The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 44


I returned to Bennie and I saw his hand under the covers. His eyes were closed so I tried to slip into bed without him feeling me but I wasn't successful. He turned his head and wiggled his eyebrows at me and I knew what was on his mind.


He kicked the covers down then I took the lead and dove onto my lover's dick. Bennie wasn't one not to want to give pleasure so he turned around and we got into a 69. Bennie started sucking on me while I was pleasing him and soon, we fired huge loads down our respective lover's throats.


It took us a few minutes to come down off our orgasmic high then we cleaned up and cuddled together then drifted off to sleep.


I woke up at my usual time and saw Bennie's cute ass uncovered so I decided to lightly run my finger over it. He squirmed then reached to pull the covers up so I decided to let him sleep a little longer.


When I got out of the shower, Bennie was looking at me with a huge grin on his face. "Did you play with my ass this morning?"


I came out of the bathroom and tried to look innocent. "Not me baby, you must have been dreaming."


Bennie saw through it. "Un huh, a dream of my lover playing with my butt. Just don't tickle next time."


I couldn't help but smile. "I can't help it you have the cutest butt in town."


When I sat down on the edge of the bed to put my underwear on, Bennie smacked me with a pillow. "And don't you ever forget it either."


As soon as I was decent, I quickly rolled on top of him and started tickling him. He started laughing and thrashing about causing me to slide off the bed and land hard on the floor. Just as I was about to attack him again, we were busted. "What's going on in here?"


I froze then saw Ben standing in the doorway. "Um, just a little horse play, Sir," I said trying to save my dignity.


He shook his head. "Just keep the noise down. I heard it in the dining room. Sometimes I wonder how many children I really have."


Bennie got in on his Dad's statement by hitting me again with the pillow. "Yeah, baby, next time he'll spank you."


I stood up and tossed the pillow back hitting him in the head. "Be careful before I spank you."


Bennie stood up and went into the bathroom wiggling his butt at me. "You wouldn't dare."


I was about to move when I heard the door close so I finished getting dressed. I went out and got myself a cup of coffee while Bennie showered and dressed.


When I walked into the dining room, Ben was there having his first cup of coffee. "Good morning Sir."


"Morning Ace, where is Bennie?"


"He's in the shower. Is something on your mind?"


I was about to take my usual seat when he pushed the chair beside him out. I sat down then he leaned close. "Do you realize Bennie's birthday is coming up?"


With everything that had been happening, it had totally slipped my mind.  "OH god, when is it?" I said.


Ben saw I was upset at forgetting. "Look Ace, you've been so busy with cases, they had to take priority."


"I know but he's my love and I shouldn't forget important dates. Now, what can I get him? He's no kid anymore so it'll have to be something special."


"He'd talked about wanting to get a motorcycle." Ben said.


I thought about that. "I don't think that's an option."


Ben nodded his head. "Yeah, you're right."


Just then it hit me. "I have the perfect gift."


Ben looked at me suspiciously. "What are you thinking?"


Well, when Joey was here, he made a comment about liking the Charger and Bennie said he liked it too. So I was thinking about that for him. Of course it would have to be armored but it would be his."


"Ace, that'll cost a fortune."


"I can find out where the service gets their cars done so I might be able to save some bucks there. Let me talk with Evelyn. By the way, he's got his license, right?"


"Yeah, he got it just before I was elected. I think it'll be needed to be transferred here to DC."


"Yes Sir, I think it should be."


"We'll need a team of agents so we can go to the DMV." Ben said, "Unless you want to use your power of attorney and take him."


"Sir, I think that is something you might want to handle yourself. But I'm wondering if he'll figure it out if it is done this close to his birthday."


"If what is done right before my birthday?" A voice said.


I looked at him and smiled. "Need to know."


Bennie tried to start something but Ben quickly put a halt to it while I got him his juice. After Gloria brought breakfast in, Bennie looked at me. "Ace, can we get to school a little early?"


"How come son?" Ben asked


"I have something I'd like to propose to Mr. Robinson. Ace thinks it's a good idea."


"What is it, if I might ask?"


"Well Dad, do you remember when Bobby got back to school? Bennie asked as Ben was nodding. "Well, I was thinking maybe Ace and Johnny could teach some self defense classes. It's strictly for protection and only as a last resort."


Ben smiled. "Alright son, it seems you've given some thought to this."


"I have dad." Bennie said as he finished his breakfast. "You know I hate fighting but well, if I have to I will and it's not to hurt someone, just to get them away from me."


"Ace, since you're going to be there, I'll leave that up to you. Son, you have my support on this."


I finished my coffee then Bennie and I got ready to head to school. When we arrived, Johnny and Tonka were already there. Bennie headed for the office when Johnny came over. "Ace, have you spoken to Ed?"


I nodded my head. "I have and I take it you have too."


"Yes, it's going to be hard working with a new partner."


I smiled at him. "Why is that my friend, you and I have worked very well together."


"I just hope he's someone like you."


"Like me?" I asked in amazement.


"Yes, you seem to have a level head on your shoulders. The first time I met you, I took an instant liking to you."


"Thanks buddy." I said smiling. "I know who will replace Ed on the team."


"Do I know him?"


"Yeah, I think you do." I said as Johnny stared at me.


"Ace, are you thinking of Pete Morgan?"  


"That's what I like about you Johnny, you catch on quickly. I think he is most deserving and he's made great strides to become a first class agent."


Johnny thought for a moment. "Yes he has. He even took one to save Bennie."


"He's been on light duty since he had a problem with his shoulder but he's ready to be released to full duty. I'd like to talk with everyone tonight, if that's agreeable."


"Sure, what time?"


I thought for a moment, "Let's say 7:30 and can you have Ed there too?"


Johnny nodded his head. "OK, we'll see you after dinner."


Over at the courthouse, Adam was waiting for Judge Wheeler to call the case he was going to arraign. As he was waiting, he received a text message. `The jury is in.'


