Yes Your Honor. He placed a call to ICE's tip line. We got permission from the Director of Homeland Security to go over the call logs and we identified the call about Mr. Kahliel as coming from a cell phone owned by Samuel Grayson. Chances are, he doesn't know that the Secret Service was able to keep Mr. Kahliel from leaving the jail while the Attorney General was able to get the Immigration Judge to rescind the deportation order."


Adam added, "That is why he probably wasn't in court today."


David signed the warrant. "He definitely has things to answer for."


David handed me the warrant then we left his chambers. "Do you know where he is? Adam asked as we headed for the back of the courtroom.


"I have a very good idea." I answered as I reached for my cell.


I called Ben because I needed a favor. "Yes Ace."


"Sir, can you do me a favor please?"


"If I can," Ben replied.


"Can you call the Iranian Ambassador and let him know I am on my way over to the embassy and I need to talk with him."


"Alright but what is this about?"


"I believe Samuel Grayson is there and I just can't walk in."


"Why would you need to walk in?"


"We have a warrant for his arrest."


"I see, I'll call the ambassador."


Thanks Sir but please don't let him know why I'm coming."




"Let's just say I don't want Grayson tipped off about the warrant."


"Alright Ace." Ben said then we ended the call.


Adam looked at me. "I take it you want me to come too."


"Yeah I do buddy. You can answer questions the ambassador might have."


"Let's go then," Adam said as we headed for my car.


It took us about 20 minutes to get to the Iranian Embassy. When we got out of the car, I had my credentials in my hand. As soon as we walked through the gate, two men started pointing weapons at us as one shouted. "Halt, you're on Iranian soil."


"Relax man, we're here to speak to the Ambassador."


"Get out of here you infidels. The ambassador wants nothing to do with you."


"SILENCE" A voice shouted.


"But sir, these two infidels are on..."


The ambassador walked over to the man and backhanded him across his mouth. "Do not speak to our guests in that manner. What might I do for you Agent Mason?"


"Mr. Ambassador would Samuel Grayson happen to be here?"


"Yes he is, he's in his office. Can you tell me what this is about?"


"Mr. Ambassador, we have a warrant for his arrest."


"A warrant?" He asked. "What has he done?"


"He tried to get his client deported after he had been arraigned."


"Why would he do that?" The ambassador asked.


Adam answered the question. "Mr. Kahliel gave a full confession to his involvement with the attempt on the President's life. Mr. Grayson was present and even witnessed a waiver Mr. Kahliel signed."


"But I still don't understand why he would try and have him deported."


"Mr. Grayson knew that if Mr. Kahliel was not able to appear in court, his confession was useless. Right now, he's being charged with Obstruction of Justice."


"I could refuse." The ambassador said.


"You could," Adam replied. "But you know you can't grant sanctuary to an American citizen."


"Very well," That ambassador said. "I'll get him."


"Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to come with you."


He thought for a moment then nodded his head. "Please follow me Agent Mason."


We entered the building then I followed him to a private office. Grayson was on the phone in a heated argument with someone. "Damn it, how the hell did that happen?" He screamed into the receiver. A second later he closed his phone.


"Samuel Grayson you're under arrest." I said as he suddenly turned around and stared at me.


"You can take that warrant and stuff it up your ass. I'm not going anywhere with you. If you hadn't noticed, this is Iranian soil."


"But you're not a citizen of Iran." I said.


"Doesn't matter." Grayson said smugly.


"I'm afraid it does," The ambassador said. "We cannot grant you sanctuary."


"That's crap." Grayson spat.


"Sir, you are going to have to go with this man."


"Like hell," Grayson said as he reached for his drawer."


I quickly pulled my weapon. "I wouldn't do that." I said as Grayson stopped then raised his hands. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."


He did as instructed then I put the cuffs on him. "What's the charge?"


"Samuel Grayson, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?


"You didn't answer my question."


"Right now, you're being charged with one count of Obstruction of Justice.


"Fuck you, I want a lawyer."


"Have it your way," I said then took him by the arms and led him out of the embassy."


As soon as we stepped out, the man tried to make a break for it. Just then I noticed the Hummer pull up and Johnny got out along with Tonka. Grayson saw Tonka then stopped dead in his tracks. Johnny quickly took control of him. "That'll add another charge."


"Fuck you," Grayson said then tried to head butt Johnny. Tonka saw the threat then latched onto Grayson's leg.


The man screamed out in pain. "Tonka off." I shouted as I went up to him. "Man, for a lawyer, you're one stupid individual. You've just added attempted escape and assault on a federal officer to your list of charges."


"Bite me." He said then he heard Tonka growl then thought better of his last statement. "Alright, alright, I'll go peacefully."


An ambulance arrived then treated Grayson's dog bite then Johnny took him over to the jail while I took Adam back to the courthouse. "What are you doing here Johnny?"


"Ed went over to the school and told me to help you here."


I was glad he was here because I didn't want to get into a foot chase with Grayson. I gave Johnny the warrant so he could get Grayson booked. After I dropped Adam off, I hurried over to the jail. Grayson was still being booked when I arrived. I looked at him. "What the hell did you think you were doing?"


"My job," He said.


"Your job?" I fired back. "I didn't realize that included aiding the escape of a felon being held in a federal detention."


"I'll do anything to protect him."


"Well guess what, you'll be joining him here in detention and you won't be getting out on bond."


"He's long gone." Grayson said.


"I wouldn't be too sure about that." I said.


His eyes got big. "No way."


"Yes way. The Marshalls service called me and I told the guard not to let them out of the jail. Can you say `I'm Fucked?'


Grayson looked at me the flips me the finger as a guard lead him into a room where he'll be strip searched. Right away I hear him screaming. I handed a guard my weapon then hurried to the room. Grayson had attacked the guard and was punching the hell out of him. I ran over and pull him off the injured man. He swung at me then I step back and used my foot to connect with his jaw, laying him out cold.


I went out and got another guard while the paramedics were called. "What happened to him?" A guard asked as he looked at Grayson lying on the floor.


"His jaw met my foot." I said as I went over and slapped him gently on the face. "Wakey, wakey."


I heard him moan then he slowly started to come to. He saw me standing over him then a group a Marshalls came in. "Is there a problem?"


"This guy doesn't want to get with the program." I said as one of the Marshalls came over and looked down at Grayson."


"Is that so?"


The Marshall reached down and grabbed Grayson and pulled him to his feet. "You're in here to be striped searched. NOW STRIP!"


"And if I don't?"


The Marshall took out a pair of rubber gloves and put them on. "Ever have a body cavity search without lube?"


His eyes got big. " wouldn't."


"You have ten seconds to strip and the clock is ticking."


Grayson quickly removed his clothes then he was issued his detention clothes. "Enjoy your stay." I said as I headed for the exit.


After leaving the jail, I headed to the school. I was just in time for lunch. I got my meal then relieved Ed. He looked at me. "Man how do you keep up with them?"


I sat down and smiled. "It's easy once you get the hang of it." Ed joined me for lunch then I escorted the boys to their next class. Once the bell had rung, I walked Ed outside. He dropped a bombshell on me. "Ace, I want you to be one of the first people I tell this to."


My heart and stomach traded places. "You're not sick are you buddy?" I asked.


He smiled and shook his head, "Oh no, nothing like that. I've submitted my retirement papers."


"What?" I almost screamed.


To be continued