He quickly shot one back. `I'll be there as soon as I can.'


He put his phone away just as a door opened. "All rise; this court is now in session."


David walked up the steps then took his seat. Before David could speak, Adam stepped up to the rail. "Your Honor, if I might be heard."


David knew Adam well enough that he'd never interrupt a proceeding without good cause. "What is it Mr. Graham?"


"Your Honor, the jury in a case I've been handling is back. I have one person to arraign. If I might have a little time to receive the verdict, I'll return here."


David thought. "Very well Mr. Graham, please return here just as soon as you can."


"Thank you Your Honor, I'll be back just as fast as I can."


David hurried over to Cal's courtroom. He managed to beat Cal there so he wouldn't wind up on his bad side. "All rise; this court is again in session, the Honorable Calvin Matthews presiding."


Cal came into the courtroom then took his seat. "Please bring the jury in."


A few seconds later the jury came in and took their seats. Cal looked over at the jury foreperson. "I understand you have reached a verdict?"


The foreperson nodded. "Yes Your Honor, we have."


The bailiff took the form and brought it over to Cal where he looked at it and handed it back to the bailiff who returned it to the jury foreperson. "Will the defendant please rise. Please announce your verdict."


Harold stood then looked at the jury. The foreperson read the verdict. "We the jury in the above stated matter finds the defendant Harold Peterson guilty of the murder of Officer Curt Poole. We also find him guilty of the attempted murder of Special Agent Peter Morgan and Special Agent Rich Mason."


Peterson just stood there emotionless glaring at the jury. Cal looked over to the jury. "Tomorrow, you will begin deliberation on the penalty phase of this case. Mr. Peterson, you will be returned to detention until the jury has deliberated on your sentence. This court is now in recess."


Cal banged his gavel then Adam quickly returned to David's courtroom. After someone had been arraigned David saw Adam then acknowledged his presence. Adam had to sit through a few more arraignments until David called his case. Grayson was led into the courtroom then David read the charges. "Mr. Grayson, you are charged with attempting to flee while in custody, assault on a federal officer and four counts of assault on detention officers. How do you plead?"


"Not guilty on all charges Your Honor." He said.


David looked at Adam. "What is the government's recommendation on bail?"


Adam stood. "Your Honor, we're amending the charges to add conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States and attempting to obstruct justice."


Grayson snapped and charged Adam. The Marshalls quickly grabbed him and brought him back to his chair. "Mr. Grayson, I expect people to behave themselves in court at all times and as a member of the bar, you should definitely know this. Now, Mr. Graham that is a serious charge. I take it you do have evidence to sustain this charge?"


"We do Your Honor and we're requesting the defendant be held without bail."


"Your Honor, I'm an officer of the court."


Adam took over. "An officer of the court who tried to get his client deported so his confession could not be used at trial."


David glared at Grayson. "Is this true, Mr. Grayson?" David asked as Grayson just stood there and didn't answer. "Very well, you are hereby remanded without bond."


Back at school, I was in the office while Bennie was talking with James. Bennie had his sales pitch down pat and did his best to answer all of the questions James put to him. I watched as James thought. "Bennie, if you clear it with the coach and Ace is there, you can have your classes."


Bennie was beaming. "Thank you Mr. Robinson, I think Tuesday's and Thursday's will be good."


"That's fine as I said and one more thing. I don't want this interfering with your studies. Finals are coming up and I don't want you boys to do poorly on them."


"Don't worry Mr. Robinson, we won't. My Dad would skin me if I did."


I took Bennie to his first class then went and talked with the coach about Bennie's proposal. He thought about it then gave his approval. I saw Johnny walking around with Tonka. "Johnny, can you bring some workout clothes with you tomorrow?"


"Why Ace?"


"Well, Bennie thought it would be nice if we could teach some self defense classes to the boys."


"As long as they realize it's not to be used to start fights."


"That will be made very clear to them before we start."


"But why do you want me in workout clothes?"


"I was thinking we could put on a little demonstration for them."


"You mean we go at it?"


I smiled. "Yeah, is that a problem?"


"I don't know if I could fight a fellow agent, especially you."


"I've sparred against Bennie before. I must say he opened my eyes."


"Our Bennie?" Johnny asked.


I nodded my head smiling. "Yep, he never told me but he's a black belt in karate."


Johnny shook his head. "Wow, I'd have never guessed that."


"He's not one to look for a fight but I've learned not to piss him off."


Johnny laughed. "I bet. Sure, I'll spar with you but one more thing."


"Oh and what's that?" I asked.


"Tonka, I don't know how he'll act when he sees us fighting." Johnny said as I digested the information.


"We'll have to have Bennie hold onto him."


"Good idea. We sure don't need him trying to protect one of us or getting upset when he thinks we're fighting."


Johnny and I finished talking when I realized I had to get back to Bennie's classroom. As soon as I got him to his next class I got a call from Adam. "What's up Adam?"


"Grayson isn't a happy camper."


"After the stunt he pulled, I would guess not. I take it bail was denied."


"That it was. Now, with the conspiracy charges, I was thinking about trying them all together."


"You're the legal eagle Adam. Does Peterson know that Kahliel rolled and totally implicated him?"


"I don't know." Adam answered.


Since Cole has his own problems now, who is going to represent Peterson?"


"Good question. I don't think Dechert will want to continue to represent him once these new charges are levied."


"When are you going to do that?" I asked


"Well, due to the nature of them, I'm going to have to get a Grand Jury indictment."


"How long will that take?"


The Grand Jury meets this week so I'll seek indictments against Peterson and Kahliel."


"Why Kahliel, doesn't that confession give us all we need?"


"Basically yes but if we get an indictment, it would be harder for the defense to get the charges dismissed."


"That's why you're the lawyer." I said laughing. "Any idea when the trial will start?"


"Not a clue. It could be several months."


"Oh great," I said out loud.


"Why, is that a problem?"


"It depends. Ben promised Bennie a nice vacation as a graduation present."


"When would that be?" Adam asked.


"I haven't talked with him about it lately. But remember, Bennie heads to Georgetown in the fall so we'll have to be back in time to get him registered and his classes set."


"Have you thought about preregistering? I take it he's been accepted."


"I hadn't thought about that, yes he's been accepted."


"Well then there shouldn't be a problem preregistering. Look, keep me informed about the trial, will you?"


"I sure will Ace. I don't want to be the one to dampen Bennie's vacation."


The rest of the day flew by and as I was about to leave, I got a call from Evelyn. "Ace, can you come over to the main office?"


"Sure just let me get Bennie back to the residence. What's on your mind?"


"I'll go into it when you get here." She said then ended the call.


I dropped Bennie at the residence then told him I had to go over to the main office. Johnny and Tonka would stay there until I returned so it was on to the main office. When I arrived, I was met by Evelyn who led me to her office. "Nice digs." I said smiling. "So what's on your mind?"


"I take it you've heard about Ed's retiring."


"Yeah, I have and it was something I sure wasn't expecting. I didn't know he was getting arthritis."


"He'd kept it from me but after his last physical it was getting worse so he decided to put in his papers to retire."


"Well, he finally got his wish too and that was to see me as Special Agent in Charge."


"He thought you were the best person for the job."


I shook my head. "Look Evelyn, I was the new kid on the team and it was my first assignment on a protection detail."


"Well, after your arrest and recapture of Nate Hill that made a big impact on Ed as well as his partner Johnny."


"I did my job, nothing more, nothing less."


I understand that Ace, but we see more than that. We see you are truly compassionate about the job and it's not only protecting Bennie."


"It's a job I've come to really enjoy. Now since you mentioned Nate Hill, whatever happened to him?


"Well, he got sent back to California and he stood trial for his crimes."


"Why wasn't I informed about this since I was the arresting officer?"


"It wasn't necessary. The US Attorney there prosecuted him and he was convicted on the attempted kidnapping of Bennie and numerous charges of sexual assault plus the fleeing and eluding."


"So how much time did he get?" I asked.


"The US Attorney asked that his sentences be served consecutively and the judge agreed. He'll be in prison for at least fifty years before he'll be eligible for parole."


I felt better about the time he got. "Well, that's one person I won't have to worry about for a long time." I said.


"Are you going to tell Bennie?" She asked.


"I don't know, he's never mentioned him so I'm guessing he's moved on. I don't want him to start thinking about him again, this close to final exams."


"I'll let you be the judge of that. Now, tomorrow I'm going to hold a press conference announcing Ed's retirement and you're promotion to Special Agent in Charge and I'd like you there."


"Evelyn, you know me and the press, I hate talking to them."


"Alright Ace, you won't have to be present."


"It's not that Evelyn, what time were you planning on holding the press conference?"


"Sometime tomorrow morning, I was thinking after the President's morning press briefing."


"Then you know Bennie will be in school."


"I do but I thought you'd want to be there for Ed."


She was making this really hard on me. I wanted to be there for Ed but I had my responsibility to Bennie not to mention the self defense class during PE which wasn't until well after the press conference.


I looked down then surrendered. "Alright Evelyn, I'll be there but Johnny will be taking Bennie to school."


The expression on her face changed when I said that. "I wanted Johnny here too."


"Then there is no way I can be there."


She smiled. "How about if I offer an alternative?"


My mind was running in circles. "An alternative?


She picked up her phone and spoke to someone then the door opened. "Yes, this is the alternative."


"Pete, how the hell are you?"


"Glad to be back at work Ace. I was going stir crazy at home."


"Well you hard head, if you hadn't tried to do too much too quickly you'd have been released sooner."


He threw his hands up. "Alright, that's the same thing Evelyn said too."


"Pete, how would you feel about escorting Bennie to school tomorrow?"


"Me," Pete asked totally surprised.


"Yes, Ace is needed at the White House tomorrow morning for a few hours as is Johnny. So I thought you could fill in for Ace."


I could see Pete mulling this over in his head. "I don't have a problem with it as long as it's cool with Bennie."


"I don't think Bennie will have a problem with it because he remembers everything that happened at the academy and he still holds you in high regards."


Pete smiled. "I'm glad he's ok after that guy cleaned my clock."


"He had some rough times but Dusty Moore helped get him through it. Could you step outside for a moment please Pete?"


He nodded his head and left Evelyn and I alone. "Ace, what's on your mind?"


"A possible replacement on the President's Security Team." I said.


"Pete?" She asked.


"I think he'd fit in well. He's matured a lot since he got shot and a number of the other agents have noticed this too. I'd like to bring him over to the residence so he and Bennie can meet again."


"That's fine with me." She said as she opened the door and had Pete rejoin us.


"Pete, how'd you like a new assignment?"


"New assignment?" He asked. "You're not stepping down as Bennie's body guard, are you?"


I shook my head. "Oh no, not that but how would you like to be the newest agent on the President's Security Team?"


Pete had to sit down. "Man, I'm speechless," He said. "I never thought I'd ever be considered after the way I acted before."


We went to walk outside when I saw a yellow charger sitting in the lot without plates. My heart and stomach almost traded places. I turned around and went back to Evelyn. "Whose yellow charger is that?"


"Why, we just took delivery of it."


"Is it bullet proof?" I asked


"Yes it is, why?"


This was going to be a tough sell. "Well Bennie's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a nice gift. But any car has to be bullet proof since he's the President's son."


"You want me to give you that car so you can give it to Bennie?"


I shook my head. "No, not give it to me but I'll buy it."


"Do you know what it cost to outfit that car with everything it has in it?"


I hadn't a clue but I knew it would be pricey. "Umm, not really but I know it's not cheap."


"Ace, you're looking at over a hundred grand."


That wasn't a problem since my investments had worked nicely for me. "Just get me a figure and I'll have a certified bank check made out to Homeland Security."


"I'll have to clear this with the higher ups but since it hasn't been entered into inventory yet, I should be able to sell the idea."


`Now if I can sell this to Ben.' I thought as Pete and I left the office for the residence.


"Are you sure about this Ace?" Pete asked.


"Do you doubt yourself, Pete?" I asked.


"No, just trying to..."


"Cut it out Pete. You're proven yourself to me, the President and the other agents on the team. More to the point, you've proven yourself to Bennie."


"You're right Ace; it's just that my history here hasn't been all that good. In fact, I almost got fired."


"I remember but that's in the past now so let's concentrate on the future." I said as we pulled into the residence because I wanted to head over to the West Wing. "Do you still have your A card and White House credentials?"


Pete reached into his jacket pocket and pulled them out. "Yep, I still have them."


When we entered the West Wing, the uniformed officers didn't give Pete a second thought. As we headed towards the oval office, one of the Special Agents stopped us. "Who's this Agent Mason?"


I looked at him. "Can't you read?"


"Yeah, I can read but what's he doing here?"


"Look, Agent Morgan is coming onto the team so you better get used to it."


"And if I don't?"


I was pissed and I could tell this was getting to Pete. "I'll have you outside checking manhole covers on the street."


"I don't think so; Agent Miller would never let that happen."


Just then I saw Ed walking towards us. "You really think so?" Ed said causing the agent to quickly turn around.


"That's right; I've been here as long as you have."


Ed got into his face. "Let me tell you something. You're here as a part of a team. Members come and go all the time so don't think for a minute that you're indispensible."


"You mean Morgan will be here?"


"Is that a problem?"


I was waiting for his answer. "No boss, no problem."


"Good," Ed said. "If there is, Agent Mason will solve that problem real fast. Do I make myself crystal clear?"


"But Agent Miller, you're the Agent in Charge."


"That's right and who is my assistant?"


He looked at the floor, "Agent Mason."


"That's right and after tomorrow, he'll be the Special Agent in Charge."


"Huh?" The man asked shocked at Ed's statement.


"That's right. I'm retiring at the end of the month and Agent Mason will be my replacement as Special Agent in Charge."


"So what is Morgan doing here?" He asked.


Now I was fuming. "Look, I don't have to explain a thing to you and I'm not going to. Do you want to remain a part of this detail or not?"


"Yes Sir," He said with a shaky voice.


"Then you just worry about doing your job and we'll do ours." I said calming down trying not to raise my voice so we disturbed Ben.


Pete and I went into the Oval Office. "Ace, I knew this wasn't a good idea. My past is still fresh in their minds."


"Well then they've forgotten that you took a bullet for meant for either me or Bennie and I won't stand for any dissemination within the team." I said then I looked at Frank. "Is the President free?"


Frank picked up the phone and spoke briefly then hung up. "You may go right in."


I knocked on the door then slowly opened it. I thought Pete was right behind me but I had to go back and lead him into the Oval Office. "Good afternoon Sir." I said smiling.


Ben looked up and saw Pete and I standing there. "Agent Morgan, it's nice to see you again. How's the shoulder?"


They shook hands. "It's finally one hundred percent Sir."


Ben returned to his desk. "I'm glad to hear it so what brings you two over here?"


"Well Sir," I started. "Evelyn has asked that Johnny and I be at the press conference tomorrow so I asked Pete if he'd cover for me."


Ben smiled. "I'm sure Bennie will be glad to see you back again."


Pete turned a little pink. "Thank you, it'll be nice to see him again. How is he doing since that fiasco on the street?"


"He's fine now Pete. Dusty Moore worked with him for a while and he's finally past it."


Pete smiled at the news. "I'm glad to hear it. I still can't believe I wasn't more alert. I'm sorry."


"Pete, I'm kicking myself too but hindsight is always 20/20. But that is all in the past. Ace, does Bennie know Pete is here?"


"No Sir," I said. "I wanted to stop by here first. Pete, could you excuse us for a moment please?"


Pete went back out to Frank's office while I continued to talk to Ben. "Alright Ace, what's on your mind?"


"Two things Sir." I said not knowing how he would react to both items. "First, with Ed retiring, we're going to need another agent on the team and I can't think of anyone more qualified or deserving than Pete."


I could see Ben thinking. "He's become a much better agent and I can't forget how he took a bullet in the line of duty. This tells me he has what it takes to be on the team. Now, what is the other thing?"


I swallowed hard. "Well, as you know Bennie's birthday is coming up on Saturday."


He smiled at me. "Yes, I know this."


"Well Ben, I sorta bought him a birthday present."


"You sort of bought him a present?"


I looked down them a smile came across my face. "Yes Sir."


Ben could read me like a book. "Am I going to like this?"


"Umm, I hope so because I know he sure will." I said still not coming out with what it was.


"Am I going to have to guess or are you going to tell me?"


I was in a corner with no way out. "Yes Sir, I bought him a car."


Ben's eyes got big. "A car?"


"Yes Sir." I said feeling a little confident. "I saw a brand new Dodge Charger over at the main office and well, I talked Evelyn into letting me buy it."


"Oh Ace, I can't let you do that?"


"Sir, before you say anything, I can well afford it. For most of my adult life, I've had a free place to live and free meals too so when I was in the Air Force, most of my pay went into savings. The same is true since I've been with the service so I have a very tidy nest egg and it will continue to grow as I put my pay checks into it."


"Well, you've seemed to have planned for the future."


"Yes Sir I have because later on I'll have another person to look out for too."


Ben's face got serious. "Another person to look out for?"


I smiled. "Yes Sir, Bennie. I hope to spend the rest of my life with him."


Ben smiled. "I know he'll be thrilled with that thought."


"I know he will but for the present and near future, I'm just thinking about his education."


Ben reached into his desk drawer. "This came for Bennie and me. It's from Georgetown letting us know he received a full academic scholarship."


"Why haven't you told him?" I asked.


"I know him Ace. He'd be thinking about that and not concentrating on studying for his finals. When he's taken his last exam, I'll let him know so please keep this between us for now."


"My lips are sealed."


"Tell me a little more about this car."


"Well, it's just like the Hummer. It has armor plating and bullet proof windows. If the car hadn't have had that, I'd have never bought it for him."


"Always looking out for him, huh?"


I smiled. "Always, he's first in my heart."


Ben and I talked for a few more minutes then I took Pete to the residence. When we walked in Gloria was straightening up a little. "Señor Pete, how are you? It's been a long time?"


"Hello Gloria, it has been a long time. I'm fine now and looking forward to getting back to work."


"Señor Ace, do we have a guest for dinner?" She asked.


I looked at Pete. "My car is at the office Ace."


I thought for a moment. "I'll get a couple of agents to bring it over so yes, you'll be staying for dinner. Why don't you get yourself a cup of coffee Pete, I'll be right back."


I went to my room and called Evelyn and she told me she'd see to it Pete's car was brought over to the residence. My next stop was Bennie's room. When I went in he was still on his computer. "Hey love, are you still doing your homework?"


He looked up when he heard me. "Not really, I'm doing my term paper."


I remembered that when I was in high school. "You're just starting on that now?"


"No, I'd started it earlier but things went a little crazy and I'd forgotten about it."


"Can you take a break for a minute?" I asked.


Bennie stood up and stretched then came over and hugged me. "Oh and what did you have in mind?"


I playfully popped him on the butt, "Down you not so little horn dog. Come with me."


"Sure, I can use a soda." He said as we went into the dining room.


When we went in, Bennie saw Pete sitting there. "Well, hi there stranger." Pete said.


"Hi Pete, are you back to work?" Bennie asked as he was now looking at me.


"Yes he is buddy." I started. "I have to attend a press conference along with Johnny so Pete here has graciously agreed to cover for me."


"That's great." Bennie said. "How long will you be in that press conference?"


"I shouldn't be more than an hour then I'll be back out there. I know you have your first self defense class during gym."


Pete's eyes got big. "No Pete, you're arm isn't back that strong yet." I said.


"Yeah you're right Ace. I'm just chomping at the bit to get back into action."


"You will buddy," I said. "Just don't push things too fast so you're laid up again."


Just then Gloria came in. "Dinner in ten minutes Señor Ace."


I couldn't believe how the time had flown by. "Alright Gloria, we'll get cleaned up."


Bennie and I went down to our room and washed our faces and hands then I quickly put on a fresh shirt.


Over at NCIS, JR and Dusty were finishing up for the day when JR's cell rang. "Special Agent Carl speaking."


The phone remained silent for several seconds then he heard a soft voice. "JR, help me please."


"Timmy, is that you?"


"Yeah, help us please."


"OK, what's wrong?"


Just then JR heard banging. "OPEN THE DOOR TIMMY, I ORDER YOU."


"Who's that Timmy?"


"That's grampa and he's angry."


"Hold on son, we're coming." JR said. "Marshall, Dusty, I have Timmy on the phone, his grandfather has gone postal."


"Grab your gear and let's go." Dusty said.


The three men ran outside and took off to get Timmy. Fighting the afternoon traffic was no piece of cake and it took them almost thirty minutes to make it across DC. As they started getting close to the house, they cut their sirens off and parked several houses away. The three agents parked their cars then ran to the house. Dusty banged on the door. The door slowly opened and a pair of eyes looked out through the crack. Dusty held up his credentials. "Yes officer?"


"We got a report of a child in trouble." Dusty said.


"JR, are you outside?" Timmy said softly.


"Yes we are buddy."


"Don't let gramma fool you, she's worse than grampa."


"OK son," JR said softly.


"There's no problem here officer," Rachel said in a sweet voice.


JR heard her reply. "Is your grampa still trying to get in?" JR asked Timmy in a soft voice?"


"Yeah and my legs can't keep the door blocked much longer. They're getting tired."


"OK, here's what I want you to do. In your loudest voice, I want you to scream help me, help me. We'll come in and get you, alright?"


"OK JR just hurry please."


"As soon as you scream we'll be inside."


Just then the agents heard a blood curdling scream. "HELP ME!"


"Oh, there's nothing wrong?" Dusty asked. "Move out of the way NOW." He said drawing his weapon.


"Let me see your warrant." She said as she tried to block the door.


"Out of the way lady NOW!" Dusty ordered.


"HELP, OW, OW." Timmy hollered in obvious pain.


Ellis pushed on the door sending the woman backwards. JR and Dusty ran inside and followed the cries. Ellis was right on their heels.


Inside the boy's room, Ellis saw a man in the doorway to the bathroom with a belt raised in his hand. He ran over and grabbed the man lifting him off the floor. He slammed him onto the bed and quickly handcuffed him. "Just what's the meaning of this?" James Babcock asked.


Inside the bathroom JR and Dusty saw Billy cowering in the bathtub. JR leaned down to pick him up but he started screaming. "Don't hurt me please don't hurt me."


JR gently moved his hair out of his face so he could see him then he started talking softly to the crying child. "Billy, it's me JR. do you remember me little one?"


Billy's cries settled down and he saw JR standing there smiling through his wet eyes. "JR I'm wet." Billy said then raised his arms up.


JR looked at him. "You didn't pee yourself, where are you wet?"


" butt." The boy stuttered.


"Can you stand?" JR asked softly.


JR held his hands out and helped Billy stand and sure enough the back of his shorts were stained red. "Ellis get an ambulance here pronto." JR shouted.


Dusty stormed down stairs. "Lady there's no problem going on here?"


"That's right, what's that brat said now?"


"Brat?" Dusty yelled.


"That's right, he's a brat with no discipline or manners."

"So what the hell did you do?" Dusty asked.


"He learned." She spat.




"At the business end of a leather belt. And you could use it too." She said reaching for a strap.


Dusty drew his weapon. "Drop it lady."


"Or what?" She spat. "You gonna shoot some old lady?"


"If you don't drop it, I won't hesitate to drop you and you sure as hell are far from a lady."


She let the belt go and fall to the floor as she turned around. Dusty put her in cuffs then called Metro PD for a female officer. Dispatch said they had a female officer in the area and she would be there shortly.


Less than five minutes passed when there was a knock at the door. "I'm Captain Franks, I was asked to assist with a female in custody."


Dusty showed her his ID. "I'm Director Moore with NCIS and she needs to be searched." He said pointing to the old woman.


Back upstairs, JR put on a pair of gloves then helps Billy out of his blood soaked clothes. Marshall, get me an evidence bag out of the car; will you please?"


Marshall went downstairs and got a bag out of the car then ran back to the bathroom. He saw the blood soaked clothes in the tub then went back into the bedroom. "Why you no good piece of shit. I should beat you like you did that poor child."


"Fuck you! That kid had to be taught respect."


"So you beat him, that's some respect."


"I'm a retired Navy Captain. You need to learn some respect too."


"Respect is something you earn and I don't respect shit."


"Let me out of these and I'll teach you some respect."


Ellis was giving that thought some serious consideration. He was walking over to the suspect when Dusty came in. "Don't think about it Ellis, he's not worth it. Besides they'll just love him in prison."


"What the old man asked."


"They love baby beaters." Dusty fired back.


"Yeah, you'll make some horny inmate a real nice bitch." Ellis added.


"You can't. I'm over sixty years old."


"Why not, you didn't give Billy any breaks." Dusty fired then went downstairs when he heard the ambulance arrive.


He led the crew into the bathroom. "Noooooo," Billy screamed. "Don't let them take me please, JR."


"It's ok buddy," JR said softly. "I'll be with you."


" promise?" Billy stuttered.


JR stuck his pinky out and Billy wrapped his around it. "Pinky promise."


JR lifted the boy out of the bathtub then set him on the stretcher. "Billy, can I see your bottom?"


"Ah, OK JR, I trust you." Billy said.


JR gently rolled him onto his stomach and gasped when he saw his back and butt. JR couldn't help himself as he broke into tears. Marshall herd his partner then went over to him. "What's going on?" Marshall asked then saw the carnage.


It took everything he had not to let his anger take over so he did what he could and wrapped his arms around JR. "Let it out JR."


Billy reached his hand out and stroked JR's. "Don't cry JR, it don't hurt too bad."


Billy wanted JR to sit down on the stretcher but there wasn't room for the two of them. Marshall let go of JR who had managed to get his emotions under control. JR looked up and saw the big man wiping his eyes. "You're such a softie."


"If you breathe a word of this you're dead."


JR giggled. "Would I do that?"


"Nah, but I have an image to protect."


< SLAP >


"And what kind of image is that Ellis?" Dusty asked as he saw Billy's back and butt."


"That he's really a teddy bear." JR said causing Billy to giggle."


"Come on guys let's get out of the way so they can get him over to the hospital."


"Noooooo, JR said he'd come with me." Billy cried.


"It's alright Billy, he can come with you." Dusty said calming the child then looked at the medics. "Just hold on a minute."


"Can you look at Timmy?" Dusty whispered to JR.


JR nodded his head then brought Timmy over to the bed. "Can I take a look at you?"


Timmy smiled and lowered his shorts. JR gasped then Timmy turned around and hugged JR. "Don't cry, it's alright, it don't hurt too much."


JR pulled his undies and shorts up then set him on the stretcher with his brother. "You'll need to be checked out too."


"Can we go back to mommy Judy and daddy Cal?"


JR smiled at the boys. "Of course you can."


Just then there was a knock on the door and a uniformed officer was there to transport the suspects. Dusty stopped the shouted up the stairs. "Ellis, bring the good Captain down, his ride to jail is here."


"Gladly boss."


Just then Dusty heard screams. He ran up the stairs and saw James trying to kick the stretcher over. He was about to say something when JR punched the handcuffed man in the face. Ellis picked him up and held him by the shirt. "Listen to me you piece of crap, if you try that again, you'll be living in this wall. Do you get it?"


The old man made the biggest mistake of his life by spitting in Ellis's face. Ellis threw him over to JR who punched him in the stomach causing him to double over.


JR and Ellis took the man down stairs then put him into a patrol car. Captain Franks put the woman in her car then took her to the jail so she could be booked in. JR hopped into the back of the ambulance and told the driver to take them to Children's National. When the rig left Dusty made the phone call he knew he was going to regret.


Back at the residence, we were just finishing dinner when my phone rang. I saw it was Dusty and was wondering what was going on. "Hey buddy, what's up?"


"Ace can you call Judge Matthews?"


I started getting sick on my stomach. "Sure but why?"


"JR got a frantic call from Timmy."


"What the hell happened?" I said a little too loudly as Bennie, Pete and Ben were now staring at me.


"It seems they used a belt..."


"Don't say anything more, I don't want to lose my dinner. I'll call Cal and Judy."


"Thanks Ace, Billy might need to have to go back into surgery."


"That poor boy, he's been through so much already."


"You should have seen Ellis when he saw Billy, the big lug was in tears."


"I guess that shows he's human after all."


"Yeah, I've never seen two boys get to him like this."


"Well, it's making him a better agent." I said. "Look, I'll call Cal and Judy right now." I said then called Cal.


"Hi Ace, what's up?" Carl asked.


"Hey there kiddo, is your mom and dad at home?"


Carl could read me like a book. "Are my little brothers in trouble again?"


I didn't want to lie to him but I also didn't want to drop this bomb on him. "Just put your parents on the phone, alright?"


"Mom, Dad, Ace is on the phone. I think Timmy and Billy are in trouble."


Cal picked the extension up. "Ace, is Carl right?"


"I'm afraid so Cal. I have a meeting here with Evelyn and a few other agents or else I'd come to the hospital."


"Alright Ace, we're on our way. I'll call Wanita now."


I ended the call then explained everything to Ben and Bennie. They both wanted me to go to the hospital but I assured them everything was under control.


Over at the hospital, JR was sitting with Billy when an emergency room doctor came in to examine Billy. "What's the problem here?"


"Doctor, this child was beaten with a leather belt and he's bleeding from his rectum." JR said with concern in his voice.


"Calm down Sir, and let me examine him."


"Is Dr. Reed on tonight?"


"I don't know." He said. "I'm not trying to give you a short answer but you can find out at the nurse's station.


JR nodded. "I'll go see if he is."


JR went out to the nurse's station. "Nurse, can you have Dr. William Reed paged please if he's on?"


She nodded her head. "He is and I'll do that right away."


JR left the nurse's station and on the way back to Billy's room Wanita Jenkins was already there. "Now Billy, your grandfather didn't really do this to you did he?"


"Yes he did." Billy said crying as she had his genitals in her hand.


"Lady, what the hell are you doing?" The ER doctor asked.


"I'm teaching him doctor." She said.


Then she squeezed the child's testicles.


"OWWWWWWIE," Billie cried out in pain as the doctor tried to push her away from the now crying boy.


JR couldn't take it any longer. He pulled his weapon then entered the room. "Back away NOW."


The woman went to squeeze again when JR stared at the woman. "You have no idea who you're dealing with buddy." She said.


"You have no idea who I am either." JR screamed as Ellis along with Cal, Judy, Dusty and Carl walked into the room.


"What's going on here?" Ellis yelled.


Cal saw Billy crying. "What happened son?" Cal asked softly.


"You better keep your yap shut kid if you know what's good for you." Wanita spat just as Dr. Reed came in.


JR raised his hand up but Ellis grabbed it. "Don't do it kid, this bitch ain't worth it. Now you better talk lady and fast."


"You ass wipes know nothing about how to raise kids. You have to teach them discipline and if it means using a belt, so be it."


Cal was livid. "Agent Carl, arrest her."


"You can't have me arrested." She said puffing her chest out.


"Oh can't I. I happen to be a federal court judge and I'll see to it you lose your credentials."


"Yes, and I'm not returning these two boys to your custody. I'm making them a ward of the district and they're going into a locked orphanage."


Dusty stepped in then. "Billy Babcock, I hereby place you into the protective custody of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."


Billy started crying. "You... you mean I'm going to jail?"


Wanita got smug and scared him. "That's right, it's called an orphanage."


Billy started crying uncontrollably. "JR help me please."


"Hahahahaha, he..." She started then Ellis put his hand over her mouth.


Ellis had heard more than enough. He grabbed her arm and brought it behind her back then put her in handcuffs. "You're under arrest."


"I'll be out before I leave the hospital."


"You really think so huh?" Marshall said putting her into a chair.


Dr. Reed was looking at the ER doc. "She's one sick individual."


Dr. Reed had rolled Billy onto his stomach. "Oh my god, what the hell happened to him?"


JR told the doctor everything Billy had told him. JR was crying. Dr. Reed started to touch Billy's swollen hole when Billy started whimpering.


Bill looked at everyone. "Can you all take this outside so I can examine this child, please?"


Dusty had called Metro PD on his way over to the hospital when Lt. Brinkman stuck his head into the room before anyone could leave. The woman thought she could use her power to influence him but she quickly learned Bob was no one's fool.


"Lieutenant, let me out of these now. I'm a district social worker."


"Dusty went over to him. "Lt. Brinkman, it's nice to see you again."


The woman knew she was sunk. "What have we here?" Bob asked.


"Billy and Timmy's grandparents beat the hell out of him and damaged his rectum again and this woman here was going to send them back to them."


Bob looked over at her. "Is that right lady?" Bob asked as he caressed the red welts on Billy's back"


"They did nothing wrong." She said. "That brat needs to be taught discipline."


"Is that how you talk to a police officer? How about I take this big leather belt off and teach you some manners?"


" wouldn't." She stuttered.


Everyone laughed. "It's different now, isn't it?" Bob said. "Don't worry, no officer will touch you but when the word gets out in jail, I can't make any promises."


"Huh, wait. You're the law, you have to protect me."


"Oh, the same way you were supposed to protect Billy and Timmy?"


"This is different." She stammered and tried the waterworks routine.


"What's different about it? Ellis asked. "You let both those boys down. Now, we should let things happen to you like you did to Billy."


"You can't." She cried.


"Well, guards have a lot of people to watch and they can't be at your cell every minute of every day."


Dr. Reed looked at everyone. "Look, can you take this outside. I need to examine this child and all of your talking is upsetting to him."


"Get her out of here." Bob said as Ellis and JR led the two suspects out to the waiting DC police vehicle.


"Where's Timmy?" Billy asked.


"Relax now; he's in the next room." JR said as he came back into the room.


Dr. Reed looked at the ER doctor. "Can you go look at him please?"


JR went to do with the doctor when Billy started crying. "Please don't leave me."


JR caressed his cheek. "Relax Billy; I have to be with Timmy so he doesn't get scared. You know Dr. Reed, right?"


"Uh huh," Billy said softly.


Dr. Reed rubbed the boy's hair. "I'll be right here with you. Timmy has to be seen too buddy."


"Alright, I need Timmy too." Billy said as JR headed out the door.


The ER doctor and Timmy were talking when JR came in. "Hi buddy, how are you doing?" JR asked.


"I'm sore all over." Timmy said.


"Well then get undressed so the doctor can look at you," JR said as he saw Timmy's battered legs.


Timmy got undressed then JR had a good look for himself. He quickly covered his mouth as did the doctor. "Timmy, tell me about all of this," The doctor asked.


"My grandfather did this."


The doctor was fighting tears, "Why son?"


Timmy was shaking his head. "I don't really know. The day we got there, grandmother told us to get out of our clothes. All Billy did was ask her was what were going to wear then she had a belt in her hand and started beating him. I tried to help and protect him but then I got it and then I was pulled off of Billy."


JR wiped his eyes. "Timmy, why didn't you call us then?"


"I wanted to JR, honest but Billy and I hurt so bad it was all we could do to get into bed. Poor Billy was crying so hard I wanted to hold him but when I tried, he screamed in pain so all I could do was hold his hands."


JR leaned down and kissed Timmy on the top of the head. "I'm so sorry son."


The doctor had gone over to a cabinet and took out some salve. "Timmy, I'm going to put this on all of the welts. It will feel cold and it might sting for a minute but it will take the pain away. Is that alright with you?"


Timmy looked at JR then at the doctor. "I guess so. JR, hold my hand please."


Timmy stretched out and reached out then JR took them. "OK Timmy, here we go. Once it stops stinging then it won't hurt anymore."


The doctor started putting the salve on the boy's battered body as Timmy had a death grip on JR's hand. It took several minutes for all of the welts to be covered but when it was done, he definitely felt much better. The Doctor covered the areas with gauze so it wouldn't ruin his clothes then JR took him over to see his brother.


Dr. Reed had finished checking Billy over and the little boy was sitting up. "What's the verdict Dr. Reed?" JR asked.


"Billy was lucky; none of my handy work came undone."


"So where was he bleeding from?" JR asked concerned.


"There was a small cut on the inside of the cheek of his butt. That area tends to bleed a lot so it looked worse than it really was."


JR sighed. "Oh thank god, I thought he was going to need another operation again."


Dr. Reed smiled. "Nope and he didn't void the warranty either."


JR laughed then gave Billy a hug. "Well little guy, it looks like you're good to go."


"Go where?" He asked.


JR stuck his head outside and motioned for the Matthew's to come in. "Sir, we have a little problem here. Since his case worker is on her way to jail, Timmy and Billy are in limbo."


Cal thought for a moment. "That's easy the hospital can call the Social Worker on duty. They see things like this all the time. I'll go out and talk to the admitting nurse."


Cal went out and the nurse called Social Services. Back in Billy's room, Dr. Reed dressed Billy's wounds then the boys were ready to go but they had to wait on the social worker to arrive. They didn't have to wait long. A well dressed young man came in and spoke to the nurse and she pointed him over to Cal.


The young man walked over and stopped gasping. "Your Honor, what brings you here?"


Cal didn't recognize the man but he sees so many people keeping everyone straight were next to impossible. "And you are sir?" Cal asked extending his hand.


"Tom Harris, I'm the social worker on call."


Cal explained the situation to him. "Is there any way we can get the boys back?"


Tom was standing there with his mouth office. "I can't believe Wanita did this. She's been with the agency longer than I have but then again, I guess you never really know a person. Since you were their foster parents before, I can't see any reason why you can't be again. I'll just do the paperwork and you can take the boys home."


Over at the jail, Wanita was not a happy camper. She wasn't going with the program and several times had to be told that one way or another she would comply. The longer it took the harder it would be on her. She finally got booked and was allowed to make her phone call. "Hello," A voice said.


"Get me outta here," She almost yelled into the phone.


"Calm down now just tell me where you are and what the problem is."


"I'm in jail damn it." Wanita hollered.


"Alright, alright settle down. What are the charges and what floor are you on?"


"I'm up on the sixth floor."


"Whoa, that's the federal floor."


"Big deal, get me out of here."


"I'll try but what are you charged with?" The voice asked.


"Something about child abuse."


"What?" The voice shouted. "You're charged by the feds with child abuse. I don't know if bond is available until you've been arraigned."


"Now you listen to me." She spat.


"No lady, you need to listen. If there is no bond, there is no bond and there isn't shit I can do about it."


"Well, you better find a way." She said then quickly she realized she was talking to herself."


Back at the residence, Ben, Evelyn, Ed, Johnny and I were just finishing our meeting. Evelyn was staring at me. "Ace, I can tell you're not really happy about being the agent in charge."


"It's not that Evelyn, I just know all the responsibilities the job entails and it would be taking me away from my assignment with Bennie."


"Ace, I'm not retiring until the end of the month so we can work the logistics out." Ed said trying to reassure me.


"Alright." I said trying to relax. "Sir, has there been a decision made on who the next SecNav will be?"


Ben shook his head. "I'm still going over the candidates but I'll have a decision made soon."


It was almost 9 so we ended our meeting for the night. Ben and I walked everyone to the elevator then Ben called it a night. I went into the dining room and had a cup of coffee. I had to think about what the future might hold.


`I loved Bennie and the last thing I wanted was to have another agent guard him but when I took the position here and made the Assistant Special Agent in Charge I also accepted the responsibilities that came with it. Bennie will be starting college in the fall but he'll still require an agent with him. He's matured a lot and can handle himself so if I had to have another agent, I don't think Bennie would object too much but I also know he really wouldn't like it. If guess if it came down to it, we could sit and talk about it.'


I finished my coffee then checked the residence to make sure the doors to the East and West Wings had been secured then called it a night.


When I went into Bennie's room, he was already out like a light. I went into my room and got some clean clothes and used the bathroom then returned to his room. I slipped into bed quietly so I wouldn't wake him then closed my eyes. I had just gotten comfortable when I felt my lover's arms around me. That was the last thing I remembered until morning.


To be continued